Supre bags: 18 Jokes About Shopping At Supré That Are Almost As Iconic As Their Tote Bags

18 Jokes About Shopping At Supré That Are Almost As Iconic As Their Tote Bags

RIP to my collection of neon headbands.


i just wanna go back to simpler times where we only worried about repping suprè tote bags and neon headbands


Sometimes I think my parents were bit hard on me but then I remember that they let me wear Supre when I was 10


Hot pink Supré bags were around well before your boring green Woolies bag, remember that.


idk if this is an australian thing or just ppl around me but in yr 7 girls would always say did you know supre means slut in french


throwback to this one time i was going thru alot so just casually broke down in a supre changing room in australia because i couldn’t get my jumpsuit off


so did everyone in Australia in 2012 go to school with a bright pink supre bag filled with PE clothes that u tied to ur normal bag AND everyone used that hello kitty bubblegum spray or was that a glitch


Just reflecting on that period of the early noughties when Supre tricked all young women into believing that wearing a broad band of white material at the top of your jeans was a trend.


were u rly a tween in the late 00s if u didnt own that headband in 15 different colours so u could wear three at a time colour coordinated to school everyday


I miss the days when my biggest problem was choosing which colour supre headband to wear each day


If you didn’t carry your sports uniform in a pink Suprè bag, were you really an Aussie teen girl circa 2007


I just had vivid flashbacks of me walking into DIVA smelling like strawberry impulse, wearing my pink volleys (which were written/drawn all over) with my “global warming is not cool” supre too and a matching fluro elastic bow headband


Does anyone remember the rumour from primary school that supré meant slut in another language and if you shopped there you were ‘slutty’ but everyone had at least three pink supré totes and those elastic bow headbands


do you remember having mufti days in school and planning out your outfit in advance and knowing you looked snatched in your neon singlet from supré with a fishtail skirt and high top converse


Sometimes I really miss the Supre of 2004, when you could buy a singlet in every colour of the rainbow


I wonder if little yr7rs use Supré bags to carry their sports uniform.
Is the culture still rich like that?

Nostalgia Trip

Take a trip down memory lane that’ll make you feel nostalgia AF



#PINK $2 Shipped

#LIGHT PINK $2 Shipped

—————————————-——————-BIG VERSION—————————————————————–




SMALL DIMENSION: Width:28.5cm, Length:28.5cm, Thickness:10cm
BIG DIMENSION IS Width:41.5cm, Length: 41cm, Thickness: 15cm.

PS: SUPER Durable. I have mine, it lasted 2 years ALREADY!! Still usable. OMG~~ Now got nicer designs..

PRICE IS SOO MUCH CHEAPER THAN Yahoo! Sellers and Ebay. Selling at $10 for the limited edition. 


Supre small anchor bag — Limited Edition. Now in SG!! This anchor bag is in conjunction with supre 3 other limited edition bag now highly demand in AUSSIE. Get yours now and flaunt it to your friend. This bag is highly lasting, perfect for school, beach or even the MARKET (for mums).

Format of order:

Name/Lj nick:
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alternative: ELECTRIC BLUE BIG
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Item 2: PINK
alternative: LIGHT PINK
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MAKE TRF TO MY  POSB (SAVINGS) 126-73598-7 . 🙂 NO INTERBANK. Any probs email me.

Email me [email protected]

Luxe Wig Storage Bag
– Supre Co.

All sales are FINAL and there are no refunds allowed on any grounds.

Order processing begins as soon as an order is submitted. As a result, order modifications are not permitted after an order is submitted. This includes changes to products, refunds, shipment methods, addresses, cancellations, etc.

Customers are advised to complete all return requests within 7 days of receipt in order to qualify for a store credit. Any return request not received within the specific time frame will be disqualified, The product must be sent back in the original packaging condition (resell-able condition) as it was when shipped from us, meaning it cannot be combed, washed, brushed, cut, worn, colored or altered in any way (Original ties must remain intact as it was received by the customer). 

For your protection, we suggest that all returns be sent back to us through a traceable postal carrier with a signature. We are not responsible for lost items in transit, All Sales are Final on clearance and sale items. No returns will be accepted for sale or clearance items. The customer is responsible for all return freights in a product return transaction. Once received and determined to be in resealable form, a store credit would be issued. If the item was purchased during a promotion that has ended, your new order will not qualify for the promotion in question.  Once a store credit or Gift Card is issued, it may not be redeemed as cash on any grounds.  


We take great pride in our product and it is 100% guaranteed. Since natural hair is reactive to a simple wash and deep conditioning, product issues or concerns can often easily be remedied by implementing a simple care regimen. However, if you feel you’ve received a product that is unusual we want to hear from you. Note that using non-recommended products, perming, coloring, lifting, rinsing, cutting, removing the hair from the weft, or otherwise processing the hair VOIDS the opportunity for a replacement, if it applies. If Supre Hair Co. verifies and agrees that the product is defective in any way, Supre Hair Co. will then exchange or replace the item.

If Supre Hair Co. does not validate the product defect issue, we will return the item in question to the customer at our expense (via priority mail) without a replacement of the product. NOTE: DUE TO THE DELICATE NATURE OF LACE PRODUCTS (LACE CLOSURES, LACE FRONTALS & LACE WIGS),  CAN NOT BE RETURNED. EXCHANGED OR REPLACED.

Wrapped in goodness – Ragtrader

South Australia became the first state to ban lightweight plastic bags last month. Does this have implications for fashion retailers? Assia Benmedjdoub investigates.

The Van Der Meulen clan has every reason to be smug. When you’re in the business of fast fashion, picking up a trend at the start of its cycle merits a ‘cat got the cream’ kind of expression. In 2002, at a time when talk of a national ban on plastic bags was first building momentum, the owners of High Street chain Supre introduced a range of reusable fabric bags.

Hans and Helen Van Der Meulen were on to something. The bags weren’t – and still aren’t – manufactured from biodegradable material but they did discourage consumers from making a contribution to landfill. Women were soon seen sporting their Supre bags to the beach, on their way to work or “somewhere to pack their lunch”.

“We encourage our customers to reuse them,” says business development manager and daughter Nikki Van Der Meulen. “They might cost more than plastic bags but even in terms of branding exposure, they far outweigh the alternatives. We’ve seen customers walking around with Supre bags that have zippers sewn into them.”

The packaging is produced in collaboration with Supre’s manufacturing partner in China, with designs ranging from skulls and crossbones for winter to hot pink anchors on a white background for summer.

The Van Der Meuelen’s make no claim to the packaging’s eco credentials in terms of printing or production, but believe it’s a step in the right direction. “It’s the way of the future,” Nikki says simply. “I don’t think it’ll be too long before more [retailers] stop using plastic bags.”

Discount department store Target is the latest high-profile recruit, with serious eco credentials to boot. Prompted by South Australia’s ban on single-use plastic bags last month – more on that later – the retailer has recalled all plastic shopping bags from its 283 Target and Target Country stores across Australia this week.

Customers now have the option of bringing their own bags or purchasing a range of environmentally friendly options in-store. Compostable bags start from 10 cents for a regular size, $1 for a medium reusable red bag or $3 for a fashion reusable bag. All profits from the sale of ‘red’ bags are donated to charity.

Target managing director Launa Inman says the company has been working to reduce the use of plastic bags over the past four years, including abiding by the National Packaging Covenant, a voluntary government and industry initiative aimed at reducing waste.

However, prior to its decision to cease offering them altogether, 100 million bags were still being issued to customers each year. “Staff members at the checkouts, supported by in-store customer signage and a dedicated education program, will be encouraging customers to make a choice – don’t use a bag, bring your own bag or if you need one, we have a range available,” says Inman.

“For Target, it wasn’t a matter if we stop issuing plastic shopping bags, it was a matter of when and the when for Target is now.”

Inman says the national decision was a natural progression for the company, which implemented a similar change in South Australian stores in December. Currently, it is the only state in Australia to place a ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags. But surely this is something only supermarket chains need to consider?

Legally yes, but according to research from RMIT University, the reusable plastic bags used by most fashion retailers can be just as if not more damaging to the environment. A joint study between researchers and lobby group Sustainable Packaging Alliance found these varieties could contribute more to global warming if not reused as often as they could be.

The study assumes reusable bags are durable for use 104 times or once a week for two years – if only used for half that time, it’s not worth the resources they consume in their life cycle. This cycle includes raw material sourcing and production, manufacture of the bags and disposal options such as landfill, recycling, compost or litter.

“The implication for retailers is that consumers should be encouraged to reuse existing bags rather than continuously buying new bags,” researchers concluded.

According to sales figures at industry supplier New Directions Packaging, gloss laminated paper bags continue to be the most popular variety among fashion retailers. The Sydney-based company services a range of high-end and chain store clients including Sass and Bide, David Lawrence and Zambelli.

Director Mohan Nair says these styles relay branding and marketing messages more effectively and can be reused. “Plastic bags have been on a steady decline over the past five years due to environmental issues however, having said that, many retailers are turning back to plastic in the current economic conditions to cost savings compared to higher-end paper bags,” he adds.

Nair was quick to embrace the eco-movement, launching a range of environmentally friendly bags seven years ago. These include brown and white Kraft recyclable bags, non-woven bags and suit covers as well as acid and bleach free tissue and wrapping paper. Womenswear designer Charlie Brown uses non-woven bags for her retail stores, while Sass and Bide opts for a wood-free variety and Oroton order customised Kraft bags.

When Target adopted green alternatives, industry speculation suggested a number of bigger players would also follow suit. Needless to say, when these sustainable branding opportunities abound, so too suppliers.

The 2009 Australasian Retail Expo, to be held from August 11 to 13 at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, now boasts a dedicated ‘Green’ section with packaging suppliers flocking to spout their eco credentials. This year Melbourne-based promotional products company Chilli Green has taken up the role of poster child and will promote its Ultimate Biodegradable Plastic Bag.

The bag reportedly disintegrates within 90 days of being placed in compost and changes into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within six months as opposed to 1000 years for traditional plastic bags. It is produced from a material containing corn starch and certified 100 per cent carbon neutral. Large singlet bags start at $350 for 1000 while smaller varieties start at $250 for 1000. Customised bags are subject to higher charges.

Clean Up Australia chairman Ian Kiernan, who has worked with retailers and businesses in promoting eco-friendly initiatives, says costings will prove worthwhile in the long run. According to Kiernan, most fashion retailers use linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) or low density polyethylene (LDPE) bags, which are thicker than single-use plastic bags. 

“This reliance on plastic packaging and bags is a learned behaviour that could change for the good of the environment and retailers’ hip pockets,” he says, urging businesses to ban all plastic solutions. “As Target has show, stop using plastic bags and people will adapt. Other ideas include selling your own alternative bags such as recycled paper, calico and polypropylene ‘green’ bags. A retailer could also consider teaming up with other retailers to purchase them in bulk and save money.”

In the meantime, there is no legal imperative for retailers outside of South Australia to shun the use of single-use plastic bags. Although the Rudd Government pledged a national ban on these heading into the last federal election – with a plan to phase out their use by the start of this year – discussions between state and federal environment ministers had yet again fizzled at the time of press.

Suprapubic Catheter – Bladder & Bowel Community

Who inserts a suprapubic catheter?

The doctor will insert your first suprapubic catheter during the initial operation. A small balloon at the tip of the catheter is inflated to prevent it falling out. A doctor or nurse can change the catheter in your home, or in their surgery or urology department. You, or a member of your family, may also be taught to change the catheter. You must not try to remove it without medical advice.

What happens to the urine?

There are two options:

  1. Free drainage – where the urine drains out from the catheter and is then generally stored in a drainage bag.
  2. Catheter valve – a valve at the end of the catheter used in place of a drainage bag. Urine is stored in the bladder and is emptied through the catheter straight into the toilet or bag.

There are several different types of drainage bag: leg bags held in place with straps or in a holster and worn under your normal clothes during the day, night drainage bags which are attached to a leg bag at night, a Belly Bag is also appropriate to use with a supra-pubic catheter.  This bag is attached to the catheter and held in place around the waist.  A night drainage bag is much larger and is attached to the leg bag to hold all the urine that drains from the bladder overnight.

B&BC has an information sheet with further details of drainage bags in the downloads section.

How often does a suprapubic catheter need changing?

The first catheter change is usually always done in the hospital/clinic that put the catheter in. After this, it can vary from 4-12 week intervals depending on the type of catheter and your own situation and will usually be done by your nurse.

If the suprapubic catheter comes out unexpectedly, it must be replaced within a short time.  Contact your doctor or nurse as soon as possible.  Out of normal working hours, you should proceed to Accident & Emergency.

How do I look after my suprapubic catheter?

Always wash your hands before and after emptying your catheter bag, or before and after emptying your bladder using the valve. You should wash the area around the insertion site with cooled boiled water once or twice a day.  Some people find cleaning the wound with a sterile saline solution a good method of keeping the area clean.

A dressing will cover the wound after the operation and you should keep it in place until the wound has healed. Although not always necessary, many people prefer to wear a dressing around the wound all the time. The type of dressing may vary, your healthcare professional will be able to advise you of an appropriate dressing. Do not put any creams or talc around the site.  To prevent pulling, it may be advisable to secure the catheter to the abdomen with a fixation device or tape.  Your health care professional will advise you if this is necessary and help you decide on the best method.

In order to prevent urinary infections and encourage drainage, you should ensure you have an adequate daily fluid intake (average being 1.5 to 2 litres). A good mix of fluid types is recommended i.e. water, squash and juice. Keep bladder-irritating drinks e.g. tea, coffee and fizzy drinks to a minimum.  Cranberry juice can be helpful to prevent bladder infections but should be avoided if you are taking Warfarin. Try to avoid constipation – make sure that you include wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables in your diet.

It is better to take showers rather than baths as sitting in water for long periods may delay the wound from healing. For the first few days after the operation, you should keep a waterproof dressing on. Once the wound has healed it is perfectly okay to shower normally, although avoid using scented products as these can irritate the skin.

What kind of problems should I watch out for?

Here are some of the problems to watch for:

  • Urine stops draining out of the catheter
  • You feel unwell with pain, fever and abdominal discomfort
  • Urine is leaking around the catheter – this can be normal around a new catheter site
  • The area around the catheter becomes red and sore
  • Bleeding. It is not unusual to see blood in the urine following a change of catheter but this usually settles in 24 hours.

Occasionally the skin around the catheter heals over and small skin tags form.  If they become problematic i.e. bleed easily and interfere with catheter changes, they can be treated by your healthcare professional.

Some healthcare professionals recommend turning the catheter when cleaning the area to help prevent the catheter sticking to the bladder wall.
If you notice anything unusual or feel unwell, contact your doctor or nurse.

Biodegradable Trash Bags | Trash Bags

The term recycling is very much in the mainstream these days. Everyone wants to buy products that can be recycled. That’s is probably because everyone wants to do their part for the environment while at the same time getting the product they need, want, and are familiar with. Certainly with the help of government policies, initiatives, efforts by cities and towns, and social media the word “recyclable” has become part of our everyday life now.  People in almost every country now separate their recyclables from those products that are not recyclable. And although many products now have the recyclable logo or symbols on them, and other products are made with recycled materials, at times we all just take it for granted and don’t even look for the logo and symbols on them. Many people would say and be correct that the recycling has greatly helped with climate change and all of us being eco-friendly.

So what does recycle and made from Recycled products really mean?

Products that can be recycled are those that have components in them that can be broken down through supply chain and manufacturing processes so that some of the components of the original product can be used to build another product. Recycled products are those that are made from these components. For example, components (materials, compounds) from empty soda cans that can be recycled might be used to make an aluminum patio chair.  Or plastic bags or cardboard boxes designated with the recycle logo might be broken down to make a new bag or box.

But with all recycling processes, not 100% of the product can be used. Usually somewhere between 50-80% of the product can be used for recycling. So there is typically always some waste.  And once the next product is made from the components of the previous product, the resultant new product usually cannot be recycled again. So when that second product has its end of life (the chair breaks or the bag is used), none of it can be recycled and it is all waste, and probably ends up in a landfill.

How do the Recycling Centers process these reusable components?

Another issue most countries and towns have is how to separate the recycled products.  They need to separate plastics from metals from cardboard, etc. because they are all processed differently to make new products out of the components that are reusable.  Even though most towns in the US now have separate trash collection just for recycled materials, those materials are all combined and need to be sorted.  In many recycling centers in the US they have conveyor belts that separate the products based on using sensors and magnets.  Others have to split bags open first just to get to the contents inside to sort them.  Anyone who has watched Toy Story 3 with their children gets the idea. Some places still use people to hand pick product off the conveyor to sort them correctly.   And some people still use recyclable bags for the trash that is not recyclable, and then the bag never makes it to the recycle processing center, and instead ends up in a landfill and is never recycled. 

Also unfortunately the US used to stack these sorted materials and send them to China for them to use to create new products.  China started to refuse these shipments in 2019. It turns out they have enough of their own.

Why is Biodegradable different than Recyclable?

Well you probably could recycle a biodegradable bag. But it would not be a good candidate for recycling because it breaks down on purpose in 12-36 months. Biodegradable bags decompose on their own much more quickly than regular plastic bags or recyclable bags. At BagUps we have added a chemical agent to help the bag decompose even more quickly when exposed to oxygen and sunlight.  The bag itself will decompose in 12-36 months into crystals that are made up of the molecules they are made of.  Including if they were floating on the ocean.  So you would not put recyclables in a biodegradable bag – you would put in your normal food trash that can’t be recycled. And it will end up in a landfill.  And then when the bag breaks down all the contents (coffee grounds, left overs, etc.) will break down soon after that – and it will create methane gas that can be potentially harvested for energy. And then the bag is gone forever – zero waste. 




Super bag – 3 in 1 – this is style and fashion, quality and perfection. Your important documents and money are always at hand and safe. Luxurious purse will be a cool GIFT for a close friend or your acquaintances. Super bag – 3 in 1 is exactly the accessory that easily accommodates all of the above necessary things.

It is ideal for business and successful people who need to carry the most of everything with them. Phone, keys, pen, flash drive, a huge number of cards and more, all this can easily fit in a wallet. And high-quality eco-leather does not allow it to stretch and lose its appearance.

Material: Eco-leather

Height: 19 cm.

Length: 11 cm.

Width: 5 cm.

Weight: 110 g.

Capacity: Three lockable compartments, credit card compartments. Two straps – a long one for the shoulder and a short one for the arm.


Turquoise, Gray, Blue, Green, Light pink, Black, Dark red, Dark blue


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Bags on a chain 2021 new items super fashion trend PHOTO

Bags on a chain 2021 new items super fashion trend PHOTO

Read 7 min.Views 1.2k. Published on

The great Coco Chanel is considered the creator of the handbag on a chain. Of course, they met before, but extremely rarely, and at that time they were absolutely unpopular. Mademoiselle said that she did not like to carry the bag in her hands – she always forgot it somewhere, and her hands were busy at the same time. This is how Chanel 2.55 appeared, which became the progenitor of modern chain bags.

Many people repeat the design of Chanel handbags – a chain handle, a flap closure and the famous quilting.Others only use chaining to come up with their own designs. You won’t surprise anyone with such a handle, it has become an integral part of envelope handbags and cross-body. There are massive chains, thin, almost imperceptible, with a classic and openwork weaving. [box type = “info” align = “” class = “” width = “”] Fashionable brooches of 2021, exquisite and chic new items, see us on the site!

Here you will get acquainted with Fashionable earrings photo 2021 with the most luxurious new trends!

Symbol of the year 2019 Pig Pig do-it-yourself photo – https: // / simvol-goda-2019-svinka-porosenok-svoimi-rukami-foto /

[/ box]

Fashionable handbags on a chain over the shoulder 2021 stylish novelties trends beautiful photos

The world of fashion changes every year, but there is a trend in this mad whirlpool , in which something remains unchanged – accessories and the need for them. The nature of the product is manifested in the details, and by the little things you can determine the belonging to a particular style.

One of the most popular accessories is a shoulder bag. Its appearance depends on the style, and the size will tell you about the purpose of the accessory.The final touch to the look of the fashionista is set by the bag. The bag, equipped with a strap, is undeniably full of advantages. It can be small or large, depending on preference. The owners highlight the main advantages of the accessory in models with an extended strap. It is very comfortable with a handbag, you can hang it over your shoulder and go about your business. On a walk with friends in the park, shopping, a regular grocery trip, even cycling, the subject does not hinder movement, thanks to the comfortable elongated handle.You can do whatever you want, because your hands remain free. You can create a stylish look with decorative models thanks to the interesting cut of the accessory. Women’s leather handbag will liven up the silhouette and add the right accent to complete the look.

Brands of bags 2021 fashion trends stylish novelties photo

Especially for connoisseurs of “fresh” fashion trends, we have compiled a rating of the best fashionable and popular brands of women’s bags. They delight girls all over the world for many years. No fashion week is complete without clothing and accessories from some brands.

They offer truly fashionable handbags for women. When buying a certain model, you do not have to worry about its durability. They guarantee excellent quality combined with a stylish and fashionable look. Those who are versed in the fashion industry dream of getting a bag from the listed companies with their recognizable logos. Prada Women’s Bags are stylish premium-class accessories of the famous Italian brand, founded in 1913 in Milan. Today they conquer the hearts of millions of women around the world.The brand’s products compare favorably with peers from other companies and have a number of advantages. Prada handbags are a welcome accessory for every modern woman. Many women dream about them. [box type = “info” align = “” class = “” width = “”] Fashionable french gel polish photos of new ideas 2021 look chic trends on our website!

Here you will discover Shellac Nail Design 2021 trends NEW ideas.

Nail art 2021 luxury new trends 72 photos – https: // / risunki-na-nogtyax-2019-roskoshnye-novinki-tendencii-72-foto /

[/ box]

This is always a fashion trend, a special style and a subtle sense of taste. Bag models from Prada are made in burning Italian traditions. They combine nobility and minimalism. Moreover, each product is considered the standard of perfection and indicates the solid status of the owner. The company’s accessories are made in limited quantities, which adds to their popularity among the brand’s fans.

Every girl in every corner of the world will always recognize the fashionable colors of Louis Vuitton.Branded brown leather has long been a symbol of style. Now all over the world there are about 350 brand boutiques LOUIS VUITTON . And the collections of the brand’s bags are sold in huge volumes, even despite the high cost. Fashionable travel, business and casual, they are not only beautiful, but also practical. The bags are made from natural materials of high quality, which provides excellent resistance to abrasion and damage during wear. Bags from Hermes are every woman’s dream.They are not perceived as ordinary accessories, but as a luxury item. Any fashionista will recognize the brand’s model at first glance because of their unique design. All bags are created according to a strict concept: the size of each of them is strictly made in proportions of 1: 2. An important feature of the brand’s products is the use of only natural materials in their manufacture. The most popular handbags are made exclusively from high quality leather in several different shades. Each individual accessory is thought out to the smallest detail and makes the image perfect.

Fashionable handbags on a chain spring-summer 2021 trends NEWS photo

Undoubtedly, in the modern world no self-respecting fashionista can do without fashionable handbags spring-summer 2021. The bag has long ceased to be just a container for things, it has become an indispensable accessory and a beautiful addition to a stylish image.

Women’s handbags spring-summer 2021 are a perfect combination of convenience and sophistication. A comfortable model with a strap or a chain over the head is the most practical option for women who love freedom of movement.Such models are presented in all kinds of variations – rectangular, reticule, original and laconic. Such handbags especially stand out at the shows of Diane von Furstenberg, Chloé and Marni. Must have of the season! A spring wardrobe must have a bag in delicate powdery shades. We are inspired by the looks at the Mulberry show, Balenciaga Chanel. Laconic models are in trend, but at the same time, bright decor is even more esteemed. Designers use metal rivets, fur, embroidery, beads, stones to decorate bags, and also make inserts of lace, velvet or contrasting leather.These and other details are presented in the collections of Christian Dior, Mulberry, Burberry Prorsum, Valentino, Etro, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Diane von Furstenberg.

Fashionable bags on a chain fall-winter 2020-2021 photos of current models styles

Thanks to fashion shows, now every girl thinks about which bag to buy this season. Fashionable bags fall-winter 2019-2020 amaze with an abundance of spacious options, with numerous design solutions, which pleases admirers of the fashion industry.Any girl, even the most fastidious with conservative views, is capable of finding a thing to her taste.

Fashionable neon bags 2021 TRENDING models of the season new items photo

Women’s bag is one of the few accessories that are primarily of practical importance. But, as they say, character is manifested precisely in the little things. A handbag can be both your ally in creating an image, and an unnecessary detail. To keep abreast of the latest accessories, we suggest browsing the trendiest neon bags of 2021.

Frankly speaking, the perennial classics in the form of black and brown handbags are already pretty boring. Yes, they, of course, looked elegant, stylish, fashionable, but did not attract attention at all, acting as a mandatory addition to the female image. However, today the designers decided to correct such a regrettable oversight, for several seasons in a row fashion catwalks have been conquering the brightest and most daring models of handbags. So, what is the principle of picking up bags today? And even more so bright and contrasting shades? [box type = “info” align = “” class = “” width = “”] Nails 2021 fashionable ideas of the season 115 photos of new products look at our website!

Here you will get acquainted with the Basic Jewelry and Accessories 2021 trendy photo novelties!

Bijouterie 2021 photos of fashionable luxury new trends – https: // / bizhuteriya-2019-foto-modnyx-roskoshnyx-novinok-tendencii /

[/ box]

The boring rule, which said about the obligatory selection of shoes for a bag or vice versa, has sunk into oblivion. No, of course, if you wish, you can stick to it and it remains an ageless classic, however, more daring combinations have been in fashion for a long time. A bright bag can easily be in harmony with the same handkerchief, beads, earrings or even the color of nail polish, while shoes can remain in neutral shades. Bags with a bright print, which are especially popular among the world’s fashion houses, can be safely combined with a solid color set.

Lady Bug and Super-Cat Season 4 Episode 13-14 Watch Online Free

“Lady Bug and Super-Cat Season 4” – young Marinette Dupain-Chen and Adrian Agrest, at first glance, are simple modern teenage schoolchildren who live in the heart of France – Paris. They go to school, chat with their friends, prepare homework, experience joy, sadness, and falling in love. But, among other things, each of them has their own big secret, which they very carefully hide from other people.

As soon as danger hangs over Paris, Marinette and Adrian transform into superheroes. The most ordinary girl and boy become Lady Bug and Super Cat, who are always ready to resist evil and save the lives of civilians. In this dangerous struggle, brave teenagers are helped by unusual magical abilities hidden in their talismans.

However, none of the superheroes knows who is hiding under the mask of the other. In love with her classmate Adrian, Marinette does not even know that he is the fearless Super Cat, who helps her in the fight against the main villain Hawk, who instills his little dark butterflies – Akum – into people and infecting them with evil and hatred.

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