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Ted Gibson is one of the most sought-after editorial, runway, and celebrity hair stylists in the business.  His work has appeared in publications such as  Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, and Allure and backstage at runway shows such as Chanel, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana.  Ted is perhaps most known for toiling over the tresses of top celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Amanda Bynes, Demi Moore, Renée Zellweger, Joy Bryant, Anne Hathaway, Elettra Rossellini, Claire Danes, Petra Nemcova, Keira Knightley

, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Diane Sawyer, Sara Foster, Vanessa Carlton and Amerie.  




What do your clients ask for most?

Big sexy hair is what put me on the map. Volume is always important for me. Hair has to make a statement and has to suit your clothes. It’s about what the total image is and hair I believe plays a large part of that. My expertise is about textures of hair.

What is your secret for keeping hair looking healthy with all the chemicals and heat we use every day?

I think a cold water rinse is essential in creating the most shiny, luxurious hair. Using products that have UV absorbers in them Ted Gibson Hair Sheet Styling. Ted Gibson Hair Sheet Treatment has vitamins A, B, E and antioxidants for deeper conditioning. I also have a flat iron in my range that goes up to 400 degrees and can be used on all textures of hair for creating smoothness and/or waves.

You can use one tool that can do your straightening and curling too. I always recommend that you use something on your hair to protect your hair from the heated styling tools that you are using.

What are the 3 biggest mistakes women make with their hair?

Women tend to not listen to their hairdresser. They bring in a photo of Heidi Klum and want her hair! They bring in a picture of somebody who looks nothing like them and has different hair, and wants a miracle. Another big mistake is embracing your hair texture instead of fighting it. Thirdly, shampooing too often is a common problem because it strips the natural oils. Not getting a haircut often enough is another common dilemma – you should get every 4-6 weeks.

How do you recommend taming frizzy and unruly hair?

Products make a huge difference. If you have that kind of hair texture, it’s important to mix products. For example, mix a gel with a shine cream. The gel is for control and the shine cream for moisturizing benefits. Silicones and oil will give some slip to the hair. You should always start from the ends and work your way up to the scalp to get more texture, control and shine.

What is your hero product in the Ted Gibson range and why?

It’s a toss up between Hair Sheet Styling and Beautiful Hold Hairspray. Hair Sheet Styling is revolutionary and I try to think of things that makes women’s lives easily. Beautiful Hold is a working hairspray so you don’t feel like if you spray a few spritz on your hair, you can’t move it. It contains essential oils and does not leave hair feeling stiff and sticky.

What are the best celebrity styles clients want today?

The bob has been a trend for awhile – as in Anne Hathaway. It’s important for women to know what the trend is but not necessarily be a slave to it. Take bits of pieces of a trend and apply it to yourself.

For example, if the asymmetrical bob is really hot right now, you can do a bob, but you don’t have to make it asymmetrical.

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Gibson, Ted 1965(?)– | Encyclopedia.com

Hairstylist, entrepreneur

As a hairstylist to the stars at his chic Fifth Avenue salon in New York City, Ted Gibson kept his promise not to repeat celebrity gossip. He was instrumental in bringing long, full hairstyles back into vogue and he became a regular guest on television programs. Eventually he developed a line of hair and body products. A weightlifter, Ted Gibson placed third in bodybuilding at the 1994 Gay Olympic Games.

Played Football

Ted Gibson was born in Texas, the only son of Ted Gibson, an army sergeant, and Beatrice Gibson, a post exchange cashier. He grew up on army bases in Germany, Hawaii, and Japan until age twelve, when the family settled in Killeen, Texas. During his childhood Gibson dreamed of playing football for the Dallas Cowboys, and he did play high school football in Killeen. However, he had always loved hair, and his international experiences had left him with an appreciation of the different concepts of beauty in various cultures. He told People: “I would try to brush [people’s] hair, but my dad would not allow it. He wasn’t having it—his only son?”

Gibson told Teen Vogue: “I always had this creative side but wasn’t sure it would turn into anything. One of my best friends is a hair dresser and he drove this really great car and had a fab apartment in Austin, Texas. I wanted to be just like him.” He told Behind the Chair: “I finally decided I needed to follow my own dreams and see if I was any good.”

Gibson attended barber school, where he won a competition. He earned his cosmetology license in 1991 and went to work in Austin. He was the only black hairdresser at the salon, a situation that was often uncomfortable. Once a customer grudgingly tipped him twenty-five cents.

In 1992 Gibson was hired by Aveda, first as an appointment broker and then as a teacher at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. One of his students was Jason Backe, who became his partner. Gibson traveled the world as head of global education for Aveda. Working under company founder Horst Rechelbacher, Gibson began designing. He helped create some of Aveda’s signature products, including the Self Control Hair Styling Stick and six perfumes in the Pure-fume line. In 1997 Gibson was named creative director of Aveda’s New York City salons.

Became a Celebrity Hairstylist

In 2003 Gibson and Backe opened a salon in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, with Gibson as chief stylist and Backe as the salon’s premier colorist. Gibson was determined not to be known as just a “black hairdresser.” He told People: “People always want to pigeonhole you in what makes them feel comfortable. But it’s always been really important to me to work in multiethnic salons. One should be able to go anywhere and get a haircut as opposed to, ‘If you’re black you only do black hair, and if you’re white, you only do white hair. ’”

Charging about $450 for a haircut, Gibson became an immediate sensation. In 2003 actress Angelina Jolie chose him as her stylist. Soon his clients included actresses Demi Moore, Claire Danes, and Jessica Alba; television anchor Diane Sawyer; singer Amerie; and numerous other celebrities. Gibson dreamed of designing hair for a major motion picture.

Hairstyling for designer fashion shows requires a very fast hand. Gibson learned the tricks by assisting master stylist Eugene Souleiman. Soon he was traveling the globe again, styling for runway shows by Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and others. Gibson’s hairstyles appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Allure, and other publications. Once in London he did covers for Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire in the same day. Gibson also worked on multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns for Redken, L’Oreal, and Garnier.

A regular contributor to NBC’s Today Show, Gibson was soon a television celebrity in his own right. He did regular makeover segments on the Oprah Winfrey Show and appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The Insider, Movie and a Makeover, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Launched a Product Line

In October of 2005 Gibson launched his own line of hair products, Ted Gibson Beauty, sold through the retailer Saks Fifth Avenue. His first products were sheets that were swiped over the hair for styling and conditioning. Resembling towelettes, hair sheet treatments contained proteins and vitamins. Gibson next introduced his Individual Color shampoos and conditioners, which came in dual-chambered bottles with pigment on one side and shampoo or conditioner on the other, both infused with orchid extract and lavender. Individual Color came in five shades, and a dial on top of the bottle allowed the user to adjust the amount of added color.

Just five months later, in March of 2006, Gibson launched a new line of hair color with shampoos and conditioners named for his motto “Beauty is Individual. ” Later in 2006 he introduced additional products including a fine-mist holding spray. Gibson tested his products on celebrity clients before launching them, and they earned industry accolades and developed a devoted following.

In July of 2007 Gibson introduced the “It” series: Build It blow drying agent, Fix It styling gel, and Tame It shine lotion containing a special blend of merlot red wine. His Goodnite hair repair serum cost $200 for four ounces. He continued to sell four color shampoos and conditioners and three body shampoos and conditioners. He introduced the Bandostick hair accessory in various colors and a hair dryer and flat styling iron that used nanotechnology.

As of 2007 Gibson and Backe continued to manage the 2,500-square-foot Ted Gibson Salon for men and women. Customers were offered herbal tea or a glass of wine when they entered the salon and received a five-minute aromatherapy head massage. The salon ran a twelve- to eighteen-month training program for beauty school graduates. Although haircuts by Gibson himself cost $950, once each week his stylists-in-training gave $50 hair cuts.

Gibson supported various charitable organizations, conducting cut-a-thons for the conservation fund Go Zero and S.A.V.E.S., a sterilization program for feral and stray cats. In 2007 he began investing in reforestation and wind energy to offset the carbon dioxide produced by his salon.

In August of 2007 Gibson began working with the Demeter Group, a San Francisco-based investment banking firm, to raise capital for enlarging his business and to develop a plan for marketing and distributing his products in Russia, the United Kingdom, and Japan. He intended to open a second salon in Manhattan, as well as new salons in Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami. He told WWD in October of 2007: “Our vision is to develop more product, open more salons and develop Ted Gibson into a global brand. I’m very much hands-on. I really like doing the day-to-day responsibilities.

At a Glance …

Born Ted Gibson Jr. in 1965(?), in Texas; son of Ted and Beatrice Gibson; partner Jason Backe. Education: Barber college; cosmetology license, 1991.

Career: Austin, TX, hairstylist, 1991-92; Aveda Corporation, Minneapolis Aveda Institute, MN, teacher, head of global education, product designer, 1992-97, New York City salons, creative director, 1997-2003; Ted Gibson Salon, New York, NY, proprietor, 2003—; Ted Gibson Beauty, New York, NY, founder and principal, 2005—.

Addresses: Office—184 5th Ave., Second Fl., New York, NY 10010.

Selected writings

“Giddyup!,” Flare, October 2007, p. 86.



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Ted Gibson Salon,http://www.tedgibsonsalon.com (accessed October 30, 2007).

—Margaret Alic

Haute Beauty: Celebrity Stylist from Ted Gibson Salon Shares Hair Tips

Ted Gibson styling model’s hair before Lela Rose fashion show

Founder of the House of Givenchy, Hubert de Givenchy, once said, “Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.”

We couldn’t agree more; and to make sure your hairstyle reflects the inner you, we spoke to Devin Toth, lead stylist at the Ted Gibson Salon, the hair destination for celebs like Anne Hathaway, Renee Zellweger and Zoe Saldana.

HL: For skin there is cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize as a mantra. Is there anything like that for hair?
Devin Toth: Our mantra for hair is treat, cleanse, condition, gloss. Some products I would recommend are Ted Gibson Hairsheet Treatment, Ted Gibson Daily Cleanse and Daily Nourish and Ted Gibson Individual Color Brazen Brown conditioner.

HL: Are there any celeb hair secrets you can let us in on?
DT: The biggest celeb secret is extensions. They all have them! The loose waves that you always see them wearing are popular because they blend their real hair into their extensions.

HL: Any quick tips for us girls with unruly hair?
DT: For unruly hair, I would recommend while you’re in the shower to comb your conditioner through your hair and let it stay on while you’re exfoliating your face. When you’re done simply rinse the conditioner and the exfoliating cream.

I recommend a very moisturizing conditioner like Ted Gibson Clarity Color.

HL: What do you use on your hair?
DT: I use Ted Gibson Fix It gel and Ted Gibson Tame It Shine Lotion on my hair. The Fix It gives my hair thickness and the Tame It gives it shine.

Haute Living Picks: Even before Devin said it, we loved the Beautiful Hold Hairspray. It doesn’t leave that filmy hairspray feeling, but still keeps your strands in place, leaving them workable and and touchable with the right amount of texture and hold. Plus, the gardenia scent is a welcome departure from the alcoholic scent of most sprays.

We also love the polishing hair sheets; they are one of the best on-the-go hair products. The sheets calm dry hair or frizzies when you smooth the sheet over the surface of your hair, also adding a weightless polish.

The Ted Gibson Salon is located at 184 Fifth Ave., second floor, 212.633.6333 , www.tedgibsonsalon. com.


Ted Gibson styling model’s hair before Lela Rose Fashion Show

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Ted Gibson Talks Holiday Hair, Ashley Greene, and His Academy at Sea – Beauty

Ted Gibson Talks Holiday Hair, Ashley Greene, and His Academy at Sea

By Emily Gyben 12/22/11 at 02:05 PM

Photo courtesy of Ted Gibson

Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson

Even if you’ve never had the honor of sitting in a chair at his chic Fifth Avenue salon, you’ve definitely seen the amazing work of hair guru Ted Gibson.

He’s a major player during Fashion Week, creating runway coifs for the likes of Rachel Roy and Lela Rose.

He also transforms real women every week as the resident hair stylist on TLC’s beloved makeover show What Not to Wear


And if you’ve seen Anne Hathaway or Ashley Greene on a red carpet of late (and you certainly have!), there’s a good chance his hands were behind their gorgeous manes.

FashionEtc caught up with the Texas-born, New York-based über-hairstylist to get the secrets behind his celebrity strands, top tips for party-ready hair, and the cut you need now.

What styles are you loving for the holiday party circuit?

I think a lot of girls want to be sexy, but not too contrived. Girls with long hair want to wear it down, and girls with short hair want to wear it tousled and sexy. but there are a lot of different things happening: half up, half down, accessories that add a little sparkle … I love headbands on girls, and I love ponytails on girls for holiday. And a top knot always works!

So how can the average woman get these looks herself?

Product is one key part, as well as having the right tools in your arsenal. If you want volume, you need Build It, our blow-drying spray, or a mousse by L’Oréal Professional called Expansion. It brings life and fullness to hair. Hairspray really used to have a bad name, but there’s a resurgence; it’s coming back. Modern hairsprays aren’t necessarily sticky and stiff. You can get touchable hair that you can run your fingers though.

And tools?

A medium-sized curling iron is essential. You can create soft waves, or you can brush it out and get that Old Hollywood glam look. It’s really timeless; Kim Kardashian, Ashley Greene, Annie Hathaway, Angelina Jolie [all clients of Gibson’s] have all worn that look.

What’s the haircut to get now?

The demi-bob is really hot. I cut it on Brooklyn Decker earlier in the summer and I still love it. Some like to call it the “lob,” or long bob—it’s that mid-length hairstyle, just above the shoulder. It works with fashion, but it looks really fresh—straight or wavy or curly.

How important is it to change up your hair-care regimen with the season? Any tips on keeping hair healthy in the winter?

In the winter, people are trying to control static, especially when they’re taking hats on and off. My Hair Sheet [Treatment] controls static, has a UV absorber, vitamins A, D, and E, and antioxidants to nourish hair. Sometimes people use water to control static, but this is more moisturizing. And of course, you should always deep condition once a week!

Ashley Greene’s hair always looks flawless. What is she like to work with?

She’s so great. I’ve been working with her for two years now. She has ideas about fashion and beauty, and as a new, young Hollywood actress, who has a lot going on, she can basically be a chameleon. She’s a hairdresser’s dream.

What is your favorite way to style her hair?

I think wavy always works, but then it all depends on what she’s wearing and where she’s going. She wears both styles [wavy and straight] really well.

Photos courtesy of Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson products, from left to right: Daily Nourish Conditioner; Hair Sheet Styling; Daily Cleanse Shampoo; and Build It Blow Drying Agent, all available at Ted Gibson Salons.

Not so long ago everyone was addicted to their straighteners and there was a lot of pin-straight hair on the red carpet, but now it seems to be all about that wave.

I think girls love to be romantic. Waves are about romance. They’ll never go out of style, though the size of the wave changes.

What do you think of that cropped wig she wears in Twilight?

I think the last one [Breaking Dawn: Part I] was much better than the previous! It’s amazing, though; she’s got all of that hair twisted up in the wig cap!

How can we get hair as shiny as hers?

She loves Ted Gibson products. She uses the Daily Cleanse Shampoo and Daily Nourish Conditioner, and she loves my Hair Sheets. Jason Backe colors her hair in the salon. She’s such a beauty girl. I love it.

So going from red carpet glamour to something a little less glamorous: what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen lately on What Not to Wear?

I saw a girl on a recent episode with hair to the middle of her back that was ombré but not intentionally ombré! She was wearing this holey shirt with her bra hanging out—she was, for lack of a better term, a mess, and we wanted to create a really amazing, voluptuous woman. I think it was one of the best makeovers on What Not to Wear. I gave her a demi-bob and we went brunette—I colored most of it, so it was still ombré, but on purpose!

You’ve done so much celebrity and red carpet hair—is it hard to switch to styling regular people for the show?

It’s universal, they way women feel about their hair, and they’re never happy! For me, there’s nothing better than standing behind the chair in the salon or getting someone ready for a red carpet event. A universal theme is that they just want the best possible hair for them; beauty is individuality. Angelina [Jolie] one day, a stay at home mom the next—and the idea’s the same thing.

What were some of your favorite runway hair looks from the Spring 2012 shows?

I did a Rachel Roy look I call “the new braid.” It’s a twist—a chignon in the back held with a big large silver barrette. I also did Lela Rose, a twist again with a side part, half up, half down, and the twist went underneath the hair and hair fell over the top. Women want to be able to put their hair up in different ways, and not just with braids but twists.

That all sounds a little complicated. How can the layperson attempt something like that?

Try not to make it so perfect! Don’t be so hard on yourself; it doesn’t have to be just like it is in the magazines. You can create something for yourself, and not making it so perfect is what makes you an individual—it’s like customizing your own style.

If we were to have a New Year’s hair resolution, what should it be?

Keep it soft. Keep it flirty. Make sure you can run your hands through it! And you should deep condition at least once a week. I also tell women who shampoo every day to add a tablespoon of vinegar to your shampoo once or twice a week to remove buildup from products or the environment.

What are your plans for the holidays?

I’m going to Minnesota for Christmas, which should be really fun. Right after that, I’m going to Florida, where I have a new salon opening in the first part of the year. I’ll be interviewing staff—and hanging out a little, I hope!

We hear you’re hosting an Academy at Sea—a training session on a cruise ship!—next year. How did that come about?

I’ve always wanted to think about education for hairdressers differently, and one way to do that is give them a little R and R and education at the same time! There will be two days of education, special musical guests, DJs, lots of food, and entertainment.

Is this the first of many?

Absolutely. And I want to do consumer ones, too!

What will happen on those?

I would dance and sing … no, just joking! There would be seminars to teach how to be better women, understand how they can get their hair cut and colored—really, it would be a forum for women to get together and discover how incredible they are and what they add to everyone’s life. Plus, lots of champagne!

Count us in!


Jessica Chastain’s Hairstylist Shares His Best Tips

NYC-based celeb hairstylist Ted Gibson, who has coiffed starlets from A (Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie) to Z (Zoe Saldana), filled out our Style Secrets questionnaire and answered the age-old hair question: short or long?

My current clients include Jessica Chastain, Ashley Greene, and Gabby Douglas.

If I could describe their style in one word it would be sophisticated (Jessica), chic (Ashley), and downtown (Gabby).

If I had to choose a favorite look for each, it would be sleek for Jessica, big sexy hair for Ashley, and retro for Gabby, because as I hairdresser I love being able to help a woman discover her beauty potential.

I knew I had made it as a celeb stylist when I flew to London to do two back-to-back magazine covers with Angelina Jolie and one of the most famous photographers in the world, Patrick Demarchelier.

The best item to fix frizzy hair is Ted Gibson Hair Sheets, $25; and L’Oreal Professionnel’s Mythic Oil, $25.

Short or long? Long—I love long, sexy, bed-head waves! It’s my signature.

In my opinion, the best trend is ’40s waves and the worst is ombre hair color.

I tell my clients never to leave for a red carpet event without looking in the mirror because you have to know how to pose!

I wish I could style Lena Horne‘s hair because she’s classic and has paved the way for so many women!

Imagine this: Your client gets bashed for her hair on TV. What do you do? Dig a hole for myself and hide!

I feel my most fabulous when I am dressing hair.

My style inspiration is believe it or not…furniture! I love clean lines with a strong emphasis on gray and black because they never go out of style.

The one thing every woman should own is a box of French bobby pins because they are perfect for putting your hair up whenever you want to. The ridges in them help hold hair in place better than regular bobby pins.

Alternately, the one thing every woman should never attempt to try is cutting your hair at home because it’s always messy!

The best beauty investment is a $1200 haircut with Ted Gibson!

What do you do that is different from a stylist who charges $100 for a cut? The Ted Gibson experience is a luxurious, 5-star experience, wherein each guest receives a stress-relieving treatment with hot towels, shampoo, conditioning treatment, haircut, blow-dry, and style—all done by me.


Antistatic for hair – an indispensable tool for creating the perfect hairstyle

Hair standing on end – this problem is familiar to all girls who have strands of at least medium length. Static electricity accumulates on the curls, which raises them up. The sensations are unpleasant, and it looks sloppy. An antistatic agent for hair and proper care of curls will help get rid of such a problem.

Reasons for electrifying hair

Hair will always become electrified for several reasons:

  • you are using a metal or plastic comb;
  • Wear synthetic sweaters and hats;
  • often dye strands;
  • use a hot hair dryer and a stealth iron;
  • work a lot in front of a computer and often use a smartphone;
  • Do not moisturize strand masks.

Active hair electrification is observed in winter. During this period, the air in the premises is dry, everyone walks in hats and sweaters, wears clothes made of artificial and natural fur. You cannot get rid of static electricity on your hair once and for all. But to reduce its charge, you can use professional and folk remedies.

Principle of action of antistatic agent

Dry strands have a porous structure and collect a lot of free electrical charges. Their number on the strands increases when you wear synthetics.Weak hair with dry ends is highly electrified. Professional and natural hair anti-electrification products reduce the amount of free electrical charges and prevent the accumulation of new ones.

Antistatic agents cover the scales and cover each hair with a thinnest film that repels new free electrical particles and prevents them from accumulating. The film also prevents the curls from losing moisture, so even when using a hair dryer, they do not dry out.Components that enhance the effect of the agent are often added to the composition of antistatic agents:

  • glycerin – makes the strands smooth and light;
  • vitamin complexes – quickly restore weakened hair;
  • silicones – protect curls from bright sun and hot air.

Antistatic hair spray is considered an essential home care product that hairdressers recommend regularly. With it, the strands do not just fit well and do not electrify – they become healthy, shiny, do not stick together and keep volume.

Professional products

Brands offer customers different types of hair electrification products. They come in the form:

  • shampoos;
  • balms with antistatic effect;
  • sprays;
  • masks;
  • mixtures of natural oils;
  • air conditioners;
  • napkins impregnated with a special composition;
  • varnishes.

A wooden comb is the simplest and most effective way to deal with static electricity.You only need to use it, not metal and plastic. When choosing products, you need to pay attention to the composition: it is desirable that it contains natural ingredients.

Folk remedies

All professional remedies are highly effective, but they rarely have a completely natural composition. Chemical components are added to the products that can cause allergies or other harm. It cannot be said that purchased antistatic agents are completely safe. After all, some of the ingredients in the composition are sometimes not indicated on the label.And it’s hard to check.

There is a way out: you can easily prepare an antistatic agent for hair at home. You will need inexpensive ingredients, and most importantly, you will know that the home remedy is natural and safe. At home, you can make rinses, masks, sprays with natural oils.

Rinse aid

To prepare it, pour boiling water over one tablespoon of nettle leaves and chamomile flowers. The broth should stand for about an hour. Rinse the strands with it after each wash, and they will become docile.Rinse aid can be made from a liter of water and a spoonful of citric acid. This folk remedy neutralizes the action of hard water, makes the curls soft and light.


Prepare a tasty mask for your hair. In a blender, make a homogeneous mass of egg yolk, half a mango and a tablespoon of kefir. The tool is applied to the strands for half an hour and washed off several times. You can make nourishing masks from honey, bananas, sour cream – they also moisturize and saturate the strands with nutrients.

Spray with essential oils

If weakened curls need intensive nutrition, prepare a spray with aromatic oils. Add a few drops of lavender, geranium, rosehip or orange oils to clean water. Spray dry curls with this spray to help get rid of static electricity.

Lemon Spray

Half a glass of pure water should be mixed with a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice. Pour the finished composition into a spray bottle, shake and spray onto dry hair.This cheap product works just as well as professional formulations. But it does not contain silicones, so it does not protect the strands from exposure to hot air.

Aroma combing

If you do not have the time and desire to make homemade sprays, use the easiest way – aroma combing. For it, use only a wooden comb – metal or plastic will not work. A few drops of any essential oil are applied to it and the strands are combed for several minutes. After such a procedure, they stop electrifying, become obedient and smell good.

Rating of TOP-10 products

Cosmetics with an antistatic effect are produced by Russian and European brands. The price of products of foreign brands is higher than domestic ones, but this does not mean at all that they are more effective. All products have a similar composition, so it is worth paying attention to Russian products – some of them do an excellent job with their function.

To make it easier to navigate, pay attention to the rating of funds, compiled according to customer reviews.

It includes varnishes, sprays from Avon, DNC, L’Oreal, Estel, Redken, Kiehl’s, Oribe, Chistaya Liniya and other well-known brands. Pay attention to the composition of each product. If it does not contain proteins and silicones, then it is not suitable for those who often blow-dry curls and use a hot iron.

Aerosol sprays for everyone. A remedy for electrifying hair with a high content of natural oils is not suitable for curls that tend to be oily. The main thing is that all professional products go well with folk remedies.With such a complex therapy, the curls will become more beautiful and healthy faster. By the way, in order to enhance the effect of the use of cosmetic products, you need to eat right and take vitamin complexes.

Kiehl’s Climate-Proof-Shine-Enhancing

This hair care product is suitable for daily grooming. It does not weigh hair down or leave a greasy film on it. After application, the strands remain fresh, crumbly and voluminous all day. The varnish is suitable for easy fixing of styling and removes static electricity.

Ted Gibson Hair Sheet

This anti-static hair product you can carry with you in your bag at all times. Napkins are no different from ordinary wet wipes. They are impregnated with a liquid containing moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. These napkins are a convenient travel option. They cleanse the hair well and can be used as a dry shampoo.

Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher Spray

Spray evenly spreads over the curls, does not stick them and does not leave an oily film.It removes static electricity from curls, but its effect quickly ends. If the strands are dry, it will have to be sprayed on them several times a day.

Toni and Guy Heat Protection Mist High Temperature Protection

This antistatic agent can be used every day. It also works as a protective agent, so it is applied to damp hair and only then dried with a hairdryer. Active ingredients protect against harmful hot air. The spray additionally moisturizes, so with its constant use, the problem of dry, thinned ends will be solved.

Alterna Winter RX Anti-Static Spray

This product has a delicate sweet aroma that remains on the hair for a long time after application. It can be used for daily styling: after drying, the spray does not leave an oily sheen, does not stick the strands and removes static electricity from them.

Avon Winter Restore Spray

The composition contains natural ingredients that nourish curls and compensate for the lack of vitamins. But it is not recommended for those who use a hair dryer and curling iron.The spray does not contain silicones and protein complexes that protect curls from hot air. But he copes with the main task: electrification is removed from the strands, and they fit without problems.

Moroccanoil Frizz Control Spray Oil

This product is a real salvation for thinned, brittle strands. In the composition, in addition to chemical components that remove electricity from the strand, there is an organ oil rich in vitamins. It nourishes weakened curls well.

Spray conditioner smoothing L’Oreal Elseve

The product contains silicone. It is evenly distributed over each hair and closes the scales. This prevents moisture loss, leaching of pigment and the accumulation of free electrical particles.

Spray DNC

It has a strong antistatic effect. The product is applied either before styling on wet hair, or after it. The spray dries and does not leave marks on the strands. They are easy to comb, do not electrify and fit well.

Pure line “Fitootvar caring”

The domestic brand declares that its products contain only natural ingredients. Another advantage of Chistaya Liniya products is their low price. Herbal tea can be used both as an antistatic agent and as a daily care product. After applying it, the curls are easy to comb and do not electrify.

Many girls fail to make perfect styling and demonstrate the beauty of their hair due to the fact that the strands begin to electrify and rise.We cannot exclude this physical phenomenon from life – free electric charges will always accumulate on the hair. But each of us is able to reduce their number. This can be easily done with anti-static agents. They can be bought or made at home. Do not be lazy to use them regularly, make masks, apply balms, protective sprays, and then your curls will always look luxurious.

10 best antistatic agents for hair – Culture

Synthetic hats, hair dryers without an ionized coating or, most banal, a bad comb can turn winter into a real electrified nightmare for hair of any length and texture.Correctly selected means will help to cope with the problem. We rely on oils, special shampoos and wonderful combs with a special coating.

1. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo
To begin with, you need to choose the right shampoo: in winter, hair has a hard time not only due to electrification, but also due to wind, sub-zero temperatures, frequent drying and dry air. John Frieda Pearl Shampoo with a delicate grape scent and silk proteins promises to be a faithful assistant in restoring water balance, as well as neutralizing static stress without weighing down the hair.

2. Spray Alterna Winter RX Anti-Static
Step two: a good leave-in product that can quickly fix the problem. In winter, the antistatic spray becomes something like thermal water in summer. The best option is to find a product with a small volume and always keep it in your purse. For example, the Alterna brand has this. True, it is suitable only for connoisseurs of sweet aromas – the spray has a pronounced perfume composition.

3.Spray Toni and Guy Heat Protection Mist High Temperature Protection
The British Toni and Guy has a similar analogue. The main difference is that the spray is applied before styling and protects the hair not only from electrification, but also from thermal effects. A great option for those who are used to styling their hair every day, especially if you supplement the product with an ionized styler.

4. Moroccanoil Frizz Control Oil Spray
Another proven way to achieve results will be products with natural oils in the composition (fortunately, there are a great many of them now). These can be emulsions, creams or, for example, sprays – like this one from Moroccanoil. Argan oil and keratin work on two fronts: the first perfectly moisturizes the hair, and the second makes it noticeably more elastic. When paired, they help to achieve a beautiful styling, even when it’s cold outside.

5. Redken All-Soft Argan Oil 6

Almost as good is Redken Argan Oil – thick and dense. Actually, this is its only drawback: if your hair is not very dry, the risk of overdoing it with moisture is very high.But the tool really copes with electrification with a bang. And hair needs such a “powerful weapon” in winter than in any other season.

6. Spray Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher
One of our favorites is Oribe, which closely resembles thermal water for hair: apply in the morning and throughout the day if hair needs to be “freshened up”. Nice bonuses: a special (but not intrusive) Oribe scent and an anti-static effect, of course.

7.Kiehl’s Climate-Proof-Shine-Enhancing Fixing Varnish
Another option is a light styling spray that won’t make your hair a varnished wig, but only slightly fix it. Like Kiehl’s Weightless Spray. Despite the texture, the hairstyle can withstand almost any weather (except wet snow), and the hair itself is shiny and non-electrified.

8. Ted Gibson Hair Sheet
Wet hair wipes impregnated with a special composition from Ted Gibson can be a good substitute for sprayers.In addition to the refreshing effect (magic pieces of fabric work no worse than dry shampoo), they also act as an antistatic due to the extract of wild orchid in the composition.

9. Breezelike No Static Green Sandalwood Pocket Wavy Fine Tooth Comb
Almost the most important role is played by a good comb. For example, the Breezelike brand makes its own from sandalwood, which provides an anti-static effect. Combs are available with a shape and frequency of teeth for every taste, so the chance that you will find “the one”, the ideal one, is great enough.

10. D3 – Medium 7 Row Styling Brush
The most famous Denman brush with a special rubber coating that prevents electrification, and would be good without it: the comfortable handle makes it easy to style, and the nylon teeth have almost no hair pulling. Well, with this function, it definitely falls into our must-have list.

90,000 It’s all in the head: where the best hair stylists live and how to get to them

John Nolle and Vanessa Paradis

Since olden times, a braid to the waist has symbolized feminine strength, secret knowledge and, of course, physical health indicators for the prolongation of the genus .

Today, the length of the hair has lost its original meaning, moreover, short hairstyles in the style of Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and Victoria Beckham have become the standard of femininity and sexuality. In all other respects, the fashion for healthy, thick and well-groomed curls is eternal! There are many great hairdressers in the world, but we have chosen real experts in their field. Who are they, where they live and how to get to them – read all the answers in our material.


The parade of famous artists opens with the favorite of Hollywood stars Serge Norman , who works with Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Hurley, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively.In 2010, Serge created the signature cosmetics brand Serge Normant, which is based on natural ingredients and consists of eight fundamental hair care products. What else can you add about the maestro if Serge Norman was invited by the royal family to create a wedding hairstyle for Meghan Markle! Signing up for a beauty ritual for Serge is not an easy task, firstly, the price starts at $ 600, and secondly, the frantic work schedule leaves too little time for new clients.

Julia Roberts and Serge Norman

Ted Gibson can be safely considered a national star of hairdressing , whose regular clients include Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Ashley Greene, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley. In response to such overwhelming success among the rich and famous, Gibson launched the Starring by Ted Gibson hair line a few years ago, and also founded one of the most advanced hairdressing academies in America – Ted Gibson Advanced Academy. The price range is extensive: a personal complex beauty ritual from Ted Gibson will cost at least $ 1200, but followers and top masters of beauty salons will take from $ 200 to $ 500.


Frederic Fekkay has built a reputation for himself that the aforementioned masters can only dream of.Success came immediately after the opening of the first salon thirty years ago. Later, like all self-respecting stylists, Fekkai launched the eponymous cosmetic brand Frédéric Fekkai, which laid the foundation for the modern concept of a “niche” brand for hair. Unlike his famous colleagues, Frederick never takes pictures with his esteemed clients, although it is reliably known that Bill and Hillary Clinton are regular guests of his salons. Signing up for a haircut to Frederick’s is as easy as shelling pears, just agree on the date of the meeting with the master’s busy schedule and prepare $ 750.

Frederic Fekkay


Over the past twenty years, Christophe Robin is considered the most famous colorist in France. Many people know him as a friend and beloved hairdresser Catherine Deneuve – the actress trusts her curls exclusively to Christophe. The masters and Kylie Minogue, Laetitia Casta and Monica Bellucci visit the beauty salon. The eponymous cosmetic brand for hair Christophe Robin is widely represented in Ukraine and in more than forty countries around the world.Robin has his own network of beauty salons in France, but prefers to receive new clients at the head office in Paris. The price for a beauty ritual from a master starts at € 750.

Christophe Robin

The best hair stylist is David Mallett , who is widely known far beyond the fashion capital. Mallett is one of the few Parisian stylists to be visited by such Hollywood stars as Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Kate Winslet.The personalized cosmetic brand for hair David Mallett Haircare with unusual aromas and textures, presented in a minimalist design, deserves special praise. To be honest, it is extremely difficult and expensive to sign up for David Mallett’s care; styling alone will cost you € 900.

David Mallett is the best hair stylist

Do you want a change in your image? Then you should turn to the master of transformations – John Noll , who invented the legendary style of Jack Sparrow and Amélie Poulin’s square.John is one of the few stylists who produces hair accessories, trying on the role of a designer. Nollet and his team will be happy to welcome you to the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome or Cheval Blanc in Courchevel. A change of look can cost about € 1,500, and your neighbors will be regular clients of the master Vanessa Paradis or Tilda Swinton. Signing up is easy and simple by filling out the form on the official John Nollet website.

John Nolle and Monica Bellucci


Guido Palau , creative director of cosmetics brand Redken and permanent stylist at fashion weeks for Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Versace, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen, has become a real hairstyle couturier.The best hairstyles of the last few decades belong to the hand of Guido, so it is not surprising that the master works with Vogue. The eternal wanderer Palau considers England to be his homeland, therefore he prefers to receive his star clients in London. It is enough to contact Guido’s personal manager or sign up for the Redken branded beauty salon, and you are guaranteed the most fashionable haircut and styling. The beauty ritual starts at £ 700.

Guido Palau

Sam McKnight can be presented as the most famous stylist of our time, who this year celebrates 40 years of creative activity. It is also worth noting that Sam became the first hairdresser to work exclusively in the fashion industry. McKnight went down in history by creating the legendary “masculine” look for Princess Diana, which was later placed on the cover of British Vogue. Last year, Sam launched Hair by Sam McKnight, a signature hair cosmetics collection. The legendary stylist rarely and reluctantly accepts new clients, but you can try your luck by contacting a personal assistant, having arrived in London and prepared at least £ 2000.

Sam McKnight celebrates 40 years of creative activity this year


Do you want to add some bright colors? It is worth contacting one of the best colorists in the world, the trendsetter of new techniques for dyeing strands Romeu Filipe . The author’s technique of lightening hair ombre-hair scattered all over the world, and the master’s works migrated from social networks to the glossy covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. After this success, Romeu was offered the position of ambassador for the professional brand Wella Professional, as well as a hairstyle stylist for major television projects.Despite this workload, Filipe is happy to welcome new clients at his beauty salon Romeu Felipe Creative Salon in São Paulo. All that remains is to agree on the dates and prepare R $ 20,000.

Romeu Filipe


The highest paid stylist in the world Rossano Ferretti completes the selection of famous hairdressers, a visit to which will cost you cosmic € 4500. Today Ferretti boasts more than twenty beauty salons around the world, his own haircut method and published books on the topic, as well as his personal cosmetics brand Rossano Ferretti Parma.Do not be upset if you do not have enough funds for a personal visit to Rossano Ferretti, because the network of salons employs his students, experts in their field, who will make a first-class haircut for € 150. The most popular salon in Milan, located in the Four Seasons Hotel.

a visit to Rossano Ferretti will cost you cosmic € 4500

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Anti-electrification agent for hair.How to remove electrification

Probably every girl has faced electrification of hair. For some, this is relevant only in winter, because the curls are always subject to friction due to hats, and someone is struggling with this problem all year round and is always in search of new effective means.

Hardly anyone will mind the fact that electrified hair looks terrible. Whatever haircut or hairstyle you choose, they still look disheveled. Even expensive salon styling will be ruined in no time.

The problem is even more aggravated when the hair is long, because in this case they not only interfere, stick to clothes and fly in different directions, but also shock others. What should be done in such a situation?

Trying to understand the problem and choose the right remedy for electrifying hair, you need to understand that in order to eliminate something, you must clearly understand the cause. And only then try to solve it.

Reasons for electrification

Hair becomes magnetized not only due to external factors.Improper care is often essential. Let’s look at this issue in detail. The reasons for electrification can be as follows:

  • Unfavorable weather conditions

It is very important, especially in our climate, when the hot sun can be abruptly replaced by heavy rain, slush with light frost, calm weather with strong wind. All these factors greatly affect the structure of the curls. They begin to be brittle, flexible, dry, naughty, and often electrify.

Such natural factors as sun, wind, frost are one of the main reasons for electrifying hair
  • Hats

Hats, hats, caps, etc. we wear at any time of the year. Hair rubs against each other, against the headgear, and as a result, static electricity is generated. A fairly common situation is when a woman takes off her hat indoors and immediately her chic long curls begin to stick out in all directions, and she tries to smooth them in all possible ways.

  • Wrong anti-electrification agent or other cosmetics

Often faced with a similar problem, the fair sex begins to use a huge variety of cosmetic preparations, masks, balms, sprays, not paying attention to the fact that each remedy (and especially against electrification) must be selected very carefully and carefully.

Even with the best intentions, it is quite possible to harm if you do not select cosmetics specifically for your hair type.What are your curls? Fatty, dry, normal … Without knowing these basic things, you cannot cope with the problem.

  • Lack of moisture

If instead of naturally drying after shampooing each time you prefer a hairdryer or ironing, you should be prepared for the fact that your hair will be dry, brittle and start generating static electricity. Also, frequent exposure to the sun deprives the curls of the moisture they need and negatively affects them.

Frequent use of a hair dryer has a very negative effect on hair – it becomes dry and brittle
  • Lack of vitamins

Avitaminosis usually manifests itself in winter and spring. The whole body lacks vitamins and hair follicles are no exception. Since the necessary minerals do not get inside, the hair loses its natural lubricant, which protects it from the influence of the environment, becomes weak and brittle.

[box type = “shadow”] Don’t miss useful information: Why and how to trim the ends of your hair for their growth [/ box]

Anti-electrification agents the amount of products that help fight against the problem of electrifying hair.We will consider them in detail below, but for now I would like to figure out whether magnetization can be avoided without resorting to buying newfangled products.

You can! Here are the main ways.

We moisturize the hair

As already noted, overdrying is very harmful to curls. When the head is washed daily, the situation is further aggravated.

[box type = “success”] The rules are as follows:

  • wash your hair no more than 3-4 times a week
  • cleansing shampoos – several times a month
  • masks – once a week [/ box]

A good effect can be achieved by periodically rinsing your head with non-carbonated mineral water, warm tea or beer diluted with water.

Surprisingly, even ordinary water helps to cope with electrification. Sometimes it is enough to walk on the head with your palms moistened with water and the curls again look tidy and smooth. For convenience, you can pour water into an empty spray bottle and spray along its entire length. The method is effective, but not long-term.

We humidify the air in the room

The air in our apartments is dry – it’s a fact. Especially in winter. There are many ways to moisturize it. The most costly: buy a special device that is installed in the room and, by turning it on, you can, without much straining, control the level of humidity in the room (reduce or increase it).

You can humidify the air with improvised means:

  • by hanging wet sheets on the batteries;
  • by placing containers with water in the room.
You need to comb your hair correctly, firstly, and secondly, choose an accessory made from natural materials

Comb your hair correctly

It would seem – what’s so difficult? But here too there are several important rules:

  • you shouldn’t comb your hair often;
  • anti-electrification agents containing alcohol are very detrimental to hair;
  • you should carefully consider the choice of accessory.

Combs made from natural materials are considered safe. Next come the metal ones. And in the last place – made of wood.

[box type = “info”] Pay attention! To make the hair easier to style, before combing, sprinkle a little hairspray or special styling mousse on the brush. [/ Box]

Satin Hair 7 Comb, Braun. This is an example of a high-tech comb designed for problematic, electrifying curls.It has a built-in ionizer that starts working after pressing a button. According to reviews, after using this product, the hair becomes smooth and beautiful.

Braun Satin Hair 7 Comb helps tackle electrifying hair

No Static Comb, Breezelike. It is made from sandalwood, a natural antistatic agent. The choice is huge in color and shape. There are a lot of positive reviews from girls.

No Static Breezelike – natural anti-static comb

Grounding on hair

While removing sweater or other clothing that will electrify your hair, touch any nearby iron objects.Or, for example, when you get out of the car, first touch the body, and only then close the door.

Choosing a hat

Girls usually do not like to take off their hat once again. Others generally prefer to do without it, otherwise it is simply impossible to make a styling or hairdo. Taking off the hat, you will have to say goodbye to them. This, of course, is not an option. Because cold, frost, wind damage hair no less than constant electrification.

You just need to choose the right headgear.It should not interfere with blood circulation, that is, be tight and squeeze the head.

[box type = “info”] According to the composition, it is better to choose hats made from natural materials. If it is still synthetic, treat the hat with an antistatic agent before going out. [/ Box]

Change shoes

Oddly enough, shoes also play an important role when it comes to electrifying hair. Moreover, it acts as a means to eliminate it. Shoes with leather soles help to reduce electrification; enlarge – on the rubber.Therefore, in the period when your hair is most susceptible to magnetization, use the skin against it.

Anti-electrification shampoos

There are a lot of different shampoos on the shelves that cleanse, enrich hair, moisturize and thereby help to remove electrification. Consider the most popular anti-electrification shampoos:

  • Moisturizing regenerating shampoo Moroccanoil

This is a very famous brand that produces quality products.Most importantly, the shampoo is very economical. The composition contains keratin, many vitamins and nutrients.

Moroccanoil Shampoo helps to moisturize dry and repair damaged hair
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo

Excellent product (including anti-electrification of hair) with a light grape aroma. Effectively reduces static stress, moisturizes and protects against external factors. Does not weigh down the strands. Suitable for those who often use a hair dryer for drying.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo is another effective remedy against electrifying hair

In any case, no matter what shampoo you choose, remember the main rules: always focus on your hair type and use conditioner or conditioner after washing. They make combing easy and additionally nourish curls and scalp.

[box type = “warning”] Remember: in order not to harm your hair, the temperature of the water selected for washing should not be higher than 40 degrees! [/ Box]

Masks from electrification

We mentioned that home masks much more profitable and sometimes more efficient than purchased ones.So let’s take a look at a few simple recipes to tidy up unruly hair.

Recipe for a mask on kefir

To prepare you need only 3 ingredients: kefir (1 liter), half a mango, egg yolk. Beat everything in a mixer and apply to dry rows. The mask must be kept for thirty minutes, while it is important to create a thermal effect on the head. Rinse off with warm water.

Honey mask

You need to melt the honey, and then mix together a spoonful of olive oil and yolk.The mask is kept on the head for forty minutes.

A mask of honey, egg yolk and olive oil will help to curb naughty hair.

Interesting fact! Lemon juice removes static electricity very well. It must be preheated and then applied to the head for thirty minutes. Rinse off with shampoo.

Essential oils

The use of oils is very effective against electrification. Especially suitable for hair are eucalyptus, rose, ylang-ylang oils. However, using this product, should adhere to a number of rules:

  • do not apply directly to the skin (a few drops of oil are usually added to shampoo, balm, cream or just on the teeth of a comb)
  • First, check whether the oil will cause allergic reactions (as a test, you can mix a drop of oil with hand cream and apply to the skin.If after a few hours there is no reaction, then everything is fine and there is no allergy)
  • Do not use oils during pregnancy (it is better to consult with your doctor first)
  • Store only in a dark room
  • Do not heat, otherwise all useful properties will disappear

[box type = “shadow”] Read the popular article under the rubric: How to speed up hair growth and why trim the ends? [/ box]

Leave-in conditioner

This is an excellent anti-electrification agent for hair. The conditioner, as the name implies, does not need to be washed off. It is recommended to apply it on wet hair.

Its effect is comparable to that of a cream that is rubbed into the skin. These products always contain glycerin. It is thanks to him that , after using conditioners, the strands are easy to comb and do not tangle .

Leave-on conditioners make it easier to detangle tangled hair

On vacation, during long trips, when exposed to sea, chlorinated water, leave-on conditioners are simply irreplaceable.This tool is very good for girls with curly hair.

ESD wipes

This product looks exactly like regular face or hand wipes. And they are similar in properties – moisturizing, removing dust and dirt. A wonderful substitute for various varnishes and mousses, which will not make the hair heavy or sticky.

For example, Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix, Redken napkins are made to prevent curls from frizzing and electrifying.They contain prakaxi oil, which makes the strands stronger, and lavender oil. Moreover, napkins are very convenient to take with you.

Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix, Redken wipes also eliminate dry hair frizz

Ted Gibson Hair Sheet has a special composition, has a refreshing and antistatic effect (due to wild orchid extract).

Ted Gibson Hair Sheet

Ion Hair Dryer

Many modern hair dryers have an ionization function. The effect is achieved during the hair drying process, when negatively charged ions are released in a stream of hot air.

The process itself takes much less time: an ionic hair dryer allows hair to dry twice as fast as a regular one, so the negative effect on curls is minimal.

For example, the ionization hairdryer CV7430D6, Roventa even has a dedicated Respect button that guarantees gentle drying.

Roventa CV7430D6 Ionic Hair Dryer speeds up the drying process

Hair Sprays

Sprays are usually non-rinse and easy to apply. Most often they are applied after you wash your hair, while still on wet hair.

In addition to being an effective anti-electrification spray, it is also a product that provides beauty and strength to curls. They become smooth and docile. A distinctive feature of sprays is a wonderful scent that stays on for a long time.

Alterna Winter RX Anti-Static Spray has a very attractive smell of nuts and fruits. It not only nourishes the hair with vitamins, but also retains the moisture it needs so much in the structure of the curl.

Spray Alterna Winter RX Anti-Static helps to keep moisture in hair

Spray-care Curex Versus Winter, Estel cares for hair in cold winter.In addition to the antistatic effect, it protects strands from brittleness.

Estel Curex Versus Winter Spray provides hair with gentle care in winter

[box type = “info”] Interesting fact! Ordinary hairspray can be used as an antistatic agent. You just need to choose with light fixation in order not to make the curls heavier. [/ Box]

So, it turns out that it is not at all difficult to deal with the electrification of the hair! Now there is just a huge selection of tools that can make life easier for the owners of chic long hair.Moreover, folk remedies, which are in no way inferior to store products, are also against magnetization. There are times when home therapy becomes even more effective. Therefore, do not disregard easy-to-prepare masks.

Follow simple but very helpful tips. Remember that not only external factors, but also internal factors are to blame for electrification. Many problems can be avoided simply by changing a tight hat, humidifying the air, or starting to comb your hair properly.

In any case, every girl can choose for herself exactly the tool that will meet all her requirements: both in quality, and in price, and in ease of use. The main thing is to just want to solve the problem, and not leave it unattended, periodically complaining that the hair is electrified and does not look the way we would like.

Beauty to you.

Video about why hair is electrified and what to do in this case:

If you want to know the secrets of antistatic hair – watch this video:

How to deal with hair electrification:

90,000 Hairstyle Tips – Caucasian Hair How to work with existing hair.Philip Friedman / Studio DHow To Work With Existing Hair.View Gallery 118Photos Philip Friedman / Studio D odiniz 118Hairstyle Guide Apply a small spoonful of leave-in conditioner to your hair. “It’s important to start at the back of the head and move forward when applying the product,” says New York-based stylist Ted Gibson.

Spray the hair with a spray until it is semi-dry and air dry completely.

When your hair is completely dry, spray it with shine spray – store the travel version in your bag.

KEEP IN AIR CONDITIONER like Leave-in gloss Jonathan Product Conditioning, $ 22.

EXPAND like Ceramic diffuser with tourmaline Conair3 9000 SPREKLE 906 9000 SPREKLE 906 Oreal Studio Line Shine Spray, $ 4.99. Philip Freedman / Studio D two of 118 Hairstyle Guide Use a deep conditioner once a week if you have rough hair.

Apply a leave-in conditioner and some mousse to hair and dry coarsely without using a brush.

Then use a curling iron with a large barrel and wrap several sections at random. Immediately run your fingers over the curls to straighten them and look soft.

Turn hair over and spray with spray. Ponytail your hair to the side.

LARGE TURNING IRON Like Conair Hype Hair Instant Ultra Hot Curling Iron, $ 15.

HAIR SPRAY Like Got2B 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray, $ 5.99.

LEAVE IN AIR CONDITIONING Like Leave-In Conditioner with Olive Oil from Best Organics in Africa, $ 3.99. Philip Friedman / Studio D 3 of 118Hair Reference

Get a rocker chic bob by keeping your hair perfectly straight with a hair dryer and iron.

Then add some sheen to the bangs so that the look doesn’t look too harsh.

Accentuate smooth bangs with finished texture at the ends – matte and smooth with a little extra volume.

MATT PASTE Like Redken Rewind Styling Paste, $ 15.99.

GLITTER BALM Like Davines Defining System Shine Pomade, $ 27.99.

SPRAY VOLUME Like Phyto Actif Volumizing Spray, $ 28.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 4 of 118 Hairstyle Guide Day 2 hair is super sexy because your natural oils are restored and just the right amount of natural wave is back.

Touch up the top layer of your hair with an iron, but don’t overdo it to make your hair look messy. Use your iron sparingly and only to correct unsightly curves.

Apply some styling cream mixed with a little texturizer to hair. Turn hair over and apply a little heat from a hair dryer to activate the product. You are left with disheveled goodness.

AIR CONDITIONER like Thermasilk Volumizing Conditioner, $ 7.59.

STYLISH CREAM Likes Pureology Nanoglaze Styling Cream, $ 33.

WAVE EXPANDING CREAM Likes Charles Worthington Big Waves Definition Cream, $ 5.99. Philip Freedman / Studio D 5 of 118 Hairstyle Reference

Use a color-enhancing moisturizing shampoo to keep dark shades radiant and healthy. You want to keep the surface mirrored and darker shades will fade faster.

Quickly dry hair by brushing with a flat brush in the direction of travel.

Apply a radiant serum to the top layer of hair.

SWITCH to John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo, $ 6.49.

SERUM please Citre Shine Shine Miracle Anti-Frizz Serum – Anti-frizz serum, $ 6.99.

COLOR CONDITIONER like Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Color Enhancing Conditioner, $ 6.38.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 6 of 118 Hairstyle Guide

Wash hair with cool water (for extra shine) and towel dry.

Apply straightening cream to hair and blow-dry with a large round brush, pulling at the ends.

Part side deep, smoothing any curls at the crown with a light anti-frizz. Add a fishtail braid for extra flair.

STRAIGHTENING CREAM like Frédéric Fekkai Straight Away Hair Balm, $ 17.50.

ANTIFREEZE Like Herbal Essences None Of Your Frizziness Cream, $ 3.99.

ROUND BRUSH Like Goody Tufted Round Brush, $ 4.99.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 7 of 118 Hairstyle Reference

Deeply treat the ends of your hair, especially if you haven’t cut your hair for a long time.

Use a smoothing agent (something with a little hold) and dry with a round brush.

Spray a light shine spray, then run your fingers through your hair to stimulate a light movement that blends in with the glow of a movie star.

Also consider adding a tight braid to the side!

DEEP CONDITIONER like Ojon Hair Restoration Treatment, $ 55.

DECORATING STYLER like Davines Momo Moisturizing Fri Antizz – Moisturizing Cream $ 17.59.

LIGHT SHINE SPRAY WITH UV PROTECTION like Frederic Fekkai Summer Shield, $ 22.

Philip Freedman / Studio D 8 of 118 Hairstyle Guide Create your natural texture and immerse yourself in the 60s folk rock goddess parts and glossy surface.For dark brunettes, a moisturizing shampoo and color-enhancing conditioner is the first step to a slippery shine.

While your hair is damp, make a firm middle section and dry your hair in a cool place. Then iron the one-inch sections methodically from root to tip.

Apply shine serum to hair with palms to really smooth hair loss at the roots.

COLOR AIR CONDITIONER like Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Color Enchancing Conditioner for brunettes, $ 6.38.

FLAT IRON LOTION like Got2B Iron and Blow Dryer Lotion, $ 5.99.

FLAT IRON Likes Cortex Pink Flat Iron, $ 85, Philip Friedman / Studio D 9 out of 118 Hairstyle Guide Use a super hydrating shampoo – thick, textured hair needs more moisture than most. By wrapping your hair in a warm towel, you can intensify the conditioner without actually using twice the product.

Apply curling cream to damp and newly moisturized curls.

Use a diffuser over medium heat to start drying. Spray until hair is semi-dry. Air dry the remainder until ready.

When your hair is dry, go back and use a large-barrel curling iron on three or four two-inch strands.

CURL CREAM Like MOP C Curl Curl Defining Cream – Curl Defining Cream, $ 14.95.

DISTRIBUTE like Infiniti by Conair Diffuser, $ 15.

AIR CONDITIONER please Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner, $ 12.99. Philip Freedman / Studio D 10 of 118 Hairstyle GuideTry a volumizing / lathering conditioner – it’s weightless and adds oomph sans oils.

Before quick drying, apply a straightening spray and spray. Do not overdo it with food, such thin hair can quickly look stringy or greasy.

When completely dry, turn your head over and lightly dampen the ends with a little dry shampoo to add volume without oil.

RIGGING LOTION Like Aveda Hang Straight Straight Lotion, $ 20.

DRY SHAMPOO like Samy Dry Spray Shampoo, $ 5.99.

VOLUME CONDITIONER like Dove Volume Conditioner, $ 4. Philip Freedman / Studio D eleven of 118 Hairstyle Guide Use a color enhancing shampoo designed to bring out the highlights in your hair to brighten your highlights.

Apply straightener to hair and blow-dry with a large round brush.

Apply some mousse to dry hair for a little extra life.

BLONDE SHAMPOO Likes Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo, $ 22.50.

STRAIGHTENING CREAM like Bumble & Bumble Straight, $ 32.99.

SOAP like Alberto VO5 Mousse for live curls, $ 3.39.Philip Freedman / Studio D 12 of 118Hair Guide Color-protecting shampoo is a must: your one-shot process takes longer and you can increase the time between visits.

Spray the volumizer on damp hair and apply some volumizing mousse to the ends.

Air-dry hair to prevent damage caused by heat styling, while still getting amazing results with growth-enhancing products.

COLOR PROTECTION SHAMPOO like L’Anza Color Care Color Preservation Shampoo, $ 42.

VOLUME like Paul Mitchell Extra Volume Sculpting Foam.

BULK MUSSE please Charles Worthington Big Hair Salon Shine Mousse, $ 6.79. Philip Freedman / Studio D 13 of 118 Hairstyle Reference

Unwashed hair is a great way to start this style.Part deeply before applying some volumizing mousse to dry hair.

Turn hair over and brush to remove air. Raise your head.

If you want a little extra hairspray, use a large curling iron only at the ends, then shake your hair again, turning it upside down.

Add a fishtail front braid for extra glamor.

LARGE CALCULATION like Sephora Wide Teeth Comb, $ 4, will last for years.

VOLUME with René Furterer Anti-Dehydrating Volumizing Mousse Volumizing Mousse, $ 23.

VENT BRUSH really distributes the product evenly through the hair. Bioionic Vent Brush, $ 23.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 14 of 118 Hairstyle Guide For extra strength and shine, use a protein shampoo.

Use something that will enhance the shine without weighing anything down (for example, a little leave-in conditioner in a spray to warm hair).Use a round brush for the smoothest airflow possible. Tip: Blow dry small areas. It takes longer but looks better.

Apply a small amount of shine serum to hands, rub them together and apply to hair to use the correct amount of product.

A LOW, SUPER SMOOTHING SHAMPOO makes a difference. Phytobrush Anti-Frizz Special Smoothing Hair Drying Shampoo, $ 24

LARGE ROUND BRUSH holds hair where you want it while you blow dry.Conair Round Brush, $ 7.99

PREPARATORY TREATMENT like Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Style Primer for normal to fine hair for an extra layer of protection and conditioning. USD 24.98.

Philip Friedman / Studio D fifteen of 118 Hairstyle Guide Thick wavy hair will give you an incredible shine and shine like a movie star if you get a long haircut.

Combine leave-in conditioner and styling cream for the perfect balance of hydration and control, comb through wet hair and air dry.

Apply a dab of shine serum to the palm of your hand and tuck the hair in as if you were making a ponytail to evenly coat each strand.

LEAVE AIR CONDITIONING Likes Paul Mitchell Original Conditioner, $ 16.

STYLISH CREAM Likes Philip B Crème Crop Finishing Cream, $ 25.

GLAZE GLAZE like Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum – anti-frizz serum, $ 6.49. Philip Friedman / Studio D 16 of 118 Hairstyle Guide Accentuate beachy blonde highlights with a relaxed, tousled look. A brightening shampoo that accentuates your natural or other highlights makes a huge difference. Towel dry your hair and spray the root thoroughly with saline spray to create a natural surf girl style.

Apply some leave-in conditioner to ends if they start to look fried or dry / dull.

BLONDE SHAMPOO like John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Shampoo, $ 6.49.

SURF SPRAY Like Rebecca Bacon Elixir Beach Bag, $ 25.

LEAVE AIR CONDITIONING Like Warren Tricomi Pure Strength Leave-In Conditioner, $ 25. Philip Friedman / Studio D 17 of 118 Hairstyle Guide If you want your natural curls to look girly and smooth, wrap the strands in hot curlers and spray to set.

Then after two minutes remove the hot rollers from the back of the head.Then remove the remaining clips after five minutes to create a cascading effect.

Spray with shine spray to add shine, and don’t forget to toss your hair out when you walk!

HOT MOVIES like Remington it all! Hair setter, $ 15.79.

SHAMPOO FOR DAMAGED HAIR Like Aussie Moisturizing Shampoo for dry and damaged hair, $ 7.49.

SPRAY SETTING Likes Bumble & Bumble Does It All It All Styling Spray, $ 24.99.Philip Friedman / Studio D 18 of 118 Hairstyle Reference

Wash and condition your hair, then towel dry slightly – don’t overdo it, as rough terry cloth treatment can actually cause frizz.

Apply some styling cream and blow-dry your hair with the round brush.

For a chic matte finish, use a little dry shampoo for extra volume, and also try a sleek ponytail!

CONDITIONER FOR LONG HAIR like L’Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Conditioner For Long Hair, $ 4.99.

STYLISH CREAM please Samy Get Thick Styling Lotion, $ 5.99.

DRY SHAMPOO Like Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray, $ 21.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 19 of 118 Hairstyle Guide Wash hair with shine shampoo and conditioner in the shower for extra shine.

Spray the volumizer and then blow-dry your hair with a round brush.

Secure 2-inch strands of hair with large, Velcro rollers so they stay in place for at least 20 minutes.Remove the rollers and spray your entire head with hairspray.

SHINE SHAMPOO Like Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampoo, $ 4, makes hair 10x silky.

VOLUME please Alberto VO5 Root Blast, $ 4, gives a natural look at the root.

ROLLERS for vavavoomy style. Velcro Rollers, $ 5. Philip Friedman / Studio D Twenty of 118 Hairstyle Reference

Spray heat protectant spray on dry hair to prevent damage.

Use medium hot rolls and roll out 2 ”sections until they stop. Let the rollers sit until they are almost cold (about 10 minutes).

Spray hairspray and loosen hair to create voluminous curls that remain.


ROLLERS like BaByliss Ceramic 20 hair roller set, $ 39.95.

HAIR SPRAY Like Got2B 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray, $ 5.99.

LIKE TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray Heat Tamer Spray, $ 4.

Philip Friedman / Studio D Twenty One 118 Hairstyle Guide

For the sexy waves of Veronica Lake, use shampoo and conditioner to add shine. Then blow dry your hair as usual.

Using the fore / framing attachments, keep the ends around the barrel of the round brush as it dries to create a strong wave underneath.

If you need extra curling at the ends after your hair is completely dry, use a large curling iron to create a more dramatic bloom.


SHINE Like Artec Textureline Smoothing Serum, $ 11.99.

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Like Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo, $ 27.99.

CURLING IRON like Remington Digital Hair Curler, $ 16.99.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 22 of 118 Hairstyle Guide If you have fine and curly hair, you want shine and control without weighing it down. Look for silicone-free styling products and use leave-in conditioner sparingly on damp hair.

Turn your head over and lightly shake the curls with a towel. Bend a few pieces for crispness, but avoid heat styling.

Complete the look with hairspray.

LEAVE LIKE Philip B Lovin Leave In Conditioner Moisturizing Conditioner, $ 24.

SILICONE-FREE LIPSTICK Like Aveda Anti-Moisture Lipstick, $ 21.49.

CURL like John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Around Conditioner, $ 5.99. Philip Freedman / Studio D 2.3 of 118 Hairstyle Guide To loosen natural curls, take a wide-toothed comb and apply some mousse to dry hair.

Then take a curling iron with a large barrel and loosely wrap different sized sections (1-3 inches) around it.The heat will help reduce frizzy hair. Don’t do the whole head, just a few parts.

Then turn your head over and spray with hairspray.

SOAP like Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam, $ 19.99.

WIDE TEETH Comb like Scunci & Detangle Wide Teeth Comb, $ 1.99.

CURLING TONGS like Infiniti By Conair Tourmaline Curling Iron, $ 28.99.Philip Friedman / Studio D 24 of 118 Hairstyle Reference

Achieve long, cascading curls with intense shine. First, wash and deeply condition your skin for a healthy glossy shine.

Dry hair with a round brush. Then, use a large curling iron and, alternating two-inch strands, roll the hair around the trunk in one direction and then again in the other to create a ripple effect.

Once you’re done, spray everything with a shiny aerosol spray.


DEEP AIR CONDITIONER like Burt’s Bee Hair Restoration, $ 7.99.

CURLING IRON like Remington Digital Hair Curler, $ 25.00.

SHINE SPRAY Like Biosilk Shine On, $ 15.50.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 25 of 118 Hairstyle Guide

Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair ends.

Dry with a round brush to smoothen hair at the roots as much as possible.Then bend and shake your hair from the middle to the ends as you dry for extra texture.

Apply a little texture cream to the ends to enhance the chunky effect.

BULK MUSSE like Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Mousse, $ 3.99.

TEXTURE Like Paul Mitchell ReWorks Texture Cream, $ 17.99.

BLONDE SHAMPOO like TRESemmé Color Thrive Shampoo Blonde, $ 4.99.

Philip Freedman / Studio D 26 years of 118 Hairstyle Guide “Perfect makeup isn’t about straightening your hair, it’s about getting a soft, fluid, sexy look that lasts for days,” says Los Angeles-based stylist Rod Ortega.

Start at the back of your head and work your way forward. Apply some straightening cream to your hair – the less you use, the longer the blowout will last – and dry 2cm strands with a large round brush.

For extra volume on the sides of the face, extend the round brush toward the face rather than downward as you move.

To curb frizzy hair, warm a tiny drop of anti-frizzy hair product in your hands and gently run your palms through your hair.

HAIR DRYER like Chi Rockey Professional Hair Dryer, $ 135.

LARGE ROUND BRUSH like Conair Round Brush, $ 9.99.

ANTIFREEZE like Dove Therapy Frizz Control Taming Cream, $ 4.49. Philip Freedman / Studio D 27 of 118 Hairstyle Guide Mix some leave-in conditioner and gel in the palm of your hand, then apply to damp hair.

Use a diffuser and work until the hair is mostly dry, but not completely – it is better to let a few curls dry on their own for a more natural texture.

The deep side parting adds a sexy twist to this hairstyle – a great way to give curly hair an evening finish without actually doing anything with your hair.

LEAVE LIKE Korres Natural Products Leave-In Conditioner, $ 19.50.

PEOPLE Like Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Scrunching Gel – Hair Cleansing Gel, $ 4.49.

CURL SHAMPOO Kérastase Nutritive Curl Definition Shampoo, $ 31.99. Philip Friedman / Studio D 28 years of 118 Hairstyle Reference

Let’s look at a few layers first. “The longest cuts look even longer right after a good haircut that adds movement, even if it is half an inch away,” says New York-based stylist Ted Gibson.

If you haven’t gotten to the stylist yet, use a curling iron and twist two to three inches halfway through the barrel.

Spray with hairspray, then pull the curls out until they become long, loose waves at the bottom. You will get the same bouncy look as after a $ 200 haircut.


CURLING TONGS like T3 PRO EverTwirl Curling Iron, $ 70.

HAIR SPRAY Like Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hair Spray, $ 19.95.

SHAMPOO FOR LONG HAIR like L’Oréal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo for medium to long hair, $ 4.99.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 29 of 118 Hairstyle Guide

Become a movie star – start with unwashed hair. If it looks a little greasy, take some dry shampoo and sprinkle on the roots.

Spray the rest of your hair with styling spray and roll it halfway in hot curlers. The bigger, the better. Then, while they are still warm, spray them with hairspray.Remove the curlers immediately.

Part the side deep and shake your hair to loosen the curls. A little mascara and you’re done.

HOT ROLLERS like Conair Instant Velvet Rollers, $ 29.99.

HAIR SPRAY Like Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hair Spray, $ 19.50.

DRY SHAMPOO Like René Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo – Dry Shampoo, $ 23.

Philip Friedman / Studio D 30 of 118 Hairstyle Guide Curly hair blends beautifully with a tousled chignon.

Turn hair over and spray with hairspray. This will give your hair extra grain and prevent the chignon from fading after an hour.

Rag hair with your hands up and back, pushing it forward at the roots to stimulate lifting, and secure the ends by curling at the back of the head. Keep inserting hair clips and pulling out pieces to loosen up the style.

Then apply a little shine spray to the twist. It shouldn’t look perfect, but fast / sexy / chic.

HAIR SPRAY like Aussie Catch The Wave Hairspray, $ 3.99.

HAIRPINS like Scunci Comfort Curve Bobby Barrettes, $ 1.29.

GLITTER SPRAY like Charles Worthington All Over Shine Spray, $ 6.49. NextPatwalk Volume Advertising – Continue Reading Below

90,000 simple tips for every day.Recommendations of specialists

Reasons and remedies

The question why hair magnetises has a simple answer: static electricity accumulates on them.

Adverse factors

There are several reasons for unnecessary electricity on the head:

  • dry, damaged curls are not elastic, therefore they become highly electrified
  • in cold weather the charge arises from temperature changes
  • 9000 909 dry air in room – also an important reason to climb up the “mane”;
  • dehydrated curls when rubbing against clothes, about a beret or a hat create an excess of electricity on the head

From these listed reasons it is clear what to do: so that hair does not magnetise and how to get rid of “electric shag “.Let’s consider a few professional clarifications.

We exclude drying with a hairdryer

Do not dry problem curls with a hairdryer, because hot air dehydrates them, provoking thinning and stratification. Electrification disrupts the structure of each hair.

In these hair dryers, negatively charged ions minimize the effect of electricity.

Modern improved models with ionization function and reliable protection against overheating will gently dry even exhausted and injured curls.At the same time, the surface of the hair becomes brighter and smoother – which means that the increased price of such an innovative hair dryer is justified.

Sometimes we can use a regular hairdryer, but at the same time we do not tilt our head down so that the curls do not fluff up even more.
We hold our head straight, and the hairdryer is higher above it, then the air stream is directed downward and, as it were, smooths.

Quality combs

We do not use combs made of any synthetic materials.

We will buy combs, brushes and brushes made of horn, ebonite, wood, silicone, bristles – such quality accessories with a good antistatic effect.

Other prerequisites

  • Complete nutrition: we nourish the hair from the inside with a balanced diet rich in vitamins and valuable microelements. These products will saturate depleted hairs, give them strength and elasticity. (See also the article Hair Diet: How to Eat Healthily.)

  • We use aerosol antistatic agents, and if long hair is always in contact with clothes, then we will buy an antistatic rinse for it.
  • Hair that is highly magnetic needs constant moisture.

Pay attention!
The humidifier is useful not only for our curls, but also for the respiratory organs, especially when the central heating is on or the convector heater is working.

Check if you have a vitamin deficiency

Electrification can be triggered by this. Contact your therapist and get the necessary tests. In no case do not prescribe vitamins to yourself, their excess will lead to much more dangerous consequences than a deficiency.

Watch the humidity. Dry air has a negative effect on hair health. And don’t forget to drink water, especially if you exercise or spend a lot of time in the heat.

Hair becomes highly electrified: what to do?

Now you know why hair is electrified. Fortunately, the modern arsenal of cosmetics and knowledge of some life hacks will help you solve this problem. So, if your hair is electrified, what to do at home?

To prevent the hair from electrifying, it must be moisturized

  • Dry hair is usually electrified.So, for example, daily shampooing only aggravates the situation. Therefore, wash your hair every other day , use the cleansing shampoo only a couple of times a month, and use the hydration shampoo and conditioner the rest of the time.
  • Try restorative treatments once a week, store-bought hair masks , or you can use home remedies such as mayonnaise, olive oil, or an egg for masks.
  • Quickly remove electricity from hair plain water, mineral or thermal water in spray – the liquid must be sprayed on the hair, or moistened with damp palms.This method is effective, but, unfortunately, has a short-term effect.

Leave-in conditioner will help remove electricity from hair

It is applied to wet hair and remains until the next wash . Acts on the hair like a moisturizer on the skin.

For information:
Leave-in conditioners are produced without the use of an oil base, and their glycerin helps to detangle and easily moisturize the hair.Leave-in conditioner is good for long trips, relaxing on the beaches, swimming in sea water. It protects well-colored hair, protects against the effects of chlorinated and salty sea water. This leave-in conditioner is popular with those with unruly curly hair. It protects hair from frizz in hot summer weather by slightly straightening the hair.

To reduce electrostatics on the hair when drying, use an ionic hair dryer

Naturally, any electrical appliance additionally dries hair, making it thinner and more brittle.Therefore, protect hair when drying hair, apply hair serum, dry hair with tourmaline coated heaters and ionic hair dryer. This is a novelty in household appliances.

For information:
The ionic hair dryer is an anti-static hair dryer. The principle of operation of this household appliance is simple: together with the hot air blown out, the hair dryer generates a stream of negative ions that neutralize the positive charges accumulated in the hair. This hair dryer dries hair quickly and gently, because ions are able to split a water molecule into very small particles.Hair becomes shiny and silky. In addition, thanks to modern technology, we will also save a little electricity, since less time is spent on drying than a conventional hair dryer.

Correct brushing reduces static electricity in the hair

  • Comb your hair as little as possible.
  • Before combing, apply a little styling product or hairspray to the comb. Do not use products containing alcohol to style your hair.
  • Choose your combs carefully : The best tool to go for is natural bristle brushes on wooden handles. In second place are metal combs and brushes. The third place is taken by flat wooden combs, or tools made of antistatic plastic.

Change the comb

If your hair is very electrified, do not use plastic combs. Better to get a brush made of wood and natural bristles or a comb with an antistatic coating.

We humidify the air in the room so that the hair does not become electrified

Especially in winter we have very dry air in our apartments. Install a humidifier in your home – it can be an electric humidifier or a classic appliance attached to a radiator.

But you can also use free funds : put a wet towel every day on a hot radiator, or place small containers of water throughout the apartment, and especially in the bedroom.Purchase a device that determines the level of humidity in the room.

Wipes against static electricity on hair

There are special wipes for removing static electricity from clothes . With such a napkin, you can run it through your hair, and for some time you will remove the charge of static electricity.

Buy an antistatic spray

Cosmetic products that remove static electricity from hair are abundant on the market today.As a rule, they are available in the form of a spray, which is convenient to use both at home and to take with you. Apply an antistatic agent after every wash or as needed.

Change your hat and scarf

If the hat is tight and made of synthetic materials, your hair will also stand on end and crack when you take off the hat. Acrylic, polyester and fleece hats are the most electrifying. Natural wool and cotton can also become electrified, but to a lesser extent.

What can be done right away

  • The easiest way is to wet your hands and run them through your hair.
  • Thermal water is also suitable for removing static charge, which is available in the form of sprays.
  • A drop of moisturizer and even hand cream will help to cope with unruly hair. To do this, you need to take some cream, apply it to your hands and smooth your hair.
  • Carry anti-static hair wipes (eg Ted Gibson Hair Sheet) with you.

Home Method

Often, girls are looking for traditional methods of solving a problem.You can try making your own products that will help you get rid of the problem of electrifying hair. What should be done to get rid of this trouble? The easiest thing to do is to add egg yolk and gelatin to the shampoo jar. This product is used to wash your hair.

In order not to buy a spray in the store, you can prepare it at home. This will require 1 glass of mineral water and 5 drops of jojoba oil or rose oil. It is best to pour the prepared product into a spray bottle so that there is a spray bottle.Be sure to shake the bottle before use.

It is possible to carry out special rinses with a therapeutic effect at home. If your hair is constantly magnetised, then in this case, the hair should also be rinsed with the prepared products after shampooing. A prepared aqueous solution of vinegar and lemon juice will help with this. For 1 liter of water, you will need 30 ml of vinegar and a few drops of lemon.

Among the well-known herbs that are able to fight this ailment are nettle and chamomile.To do this, you need to take herbs in equal quantities, mix and boil it all with boiling water. The infusion must stand, and then it must be filtered. As soon as you have washed your hair, you need to rinse it immediately.

On the video, what to do so that the hair does not magnetise:

Beer is an excellent antistatic agent. To prepare the solution, you need to take water and beer in equal proportions. The resulting mixture can be used for rinsing after each shampoo. After frequent use, the hair roots strengthen and stop falling out.It is imperative to observe the temperature regime, the temperature of the mixture should be from 18 to 20 degrees.

Folk remedies and recipes for homemade masks

To maintain good hair condition, you need to make folk masks for curls several times a week. It is not necessary to buy masks in cosmetic stores, you can prepare them yourself.

Oil-based mask for strong magnetism . Mix equal amounts of jojoba oil and almond oil.You need to take about 2 tablespoons of oil. You also need to add sage and rosemary ether, 2 drops each. The resulting mixture must be slightly warmed up and distributed in a warm form throughout all the hair. The mask should stay on the head for half an hour. The mask is washed off well. But how to use burdock oil is described in detail here in the article.

Honey poppy. First wash your head well. Honey in a liquid state is slightly warmed up and in the same form is distributed over the entire surface of the curls.The optimal exposure time should be at least 8 hours. Therefore, it is best to do such a mask at night. In the morning, you just need to rinse off the remaining honey with water. But what reviews of honey onion hair mask exist, is detailed here in the article.

Mayonnaise – few people know that this product is able to fight many hair problems. If you don’t trust the store-bought mayonnaise, you can make it yourself at home. To prepare maxi, you will need 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, which must be mixed with one egg and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.The mask should be of a thick consistency, which is spread over the hair and insulated with a bag and towel. The exposure time is 30 minutes. But how to use mayonnaise correctly and what effect it can have. Is indicated in this article.

Gelatin mask. For cooking, you will need a quarter of a glass of cold water and 15 g of gelatin, which must be soaked in this water. Then you need to melt the gelatin in a water bath or over very low heat. When the gelatin dissolves, you need to add about 50 ml of hair balm to it.Now the mask is ready. It is applied to the hair, the roots of the curls cannot be processed. After 30 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water.

Mango masks can be used at any time. They are able to save girls from electrifying curls. Buy a mango that ripens well. Mango is peeled and chopped in a blender to a porridge state. Add 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of kefir to the mixture. But at the same time, kefir should be fatty. The resulting mixture is mixed and then distributed over all hair for 30 minutes.But how a mask is made from cognac and yolk and what effect occurs after using such a mask is indicated in this article.

If you know what lamination or keratin restoration is, then you can do one of these procedures. Of course, it is very difficult to carry out these procedures at home, so you need to contact a beauty salon specialist. As a result, each hair will be covered with a special coating that can make the hair smooth and manageable.

When choosing a means to combat the electrification of hair, you need to find such methods that will suit you as well as possible.If you deal with this problem in a comprehensive manner, then you can eliminate the electrification of curls in a short period of time.

Procedures in the salon

To eliminate electrification in the salon, we will offer the “hair discipline” service. The positive effect of the procedure lies in the influence of agents that have a beneficial effect on the structure of the curls. In addition to useful components, the drugs used contain substances with an antistatic effect.

As a result, the hair becomes smooth, well-groomed, does not electrify.If you correctly organize regular care, eliminate unfavorable factors, then the result can be maintained for a long time.

Procedures to eliminate the tendency to electrification are selected depending on the current state of the hair. With increased dryness, brittleness, the presence of damage to the curls, they will offer actions aimed at restoring the condition.

Botox, lamination, hot wrapping, complex masks are most often offered. Procedures will restore health and strength to thin, lifeless curls.The hairs look well-groomed, they stop being electrocuted.


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Beauty instagram: top hairdressers take selfies | Beauty Insider

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Luigi Murenu

Creative Director of the John Frieda brand. Among the clients are Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore. The list is long, as is the list of brands Murenou has worked with: Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuittton, Giorgio Armani, Chloé, Givenchy, Prada.

There are not many personal photos on his instagram: mainly, lookbook pages, advertising and podium photos, works for magazines. But we still managed to find a selfie (Luigi on the right) -)

Orlando Pita (orlandopita)

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Worked as Editorial Director at Vidal Sassoon, Creative Co-Director at Bumble and Bumble, Creative Director at Tecni.Art at L’Oréal Profession. Now he is the “master of the skeet” in Wella. Participates in a huge number of fashion shows. Made hair for Vogue covers. And – most importantly – he was responsible for all of Lady Gaga’s hairstyles in the video “Alejandro”. We think it’s a pretty good portfolio -)

Instagram has a lot of styling and hairstyles made by Eugene, and rarely something else.But one happy selfie was found. And you know, I would entrust my hair to a person who smiles so sincerely -)

Frederic Fekkai (fredericfekkai)

Turned my name into a brand by founding the Fekkai beauty salon chain and launching a hair care line. Like most of the characters in this post, he created hairstyles for shows and covers and worked with stars – Kim Basinger, Jessica Lange and Renee Zellweger.

In his instagram, Frederick pays a lot of attention to Fekkai products and salons, but there are other photos, for example, this selfie regimen.

Garren (garrennewyork)

Styling for one hundred and seven Vogue covers. (Yes, one hundred and seven!) And it was he who advised Madonna to be a blonde, not a brunette. And he came up with the pixie haircut of Vicki Beckham.

On Instagram, he usually publishes photos of hairstyles from covers and advertising campaigns, hair products, which he had a hand in creating, and his (terribly cute!) Dog. But we did find one pretty old selfie (here he is with Amber Valletta).

Serge Norman (sergenormant)

Co-owner and manager of three beauty salons together with John Frida (yes, this is also a person, and not just a brand of shampoos).She has worked on fashion weeks and advertising campaigns from Chanel to Ralph Lauren and with celebrity clients such as actresses and supermodels such as Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Gisele Bundchen.

In instagram, of course, photographs of his works prevail, but there are also personal photos. Take a selfie with a dog, for example.

Ted Gibson (tedgibsonbeauty)

The legend of New York fashion shows, Anna Wintour’s favorite, worked at shows (Chanel, Prada), and star clients – Zoe Saldana, Ashley Greene (she is in the top photo ) – he has.The owner of the salon has launched his own line of products, which is highly respected by everyone who can afford it.

But Ted Gibson’s Instagram is not at all typical. It contains a photo of almost everything – from Ashley Greene to the contents of the refrigerator. Well, of course, there are photos of working moments, and a lot of selfies. Like this, with a dog. I can’t decide which of them is more charming -)


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