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by Susan V. Bosak

original illustrations by
15 internationally acclaimed artists

40 pages, full color, hardcover with dustjacket, ISBN 1-896232-04-3
$19.95 ($23.95 CAN)
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Bestseller – winner of 11 national awards!

A passport to the Legacy Project’s 7-Generation work and an inspiring gift book for life milestones from a birth to graduation to retirement. You’re never too young or too old to dream!

Dream is a one-of-a-kind collaboration. 15 of the top illustrators in the world each offer a gorgeously illustrated page in a beautifully told poetic story about life’s hopes and dreams, inspiring both children and adults.

Check out this guided tour of Dream:

15 top illustrators (including winners of the Caldecott Medal, Governor General’s Award, Hans Christian Andersen Medal, and Academy Award):

Wayne Anderson
James Bennett
Christian Birmingham
Mike Carter
Raúl Colón
Leo and Diane Dillon
Zhong-Yang Huang
Robert Ingpen
Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
Michèle Lemieux
Barbara Reid
Shaun Tan
Bruce Wood

Reviewers have described Dream as “dazzling,” “sumptuous and arresting,” “magical,” “thought-provoking,” “impressive and inspirational.

From the smallest personal beginnings to the largest human triumphs, why are we here if not to dream? Especially now, we all need to dream bigger and bolder.

Dream is a book that reveals more with each reading. The story begins at the end of the rainbow with the Dream Chest, a magical portal between “what is” and “what can be.” A wise old star emerges as your guide and asks, “What’s your dream?”

You’re whisked away on a colorful journey of a lifetime. Whoosh through the teddy bears and castles of childhood. Whoosh again into the labyrinths and mountains of adolescence and adulthood.

There are stops along the way to meet famous people in the Club of Dreamers, and explore inventions and discoveries through history. Throughout the book, hunt in each illustration for a hidden star – and make a new wish with each one you find.

The story culminates with a life-giving Dream Tree, because “the world at its best is green… the color of Go and the color of Grow. ” The old star reminds us that “You need the Believe of childhood, the Do of youth, and the Think of experience – you need all three… Believe, Do, Think.”

The old star then turns it over to you, the reader, and encourages you to find a dream: “Little dreams, big dreams, each a hope looking for a life to make it real – a life like yours… Dream a dream, your very own dream.”

Find out more about Dream in this interview excerpt with bestselling author Susan V. Bosak:

Dream by Susan V. Bosak offers wonder, wisdom, and wishes – for everyone who dreams.

Dream is part of the global 7-Generation initiative, challenging young and old to come together to transform our world. It’s a rich cross-curricular educational resource (activities link to literacy, social studies, character education, gifted, ESL, and more).

It’s a meaningful keepsake and a lovely gift book for a birth, birthday, graduation (from kindergarten to college!), or other life milestone.

The Legacy Project offers a special discount for quantity purchases of Dream as a gift for graduating students, a school theme (or begin/end with a dream), book-of-the-month, teacher gifts, and more!

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The Dream Traveler’s Quest (Books 1 & 2 with Study Guides) – Ted Dekker

Millions have taken the journey into the Dekker universe. Now that universe opens its doors to young readers.

Includes 2 paperbacks, 128 pages each + 2 printable workbooks. 


What if you could find a way to enter another reality full of wild and life-changing adventure? And what if every time you fell asleep you woke up in that other reality? Welcome to the world of Theo Dunnery, a twelve-year-old boy who feels alone and full of fear when he stumbles on an ancient book that draws him into another world.

In that world, he learns he must complete a quest to find the Five Seals of Truth if he is to conquer his fears. Facing great odds and many enemies, Theo sets off on the adventure of a lifetime to discover who he really is as the son of Elyon, and overcome the darkness that has haunted him for so long.

Join Theo on The Dream Traveler’s Quest, one story told in four books. You can dive deeper into each book with separate workbooks that contain a memory check, plot and personal life questions, spiritual reflection, and activity.

Begin the journey with books 1 & 2 and companion study guides, today.


  • Book 1: Into the Book of Light (Paperback, 120 pgs.)
  • Book 2: The Curse of Shadowman (Paperback, 120 pgs.)
  • Study Guide 1 (Digital Workbook, 27 pgs.)
  • Study Guide 2 (Digital Workbook, 25 pgs.)


Introducing Kara Dekker

Kara Dekker is the daughter of New York Times best selling author Ted Dekker. Preschool teacher by day and writer by night, she is passionate about kids and the worlds they create.

The Dream Traveler’s Quest is her debut young reader’s series. She is excited to begin her writing career by collaborating with her father and sharing in the world he created over a decade ago with The Circle Series.

Kara lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two furball cats!

True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Books

Knowledge, wisdom, maturity, and even entertainment can be sourced from books, which are used in different times and cultures. Books often appear in dreams and carry various meaning depending on the dreams’ context. You may have wondered about what it means to dream about books. Keep reading to find out about your book dreams meaning.

General Meaning Of Dream About Books

Dream about books is associated with your knowledge and interactions in reality. It often symbolizes your desire to learn or uncover something that can be useful in your  life. Sometimes, it suggests embodying certain attitude or behavior and seeking answers or information to solve your daily life problems.

Spiritual Meaning Of Book Dreams

Book dreams indicate your drive for success and growth. A book in dreams tells that you have the ability to develop personally and professionally. Also, dreams about books are connected to your daily life skills especially the ones used for communication. Books in dreams can also represent challenging situations in your waking life.

Common Dream Scenarios About Books

There are various encounters with books that you may have in your dreams. These encounters bear different meanings, symbols or messages. Here are detailed interpretations of dream about books.

Reading A Book In Dreams

Dreams about reading books signify learning new information through news or other people. You are also able to easily adapt to changes and opportunities that come your way. This also means that you should move on in your relationship or a situation in your waking life.

Buying A Book In Dreams

Buying a book in dreams is a positive omen for dreamers. You may expect good news due to your diligence in the near future. It can be the promotion, relationship, or any advancement you are waiting for in life.

Receiving A Book As Gift In Dreams

If you received books as gifts in dreams, it shows that good period is coming to you in reality. You will be able to be successful and progressive in the things coming your way. Also, you may meet someone new who will have deep connection with you in life.

Giving A Book In Dreams

A dream where you have gifted someone a book symbolizes your attentiveness and support to the people around you. Your friends or loved ones will ask you for advice or assistance. You are someone who is willing to listen and share what you have to other people.

Flipping Through Pages Of A Book In Dreams

Turning pages of a book in dreams, whether to read or scan indicates your desire for personal growth. You are exerting effort in your waking life to fully understand the things around you. On the negative note, you may be neglecting some of your mistakes and responsibilities in life.

Tearing A Book In Dreams

Torn books or books with torn pages in dreams represent your social distress. Problems may arise among your peers or professional relationships. You will think of ways to cut your social ties.

Stolen Book In Dreams

Your book stolen in dreams is an indication of unexpected news that will come your way. Your expertise and skills will be known to other people. You will also be able to gain the recognition you deserve. If you stole a book in dreams, it shows your lack of self-confidence and need to boost your morale with the help of other people.

Writing A Book In Dreams

Writing a book in dreams signifies your actions of pursuing unrealistic goals. You are also exerting efforts that may lead to small or unnecessary output. The positive side is you are doing ways to improve your overall situation in your waking life. You may also gain financial stabilities in reality.

Dream About Bookstore

Bookstore in dreams is a positive sign for dreamers as it means blessings to come. You will be under progressive periods in your near future. You will also be filled with positive energy and good ideas that will improve your career or lifestyle.

Dream About Bookshelf

To dream books on a shelf symbolizes your desire to explore ideas and knowledge you can use. You will also be able to meet new people who will help you widen your network or career. You may also feel overwhelmed by overflowing responsibilities and tasks in reality. If the bookshelf is empty, you may encounter problems and be tested in your waking life.  

Dream About Books Getting Wet

Wet book in dreams tells that you are learning things that will lead to failure in life. You will suffer disappointments and problems may arise in your way. You just need to assess your needs and the actions you have to take to avoid mistakes.

Dream About Burning A Book

A book burning in dreams shows negative sign which is associated with loss and sorrow in reality. Problems with friendship or relationship may arise in the near future. Conflicts will cause you to severe your ties with your friends or loved ones.

Dream About A Book With Unfamiliar Language

Books with unfamiliar language in dreams represent your hidden skills. You will soon encounter a situation that will enable you to discover abilities, which were previously unknown to you. Talents you uncover may serve as leverage for you in your waking life.

Dream About A Bookcase

A bookcase in dreams symbolizes your desire for learning and knowledge. Your curiosity becomes your strength as it keeps you on your feet and updated with current events. On the other hand, an empty bookcase forebodes stressful situations in your waking life.

Dream About Book On A Table

To dream of a book on the table signifies an opportunity for improvement and advancement. Your contributions will soon be recognized due to your abilities and skills. You may expect good news that will help you improve your current situation in life.

Dreams Of Books Falling On You

This dream foretells negative interpretation for dreamers. Books falling in dreams indicate your distraction from your plans and goals in reality. You may be spending time with unnecessary people and situations that are keeping you sidetracked.  

Different Types Of Books In Dreams Meaning

The type of book in your dreams plays an important part in interpreting your book dreams. There are many types of book you may come across with in your dreams. Below are some common types of books that may appear in dreams.


Dreaming of a Bible indicates wisdom and pleasant endeavors. You need to focus on your goals to continue with your life. Religious books are symbols of uncover hidden abilities that may uphold your moral standards.

Financial-Related Books

Financial related books are associated with your finances. You are suggested to know the importance of handling your own money. Learn to control your impulse behaviors towards finance.

Comic Books

Comic books are used for entertainment. You are advised not to push yourself too hard when facing difficult situations in life. Unravel your humorous your side and learn to take things lightly.

Old Books

Old looking books are warning to let go all the negativities around you. You tend to be oblivious to malicious people who are close to you. This is a waking call dream to keep your guards up.

Opened Book

Opened books signify your readiness to learn something new. You are always motivated to inhale useful information in your life. It also shows that you are easy going and sociable.

Closed Book

Closed books symbolize your future encounters in learning new things. It also shows your uninterested side towards situations in your environment. You tend to day dream and disregard your reality.


Textbooks indicate a situation you will encounter that will help you realize the value of your own knowledge and skills. You may be able to progress with your career alongside the shift of your perspective towards your abilities. You will soon meet someone that will open your mind about the reality of life.

Bestselling Books

Bestselling books in dreams signify your success in your waking life. You will be able to prosper in your career despite hardships. Learning to be patient and consistent are points to consider when having this dream.

Crime Story Books

You may be able to experience something exciting in your waking life. You will face thrilling events that will allow you to learn interesting lessons and knowledge you never expected. The situation is not guaranteed to be a pleasant one, so be cautious.

Ancient Magic Books

Ancient books of magic symbolize your lack of discipline and self-control. You are being self-centered and materialistic in your waking life. You also have the tendency to be insensitive and easily tempted in reality.

Thick Books

Thick books are positive dreams which represent your ambitions. You are highly motivated to invest your time in learning new things. You are also not afraid to take risks in your adventure.

Children’s Books

These books are symbols of youthfulness. It may be connected with some of your childhood memories that allow you to be adventurous and drive you too seek for knowledge. Children book symbolizes your hunger for learning and the need for relaxtion in your waking life.


Cookbooks are indications of your creativity. You always easily find solutions for your problems. You are also restless until you succeed in your waking life.


This type of book represents your secrets in life. All your frustrations and the things you want to learn are connected with this dream. You want to explore and learn about these things but your current situation does not allow you.


Scrapbooks represent your past memories. There are times when you gain your strengths in thinking about these memories. However, there  will be a time when you will need to let go of your past to have a room for improvement in your waking life.

Fiction Books

You may be avoiding problems in life when you dream of fiction books. You are either struggling from boredom or overwhelmed with responsibilities in reality. You are keeping yourself relaxed and entertained to escape your reality.

Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction books represent your willingness to learn something new. You are motivated in exploring unfamiliar aspects of your life. You are also ready to obtain insights by being adventurous and honest.

Telephone Books

Telephone or phone books in dreams are symbols of effective communication. You have to learn to speak calmly and control the words coming out of your mouth. It also tells you to be open and socialize with your friends or loved ones often.


Books are considered to be traditional or old-school. Nowadays, books are digitally produced for convenience and customer’s interest. Dream about eBooks symbolizes your desire to instantly learn and advance your skills in your  life.

Dream About Books  Meaning Conclusion

According to Joshua Orekhie, dream about books symbolizes the development of your mind. Books in dreams reflect your desire towards learning and perception about your thoughts, ideas, and memories in your waking life. You will be able to fully interpret your dreams about books if you can identify the type of books that appear in your dreams and your feelings towards these dreams.  

The Italian Dream book | ASSOULINE

For more than three years, Aline Coquelle, the well-known globe-trotting photographer, and Count Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli, a member of one of the oldest aristocratic Italian families, have followed the map of Italy’s best wines. Guided by Gelasio, readers are introduced to a tribe of artistic and wine-loving amici who share their passion for their country’s heritage and bounty. The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul is an escape into the effortlessly elegant Italian lifestyle, savoring wine behind the private gates of family castles and vineyards, from the foothills of the Alps to the hill towns of Tuscany to the relaxed southern seasides. 

Photography by Aline Coquelle
Text by Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli
Foreword by Lapo Elkann

Coming Soon – September 2021

Winemaker, industry consultant, cellar advisor, speaker and visiting lecturer, Count Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli is an eclectic and versatile authority on Italian and international wines, having traveled and worked in the U.S., South America, England, and the Far East. Inheriting from his maternal grandfather, Baron Raimondo Franchetti, a passion for wine, agriculture, and terroir, Gaetani studied agricultural sciences in Italy, attended the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London, and gained industry experience working for Julius Wile & Sons in New York, L & P Antinori in Florence, Souverain Wines in California, and Calona Vineyards in British Columbia.

Upon returning to Europe, he founded, together with his brothers, the renowned Argiano winery in Tuscany. A writer and raconteur, he has published several books, including Wine Notes (Luca Dotti, 2002), Walking on the Wine Side (Gribaudo, 2013), and Vini, Amori (with Camilla Baresani, Bompiani, 2014). He is also an Italian style and brand ambassador, bringing together tradition, passion, and experience in international strategy consultancy.

Books Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Books can be a great source of knowledge and entertainment, and in our dreams often symbolize learning or needing an escape from reality. As there are many different types of books and ways books can appear in our dreams, there are also different possible dream interpretations.

What Do Books Symbolize? What Does it Mean to Dream About Books?

Books can have a number of different meanings in our dreams. It is important when trying to understand your dream about books to think about the context in which you saw the book in your dream.

For example, dreaming about seeing a tall stack of books on a table with a sense of anxiety for an upcoming test is an entirely different feeling than dreaming of a being in a field while reading a book peacefully in the sunshine.

Here are some of the common associations we have with books and what it might mean in your dream:

Wisdom and Knowledge: Books are a great source of knowledge and research. Dreaming of a book often symbolizes a desire to learn something.

Truth & Judgement: A book can sometimes be a symbol for truth or judgement. Many religions have important books. Often times, laws and judges are often depicted with a gavel resting on law and legal books.

Record Keeping: Many people have journeyed to the Akashic records in their dreams, and books are often a prominent vision associated with this. This is because books are a good way to keep track of things! Dreaming of a book could mean you should look closely to details or look at the sequence of events for insight to solve current problems in your daily life.

Studying for a Test: We often associate books with going to school and studying for a test. Is there something in your current life that makes you feel tested? Maybe you are feeling tested at work, or you are feeling like your patience is being tested with a situation in your everyday life.

Communication & Expression: A book is a form of communication. Many people share their thoughts and ideas through books. Pay attention to the other details of the dream: Is there a message or something being communicated to you? Conversely, a book could also mean there is something you want to tell others but can’t. Is there something you wish you were able to tell someone but are unable to?

While these general meanings are useful to start identifying what it might mean to dream about books, it can also be very helpful to look at the different types of books and what they might mean. After all, there are all sorts of books – from cookbooks to yearbooks!

Common Types of Books That Appear in Our Dreams

The type of book you dream about can also play a big role in what the meaning of a book in your dream might be about. Think about what types of books you saw in the dream. Were they fiction? Non-fiction? Old books? New books? Text books?

Here are some of the types of books you might dream about and what they may symbolize:

Comic Book: To dream of a comic book suggests a lighthearted approach to a problem or situation in your life. It can also be a symbol of a need to express your sense of humor or to have more fun in life.

Telephone Book: A telephone book suggests that you need to communicate more effectively with someone.

Fiction Book: A fiction book in your dream suggests that you are looking for ways to be entertained or that you feel the need to escape from reality.

Non-Fiction Book: A non-fiction book suggests there is something new you would like to learn.

Books in a Library: To see a library full of books in your dream might suggest that you are looking to increase your knowledge or want to learn about something. You may also wish to read more on the library dream symbol to further explore what it might mean to dream of books in a library.

Scrapbook: A scrapbook symbolizes memories you have and a need  to perhaps let go of the past.

Yearbook: A yearbook suggests you are stuck in the past and need to let go.

Hardcover Books: A sturdy, hardcover book symbolizes your need for strength and knowledge.

Paperback Books: A paperback book is flimsy and less durable than a hardcover book and can also symbolize a need for strength and knowledge.

Journal/Diary: To dream of a journal or diary in your dream symbolizes closely guarded secrets.

Cookbook: A cookbook in your dream symbolizes your need to “cook something up” – or find a new solution to a problem or situation in your life. It can also be a symbol of creativity.

 eBook: To dream of reading an eBook symbolizes you desire for instant knowledge or advancement in skills.

Children’s Books: Children’s books indicate your need for playfulness, or it can symbolize memories from your childhood.

What Do Books Mean to You? Questions to Ask for Interpreting Your Dream

To interpret your dream about books, here are some questions to ask to help you better understand what the dream means:

What is the book about? The genre or subject of the book can provide a lot of insight into what your dream means. For example, a math book might suggest you are calculating something, where a suspense novel might indicate your anxiety over something.

What have you had a desire to learn lately? Has there been something you want to learn about recently? Whether it is a new skill needed for your career or learning a new hobby, this may have some insight into your dream.

What feelings did you experience in the dream? Your feelings in the dream are also important. Were you excited by the books? Did the books make you feel sad? Think about how this relates to your waking life.

Did you have a dream about books? Share your experiences with books in dreams and what it means to you in the comments section below.

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Dream Listens |

In polite society, it’s considered boring to spend a lot of time talking about our dreams. But with much of the world on lockdown, not only does “polite society” suddenly seem like a relic, many of us are reporting having weirder, more vivid dreams than before. Is it a quirk of isolation—the more mundane and repetitive our days, the more fantastical and elaborate our nights?—or a subconscious processing of the collective trauma of our new reality?

In fact, such questions aren’t new. Dreams have haunted thinkers through history, from the psychoanalytical approach of Western psychology to the phenomenon of lucid dreaming—in which the dreamer is consciously aware of dreaming—which has been studied from the ancient Greeks and Tibetan monks to neuroscientists today. Whether you have an interest in programming your dreams or in learning more about the mysterious “gateway to infinity,” these 10 listens can help you unlock the age-old puzzle of dreams.



In Dreams: Language of the Soul, Marion Woodman turns her attention to the world of dreams and their collective patterns and interpretations….

The Art of Dreaming

The Art of Dreaming

The author of The Teachings of Don Juan reveals the spiritual adventures that can be attained through dreams, describing his own journeys into new worlds by using ancient, powerful techniques….

The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

Unlike in the Western psychological approach to dreams, the ultimate goal of Tibetan dream yoga is the recognition of the nature of mind or enlightenment itself….

Dream Gates

Dream Gates

Albert Einstein once revealed that the inspiration for his theory of relativity came to him in a dream. ..

Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep

Professor Matthew Walker reveals his groundbreaking exploration of sleep, explaining how we can harness its transformative power to change our lives for the better….

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self is the account of an extraordinarily talented lucid dreamer who goes beyond the boundaries of both psychology and religion….

Cave and Cosmos

Cave and Cosmos

In 1980, Michael Harner blazed the trail for the worldwide revival of shamanism with his seminal classic, The Way of the Shaman. In this long-awaited sequel, he provides new evidence of the reality of heavens….

Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga

Discover the Hidden Dimension of Your Life—The Dream Realm….

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming

This book provides a range of practical techniques, artistic activities, and guided visualizations to help you bring the creativity and super-conscious awareness of lucid dreaming into your life.

The Interpretation of Dreams

The Interpretation of Dreams

First published by Sigmund Freud in 1899, The Interpretation of Dreams considers why we dream and what it means in the larger picture of our psychological lives….

Book Dream Meaning: Interpret Now!

A book suggests there are rigid attitudes around you, and represents your need to seek a knowledge that you are not yet aware of. If the book is intellectual, then this means you can sometimes seek knowledge from others when you do not need to.

It is important that you look very carefully at the other factors within this dream. The search for knowledge and the ability to gain knowledge from other people is often symbolized by libraries in your dreams.

In your dream you may have

  • You read a book.
  • You write a book.
  • An author dreaming of his books.
  • Children’s books.
  • Libraries with books.
  • Old books.
  • Financial books.
  • Someone reads a book to you.
  • A ripped book.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Shun evil in any form.
  • Take the advice of people around you.
  • Examine and consider your actions.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream of a book indicates your search for knowledge, and the ability to realize this before it is too late. To dream of being at school and reading your books indicates that people around you can provide sound advice. To dream that you see an old book means that you are being given spiritual guidance. If you can remember the details of the book in question it will help you to further understand the dream. Seeing books related to financial accounts, such as a balance sheet, profit and loss, or end of year accounts signifies that you need to look after your own money. Dreaming of reading a book dictates that it is time to consider moving on in either a relationship or a project you have spent considerable time focused on.

If you dream of a book which is religious in nature, you will be upholding your moral standards. This dream means pleasant pursuits, as well as honor and riches if you were studying the books. For an author to dream of his works going to press is a dream of caution, as he will have much trouble in placing them before the public.

To dream of spending great study and time in solving some intricate subjects, and the hidden meaning of learned authors, is significant of honors well earned. To see children’s books denotes harmony and good conduct of the young. Dreaming of old books is a warning to shun evil in any form. A brown or red book can indicate superiority, union and celebration of something close to you. To see a large book in your dream means that you need to be nurtured by another.

A book of religious in nature indicates sound wisdom. To dream of the bible means that you need to think about what is important to you going forward and focus on this goal. To dream of the Koran indicates a hidden awakening of your inner self. A dream featuring someone reading a book to you means it is time to listen to others.

A book at a college or university may signify your desire to learn more and gain new knowledge through further education. It may also stand for the information you have developed over a number of years. To find a book in your dream shows the need to celebrate or to curb your temper. To see a ripped book in your dream means that you intellectually may not feel confident in front of another. You also need to look at all the details within the dream. A fiction book shows that it is important to not put on an act in a certain situation. A book as a part of a newspaper means that it is time to understand your own actions affect other people that you do not necessarily know about, and that it is important to make sure that you consider your actions.

If you remember any of the specific wordings in the book, it is important to make sure that you can be upfront about activities with someone and take note of the words within the book. This dream is also an indication that you need to look at your own actions.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of book

Enjoying. Content. Happy. Joyful. Busy. Tempered. Calm.

Dream interpretation – interpreter of dreams

Interesting and gray , saturated with echoes of the past day, or, on the contrary, carrying some signs that take us to the distant past or drawing in our minds pictures of the future, pleasant or nightmarish – all these are our dreams . Their content has long been a mystery to humans – at different times there were different interpretations of dreams.

Trying to find out the meaning of dreams, people, first of all, tried to look into their future, to understand what fate was preparing for them.A correctly interpreted dream could become a true warning, a promise of joy and well-being, on the contrary, a harbinger of illness or even death, a promise of family happiness or an early marriage. There were and are many prediction options, and they are all collected in dream books or interpreters of dreams.

How are dreams connected with the events occurring with a person in reality? While awake, each of us receives a huge amount of information, this flow is continuous and inexhaustible.Our consciousness is forced to leave in memory only the most important and significant information, as if filtering out everything else. Nevertheless, a person remembers in the smallest detail everything that happens to him at every moment of time.
This is due to the work of the subconscious, collecting and analyzing all incoming information. In a dream, our subconsciousness comes to the fore, returning information unnoticed to a person with the help of dreams – vivid figurative actions that unfold before the eyes of the sleeping person.

That is why the significance of dreams is difficult to overestimate, although it is possible that in some cases their content is formed under the influence of vivid impressions of the past day, or is only a reflection of events that have just happened. Nevertheless, our dreams remain an inexhaustible source of information. Most often, the prediction made on their basis comes true.

How to solve your dream? Our Dream Interpretation website was created to help you with this. To find out the interpretation of a dream, you need to sort it out into its components, to highlight its brightest moments.After that, you need to designate them in one word, for example, “ parting ” or “ party ” and find it in the proposed dream book – the interpretation of dreams will be determined by its meaning.

However, it should be borne in mind that the true meaning of sleep is revealed in the totality of definitions of its most striking moments. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the objects, people and animals that surround you in a dream – it is likely that they also symbolize something.

Dream interpretation – interpretation of dreams online free

At night you had a new dream, and you want to understand its meaning? Our dream book – interpretation of dreams contains 125 of the best author’s dream books and more than 250,000 interpretations. Looking into the author’s dream books every day, you can analyze your present and future, realize your inner psychological state, and find the answer to your question. It is quite simple to interpret dreams from a dream book. You can solve your dream in three ways: 1) in the alphabetical dictionary, 2) through the search form, 3) on the topic of the dream.

Search for interpretation in the dream book:

Dream come true lunar calendar today

15 lunar day from 20:26 22.08.2021

Keep today’s dream a secret.
If you see a vivid, good dream that leaves a pleasant aftertaste when you wake up, you shouldn’t tell anyone about it, and then it will be able to positively influence your reality. Heavy, confusing, full of hidden and obvious threats, dreams will indicate an imbalance in your inner peace and mental balance. Perhaps you already feel it in your daily routine, but it may also happen that you just happened to get closer to an internal crisis. In the latter case, there is a possibility of preventing adverse events. It is necessary to take time to restore mental strength, energy, to analyze internal conflicts and contradictions that affect discord with oneself. Carefully analyze the information received and plan your actions in accordance with the hints from the dream book.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces patronize the spiritual component of the personality. According to the dream book, dreams are tangled and long today. Pictures can change too often, and each time you will find yourself in a different guise.This can be associated with both past lives and with a high sensitivity to other people’s thoughts and feelings. Today you should pay attention to the nature of sleep. It reflects your general condition. If the sleep is restful, then you are in harmony with yourself and those around you. Anxiety pictures speak of anxiety. In this case, you should look for signs of what exactly led to the anxiety and in what ways to deal with it. Everything that you see is a reflection of your inner state.

Moon phase: III quarter

The period of the most unusual dreams.On full moon days, many dreams are prophetic. In this case, there are both clues for further actions and predictions. If you are faced with unusual behavior in a dream, then you need to change something in your life. On the 3rd lunar phase, dreams are often an indication of what needs to be changed in your life. The images tell about what causes the strongest emotions. This is a hint in order to exercise restraint in certain situations, to restrain negative emotions.

Critical peak of the Moon – Active today

During the period of the change of the lunar phases, the psyche is aggravated and we dream about what we think about most, what we are worried about, on which we spend a lot of mental strength. Such dreams offer answers to hidden questions, and show in what situations we should be wiser.

Moon without a course – 15: 02–15: 42

Due to a bad mood and well-being, you may have unpleasant dreams that do not find a logical explanation, with an inconsistent plot. Interpreting dreams on the moon without a course in the dream book is difficult.

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Our search database contains dozens of various unique dream books:

  • Author’s dream books: interpretation of dreams based on Miller’s dream book, Wanga’s dream book, Freud’s dream book, Yuri Longo, Phoebe, Azar, Kopalinsky, Loff, Catherine the Great, Simon Kananit, Jung, Miss Hasse, Tsvetkov, Smirnov, Mindell’s dream book.
  • Dream books of the peoples of the world: Russian dream book, French, Jewish, English, Islamic, Italian, Muslim.
  • Ancient dream books: Assyrian, numerical Pythagoras, Egyptian, Chinese Zhou-Guna, Persian Taflisi, Greek fabulist Aesop, sorceress Medea, Vedic Sivananda.
  • Folk dream books: interpreters (Velesov dream book, Russian folk, dream book of Akulina, Maria Fedorovskaya, grandmother’s dream book 1918, Ukrainian folk dream book).
  • Thematic dream books: star, astrological dream book, home, magic, children’s, female, idiomatic dream book, culinary, moon dream book, love, mythological, psychological, symbolic, modern, 21st century dream book, for the whole family, birthday people, yogis, health , subconsciousness, dream book of tarot, black magic, esoteric, intimate, etc.

Interpretations of the dream book are intended for those who believe that each dream symbol means something, and for those who want to know their future. Don’t dismiss your dreams! They are your inner psychoanalyst, watch the plots and moods of the dream. Read between the lines and everything will clear up. The online dream book from different authors on includes a very large collection of interpretations – more than 100 dream books, many of which are published only here. Our dream book interpreter is offered to all curious readers.

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Interpretation of dreams. All dream books online

Sleep is a state of the human body when the whole body is resting after daytime stress. But our brain, our consciousness and subconsciousness never stop working, analyzing and dreaming. And this activity manifests itself in our dreams.

Science considers sleep as the actions of the brain to process the impressions and information received during the day. Thus, decoding dreams in the scientific sense is nothing more than an analysis of the most valuable information, the formation of conclusions, consideration of those options for real situations that could occur, but for certain reasons did not find their place outside our dreams, dreams and plans, projection them for planning future actions.

But for many people dreams are not just a state of rest from daytime adventures, but some signs of higher powers or hidden capabilities of our mind.After all, we can cry in a dream and laugh, fly and fall, love and part, conquer the most unattainable peaks and make the most stupid mistakes. The world of dreams is immense and beautiful for some and unbearably nightmare for others. That is why the question arises about the interpretation of dreams and the expediency of creating dream books as accumulators of experience in decorating dreams in general and each message hidden in them in particular.

Over the centuries of human civilization , the interpretation of dreams has gone through many stages and has largely evolved according to the level of human progress: from shamanic rituals of interpretation of prophetic dreams to interpretation of erotic dreams according to Freud .Many predictors and oracles, and then scientists and philosophers, tried to understand the nature of dreams and their influence on the real life of a person. This is how many theories and interpretations of the interpretation of dreams appeared, which were formed into legendary works like Miller’s dream book and Vanga’s dream book .

Miller’s dream book

Miller’s dream book will help you penetrate the secret of sleep. The dream book was compiled by the American psychologist Gustav Miller at the beginning of the last century; all other modern dream books are based on it only with the addition of a few modern words that simply did not exist before.Miller’s dream book is the first dream book that our ancestors took from the shelves and read. Miller’s dream book will help you overcome your internal conflicts, cope with seemingly insoluble problems in your life and simply relax after reading an amazing prediction about your future.

Dream Interpretation by David Loff

The main feature of David Loff’s dream book is that it is based not on a symbolic, but on an individual interpretation of dreams. According to Loff’s theory, each person has his own dream scenario, conditioned by life experience, the characteristics of the sleeping person, his way of life, current events and how he relates to others. That is why the same dream seen by two different people can be interpreted in different ways.

According to Loff, the meaning of sleep can be explained as accurately as possible only by analyzing the events of your life on the one hand, and your relationships with others – on the other. Despite a detailed examination of the dreamed situations, the dream book does not contain accurate interpretations of symbols and direct guidance to action, it is actually a hint, an impetus for a person himself to understand as accurately as possible what his dream means.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

Prophetic dreams are very common. Even if you have never personally seen prophetic dreams, then some of your loved ones or acquaintances probably had something like this: they will see some event in a dream, and after a while it will be exactly fulfilled.

As you know, Michel Nostradamus possessed the gift of foresight and prophecy, therefore this dream book, based on his premonitions and predictions, has a vector character. The vector of the interpretation of your dreams originates in the distant past and rushes into the distant future.

Dreams of each person include not only purely personal and even intimate scraps of daytime impressions, thoughts, premonitions and experiences, but also excitement for the fate of loved ones, others and wider – the country, the world as a whole. Undoubtedly, in a peaceful and serene time, people see completely different dreams than during a war or on the eve of a catastrophe.

With the help of this dream book, you will learn to distinguish between personal and social motives in your dreams, to interpret those and others accordingly, and, relying on individual dream symbols, you will even find out the estimated date of events that you anticipate in your prophetic dreams.

The first part of the dream book is a decoding of the symbols of dreams. The second part is examples of specific, real dreams in which these symbols are combined, and depending on this, the interpretation of the dream takes on a certain shade. The second part also shows how to determine the dates of upcoming events.

In general, the dream book helps in practice to interpret each of the individual symbols of sleep, gives the key to the dream as a whole, and also allows you to use night premonitions and revelations in daytime life, penetrate into the future, open the veil of secrecy over the fate of even future generations – and all this is yours. dreams, your prophetic abilities plus the truths revealed when analyzing the work of Michel Nostradamus.

Dream Interpretation Miss Hasse

This dream book was compiled on the basis of modern and ancient sources by the famous medium Miss Hasse. When using Miss Hasse’s dream book, it should be borne in mind that not all dreams have the same probability of being fulfilled. The likelihood with which a particular dream can be fulfilled is determined by the hour of the month, when it had a place to be, considering the novelty.

Dream Interpretation of Wangi

The name of the Bulgarian prophetess and clairvoyant Vanga is widely known not only in Bulgaria and Russia, but all over the world.She rarely revealed to people the information available to her alone, gleaned from visions, but what people learned from her predictions soon came true Vanga passed away , and her prophecies continue to be fulfilled exactly If Wanga was endowed with special abilities that allowed her to recognize the upcoming course of events, then many of us can penetrate the secret of the future only in a state of sleep.

Dreams very often not only reflect in themselves what is happening in our daytime life and the experiences associated with it, but also contain prophetic symbols, having solved which we can find out both the upcoming events of our fate, and the future of the people around us, the country, the world. When we sleep, our subconscious mind is as open as possible to various energy currents and information coming from space, which become sources of night insights and discoveries.It is possible to interpret the symbols and events revealed to us in a dream in different ways, but if we rely on Vanga’s precursor experience, on her heightened perception of the world, her wisdom and knowledge of the universal and earthly laws by which we live and everything exists around us, then you can see the whole picture of the future.Very few people have such a gift to penetrate the essence of occurring phenomena and predict the further development of events, but we know that in the state of sleep a lot can be revealed, only you need to be able to decipher the received signals.

The dream book presented to your attention will help you to correctly interpret the symbols of sleep and draw conclusions based on the revelations of the clairvoyant Vanga. The dream book will help you open the curtain where expected or sudden events are hidden that will affect your life, because we get information in a dream for a reason, so you need to use it correctly and be ready for any surprises of fate.

Assyrian Dream Book

In Ancient Assyria (Mesopotamia), dreams were of great importance. The Assyrians believed that with the help of dreams, deities communicate with people. In order to understand what the “signs” seen in a dream mean, the inhabitants of Mesopotamia used special collections for the interpretation of dreams. One of these dream books was found during excavations of the library of King Ashurbanipal.

It is a cuneiform text on eleven clay tablets.The first and the last two of them are devoted to spells and rituals that should save a person from the consequences of bad dreams that attract misfortune and illness. The rest of the tablets contain only the interpretation of dreams. In the original, they are clearly divided into large and small sections – for example, animals, elements, travel, food and drink. Interestingly, among the travels, the ascent to heaven and the descent into the underworld are mentioned, and among the food – cannibalism.

Today the Assyrian dream book is kept in the British Museum in London.A. Oppenheim – Assyriologist at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of Chicago, USA – translated it into English. Later, it was translated into many other languages ​​of the world, including Russian.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

The author of the dream book is Evgeny Petrovich Tsvetkov, writer, scientist, astrologer and famous interpreter of dreams. The dream book is based on the book “Interpretation of Dreams” (1989) and is notable for being adapted to Russian culture and Russian way of life. He will help you learn how to behave correctly in the events of a dreamy dream, ward off a bad dream, prevent trouble, and then through a dream you will be able to control your Destiny.

Ukrainian dream book

Ukrainian dream book, based on folk interpretations of dreams, was compiled and systematized by the famous folklorist Nikolai Konstantinovich Dmitrenko. The main feature of this dream book is that in interpreting dreams, the author relies on the principle of the linguistic feature of dreams that he discovered. For example, if you saw torment in a dream, this may portend torment (that is, mental anguish or remorse).

Islamic dream book – Ingush Empire

Islamic dream book.Interpretation of dreams according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah / Per. with arab. – SPb .: “Publishing house” DILIA “, 2010.

APRICOT – If a person sees in a dream that he is eating apricots, then he will either get sick or lose something important in life.

AGONY – To dream of the agony of a dying person is a happy and joyful life.

ADAM a.s. – whoever sees Adam in a dream, as, in his real image, and in all his greatness, he will acquire great power, being worthy of it, for the Almighty said: “I will put a governor on earth.”(Surah Bakra, 30) If someone sees in a dream that he is talking with Adam, as, he will become a scientist, an expert. The Most High said: “And He taught Adam all names.” They also say that he who met in a dream with Adam, A.S., may be deceived by the words of some of his enemies, but after a while he will receive his sight and be freed from deception. The appearance of Adam, a.s., in a dream in a changing guise means moving from one place to another, and finally, returning to the original place.

AZAN (call to prayer) – indicates Hajj.It can also indicate dua (making a prayer to Allah), piety, serving the Almighty and doing good, or peace and deliverance from the wiles of shaitan (satan).

AZBUKA – whoever sees the alphabet in a dream will show undoubted success in mastering knowledge.

STORK – to see a stork in a dream – portends the gathering of a large number of people in a certain place. Seeing a flying stork in a dream promises you a favorable marriage and a successful journey. If the storks come together in a dream, then you will have to communicate with criminals and thieves and be at enmity with them.
AYUB (Job, a.s.) – his vision in a dream indicates trials, troubles and a favorable outcome. that Allah prayed for.
ACROBAT, GIMNAST – to see an acrobat in a dream means the unreliability of a person’s place in life.
ACTOR – to see an actor in a dream means that there are deceivers and hypocrites among your friends.
SHARK – to see a shark in a dream – to an early meeting with a secret or obvious enemy.
MIDWIFE, WILDING BABKA – Perhaps her vision indicates the release of a prisoner from prison and deliverance from the anxieties and burdens of life.
ALLAH (HE IS HOLY AND GREAT) – If someone in a dream sees that Allah is satisfied, pleased with him and turned to him with His Face, then he will have the same meeting with Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment. It also indicates the acceptance by the Almighty Lord of the blessings he performed in this world, as well as the reward for them by the Almighty Allah Paradise, as a reward for his godly deeds, if the Almighty Creator dreamed of him, and he would be able to look at Him.If he sees that the Creator has given him any of the blessings of worldly life, then some misfortune or illness will overtake him, due to which he will be rewarded with Paradise in the next world.

If a person sees Allah in a dream in some well-known area on earth, it means that justice reigns there and that good, joy and help will come there. Whoever sees that the Lord speaks with someone reproaching or warning against something is a sinner who needs to repent immediately.

If he sees that Allah Almighty descended to him in a dream and thanked him, then he will be endowed with the ability to perform miracles (karamat) and receive the grace of Allah. Only a select few can see such a dream. But if you see Allah, He is Great and Glorious, in the form of one of his creations or with some flaws, then this is a deceitful person, deliberately telling lies to the Lord, as well as following the innovations in religion and let the one who sees such a dream sooner repent …
DIAMOND, BRILLIANT – a harbinger of family joys.
AMBAR – in a dream means wealth and income, and if it is used, then this is a wonderful praise for it. If in a dream the barn is empty, then ruin awaits you. A full barn is for wealth.
PINEAPPLE – a pineapple seen in a dream is a harbinger of the fact that you will succeed in the business you have begun.
ANGELS 1 – if someone sees an angel in a dream, then in life he will achieve honor and glory.

If he sees the most honorable of the angels, he will be comprehended by the good, happiness and mercy of Allah, rains will come down, his earthly lot will increase, and the death of Shahid (martyr for faith) will befall him.

If he sees that the angels descended into the mosque, then this is the command to do a lot of good, offer prayers to Allah (dua), give alms (sadaqa).

If they descended into the streets, then this is an appeal to him to stop doing evil, and it is also a command to observe accuracy in measures and scales.

If you see angels on the graves, then this is interpreted as the spread of the cholera disease (waba) among the alims (learned theologians) and the death of ascetics, who in the name of Allah renounced the blessings of earthly life.Ibn Sirin said: “We were informed that in Mecca Abul Fadl Ahmad bin Imran al-Haravi, may Allah Almighty protect him, said that Abu Bakr Jaafar bin al-Hayat al-Sheikh Salih saw the Prophet in a dream, s.a.s … He said that next to the Prophet, s.a.s, a group of poor ascetics was sitting. Suddenly, he continued, the heavens opened up, and, accompanied by the angels, the archangel Dzhabrail appeared, as. The angels held pots and jugs of water in their hands. They began pouring water on the hands of the poor and washing their feet. When it was my turn, ”he continued,“ I stretched out my hands and heard some of the angels say to others: “Don’t pour water on his hands.He’s not one of them. ” Then I turned to the Prophet, s.a.s, and said: “O Messenger of Allah, even if I am not one of them, but I love them.” And the Prophet, s.a.s., answered: “The believer is together with those who are loved by him.” And water spilled onto my hands so that I could wash them. The appearance in dreams of angels, known as angels bringing messages, signifies signs warning of the upcoming major changes in the lives of those who meet in dreams with angels. Greatness, strength, power, a joyful event, victory after oppression, recovery after an illness, peace after fear, prosperity after hardships, wealth after poverty, liberation after hardships await these persons.A person who sees angels in a dream will have to perform Hajj or take part in ghazavat and give his life for faith.

If someone sees in a dream how he is fighting with Djibril and Mikail, as this coincides with the opinion of the Jews, God forbid!

If, in a dream, Jibril, a.s., gives the sleeping person some food, then this signifies that this person, insha’Allah, will be among the inhabitants of Paradise.The appearance of the archangel Jibril, A.S., with a sad or anxious face is a sign that the person who saw this angel in a dream will face difficulties and punishment. It is known that Jibril, as, is also the angel of punishment. Meeting in a dream with Mikail, A.S, testifies that the one who saw this dream will achieve what he wants in his present and future life, if he is pious and devout, and if he is not, then let him beware.

If they see in a dream that Mikail, as, appears in any city or village, then the inhabitants of these places will receive a lot of rain and lower prices.

If Mikail, as, speaks to the sleeping person or gives him some thing, then this is to prosperity, happiness and joy, because it is known that Mikail, as, is an angel of mercy. They say that such a dream indicates the arrival of justice after tyranny and the death of cruel tyrants in this country.

If someone sees Israfil in a dream, A.S., with a sad face and buzzing into a trumpet, the sounds of which are heard, according to the one who sees this dream, only to him, then this person will die.

If he believes that the sound of Israfil’s trumpet, a.s, the inhabitants of this area also heard, then there will be an imminent inevitable death. A meeting in a dream with the angel of death (Azrael, a.s.), whose face expresses joy, means that the dreamer will give his life in the struggle for faith. To see the angel of death in a dream for the angry foreshadows death without repentance.

If someone sees a dream as if he fought with the angel of death, and he overpowered him, then this person will die.

If the angel of death could not overcome him, then this means that the one who dreamed will be close to death, but then Allah will save him from death.And they say that a long life awaits those who saw the angel of death in a dream. It is said that Hamza al-Zayyat said: “I saw the angel of death in a dream and asked, turning to him:” O angel of death! I conjure you in the name of Allah! Tell me, has the Almighty written anything good about me? ”. He replied: “Yes! And the sign of this is that you will die in Helwan. ” Indeed, Hamza al-Zayyat died in Helwan. To see in a dream that one of the angels foretells the birth of a son to someone means that this person will have a son who will become a learned theologian, an amiable and noble person, according to the Almighty: “Truly Allah will illumine you with good news,” and also : “I am only a messenger of your Lord to give you a pure boy.”
ANGELS 2 – if you see angels with fruit dishes in a dream, it will mean that the one who sees this dream will die as one who died for the faith. To see in a dream one of the angels entering someone’s house is a warning about the possible penetration of a thief into this house.

If someone sees in a dream how an angel takes away his weapon, then this means the loss of strength and prosperity by this person, it is even possible that he will part with his wife.

If someone sees in a dream angels in any place that cause fear in him, then confusion and war may arise in this area.The appearance in a dream of angels on the battlefields marks victory over enemies.

And if someone sees in a dream how the angels prostrate before him or bow down to him, then this person will achieve the fulfillment of cherished desires, will be exalted in his deeds and glorified.

If someone sees himself in a dream as if fighting an angel, then he will find himself in a difficult and humiliating position after the previous greatness.

And if the patient sees in a dream how one angel fights with another, then this means the approach of his death.The appearance in dreams of angels descending from heaven to earth in their natural form marks the rise of venerable people, the humiliation of unworthy people, as well as the victory of the Mujahideen (making an aspiration, an effort to spread Islam – spiritual, psychological and, in extreme cases, physical). Seeing angels in the form of women in a dream means vain and lies, raised to Allah. The following words belong to the Almighty on this occasion: “Has your Lord only provided you with sons, and took women from the angels for himself? Truly you are speaking a dangerous word! ”

And if someone sees in a dream how he flies with the angels or rises with them to heaven and does not return back, he will acquire dignity in this life, and then perish for a just cause.

If the sleeper sees that he is looking at the angels, misfortune will befall him. This corresponds to the statement of the Most High: “On the day when they see the angels, there will be no joyful news for sinners.”

If the sleeping person dreams that the angels curse him, this will mean condemnation or weakness of his faith, but if he dreams that the angels are making noise or screaming, this means that the sleeping man’s house may fall apart.

And if someone sees in a dream how several angels appear in some city, locality or village, this means that an associate will die there or an unjustly offended person will be killed, or someone’s house will fall on its inhabitants.

If someone dreams that angels produce the same products that the sleeper makes, this will signify that they benefit from their craft. The appearance in a dream of an angel saying: “Read the Book of Allah Almighty” portends great honor if one who sees this dream is one of good, pious people. If he does not belong to good people, then let him be on guard, for in relation to him the word of Allah acts: “Read the record of your deeds, now you yourself are able to demand an account from yourself.”The appearance in a dream of angels in any place on a horse marks the death of a powerful person or a tyrant there. Flying in a dream of unknown birds means that not birds are flying, but angels. To see this in a dream in any place means retribution to the oppressors and help to the oppressed.

If someone sees in a dream Noble Scribes (“Al-Khafazat”, angels on both sides of a person, recording all his good and bad deeds), this means for him joy and happiness in present and future life and a happy end to life …This is provided that the dreamer is one of the citizens of the righteous and virtuous.

If he is not, then one should be afraid for him, for the Almighty said: “Noble Scribes know what you are doing!” Some of the people who know a lot about this say that the appearance in a dream of an angel in the form of a sheikh ) tells about the past, in the image of a young man – speaks of the present, and in the image of a youth – indicates the future.

If someone sees in a dream that he seems to be acting in the form of an angel, this portends him relief if he was in trouble before, or liberation, if he was previously in captivity, or acceptance of faith, reaching great heights authorities.For the patient, this dream means the approach of death.

If someone sees a dream in which the angels greet him, this means that Allah will bestow this person with discernment in life and provide him with a happy outcome. It is said that a certain Jewish merchant named Shamuel, while on his way, led in a dream how the angels bless him. He turned to the interpreter of dreams about this, and he answered him: “You will accept the Islam of Allah and the Sharia of the Messenger of God, s.a.s., according to the Almighty:“ It is He and His angels who bless you to bring you out of darkness into the light ! ”.This merchant accepted Islam, and Allah led him along the True Path. The reason for his adoption of Islam was that he hid the poor debtor from his creditor.
ORANGE, MANDARINE – An orange or tangerine seen by a person in a dream promises him good health.
PHARMACY – if a patient sees a pharmacy in a dream, he will soon recover, but if a healthy person sees it, he may get sick.
ARAFAT – who sees in a dream that he is on Mount Arafat on the day of Arafat and one of his relatives is absent (or missing), then he will return to him joyful, and if he quarreled with someone , then make peace with him.Arafat can also point to Hajj.
WATERMOUS – Watermelon portends pregnancy for a woman and an imminent marriage for a girl. If a person in a dream stretches his hand to the sky and eats a watermelon at the same time, then soon he will receive what he longs to acquire. Yellow watermelon is a disease, and green watermelon is earthly destiny. If a person throws watermelons into his house, then every abandoned watermelon will result in the death of one of his relatives.
ARRESTANT – to see an arrested person in a dream is an omen that trouble can await you.
ASKETISM, OWNESS – in a dream is a manifestation of love and respect from people.
ASTRONOM – is a liar.
AYATS OF THE QURAN – if these are verses that speak of mercy, and the one who reads them has already left this world, then his soul rests under the mercy of Allah. But if these are verses containing the direct or indirect meaning of punishment, then his soul is under the punishment of Allah. If they are verses of exhortation, then they warn the one who saw them from committing a sin, and if they are verses that proclaim something, then they portend good and good for him.

Islamic dream book. Interpretation of dreams according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah / Per. with arab. – SPb .: “Publishing house” DILYA “, 2010.

Modern dream books will help to avoid troubles in reality | Articles

The nature of sleep and its riddles have always interested not only specialists – psychiatrists and somnologists, but also lovers of everything mysterious and unknown. All kinds of fortune-tellers and seers undertook to unravel dreams. They earned money on this, and especially dodgy ones took payment for “neutralizing” a bad dream.Today, in the 21st century, little has changed. Dream books are still printed in large numbers and do not lie on the shelves of bookstores – people want to know what their dreams mean. True, today dream books are compiled in accordance with the requirements of the time. Compilers of modern dream books, apparently, do not bother themselves too much. They do not collect evidence of dreams for decades, as they did before, and do not try to find some pattern in dreams and their consequences. But modern interpretations of dreams are surprisingly close to reality.At least if you come across what you saw in a dream, then the interpretation of the dream may well become a guide to action in real life. For convenience, dreams can be divided into categories: “Nightmares”, “Warning dreams” and “Dreams-dreams”. Nightmares Politician. “The dream in which you see politics predicts communication with unpleasant partners, as well as the occurrence of situations in which you will waste both time and money. Seeing that you are involved in a political discussion predicts that you will not find mutual understanding with friends …If a young woman dreams that she is interested in politics, then this dream warns her of the treachery of hypocrisy. ” In life, communication with a politician is indeed often fraught with the loss of time and money. Mobilization. “If you dreamed that a general mobilization began, this means your excitement in connection with political events – the outbreak of hostilities or the threat of war.” It is very clearly noted that if mobilization has already been announced, it is not just that. This means that the war has begun! Terrorist. “To see a terrorist in a dream means that you should be more careful and not make mistakes.If you dreamed that you were a terrorist, then this is a sign that your loved one has ceased to trust you. Participating in a dream in a terrorist act means that this dream promises anxiety, the appearance of unexpected obstacles in your path. You should be very vigilant to face the danger fully armed. ” Indeed, the terrorist has a lot of obstacles on the way – one special forces is worth something! Warnings Policeman. “To see a policeman in a dream means that you should start leading an honest life.If you dreamed that you were asking a policeman for help, then soon you will need the help of influential people. To see a column of policemen in a dream is a harbinger of the fact that your friends are imaginary, they will let you down at the first opportunity. ” Often, the results of communication with the police are unpredictable and really require the intervention of high-ranking officials. Deputy. “Seeing a deputy in a dream means that you will have a conversation with a business man. If you manage to properly structure this conversation, then in the future you will acquire an influential friend.If you see yourself in the role of a deputy, then you will dream of the unrealizable. Your business is not destined to come true. To vote in a dream for a certain deputy is a harbinger of the fact that soon you will have to face a very difficult choice. The dream warns: think several times so as not to be mistaken. ” A childhood friend – a deputy – is a lobbyist’s blue dream. Well, when choosing a deputy, you always run the risk of making a mistake. Paratrooper. “To dream of a paratrooper is to be drawn into a risky venture and look for a way to get out of it with the least loss.Trying on the form of a paratrooper in a dream means that your close friend will turn to you for help. The dream in which you see yourself as a paratrooper means that you will lose luck due to your indiscretion. ” What a paratrooper doesn’t like risk! Kommersant. “The dream in which you see yourself doing business indicates a difficult financial situation, a way out of which you will find with the help of an influential friend. If you see in a dream that you are a businessman and cannot pay taxes, it means that in the near future they will do something interesting for you and a great offer, but cash costs will be inevitable.To see a familiar businessman in a dream means that the thoughts that have recently prevented you from sleeping calmly will no longer bother you. You have chosen the right position in life. ” Taxes are always expenses. Although if you try hard, then they can be minimized. See above. Pop star. “A dream in which you see a famous pop star means good physical health and financial well-being. If you dream that you have become a pop star, beware – you will be set up by people whom you considered your friends.Taking an autograph from a pop star in a dream means making a profitable deal that will bring you a solid profit. If a man in a dream is attracted to a pop star, his dissolute lifestyle will affect not only his health, but also his wallet. ” And who said pop stars are a treat for the middle class? Dreams Deportation. “If in a dream you are forcibly expelled or deported outside your state, then everything in your life will change for the better. All the things that you plan will end very well for you.”The dream of a potential emigrant. A computer. “If you dreamed that you were working with a computer, then in real life you will face changes in professional activity that will require you to be more responsible. If you do not know how to work on a computer, then in reality you will not be able to cope with the responsibilities assigned to you. Seeing a computer of the latest model warns that your desire is not destined to come true due to external circumstances.Playing a computer game is a warning that you are too passionate about yourself and may lose friends.If your computer freezes in a dream, then you will be dissatisfied with the actions of your superiors. ” And what is wrong?

Dream Interpretation Magikum. Meanings and interpretation of dreams. The meaning of symbols in dreams.

Interpretation of dreams

Dream interpretation Magikum is the best dream book. And this PERSON made it up (read the link) . For which he – a dream book – is considered the best in the open spaces of the Runet. And the author is the best dream analyst. The project on analytics and dream practice is unique. There was nothing like this and so effective before it.

Believe it? Read the feedback from the participants below. Since 2012, the project has become open to everyone. And the feedback is enough to get an idea of ​​how much a person can develop his ability to receive any information in dreams.

The project’s dream book contains symbols, the analysis of which was based on dreams that came true. That is, its difference is that the characterization of symbols is given on the basis of realized dreams. This is the first thing.

The second thing I like so much about the project’s dream book.

Do you remember that we all live together in the 21st century? And we have our own symbols and signs. “Grandma’s” dream books mean almost nothing to us, because they “don’t work”. We have our own reality and reality.

We have a different time, our own symbols and perception of reality. And the subconscious is an ideal mirror, it perceives and reflects the world of the present. Our present, and not the images of the perception of strangers of the past. And we have a different reality. The world has changed …

Dream interpretation Magikum – the best dream book online

Help interpreting dreams

Dream interpretation of dreams come true

General dream mood and feelings that you experienced in a dream

are the best indicators for determining the nature of real events.Fear and fear are harbingers of drastic changes that will similarly make you feel anxious in your life. However, this does not mean at all that the event that you were so scared of will happen in reality.

Dream interpretation Interpretation

In dreams, our subconscious mind does not just show us plots, stories or pictures. Most often, it gives a Sign – a hint so that we stop and look around, make the right decision, pay special attention to something. This happens prudently prematurely.But due to the fact that we cannot understand the language of the symbols of our “I” in time, his efforts are in vain. and so on – until next time. Don’t fly. Stop. Otherwise, it did not exist, does not, and will not make sense to have such a gift. Foresight in a dream.

Dream interpretation interpretation of dreams for women

If you had dreams, you saw signs in which there were indications of events, and you interpreted them, share information! Perhaps for someone it will be valuable. As a result, we get the meanings of dreams.Not allegorical and ephemeral, but personal, personal. From our time and space, from our life. Remember that we all live together in the 21st century. We have our own symbols and signs. “Grandma’s” dream books mean almost nothing to us, because they “don’t work.” We have our own reality and reality.

Since the symbol of the accomplishment and occurrence of a real event are completely different signs. Joy and happiness are the harbingers of happy changes. Envy and anger – mean themselves, no matter who they come from.Nobody can hide them in the world of dreams, no matter how hard they try. People “wear” masks only in life. In dreams, you can learn everything about a person, even if he closes himself off from you. Only very experienced oneuronauts can know how to hide in the subtle worlds. It is impossible to hide love in a dream.

Dream Interpretation Why dream dreams

In a dream, the weather often indicates well-being and a difficult period in life. In the plots of dreams themselves, it is the background of the dreamer’s emotions in real life.

Dream interpretation of dreams free

The time of day in a dream is an indicator of a person’s awareness in reality.A clear, bright day means that you see everything in its true light in your life. Twilight indicates confusion and doubt. Night – secrets, hidden and implicit knowledge. Sometimes the time of day means itself both in long time periods and in small ones. By analogy: morning of life, noon of flowering, sunset of life, night of doubt, “end of the day.”

Dream interpretation online

Almost always in our dreams we see symbols of events, actions or relationships. Themselves mean only people known to us: close, relatives or just well-known people.Strangers, unfamiliar people, people from the past, famous people symbolically mean character traits. Likewise, the circumstances of life, which in a dream “show” the scheme of events are now just for you. However, they include characters who play a role in order to clarify the plot and the meaning of the action.

Dream interpretation interpretation of dreams free

Dream Interpretations and Interpretations of Dreams make it possible to decipher the main characteristics of the sleep sign. But to unravel the entire plot of a dream and the scheme of events or relationships, it is possible only by combining all the symbols together.In addition, an important aspect is your personal memories of events and people in your life. Sometimes they appear in dreams, indicating a specific detail associated with them and playing a role in the plot of the dream. But only you know about it, in your archive of memory of past events.

Therefore, the only person who can fully understand the meaning of what he saw in a dream is the dreamer himself. Dream rules to help you . There are not many of them, but knowing them, it is easy to solve dreams.

Dream interpretation online – interpretation of dreams for free 😴

The site contains more than 100 dream books.The most popular of them:

Miller’s Dream Book
Popular classic interpreter of dreams. It was compiled by the American psychologist Gustav Miller at the beginning of the 20th century.

Dream Interpretation of Vanga
The author of the book is a blind clairvoyant from Bulgaria Vanga (Vangelia Pandeva-Gushterova). It is based on the wisdom and prophetic experience of a woman.

Family Dream Book
Family Dream Book is the most complete and universal collection of dream interpretations, which is suitable for all people, regardless of age, gender and professional direction.The dream book contains interpretations of dreams that are associated with family life. He also points to symbols that promise success or failure in business.

Freud’s Dream Book
It was compiled by the Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud in 1900. The author distinguishes three types of dreams: simple dreams – their interpretation is not difficult, reasonable – you need to think about their meaning and curious – confusing and incomprehensible.

Dream Interpretation Hasse
Dream Interpretation Hasse is the work of a medium and soothsayer Miss Hasse.Her prophecies are based on esoteric writings. Miss Hasse also analyzes the dates and phases of the moon on which the dream dreamed. The likelihood of dream fulfillment depends on this.

Dream Interpretation of Evgeny Tsvetkov
This book was written by the writer, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, occultist, artist and astrologer Evgeny Petrovich Tsvetkov. The author interprets dreams from a scientific point of view. Its interpretations are adapted to the traditions and peculiarities of the mentality of the Slavs and is most suitable for residents of the post-Soviet space.

Islamic dream book
Islamic dream book is a collection of interpretations of dreams, which is based on the sacred books of the Koran and Sunnah, as well as the works of the prophet Imam Muhammad. According to the Islamic dream book, dreams can influence a person’s personality and can indicate the path that will protect from sin. It also contains examples of dreams that came true in reality.

Muslim dream book
Muslim dream book is a literary monument based on the works of ancient Persian sages.The main source of the dream book is considered to be the Muslim encyclopedia “The totality of knowledge” and “The ascent of different sciences.” The peculiarity of the Muslim dream book is that all phenomena and interpretations are arranged in a certain order. The sequence depends on the importance, according to religious beliefs and Muslim mentality.

Dream Book of Nostradamus
Dream Book of Nostradamus was written by the French astrologer, soothsayer, physician and alchemist Nostradamus. His interpretations relate to the distant future.Nostradamus adhered to the theory that everyone sees dreams, according to which one can foresee the future of countries and the planet, social and natural phenomena.

Loff’s Dream Book
Loff’s Dream Book was written by psychologist David Loff. He individually approached the interpretation of each dream, depending on the characteristics of the dreamer. According to his theory, dreams depend on life experience, events that have occurred, temperament and character of the sleeping person. The same image that two people dream about can be interpreted differently for each of them.

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