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DDC-114 “Thick Lines” Poster Series

DDC-114 “Thick Lines” Poster Series

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series, No. 01, “Sunrays”

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series, No. 02, “Foliage”

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series, No. 03, “Peaks”

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series, No. 04, “Clouds”

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series, No. 05, “Water”

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series, No. 06, “Sundown”

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series, No. 07, “Dayglow”

Product Description:

I was doing a workshop up in Edmonton, and upon seeing the first design of this series, a kid asked me, “But, why’d you make it?” At first, I thought he didn’t like it. “No, no, I like it, it’s just…how’d you come up with this?” he said. He was puzzled by the simplicity. And, in that little moment, all I could say was, “Everything is so complex.
Posters are more and more intricate and intense. I just wanted to try something really, really simple. You know, in the spirit of the old the old stretched fabric wall art stuff from the ’70s!” And of course, he had no idea what I was talking about. He wasn’t on the scene until the late, late ’80s, the little punk.

And when we see those old stretched fabric deals in some ‘Overpriced Modern Furniture’ shop, the prices are way out of my league, and we’re betting, most folks. Not down with that. So who gets to enjoy them? Some yahoo tricking out his bullshit loft? Not fair. A big part of this is to offer up simple shape and color combos at an affordable price. For the people! Color for the people!

We’re always on the hunt for “more color” and always find time to savor the simple stuff in the world. Let these thick lines do both! Some new territory for the DDC. Hope you guys dig ‘em! Add some more color to that office, living room, shop, school room or wherever you might need a little blast of thick lines. These will do the job!

Product Details:

01. Printed on uncoated white poster stock. Big and thick.
02. Six colors! Inspired by a simplified gesture of the natural world.
03. 18” x 24”! The fullest of bleeds!
04. Proudly printed by the ink champions of Seizure Palace and The Half and Half.
05. Hand-numbered, using our patented freehand technique.
06. Limited editions. Flying off the shelves!
07. Free 3” x 24” burly kraft poster tube with each order! Reusable.
08. Two free white plastic end puck thingies.

DDC “Thick Lines” Poster Series:

Ordering Details:

$35.00 – Shipping Included!!! (U.S.A.)

The Fine Print:

For customers using PayPal, click the link above they’ll take it from there. For customers who aren’t using PayPal, send us an email to “orders(at)” and we’ll get back to you with an address to ship the funds to. We accept money orders and cold hard cash, so, get with it, man! All orders are shipped out as fast as we can.
Usually a couple days after the order comes in. We ship everything USPS “First Class” rates. If you want quicker shipping, contact us and we can ramp it up to USPS Priority, or whatever you need. We aim to please!

International Orders:

We cover the shipping in the states, but charge the basics for international orders. Before you place the order through our PayPal account, send us an email to “orders(at)” and we’ll get you a shipping quote for the goods you are interested in. As simple as that! Thanks!

©2014 DDC Dry Goods Div., Merch Dept., Portland, Ore.

Standard Poster Sizes – Dimensions & Paper weight

While there is no official standard size for posters, over the decades many printing and advertising companies have been using the same consistent sizes for poster printing.

This resource discusses the dimensions and rules that are commonly used for printing posters worldwide. Using the dimensions in this guide will assure your poster printing project will turn out to be a success – no matter what printing company you choose.

Standard poster sizes for USA and Europe.

Smallest Poster – 11 x 17 Inches

Also called Ledger, Tabloid or ANSI B size. This is the smallest standard poster size, they are mostly used for flyers, street lights, bulletin boards, and generally putting up on businesses without taking up too much room and offending. These also work great with a minimalist approach to text. Big letters big message. Size in Millimetres is 279 x 432mm.

Medium – 18 x 24 Inches

Also called Architectural C size – A little more information can be displayed on this standard poster size. I would still recommend some minimalism and little text. These posters are mainly seen as small adverts on university residence floors, doctor’s offices, construction walkways and bulletin boards. Size in Millimetres is 457 × 610mm.

Large – 24 x 36 Inches

Also called Architectural D Size – This is the most common standard size for posters. These posters are used for most applications including outside of events, trade shows, and malls. Also widely used for small movie posters delivered to fans and posters for decoration like in University residences and outside a pub or club. With these types of posters you will be grabbing attention with a large message and you can include further details in small writing so after the message is received people can choose whether to come closer and learn more. Size in Millimetres is 609.6 mm x 914.4 mm.

Note: If you are designing a poster you cannot go wrong by using the dimensions that we described above, they are used by printing companies worldwide. Don’t be afraid to work with different dimensions though: Posters are printed on rolls of paper (not on sheets) and can therefore be cut in any other dimension. If you want create a poster larger than 24 x36 Inch be sure to contact your printer first, and confirm that he is able to print your desired size.

Movie Poster Sizes

There are 2 different dimensions for movie posters that the film industry has standardized. Both are typically in portrait format:

  • One Sheet – which is typically 27″ x 40″ Inches in size (686x1016mm). Commonly used in theatres for advertising movies.
  • Bus stop (or subway poster) – are typically 40″ x 60″ Inches in size. (1016mm x 1524mm).

The “One-Sheet” size is used in the official advertising for films.

Both are typically printed on paper stock and usually rolled for aesthetic reasons.
Be aware that the mentioned dimensions for film posters are approximate, and do not have to be

exactly in the sizes mentioned above.

Standard movie poster sizes (One-Sheet & Bus Stop).

Note: Film posters sold in retailing are in poster size, which is 24 x 36 inches.

Common landscape (horizontal oriented) format movie Posters also called HALF-SHEET measure 22″ x 28″, and are generally printed on thicker stock paper.

For further in-depth information about movie poster sizes visit Cinemasterpieces and Wikipedia.

Paper Choice & Weight for Poster Printing

Choosing the right paper to print your posters is essential. The first thing to note is:

Always use Acid free paper for poster printing. You do not want your printed poster to turn yellow after a while, therefore the papers you use for printing should be acid free.

The best stock to use for your poster depends on many factors, that are not defined by hard rules.
These factors include:

  • Costs: Are you looking to print your poster on expensive canvas or 100% cotton paper to display it in your living room? Or do you need a batch of 1000 posters printed? There are many different materials available for poster printing and prices/quality can vary greatly.
  • Personal Preference: Some people prefer shiny high gloss paper, while others like matte finishes. This really is a matter of personal preference. Also realize that some papers have a specific tone to them, either being cool (blue tone) or warm (red tone). This can impact what the final product looks like greatly
  • Location and Longevity: Some posters will be displayed indoors where they are protected from the elements while posters displayed outdoors need to be tougher.

As a rule you want to make sure to use stock that is heavier (thicker) then default printer papers.

Not only does this add durability to your poster, it will age much better then standard paper, and your poster is much easier to flatten.

We recommend to choose paper weight of at least 60lbs (90 g/m2) or above for your poster project. This really is the minimum weight you should choose for (bulk) production.

If your budget allows it, preferably choose heavier papers like (80 lbs – 120 g/m2 or 90 lbs – 163 g/m2). This will give your poster a more luxurious feel and will add longevity to your poster.

Printing Tips

When creating your own poster make sure to create your document in CMYK mode in 300DPI and set a healthy amount of bleed around the edges so that essential pieces of the poster are not cut off after the printing. For more information read our printing guide to avoid common printing mistakes.

About the Author

Pascal Smits is an expert in graphic design, print quality accuracy, product analysis and production process. With a background in print process management and printer development, Pascal is an all round expert.


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Poster Paint Tips and Tricks – My Reeves

Painting with Poster Paint

Explore the limits of your creativity in an explosion of poster paint colour. This ready mixed paint is non-toxic, water soluble and perfectly safe to use. With a bit of imagination and your sleeves rolled up, there’s really no limit to how poster paint can be used. It is perfect for people of all ages to use to get their creative hats on; and best of all it’s affordable, colourful and has a fun texture so that artists of all levels can explore their artistic side on any size of project.

We like to keep it simple here at Reeves, and we’ve taken the time to make sure our poster paint is the very best around. Our paint has alluring thick, creamy texture and is available in all sorts of colours, from bold primary colours through to beautiful purples, warm oranges and vibrant greens.

Our poster paint comes ready to use and is a fun way to make beautiful art. Poster paint is the perfect paint for anyone. The memories of school days will return when you first dip your brush, palette knife or fingers into the rich, creamy, colourful paint to begin your artwork.

Poster paint can be used in the same way as acrylic paint, but has a speedier drying time. This is what makes poster paint ideal for using in a playgroup, workshop or art club setting. Unlike many acrylic paints, our poster paint is fully washable, so you can make a mess without worrying about disastrous consequences to clothes, furniture or faces. The amazing water-soluble characteristic that poster paint flourishes with means it can be diluted to create an opaque watercolour-style texture or mixed with PVA glue to create a glossy, thick, oil paint like texture.

We expect you’ll adore using our poster paint so much that you’ll use up your initial supply in no time. Our poster paint is available in accessible poster paint sets and in individual colours. It is worth remembering that you can mix some water into your poster paint to breathe new life into a dried-up jar that’s been left with the lid off or been lying about for a while.

Tips and Tricks for Using Poster Paint

A universally adored medium, poster paint is for everyone is possibly the most widely used paint of all because it is the paint everyone will use throughout their school years.

Poster paint is a thrilling medium that is bursting with fun. Let your creativity soar and explore different ways to work with it. Use an easel with paper held securely in place with clips. You don’t even need to stick with paper; use poster paint on wood; or even painting on to canvas is great for adding quality to your piece and spreading your artistic wings. Have your paints ready on a palette, or if you’re painting with kids, use non-spill trays with individual sections for each colour and a space for mixing up vibrant new colours and tones.

Having somewhere to hang your picture to dry is a great idea. If you’re using poster paints in a group setting, why not set up a line using drawing pins and string, then clip pictures up with clothes pegs. This allows paintings to dry and creates an instant gallery of colourful, joyful artwork for everyone to admire.

When it comes to choosing the perfect brushes for poster paint, long handled paint brushes will deliver striking results. Look for a brush suitable for every size of hand to get the best out of all the budding artists of any age in your group.

Reeves poster paint is washable, but you want to be sensible about clothing choices when painting. Maybe Dad’s old shirt will make the perfect smock for a small person to embrace their inner Leonardo. If you or your artists are doing more than one session at their paintings, invest in some good quality paint posts with lids, or keep a roll of plastic kitchen film near to hand to wrap up palettes or paint tubs. Make sure and put the lids back on your paints to maximise the life of your poster paint.

Why stop at brushes, get your hands dirty with finger painting, or create beautiful autumn trees with painted, cut-out hand prints. Don’t stop there, applying paint on a large scale using rollers is an excellent and fun way to get the most out of your poster paint. Rollers are especially good for very young painters, as this technique helps improve motor skills. Use light and bright colours for youngsters as we all have memories of mixing up all our beautiful colours together and ending up with a tray of brown mucky paint.

Poster Paint with Added Ingredients

You want your poster paint artwork to look amazing and it can literally shine, glimmer and gleam by mixing in some simple and easy to find ingredients.

Mixing your poster paint with PVA is an excellent way to thicken it. It also has the added advantage of making colours much stronger and glossier. You will be able to make the most of that lovely creamy silky paint. Washing up liquid may sound like a bizarre choice, but when added to poster paint it adds a lustrous shiny finish. You can even water the paint down with a mixture of water and washing up liquid to blow incredible paint bubbles on to the surface of your paper to get some dreamy backgrounds going as well as making an artistic, joyful mess.

Is your inner prince or princess dying to come out on a fabulous artwork. Get some glitter into the mix to make your poster paint art spring to life. You can also add some fluorescent or metallic poster paints to your collection for added oomph.

If you plan to use your poster paints in a group setting, there is really no better way to use your Reeves poster paints to do some string painting. Dip lengths of string into poster paint and spread them on paper or cardboard with hands to create stunning patterns and impressions. In addition, fold some A4 paper with painted string in the middle and then pull the strings through. Unfold the paper to reveal a stunning pick n mix of colours in a brilliant abstract creation.

There are no limits to the uses and applications of poster paint. It is the go-to medium for fun painting and creating quick and colourful artwork. Have a playful, messy, fun time with Reeves brilliant range of poster paints.

Standard Poster Size, Dimensions & Design Guide UK

Designing posters can seem like a daunting task, especially if you run your business by yourself.

Luckily, there are tons of resources online to help you understand the importance of sizing, key design principles, and printing options.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to designing your own posters for business or personal use, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss best poster sizes, basic design principles for creating a stellar poster, and how to choose the right printer for your poster.

Poster Sizing

Poster sizing will largely depend on the purpose the poster will serve and where you want to display it. Sizing can get confusing since it can (and typically does) depart from the standard small, medium, and large sizing scale. Certain printers may also translate these standard sizes using the A series of international standard paper sizes. 


Typical Poster Dimensions

For a point of reference, visualize a standard sheet of printer paper which is 21 x 30 cm. In general, the standard international poster size is 61 x 91 cm.

Small Posters: 28 x 43 cm

The smallest size poster is called A3. It’s about twice the size of a piece of printer paper. This size poster is typically used for flyers, hanging on walls or bulletin boards, and for generally being unobstructive and inoffensive.

These small posters are a great economy option if you want to get the word out about an event. They’re ideal for minimalist designs with few words in big, bold text.

Medium Posters: 46 x 61 cm

The next size up is a medium sized-poster, which is a bit larger than an international standard A2 (42 x 59 cm). It’s the perfect size to promote a new item or event in your shop and fits perfectly in a shop window. As it’s not a huge poster, opt for a more minimalist approach with large text to get the message across.

Large Posters: 61 x 91 cm

If you really want to attract attention, a large poster will be your ticket. This size is a standard international size. It’s the typical size for musical artists and entertainment companies to print promotional posters for fans to purchase at events or in poster shops. Because this size is so widely used, it’s easy to find frames for this standard poster size.

Apart from consumer use, this size is ideal for malls, events, and trade shows. Thanks to their large size, you can easily include more information and get more creative with your poster design.

More Large Poster Sizes

Not many small shops or businesses have use for large format posters bigger than 61 x 91. However, there are two other poster sizes to note.

The first is a one-sheet poster which is typically used for official advertising for films in cinemas. It’s approximately 69 x 102 cm.

The second is a bus stop poster which can be used for all manner of advertising. These posters are about 102 x 152 cm.

Source: html

Poster Materials

Now that you’ve picked your poster size, it’s time to choose the paper it will be printed on. This involves selecting the right weight, cost, and how long you want the poster to last.

Poster Paper Weight

Depending on the printer you order from, you’ll get to select different weights of paper. Paper weight is measured in gsm, or grams per square metre. This measurement is determined by the weight of a piece of paper measuring 1 metre by 1 metre. GSM is NOT a measurement of paper thickness or stiffness, although heavier papers tend to be thicker.

  • 90-120 gsm: Type of paper you’d use in your printer. It’s usually uncoated paper, making it easy to write on. It’s low-cost and ideal for letterhead or other materials you want to write on.
  • 120-170 gsm: Slightly thicker paper commonly used for posters. Also great for printing flyers on the cheap. Looks and feels good despite the low cost. Typically used for takeaway menus, event flyers, and general information sheets.
  • 200-300 gsm: Ideal for situations where look and feel matter. Feels like thick, sturdy paper. Can be glossy like you see in magazines.
  • 300-400 gsm: Not too far off from card stock. Typical for street handouts and nightclub flyers. High-quality business cards are usually printed on 350-400 gsm paper.

What Influences Cost?

Generally, as you get into the higher ranges of gsm, you will notice a per unit price increase. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for cheap poster printing or believe recipients of your posters will toss them after a few days, opt for lower gsm to save on money. To really make an impression, opt for higher-quality poster paper.

As a final tip on materials, use acid-free paper when printing posters, especially if you want them to last for a long time. Papers with acid yellow over time, a characteristic you don’t want if you aim to have your posters around for a long time.

Poster Design Principles

We briefly touched on the importance of minimalism for small and medium sized posters. This certainly isn’t an end-all-be-all rule. We mentioned it because a high concentration of text to space is harder for people to read and can result in your poster not being read at all. Instead, light text with an image is a better way to go for smaller posters.

Less is More


Less is more can be taken in many ways. Some equate it to minimalism and imagine a black and white poster with only text. While this works for some designers, it doesn’t work for others.

A less is more approach can still involve colours and images. Many modern, minimal designs, have a sole image and/or a sole word dominate the design and any secondary information is included in small type at the bottom.

Visual Hierarchy


The key idea behind a poster is to quickly grab attention and concisely convey information. To want to ensure that your target audience reads and digests the information you’re trying to get out there, create your poster with a visual hierarchy.

This means you have an attention-grabbing (and usually large) graphic or word at the top of the poster. Then, using other text or design elements (ex. Text decreasing in size), you guide the viewer’s eye down the page. This same principle is frequently used in web design.

Use Contrasting Elements


When most of us hear contrast, we think colour. Contrasting dark against light or light against dark is a great way to instantly draw the eye to a particular place on your poster design. However, colour contrast doesn’t need to be polar opposite. You can easily pair a bright or light yellow with a mid to dark navy to draw the eye.

Contrast isn’t a colour-only design concept. You can use wildly different fonts to create contrast in your poster design. For example, you can pair a whimsical calligraphy font with a blocky sans serif font to achieve contrast.

Typography as Image


Speaking of fonts, you can use typography in place of images. Many graphic designers are stuck on the notion that images need to be, well, images. They don’t. Bold typography can be a stand alone image on posters or any other graphic asset.

Typography doesn’t even need to be made from a font. You can use photography or other graphic elements to create words. For example, if you run a food shop, you can use food items to spell out a word for use on your poster.

Layer Elements for Depth


Minimalism isn’t everyone’s thing. If it’s not yours, try experimenting with layering graphic elements and text. Layering creates depth in colours, meaning, and visual stimulation. Layers should overlap, cast shadows, and flow together to create one graphic masterpiece.

We will say that this can go horribly wrong if not executed well. It’s best to consult a design specialist who has made posters with layered elements if you think that’s the type of poster you want.

Finding the Right Printer

These days, there are many options for how you can design your poster. Many platforms which allow you to create your design on their website also allow you to upload a design to then be printed. As you might imagine, designing and printing through a single platform is incredibly convenient and typically has lower costs.

Another option is to design your poster in Photoshop and take it to the local printer. The added benefit here is you develop a personal relationship with the printer. This can be beneficial if you consistently have printing needs.

Other things to consider when selecting a printer (online or offline) are the quality of the work, customer satisfaction and company reputation, the level of service, and any green credentials. These factors all vary in importance to individuals looking to print posters.

Designing Your Own Poster?

Designing and printing a poster might sound overwhelming, but it isn’t. Here are some key steps to designing a poster that will help you keep a clear head:

  1. Imagine the purpose and space you intend to for your poster. Do you just want to hang it up in your shop window or are you planning on getting out on the street and spreading the word about an event? Choose your poster size and gsm using this intent.
  2. Consider your brand. Is it loud and out there or soft and understated? When you design a poster, you’ll want it to reflect your brand. Using the right mix of design elements above (plus others you can find online), you’ll be able to create the exact right poster for your business.
  3. Find your printer. You can find printers online that allow you to design your poster on their platform (some with the help of templates) and then easily print. If you’re design-savvy, you can take your Photoshop file to an online or physical printer.

Remember, if you get stuck in the design phase, you can find graphic designers through platforms like Upwork and Fiverr who can quickly (and usually at a low cost) design your poster. And, for convenience and high-quality customer service, you can design and print your posters through BananaPrint.

Vintage Travel Poster by Kerne Erickson Florida Miami Beach Master Art Print 12in x 18in Prints & Posters Sports & Outdoors

Vintage Travel Poster by Kerne Erickson Florida Miami Beach Master Art Print 12in x 18in

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Vintage Travel Poster by Kerne Erickson Florida Miami Beach Master Art Print 12in x 18in

Aaron Donald – NEW 24X36 Rare FCA #IDP800097 Print Poster

Aaron Donald – NEW 24X36 Rare FCA #IDP800097 Print Poster

Donald,Sports Outdoors , Fan Shop , Home Kitchen,-,24X36,Poster,Aaron,Rare,Print,$17,/dannock1997936. html,FCA,#IDP800097, $17 Aaron Donald – 24X36 Rare Poster Print FCA #IDP800097 Sports Outdoors Fan Shop Home Kitchen Aaron Donald – NEW 24X36 Rare FCA #IDP800097 Print Poster Donald,Sports Outdoors , Fan Shop , Home Kitchen,-,24X36,Poster,Aaron,Rare,Print,$17,/dannock1997936.html,FCA,#IDP800097, Aaron Donald – NEW 24X36 Rare FCA #IDP800097 Print Poster $17 Aaron Donald – 24X36 Rare Poster Print FCA #IDP800097 Sports Outdoors Fan Shop Home Kitchen


Aaron Donald – 24X36 Rare Poster Print FCA #IDP800097

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • HIGH QUALITY PRINT! – This 24X36 reproduction poster print is printed on high quality, high gloss 10 mil – 200 GSM thick paper. It has a nice heavy thickness to it. This isn’t a cheap store bought poster.
  • “li” THAT IS HUGE! – That’s what she said when she saw this post. The size of this great reproduction print is 24 X 36 inches. This is roughly 60 X 90 centimeters. Our reproduction gloss print has a 0.5″ white border around the print for framing purposes.
  • A HIGH QUALITY FINISH! – The vibrant and glossy coating finish is does a great job bringing the print and its colors to life. Some cropping may be necessary due to image size. If you have questions please ask prior to purchase.
  • NEED A GIFT? – This awesome reproduction poster banner makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, A Birthday Party, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Bosses Day or Secretary’s Day. It also makes a great gift for bachelor or bachelorette gatherings.

Aaron Donald – 24X36 Rare Poster Print FCA #IDP800097






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Poster “About Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy”

Screen adaptations of the works of L.N. Tolstoy

The first film incarnations of Leo Tolstoy’s works date back to 1910-1912. They appeared at the dawn of cinema, in an era when the creation of feature films was just beginning, and the tapes themselves were short and silent. From that moment, the directors began countless attempts to convey in the language of cinematography the multifaceted ideas embodied in the various works of Tolstoy.

“Anna Karenina”

This novel can be called not only one of the most widely read works of the author, but also the most filmed: a new version of “Anna Karenina” appears almost every decade, and the number of popular film incarnations of history comes, according to various data, from 24 to 33. Many famous actresses managed to try on the tragic image of a woman whose life and family were destroyed by an obsessive passion for a new lover – Vronsky.

“War and Peace”

The famous four-volume epic novel about the history of several noble families during the war of 1812 is taken to film, of course, less often than the story of Anna Karenina, and it’s not just about volume.The work became an expression of “people’s thought”, which made it possible to combine in it so many heroes and their individual paths to truth, historical events and eternal questions. It is imbued with love for life, for the Motherland and contains many original, national characters.

The Kreutzer Sonata, 1987

A two-part film directed by Mikhail Schweitzer based on the novel of the same name by the writer, it continues the themes of marriage and family, touched upon in Anna Karenina.

Some researchers admit the impossibility of translating Leo Tolstoy’s creations into cinematography.Perhaps this is true, or simply the world has not yet seen that “perfect” adaptation. However, the main thing is different: turning to the great legacy of the author, we understand that we have not lost interest in the themes and ideas of the genius writer. Using the language of cinematography, we are trying not only to recreate the “world of Tolstoy”, the atmosphere of his works, but also to fit it into the context of modernity.

State Museum of L.N. Tolstoy (GMT). Literary exposition on Prechistenka

L. Tolstoy Museum in Moscow (GMT) is one of the oldest literary museums in Russia. It was founded in 1911 at the initiative of the Tolstoy Society. Outstanding figures of Russian culture took part in its creation – V.Ya. Bryusov, A.A. Bakhrushin, I.A. Bunin, A.M. Gorky, I.E. Repin, L.O. Pasternak, K.S. Stanislavsky, V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, wife and children of Tolstoy, his associates.

The museum contains authentic things, manuscripts, portraits, photographs of the writer and his entourage. This is the world’s largest collection of items related to Leo Tolstoy.

The literary exposition of the museum is located in the Empire mansion at 11 Prechistenka Street. She tells in detail about the life and work of L.N. Tolstoy, acquaints visitors with the unique exhibits of the GMT funds.

Museum-estate of L.N. Tolstoy in Khamovniki (GMT)

“Khamovniki” is an old Moscow estate. Tolstoy bought it in 1882 from the collegiate secretary I. A. Arnautov. He lived here with his family for 19 winters, until the spring of 1901, spending every summer in Yasnaya Polyana.Of the 13 children of the Tolstoy spouses, 10 lived in Moscow: daughters Tatyana, Maria, Alexandra; sons Sergey, Ilya, Lev, Andrey, Mikhail, Alexey, Vanechka.

In the Khamovniki house, the writer created about a hundred works, including the novel “Resurrection”, the story “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”, “The Kreutzer Sonata”, “Father Sergius”. Since 1921, the house at 21 Lev Tolstoy Street has been a memorial museum, part of the L.N. Tolstoy.

Tolstovsky Center on Pyatnitskaya-12 (GMT)

The Tolstoy Center on Pyatnitskaya, 12 hosts large thematic and fund exhibitions from the museum’s collections, children’s museum programs, evenings-meetings with cultural figures, concerts.

The building is an architectural monument of the late 18th century (erected in 1789-1795) and is notable for being part of a number of buildings, one of which in 1857-1858. filmed by young Tolstoy, who returned from the Crimean War. By that time, he was already a famous writer. Life in Zamoskvorechye brought Tolstoy closer to A.N. Ostrovsky, A.A. Fet. We visited Tolstoy on Pyatnitskaya M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, B.N. Chicherin, brothers Aksakov. Here the writer worked hard on “Cossacks”, stories “The Lost” (“Albert”), “Three Deaths”.

Memorial Museum in memory of L.N. Tolstoy “Astapovo” (branch of GMT)

November 20, 2010 to the 100th anniversary of the death of L.N. Tolstoy “Astapovo”.

This is a whole complex of all buildings of the historic station and nearby houses, restored to their original form.

Memorial Center – L.N. Tolstoy. It is located in the house of the head of the station, I. I. Ozolin. Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy spent the last 7 days of his life here. Here the writer made the last entry in his diary: “03.11.1910. That’s my plan. Do what you must, and let it be, what will be . .. “. These words became, as it were, parting words to us, his descendants. In the house at the Astapovo station on November 7, 1910, Tolstoy’s heart stopped, from here he set off on his last journey – to Yasnaya Polyana.

Until 1939, the memorial room in the Ozolinsky house existed “on a voluntary basis” and was preserved as a museum value, and later the room and the entire building were transferred to the L.N. Tolstoy. In December 1946, the official opening of the GMT branch took place.
Today, the Leo Tolstoy Memorial Complex also includes the Leo Tolstoy Cultural and Educational Center, opened on November 20, 2010.

A new exposition was opened in the house-museum to mark the 100th anniversary of the writer’s death “Astapov meridian. On the threshold of eternity … “

Cultural Center named after L.N. Tolstoy (GMT branch)

The center is located in the building of a former postal stagecoach station, built in the middle of the 19th century. LN Tolstoy, KL Khetagurov, MA Balakirev, NA Yaroshenko, AV Pastukhov and other figures of literature and art were passing here.

In 1981, this station of postal stagecoaches, the only one preserved in the cities of the Caucasian mineral waters, was taken under state protection as a rare historical and architectural monument. After 11 years, it became part of the Zheleznovodsk Museum of Local Lore, and in 2007 – a branch of the GMT. Currently, the building of the center and courtyard is undergoing restoration, which should be completed in 2014.

The museum staff has created a special program for the development of the branch. It is based on the idea of ​​a person’s spiritual health, and hence its name – “Sanatorium of the Soul”.

Vladimir Mayakovsky “The Tale of Petya, the Fat Child, and of Sima, Who is Thin”


“HOUSE-SKAZKA” At the end of 1907, St. Petersburg newspapers enthusiastically wrote that on a large plot of land located at the corner of Officer Street and Angliyskiy Prospect, an unusual residential building had been erected, “distinguished by its original composition and exquisite drawing.

Don Tale

Don fairy tale On one sunny day, a herd of Don tarpans rushed across the free and wide southern steppe.In this herd there was one young and beautiful red mare with a golden mane, on which a single white speck was visible on her wide forehead, for this she was named Zvezdochka.

Vladimir Tuchkov Riot ON A SHIP OF RUSSIAN POETRY Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (1893-1930)

Vladimir Tuchkov REBEL ON A SHIP OF RUSSIAN POETRY Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (1893-1930) The poet Vladimir Mayakovsky was an anti-globalist and anarchist.More precisely, I would certainly have become such now, if I had not been born at the end of the century before last, but fifteen or twenty years ago.

Mayakovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich (1893-1930)

Mayakovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich (1893-1930) Poet, reformer of the poetic language. In his ideas about what constitutes the basis of poetic language, how spoken language differs from literary language and how speech turns into language, he was close to the scientific views of OPOYAZ and, in


MYTH, FAIRY TALE, EPOS Myth was the hegemon in that only partially dismembered genre syncretism that characterizes the state of narrative art in archaic societies.On the difficulties of distinguishing between myth and fairy tale in the folklore of such societies repeatedly


CONTRAST FAIRY TALE Dedicated to the 302nd anniversary of the birth of St. PetersburgOnce the white king planted an oak for himself. The tsar was big, smart and evil, he planted an oak for a reason, but with a sentence – whoever harms the tsar tree, he cannot see happiness for sure, children

Children’s tale

Children’s fairy tale Basic concepts: the definition of a children’s fairy tale, classification, the main varieties and their features, the process of children’s fairy tale creation.Definition. A fairy tale is one of the main types of oral folk prose; its typical property is


VLADIMIR MAYAKOVSKY In 1941, at the entrance exams to a film-acting school, I read V. Mayakovsky’s poem “At the top of my voice”, read one of my favorite poets, whose work, it seemed, I knew very well from my apprenticeship.And after a while, “Throughout

90,000 In the DPR they said that Givi could have been killed with an explosive device

In the DPR they said that Givi could have been killed with an explosive device

In the DPR they said that Givi Could have killed with an explosive device – RIA Novosti, 10.02.2017

DPR said that Givi could have been killed with an explosive device

The commander of the “Somalia” battalion could have died as a result of a shot from a Bumblebee flamethrower or an explosive device.Investigators have proven the connection of the murder suspects with the Ukrainian special services.

2017-02-10T17: 09

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2017-02-10T20: 30

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Donetsk People’s Republic

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /


RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn –p1ai / awards /



https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/

RIA News

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA Rossiya Segodnya

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai / awards /

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA Rossiya Segodnya

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

90,040 in the world, the murder of the militia commander of the DPR Givi, Donetsk People’s Republic, Mikhail Tolstikh (Givi)

17:09 10.02.2017 (updated: 20:30 02.10.2017)

The commander of the “Somalia” battalion could have died as a result of a shot from a “Bumblebee” flamethrower or an explosive device. Investigators have proven the connection of the murder suspects with the Ukrainian special services.

90,000 15 Moments You Didn’t See in Friends – Popcorn

A true fan of the series, reviewing it more than once, notices many amusing details that are not immediately evident. We suggest checking the observations.


We remember that the first coffee Rachel made was so terrible that Joe and Chandler poured it into a flower pot. But few people noticed that by the end of the series, the flower withered.

Warner Bros. Television

Warner Bros. Television Rooms

According to the script, Monica and Rachel, Chandler and Joe’s apartments are supposed to be on the sixth floor, but in the first episode, Monica’s door is flaunting number 5.This could not have happened even if each apartment occupied an entire floor, so in the next series the figure was changed to 20 and 19.

Warner Bros. Television Warner Bros. Television

Bathroom case

If you look closely at the episode when Chandler accidentally catches Rachel naked in the bathroom, you will see her reflection in the mirror a few seconds before.

Warner Bros. Television


When Ross walks Marseille the monkey to the zoo, a banana badge appears on his jacket.

Warner Bros. Television


This moment is difficult not to notice if you have watched your favorite TV series several times.When Phoebe plays on the street, one of the passers-by threw her a condom instead of money, and then came back for it. 15 episodes later, the actor playing the passer-by will play the role of Phoebe’s half-brother.

Warner Bros. Television


When Ross finds out that Rachel is wearing a naval officer’s uniform, he gets one, comes to work and tries to carry her away, like Richard Gere in The Officer and the Gentleman.

Warner Bros. Television

A restaurant

When Phoebe meets with a foreign diplomat named Sergei, she calls Monica to accompany his translator at the restaurant. It is interesting that the restaurant is called “Restaurant”. It is simply written in Russian and is incomprehensible to the Americans, but we have an additional reason for laughing.

Warner Bros.Television


“This is Jasmine Blyth, a very different kind of chick, but I love both of you,” Chandler Tsype says as they watch Rescuers Malibu together. By the way, actor Matthew Perry was dating Yasmine Blyth at that time.

Warner Bros. Television

Delicious for coffee

Have you noticed that in the eighth episode of the fourth season, instead of a bun or a cake, there is a regular potato?

Warner Bros.Television


Chandler and Monica try to inform Joe that they are going to move in and live together, but hesitate, embarrassed, and Joe decides that Monica is pregnant. Maybe he was confused by Chandler’s two-stripe tie?

Warner Bros. Television

Monica’s jar

At work, Monica has a special jar where she puts a dollar every time she yells at someone.An observant person will see that there are already a lot of pieces of paper in the bank.

Warner Bros. Television

11 September

Joe has a New York Fire Department T-shirt. So the creators of the series noted how the residents of the city appreciate the work of firefighters to clear the rubble of the World Trade Center. The series was released in November 2001.

Warner Bros.Television

Fourth wall

Actually, this is the fourth wall in Monica and Rachel’s apartment that is never shown.

Warner Bros. Television


When Joe is rehearsing a scene from Days of Our Lives, and Rachel helps him by reading lines from the supposed script of the series, in fact, she has the script for the 19th episode of Friends, titled “The One with Rachel’s Dream” (Episode with Rachel’s dream).

Warner Bros. Television

Russian posters

“Kangaroo-boxer” is known to everyone, he often appears in different scenes. But in the series there are also Russian posters: “Physics” and “To build – you need to know. To know, you have to learn. ”

Warner Bros. Television

Warner Bros.Television

What interesting finds do you have?

Source: Secrets of movies and TV series

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90,000 The LPR found out who was behind the murder of Givi and Anashchenko

Responsibility for the murders of LPR police chief Oleg Anashchenko and DPR colonel Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) lies with the same people, according to the Ministry of State Security of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic.If the Ukrainian special services are really behind the terrorist attacks, then Kiev risks losing control over the actions of the radicals, experts say.

The LPR Ministry of State Security learned the names of those who, according to the LPR authorities, are responsible for the deaths of DPR Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh (call sign Givi) and LPR police chief Oleg Anashchenko. According to the Minister of State Security of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik, the same people are behind these murders. The Minister’s statements are quoted by the Lugansk Information Center.

“There is every reason to believe that the assassination of the commander of the Somalia battalion, Mikhail Tolstykh, with the call sign Givi, was planned by the counterintelligence department of the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) and carried out by specialists from the 8th Special Forces Regiment,” Pasechnik said.

In addition, the Minister of State Security of the LPR named the name of the direct executor of the murder of Anashchenko. According to him, he was a serviceman of the 8th Special Forces Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), Major Sergei Ivanchuk.

The 8th Special Forces Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, along with the 3rd (Kirovograd) Regiment, is one of the two elite units of the Ukrainian army.It is based, like most of the special forces on the western border of Ukraine – as a legacy inherited from the USSR, which had sabotage and special units at the western borders of the country.

Pasechnik, however, noted that the 8th regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is deployed in the Ukrainian Khmelnitsky, commanded by Colonel Oleg Nechaev, and the regiment’s reconnaissance leader is Major Pavel Balov (call sign Kedr).

At the same time, the minister claims that a special department has been created in the structure of the Security Service of Ukraine, the main task of which is to organize “sabotage and terrorist activities” on the territory of Russia.Here the minister meant the territory of the Crimean peninsula, which in the spring of 2014 became part of the Russian Federation. The SBU counterintelligence department is headed by Colonel Anatoly Sandursky (call sign Khutor).

“These people are directly responsible for this crime (the murder of Anashchenko. – Gazeta.Ru), and for other crimes committed in the LPR, DPR and the Russian Federation, for example in Crimea,” Pasechnik emphasized.

In addition, the Minister of State Security of the Luhansk People’s Republic said that the task to destroy Oleg Anashchenko in November 2016 was given directly by Anatoly Sandurskiy.

Two sources at once “Newspapers. Ru ”in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and among former informal saboteurs, confirmed the information that after the death of Anashchenko in Lugansk, a group of army special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was seized in the city together with the commander. At the same time, sources do not have information about the involvement of the army special forces in the death of “Givi”.

“They say there was a local commander there, and he was taken. And that he is already in Moscow. We are waiting for what will soon appear on TV and will take care of everything, up to the future death of Zakharchenko, ”the source of“ Gazeta.Ru “.

Radicals may intercept the initiative

The head of the people’s militia department of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic was blown up in his own car early in the morning on February 4 in the area of ​​the Luhansk district of Mirny.

Immediately after the incident, local authorities qualified the incident as a terrorist attack and accused the Ukrainian special services of organizing and carrying it out. Then the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR Andrei Marochko said that the purpose of the terrorist attack was “to destabilize the situation in the republic.”

A Gazeta.Ru source in Lugansk on the day of the murder said that if the version about Ukrainian saboteurs is true, “then we must admit that it is easier for them (saboteurs. – Gazeta.Ru”) to work in our LPR than in Donetsk. ” … “Just based on the number of deaths of local heroes of the“ Russian spring ”in recent years,” he added.

Indeed, over the past two years, several well-known commanders of the people’s militia have died in Lugansk, including Alexander Bednov, Alexey Mozgovoy, Valery Bolotov.

However, a few days after Anashchenko’s death, another high-profile murder took place in Donetsk – here on the morning of February 8, DPR Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh with the call sign Givi died. At the headquarters of his unit was fired a charge of the rocket infantry flamethrower “Bumblebee”.

Givi became famous in conjunction with another hero of the DPR – Arsen Pavlov (call sign Motorola), when they fought at the Donetsk airport. It is noteworthy that in the fall of last year, Motorola was killed in the elevator of his own house in Donetsk.

If the Ukrainian special services are connected with the murder of both Oleg Anaschenko and Givi, this means that official Kiev has become convinced of the futility of “a purely military solution to problems in Donbass,” said Vladimir Zharikhin, deputy director of the Institute of CIS Countries.

“Terrorist-guerrilla tactics look like revenge for a military defeat,” the source of Gazeta.Ru believes. “And, of course, the LPR and DPR authorities need to pay more attention to this threat.”

According to Zharikhin, the likelihood of further attacks on commanders may increase the current economic blockade of Donbass, which has been held since last month by ATO veterans (“anti-terrorist operation” against the self-proclaimed people’s republics) and representatives of nationalist Ukrainian organizations.

“The blockade demonstrates that official Kiev does not control the most radical part of society,” the expert added. “If the Ukrainian leadership is unable to solve this problem, the likelihood increases that some of the radical elements will try to organize provocations against the DPR and LPR on their own initiative.”

90,000 In Yekaterinburg, 18 people died from methyl alcohol poisoning from the market

The Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has opened a criminal case in connection with the death of 18 people poisoned with methanol in Yekaterinburg, according to the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Sverdlovsk Region.The regional Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified that two people were detained in connection with the poisoning. Market complexes in Yekaterinburg will be checked in connection with poisoning, a representative of the regional prosecutor’s office told RIA Novosti.

“According to the investigation, in the period from 7 to 14 October 2021, in the Chkalovsky district of the city of Yekaterinburg, several persons were selling alcohol-containing liquid (methyl alcohol) to citizens, which poses a danger to the life and health of consumers. As a result of ingestion of the specified liquid, 18 people died, ”the ICR reports.The case was initiated under the article on the sale of unsafe goods, which inadvertently resulted in the death of two or more persons (part 3 of article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The detainees are local residents born in 1978 and 1967, they are suspects in the case, Valery Gorelykh, head of the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Sverdlovsk Region, told TASS. Their occupation is not named.

Earlier, the incident was reported by the coordinator of the “People’s Control” in the Sverdlovsk region (project of “United Russia”) Dmitry Chukreev.He told that the detained businessman working at the Botanical Market was bottling alcohol containing methanol. According to him, complaints were received from residents of the Chkalovsky microdistrict and the 32nd military town.

Earlier, the mass death of people from counterfeit alcohol occurred in the Orenburg region. The death toll for this reason in the region has reached 34. In total, 64 people have suffered from alcohol poisoning there. 14 criminal cases were initiated. The local media outlet, citing sources in law enforcement agencies, reported that the first deputy prosecutor of the Oktyabrsky district of Orsk, Sergei Khvorov, whose wife allegedly owned a warehouse with counterfeit alcohol, could have been involved in this scandal.

For more details, see the article by Kommersant “Counterfeit brought to Ufa”.

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