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User (31/08/2018 22:58)
Having worked closely with Founder of @Pinkroomnailacademy, I see firsthand Rachel’s dedication in Education. An credit-less work; with no call for help, no Google to read on “How to be a good Teacher”. No leaving any student helpless.
She & Master Joe trained every Trainer in PinkRoom to be a successful Teacher, not just a successful Nailist. Not just How to do nails, but to impart knowledge selflessly, until each student understands and is able to do what is required of her….
They may joke. Goofy at times. But when in the Classroom, they take control. Respect is earned, not given. They earned it, & deserved it seeing the numbers of successful Graduates in the industry today (not taught only by them, but also by trainers they trained). #PRINALearningJourney
Oh!! And the numbers of DM received today, and the constant stream of “HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!” 🍎
Every time new faces come into our school, I share about our PinkRoom education with Pride. 💁🏻‍♀️🌟 And feel the confidence from within to share & know the school would not fail her.
Gratitude, Someone who is part of the PinkRoom Team 🤭 & also a student of Rachel & Joe. (& a Pinkroom Diploma holder)
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User (30/08/2018 00:20)
Great session girls! Jokes aside, our Team is super happy to share our experiences & knowledge with you girls.
& of cus happies to see (once again) how strangers became friends in barely an hour… just cus everyone is on the same wavelength!! ⚡⚡
See you when you start class!! #nailslover
… DM us to find out HOW you can experience this too
@pinkroomnailacademy #prinatrialclass #trialclass #nails #thingstodoinSingapore #sgnail #nail #beauty #singapore #course #dayrebeauty #workshopsinsingapore #sgworkshop #cbd #girlsnightout #midweek #ピンクルームインターナショ ルネイルアカデミー #シンガポール #シンガポールネイリスト #シンガポールネイル #ジェルネイル #ネイルアート #シンガポールネイルスクー
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User (27/08/2018 12:45)
Upcoming workshop 🎉 30 Aug Thur 12-6pm
Learn how to do your own set of Gel Nails!! Comes with take-home kit & Cert. Beginners are welcomed too
Gel used in this class is Toxic-free, Made in USA. The brand that cares for your health × beauty!! 🌷 @angelpronail
… Best part? $0* top up when you use your Skillsfuture Credits ($490). Whatsapp to 96564821 to register.
#angelprogelly #pinkroomnailacademy
*Subjected to credit balance in your Skillsfuture account. Singaporeans above age of 25 would have $500 Credit.
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User (23/08/2018 16:04)
Our unit number is changed to #36-12. BUT we are at the same location on International Plaza level 36!
If you haven’t visit us, do come by! We promise a super pretty view!!
The PinkRoom Int’l Nail Academy [PRINA]… 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #36-12, Singapore 079903 +65-62201592
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User (22/08/2018 15:24)
Selamat Haji Raya Haji
Hari Raya Haji, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, is a Muslim celebration which commemorates Ibrahim’s willingness to be obedient to Allah and to sacrifice his own son, Ishmael. Thankfully no small children came to harm as God intervened by allowing Ibrahim to sacrifice a sheep instead
Today the sacrificial ritual, known as Korban, is an important part of the festival, and represents Prophet Ibrahim’s faith and trust in God
… As our Nation is celebrating this sacred festival, we would be closed today & be back in business tomorrow.
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User (19/08/2018 09:21)
Can see, no touch 🧐🚫👐 PRINA Student’s Assignments up on display! A proud achievement for both the students and the school
From someone with zero knowledge about nails to be able to achieve such standards of nail art is not easy feat! But look at our “Wall of Fame”! It’s an bigger achievement for @pinkroomnailacademy to tranform someone in mere 3-6 months👍👍👍
We did it! They did it too! So can you~ … Drop by our school to have a closer look as a guage of what you can achieve Whatsapp 96564821
#pinkroomnailacademy #pinkroomnails #liveyourdreams #startliving #pink #nails #sgnails
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User (18/08/2018 23:15)
Today’s Flowerball art class is a success!
Even though it was the attendees’ first time tackling this technique, they all managed to grasp the secret & created their very own Flowerball. .. solving the mystery faced when trying to do it themselves b4 the class 🤭
Super contented by the outcome! & all the stories shared during the class. 💐 An afternoon well spent!
… ps/ 📣 for those who missed today’s session, we would have another one in Sept’18. Drop us a PM if you want to be updated
Whatsapp +65-96564821 The PinkRoom Int’l Nail Academy [PRINA] #pinkroomnailacademy #flowerball #pinkroomnails #nailsworkshop #artworkshop
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User (18/08/2018 20:22)
Today’s Flowerball art class is a success!
Even though it was the attendees’ first time tackling this technique, they all managed to grasp the secret & created their very own Flowerball… solving the mystery faced when trying to do it themselves b4 the class 🤭
Super contented by the outcome! & all the stories shared during the class. 💐 An afternoon well spent!
… ps/ 📣 for those who missed today’s session, we would have another one in Sept’18. Drop us a PM if you want to be updated
Whatsapp +65-96564821 The PinkRoom Int’l Nail Academy [PRINA] #pinkroomnailacademy #flowerball #pinkroomnails #nailsworkshop #artworkshop
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User (17/08/2018 10:47)
Using boring/plain-Jane/vanilla designs, we impart different techniques & skills to our students.
The Fun part starts when you’ve all the techniques mastered & can create whatever designs you want without any ‘handicap’ 🤭
New hasgtag: 🌟 #PRINAStudentAssignment 🌟 check out the different nail arts done by our students after their Diploma course. They are really ‘newbies’ in the industry with zero salon experience, (Not yet open shop kind!! Not want to scare you, but this is rea…lly what you can achieve <<< Singlish says it best
The PinkRoom Int’l Nail Academy [PRINA] #pinkroomnailacademy #PRINALearningJourney #Pinkroomnails #diploma #sgnails #sgnail #nail #nailcourse #nailschool #singapore #sgart #sgnailist #learning #wearesingapore
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User (16/08/2018 19:14)
30 Aug OR 1 Sept. 12-6pm
If gel had always been your thing, why not learn to Do-It-Yourself?
… This class teaches you not only the application, removal… but also the nail art techniques! And why choosing the right products with “save” your nails, your health & your wallet!
Includes a Kit, Certificate and a lot of Fun!
Whatsapp +65-96564821
Open to beginners too ☀️ GEL MANICURING TECHNIQUES <Skillsfuture Credits Claimable>
#nails #nailart #gelnails #sgnails #hobby #angelprogelly Angelpro Nail Angelpro Nail SG
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User (16/08/2018 19:10)
The Pink Room International Nail Academy [PRINA]
📍 Our address 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #36-01A, Singapore 079903
. .. 🚋 Just 2 mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station
⏰ Opening hours Mon-Fri 11.30am-9.30pm Sat 11.30am-6pm
📞 Tel +65-62201592 📱 Whatsapp +65-96564821 🖥 📸 @pinkroomnailacademy
Click here to be directed to Whatsapp: 64821
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User (14/08/2018 10:49)
PinkRoom is so proud of our Founder’s achievement on the international platform! Her status and achievement, and everything that she had gained over the years value-add to our school and each student’s learning journey!
Rachel, continue to soar! For your achievements are our honour & our “benefits” hehehe!!

User (14/08/2018 08:41)
Happening this Saturday 18/8! 🌸🏵 Due to special request! Learn the special techniques to create your very own Flowerball!! Now only for nailart, but create your very own accessories & deco!!
Open to beginners too. Spend your afternoon with us! Whatsapp: 96564821.
.. . $88 Saturday 18 August 2018. 3pm
#nails #nailart #sgnail #sgworkshop #sgcourses #singapore
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User (13/08/2018 22:50)
🌸 Professional Manicurist Certificate 🌸 Diploma in Professional Nail Technology
… Want to take up a new skill? Want to make new friends outside office hours?
Take up a professional course at PinkRoom! Learn a new skill, earn a new career!
Classes from 6.30pm, to cater to working ladies who wants to upgrade their skills, realise their dreams! 🌤
Conveniently located at International Plaza, just 5 mins from Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station.
Whatsapp us for more details 9656 4821 ☆Skillsfuture Credit Claimable☆
#pinkroomnailacademy #pinkroomnails #nailschool #cpe #edutrust #diploma #sgskills
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User (13/08/2018 10:12)
Classrooms with THE view!! A happy mind makes learning more effective right?? 😍 A pleasant learning environment for our students! With ample space, students are welcomed to make use of our facilities for practice sessions.
Learning a hands-on skill is not only about understanding the techniques. With Practice, the steps & hand-flexibility becomes 2nd nature.
Conveniently located at 10 Anson Road, International Plaza. Visit us soon!! We’ll bring you around our school (for free…!!)
Tel: 62201592 Whatsapp: 96564821 #triedandtested #trainingmethods #internationalplaza #cbd #pinkroomnailacademy #singapore #igsg #tanjongpagar #pink #classroom
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User (12/08/2018 20:10)
Using boring/plain-Jane/vanilla designs, we impart different techniques & skills to our students.
The Fun part starts when you’ve all the techniques mastered & can create whatever designs you want without any ‘handicap’ 🤭
New hasgtag: 🌟 #PRINAStudentAssignment 🌟 check out the different nail arts done by our students after their Diploma course. They are really ‘newbies’ in the industry with zero salon experience, (Not yet open shop kind!! Not want to scare you, but this is rea…lly what you can achieve <<< Singlish says it best
@pinkroomnailacademy #pinkroomnailacademy #PRINALearningJourney #Pinkroomnails #diploma #sgnails #sgnail #nail #nailcourse #nailschool #singapore #sgart #sgnailist #learning #wearesingapore
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User (11/08/2018 11:00)
Pink Room blog check it out (^-^)

User (09/08/2018 16:08)
Who else is wearing Red×White nails this National Day? 🇸🇬 Happy birthday dear Singapore ❤ small in size but big in dreams! A fighting spirit in all Singaporeans to strive our best in chasing our dreams
#PinkRoomNails Support our Grad’s dreams by supporting their salons 📣
#sg53 #ndp2018 #ndp18 #singapore #sgnails #pinkroomnailacademy

User (09/08/2018 13:40)
August 9th 🇸🇬 ☆ a tribute to our Founding Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for the success, peace & equality we are celebrating today.
A timely throwback to this realistic nailart face painting by our Master Educator JOE CHUA 🖌 @prinamasterjoe
Proud that #wearesingapore when our International Students shared with us their research on why they chose our Little Red Dot; being a safe, bilingual, hub, good food, friendly people were just some of the many reasons.
… Some also mentioned our school’s standing in the Nail Industry 🤭 with our Founder iamracheltang representing Singapore on the Judging Panels in international nail competitions #sgpride
The PinkRoom Int’l Nail Academy [PRINA] is born & bred Singaporean too!! Hey~ Afterall Pink is a combination of Red & White 🇸🇬 we do learnt color mixing in our Nail Art classes 🤣🤣 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!
#sg53 #proudtobesingaporean #sg #ilovesingapore #singapore #singaporean #supportlocal #lky #leekuanyew #homeland #singaporebusiness #golocal #sgpride #pinkroomnailacademy #cpe #edutrust #school #sgeducation #sgnail #sgnails #nationaldaysingapore #新加坡
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How do you use pink in a room?

Pink room ideas: 22 ways to use this rosy hue. 1 1. A grey and pink living room? Dreamy combination. (Image credit: Katie Lee) 2 2. Keep it quirky with pink polkadots. 3 3. Go with dusky pink for a vintage vibe. 4 4. Choose a barely there pink as an alternative neutral. 5 5. Go bold with pink kitchen cabinets. More items

What is the Pink Room in Kolkata like?

The pink room is a 2 level club. It is famous amongst the ladies for its ambience and the ladies night. The food is average and the drinks really vanilla, but hey its a good change of place from all the look-alike clubs in hkv.

How many Pink Room Stock Photos are available royalty-free?

88,102 pink room stock photos are available royalty-free. White and pink baby room. White and pink, pastel baby room with cot and cradle Poster above pink sofa in spacious living room interior with patterned armchair and plants. Real photo. Concept Poster above pink sofa in living room interior with gold armchair on checkered floor. Real photo.

Is pink a good color for a chair?

In a space populated entirely by neutrals running from light to dark, the pink chair is able to act as a ray of light while keeping the calm, even meditative feel of the overall room. Though no longer reserved strictly for kid’s rooms pink remains the best color option for helping a room to take itself a little less seriously.

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If you are having trouble booking a room online, we are always happy to take your reservation by phone. You can reach our regular office line at 317-882-2211 or reservations @ 888-719-8527. We hope your stay is enjoyable, and please let us know if you have any questions we can answer. Thank You. The Reservations Department

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A Happy Mum | Singapore Parenting Blog

I’ve been wanting to let the girls have a bedroom of their own for a long time. It can be small but it will be pink, it will have a bunk bed and it will be a cosy place where they look forward to unwinding, sharing secrets and just doing girly stuff together. Well, back in our old house, they did have a room but it was more like a storeroom-cum-bedroom since we didn’t have much space to spare. In addition, the little sister would always come over to sleep with me and the baby, leaving the hubby to sleep on her mattress instead. Yes, we usually had to split ourselves up between the kids, does that happen to you too?

Moving to the new house, I was determined to change that and make my dream happen. Sure, the bedrooms in our new house are quite cramped and this tour is going to be very short because there just isn’t much stuff you can put in 8sqm of space. But, we finally have a girls’ room in our house, or what the kids prefer to call the Princess Room, and I’m just very, very thankful for that.

Let me show you just how it looks like.

Now, since I was sure I wanted a bunk bed for them, I wanted it to be something personalised and in the colour of their choice. After all, they are the ones who are going to sleep here every day so I wanted to make sure that they are firstly in love with their own beds. This is the customised bunk bed from Kids Haven, which the girls chose to be in purple and pink, I will be sharing more details in an upcoming review but you can see how it looks like here – house shaped rail with a cute little window, customised motifs with the letter ‘A’s and the ladder drawers which act as additional storage.

‘A’ heart ‘A’, Yup, I really love the motifs and I hope that they will always remind these two to love, care for, protect and respect each other. It’s really so awesome to have a sister and I hope deep down they know that.

To be more precise, we have a triple deck bed because there is a pull out bed at the bottom too. Once you pull it out, there is actually not much space to even walk or move around in the room! Still, we do it when they sleep because it helps to act as a cushion in case either of them were to fall off and it also gives the hubby or me a place to lie down if the girls wish to have a few minutes of our company. So far, the girls have been awesome and they have been going to bed on their own, giving me time to be with the baby since the hubby is usually not back from work yet.

The room looks pink and sparkly, thanks to the Nippon Momento feature wall that we did. For more details and to see how it was done, go here. Initially, we were debating over using yellow, green, purple or pink for the wall and as cliche as it may sound, I still think pink is the perfect choice for the girls and they are also very happy with their choice of colour – Rose Gems MS117.

For the light, we installed this Winnie the Pooh ceiling light that we bought in Sweden previously. Their room isn’t too brightly lit but since it is mainly a place for sleep and relaxation, I guess that is okay. Initially, we fixed a ceiling fan in this room only to realise that it was too dangerous as the big girl, who sleeps on the upper bunk bed, is able to touch the ceiling if she stands up. Yup, scary. So I had to get the electrician to come back again and we switched the ceiling fan to be in the boy’s room instead. That also means the girls need to sleep with the air con on and in fact, theirs is the only air con that we turn on every night. Oh well, safety before everything, right?

Our house comes with fittings and this includes wardrobes in all the bedrooms. The girls didn’t have one previously and had to store all their clothing in my bedroom, so this was a very much welcome change for us. The wardrobe comes with two sliding doors with a light wooden laminate – I love sliding doors because you don’t need extra space to open them, you just slide! Now, the girls get to pick what they wanna wear everyday and can easily reach the frequently worn clothes themselves. Yay!

The wardrobe has huge compartments with closet rods and since we don’t need so much space to hang their clothes (just like Mama, they don’t really have that much clothes), I bought these dividers from Taobao which are really cool. No drilling, no hassle. All you need to do is tighten and screw them in place and you have just created additional shelves. Pretty handy, right?

There are also a couple of drawers in the wardrobe and one of it comes with an insert with these compartments for you to keep all your accessories neatly. We really love this and at least, it won’t be so hard to find some hair clips or hair ties now. Yup, I seriously don’t know why we are always misplacing those though.

To keep out the light, we installed pale pinkish blinds with the help of Meridian Curtains & Furnishings. Read about our review here. We chose blinds instead of curtains because they seem easier to maintain and the cord is easy to pull which enables the kids to draw them on their own too.

When it’s time for bed, we turn on a night light – it is a white light but Angel designed a cellophane lantern and it makes it yellow. Lastly, thanks to Purlife, our home is now installed with air purifiers and I will be doing a review on them soon.
Yup, that’s it for the girls’ room. Small, simple, snug and we love it just the way it is. I’m so happy that the sisters have this place to grow up in together and I know it’s going to share many of our secrets. In my next post, I’ll show you the baby boy’s room which acts as a playroom for now. Till then, happy holidays!


This post is part of the “A Happy Home”
series where I share all about our new Scandinavian-themed house, the
renovation process and some tips and thoughts. Moving is never easy but
it comes with an indescribable sense of joy in building up the house of
your dreams. Remember, home is where the heart is and nothing is more
important than being able to build memories with the people you love.

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Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Singapore Sports School

Spectra Secondary School

Springfield Secondary School

St. Andrew’s Secondary School

St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School

St. Gabriel’s Secondary School

St. Hilda’s Secondary School

St. Joseph’s Institution

St. Margaret’s Secondary School

St. Patrick’s School

Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Tampines Secondary School

Tanglin Secondary School

Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Teck Whye Secondary School

Temasek Junior College

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Unity Secondary School

Victoria School

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Zhonghua Secondary School

Anglo-Chinese School (International)

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Canadian International School (Lakeside Campus)

Canadian International School (Tanjong Katong Campus)

Chatsworth International School East Campus

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Chatsworth Kindergarten

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Deutsche Europäische Schule Singapur

Dover Court Preparatory School

DPS International School

Eton House International School (Broadrick)

Eton House International School (Claymore)

Eton House International School (Mountbatten 223)

Eton House International School (Mountbatten 717)

Eton House International School (Mountbatten 718)

Eton House International School (Newton)

Eton House International School (Outram)

Eton House International School (Sentosa)

Eton House International School (Vanda)

Finnish Supplementatry School (S’pore Land Twr)

GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

German European School Singapore ( Primary School Campus)

German European School Singapore (Main Campus)

German European School Singapore (Primary School Campus)

Global Indian International School (Balestier Campus)

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Swedish Supplementary School

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Radisson Blu Turns Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

SINGAPORE — Radisson Blu®, one of the world’s leading brands with nearly 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories, today announced the “LOVE BLU, BE PINK!” campaign where one room in each participating hotel across the globe will turn pink for the month of October. The pink Business Class guest room will feature pink décor and other special pink amenities. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the pink rooms will benefit charities that support breast cancer research and awareness.

“Radisson Blu is pleased to announce its support in the fight against breast cancer,” said Rose Anderson, vice president, global branding, Radisson Blu. “In partnership with our guests, we look forward to raising funds for breast cancer research and awareness.”

Beginning today, pink Business Class rooms are available for booking for stays from October 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016 at participating Radisson Blu hotels worldwide. Hotels across the globe will support organizations that are committed to breast cancer research as well as awareness. For a list of organizations that will benefit from the “LOVE BLU, BE PINK” proceeds, visit

About Radisson Hotel Group

Radisson Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest hotel groups with nine distinctive hotel brands, and more than 1,500 hotels in operation and under development in 120 countries. The Group”s overarching brand promise is Every Moment Matters with a signature Yes I Can! service ethos.

The Radisson Hotel Group portfolio includes Radisson Collection, Radisson Blu, Radisson, Radisson RED, Radisson Individuals, Park Plaza, Park Inn by Radisson, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, and prizeotel brought together under one commercial umbrella brand Radisson Hotels.

All properties across the Group”s portfolio are subject to stringent health and safety requirements, as outlined in the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol.

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For more information, visit:

Pink Room Cup 2013! –

I’ve been meaning to blog about this because the Pink Room Cup is such a milestone in my life… but I haven’t had the time to get round to doing it properly. 😦 After the Pink Room Cup on 17 November, all of us at The Nail Artelier attended a nail art workshop by Japanese nailist Eriko Kurosaki on 18 November, and it was straight back to work for us after that. I’m only blogging now because it’s my off day!

As with all stories, perhaps I should start from the beginning…

Why did I take part in the Pink Room Cup?

1. I’m a very pragmatic person. I’ve always wanted to win something at a nail competition because you know, the harsh reality of life is that trophies do matter, especially as competition heats up in the nail industry, because they make your portfolio look impressive. Whether it’s working with customers in the salon or with commercial clients on projects, your portfolio is one of the key considerations that make them choose you. I joined because I hoped to win something – I would have been happy to win just ONE thing, but I have been blessed and ended up with more than I asked for.

2. I’ve never been good with performing under stress. Every time I take some kind of nail exam, my hands betray me. They shake so badly, and I always struggle to complete on time. I wanted to conquer that fear, and grow from the experience of a high-stress environment. I knew taking part in the Pink Room Cup would be a learning experience for me even if I didn’t win anything. I had nothing to lose, so why not?

3. I was excited at the thought of taking part in a team event – the Mixed Media Total Look competition. I had an awesome team at The Nail Artelier, and having worked alongside Jenrine and Eloise for a while, I knew we worked well together and would have fun together at the Pink Room Cup! I also hoped we would win something for the salon, to set ourselves apart from other salons. The crazy mixed media fantasy nails would also be something fun to try, as we would never have the chance to do such nails for our customers.

Unfortunately, the Pink Room Cup turned out to be on 17 November – just two days before I would return from overseas. My fiance and I had purchased our air tickets and accommodation for a two-week holiday to Chicago/New York/Tokyo before knowing the date of the Pink Room Cup, and I guess I should count myself lucky that I at least returned in time to take part. On the downside, it meant that I would have two weeks less to prepare for the competition, and that I would be very rusty when I got back. So, I had to make sure that I got as much practice as I could before I flew off.

After signing up for the Pink Room Cup in early September, I started scheduling practice sessions with my models. Jenrine and I actually work six days a week (12pm to 10pm on weekdays, 11am to 11pm on Saturdays, 12pm to 8pm on Sundays), so we don’t actually have much time outside of working hours to do any practice. We couldn’t take too much time off from work to practice either, because we were running a business and had to make sure that we were making a profit. So, we scheduled practice sessions for ourselves only about once a week (3 hours each time).

I ended up practising for my acrylic extensions 4 times.

I practised for the gel manicure 3 times, mostly due to time management issues as I had to keep revising my art to ensure that I would complete in time.

Technically I had two practice sessions for the gel extensions, but I gave up halfway during the second practice because some of the extensions came off while I was filing (I’d used nail shield so that the extensions would come out easily) and I didn’t have the time or heart to redo them.

Whenever we had last-minute cancellations or rescheduled appointments, we would use the free time to work on our 3D art for the team Mixed Media Total Look.

All these, and many more, were made beforehand. During the competition, we would have 45 minutes to stick fake tips onto our model’s nails, paint on the fake tips, and then attach all the 3D art onto the fake tips. The model would also need to have hair and makeup done, and a wear a costume that would form a “Total Look” with the nails. As you can see, we chose the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

So far, I’ve mentioned only the floor events that would happen on the actual day of the competition. All of us signed up for all three individual events (acrylic extensions, gel manicure and gel extensions) and the team event, meaning that we would end up competing in back-to-back events without any break during the Pink Room Cup.

Apart from that, there were also other competition categories that we could choose to participate in. One type was tips submission, where we could do nail art on fake tips beforehand and submit them in a box on the day of the competition. The other type was photo submission, where we could take a photo of a hand or two hands modelling our work, and submit the photo by 2 November. For tips submission, we could choose any theme we wanted. However, for photo submission, we had to follow the theme “Ten Pink Years”.

I had the honour of having the beautiful Willabelle Ong as my model for the photo submission, and the talented photographer Gent Ho shooting the nails.

My entry for the Cover Photo category:

My entry for the Stone Deco category:

I did not enter the Flat Art and Embossed Art categories due to time constraints and I didn’t want to waste time competing directly with Jenrine, who opted to take part only in the Flat Art category.

As for the tips submission, I opted to enter the Stone Deco and Mixed Media categories – again, due to the same reasons above. To do freehand art properly, I knew I needed a lot more time to do proper research and then execute my ideas. I couldn’t spare that much time. I was fully booked for the period before the competition, and I couldn’t take time off from work to do my tips for the art tips submission competition.

The week before I was to fly off to Chicago, I was already rushing like mad to complete my Stone Deco and Mixed Media tips. I ended up reporting to work a few hours early just so I could have time to work on my tips before starting work. One night, I even stayed overnight in the shop to spend more time on my tips. Jenrine and Eloise did the same too, so you can just imagine how stressed and burnt out we were! I suppose we were really too optimistic by choosing to take part in so many categories when time wasn’t on our side, and we ended up shortchanging ourselves and not being able to spend enough time to do our best. I ended up spending only about 25 hours in total on my 20 tips for the two categories. 😦

I forgot to take pictures of my completed sets before I submitted them, so here are just some pictures of three tips from my mixed media set.

I finished my tips only on the very day that I was going to fly off to Chicago. Yikes! Anyway, I only returned to Singapore on 15 November, and on that very same day, I was back in the salon to do final preparations with my team for our Mixed Media Total Look competition.

The next day, on 16 November, we spent more time assembling our pieces and discussing how we wanted to paint the base of the nail tips for the Mixed Media Total Look competition.

I also spent the day meeting up with my hand models to prep their nails, and spent my remaining time revising my nail art for the individual floor categories because I’d been away for two weeks and I was really rusty. How rusty? Well, let’s just say that my hand was shaking badly when I first picked up my brush and started doing nail art again. I had also strained my wrist and wanted to visit my chiropractor for an adjustment before the competition, but didn’t have any time to. My regular customers who’ve been with me for a while would know that I’ve been battling chronic wrist pain from work, and it’s only in the past half year that I’ve managed to keep it under control by visiting my chiropractor (Matthew Kremer at Balmoral Chiropractic Centre) regularly. Because of this, I really didn’t feel good about the competition and didn’t expect to do well.

That night, I was still running around trying to buy things at the last minute for the competition. For instance, we suddenly remembered that we needed a black hat for our team model, and some poker cards to decorate with. Luckily, I found one in Daiso, and the cards in Cold Storage. I believe we ended up spending less than $6 on our team event, as the hair and makeup were sponsored by 99 Percent Hair Studio, the outfit was put together by our model Valerie, and we only spent money on the hat and cards. Unbelievable.

On the day of the competition, we arrived at 8am and registered. While waiting to enter the competition venue, we started decorating the hat with the cards. Yes, we were that last-minute!

After that, the competition began with the acrylic extensions event. It was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I ran out of time to do my art properly because the temperature was very low and the acrylic took longer than usual to harden. I also spent more time on filing slowwwly and carefully because my model’s skin was a little thin/sensitive on that day and I didn’t want to lose points by causing any abrasions/bleeding when filing. I only started doing the art with 15 minutes remaining, so I really started to panic and my hand was shaking badly. I was really disappointed with myself, so I totally didn’t expect to win anything for this event.

Next up was the gel manicure event. I had to psych myself to move on and just concentrate because I was still upset at myself for not doing well in the acrylic extensions. Luckily, there were performances going on, such as the pole-dancing rehearsal, so it helped to relax me and I was able to complete the gel manicure event in time.

Then, it was time for the gel extensions. I felt a little better because at least I had completed my gel manicure in time, but I guess I was too relaxed – I ended up making the BIG mistake of painting the extensions the same base colours as my gel manicure! I actually wanted to paint a white base only for the art nails (index and ring), and a pink base for the rest, but I ended up painting pink for the ring and white for everything else. By the time I realised what I had done, I was panicking. I HAD to do my art on a white base. The alternative was to stick to a pink base and change my art. In the end, I decided to just paint a coat of white over the pink and risk that particular nail looking thicker than the rest. By this time, I was just in a “screw it” mood and quite relaxed. No more shaky hands because in my heart, I had given up…

Finally, it was time for the team Mixed Media Total Look event. This was the one event that we actually wanted to win very badly because we loved what we had done so much! We had worked so well together, planning everything, making everything… we each did what we were good at and contributed as best as we could. Even if we didn’t end up winning, I would have been super proud of what we had done together as a team, and happy that we had bonded over our sessions together!

When on stage putting the nails together, we communicated well to each other, keeping each other informed of our progress on various nails at different points in time, speaking up if we needed help, speaking up to offer help, and the teamwork was flowing so well that my heart was bursting with pride and joy.

We are also super grateful to our model Valerie because she really owned the stage and was such a natural at posing! She looked absolutely gorgeous (BIG THANK YOU to 99 Percent Hair Studio for this one too!) and worked the nails!

Grabbed some of the pics off Instagram (#pinkpartybash)!

Finally, it was time for the results…

Having experienced an emotional rollercoaster during the day, when I was upset, then relaxed, then panicking again, then excited and happy, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping to win something, but wasn’t actually sure I would, because I thought I’d screwed up somewhat. So, when I heard the results, I was shocked, overjoyed, and in disbelief.

My results:

– 1st place, Acrylic Extensions
– 1st place, Gel Manicure
– 1st place, Gel extensions
– 1st place, Team Mixed Media Total Look
– Best Award, Cover Photo (only one award was given for each category for photo submission, and I did not win for the Stone Deco category)
– 2nd place, Stone Deco Tips
– 3rd place, Mixed Media Tips
– Overall Grand Champion

*I was competing in the Senior group.

GOSH! I feel incredibly blessed that my dreams have come true and were far exceeded! It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet…

In other news… here’s a photo taken with my Principal Rachel the day after! Some of us were asked to bring our trophies to school for photo-taking as we were attending the nail art workshop, so I got to take a proper picture with Rachel! I was too tired and in shock to take photos on the competition day, so no photos with any of the international judges 😦

ZOMG It took me 3 hours just to finish this blog entry, pictures and all. Now it’s off to bed and back to work tomorrow morning…

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90,000 Singapore. Raffles Place. The business and financial center of the country

Vladimir Dergachev

The three largest skyscrapers on Raffles Place (left to right): Republic Plaza, One Raffles Place Tower and United Overseas Bank Plaza One 280 meters high. In 2016, the Tanjong Pagar Center skyscraper (290 meters) was erected in the historical district of Tanjong Pagar, which became the tallest building of the island state. The restrictions on the height of skyscrapers were introduced by the Aviation Department due to the Paya Lebar air base located near the air force base, where the American air squadron is stationed.According to another version – due to the proximity to the glide path of the descent of aircraft landing at Changi International Airport.

Business and Financial Center with Raffles Place is located on the south bank of the Singapore River on Marina Bay. The largest constellation of Singapore skyscrapers is located here. The founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, set out to create a shopping center. Originally, on the site of the dug-out hill, the Commerce Square appeared in 1822, around which, as the city developed, commercial offices and banks arose along with shops.In 1858, the square was renamed Raffles Place. The boundaries of the region reached the coast of the Singapore Strait, port warehouses began to appear here, which made it possible to receive cargo from merchant ships.

During World War II, on December 8, 1941, Raffles Place was carpet bombed by Japanese aircraft. After the occupation, the development of Raffles Place continued, and from the 60s a financial center began to form here, and stores moved to other areas of the city. Singapore banks, offering reduced interest rates on loans, began to compete successfully in the global financial market.In the 50s and 60s, Bank of America and Bank of China opened their offices in Singapore, then the central office of Malaysia Airlines and United Overseas Bank settled, which built the tallest office skyscraper at that time.

Nearby are the Fullerton Hotel, housed in a renovated Central Post Office building, the Merlion Fountain, the Esplanade Theater and the Singapore Stock Exchange. On the opposite bank of the Singapore River, there are government buildings: parliament, the Supreme Court and the city administration, and right below Raffles Place is the metro station of the same name.

The symbol of Singapore is the mythical character Merlion (“half fish, half lion”). This dragon-related animal is found in the mythology of several countries. The image of a creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s tail supposedly guarded medieval Singapore, incinerating its enemies with a red fiery gaze. Found on the coats of arms of the English county of Norfolk, the city of Manila (Philippines) and the British East India Company. According to legend, a monster with a lion’s head and a fish’s tail stood up to protect the locals.At the sight of the enemy, his eyes lit up with a red light and incinerated the enemies, and during a strong storm he saved people from death. The height of the sculpture, erected in 1972, is 8.6 m, weight 70 tons.

Office skyscraper Republic Plaza after construction since 1965 for two decades was the tallest building in the city states along with OUB Center and UOB Plaza.A caisson was used during the construction; the skyscraper rests on 900 piles. In total, 8.6 thousand tons of structural steel and 31 thousand m³ of concrete were used. The building was previously named Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi after the main tenant. Despite the fact that Singapore is located in a relatively seismically safe area, the skyscraper is resistant to earthquakes. The sides of the building have triangular planes that reduce the impact of winds. Fire escapes and elevators are located along the central axis of the skyscraper. Among the tenants of the skyscraper are banks and diplomatic consulates.

Skyscraper One Raffles Place Tower (formerly Overseas Union Bank Center ) 280 meters high (67 floors, including 4 underground) was erected in 1986. The skyscraper consists of two triangular buildings with little space in between. The walls of the tower are covered with special aluminum that changes color depending on the incident sunlight.

Skyscraper United Overseas Bank Plaza (UOB Plaza) – a complex with two late Art Nouveau towers. The building was reopened after renovation by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 1995 on the 60th anniversary of the bank’s founding.There is a mosque in the basement of the building. Not all local Muslims are happy with the fact that the temple is underground.

Today, there are 111 commercial banks, 49 commercial banks, and 45 representative offices of foreign banks in Singapore. The 3 largest banks operate over S $ 400 billion in assets. The best banks in Singapore are:

  • HSBC Singapore is a subsidiary of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.The bank is one of the very first banks opened in Singapore in 1877.
  • Citibank Singapore – part of the American world financial organization Citigroup, is the first branch of the American bank in Singapore, began operations in 1902.
  • Maybank Singapore is a commercial bank, which is a representative office of the largest Malaysian bank Maybank. Started in Singapore in 1960.
  • Standard Chartered Singapore is a subsidiary of an international group headquartered in London.The bank has been operating in Singapore since 1859.
  • State Bank of India Singapore is a subsidiary of the largest Indian bank since 1977.

Among local banks, attention is condemned:

  • UOB (United Overseas Bank) is a Singapore-based international banking organization headquartered in Singapore and an extensive presence in Indochina. The bank, founded in 1935, offers its services through 68 branches within Singapore and more than 500 offices around the world, including Western Europe and North America.
  • OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited) . Founded in 1932, the bank manages assets of S $ 300 billion through 630 branches in Asia and around the world. It is the largest Singapore bank by its capitalization.
  • Bank of Singapore is a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of OCBC providing personal private banking services. The activity is aimed at serving individuals with a high level of capital.In 2016, the bank managed $ 75 billion in personal assets. Owned multiple awards as one of the best private banking banks. The only Asian Private Services Bank to receive an Aa1 rating from Moody’s.
  • DBS Bank – Singapore International Corporation for the provision of banking and financial services, founded in 1968, employs 21 thousand employees, manages assets of $ 332 billion. The bank has more than 250 branches around the world, of which more than a hundred are located in Singapore.It is the largest in the South Asian region in terms of assets. Thanks to its capitalization and excellent credit rating, for several years it has been ranked first in the ranking of the safest bank in Asia. Holds a leading position in the consumer banking sector, asset management, securities brokerage and debt sales.

Other Notable Overseas Singapore Banks: Bank of America (USA), Bank of China (China), JPMorgan Chase (USA), BNP Paribas (France), Barclays (UK), Credit Suisse (Switzerland) and Deutsche Bank (Germany).

A skyscraper with a red top CapitaGreen (formerly called Market Street Office Tower), 242 meters high (40 floors), was erected in 2015. Offices, retail space and a garden are located here. The building is designed to be “like a plant growing towards the sun” with a façade with live plants. The roof garden known as Sky Forest is home to several dozen different types of trees and shrubs. The garden has a windproof structure that, like flower petals, captures cool fresh air and directs it to offices.CapitaGreen has been awarded the 2015 International Building Award for the Best Building in the Asian and Australian Region.

Clifford Pier (pictured with a pink roof) was built in 1933 as a maritime passenger marina for immigrants, and then used as a terminal for tourists, including those heading to the South Islands. From here, a pilgrimage was made to the island of Kusu, where a Chinese temple, a turtle reserve and a well of wishes are located. Clifford Pier ceased operations in 2006 and was replaced by Marina South Pier located in Marina South.After a $ 6 million renovation, Pierce’s premises were leased to a renowned Hong Kong restaurateur who opened an expensive Chinese restaurant One On The Bund in 2008. When the lease ended, the new owner opened the eponymous restaurant The Clifford Pier on the former pier in 2014 as part of the dining concept of the nearby Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore *****, serving a wide variety of local, Asian and Western cuisines. The large round tower houses the OUE Tower shopping center.

The former Pier Clifford Marina is located next to Collier Quay. This is the historical part of the port of Singapore, built by Japanese prisoners after the war. The embankment was named after Captain George Colleyer, an army engineer at Madras Engineers. He was appointed chief engineer in 1858 to build the defensive fortifications of Singapore.

On the left of the pier is the Customs House, built in the late 1960s for the Department of Public Works, which housed the customs police that monitored boat owners at Clifford Pier and Singapore Harbor.The building with a slender observation tower was restored in 2010 and rented out for the Mexican restaurant Customs Super Loco, which is part of the F&B (food and beverage service) catering chain.

Further along the waterfront is the Promontory at Marina Bay area, used for various public events (exhibitions) in the open air.

Skyscraper tops at Raffles Place

Bank of Singapore

Bank of China

Raffles Place

Stylish Christmas tree-like shopping and office center in the city center -place.

The center is decorated with numerous sculptures, including “Newton” by Salvador Dali.

In the financial center of Singapore at Raffles Place, you can also see such small shapes with a sharpened pencil.

Skyscrapers hang over the embankment of the Singapore River

Another view of the business financial center

In total, over 50 skyscrapers with a height of 170 meters or more have been built in Singapore.The title of the tallest building is the 64-storey Tanjong Pagar Center tower with a height of 290 meters, built in 2016. In the ranking of cities in the world with high-rise buildings, Singapore ranks third, behind only Hong Kong and New York. Singapore skyscrapers rank 6th in the world in terms of the high cost of commercial real estate (on average, $ 22,000 per square meter of office space).

The DUO Tower in Bugis is home to National Heritage Sites and events such as the monthly Bugis Arts flea market and the annual Singapore Night Festival.

Near Bugis lies Kampong Glam, a historic Malay-Arabian reserve with a rich exposition.

Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is a subsidiary of UOL Group Limited. It has over 20 luxury hotels, resorts and serviced apartments throughout Asia, Greater China, North America, Oceania and more. The company’s headquarters are located in Singapore in a skyscraper with original tilted windows to protect from direct sunlight.

Just look at the interior of the mansion of John Galliano in the north of France, built in the 18th century.

Thus, ancient kilims were neatly reassembled into a patchwork path for stairs, on the walls along which there are bright drawings and photographs. Antique Moroccan wedding bedspreads, embroidered with lilac silk thread that has long faded to crimson pink, are hung in the pink upstairs living room, scattering daylight through them.And thanks to the amber glass panels in the doors between the kitchen and the dining room, participants in the evening tea are drowned in honey rays. “Galliano is very interested in the fall and reflection of light,” says Slovik, who chose the palette for the interiors, inspired by paintings and objects from the Galliano collection.

In the dining room, wide armchairs upholstered in Louis XV tapestry and a round table sit side by side with portraits of toucans and parrots, as well as serious children of the early 19th century on light blue walls.On the windows there are taffeta curtains with antique pale yellow and blue stripes, assembled with rosettes from the same fabric, taken as a basis from the manuals for upholsterers of the 18th century. And also curtains from the famous London apartment of Pauline de Rothschild, on which John Fowler himself worked. The windows of the yellow living room are covered with silver and light yellow satin in African style, which Galliano developed in cooperation with the Fortuny textile factory. The curtains and curtains in the master bedroom are made of chintz in the style of the Marquise de Pompadour, reminiscent of the blue and white azulejo tiles that so delighted Galliano in Portuguese gardens and homes.He was so obsessed with the tiles that he asked the optical illusion artist Eloise d’Arcan to create a Delft ceramic panel, which can be seen on the wall above the fireplace in the yellow living room. Thanks to the blue and white tiles, there is even more light in the room when a fire is burning in the fireplace.

The living room on the top floor is filled with travel memories.

Photo: François Halard, Vogue, December 2021

The estate is guarded by a gatehouse from 1779, once inhabited by monks, and now it is crowned with the banner of the Margiela studio with two roosters (galli is a cock in Spanish, consonant with the name of Galliano).Galliano created here a guest space, a workshop and a library where his favorite books can be found. However, the designer keeps the first edition of Dickens’s novels with pictures that inspired him so much in childhood and during his studies at St. Martins, where, as we remember, he was preparing to become an illustrator, the designer keeps on the table by his bed.

After the tomette terracotta floor was carefully restored and covered with antique Turkish rugs, Galliano painted small spots of color on the walls of the room to determine how they would look in the light.“I always use candles for testing,” says the designer. – With them, the color is revealed in its entirety. I spend a lot of time by candlelight. ” He ended up choosing a rich terracotta shade, which he describes as “deep breath in the evening.” Eight coats of paint were applied to the ceiling and walls. “I wanted to achieve a cocoon effect – so that light vibrates and bounces off all surfaces. It worked out: it’s a super relaxing space.I come here to dream about Madeleine Vionne’s favorite album. ”

The imposing Galliano library and flower arrangements are the bright accents of the terracotta workshop.

Photo: François Halard, Vogue, Dec 2021 90,000 Things to Do on Singapore Fun Island

At Sentosa Island is home to Singapore’s most popular attractions: Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium .Adults will have a great time at Resorts World Sentosa and the luxurious Crockfords Tower , while kids will have a lot of fun at Skyline Luge and at Tanjong Beach .

Sentosa main attractions

Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa is known to many. It is home to several tourist attractions and great hotels, including the famous Hard Rock Hotel Singapore .

1. Universal Studios Singapore

Amusement Park Universal Studios Singapore is a great place to tickle your nerves on the rides and watch colorful shows. It is located in the resort Resorts World Sentosa and is divided into seven thematic zones: Hollywood, New York, City of the Future, Ancient Egypt and others. There are 24 attractions in the park.

Universal Studios Singapore entrance ticket costs 79 SGD for adults, 59 SGD for children and 41 SGD for seniors.The ticket price for Singapore residents is lower at SGD 75 for adults and SGD 56 for children.

Also in the park you can buy tickets for six months and a year with an unlimited number of visits. Valid ID is required to take advantage of local discounts.

2. S.E.A. Aquarium

The huge oceanarium at Sentosa Island is home to more than 100 thousand marine animals and over a thousand biological species! Visitors can explore the aquarium on their own or take a VIP tour.Here you can even go on an underwater excursion PADI Open Water – this is a great opportunity not only to get acquainted with the underwater world, but also to obtain an official scuba diving certificate!

Tickets to the Aquarium S.E.A. Aquarium for children and seniors costs 29 SGD, for adults – 40 SGD.

3. Skyline Luge

The attraction Skyline Luge appeared on Sentosa Island in 2005 and quickly gained popularity among guests.Get behind the wheel of a toboggan and ride the park’s steepest trails: The Jungle Trail, The Dragon’s Way, Kupu Kupu, and Expedition. You choose the speed of descent yourself – the dose of adrenaline is guaranteed!

If you like less extreme entertainment, we recommend taking a ride on the chair lift Skyride attraction Skyline Luge . Along the way, you will see Sentosa Island from a bird’s eye view and a breathtaking panorama of Singapore’s skyscrapers.Looking for an idea for a romantic evening with your loved one? The ride on the Skyride under the starry sky will be remembered for a lifetime!

Ticket price for the attraction Skyline Luge with access to the Skyride – from 24 to 29 SGD (depending on the number of toboggan runs).

How to get there: attraction Skyline Luge is located near the Imbiach Observation Deck and Siloso Beach .You can get to it by metro or Sentosa Express monorail.

Sentosa Beaches

On the island Sentosa there are three wonderful beaches: Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong . You can get to each of them on the Sentosa Express monorail.

Siloso Beach is located next to Beach Station . There are excellent conditions for rollerblading, kayaking and skimboarding.

Palawan is considered a family beach and can be crowded on weekends and holidays.Kids of all ages will love the Palawan Pirate Ship Waterpark at Palawan Beach .

Tanjong Beach is ideal for a relaxing and relaxing holiday. It is farther away from Beach Station . Tanjong Beach offers an amazing, peaceful view.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Tired of the heat and want to have fun with your kids? Visit the Illusion Museum Trick Eye Museum Singapore .Surrounded by three-dimensional images, it will seem to you that you have become a character in the picture. The museum is located in the resort Resorts World Sentosa .

Trick Eye Museum Singapore ticket costs 20 SGD for children / seniors and 25 SGD for adults. When buying on the museum website, you can save up to 20% of the ticket price.

Reserve Resorts World Sentosa to Visit S.E.A. Aquarium

Discover more hotels and apartments on Sentosa

Where to stay on Sentosa: other hotels and resorts on the island

In addition to the excellent Resorts World Sentosa and Hard Rock Hotel Singapore at Sentosa Island , there are other accommodation options with a comfortable stay.

Resorts World Sentosa – Festive Hotel

Resorts World Sentosa – Festive Hotel , located in Resorts World Sentosa near Festive Walk , is a true paradise for the shopping lover. It is within easy reach of Universal Studios Singapore , S.E.A. Aquarium and other attractions of the island.The Resorts World Sentosa – Festive Hotel offers an outdoor and children’s pool, and family rooms with loft beds.

ONE ° 15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore

Hotel ONE ° 15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore caters to travelers with a refined taste. There are several fine restaurants and bars on the territory, and a wonderful view opens from the windows. Sentosa Cove Village and Quayside Isle are just five minutes’ walk away.Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and public areas at ONE ° 15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore . Guests can also enjoy the outdoor pool, spa facilities and tennis court.

How to get to Sentosa Island

Sentosa can be reached in several ways. Singapore has convenient public transport, so planning your route is easy.

The most convenient and fastest way is to take a taxi at Changi Airport .Driving to Sentosa will cost approximately SGD 25 and take 20 minutes if there is no traffic congestion.

There is also a metro service from the airport to Sentosa Island . Trains depart from Changi Airport Station and continue to Tanah Merah where you need to change to Green Line (East West MRT Line) . It will take you to Outram Park , where you will change to purple line (North East MRT Line) , get back on the train and get off at HarbourFront .From HarbourFront Metro Station to Sentosa Island can be reached via the Sentosa Gateway Bridge or the Sentosa Express Monorail. Travel on the monorail on Sentosa Island is free.

Would you like to admire the Sentosa Island from above? Then take the Singapore Aerial Tramway . The cabins offer a panoramic view of Keppel harbor . Singapore Cable Car stretches from Mount Faber to Singapore to Sentosa Island .

A round-trip cable car ticket costs SGD 21 for children and SGD 29.50 for adults.

Travel Tips

  • Singapore is the unmistakable choice for a great vacation. It has one of the highest levels of security in the world and many attractions for all tastes. Take advantage of these tips and your trip to Sentosa and Singapore will be easy and hassle-free.
  • If you plan to arrive at Sentosa Island by taxi or rental car, please note that there is an additional entry fee of SGD 2 to 6 per vehicle (depending on the time of day).
  • Visit Sentosa on foot or by bike – free of charge.
  • The fee is also not charged if you come by bus, but the fare itself is paid.
  • If you want to see multiple attractions Sentosa , buy the Sentosa FUN bundle ticket online or at the island’s ticket offices.
  • Download the map Sentosa to your phone before your trip or ask the staff at your hotel and visiting on island will become much more convenient.
  • Dress for the season. In summer, the weather is hot and the humidity is high. It is better to plan a visit to Sentosa in the morning or evening when the sun is not baking so much.
  • The weather in Singapore is changing with lightning speed: the sun has just shone, and suddenly it is raining. Don’t forget to take your umbrella with you!

Book Capella The Club Residences Singapore, Step Out to Universal Studios Singapore

Discover more hotels and apartments on Sentosa

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