Tasche ohto: Amazon.com : OHTO – Tasche Blue Fountain Pen – 0.5mm


Amazon.com : OHTO – Tasche Blue Fountain Pen – 0.5mm

This is a fascinating little pen. It’s all metal, feels quite sturdy. The nib is a little scratchy but easily smoothed and is bizzarely soft and flexible, ALMOST exactly like a platinum soft fine, you can spread the tines from a western F to about a B with really minimal pressure.

I thought I’d be pulling the nib and putting a knox oblique broad in it, but despite some initial scratchiness, i spent two minutes doing figure 8’s on micromesh and it smoothed out well enough to be good, the tines were fine.

The cap snaps on, and posts very securely using the friction of an O ring. The clip is just right in terms of tension. This thing is very clever. Posted it is a perfect size and as thin as a pencil. The grip is mildly textured, not slippery.

It writes a little dry, particularly for the soft nib. But never skips or hard starts, the cap seal seems to be quite good.

I have heard the included ink cartridge is junk, so i popped it with a blunted syringe needle, flushed it, and filled it with sailor oku yama, a medium ink in terms of wetness.

Will probably use noodlers dark matter next, my wettest ink.

Now on to the elephant in the room.

You CAN fit a j. Herbin mini or kaweco mini converter, but only if it’s filled about 1/3 or 1/4. Better to just use a syringe in that situation. BUT, there is supposedly a specialty ink converter made by templar ink that fits. I have both their mini and skinny mini on order and will update with when i get them as to the fit, but they supposedly hold 60-75% the ink of a standard international short.

For the meantime, when you order this, get a pack of j. Herbin ink cartridges, avoid pelikan as they are very dry inks.

Overall, a darn good pen. A tad scratchy for me, but once smoothed it is very nice, and being a standard #5 nib, you can order whatever you want from jowo or knox and they will swap in easily (i suggest the knox oblique broad, a glassy smooth, stunning writer)


I got both the skinny mini and mini converter from templar ink, and while the length is perfect, the converters are too wide to fit. So you have two options – go with a regular mini ink cartrige (refill it with a syringe), or a monteverde/kaweco push converter that’s only filled 1/3 or so.

Ohto Tasche Fountain Pen Review

The fine folks at JetPens recently sent me the Ohto Japan Tasche FF-10T compact fountain pen to review. I went over to their review page and noticed several comments that suggested that the pen did not perform well so I was a bit concerned. I am truly spoiled by the high-quality performance and low price of the Kaweco Sports which are direct competitors to this petit pen. What I discovered though was fairly flawless performance. The thin, pocket-sized brushed metal pen is both a fine performer for the price and lovely to behold.

I’ve spent over two weeks using this pen almost daily for work notes and general on-the-go writing with not so much as a hiccup in performance. I’ve been using the cartridge that shipped with the pen and while I am not usually inclined to reach for black ink with my fountain pens, I’ve found this to be a good ink.

The nib is marked as “Iridium Point Germany” so that would extend comparisons of the Tasche with the Kaweco Sport as they both use German nibs.

Capped, the Tasche is a tiny bit shorter than the Kaweco Sports and clearly much narrower but the metal body gives the pen a little bit more weight than the plastic-bodied Kaweco.

When posted, the Tasche is much longer at almost 5.75″ long compared to the Kaweco at 5.125″ long. The Tasche has a simple built-in clip as opposed to Kaweco where the clip is an added extra, if you don’t want it, you don’t have to purchase it.

The Tasche nib is a bit longer than the Kaweco but with similar filigree details on the nib, though silver and not gold-toned.

The only flaw I’ve found is that the logo on the pen cap is quickly wearing off. I’d be fine if it wore off completely as I prefer stealthy, understated looks but some people prefer to have the logo proudly displayed so the rub off might be an issue.

Also, because of the very small space in the pen body, there are no converters available so it must be filled with a cartridge only. Like the Kaweco, it takes a standard international short cartridge so there are many options for ink brands and colors or you can refill it yourself with an eyedropper or syringe.

All in all, if you are looking for a reasonably-priced, metal, pocket fountain pen with a fine nib, the Ohto Tasche is a good option at $16.50. Kaweco offers a brushed aluminum fountain pen but its about three times the price.

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90,000 Hunting for “KoviVak”. Why is there an exuberant demand for this vaccine in Russia?
  • Olga Dyakonova, Elizaveta Foht
  • BBC Russian Service

Photo author, Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

In Russia, in recent weeks, a real hunt for the Covid vaccine has begun 19 “KoviVac”. Those who want to be vaccinated are calling the vaccination stations and standing in long queues for her. How does this vaccine differ from competitors and how is the rush demand for it explained?

“KoviVac” is one of the most mysterious Russian vaccines. It was developed at the M.P. Chumakov. It has never been in the public domain and there is no scientific research on it.

The demand for CoviVac is such that the vaccine is constantly running out at vaccination points before it even appears. Last Friday, the Moscow health department reported that it had received 12,000 doses of KoviVac, but officials said there were more people wishing to be vaccinated, and there were queues.

Why do people choose KoviVac?

According to Muscovite Nikolai M., the doctor advised him and his family to do “KoviVak”. “The attending physician told me to pay attention to the vaccination of the Chumakov center. I did not ask, go into details. If the doctor speaks, he probably knows it better than me,” he explained to the BBC.

Nikolay assures that he roughly represents the difference between the existing vaccines, but he cannot professionally assess the difference between them. Therefore, I relied on the opinion of the family doctor.

“Any Russian person in the subcortex has a desire to find something special, to delve deeper and find something that is inaccessible to everyone.Judging by the queues for “KoviVac”, it is in great demand, – says Nikolay about the popularity of “KoviVac”. – In the subconscious, we, I personally, have a feeling that KoviVak is more advanced than Sputnik. Well, the desire to stand in line a little to get the best, and not that everyone has – this is also our badge of mentality. ” “. But then I saw a friend’s post on Twitter about the presence of the desired vaccine in one of the points.There the Muscovite took root.

Mikhail B. from Cheboksary explained to the BBC his choice in favor of KoviVac by reading about technologies for producing affordable vaccines.

“This vaccine has a” standard “manufacture, so to speak, unlike the others, – explained the BBC’s interlocutor. -” Sputnik “, so to speak, refers to wartime vaccines, as epidemiologists say, and in itself does not contain a full-fledged virus, so because of this, I still had a choice in favor of “KoviVac”.

Photo author, Mikhail Dzhaparidze / TASS

Photo caption,

After the introduction of compulsory vaccination for some categories of workers, queues lined up at vaccination centers throughout Russia

Having learned from a friend that the drug had appeared in Cheboksary, Mikhail immediately signed up for vaccination. Soon “KoviVak” disappeared from the city.

For similar reasons, “KoviVak” was chosen by Maria, a resident of Yekaterinburg (name has been changed). “This vaccine, unlike Sputnik, was created in a proven way, that is, by killing the virus and injecting it,” she explained to the BBC.According to Maria, because of this, the effectiveness of the vaccine of the Chumakov Center is higher than that of the development of the Gamaleya Center.

The girl’s mother, a cardiologist, also spoke in favor of “KoviVak”. I managed to find the necessary drug by acquaintance: “I made a special agreement with my aunt-doctor so that they would leave CoviVac for me at the hospital where she works. My parents were also vaccinated with CoviVac before me, and it was also difficult for them to find it.”

Volgogradka Valeria M. (name has been changed) in an interview with the BBC said that a gastroenterologist advised her to get vaccinated with CooviVac, as she has chronic diseases, including Gilbert’s syndrome, bronchial asthma and allergies, and she drinks hormones.All her diseases are in remission. “She [the doctor] said that there would be fewer side effects, it would be easier to bear,” says Valeria.

Another doctor allowed her to do Sputnik, but after the words about the recommendation of a gastroenterologist for her, they found CoviVac at the vaccination station, although others were denied this vaccine with her, says Valeria.

“At our work, some have installed” KoviVak “, because their clinic has ended” Sputnik. “(name has been changed), employee of the Europlan car leasing company. “It was necessary to deliver at least something in order to bring certificates, so as not to be suspended from work. ” She has not yet been vaccinated, since she recently had been ill.

What is known about KoviVac?

The KoviVac vaccine has been developed The Chumakov Center, a well-known scientific center with a good reputation, appeared in 1957 on the basis of the MP Chumakov Institute of Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences to develop a technology for a vaccine against poliomyelitis.

The enterprise is the only Russian manufacturer of “live” polio vaccines and the only Russian supplier to the World Health Organization and UNICEF (an international organization operating under the auspices of the United Nations).

Virologist Mikhail Chumakov, after whom the center is named, with his wife Marina Voroshilova and Academician Anatoly Smorodintsev, in collaboration with the United States in 1956, organized the world’s first production and clinical trials of a “live” polio vaccine. The vaccine produced at the Chumakov Institute has been exported to more than 60 countries around the world and has helped cope with outbreaks in many of them.

The Institute has developed a vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis, yellow fever, and the most popular rabies vaccine in Russia (now the center provides about 70% of its needs in the country).

“KoviVac” is an inactivated (“killed”) virus. This technology has been in use for over 70 years. And according to this principle, for example, vaccines against poliomyelitis at the Chumakov Center, as well as typhoid, cholera, plague and influenza from other manufacturers are made.

Photo author, TASS

Photo caption,

The name of the virologist Mikhail Chumakov ensures the reputation of the center named after him

“The technology of using an inactivated, that is,” killed “virus is well studied, – says the physician at the Atlas Medical Center “Kirill Belan. – True, the technology itself is not a guarantee of the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. It is necessary to analyze this in practice, in the natural environment.”

KoviVac was registered on February 20, 2021 – this is the third coronavirus vaccine approved for use in Russia.”KoviVac” is a two-dose vaccine, its doses are identical and are administered with a difference of 14 days. For Sputnik and EpiVacCorona, the re-vaccination interval is 21 days.

“KoviVake” uses the “AYDAR-1” virus strain (named after the head of the Chumakov Center, Aidar Ishmukhametov). As Ishmukhametov himself explained, the initial virus for the vaccine was obtained “from a specific patient.”

“Our staff worked in [the hospital] in Kommunarka, looked at about 400 different samples of the virus isolated from different patients.And now one of the varieties turned out to be extremely tenacious and at the same time “tame” – this strain reproduced well in a certain convenient environment, and now the “heirs” of this virus are cultivated in our country, used to produce vaccines, “said the head of the Chumakov Center

The results of sequencing of variants of the virus vaccine developers together with the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko published in the journal of the International Society for Infectious Diseases.

Photo author, Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS

Photo caption,

Denis Protsenko became one of the authors of the study on sequencing coronavirus

An immune response enhancer (adjuvant) – aluminum hydroxide has been added to the vaccine.The virus in the vaccine is chemically inactivated: within 48 hours, it interacts with a chemical active, and as a result is unable to infect a person, the developers say.

The Chumakov Center uses a special procedure for assessing an inactivated virus for the absence of residual infectivity. Only after a multi-stage check, the developers assure, the viral antigen enters the next stage of production.

All stages of production, including the release quality control, “KoviVak” takes place on the territory of the Chumakov center in the settlement of Moskovsky in New Moscow.

According to the developers, 200 people took part in the first phase of the KoviVac safety tests. No side and undesirable effects were noted in anyone. None of the subjects allegedly even had a fever.

Has CoviVac been proven to be effective?

No scientific publications on KoviVak have been published yet – neither in terms of safety, nor in terms of efficiency. It is the most mysterious vaccine of the four registered. We can draw conclusions about it based only on the statements of the developers.

Ishmukhametov, in an interview with Novaya Gazeta, assured that several articles on the vaccine are already in Western scientific journals. According to him, articles on preclinical vaccine trials have been accepted for publication in several editions. But so far none of them have been published.

According to Ishmukhametov, permission for the third stage of clinical trials of “KoviVac” was received only in the middle of June this year, when the vaccine was already in circulation and people were being vaccinated with it.

Photo author, Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

Photo caption,

Muscovites were lining up to be vaccinated with KoviVac

“We will be able to answer the question about protection – or, if you prefer, efficiency – only after the end of the third phase.And by and large – and at all after the end of the epidemic, “- he honestly says.

The head of the center said that 32 thousand people will participate in clinical trials, but there will be no placebo group there, and the vaccine effectiveness will be tested in comparison with the population.

The efficacy of another inactivated vaccine, China’s Sinovac, was estimated by WHO at 51% in terms of protection against symptomatic infection, 100% against severe COVID-19 and 100% against hospitalization, based on the original Wuhan strain of the virus.

The efficacy of another Chinese vaccine, Sinopharm, made according to the same principle as CoviVac, was preliminary estimated at 79% against clinically significant infection and hospitalization. Both vaccines are less effective against the South African strain.

After vaccination with KoviVac, antibodies, as planned by the developers, should be produced for all parts of the virus. After Sputnik vaccination, antibodies are produced only to the S-protein of the virus.

Photo author, Rossiya Segodnya

Photo caption,

So far, we can only draw conclusions about the vaccine from the words of the developers and experts.Here, the Chumakov Center showed how many people vaccinated with KoviVac develop neutralizing antibodies. These data have not yet been confirmed by independent experts

Judging by the results of analyzes published in the group of “people’s reports”, many after “KoviVac” do not have antibodies to the S-protein. Some members of the group still have antibodies to the S-protein, but their titers are much lower than the average after vaccination with Sputnik.

According to experts, it is the high titer of neutralizing antibodies to the S-protein that is important to prevent symptomatic coronavirus disease – at least for the currently known strains. “This is a key point, since the presence of neutralizing antibodies to the S-protein and RBD prevents cell penetration and infection,” says doctor Kirill Belan.

Those vaccinated with KoviVac, judging by the data of the group, most often find in themselves antibodies that are determined after the disease. But there is no data on their protective properties.

The presence of one specific type of antibodies is not an indicator that you are protected from the disease, reminds doctor Timur Pesterev. Scientists do not yet have sufficient data on how many antibodies are needed to protect against the virus and which ones, even more so, to protect against new strains.Estimates by some experts on protective antibody titers are approximate and have not yet been confirmed by research.

“It is possible that when vaccinated with KoviVac, the titer to the S-protein is simply less than that of Sputnik V, since other antibodies are also produced. However, this requires clarification,” says Belan.

The Chumakov Center announced in May this year that the volunteers who participated in the 1st and 2nd phases of clinical trials retain a protective antibody titer. Aydar Ishmukhametov in an interview with “Interfax” said that the analysis for antibodies was meaningless.“Let’s still learn to trust scientific data and stop this massive unhealthy rush and antibody championship. First, protective immunity is not only antibodies and not all antibodies,” he said.

He said that the center is working with several manufacturers of test systems in order to develop, within the framework of the third phase of clinical trials, which began in June, “the most accurate and objective method for assessing the body’s defense as a whole, and not just the level of any of the antibodies “.

Are there any side effects after KoviVac?

People who want to be vaccinated with KoviVac believe that there are usually fewer side effects from it.

“The advantage of CoviVac is its minimal reactogenicity, that is, less pronounced inflammatory side effects, which may be relevant if a person has not fully recovered from a previous illness, or if he still has risk markers for thrombosis and autoimmune reactions,” says BBC Alexey Moskalev, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Chief Researcher at the Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center, expert on the Scientific Council of the Atlas Clinic.

But “Fontanka” wrote that some of those vaccinated with “KoviVac” “had severe pain in their arms, muscles, the injection site, someone had a head,” the coronavirus itself – changes in the sense of smell.

In the group of “popular reports” after vaccination with “KoviVac”, many people note among the side effects weakness, drowsiness, a metallic taste in the mouth, pulling sensations in the calf muscles, pain at the injection site. At the same time, many write about the complete absence of side effects.

The vaccine instructions state that the most common side effects were pain (less than 15% of the number of vaccinations) and induration at the injection site (up to 1%), as well as general reactions: headache (up to 2% of vaccinated) and short-term hyperthermia (up to 1%). Mild reactions were more common. There were no severe local and systemic reactions to vaccination, according to the instructions.

Photo author, Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

Photo caption,

Many doctors and patients believe that KoviVac has fewer side effects

Contraindications for KoviVac include a serious post-vaccination reaction or complication to any previous vaccination in history, severe allergies, for example, if a person has had anaphylactic shock or Quincke’s edema before.You can not be vaccinated during pregnancy and breastfeeding, people under 18 years of age and after 60 years.

Contraindications for “Sputnik” no longer include pregnancy, as well as the age after 60 years – it can be done at any age from 18 years.

The temporary contraindications for “KoviVac”, as with other vaccines, include acute febrile conditions, infectious and non-infectious diseases in the acute phase, as well as chronic infectious diseases in the acute phase.

“KoviVak” is popular among Orthodox Russians as well.The Russian Orthodox Church said that it was better for the Orthodox to choose another vaccine, and not Sputnik. The fact is that for the manufacture of Sputnik components a line obtained from the kidneys of a human embryo aborted 50 years ago was used. According to the “Fundamentals of the Social Concept”, referred to by the Russian Orthodox Church, “any use of abortive tissues, including for the production of vaccinations, cannot be justified from a moral point of view.”

“Given the possibility of a choice between such a vaccine and a vaccine developed without the use of embryonic human cell cultures, the round table participants are in favor of using the latest vaccines as ethically more acceptable,” the ROC said.

The arguments of the religious community were analyzed in detail by the publication Indicator. The author of the article explains that the same line is used for testing food additives and other products. “For example, Senomyx has patented over 100 products where the embryonic cell line was used during the testing phase. And now corporations such as Nestle, Heinz, Pepsi put these additives in instant soups, kinders and other chocolates, ketchups, cream, chips, bouillon cubes. and so on, “the article says.

The Sputnik developers have assured that no human cells remain in the preparation itself.

Why is KoviVaca produced so little?

The simplicity of the CoviVaca technology is at the same time a limitation for the vaccine manufacturer, since a corresponding license is required to work with a live virus.

So far, the center, whose capacity is about a million doses per month, has agreed on the production of KoviVac only with the Nanolek plant in the Kirov region.They promised to start producing the vaccine no earlier than August and release 5 million doses by the end of this year. The Russian service of the BBC has sent a request to the press service of the Chumakov Center regarding other partnerships.

Restrictions in production create a shortage of vaccine, which may give some people the mistaken impression that this vaccine is more in demand, which means that it is better than Sputnik, which is available in sufficient quantities at vaccination centers.

“A certain excitement around CoviVac is caused by the supply of the vaccine in limited quantities, which creates its relative demand.As far as I know, equipment modernization is required to increase KoviVac supplies. And now this issue is being resolved, “says Kirill Belan.

Photo author, Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

Photo caption,

Some patients still complained about side effects after KoviVac

” Apparently, the mentality is such that they trust what something more scarce. The concept of “deficit” is equivalent to something good, – explains the doctor Timur Pesterev. – I think it is necessary to have a choice.But I would not say that CoviVac is better because it is rarer. “

Two other Russian vaccines are produced using different technologies.” Sputnik “is a vector vaccine in which a human adenovirus of two It contains a fragment of the SARS-CoV-2 gene, which encodes the S-protein. There have been many publications about Sputnik in international publications – on safety and efficacy, on action against new strains, on side effects (data from Argentina), on safety (data from San Marino, here you can read the translation of the article from the doctor).

Sputnik Light, which is now used for revaccination and vaccination of migrants, is identical to the first component of Sputnik.

EpiVacCorona is a peptide vaccine that contains artificially synthesized small proteins of the coronavirus. Scientists have many questions about this vaccine – they have doubts about its effectiveness.

Responsible for those we tame. Hunting for stray dogs and accidental victims of brutal massacre

How dog hunters operate and what will help protect a pet from dying on a walk – we figure it out together with a zoo defender and a veterinarian.

At the end of June, Natalya, as usual, walked with her beloved pet in the park to them. Volkova: the happy dog ​​frolicked with other dogs. After the walk, the girl went to work, and a few hours later the previously healthy pet was gone. It turned out that someone had scattered the poisoned sausage on the territory of the park – several domestic dogs who ate the bait were injured, some of them could not be saved.

Square named after Volkova has long been loved by dog ​​lovers: here they train, go jogging with their pets or relax with four-legged friends in the shade of pine trees.Natalia admits that she was a responsible mistress – she always cleaned after the animals, cared for and loved him very much.
At least three dogs died that day, and only one of them was a stray, which was hunted by the initiators of the mass persecution.

Dangerous delicacy

Doghunters, or hunters for stray dogs, poison them on their own initiative. Dozens of domestic animals become innocent victims of bloody volunteers every year.

Oddly enough, the “hunters” are driven by a completely good intention – to protect the inhabitants of cities from the attack of stray animals.The problem is acute: the population of stray animals is poorly controlled, dogs often attack people, can cause injury or infect a dangerous disease. Instead of humane methods (organization of shelters, castration of animals), dog hunters choose radical ones, which, according to experts, have very conditional results and can harm pets. Most often, poisons and medical preparations dangerous for animals are used, mixed with “bait” from an edible delicacy – minced meat, sausage, dog food.

Could be worse

Valentina Khromova, representative of the Alliance for the Protection of Animals in Kaluga, says that in our city the problem is not as acute as in neighboring regions: in Kaluga, outbreaks of mass bullying of stray dogs are noted two or three times a year. A hunting action was spotted in Tsiolkovsky Park a few weeks ago. Usually, medicines and poisons that are dangerous to animals are used and are sold in the public domain.

How to keep your furry friend safe

The main recommendation to save your pet’s life is to undergo a training course with a dog handler.Any dog ​​requires not only care and love, but also education.

– A trained dog will never pick up food from the ground. The owners do not want to pay the dog handler because it is not cheap: people get a dog and think they can raise it themselves. Such animals suffer most often, – says Valentina.

If a dog is poorly brought up, a muzzle comes to the rescue: in public places it should be on a pet of any size, but many owners neglect this, worrying about the comfort of a four-legged.

– In public places, the dog must be muzzled, regardless of size. There is a large selection of them, including good and soft materials – you can choose any. The muzzle will protect your pet – he will not eat anything in it during a walk.

Information about dog hunters’ promotions quickly spreads in social networks, so another tip is to subscribe to thematic groups of dog hunters and follow the news. So you can find out in advance where the focus of poisoning is and choose another place for walking.

It is up to the owner to contact the police if your pet is injured. Valentina believes that the more such statements there are, the greater the chance of finding criminals and stopping future bullying actions.

Who, if not dog hunters?

There are many ways to solve the problem of stray dogs, bullying is not a panacea. The animal rights activist believes that the problem can be solved globally only with the help of the state: animals must be caught, vaccinated and sterilized.Such a program already exists, but it fails: dogs marked with tags are actively breeding and spreading diseases. Why this is happening is difficult to understand. Most likely, the matter is in the bad faith of the catching company. Volunteers are not allowed into the organization and it is impossible to control the implementation of vaccination and castration.

To control the population of stray animals and suppress the spread of diseases of the tailed beasts, specialists are needed: veterinarians, dog handlers, volunteers. The state should support such initiatives and provide an opportunity to solve the problem in a humane way.

What should I do if my pet is poisoned?

It is important to detect pet poisoning at an early stage in order to have time to save it. There is only 30 minutes to an hour for this. Tatiana Turkova, the chief veterinarian of the Zhizn clinic, told us how to recognize that the dog urgently needs to be taken to the nearest clinic:

– Symptoms depend on the drugs the hunters use. In most cases, the animal’s activity decreases, lethargy and drowsiness occur, and coordination is impaired.Then convulsions begin, foam from the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea may go. The animal dies very quickly. It is important to contact the nearest clinic as soon as possible. Some poisons can kill in 10 minutes, but from the most commonly used, the dog can be saved. Tatiana believes that the main way to protect the four-legged is to teach him not to pick up food on the street and from the wrong hands.

– Until there is a global government program, this problem cannot be solved. It is very important to control the birth rate of pets: many breeders are engaged in crossing, do it wrong and get puppies with pathologies, which the future owners simply throw out into the street.Chipping can be a solution to this problem so that you can track stray animals and know who left them on the street.


90,000 Inheritance Hunt: What Situations Lead to Succession Wars

Some lawyer friend suggested to Sergey to file a lawsuit with a claim to declare his mother incapacitated at the time of drawing up the will. “Obviously, the mother was“ out of her mind ”, since she cheated her own son. Yes, and the mercantile sister must have been courting her for so many years for a reason.I realized in advance that you can grab everything for yourself, “the offended heir told the court.

Only now, all of Sergei’s emotional arguments stumbled upon Lydia’s “iron” argument – a video of the procedure for drawing up and certifying a will by a notary. The film showed that the testator looked adequate, without any signs of mental abnormalities, was aware of his actions, clearly and clearly formulated thoughts, drew up and signed the will with his own hand. Sergei had no legal grounds to claim a compulsory share in the inheritance, so he was left without an inheritance and with debts for the costs of litigation.

To exclude such attempts to challenge the will, the testator can be advised to undergo a voluntary medical examination, contact the PND and receive a certificate that they are not registered, are not limited and are not deprived of legal capacity. Also, at the request of the applicant, a notary can use video recording when certifying a will, which will help, in the event of a challenge, to prove that the person was of sound mind and memory and signed the will with his own hand, such a video will be accepted by the court as incontestable evidence.

Out of place bride

It is impossible to hide from swindlers, not to hide, but it is still possible to save the heirs.

So, Anton Afanasyevich Chizhikov, who died a few years ago, did not have time to draw up a will. After his death, brother Ivan and sister Anna became heirs by law. The elderly man had no other relatives. Anna and Ivan turned to a notary to find out what and how to do.

A couple of weeks later, a young girl also approached the notary.She announced that she is the wife of the deceased and also intends to claim the inheritance. True, the girl was not ready to present the marriage certificate, promising to bring the document in a few days. As a result, the certificate was presented to the notary on time. However, the brother and sister of Anton Afanasyevich continued to instruct that the deceased had no wife. The man was a widower and did not mention anything about the new woman, let alone his wife.

Hunting in Germany: a gun is allowed, a bow and a crossbow is not allowed | Culture and Lifestyle in Germany and Europe | DW

About 385 thousand people who have a hunting license (Jagdschein) and are members of the German Hunters Union (Deutscher Jagdverband, DJV), there are now in Germany.For comparison: half a century ago there were only 284 thousand. The average amateur hunter in Germany is 57 years old. Among amateur hunters, there are representatives of a wide variety of professions: from electricians to doctors.

There are so many wild boars in Germany that it is allowed to shoot them all year round

“Hunting in Germany is still mainly a male occupation. 25% of women are currently on hunting courses, “says Anna Martinsohn, deputy spokeswoman for the German Hunters’ Union, in an interview with DW.

It is possible to obtain a hunting license (in Germany it is often called the “green certificate of maturity”) only after taking special courses at the local branch of the hunters’ association or at a special hunting school. You can take these courses in Germany from the age of 15, and hunting – from the age of 16. True, young people under the age of 18 are allowed to hunt only when accompanied by adult hunters.

It is possible to hunt in Germany, but strictly according to the rules

A hunter candidate must not only complete courses, but also provide a certificate of no criminal record, have good physical and mental health.Alcoholics, drug addicts, people with disorders of the nervous system are not licensed to hunt. For those with poor eyesight, too.

At the end of the course, its participants pass three exams: shooting at moving targets, as well as one written and one oral exam, where, in particular, it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge in subjects such as biology of wild animals (that is, the characteristics of life and the habitat of a potential game), hunting species of animals (from ducks and pigeons to fallow deer and nutria), hygiene, hunting methods (from rifle to canine), training of hunting dogs, hunting law.

Hound hunting

After successfully passing the exams and obtaining a hunting license, hunting grounds still have to be found and rented. In total, there are currently hundreds of hunting grounds in Germany, ranging from tens to several hundred hectares each. On the national average, the rent of a hunting area usually costs about 1570 euros per year. However, prices are different in different regions: you can rent a plot for either 5 or 15 euros per hectare per year.In addition, the rent of a mobile hunting tower costs about a thousand euros per year on average in the country.

The hunting season in Germany is a period of time strictly limited for a specific game, and in different regions they are different. There are no uniform rules for the entire country. For example, in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, brown hares can be hunted here from October 1 to January 15 next year, and ferrets – from August 1 to February 28. All year round, you can only hunt foxes and wild boars here.The amount of game to be hunted and its composition are determined by the so-called shooting plan, which is drawn up by the hunter, and then coordinated with the owner of the hunting grounds. Thereafter, the shooting plan must be approved by the local hunting office.

Who can be hunted in Germany

The Federal Hunting Act (Bundesjagdgesetz) obliges hunting in such a way that the country maintains a stable number and diversity of wild animal populations.Most often, during the hunt, you can shoot no more than one or two types of game in one day, for example, only hares and partridges.

Duck hunting

The list of animals allowed to hunt in the federal lands is constantly changing depending on changes in the number of certain species. For example, in Bavaria, it is now possible to hunt roe deer only from September to January and shoot them during this period no more than 15 animals per hunter, and for foxes and nutria – all year round and shoot them in unlimited quantities.Certain species are also protected by law during the mating and breeding season. But lynxes and quails, for example, should not be afraid of hunters at all: they are endangered and the ban is valid all year round. These are the data of the German Association of Hunters. By the way, its local branches also keep records of the game inhabiting this particular area. And if it turns out that in the fall, for example, there are fewer hares than there were in the spring, then restrictions are imposed on their shooting.

How German hunters should store their weapons

Hunting in Germany is not cheap.The cost of studying for courses ranges from 1000 to 3000 euros, depending on the federal state. You will have to pay an additional 250 to 300 euros for the exam. And the size of the membership fee to the union of hunters in different states can range from 50 to 150 euros per year. “Do not forget about the purchase of things necessary for hunting – weapons, overalls, knives, binoculars, which will cost from 3,000 to 5,000 euros,” adds a DJV representative.

Anyone who has a hunting license has the right to purchase hunting rifles.In Germany, arms traffic is regulated by the Weapons Act (Waffengesetz). As it says, in addition to holders of a hunter’s certificate, shooting athletes, collectors of weapons who are in an officially registered club, as well as those who inherited weapons are usually allowed to have weapons.

According to the Law on Weapons, in order to obtain a license card for a firearm, an applicant must be at least 18 years old, have a proven criminal record, have good physical and mental health, and have no alcohol or drug addiction.You should also prove your competence in terms of handling firearms, that is, submit a certificate of qualification of a shooter, a hunting license or other similar documents.

A hunting license entitles its owner to purchase a long-barreled firearm (rifle). It must be registered within two weeks after purchase. And in order to purchase a short-barreled weapon (pistol, revolver), you first need to send a request to the appropriate department, and after receiving permission and purchase, also register it.You can store weapons only in ruzhparks or special safes. Bow and crossbow hunting is prohibited in Germany.

Citizens of other countries, including Russians, often come to Germany to hunt. According to German hunting law (Jagdrecht), a valid hunter’s license is a prerequisite for this. An invitation from a hunter with German citizenship is also required. By the way, such an invitation can be made on a paid basis. This does not go against German law.

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    Author: Maxim Nelyubin

90,000 teachers recognize themselves as victims of school bullying three times more often than students

The Russian school is experiencing a monstrous surge of violence – physical and virtual.At the same time, the state of emergency throughout the country with beatings inflicted on a teacher in St. Petersburg by one of the dads, or the massacre staged by a ninth-grader in his Ulan-Ude school are just the tip of the iceberg: according to the latest data, 70% of Russian teachers have personally encountered school violence. moreover, half – repeatedly, stated this week the participants of the international conference “Violence in the educational environment. Reasons, aggravation tendencies, search for solutions ”.

In fact, one way or another school violence affects everyone, because “not everyone ends up in hospitals, but everyone goes to school,” reasonably noted a member of the Presidential Council for Culture and Arts, vice president of the League of Education and director of the capital’s school “Klass -center “Sergey Kazarnovsky.”Meanwhile, there is no more conflictual place than school today.”

“Aggression and hatred at school are taking on such proportions that it is still impossible to relate to this phenomenon,” Galina Merkulova, head of the All-Russian Trade Union of Education, supported.

And, first of all, “it is necessary to reset relations at school,” said Larisa Falkovskaya, deputy director of the department of state policy in the field of protecting the rights of children of the Ministry of Education and Science. So, the courses of developmental psychology and physiology, which were withdrawn from there, are urgently returned to the programs of pedagogical universities.And now teachers simply do not know how to behave in conflict situations, and in the end they do not extinguish, but inflate the problems that have arisen. In particular, as the ministerial commission, which arrived in Ulan-Ude after the tragedy unfolded there, established, “a ninth-grader armed with an ax purposefully walked to a specific teacher. As it turned out, in every cell of the magazine there were “two’s” against his surname. And his family did not support him: his stepfather only said: “Deal with your problems yourself.”So he figured it out, ”she said.

Indeed, according to the latest data from the Higher School of Economics, 70% of Russian teachers have experienced bullying (harassment) on their own, 50% more than once. A similar picture is given by surveys of schoolchildren, said Pyotr Polozhevets, editor-in-chief of the Uchitelskaya Gazeta. For example, 61% of Russian students reported periodic humiliation to which their peers are subjected (for comparison, in Finland this figure is 42%), and 21% of eighth-graders claim that they are threatened with beatings every now and then.Even more popular in our school is this type of bullying, such as damage to the victim’s personal belongings – in our country this figure is 25%, while, say, in Korea, it is only 5%. And when it comes to posting humiliating photos and texts on the Internet, Russian schoolchildren are the undisputed leaders.

It is especially awful that more and more schoolchildren’s aggression is directed not only against their peers, but also against teachers: 3% of the teachers surveyed admitted that they were victims of it. But schoolchildren are three times less likely to be the target of teachers’ aggression in our country: only 1% of the surveyed students said this.

The demonstrativeness of humiliation and bullying of victims of school bullying is also frightening: the aggressors “do not stop posting records of beatings and bullying on the Internet. And although it is these materials that later become the basis for the intervention of law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecution, this continues in the name of that very demonstrativeness, ”said Yevgeny Bunimovich, Ombudsman for Children’s Rights in Moscow. The only thing that, according to him, can save is “the basic thing: respect for the human dignity of the child and fostering in him a sense of self-esteem.Nothing will come of it without this! ” But who will do it and how?

Parents have no time for children. And many, in addition, do not see anything wrong in beating their offspring – why be surprised that, according to a 2010 poll, many Muscovites consider violence to be the norm ?! The school also has no time to bother with cultivating self-esteem in children: it focuses not on these abstract categories, but on specific places in the ratings that bring specific additional funding. But the authorities are not at all up to that: their agenda is to achieve uniformity of school curricula.

90,000 The Hunt – A Decent Rest or A Pointless Kill

Marina Katys: Today we are going to talk about hunting and how people relate to this type of recreation. If the killing of animals or birds can be considered a rest …

Next to me in the Moscow studio of Radio Liberty are Maria Vorontsova, director of the Russian representative office of the International Fund for the Protection of Animals, and Svyatoslav Ukolov, Deputy Head of the Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz Department.

And I have a question for our listeners: do you consider hunting a worthy vacation or, from your point of view, hunting is a senseless murder?

To immediately ask a topic for conversation, I bring to your attention the material prepared by our correspondent in Vyatka, Ekaterina Lushnikova. She asked the townspeople – how do they feel about hunting?

– This is a worthy job. Not a hunter, not a fisherman, not a bird or fish catcher – he is nothing. And the predators – they only keep the world.

– I think this is terrible. I feel sorry for the animals that are being killed. I saw one bird here, which was knocked out by a hunter – this is how the heart breaks. She fell, showed her … A normal psyche, in my opinion, should not withstand this.

– The hunt is cruel, when there is senseless shooting, when it is only because of one animal that gasoline, money, funds are spent. People get a lot of fun, adrenaline to the blood. Yes, it is, of course, a pleasure. And if the shooting is somewhere in the aviary, it can be called murder.

– Hunting is a way of existence for many people, especially in our area. In taiga habitats, in Siberia, this is the main way of life support in rural areas.

– If there are many wolves, rabbits, in principle, do not mind. And if rare animals, safari, all that – this is already considered a murder.

– Wolves, for example, are aggressive, and they, of course, need to be killed, but not to extinction.

– Actually, you can come to the conclusion to leave animals – hares and so on, not to touch.By the way, in the fall, I am our little hare, and many gardeners asked me: “Give it back. We will grow – we will eat “. I said figushki. I hid it and said: “Run to your mother at a run.” And he ran away. Let him live.

– Many hunters do not hunt for prey. There is still such prey that you try to get it. I witnessed how 11 healthy men chased a single hare for two days, and they never caught up with him, but came out of the forest with tongues on their shoulders. People got theirs, people got relaxation, people got impressions, people got a set of emotions.Because for most, probably, hunters, hunting is just a way to see nature and hear your own soul.

– Muscovites came to us to hunt: equipment, guns, God knows how much they cost, they took darkness with them – and killed two ducks for the company. And when we counted it all, it turned out that one duck cost 800 bucks, and the second – 1200. And they were very pleased.

– This is a rest for a person, but a mockery for animals. This is barbaric, because you feel sorry for the animals.There are other entertainments, for example – dancing, art. And killing animals is generally a sin. And in general, I would forbid hunting.

– There are people who do not think about it, and for them hunting is their favorite pastime. This is not the case for me. I could not kill an animal, I do not even admit such a thought.

– Hunting is a very bad business. Because animals want to live very much. Everyone wants to live.

Marina Katys: Here are the opinions of the people who answered the questions of our correspondent, were divided.On the one hand, everyone wants to live and hunting is murder; and on the other hand, a woman said that, indeed, 11 men were chasing one hare and never caught anyone.

And I have a question for you, Svyatoslav Ukolov. What is hunting for you? Maybe, really, this is not the end result, but the process itself is important?

Svyatoslav Ukolov: I would begin my speech with the following words. Hunting itself is already an activity. And I would start with another – who carries out this activity.It is carried out by a person. Man is the same biological species in nature, like everyone else. Who is a man? This is the same predator that has occupied a certain biological niche in nature, and it must exist. Like any biological creature, a person exists at the expense of someone – other creatures surrounding him, be it animals, vegetation, and so on and so forth. Therefore, hunting itself is, as it were, the activity of this creature – man – in order to survive in the given conditions in nature.Therefore, hunting should be considered as a complex of actions, not just as the final result of this activity, which consists in firing a shot and getting some kind of trophy, a hunted animal. The complex of these actions consists primarily in the fact that a thought is born in a person – to get some kind of pleasure, to get some kind of sensation, to feel like a significant person in this nature. And finally, as a predator, he must show that he is strong in this nature. Of course, he already shows his strength in the final result.

Marina Katys: But is the process important anyway? This is the philosophy of hunting, but the process itself? Here is a woman talking about how people, while they were chasing a hare, 12 hunters, they got their buzz, adrenaline, and although they did not catch anyone, they were satisfied. This hunt with zero result, when no one was killed at the end of the hunt …

Svyatoslav Ukolov: Hunting always, like any action, must have its logical conclusion.If we look at a glass of juice, yes, we know that there is juice in this glass, but we will never taste it without drinking this juice. So it is in the hunt. Yes, we are chasing this hare, it gives us pleasure, but the end result should be as follows: we either have to catch it, or not satisfy our joy in this action.

Marina Katys: Thank you. Maria Vorontsova, I have a question for you. Do you agree with the words of Svyatoslav Ukolov that hunting for a modern person is a way to survive?

Maria Vorontsova: Of course not.Of course not. Humanity went through different stages, hunters and gatherers, as you know, are already far behind, they were replaced by a developed agricultural society, when the land was plowed, which gave a leap, people became even longer. At the present stage, we already live in such a moment when it is impossible to say that there may be enough animals for all the infinite number of people that exist to survive. That is, of course, I cannot agree with this. It was very interesting for me to listen to the speeches of people, and of course, I am one of those people who do not support hunting.But I understand that there are very different aspects and different hunts. There is commercial hunting, trophy hunting, sports hunting – they are all different.

Marina Katys: I want to give an opinion about the hunt of Artemy Troitsky. He writes: “There are, of course, people who are born hunters. For example, they live in the taiga with a hunter-dad, a hunter-grandfather and do not know any other way to feed the seed, except to shoot animals for the sake of skins and for the sake of meat. In my opinion, it is an unenviable fate, but I cannot condemn these forest dwellers, who are in some way not far from the primitive community.Most, however, are not born hunters, but become. And in the life of every well-aimed shooter there is a point of choice. This happens when he first sees what he has done. ”

And I have a question for Svyatoslav Ukolov. You are, apparently, a hunter with great experience. There was such a moment in your destiny when, perhaps, you began to doubt – is it a good hunt, or is it what you need to enjoy life? Have there been times in your life as a hunter when you – perhaps seeing a dying animal – thought about giving up the hunt?

Svyatoslav Ukolov: Yes, I will not hide, there were such moments.But I have not given up on the very process of hunting. After all, how to understand the hunt? Hunting is, first of all, not only the prey of some kind of animal, but it is communication with nature. In modern conditions, when the urbanized society has driven most of the people into the city, it has disaccustomed to generally enjoy the nature that surrounds them … We never notice how poplar fluff flies, we are not happy about it. We do not see chirping birds in the forest. And if we see some kind of large bird, wood grouse or black grouse, we are even frightened when we meet her, something unusual.Therefore, for a hunter it is not so much a passion in the end result, although in any action there must be an end result, but it is also communication with nature, the feeling of oneself as an integral part of this entire biological community in our world.

Marina Katys: But what made you think about what is worth, perhaps, giving up hunting? I asked about the moment when you looked at the dying animal. Were you sorry? Sorry, I understand that I am asking very difficult questions …

Svyatoslav Ukolov: Yes, I felt it.Maybe this will be harshly heard for the whole country, for all listeners, but, nevertheless, I had such moments in my life, but it was most likely a necessity – the need to stop tormenting that beast in whose eyes I looked. I simply had to finish him off so that the animal would not suffer.

Marina Katys: But this is probably the most humane. Worse, when the wounded go away and die a painful death.

Svyatoslav Ukolov: Already outside of our dependence, yes.

Marina Katys: Thank you. I will give one more quote, this is the opinion of the head of the Department for the Protection and Development of Hunting Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Alexei Saurin, it was published in the magazine “Otdykh v Rossii”. This is to the question of how you, Maria, said that hunts are different. Alexey Saurin says: “We are consistent opponents of the ‘meat’ direction – the killing of animals for food. This is pure barbarism, because both cubs and young individuals are good for food … Trophy hunting is another matter, a form of recreation popular throughout the civilized world.Here, the spirit of profit is replaced by a sporty, competitive spirit. The object of such a hunt is, most often, an older animal that has lost its reproductive abilities. A trophy beast needs to be found, tracked down, sometimes it takes weeks. This is really not a pleasure for everyone, quite expensive, but worth it! Among the “trophyers” are such famous people as Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Sergei Lisovsky, editor of “MK” Pavel Gusev, Leonid Ogorodnikov, Oleg Andreev and others. ”

And your comments, Maria Vorontsova?

Maria Vorontsova: Indeed, trophy hunting is becoming more and more popular in the world.Indeed, trophy hunters, as a rule, are wealthy and famous people, they are well-known, and trophy hunting is worth the price, it really is. “Trophyers” go on safari to Africa, “trophyers” go to the mountains of Central Asia to get a ram – all this is not one thousand dollars, but rather many thousands. One more point: “trophy hunters”, of course, want to get rare animals, often “Red Book” ones, therefore, given that many trophy hunters are close to the authorities, it is no secret that permits are issued for those species that are completely prohibited for hunting, such as the pataran ram, there are such cases.

If we talk about whether or not the removal of these large old individuals affects the population, the species as a whole, yes, indeed, trophy hunters say that “we removed an old individual, it does not participate in reproduction, it did not affect … In fact, research by biologists says this is not the case. If we talk about genetics, then those individuals who have the largest horns, the most beautiful horns are seized. There are studies that show that this affects the size of the horns of the population as a whole.There are studies that show that over 50 years, the size of the horns in populations where large individuals are regularly removed (usually males, by the way), decrease by 30 percent. That is, it cannot be said that this does not affect. Artificial selection is being carried out here now. He does not just kill any animal – a female, a male, but this is an objective artificial selection aimed at the largest individual, the largest horns, the most beautiful skin, and so on. That is, of course, from the point of view of the species and influence on the species, it is not indifferent.

Marina Katys: That is, in fact, the dominant male, who is the leader, is withdrawn from the population. Trophy hunting, apparently, is aimed at this, because the strongest, largest, most beautiful from the point of view of a person, but the healthiest from the point of view of the population, is the leader.

Maria Vorontsova: Pretty much yes. It is also very important that the leader, as a rule, keeps his herd, his population in a certain subordination and provides behavioral stability.For example, in this respect it is interesting what happened in Kamchatka with the hunting of large bears. Indeed, mainly large males were hunted, roughly speaking, grizzly bears, which reach up to 500 kilograms. This hunt in the post-perestroika period became very popular, and then after 5-6 years it was discovered that very strange things were happening in Kamchatka with the behavior of bears: young males who had not yet settled, did not become territorial, began to move more actively (because usually of the old males were not allowed into their territory), and cases of attacks on humans became more frequent.Recently, a researcher of bear biology Nikolayenko was killed, a Japanese photographer, also eaten by bears, was killed – this is no coincidence, this is the result of this imbalance in the behavior of the population, which was caused by the fact that large old males, territorial, were luminated.

Marina Katys: Hunting advocates often cite major writers such as Aksakov, Arsentiev, Cherkasov, Prishvin as examples, as well as many contemporary writers and writers of the Golden Age – who admired hunting and were hunters themselves.According to the defenders of hunting, hunting for these people was an extraordinary stimulus to creativity, material for creativity. And – as a result – brilliant works, such as “Notes of a rifle hunter of the Orenburg province”, “Notes of a hunter of Eastern Siberia”. Well, the stories of Prishvin, Shiryansky-Shikhmatov and Bianka bring up in a person a love for nature, for the inhabitants of forests, rivers, fields, and so on. But at the same time, the defenders of the hunt say that these books determined the future fate of millions of people, did not allow them to become destroyers of nature, but instilled in them just a love of nature.And if the authors, writers were not hunters, they would not have been able to write such soulful stories about nature. But maybe the point is not that the authors were hunters, but that the authors were talented writers? If they were not hunters, but simply walked through the forest, perhaps they would have written no less heartfelt prose about nature?

I have a request for you, Svyatoslav Ukolov, to comment on this rather common opinion.

Svyatoslav Ukolov: I would say that without experiencing communication, without seeing and touching, you will never be able to reproduce all this.Therefore, there is an aggregate, a talent in aggregate to feel oneself not as an abandoned person in this nature, but as if united together with this nature. And feeling this nature, plus imposing their talent, they really were able to express all the attitude that they conveyed to other people in their works, in order to foster this feeling of love for the life around us.

Marina Katys: That is, after all, the traditional hunting, which was adopted in Russian estates and sung by the listed writers, is quite viable in the 21st century, when the whole way of life has changed, when the attitude has changed, the methods of hunting have changed. ? If before they went with a double-barreled gun, now they go with an optical rifle.

Svyatoslav Ukolov: Technology is growing, it’s natural. Among other things, if you go back to those distant times when they hunted with a spear or some kind of device, then it included a long process of obtaining the final result. In modern conditions, a person does not have such an opportunity, because the bulk, as a rule, live in cities and break out into nature, even for hunting purposes, for a very short time.But he can, of course, satisfy his need for these actions with the help of all kinds of technical means, improved tools for the extraction of one or another type of animal.

Marina Katys: Thank you. Then one more quote, this was written by a hunter in defense of trapping, he wrote simply in a high literary syllable: “Walking in the evening in the slowly creeping twilight along the riverbed willows, you rarely raise a hare or see a ferret, and in the field you can often find a moth-like fox.Sometimes in the aspen forest you can see the tracks of a lynx, and in the evening twilight on the crossings you can see a wolf. Observing all the splendor of nature, the soul of the hunter rejoices when somewhere in a secluded place he manages to find the path of these animals. And here you can no longer resist and set a trap. What an indescribable pleasure a hunter experiences when, after a while, having come to check the trap, he discovers there a magnificent fox or a hardened wolf. ”

Trap hunting is considered one of the most cruel methods and is prohibited in many countries around the world.In 1998, Russia entered into an agreement “On the conclusion by the government of the Russian Federation with the European Community and the government of Canada of the Agreement on international standards for humane trapping of wild animals”, according to which foot traps in Russia were to give way to more “humane” traps. Nothing has happened since 1998, and I want the guests – Maria Vorontsova and Svyatoslav Ukolov – to comment on their attitude towards trap hunting. Maria, please.

Maria Vorontsova: I can say that my childhood was spent in a family of biologists and on expeditions.I myself have set traps more than once, I know what it is, and have seen animals that have got there. And I can say that, of course, this is insanely cruel, and I remember the pain and sympathy that I felt for those gophers who were both caught in the same trap, or for that marmot, which had a broken bone, and then had a paw take away, and then he lived in our vivarium in this state.

Yes, it hurts insanely. Yes, hunters set traps, often without checking them regularly, and animals can die there painfully.Therefore, it is clear that the adoption of such an agreement is very important. And, unfortunately, indeed, in 1998 it was written, and then it settled somewhere in the bowels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When we tried to trace what, how and where, it turned out that this document, in principle, should have been submitted to the Duma for ratification. The official way: the document got from the European Union to the Foreign Ministry – and there it remained under the cloth. I just know, because we got it from there, and they secretly carried it out to us, said: “Here it is, but we will not give it to you.”

Marina Katys: Thank you, Maria. Svyatoslav Ukolov, what is your attitude to trap hunting?

Svyatoslav Ukolov: I wanted to complement the previous statement in the aspect that traps have always been traditional for Russian hunters. What exactly was this? Firstly, these are the most productive and more accessible technical means for the large army of hunters who were engaged in the procurement of furs.Yes, at the moment, certain statistics say that most of the furs caught by hunters are obtained from a shot, somewhere around 60 or 70 percent, and 40 percent is obtained using a trap method. But here it is also necessary to take into account that the current economic condition of those hunters who are engaged in this process does not always allow purchasing cartridges, gunpowder, and so on and so forth in sufficient quantities. Therefore, the use of traps, as it were, for them remains the only outlet now, through which they can still get furs and thereby earn their daily bread.

Marina Katys: Doesn’t the cruelty of the method bother them? After all, the beast dies for weeks if the hunter did not come to the trap.

Svyatoslav Ukolov: Well, it seems so. Modern traps, they work quite seriously and kill the beast. I do not remember a case when an animal died in a trap within a week. I do not know of such cases. Among other things, proceeding from the ban of the Council of Europe on the use of these traps, when in the 1995 Law on the Wildlife we ​​wrote down such a phrase that foot-grabbing traps are prohibited for use on the territory of the Russian Federation – with the exception: the subject of the Russian Federation by its law may authorize their use …Proceeding from this, in order to get out of this situation proposed by the Council of Europe, our specialists began to develop the so-called “humane” traps. And at present, such a “humane” trap has passed the certification of International certification, it is recognized as humane, there is only one copy, there is no variety. But this, first of all, is a very expensive pleasure – testing and obtaining a certificate, this time.

And secondly, there is still international talk about the definition of what a humane trap is.There is still no general opinion on this issue.

Marina Katys: Thank you. And we are listening to Alexander from Moscow.

Listener: Good evening everyone. I have been hunting for about 16 years, and 12 years ago, after one incident on the hunt, I left my gun. And the case was unique. We had a licensed elk hunt in the Smolensk region, I had a second number there when you were in the team, and on the second number there was butchering carcasses.And most importantly, when we did kill a moose on that short winter day, and when we butchered it, it turned out to be a moose, and she had three little moose calves, they were small with hooves. And this, of course, made an absolutely amazing impression on me, and even the huntsman said that such cases practically do not happen. One is yes, two is the rarest case, and three … That stopped me from hunting.

And, of course, I have the most wonderful memories of different occasions during the hunt.I would say it’s like extreme tourism. This is a dropout from everyday life into a completely different life, a return to that very wilderness. When a man with a weapon, when this is the prey, some ancient instincts wake up in him, this is a feeling of terrible fatigue … There is a saying: hunting is worse than bondage. This is snow, this is rain, you fall into a swamp, drag this huge load on yourself … And you come out with a sense of the fullness of life and being, when you encounter nature. Here, maybe something will add this to your reasoning.Thanks.

Marina Katys: Thank you, Alexander. And Svyatoslav Ukolov nods his head.

In England a year ago, a law banning hunting with dogs came into force. And the adoption of this law in England was preceded by a stormy parliamentary debate and public discussion, during which the most opposing points of view on hunting were expressed. The country has split into supporters and opponents of the prohibition of hunting with dogs, which, by the way, has been one of the traditional elements of the English way of life for centuries.

Our London correspondent Natalya Golitsyna tells about the attitude of the British to hunting.

Natalya Golitsyna: A couple of years ago, I unexpectedly witnessed a heated debate in the House of Commons of the British Parliament, where a vote was taken on a government bill banning hunting dogs. I came to parliament to interview one of the parliamentarians, and we spoke on a completely different topic. At the end of the interview, my interlocutor suggested: “The debate on the prohibition of hunting should begin now.Would you like to listen? ” So I ended up in the House of Commons. Few visitors manage to watch parliamentary debates not from the public gallery (open to all comers), but directly from the hall.

Serious passions raged in parliament that day. And outside its walls, the Rural Alliance, opposed to the ban on hunting dogs, organized a 400,000-strong demonstration of its supporters, who gathered in the capital from all over rural England. Members of parliament from rural districts have passionately opposed the ban on hunting, arguing that tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs: gamekeepers, hounds, grooms, saddlers, blacksmiths and many others.In addition, they pointed out that hunting for hounds has been an integral part of the English way of life for more than three hundred years. Supporters of the prohibition of hunting with dogs cited mainly moral arguments, referring to scientific studies according to which a hare or a fox chased by a pack of dogs experiences severe physical stress, not to mention the very cruelty of killing animals.

I must say that at first the government was not going to introduce a total ban on hunting dogs.The original bill provided for tougher issuance of hunting licenses and restrictions on the shooting of certain types of animals. However, after extensive monitoring of public opinion, a special government commission came to the conclusion that the majority of the British are in favor of a complete ban on hunting. This gave the government the moral right to encroach on this ancient national institution, which has turned into a colorful ritual for rural squires, and to propose a more radical bill.And I must say that hound hunting in its present form has existed in England since the middle of the 17th century – since the time of King Charles II. Until this period, hunting – especially for deer and wild boars – was a royal privilege. Until the middle of the last century, hunting in England was perceived as a healthy and aristocratic sport that opposed the viciousness of city life.

In Britain, hunting has never been a source of food, so the arguments of the Society for the Protection of Animals and the League of Anti-Violent Sports seemed more convincing to most English than those of the hunting enthusiasts.Formulated by one of the parliamentary committees, the definition of cruelty as “an act causing unjustified suffering” has become in the eyes of many in England synonymous with the definition of “hunting with dogs”. Here it is necessary to clarify that in Britain hunting for mammals is prohibited, but falconry is allowed. Two dogs are allowed to be used to corral the game for a hunter’s shot, dogs can also be used to search for already killed or wounded game. The manifestation of cruelty towards foxes and hares was considered unacceptable in a civilized society in England.

Marina Katys: And I have a question for Svyatoslav Ukolov. Is there a hound hunting in Russia?

Svyatoslav Injections: Yes. We have many hunts that are carried out with the help of dogs, and there are various directions, including hunting for a hare with dogs, hunting for a squirrel with dogs. The same dogs participate in paddocks for large ungulates and so on.

Marina Katys: Thank you.And we are listening to Alexander Ivanovich from Moscow. Hello.

Listener: Following the British, I am in favor of a complete ban on hunting for two reasons. Regarding commercial hunting, here it is necessary, in fact, to keep quiet so that there is no such flow of hypocrisy. It is probably necessary for those people who are forced to do this. As for sport hunting and group hunting, licenses, I absolutely do not understand, these enthusiasm for the associated or associated pleasures of nature.Hunting is the awakening of the most disgusting qualities. A person has a lot of such things in his soul, but this … No, of course, it can be even worse, but this is a disgusting thing. You can enjoy nature, fall into the snow, get tired to sweat, experience all these pleasures, by the way, completely without destroying animals. And then there was slander about Arsentiev. This is my favorite writer, my childhood, and he took a rifle only to defend himself against the attack of a serious predator, and never used it in situations where he could feed on an ordinary soldier’s or officer’s ration.No, this is a disgusting business – hunting.

Marina Katys: Thank you, Alexander Ivanovich. And we immediately listen to Ivan from Moscow.

Listener: Good afternoon to you, Marina, and your guests. Marinochka, I am a regular radio listener, very often I hear you on the air and your very pleasant programs. I congratulate you and all the women working for Radio Liberty, and all the women who listen to her, on the upcoming holiday. All health and all the best.

Marina Katys: Thank you, Ivan. What question do you want to ask?

Listener: I just wanted to give my opinion. I am a very decent shooter, I was a candidate for master of sports in shooting from a pistol, from a sports rifle, and the guys knew. And I once again came to Krasnodar, for duck hunting, for wild boars, in general, whatever. I saw this cloud of ducks, grabbed a gun – and some inner voice suddenly says: “Listen, how do you like all this ?.. ” And I lowered the gun – and more … Here the radio listener in front of me very subtly noticed all this, and in front of him another said. I join them in everything that we are already, in my opinion, at some other level of development, in order to walk and mindlessly kill what we can admire. There is a very good cartoon “Prostokvashino”. “Buy Sharika a camera gun, and let him win his hunting instinct” …

Marina Katys: Thank you Ivan. Well, well, Tatiana from Moscow agrees with you, she writes to us: “I was unpleasantly amazed to learn that Rumsfeld is a hunter.I believe that this occupation testifies to bloodthirstiness and narrow-mindedness. ”

Another letter – from Ivan from the city of Kemerovo: “And how, in fact, is the difference between killing a pig and killing a wild boar? The murder will always remain so, whatever you call it, no matter where it happened – in a slaughterhouse or in the forest. And no matter how you hide under different words, you will still have to be fully responsible for everything. ”

Kirill from Moscow writes: “Hunting as a form of leisure is a shameless and disgusting murder, worse than if the victims were people, because the animals are defenseless.If someone does not have enough adrenaline, it is more honest to go as a mercenary to the war, where he will be on equal terms with the enemy. ”

Also – Alla from Tomsk: “For me personally, this is a murder. I love animals very much, although I understand that, perhaps, in the case of an overgrowth of a particular population, this is necessary. I can say that emotionally I could not be with a person who is fond of this way of “rest”.

And I would like to give the floor to Nikolai Ivanovich from Moscow.Hello.

Listener: Hello. I want to express my extremely critical attitude towards hunting. Addressing Ukolov, he puts such beautiful words on hunters, hunting, sort of like unity with nature. No, this is murder! I am 72 years old, and I have not killed a single animal, but I watched. I want to go through the forest and look, and I have met many animals. If I saw in the forest that this Ukolov raised his gun …

Marina Katys: Well, why did you attack Svyatoslav Ukolov like that? He is the most intelligent person.

Listener: No, by the way he speaks, the way he speaks, I just noticed his greed. He justifies all types of hunting, even the trap method justified.

Marina Katys: I see. Nikolay Ivanovich, thank you very much, your emotions are very clear to us. And Vadim from Moscow, please.

Listener: First of all I would like to correct one of your listeners, who is very anti-American.It wasn’t Rumsfeld who was hunting, but Dick Cheney. And then I support the previous listener. Your guest, the hunter, said that man is the same beast as others, but he is also called “homo sapiens” – in my opinion, this translates as “intelligent man.” And this “intelligent man” destroys unreasonable creatures. In Africa, the number of gorillas and chimpanzees is already decreasing, and our animals are becoming less and less numerous. And I would also like to give an example. When President Theodore Roosevelt didn’t kill the bear cub, our Prime Minister Chernomyrdin shot the bear and the she-bear.In the West, values ​​are gaining strength, so to speak, towards humanism, but we have both hunters and the army at the same level.

Marina Katys: Thank you, Vadim. And Yuri from Moscow agrees, in general, with you, he writes: “Between rest and murder there are intermediate forms of leisure. These murders are not senseless, but shameless. I changed my attitude towards Sergei Kovalev when I learned that he loves to hunt ducks. ”

Svyatoslav Ukolov, well, somehow everyone is against hunting.You have been hunting for a long time, you love hunting. Maybe those people who have not been on the hunt do not understand something in life?

Svyatoslav Ukolov: You know, I cannot answer for all people, each person has his own opinion, his own feeling of the life he lives. I do not condemn anyone, I accept everything that was said here, even by opponents of the hunt. Yes, I am a hunter, I love it, but it is me, not you, who says that hunting is murder. I would never call it murder, let alone meaningless.Because the meaningless means that it has no thought. You rightly said, previous correspondent, that we are intelligent people, so it is from intelligence that we approach this process, which is hunting.

After all, one cannot exist in nature on a par with a large abundance of other objects of animal origin, when, as they say, because of their number, because of their density, they begin to compete with humans. After all, it is no secret how in other regions – take Kamchatka, Sakhalin – because of the exaggeration of the number of bears, wolves, they begin to go to cities, to villages and begin to look for victims not among their relatives, but among people.And there are a lot of such examples. Before going to this program today, I watched, there was a television film about elephants – sacred animals that live in the national park of Sri Lanka. No matter how much the locals adore them, no matter how they are cared for, their number is growing, and for this country there is evidence that about 50 people die every year from elephants.

This balance of animals and humans should still be present, and this balance is restored with the help of hunting.

Marina Katys: Thank you. Maria Vorontsova, please.

Maria Vorontsova: Let me disagree with you. If we talk about elephants, yes, indeed, in India, Sri Lanka, people are dying. India and Sri Lanka together – 250 people a year. Despite this, India is promoting the need to protect elephants internationally. The Indian elephant population has plummeted due to the ivory trade, despite an international ban.India is talking to all African countries that want to trade in order to impose a ban.

Now, speaking of the fact that animals are over-multiplying. You know, for some reason, among hunters, the wolf has always been their enemy, the worst enemy. Although in fact it is a normal predator that lives in a normal biological environment and controls the number. For some reason, the hunters always destroy them. When we dealt with the saiga, which is now knocked out as a result of poaching and commercial hunting (the number has now decreased by about 100 times, to 20 thousand from a million), when we spoke with the Department of Hunting, the Department of Hunting said: yes, these are wolves, 500 wolves must be killed every day then everything will be all right.Or now our fishing says that whales, whales and seals are to blame for the absence of fish. What are they doing? The Japanese are actively promoting the need to kill whales, and the Canadians are doing it in practice, they have specially killed a million harp seals over the past three years, and this year about 350 more. By the way, the hunt is going on now.

Marina Katys: Well, has the number of whales or seals increased so much, or is it as if the human population has grown?

Maria Vorontsova: Of course, the human population has grown to incredible proportions.How many of us are 8 billion now, right?

Svyatoslav Injections: 6.5.

Maria Vorontsova: Accordingly, the areas of wildlife, the habitat itself, have decreased dramatically. It seems to me that great television, unfortunately, does a bad job, because it shows the corners of the wilderness, of which there are objectively only a few, and operators go there, shoot and shoot the same thing. And we are sitting in front of the TV, the townspeople, and we think that there is a lot of nature, but in fact there is not.And the animals have nowhere to live. We just have to protect them. And of course, to say that animals compete with humans for food items, such as fish, when there is a monstrous overfishing, when we know how much illegal trade in billions of dollars is, for example, between Russian fishermen and Japan and what happens at all, nothing quotas do not work here.

Marina Katys: Thank you. And we are listening to Oksana Andreevna.

Listener: I have a question for Mr. Ukolov.This refers to the history of this, so to speak, aristocratic sport. Does he know Franz-Ferdinand D’Este, a very famous hunter of the early 20th century?

Svyatoslav Ukolov: Unfortunately, no.

Listener: Then a short historical reference. This is the heir to the English throne, who was killed in 1914 in Saraig. And the events that followed after that are well known to you, Lord Ukolov.So, this Franz-Ferdinand had, by the way, the fame of the most famous, one of the most famous hunter-sportsmen of his time. The Kanapishty castle, which belonged to him, not far from Prague, it is hung, filled with stuffed animals. The end of this wonderful hunter is known to everyone, so I will truly repay. And all hunters, including literally everyone who killed, including one duck, should remember this kind of end that any of them can expect.

Marina Katys: Thank you, Oksana Andreevna.I think that there was a tragic coincidence with Franz-Ferdinand, and at all not God’s punishment. Tatiana from Moscow, please, you have the floor.

Listener: Hello. I wanted to recall the words of a famous person. He said that the more he gets to know a person, the more he loves animals. This is a well-known phrase, probably, many people know it. I just forgot who said that. And I would like to say that in our country, indeed, very few documentaries about animals are shown, I mean our films, there are very few Russians.Most of the TV shows American films about animals, French ones. And yet, just as in Russia they don’t like animals, they don’t like it only in third world countries. I am simply responsible for my words, because I have traveled a lot across countries, and I am as self-sufficient as America, Great Britain, France, but I have also been to third world countries – they do not like animals there at all. So, we can only be compared with the countries of the third world.

And one more thing. I used to be very tolerant of the powers that be.I mean Chubais, someone else. But when I found out that they are all avid hunters, when I found out that our president kills quails with pleasure, because it is convenient to kill them, they fly low, then I have nothing but hatred for them in my soul.

Marina Katys: Thank you, Tatiana. I would like to give one more opinion of the hunting advocate, he writes to us: “Do you want to cancel the hunt? Try it. There are about 3 million hunters in the country. All bosses – ministers, deputies, governors – consider hunting their best vacation.With the money that foreign hunters bring here, there are a huge number of jobs, with this money hunting species are preserved, they are monitored and protected. The price of the issue, as they like to say now: “many millions of dollars”.

Still, the hunt really rests on the fact that the powerful of the world today are fond of this, Svyatoslav Ukolov?

Svyatoslav Ukolov: No, I don’t agree with that. Based on everything that I said before, hunting is a manifestation of a person anyway, or a person’s feeling of himself among his own kind, or existence in the same nature.

Marina Katys: Thank you. Masha …

Maria Vorontsova: I don’t see now the prerequisites for the hunt to suddenly take over and collapse. Yes, of course, the fact that the powerful are hunting helps her, but it seems to me that the propaganda of some things is monstrous. For example, hunters recently talked about the need to kill tigers and start up money to protect the tigers. Strange story …

Marina Katys: Thank you.

Bear hunting: all methods

Bear hunting is the most dangerous and most prestigious hunting in our country, which always leaves a lot of vivid impressions. The bear is the most attractive and desirable trophy, which is very difficult to get even for an experienced hunter. When meeting a bear, everything is decided by the strength of the spirit, courage, composure and accuracy of the hunter.

The success of a bear hunt depends on good planning, careful preparation and the correct hunting method chosen.Let’s talk about this in more detail.

About the bear

Bear hunting is not an easy task, in order to successfully hunt this smart and strong animal you need to know as much as possible about it.

Bear is the largest predatory animal in our forests, the average weight of a bear is about 200 kg. There are also larger specimens: in Kamchatka, there are male bears up to 400 kg, even bears weighing 600 kg are reported.

The bear looks awkward in appearance, but this impression is deceiving, he can run fast, reaching a speed of 50 km / h, which is comparable to the speed of a horse or elk.The bear is able to make long jumps, swims well, climbs trees well.

The bear has great physical strength, with one blow of its paw it can break the back of a wild boar or elk.

Each bear, both male and female, has its own area, which bears mark with scent marks and “teasers”, special scratches left by claws on trees. By the bully, you can determine the size of the bear that left them.

The bear has a well-developed sense of smell and hearing, the bear’s eyesight is much worse.

The bear is active throughout the day, but the period of its maximum activity is morning and evening.

From October to March, the bear hibernates, for this it lays in a den. The bear’s sleep is a bit, if the bear is disturbed or it runs out of subcutaneous fat, the bear can leave the den, turning into a connecting rod. Cranks are very dangerous, because of hunger, they attack all living things, even a person. Connecting rods usually do not make it to spring.

Previously, bear hunting in a den was allowed, now it is prohibited at the legislative level.

The mating season begins in the bear in May-June, depending on the region. Bear cubs appear in the den, most often in the first half of January. A she-bear with cubs poses the greatest danger to humans, as it protects her offspring to death, an accidental meeting with her can become deadly.

Bear hunting is permitted from April 1 to May 31 and from August 1 to November 30.

Bear hunting on oats

Bear hunting on oats is nowadays the main method of catching this animal.Bear hunting on oats is the best hunting for a hunter who hunts this animal for the first time.

Most often, the hunting for a bear on oats is carried out by organized hunting farms, while the hunter of the hunting farm leads the hunter to an oat field with a storage shed installed on it, the hunter’s task is reduced only to sit in the storage shed for a couple of evenings and make a well-aimed shot at the beast. In good hunting farms, such oat fields are specially sown near the forest. Some hunters organize and conduct the whole hunt for a bear on oats themselves and believe that, although it is more difficult, it is much more interesting.

Although a bear is an omnivore, before a long hibernation, the bear needs to gain a supply of fat, the survival of the bear in winter depends on it. By eating oats, the bear quickly gains weight, which is why oat fields are so attractive to him. Bears will visit a good oat field located near the forest from year to year and the hunter will easily find traces of bear presence on it.

Bears feed in oat fields from August to September, for about 15 days. The bear loves the milky-wax ripeness stage of oats.The hunter can easily notice traces that the oat field is visited by a bear:

  • The oats have been sucked up, and not eaten completely, as livestock does.
  • Piles of bear droppings are common in the field.
  • At the point where the animal enters the oat field, one or more “katalisches” can be found, that is, the place where the bear rolls on the ground, having previously irrigated it with urine.
  • During feeding, the bear leaves a scent trail on the field.

Before the hunt, you need to study the area adjacent to the oat field well, forage routes are calculated, and the place where the bear leaves the field is determined.

After that, the storage shed is set up. The storehouse is made as follows:

  • The storehouse is being built long before the start of the hunting season.
  • A reliable, strong tree with a dense crown is selected. A dense crown is needed so that the storage shed is not visible, otherwise the bear will stop walking on the field.
  • The storage facility must be built at a height of at least 5 meters. It should be remembered that a wounded bear is extremely dangerous, while climbing trees perfectly.
  • It is better to bring logs for the construction of the storage facility, rather than use local materials at hand.
  • The labaz can be made in the form of the simplest design: three wooden sticks (for the legs, seat and back), but it is better if it is as comfortable as possible, because sometimes you have to wait for a bear for a long time. At the very least, it is advisable to make a cushion for the seat and some bumpers so as not to fall from the storage shed in the dark.
  • It is best to equip a storage shed at some distance from the place where the bear enters the field. Ideally, the storage shed should be able to view the entire field.

When hunting a bear on oats, in order for the hunt to be successful, the hunter must follow some rules:

  • You need to take a place in the storage shed long before the bear is supposed to leave the field, so that the smell of sweat emanating from you disappears. You need to climb the storage shed quietly and carefully.
  • Remember that a bear primarily focuses on smell and hearing. Before hunting a bear: do not shave, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, do not use any cosmetic and perfumery products (deodorants, colognes), do not eat products with a pungent smell (onions, garlic).Clothes and shoes are thoroughly ventilated so that they do not emit any odors, it is even better to keep your clothes and shoes in a bag with mint and spruce branches.
  • Adult bears go out to the oat field around 8 pm, some may go out earlier, very young bears can feed even during the day.
  • The shot will often have to be performed in poor lighting conditions, preferably using a night vision scope or thermal imager.
  • The bear will feed on the field for about half an hour, the hunter should not rush to shoot, you need to let the animal as close as possible and only then make an accurate, well-aimed shot.
  • When shooting from a smooth-bore gun, the maximum distance of a shot at a bear is 30-40 meters, when shooting from a rifled weapon, the maximum distance of a shot at a bear is up to 100 meters.
  • You can shoot only if you are convinced that it is really a bear, and not a livestock or even worse person.
  • The best bear killing spots are the heart area, which is located at the level of the folds of the forepaws. Some hunters shoot the bear in the neck or shoulder blade.Shooting a bear in the head is useless, the bear has a strong, cone-shaped skull when a bullet hits it, it passes tangentially and does not cause serious damage to the beast.
  • If the first shot did not put the bear in place, you must immediately make the second, and if necessary, then the next. A wounded bear is extremely dangerous, he can quickly and far run away even with severe wounds.
  • You cannot chase a wounded bear alone. It is better to look for a wounded bear the next day, by a group of hunters with dogs.
  • Approach the carcass of a killed bear with extreme caution and only after you have made sure that the bear is really dead.

Hunting for a bear with huskies

Hunting for a bear with huskies is another way of hunting this animal. Usually two or three huskies are used to hunt bear with huskies. The best time for such a hunt is late autumn, when the bear is preparing to hibernate, at which time it becomes clumsy and it is easier for huskies to cope with it.

Together with the dogs, the hunter goes around the places where bears feed: rich berry forests, swamps.Dogs smell a fresh bear track and find the beast on it. The task of the huskies is not only to find the bear, but also by barking to keep the bear in place, until the hunter approaches.

When hunting with huskies, the bear rarely stops immediately by the dogs; the hunter determines the location of the animal by the barking of the dogs and tries to follow the dogs at some distance. When the bear gets tired, he tries to drive away the dogs, standing on his hind legs for this, sits on the ground or leans back against a tree.

Laikas cannot do serious harm to the bear, they attack the bear in turn, inflicting painful bites on the bear.Better when there are two or three dogs, one husky cannot effectively hold the bear, and when there are several huskies they coordinate their actions, not giving the bear a single minute of respite.

Dogs try to keep him in this state until the hunter approaches. While the bear is busy with huskies and pays no attention to anything else, the hunter approaches the bear within a shot range.

You can shoot at a bear only when it is clearly visible to the hunter, trying in no case to hit the huskies with a shot.A good hunter knows how difficult it is to raise and train a good husky and will not risk its life.

The bear is a dangerous opponent for dogs, with one blow of his paw he can easily kill a husky. It is not recommended to use inexperienced huskies on bear hunting, the danger is too great for the hunter to be left without a husky.

Laikas can help the hunter not only when hunting a bear, but also when collecting a wounded animal. A wounded bear is extremely dangerous for humans and can unexpectedly attack him at any time.Good huskies are indispensable in such a situation, on the one hand, they will track down a wounded bear in its tracks, on the other hand, they will warn the hunter about the danger with a loud bark.

How did you hunt a bear before?

Everyone knows that hunters love to tell different stories and tales, from which the mood of any person immediately rises.

In this video, an old hunter will tell you a story that happened to him in his youth. It’s about an old hunter.

Once our hero had to meet with an elderly man who told him about how we went to see a bear when there were no cartridges and firearms.

Many years ago, it was very difficult with cartridges and weapons, and I really wanted to eat, so the locals of one remote village decided to hunt a bear with only one ax.

First, they found a den, and then tried to drive the beast out of it. One of the hunters stood with his back to the exit so that the bear would rush at him.

Another man at that moment stood behind and beat the beast with an ax from above. These were the brave people who used to be.

Approach bear hunting

Approach bear hunting is the most difficult method of hunting this animal, suitable only for the most experienced hunters. Such a hunt makes high demands on the hunter: the ability to shoot well, maintain restraint and composure, the ability not to betray his presence either by sound or smell.

Hunting for a bear from the approach means that the hunter silently moves through the forest, in which there are many small foraging areas suitable for the bear, and having found a bear, approaches it as close as possible and makes an accurate shot at it.

Move through the forest as slowly and quietly as possible, trying not to make any sound. If, when approaching the bear, the animal is alert, stops eating, moves with its nose and ears, listens, you should freeze and continue the approach only when the bear calms down and continues to feed.

The bear is alarmed by any knocking or rustling. It happens that a bird flies up near the bear, then he freezes and listens carefully and sniffs. A bear can distinguish by ear whether a knot has cracked under the foot of a person or an animal.In addition, the bear has a well-developed sense of smell, therefore, when approaching the animal, it is imperative to take into account the direction of the wind so that the smell of the hunter does not spread towards the bear.

You can only shoot at a clearly visible target. It should be remembered that a wounded bear is extremely dangerous for humans, and the hunter has no one to hope for.

Approach bear hunting can be carried out not only in forage areas in the forest, but also in oat fields. In this case, the hunter is not on the storage shed, but on the ground, trying to silently approach the bear at a shot distance.

Hunting for a bear at the bait

Hunting for a bear at a bait is another way of hunting a bear. The hunter, having chosen a place in advance, lays out the bait, which is most often used as the carcass of a cow. A hunter builds a hunter 20-30 meters from the carcass. The hunter sits down and waits for the arrival of the bear.

When hunting for a bear at the bait, the following principles should be observed:

  • A good place for such hunting is oat fields, where the bear goes to feed on oats.You can also arrange a bait in an apiary or an abandoned vegetable garden, where the bear began to visit.
  • It is better to lay out the bait before the first snow, the bear may not come up to the bait left in the snow.
  • As a bait, you can use a dead cow or use a carcass, for example, an elk killed by the bear itself. The bear does not like fresh meat, preferring meat “with a smell”. Having obtained prey, he waits for the meat to come. The bear covers the carcass with leaves, grass and waits for it to mature.
  • The bear often tries to drag the carcass closer to its den, or simply drag it into the bushes to prevent this from happening, it is nailed to the ground with thick stakes or tied to a tree.
  • The drive is checked every day, if there are bear tracks, you can sit in an ambush. A sign that the bear will definitely come to the bait is the fact that the bear “folded” the carcass, that is, folded the carcass in half.
  • The landing should be done on a tree not far from the bait, the landing should be comfortable, the hunter will have to spend many hours on it.The hitch should open up a good view of the bait, the bear can appear from any side, most often unexpectedly.
  • The larger the bear, the bolder it is. A big bear comes out faster to the bait, it is more likely to attack a person.
  • The bear comes to the bait at dusk, in autumn most often at dawn, in spring more often at sunset.
  • A shot at a bear must be accurate and in place; when shooting, remember that a wounded bear is extremely dangerous both for the hunter himself and for those around him.


Hunting from the approach in the sun

This hunting is effective on the hills. In early spring, the first thawed patches with green grass appear on the southern side of the hills. Having left their winter dens, the bears feed and bask on these slopes. To get prey, you should carefully study the terrain, be well-versed in the habits of the beast, and have the skills of hiding. In this case, a rifled gun equipped with optics is usually used.
For the event to be successful, you should:

  • Be extremely quiet;
  • exclude smoking so as not to frighten off the animal;
  • Put on clean clothes or ventilate them in advance.

However, these rules are important not only when hunting from the approach in the sun, but in all other cases when the smell or noise can frighten the animal.

For bait (carrion)

In the forest zone, hunting for bait (carrion) can be organized. As bait can be used as carcasses of animals killed by the bear itself, and dead cattle, and carcasses of small animals, and fish. For “little things” they dig a hole, and a large carrion is securely attached so that the bear cannot drag it away.

They lure the beast for several days, and then they set up an ambush. For this, a shelter is pre-built and the hunter lays down there before sunset. The storehouse is set up 20-30 meters from the place with the bait.

If you only managed to injure the bear, and he hid in the thicket, in the morning you need to track him down with the dogs.

Hunting for a bear in a den

Hunting for a bear in a den This is a primordially Russian way of hunting for a bear. Currently, this method of hunting is prohibited by hunting rules in most regions.

When hunting for a bear in a den, hunters observe the following principles:

  • In order to carry out such a hunt, you first need to find the den itself. This is usually done in the fall. It is not easy even for an experienced hunter to find a den, the bear carefully disguises its wintering place.
  • Male bears are more unpretentious in the construction of a den, he can simply throw a few armfuls of old grass and leaves under a fallen tree, fall over there and wait for it to be covered with snow.Bears approach the construction of a den more thoroughly. The she-bear digs the den carefully; she leaves the entrance to the den small, so that her head can only climb. She lines the floor of the den with plucked dry spruce branches and grass. She covers the entrance to the den with a bunch of dry grass.
  • A dug den never has traces of dug earth, bears carefully remove it so as not to unmask the den itself.
  • An indication that a den is nearby are large stripped patches of scraped moss that the bear uses to build the den.
  • When searching for a den on the first snow, when the bear has not yet hibernated, use the tracks of the bear itself.
  • The bear hunt in the den begins in January, when the bear is already hibernating.
  • Most often there are at least three hunters, one hunter is responsible for the dogs, the other two are the shooters.
  • They approach the den at dawn, in complete silence, trying not to scare the bear so that it does not jump out ahead of time. The arrows stand about 10 meters from the den, at a distance of 5-6 meters from each other.They let dogs in, which barking raise the beast. If the bear does not react to the barking of dogs, it is disturbed by a “hedgehog”, a stick with partially chopped off branches.
  • When a bear jumps out of a den, it is impossible to predict its behavior, it can rush to the side of the nearest shooter or try to run away, it can also focus on dogs, ignoring people.
  • When firing, you must be extremely careful not to hit people or dogs.
  • The golden rule of hunting in a den: a raised animal must be hunted, otherwise such a bear raised from a den turns into a connecting rod, posing a danger to people.Therefore, if the bear has left the lair from the hunters, a raid is arranged on it. To organize the raid, a large number of people are taken and divided into groups. Some of the people drive the bear in a semicircle to the line of shooters, the other part – shooters, shoots the bear running at them.

Beast habits

Before you go hunting in a den, you need to find out what kind of animal the bear is and what habits it has. The bear is an intelligent, powerful, strong and touchy beast. If you disturb him, let alone injure him, it will be very difficult to escape.So, if bear hunters are already gathered, you need to act carefully, skillfully and harmoniously.

The first thing to know: a bear lays down in a den not because of its physiology, but because it becomes difficult to find food for itself. This means that if suddenly something or someone disturbs him, he will immediately wake up and go out to deal with the offender. Where he can get his own food in winter, the bear does not hibernate. During the day he looks for food for himself, and he comes to the den to spend the night.Even during hibernation, the bear’s metabolism and all its vital signs do not slow down, the heartbeat remains the same as before, therefore, if disturbed, the bear will wake up within an hour.

In our country, animals begin to prepare for hibernation in the second half of autumn, so it is advisable to plan a bear hunt at the beginning of winter. Females and juveniles are the first to fit, followed by adult males. The den is prepared for several weeks, and after the onset of severe cold snaps and lack of feeding, the bears lie down in their shelter.

It is better not to hunt the bear in the den in the spring. At this time of the year, it is better to lure him with bait, since after winter the bear is very hungry and has a sharpened sense of smell.

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