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26 Rules Every Aussie Girl Followed While Shopping At Supre In The ’00s

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An outfit is always incomplete without a belt.

1. A slogan tee is ALWAYS a good idea.

2. Especially if it’s fluro coloured.

3. And ESPECIALLY if it has the word bitch on it.

4. Activism is cool, but global warming is not.

5. Ra-ra skirts will always be in fashion.

6. And you can even wear them in winter, over some leggings.

Supre / Via Wayback Machine

7. An outfit is incomplete without a belt.

William West / AFP / Getty Images

8. But material belts > normal belts.

9. Also wrap belts > normal belts.

10. Though the holy grail of belts are these circular ones.

11. Spaghetti strap singlets are A STAPLE.

12. And you can always class them up with a lace trim.

13. Elastic bow headbands are something you need in every colour.


Printed denim skirts are the epitome of cool.

15. And shorts should only really

just cover your butt cheeks.

16. Unless they’re long enough to come down to your knee.

17. Flared jeans will never not be cool.

18. And if you want skinny jeans, they should definitely be coloured.

19. Beaded necklaces are best when the beads get bigger at the bottom.

20. But the only thing better than beads is a pendant on a long chain.

21. Nautical theme (aka stripes and red accents) is the height of fashion.

22. As is anything khaki or camo.

23. Boho is in, thanks to Isabel Lucas.

Supre, Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

24. Your trackies should be long enough that they trail on the floor and get ratty.

25. You need at least

one themed outfit in your wardrobe, just in case.

26. And the pink material bags go with EVERY outfit.

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20 basic fashion items that are an absolute overpriced rip off

There’s one thing we probably all agree on; retail therapy is fun! Having an empty bank balance is not! In light of that, here are 20 basic fashion items that are overpriced and likely to leave you with some buyer’s remorse.

Kenzo Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are absolutely fantastic; they help keep the UV rays off your face, cover a bad hair day and come in endless choices of cute colours. However, my fellow non-millionaire friends, just remember, you needn’t spend more than your monthly food budget on a singular bucket hat.

Bassike Track Pants

Go ahead, grab yourself a $495 pair of marle grey trackies. No judgment here. Absolutely none at all.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Thanks to the 5,677,978 A-list super models the marketing team has hired to endorse the brand over the years, bras and undies sit at a ridiculously high price. Remember, you’re not just buying lingerie, you’re also paying Kendall Jenner’s salary.

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Havaianas Thongs

Hands up if you’ve ever had a pair of Havs go mysteriously missing? Don’t get me wrong here, Havs are great! They’re comfy! There’s tonnes of colour and style choices! They’re easy to find at shops! However, speaking from personal experience, beause so many people own similar looking pairs, they often accidentally go home on the wrong feet and *poof* your forty dollars is gone (again).

Miss Shop Scrunchies

Two malnutritioned looking scrunchies for $19.95 from Myer’s in-house brand? Thanks, but no thanks.


While the line is marketed as “fine design & well-made clothing for wholesome living”, it certainly doesn’t make for wholesome living if you can’t afford your grocery bill for the month after investing $180 in a plain jumpsuit that looks like a painters uniform.

Kookai Skirts

Kookai absolutely had their moment in the early noughties when every teen was dolling out forty dollars for the iconic triangular lycra-esque tops. But now they’re asking us to shell out $150 for a plain mini skirt – seems like day light robbery to me.

Supre Crop Tops

Chances are probably high that you remember the $10 bargain bins at Supre that were packed to the brim with all sorts of glittery and colourful attire. However, times have changed and a simple crop top made of approx 2cm of fabric (give or take) will set you back around 40 to 50 buckaroos.

Bonds Undies

Ah, the quintessential Aussie iconic brand of underwear that cost $15-$20 for a single pair of cotton knickers. ‘Nuff said.

Clear Collectives Face Mask

These ‘designer’ face masks are literally made of plain old simple cotton or neoprene and will set you back a whopping $59.95. Surely your gran can whip you up something similar for a couple of bucks.

Turkish Murkish towels

Yes, with their pretty colours and delicate material, Turkish Murkish towels are totes cute. But, to play the voice of reason, you could probably get a return flight to Bali and pick a similar one up from a lady at Kuta beach for the same price as purchasing the legit Turkish Murkish towel online.

Tiffany Bean Necklace

If you’re keen to throw down 300 dollars on a necklace freakishly reminiscent of a ladies pleasure point then, by all means, be my guest.

Daily Edited Key Ring

With their initialed phone cases, keyrings and wallets, Daily Edited has quite the loyal following. The question I pose to you though is, is a small circle or leather attached to a key ring with your initials scribbled on it really worth your hard earnt $40 + shipping?

Genuine UGG bots

Sure, you can be patriotic and support the Aussie brand and chuck down $150 on a pair of Ugg boots. Or, you can head to K-mart and grab some for a tenth of the price.

Rag and Bone Basic T-Shirts

$175 for a plain T-shirt. Hahahahaha. That is all.

Classic Crocs

Not only are they ugly AF, but you’ll be shelling out around $70 for some heinous rubber ‘shoes’.

Lulu Lemon Leggings

Oooft, the Lulu Lemon cult is going to have me for this one, buuuut, when a pair of leggings is setting you back $150 it may be worth browsing around online for another, more affordable, option. Just saying. (Spoiler alert: there are other brands that make good leggings too).


Aside from making you look like a stereotypical backpacker exploring the world on your first three-month trip away from home, Birkenstocks will also take a serious chunk out of your bank balance.

PE Nation Sweats

PE Nation: it’s cool, it’s happening, it’s got the ever-stylish and influential Pip Edwards at its helm. You know what else it has? $170 track pants. Trackies that look remarkedly similar to the ones hanging on the racks at your local Big W.

Round Ratten Bags

Princess Polly, your local surf shop, probably the Sunday boho markets around the corner; these bags are everywhere. You’ll be looking at around $60-100 a pop to get your hands on one which doesn’t seem overly expensive until you consider that, literally, every market on the streets of Kuta is selling them for about $10 each. In fact, you could prob get three of ’em for $20 because god knows those women love a good bulk buy.

For more on this topic follow the Fashion and Beauty Observer.

The 2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet Was Full Of Extremely Good Looks & Vibes

Hello friends. Hello, you procrastinating mates. Welcome to our SAG Awards style wrap. Good to have you here, great to see you.

So, the Globes may have been a sea (and rightly so) of black as part of the #MeToo movement, but honestly its like people sacrificed the zest for the Globes, and just saved it all up to vomit FASHION all over the SAGs red carpet. It’s a stylish PROJECTILE BARF! A sartorial MOUTH EXPLOSION with chunks of glitter!

I’m really eternally sorry for that very visual vomit. Vibes have been had though, folks.

Let’s deep dive, shall we?


Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

The Stranger Things cast bloody brought it to the red carpet (as they generally seem to do), and look – if Natalia’s

Dior dress didn’t have the extremely great astrology shit all over the skirt, this would be boring as fuck – but thanks to some Scorpio and Taurus (?? IDK) prints, we’re talking.


Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

The only person I will allow to wear sunglasses on a red carpet. Literally everyone else just go home. Hell, Susan S could show up in a tracksuit – a Juicy Couture one with “Susan” written on the ass of it, and I would be like hi and hello alterations lady, can you please emblazon my name on the pantaloon area of my 2003 Supre trackies?


Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Lonnie is one of the This Is Us kids – if you haven’t watched it FFS get onto it. It’s primo schmaltzy-yet-oh-god-I’m-crying US drama shit. Anyway, he is proving my theory that children are going to take over the fashion world and soon it’ll be bye, Karl Lagerfeld and hello, 12 year old fashion prodigy. That jacket is the BUS-INESS, I would sell my soul for those shoes, and I’m just supremely disappointed that all the adult men played it safe.


Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

Oh hello, non-problematic Franco brother! I just bloody love these two, and I equally love how Alison’s channelling her GLOW character with her aesthetic here. Zippy little sequin thunderbolts forever. Dave is incredibly boring, though. DO BETTER, DAVE. GO TALK TO LONNIE AND GET A ZESTY JACKET ON YA.


Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This is A+.


Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

This is also A+. What, you want more? I’ve got a lot to cover here people I can’t just ramble on in my typical, word-vomit way about everyone, ok?


Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fun fact: I had no idea Tracee was the daughter of Diana Ross. So there you go. Anyway, if you’re not aware of how awesome Tracee is – she’s an accomplished actor, but also one of the founders of the Time’s Up campaign. She’s a power player in the current fight against sexual assault in Hollywood, so even though the inclusion of a cape (why do you need to be aerodynamic you are not Superman) would give me hives, she’s allowed to wear this bc just bloody LOOK AT HER.

She will take zero fucks from anyone. In fact, I think if a sex pest crossed her path on the red carpet they’d be vanquished in seconds.


Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Nothing but respect for MY president – Connie Britton, aka Mrs. Tammi Taylor, the absolute backbone of the Taylor family in Friday Night Lights (if you haven’t watched THAT, get off my story immediately. Go away. Sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done). I just think if you’re going to walk a red carpet, you may as well go balls-out in terms of your black tie outfit. And nothing screams “I’m heeeeeere motherfuckers razzle fucking dazzle” like an entirely sequinned gown. Notice how Susan Sarandon AND Connie did it? It’s because they’re better than us. They’re better than the entire human race.


SOURCE: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images



Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

Gaten’s committing my ultimate crime of wearing a plain and boring suit on the red carpet… but godDAMN could this kid be any cuter? Have more sass? No. He couldn’t. His extremely excellent personality means he can wear whatever he damn well wants and I’ll still include him in a style wrap up.


Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images


Source: Beetlejuice

Like she’s absolutely doing this on purpose, right? I’m here for it.


Source: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Do you think there’s a conspiracy going on where Dacre Montgomery is just Zac Efron‘s spicier alter-ego? Yes. It is a fact. Dacre wouldn’t even get a mention bc I have no time for any men on the red carpet who show up in standard tuxes as I have explained already (it’s 2018. Harry Styles and his floral suits exist to show it works. Get it together.) but Dacre’s is a slick 70’s brown, and I am here for anything that keeps the 70’s aesthetic alive given it’s all I own or care about.

Plus he’s bringing back seedy moustaches, which will always be extremely sexual. Dacre can absolutely get it. From me. Whenever. (I’ll send myself to Horny Jail, no need for the handcuffs).


Source: Steve Granitz/WireImage

I’m sorry – WHO is this fantastic woman? In every photo she’s clinging to the media wall and throwing extremely good, absolutely OTT poses at the cameras. We all should be this fabulous. We should learn from Rita. I had a Google and I think she’s at the SAGs bc she stars in Grace & Frankiebut who cares? This is the level we should all live at.


Source: John Shearer/Getty Images for People Magazine
  1. I love this dress, and I think it’s safe to say sequins are making a comeback – see also: Susan S, Vanessa Kirby, Mandy Moore.
  2. Holy hell is there anything better than Brie’s face here? It just screams “when do I get to go home, pour Doritos on my stomach and continue my re-watch of The OC“. Someone meme this immediately.


Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Another kid, another fantastic suit. Do you see what I mean how the kids are just doing this whole red carpet way better than the adults? Parker plays ‘Young Kevin’ in This Is Us, is also a tiny Harry Styles here.


Source: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Holly Hunter’s one of those actors where you never recognise her, and then you realise it’s because she’s such a fucking good actor that she literally owns every character she plays to the point where you think it’s a bloody diff person every time. Anyway, I’m not entirely here for this dress style (I honestly think I could have made this, and one time I sewed my fingers together trying to do Year 3 craft) but I am here for the gold shade, and everyone knows a dress with pockets always gets an instant 8/10. POCKETS!


Source:Steve Granitz/WireImage

Vanessa Kirby plays Princess Margaret in The Crown, just in case you have my problem where I forget these period drama actors don’t walk around in 2018 in gelled 50’s waves and corsets. Look, the hair is a bit questionable – what is that little stringy extended fringe situation? Stop that. But it’s getting a pass because the dress and makeup are maaaaybe the best on ground. Big call, but I’m getting exhausted from making this list and I’m in the mood to make some extreme claims.



Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

Chrissy get so much praise for being a curvy gal who doesn’t resort to wearing all black for every red carpet – and she deserves every bit of it, because let’s just stop that stupid trend where stylists drape their clients in shapeless dark colours just because they’re not a size 2. Also I’m so extremely here for electric blue coming back.


Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Someone give this kid a show that’s basically like What Not To Wear with Trinny and Susannah but where kids critique unfashionable adults outfits and the person’s husband/wife is like “I loved my partner but they look so confident and happy now and I love them even more” and everyone’s crying and actually just bring back What Not To Wear, thanks.


Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

S2G Sadie Sink is giving Millie Bobby Brown a run for her money as the most stylish actor from the Stranger Things gang. This entire situation is killer from a style perspective, but still kid-appropriate. She’s like the sweetest of baby angels.


Source: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

If anyone but Millie wore this I’d probably hate it. I’m shocked that I love this dress – because literally every mullet dress can go die in a hole in my opinion. Maybe it’s because Millie’s 12 and the whole Con’s-with-a-formal-dress thing is so adorable I might die. But the train’s getting a free pass here.


Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

Look in a perfect world someone would burn that green shirt with invisible buttons – why does any shirt have invisible buttons, they are the absolute worst but a) The velvet! The matching bow-tie to pants! Just perfection, and b) I want to watch a soothing slo-mo video of Lea’s hair being styled for this event, because that precision is fucking TIGHT.


Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

Mandy Moore is one of those people that I drunkenly stand up for whenever I’m out with mates, even when no one even remotely mentions her. “Noooo she’s so COOL, she has amazing music taste/she’s really good in This Is Us/she loves dogs so much”. I will now add “she nailed the 00’s fashion revival trend on the SAGs red carpet” to that rant.



Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

No one can touch Goldie and Kate on the red carpet, and they fucking know it – look at those smug grins. I’d hate them but I want to be them.


Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Laura Linney is such a queen, I’m so sad this is what she was put in for the SAGs. WHY has someone dressed her as the leader of a UFO cult? Why is there another cape on the red carpet? Why is it so ill-fitting? And don’t think I can’t see those silver-point heels poking out the bottom there. I see you, abominations.



Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Good LORD IN HEAVEN, finally a suit-wearer on the red carpet who isn’t under the age of 15 and understands that life is about fun and chaos and wearing something other than a boring black tux. Best dressed (adult) male, hands fucking down.


Image: Getty Images

How to get the leather look for less.


Five years ago you would never have thought we’d be associating ‘leather’ with ‘wardrobe staple’. And had I have told our Publisher, Mia Freedman you’ll wear leather hot pants on the cover of a national magazine, I dare say she would’ve scoffed at the very suggestion.

But here we are.

So let’s get into how you can get the leather look without having to eat two minute noodles for a week or remortgage your house.

1. Spliced leather – if you don’t want to go the whole leather hog, spliced leather is a great option.  

1. Sportsgirl PU jacket $99.95,

2. SEED Ponte pants $89.95

3. Sportsgirl panelled leggings $59.95

Seed apparel swing skirt $89.95

2. Leather look leggings – I’m not naming any names but no less than four Mamamia staff members own a pair of these.

Supre wet look leggings $20

3. Leather trackies. Make like Obama cos’ Yes You Can.

And you may have noticed this season a looser leather trouser look is in, you might even call them leather trackies. I know, you’re all dying to know how to wear them (cough) so I chatted to Westfield stylist, Madelin Tomelty to get her top styling tips for perfecting the leather trackie look.

1. Leather trackies are voluminous and very much the sporty-luxe look, so to keep from looking like you’re about to do a workout, keep your top half fitted, structured and more put-together. I love them paired with a feminine, fitted top and tailored jacket.

2. The bagginess of leather trackies lends itself to a more casual look, so to counter-balance this, avoid wearing them with flats which will dress the outfit down further. Heeled boots and open-toe heels lengthen your legs and work perfectly with a dressier top-half for the evening. Add a feature necklace for an edgy and on-trend look.

3. Not a fan of heels? Wear your leather legs with a cotton tee, this season’s denim jacket and a pair of patent ballet flats (with toe cleavage if you can), which will keep your feet nice and open and won’t cut your legs off.


 Would you try wearing leather look?

Blondes Do It Better!: Shortie Shorts BUDGET Haul

Supre is having like a massive clearance of shorts at the moment! I know that the majority of Aussie girls think Supre is cheap or tacky or whatever (“Supre SLuts” ???) but they seem to be the only denim shorts that fit me perfectly! I’m not ashamed to admit that I love their basics like singlets and t-shirts, and I use their plain black tights for excerising and for my work uniform when I was a waitress.

I would love to be able to afford all of my clothes from places like Sportsgirl or Globalize, but I can’t spend $50-$100 per singlet! Even if Icould, most of my basics would be from Supre anyway! The size range it awesome, and even though they fade quickly and get distored, they’re cheap so you can buy a new one every few months anyways!

Anyways, The first two shorts from Supre were only $5 each!!

The one on top is a xxxs black pair, then the blue pair is an xxs, and the bottom black pair is xxs, yet they all fit perfectly? but they have like difference between like 5cm-10cm.. WEIRD

The denim pair below was $38 and the black stretchy pair were $10 🙂

The black singlet with sequened detail is a Billabong singlet from Jetty Surf for $49.95. That’s probably the max I’d pay for a singlet or tee!!! and the grey over sized t-shirt was only $7.50 from Supre 🙂
I have a collective haul from weeks ago but I cbf uploading all the pictures!!! and hauls get boring after a while!!! so I’ll post a OOTD/FOTD using some stuff that I bought in this post 🙂

Does anyone know the brand Hurley?

It’s like a skatey type brand? Anyways, Ive been obsessed with their hoodies for years (they have xs which are tiny! most surfy/skatey hoodies are too big for short people like me) and now they do TRACKIESSSS!!!!


I know in America trackies are fine, but for European people, would you been seen out and about in trackies? Like wear them to school??

Supre #InfluencerStatus Matte Finish Bronzer – 10.

1 oz.

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item. See the seller’s listing for full details

Brand: Supre
Type: For Indoor Use UPC: Does not apply
STUNNING EAGLE LANDING GENUINE HOTCAST BRONZE STATUE ON MARBLE SCULPTURE DECOR &nbsp Andre de Dienes Photograph black white glossy silver gelatin nude COA Photo &nbsp Adidas shoes sambarose w aq1134 black white &nbsp IKO CF8 Metric, Cam Follower FACTORY NEW! &nbsp Fess Sinu-Cleanse Gentle Cleansing Daily Wash Kit Nasal & Sinus Care Congestion &nbsp [Ganbaro]JAPAN HISAMITSU MOHRUS Tape L 40mg Muscle Pain Relief 7 Patch X 15 Pack &nbsp Vicks Vaporub Original Ointment – 25ml &nbsp Tommy Bahama Sandals Anchors Away Linen Slide Leather Size 11D &nbsp Black Adidas Chile 62 Mens Track Pants Trackies Blue Stripes Shiny Sheen sz S &nbsp Custer, Black Kettle, and the Fight on the Washita [Paperback] Brill, Charles J. 9780806134161 &nbsp Apple iPod Classic 256GB mSATA SSD Red front/Chrome rear EXTENDED WARRANTY &nbsp LOT OF 6 CARS 1:64 RMZ City DIECAST- CAR SET OF 6 &nbsp Jungle Friends Giraffe Baby Plush Soft Toy With Rattle &nbsp Quantity x 2 Colombian Brazilian Womens Jumpsuit Enterizo Microfibre S Gym &nbsp Venda Hombro SPORLASTIC Omo-Hit &nbsp Gates 14MX-50S-125 4535 Polychain GT 2 Sprocket 77198050 &nbsp Acute Care Nurse Practitioner : Clinical Curriculum and Certification Review 9780721673110 &nbsp Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) Smart Speaker with Clock and Alexa – White &nbsp BHUPEN KHAKHAR, Tate Modern exhibition poster, 2016. (male / nude) &nbsp 33348-Pediatric Bracelet – 34 x 11 CM (for cod. 33351) – Gima

Supre #InfluencerStatus Matte Finish Bronzer – 10.1 oz.

Supre #InfluencerStatus Matte Finish Bronzer – 10.1 oz.

Health & Beauty

Buy Plus Size Track Pants Online

Make the most of our matching tracksuit sets. Our jumpers & hoodies can be coordinated with pairs of track pants in matching colours to create comfortable and cute lounge sets with ease. Team sweaters in bold prints or patterns with pants in matching tones for looks that add a bit of colour to your collection, wearing neutral styles altogether for more balanced and street style looks. Matching sets are huge in streetwear fashion as of late, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. Peruse our sweatshirts for the perfect weekend look that will take you everywhere. Looking cool by staying comfy? Sign us up.

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Whilst they are made for working out and lounging around in, track pants are not just for the couch or treadmill. Athleisure has never been so popular. Suitable for casual catch ups with friends or running errands, pair your track pants with oversized sweatshirts and tees to channel fashionable streetwear. A look that is so in right now and allows you to express your own style. Athleisure has gained a position in the ranks of 21st century fashion owing to its versatility and comfort. Shop our women’s plus size track pants to have you going from cardio to coffee with ease. Pair with trainers for extra comfort.

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Comparative and superlative degrees of adverbs | EF

To adverbs that end in -ly , you add more to form a comparative degree, and most to form an excellent one.

Adverb Comparative Superlative
quietly more quietly most quietly
slowly more slowly most slowly
seriously more seriously most seriously
  • The teacher spoke more slowly to help us to understand.
  • Could you sing more quietly please?

Short adverbs not ending in -ly have the same comparative and superlative degree as adjectives: add -er for a comparative degree, and -est for an excellent one. If the adverb ends in e , remove that vowel before adding the ending.

Adverb Comparative Superlative
hard hard er hard est
fast fast er fast est
late lat er lat est
  • Jim works harder than his brother.
  • Everyone in the race ran fast, but John ran the fastest of all.

The comparative and superlative degrees of some adverbs have an unusual form.

Adverb Comparative Superlative
badly worse worst
far farther / further farthest / furthest
little less least
well better best
  • The little boy ran farther than his friends.
  • You’re driving worse today than yesterday!
  • He played the best of any player.
90,000 How to photograph the starry night sky

Light trails from stars in pictures can look expressive and unusual. It will take a lot of time and patience to create such photos, as well as a tripod and the ability to remotely control the shutter button. Star trails, which themselves are stationary, arise from the rotation of our planet.

Capturing these stunning streaks of light is difficult, but the incredible results you get will be well worth the effort. First you need to determine which side the North Pole is on. To do this, you can use one of the many star map apps available for your smartphone. Aim the camera strictly at the North Pole, which will serve as the compositional center of the photo, and set a slow shutter speed. This will allow you to get light streaks in the image, forming a kind of rings around the center point, as shown in the example of such a photo.

To capture the trajectories of the stars, a high ISO setting (800, 1600 or higher) must be used because stars themselves do not emit much light. Be careful to take a couple of test shots before you start shooting with slow shutter speeds, as the higher the ISO value, the more likely you are to get “noise” in your shots.

The slowest shutter speed available on most cameras is 30 seconds, so slower shutter speeds must be shot manually using Bulb Bulb.In this mode, the shutter remains open as long as the shutter button is held down. Set focus to infinity. Take some test shots experimenting with your camera settings before shooting at longer exposures such as 30 minutes. Review the resulting images. This takes practice and you may be able to achieve the desired results only after a couple of nights of painstaking shooting.


– Rubber track

About 29 million tons of rubber are consumed annually in the world, and the multi-billion dollar rubber industry affects all spheres of life of each of us. The ISO Committee of Experts, which develops hundreds of standards to maintain it, has just been honored with the Lawrence D. Eicher (LDE) Prize, one of ISO’s highest awards.

Improved safety and quality as well as facilitating international trade are just a few of the benefits that international standards are bringing to the global rubber industry. The expert committee ISO / TC 45, Rubber and rubber products, has already published about 440 standards and more than 60 are under development.

ISO / TC 45

was selected from over 330 ISO committees, in particular for its ability to respond quickly to market needs by issuing standards that provide a predictable and sustainable framework for the production, processing, marketing and disposal of rubber products, both natural and and synthetic.

The committee can serve as a model for the application of ISO values ​​and processes, including active engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, with a focus on developing countries, encouraging their involvement in committee work, providing a high level of expertise in the field, and demonstrating effective leadership. The Selection Panel noted that ISO / TC 45 responds quickly to the changing needs of the rubber market while developing standards that help support the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Shahrul Mohd Tahir, head of ISO / TC 45, said the award would not have been possible without the dedication of all committee members.

“It is a great honor for all of us to receive the Lorenz D Eicher award,” he said.

“This would not have been possible without the great teamwork demonstrated by our members from all over the world. Because we truly believe that “great things happen when the world community reaches a consensus.”

ISO / TC 45 includes industry experts from over 50 countries as well as international organizations such as the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Manufacturers (IISRP) and the World Customs Organization (WCO). ISO / TC 45 standards cover a wide range of topics related to the rubber industry: terms and definitions, test methods and specifications for rubber in any form, rubber products (including their dimensional tolerances) and the main components of rubber compounds. Current and future standards will also cover environmental performance, recyclability and sustainability.


Lawrence D. Eicher Award recognizes the excellence of the ISO committee, which includes innovative and efficient processes and solutions that deliver outstanding service.

ISO / TC 45 was established in 1947 and its secretariat is currently run by DSM, the ISO member for Malaysia. For more information on the committee and ISO standards for rubber and rubber products, you can visit the committee’s web page on the ISO

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door: the superb

Raindrops hit the windshield with loud slaps, blinding me as I crawl at 30 km / h on an unfamiliar road somewhere in Hill Country outside Austin, Texas. Forrest Gump would call it “big oily rain,” which the Mercedes-AMG GT53 4-Door wipers struggle to remove from the sleek windshield.

Read and watch about the AMG GT:

These are far from the best conditions for testing the latest product from the mad scientists at AMG. And yet I am here. While a boat would be more appropriate in this situation, the GT 4-Door’s cabin is nevertheless quite suitable for whining about the disgusting weather conditions. But in fact, I cannot imagine any other car in which I would like to be at the moment. The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door is arguably the best coupe sedan I’ve ever driven. The

GT 4-Door is a car that pampers the driver not only with how it handles, but also how you feel inside.The involvement of the AMG division in the preparation of the car cannot be overlooked, but the luxury characteristic of Mercedes-Benz models has not diminished from this.

You don’t just sit in the AMG GT 4-Door. With a high transmission tunnel that bisects the cabin, AMG sports seats like racing buckets wrap around parts of your body that you never knew existed, and a large chubby steering wheel that practically sits on your lap, you feel like putting on a GT 4-Door. on yourself, like a suit made to order according to your measurements.

It’s like putting on the GT 4-Door like a tailor-made suit.

The center console has everything a driver might need. The touch buttons of the multimedia display have a pleasant tactile impulse when you press them. They replace the traditional keys for tuning the transmission, stabilization and suspension systems. The infotainment system itself is a hybrid version of the new MBUX. It still runs last year’s software without a voice-controlled assistant, but its main interface is the touchpad.It functions like an iPhone screen, accepting the same taps, swipes, and pinching gestures. This is all somewhat unusual for a car, but at the same time it is very familiar and intuitively understandable for smartphone users, which we almost all have been for a long time.

The steering wheel is one of the interior elements in which the AMG influence is particularly noticeable. Its plump steering wheel is wrapped in soft Alcantara and has a yellow racing-style mark on the top. Plus a pair of paddle shifters peek out from behind the spokes.However, the steering wheel has received several innovations in the GT 4-Door.

At the 5 and 7 o’clock positions, the center of the steering wheel has a pair of additional paddles that house miniature LCD displays. On the left, in addition to this, there are a couple of separate buttons with which you can change the stiffness of the suspension and raise the wing on the fifth door. And on the right, the LCD is located on a small swivel washer that controls the switching of the drive modes. This is similar to the Porsche steering wheel settings that first appeared on the 918 Spyder (and then on the rest of the models), but better.Access to so many settings without taking your hands off the steering wheel came in handy during a test drive in the nasty pouring rain.

Whether you’re trying to avoid drowning at Texas intersections or, like me, scurrying around the Circuit of the Americas this afternoon, the GT 4-Door’s seats are simply superb. They offer a wide range of adjustments and good body support. There are a couple of holes in their backs below the headrest for racing multi-point harnesses, but the standard ones also provide the necessary body fixation, even during fast races on the track.Overall, the AMG GT 4-Door seats are some of the best factory seats on the market.

As the sky finally begins to clear, I dive into the GT53 and its innovative powertrain. While the mild hybrid is not the top-end unit in the GT 4-Door engine lineup, it is nevertheless the most modern and interesting of the three engines available for the model. In its composition on the GT53 includes a 3-liter inline “six” (yes, exactly in-line) with turbocharging and a new hybrid “Mercedes” EQ Boost system.The latter is, in fact, a starter-generator located between the internal combustion engine and the transmission. It can produce 21bhp and also powers a 48-volt battery that powers the vehicle’s lighting, infotainment and other systems.

But don’t let the GT53 deceive your expectations with its powertrain name. This car is quite fast. With a return of 435 forces and 521 Nm of torque, the power unit accelerates the GT 4-Door to 96.6 km / h (60 mph) in 4.4 seconds. And the maximum speed is 280 km / h.This is not a Prius! And the GT53 sounds fantastic.

A stunning-sounding 3.0-liter “six” accompanies the new GT 4-Door in a way that Mercedes-Benz in-line engines have not done in at least two decades.

This new engine stands out for its smooth running and impressive thrust. A terrific sounding 3-liter “six” accompanies the new GT 4-Door in a way that Mercedes-Benz in-line engines have not done in at least two decades.Riding hard and fast in the sportiest of six driving modes, the GT 4-Door seems to shoot and bark when shifting gears at high revs. And when driven at a calm and relaxed pace in the low gears of the 9-speed automatic, it sounds like an engine working in tandem with a CVT simulating a low gear. And this is very strange.

Meanwhile, the EQ Boost system cannot be felt. The GT53 delivers plenty of power, doesn’t run out of torque, and always accelerates superbly.There is nothing unusual about the operation of a 48-volt system either. The GT53 doesn’t look like a hybrid at all. It’s like a regular AMG, which turns out to be a hybrid.

But you’re hardly here to read about the GT53. He’s an undeniably impressive car, but the star of this show is and always will be, the V8-powered twin GT63. Yes, they are twins, because, by analogy with the E63, Mercedes offers both the basic version of this car and the more manic one with the S nameplate. up to 96.6 km / h (60 mph) in 3.3 seconds.But you don’t want it, not because it’s not good enough, but because the GT63S is so much cooler.

Under the hood of the 63S is the same 4-liter V8 with double supercharging, only producing 639 “horses” and 900 Nm of torque. Acceleration to 96.6 km / h is reduced with it to 3.1 s. This is faster than the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (3.2 seconds), McLaren 570S (3.4 seconds) and the Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe, which takes no more than 3. 5 seconds to spurt.

This is a very fast car with supercar dynamics both when accelerating from standstill and at high speeds anywhere on the track.While waiting for my ride at the Circuit of the Americas, I hear my fellow journalists talk about how one of them accelerated to 266 km / h before using the thick carbon-ceramic brakes. And then they also issue calls to those who have not yet sat behind the wheel to drive even faster. Looking around the track, I can hardly believe their bragging.

But achieving these speeds on the GT63S proved to be the most exciting. Going fast through curves and turns with elevation changes on the approach to the racetrack felt more like launching from a trebuchet than driving a car.Because the powerful turbochargers trapped in the V-8’s camber forced the engine to give the car unbelievable accelerating pulses as it enters and exits bends, giving the driver an abundance of excitement.

Going fast through curves and turns with elevation changes was more like launching from a trebuchet than driving a car.

For these sensations it is worth, among other things, to thank the proprietary “Mercedes” all-wheel drive system 4Matic and the nimble 9-speed robot with a double clutch, which immediately pushes the necessary gears.The huge tires, 295 mm wide at the rear axle and 265 mm wide at the front, also help maximize the efficiency of converting the torque from the engine into linear movement of the car. They cling to the asphalt with incredible strength in turns, forcing the person behind the wheel to experience decent overload.

Cornering like this – whether on the race track or on the road – is great thanks to the active rear axle steering. Offered as an option on the GT53 and by default on V8 versions, it twists the rear wheels slightly out of phase with the front wheels for better maneuverability and reduced turning radius at low speeds or in the same direction, increasing the stability of the car when you are racing “all the money” …

This sounds great, but the simple verbal explanation of this system in no way reflects the aggression and speed with which the GT63 sets the arc. The turns are sharper and faster than any comparable sedan I’ve ever experienced. This behavior of the car is difficult to compare with its almost 2-ton weight. Driving the GT63S is kind of like a computer simulator. It is enough for me to just look at the upcoming turn, and regardless of the speed and steepness of the road bend, I fly through it, rushing to the next.

And I make it easy. Just. Without thinking for a second. Marketers and journalists often use the cliche phrase “rides like on rails” and it just fits the best to describe the car’s cornering behavior in the case of the GT63. On a race track with fairly short straight lines, I can’t get close to the car’s limits. With each lap I put pressure on the gas earlier and more aggressively, later I brake and go through turns faster. And the GT 4-Door obeys my commands unquestioningly, allowing it all.

And even when it starts raining again, making the already smooth surface of the track even smoother, the GT63 seems unperturbed. But he can and will excite the blood if you want to. Mercedes offered the driver six driving modes – Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Individual, Race and Slippery – as well as AMG Dynamics to manage everything from stability control, all-wheel drive to rear axle steering and rear differential. The latter provides four settings – Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master.They can be selected to maximize the performance of the vehicle, depending on your driving experience.

In almost the most aggressive setting (in Race mode with the Master setting, but with the stabilization system turned on), I can rush the GT63 along the track, which is getting wetter before our eyes, without any problems. It is already slippery enough to feel like an ass, but at the same time the safety electronics are working in full force. Driving the AMG GT63 under these conditions is like a boxing match with a choice of timing and power to knock your opponent out.

Driving an AMG GT63 is like a fight in the boxing ring with the ability to choose the moment and force of the blow to knock your opponent out.

But the hardest part is assessing how the AMG GT 4-Door fits into the market. The five-door, which the Germans call the first “coupe-like” AMG sedan, is not a small car. It feels more aggressive, but not as spacious as the Porsche Panamera (its closest rival), let alone the BMW M5. On the one hand, such an AMG can be opposed to both of these models.But at the same time, the practicality and comfort of the new GT is higher than that of the coupe of the same name. This means you can move around in such a five-door every day, which I would not recommend doing on the AMG GT R.

Prices for the new GT53 in Germany start at 109,182 euros, which is comparable to the 462-horsepower Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid (109,219 euros ). For modifications with a V8, the Germans ask from 150,118 euros for the GT63. And this is practically the level of the 550-horsepower Porsche Panamera Turbo (155,748 euros). The most powerful GT63S is priced at 167,016 euros, which is only slightly below the 680-horsepower Panamera S E-Hybrid (185,736 euros).

If a comparable amount of money was burning in my pocket, the new GT 4-Door would certainly be on my shortlist. This is a stunningly powerful, incredibly capable, yet roomy and quite practical car that is suitable for everyday use. The most efficient, less insane, and at the same time more affordable option is the GT53 hybrid. But the magic of a supercharged V8 is extremely hard to resist. Whichever AMG you choose, know that you are the owner of the new king of the most powerful and fastest coupe sedans on the road today.

Lotte Dongtan | Ceramiche Caesar

Another grandiose opening took place in the famous Korean chain of large shopping centers Lotte Shopping co .: it is a Lotte Dongtan shopping center located in Hwaseong in the Gyeonggi province of South Korea, about 40 km from Seoul.

This is the first branch of the giant opened in the last seven years and the largest shopping center in the province. It offers visitors an innovative perspective on reality and an integrated approach to shopping.

On a total area of ​​246 thousand sq. M. hosted the most prominent fashion brands, as well as representatives of the food and beverage, furniture, design and cosmetics sectors; however, the originality of the concept lies in the presence of other forms of entertainment, with the aim of blurring the line between shopping and art and making Lotte Dongtan a reference point for those who want to combine culture with entertainment.

This is why the cinema and green spaces are integrated with spaces dedicated to the most authentic works of art and equipped with multimedia solutions, allowing guests to listen to explanations and enjoy interdisciplinary context.

In such an impressive and ambitious project, even appearance takes on an important role, because it is he who creates a feeling of comfort and engages the audience. The Caesar brand was selected from among the tile suppliers tasked with giving the mall a glossy finish. Four collections played a role in the South Korean project: Portraits in Versilia version 60×60 cm with matte finish; Relate Flame in Veil and 120×120 cm with matte finish; Join, 120×120 cm with matt finish in Manor; Shapes of Italy in Sestriere 60×120 cm with matte finish.

Portraits is a porcelain stoneware collection that explores 6 types of stone, different in essence, but united by the same beauty and elegance. The surface of Versilia conveys the characteristic touches of Tuscan marble, on which time, history and life itself have left their mark.

The Relate Flame in the Veil version brings the latest trends from the world of materials to the ceramic surface: active colors and tones cover the tiles, giving them a decisiveness and dynamism.

Modern design ideas are also embodied in Join tiles, chosen in the shade Manor, which is an elegant interpretation of cement and resin and is characterized by an incomparable structural and tactile softness.

Nature and naturalness are the key elements of the Shapes of Italy collection, which is an exclusive and original interpretation of the historical and artistic beauty that characterizes natural stone.The whimsical transitions of light and dark shades of Sestriere tiles give charm and appeal to interiors, making them truly impressive.

Another grandiose opening took place in the famous Korean chain of large shopping centers Lotte Shopping co .: it is a Lotte Dongtan shopping center located in Hwaseong in Gyeonggi province in South Korea, about 40 km from Seoul.

This is the giant’s first branch to open in seven years and the largest shopping center in the province.It offers visitors an innovative perspective on reality and an integrated approach to shopping.

On a total area of ​​246 thousand sq. M. hosted the most prominent fashion brands, as well as representatives of the food and beverage, furniture, design and cosmetics sectors; however, the originality of the concept lies in the presence of other forms of entertainment, with the aim of blurring the line between shopping and art and making Lotte Dongtan a reference point for those who want to combine culture with entertainment.

That is why the cinema and green spaces are integrated with spaces dedicated to the display of the most authentic works of art and equipped with multimedia solutions, allowing guests to listen to explanations and enjoy the interdisciplinary context.

In such an impressive and ambitious project, even appearance takes on an important role, because it is he who creates a feeling of comfort and engages the audience. The Caesar brand was selected from among the tile suppliers tasked with giving the mall a glossy finish.Four collections played a role in the South Korean project: Portraits in Versilia version 60×60 cm with matte finish; Relate Flame in Veil and 120×120 cm with matte finish; Join, 120×120 cm with matt finish in Manor; Shapes of Italy in Sestriere 60×120 cm with matte finish.

Portraits is a porcelain stoneware collection that explores 6 types of stone, different in essence, but united by the same beauty and elegance. The surface of Versilia conveys the characteristic touches of Tuscan marble, on which time, history and life itself have left their mark.

The Veil version of the Relate Flame brings the latest trends from the world of materials to the ceramic surface: active colors and tan markings cover the tiles, giving them a decisiveness and dynamism.

Contemporary design ideas are also embodied in Join tiles, chosen in the shade Manor, which is an elegant interpretation of cement and resin and is characterized by incomparable texture and tactile softness.

Nature and naturalness are the key elements of the Shapes of Italy collection, which is an exclusive and original interpretation of the historical and artistic beauty that characterizes natural stone.The whimsical transitions of light and dark shades of Sestriere tiles give charm and appeal to interiors, making them truly impressive.

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Mysterious traces of growing up | Papmambuk

But the story “hooked” my son not only because of this. He expected informative and entertaining reading, but it turned out that you need to let complex, terrible experiences into your heart, live with the heroes the experience of punishment, exile and even murder. And at the same time, on the same pages – a very bright experience of real friendship and mutual assistance, which, of course, every boy dreams of.Fortunately, Makar was prepared for such a difficult mental work by all the previous readers’ baggage, despite the fact that the publishers marked the book with the “12+” sign. Moreover, the very fact that the author immediately turns the reader to face the serious side of life made the book so attractive that we “swallowed” it for several evenings, and then several times the son re-read it himself.

… The nomadic hunting tribe of the Shevanes Indians is constantly on the road, escaping the persecution of the whites, drought and hunger.People become so weak on the way that a little more, and the Spirit of Death Ken Manitou will take them to the Land of Eternal Peace. And then the son of the leader Sat Ok takes on the burden of adult choice and responsibility, decides to kill his own beloved horse in order to feed the dying women and children. This is how the story begins, and, to be honest, it seemed to me that it was too much to immerse the little reader with his head in the complexities of life. Indeed, for the most part in the book, pre-adolescent children are looking for an opportunity to “catch their breath” from their own problems and experiences.I already wanted to postpone the book “for later”, especially since the age marking allowed it, but it turned out that the tragic seriousness of life is precisely what our children, protected from all sides, lack.

– You know, mom, everything is serious here, children live on a par with adults, – said my son when I asked him to resolve my bewilderment. – Nobody fusses with them. I would also like to live like this!

Maybe this is one of the clues to the popularity of the “Indian theme” in a boyish environment on the threshold of adolescence? The growing children’s desire for independence, adulthood, building their own relationships with the world at this very age encounters adult inertia, the habit of considering nine-year-olds still small, foolish – “uchi”, in the language of the Shevanes.Primary school, what to take from them. That’s when they become teenagers, at the age of thirteen, then … In response, children’s disobedience usually increases, and even aggressive insolence or withdrawal into fictional worlds where you can act independently. It turns out almost according to Vysotsky – book children lived who did not know battles, languishing from their small disasters … They want a real choice and real tests, but they have to read with envy how ten-year-old Shevanesi row on real canoes, hunt real foxes from real bows.True, at the same time you have to fight off real wolves and kill a real grizzly in order to truly save your white peers from death and stop considering them enemies … let go. ” In the eyes of Makar, it was straightforward to read: “I want it that way too, I can do it, I’m not little anymore!”

The metaphor of the road, the thirst for movement and change is consonant with a child emerging from childhood into adolescence. And it is very good that the autobiographical story of Sat-Ok tells in such detail about the stages of growth and maturation.We discussed almost every chapter, clarifying many important things for our son. And for me, a new look of my child, whom I still considered a baby, was opening up. He was especially struck by the fact that in the Indian world the boy received a name only after some serious and important deed for the entire tribe. This is how Sat-Eye’s friend Leaping Owl turned into Furious Lynx. A boy from the Owl clan saved the leader’s son from the clutches of a lynx, and now he has become valuable in himself, has become a person, and therefore named. And before he was just a part of the Owl family, a grain of sand in a common grief.So, in order to feel truly maturing, separate, special, you need to do something more than you are this minute. This seriously puzzled his son.

But boys are always boys, even in the harsh Indian world. And they don’t listen to adults either. True, for violating the ban, even under the plausible pretext of fishing for everyone, Sat-Ok and his friend were severely punished – deprived of feathers, a sign of belonging to the male world. And they had to make a difficult choice – to stay in the comfortable world of the Indian settlement, but to do women’s work in anticipation of possible forgiveness, or to go into the forest and return with the booty in order to earn the right to re-enter the male circle.

– Don’t you think that the leader-father somehow punished his son too much? After all, they have already suffered enough – they almost died in the waterfall, – I asked Makara.

“No, that’s right,” he nodded confidently. – I’d rather stay in the forest too. Better to fight the dangers and win than to be a stupid “uchi”. If you have already done something, then answer yourself. They wouldn’t disappear anyway, Mom, they know how to live in the forest.

– Are you ready to answer for yourself?

“I don’t know,” Makar sighed.- I would like to try. You know, this book whispers directly to me: “You can do it, you can do it!”

This is such an unexpected turn for us, the “Indian theme”. It is very difficult for modern parents to “let go” of their children. What was not a problem for our parents, who raised us with a key around their necks, is still a problem for us. I remember too well how uncomfortable it was in this boundless independence from morning to evening – to warm up lunch, cook homework, go to training, walk the dog … And I wanted my children to gain this experience later than I did, at least in a class fifth.I slowly entrusted my son with his school and household chores and believed that this was enough. But at the age of nine (and not at eleven, as expected) my reader made it clear: I myself want to be responsible for myself.

Well, goodbye, dear big-eyed uchi … To begin with, we agreed on the time and routes for our son’s independent long-distance cycling trips to the neighboring village and on purchases in the supermarket. Of course, not bears and lynxes, but you also have to think with your own head. I’m scared.But I know he can handle it.

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