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Packing Tape 101 ~ Tape Types, Thicknesses, and More!

A Guide to Packing Tape

Packing Tape/Packaging Tape- Considered a pressure-sensitive tape used in a wide variety of applications, commonly used for sealing boxes and packages for shipments. The most common widths are two to three inches wide and made from polypropylene or polyester backing. Other pressure sensitive tapes include:

Transparent Office Tape- Commonly referred to as “Scotch tape” is one of the most commonly used tapes in the world. Used for a variety of applications, including sealing envelopes, repairing torn paper products, holding light objects together, etc.

Gaffers Tape- A heavy fabric or plastic tape. They are commonly used in the entertainment industry to hold down cables and chords. The adhesive leaves little residue and removes cleanly from objects.

Duct Tape- Has a plastic-coated fabric backing and a strong adhesive. They are often used by people who need a versatile and robust tape that can be easily torn by hand.

Masking Tape- Used for painting and protecting surfaces that should not be painted. Usually consists of a paper backing and an easy to remove adhesive.

Electrical Tape- Commonly made of vinyl, it is designed to stretch and conform to irregularly shaped surfaces. Used to help wrap electrical wires to protect them from the elements.

Double-Sided Tape- Has an adhesive on both sides, used for attaching two surfaces.

Filament Tape- Has fiberglass filaments embedded to increase the strength and integrity of the tape.

Spike Tape- A thinner version of Gaffers tape used to mark a place where people need to stand or where equipment needs to go.

The History of Scotch Tape

Richard Drew was an engineer for 3M in the mid-1920s. He began to develop a tape in 1925, a two-inch-wide tan tape with a pressure-sensitive backing. The intention was to provide auto painters with tape to help them cover items that are not to be painted. When Drew was testing the tape to see how much more adhesive was needed a painter became frustrated and told Drew to “Take this tape back to those Scotch bosses of yours and tell them to put more adhesive on it!” The Scotch name was applied to the entire line of 3M tapes after that.

The first tape that Drew invented was composed of oil, resins, and rubber. When the adhesive is applied to its backing, it must be in a liquid state to spread. These days, chemists use a chemical or physical process to transform the resin into a bonding agent. The method used depends on the desired strength of the bonding agent.

The next crucial Scotch invention was in 1932 when the first handheld tape dispenser was invented. It was composed of cast iron and weighed almost 7 lbs. After that, in 1937, the “snail,” Scotch’s iconic tape dispenser, was created.

Since the invention of the handheld Scotch tape dispenser, Scotch tape has become an iconic part of the American culture. Often it is used as a general term for people desiring a transparent adhesive tape. U.S. Packaging & Wrapping is proud to offer Scotch Brand tape along with Tartan Brand tape, both 3M adhesive tapes.

Common Packing Tape Terms

It is essential for companies using packing tape to choose the proper tape and strength when deciding a tape to seal their cartons and boxes. The wrong choice of tape can cost companies money, time, and disrupt efficiency. Standard terms used to help describe tape are listed below.

Tensile Strength- Measures the force required to pull something to the point where it breaks. Click here for a blog post about tensile strength.

Backing Material- Material of a tape the adhesive is applied to. Common tape backing materials are vinyl, cloth, and polypropylene.

Elongation- How far a tape can stretch before it breaks. Elongation is commonly measured in a percentage of stretch, and tensile strength is measured in pounds.

Core Size- The inside roll diameter of a tape.

Length- The length of the tape on the roll. Commonly measured in meters, yards, or feet.

Width- The width of the tape on the roll. Commonly measured in millimeters or inches.

Thickness- How thick tape is. It is commonly measured in mils (milli-inch), which is one-thousandth of an inch or 25.4 microns.

What to Consider when choosing a packing tape?

  1. Weight of the package

    Heavier loads tend to put more stress on packages. For heavier loads, strong and wider packing tape is recommended.

    Weight of Package Recommended Tape
    Less than 15 lbs. Scotch 371 Packing Tape or Tartan 302 Packing Tape
    15-40 lbs. Scotch 372 Packing Tape
    Over 40 lbs. Scotch 375 Packing Tape
  2. Stability of Package Contents

    Contents that shift within a package tend to cause more stress on the center seal and a stronger wider tape should be considered.

    Stability of Contents Recommended Tape
    Stable; Not Shifting Scotch 371 Packing Tape
    Normal; Minimal Shifting Scotch 372 Packing Tape
    Unstable; Excessive Shifting Scotch 375 Packing Tape
  3. Value of Package contents

    When the content of a package is considered valuable, and stronger wider tape should be used to ensure a safe seal and delivery.

    Value of Contents Recommended Tape
    Inexpensive Scotch 371 Packing Tape or Scotch 375 Packing Tape
    Moderate Scotch 372 Packing Tape
    Expensive Scotch 375 Packing Tape 2″ or 3″
  4. Length of Package

    Wider stronger tapes are ideal for long packages with heavy content. If the package does not contain heavy contents, a 2-inch tape may be used.

    Length of Carton Recommended Tape
    Under 30 Inches Scotch 372 Packing Tape or Tartan 302 Packing Tape
    Over 30 Inches Scotch 375 Packing Tape
  5. Width of Package

    Commonly a 2-inch tape is ideal for packages up to 24 inches wide. If the contents of the package are not excessively heavy or contain sharp edges. If the package or box exceeds 24 inches a stronger wider tape should be considered.

    Width of Carton Recommended Tape
    Under 22 Inches Scotch 371, 372 Packing Tapes or Tartan 305 Packing Tape
    Over 22 Inches Scotch 375 Packing Tape
  6. Strength of Package or Box

    Heavy board boxes have a higher strength in the box flaps and put more pressure on the tape seal. Tapes with high shear strength adhesives are recommended for these types of boxes. Rough and corrugated boxes tend to have a washboard surface that may require special high tack adhesives. Box strength is commonly measured in two forms of measurements. Below are the two common forms to test box strength.

    Edge Crush Test- Standardized measurement of the compression strength of a column of corrugated board. Results are measured in ECT. A piece of cardboard with a 32 ect means that stood on edge the board can withstand 32 lbs.. per square inch before crushing.

    Burst Test (Mullen Test)- The force of pounds per square inch required to burst the side of a cardboard box. A box with a burst strength of 200 lbs. can withstand up to 200 lbs. per square inch internally or externally before bursting.

    Board Grade Recommended Tape
    Under 32 ECT or 200 PSI Scotch 371 or 313 Packing Tape
    Slightly over 32 ECT or 200 PSI Scotch 372 Packing Tape
    Well over 32 ECT or 200 PSI Scotch 375 Packing Tape
  7. Method of Shipping

    Cartons shipped individually tend to have more pressure placed upon them due to individual handling. Boxes shipped on pallets are generally sent as a unitized load which exerts less pressure on each box. High or low temperatures when shipping should also be considered when choosing a packing tape. Temperatures, sunlight, and moisture all impact the seal of packing tapes.

    Method of Shipping Recommended Tape
    Import/Export Scotch 375 Packing Tape
    Palletized Load Scotch 371 or 313 Packing Tape
    Palletized then Individualized Scotch 371 Packing Tape
    Individual Package Scotch 373 Packing Tape


Frequently Asked Packing Tape Questions

How Thick is Scotch Packaging Tape?

The Scotch brand of Packaging tape is a premium packaging tape made by the 3M Corporation. The thickness can vary based on the model number. A popular packing tape model is the Scotch 142 roll plus dispenser, which is a 3.1 Mil thickness.

Is Scotch Tape Packing Tape?

Scotch is a brand made by the 3M Corporation which includes packing tape with many other adhesive products.

How Thick is One Mil?

A 1 mil thickness is one one-thousands of an inch. Many economy packing tapes are at least a 1.6 mil thickness. For a full mil thickness conversion chart, click here.

What is the Strongest Packing Tape?

The strongest tape by a brand is difficult to determine. The type of adhesive, thickness, and material the tape is made from all contribute to a packing tape’s strength. For strength, a thicker hot melt adhesive is the best. Other tapes are stronger but not used for packaging applications.

How Many Rolls Per Case of Packing Tape?

Master packs of tape rolls commonly come from 24 to 36 rolls per case. Tape rolls with dispensers often come in packages of six.

Can You Use Duct Tape on USPS Packaging?

The USPS website does not mention a specific or preferred tape on their shipping instructions page or Frequently asked questions page online. Duct tape is better than many other tapes for shipping. Be sure the tape does not cover any labels, and all ends are pressed down and properly adhered to the package.

Where to Buy Packing Tape?

Packing tape can be bought locally from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other hardware stores. Prices are often higher than buying online, but they are perfect for convenience. Shopping online, you can find many different thicknesses and brands. Buying case packed tape is more affordable but can take longer to have delivered.

Is Packing Tape Waterproof?

Standard packing tape is not waterproof. Many manufacturers make waterproof stretch tape or patch tape for watertight application.

What Packing Tape Do I Need for a 25 lbs. Box?

For heavier boxes, you will need thicker tape. For acrylic tapes, a thickness of 2-2.4 mils thick should hold boxes over 25 lbs. Once weights are more than 60 lbs., a three mil thickness or more will be needed.

What is the Difference Between Acrylic Packing Tape and Hot Melt Packing Tape?

Acrylic packing tape is water or solvent-based tape used in a wide range of packaging applications. A solvent-based tape provides a stronger adhesiveness than water-based acrylic tapes.

Hot melt packing tapes have premium hold and adherence. Most hot melt tapes are thicker than acrylic tapes and require the adhesive to be heated and applied while warm. Hot melt tapes work great with tape machines and the right equipment for application.

Is Packing Tape Safe On Walls?

Packaging tape can peel paint once removed from a wall. Depending on the texture of the wall, the tape will stick and loosen over time. Manufacturers offer options safe for walls, but it is not standard for all packing tapes.

Will Packing Tape Stick to Fabric?

A standard acrylic packaging tape will not stick to fabric for long or with much holding strength. Specialty fabric tapes are available online made for patching fabrics.

What is Packing Tape with a String?

Packing tape with a string is a reinforced packing tape. The string within the tape helps to reinforce. The tape is applied to the package by wetting to activate the adhesive.

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Preparing Packages | Postal Explorer

Preparing Packages

Careful preparation of your package helps to ensure safe delivery.

The Box

Choose a box with enough room for cushioning material around the contents. Sturdy paperboard or corrugated fiberboard boxes are best for weights up to 10 pounds. If you are reusing a box, totally remove or obliterate all previous labels and markings with heavy black marker.

Where to Find Boxes

You can purchase boxes and tubes of various sizes at most Post Offices. Select Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail boxes are available free at the Post Office for items sent using either of these services. While you are not required to use the free packaging for these services, you must use the USPS-produced address label provided by the Post Office for Priority Mail Express. To order Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail boxes at no extra charge, call 1·800·222·1811 or visit


Place the cushioning all around your item or items. You can use newspaper, “foam peanuts,” or shredded paper. Close and shake the box to see if you have enough cushioning. If you hear items shifting, add more cushioning.

Placing an extra address label with the delivery and return addresses inside the package will ensure that the item can be delivered in case the outside label becomes damaged or falls off.

Mailing Fragile Items

Use foamed plastic or padding to protect your items, placing the cushioning inside hollow items as well. Mark the package “Fragile” or mark “Perishable” on packages that contain food or other items that can spoil. Careful packaging is the best way to safeguard your valuable items against damage.

Mailing Heavy Items

If you are mailing a very heavy or very dense item, start with a sturdy box, pack the contents securely with a strong material for bracing to prevent shifting, and tape all the edges with reinforced tape. Packages heavier than 70 pounds cannot be mailed.


Tape the opening of your box and reinforce all seams with 2-inch-wide tape. Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape. Do not use cord, string, twine, masking, or cellophane tape. Place a strip of clear packaging tape over your label to prevent the address from smearing.

Return Address

Print or type your address in the upper left corner on the same side of the package as the delivery address.

Extra Services

Place labels for extra services above the delivery address and to the right of the return address, or to the left of the delivery address.


Use stamps, a postage meter, or a PC Postage system to affix the correct amount. You can calculate and purchase postage online at

Delivery Address

Print or type the delivery address parallel to the longest side of the package. Type or print clearly with a pen or permanent marker so that your address is legible from an arm’s length away. Do not use commas or periods.

Confirmation Services

Labels for USPS Tracking or Signature Confirmation are placed to the left of the address label.

City, State, and ZIP Code

To find the correct spelling of a city name and state abbreviation or to find a ZIP Code, visit or call 1·800·ASK·USPS. Using the correct ZIP Code helps direct your mail more efficiently and accurately.

Drop Off

If your mail item weighs 13 ounces or less, and you have affixed correct postage, you can drop it into a blue collection box. If your item weighs more than 13 ounces, and you have affixed postage stamps, you must take it to an employee at the retail counter of a Post Office.

Can Packing Tape Be Recycled?

When it comes to recycling traditional packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes and packing paper, the process is often a no-brainer. These items can almost always be recycled according to local guidelines in many curbside recycling programs. But what about packing tape? Can packing tape be recycled? The short answer is that it depends on the type of tape. In this article, we’ll explore in-depth answers to these questions to help you and your customers practice environmentally-friendly recycling habits that advance your sustainability efforts – while being gentle on Mother Earth.

Packing tape that you can recycle

While most packing tapes are not recyclable, such as polypropylene and PVC tape, there is one option that is: paper packing tape. Also known as “Kraft” tape, paper tape is an eco-friendly and water-activated packaging material that is sustainably produced and free of petroleum. Both the paper and the water-based adhesive are recyclable, making it easy to recycle paper tape right along with your shipping boxes and other recyclable packaging materials.

If your company is looking to “go green,” consider these earth-friendly advantages of paper tape:

  • 100% recyclable, including the water-based adhesive
  • No need to remove it before recycling your boxes
  • Bonds securely to new or recycled cardboard, including dirty or dusty surfaces

Even with its inherent environmental benefits, water-activated paper tape does have its downsides to consider before going with this option. For starters, it must be used in conjunction with a desktop paper tape dispenser that uses a built-in water brush to moisten the tape and trigger its strong adhesive. As opposed to portable handheld tape dispensers for other packing tapes, this dispenser stays put. So, you’ll need to bring the packaging to the dispenser rather than the dispenser to the packaging. Additionally, some customers find that the ultra-sticky adhesive can be somewhat cumbersome.

Beyond its recyclability, many companies love paper tape for ingrained fiberglass threads that form a permanent bond that enhances security. It’s the ideal eco-friendly solution that works well for soft goods and sealing heavy or overfilled containers. And its odor-free properties make it suitable for pharmaceuticals and food products.

What to do with packing tape that cannot be recycled:

If paper tape isn’t the right choice for you, consider other options such as polypropylene and PVC. These tapes are widely used in many different applications. And while they aren’t recyclable, you can still recycle the boxes the tape has sealed. In most cases, you don’t need to remove the tape before recycling because it usually falls away naturally when the cardboard is soaked and reduced to a pulp during the recycling process.

However, there are a couple of exceptions:

  1. Too much packing tape – Excessive amounts of plastic packing tape can get snagged in recycling machines. In these cases, it’s best to strip polypropylene or PVC tape before tossing your boxes in the recycling bin.
  2. Municipality removal requirements – Some municipalities and trash haulers require you to remove plastic packing tape before recycling boxes. Be sure to check with your local guidelines to determine the appropriate recycling standards.
Recyclability resources to check out

Because the packing tape recycling advice in this article is intended as a guideline, it’s best to get in touch with your local municipality to learn more about recycling in your area. For even more insights on environmentally-friendly practices for business, explore the following national and state resources:

Whether it’s recyclability, strong adhesion, or something else, your goals matter to us. Let us help you determine the best custom packing tape for your needs. Contact our sales and design professionals, and let’s get rolling!

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45 Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Along with your wreath, twinkle lights, and stocking setup, your Christmas gift wrap sets the tone for your holiday. For one, it’s the first impression your gifts make. As they sit under the Christmas tree in the days leading up to December 25, your perfectly wrapped presents can add to the excitement and anticipation of the holiday. If you go above and beyond, your gifts can even become a part of your Christmas decor. Seriously, just try to tell us an exquisitely made bow isn’t art.

Ahead, you’ll find our favorite gift wrapping ideas that will start your holiday off on the right foot, whether you love a Christmas craft or can’t even manage tape. Most of these gift wrap ideas are surprisingly easy to recreate, and many of them make use of whatever leftovers you may have from decorating the other parts of your house. Do you have some branch clippings from your tree? Use them as a gift topper. Do you have a Christmas stamp in your kids’ craft bin? Use them to upgrade basic wrapping paper. Not only will these easy Christmas gift wrap ideas made your presents more festive, but they’ll also show off your creativity.

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Road Map

Life is a journey — and this wrapping paper shows that in the most charming way. Simply find an old road map and wrap your gifts in it. Keep everything in place by pulling a piece of thread through a vintage button for a cute take on a bow.

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Deer Silhouette

‘Tis the season for reindeer and Santa. First, print out a deer silhouette to use as a stencil. Trace your deer onto newspaper or construction paper. Cut out your deer and tape it onto a present wrapped in butcher paper.


Emoji Faces

The kids are going to love these! Yellow wrapping paper serves as the background for these adorable emoji-face presents. They’re almost too cute to unwrap.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY »


Natural Gift Toppers

Instead of the traditional gift bows, try something a little more seasonal, like pine branches, holly sprigs, pinecones, or kumquats, which really pop against plain brown parcel paper. Bonus: Depending on what you use, you might get a sweet fragrance, too.

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Moss and More

You can incorporate the outdoors without defaulting to holly and pine trees, too. Preserved moss, wheat, and thistles also add that earthy element, and their color looks great against neutral gold and silver paper.


Pretty Polka Dots

Everybody expects the buffalo-plaid checked paper, so shake things up with some polka-dot designs — they don’t even have to be green and red. No matter the color, any polka-dot print looks right at home under the tree when paired with red ribbon.


Cut-Out Snowflakes

These are not your average, just-like-you-made-in-elementary-school paper snowflakes. This version adds a 3D element to your gift boxes. The key is creating an accordion fold before you start trimming and snipping away.

Get the tutorial at Giochi di Carta »


Cookies in a Potato-Chip Can

You’d never know these were once old Pringles packages. A batch of homemade cookies fits perfectly in the wiped-clean container. (Plus, you get to eat all the potato chips beforehand!)

Get the tutorial »


Brown Paper Packages

Kraft paper is anything but boring: Think of it as a blank canvas for even more Christmas decorations, like mini wreaths, paper trees, and ribbon scraps.


Pretty Poofs

A fluffy topper outdoes a bow any day. Go big with an oversized tulle tuft or, grouped in a trio, little pom-poms and some construction paper can turn into a holly sprig.

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Star Gift Boxes

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to disguise a present’s telltale shape. Keep it a mystery with these three-dimensional boxes that (bonus!) double as decorations.

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Sweet-Smelling Wreaths


Inked Monograms

Stamp your kids’ gifts with their first initial (all you need are alphabet rubber stamps, ink pads, and blank rolls of paper). That way, come Christmas morning, they’ll know exactly which presents to unwrap.


Bow Overload

Rather than slapping on a lonely store-bought sticker, up the impact by covering the entire top of a gift box in monochromatic bows. No one will be the wiser that you finished wrapping it in the car!


Christmas Lights

Add an accent to packages with colorful holiday lights. Hot-glue six bulbs together to form a star shape, then fasten the bauble to a length of ribbon with double-stick tape.


Gift-Card Envelope Alternatives

Make a gift card more personal by tailoring the wrap to the item. Here, a home-store certificate nestles in a prettied-up paint can. For a manicure, use a cosmetics bag; for the movies, try a popcorn box.


Confetti Ribbons

Put the confetti (or glitter!) on the outside of the box. Secured with double-stick tape, the paper dots create “ribbons” of vibrant color.

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Recyled Paper Bows

Origami fans, meet kirigami. It’s a variation on paper folding that includes a little cutting. Use it to fashion these recycled bows out of decorative paper, newspaper or even a page of your fave magazine.

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Matching Ornaments

Coordinate your gifts with the tree by tying on miniature baubles in the same color scheme. Double up with a soft velvet ribbon in a similar hue.


Peppermint Treats

Plain white paper is the perfect backdrop for something sweet. Top packages with swirl lollipops, drugstore candy, tree cuttings, and ribbon for an elegant (and wallet-friendly) look. Bonus: You can still use the paper after the holidays, for birthdays and other occasions.


Felt Gift Toppers

A felt flower or pinwheel is so much better than a bow. After December 25th, glue on a string and the decoration becomes an ornament for next year.

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Is Your Business Using the Right Packaging Tape?

Ultimately, reaching the right answer regarding whether plastic pressure-sensitive tape or paper water-activated tape is right for a company’s purposes starts with asking the right questions. For example:

What is being shipped?

What a company is shipping should be a major factor in its packing tape selection. Organizations that ship low-weight, low-value products may not need a tape that provides superior performance. If that is the case, plastic tape may be the right choice. On the other hand, companies that put heavy or high-value product into the distribution network are wise to invest in shipping materials proven to help ensure safe delivery.

How important is productivity?

For companies that only prepare and ship a handful of cartons each day, packer productivity may not be important. This low volume might be easily handled with pressure-sensitive tape and a tape gun. At higher volumes, however, water-activated tape can provide a competitive advantage. As noted above, independent testing has shown that employees are 21 percent more productive when using water-activated tape. Both in terms of the amount of product that goes out the door each day and how much work a company is getting from its shipping team members, that number is significant.

What environmental conditions will shipped packages encounter?

There are at least three environments a package will encounter on its journey: the packing site, one or more transportation vehicles, and the destination site. Plastic tape does not perform well in cold, dusty, or humid conditions. The longer a package spends in those kinds of environments, the more likely the tape is to fail. Paper tape maintains a secure seal in virtually any environment that a package might find itself in. Hot or cold, damp or dry, the bond formed between the tape and the carton surface remains strong.  

Is there value in a “clean” presentation?

Here again, the answer, obviously, is “Yes!” No company wants a recipient to wrinkle their nose at the sight of a package that looks sloppy and carelessly prepared. Unfortunately, the more strips of shipping tape that are required to seal a package, the harder it is to maintain a neat appearance. One strip of gummed paper tape can seal a box and ensure that it arrives at its destination securely closed and with a look that reflects well on the company that sent it.

Is brand awareness important?

It would be rare to find an organization that would say that brand awareness is not important. Even well-known companies with solid reputations need to support their positive image. Plastic pressure-sensitive tape typically is not branded. This means that it does nothing to keep a company top-of-mind with anyone who sees the package. Paper water-activated tape, on the other hand, can be branded in many ways, which provides many benefits. One of the most important is that custom-printed Kraft tape turns the carton into a dynamic “mobile billboard” that can introduce the company or further develop its brand.

The short answers above make a strong case for water-activated tape, and there are many other resources available that elaborate on them.

Galvanized packing strap 0.5x20mm 20p / m


Trading house “VIMOS” carries out delivery of construction, finishing materials and
household goods. Our vehicle fleet is more than 100 units of transport vehicles. On each
the base has developed a competent logistics system that allows you to deliver your goods to
agreed terms.Our experts will be able to quickly and accurately calculate the cost of delivery from
taking into account the weight and dimensions of the cargo, as well as the mileage to the place of delivery.

Delivery order is carried out through our call center by phone: +7 (812) 666-66-55 or at
ordering goods with delivery through the online store. Delivery cost is calculated
according to the tariff scale presented below. The exact shipping cost will be determined after
coordination of the order with your manager.

Dear customers! Rules for the return and exchange of goods purchased through our online store
are governed by the User Agreement and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

ATTENTION! Exchange and return of good quality goods is possible only if
the specified product was not in use, its presentation, consumer properties were preserved,
seals, factory labels, packaging.

Add. information

Price, description, image (including color) and instructions for
product Galvanized packing tape 0.5x20mm 20p / m on the site are informational
nature and are not a public offer defined in clause 2 of Art. 437 Civil
of the Code of the Russian Federation. They can be changed by the manufacturer without prior
notices and may differ from the descriptions on the manufacturer’s website and actual characteristics
goods.For detailed information on the characteristics of this product, please contact
to the employees of our sales department or to the Russian representative office of this
goods, and also please check the goods carefully when purchasing.

Buy Galvanized packing strap 0.5x20mm 20p / m in the store
St. Petersburg you can visit the VIMOS online store.

Packing strap 0.6×19

Product characteristics

Name: Packing strap
Thickness: 0.6 mm
Width: 19 mm
Steel grade: St3
Degree of steel deoxidation: calm
Standard: TU 1231-001-51478134-2014

Description of goods

Sold in one piece rolls weighing from 100 to 120 kg

Packing tape is used for packaging materials during transport and production.Steel wire can be used for the same purposes, but the tape has a number of advantages:

  • perfectly fixes the load and, with numerous manipulations during transportation, reliably protects the packed bag from damage
  • withstands damage from cutting, chopping objects – the tape cannot be damaged by sharp edges, so it is ideal for glass
  • due to its strength and flexibility shows itself at its best under uneven and increased loads
  • leaves no residue
  • can be used on any support, with different diameters and configurations
  • suitable for high temperature packaging
  • can be used in workshops without heating, outdoors in cold weather and in other unfavorable temperature conditions
  • convenient and easy to use

The belt has proven itself to be excellent in the transportation of pipes and lumber, bricks, building blocks, fittings and products packed in boxes and boxes.

Product features

Abbreviation M means the state of the material – the tape is soft.

Used for medium-heavy loads, flexible, easy to work with, but
for strapping heavy loads, cold-worked belts are better suited.

Abbreviation PN means the state of the material – the tape is semi-rolled.

Compared to soft tape, is not very flexible, but harder and more durable .

Strength is achieved by cold working – the process of mechanical hardening of surface properties.

For goods sold by weight, the cost in the order on the website, the price may differ from the cost in the invoice or invoice due to deviation
theoretical weight from actual.

The theoretical weight of one meter of rolled metal is established by the regulatory and technical documentation, and the actual weight is always different for each batch of goods. These deviations are associated with the unevenness of the wall thickness of the product during manufacture.

The actual value of the weight differs from the calculated one up to ± 10%.

The value of weight and cost is NOT weight units of measurement, which are indicated on the site – reference and are calculated by the coefficients from the regulatory and technical documentation for the product.

The final cost of the order is calculated by the manager.

If you want to know the exact cost, wait for the order to be processed by the manager. When processing an order, the manager receives more accurate information from the warehouse about the current actual weight of the consignment.

The manager does not know when you are planning to receive the order, therefore, when issuing an invoice, he calculates based on the maximum actual weight of the balance of goods, so that you do not have a situation with a lack of money.

The final payment for the required footage of the weight goods will be made based on its actual weight.

The actual weight is determined by weighing the rolled metal on an electronic scale.

We always return all excessively transferred money to the buyer at his request.

Please read the terms of cooperation

We deliver free within city limits:

  • up to 3 tons within 5 working days
  • from 3 tons the next working day

A new opportunity to receive your order without leaving your home – “Gruzotaxi”.When ordering a cargo taxi from our partner, you get the opportunity to pay at the place of delivery and receive a photo report on the condition of your cargo at the time of its loading into the car.

Contact our partner “Gruzotaxi”
+7 903 927 6696, or just inform our manager about it.

Stay at home, take care of yourself!

Need unloading at the delivery point?

– Not a problem! Order unloading with a loader crane from us.

Do you want to pay for the goods upon receipt?

– We will accept payment in cash or by credit card at the place of delivery.

Do you need delivery at night, on weekends or at your designated time?

– We will organize you targeted delivery on individual terms.

We are always happy to help and offer the most advantageous option for receiving an order.

You can get acquainted with the full list of delivery terms in the “Delivery” section of the terms of cooperation.

Calculate savings …

  • we work for you every day from 8:00 to 17:00 without lunch break , except Saturday and Sunday, as well as public holidays
  • upon registration of preliminary cargo preparation (this is a free service), you can receive an order after 17:00 or on a weekend
  • we have 2 warehouses in Omsk on both banks of the Irtysh: in the Amur at 22 Party Congress, 105 and in Old Kirovsk, at Semirechenskaya, 99
  • we can prepare the cargo in advance so that you receive it at a convenient time for you and without queuing
  • If your application will be completed from three or more sites, we will collect the entire order in one place of loading
  • we will gladly load your order into a car, bicycle, segway or other unsuitable transport, including indoor
  • We accept both cash and non-cash payments
  • ATMs of Gazprombank and Sberbank are installed on the territory of the Ommet-Tsentralny warehouse, where you can withdraw money
  • If you plan to pay for the order at the Ommet-Semirechensky warehouse, we ask you to withdraw cash in advance, because we cannot force banks to put an ATM there
  • You can always return the product, provided that its presentation is preserved, and if it is already cut, then we will consider the return individually

Very often people buy with this product

Polypropylene packing tape in Kazan

Polypropylene tape in Kazan from the Mir Upakovka + company.Since 2001, we have been supplying modern and high-quality materials for packaging various products. Thanks to the large catalog, each company will be able to select everything for complex support.

Polypropylene strapping tape wholesale

Polypropylene packing tape is actively used to carry out the process in manual and automatic modes. Due to its excellent properties, it is used for packaging goods in many fields of activity. Important advantages of the material are:

  • increased tensile strength;
  • high level of elasticity;
  • resistance to various types of load;
  • absolute safety;
  • simple process of packaging and further operation.

Due to this, this type of packing tape provides reliable protection of goods from damage during transportation and storage. Depending on the type of product, you can choose the optimal thickness and width of the belt. We offer to take advantage of professional advice and select the material according to your requirements.

Advantages of ordering materials to the World of Packaging +

Since 2001, we have been one of the largest suppliers of packaging materials in the city.During this time, well-known enterprises and companies have become our clients. Features of cooperation with the World of Packaging + are:

  • high quality products;
  • huge assortment;
  • reasonable prices;
  • individual approach;
  • guarantee of meeting deadlines.

Also in our company you can order polyester tape or other materials for packaging.

Price of polypropylene tape for packaging in Kazan

The price of a polypropylene tape is formed on an individual basis, since we take into account the volume, type of material and the need for delivery.Right now you can order calculations based on your requirements.

Buy polypropylene tape in Kazan

We offer to buy polypropylene tape for packaging at the best price. We will help you choose high-quality materials that can speed up and simplify the packaging process.

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