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Sharing part two of our family costume reveal this week. In case you missed it, check out part 1 and 2, a cute lemon costume and egg costume. Can you already guess what we are going as? The photo below will probably give it away. We are Avocado Toast this Halloween season!

Update: Here is the final part 4 DIY Avocado Costume!

Of course you can’t have avocado toast without the bread, so we’re showing you how we made this super easy toast costume. Similar to the lemon (and all the costumes in this series) we used foam and paint. That’s it!

Easy Toast/Bread DIY Costume – Materials:

– 2 inch wide foam
– Brown and cream paint (we used tempera but you can use any paint like acrylic or even washable paints)
– Paint brush
– Elastic
– Hot glue


Step 1. Cut out your foam into the shape of a bread slice.
Step 2. Use a darker brown blend of paint to paint the exterior crust and then a shade lighter on the inside edges. Then blend a light brown/tan color for the inside. You’ll have to just blend your brown and cream paints to get the exact colors you want.
Step 3. Measure your child’s shoulders and where you want the toast to hang. Hot glue two elastic straps. Allow to dry fully before trying on the costume.

That’s it! You can pair your toast costume with any other costume pairing. We’ve got an egg costume coming up as part of our family avocado toast ensemble that would be perfect! Don’t forget to to check out part 1 here of our lemon slice costume.

Update: Here is the final part 4 DIY Avocado Costume!

Have your kids decided what they want to be for Halloween? Check out lots more creative Halloween costumes like more family themed ones, playful costumes and cardboard costumes.

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Inflatable Riding a T-REX Dinosaur Costume only $19.99 (33% off) ::

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This Inflatable Riding a T-REX Dinosaur Costume is on sale for only $19.99 (33% off) at Amazon right now!

This hilarious inflatable Halloween costume only requires 4 AA batteries in order for the air blower to operate.

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9 Zoom Halloween costumes and tricks for your virtual party

Halloween, like most things in 2020, is going to be far from normal this year. 

We’ve already covered how you can deliver candy to kids from a distance and outlined ways to attempt to celebrate Halloween safely. 

But what if your celebrations are planned to take place over Zoom (or Google Hangouts, or Skype), like so many other events this year? Well, first: Good job, that’s almost certainly the safest option during a raging pandemic. Second: You might just be struggling over costume ideas. 

It’s an added hurdle, trying to pull off a decent Halloween get-up over Zoom.  

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We came up with 9 costume ideas and Zoom tricks to help your virtual Halloween go well. 

1. Zoom within a Zoom

Screw it, go full Inception. Make a Zoom screen costume to wear inside your Zoom call. You don’t have to go as hard as this dad — he made a professional-looking costume for his daughter — but some simple poster board could easily become a Zoom grid.

2. A glitch

OK, this one requires you to wear no costume at all, you just have to be comfortable kind of being a jerk. If you freeze your face on occasion and talk in fits-and-starts, then bam, you’ve created a trick/costume. You’re a glitch in the call! Your friends might just hate you for it. 

3. A distracted kid in virtual school

As any parent or teacher could attest that virtual school is, let’s say, difficult. If you dress up like a kid — a chocolate-stained shirt, silly hairstyle, undersized clothes, etc. — then you can just have your eyes wander the entire party and become a “kid in virtual school.” 

4. A caller from Kim Kardashian’s island 

In case you missed the biggest copypasta meme of the week, Kim Kardashian West rang in her 40th birthday by flying a bunch of her friends to a private island…you know…how you do. If you’re in the mood to be topical, you could go as a guest at her island.

All you’d need to do to go to your Zoom party “from the island” is make a custom background from one of the many pictures posted by Kardashian West. Here’s a refresher on how to do that.

After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) October 27, 2020


A mute button

Decorate a shirt, poster board, or anything else you can drape over yourself to look like the infamous mute button. Added bonus: You can point to yourself when a friend says something dumb. 

6. A contestant in

The Bachelorette or Bachelor confessional booth

This one is a bit more difficult to pull off, but it would be worth it. The field of view in a Zoom call looks a lot like the camera angle of a confessional on The Bachelorette/Bachelor. If you get all gussied up in a suit or dress, then maybe throw some roses in your background, and add some mood lighting, then you’ve got a passable confessional booth. 

7. Walk in on yourself

Remember this guy, who made a complicated background and pretended to walk in on himself during a call? What better costume-slash-trick than that for Halloween?

It shouldn’t be too hard to do.

“Honestly? I was bored,” Dan Crowd, the creator of the background, told Mashable back in April. “If I’d known I could get this kind of engagement with five minutes of work, I wouldn’t have tried so hard for the last 12 years.”

8. Have a creepy background

Sure, it’s easy, but simply using a creepy photo as your background is festive and simple for a Zoom party. Lifehacker has some good resources to that end, including some free-to-use creepy stock images. 

9. A person who forgot pants for the call

OK, this final one definitely hinges on how well you know the people on your Zoom call. But if it’s close friends, it would be funny to show up in boxers, shorts, whatever (just make sure it looks odd) for the call. Remember that reporter who went on Good Morning America in a suit jacket and no pants? Maybe something like that.  

They’re shorts I promise 🤦🏻‍♂️

— Will Reeve (@ReeveWill) April 28, 2020

Opinion | Ruth Bader Hat Guy? Let Our Algorithm Choose Your Halloween Costume

Costume illustrations by Jessia Ma
Graphics by Sahil Chinoy and Jessia Ma

When it comes to machine learning, things can get a little spooky: We know an algorithm can solve a problem, but we often don’t know exactly how.

Today’s machine-learning algorithms are considered a form of artificial intelligence, but it’s more helpful to think of them as prediction algorithms: Based on movies that this customer has rated highly, how much do we think he will like this other movie? Based on people we have hired in the past, how likely are we to hire this job candidate? Based on a list of past Halloween costumes, what might humans dress up as this year?

Hoping to find an answer to that last question, we turned to a machine-learning algorithm called textgenrnn that can learn to imitate text. Its author, Max Woolf, designed it as a blank slate ready to learn any kind of text; the text we gave it to imitate was a list of 7,182 costumes that people sent to over a year. Here are some examples of what that algorithm produced.

The algorithm learned to spell all of these words and phrases without human intervention, just by looking at the costume examples we gave it. It starts by making predictions about which letters should be used in which order to make a Halloween costume, and then it checks its own predictions by looking at the data used to train it. If it’s wrong (and at first, it almost always is), it refines its internal structure. Gradually, its predictions get better.

2. Comparing new

word with original data

3. Output and

structural refinement

Deviled eggs






No original data match.

Structure is refined.

Deviled eggs






Match found in data.

Structure updated to reflect

the success of this output.

2. Comparing new

word with original data

Deviled eggs






Deviled eggs






3. Output and

structural refinement

Match found in

data. Structure

updated to reflect

the success of

this output.

No original data

match. Structure

is refined.

Here are the costumes that the neural network produced at various stages, or “epochs,” of training. (We added the illustrations.)

Epoch 1


Heagd naller


Vatand hampire

Mhakeachor blait

Hatth priendms


Wetchreay bunzzag wome


Iclous Pripale

Epoch 3

Dr. Franknin

Captain Kirkf


Daroth Vader


Professor Cat

Wheer mummy

The Whimasy arat

Jash Mask

Greeking Beer

Epoch 5

Princess Laia

Dorothy, from Grouch

Sexy the Babby (caheper

frog-Shadown fiking Cesterian

Pap Salaw maniosaur

Hog bobafish


Transh Van


Frankenstein’s Bunny

Epoch 7

Huckeyour on LEG


Dotchic Dancer

Giant Box

a spong

Sexy Banana

Santa Classworth

Cyborg baby man

Bungy bulbasaur

Bro-bot Bee

Epoch 9

gummy cow

Alien chestman

Strawberry Clown

Ruth Bader Hat Guy

The Crayon

Elsa, but finger

Pirate the Wild Thor

Flip WItch

The Vampire Stab

Buttery Classic

Epoch 11

Sexy Beta Marx

Cat Witch

King Dog

Bucketball player

Dragon Ninja

baseball clown


Slick mermaid

Vampire Chick Shark

Centaur meije

When we ask it to predict new Halloween costumes, we can also tell it how creative to be. At the very lowest creativity setting it will almost always go with its top prediction, producing lots of repetition, while at the very highest setting it ventures into territory it deems less probable.

Note that at the beginning of training, the neural network knew nothing at all about its input data: It didn’t know the difference between letters and spaces, or how to spell any words. The more repetition it sees, the more easily it can learn something. Unsurprisingly, one of the first words it learns to spell reliably is “sexy.”

As its training progresses, it begins to learn more and more words, adding “steampunk,” “minion,” “cardinalfish” and “Bellatrix” to its vocabulary. It learns new and exciting ways to use “sexy,” including predicting sexy costumes that don’t yet exist:

The neural network also gets better at copying costumes directly from its training data. It does this because we told it to produce costumes like those it has already seen, and as far as the neural network is concerned, exactly copying its input data is a perfect solution.

Everything that the neural network knows about is something that was in its input dataset — it had no other information to work with. For example, it doesn’t know about this year’s hit movies, so it still produces “Pink Panther” more often than “Black Panther.” Even when it’s coining new words (as in “Farty Potter” or “Werefish”), it’s not building them based on any understanding of the meanings of the words but has simply determined that they are probable letter combinations based on the costumes it has seen.

Get New Costume

And this is where neural networks and other machine-learning algorithms get a bit spooky: it’s very hard to tell how they determine that these letter combinations — like “Bloody Horse,” “Gothed pines” and “Ballerina trump” — are possible. Even when we can peer inside the neural network’s virtual brain and examine its virtual neurons, the rules it learns for its prediction-making are usually very hard to interpret. People are working on algorithmic explainability; for example, a group of Google and Carnegie Mellon researchers were recently able to show an image-recognition algorithm zeroing in on floppy ear shape as a way to recognize dogs. But many algorithms are much more difficult to interpret than image-recognition algorithms — for example, the kind used to make loan or parole decisions — and for the most part these algorithms are black boxes, producing predictions without explanation.

Sometimes, the ways algorithms work can have unexpected and disastrous consequences. In 2013, M.I.T. researchers trained an algorithm that was supposed to figure out how to sort a list of numbers. The humans told the algorithm that the goal was to reduce sorting errors, so the program deleted the list entirely, leaving zero sorting errors. And in 1997, another algorithm was supposed to learn to land an airplane on an aircraft carrier as gently as possible. Instead, it discovered that in its simulation it could land the plane with such huge force that the simulation couldn’t store the measurement, and would register zero force instead.

[Discover the most compelling features, reporting and humor writing from The New York Times Opinion section, selected by our editors. Sign up for the Sunday Best newsletter.]

It can be a scary thing to trust a decision that we don’t understand — and it should be scary. Machine-learning algorithms learn from whatever is in their training data, even if their training data is full of the behaviors of biased humans. In other words, when we are using machine-learning algorithms, we get exactly what we ask for — for better or worse. For example, an algorithm that sees hiring decisions biased by race or gender will predict biased hiring decisions, and an algorithm that sees racial bias in parole decisions will learn to imitate this bias when making its own parole decisions. After all, we didn’t ask those algorithms what the best decision would have been. We only asked them to predict which decisions the humans in its training data would have made.

This kind of mistake happens all the time, and biased algorithms are everywhere. The moral of this story is not to expect artificial intelligence to be fair or impartial or to have the faintest clue about what our goals are. Instead, we should expect AI merely to try its best to give us exactly what we ask for, and we should be very careful what we ask for. It would have been a bad idea to put the plane-landing algorithm’s recommendations into practice without checking them carefully. And it would be a bad idea to use the Halloween costume algorithm’s predicted costumes without checking them first (Spirit of Potatoes, anyone?).

8 Twin Costumes for Halloween » TwinStuff

Now that your twins are old enough for the obligatory twin costume shots, you are probably excited about what they’re going to wear. Apart from that, you also have the best excuse to dress them up once Halloween comes along. If you’re thinking of a witty way to dress up your identical or fraternal twin babies, we compiled a list of twin costumes that you will absolutely adore.

Choosing Twin Halloween Costumes

One of the best things about having twins is shopping for two! But before you click buy on the first cute twin baby costumes you see, there are some things that you need to consider:

  1. Material – Babies are quite sensitive so make sure that the material of the costume is hypoallergenic and will not irritate your babies’ skin.
  2. Warmth – Depending on where you live, you should probably choose a costume that is weather appropriate. Don’t buy an overheated costume like a baby mascot set if the weather is too hot or a tiny and thin costume if the weather is too cold.
  3. Appropriateness – Sometimes, costumes can be too witty. Make sure that you don’t buy any offending costumes. Some manufacturers or costume makers may not be as sensitive about their buyer’s outlook.
  4. Size – Before buying a costume, check and see if it fits your babies. If you are buying online, ask the seller for the sizes and the measurements of the costumes. Sometimes, they will see based on age, but it is best to know if your twins will fit into the costumes.

Now that you know what to look out for, here are some examples of crazy adorable costumes for your twins:

Twin Baby Halloween Costumes

Cop Costumes

Your little law enforcers will look absolutely adorable in these Policeman Onesies. When they wear this, they will capture everyone’s hearts. Give them a pair of cop caps and maybe some inflatable batons to complete the set!

Prisoner Costumes

They have the right to remain silent, but their giggles and gurgles will make your heart melt. Grab a couple of plastic tiny handcuffs and maybe even take a photo in a baby play pen with the sign “Jail. ” Here’s an idea! Mix and match this with the Cop Costumes for more fun!

Gotham City Squad

These Gotham City onesies will give you more than one option for your twin babies’ costumes. Let them be Batman and Robin, Batman and the Joker, or any combination you want! Not only are these cute costumes, but they’re also perfect for sleeping and days out.

Salt and Pepper Onesies

Delicious little babies in scrumptious onesies that say Salt and Pepper. It’s a classic combination that will give you a lot of photo ops. Take a picture with a toy steak. Put them on the table as condiments. Do what you wish with your salt and pepper babies!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

The best culinary combination on earth. It is also the best costume combination for twin baby girls! The tutus are a nice accent because they match the color of both peanut butter and grape jelly. Now, all you need is a mom or dad in a toaster costume!


Milk and Cookies

What’s more perfect than a box of milk and a huge cookie? Put your twins in these tasty twin costumes and watch the other babies and parents ogle in delight. You may even want to don a glass of milk costume to match your babies!


T Birds and Pink Ladies

And finally, a treat for your fraternal twins. The classic T Bird and Pink Ladies from the famous movie Grease. Watch your babies dance and sing in these adorable miniature costumes from the popular 70’s classic.


Now that you have an idea of some twin costumes for Halloween, don’t forget to send and share your pictures in our group!

Sonic The Hedgehog | The Official Shop for SEGA Collectibles – Sega Shop

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90,000 Toaster time. Shopping calendar. Part 1

Available from May 30 to July 5

Velvet Rope – 500 $
Rating: Vanity +10

Cave Wall – 500 $
Rating: Vanity +100

Springfield Historical Society and Hollis Harlbut – 150
Building brings 270 every 4 hours.
Instances are used to create items in the Museum.

Wood Slide – 100
Brings 405 every 4 hours.

Grave Site and Billy Grave Digger – 100
Helps during the event (earns 3 scoops every 4 hours)

Available from May 30 to June 11

Bufferlla, Wild Bufferella (costume) and Seductive Cave – 150
Wild Bufferrella (costume) and Seductive Cave –

Savage helps during the event (earns 4 scoops every 4 hours)
The cave brings income every 4 hours

Previously, Bufferella was sold separately for 100 donuts.

Travel license in time – 90
Double rewards for clicking on time pests in friends’ cities

Available from May 30 to June 5

Small Iceberg – 8.500 $
Rating: Vanity +100

Medium Iceberg – 15
Rating: Vanity +100

Big Iceberg – 25
Rating: Vanity +100

Smertelungma – 250 – 125 = 125
Rating: Natural History +2500
Bonus: 5%

Available from May 30 to June 14

Mysterious Time Capsule Box – 80

Available from June 1 to June 8

Dead wood – 270 $
Rating: Natural History +80

Giant snake in the tree – 10
Rating: vanity +100
Bonus: 0. 25%

Old Apostate – 40
Rating: Natural History +200
Bonus: 2%

Available from June 1 to June 11

Primeval Jungle – 85
Rating: Natural History +200
Bonus: 2.75%

90,000 Than the capital’s festival of cosplayers AnyWay Fest pleasantly impressed the visitors. Reedus

The AnyWay Fest cosplay festival has ended in Moscow. Chamber and cozy, it offered guests and participants an atmosphere in which it was not only pleasant, but also safe to be.

Guests were able to admire the best cosplayers in Russia – perhaps for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, since all major events were last held in 2019. As it turned out, a small festival compares favorably with large ones in several ways.

Not many people knew about AnyWay Fest as about major annual events like Comic Con Russia. However, in many respects, the intimacy of the festival only benefited him.

There is a lively conversation.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

The first thing I would like to note is that the organizers approached the safety of visitors and the holding of the event very sensibly: the number of tickets was strictly limited, and the end of sale was announced several times.

Thus, everyone who really wanted to get to the festival managed to buy a ticket.

As a result, there was no crush in the room, usual for Igromir, and therefore people could freely walk and admire the stands without fuss and hassle.

For the glory of the holy toaster!

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

For cosplayers, the small scale of the event also benefited: everyone was able to show off, both on stage in front of the audience and after the performance, without experiencing the inconvenience of the crush.People calmly gathered in groups and communicated with each other.

It was possible to come up and chat with anyone: no one ran away from the camera, everyone was happy to talk about their business and the hardships of preparing for the festival.

The cosplayers willingly posed for the camera.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

All this had a beneficial effect not only on the psychological comfort of visitors and cosplayers, but also on infectious safety.Most of the cosplayers were already wearing masks as part of their costumes, but not all visitors complied with the organizers’ requirements. However, the risk of contracting coronavirus or banal seasonal flu was minimized by the fact that people did not push shoulder to shoulder and walk freely at a respectful distance from each other.

For those in need of a breath of fresh air in the room, an exit to the balcony was organized.Here cosplayers also gathered in groups and organized funny scenes.

Gop-stop, we came from around the corner .


© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Daniella Sliepcevich is a permanent visitor of many festivals and a professional model.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Hot guy in every sense.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

I was impressed not only by the professional approach to their costumes, but also by the organization of the stands.Many of the presented creations, as well as the design of the stands themselves, can be safely attributed to works of art. For example, this beauty was made from ordinary building sealant and foam. A true master will create a masterpiece from any available means.

The master’s case is afraid.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

The stand for the well-known Warhammer universe was also decorated no worse than the stage.Everyone could take a photo in a special suit.

Warhammer stand.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

The craftsmen demonstrated numerous products with pride – and deservedly so. One glance is enough to motivate yourself for the whole day.

Motivating paintings.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Everyone will find a souvenir to their liking.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Stand by “Alice”.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Have you packed yourself up for a hike, stalker?

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

This book was prepared by the masters especially for fans of board games. If you are tired of manually drawing character sheets, there is a stylish tool at your service that supports most of the famous role-playing systems.

An irreplaceable item for tabletop players.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

It is enough just to fill in the fields.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

If you thought that only people can get involved in cosplay, you were misinformed. This costume is specially designed for cats: stylish and bullet proof.

A cosplayer demonstrates a model for cats.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

The worst weapon of any wasteland is the fighter’s pet.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

One of the most interesting was the stand of the adherents of the cult of Cthulhu.And it’s not just the design: the adepts willingly offered their dear guests free interactive entertainment. For example, you can try to guess which animals actually existed on Earth, and which ones Lovecraft invented.

Interactive puzzles await the smartest and most skilled.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Dinosaur or monster? Now let’s check your knowledge of paleontology and biology!

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

There were a lot of people who wanted to test themselves.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Everyone could leave their mark on the great Necronomicon. According to the organizers of the stand, they take the book with them to all events to show what wonderful drawings the guests have decorated the pages with.

Make your own unique mark in the Necronomicon itself!

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Awesome work of Cthulhu adepts.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

The environment of cosplayers, photographers and craftsmen is a whole clan where everyone knows each other. Therefore, it is not surprising that all the stands formed groups of friends with heated discussions.

At this stand, everyone could express their vileness.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Still, the bustle of large festivals does not contribute to such a trusting atmosphere. That’s the beauty of smaller events.

The cosplayers huddled in groups and chatted animatedly.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

AnyWay Fest has really set a very high bar that you would rather expect from world festivals.Everything was at the highest level: organization, atmosphere and good conditions for cosplayers, guests and photographers. The festival has become a breath of cool oasis water for people who are tired of the noisy hustle and bustle of large events.

Keep quiet: the game is in progress.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

We can only hope that now every year AnyWay Fest will delight us with new stands.However, we sincerely wish the organizers to preserve the coziness that they managed to create. Still, in addition to the powerful world events of the Igromir level, there should be smaller festivals, where people can simply communicate and make friends with each other. It is in this atmosphere that it becomes crystal clear that Russian cosplayers are the warmest and most soulful people in the world.

Express tattoo from the best masters of their craft.

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

What is a festival without the stars of the dark side of the Force?

© Benjamin Vorobiev / Reedus

Lovely model Sweet Calamity as Yennefer.

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In this fenced-off area, fighters could blow off steam in a duel.

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Awesome Darth Maul.According to the model, this was her first major festival outing.

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Without the Plague Doctors, any festival would be incomplete.

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“Sith: Legends” stand.

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After meeting with Freddie, hardly anyone will fall asleep tonight.

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According to the craftsmen, they made this stand in a day.

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How do you like fishing?

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The creators of the popular cartoon Metal Family were also present at the festival.

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Sub-Zero engages in combat.

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Women’s panties |

Women’s panties

We all want every day to go as smoothly as possible.It is much easier to achieve this goal if we are confident and feel confident even in the most difficult situations. The higher the level of comfort, the more self-confidence, therefore, even such a small detail as comfortable panties is really very important both for our well-being and in shaping our image.

Therefore, when it comes to the choice of underpants, their size, color and shape are the main criteria that you should pay attention to. To achieve maximum comfort both in everyday life and during active leisure, it is better to choose high-waisted panties or briefs-shorts.Lovers of very beautiful underwear love the striped briefs or the attractive red panties.

The classic option is black briefs that go well with a dark skirt or trousers. However, the colors and patterns can be different, so you have to solve a difficult problem – which panties should replenish your collection of underwear.

Have you heard that elastic briefs are very comfortable and decided to make sure of it? Or maybe you are looking for where panties made of certain materials, without or with stripes, are sold at a good price? A wide range of lingerie is presented in the Pigu We invite you to visit it and get acquainted with our proposals in more detail. Here you will find briefs in brown and other colors, and frequent sales will provide an opportunity to take care of purchasing this daily essential attribute at a reduced price. We combine underwear with clothes, take into account the shape of our figure, therefore, how easy it will be for us to form the desired image will depend on its quantity.

Women’s panties can now be purchased much faster, since there is no need to go to the nearest store and waste precious time standing in lines near the cash register.Panties can be ordered online with just a few clicks of a button. You just need to choose the products you like, and we will make sure that they are soon delivered directly to your home. Therefore, if you want to feel comfortable and always look attractive, but there is not always enough time to look for beautiful underwear, this solution allows you to update your wardrobe as efficiently as possible.


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