Summer long sleeve mens shirts: 10 Best Long Sleeve Work Shirts for Hot Summer Weather – Work Wear Command


10 Best Long Sleeve Work Shirts for Hot Summer Weather – Work Wear Command

Finding the best long sleeve work shirts for hot weather is critical if you’re going to survive those summer months on the job. You’ll need something that is reasonably lightweight and breathable, but also still tough enough to handle a work site.

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These are our choices for the best long sleeve work shirts for summer:

  1. Dickies Temp-iq Performance Cooling Long Sleeve T-Shirt (click here to view)
  2. Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Long Sleeve Work Shirt (click here to view)
  3. Carhartt Force Cotton FastDry Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (click here to view)
  4. Duluth Trading Co. Armachillo Cooling Long Sleeve T-Shirt (click here to view)
  5. Wrangler ATG Long Sleeve Button Work Shirt (click here to view)
  6. Gildan DryBlend Long Sleeve T-Shirt, 2-Pack
    (click here to view)
  7. Carhartt Lightweight Chambray Button Long Sleeve Work Shirt (click here to view)
  8. Columbia Men’s Thistletown Park Henley (click here to view)
  9. Vapor Apparel UPF 50+ Performance Long Sleeve Tee (click here to view)
  10. *Women’s* Arctic Cool Instant Cooling UPF 50+ Shirt (click here to view)

Because long sleeve work shirt naturally cover up more of your body than short-sleeve t shirts, it is even more critical to find a shirt that is lightweight and breathable.

I personally like to use a summer long sleeve work shirt that wicks away sweat and helps control body temperature. These types of shirts wick sweat to the outside of the shirt, and during the evaporation process, body heat is naturally pulled away from the skin.

No, long sleeve cooling shirts won’t feel like you’re wearing an ice pack. The results are relatively minor, but in my experience, it does help.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the shirts on this list so you can decide which summer long sleeve work shirt is best for you. At the end let’s discuss a few things to consider when buying these shirts.

10 Best Long Sleeve Work Shirts for Hot Weather

To find the best summer long sleeve work shirt, you need something that is lightweight, and breathable – and it also helps if the fabric provides some UV protection.

  • Please note: Not all the shirts on this list are rated for sun protection. If that is something that is important to you, I’d suggest this Hanes long-sleeve Cool Dri t-shirt that has 50+ UPF rating for quality UV protection. Always consult a doctor for skin protection advice.

In this list we will discuss long sleeve work t-shirts for summer and long-sleeve button-down work shirts for summer. If you are interested in short sleeve, visit our article about the best summer work t-shirts.

Dickies Temp-iq Performance Cooling Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The Dickies Cooling Long Sleeve Tee is my choice for best long sleeve work shirt for hot weather. Dickies is a well-known name in workwear, and this shirt makes for a great long sleeve summer work shirt because it’s made to trap cool air next to your skin, while wicking away sweat.

This is the current price of this Dickies Cooling Tee available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to In my opinion these shirts have a very reasonable price point for their quality.

Here are some of the details for this Dickies Cooling Tee:

  • Breathable – The poly/cotton fabric is breathable and doesn’t wear like a heavyweight cotton t-shirt that would trap heat in.
  • Moisture Wicking – This shirt wicks away your sweat to help keep you dry throughout the day. This is a must for a summer work t-shirt.
  • Cooling Effect – This shirt has a cooling effect that is triggered by your persperation to help control your body temperature in the extreme heat.
  • Front Chest Pocket – This shirt comes with a front chest pocket that has a pencil stall to store a carpenter’s pencil.

Why is this my favorite long sleeve summer work tee? For me it comes down to fabric – I personally like my shirts to have a cotton feel to them. Even though this shirt uses a cotton/poly blend, it still feels like cotton to the touch:

Yes, the material has a lightweight feel to it, but I wouldn’t describe it as too flimsy. In my experience, it holds up on the job about as well as you could possibly expect for a lightweight summer work shirt.

If you prefer more of a stretch fabric for your cooling work t-shirt, then I’d suggest the Arctic Cool shirt we discuss later because it uses a spandex blend.

Another thing I like about this Dickies shirt is it has a pencil slot on the pocket. That might not impact your decision, but worth considering.

I weighed one of my size mediums and it weighs 0.53 pounds:

This is where you can buy this Dickies Cooling Tee at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Expect this shirt to have a standard, true-to-size fit. Multiple colors available.

Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Long Sleeve Work Shirt

Arctic Cool is a company that specializes in making summer friendly clothing. The fabric in this t-shirt is designed in a way that helps keep you cool and comfortable on the job.

Here’s what this Arctic Cool summer work t-shirt looks like:

This is the current price of this Arctic Cool summer long sleeve work shirt available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Here’s what you need to know about this shirt:

  • Fabric – This breathable long sleeve work shirt uses Arctic Cool’s unique HydroFreeze X Fabric, a type of fabric designed with channels which allows perspiration to efficiently evaporate.
  • Cooling Effect – Yes, this shirt has a cooling effect that is triggered by the evaporation process which helps control your body temperature in the extreme heat.
  • Sun Protection – This shirt is rated for UPF 50+ Sun Protection.
  • What Makes This Shirt Different – The biggest difference between this shirt and the Dickies cooling shirt we discussed first, is this shirt uses a poly/spandex stretch blend.
    The Dickies shirt has more of a traditional cotton feel to it, this Arctic Cool shirt definitely has a lot of stretch.

Here’s a close-up look at the material used for this Arctic Cool cooling long sleeve work shirt:

Again, think stretch. This will not feel like cotton. If you rely on freedom of movement on the job, this might be a nice option.

I weighed one of my size mediums and it weighs 0.54 pounds:

Click here to buy this Arctic Cool cooling long sleeve work shirt available at Amazon

(affiliate link takes you to This shirt is machine washable.

Carhartt Force Cotton FastDry Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

If you like wearing Carhartt workwear, they do have several options for summer long sleeve shirts. The best, in my opinion, is the Carhartt Force Cotton FastDry Tee, which is made with a sweat-fighting fabric. Here’s what it looks like:

This is the current price of this Carhartt T-Shirt available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon. com). This shirt is made with a poly/cotton blend.

Here are some of the details for this Carhartt Force T-Shirt:

  • Moisture Wicking – This shirt wicks away your sweat to help keep you dry throughout the day.
  • Relaxed Fit – This shirt has a relaxed fit that won’t hug tight against your skin, and gives you room to breathe.
  • Stain Fighter – This shirt has stain-fighting technology to help keep you looking clean. a cooling effect that is triggered by your persperation to help control your body temperature in the extreme heat.
  • Front Chest Pocket – This shirt comes with a front chest pocket for storage.

This shirt has a cotton feel to it. Here’s a close-up look at the fabric:

As I mentioned throughout, I personally prefer a cotton feel for my work shirts. But I use the Dickies shirt we discussed first more often because it uses a fabric that weighs a bit less (5. 5-oz to this 5.75-oz).

This is where you can buy this Carhartt Force Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Expect this shirt to have a relaxed, true-to-size fit. Multiple colors available.

Wrangler ATG Long Sleeve Button Work Shirt

This button down shirt is part of Wrangler’s All Terrain Gear line of clothing. It is a great option for a button-down long sleeve work shirt for hot weather. It has several unique design features that make it stand out, for example, a vented back to help keep you cool. Here’s what it looks like:

This is the current price of this Wrangler ATG Long Sleeve Button Work Shirt available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to This shirt has a flex blend fabric for ease of movement.

Here are some of the unique details for this Wrangler ATG Button Down shirt:

  • Breathable Comfort – The fabric in this shirt will wick away sweat and moisture.  
  • Vented Back – This shirt has uniquq back venting to increase air flow and help control your body temperature.
  • Glasses Cleaner – This shirt has fabric on the inside hem of the shirt that you can use to clean off your sunglasses while working. Pretty cool idea.
  • Pockets – This shirt has two chest flap pockets. It also has a chest zip pocket which gives you a place to store essentials.
  • Sun Protection – This shirt has a UPF 30 sun protection rating to help protect you from UV rays.
  • Paneling – There are under-arm panels on this shirt to increase your ease-of-movement. This shirt also has a stretch material blend that adds flexibility.
  • Sleeve Converter – One cool thing about this shirt is it has a loop that will help keep your sleeves pulled up if you choose to wear them up near your elbow. I personally have never seen this before in a work shirt.

This is where you can buy this Wrangler Button-Down Summer Work Shirt at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Expect this shirt to have a true-to-size fit. Multiple colors available.

Gildan DryBlend Long Sleeve T-Shirt, 2-Pack

Gildan is a well-known name in t-shirts. If you are looking for something simple and affordable, this 2-pack bundle might be a good option for you. These Gildan shirts are built to wick away sweat. These shirts have a clean, simple design:

This is the current price of this 2-pack bundle from Gildan (affiliate link takes you to These long-sleeve shirts are made with a poly/cotton blend.

Here are some of the details for these Gildan shirts:

  • Moisture Wicking – These shirts wicks away your sweat to help keep you dry throughout the day.
  • Simple Design – These shirts have a clean, simple design with no front pocket. Many of the other shirts on this list have chest pockets. If you don’t like chest pockets, this might be a nice option.
  • Affordability – If you are looking for value, this 2-pack bundle is more affordable than other options on this list. Might be a way to save some money.

This is where you can buy these Gildan Long Sleeve T-Shirts at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Expect this shirt to have a true-to-size fit. Multiple colors available.

Carhartt Lightweight Button-Down Long Sleeve Summer Work Shirt

If you prefer a button-down long-sleeve work shirt for summer, Carhartt does have a nice option for you. This Carhartt Lightweight Chambray Button Work Shirt is made with a lightweight 4.5-ounce cotton. Here’s what it looks like:

This is the current price of this Carhartt Button Down Shirt available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon. com). This shirt is made with 100% cotton.

Here are some of the details for this Carhartt Button Down Work Shirt:

  • Lightweight Build – This shirt uses a lightweight 4.5-ounce cotton fabric so that you don’t sweat out during the summer heat.
  • Pleated Back – This shirt has a pleated back for ease of movement when using your arms.
  • Front Chest Pocket – This shirt has two button-flap chest pockets for storage. It also has a button-down collar

This is where you can buy this Carhartt Force Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Expect this shirt to have a true-to-size fit. Multiple colors available.

Columbia Men’s Thistletown Park Henley

This is the first long-sleeve henley shirt on this list. Some people prefer a henley because the opening at the top of the chest allows for extra air movement. Columbia specializes in outdoor gear, and this Columbia Henley provides a moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you dry. Here’s what it looks like:

This is the current price of this Columbia Henley Shirt available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to This shirt is made with a poly/cotton blend.

Here are some of the details for this Carhartt Button Down Work Shirt:

  • Moisture Wicking – Thise shirt wicks away your sweat to help keep you dry throughout the day.
  • Sun Protection – This shirt is rated as UPF 15 sun protection.
  • Henley Design – Thise shirt has the opening at the top of the chest with button closure. This can help air movement during the summer months.

This is where you can buy this Columbia Henley Shirt at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon. com). Expect this shirt to have a true-to-size fit. Multiple colors available.

Carhartt High Visibility Force Long Sleeve Tee

If you need a hi-vis long sleeve work shirt for hot weather, this Carhartt High Visibility Force Long Sleeve Tee should do the trick. It uses a lightweight 4.25-ounce polyester fabric.

This shirt wicks away sweat and moisture to help keep you cool and dry, and also has stain-fighting technology. This shirt has a crewneck collar and a front chest pocket for storage.

Click here to view this Carhartt Hi Vis Shirt at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to This shirt fits true to size, with a relaxed fit that won’t hug tight against your skin.

Vapor Apparel UPF 50+ Performance Long Sleeve Tee

This Vapor Apparel is a simple, but effective, long sleeve work shirt for summer. It has UPF 50+ sun protection to help keep you safe while out in the sun all day.

One thing that sticks out about this shirt is the amount of color options it has in comparison to other shirts on this list. This shirt is made with a moisture-wicking and stain-fighting fabric. This is a lightweight, breathable shirt

Click here to view this Vapor Apparel Shirt at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to This shirt fits true to size and isn’t too tight or too baggy. It is somewhat fitted near the wrist.

Bulwark Flame-Resistant Breathable Long Sleeve Tee

Do you need a flame-resistant long sleeve summer work shirt? Bulwark specializes in making FR clothing. This Bulwark shirt is made with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you dry.

Again, this is a flame-resistant shirt, but you will want to make sure it meets the safety requirements for your job. The sleeves are gusseted for ease-of-movement, and the shirt has a chest pocket with a stall for a carpenter’s pencil.

Click here to view this Bulwark Long Sleeve Shirt at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to This shirt fits a little loose. If you are between sizes, you may want to size down.

Moisture Wicking vs Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt

You will see both moisture wicking long sleeve work shirts and cooling long sleeve work shirts advertised. The truth is, these types are shirts are very similar, and often are one in the same.

Moisture wicking shirts are designed to pull sweat away from the body and disperse it across the fabric in a way that allows it to dry quickly. The evaporation process naturally pulls body heat away from the skin, and helps regulate your temperature.

But to be clear, the fabric design can differ, and can have an impact on how efficient these shirts are at wicking sweat, and regulating temperature. Some fabrics will have a channeled design to help increase evaporation.

There are also ways that these companies can design fabric to help trap cooled air near the skin. Unfortunately, most of the science behind this is vaguely described by companies, and is often hard to understand.

In general, even though most all moisture-wicking shirts can provide some relief, I tend to lean towards the products that specifically mention a cooling effect, and are designed with fabric intended to produce that cooling effect.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Summer Long Sleeve Work Shirt


How important is material to you? Some long sleeve work shirts for hot weather use a poly/cotton blend, while others use more of a stretch fabric.

I personally prefer a cotton blend, but I know several workers who prefer a stretch material. This likely comes down to personal preference.

Odor and Stain-Fighting

How important is odor-fighting technology to you? Some work shirts will have an odor fighting fabric that may keep things a little more “fresh”.

Some fabrics will also be designed to resist stains. This may be particularly important for dirty jobs. The Carhartt Force Shirt we discussed earlier in the article has stain-fighting qualities.

Sun Protection

Shirts that keep you cool in the heat are important for regulating body temperature, but not all will provide the same amount of sun protection. Some long sleeve work shirts for hot weather will also be made to protect you from UV rays.

UPF is the rating system used to detail the amount of protection a garment provides while in the sun. If you need a sun protective cooling work t-shirt, the Vapor Apparel Shirt on our list is rated as UPF 50+ for the sun.

Many outdoor long-sleeve guide shirts are built for summer and have moisture-wicking designs and built-in sun protection. To read more, visit our article about the best guide shirts.


If you are looking for a very budget-friendly summer long sleeve work shirt option, as I mentioned earlier, the Gildan DryBlend Tees come in a 2-pack.

***To read more about summer workwear, visit our article about the Best Work Pants for Hot Weather. For tank tops, visit our article about the Best Sleeveless Work Shirts.

Missoni Shirts – Men Spring Summer 21


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Missoni Men Spring Summer 2021

This collaboration represents the modern nomad who travels around the world with ease and effortless style, who feels at home wherever they are. Emblematic of Missoni’s DNA, intertwining linen, tropical wool and cashmere create dimensional topographies in different shades and textures.

5 Summer Shirts Every Man Should Own

Warm weather is here, it’s time to have a look at your shirt rotation and make some updates. Adding in a few key shirts to your essential wardrobe this summer is an easy, affordable way to bring up your look another notch.  All of these styles we chose are very versatile and will work with everything from shorts to chinos and lightweight denim.  For more tips on all things shirt fit, check out our Fit Guides.

Here are our top choices for the summers shirts you should own! Don’t forget to check out all our picks listed below.




Short sleeve print shirt

A big trend that we’re loving for summer, go for a bold pattern – florals, geometrics, or polka dots- but stay away from jokey/comical patterns.







2. Linen shirt

A classic warm-weather essential that looks great with chinos or shorts and can even be dressed up with a blazer. Go for long sleeve or short sleeve and look for basic colors like white, blue, grey and simple patterns for maximum versatility.




Brooks Brothers

J. Crew


3. Short sleeve camp collar shirt

Another trend that you’re probably seeing a lot of places, this type of shirt has a relaxed vibe and a flat, laydown-style collar. You can opt for these in a solid color or something with a print or bold pattern. These shirts are a great casual piece, so wear with shorts or denim/chinos.


Todd Snyder



Mr. Porter


4. Striped oxford shirt

Once you have a rotation of solid oxfords in blue and white, you can add in a classic blue striped oxford. This shirt is another staple summer item you can wear dressed up or down.


Brooks Brothers





5. Short sleeved seersucker shirt

Speaking of classics, a short sleeved version in white and blue or a tonal solid is simple and always a good move. Seersucker’s unique texture and weave make it extremely lightweight and breezy, so it’s going to be a great option when it really heats up.



Brooks Brothers

Polo Ralph Lauren


Dorian’s Outfit

Floral Shirt


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90,000 styles, photos, trends, new items of the season

A shirt for a man is as irreplaceable as a dress in a woman’s wardrobe. It is combined with jackets and any outerwear, worn with different shoes and accessories. In the summer and fall of 2021-2022, the choice of men’s shirts is simply colossal: classic, white, colored, casual, safari, shirts for release and models with a print. Choose the best novelties of the season, see the photo selection and read useful tips from Joy-pup .


No matter how much we love the modern style of clothing, the classics in the form of strict shirts and trousers should be present in the wardrobe of every gentleman.Classic shirts of 2021-2022 have been replenished with models in bright colors, as well as new ideas for finishing collars and cuffs. Yes, new-fashioned stand-up collars do not require a tie, and the variety of colors allows you to combine things and create non-trivial business looks.

By the way, the most fashionable color 2021-2022 is classic blue, so purchasing such a shirt this season is a must. Models with long sleeves are suitable for spring, they can be worn with a jacket, jacket or vest.

Excellent tandem – fitted shirt and tapered trousers. The sleeves can be tucked up on the shirt for a stylish summer look. Elegant satin and silk models are decorated with a tie, cufflinks and brooches. Fashion 2021-2022 is gradually moving away from the classics, allowing combinations such as shirt + leather pants + sneakers.


Classic shirts with shorts and sandals under socks are officially the trend of urban fashion 2021-2022! With the light hand of the designers of the British brand Margaret Howell , known for the production of quality and stylish shirts, street fashion for men has been replenished with new images.

A mix of classics and casual style today no longer causes surprise, but rather inspires new spring and summer looks. We can see this trend in a combination of white shirts with sneakers and jeans and in fashionable casual tandems of a trouser suit and polo shirt.

Casual wear is renowned for its practicality and versatility. And the shirt in this case is a basic necessity. Denim models, shirts made of cotton or linen in the summer and fall of 2021-2022 are worn on the naked body or worn on top of a T-shirt.

© justinliv / Instagram © justinliv / Instagram

Cell and strip 2021-2022

The classic print for a men’s shirt is a cage. Trends 2021-2022 recommend choosing a red-black or beige-brown color scheme and pairing plaid shirts with shorts, jeans and trousers. Classic print – Plain, guinem, tartan, plaid of the Prince of Wales.

© justinliv / Instagram

Warm version – a shirt on top of a golf or a T-shirt.Summer – made of lightweight materials, they are worn on the naked body and combined with shorts and sandals.

© justinliv / Instagram

The striped shirt has become a trend in both men’s and women’s fashion this season. Men’s models have acquired many new styles, colors and options. Wide stripes or pinstripes, two-tone or an entire palette of different shades, short sleeves and a relaxed, relaxed fit – striped shirts 2021-2022 will provide you with an excellent choice.

Summer options: trendy printed shirts

Fashionable summer shirts 2021-2022 with short sleeves will delight lovers of bright and extraordinary bows. Abstraction, floral print, paisley pattern, animals and tropical designs on summer shirts are not an exception, but a very cool trend this summer.

Animal print on men’s shirts 2021-2022 is presented not only in the form of “standard” leopard and snake colors. For men, the designers have prepared more interesting drawings – horses, crayfish, etc.

With what to wear a shirt for the summer-autumn 2021-2022?

We figured out which men’s shirts are in fashion now.Use these topical trends to create summer looks 2021-2022, don’t forget about the classics and experiment!

Modern style smart casual allows men to show their individuality and charisma. Wear a shirt over a T-shirt or under a vest, jacket, or jacket.

Long shirts and safari shirts – the perfect choice for a casual look!

Layering is a fashionable trend for youth parties. Combine shirts in different styles and colors, or create complete looks.

See also the fashion guide for men and update your wardrobe.

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90,000 Men’s shirts (61 photos): models with long or short sleeves, classic or fitted

It is difficult to imagine a business man’s wardrobe without a laconic design shirt.For strict office bows, plain shirts of a straight cut are suitable, a youth wardrobe will be replenished with fitted models with prints and ornaments. Men’s shirts are as versatile as women’s dresses. If you choose a good shirt, you don’t have to worry about your business and everyday wardrobe.

Men’s shirts: cut options

Before buying a shirt, you need to understand what the product is for. How often a man will wear it and with what clothes to combine it. Mixing styles leads to interesting combinations, such as formal shirt and jeans, sweatpants and polo-collar shirts.

An elegant version with a turn-down collar and without a pattern is acceptable not only for business style, but also for smart-casual. Streetwear has room for stylish denim and lightweight shirts with short sleeves and a stand-up collar.


Let’s start with the fact that shirts are preferable for a business wardrobe. They are always worn under a jacket, blazer or sweater. Shirts are not worn without a tie.

But shirts are more variable in terms of design and textures, since they act as an independent wardrobe item.They are worn with or without outer clothing. It is allowed to wear a tight shirt outside and without a tie.

Important! Classic models are represented by products with a turn-down collar, long sleeves with wide cuffs and buttons to match the main fabric.

Classic design products cannot be variegated and arrogant. This does not mean that the dress shirt has to be white, gray or pale blue. It can be aged in a rich color, but in no case in flashy or acidic shades.Moderate pastels will allow you to create a business wardrobe without fashionable clichés and hackneyed combinations.

A classic style shirt must have an elegant collar. Usually these are pointed and directed to the sides tips that hold their shape. This collar is ideal for a tie or cravat, as well as for wearing under a sweater with a round or V-neck.

Long Sleeve

Long sleeves at the peak of popularity. Even summer looks are dominated by long-sleeved shirts.Such models can be worn rolled up or gathered in an accordion, which gives a slight casualness to the street look. Warm shirts made of denim, flannel and similar fabrics are usually worn with long sleeves.

Short Sleeve

In the summer heat, a light shirt with short sleeves will help out. Models for the summer are presented mainly with a light palette, some come with unpretentious prints and regular patterns. Shirts with short sleeves and polo collars often appear in a youth look.Fashion designers prefer pastel colors, as well as elements of sporty design.


Slim-fit shirts are suitable for men with an enviable figure. They emphasize the dignity of the figure, but they can ruin the image if they are chosen incorrectly. The fabric should not wrinkle or hang down. Glossy materials are often used for sewing fitted products, which emphasize the muscular relief and the width of the shoulders.

There is no place for fitted shirts in a business look.It is rather an elegant option for a party, a romantic date or a holiday in a friendly circle. Wear a slim fit without a jacket or blazer. No tie is needed either. If a man wants to emphasize the brutality of the image, it is enough to leave a couple of top buttons unbuttoned.


Polo style models are associated with a sporty style, however, such shirts can be combined with things of different directions: casual, avant-garde, military. For polo shirts, denser fabrics are often used, which makes the collar geometrically correct.Knitted shirts deserve special attention, which in many ways resemble polo shirts. Men wear them with sport-casual, safari, street-look clothes.

Let’s not disregard the design of polo shirts. A hint of sporty style allows for lettering, plaid and striped prints, contrasting piping and catchy logos to embellish cottons. A stylish polo shirt in bright colors may appear in a street wardrobe: scarlet, turquoise, olive green.

Double collar

If the classic version of a shirt or shirt seems boring, a product with a double collar will come to the rescue. It is difficult to remain unnoticed in such a shirt. Thanks to the double fabric, an interesting optical effect is achieved. Often the bottom fabric has a more saturated shade or is decorated with a pattern. The combination of contrasting fabrics of a harmonious palette looks beautiful.

This double collar shirt is suitable for a party, a romantic date and even a wedding look if the newlyweds do not tolerate platitudes.

In addition to the double collar, the cuffs and placket of the shirt can be decorated with patterned or contrasting fabrics.


If a turn-down collar looks austere or old-fashioned, try on a collarless casual shirt. This model does not apply to business and is not suitable for the office, business wardrobe and smart-casual. However, in such clothes, you can go to a meeting with friends or for a walk around the city.

Still, the shirt has a collar, but it is so small that it is practically invisible.Stylists call this style a mandarin collar. It is a small stand in the form of a narrow strip of fabric that fits around the neck. Acts as an element of a sports or casual shirt. Combines with a bomber jacket, jacket or coat with a stand-up collar.

Popular textures and colors of shirts

For a hot season, thin cotton shirts are suitable, in winter a model made of denim, flannel or thick knitwear will help out. There are a lot of design options for men’s shirts. If in summer pastel colors and fine-grained prints are relevant, then in the off-season and in winter, products with a wide strip or a contrasting cage look better.

Not the least important is the purpose of the product. For a business look, plain fabrics of a muted palette are recommended. The casual bow will benefit from unobtrusive patterns and slimming stripes.


Plaid shirts definitely occupy a leading position in the list of fashionable solutions for men’s wardrobe. Designers offer colorful checkered shirts for summer and monochrome combinations for the office, where there is no strict dress code. Patterns like a Scottish check and laconic solutions in the spirit of Windsor prints and Vichy are in trend.


The classics have no competitors, and therefore white shirts do not go out of fashion. They are made for conservative looks and are paired with two-piece and three-piece suits. For summer, white shirts made of dense, but light enough fabric, which are worn outside, are also suitable.


Black shirts are not always combined with suits, but they look good as an independent item of clothing. They can be worn with jeans, slacks and chinos. Chunky black denim shirts are in harmony with corduroy pants.


One-colored red shirt is the choice of self-confident men. Best of all, such products are suitable for sultry brunettes. For a casual wardrobe, choose a muted red shade like wine or brick. Better yet, pick up a checkered fabric based on red.


Blue-colored shirts are recommended for a business wardrobe. They don’t look as gloomy as black ones, and at the same time they are practical. A rich blue can be a staple of your everyday wardrobe.Young men should recommend light blue shades for the office and outdoors.


For a street look, a denim shirt is indispensable. Designers offer classic variations in blue and blue, as well as striking denim shirts in wine, dark green and terracotta shades. Products that combine a checkered pattern and denim texture look interesting.


Shirt in burgundy fabric with a glossy effect, created for an evening out.The cravat tie will be able to complement the image, which will make a real macho out of any man. The burgundy color is also suitable for everyday bows. Young men prefer burgundy denim shirts and wear them outside. And lovers of a business wardrobe go to the office in burgundy shirts with a tie.


For cool weather, cotton or wool blend flannel is suitable, from which shirts are sewn for men who prefer a casual style. Flannel products are pleasant to the body, warm well and harmonize with trousers and jeans.

Fashion brands of men’s shirts

For men who value quality, there is no clothes better than those produced by world brands. Of course, you have to fork out for a haute couture shirt. However, things from world-famous fashion houses never upset their owners. Consider the main manufacturers of men’s shirts and shirts.


The fashionable Armani brand has managed to reach consumers of a wide age range. Various lines produce clothing for young people and presentable men.The collection includes shirts with prints and patches, as well as elegant pieces for high-level negotiations.

The most daring pieces are presented in the Emporio Armani collection. Here men can find denim shirts, cotton models with camouflage prints, bright variations in a cage.


Gucci products can be safely ranked as elite, as evidenced not only by the appearance of the shirts, but also by their cost. Cotton poplin, silk and mixed fabrics made from natural fibers are used for the manufacture of shirts.The collection of the brand includes elegant launch items and extravagant shirts that emphasize the identity of the male image.

Dolce & Gabbana

The products of the Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana need no introduction. Men will be able to try on cotton and muslin shirts, as well as silk shirts and embroidered models on the way out. The collection of the Italian brand includes items with animal prints, plaid and floral patterns.

What distinguishes the shirts of the iconic brand :

  • Striking performance and presentability – D&G shirts are designed for confident men who know about fashion;
  • mix of styles – in the men’s collection you can find shirts in pop art, vintage and boho styles;
  • Abundance of decor – designers generously use embroidery, appliques, metallic decor.


Monochromatic products in pure shades prevail in the latest collection of the fashion brand. Men will find classic shirts in white, blue, anthracite and gray. Straight cut products in indigo color look beautiful.

Lacoste offers stand-up collar shirts and polo styles to fashionistas. Among the favorite patterns of the fashion brand is a large check of a moderate palette.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger clothes can hardly be called ordinary.Even classic designs in plain colors have contrasting details such as bright buttons or piping around the collar. Tommy Hilfiger gravitates towards printed fabric.

Cage and strip are preferred. Designers of the fashion brand love to play on contrasts, which is why a man’s image, which is based on a classic shirt or polo shirt, acquires originality, individuality, and unsurpassed charm.

Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss range of products includes casual and office shirts in classic and youth style.Designers offer printed fabrics, cotton with a melange effect, checkered shirts with a minimalist design.

In recent years, dark fabrics with contrasting piping have been popular, giving the idea of ​​a sporty style. As for the color palette, Hugo Boss gravitates towards the classics, but men can find in the brand’s collection bright options for the shade of azure or withered rose, as well as shirts with floral patterns.





90,000 fashion photos with short sleeves, colors spring summer

Following fashion is considered one of the hallmarks of a successful man.This is not a whim, not a desire to look more attractive, this is an indicator of status. Choosing men’s shirts in 2021 should be no less thoughtful than suits, jeans, shoes. They should not only be fashionable, but also fit into the overall wardrobe and fit perfectly.


  1. Special signs
  2. How to choose the right one
  3. Wearing rules


Special signs

Leading trends – elegance and restraint.The most fashionable in 2021 will be classic men’s shirts. They are characterized by an adjacent silhouette, a long sleeve, and a turn-down collar.

The variants with a stand-up collar look no less elegant. The military style will be popular, and as a sports summer option it still confidently prevails over other polos. Patch pockets, secret fasteners are interesting from the details.

In addition to the white fitted classics, the business style is replenished with calm, muted tones of fabrics.The color of a men’s shirt in 2021 will be fashionable if it is matched to a suit. A characteristic feature is the presence of a turn-down gate-rack. Such options do not involve a tie, which should appeal to many men. Also take a look at the trendy women’s hats 2021 and the trendy women’s plaid shirts 2021.

Military, as always, looks brutal. This season, it is expressed in characteristic prints and colors. Muted dark tones of blue, gray, as well as light pastel fawn, as if slightly dusty, will be relevant.

For the summer of 2021, fashionable men’s shirts will be retro, such as can be seen in the photo of the 80s. Floral patterns, multi-colored prints were all the rage back then. Such models cannot be worn for a business meeting, but for a walk around the city, at a party, they will be appropriate.

Most of the models are sewn of shirting fabric. In addition to her, are used:

  • jeans;
  • wool;
  • leather;
  • knitwear;
  • various slightly shiny fabrics;
  • translucent materials.

Transparent models of fashionable men’s shirts of 2021 in the photo from the shows are worn over thin jumpers. Of course, this option is more suitable for an informal setting. than for the office. Combinations of several types of materials are also widely used, including in the patchwork style.

Color options are replenished with a palette of bright, rich, dense shades. In this respect, there is an almost complete correspondence with women’s fashion. Most requested stylish men’s shirt colors of 2021:

  • white – relevant for the classics;
  • deep navy blue;
  • lightest to darkest gray;
  • brown with red notes;
  • bright purple;
  • muted emerald green.

Similar to the combination of different fabrics, the colors are combined. Contrasting shades are used for trims, collars, cuffs. Identical, only differing by one or two tones, are used on pockets.

In the photo of the 2021 fashion shows for men, prints on men’s shirts are quite common. For example, a model made of bright fabric with a Victorian pattern looks very stylish. Or a multi-colored large cell, as an example of a geometric pattern.Prints are used for individual details, the version looks original, half made of plain material, and half decorated with a bright print.

For example – several models of men’s shirts from 2021 from well-known brands.

Brand Model Price Description
VERSACE 38531547 11 250 RUB classic white fitted model, fabric with glossy stripe
Marni M05DL0004S45 RUB 25,500 Black fabric with large floral print, classic silhouette
Lanvin RMSI0056S026 44 200 RUB summer silk model, burgundy fabric with gray animal print; collar, shelf, short sleeves – black

How to choose the right one

A men’s shirt should not only match the fashion trends of 2021. For it to really look stylish, the size, the shape of the collar, the length of the sleeve, the volume of the cuffs must fit.It is also important that the sewing is of high quality.

The size is determined by the collar, corresponds to the girth of the neck. When measuring this parameter, it is necessary to make an allowance for a free fit. There are a couple of tricks:

  • if the neck is thin, the allowance is 1 centimeter;
  • if thickened, one and a half centimeters.

The end-to-end collar will crush, look ridiculous even for the most fashionable men’s shirt for the summer of 2021. Too wide for a thin neck will draw attention to her thinness.

Fitting is important for fitted silhouettes. The fabric should not be too tight, but it should not be too loose.

The floor must be long enough to tuck in at least 10 cm inside the trousers. If the model assumes an “out” toe, then it should not be too long, and with raised arms, do not open the skin above the belt.

The shape of the collar of a men’s shirt is selected not only according to the fashion of 2021, but to the face, it even helps to visually correct it in the photo. So, rounded or shortened tips look good on men with narrow faces.The classic fits the full. Longer tips shape a small chin. For those with a long neck, it is better to choose high collars.

Sleeve length is measured along the bent arm from the neck to the beginning of the thumb. When trying on a new item in 2021, selected in a store or from a photo from a catalog, the cuffs of a men’s shirt should cover the brush to this point. The shoulder seam should be positioned exactly at the shoulder fold.

The sewing quality is determined by the stitching.It is believed that there should be at least 8 stitches per centimeter of its length. There should also be a shoulder yoke on the back, gusset. The quality of a men’s shirt is difficult to determine from a photo, even if it is in vogue for 2021, it is important to see how the buttonholes are sewn. It is best done manually.

The volume of the cuffs should allow the sleeve to move upward, beyond the watch line. It should look out from under the jacket sleeve, but no more than a couple of centimeters.Here is another sign of the quality of a men’s shirt for the summer, spring or fall of 2021 – an additional button on the cut.

Wearing rules

In addition to the fact that the selected model should be suitable in size, be clean and ironed, there are certain rules for wearing it. Business style does not allow short sleeves. The collar should be rigid, its tips are hidden by the jacket lapels. An informal setting allows for the absence of a tie. In the summer or spring of 2021, men’s fashion allows you to unbutton a button or two, but so that the hairs do not peep out from under the shirt.

Judging by the photo shows for 2021, men’s shirts with short sleeves still do not remain “overboard”. Such models, if worn correctly, look very impressive and stylish. Below are the rules for fitting and wearing.

  1. With a business suit and tie, these options are not worn. An exception is uniforms, a special dress code.
  2. The silhouette should be fitted. Although most of the models are tailored to be worn outside, it is best to tuck them in. This will emphasize the arms.
  3. The men’s short-sleeved shirt fashionable in 2021 should not be too tight on the torso, but it should not resemble a swelling sail.
  4. The sleeve should not be wide, but not tight either. Its length reaches the middle of the biceps, if necessary, a twist is allowed. Muscle is a must.

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If these rules cannot be met, it is better to refuse such options.In the hot weather of the summer of 2021, a men’s shirt is much more successful, which is confirmed by a photo, will be replaced by a polo or a regular T-shirt. They are offered in abundance. By the way, look also at the trendy dress shirts 2021 and women’s hats 2021.

90,000 photos fashionable short sleeves, colors spring summer

The basic thing in the arsenal of every man is a shirt, even if he does not wear it for everyday wear. All representatives of the stronger sex have several ceremonial weekends.


Every season stylists only support this trend, so men’s shirts are always in trend, but not any. Men’s shirts 2021 are classic, elegant and austere.

Trending model variants

Name Auditorium Description Author Price, rub
Men’s Military Shirts Option for those who want to seem more brutal. Camouflage and khaki models with patch pockets. Valentino 50,000
White shirt For office residents. Classic white shirt, fitted silhouette, made of fine fabrics. Just Cavalli 25,000
Polo shirt For a wide variety of looks. They can be suitable for family men, party-goers, as well as businessmen. Thin natural jersey.Usually with meek sleeves. Ralph Lauren 11,000

Take a look at the trendy men’s blazers in 2021 and the trendy men’s T-shirts in 2021.

Fashionable spring and summer shirts

Fashionable shirts 2021, both for men and women, are made in a modern military style. Fashion designers of the world feel the threat hanging over the world, therefore they are inspired by it. Military colors, khaki and olive, as well as elements in the form of leather inserts, will be popular this season.


  1. This color is very relevant in spring. Plus, thick fabric, long sleeves and patch pockets keep you warm. 2021 military-style men’s shirts will be in all the photos of Hollywood stars, as well as on the shelves of the “new” – shopping centers.
    Complement your look with a one-turn raincoat to refine your look, this will give you the opportunity to get into fashion magazines for men, for example, the 2021 shirt section, where your photo will be published.
  2. Spring is not yet vacation time. So, you can have time to be fashionable. The classic white stylish men’s shirt is the main trend of 2021. Office style will no longer be boring, it will be trendy. Be sure to use a three-piece suit in the set. The vest is an essential attribute of a men’s shirt according to fashion trends 2021.

Now let’s look at what shirts will be in fashion in the summer of 2021, what we will see in fresh men’s photos.

  1. Polo by Ralph Lauren will be fashionable men’s shirts for summer 2021.Shirts for men with short sleeves are very relevant in the hot season of summer 2021, they can be seen in photographs of all fashionistas in the country and the world.
    Fashion gurus chose the fashionable color of men’s shirts 2021 – “wine”.
  2. For many years in a row, fashionable men’s shirts of a nautical style have not left the pages of glossy publications. Summer 2021 will be no exception – as you can see in the photos taken from the world’s catwalks. Shirts with short sleeves are also in fashion, summer 2021 is rich in classic men’s trends.
  3. Cool summer evenings are a great time for denim shirts. Practicality and ease of care, what else do real brutals need? Prada, Burberry and Dior, despite the fact that until recently they categorically did not recognize this trend, released their models in denim.
  4. While on vacation, you can allow yourself to unwind. A cheeky phrase on a shirt or T-shirt will work for shy guys. These men’s shirts in the summer of 2021 will help attract the attention of girls.
Fashion trends

I am very glad that every year the views of designers on the male image more and more often coincide with reality.It is tough, brutal, strict men that women want to see. And the “Adam” itself is much more comfortable in a classic or military style than in glamor and chic.

Three-piece suits from the 70s are returning to the catwalks. But what a complete set without a men’s shirt, such a fashion in 2021 is impossible, you will not see a single such photo.

The direction of fashion trends for men is increasingly moving towards simplicity, monotony.Fashion designers unanimously say “no” – pretentiousness, bright colors. “Yes” – to metal buttons.

Minimalism is possible. You can even refuse a collar, not to mention additional decor. Complete your bow with a hat and tie. Women will appreciate it.

When is it appropriate to wear it with a sleeve?

In the summer, many people want to change their usual office shirt with long sleeves for a lighter version with open elbows, or at least roll up the sleeves. Is such liberties in etiquette allowed?

  1. For starters, sleeveless shirts can be afforded by men who regularly go to the gym and have pumped up biceps.Then this style will look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. There are no age restrictions.
  3. The advantage of the short-sleeved model is that it can be worn without a twinge of conscience.
  4. Few people know that Bruce Willis himself came up with the trend of putting on a shirt with a short sleeve T-shirt. The shirt should be open at the same time. But this option is not for the office, but only if you are going to save the world, like Bruce.
  5. One last thing – never wear a blazer over a short sleeve shirt.The lack of cuffs will look awkward.

Fashionable shirt colors

In 2021, every man’s wardrobe should be replenished with many colors, but one thing unites them. This time, the colors of the men’s and women’s collections coincided:

  • now we are not talking about classic white or brown. Muted green, such as “wine” and pastel colors;
  • tough men will be able to try on the color of lilac, blue and cappuccino;
  • Gieves & Hawkes offer a mix of white and beige in men’s shirts.Also, do not forget about the smoky gray color in a duet with snow white. It is still relevant;
  • Hardy Amies prefer a classic white shirt – it is ideal for combination with a black suit, as well as outerwear in a fashionable color “camel”;
  • Versace this time presented a shade of lavender to the audience in the men’s collection. Such experiments are not surprising in men’s spring / summer 2021 fashion, especially shirts.

How to choose the right model for the stronger sex?

Men’s shirt like a second skin.They do not like to feel discomfort and do not agree to make sacrifices for the sake of beauty, unlike the fairer sex. Therefore, buying a men’s shirt is a very difficult and responsible business.

  1. The key to comfortable wearing is the correct sizing. For this, it is very important to measure the circumference of the neck – the size of the shirt is equal to it. But don’t forget that there should be some breathing space. 1.5 cm – for sturdy people, and 1 – for slender males.
  2. It’s no secret that for many men, short sleeves are becoming a huge problem when buying a shirt. To do this, you need to measure the length of the arm from the forearm to the wrist. The arm should be bent when measuring. The seam of the shirt should be strictly along the edge of the shoulder. Above – a big shirt, below – alas, small.
  3. Remember, the shirt is usually tucked into suit pants. Therefore, its length must be appropriate. The pants will keep about 10 cm of the shirt.
  4. The shirt has direct skin contact for more than 8 hours daily.Give up synthetics right away – in summer it will be hot in it, since the skin will not breathe. In the cool – just unpleasant to the body.
  5. Soft cotton has gold in this matter. It is breathable, non-irritating and looks great until it crumples. This is perhaps their only drawback. It will save you from constant ironing and not beautiful creases after leaving the car, on the fabric – a small percentage of synthetics. There will be no side effects, one benefit.
  6. If you often travel to other cities for work, where, despite the long distances, you need to observe the dress code, then jersey is your salvation.The best ones don’t require ironing at all.
  7. For extravagant men, silk shirts may work, but you must have a perfect figure, otherwise silk will emphasize all the slightest flaws.

Also look at the fashionable men’s shoes 2021.

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Men’s shirt in women’s wardrobe

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Did you know that almost all the things in our wardrobe are stolen? It is said that one of the traits of a woman’s character is impermanence.And this is true, but only partially. In some things they are more than constant, but they invariably want something new. The passion for dressing up and original outfits cannot be taken away from women. Men’s clothes in women’s wardrobe appeared for this very reason, although many of them can be called purely men’s now with a stretch.

This affected various items of men’s wardrobe, from accessories to shoes and outerwear. Boyfriend’s coats, lace-up boots, raincoats, ties, bow ties and much more …

A large number of ladies love to dress up in men’s clothes and designers are actively helping them in this.Despite the fact that the strong half of humanity likes to see a gentle and fragile young lady in a dress next to them, they believe that in men’s clothes she will look no less sexy.

Let’s talk about some of them that you can safely get out of your loved one’s wardrobe without feeling like a poor relative and combine them with your own.

Can women wear men’s shirts?

A priori, a white shirt is considered to be a classic rather of a man’s wardrobe.

But if you think about it, the white shirt has long been a necessary item of women’s clothing. And yet, many ladies still neglect her. It gets dirty quickly, too prim, too “buttoned”, too wrinkled, too white. In short, everything is “too”. The attitude towards her is ambiguous, but it’s a pity. Do you still have doubts whether women wear men’s shirts and, in general, is it worth doing?

Beautiful white men’s shirt for women of good cut, in size – it is so feminine, chic, casual, glamorous, simple, obvious!

It’s time to be convinced of the versatility of this minimalist garment, and if you are already convinced of this, then you will definitely learn something new.

There are so many styles of white shirts for men for women that you can lose count.

With or without a collar, with rolled up sleeves, with an open collar, with a rigid or round turn-down collar, tucked into jeans or released from the top….

There are dozens of options for using a men’s white shirt in a women’s wardrobe, a lot of opportunities to go along with it through seasons and eras, to create images – masculine, feminine, glamorous, bohemian, school.

It remains only to choose a good model.

How to wear a man’s shirt for a girl to look stylish

Men’s shirts on girls always look casual, a little bold and very impressive. After all, it is not for nothing that scriptwriters love to dress lovely ladies in this particular piece of men’s wardrobe during a romantic morning tea after a passionate night.

In this case, it is a good choice for the summer, especially the short sleeve with sneakers.Shown for boys who are more urban and taller, as twill and chino trousers tend to be flattened. Worth the same rule of pants color. Try using different shades of each piece to give more contrast by choosing lighter shorts and twill. It is worth using both short and long, the latter with printed tees and folded sleeves to make the look more modern.

At first, the men’s shirt was perceived in this way – fervently and directly – but then the designers got down to business and completely turned the stereotypes of perception.Today, the question of how a girl can wear a shirt is asked by lovers of a sporty-urban style, business ladies, romantic-minded persons and ladies who prefer parties to all types of recreation.

A classic mix that has no mistakes! Depending on the occasion, you can wear men’s jeans open or closed. You can even slip in a thin tie and hold only the center button of the blazer, or wear over the button while holding the hole at the top.

Would you like to discover a simple and practical method to dress while avoiding the 7 style mistakes? Download your copy now.Although believed to be old-fashioned, put in a closet since the 90s, the plaid shirt is back in force for several years and should be in any self-respecting men’s wardrobe. Whatever the type of tile, worn on raw denim, fully collared like hipsters do, or open to reveal a regular T-shirt, for example, a plaid shirt is gaining more and more followers.

For each of them, a whole series of ideal images have been created, allowing to emphasize the importance of their own image through men’s shirts:

  1. .It should be noted right away that even a classic shirt will not work for companies with strict dress code requirements. You shouldn’t even experiment and get out of traditional outfits. But when light style freedom reigns in the office, then it is quite possible to think about how to wear a white men’s shirt for a girl. Combine it with strict trousers – straight or flared – or pair it with a cute pencil skirt. The result is a very elegant and austere ensemble. A heel is a must for such a bow!
  2. .Urban style is very fond of bold combinations, so you can let your imagination and taste roam to glory. You should not be limited to ideas on how to wear a shirt in a cage for a girl; you can try polo models, stripes, and monochromatic solutions. Any narrowed options will look perfect as a bottom – leggings, skinny, skinny jeans. A small flare from the hip is allowed, but you should not choose “pipes” or loose wide models. Too much volume won’t do the trick.

We know that in order to vary the pleasure it is good to have several styles of shirts, different colors, but the plaid shirt seems to stand out.The increase in this garment becomes inevitable. In order to choose your plaid shirt, it is important to clean up this messy piece of tile that is being offered to us.

The first type is a gingham tile, a tablecloth in a restaurant. The tiles are larger or smaller, but everything is always two-color. Basically, the smaller the tiles, the more elegant your shirt will be. It must be worn with closed buttons. If the buttons are large enough, you will have a relaxed effect and you can leave the first two buttons open.

  1. Romantic look. Here you need to understand what to wear a shirt with a girl stylishly and feminine. Usually, such a solution is a dress or a sundress, over which a man’s shirt is put on, and its floors are tied with a knot. The playfulness and spontaneity of the created bow sets the appropriate mood for the upcoming date.
  2. Evening dress. For special occasions, you might think about what to wear with a black shirt for a girl – this noble color will perfectly fit into the concept of any bow.Black looks great in contrast, so white or red bottoms are best to match.

Each look is distinguished by its special individuality and extravagance, because you must agree that a man’s shirt is a very stylish and unexpected element in a woman’s wardrobe. But choosing the right bottom, color, accompanying elements is only half the task. In order to perfectly deal with the question of how beautifully a girl can wear a man’s shirt, you need to buy the option that is optimal in size, shade and cut!

Instructions for use in check-shirt

Flink shirts can be worn with a T-shirt underneath.There are many ways to wear a plaid shirt depending on the style you want to adopt. Should it be worn with a closed collar or keep the buttons open? Do you want to wear a T-shirt underneath or nothing? Wear it like a belt in your size?
Here are some options to help you see more clearly. Casual: shirt with cover is fully open. This is a classic weekend walking by the sea. The grunge style is returning to the front of the stage, and therefore we find it not on ourselves, but on the belt.

The history of the white shirt

The history of the white shirt dates back to the Middle Ages, but at that time it was used exclusively as underwear. The wives wore the shirt just like their husbands, day and night. To keep their breasts less visible, the church advised them to hide them under a bandage.

In the 16th century, men turned the shirt into a staple of their wardrobe. A white shirt under a camisole with a large neckline has become a symbol of higher social status. As for the women’s wardrobe, the history of the women’s shirt there began only a few centuries later.If a woman rides, she will wear a shirt under a narrow jacket. At that time, such a suit was called the Amazon.

From the history of the appearance of a shirt and other men’s things in a women’s wardrobe, it is known that in the 19th century, the notorious writer Georges Sand was the first to wear a men’s suit. But in her case, it was not flirtation. The writer wore men’s trousers, frock coats and shirts for the sake of economy, as well as in order to secretly visit those places where only representatives of the stronger sex were allowed.

In the 1920s, women got rid of corsets and started wearing underwear. A powerful wind of change has blown, and all the traditional attributes of femininity have become unnecessary. Women wanted to keep up with men, they hung out with their girlfriends, smoked in public and showed ambiguous sexuality, borrowing white shirts from men’s wardrobe to dress like emancipation.

In 1925, Chanel, Patou and Lelong created the emancipé silhouette. The skirts were getting shorter, the bell-caps were pulled down to the very eyebrows.And white silk shirts with a tie on women are not that uncommon. The suit – jacket and skirt – was gaining popularity. This outfit was practical and simplified the fashion, under the jacket, of course, they wore a blouse, with or without sleeves.

In the 50s, with the appearance of trousers in their wardrobe, women began to wear blouses in the style of a man’s shirt, which later became known as shirts. Brigitte Bardot and Juliette Greco symbolized the fashion of the time. They could be found in the cellars of Saint-Germain and on the streets of Saint-Tropez, dressed in a shirt, tight short trousers and ballet flats.Balenciaga offered in his collection a loose dress, which will be cut to resemble a shirt. At the same time, but on the other side of the Atlantic, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wore white shirts best paired with jeans or a tight midi skirt. The sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, the neckline was discreet but very sexy.

For whom are men’s shirts suitable?

Let’s just reveal a little secret: they suit everyone! Using a men’s shirt in fashionable bows, you can easily hide a couple of extra pounds and easily remove accents from places where they are not required.After that, you can calmly decide how to wear a man’s shirt with jeans for a girl or try on this stylish wardrobe item with a dress.

Men’s shirt with short sleeves, in turn, is indicated for summer and warm days of rest. Getting in very well with shorts, it is recommended to use it on the beach, parks, ballads or bars and shopping malls. The best way to use this model is completely enclosed so it can be combined with a jacket on mild days – saw how versatile it is? – when you leave the house early and do not want to waste heat during the day.

Typically, embossed patterns attract the attention of more alternative faces in order to get a visual impact and leave a piece with a more differentiated touch.

Speaking of making the piece more modern and daring compared to the traditional one, the men’s shirt of jeans fits perfectly into this aspect, in the play of layered colors, all over the garment or well divided below and above.

  • Small ladies always think that the question “can a girl wear a men’s shirt” is not for them.This is an erroneous opinion, since there are magnificent models that not only emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also visually increase growth. To do this, it is worth purchasing products in a thin transverse strip without decorative frames and large pockets. The more laconic the silhouette, the better.
  • Plump ladies can think about the question of what to wear a men’s plaid shirt for a girl and whether it is worth it, but their doubts will quickly disappear if they come across products in monochrome colors or with an elegant vertical stripe in the store.In combination with leggings or skinny trousers, it will be possible to create an optimal silhouette that perfectly conceals excess volumes.

It is because of this characteristic that it is even more eclectic than others, in perfect connection with any model, from pants and boots to shorts and sneakers. The gradient enhances the laid-back style and leaves any man more handsome and charming.

There is no mystery when you choose the perfect boot to wear with a men’s denim shirt.

  • A slender lady, reflecting on the motives of “what to wear a plaid man’s shirt for a girl” photo, should pay attention to the small cage. It is she who best emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Plaid solutions are reminiscent of Westerns and the Wild West and look best with a strap or belt. Skinny gins are sure to go with a stylish look.
  • Women with pear or apple shapes should also appreciate the beauty of Scottish designs. True, understanding the question of how a girl can wear a plaid shirt and which one, they should choose models with a large cage.The trouser bottom is also tapered, although if the shape and fullness of the legs allows, we recommend creating a pretty bow with shorts or a skirt.

How to wear a men’s denim shirt: Looks

This is a very interesting combination, suitable for guys who do not give up on their everyday style day after day. For work, you can use darker shades, while for relaxation, lighter colors; however, this is not the rule. Try different washings if you are wearing a shirt with jeans.Sometimes identical tones fail to approve of the look, giving the impression that you are wearing a jumpsuit.
The rest of the ladies may not even worry about whether a man’s shirt is suitable for them or not, but simply take into account the advice on how to wear a shirt for a girl and plunge into exciting experiments with image and fashion.

Styles of stylish white shirts for men for women

There is not one, but dozens of styles of white shirts: in the public mind, it is necessarily sewn from poplin, slightly starched, has a classic collar, buttons and sleeves.

Nothing of the sort! Stylish white shirt for women can be made of linen, cotton with lycra, jersey, silk or poplin.

With a classic collar or a round turn-down collar, or even with a stand-up collar.

Or no collar at all. She may have one or two chest pockets, shoulder straps. A fashionable white shirt for women can make you look like a guy, a small fragile creature, like an atomic bomb. And we really like it! It can be large or fit, it makes sense to tie it in a knot at the level of the navel, button it up to the throat, show the neckline, or even wear it open.In a white shirt, you can be chic, fashionable, casual, sophisticated, serious, sexy. Tell me, are these arguments enough for you to buy it, or not?

A real men’s shirt, straight, made of fabric without the addition of elastic – it’s hard to find such a thing in the women’s department.

Therefore, if you do not know how to pick up a white shirt, it is logical to go straight to the men’s department. But how to choose the right white shirt for the perfect fit?

First: the choice of fabric.We take only 100% cotton, the fabric should be soft and smooth to the touch.

Then we study the collar. Too high, too tight or too straight a collar, or all at once – and you immediately look like a banker (even if you adore bankers who can be invaluable friends, especially during crazy shopping). The same goes for the thin plastic inserts that support the collar: you don’t need them. The collar should also be soft.

Then you need to find your height.Don’t think that all men are 190 as in your Ryan Gosling dreams!

Some barely reach 160, like Tom Cruise, and wear store-bought shirts. Therefore, to the question: “Is there my height in the men’s department?”, The answer is: “Yes.” To the second question: “Can I kill two birds with one stone and borrow a shirt from my husband?”, The answer is: “Yes, if he is the same height as you, you have the same weight and he has your figure ). Not if it isn’t. ”

With what to wear a shirt with a T-shirt?

The combination of clothes is, first of all, a matter of style.You can put a shirt on a T-shirt by creating an image in several stylistic directions:

On the other hand, if the T-shirt has a pattern and becomes more visible than the shirt, it is better to avoid! When it comes to shirt colors, the winter trend is red, black and blue, and the rest of the year, more neutral tones are more appreciated and you provide zero risk.

Plaid Shirt Details

Soft colors are not recommended and should be worn on special occasions. Your sleeveless shirt should be in your size, adjusted for your body type, and this includes shoulders, waist, sleeves and collar.For the shoulders, the girth seam must reach the edge of your shoulders and, in particular, not exceed, otherwise you may have dropped shoulders.

  • sports;
  • military;
  • street.

In any of them, a combination of these things will be appropriate. You just need to follow some rules.

Depending on the style chosen, you can wear down:

In this case, make sure that the fabric of your check shirt is not stretched at the shoulder blades. It is best to separate the shirt from the belly, measuring 6 cm on average.For the length: if it is too long, it must be returned. If you are rather small, you can take your shirt off your trousers. If you wear it with a sweater, you must enter it if it is shorter than the shirt.

For buttons: If you are not a hipster, open the top buttons so that your collar is at least 10 cm from your neck. If you are tall and slim, clip it for a loyal and crisp style. For sleeves: This is a matter of taste, but it is best to roll up to the elbows if you are not wearing anything.

  • jeans
  • chinos
  • sweatpants
  • cargo
  • shorts

From shoes choose sneakers, trainers, loafers, monks, slippers, moccasins, topsides, slip-ons or especials.A shirt with a T-shirt implies a loose style, so shoes, even with a hint of classics, will look strange.

It’s too hot to wear a long-sleeved shirt. And a short sleeved shirt is considered absolutely trashy. In summer, choosing between a light, thin long-sleeved shirt and a short-sleeved shirt is sometimes difficult. Or should you wear a long-sleeved shirt to crumble? The editorial is bent over the subject. The trend is constant elegance and the person who cares about him and his looks is selling dreams.In case of extreme heat, nothing prevents you from wearing a long-sleeved shirt and twisting the sleeves to be stylish without getting hot.

How can you wear a white fitted shirt for women

White shirt for women, narrowed at the waist, can be of any material, but it has a so-called classic or straight collar.

To keep your shirt looking good, don’t hesitate to choose a cotton / elastane blend. There is also a fitted white body shirt – it is very practical, especially for those who like to tuck their clothes into their trousers.Wolford has very good fitted women’s white shirts, the main thing is to find “yours”!

With what to wear a white shirt of a fitted silhouette?

There is nothing more beautiful than a combination with jeans and a blazer. At any temperature outside on a white shirt, at least three top buttons are not buttoned.

And what can women wear with a white shirt if they have sensitive bronchi?

In this case, you need to put on a scarf to her, adding individuality to your image.Choose jeans with a normal waist if the shirt is fitted. Tuck it inside. Wear a navy blazer with a shirt that is properly unbuttoned and tucked into jeans.

Do not forget ballet flats – and now you are already the owner of the most chic outfit of representatives of various generations.

Look at the photo with what you can wear a white women’s shirt in the evening: change your ballerinas to navy or black suede high-heeled shoes, pin a rhinestone brooch on the lapel of your blazer and roll up your sleeves a little to reveal some gold bracelets.

Apply red lipstick to your lips and pull your hair into a messy bun. You are fucking sexy!

But jeans, blazer, ballet flats and high-heeled shoes are, in our opinion, in the list of eternal things!

The classic shirt you need: Anne Fontaine or Zara, who offer at least one very beautiful model every season.

How and with what to wear a classic white men’s shirt for a woman (with photo)

With what to wear a men’s shirt for a woman who prefers a strict style?

If the model is straight, that is, this is a real classic white shirt for women in a man’s silhouette, they wear the same thing as with a fitted shirt: the perfect duo of jeans-blazer.Your femininity will fade somewhat, the waist and chest will not be so noticeable, but you will benefit in style.

How to wear a white shirt for a woman who wants to look strict but fashionable?

A straight shirt is not easy to tuck into jeans, it will bubble as it is not designed for this style. Therefore, it is worn outside, or, if you are a true victim of fashion, only one side is tucked into the jeans, while the other remains carelessly released.

Pay attention to the photo of how to wear a classic white shirt.

A blazer should be chosen straight if you want to play with the contrast of masculine / feminine. No ballet flats on the feet (the contrast will be too flashy), but moccasins, derby shoes, or, if such shoes seem too masculine to you, beige suede ankle boots will do.

How to wear white women’s shirts in warm seasons?

In summer you can open the last button of your shirt and tie the hem. Sleeves can be rolled up to reveal Brazilian bracelets. Plus denim shorts and open sandals.There are turquoise beads on the neck. A classic men’s shirt will be with you in any season and under any circumstances. If you only need to choose one, do not hesitate to choose this particular model. And go ahead!

The classic white mens shirt you need: Agnes B or the Maison Charvet shirts, really chic.

The right shirt for a girl – what is it?

While critics doubt whether a girl can wear a men’s shirt, the fashionista rushes to the store to shop.There she will choose, focusing on the trends of the season, which read:

  1. Size. In terms of volume, it should be a couple of sizes larger – then the product can be easily tied, belted or simply worn outside. The length of the sleeves is chosen traditionally – up to the wrist, the length of the product – up to about the middle of the buttocks.
  2. Colors. In the question of how beautiful a girl can wear a shirt, color matters, as it determines the style of the entire bow. Light pastel colors are good for a business look; for the evening – deep saturated dark shades; for the “romantic” style – gentle pink, blue, lilac.But casual allows any options for colors, decors, ornaments.

  1. Cloth. Natural materials are more practical and more convenient, so it is worth choosing models from cotton or mixed fabrics based on it.
  2. Bottom line. It can be straight or rounded. The first option is good for a business style, while the second is appropriate where the shirt is planned over something or under a knot.

It is not difficult for a girl to figure out how to wear a man’s shirt correctly.This wardrobe item is not capricious, it can be easily combined and combined with many things. By buying a men’s shirt or taking it from a boyfriend, you can safely complement it with almost any image, focusing on the listed tips and your taste. The result of the experiment will certainly please, because a man’s shirt always looks spectacular, stylish and breathtakingly feminine on a girl.
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    I only wear a shirt at home, my boyfriend likes it when I’m only in there is nothing else on her and on me.


How to choose a white women’s silk or synthetic shirt

Silk women’s white shirt is an exclusively women’s thing, you cannot do without it in a chic wardrobe.

It is soft, airy, weightless. To be honest, the beautiful silk shirt is not white, but ivory. And, to be completely honest, let’s say: silk is a luxurious fabric, unparalleled in its softness, comfort and the way it fits, but silk is expensive.As a rule, a silk shirt is loose enough and does not fit the figure. It is often sewn with two pockets on the chest and even with shoulder straps.

The silk shirt you need: no doubt the Equipment shirt!

If money is tight, you can choose ersatz silk: polyamide or rayon. These synthetic fabrics, an 80s achievement, imitate silk very well and are significantly cheaper. They are machine washable and have many other benefits.

But you sweat a lot in them.The skin does not breathe, does not receive oxygen, and unpleasant odors appear. Here’s a flaw. But it’s up to you to judge your priorities. Which is better – save or smell good?

The synthetic shirt you want (if you really insist on it): American Apparel.

How to wear a white silk or synthetic shirt correctly? In the afternoon with a beautiful suit – pipe trousers and a jacket – with pumps and long pearl beads. In the evening, you can put on a pencil skirt, and put on a blouse with a slight slouch, do not roll up the sleeves (they will slip off after a few seconds), fasten the cuffs.

How else can you wear a white shirt made of soft, silky fabric?

Put on seamed stockings and open-toed pumps and thick heels from the 1940s. Attention: sweat stains may appear on a white silk shirt, as silk gets wet very quickly, so it is very important that the shirt is as soft as possible and the fabric comes into contact with the armpits as little as possible.

How to wear a women’s white shirt with a “Claudine” collar

“Claudine” is a small turn-down collar with rounded edges, such collars are suitable for little obedient girls.Today, the Claudine collared shirt is a must-have for adult women to create an ingenue look that is highly feminine but not regressive. The house of Carven, in particular, has made this model their trademark. And itgirls wear them very stylishly, like the British model and TV presenter Alexa Chung. At any age, you can wear a Claudine collared shirt without the fear of being offered lollipops and forced to sleep after dinner.

How to wear a women’s shirt with a Claudine collar correctly?

This shirt looks especially good when worn under something.In fact, the shirt is irrelevant, the famous round collar is important. Therefore, it is worn under a cashmere jumper with a round neck in anthracite, black, dark blue, light gray. The main thing is that the white collar stands out.

Add a nice, slightly flared knee-length skirt, opaque wool tights.

Do not wear ballet flats, which will emphasize the image of a first-grader too much, it is better to choose sandals made of genuine leather with wooden heels or Swedish clogs from Swedish Hasbeens or Kerstin Adolphson.

If you are very young, scrupulous or do not freeze at all, you can wear thick woolen socks instead of tights, which should be gathered with an accordion on your clogs.

Take a briefcase made of genuine leather – and the most suitable ensemble for the “Claudine” collar is ready.

In the evening, you put on a little black dress, underneath a shirt with a Claudine collar, tights with satin stitch embroidery and black pumps. Don’t forget red lipstick and eyeliner.

What you need: Carven’s Claudine Collar Shirt.

Women’s looks with a white linen shirt

As soon as summer comes, flax comes out of hibernation and claims its rights.

“Everyone wears linen in the summer, don’t they?” On the one hand, this is true, since linen is a natural material in which leather breathes, it is not hot in it. These are good arguments in its favor. But he crumples, it seems, the very second when you just look at him.

Elbow folds, instantly chewed back.

At the end of the day, the outfit turns into a rag.Your look is getting too casual. Moreover, over the years, linen has become a material for mature women, if not for the elderly. But one cannot do without it, especially those who cannot live without it.

Recipe: Wear a linen shirt only in summer, roll up your sleeves, unbutton your buttons, pair with denim shorts or light trousers, leather strap sandals and ethnic bracelets.

How to choose a fashionable white women’s shirt for your figure

Which style will best suit your figure? When it comes to a white shirt, there are no special requirements for the figure.You can be a reed or not a reed at all, any snow-white shirts will make you even more beautiful! Nevertheless, we offer several recommendations.

If you have large breasts. A fitted shirt is usually too tight. It seems that the button is about to fly off (to the great delight of your colleague at the next table or your neighbor, who rides with you in the elevator and does not take his eyes off your neckline).

The only way to avoid this is to choose a model that is truly your size.If the buttons don’t fasten tightly, you just don’t buy it and that’s it. That is why a straight shirt for men seems to be the most suitable for a lush chest, provided that you undo the buttons at least to the hollow. Better a deliberate neckline than peel-off buttons.

If your hands are full. The shirt usually wrinkles under the armpits, and it’s not pretty at all.

If this is your case, choose only models with elastane, such as fitted shirts.They will adapt to your shape and provide more freedom of movement.

If you have a slightly plump neck or a small double chin. In this case, do not wear a model with a “Claudine” collar, which is worn tightly buttoned – it will only emphasize your little flaws.

It is better to choose a shirt made of silk and not to fasten a few top buttons. Its grace and softness will give the impression that you are much slimmer.

Men’s clothes in women’s wardrobe

Women are increasingly borrowing items from men’s wardrobe.

We won back the right to wear trousers for a long time, Marlene Dietrich was somehow not even allowed to enter the casino, because she was wearing trousers. But the world is changing rapidly. These days, the line between the sexes is blurring. Designers are increasingly releasing unisex collections that you can wear with your man.

Like many other girls, I occasionally drop into the men’s department to find valuable finds for my wardrobe and the wardrobes of my clients.

I love clothes from men’s departments for their brevity.And the quality is often better there. Items from the men’s department can be a great solution for girls with wide shoulders. However, even for “borderline” (50-52) sizes, the male department can be a salvation. There, the L size is larger than the women’s size, so you can find items that will fit, even in those brands where the size 50 in the women’s line is not declared.

Most often I buy T-shirts in the men’s department. Plain white or printed. I don’t know why, but in the men’s department I find interesting prints much more often.Also, T-shirts from the men’s department tend to fit much better. If you’re still on the hunt for your perfect tee, take a look at the men’s section.

A shirt is another item that can be purchased from the men’s department, especially if you like loose models and cotton that is easy to iron. But this tip will work for someone who cares little about which side the shirt is buttoned on.

A jacket from a men’s wardrobe, deliberately voluminous, we have been wearing it not for the first season.If you can’t find a good option in women’s stores, take a closer look at the men’s ones. Of course, it’s worth noting that this tip is for true fashionistas. You need to be 100% confident in your look. This jacket can be worn to either accentuate the waist or leave it loose.

Sometimes I find interesting knitwear (jumpers and cardigans) in the men’s department. In the autumn-winter season, there you can find cardigans of the correct silhouette and “delicious” noble shades. Both the correct oversize and a beautiful lowered shoulder are also more often obtained with jumpers from the men’s department.

Sneakers / trainers can also be viewed in the men’s department, especially if you have a large foot size. Sports shoes are probably one of the most invisible versatile options. Chelsea and brogues can also be tried on if you look in the men’s section.

If you like to watch more than to read, watch the video:

And I hope that you somehow dare to look into the men’s department and pamper yourself with new things!

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Be unique and charming!

About Company – Company Information MensDeValore

Men’sDeValore shop-studio offers ready-to-wear menswear and custom tailoring services. We can not only purchase current models of popular brands, but also create an exclusive image in accordance with your personal wishes.

Brand clothing for modern men

Men’sDeValore store is ready to offer its customers a wide range of fashionable clothes for men of all ages. The multi-brand collection includes:

  • Suits and jackets;
  • Shirts and jumpers;
  • Pants;
  • Jackets and coats;
  • Underwear;
  • Shoes;
  • Accessories.

The models presented on the site correspond to different styles.Buyers are offered modern-cut suits in a variety of colors, shirts with long and short sleeves, warm and comfortable winter jackets.

Each model is presented in a wide range of sizes. If necessary, any piece of clothing can be tailored in our atelier exactly to the figure. The store employees are ready to provide customers with any assistance in choosing and preparing a wardrobe.

Custom tailoring

Men’sDeValore has its own staff of professional tailors.Our craftsmen are fluent in modern cutting techniques, work with various fabrics and textures. With us you can order an individual tailoring service for a reasonable price and become the owner of a unique fashion item that will favorably emphasize all the advantages of your figure and make your image perfect.

The tailor’s tailoring is carried out in strict accordance with individual patterns, which allows you to ensure the perfect fit. After completing the order, the client’s patterns are saved and can be used when he is repeated.

The standard sewing time is about thirty days. Express production of clothes is carried out within two weeks. Regardless of the urgency and complexity of the order, we guarantee perfect cut accuracy, high quality stitching, compliance with all customer requirements.

Flexible prices

Men’sDeValore managers implement flexible pricing policy. Our atelier shop strives for long-term cooperation and offers pleasant discounts to regular customers. Certain commodity items are sold at promotional prices.The purchase of a complete set of men’s clothing and accessories allows the buyer to significantly save personal funds and simulate a fashionable bright image on favorable terms.


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