The little mermaid themed wedding: 44 Little mermaid wedding theme ideas


a Little Mermaid bridal shower!

Do ya’ll remember Rachel’s Little Mermaid cosplay proposal? We’ve got Rachel’s Little Mermaid bridal shower to share this time around. Unda da sea we go!

Photos by Coley Coffman

As you know, I’m obsessed with The Little Mermaid. After my Little Mermaid-inspired proposal, it seemed only right to have an “Under the sea” Little Mermaid bridal shower.

My mother and I put a ton of work into every little detail. From the chocolate-covered pretzels to the hanging jellyfish, everything was made by either myself, my bridesmaids, and/or my mom. I displayed the tail that started it all as well as wedding pictures for my parents and their parents, wanting to reflect on what was to come and the past. All the decor linens were donated by a family friend to me a bit back before she passed, and that lovely gift has kept on giving.

With family and friends by my side, we had lots of great themed food. “Crabwiches” (egg salad), fish and chips, “seaweed dip” (spinach dip), and the lovely cupcakes were done by our friend, Tina Goetz. We played a few games including Disney love songs, guess the bride’s age, and crafting a beautiful bouquet as a group.

I also had a Dutch tradition called “the wishing tree.” Usually done at weddings, sort of like a guest book,
guests write wishes or advice for the couple. I got so much great advice. I was happy to also get a picture of every guest at my little photo booth we set up.

I really felt the magic in the air with this Disney-themed shower. The countless weeks we had prepping were totally worth all the madness we had trying to get it all together.

All the Little Mermaid bridal shower details…


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Guest Post By: Rachel Petersen

Mermaid and lover of all things sparkley.

21 Mermaid Wedding Ideas for Major Under the Sea Vibes

Wedding Decor

Saying “I do” by the sea? These enchanting and elegant mermaid wedding ideas are straight out of a fairytale.

If you’re getting married by the sea (or have simply dreamed of being where the *mermaids* are ever since you first heard Ariel sing), we’re hoping these mermaid wedding ideas will sweep you off your feet. Mermaid-inspired weddings focus on the use of ethereal details, soft colors, a hint of shimmer, and lots of natural elements to create an airy, fluid aesthetic — not unlike water itself. Our favorite mermaid wedding ideas are whimsical yet elegant, and we think the modern-day Ariel would definitely approve of this trending style. 

See why we’re mesmerized by these gorgeous mermaid wedding ideas.


I Love You More Events

Blue Watercolors

Embrace the abstract look of uneven watercolor washes to create a “painted by the waves” effect. Gold foil accents and wax seals make the invitation suite look intentional rather than unfinished. 

Louelle Design Studio

Muted Pastels

Use objects from nature, such as rocks or crystals, to inspire your wedding color palette. The muted pastels on this invitation pick up all the subtle hues of these cool geode stones. 

Cambria Grace Photography

Marbled Stationery

First came marbled wedding cakes, then came marbled paper. You can create this stunning swirled effect by dipping escort cards into paint and water. Each one is unique! 

Erica J Photography

Blue Wedding Dress

Shake tradition by wearing a pale blue wedding dress instead of classic white. A flowy, intricately embellished style is one of our favorite mermaid wedding ideas (the skirt on this Leanne Marshall dress reminds us of rolling waves and sea foam).  

Think Happy Events

Crop Top 

Two-piece outfits are a staple in any mermaid’s closet. A crop top and skirt is a perfect option if you’re searching for a whimsical wedding dress. Just be sure not to show too much skin — you still want to look like a bride! 

Stephanie Scholl Events

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Diamonds are pretty, but colored engagement rings can really make a statement. Blue gems, like aquamarines, sapphires and moonstones, give off ocean-inspired vibes. 

Jules & Pearl Events

Surf’s Up

Sure, actual mermaids don’t need a surfboard to get around, but if you’re a surfer girl, your board makes a fun wedding photo prop on the big day (although we don’t recommend catching any waves until after you’ve changed out of your wedding dress of course). 

Status Salon

Long & Loose Hair

A slightly undone bridal hairstyle is essential to our list of mermaid wedding ideas. If you’re putting your hair back, leave the ends of your tresses long and loose to create a romantic, lived-in look.  

East Made Event Company

Foraged Headpiece

Head to the beach and collect items to create a custom wedding headpiece. Seashells and coral pieces are just a few ideas. Add fresh flowers on the wedding day as the finishing touch.  


Crystal Tiara

For even more magical and majestic vibes, wear a tiara made of tiny shells and opalescent crystals. It’s a total mermaid-meets-princess accessory.

Think Happy Events

Iridescent Shoes

While it’s easy enough to simply go barefoot on the big day (especially if you’re having a beach wedding ceremony), it’s more fun to complete your bridal look with the perfect wedding shoes. An iridescent pair like this go hand-in-hand with a mermaid wedding. 

LVL Weddings & Events

Driftwood Signage

Instead of writing on chalkboards or framed mirrors, use pieces of driftwood for your wedding signage. Half the fun is going to the beach to find all of the wood! 

John Schnack Photography

Seashell Strands

Getting married outdoors or on the beach doesn’t mean that you have to skip the decor — the key is choosing pieces that complement your surroundings. Seashells, fishing nets, air plants, and distressed wood details are all sensible choices for a mermaid wedding.  



Cali Bouquet

Waterfront Ceremony

If we had to choose our favorite mermaid wedding idea, it would be this waterfront ceremony setup. From the mauve linens to the assorted candles and rugged backdrop, it’s intimate, scenic and a bit mysterious. 

Mollie Crutcher Photography

Sparkling Linens

Every mermaid needs a bit of sparkle! Dress up your sweetheart table with a sequined tablecloth that cascades onto the floor like a waterfall. 

Newport Beach House

Breezy Lounge Area

Wedding lounges are a great way to entice your guests to walk around the venue instead of sitting at their tables all night long. An airy fabric canopy with lanterns and throw pillows is perfect for relaxing, mingling and taking in the view. 

Think Happy Events

Sea-Inspired Quotes

If you have an open space at your venue (like near an entryway or behind your dessert table), a laser-cut quote is an easy way to fill the area. Choose a quote about water, the ocean or sailing to complement the rest of your mermaid wedding ideas. 

Juicebeats Photography

Ombré Accents

Sometimes, all you need is a bold ombré napkin to take your place settings to the next level…

East Made Event Company

Simple Place Settings

…Or you can opt for neutral hues accented with soft gauze and seashells for an earthy vibe. 

Think Happy Events

Nautical Map Favors

Boring wedding favors, be gone. Package your favors in individual boxes wrapped with vintage nautical charts or maps.  

Ashley dePencier Photography

Hand-Painted Wedding Cake

Dark blue brush strokes and a grouping of mussels transform an ordinary fondant cake into a mermaid-worthy dessert.  

Little Mermaid Themed Wedding- Taking Your Themed Wedding To The Next Level –

By Michelle | Updated on

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I am all about a good theme party (people fly in from around the continent for my Oscar party) and even I am super impressed by this mock-wedding. Traci Hines and Your Cloud Parade designed this Little Mermaid themed wedding to help give people the inspiration they may need for their own themed wedding.  Disney Style Blog even gave them props on their “perfect mix of whimsy, color and a nod to our favorite mermaid.’  Many people are wanting to think outside the box for their weddings in today’s society and adding a theme is one way to go this route. Some people aren’t quite creative enough to come up with these ideas on their own and there is only so much Pinterest searching one can do. So, with that in mind,  let’s take a look at how these talented artists created their Little Mermaid themed mock-wedding.

We’ll start with the decor. Everything was in seashell motif from the dishes to the macaroons! The color scheme was coral, sea foam green and white for the table setting and it really looked like something straight out of a Florida condo, The cake even had a mermaid tail and scales! Jellyfish were hung from the ceiling above the table to give it that real ocean feel ( and also a little reminiscent of Finding Nemo).

The invitations and stationary were done in water color which is quite fitting and appropriate. From the invitations to the menus, the theming stayed on point.

It’s time to talk fashion. The groom (or in this case model) wore blue pants and a white shirt… very Prince Eric. His bow tie, however, was a green and blue swirly pattern which was a throwback to the ocean from which his new bride came. He was casual and easy going. Refreshing.

The bride  wore a fabulous, sheer, layered dress that was dip dyed with a sea foam color… almost as if she had been walking through the water. It was stunning and not an obvious choice for a wedding gown. Her bridesmaids wore even less obvious choices with circle skirts resembling seaweed and tee shirts with seashells on them Shell accessories finished off the look. Very beachy and casual yet a complete throwback to the Little Mermaid.

There are many more pictures on Disney Style Blog as well as on abc7’s news story. Check it out for more great pics of this Little Mermaid themed mock-wedding. Would you have a themed wedding? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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The Little Mermaid wedding of dreams

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Disney will never get old. Not in general life and, it seems, not where weddings are concerned, either. After Alfred Angelo announced he was adding a Frozen dress to his already-popular Disney-themed wedding dress collection, it became clear just how popular a theme Disney is for modern-day nuptials. So when we came across this insanely cool looking Little Mermaid themed wedding shoot, we HAD to share the pictures.

So it might not be a real wedding, but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t dream up your own magical version of the underwater Disney tale for your big day. Peruse these awesome pics, and feel the inspiration flow.

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Nautical themed menus, placecards and table decorations:

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Under-the-sea table settings:

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Bridesmaids outfits that look a little like mermaid tails (if you REALLY imagine it. ..):

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Crustacean canapes:

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Sea-shell jewellery:

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Having a nice sit-down in the sea for the photos (loving the green fade on the dress, though):

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

Mark Brooke Photography/Mathieu Photo

This gorgeous shoot was set up by Your Cloud Parade, featuring Traci Hines as Ariel and Leo Camacho as Prince Eric. The mesmerising photos were taken by Mark Brooke Photography and Mathieu Photo, and complete can be found details here.

Catriona Harvey-Jenner
Features Editor
Cat is Cosmopolitan UK’s features editor covering women’s issues, health and current affairs.

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Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas | Bridal Shower 101

> Mermaid Bridal Shower Decorations

> Mermaid Bridal Shower Favors

So she’s trading the tail for the veil! A bridal shower is an exclusive chance for an upcoming bride to be to enjoy friends, food and gifts. A mermaid-themed bridal shower is a wonderful theme for a bride that loves life under the scene. There are so many things you could do for a mermaid bridal shower.

Mermaids are a sentiment for some favorite childhood characters or a love of the water. A mermaid bridal shower could represent the bride becoming a wife and leaving behind the mermaid life.

Why should you host a mermaid-themed bridal shower?

Mermaids bring nostalgia to any bride with the love of Ariel from The Little Mermaid or women with a great love of the sea. A Mermaid Bridal shower will include some seashells fishtails and scales. A mermaid bridal shower will also include aquatic colors and some shimmer to represent the ocean.

About Mermaids

Mermaids are mythical creatures presented in almost every culture across the world as beautiful women who have fishtails as the lower half of their bodies (sometimes snake tails), long hair and beautiful voice that can mesmerize or hypnotize men who hear it (Real Mermaids).

Mermaid Bridal Shower Invitations

Mermaid bridal shower invitations are cute send out to the guests. This shimmery one above is from Zazzle. They have the best variety of mermaid party invitations. I like that the invitations show a tail. This sets the mood for the shower and guests may even dress accordingly.

Mermaid Bridal Shower Decorations

Ocean colors like blue, teals and purples look good for a mermaid bridal shower. In this example, there is a beautiful balloon garland draped along the side of a backdrop with the bride to be’s name. Her name sign is finished off with a fin.

A mermaid bridal shower take place indoors or outside. This is an in-home bridal shower example. With the ocean like colors and the bubble-like balloons, it seems like it is taking place under the sea.

Take a look at the dessert table. It shows a shimmery table cloth that looks like glitter. It glistens like something magical. It goes perfectly with the mermaid bridal shower theme.

There are seashells spread out on the table. I like this because it adds a realistic ocean vibe to this fantasy theme.


Credit: Etsy

The attire for a mermaid bridal shower should be full of pastels, glitter, and shells. I love this example on Etsy. If you don’t want to go all out with the fishtail, these sequin stocking will do the trick! Check out this style HERE.


Here is your free mermaid-themed bridal shower game. Bridal bingo is a fun game to play while the bride is opening her gifts. To learn more about how to play Bridal Bingo, see this blog post HERE.

I like how there is more sea like decor on the game table. There are some decorative shells and stars on the table that makes the theme stand out. Simple use a plate or glass to display a beautiful assortment of shells. Here is an assortment example I found on Amazon.


There’s not much to say except that there has to be something sweet. Here are a few ideas for Mermaid bridal shower desserts.

Credit: Etsy

Beautiful Mermaid Cake Pops! Perfect for this aquatic bridal shower theme.

< Mermaid Bridal Shower Desserts


There is a beautiful backdrop for this theme. It is colorful scales with a Shimmer. It resembles a mermaids tail. See more backdrop ideas for a mermaid bridal shower.


I hope you fell in love with this theme! This is the perfect theme for any mermaid bride! Remember to tag me on Instagram @bridalshower101. I would love to see your pictures! Happy planning!



Disney Little Mermaid Wedding | Burnett’s Boards

Showcased through these gorgeous images by John Bello, Theresa of Diamonds x Dreams created a superbly unique and utterly romantic Disney’s The Little Mermaid wedding editorial. Complete with a fork for a comb, this darling inspiration shoot will take you right back to being a little girl and dreaming of your prince charming.

From Theresa of Diamonds x Dreams – “With the wedding dress we wanted to achieve a romantic but unconventional look. Our model wore a simple white halter-top paired with a handmade seafoam green tulle skirt. We accented her hair with an adorable air plant hair clip. We also styled our bride with a fishtail braid to compliment The Little Mermaid wedding theme.

For flowers, Our Little Flower Company brought my vision to life when I asked for the bridal bouquet to be romantic and organic with coral-like elements. The bridal bouquet is made up beautifully with an array of Japanese ranunculus, garden roses, stock, and podocarpus. A piece of white coral was added to compliment the bouquet.”

From Theresa of Diamonds x Dreams – “Vintage Meant For Rent recreated Ariel’s treasure collection with her very own collection of treasures! For the sweetheart table we used a French styled white table as the base and a seafoam table runner to compliment the colors our models wore. Gold reef charger plates were a must for this shoot and they gave off a definite mermaid vibe with their jagged edges.

Gold cutlery and conch shells were also placed on the table to tie the whole place setting together. We added taper candles in vintage brass candleholders to add height as well as geodes paired with air plants. The entire look was unique and fun!”

Catch more Disney-inspired weddings here.


Photography: John Bello // Coordination, Décor & Styling: Diamonds x Dreams // Flowers: Our Little Flower Company // Charger Plates & Candle Holders: Chandelier Wedding // Hair: Freddy Sim // MUA: Tianna Tran // Tulle Skirt & Bow Ties: Beaux Ties // Grotto Décor: Vintage Meant For Rent // Location: Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, BC.

midwestern rustic meets romance

a mother/daughter inspiration shoot

warm toned wedding in sevilla

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Disney Themed Wedding #3 :: The Little Mermaid (Beach Wedding) – Kasper Creations

I love Disney movies and have created several boards that are based on Disney stories (mostly about the princesses). I’m sharing these themed wedding boards with you in a series. Check back each week for another themed board.

Please note that these “Themed Weddings” are not intended to be a Disney princess wedding. If we go too literal this will look like a little girl’s birthday party. The intent is to give you ideas based on the setting, feel, season and/or colors of certain movies. The photos are from Pinterest and lead directly to their pin.

This week I’m focusing on The Little Mermaid, Ariel (as requested by a Facebook fan). This theme is for a beach wedding. It’s easy to make things too nautical or feel like a little girl’s birthday party. I’ve incorporated some mermaid ideas, but the blues and neutral color palette with a few under-water ideas add a subtle tone for a great Little Mermaid wedding.

Theme Setting: The beach or an aquarium.
Color Scheme: Blue tones and neutral colors.

We’ll start with a unique message in a bottle for an invitation.

Invitation in a bottle, found on Pinterest

The most obvious and appropriate dress for this wedding is a strapless, sweetheart mermaid style. There are a lot of dresses to choose from. This one is fairly simple, but the draping is incredibly flattering and there is a sparkle all over it.

Strapless, sweetheart mermaid style wedding dress

Shoes are important factors. While you don’t see them much, they’re definitely something fun to complete your wedding look. Check out these awesome heels with the cutouts that look like scales. Now you really can be a mermaid.

Wedding shoes with scale-like cutouts, Photography by Ned Jackson Photography, Shoes by Sergio Rossi

From the soles of your feet to the top of your hear, you want a complete look. Try adding pearls or some fun pins like the sparkly starfish below.

Starfish hair pins for a beach wedding, Found on Pinterest

Of course we can’t forget about your bridesmaids’ fashion. You can go with all sorts of blue tones, or even a combination. We love this strapless sweetheart dress that flows with the breeze.

Multi-toned, strapless sweetheart dress that flows like the ocean tide, found on

Escort cards or place cards can easily be replaced with something unique to our under the sea theme. Check out these sand-dollars!

Sand-dollars in lieu of place cards, found on

You can go all out with an indoor reception venue and teal up-lighting, or you can go more natural with the deep and subtle tones of the ocean like in the photos below.

Seashell centerpiece with candles, found on

Sparkly blues with neutral seashells, found on

Don’t forget about the cake! You can use seashells and coral tones, but you have to be careful it doesn’t look like a birthday cake. We’ve chosen to go with a simplistic and stylish white cake with clams and beautiful, eatable blue pearls.

Simple, stunning and classy white wedding cake with blue pearls, found on

We hope you enjoyed this Little Mermaid themed wedding post! Click here to see more on our Pinterest board.

Do you like the subtleties and soft tones we included, or would you go all out with bright colors and the teal up-lighting?

Katelyn is a certified wedding planner. She is available for consultations.
She will even meet with you on Skype to help you work through part of your wedding planning.
Click here for more information.


90,000 A wedding in the style of “The Little Mermaid” will be remembered for a lifetime: painting by the sea, long loose hair of the bride, shells everywhere. Unusual Wedding Ideas | Lifestyle

A traditional wedding with a white bride dress and a formal groom’s attire is gradually becoming a relic of the past. Modern brides and grooms strive to make a costume ball out of a wedding, dedicated to their favorite fairy tale or movie. Here are some similar weddings.

“The Little Mermaid” (on the main photo)

This romantic wedding will be remembered for a long time by the heroes of the occasion and their guests.The bride in the role of Ariel with red curls fluttering in the wind was incomparable. The seashore, white flying dress, shells and the sound of rolling oxen. What little girl doesn’t dream of such a fairy tale?


We know that Maleficent was not the most pleasant character. Still, she bewitched the poor princess, condemning her to eternal sleep, as soon as she pricks her finger with a spindle needle. But according to these newlyweds, Maleficent is the most romantic image. How else to explain their choice for a themed wedding?

The bride at the wedding appeared in a black dress with wings on her back and ornate horns on her head.All the guests were delighted. Even the smallest guests of the celebration were dressed in accordance with the script of the holiday.

The Wedding of Harry Potter

Perhaps there is no person in the world who does not know who Harry Potter is. Millions of people are fans of the story invented by J.K. Rowling, and even as adults, they cannot part with it. This couple decided to play an unusual wedding in the style of their favorite piece. Jars of potions were everywhere in the celebration hall, and magic wands were distributed to all guests.One of the bride’s shoes was written “Gryffindor” and the other said “Slytherin.” The bride’s bouquet was made from the pages of her favorite book. It was a magical evening!

The Great Gatsby

The couple, also inspired by the book story, chose The Great Gatsby for their wedding. It turned out to be a very stylish celebration in the style of the 20s. The bridesmaids were in pink beaded dresses, warm light was pouring from everywhere, reflected in glasses of champagne, the bride’s dress was also decorated with beads.

“Alice in Wonderland”

It was a little crazy wedding, however, like its heroes. The tattooed bride in Alice’s costume and her bearded groom in the Mad Hatter costume. The couple happily posed for the photographer with cricket clubs in their hands. At one point, the man jumped on the table with his feet and began to pour drinks for the guests. They are unlikely to quickly forget this celebration!

Game of Thrones

It would be weird if someone hadn’t decided to have a Game of Thrones themed wedding.The wedding photos look a little gloomy, but you can see that the bride and groom are happy.

Fairytale wedding in the style of the Little Mermaid

Despite the fact that we are already adults, many of us still want to believe in fairy tales like children!

If you are still young and love fairy tales and the sea, we suggest that you make Disney’s The Little Mermaid the main theme for your wedding. This is a brilliant bright idea, and your girlfriends will love this idea! All you need is to think carefully about all the details of your celebration.

So, what you need to consider if you are planning a thematic wedding in the fairytale style “The Little Mermaid” … First of all, you need to prepare invitations for the wedding. You can choose blue or green shades for them and add a mermaid look. It will be very beautiful!

Then you need to choose various decor elements for the place where your fabulous wedding will take place, such as seating tables, center and wall signs …

For the table of the bride and groom and for the guests’ table, you can make compositions with flowers and shells , starfish, sea pebbles and small figures of mermaids.

You can also make a bottle for congratulations and wishes from your guests. It will be so touching!

Pay special attention to treats and especially desserts. Try to create a colored navy wedding cake, starfish or shell-shaped cookies, funny mermaid-tailed cupcakes, arrange pearl-shaped round white or pink candies in sachets … you can use it all as cute sweet compliments too for your guests.

What about the wedding dress and dress code? Choose a light blue, green or turquoise color for your bridesmaid dresses, think of various nautical-themed accessories, and of course, ask your friends to have at least one accessory to match your wedding theme.

Well, now you can click on the first image of the following photo selection to go to the convenient gallery mode, and look at the pictures carefully selected by us to see and pick up some cool and funny ideas that you can implement! Be creative!

download dle 10.3 movies for free

Tags: wedding decoration, original ideas, themed wedding, The Little Mermaid, fairytale style wedding, decor ideas


Anita Tsoi celebrated a pearl wedding with her husband

The singer threw a noisy party in honor of the 30th anniversary of marriage

49-year-old Anita Tsoi married her current husband Sergei Tsoi when she was barely 19 years old.The artist and businessman have a 27-year-old son, Sergei. Anita does not often speak in the press about her family and also rarely publishes joint photos with her husband on Instagram. In honor of an important holiday, she made an exception and posted a series of vivid shots.

Last weekend, Anita and Sergey celebrated their 30th marriage anniversary with a noisy party in the courtyard of their country house. The spouses held their pearl wedding in the company of their closest friends and relatives. During the pandemic, the singer decided to ensure the safety of the guests, so she asked everyone to take a coronavirus test in advance.So, 10 people found out that they were infected, so they missed the celebration. Unfortunately, the stellar couple were left without leaders, as they also had a virus.

“For the sake of the health of our mothers, we had to refuse inviting friends and colleagues, and only relatives were invited to the holiday, whom we asked to take COVID tests in advance. Also, all the services that took part in the preparation of the event were puzzled by the tests. The hassle with these tests was immeasurable.But, in the end, we did not regret a bit! ”

Also interesting:

And yet, an important event for the Tsoi family took place. The singer decorated the courtyard of the house with decorations in a nautical style, and she herself appeared in the form of a fairy-tale heroine thanks to stylized photo zones. Anita showed subscribers how the party went. She posed with Sergei near a huge shell, inside which lay a pearl – a symbol of the anniversary.

“For one day, everything transformed into an underwater fairy world with fields of algae and coral, with seahorses, octopuses and stars, and of course, with seashells filled with precious pearls.I took on the role of the Little Mermaid, and my husband, although he did not have a suit, turned for several hours into the master of the seas and oceans. ”

“The holiday mood was amazing! Children and adults were actively solving charades, getting magic pearls, singing, dancing and actively participating in home skits … In short, they walked off so well that you can’t convey it in words or in a photo! ”

Photo: @anitatsoy

Game Glam Mermaid Wedding Online

You are once again invited by Disney princesses to play Glamorous mermaid wedding.Ariel and Rapunzel are best friends, they periodically visit each other. When the little mermaid arrives with her friend, she drinks a potion and changes her tail for her legs, if on the contrary, Rapunzel sinks to the seabed, instead of legs she grows a mermaid tail. The long-haired beauty really likes to visit the sea king Triton, and once she met a nice guy there and fell in love with him in the form of a mermaid. At first they met, but soon decided to get married and have a wedding right in the ocean.All sea inhabitants are invited to visit and among them you will meet many old acquaintances: the blue fish Dory, Nemo and other funny characters. But let’s go back to the bride she is waiting for in the game Glamorous mermaid wedding, while you pay attention to her and pick up a wedding set: a dress, a veil, jewelry to make the mermaid girl irresistible. Take your time with the choice, enjoy the process, girlfriend Ariel has prepared a gift for Rapunzel – several models of wedding dresses, consisting of a chic top and a luxurious tail with silver scales.Try on each model, match it with a spiderweb-light veil with embroidery and numerous flying folds. In the game Glamorous mermaid wedding you will be pleased to dress the princess bride, preparing her for the most important event in her life – a wedding. Beautiful sparkling outfits, jewelry made of precious stones – a royal gift from a friend and her crowned father Triton. After the image of the bride is completed, proceed to decorate the place where the wedding ceremony will take place, select guests who will be in the immediate vicinity of the couple during the pronunciation of the solemn vows.Play and enjoy a high-quality game that is perfectly reproduced on almost any device, you do not need to worry about installing additional programs, you just need to open the game in any browser by opening our website.

90,000 Rustic wedding: how to arrange, photos, description

Rustic wedding style does not lose its popularity year after year and always finds its admirers among newlyweds. If you are not an adherent of classic luxury, but rather simple style, then a rustic wedding decoration is just what you need.

A little about this style

“Rustique” is translated from French as simple, rude, rustic. So if you have already decided to organize a rustic wedding, then you need to do it in a rural way, thinking through all the small details.

When creating a rustic wedding with your own hands, your advantage is that you can use natural ecological materials exactly as they are in nature: tree cuts, bark, moss, hay, ears of corn, linen fabrics, burlap, twine.

Time and place for a rustic wedding

Any place in nature will perfectly serve as a venue for a rustic wedding:

During the warm season, in spring and summer, off-site registration can be held in the forest by the river or in a picturesque park with a lake. Or you can choose a cozy strawberry meadow, wheat or chamomile field, apple or cherry orchard. Take care of the sheds or tents in case of rain or wind, and nothing to overshadow your ceremony.

If you want a rustic autumn wedding.The best place for the ceremony would be a forest or a park. The trees are painted with bright autumn colors, the crops are ripe in the gardens and fields, which will serve as a free additional decoration for the celebration. A festive banquet can be held in a country estate with a log cottage or in a country house.

Winter wedding in a rustic style is not inferior to the autumn one! The main thing is to be lucky with white fluffy snow! Photo session at the forest edge: pines, spruces, cones, branches of red viburnum. For a wedding, a country hotel is most suitable in the interior of which there will be wooden beams, stone or brickwork of walls and, of course, a fireplace to create comfort and warmth.

Furniture and textiles in a rustic decor

Furniture for a rustic wedding is made from natural materials. Tables and chairs must be wooden. The decoration of the wedding hall in the rustic style: barrels, wheels, boxes made of unplaned boards, old frayed frames will serve as stands for a variety of decor.

The tree cuts will be used for candles, table numbering and guest cards. Tablecloths for tables and chairs are sewn from linen, canvas or burlap, contrasting with which a white lace fabric looks.

Twine is one of the most important attributes of the rustic style. She is decorated with candles, glasses, champagne bottles, glass containers for flowers. With the help of twine or twine, you can make any hanging decor, garlands, lanterns, seating plans, signs.

Invitations for guests

Wedding invitations in rustic style. An important detail that must not be forgotten. The main materials are craft paper, jute, hemp, all kinds of natural materials, and of course prints and high-quality printing with a well-thought-out thematic layout of the invitation.

You can experiment and make your own invitations. But if you decide to trust the professionals, we will be happy to create rustic invitations for your wedding.

Seating guests in a rustic style: cards, plans and diagrams, table numbers

In the same style as wedding invitations, you can make all the necessary paraphernalia related to the seating of guests. Or you can get even more creative and move away from standard solutions. Rustic style, like no other, allows you to roam your imagination to its fullest.In our photo selection, we have collected a wide variety of rustic seating options using natural materials: tree cuts, boxes, boards, frames, burlap. Twine, clothespins, horseshoes, pine cones, kraft paper.

Rustic Bride Look

The Bride Look must match the selected rustic wedding style.

The dress should be of a simple cut. Suitable Light fabrics of light, pastel, beige tones. It is advisable to think over all the little things that correspond to the rustic style: linen shoes, a belt, a garter.

The bride’s hairstyle is uncomplicated, simple, loose curls or carelessly gathered hair, braided braids. As an accessory, a wreath or hair ornament made of wild ornamental or natural flowers. It is desirable to make make-up discreet, natural, almost invisible.

Bridal bouquet

If you have a winter wedding in rustic style, as an alternative to a bouquet of fresh flowers, a handmade bouquet will be very timely for the season. Twisted roses from burlap decorated with pearls, cotton lace and twigs.Such a bouquet will last for many years, will decorate your interior and will remind you of your wedding day.

Rustic bridal garter

The peculiarity of the rustic bridal garter is white or beige cotton lace, vintage fabrics, burlap, discreet flower decor, lightness and weightlessness. We hope our photo selection will help you make the right choice.

Rustic ring cushion

We present you a wide variety of rustic ring cushion ideas.All these models combine natural style and natural materials: burlap, matting, sisal, tree bark, moss, handmade lace and flowers, wooden heart medallions and even berries and cones. We hope you will find that cherished pillow in this collection.

Rustic groom

The ideal groom for a rustic wedding should match the outfit of the bride. Colors, choice of fabrics and accessories should be in the same style. A good option for the groom’s clothes is a light-colored checkered shirt, tweed jacket or vest.Trousers made of natural fabrics of any shade. Shoe options: boots, moccasins or sandals. Additional details: suspenders, bow tie, possibly a hat or cap.

Rustic boutonniere for groom and friends

Groom’s boutonniere in rustic style, what should it look like? With a burlap leaf, feathers, buttons and twine, or maybe with spikelets of wheat or a wooden silhouette of a deer? We have made a gorgeous selection of different boutonnieres that will be useful both to the groom himself and to his friends to stand out among the guests at the wedding.

Photoshoot in a rustic style

For a rustic photo session for newlyweds, all the same village landscapes will do. Walk in a wheat or chamomile field, in a forest or by a lake. Horseback riding. Country swing, felting in a haystack, surrounded by pets.

Photozone in rustic style

A few words should be said about the photozone, which is created especially for beautiful memorable photos not only of the newlyweds themselves, but also of the guests of the celebration.The rustic photo zone matches the style of the entire wedding. It looks especially elegant: it is decorated, if possible, with a special screen, or fabrics, haystacks, a cart, a tree and other natural elements.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake ends the celebration as usual. It can be fed on a huge cut of a tree or rolled on a wooden stylized trolley.

In conclusion

The charm of a rustic wedding is in tenderness, romance and simplicity.Even if you fail to create a rustic style in all its glory. You can use some separate tips for your celebration. The main thing is that this is your holiday, and you and your guests will remember it for a long time.


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