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Straight from the sunny coasts of California, streetwear slid into town on a skateboard and stayed for the hip hop. This fun style of clothing embraces all things alternative. It brings together surf and skate styles with hip hop couture and a little Japanese street fashion to create a fun and rebellious spirit.

Being a kid is all about testing boundaries, and nothing captures that better than this style.  Acid washed denims, quippy clothing and a whole lot of hoods: Nirvana, here we come! Read More

Sometimes it Smells Worse than Teen Spirit

People will tell you being a mum is about love and growth and rainbows dancing on moonbeams. Real mums know it’s mostly about odours. Especially if you have boys! Some days you’re just praying for a sinus infection to come along and take it all away. If they’re going to get dirty and smelly anyway, why not dress them up in the finest grunge fashions this side of the Gold Coast?

Go on and have a little fun while you’re being super mum.

That’s really what it’s all about anyway: playing and laughing as you learn through life with your family.

Balancing the Practical With the Ridiculous is a mum Superpower

So much of being a parent is just plain hard work. Early mornings, late nights and sticky hugs: that’s the life. At least now you have an entourage when you go out. They’re a whirling tornado of chaos, but that’s just how it goes. So much of parenting is about striking a balance and making compromises. It’s the lollies you use to get them to the doctor and the complex negotiation process that keeps them eating veggies. It’s a million ridiculous things you never thought you’d have to do, just to get to that one thing that actually needs doing!

That’s why mums everywhere have that special superpower that lets them balance the utterly ridiculous with everyday practicalities. We get that, and our kids streetwear shows it. It’s made for playing without compromising on style or comfort. That’s because we know you want your kids to look nice, but nothing looks nice about an uncomfortable child! Nothing.

Our Streetwear Style Clothes Could Teach You a Few Things About Having Fun

We’re all about the lighter side of life at Nixon’s Closet. Fun fashions, quirky styles and a whole lot of attitude are the hallmarks of our brand. We bring you adorable outfits for your little rockstar, and they’re made for playing. That’s what makes this fashion so great for kids. It’s based on styles that leave plenty of room for movement! We also have classic rompers with classically uncouth sayings for your littlest little devils. We have all sorts of clothing and accessories for you to choose from, such as:

  • Kids shoes, prewalkers and fabulous boots
  • Hats, headbands, snapbacks and even a few unicorn horns
  • Rompers, playsuits and onesies
  • Jackets, overalls, jeans and rockin’ biker shorts

We carry brands from all around the world, including our own homegrown label: NC X. You can have items personalized for an extra touch of individualism, or just so there’s less chance of things getting lost at school. There’s that practicality again!

Find Your Fun at Nixon’s Closet

No matter how busy you are, there’s always time for a bit of fun. We’re here to help you remember to laugh while you’re knee-deep in diaper dooty. That’s not a typo, either. As you can tell from our snarky tees, we don’t feel the need to mince words at Nixon’s Closet!

We ship throughout Australia as well as to the United States and Canada and accept multiple methods of payment, including Zippay and Afterpay. So, take a look through our kids streetwear and find your fun today. You’ll have a blast about town with your stylin’ entourage. You know, right up until all the tears and fighting.

Streetwear for toddlers, babies and big kids

It’s all about the kids, absolutely. Okay, so it’s a bit about us too. Clothes are a great way to have fun with your little ones, to express their style and individuality. But, if we’re honest, we also just love dressing our little dudes and darling divas in clothes that make us smile. There’s going to come a point where they won’t let us influence their fashion choices, right? At some point they will be terrifying teenagers with too-short skirts and trousers slung a bit too low for visits to granny. Right now, though, we’re the taste makers. Introducing

streetwear for toddlers, that’s also for mum.

Style it out

What was it that Coco Chanel said? Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. Well, we’re not saying Coco was wrong, but we certainly think you can have a bit more fun than that. Accessories are everything, and we’ve got the lot!

  • Hair Scrunchies
  • Snapback hats and caps
  • Nappy Bags and kid’s backpacks
  • Beanie hats
  • Bandanas
  • Bibs

We’ve also got the best accessories of all; you know what we’re talking about – SHOES! They are the one thing that can tie your whole outfit together or perhaps accent it with something completely different. Rocking the floral frill? Combine it with a boot for a punk twist. Baby Uggs to cap off that urban swag? No problem. You can choose from a range of colours in boot, Ugg and high-top shoes.

Killer combinations

 Looking for complete outfits, or combo inspiration? Instagram is where you’ll find some top styling tips. Here’s some of our hottest recommendations for mix and matches that are totally adorable.

  • The Movie Star

    Looking like she’s just stepped off a movie set and straight onto the beach, this look is for little ladies with that 60s vibe. Pair our linen tutu romper with colour matched peach turban for a look that says, ‘I’m ready for my close up’. Couple with white Gladiator sandals and finish off with flower power sunglasses. Gorgeous!

  • The Original Gangster

    Our Tupac T shirts go great with black distressed jeans. Accessorise with a black bandana, styled just like Tupac, and finish with white trainers to complete the look, Sunglasses optional!

  • The Wild Animal

    One of our favourites, and something we’d rock ourselves; this combo is a real killer. Pair leather look tights with our leopard jumper and double pom-pom beanie hat. The great news is this is a mummy and me look, matching jumper and hats available!

Whatever look you end up choosing, Nixons Closet is all about play. Mix and match until you find something new and exciting, that’s the joy of fashion! The great news is that orders over $120 receive free delivery, so you can go wild with your selections! Take some creative risks and fill up your basket with the best, and most unusual, kids’ fashion available in Australia.

Kid’s urban clothes that are made to make you smile

“My mom’s not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.” If you recognise this statement, and more importantly you identify with it, you’re in the right place. From our ‘can’t touch this’ flannel shirt, to our ‘mama’s boy’ camo biker set, these kid’s urban clothes are full of whimsy, irony and a sense of humour! Whether you pick one of our cheeky slogans, or find your kid rocking a King Hoodie, our brand is about fresh urban design with a tongue in cheek sense of joy.

Fashion is about having fun and boy do we know how to have fun!

Back to basics

We’re not all statement pieces and high drama. We’re mother’s too, and we know that sometimes it’s about marching out looking fierce, and sometimes it’s about practical clothing for every day. We’ve got you no matter what. Our basics line is affordable, practical, and still gorgeous. Navigate to the basics section in the menu to find; 

  • Long Sleeved Basic Romper (with or without flutter)

    The classic romper, in multiple colours. Comfortable, versatile and great value for money. Also available in ribbed fabric.

  • Short Sleeved Basic Romper

    Also in multiple colours, with flutters or ribbed, this short-sleeved option is a perfect match for hotter weather.

  • Basic Ribbed Cardigan

    Cute, elegant and great to go with some of our more ‘out there’ tops to create a more muted day look. Beautifully buttoned and available in various colours.

  • Basic Flutter Sleeve Top

    Add a bit of shape and flair to a conservative look, the flutter on these long-sleeved tops gives a drop of drama.

  • Long Basic Ribbed Romper

    Great for crawlers, soft and warm for cool nights. They’ll look cute as a button roaming around in this romper.

  • Ribbed Solid PJ Set

    Sold in 6 different colours these basic two-piece sleeping sets will give them sweet dreams.

  • Basic Spring Cardigan

    With long sleeves, button front and a range of colours and patterns, these spring cardigans are a great addition to any wardrobe.

  • Basic Lace Wing Top

    A little lace gives a lot of flair to these simple yet elegant tops.

  • Basic Ballet Romper

    Neat, petite and good enough to eat – she will look the part in these sweet black and pink ballet rompers.

  • Ruffle Neck Tops

    In mustard, white and pink the ruffles on these tops will frame her face and will make your heart melt!

  • Basic Cotton Shorts

    Available in a variety of colours these soft and supple shorts are fantastic for play dates. Super flexible, your little tyke will probably grow with these shorts for a longer lasting wear.

Constantly changing trends 

We’re always updating our looks, including our basic lines, so keep your eyes peeled for our latest developments. Luckily, our handy website can do all the work for you. Simply navigate to the ‘new arrivals’ section of the website to be shown only the latest trends to hit the site. Keep yourself in the loop and check out our most recent additions today!

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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The 11 Best Stores for the Flyest Kids You Know


North West has spent her four short years here on Earth teaching us a very important lesson: Kids can dress as well, if not better, than their adult counterparts. Now new brands are popping up and streetwear stalwarts are sprouting streetwear arms to lace out the coolest kids on the playground. Kanye, A$AP Rocky, Bape, and Kith have all gotten into the kidswear game because just because kids are still learning basic cognitive functions doesn’t mean their style should have to suffer, right? Below, 11 kid’s brands that will transform any child into a hypebaby.

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1 Black Sheep Mob

Black Sheep Mob is the online destination for one-of-a-kind children’s streetwear. Worn by both North West and Penelope Disick (name a more iconic duo), the brand specializes in graphic tees printed with pop icons like Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, and Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

2 Bape for Kids

Bape is a staple in the adult streetwear community, but the cult favorite brand has been in the kids’ streetwear game for a few years now. The brand’s signature camo prints and Milo the Monkey hoodies will give major playground cred to all the little Hypebeasts who rock it.

3 Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s brand that was created to celebrate tykes’ imaginations and creativity. The label makes unique and colorful designs, plus it puts a premium on sustainability—gotta keep the planet around so the little ones can stunt into adulthood. Mini Rodini makes a wide assortment of items but it specializes in streetwear and even collaborated with Adidas.

4 Meme Kidswear

Are you raising a future downtown New York cool kid? If so, Meme Kidswear is the brand to take your child from cradle to kindergarten. Designed for the kid with an old soul—it’s completely absent of color and items like blazers, culottes, and tunics aren’t your typical kiddie fare.

5 Kith Kids

Kith already dominates most adult hypebeasts’ wardrobes and now they’re coming for elementary schoolers. Kith proper touches on reference points beloved by its millennial audience—Coca Cola, Captain Crunch, and Power Rangers—and Kith Kids recreates that magic by putting characters from Spongebob and Rugrats on hoodies, Tshirts, and sweaters.

6 Superism

Superism is a brand that’s all about kids’ empowerment—proceeds from a collection last year went to children’s-focused charities in the Los Angeles area—and that comes through in the clothes. Slogans like “Listen to the Youth” and “One Day I Will Rule the World” are printed on Tshirts. Oh, and the brand boasts the very stylish A$AP Rocky as a partner so you know everything will be on-point.

7 Nununu World

Nununu World started dressing kids in almost-exclusively black with the idea that a child is a “blank slate ready to be filled with ideas.” The online store has everything for newborns to toddlers and specializes in comfortable graphic joggers.

8 Little Giants Giant Shorties

For the rebellious child and parent, Little Giants Giant Shorties takes streetwear and flips it on its head. With graphic tees like “The Wolf of Sesame Street” and “My President is Wack” these are perfect for the baby who wants to make a bold statement. As the site notes, “Soccer moms won’t like us and that’s peace!”

9 Paper Plain Brand

Paper Plain is a go-to for kidswear with hilarious logo flips. Highlights include a revamped Supreme, Balmain, Gucci, and Gap logos that are perfect for the youth.

10 The Kids Supply

Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s kids North and Saint are two of the best dressed kids on the planet and Kimye made it possible for parents everywhere to get on their level with The Kids Supply. If your hypebaby wants to channel their inner Baby West, pick up one of the many adorable jumpsuits and rep the city of Calabasas.

11 Haus of Jr

Named after the founders’ children, Jordyn and Ryder, Haus of Jr. delivers high fashion for the youngsters. There are clear nods to Gucci and Saint Laurent among the grail-level outerwear. These items will definitely set a young tyke apart from the typical recess crowd.

Chloe Hall Beauty Director Chloe Hall oversees all beauty coverage at

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Boy’s New Arrivals | Kids Cool Clothing


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Returning items is super easy. Click here to go to our Returns Center.

Enter your email used to place your order. A link will be sent to your email to start your return.

Click which items you would like to return and the reasons for each item.  

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Click Here to go to our Returns Center.

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How To Shop For Kids Clothes – MINI Street

Children grow at an impressive rate, causing many parents to purchase new clothing frequently. There are some children that receive hand-me-down clothing, but quite often the clothing has already gone through a lot. How can you shop for kids clothes that will withstand the test of time and ones that do meet your children’s needs? Fortunately, Mini Street has put together a large collection of comfortable clothing with a variety of styles to meet anyone’s needs. Here are some of our tips to help you shop for kids clothing.

What Makes Clothing Last?

When it comes to children, clothing is one of those elements that children do not always focus on caring for in the right way. From grass stains to popsicle stains, children’s clothing is subjected to a lot of things that can ruin the fabric. Mini Street clothing is designed for active children and adults. We ensure our fabrics are made from high-quality materials and are thick and durable.

Feel the fabric to determine the quality of the garment. A simple touch can show you a lot about quality clothing. One other tip to know if the clothing is quality; is to hold the fabric to light to see if it is transparent. Thin materials can wear out much faster.

Quality Construction Leads to Quality Clothing

Not only is the fabric something to consider, take a look at the stitches. How often do you toss out old kids clothing because it’s starting to pull apart at the seams? Even new kid clothes can have this same problem, which is why you want to be able to trust the manufacturing of the clothing. Mini Street only sells clothing we would wear ourselves! Quality craftsmanship goes a long way in the durability of the clothing, but in the way it looks. We invest in quality to make sure our customers look and feel their best when wearing our clothes.

Avoid Irritants

Children often have problems with clothing due to the way it fits or the way it was made. Certain clothing can irritate sensitive skin and becomes more of an annoyance to wear. Children want clothing that is comfortable, and Mini Street knows this important element. We create and sell clothing that is comfortable but also clothing that is stylish and trendy. If you know you have problems with the materials used for your child, contact Mini Street for assistance in selecting clothing that will not irritate their skin.

Selecting the Right Size

One issue we often have for children clothing is the size. Frequently we will see children with clothing that looks far too large or far too small. Selecting the right size is imperative for kids clothing to look hip when they are wearing it. We have created a size chart to help you measure your children and gain insight into how to find the best size for their body shape. Generally, children’s clothing sizes tend to correspond with their age. If you are uncertain of the size, we normally recommend buying a size larger to ensure they will be able to grow into the clothing eventually. Babies and toddlers are hard to shop for as they do grow rapidly and can make it hard to keep up with all the clothing they go through weekly.

How to Choose a Clothing Style

When it comes to buying clothing for your child, you may find yourself torn on what to do. Some parents like their kids to dress casual or relaxed while others almost like dressing up their kids in fancy outfits and fashionable clothing. Choosing children’s clothing can vary based on so many preferences. What truly helps is to focus on opting for basic designs and clothing so you can mix and match the clothes with multiple outfits. Conservative, basic styles tend to hold up longer, which is great news for parents hoping to keep clothing as hand-me-downs for their younger children.

Children are notoriously messy, let Mini Street help you with this mess by offering high-quality clothing designed to work with the mess! Our goal is to bring about fun, creative clothing styles that are enjoyable and exciting to wear. Browse through our large catalog to view all of our current kid clothing options on sale today!

90,000 TOP 10 fashion brands of children’s clothing for 2019

Mom, buying things for their child, often do not pay attention to the manufacturer’s firm at all, being interested only in cost and appearance.

Someone thinks that the majority of parents, buying branded things for their child, indulge their pride, while the baby does not care what clothes he is wearing. Consequently, branding is the lot of “fashionable” mothers “living” in Instragram.Others adhere to the fact that children’s clothing from well-known manufacturers can damage the education and formation of a little person as a person, and lead to a spoiled child.

But all these are misconceptions, so you should not consider branded clothing solely a tribute to fashion. Each manufacturer of a well-known brand of children’s clothing has been gaining experience for many years in order to ultimately produce high-quality, comfortable products for children of any age. Clothes of brand manufacturers differ not only in fashionable cut, color, but also in convenience, i.e.Because strict requirements are imposed on its quality.

Main advantages from well-known brands

Well-known manufacturers of children’s clothing and footwear (especially European brands) give more preference to product design and think it over carefully. For example, for young children, it is important that the clothes do not have unnecessary small and rough details. That is, the younger the child, the free and no-nonsense clothing cut should look. Additional processing of the seams is also important, which will protect the baby from chafing.

Modern mothers give more preference to proven brands, whose clothes do not dye, do not fade and withstand a dozen washings and at the same time retain their shape and appearance. Since for sewing children’s clothes, well-known manufacturers use high-quality natural materials that breathe and do not create discomfort for the baby. Natural fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton and viscose are breathable and do not disturb heat exchange, do not cause allergies and irritations.

Creating a collection of clothes for children is a long and laborious process. Models, colors change every season and this is all thanks to talented designers. The cut of the product is, first of all, comfort, soft pleasant lining, protective inserts against chafing and irritation. The main task of all manufacturers is to create an optimal microclimate for children.

We invite you to pay attention to 10 children’s European brands that are very popular all over the world:

Molo Brand

The Molo brand was created in 2003 in Copenhagen.This brand is focused on the production of children’s clothing and is one of the best at the moment. Her clothes are very popular in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England. Their signature style is comfortable, original and bright clothes.

Brand Jog Dog

The Jog Dog brand appeared not so long ago, in 2010! All products are manufactured in the Skandia factory. The main goal set by a very young brand is to create high-quality, comfortable and bright shoes for children.The company regularly improves its products and materials used. Jog Dog brand shoes are capable of providing 100% protection and comfort in all weather conditions!


CHICCO is one of the famous brands of children’s clothing, created in 1958. Unlike numerous competing giants, Chicco manufactures not only clothes for children, but also other products, such as toys and products for babies from 0 to 3 years old.


MARKS SPENCER is a famous British brand of children’s clothing, created in 1884.Produces clothes all over the world. This brand is known in all countries of the world. A very large company that has established itself as excellent quality and bold solutions. Collections of clothes for children are especially popular – there is a huge selection of stylish things for every taste.


LITTLE PIECES is a well-known teenage clothing brand for teenage children, created by Bestseller Corporation in 2003. A distinctive feature of this brand is the aggressive street style of casual wear with a touch of romanticism.

The company focuses on British classics, avoiding fleeting fashion trends.

Brand 3 POMMES

French brand of children’s clothing 3 pommes (3 apples), founded in 1973. This brand presents collections for boys and girls from 0 to 12 years old in a free, fun style, as well as casual and dressy clothes for children.

Thus, we can conclude that all brands are good in their own way: some with brightness of colors, another – with tailoring, the third – with calm tones.But I would like to urge all parents to choose clothes for their children not only according to external features, but according to the child’s personal preferences, paying special attention to comfort, coziness and warmth.

Brand ZARA

ZARA is the most popular manufacturer of children’s clothing and footwear as well. Was founded by Spain in 1975. ZARA is one of the few companies that has located most of its production in countries with high labor costs. This manufacturer differs from others in its competitiveness and productivity – the systematic launch of new collections.


BENETTON is a popular brand of stylish and, most importantly, comfortable clothes for children. In other words, it is an Italian casual and sportswear brand created in 1965. Initially, BENETTON produced only adult clothing, but after a while, it began to produce children’s clothing as well. This manufacturer is distinguished from its competitors by the brightness of the colors used in knitted and knitted clothes.


BLUKIDS is a fairly young Italian clothing brand for children from 0 to 14 years old, founded in 2009.Produces fashionable, colorful and at the same time practical clothes and shoes for every day. Most of the items from this manufacturer are made in casual and sporty styles.

Brand GAP

GAP is a well-known American manufacturer of clothing not only for children, which was established in 1969. At the moment, the brand produces items under the Gar, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piperlime brands. This manufacturer is distinguished by a non-standard approach to everyday style and uniforms for educational institutions. The brand is also known for its classic denim clothing.

Brand H&M

H&M is a global brand of popular clothing for the whole family, represented by a Swedish corporation that owns retail chains around the world. It is also a huge manufacturer that creates fashionable interior items from high quality and environmentally friendly materials.


MANGO is a popular Spanish brand of children’s clothing, created in 1984.This manufacturer produces clothes for the whole family, made in classic black and white or pastel colors.

2021 Summer Kids Boys Clothes Streetwear Teenage Clothes Short Sleeve T-shirt 3D Cartoon Printed Sonic Teeth

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Disclaimer: All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, company names or their logos are indicated for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners. The LikeMall service does not sell goods and does not provide paid services (clause 3, Terms). Information materials are used on the basis of partnership agreements and from verified sources. If you believe that your rights are being violated, please contact us. 90,000 Vanity Fair: How Millennials Are Developing the Children’s Clothing Market – Analytics, Trends, Practice |

Luxury brands are investing heavily in young mums and dads, whose trendy kids dressed in Gucci and Gabbana get thousands of likes on Instagram.And this is not just “mimimi” – it is a giant marketing machine, fuel for which is the vanity of the parents of the “Y” generation.

Flip through your Instagram accounts and chances are good that you will come across one of those young fashionistas who is the “deadly weapon” of fashion brands. For example, baby Coco (pictured: @coco_pinkprincess), who is barely 6 years old, but more than 338 thousand subscribers follow her outfits and fashionable looks on the social network. The pictures of the girl in Gucci, Moschino and Nike evoke not only affection, but also a fierce desire to acquire everything that flashes in endless photo galleries.

Or Ivan (@thegoldenfly), nicknamed Lil Kid, son of designer Natalia Zinko. This baby has already made its debut at Haute Couture Week in Paris. In the photo on Instagram, the fashionista appears in outfits from the limited collections of Supreme, Raf Simons and Vetements. And even if there is a child in the photo, his images help to solve marketing problems that are not at all for children.

“Parents strive to dress their children so that they themselves look fashionable and relevant in the eyes of the audience. Social media has become a great channel between parents and the outside world, and while it looks like fun at first glance, it is taken very seriously by both parents and fashion brands, ”says David Park, fashion editor at Complex magazine.It was he who created the “Fashionable Alphabet”, dedicated to all parents who are obsessed with fashion. In this book, A is Airmax, G is Gucci, and Y is Yeezy …

This book is not just an educational toy, it is a symbol of an altered parental consciousness. Indeed, in the minds of young parents, children’s clothes should not be just “cute”, they should be cool! According to Euromonitor, the children’s clothing market will grow by 8% by 2021 to reach $ 34 million. Of course, luxury brands have been producing children’s clothing for a long time, but right now, thanks to young parents, this segment is experiencing a real boom – for them admiration for their children – on social networks and on the street – is an integral attribute of a happy, successful life.

“Street fashion inspired kids ‘garments are mostly made for kids between the ages of 0 and 12, says Philippe Fortunato, CEO of Givenchy, which is developing the kids’ direction. Elements of the children’s wardrobe of the Fashion House are sold in 150 stores around the world. Just like for adults, Givenchy Kids brand renews the collection twice a year, offering more than 130 elements in each of them. Thus, the brand expects to tie fashionable parents to itself, making them want to buy clothes for their beloved children again and again.New moms and dads do not want to forget about their personal dressing habits while dressing their children. Daughters and sons should be cool, nothing less!

By the way, a consequence of a serious attitude to children’s clothes has led to the fact that serious events are becoming platforms for presenting new collections. So, the children’s line of the Balenciaga brand was presented at the men’s fashion show and caused a sensation.

“We were delighted to buy sneakers, sweatshirts, T-shirts … the collection is very cute and, importantly, completely gender-neutral,” says Nasiba Adilova, founder of The Tot store chain from Dallas.“Many brands are afraid of losing their solid status by starting to produce children’s clothing. But I am sure that they will also start production of children’s assortment, looking at the collections of the designer Demna Gvasalia.

In the photo: presentation of the Balenciaga children’s collection

If brands still doubt whether it is worth spending budgets on the active production of children’s assortment, retailers have already actively joined this completely childish game.For example, the British department store Fenwick on Bond Street opened a “store-in-store” Mini Edit, which led to a 15% increase in customer traffic. Moreover, the store is located on the third floor of the department store, and even despite the height, customers are not too lazy to climb it for the sake of an interesting children’s “island”. Farfetch expanded its children’s assortment, adding 144 more to its 40 existing brands. And the French site Melijoe, for which the US and Russia are key markets, tripled Gucci’s online sales, again thanks to it, the children’s assortment.

Cool baby clothes are a status. From rompers to sweatshirts, Jeremy Scott’s cartoon graphics are present in the Moschino collection. Mini Rodini’s fourth collaboration with Adidas Originals, featuring tracksuits adorned with cacti and cartoon characters, has become one of the most successful collaborative collections in the company’s history. The brand decided to capitalize on the mini-me trend by creating children’s clothing as close as possible to the designs of things for adults. A separate advertising campaign was even carried out to promote the line.

Of course, children’s clothing is not a new phenomenon on the market. Luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana has been creating children’s collections since 2012. But right now, trends taken from street fashion are clearly visible in clothes for babies. And largely thanks to Instagram, this trend has blossomed in lush color: babies keep up with their parents in following modern fashion trends, and as a result, children’s clothing becomes a kind of mixture of high design with the most fashionable elements of sportswear and street bows.

In the photo: Collection Dolce & Gabbana 2014. Source:

Parents of the millennial generation who dress up their offspring in almost the same clothes that they wear themselves are becoming the drivers of an entire industry.

“Young parents see their children as a fashionable continuation of themselves,” continues Jeremy Scott, Creative Director of the Moschino brand. Christine Su, managing director of the Hypekids brand, agrees with him.“If I buy a Gucci shirt for myself, then there is a good chance that I will want to buy the same for my son or daughter …” she adds.

The children’s clothing market has a huge financial potential: 40% of millennials are already parents, and it is they who, as the analytical agency Barkley US found out, spend $ 1.3 billion on replenishing their children’s wardrobes. Asian buyers remain the leader in this regard – by 2025 they will account for 45% of all global luxury consumers (data from Bain & Co).In Seoul and Tokyo, street fashion is defining the consumer tastes of the audience in clothes, and this boomerang reflected in the style of clothes of children chosen by their “millennial” parents.

It is interesting that, once started, this process can no longer be stopped. After all, children tend to grow out of clothes, and fashionable parents have a constant need to buy them. Moreover, they no longer agree to pay for “just clothes” – the child must look cool.

“Buying children’s clothes is not an investment in the future,” notes Fortunato.“We all understand that these are by no means essential things. This is just a kind of game that gives pleasure to the parents of the child. And everything that gives pleasure becomes a point of active growth. ”

Brands that accept the rules of this game don’t just make money – they invest in the future. After all, it is today’s children, who are still dressing at the expense of their fashion-conscious parents, who will become buyers in the foreseeable future.And making them a loyal audience is a challenge of the time. And even though they do not even know how to speak yet, the dialogue with them has already begun.

And if even 30 years ago, with the birth of children, parents were ready to forget about their previous passions and hobbies, the fundamental difference between millennials is that they are not at all inclined to such sacrifice. On the contrary, their efforts to be fashionable are redoubled, partly shifting to children. And they both defended gigantic lines for designer novelties from a limited collection, so after the birth of a child they will stand in them and pass on their models of behavior to sons and daughters.And the task of brands is to find a commercial meaning in this connection between generations, creating a groundwork for many years to come.

Translation: Olga Zhukova

Source: BusinessOfFashion

90,000 Sovik – Tundra Streetwear – Society
Photo: Sergey Karpukhin

What do they wear in the tundra? How to shelter from strong winds in winter? The inhabitants of the tundra have long had answers to these questions. The main men’s clothing is malitsa (men’s shoulder clothing among the reindeer herding peoples of the European and Western Siberian tundra) and fur shoes.

In severe frosts, a blizzard, with a long stay in the air (deer grazing, hunting, fishing, nomadic movements, etc.), a fur owl is put on over the malitsa. Sovik (goose, sokuy, kumshi, kumshin, savak, juice) is an outer fur garment with a hood, worn on a malitsa. Dressed like a malitsa over the head, worn without a belt. The owl, in contrast to the malitsa, is sewn with the fur outside, with the pile down from the winter or autumn fur of adult deer.

Photos from open sources

The cut of the owl is somewhat different from the cut of the malitsa. It does not have mittens, but it has a hood, often trimmed with deer fur with a long pile or two tails of polar foxes. The owl’s hood is made single and cut from the same hide that goes for sewing the upper back. It is characteristic that part of the skin from the deer’s head forms the back of the hood, being cut out together with the back. The owl has a sewn-on hem, sometimes of a different color of fur.Depending on the color of the skins, owls are white, dark, variegated. An owl made of white skins is considered beautiful. An owl made of reindeer skins was sewn by hand and was very expensive.

Photo: PORA

Currently, owls are often sewn in a lightweight version – from cloth (summer owl). Summer owls come in black, gray, blue, and green. It is such a cloth owl that is located in the PORA office (Project Office for the Development of the Arctic). Such an owl is much lighter, it is easier to move in it – this is its main advantage.At the same time, it perfectly fulfills its main function – protection from cold and wind. The disadvantage of a cloth owl is that wet snow sticks to it better, which quickly makes it heavier.

The owl is clothing for the street, therefore, it is usually not brought into the chum, but left on the sleds. They lay it so that the back is on top, and the hood and sleeves are wrapped inward. During winter stops, the owl can also serve as a sleeping bag: it is pulled around the legs, and the hood and sleeves are adjusted inward and in this form they lie directly on the snow or in the Kuropatkin tent.

The Sovik, which is located in the PORA office, was sewn by order from the craftswoman from Naryan-Mar Lyudmila Kustysheva.

Lyudmila Kustysheva. Photo: Official portal of culture NAO

Lyudmila Kustysheva is a native of the village of Khorey-Ver in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Her profession is a sewing technologist. And she acquired the ability to work with fur from her grandmother, Marina Pavlovna Kustysheva, who in her youth was a chum worker, and having settled in the village, she became the best craftswoman in sewing traditional clothes, hats and shoes.Master Lyudmila Kustysheva successfully represented the Nenets Okrug at many major festivals and competitions.

Clothes for girls: color psychology

Hello, Violette children’s clothing store welcomes you!

The influence of the color of clothing on the psychological state of a child can hardly be overestimated. The color of clothes subconsciously affects the behavior, self-esteem, mood and even health of the baby. How your child is dressed depends on the perception of him by the people around him and, accordingly, the attitude towards him.The correct choice of color, depending on the character of the child, can have a beneficial effect on him: to calm down the hyperactive or to cheer up the quiet one.

Color Psychology for Children

It has been established that bright “hot” colors – red, orange and yellow have an activating effect on the brain, increase the purity of the pulse and respiration, and accelerate the metabolism. These colors are considered to be the colors of extraversion, i.e. an outward impulse aimed at interacting with the outside world.Bright colors delight and attract a child, the baby himself reaches for such flowers. It should be noted that the effect of red, yellow and other bright colors does not irritate young children, but even soothes and makes the child feel comfortable. Their use is very good for lethargic, apathetic and inactive children.
The choice of clothes in “hot” colors leads to an increase in activity and communication skills, improves the child’s mood, stimulates cognitive activity.Choose clothes in these colors for your child’s streetwear, and he will be more active in the playground, school and kindergarten.
Cool colors – green and blue have a calming effect on the psyche, slow down the metabolism.

Traditionally, girls’ clothes are dominated by pink color . This color has the most beneficial effect on the psyche. The soft pink color in psychology is considered calming and pacifying. Psychologists believe that contemplation of pink in one form or another dulls aggression and can calm even the most excited person.

Pink – endows its owner with “feminine” qualities: tenderness, softness and sophistication. This color is associated with friendliness and affection. A baby in a pink dress looks very touching and delights in every adult.
If your daughter in kindergarten is often offended by other children, try dressing her in pink – most likely the situation will change for the better.

Red The color of clothing has a dual effect.On the one hand, it cheers up, excites, bewitches. On the other hand, it suppresses and alarms fearful people. In color therapy, red is actively used when working with insecure children suffering from low self-esteem. The presence of red in the clothes of the baby and mother is shown to apathetic, slow children. But don’t get carried away by its abundance! Everything is good in moderation. Red color stimulates the nervous system, supplies a person with very strong, but sharp energy. Promotes activity, confidence, friendliness.In large quantities, red can provoke rage and anger. Psychologists believe that the dominance of red clothes in a girl’s wardrobe contributes to the formation of the character of an “iron lady” with pronounced leadership qualities.
Preference for red means: self-confidence, readiness for action, a statement of one’s strengths and capabilities.

Orange color is an excellent antidepressant, contributes to the formation of a good mood. It is very useful for children who are nervous and physically weak.Releases emotions, raises self-esteem, teaches to forgive. Pastel shades of orange (apricot, peach) restore nerve costs.
Unlike red, there is no aggression in orange. It is noticed that children are very fond of this color. On rainy days and a long winter season, orange color in clothes and interior helps to get rid of excessive tearfulness of the baby.

The warm yellow color (the color of the sun) is considered one of the most positive. By eliminating it completely, you will deprive the child of the feeling of celebration and the joy of life.It is a bright, joyful, stimulating color. He is associated with intelligence and expressiveness. It increases concentration, organizes, improves memory, promotes fair and quick decision-making. Yellow helps to accept new ideas and points of view of other people, promotes friendly attitude of children towards each other. This is the color of optimism.
A cold shade of yellow (lime color) has a different effect on the psyche. This color can cause discomfort, dizziness and even nausea.So it is better not to buy clothes of this color for children.

Green is the color of forest and grass. Any natural shades of green have a calming effect, evoke a feeling of stability and peace. It is believed that the active use of green contributes to the formation of a successful pragmatic personality.
It should be noted that in large quantities, green is boring because it does not give vivid impressions. Girl in green clothes becomes unobtrusive to the surrounding children.This must be taken into account when choosing a wardrobe. By the way, the girls themselves very rarely pay attention to green clothes in the store.
Scientists have established that the meaning of green in psychology has a hypnotic effect, so for children, who for the most part do not like to fall asleep, it is very good to get a green pajamas or dressing gown.

Light green . This color is a successful combination of life-affirming yellow and calm green. Light green creates a psychological mood of “cheerful calm”.He encourages the establishment of friendly relations with other children, active communication with the outside world, learning new things.
Light green clothes will not only attract the attention of other children, but will also help to find new “friends” to play in the yard. Therefore, light green should be used in those situations and places where the child will actively communicate with other children. If you want your baby to clearly stand out from other children, pay attention to the pure and bright light green color.

Blue color , as a rule, dominates in clothes for boys, and in clothes for girls it is secondary.At the same time, certain shades of blue (soft blue, turquoise) are perfect for girls. Clothes that combine blue and pink colors look amazing.
Blue color not only calms the child, but also improves immunity, relieves physical and mental stress, creates a feeling of comfort. This color promotes the development of daydreaming, radiates tenderness and peace. This is the color of dreams, the color of peace and harmony.
The turquoise shade is conducive to friendly communication.
Light blue clothing contributes to the formation of neatness and cleanliness in the child.

Blue color in psychology is traditionally considered masculine, however, it can be very appropriate in girls’ wardrobe. Cornflower blue dresses on blue-eyed babes look just amazing!
Deep and mysterious blue color. Associated with such qualities as constancy, perseverance, perseverance, devotion, dedication, seriousness, severity. It is a soothing color. It promotes physical and mental relaxation, creates an atmosphere of safety and trust.Blue is considered the color of good luck.
Dark shades of blue cause a depressing effect, anxiety, excessive seriousness, sadness, sadness.
Blue clothes are highly recommended for those who have incredibly frequent mood changes. The color blue should not be actively used in the clothes of uncommunicative children.

Brown is considered one of the most practical colors in boys’ clothing. In girls’ clothes, this color looks dull and boring, but in combination with white, cream, light beige and golden brown, it transforms.A well-chosen color scheme makes clothes based on different shades of brown sophisticated and elegant.

Black, white, gray are very mature colors. In child psychology these colors are defined as the most neutral. They are often interpreted as a lack of color perception. Black, white, gray rarely evoke any emotions, unless, of course, they are used in too large quantities. A lot of black is depressing and upsetting, causes fear, and an abundance of white – a feeling of emptiness and loneliness.In white, the child becomes the most vulnerable and defenseless. White itself is devoid of emotional aggressiveness, but it is able to create a favorable background for the perception and action of other colors, therefore, white clothes are indispensable in a baby’s wardrobe, especially on holidays.

White jackets, raincoats and dresses look very smart. Many parents are afraid to buy white clothes for children, considering it a brand and impractical. However, it is white clothes that are easiest to keep in perfect order, since bleach can be used for washing.
White clothing helps to develop neatness and cleanliness, which is very important in raising a girl.

There are many shades of each primary color, so mix, experiment, try! There should be many different colors in a child’s life! Observe a reasonable color balance in the apartment, the child’s clothes and his toys, and remember that growing up, the child wants the color of his clothes to match his mother’s. For a child, his mother is the center of the universe. She protects, feeds, dresses, buys toys, bathes, takes for a walk, takes care of.Therefore, it is important for a child to look like a mother, do like a mother, speak like a mother. She shapes the child’s taste in clothes when she picks them up for the toddler.

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90,000 Fashionable clothes to school in the 2021-2022 academic years, main trends

School fashion is a very subtle concept. Relaxed style, excessive brightness and pretentiousness are not welcome here, because the child does not go to school to show off the outfit.At the same time, not a single schoolgirl will say that she does not care how she looks.

The presence of the form allows you not to invent every day what to wear. Comfortable clothes for school are a suit or a sundress that does not hinder movement, but also differs in practicality and style. Therefore, we will try to find a middle ground – so that the girl feels both fashionable and free in movement, and not a black sheep.

Fashionable clothes for school: trends 2021-2022

There are things and colors that never go out of style.This includes a combination of a black bottom (pants / skirt) and a white top. In 2021-2022 this combination is becoming not only traditionally appropriate, but also trendy.

Fashion designers who work with school uniforms take into account the trends of adult fashion, so that the younger generation can feel the “spirit of the times”, even when choosing clothes for classes. So, getting your child to school, look at the option of a short shirt or blouse – they will update the girl’s school image, especially for adolescents.Oversized sweaters look great and are comfortable. For both a schoolgirl and a schoolboy, bulky white sneakers or lightweight sneakers for the warm season can become fashionable school shoes.

However, a child of any age cannot wear anything to school, because there are certain restrictions. No school is allowed in ripped pants, shorts or a bright T-shirt. This is streetwear, and the student should appear in a more strict manner for the lesson.

School trend 2021-2022 there is also a Japanese anime style. It is usually chosen by girls, but boys are also not against stylish two-piece suits in one color.

Formal school uniform

In addition to fashion designers involved in fashionable clothes for school, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is also concerned about this difficult issue. But the requirements of the Ministry are of a recommendatory nature, and each region and even a school has the right to adjust them at its discretion.

There are educational institutions that put forward requirements for compliance with the introduced model of the school uniform. Recommendations may relate to both the basic set of elements of school clothes, and its colors, certain models. Among the advantages of choosing the same school uniform for all students is the formation of internal ethics and school corporate culture.

Uniform for schoolgirls of different ages in 2021-2022

When choosing a school uniform, first of all, the age group is taken into account. For little girls, the best choice will be in favor of a sundress or a dress, because there are no elements in them that need to be corrected or tucked in. A junior student can easily cope with the only element of a school uniform when changing clothes for a physical education lesson.

A sundress for a newly-made schoolgirl is more practical than a dress, because you can pry a warm blouse, sweater or even a sweater under it. But you still have to complement the set with trousers and a jacket for colder weather.Parents should remember that the cut of the school uniform for younger students should be loose. And the point is not only that children grow up quickly, but also that they are quite mobile. This requires the choice of a practical, durable hypoallergenic fabric so that the skin can breathe during outdoor games.

High school girls’ fashion clothes are already more sophisticated as young ladies are beginning to take an interest in the trends of the upcoming season. It is worth giving the opportunity for girls 12-15 years old to choose what will emphasize their individuality.However, a set of school uniforms should still consist of basic things.

The most relevant in the 2021-2022 academic year will be a sheath dress, as well as straight cut or trapezoidal sundresses in minimal styles.

The trend of the new school year will also be straight wide knee-length shorts made of dense dark fabric. But if a teenage girl is not ready to be the trendsetter of the class, then there is no less original, but more practical option – trousers called “culottes”.

Pay attention also to the super trend of the new season of fashionable school clothes 2021-2022 – jumpsuit with cropped wide trousers.

But high school students are the most freedom-loving people in terms of choosing fashionable clothes for school. Young girls browse fashion magazines in order to find a uniform that most reflects trends in clothing styles. So, often the choice falls on fashionable casual.

90,000 Pskov Children’s Fund and Titan-Polymer plant signed a cooperation agreement – News

Pskov plant “Titan-Polymer” will become a partner career guidance project “Navigator in the world of professions”, says the website companies.

The agreement provides for information exchange and assistance in the organization of career guidance events for boarding school pupils institutions of the Pskov region.

Within the framework of the project, in full-time and remote format, excursions to the company and meetings with successful representatives of this directions. All activities are aimed at developing professional skills and professional orientation of pupils of boarding schools.

“We are ready to cooperate with educational institutions on the issue of organizing excursions and meetings with students. As part of the excursions, schoolchildren get acquainted in detail with modern high-tech production, learn about labor protection rules at a production facility, on overalls and the need use of personal protective equipment; about progressive technologies, ensuring maximum environmental protection, closed production a cycle that minimizes emissions into the atmosphere, about the main divisions of the plant, the quality and purpose of products “, – said General Director of the Titan-Polymer plant Herman Petrushko.

Career guidance and training begins with first grades, with the greatest emphasis on pupils of graduates – students 8-11 classes. It is planned that 350 inmates of boarding schools from among graduates (students in grades 8-11) will take part in the preparation of individual educational routes, excursions to enterprises and trainings.

“The main task of our project is to help children in professional self-determination “, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Pskov regional branch of the Russian Children’s Fund Yulia Kolesova.

The project “Navigator in the world of professions” is implemented at support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

Titan-Polymer Plant will support other projects of the Fund. For example, the company’s management decided to provide charitable assistance in preparing children from low-income families and orphans by the first of September.

Photo courtesy of the company.


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