Thailand fashion week: Registration | THAILAND FASHION WEEK



  • THAILAND FASHION WEEK is open to only independent designers/ design houses/ startups including kidswear. 

  • The clothing brand or design house should own a brand website.

  • The clothing brand or designer should have a business page on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.  

  • The established clothing brand or designer should have a business operation time span of min 1 year or more. 

  • Individual designers/ Startups looking to launch their brand/label/collection at THAILAND FASHION WEEK are allowed to register. Customized launching plans are available. 

  • An agreement will be signed between the designer/ design house and THAILAND FASHION WEEK after the slot finalization. 

  • The designs that will be presented during TFW should be available on the designer’s website to order from the show date. 

  • The applicant’s wholesale price points should be within the contemporary or luxury bracket (only if the couture category falls in the luxury bar).  

  • Designers may be asked to submit additional supporting information, including press releases, design development and mood boards for the new collection.

  • 10-20 outfits are allowed to showcase which depends on the slot you choose.

  • During Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022, the designer collection has to be presented in the form of a creative film/video. The video should not be longer than 7 minutes or lesser than 2 minutes. 

  • If a designer/ design house is presenting virtually during Thailand Fashion Week, they need to select the models for their collection video only after the approval of THAILAND FASHION WEEK. If any model’s profile is not approved by THAILAND FASHION WEEK, the full collection video will be dismissed from the calendar. 

  • Registration amount has to be paid (Via PayPal or Razorpay) within 5-7 days after signing the agreement or else the application will be considered null. If the designer/design house fails to deposit the registration amount within the agreed time span, he/she/they will be liable to pay a penalty amount of 1500 USD or more for impairing the time of THAILAND FASHION WEEK. So, we request the registering designers/design houses to sign the agreement only if they are sure that they will be able to meet the registration requirements. 

  • Registration amount/ slot booking amount is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. 

  • After payment of the registration amount, if any designer or design house is unable to present their collection at THAILAND FASHION WEEK, they can avail a slot with the same amount in the next season without paying any extra charges. 

  • One designer/Clothing brand/ Design House can sign up for THAILAND FASHION WEEK maximum of up to 2 times in one season if they are unable to complete the registration process 1st time. If the designer/clothing brand fails to complete the registration process the second time, we request the designer/clothing brand to try next year.  

  • In the digital season of THAILAND FASHION WEEK, the application fee includes only showcasing platform charges. 

  • Models will not be provided by THAILAND FASHION WEEK for the collection video. Designers are free to invite their own models to film the collection video. Any celebrity can be invited by the designer themself to showcase their collection in the video. TFW Organization will not bear any costs for the same.

  • Designers can invite models for trials/fittings before shooting the collection video. 

  • If the designer/clothing brand wants more than one trial/fittings session with the model/models, they will have to bear their transportation charges (to-and-fro) or should arrange transportation for them. 

  • Full sanitization of the place should be done if the designer/clothing brand is planning to shoot the collection video in his/her/their studio. 

  • No stay or travelling will be provided by THAILAND FASHION WEEK during video production.  

  • Top 10 Fashion Weeks In Asia To Showcase Your Collection In 2021: Reports

    Past each deal pitch made by numerous individuals of the most urban goals on earth, there is one that, season after season, pulls in the most pattern driven and design cognizant voyagers. It’s design and, all the more explicitly, the worldwide style shows that feature the cream of the design crop two times per year.

    In excess of a specific show or zone, the purported design weeks separate the idea of the style appear and turn out to be all the more a general prologue to the most current patterns. They get the attention of the press, and articles, news reports, and sites spread pictures of the most alluring assortments of the period the length and expansiveness of the web.

    For the most part, the fashion weeks happen two times every year. From January to March, the Fall-Winter assortments of the coming year are introduced, while in June and July, or even September and October, we get a gander at what will be around in the Spring-Summer of the next year. In case you’re in any of the accompanying urban areas at the correct time, accept the open door to have a look at what we may all be wearing next season.

    DE MODE records down the 10 best fashion weeks in Asia a long time over the world that ought to be in each style enthusiast’s bucket list.

    1. Indonesia Fashion Week (Jakarta, Indonesia)

    Indonesia Fashion Week or IFW is the biggest fashion week in Indonesia that being held annually since 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta. The event is arranged by Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneurs and Designers Association, reflecting and promoting Indonesian culture in fashion.

    Learn more about designer registration or model registration and upcoming show dates of Indonesia Fashion Week on

    2. Thailand Fashion Week – Powered by ASTON MARTIN (Bangkok, Thailand)

    Thailand Fashion Week or TFW Powered by ASTON MARTIN | BANGKOK is the biggest & most promising fashion week in Asia. It is a bi-annual event organized in Bangkok, Autumn/Winter in May and Spring/Summer in November. Thailand Fashion Week is owned and organized by Kings Federation International Group, the group who are also the prime organizers of Europe Fashion Week in Paris. The fashion week is focused to promote world-class designs of International & Thai designers in the Asian fashion industry.

    Learn more about designer registration or model registration and upcoming show dates of Thailand Fashion Week on

    3. Lakme Fashion Week (Mumbai, India)

    Lakme Fashion Week is the first-ever fashion show taking place in India. LFW is a bi-annual fashion event organised in Mumbai. Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort, the first show, takes place in February, and the second fashion event, LFW Winter Festive show is held in August. Lakme Fashion Week is plausibly India’s most outstanding fashion event, controlled by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and sponsored by Lakme.

    Learn more about designer registration or model registration and upcoming show dates of Lakme Fashion Week on

    4. Seoul Fashion Week (Seoul, Korea)

    The Seoul Fashion Week is a global fashion event held twice a year in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. It is sponsored by the city of Seoul and conducted by Inotion World Wide. The Fashion Weeks are held in March and October in South Korea, and are followed by shows in New York City, Paris, London and Milan.

    Learn more about designer registration or model registration and upcoming show dates of Seoul Fashion Week on

    5. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, held in August, is a biannual series of events (generally lasting 5 days) when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and the general public. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week was created in 2013 as a platform for Malaysian designers to present and showcase their Ready to Wear collections with the hopes of highlighting the strengths and creativity of Malaysia’s Fashion Industry to local and international consumers. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week is held at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for the past 6 years in August and attracts more than 150,000 people.

    Learn more about designer registration or model registration and upcoming show dates of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week on

    6. Shanghai Fashion Week (Shanghai, China)

    Shanghai Fashion Week is a fashion event held two times every year in Shanghai, each time lasting for seven days which is a part of Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival which usually lasts for a month. The event first began in 2001.

    Learn more about designer registration or model registration and upcoming show dates of Shanghai Fashion Week on http://www.

    7. Philippine Fashion Week (Manilla, Philippines)

    Philippine Fashion Week, (PhFW) is a bi-annual fashion week event held in Manila, Philippines. Dates are determined during the month of May, to showcase Holiday collections (instead of the autumn-winter which does not apply in the country) and again, during the month of October, to showcase Spring and Summer collections. It is the longest running fashion event in the country, and the largest fashion event held in Manila known as the “Olympics” of Fashion. The Philippine Fashion Week was founded by Joey A. Espino Jr and Audie Espino in 1997. They continue to lead the project as Executive Producers along with Espino brothers protege Conchitina (Tina) Herrera.

    Learn more about designer registration or model registration and upcoming show dates of Philippine Fashion Week on

    8. Colombo Fashion Week (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

    Colombo Fashion Week was conceived in 2003 by Ajai Vir Singh, as a project that was focused on uplifting Sri Lanka’s fashion design industry. Today it is firmly established as the backbone of Sri Lanka’s fashion design industry and in its journey of over a decade it has taken Sri Lanka’s fashion design industry from strength to strength. CFW as its popularly known is probably one of 4 fashion weeks in Asia that is over ten years. It is developmental in its nature, which covers every aspect of a fashion design industry from grooming young designer at college level, to guiding senior and established designers through commercial opportunities. CFW showcases two seasons – Spring Summer (February–March) and Resort annually (September–October).

    Learn more about designer registration, model registration and upcoming show dates of Colombo Fashion Week on

    9. Rakuten Fashion Week (Tokyo, Japan)

    Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo is a fashion festival held twice a year in the world’s fashion cities during which the trends for the next season are born from the latest collections that are unveiled at fashion shows and exhibitions. Out of the world’s fashion weeks, those held in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo are regarded as having the most potential for disseminating information due to their history and the amount of buzz surrounding them. These five fashion weeks are the most known fashion weeks in the world and have much influence of the fashion world. The fashion week held in Tokyo is the “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO”. It is hosted by the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization) and held twice a year in March and October. Japan’s latest creations are showcased to the world at Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills as well as other locations in Tokyo.

    Learn more about designer registration, model registration and upcoming show dates of Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo on

    10. Vietnam International Fashion Week (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

    Vietnam International Fashion Week (VIFW), produced by Multimedia JSC, will showcase the most extensive fashion line up to have been presented in Vietnam. Over the course of the week, leading Vietnamese design talents will present alongside the very best in Asian and international fashion world. With a focus on edgy, avant-garde and progressive designers, this will be a unique program of some of the most exciting and innovative designers from Vietnam and across the world.

    Learn more about designer registration, model registration and upcoming show dates of Vietnam International Fashion Week on

    The 12 best moments from Bangkok International Fashion Week 2019

    A glittery storm of high heels, camera flashes, and perfect jaw-lines, Bangkok International Fashion Week 2019 has come and gone before you’d even finished saying its name. Over the four days, the city celebrated 15 incredibly talented designers, 10 eye-opening shows, and thousands of killer outfits both on and off the runway. So, is it really so bad if we’re already feeling a little nostalgic about all the glitz and glamour? Either way, we’ve already gone back to reflect on all the shows this year and picked out some of our favourite moments. And to celebrate its 12th year running, we’ve decided to go Oscars style and award 12 ‘Best’s from the shows and events of BIFW2019. From ‘Best Set Design’ to ‘Best Model’, here are 12 winning highlights from Bangkok International Fashion week 2019.

    [Hero image credit: Pichita/Siam Paragon.]

    Best show detail: Pichita’s sandbags

    No show last week had more fingers pointing or sly smiles cracking than Pichita‘s on Sunday. It was all down to a subtle but irreverent gimmick: for the show’s wild desert theme presenting a collection titled ‘The Golden Hour’, the models strutted down the sandy catwalk with handbags that were leaking sand through small holes at the bottom. (What did you think when we said sandbags?) Beautifully trickling down like streamers, the feature fitted brilliantly with the long silhouettes of the clothes as well as the rocky theme. A truly golden little detail.

    Photo Credit: Siam Paragon

    Best colours: P.Mith

    Colour palettes can be underestimated when it comes to presenting a fashion collection. Those with coherent and consistent themes tend to be more memorable, more appealing, and more approachable. So that’s precisely why P.Mith‘s show on Friday was such a success. With their recurrent mixing and matching between bold yellows and more muted neutrals like beige and grey, P.Mith showed a collection with distinctive character, an acute sense of style, and an artistic modern vision.

    Best set design: Self-Portrait x Vatanika

    Interviewing them a couple of weeks back, we were told that we’d only understand why Han Chong (Self-Portrait) and Vatanika titled their collection ‘After the Lovers‘. It left us all sleepless in suspense, but now we’ve seen their show which opened Fashion Week on Thursday, we’re ready to do some real analysis. The runway was split down the middle by a long and tall mirror, so while models walked on both sides, the audience on either side could only see the one model and their reflection on their own side. Sound confusing? Don’t worry – the theory is that maybe (and we’re taking a shot in the dark here) showing the audience two identical figures (one of them a reflection) is like showing two lovers becoming one? Scratch that, we have no idea. It was a really cool set anyway.

    Photo Credit: Siam Paragon

    Photo Credit: Siam Paragon

    Best fashion item: Issue’s blazer

    Can any fashion brand compete with Issue‘s masterful ownership of graphic and logo prints? We think not. Always bursting with daring colour, Issue’s adaptation of the conventionally boring blazer is a sartorial gift to us all. There were a fair few variations, but what was consistent was the signature flamboyance, though always without the vulgarity. The blazers seen at Thursday’s show were bold, brash, and fun. We’ll take the lot.

    Photo Credit: Issue Thailand

    Photo Credit: Issue Thailand

    Photo Credit: Issue Thailand

    Photo Credit: Issue Thailand

    Best debut show: Collaborative Fashion Innovation Project Fash by CCI (College of Creative Industry) Srinakarinwirot University

    On the Visionary Atrium stage at Siam Centre, fashion graduates presented their work for the first time ever. Out of all the brilliant and fresh new designs that strutted into the light last week, two collections presented by students from Srinakarinwirot University stood out most with their mature yet youthfully-minded take on Thai heritage fabrics. With impressive vision and technical skills, the students managed to interpret traditional weaved textiles from Lopburi into more urban wear. There’s also a nostalgia in their colour palettes which feeds into a trendily retro 90s aesthetic – irresistible to any fashionable millennial.

    Photo Credit: Siam Center

    Photo Credit: Siam Center

    Photo Credit: CCI

    Photo Credit: CCI

    Most fun to watch: Sor-Kor-Bor Warship by Prapakas

    If neither Prapakas‘s eclectic and characterful outfits, nor the outrageous detachable moustaches were entertaining enough, then perhaps the heart-warming as well as contagious dance routine managed to put a smile on your face. There were smiles aplenty on all the models who walked the show at least, and that’s always refreshing to see. Isn’t fashion supposed to be fun, after all?

    Photo Credit: OneSiam

    Photo Credit: OneSiam

    Photo Credit: OneSiam

    Best model: Matcha Mosimann in the Pichita show

    She’s one of the most in-demand Thai models for a good reason. Aside from her flawless genetic architecture, Miss Mosimann also possesses a truly professional and well-spirited character. This was really put to the test in the Pichita show, in which Matcha deserves huge respect for somehow managing to walk so gracefully down a steep ramp and a sandy runway while wearing not only stiletto heels, but also a vision-obstructing headpiece which was dripping water down her floor length dress. No big deal? We haven’t finished: near the end of the runway, one of the model’s shoes slipped off. So, since bending down to put it back on was completely out of the question, Matcha simply put on a sneaky smile and did the rest of the walk with the shoe in her hand as if coolly strolling along the beach. A real trooper.

    Photo Credit: Siam Paragon.

    Best dress: Kanapot Aunsorn

    A brazen creation of the talented contemporary designer Kanapot Aunsorn, this rich, alluring, spicy feather dress brings together ritzy sensuousness and classy elegance. Wearing beautiful hair jewellery, Sammy Cowell supremely modelled the dress and added to it her personal air of fierceness. It is a masterfully crafted look that seems fit for a museum exhibition yet also ready to go for a night of dancing.

    Photo Credit: Sammy Cowell/Thitima Bundhumasuta

    Best makeup: M.A.C. for Tube Gallery

    A special mention just has to go to the M.A.C. team who worked backstage all the way through the week to complete all the magnificent runway looks. For the Tube Gallery show, subtitled ‘More is More’, the M.A.C. crew had everyone in awe of this bold glitter eye look that suited the theme label pretty perfectly.

    Photo Credit: M.A.C Cosmetics Thailand

    Best overall womenswear: Milin FRONT ROW

    Our jaws were floored for Milin‘s floor-length evening dresses last Saturday. Designed with a purpose to make women feel special, these gowns were samples of the kind of creations Milin’s FRONT ROW, the brand’s exclusive made-to-order line, can offer. No matter how bold your choice of colour might be, or how extravagant your choice of fabric, Milin FRONT ROW’s show proved that they will always tailor the best out of any combination you throw at them.

    Photo Credit: Naporn Sithothai

    Photo Credit: Naporn Sithothai

    Photo Credit: Naporn Sithothai

    Best overall menswear: Fri27Nov

    Presenting an agile collection, the eclectic Fri27Nov moved amazingly dextrously between the funkiness of 80s disco colours and the Romanticism of men’s outfits that could make a grown woman swoon. The genius of the former category was that even though the colours might appear daringly vibrant and experimental, they’re actually quite approachable and surprisingly wearable. As for the second category, the key is in the balance between an irresistible sweet charm and a slightly dangerous bad-boy attitude. Gentlemen, please allow us to direct you to a Fri27Nov store.

    Best finale: Tube Gallery

    Ok, so they had the pretty obvious advantage of being the closing show for the whole of Bangkok Fashion Week. But they didn’t disappoint did they? With show-stopping outfits, complete with monumental headpieces, Tube Gallery also featured the singer Gam Wichayanee as one of their models. She then of course broke into a fabulous song and dance at the show’s finish, ensuring everyone’s seamless move into the afterparty.

    Photo Credit: Siam Paragon

    Photo Credit: Siam Paragon

    Photo Credit: Siam Paragon








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  • Europe Jewellery and Gem Fair 2015, Messe Freiburg, Germany

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  • Thai protesters stage ‘people’s runway’ in downtown Bangkok against princess’ fashion brand

    BANGKOK: Protesters gathered in Bangkok’s business district of Silom on Thursday (Oct 29) to voice their opposition against a royal fashion brand belonging to King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s daughter, Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana.

    The princess’ fashion brand Sirivannavari was scheduled to showcase its autumn/winter 2020-2021 collection at 8pm on the same day in the “French Flair Runway” show at Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok.



    Thailand’s Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, daughter of King Maha Vajiralongkorn. (Photo: Sirivannavari website)

    The protest on Thursday adopted the theme of “People’s Runway” and took place on Silom Road, starting from the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. It is a satire on the princess’ fashion business.

    As night fell, protestors spoke out against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s government and repeated their calls for monarchy reform, with some expressing their dissatisfaction through performances.

    Protesters were in a dancing mood on Silom Road in Bangkok on Oct 29, 2020, but their serious calls for reform remained the same. (Photo: Pichayada Promchertchoo)



    Ahead of the rally, organisers had announced the gathering plan on social media. They also cited an earlier local media report which allegedly detailed Thailand’s national budget Bill for 2020 and allocations worth more than 29 billion baht (US$929 million) set aside for the monarchy. 

    These included a budget of 13 million baht for the Department of International Trade Promotion to exhibit products of the Sirivannavari brand in foreign countries.

    READ: Thai royalists rally in counterpoint to student protesters

    READ: Thai protest movement vows fresh demonstrations after PM snub


    The protest on Thursday marked another challenge to Thailand’s monarchy, which is protected by the strict lese majeste law. The law punishes whoever defames, insults or threatens the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent or the Regent with imprisonment of three to 15 years.

    A mock runway on Silom Road in Bangkok on Oct 29, 2020, with a sign saying: “Commerce Ministry’s 13-million budget supports the business of Sirivannavari”. The sign refers to a local media report on the 2020 national budget bill and the 13 million baht allocation to promote Princess Sirivannavari’s fashion brand. (Photo: Pichayada Promchertchoo)

    On Monday, protesters marched to the German embassy in Bangkok to submit letters for the German government, asking them to investigate whether King Maha has exercised political power during his extended stays in Bavaria.

    Protesters also demanded clarification from Germany on whether the King is required to pay inheritance tax as stipulated by German law, after inheriting a fortune from his father, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

    On Monday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told reporters the government was following developments in Thailand and that it was aware of the demonstrations.

    READ: Rebel alliance: Bangkok’s motorcycle taxi drivers aid Thai protesters

    READ: Thai protesters, ‘human beings, not dust’, march in challenge to king

    The demonstration on Thursday is part of Thailand’s youth-led movement, which has been protesting against Prayut’s government for months. They are calling for an end to his rule, charter amendment and reform of the monarchy.

    Prayut staged a coup in 2014 to topple a democratically government of Yingluck Shinawatra and controlled Thailand for five years, before an election in 2019 installed his political party to government.

    A poster displayed on Silom Road as part of the “People’s Runway” protest in Bangkok on Oct 29, 2020. It depicts a three-finger salute – a symbol of defiance used in Thailand’s youth-led protests – locked up in a golden cage. The Thai constitution sits beneath a throne on top of the cage. (Photo: Pichayada Promchertchoo)

    On Tuesday, the prime minister dismissed calls from opposition parties to resign at a parliament session he had called to discuss months of protests. 

    This came after he addressed the nation last week and called for a parliamentary solution to the ongoing rift in society.

    “The protestors have made their voices and views heard. It is now time for them to let their views be reconciled with the views of other segments of Thai society through their representatives in parliament,” Prayut said.

    “Let us respect the law and parliamentary democracy, and let our views be presented through our representatives in parliament.”

    Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO (Thailand)

    Designer Profile

    Linda Charoenlab, a talent in fashion arts, is the head and founder of . The label is equal to her focused work and infinite fantasy. She has a sense for setting new trends and is known to be one step further in the awareness of fashion philosophy.

    Regularly introducing advert concepts for the most relevant shopping centres in Thailand, Linda is creating unique clothing pieces. The last 6 years she designed the main campaigns for number one department store in Bangkok and many more.

    Linda set up a ambitious life career starting with a B.A. for advertising faculty in Bangkok, then continuing to graduate for fashion styling and photography in London College of Fashion, University of Art London.

    There she got introduced into the international fashion world, working with Dazed & Confused, Intersection, Wallpaper, Elle, Glassbook Magazine amongst others. Besides designing lookbooks for several international fashion labels, e.g. Maria Francesca Pepe

    She led her development to become one of the major styling and style director in Bangkok and Asia.

    Brand Profile

    [Established year] 2009

    Bi-continentally based, Lalalove champions free spirited individuals who dare to break out from socially constructed normality.

    Formed in 2009, Lalalove has always operated out of London and Bangkok while selling worldwide including Topshop, Oxford Circus branch among many other leading retailers around the globe.

    Lalolove was born out of a simple t-shirt line that founder/designer Linda Charoenlab first dabbled in as a side project. Lalalove’s initial t-shirt line favored style, individuality, comfort, simplicity and versatility—all the components that Lalalove still holds dear until today.

    From a humble start, Lalalove has grown into a multinational clothing brand that produces unisex clothing favorited by international, forward thinking movers and shakers. Now a full-fledged garment line, Lalalove prides itself in being eco-friendly with all fabrics being 100 percent digitally made as opposed to the usual silk screening.

    Lalalove’s signature print designs are edgy, relevant and speaking volumes about the brand’s design philosophy. Using vibrant colos and wry sense of humour, the prints often reflect current affairs and state of the world, delivering serious punches and poking fun at the same time.


    Women’s / Ready To Wear, Hat, Shoes and Bags Unisex / Swimwear and T-shirt

    Thailand protesters take to street to mock fashion show | Taiwan News

    BANGKOK (AP) — Pro-democracy demonstrators in Thailand returned Thursday to the capital’s business district, staging something akin to a street fair to bring attention to their contention that the country’s monarchy holds too much power and influence.

    Their rally on the city’s Silom Road was billed as a counterpoint to a fashion show being held Thursday evening by Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, a daughter of King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

    The princess is a fashion designer and has several shops at malls and shopping arcades in Bangkok selling her luxury goods.

    A large crowd that gathered after working hours took over a portion of the street, looking at a displays of artwork and posters, serious and satirical, and listening to mostly impromptu speeches.

    Sarcasm and satire have played a major role in recent protests, as was the case again Thursday as a red carpet was unrolled on the street to serve as a fashion runway for men and women to vamp in front of an amused crowd.

    The student-led protesters have been holding rallies almost every day, attracting crowds on short notice that sometimes exceed 10,000.

    They want Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to step down, the constitution to be amended to make it more democratic, and reforms to make the monarchy’s activities more transparent and accountable.

    Prayuth first became prime minister in a military government after staging a coup as army commander in 2014, and continued in office last year after a general election held under a new constitution and other laws enacted during military rule to disadvantage existing political parties.

    Prayuth has said he will not leave the job under pressure, but his government has indicated it is amenable to have Parliament consider amending the constitution.

    The protest movement also charges that King Vajiralongkorn wields an inordinate amount of power in what is nominally a democracy under a constitutional monarchy. The palace controls a fortune that is estimated to be at least $40 billion, making it the world’s richest royal family.

    The monarchy has long been considered an untouchable institution, revered by a large part of the population and protected by a lese majeste law that mandates a three-to-15-year prison term for anyone found guilty of defaming the monarch and his immediate family.

    The criticism of the royal institution by the protest leaders, low-key at first but now increasingly outspoken, has stunned many Thais, since the subject has long been one not discussed in public.

    On Tuesday, protesters rallied outside the German Embassy to present a letter to the ambassador asking his government to investigate whether King Vajiralongkorn is carrying out political activities during his frequent visits to Germany.

    Thai royalists have recently been holding counter-demonstrations, but so far they have lacked the numbers and enthusiasm of the pro-democracy activists.

    King Vajiralongkorn in the past week has made several unusual public appearances, walking along with Queen Suthida and other members of his family to greet crowds of faithful monarchists who gathered to see him. These events have been captured on smart phone videos and spread widely on social media.

    90,000 Pattaya International Fashion Week

    One of the brightest events in the bustling Pattaya is Pattaya International Fashion Week, which has been held in Thailand since 2010 with the support of the government, the Royal Family and the Pattaya City Hall.

    More recently, Pattaya Fashion Week was not taken seriously by either viewers or critics. But lately, this event has begun to rapidly gain momentum and arouse increased interest. It is not for nothing that the Thai government hopes to make Pattaya the center of fashion in Southeast Asia in the near future. And they have every chance of it! That only is the podium, installed in 2010, 1680 meters long, which immediately got into the Guinness Book of Records. And that was just the beginning.

    Thailand has everything to really win the trust of fashionistas and experts not only in Asia, but also in Europe. After all, it is here that the highest quality fabrics are produced, which are purchased by designers from all over the world for tailoring elite clothes.


    Why Pattaya? Recently, the authorities have been making great efforts to turn this city from a sex capital into a world capital of developed tourism and recreation, as well as a center for holding events significant for the country. Today Pattaya already has a developed infrastructure, there are a large number of hotels, shops and shopping centers, which represent all the brands that are in Bangkok. This, and not only, attracts an increasing number of tourists from all over the world to Pattaya for shopping.In the future, the most modern skyscrapers will be built here, and this year two large water parks will open at once. Investments are pouring in here. All this is quite enough to build a new Asian high fashion industry on fertile soil.

    The Centralfestival and Royal Garden Plaza shopping malls have traditionally become the main venues for the fashion week.

    The Next Big Designer Competition

    The Next Big Designer competition is regularly held as part of Pattaya International Fashion Week.The main goals of this event are to attract young people to the design field and to support young talents among Thai fashion designers. For the latter, the government assists in obtaining patents, assists in organizing shows at the international level and strongly supports the development of new Thai brands.

    The project was organized with the support of the Rakchat Group, which organized fashion shows of both national and world level. It includes Fashion TV, Elite Model Management and Artiste Model Agency.

    90,000 Thailand inspires designers of Paris Fashion Week

    We are used to the fact that modern designers are inspired by different architectural objects, the nature of remote corners of the planet, stones, birds, flowers or fruits, masterpieces of painting, whole layers of history and culture of different countries. But speaking of countries and continents, Africa, China, Japan, India, Russia and many others immediately pop up. Thailand came to the attention of designers only last year and immediately with a big scandal.Let me remind you that not so long ago Demna Gvasalia was appointed to the post of creative director of the Balenciaga Fashion House, and he immediately decided to radically change what had been created for decades. You can treat his creations in different ways, but now it’s not about that. The main scandal with his name and the name of the House was associated with the use of bag-bags in the Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection, which, in shape, size and, most importantly, color combination, completely copy traditional Thai bag-bags, not one popular in everyday life among ordinary Thais for a decade.

       Photo: Monica Feudi (Balenciaga)   

    Six months have passed, and on the catwalk of the main Paris Fashion Week, Maitre (I’m not afraid of this word) Giorgio Armani, under the auspices of one of his many lines, presented the Emporio Armani Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear collection, which does not just use a few elements from Thai culture, and, it seems, it glorifies and exalts what from time immemorial was worn by the people of Siam, and now the people of Thailand.

    What can we see in his collection, which was presented to the general public only yesterday? I’ll start with traditional Thai prints in the form of an elephant covered with a bedspread and embroidery on silk in the form of a fan.Further we can see the classic Thai harem pants, which are sold on every corner for 100 baht apiece, but they are made of high quality silk with hand-made embroidery. The silhouettes of the individual women’s blazers are reminiscent of traditional Thai formal wear. Silk dresses in classic Thai style with elephant print to highlight the neckline.

    If you look at the entire collection, you will see a stunning range of colors. It seems that Giorgio Armani has sung an ode to traditional Thai clothing colors.Here is the blue, fashionable next season, reminiscent of the ocean water on a rainy day, and soft green, similar to the color of a fern under the canopy of a tropical forest, and a delicate cream, similar to the sand of tropical beaches of the west coast, as well as the traditional bright and rich purple color. found throughout the Kingdom, the color of orchids.

    Giorgio Armani took traditions and embodied them in excellent technique and quality, and since the people of Thailand are very proud of their country and love it, there is no doubt about the success of this collection, all lovers of rest in the Kingdom can also provide support for it, because it is so nice dress in amazing quality harem pants and remember the sunset on the beach when you were wearing something like that.

       Photo: Luca Tombolini (Emporio Armani)   

    90,000 A show of the personal couturier of the Royal Family of Thailand will take place in Moscow (PHOTOS) / 05 October 2012 | Thailand, Daily News 05.10.12

    From 18 to 22 October 2012, Moscow will host the 25th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. In addition to the headliners of the Russian Fashion Week, Asia’s most popular designer Somchai Kaewthong, known as Kai, will present his new collection.

    Back in 1968, he opened his first boutique in Bangkok, but to this day he is the last of the true Thai couturiers.Kaya’s Atelier produces hand-sewn and bespoke garments for daytime and evening events. Kai has created looks and clothing for many women, making them feel special. He has dressed many celebrities in Asia, among whom were the first ladies, but he considers the design of clothing for the Royal Family of Thailand to be his main achievement and a source of pride.

    Elle Thailand named Kai as a legendary designer of Thailand. Kai is also a popular fashion expert and frequently lectures at prestigious design departments across the country, as well as at events hosted by various professional and social clubs.

    At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, more precisely on October 21, Kai will present his new collection, the organizers of the event told Novy Region.

    The largest fashion week in Eastern Europe, as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is called, is not the first time receiving guests from Thailand. In 2009, the princess of Thailand opened Fashion Week at the WTC Convention Center. Princess Sirivannavari showed off her Ethnic Rock collection at Russian Fashion Week.

    Asia’s most popular designer Somchai Kaewthong, known as Kai, will present his new collection

    But he considers fashion design for the Royal Family of Thailand to be the main achievement and a source of pride

    Back in 1968, he opened his first boutique in Bangkok, but to this day he is the last of the true Thai couturiers. Kaya Atelier produces hand-sewn and bespoke garments for day and evening events

    Elle Thailand named Kai Legendary Designer of Thailand

    Bangkok, Vasilisa Egorova

    Bangkok.Other news 05.10.12

    Muslims in Thailand threaten people who work “in violation of Islamic traditions” on Fridays. / Four Russian citizens were evacuated from Thailand, who received various injuries and illnesses on vacation. / A tourist from Russia was killed in Thailand.
    Read more

    © 2012, “New Region – Thailand”

    90,000 Creative Director Q Design and Play

    The Q Design and Play brand can hardly be called young, but outside of Thailand, few people know about it.Nonetheless, Prafat Sombunsitti, co-founder and creative director of Q Design and Play, promises to launch an online store almost tomorrow that will finally allow international customers to purchase hard-to-find clothing directly. We spoke with Prafat about the Thai fashion industry and sorted out the designer’s relationship with the international market.

    Q Design and Play SS 2014 “Culture Revolution”

    Prafat Sombunsitti attended the Catholic Assumption University, where he studied graphic design.After graduating from university, Sombunsitti got into the marketing agency Ogilvy & Mather, worked there for two years as an art director and decided to launch his own clothing brand. The techniques taught by the founder of Q Design and Play at the university were very handy: graphic design has become an integral part of the brand – it is used by Prafat throughout the process of creating a collection, from drawing and composing collages to transferring them to clothing. As the designer admits, he does not experience difficulties due to the lack of specialized education: “I have an assistant who helps at the stage of collection production, and a partner who deals with HR, administrative and financial aspects of the matter.”The rest of the staff consists of 11 people, of which three are designers and 8 are salespeople. It is Prafat’s responsibility to design and control the entire production.

    Q Design and Play SS 2015 “Mars Plastic”

    Prafat founded Q Design and Play with Ekkapum Tricheruzmi in 2010. On the recommendation of friends who were already familiar with the Bangkok fashion industry, the guys found a suitable factory.The first collections were sold at night markets, a local attraction favored by guides and travel brochure makers. The brand was advertised only on social networks: many of the current customers began their acquaintance with Q Design and Play just then. Sombunsitti, like any modern entrepreneur, has great sympathy for social networks and online promotion. For the last show, for example, models were searched for through an ad on a Facebook page: “This year we decided to select new faces who are not affiliated with any of the agencies.It seems like a very fresh idea to us. ”


    It seems to me that advertising through social networks is an important thing that every brand should not forget about today: most of the customers are constantly online and more likely to receive information through Facebook and Instagram than through books and magazines.

    To make production commercially viable, the Q Design and Play brand produces two collections – Design and Basiq, differing in quality, concept and price.In Thailand, according to the designer, Basiq products are preferred, while Design is popular in the international market. “For the Basiq line,” explains Sombunsitti, “we only use cotton fabrics, and all of the items in this collection are quite simple, echoing the silhouettes of basic men’s clothing.” Design items can be made from any high quality material. The technology of creation is more complex: “In the work on one jacket, we use several techniques at once: digital printing, screen printing, and processing of various materials to create a new one.”

    Q Design and Play Basiq SS 2016 “Ranger”

    2013 was a turning point in the history of the brand. Then Prafat was invited to participate in Seoul Fashion Week. Korean designers were already being followed by the global fashion community, and getting to Seoul gave Q Design and Play the opportunity to gain that attention. And so it happened: they wrote about the brand in Monocle magazine. “This is how foreigners learned about us.We have expanded our client base, which contributed to entering the international market. ” Now they write about them in local Vogue, Wallpaper and Hamburger magazine, and Hypebeast and Fucking Young publish their lookbooks on their pages. Such a run up does not bother the designer at all:


    Each magazine is important, because they all expand our client base in their own way.I personally consider Wallpaper the coolest magazine in Thailand because they support any design-related initiative.

    Looking at the portfolio of the brand, you might think that Prafatu is not sitting still, and whenever possible, he applies to participate in some fashion week. At first, it was such an expansion into the markets of neighboring countries (Q Design and Play shows were held in Harbin, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta), and later a cautious penetration into Europe (last fall, they presented a collection as part of Vienna Fashion Week). In fact, it turned out that this is not entirely true:


    Organizers from South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and China invited us to participate in local fashion weeks. We didn’t have to pay anything for participation. Otherwise, we would not agree.

    However, the most useful for them at the moment is Elle Fashion Week in Thailand.Here, according to Prafat, the most important people in the industry gather.

    Q Design and Play Basiq FW 2015

    Last year, Q Design and Play took part in the Vogue Who’s On Next project. The competition, aimed at supporting young brands, is held in different countries of the world, but for Thai designers this opportunity appeared only two years ago. For the first time, one of Prafat’s friends participated in the show.Noticing the professional growth of his colleague, Prafat also applied for participation. He was among the eight finalists, but he never got the grand prize of one million baht and the annual expert consultation. Still, the experience of participation helped a lot:


    This is more of a business competition than a design competition. Now we better represent the identity of our brand, we know the mechanisms of its development, as well as how it needs to be promoted.It’s also a great way to attract new clients and the attention of other organizations – many people write to us and offer to cooperate.

    As for the support from the state, the designer speaks rather warmly about the policy towards the fashion industry. “Every year in Thailand there are new projects to support young designers,” he comments on his statement that “Thailand is a country of opportunities”, “So even if you don’t have a specialized education, but you have talent, you can become a part of the industry.” …One of such government initiatives is the international Biff & Bil fair, within which the Designer’s Room project has existed since 2002, where newcomers are taught the intricacies of organizing product exports and strategies for entering the world market.

    Q Design and Play SS 2016 “Royal”

    As a result, a strong competition has formed in the fashion industry in Thailand – new names appear in it every now and then.But even a well-designed system can have some glitches. Thailand Fashion Week works in an amazing way: most of the local designers show the existing collections in order to increase sales, which you will not find on the catwalks of London or Paris. “International Fashion Weeks are aimed at getting buyers to see new collections. This may be the reason why they are not interested in Thailand Fashion Week, ”Prafat concludes correctly.

    Q Design and Play FW 2015 “Father and Mother I Love You”

    Q Design and Play products are now available in three stores in Bangkok and are also sold online.The guys have chosen the path of gradual development, and so far they want to consolidate their positions in the local market.


    I would like to fully understand branding, design, production, quality and sales before expanding and competing with international brands. I won’t mind competing with someone like Opening Ceremony or Undercover.

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week opens in Moscow – Society

    MOSCOW, April 19. / TASS /. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, where more than 70 designers from Russia, Argentina, Great Britain, Italy, Nigeria, the USA and other countries will present their new collections, will open at the Museum of Moscow on Monday. This was reported by the press service.

    “Designers will present new collections in the capital and other cities of Russia: St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Sochi and Chelyabinsk.The fashion week will open on April 19 with a show of the Moscow brand Ruban, “the press service said. The fashion show will also be held in showrooms of Mercedes-Benz official dealers throughout the country, and the fashion week will end on April 24.

    Among the Russian participants in the Fashion Week are such brands as Rogov, Elena Souproun, Julia Dalakian, Sergey Sysoev, Teplitskaya design, Vereja, Yana Besfamilnaya, Nastya Nekrasova, Tsiganova, Re / Marka, Alena Nega, Lasscutok, Leader by Vadim Merils and others. Under the grant support program organized by Fashion Week and the Fashion Fund, 14 brands, including 1377, Ansel, Boyari, Fashion Rebels, Gerda Irene, K Titova, Lyubov Babitskaya, Marfa Fedorova, o5o, Eto Art, will have the opportunity to hold a show no entrance fee.The National Fashion Chamber continues its cooperation with the Moscow Longevity program, thanks to which models over 55 years old will be models at a number of shows.

    The unified schedule of the fashion event will unite both shows of Russian designers and broadcasts of shows and video presentations of designers from 19 countries (Argentina, India, Spain, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, the Netherlands, the USA, Chile, South Korea, Japan and others). For the first time, the event will be attended by designer Emma Bruschi, recognized by Mercedes-Benz and Fashion Open Studio for the best eco-sustainable practices at the Hyères International Festival.All shows and presentations will be broadcast in the Fashion Week group on the VKontakte network, as well as in other social networks and on partner sites.

    This season, Fashion Week will present on its website an interactive digital platform, which will provide thematic guides, playlists, tests, exclusive materials from designers and experts in the field of sustainable fashion and ecology. Users will be invited to try their hand at online games: Catch the Inspo, Pattern Maker, Sewing Adventures.Those who score the most points will receive gifts and invitations for future seasons. In addition, on the platform, those who wish will be able to try themselves as a fashion designer. They will need to create sketches in five days, as well as prepare a collection and an idea for display.

    90,000 Thailand Returns Two-Week Tourist Quarantine


    90,026 90,025 Since the beginning of April, the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection in the kingdom has more than doubled.This was the reason for the government decision to return the previous terms of mandatory quarantine for arriving tourists – 14 days instead of 10. The changes come into force on May 1.


    The Thai authorities are returning a two-week quarantine for tourists arriving in the country. The royal newspaper Bangkok Post reported this with reference to the representative of the state center for the management of the situation with COVID-19 (CCSA) Tavisilpa Visanuyotin.
    If permission to enter the country was received before May 1, and the trip should take place before May 6, then isolation will have to stay from seven to ten days, depending on the presence or absence of vaccination, the Thai media write. Recall that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine has not yet been approved in Thailand, the mandatory quarantine for Russian tourists in this case is 10 days.

    Tourists who receive permission to enter Thailand after May 1 inclusive will have to spend two weeks in quarantine.This rule will also apply to those who have a certificate of vaccination.


    In the Russian office of the Tourism Administration of Thailand, TAT confirmed the information, noting that the duration of the innovation is currently unknown.

    Recall that the period of mandatory 14-day paid quarantine was reduced by the decision of the Government of the Kingdom from April 1 to 10 days.


    Experts do not exclude that in the current situation, the plan of the kingdom’s authorities to open Phuket to foreign tourists from July 1 will not be implemented.This development is not excluded by the Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn.

    Meanwhile, experts do not lose hope for the early opening of the popular island for vaccinated, including Russian, tourists. At the beginning of this week, the ambassador of the kingdom in Moscow Sasivat Wongsinsavat said: Thailand will purchase 1 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine.

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