The best makeup for contouring: The 14 Best Contour Kits in 2021


The 14 Best Contour Kits in 2021

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Believe it or not, people have been contouring their faces since the sixteenth century, but we can all agree it wasn’t mainstream until the Kardashian era (which is to say, sometime around 2012). In any case, the makeup technique is truly a game-changer. You can sculpt your cheekbones and make your face appear narrower or shade your upper-forehead to draw attention down to your eyes. You can make your nose look straighter, define your jawline, or create the illusion of a longer neck. The possibilities are endless—that is, if you’re equipped with the right products. Luckily, contour kits come with everything you need (except maybe a brush and a blender sponge) to achieve the lifted, sculpted look you’re going for.

We appreciate options with multiple shades, allowing you to blend colors for a customized effect.

Many also come with a highlighter color, which is key to creating a pro-level dimension. “When I look for a contour palette, I make sure it is suitable to use on a wide range of skin tones, first and foremost. I also think the formulation is very important. For example, I like my contour to be pigmented and blendable,” says BenkoVancouver-based makeup artist Amanda Benko.

With that said, these are the best contour kits available today.

Final Verdict

For an A+ contour kit that pulls out all the stops, your best bet is the Lorac Pro Contour Palette. Developed by the trusted mind of an experienced celebrity makeup artist, it comes with three stunning matte contour colors, plus three brilliant highlighters and a pro-level brush. However, if you prefer something without a double-digit price tag, we recommend the e.l.f. Cosmetics Contour Palette. With four gorgeous, blendable shades, including two contours and two highlighters, this kit gives high-end palettes a run for their money.

What To Look For In A Contour Kit

Powder vs. Cream

“When looking to buy a contour kit, you have to first decide if you want a powder or a cream formula. If you’re a beginner, I would suggest you go for powder formula, as it’s easier to use,” says Ali.

Creams tend to be a little more blendable, and they work well for those with dry skin. However, many powder formulas are notably silky and smooth, as they’re designed to be both blendable and buildable. Similar to setting your foundation with a powder, some people use a cream formula and then set it with a contour powder.

Shade Range

“Typically, contour palettes have around six to eight colors, but unless you’re a makeup artist, you don’t actually need that many colors to contour and sculpt your face,” explains Ali. For beginners and anyone who doesn’t want or need the works, she suggests kits with two to four colors. That said, palettes with several hues allow you to blend colors to create your perfect shade.

Highlighter Component

Contour is the yin to highlighter’s yang. In other words, the opposite hues complete each other, making up the two essential components of a pro-level makeup routine. That’s why most contour kits come with both deep and light colors.

“The lighter colors in the kit can be used to either brighten and highlight or just to set your makeup in place if it’s a powder formula,” says Ali. Some palettes have both highlighting shades (which might be matte or shimmery) and color-correctors (usually with more of a yellow or pinkish tint).

Why Trust Byrdie?

Commerce writer and Byrdie contributor Theresa Holland has several years of experience covering skincare and makeup products. She learned to contour from The School of YouTube and has been practicing her sculpting and highlighting techniques for the better part of a decade. Theresa’s favorites from this list include e.l.f. Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Fenty Beauty, and Wet n Wild.

Top 10 Contour Kits for Every Skill Level & Budget

From high-end to budget-friendly, check out the best contouring kits of 2018 for every skill level.

As a MyUS member, you can purchase any of these kits from US websites and ship them in as few as 2-4 days. Even better, you’ll pay no US sales tax on your purchase!

10. MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette $35

This palette from MAC has four concealers and two corrector shades, but many pro makeup artists use them religiously to contour as well. Buy the palette here.

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Original Contour Kit $40

Prefer a powder contour kit? This six shade palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills has three shades for highlighting and three for contouring, all with a blendable satin finish you’ll fall in love with. Buy it here.

8. Kat Von D The Shade + Light Creme Contour Palette $49

Want your contouring to last all day and all night? Kat Von D’s The Shade + Light Contour Palette is the first-ever 24-hour high-pigment contour palette.

It’s velvety, non-greasy, insanely blendable and great on all skin types. Buy it here.

7. Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit $16

Not only does Sleek’s contour kit contain six creamy, blendable contour shades, but it’s half the price of most kits! Even better, they have a video tutorial on their website that takes you through the contouring process step by step. Buy it here.

6. The Complexionista $32

This palette from Benefit has six shades to conceal, bronze, and highlight like a pro. Buy it here.

5. E.L.F. Contour Palette $6

Looking for a professional quality contouring kit without the fancy price tag? This palette from e.l.f. has four powder shades, making it easy to customize to match your skin tone, and it’s infused with vitamin E for a gorgeous, nourished complexion. Buy it here.

4. Focallure Contouring Sticks $17

Creamy, highly blendable, and long lasting, this four-piece set makes it easy to contour on the go! Buy the set here.

3. LORAC Pro Contour Palette Plus Contour Brush $45

Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, these velvety-smooth powders make it easy to contour just like a pro. Buy it here.

2. Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit $35

Sculpt, shape, and pop your features with this step-by-step contour kit from Smashbox with three shades for defining, bronzing, and highlighting. Buy it here.

1. MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette $40

These soft and creamy powder formulas blend effortlessly for a luminous glow and flawlessly contoured finish. Buy it here.

We love bringing the best products and offers to our members, but some of the contour kits featured above may have purchase restrictions, or may not take all forms of payment. Please check the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information.


5 Best Contour Products, According to Makeup Artists

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Contouring is known to be one of the quickest and easiest ways to sculpt your face. And while makeup artists on Instagram can make the process look intimidating with dozens of steps that look like face paint gone wrong, if you have the right products, it doesn’t have to be scary.

By nature, contouring works to create a sort of optical illusion, using darker and lighter makeup tones to bring certain elements of your face to the forefront. In its earliest iterations, it was used to help stage actors enhance their features so that people in the audience could see them more clearly, but now, it’s become standard practice in people’s day-to-day beauty routines.

In order to achieve a seamless, natural-looking contour, it’s important to start with the right tools. First up? Finding the perfect contour shade for your skin tone. “Your contour color should be quite a few shades darker than your foundation, but finding the right balance of warmth and ash for your skin color is key,” says Cara Lovello, a celebrity makeup artist based in New York. “Typically, you want to lean toward a cooler tone, but be careful not to let it look muddy.” According to Nydia Figueroa, a celebrity makeup artist, you’ll also want to avoid anything sparkly or shimmery. “A product that contains too much shimmer will reflect light which is the opposite of what a contour is meant to do,” she says. Anything with red tones is also out because it will add too much warmth to your skin.

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With that in mind, here are the five best contour products these artists recommend adding to your arsenal to make the process a cinch. You’ll be competing with those Instagram MUAs in no time.

5 best contour products, according to makeup artists

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1. A medium, fluffy brush

Properly applying contour requires the right brush, which is where this medium, fluffy pick comes in. Use the brush to sweep the product across your jawline, in the concave areas of your cheeks, and around your hairline, then blend until it looks seamless.

2. A small, fluffy brush

The narrower the tool you’re using with your contour, the more precise you can be with product application. So a smaller brush, like this one, is great for adding definition to your nose.

3. A contour stick

“If you’re new to contouring, I recommend using a stick foundation—it’s quick and easy to apply, and foundations usually blend out smoother than most contour products,” says Lovello. She’s a fan of this Bobbi Brown stick, which comes in 43 shades, is easily blendable, and works on all skin types.

4. A contour cream

If you use cream-based foundation or have generally dry skin, a cream contour product, like this one, is likely your best bet. It will go on smoothly without adding any unwanted sparkle or shimmer and can be applied with your fingers or a sponge, then blended with a brush.

5. A contour powder

According to Figueroa, powder contour is the best bet for anyone with oily skin, because it will help to soak up excess oils and mattify your complexion. Lovello is a fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit, which comes in light, medium, or dark shades and has both warm and cool tones so that you’ll have everything you need for the perfect contour in a single compact.

5. A contour cream/powder duo

Can’t decide between powder and cream? Get you a contour kit that can do both. “Cream contour can leave a dewy finish where a powder contour can leave a matte or satin finish,” says Figueroa. “I love to first go in with a cream contour to create my desired shape and set with a powder contour for a seamless blend.” This duo has a deep cream contour that you can use to sculpt your face and a pressed powder you can dust on to set it in place.

Need a quick tutorial on how to contour for Zoom? Check out the video below. 

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Best Contour Palettes for Beginners

Contouring with makeup is when you define certain areas of the face, such as the nose, jaw, and the hollows of the cheeks, with a brown-toned powder or cream.

Neutral, yellow, or white tones can also be used to brighten areas such as the bridge of the nose, the upper cheekbones, and the chin. The purpose is to enhance your features, and to even change the shape. Contouring seems to go in and out of style in the world of makeup, and I tend to reserve it for special occasions anymore, but I am getting back into it. As I come to appreciate contouring more and more, I want to make the concept attainable for everyone. So, I am going through my collection to discuss the best contour palettes for beginners, and really makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels. Most of these palettes are high-end, with a few drugstore selections to help you get your chisel on.

Best Contour Palettes for Beginners

tarte Tartest Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

First for the best contour palettes for beginners is the tarte Tartest Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette. This palette contains four highlighters, one powder contour, and one cream contour. I have never used the cream shade, so I cannot speak for that. The powder contour is lovely and the right tone to get the job done. I have a deluxe sample of Stunner and it is an amazing highlighter that glows for miles without shimmer. The tone is perfect to match every makeup look, and I wore it in most of my outfit posts in 2020. Strobe is a more subtle highlight with a touch of shimmer. Lit and Fire are a bit too dark for me.

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Face Contouring and Highlighting Kit

Second is the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Face Contouring and Highlighting Kit. My kit is the old version of the palette, as it has since gotten a facelift and is completely different. This all-powder kit includes a medium and a deep contour, plus a matte highlight and an oh-so-slightly shimmery highlight. The brush is decent and you can definitely contour with it. Also, the cocoa smell is divine.

tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette

Third is the tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette, which is my latest obsession. It features two matte highlights and four contour shades that range from light to deep, that can also do double duty as bronzer. I love that this shade range completely avoids you looking orange. The powders are so soft and luxurious. A quick tip here- lately I have been applying contour to the hollows of my cheeks, and then following with bronzer. I always did it vice versa, but I am enjoying the new way.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

Fourth is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette. I have reviewed this palette so many times on the blog. This is my special occasion and travel contour palette of choice. The range of tones is exceptionally nice for my pale skin, as it includes three contour shades and three matte highlights. The matte highlights really give you options with the banana yellow, the light brightening shade, and the more neutral shade. You can build these colors up for the perfect sculpt.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Creme Contour Palette

Next in the best contour palettes for beginners is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Creme Contour Palette. This is the all-cream version of the powder palette, but the tones do pull darker than the powder. I admit that I need to get into this palette, and cream makeup in general, more. But, this is a great option for those who prefer cream over powder.

wet n wild megaglo Contouring Palette

Here is the wet n wild megaglo Contouring Palette. She’s old, but one worth having around. People always hit pan on the banana yellow matte highlight shade, but I am not really into banana powders. They do a good job of brightening the skin on medium skin tones. The contour shade is just perfect. I appreciate the simplicity of this palette as it completely avoids being overwhelming. It is also great for a quick contour if you are short on time. The formula is highly pigmented.

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elf Contour Palette

Continuing on, this is the elf Cosmetics Contour Palette. This palette contains a light and medium contour, a matte highlight, and a gentle highlighter. It is tricky to see, but I have quite a dent in the matte highlight. This is another no-fuss palette like the wet n wild one above. It gets the job done quickly and effectively, but at a much lower price point. The pigmentation is soft and buildable.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit

Here is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit. Being that this is another cream palette, I do need to get into this one more. People praise this kit for its lovely blendability and pigmentation. I have used the deepest contour shade and it is so easy to work with. This kit includes three contour shades ranging from light, medium, and deep, as well as three matte highlighters, one of which is pure white.

Profusion Pro Contour

The last item in the best contour palettes for beginners is Profusion Pro Contour. You may notice how much this looks like the Kat Von D palette, and I compare the two in my cheap alternatives post. You will honestly get the same look with this palette as the high-end version, and even the performance is there. This is a hard palette to actually find, but definitely scoop it up if you come across it.

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Shop the Post


In summary of the best contour palettes for beginners (and all skill levels), each palette reviewed here will effortlessly provide a chiseled look with a variety of tones to create depth. Whether you are a powder or cream fan (or both), I have you covered. Contouring may not be in our daily routines, but I always contour my nose and have been doing so for years. Makeup has the power to help us gain confidence by enhancing areas that sometimes make us feel self-conscious. Until next time, continue to let your true beauty shine.

Are you into contouring?


Best Contouring Makeup Palettes – Best Drugstore and Luxury Contouring Makeup Kits

Contouring doesn’t have to be complicated, or even extreme, to naturally enhance your bone structure. In fact, the most common contour mistake is “putting shadows and light in areas where they aren’t needed in the first place,” says makeup artist Ricky Wilson. For the most natural-looking results, try Wilson’s trick: suck in your cheekbones and place your contouring shade on each temple, along your jawline, and under your chin. If you also wish to slim your nose (totally optional, says Wilson), add a subtle vertical line down either side of the bridge, then blend, blend, blend.

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Oribe Illuminating Face Palette, $68,

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Contour Palette, $13,

Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book The Art of Sculpting + Defining Volume II, $65, sephora. com.

Lancôme Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Stick, $36,

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Contour Face Contouring Kit, $13,

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Face Palette, $45,

Mehron Celebre Pro-HD Cream Contour & Highlight Palette, $80,

Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo, $40,

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10 Best Concealers for Contouring in 2021 – WWD

All products and services featured are independently chosen by editors. However, WWD may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

Concealers are one of the hardest-working items in our makeup bag. They can magically erase under-eye circles to help you fake a full night’s sleep, hide a breakout, and fake an even skin tone. But there’s one method you might be missing out on, and that’s using the best concealers for contouring. The makeup multitasker can also be used to contour and highlight your face.

The best concealers for contouring have just the right formula. You don’t want one that’s too dewy, since it doesn’t have as much staying power, or one that’s too dry, as that makes it harder to blend, which means the results won’t be as natural-looking. You’ll need two concealers to contour and highlight. To sculpt and contour, you’ll want one that’s two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Make your face seem more chiseled and add depth by applying it under your jawline, around the temples, under the cheekbones and around the temples. To highlight and brighten your face, you’ll want a concealer that’s one shade lighter, and you can use it to illuminate the inner corners of the eyes, top of the cheekbones and down the center of the nose to fake a slimmer nose. Then, blend to perfection to ensure a natural look.

Now that you know the essentials, shop the best concealers for contouring.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touché Éclat All-Over Brightening Concealer Pen

Long before contouring and highlighting were all over social media, the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touché Éclat All-Over Brightening Concealer Pen was used to sculpt the face. The OG makeup staple reached cult-favorite status years ago, making it one of the best concealers for contouring and highlighting. Its light-reflecting technology delivers a gorgeous glow that’s sheer and shimmer-free. The liquid concealer is designed to be used all over the face and has plenty of skin-loving ingredients, including hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, Moroccan calendula extract to protect and soothe, and vitamin E for antioxidants.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Touché Éclat All-Over Brightening Concealer Pen $38.00 Buy Now

2. Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer

Its name makes it obvious that the Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer is meant to do a lot more than your average concealer. The full-coverage, buildable, long-wear concealer can be used to conceal, contour, highlight and retouch. No matter how much you dab on, the versatile formula will never crease, delivering weightless, flawless wear. Its vast shade range is equally impressive. It also boosts skin while you wear it thanks to hyaluronic acid, alpine rose to aid overall skin health and coconut water for moisture.

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer $30.00 Buy Now

3. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

As one of the most beloved concealers out there, the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer just may be the answers to all of your sculpting and illuminating needs. The full-coverage formula earns its popularity for lifting, firming, brightening and smoothing skin, essentially working like a filter to blur fine lines. The vegan formula blends like a dream and will stay put all day sans any creasing or flaking. As one of the best concealers for contouring, it also nourishes skin with mango seed butter to guard from free radical damage, shea butter to boost elasticity, and licorice root extract to color correct and brighten.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer $27.00 Buy Now

4. Clé De Peau Beauté Concealer SPF 25

As the gold standard for stick concealers, the Clé De Peau Beauté Concealer SPF 25 is also one of the best concealers for contouring. Incredibly creamy, it glides right onto skin for the full coverage and perfect finish you crave. Infused with hydrating ingredients, it also has chestnut rosa fruit extract and green tea extract to fight oxidation. The light-absorbing formula erases imperfections while its texture allows it to mask raised skin.

Clé De Peau Beauté Concealer SPF 25 $73.00 Buy Now

5. Bobbi Brown Instant Full Coverage Concealer

The key to the best concealers for contouring is their blendability, which is what makes the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Coverage Concealer a favorite. Even though it’s opaque, the formula is easy to play with. Super lightweight, because it’s packed with pigment you only need a dab of it to cover even the darkest circles. Since the formula is water-, sweat- and humidity-resistant, it’ll stay right where you want it and look fresh all day.

Bobbi Brown Instant Full Coverage Concealer $32. 00 Buy Now

6. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer makes every best of list for good reason. Boasting an expansive shade range, you’ll find the right match for every complexion and undertone. The award-winning concealer lasts for up to 16 hours and does it all — it corrects, contours and highlights. Fine lines, breakouts and any other imperfections are instantly masked with the medium coverage liquid formula. It’s infused with a blend of botanicals — specifically magnolia bark extract, grape seed extract and vitamin E — to moisturize, firm and strengthen skin.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer $30.00 Buy Now

7. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Underpainting Color Correction Palette

Instead of buying extra concealers in lighter and darker shades, you could just opt for the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Underpainting Color Correction Palette and be all set. It includes all the shades you need to conceal, contour and highlight, and you can even custom blend the four tones to get the exact hue you need. The creamy concealers are buildable and boast impressive color correction to erase darkness, redness and dullness.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Underpainting Color Correction Palette $42.00 Buy Now

8. Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer

The Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer is designed to do it all, from covering up a breakout to making your cheekbones pop. Packed with pigment, a little goes a long way with this lightweight concealer that leaves a natural, matte finish and has staying power for up to 24 hours. Meant to be buildable, you can use the unique wave-tip applicator to get just the right amount — the flat side is meant for light, exact application and the curve delivers a bigger dollop.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer $29. 00 Buy Now

9. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Concealer

Regardless of its drugstore steal status, the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Concealer is an easy-to-blend formula that will make contouring so much easier. It feels so light on skin, yet it can conceal or correct whatever needs to be camouflaged. It promises up to 16 hours of coverage and the radiant formula will leave your skin glowing, making it ideal as a highlighter, too.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Concealer $4.75 Buy Now

10. Maybelline New York Fit Me Liquid Concealer

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your jawline or hide a scar, the Maybelline New York Fit Me Liquid Concealer gets the job done. Its effortless blendability is what makes it one of the best concealers for contouring. It’ll appear fresh all day long, leaving skin looking naturally flawless.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Liquid Concealer $4. 33 Buy Now

🥇 9 Best Drugstore Contour Products For All Skin Types

Whether you’re a makeup guru or not, one of the hottest makeup trends is the empowering contour. This sexy technique frames your face, makes your cheekbones pop, and helps your face look thinner altogether. Unfortunately, many top products have a high price tag – but luckily, we’re here to bring you the best drugstore contour makeup products on the market!

Is it better to contour with cream or powder?

Overall, your skin type will determine which contour products will work best for you. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to stick to more cream-based contours instead of powder (fine lines will appear more prominent on dry skin when using powder). 

If you have oily skin, you will probably want to stick to more matte contour products like powders (cream-based products and oily skin don’t usually mesh well). Combination skin is a bit trickier – some people actually use different formulas on different areas of their face.  

Best Drugstore Contour Makeup


Powder Drugstore Contour

Makeup Revolution Contour Kit

This kit comes with 8 different powder shades to create a perfect sculpted look with natural depth & added highlight for that goddess-like glow.

It even includes a lighter shade that is perfect for brightening up the under-eyes & adding a touch of highlight to your cheekbones. We love this cheap contour kit for the smooth, easy to apply, and long-lasting benefits!



Cream Drugstore Contour 

Elf Cream Contour Palette ($8)

This vegan & cruelty-free kit comes with four natural cream contour shades to help you sculpt, highlight, and brighten your features effortlessly on the go. It’s creamy and blends effortlessly into your skin for a flawless, natural finish everyone will love.

It’s definitely one of the best cheap contour kits and is a great starter palette for those new to contouring!

Best Drugstore Contour


Maybelline Fit Me Stick

This lightweight foundation stick makes use of gel & powder combination to create an oil-free appearance. Although this is a foundation stick, using a darker color will help you easily create a beautiful contour. 

It’s easy to control and slides on smoothly. If you don’t want to be carrying a big contour kit around, this all-in-one contour stick is easy to carry around for those midday touch-ups.


Best Drugstore Contour

Under $5 

Jordana Sculpt N’ Go Creamy Contour Stick

Who knew you could find a good contour under $5? This contour stick is blendable and matte. You’ll feel like the next Kim K with this beauty!

The creamy formula is great for those with dry skin, plus it only takes about 30 seconds to apply.



Under $10

Elf Powder Contour Palette ($8)

We shared the cream version of this palette above, but the powder palette is a wonderful product as well! Great for contouring, shading, and highlighting, this palette is a must-have when it comes to enhancing your features. 

It features 3 bronzers and 1 brightening shade, allowing for plenty of experimentation. 


Best Drugstore Contour

Under $20 

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

If you’re looking for a quality contour that won’t break your bank, the NYX Highlight & Contour Palette is for you. Considered one of the best drugstore contour makeup kits, this palette makes it easier than ever to accentuate & highlight your features at an affordable price. 

It features a wide range of shades from dark to light to match your skin tone to a T. It also features an easily removable and refillable makeup feature to help you reduce waste.

Best For

Dark Skin 

Black Radiance True Complexion 

Now, if you’re looking for the best drugstore contour for dark skin, Black Radiance is your boo. Designed explicitly for dark-skinned beauties, this cream contour palette features all the necessities to brighten your face & chisel it out like a true work of art. 
With a blendable and oil-free formula, this contouring makeup from the drugstore cream glides on like water and creates a flawless, natural finish.

Best For

Fair Skin

NYX HD Blush in Taupe ($7)

Although this is technically a blush, it’s the perfect contour shade for those with very fair skin (since we all know it can be hard to find a contour shade that looks natural). 

This shade is perfect for creating a natural contour with added illumination for a natural glow. It’s high-quality and helps you create a red-carpet-ready natural summer flush in no time! 


NYX Wonder Stick

Lastly, the NYX Wonder Stick is another lovely choice for fair skin. This portable dual-ended contouring stick allows you to create a creamy finish with both highlight & contour options right at your fingertips.

It allows more control to sculpt and highlight your smaller areas (such as your nose or brow bones).

Can you use bronzer to contour?

Yes! You don’t need to purchase a contour-specific product. Although kits make it easy with all the shades you need, many people just buy bronzers or lighter/darker shades of their favorite concealers and foundations (a couple products we listed above weren’t even contour-specific).

Final Thoughts

There are many different products to choose from, but we believe these to be the best drugstore contour around for quality results at an affordable price. So whether you’re looking for a fancy affordable palette, an easy-to-use dual stick, or a pressed powder to do the trick, you can be certain that any of the brands mentioned above will have you creating a chiseled work of art!

90,000 9 best contouring products

Sculpturing powders, cream sticks and contouring palettes without the “Kim Kardashian effect” – in a selection from leading makeup artists.

Elena Krygina’s choice:

Smashbox Contour Kit

“I do light corrections with this three-color palette. Of course, sometimes you can indulge in cream sticks, but I still go back to dry products – they do not mix with foundation, they are easier to shade, their shades are always colder.

Hint: Buy a normal brush for correction. The one that comes with the palette can be thrown away immediately – it is too soft. ”

Choice of Victoria Moiseeva:

Pro Sculpting Palette, Make Up For Ever

“Russian girls will be perfect in a cool 20 shade. The gel-like, translucent texture is perfect for wearable contouring. All pigments are oil-based, easy to apply and blend even with your fingers.The bronzer is not too reddish – it will adapt well to the skin tone and accentuate the cheekbones. ”

Contouring palette Face Sculpting Kit, Senna

“The sculpting palette consists of three shades: beige, peach and dark brown. Use peach for the area under the eyes and voluminous parts of the face. My favorite is dark brown: this is such a “dirty” sculptor of the correct shade of natural human shadow, which our face casts on the contour of the neck (called Sculpting One).It often happens that people have absolutely no cheekbones and they say that it is even impossible to draw them. This palette can do everything! It’s also Megan Fox’s favorite product. ”

Choice of Alexandra Kirienko:

Lowlight Sculpting Perfector, Becca

“My favorite sculptor is Becca. It has a very correct color – gray-earthy, cold, gives the effect of a natural shadow. It outlines the cheekbones and the oval of the face well. Duplicate on top with dry bronzer. “

Filmstar Bronze & Glow Sculpting Palette, Charlotte Tilbury

“This double palette of bronzer and highlighter is recommended for girls with dark skin. I love it for its durability and natural shades. They are well layered on top of each other. ”

Choice of Yuri Stolyarov:

Master Contour V-Shape Contouring Duo, Maybelline New York

“For light contouring, I recommend using creamy textures.This stick is very convenient – we emphasize the cheekbones with the dark side, and the light side will replace the highlighter. Apply to the protruding parts of the face. Try using this pencil without foundation! ”

Choice of Olga Charandaeva:

The Sculpting Powder, Kevyn Aucoin

“The sculptor has three shades – Medium, Light, Deep. The latter is very dark – I rarely use it, but when shooting with it, deep face correction is obtained. Many people use such powders only on the cheekbones, but this one is good for correcting the entire face – it can be applied on the eyes, on the neck, on the nose, and on the chin.Most often I choose the shade Medium – it has no red pigment, so the result looks natural. ”

Palette Duo 4, Medium, Kevin Aucion

“I love working with creamy textures. This palette contains both a highlighter and a sculptor. I love it for easy application and simple shading. Suitable for nude makeup. ”

Alena Moiseeva’s choice:

Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna

“Option for evening make-up, but without the” Kim Kardashian effect “.It fits thinly and allows you not only to emphasize the cheekbone, but even to draw it. Apply with a small, natural, soft brush – I have one from Hakuhodo. ”

Text: Olga Kulygina
90,000 Facial Sculpting Tools: Learning Not to Be Wrong

Makeup is an art. The same paints, the same brushes, and the face is a canvas.The expression “paint a face” does not sound ironic when it comes to the technique of sculpting. An effective way to hide imperfections and correct the shape of the nose without the intervention of a scalpel.

Arming ourselves

Before you start contouring, assess the completeness of your cosmetic bag and check what is missing.

It can be liquid and thick. The first is suitable for all skin types, but for oily and combination skin, choose a fat-free composition. Thick is intended for dry type.
  • What is he doing? Evens out the relief, moisturizes or mattes. Prolongs the durability of makeup.

  • Where to apply? The entire area of ​​the face. The tone will look more natural if, in addition to the face, it is applied to the neck and décolleté. Use a sponge or makeup brush.

Tip : Pre-moisten the sponge with water, then apply a couple of drops of foundation on the tip. Cover the surface of the face with light, patting movements. A moisturized sponge will give exactly as much product as the skin needs. Protects from the appearance of streaks and stains that form from the hand and fingers.

The misconception that cream and base are one and the same.These tools perform different functions:



Porous, lightweight texture.

Dense, often oily texture.

Acts as an additional or independent toning agent for everyday make-up.

Lies poorly without a base. Covers the surface with a dense layer, like a mask. Causes oxygen starvation, because clogs cells.

Moisturizes, allows the skin to breathe. Contains UF filters.

Does not protect the skin. More suitable for evening makeup.

  • What is he doing? Evens out the relief, hides minor imperfections.

  • Where to apply? On the entire face area after the base cream.

Concealer, corrector. In terms of the composition of the ingredients, it is almost identical to the tonal base, but it is highly pigmented. Its coverage is higher, so the base will not mask skin imperfections. The concealer complements the makeup base, so they should be as similar in tone as possible.
  • What is he doing? Hides minor imperfections on the face, age spots, pimples, redness, vascular networks, circles under the eyes, mimic wrinkles.

  • Where to apply? Point to problem areas. Apply with fingers or a brush, blend with a sponge.

Tip : When applying concealer with your fingers, keep your hands warm.But for oily skin, always use a brush.

Low pigmented product with reflective particles. It should be 1-2 tones lighter than the foundation.

  • What is he doing? Emphasizes expressive areas of the face. It is needed to brighten the protruding areas. Forms a beautiful relief, but does not mask skin imperfections.

  • Where to apply? The area under the eyebrow and the movable eyelid, the middle of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the dimple under the upper lip, the chin, the highest points of the cheeks.Do not apply the product to all areas at once, be guided by the type of face and the areas on which you need to place accents. If there are bruises under the eyes, the highlighter will delicately mask them.

Sculpting blush
Essential modeling element. Needed to darken individual areas.

  • What are they doing? Correct the oval of the face, highlight the cheekbones, visually change the shape of the nose.
  • Where to apply? Depends on the shape of the face.Apply to and under the cheekbones, or to the “apples” of the cheeks. To understand where your “apples” are, smile. If you have outlined the most outstanding part, you have found it.

Tip : Always choose a matte texture and avoid reddish tones. Use a round, fluffy brush, this is suitable for blending and is easier to achieve a smooth transition from the highlighter.

Also designed to darken specific areas, but not for strong contrast.The powder should be one shade darker than the skin color.

Transparent Powder
The final stage of makeup. Has a fine texture, lays down in a weightless layer and does not weigh down the makeup.

  • What it does: Set makeup without distorting colors. Makes the skin velvety.

  • Where to apply: lightly, on the entire surface of the face, especially on the T-zone. A brush (round, with a sharp tip) works best for application, the puff or sponge will leave stains.Choose a powder with a mineral composition.

Sculptor Pencil
Easy and fast contouring option.
  • What is he doing? Serves as a universal remedy, replacing both the highlighter (light part) and blush (dark part).

  • Where to apply? Use the light part in the same way as the highlighter, apply to the protruding parts. Darken the cheekbones and areas under them with the dark half.

Don’t forget to cleanse and prepare your skin for a kuonturinka. The most sophisticated makeup will not lie flat on flaky surfaces or shiny skin with enlarged pores.

Correcting bugs

Untreated skin is only the first point that can ruin your makeup. And he’s not the only one:

The texture of the foundation is inappropriate. You can get inspired by advertising and follow the sincere advice of your friends and still not guess. Even proven, expensive products can ruin makeup at the initial stage. Always start from your skin type and use the right texture. The wrong foundation will accentuate peeling on dry skin, and oily skin will make it shine even more.

  • What to do? For dry type, choose a moisturizing base, for oily type – a composition containing powder.For a problematic one, you can take a denser texture. If you are lucky and your face is close to ideal, follow the rule – the lighter the better. Why overload?
Incorrect tone. The result is an artificial mask effect. Beware of too dark or light shades. The complexion should not differ from the color of the skin on the neck and décolleté.
  • What to do? Do not match the tone by applying to the wrist. Check the color on the bottom of the cheek, closer to the chin. Shop lighting often distorts, so the result is best judged in daylight.

Tip : When in doubt, go for a lighter shade, but remember that we are talking about a difference of literally half a tone!

Poorly shaded borders. Easy to miss in artificial light, but very noticeable in daylight.

  • What to do? Use brushes and sponges.The result will be neater than after fingers.
Lots of shine. Never highlight areas with unmasked skin imperfections, do not make unnecessary accents. Glare is especially dangerous for oily skin, which already shines well.
  • What to do? Apply the highlighter to even, matte skin to keep from shining like a disco ball.
Concealer too light. Acts the opposite of expectations: all your dots and specks will be marked as on a map.
  • What to do? Use a concealer lighter than your complexion by a maximum of half a tone.
None for Orange Palettes. Powders or blush of red and red shades – a gross violation in sculpting. The line between sexuality and vulgarity has always been thin. With orange tones, there can be no question of any naturalness.
  • What to do? Replace with beige or orange.

This insidious bronzer. Designed to emphasize a beautiful tan, and still look harmonious on few people.In pursuit of dark skin, girls walk along the edge of an abyss, from which it is easy to break free and join the number of “beauties” with unnaturally dark faces.

  • What to do? Apply to already tanned face. Use as little as possible, shade thoroughly, and if in doubt, refuse altogether.

Overkill with blush. Not a bronzer, but they can make you laugh too. Use blush appropriately. The right shade will give the face a healthy glow and correct the line of the cheekbones.

  • What to do? It is enough to apply on the “apples” of the cheeks and blend well with a movement from bottom to top to the temple. Be moderate, do not bring the look to the matryoshka.

Face contouring step-by-step instructions for beginners with photo

Sculpting – modeling the oval of the face using light and dark correctors. It can be both dry and cream sculptors.In this article, we will tell you how to choose the color of the product, which brush is best to apply it, and also, we will analyze the most common contouring schemes.

What do you need for contouring?

The ideal palette for contouring your face should be composed of 4 shades.

  • Warm sculptor (this can be peach blush or bronzer) – match the color of your tan.
  • Cool sculptor is the color of your natural shadow (note the shadow near the wings of the nose, nasolabial cavities).
  • Light sculptor – it can be matte or with a light satin shine. After all, the correct contouring of the face is not only about placing dark accents, but also highlighting certain areas. With the help of a light sculptor or a delicate highlighter, you can reduce or increase the size of the highlight in certain areas of the face: make the nose narrower, raise the cheekbones or push the chin forward.
  • Blush – Ideal if the shade of the blush matches the shade of your lips.If you don’t use blush, then a contouring palette may include a highlighter (a shine brighter than a light sculptor).

Your sculpting palette can contain more shades as well. skin color changes with the season. A corrector that was suitable in winter can look like a cold gray spot on tanned skin. Too dark sculptor, picked up in summer – in winter it will fall into an orange stripe and it will be difficult to shade it.There are a lot of ready-made contouring palettes, but all have different features of skin color and some shades are absolutely unnecessary. Thanks to the Freedom System at INGLOT, you can only shape your palette from the HD Sculpting powder shades that you will definitely use.

Creamy face correction is suitable for dry and dehydrated skin, is more resistant than dry, many women want to implement it in their daily use. For this, the FOUNDATION STICK was created for sculpting. INGLOT has 4 shades for this purpose.

  • 118 – for snow-white skin with a cold undertone
  • 119 is a cold sculptor for light to medium skin tones.
  • 120 – Looks good on skin with an almond warm undertone, also ideal for creating a tanning effect thanks to its golden hue.
  • 121 – the darkest, suitable for dark-skinned girls, or for those who like bright face correction.
  • AMC Under eye corrective illuminator 51.52 can be used to highlight highlights on the face.
  • AMC Long-Lasting Tanning Cream for Face and Body works great as a warm sculptor.

If your skin is prone to greasiness and makeup durability is not always at its best, it is better to fix the face contouring with cream products with translucent dry.

Face contouring brush

You will need 2-3 brushes. If you are using dry textures, go for natural brushes. When working with creamy concealers, blend the borders with a sponge, brush 01, it is allowed to use natural brushes or very soft artificial brushes to smooth out the contours.

  • A large fluffy, soft, long bristle brush (1SS, 25SS, 36BJF) is required for applying warm sculptor or bronzer. At this stage of sculpting the face, there should be no bright spots.
  • Medium Natural Blush Brush, preferably beveled or oval (3P, 24SS, 38SS). She will apply the sculptor locally and richly. Apply blush to her.
  • Small brush for modeling the nose or eyes. Flat, tightly packed, natural (27P, 7FS, 5FS)

Step by step instructions: How to do the contouring?

Correct facial contouring begins with skin preparation.If you don’t use foundations, concealers or concealing powders, then contouring your face on bare skin may not look aesthetically pleasing.

Apply skin type care, primer, foundation. Cover up inflammation, refresh the area around the eyes. If necessary, fix the tone with powder. Face contouring for beginners is easier to perform on lightly powdered skin with dry products.

The above scheme is standard and is applicable for contouring an oval face.

  • Apply with the widest fluffiest brush the warm sculptor to all raised areas of the face. It should lie wide and translucent. Without clear boundaries, creating a light tan effect.
  • Take a small, dense brush for sculpting the face and deepen the depressions under the cheekbone with a cool shade. Have you noticed how an organically cold sculptor melts into a warm one? The direction of the zygomatic contour line: from the ear tragus to the corner of the lips (narrowing the face) or from the ear tragus to the wings of the nose (expanding the face).Feather the sculptor horizontally and upward. Also deepen the temporal cavities. Using an eyeliner blending brush, completely darken the orbital line of the upper eyelid and crease, bring the color into the temple. This will help open and enlarge your eyes. If you are lucky enough to have wide-set eyes, apply the sculptor more tightly to the bridge of your nose. Long face contouring involves active darkening along the hairline and chin. Such a face often wants to be made a little wider and more voluminous, horizontal directions when applying blush and a sculptor help in this.If you want to contour the nose, choose a shade of the sculptor slightly lighter than the main one. The best way to visually narrow your nose is to apply a thin, dense strip of highlighter across the bridge of your nose. Standard three-stripe shading schemes are not suitable for everyone and depend on many features of the face.
  • If you want to enhance the brightness of the contouring, you don’t always need to choose a darker color. Apply the light sculptor to the lower cheekbone and the areas of the face that you want to push forward.This will increase the contrast.
  • Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Avoid blush too close to the wings of the nose, it will look like you sneezed or entered the room from the cold. But adding blush to the orbital bone (just above the crease) of the upper eyelid can be very refreshing to make up.

Blush contouring is only possible if your blush has a neutral shade like a sculptor. Many brands may refer to facial contouring products as blushers, powders, or bronzers.It is not the name of the product that matters, but the color on your skin.

Round face contouring

Zygomatic correction is more vertical, tends to the corners of the lips. Such an oval of the face is distinguished by smooth lines, respectively, the correction should also not be very hard and clear. Do not darken your forehead near the hairline and chin too much. Zygomatic correction can be slightly rounded (to the center of the cheek, aim towards the corners of the lips, and then slightly round towards the wings of the nose).Connect the zygomatic to the temporal. Extend the darkening slightly towards the lower jaw. Highlight the area under the eyes and extend the highlight to the corners of the lips (Hollywood triangle), the center of the forehead, chin, bridge of the nose. When contouring a round face, the point of intensity of the blush shifts slightly towards the temples.

Square face contouring

The square face is characterized by a wide lower jaw and sharp angles. It is necessary to soften these lines. When contouring a square face, make the main accents on the lower jaw (be sure to shade the sculptor towards the neck) and darken the side surfaces of the forehead.Zygomatic correction should not be very bright. Choose a vertical direction (towards the corners of the lips), but stop in the middle of the cheekbone, without going into the central part of the face. Refreshing blush can be applied a little closer to the nose and lightly on the center of the chin.

90,081 90,000 CONTOURING STEP BY STEP – NYX Blog


    What is face contouring and what is it for

    Contouring is part of light and shadow correction – it is a visual change in the shape and proportions of the face using light and shadow.

    Light correction – serves to attract attention, visually enlarges.
    It is done: with lighter products than the main tone, with special highlighters, shimmers, portholes and with the help of shadows with a shimmer.

    Dark correction (contouring) – serves to distract attention, reduce.
    It is done: with darker products than the main tone, dark powder, blush without red pigment, matte dark shadows.You can also use a contouring pencil and a dedicated contouring stick.
    By lightening and darkening various areas, you can create a natural chiaroscuro that visually changes the face: to make the nose thinner and narrower, the forehead is smaller, the cheekbones are sharper, and the lips are plump.

    Face contouring: tools and tools

    Contouring is of two types – cream or dry, depending on the means used.
    Creamy contouring – performed with products on a soft creamy base.

    Dry contouring (contouring with powder) – performed with dry powdery products.

    Face contouring: tools and tools

    For blending a creamy correction, a sponge or a synthetic brush is best suited – it is easy to clean, it is hygienic and safe.

    For dry textures, a wide, soft brush for contouring the face, a short bristle brush for blending, and another smaller brush for detailing small areas is ideal.Together with the palette, they make up a handy face contouring kit.

    Face Contour Palette

    If it’s difficult to decide where to start, how to choose the right shade, or it’s scary to spend money on the wrong product, then there is a universal solution – this is a 3-in-1 contouring palette, in which a corrector, a highlighter and a sculptor have already been selected! These palettes have several options for different types of appearance. How do I use the palette? Very comfortably! Due to their dry consistency, their density can be changed, and shading will take a minimum of time.

    Face contouring cosmetics

    Which means to choose for face contouring – each girl decides for herself. For a photo session and an evening out, brighter and creamier textures are well suited, with which it is easy to make a complete transformation. If you are a beginner or need a daily makeup product, it is better to pay attention to dry products – they are quick to apply and easy to blend. Also, do not forget about the color type: for fair-skinned girls, to make the skin shine, it is better to choose highlighters of pinkish and silver shades, while owners of warm or golden skin tones are better off paying attention to the gold and bronze shades of the highlighter.

    Instruction: step by step for beginners

    In order to become a pro and know exactly how to do the contouring correctly, you need to clearly understand the zones within which you will have to shade the funds – all soft lines and transitions have clearly defined boundaries:

    1. Visually divide the eye into 3 parts – before the pupil, the pupil itself, after the pupil; 2. Raise the line tangent to the outer edge of the pupil up and down to the end; 3. The resulting 3 parts divide the face horizontally into 2 lateral and 1 frontal surfaces.

    Step by step instructions:

    Step 1. Prepare

    After the skin has been cleansed and the foundation has been applied, it is necessary to even out the complexion, as well as hide any imperfections – as a preparation, this is all that is needed to contour the face. After that, you can proceed to the cut-off correction.

    Step 2. Eyes

    Apply concealer along the lower eyelid and take it down with a triangular cutter to the cheek line.Then we use the highlighter – together with the sculptor, they are the best contouring tools:
    – in the corners of the eyes – this will visually increase the space between the eyes and, thereby, move them apart, make them more widely set.
    – under the eyebrow – this will visually raise the eyebrow and make it even clearer and more contrasting.
    – in the center of the upper eyelid – so that the eyes acquire additional volume, ideal for deep-set eyes.

    Step 3. Cheekbones

    To properly darken the cheekbones, clearly mark the boundaries:
    – Height – along the line of the zygomatic bone.You can simply pull in your cheeks, and where the dimple is, there will be its beginning.
    – Length – from the hairline to the border of the tangent to the outer third of the eye. The contouring of the cheekbones should not go beyond this line.
    – Width – about 3 cm of a smooth, shaded line.
    Above, the border of the highlighter will pass: in length it ends near the tangent from the outer border of the eye, in width it does not go into the pouch under the eyes.

    Step 4. Nose

    To visually make the nose, it is already enough to darken its lateral surfaces – from the wings to the lateral border.To make the tip shorter, darken it, and lighten the back to the desired point.

    Step 5. Lips

    If the upper lip is slightly smaller than the lower one, then it is enough to apply a highlighter on its border: this will visually give it volume, raise and align the proportions with the lower lip. This simple trick makes a big difference before and after!

    Before and after

    How to do contouring correctly

    Rule No. 1 Even tone

    Face contouring scheme: cream contouring is applied over the foundation, dry dark contouring can be done both under the powder and on top of it.The main rule is not to apply creams over powder.

    Rule No. 2 Contouring WITHOUT red pigment

    Many girls try to do makeup with blush contouring, applying it to the cheekbones and shading it almost on the temples. Blush is necessary to refresh the face, they have their own application scheme and it is definitely not worth contouring with them. The exception is a fairly dark blush without red or pink pigment. Here lies the answer to the question of how to contour the face with shadows – choose a natural cold brown shade for contouring.If the skin is tanned, warm brownish shades 2-3 tones darker than the skin color will do.

    Rule number 3 Draw – shade

    No clear lines! All transitions of cut-off correction should be soft, carefully shaded. Then the effect of the most natural shadow on the face is created, beautiful contouring.

    Rule # 4 Matte or Shiny?

    It should be remembered that light glossy or glossy products give more volume than light matte products.Those. contouring with concealers does not increase as much as a creamy highlighter, shimmer or illuminator. Also, dark matte shades reduce better than dark glossy shades. This is especially important to remember for those who choose a bronzing glitter powder for contouring. This will allow for the correct contouring of the face.

    Rule No. 5 Balance of light and shadow

    If you want to “cut off” the volume somewhere, remove your cheeks, shorten your nose and chin, then you shouldn’t forget about the highlighted cheekbones and the center of the face.Also, with a wide face, you should not get carried away with highlighters and strobing – this will attract attention and can make the contour and features larger.

    Contouring diagram

    Universal contouring scheme:

    This contouring scheme can be used for different face types.

    Step-by-step instructions for contouring different face types:

    Round face contouring

    How to determine?
    The width of such a face is much greater than 2/3 of the height, and the oval line is rounded.
    Correction method: darken the lateral surfaces according to the shape of the face. Shade the blush diagonally to the temples. Apply the highlighter to the central part of the face, do not highlight the side surfaces.

    Round face contouring

    How to determine?
    The forehead is broad and the chin is elongated and pointed.
    Correction method: use contouring carefully – darken the corners of the forehead, cheekbones and the tip of the chin. Blush along the cheekbones.Apply the highlighter to the sides, do not apply to the center of the forehead and chin.

    Contouring for square face

    How to determine?
    High forehead, long chin and sunken temples.
    Well-developed mandibular angles and heavy square chin.
    Correction method: the best contouring is to darken the corners of the forehead and lower jaw. Blush along the cheekbones. Apply highlighter to the center and cheekbones.

    Triangular face contouring

    How to determine?
    The forehead is broad and the chin is elongated and pointed.
    Correction method: use contouring carefully – darken the corners of the forehead, cheekbones and the tip of the chin. Blush along the cheekbones. Apply the highlighter to the sides, do not apply to the center of the forehead and chin.

    Fashion or Necessity?

    So, contouring is a simple and quick way to visually make your face close to ideal standards, without any drastic methods. It is especially pleasant that you need few skills and tools for it, but the changes can be different – depending on the fashion and its trends, you can find a master class on the net for every taste.To work or a date, to the theater or to a photo shoot – every girl can easily add expressiveness and volume to her own features by choosing face contouring with dry correctors and shimmers or using transformation techniques, makeup and contouring with cream products. All that’s left is to choose a texture!

    90,000 Facial contouring and sculpting cosmetics

    Cosmetics for contouring and sculpting the face: playing with light and shadow

    A few skillful strokes can emphasize the beauty and harmony of your facial features, visually change its relief and proportions.This cosmetic procedure is called contouring (or sculpting). It is based on the main property of shadow and light – you need to hide and emphasize the required areas. Modern cosmetics for facial contouring allow visual changes to be natural.

    What cosmetics are there for sculpting the face

    A special make-up technique called contouring allows you to change a lot: it visually emphasizes the cheekbones, makes the cheeks thinner or rounder, stretches or shortens the nose, and gives the face symmetry.Decorative foundations will help you achieve such striking effects:

    • concealer for concealing imperfections;
    • pencil-sculptor for the correction of facial features;
    • creamy or powdery highlighter with a radiant effect;
    • bronzer to even out skin tone and create a light tan.
    Apply with fingertips, brush or sponge.

    Basic face contouring cosmetics are represented by a dark sculptor for shadow areas and a light highlighter to highlight the desired areas.Facial sculpting cosmetics are very diverse. The most practical option is a set of contouring products that match your skin color and type.

    How to use facial contouring cosmetics

    Contouring can be dry or cream, selected depending on the type of skin. For girls with dry skin, creamy makeup is recommended (use a foundation, pencil, corrector), with oily skin – dry makeup (use powdery cosmetics or blush).Powders are the recommended choice for your first make-up trials. Also, cream cosmetics with a matting effect for oily skin are now being produced.

    You should only contour your face after applying the primer and moisturizing base.

    Use a matching blush to accentuate your cheekbones, or use a liquid strobing product to create a shimmery foundation for evening makeup. There are also universal palettes of corrective make-up on sale for different purposes.

    90,000 I wore an “instagram face” for a week.And this is what came of it

    Photo by Alex Jones / BBC THREE

    BBC journalist Alexandra Jones, by her own example, found out what it is like to live with perfect selfie makeup.

    This looks like a 3D effect. This is how you describe my makeup. I can feel a thick layer of blush on my cheeks and face.

    If I hadn’t put on full makeup (foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder, two types of contours, a highlighter and six shades of eyeshadow), I would be worried that a colleague with whom I accidentally ran into, could see my cheeks red from embarrassment.But with an “Instagram face” this is not possible.

    I assumed that the experiment would be different.

    I was flawless in photographs – I spent over an hour photographing myself from every angle and angle. Photo by photo.

    Regardless of the light, my face looked perfect – like a doll’s face. I looked defiant and sexy.

    “You created a monster, I can’t stop taking pictures of myself,” I told my makeup artist, who spent 90 minutes painting this face.

    A colleague, trying not to laugh, examines my face: “It’s just … it’s very … it’s different.”

    My usual makeup includes only five cosmetics and takes 4 minutes 37 seconds on the bus to work (yes, I did). But I would not say that I am not trying. On the contrary, I like to experiment, buying cosmetics and doing different makeup. Therefore, it seemed to me that the experiment with the “Instagram face” would be a trifle for me.

    The world of “Instagram”

    So, I decided to go for a week with an “Instagram face” – makeup that has become dominant on social networks in the last three years.And, judging by the first impression, the experiment will be more difficult for my pride than I expected.

    Search any social media for selfie makeup hashtags and you will see what it is. The unique flaws that make us who we are, that accentuate our natural attractiveness, have been replaced by an “Instagram face”.

    Perfect skin, highlighted cheekbones, bright cat eyes and large full lips – this is the Instagram bow. It’s as popular today as Twiggy’s eyelashes in the 60s or Kate Moss’s shiny skin in the 90s.The popularized “Instagram face” by Kim Kardashian has become the hallmark of many modern bloggers.

    “It will be difficult for you to wear this makeup during the day,” explains makeup artist Zoe Moore. She uses 25 different cosmetics to give me an Instagram face.

    “This face is about eliminating all imperfections and maximizing the masking of skin texture,” explains Zoe. She has been working as a makeup artist for about 10 years and oversees the influence of the “Instagram face” on the work of makeup artists, on the needs of her clients and on the world in general.

    “I’ve seen a lot of teenage girls and 20-year-olds wearing this makeup. It’s always difficult to paint this face for them. As a makeup artist, you don’t emphasize any features or try to create something unique. On the contrary, you always smooth the face by sketching everything. individual traits “, – shares the experience of Zoe.

    For example, the nose should be miniature. This effect is achieved by applying a contour to both sides, which creates a certain optical illusion. The eyes and lips should always be very large.

    “Girls who follow all these trends of the” Instagram world “are under a lot of pressure,” – says Zoe.

    In real life

    In real life, with perfect selfie makeup in the middle of the day on a busy London street, I feel like a grown woman (I’m 29) who wants to look younger.

    Multiple coats of makeup base, contour, blush, highlighter and more to create a 3D effect.

    Shadows make the eyes big and seductive.At the same time, they do not match any of my clothes, which seem too ordinary compared to my “Instagram face”.

    I’m going to meet a friend. My head is down.

    I do not want to meet the eyes of any of the passers-by and with every step I feel more and more comical. To cheer up, I take a few selfies and feel an inner sense of satisfaction.

    The effect of these photos, the images of which are as far from who I really am, like hot chocolate to the soul.

    Photo author, Anna Michel

    Photo caption,

    “Before” and “After”

    I quickly upload one photo to Instagram with the note that I am trying a new onion. Notifications start coming every second.

    My followers are just friends and family. My posts get an average of 40 likes.

    I am refreshing the page. I already have 35 likes in 10 minutes. It becomes addiction. I’m hooked.

    This evening at dinner my friend is eyeing me.”I can’t stop staring at your face,” she mutters. “Every feature is aimed specifically at me.”

    In the evening it gets darker and the amount of makeup on my face is no longer so noticeable. A friend notes: “Now I like your face. It’s like you, but sexier.”

    Maybe this is the face’s trick – need less light?

    It is worth remembering the thought of makeup artist Zoe Moore that “Instagram face” is difficult to wear every day.

    This is what Anita Bhagwandas, director of beauty at Stylist magazine, says.She is confident that the perfect selfie makeup is a photo bow.

    The same technique used in the past in Hollywood when actors’ faces were literally painted for dramatic on-screen scenes.

    Things like facial contouring, which artists often use for photography or television, are now available to everyone through lessons on YouTube and Instagram.

    Designed during the black-and-white period to give character to actors, contouring has never really entered everyday life.But what is the situation now? How real is Instagram?

    How to make money on a perfect selfie

    The next day I feel full of energy from the reaction that my new face on Instagram caused: more than a hundred likes, comments, fiery emoji with the caption “You look amazing” and almost 20 new subscribers. All this is due to one photo.

    My brain is intoxicated with dopamine.

    Every time we receive social approval, a neurochemical reaction occurs in our body.We feel good and want to do it again (this is the same reaction that is addictive). From an evolutionary point of view, these habits save our lives (we get dopamine when we have sex, we want to do it again and, as a result, save humanity from extinction).

    But today, in the world of likes, scientists are worried that the dopamine system of a modern person is beginning to weaken. The possibility of getting a lot of love and a lot of likes is all too real. So real that she can make us wear an “Instagram face” every day.

    This morning I first tried to draw an “Instagram face” myself.

    I packed a bag full of cosmetics. These are mainly birthday gifts from friends and one expensive eyeshadow palette from the boss.

    Unfortunately, I woke up only 20 minutes earlier than usual, which was clearly not enough for such a make-up.

    Plus, I realized that I do not have enough makeup. The bag did not contain liquid eyeliner, face contour palette and lip liner. You need to go to the cosmetics store during lunch.

    By the way, brands successfully use the “Instagram face”. They even release special tutorials on how to draw it.

    Why are they promoting the perfect selfie makeup? Because it requires a lot of makeup. “It’s just good business for brands,” says Zoe Moore.

    During lunch I tried to find the cheapest makeup, but I still spent £ 35 ($ 44.5).

    Earlier this year, Forbes magazine featured Kylie Jenner on the cover of its issue of billionaire women.

    She was able to make $ 900 million in three years selling lip gloss and other cosmetics. Her Instagram is a real beauty store.

    Blogger Huda Kattan has a similar story (her Instagram account has 26.6 million subscribers). In five years, Khattan has turned from an ordinary beauty blogger to an entrepreneur, with a business turnover of $ 550 million a year. She sells 140 beauty products for the “Instagram face” through her website.

    This evening I watched dozens of videos of people creating an “Instagram face”.

    YouTube statistics show that every day we spend billions of hours watching makeup videos. One video is about lip gloss, another is about eyeshadow or freckles that disappear with the cosmetic foundation.

    They all look different, but in fact they are exactly the same.

    Whether you share the beliefs of the followers of the “Instagram face” or not, you have to give them their due: not everyone is ready to constantly set the alarm clock at six in the morning.

    Every day I cut my makeup time.Today I managed to do it in 45 minutes. But it was necessary to correct the makeup throughout the day (mainly blush and concealer).

    My colleague Vicki admitted: “I forget that this is an experiment. Seeing you in this makeup, I start to feel annoyed. I think I need to do more makeup myself.”

    Another colleague Ben, on the other hand, commented that he found my makeup to be very funny.

    Feel my face “creeping”

    My experiment takes place during extreme heat.

    I try to avoid the sun at all costs. After the early morning hours, I’d rather be suffering from a lack of vitamin D than letting my painted face spread over lunch.

    And when I use the word spread, I literally mean it. A couple of times I met with friends in the park and felt that my face was “creeping”.

    I’m sweating and the carefully drawn outlines start to blur around the edges. When contour, concealer, powder, base and blush are mixed together, my face takes on a strange rosy-gray tint.

    Several times during my one hour commute to work, sweat appeared on my upper lip.

    I started to panic and remove it with powder so that the sweat does not spoil the painted lip line. Lips, as we remember, are very important for the “Instagram face”.

    People on public transport – mostly men – said that I didn’t need to use so much makeup. One woman across from me commented that this would ruin my skin.

    I was surprised at how often passers-by commented on my bow.Twice men made obscene comments about me on the street.

    One friend said: “Seeing how you wear false eyelashes in a 30-degree heat, of course, you involuntarily wonder why women are doing all this.”

    Maybe the point is that the “Instagram face” is a man’s fantasy of how a woman should look.

    Large lips, expressive eyes. A woman who looks more like a sex doll.

    However, my boyfriend did not share this opinion.”Do you like it?” I asked him. “No, it’s not your face,” he replied diplomatically.

    At the end of the week I met some friends. After a full day of work and two hours on the road in extreme heat, makeup seemed to have grown into my skin.

    “Are you going somewhere? Do you look like you are going to a photo shoot?” – said one friend.

    I took a selfie with her to prove how good I look in the photo. She laughed and said, “With this makeup, you could play the role of a librarian in a porn movie.”

    Photo author, ALEXANDRA JONES

    Photo caption,

    “With this makeup you could play the role of a librarian in a porn film”

    By the end of the week, despite the already structured daily routine, I happily said goodbye to the Instagram face. By the way, washing it off at night takes almost as much time as painting in the morning.

    On the last day of the experiment, I talked to a colleague whose 17-year-old daughter is a fan of beauty products.

    “She has so much makeup.She spends hours studying online lessons and knows more about makeup than I do, “a colleague laughs.

    Cosmetologists have repeatedly warned that selfies distort our image (for example, sharp corners of a square format of photographs make our noses look bigger).

    But the selfie is still a phenomenon. It engulfs everyone – your daughter, sister, brother, parents. And we all, admit it or not, want to look good on our selfies.

    The “Instagram face” is a product of our selfies mania.Makeup designed specifically for selfies and so that our noses can still “fit” into the photograph.

    On August 1, beauty blogger Kylie Jenner released her Instagram photo filters. Now you don’t even need to buy lipstick to look good in the photo. But wouldn’t you want to buy lipstick as soon as you see these photos?

    I’m almost 30. When I was a teenager, Instagram didn’t exist yet.

    But what about today’s teenagers for whom the “Instagram face” has been released to the market? For some of them, changing their appearance has become the main occupation of life.In my case, the most difficult thing was to find time for this.

    Earlier, the BBC reported an increase in the number of plastic surgeries that make us look like our perfect filtered selfies.

    According to the study, 56% of plastic surgeons in the United States report an increase in visits from people under 30 years old.

    In 10 years’ time, the selfie-raised generation may have access to quick and cheap surgery.

    Just a few days ago, the Superdrug cosmetics store announced that soon it will be possible to try the Botox procedure right in the store.Superdrug’s managers said specially trained nurses will administer the procedure. The British Plastic Surgery Association has already issued a warning to the company that such procedures outside hospitals are illegal.

    Without my “instramny face” my real face is unlikely to catch your eye on the street. I decided to try going back to light makeup and went to a wedding over the weekend.

    Nobody commented on my appearance and I felt a little disappointed.For a week I managed to get used to the increased attention.

    But when I went into the bathroom, I saw in the mirror the reflection of a living person.

    And looking at myself real, I went to drink and dance.

    After all, you can do it 100%, sweat, jump – and not think about your face for a minute.

    Facial contouring – detailed instructions for creating makeup »WomanMirror

    How to make the contouring as natural and invisible as possible in order to avoid the controversial fame of the Kardashians and at the same time take advantage of her best practices, we will talk in this article. In order for the contouring of the face to be successful and not catch the eye of others, it is necessary to choose the right textures and very carefully shade the shadows and “highlight”, avoiding spots and stripes. It is then that everyone will decide that the grace of the lines of your face and its charm are a gift of nature, and not the result of an hour and a half professional make-up at home.

    Contouring make-up: the essence in a nutshell

    As many have already learned, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have founded a whole blogging movement to popularize the professional secrets of stylists and makeup artists.Carrying contouring make-up to the masses, these ladies pursued the goal of self-promotion, but their advice turned out to be useful to millions of girls who did not want to get lost against the background of their more prominent friends.

    The idea is simple and ingenuous: if you are not given a perfect nose, lips, chin, face shape from birth, you should not get upset and collect money for expensive and unsafe plastic surgery. You just have to go to the store and purchase a contouring kit, then watch the popular video and feel free to experiment.

    Make-up contouring includes the following subclauses:

    • Forehead correction;
    • Nose contouring;
    • Detailed drawing of the cheekbones;
    • Makeup for eyes and lips.

    The contouring technique itself is based on three pillars:

    • Shading areas that need to be visually reduced and made invisible;
    • Highlighting features that should come to the fore and appear more prominent;
    • Thorough shading and uniformity of the overall tone, smoothing the complexion step by step.

    Necessary and sufficient: contouring kit

    If two or three years ago only tone, powder and mascara, and occasionally shadows – to create an evening look lived in a beauty’s cosmetic bag, today many women have much more names in their arsenal. Even if you are a fan of natural beauty and are happy with the proportions that nature has given you, then a couple of means to give your face freshness and youthful radiance will definitely not hurt.

    So what’s on the must-have list to contour your makeup?

    • Foundation is a fairly long-lasting creamy texture that is applied all over the face as a make-up base.The purpose of its use is to soften irregularities, toned spots, bruises, redness, so that other products fit as needed. The base can be a BB cream or tone, and the best application tool is a cosmetic sponge, for example, a very popular beauty blender lately;
    • Concealer. This is a remedy for disguising acne, scars and microscopic foci of inflammation on the skin. It is used mainly in points, it can also be used under the base. Applied with an applicator;
    • Bronzer – a product that is a couple of shades darker than the base, matched to the skin tone.Purpose – Imitation of shadow, for example, nose contouring involves applying bronzer to its wings to make the nose look narrower and more graceful;
    • Highlighter – brightener, mainly for the T-zone, cheekbones and chin. A tool for giving facial areas the proper bulge, as well as for a fresh and beautiful radiance of the complexion.

    The last two products can be either crumbly or cream. But for beginners in this technique, it will be easier to master free-flowing textures, the main thing is to choose good brushes.Liquid products are good for professional shots – they are more visible on the face and are very long-lasting.

    For the convenience of customers, ready-made palettes and brushes for contouring have recently appeared in the set. The palette can include matte body products (3-4 shades), sculptor and bronzer, as well as blush and mattifying powder. All sets are presented in several versions for dark or pale skin, warm and cold shades and prices for every taste.The main difficulty is to make the right choice of colors yourself.

    Technical Guide: Phased Face Contouring

    Here is a general contouring scheme for a round or square face:

    1. Apply foundation, creating a “canvas” for subsequent detailed drawing;
    2. We make dark strokes on the sides of the nose, on both sides of the forehead, under the cheekbone using a bronzer, a narrow and wide brush, carefully blend;
    3. Now it is the turn of the lightening agent – a sculpting powder of a lighter tone, for example.We apply it along the line of the cheekbones and a little higher, with a highlighter we highlight in stages the back of the nose, the middle of the forehead, the outer corners under the eyebrow. If there are “bruises” and dark “bags” under the eyes, then it is necessary to well lighten the triangles from the eyes to the nose;
    4. It’s time to make the transitions from shining to dark smooth and as invisible as possible. The whole set of brushes will help here. Slowly, step by step and in natural light, we work out the strokes, leveling the color transitions – this is the only way the makeup contouring will be invisible, which means it is perfect.

    The best contouring brushes are synthetic because they are less bacterial, easier to clean, and can only be drawn on as needed. The classic kabuki brush with a thick base is round and comfortable, ideal for powder and other loose products. Beveled brushes and flat tools are great for applying bronzer and highlighting specific areas. You will need a special brush for your blush.

    Clown contouring: technique in color

    Despite such a frivolous name, clown contouring is a more complex and perfect system for correcting the proportions and imperfections of the face.

    A common guideline says: First you need to determine if your skin tone is cold or warm. If the veins that show through the skin are bluish, the tone is cold. And if greenish or closer to brown – warm.

    • Based on this, we select products that will allow you to make-up contouring in color. Reviews say that it is worth it: contouring the face using many shades of the corrector looks more lively and pleasing to the eye than the beige and brown version.
    • The idea is to play with contrast. So, redness is well masked by a green corrector. Dark bags under the eyes will lighten the yellow color. But the unhealthy yellowness in the skin tone will be won by the violet color remedy. In addition to these basic ones, orange, pink and some other tones are used in special cases.
    • It should be noted that the photos that captured the color contouring in the process really remind of theatrical clown makeup. But the result – vibrant, flawless, radiant skin – speaks for itself.

    In order for the sculpting to be of high quality, a beginner should step by step study the basics of technology, video and photo master classes on the topic, fortunately, there are enough of them on our website.

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