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How To Cuff Pants – Men’s Fashion & Style Quick Tips

Lots of readers/viewers have been asking me to do an article and video about how to roll or cuff men’s pants, so I’m finally doing it! The article is great and all, but the act of rolling your pants is not something easily shown in still images, so do yourself a favor and watch the video below for the fully experience.
With the exception of jeans and boots, you should only be rolling your pants in the spring and summer, unless you’re in a climate where it’s warm all year-round. This is very much a warm weather flair to add to your dark wash jeans, chinos or khakis or even wool pants and trousers. But it is a little odd to wear during the colder, winter months.

Before we begin, let me show you a quick and dirty way to figure out the proper width of your cuff by using your finger joints. The each joint of your index finger is roughly an inch long.

So if you need the cuff width to be about 2″ wide, the top of the cuff would hit right around the second or middle joint, like in the picture below:


This cuff works especially well with slim fit jeans. I like to use this cuff when I’m going for a cleaner, sleeker look with a client. I’d caution against using it with chinos or other pants, as the fabric can be a little floppy around the ankles.

You also want to avoid using this cuff if you’re wearing straight fit jeans because your ankles will be swimming in a bunch of fabric. Use the pinroll cuff in the next section, instead.

Before you start cuffing, you should already have your jeans and shoes on. Otherwise, it’s harder to tell what the finished product looks like and if you’re showing the right amount of ankle. Hopefully you’ve already seen my men’s jeans fit guide so you know that your slim fit jeans should have a slight break at the hem. This cuff won’t look right with any other type of pant break.

How to Cuff

Low Top Shoes

If you’re wearing low top shoes, roll up your jeans’ cuff once.
The cuff width should be between 1.5” to 2”. If you’re on the shorter side, get the cuff as close to 1.5″ as possible. If you’re on the taller side, go for 2″. This will maintain the proper promotions for your body type.

Make sure that the roll is the same width or thickness on the front and back of the pants before you do the second roll. After finishing the second roll, the bottom of the cuff should just hit the top of your outer or inner ankle bone, like in the image below:

Boots or High Top Shoes

It’s the same as low tops: do at least 2 rolls and make sure to maintain the 1.5″ to 2″ cuff width, depending on your height.

The bottom of the cuff should either lightly graze the top of the shoe or boot or go a little bit past the top of the boot or high top. The image below, has the pants rolled up 3 times on the left and 2 times on the right. Both are equally acceptable lengths. I prefer 2 rolls, as 3 makes it look a little too military for my tastes, but 3 is just fine if that’s what you prefer.


This cuff is great for any cut of jeans, as well as chinos. I like this roll because it eliminates the issue of your pants swimming around your ankles when they’re cuffed.

Again, start with your pants and shoes already on. Check my men’s jeans fit guide and chino pant fit guide for details about the type of break your pants should have before cuffing. If your pants aren’t fitting properly or they’re too long at the hem, the roll will look big and chunky around your ankle, which you don’t want.

How to Cuff

Low Top & High Top Shoes and Boots

To start, pinch the fabric on the inside of your ankle so it feels slightly snug against your leg or ankle.

Now fold the fabric over towards your heel. The reason why we do this is because it hides the fold better than if you folded the fabric towards the front.

With your thumb still holding the fold against your ankle, start rolling the cuff up with both hands. Make sure the roll is between 1 to 2 inches wide. If you’re on the shorter side, keep it around 1″ and go closer to 2″ wide if you’re taller. This will maintain the proper proportions for your stature.

Now roll up the cuff a second time. You want to roll at least twice to make sure that excess fabric that we folded over won’t come undone. It won’t stay with just one roll.

if you’re wearing low tops, you want the bottom of the cuff to hit around 1.5 to 2” above your outer ankle bone, like the image below. If you need to roll 3 times to get there, do that.

The only exception to the 3 roll maximum is if you’re wearing boots or high tops. Then you need the cuff to just cover the top of your boot or lightly graze the top of your high tops when standing up. The image below has the cuffs rolled twice.

That’s it! Now cuff all the things!

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Thom Browne Cuffed Chino Pants in Navy

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Men’s Trousers – Chino Trousers – Matalan

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Denim Jeans are great, but you can’t wear them all the time. That’s why you need to ensure you build a collection of chino and cargo trousers you can take everywhere and anywhere. Our collection of men’s trousers and chinos are designed for just that. From casual surroundings to formal events, they’ve got you covered

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While the trouser and chino collection is diverse, you’ll also find a mixture of fits, too. From straight, stretch and slim for work or nights out, to skinny and regular leg for casual day trips, and tailored fits for more formal affairs.

How to wear

If you’re more of a denim jeans kind of person, slipping into something different can often be scary. But trousers shouldn’t be feared, or reserved for interviews and weddings. With plenty of fashion trousers to choose from, these can provide a different look for nights out when paired with a casual shirt or polo shirt. Meanwhile, chinos are always there for you in the warmer months, helping you look great and feel great, too.

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Bottoms for everyone

With big and tall options for our customers, our selection of trousers and chinos are made to fit everyone. Take your pick from short, regular and long leg lengths with waist sizes ranging from 30 to 40 inches.

Chinos Pants

Chinos trousers: what are they? In this article, we will talk about how they differ from others, how to choose the right chinos in size, and what clothes and shoes to wear with them.


Distinctive features of men’s chinos

Chino trousers are typical representatives of universal casual and even smart-casual. They are the personification of convenience, comfort and practicality.

A classic of the genre – trousers with a high or medium waist and moderately wide, slightly tapered legs.However, wide straight trousers, tapered and narrow options are also equally popular – each has its own zest.

Chinos are cotton pants. Initially, Chinese twill fabric was used for sewing chinos – a light cotton fabric of diagonal weaving. Thanks to this, the trousers were durable and not hot. Modern trends to increase the practicality, durability and elasticity of things allow the use of cotton fabrics with a small addition of synthetics.

The combination of light fabric and cut is a guarantee of convenience and comfort.The practicality of the thing is added by capacious hidden-type chamfered front pockets. The hand in them lies naturally and comfortably. There are vertical back pockets (one or two), often with a small button as a closure.

Today, chinos are available in various styles and models, zipped with a practical zipper (low-rise trousers, as a rule) or stylish buttons (mid-rise trousers). The range of colors in the assortment: plain options, trousers with contrasting inserts, chinos with original fashionable prints.

Who are chinos suitable for? They do not drive into frames – neither by age, nor by style, nor by complexion and features of the figure.

You can always choose the best option , which will be in harmony with your lifestyle, individual preferences and requirements.

Fashionable models with a tapered silhouette suit young people, while middle-aged men can get a calm monophonic version with a classic moderately loose silhouette for their basic wardrobe.

The most suitable season for chinos is the warm season, because the trousers are lightweight. However, experiments with fabric (adding wool and synthetics to cotton) made it possible to expand the range of temperature conditions up to a thaw or the first significant frosts.

Here are the highlights of the chinos:

  1. Compatibility. Pants go well with clothes, shoes and accessories of various styles.
  2. Practical and durable. Chinos serve for a long time, without losing their neat attractive appearance, require minimal maintenance.
  3. Multifunctionality. They are appropriate not only for everyday wear, but also in the office, at events and meetings, irreplaceable in travel and long trips.
  4. Availability. High-quality branded chinos can be purchased for as little as $ 20-30, not missing out on seasonal sales in online and offline stores, and even cheaper.

History of the origin of chinos

The history of chino began around the middle of the 19th century, when comfortable, lightweight trousers made of twill fabric took their place in the uniforms of British colonial soldiers in the sweltering and hot India. Even then, they owed their style to traditional Indian pants. The soiled and catchy white color was changed to a kind of khaki, having painted the fabric with a mixture of coffee, curry and mulberry juice.

The name chinos trousers owe their name to the origin of matter.

At that time, it was produced only in China (in English, China is translated as China).

The end of the Second World War became the starting point of the beginning of the victorious procession of these trousers around the world. Returning home, the soldiers continued to wear comfortable and non-marking trousers in everyday life.

However, if earlier chinos could only be attributed to the style of soft, not aggressive military, then modern trousers simply cannot be recognized. The result of the versatility of the cut, combined with the imagination of the designers, can be seen today in the form of a wide range of chinos and their high popularity.

How chinos differ from slacks

The variety of styles and models of casual (informal everyday style) and smart-casual (business informal style) trousers from time to time can be confusing and misleading.

A modern man who wants to dress stylishly, fashionably, with taste, is interested in the question of what to choose – chinos or slacks? Or maybe it’s the same thing, because slacks began to gain popularity at the same time as chinos?

Left – slacks, right – chinos

Both trousers are united by the fact that they belong to casual styles, have a straight or slightly tapered silhouette, are made of fabric based on cotton or linen, do not constrain movement and require minimal maintenance.

Some models are really similar, but there are some differences:

  1. Cloth. Slacks are sewn from dense fabric (mixed gabardine), chinos – from lightweight.
  2. Texture. Slacks are spacious and resemble jeans in shape and texture of the material, chinos are a confident alternative to jeans.
  3. Compatibility. Slacks are less combinatorial and versatile than chinos – in terms of both the choice of clothing and the choice of shoes, slacks are more demanding.
  4. Pints. Slacks are often sewn with folds on the belt (tucks), chinos – without.


The basis of fabric for sewing chinos is cotton. This explains the lightness of the trousers, their high thermo- and steam-regulating properties, hypoallergenicity, pleasant tactile sensations.

Twill weave provides diagonal mobility to the cotton fabric. Moreover, the material is completely inelastic.Tapered models are uncomfortable without the addition of synthetic fibers to cotton or linen. Comfort and freedom are the virtues of chinos, regardless of the model.

For hot weather , it is better to give preference to natural fabrics with a minimum content of synthetics (up to 10%). On the other hand, 15-30% of synthetic fibers in combination with cotton are better able to retain heat on cold days.

It is worth remembering that synthetics do not drain sweat away from the body well, and can be dangerous for allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive skin.It is better to refuse to buy a model with a high content of synthetic additives at any time of the year.


The trousers do not hinder movement due to the peculiarities of the cut. There are three types of chino cut available:

  1. Straight – loose straight cut trousers with a medium waist, buttons are used as a fastener. Stylish, comfortable, functional. Straight chinos go well for middle-aged and older men, this model looks elegant and restrained, combined with both formal shoes and sandals or sports shoes.
  2. Slim – trousers tapered from top to bottom. They have a low fit, but there are medium options. The zipper is in harmony with this cut, giving the thing more style and practicality. Tapered chinos look good with casual shoes, classic and sporty jumpers, pullovers. Slim chinos are a good option for visually correcting imperfections and emphasizing the merits of the physique and figure.
  3. Super slim – ultra slim trousers with a zipper.Today, such chinos are presented in numerous options, up to tight-fitting trousers. Upper cut is different, fit and fly are low. Superslims especially appealed to the younger generation of experimenters.

Left to Right: Mid Rise, Straight Fit / Low Rise, Tapered / Low Rise, Ultra Slim

Left to Right: Mid Rise, Straight Fit / Low Rise, Tapered / Low Rise, Ultra Slim


The classics of the genre men’s chinos are variants made in a monochromatic pastel palette: discreet khaki, beige, sand, white, coffee with milk. The advantage here is the high degree of compatibility with different colors in other garments and accessories. This range is most in demand and does not give up its positions for at least 5-7 years.

Proven variants of color combinations are combinations of white and black, white with all shades of brown, khaki and “sand”, sea wave and coral, graphite with gray.

If you wish, you can experiment with ultra-bright colors , combining orange, yellow or crimson electric trousers with blue cropped jackets, sweaters and sports jackets in rich natural shades, right up to pilot jackets.In this version, fashionable casual-pants look spectacular and piquant, harmoniously balancing several styles in one image (military, sports, casual, hip-hop, rock).

A win-win ensemble for chinos of any color is a contrasting but color-coordinated top: dark pants – light top, and vice versa.

Bold chinos with abstract prints look bold with solid, soothing colors on the rest of the garment. The exception is accessories – belt, scarf, laces on sneakers, etc.These are bright accents that will emphasize the boldness and audacity of the image.

What to wear with chinos: we select clothes and shoes

Chinos are bright representatives of casual and smart-casual style. A high degree of compatibility, the ability to combine incongruous (and it looks fresh and unusual), convenience – all this has made chinos a favorite item in the basic wardrobe of fashionable party-goers, managers, entrepreneurs, creative personalities and all those who strive to live life to the fullest and appreciate comfort.

Chinos are one of the few types of trousers that are comfortable and allow you to wear the same comfortable clothes and shoes. Pants go well with cropped blazers of a straight and slightly fitted silhouette, T-shirts, shirts (including classic ones) outside or casually tucked in with rolled up sleeves, classic or wide silhouette polos and jumpers. The length of the chinos worn outside should not hide the line of the front pockets. If you decide to complement the trousers and the image with a belt, then the accessory should be opened.

The business-casual fashion trend is a combination of classic straight or tapered chinos with a classic shirt, a fitted jacket and a tie or bow tie. In this form, it is possible for a graduation, and for a business meeting or an official event. Classic shoes or comfortable casual loafers are suitable as shoes.

There is one important detail to keep in mind, however. The length of the legs of modern chinos slightly opens the ankle joint, and therefore it is better to wear high socks (there is no elastic band in the visibility zone) or refuse them altogether.

Pants go well with different types of shoes : sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, lace-up boots or with buckles.




How to choose the right chino by size

Chinos are difficult to choose based solely on the dimensional grid. Fitting plays an important role, because the fineness of cut and sizes vary from manufacturers.

Trousers should not cause discomfort when moving.

Leg length in chinos partially or completely opens the joint. If the pants are too long, it doesn’t matter, you can tuck the edges outward by 2-3 turns, although this is not necessary.

But if you really correspond to fashion trends, then in the turns it is worth observing a slight negligence – do not be afraid to allow asymmetry, folds. This will only add spice. In addition, by experimenting with the height of the sides of the formed cuff, you can visually correct the length and line of the leg.

Quality attributes

When choosing trousers, do not rush. It is worth paying attention to the brand name, the appearance of the product and some points.

  • Composition and origin of the fabric. A conscientious manufacturer (brand) will not allow itself to use materials with a high synthetic content. On the contrary, the bet is on naturalness. A synthetic component is added to give the fabric and the finished product additional properties that increase usability without compromising comfort and safety.
  • Smooth cut lines, ergonomics. The silhouette of good trousers resembles the lines of the body.
  • Smooth, strong seams , both on the outside and on the wrong side of the garment.
  • Features of fixing trousers. The number of buttons on the belt (2-3 is ideal).
  • Labels. Design, literacy and accuracy of tags and labels.

Men’s trousers with cuffs (56 photos): classic, jeans or sports

Trousers are an essential element in a man’s wardrobe.Stylists assure that every self-respecting fashionista should have at least three pants in order to use them to create images in different stylistic directions.

Men’s trousers with cuffs today occupy hardly the first place in the list of fashionable casual and sportswear. This convenient universal option, which allows you to create many non-trivial bows, is chosen by men who value comfort above all else.

Features of trousers with cuffs

It is noteworthy that cuffs on trousers appeared in the century before last, and none other than King Edward VII of Britain is considered the trendsetter of this fashion.

Trousers with cuffs are a product with the edges of the trousers bent up at the factory. Some time ago, it was believed that cuffs and cuffs were out of fashion, but recent fashion shows have refuted this opinion.

Today, cuffs can be found not only on classic suit trousers, sweatpants, but also on cargo, jeans, chinos and other casual style models.

Cuffs have many advantages.

  • Firstly, they slightly make the texture slightly heavier, do not create unnecessary folds, smoothly fit the shoes and balance the overall length of the product.
  • Secondly, they make adjustments to the growth. For example, they visually shorten too long, and center their knees for short men.

In other words, the cuffs are the final touch that makes the image harmonious and complete. It is possible without them, but with them the trousers acquire a special chic and functionality.

How wide should the cuffs be? The optimal width is 3.5-4 centimeters. Too wide cuffs make trousers extravagant, narrow ones add curiosity to the image.

Variety of trousers with cuffs

Modern clothing manufacturers present in their collections original models of men’s trousers with cuffs, among which every man, regardless of age, will choose a suitable option for himself. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular styles.


Classic men’s trousers are a traditional option for working in the office and attending formal events. Some models are complemented by neat cuff-cuffs.And although this element is not a charming component, it nevertheless plays an important role.

In particular, as mentioned above, the cuffs help to make the garment heavier. That is why the trousers sit straight and do not form unaesthetic folds. At the same time, the cuffs add practicality to the trousers – if they are available, the trousers do not wear out so quickly.


Sports trousers with cuffs can be of any width. In this case, the cuffs have a practical function – they protect the body from coolness.However, with the light hand of designers, they also become a striking decorative element that adds aesthetics and style to the product. For example, products with cuffs made of fabric contrasting with the main color of trousers look very impressive.


Cargo trousers – loose trousers equipped with spacious and functional patch pockets on the knees and in other areas. As a rule, they are sewn from durable tailors fabrics. A characteristic feature of the cargo is the cuffs at the bottom of the legs.They can be in the form of a barely noticeable fabric lapel or a wide knitted tape.

These trousers are distinguished by their practicality and increased level of comfort – the cuffs tightly covering the leg do not allow the trousers to lift up during active movements. Cargo looks brutal and stylish and fits into any style (except classic).


Chino trousers, originally created for British soldiers, today belong to the bright representatives of casual and even smart-casual styles.They are sewn from 100% cotton, therefore they are the embodiment of practicality and comfort.

Distinctive features of trousers – deliberate negligence, absence of waist folds, presence of cuffs or cuffs. Traditional colors for chinos are khaki, olive, white, beige.


Tapered trousers, as proven by the latest fashion shows, are at the top of their popularity. Among the most popular models are joggers – loose-fitting trousers, slightly tapered at the bottom.They belong to the direction of sport-chic and casual.

The location of the crotch is most often underestimated (no more than mid-thigh). The cuffs on the legs emphasize the leg relays and can be in the form of a thin strip under the fabric of the trousers, an elastic band or a wide elastic band draped with the fabric.


Jeans, oddly enough, can also have cuffs. Of course, the most popular model is still the classic straight lines, but the narrowed ones also look good and find their admirers.Pants with cuffs fit perfectly into casual and sporty styles, and the top to them is not difficult to pick up.

How to choose trousers with cuffs

Despite the fact that trousers with cuffs have a lot of advantages, the selection of a model must be approached responsibly. Pants should fit perfectly.

A tall, slender, harmoniously built man can choose any option, regardless of color, location of the crotch, fit and width.

Young people of short stature can pay attention to traditional joggers with a standard fit and a not too low crotch line.Skinny trousers with a vertically arranged ornament, for example, abstraction, a strip, will also look good. The fabric of the pants should be as tight as possible.

When combining long legs and a short torso, stylists advise to give preference to joggers with a low crotch waistline and a low fit. Low-waist jeans will look good, as well as bright pants, possibly printed.

Thin men can look at trousers that are bulky in the hips, for example, cargo with numerous pockets, bananas, breeches.With massive hips, on the contrary, it is better to choose the classic straight or tapered, narrow at the top of the pants, without details that add volume. In this case, the elastic at the bottom should be as narrow as possible.

Fashionable colors

The color of fashionable trousers with cuffs can be any, depending on the personal preferences of the man. Clothing of a universal color scheme does not lose its relevance, among which black is the undisputed favorite, despite the conservatism.

Stylists recommend paying attention to such fashionable shades of trousers as blueberry, burgundy and, of course, the “dollar” color – a stylish muted green shade. For the spring-summer season, light shades are perfect – beige, pearl gray, light green.


Black trousers are a versatile option that suits any situation. They are not easily soiled, they are not as noticeable on them as on gray or beige ones, besides they have excellent combinatoriality, that is, the top can be matched to them in any color.


Blue trousers are considered to be the classics of office fashion today, it is not for nothing that stylists call it “the new black”. However, blue is, first of all, denim, and denim trousers with cuffs and cuffs are at the peak of popularity today.


It is believed that gray trousers are chosen by real aesthetes, for whom black seems too banal and gloomy. All shades of the spectrum look extremely interesting and stylish. Light-colored, as a rule, are used for sewing summer trousers, dark gray trousers can be worn at any time of the year.


Without exception, all brown shades look extraordinarily impressive. That is why brown trousers are chosen by both mature men and young guys.


Fashionable trousers with cuffs can be not only plain, but also with a pattern, for example, camouflage. To date, the army print is recognized as the most popular among the male. Trousers with a camouflage print look very stylish, adding brutality and chic to the image of a man.

Pants fit perfectly into the military style, but they will look quite organic both in casual and sportswear.

How to wear trousers with cuffs

The question of what to wear trousers with cuffs is relevant for all men who follow fashion trends.Stylists, of course, do not give a single recommendation on this matter. The selection of tops and shoes depends on the specific model of the pants.

For classic tailored trousers, you need an appropriate top – shirts with long sleeves, a tie, a double-breasted jacket. As for footwear, preference should be given to classic leather shoes, the color of which will depend on the color of the trousers.

In the office, where the dress code is not too strict, with classic trousers with cuffs, you can wear a jumper, pullover, two-piece (shirt + cardigan).Loose shoes are allowed in this case: suede shoes, loafers, brogues.

All other trousers with cuffs, since they are not formal, can be worn with anything – shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, longsleeves and turtlenecks.

For cool weather, a biker jacket, bomber jacket, cardigan, hoodie, sweatshirt, duffle coat, trench coat are selected for pants. Any footwear is also suitable – brogues, monks, loafers, moccasins. In hot weather – canvas shoes, sneakers, trainers.

How to make cuffs on trousers

The cuffs on the pants can be made by yourself. This is a great way to diversify your wardrobe, to give a second life to your familiar, but slightly annoying and frayed trousers.

How to make cuffs? It couldn’t be easier!

This process is completely simple, and even a beginner mastering the basics can handle it. This will require fabric and elastic. The material for the trousers does not have to be matched to the tone; the cuffs made of contrasting fabric will also look very interesting.The width of the elastic is also at your discretion.

Follow these simple steps :

  • Take an elastic band, measure the required length and sew both ends together to form a ring.
  • Cut a piece from the fabric that is 2 centimeters longer and as much wider than the elastic. Sew it in the same way.
  • Apply elastic to the inside of the fabric.
  • Turn the fabric over and sew to the bottom of the leg, overcast.
  • Smooth the side seams, overcast the hem of the leg.
  • Smooth the inside of the cuffs.
  • At the end of the procedure, flatten the face of the cuff.

Do the same for the second cuff.

Men’s trousers – chino, regular cut (silhouette), ST1320, Greiff


  • Fit: Regular Fit, Regular Fit
  • Bottom width: 36 cm
  • Inside leg length: 84 cm
  • Cut from knee to hem: slightly tapered
  • Cutting features: wide cuffs of trousers that can be tucked
  • Pockets: 2 side pockets, 2 welt pockets in the back
  • Clasp: 1 button
  • Care instructions:


Men’s chino trousers Greiff ST1320 combine the light casual casual style of casual wear with the practicality of business wear. They sit freely on the figure and do not hinder movements. A feature of this model is the turn-up of the legs for the formation of beautiful cuffs. The trousers taper slightly, but do not fit the legs, so they are especially comfortable. The trousers have 2 side pockets and 2 back pockets. The presence of elastomultiester in the composition significantly increases the elasticity of the trousers, allowing them to take the shape of the body. Professional uniform chino pants Greiff ST1320 are distinguished by high wear resistance, convenience and ease of care.

Men’s chino trousers for staff are available in the most stylish colors: black, gray, beige and navy blue. Only the highest quality fabrics and accessories for corporate clothing, which is typical for the entire Casual collection. The composition contains 40% cotton, 30% polyester and 30% elastomultiester. The density of the fabric is 205 g / sq. Pants are available in sizes 42-64 and 46L-56L (Russian size), L – extended length. The length of the trousers is 80 cm. All patterns for men’s trousers are developed and tested in our own design bureau, Greiff, which was created 200 years ago.Rich experience has allowed the company to hone patterns to perfection! Buying mens trousers for Greiff staff you can be assured of a perfect fit and quality finished products.

Corporate clothing is an important component of a company’s image. Men’s chino trousers Greiff ST1320 are perfect for administrators of hotels and restaurants, staff of airlines and car dealerships, employees of banks, insurance companies and large corporations. Pants Greiff ST1320 are perfect as an element of the uniform of office workers, staff of beauty salons, employees of brand stores in shopping centers.In a stylish and comfortable form for staff, employees will feel more confident, feeling a part of the company. High-quality and beautiful clothing for staff at first glance forms a positive image of a successful company in the eyes of customers.

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