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Promotional Personalized Adhesive Notes For Your Business

Best Promotional Sticky Note Pads from 4AllPromos

Hit the right note with promotional personalized adhesive notes from 4AllPromos! As a leader in the promotional products industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality promotional products that won’t put a strain on your budget. It’s no wonder printable sticky notes are some of our bestselling products– our selection of low price sticky notes and books are the perfect selection for any promotion. From law firms to travel agencies to banks and so much more, your customers will love receiving this classic promotional gift that they will use every day. There are more details to consider than meets the eye when it comes to sticky note pads. Let our 4AllPromos experts take you through a guide of choosing the right size, imprint, and more for the promotional personalized adhesive notes that will put your brand name on the map!

Important Promotional Sticky Note Pad Qualities & Attributes

  • Materials

  • Shape and Size

  • Suggested Volumes

  • Imprints

  • Materials

    All of our sticky notepads offer your customers a high quality place to write to-do lists, phone numbers, and memos. Many of our paper products are stationary-grade, so you know that you are getting the absolute best quality when it comes to promotional merchandise. This means that, not only will the sticky notes withstand the test of time and stand out, but so will your custom logo. Most of our paper products come in classic colors such as yellow and white, but some feature neons of blue, orange, and pink! Additionally, on several of our products we offer design features such as free flood coats or free ruled lines. Flood coats change the paper color of each sticky note in a set and will make for a memorable product. Ruled lines are great for notepads if you think your customers will use them to make lists.

    If quality is not the only factor in choosing your promotional personalized notepad, why not try an eco-friendly option that shows off your green thumb and your commitment to your customers simultaneously. Take into consideration the Eco/Recycled Note Memo Case that contains paper made from 51% recycled materials and an outside case made from 70% recycled materials.

    While there are not a ton of options for what type of paper to choose from, it is an important decision, so take into consideration your customer base before deciding whether or not recycled materials would appeal to them!

    Shape and Size

    The shape of your promotional personalized adhesive notes is arguably one of the most important factors in creating a successful promotional giveaway. You want to make sure you strike the right balance between providing your customers with something that is both useful and memorable, but not to worry – 4AllPromos is here to help!

    Should you go with a pad or a case? That is one of the most basic questions to consider when thinking sticky note shape. We offer a multitude of products in both categories and there are pros and cons to both options. Sticky note books present the opportunity to protect your sticky notes and important memos while offering a prominent space to imprint your logo (typically on the outside of the case and not on individual notes). Notepads are typically flimsier, but this also means they are more travel-friendly and flexible, so your brand will gain that much more exposure! They also allow you to imprint your logo on every individual note, making for an unforgettable promotion!

    Sticky note size is another important element in choosing the right premium promotional product. We offer a wide range of sizes, from the small 2” W x 3” H sticky note pads options to the much larger 4 ¼” W x 9” H sticky note books and everything in between! Also choose between horizontal or vertical orientations. While horizontal orientations are perfect for writing down phone numbers and quick memos, vertical orientations offer a place to write down organized to-do lists and shopping lists– the perfect option for your grocery store’s next promotion.

    For a more compact version of the classic sticky note try sticky tabs and flags, perfect for libraries and bookstores. Customers will love using these handy stickies to mark passages on important documents or even mark the page of their favorite books. These stickies are offered in an array of neon colors including pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow, which makes them stand out! These smaller versions of stickies typically come in sticky note books along with larger ones.

    Uniquely shaped sticky notes are another hit with our customers! While squares and rectangles are a classic way to impress clients, why not stray from the norm? From geometric circles, triangles, and hexagons to our 3D sticky note cubes and everything in between there is sure to be something that catches your eye! Why not change it up even further and bring out your inner patriot with these promotional sticky notes shaped like the United States! Perfect for any American-based retailer! 4AllPromos caters to all promotional needs both traditional and unique!

    When it comes to shapes and sizes, this is truly where your creativity can shine. Want to consider all your options with an expert? Give us a call today!

    Suggested Volumes

    Choosing the number of custom sticky notes per pad or book all depends on your promotion and your company. 4AllPromos offers products in increments from as low as 25 to as high as nearly 700 per product– with plenty of options in between. Before placing your order, consider how often you have promotions- do you want the product to last your customers up until your next giveaway? Also consider your budget because products with higher volume tend to be more expensive (though this is dependent on the shape, imprint, and materials used) than their low volume counterparts. It all depends on what kind of investment you are looking to make into your giveaway.

    Give 4AllPromos a call if you need help deciding which volume might be right for you!


    Now for the part of this guide we know you have all been waiting for: the imprint! We know the main goal of your promotions is to gain exposure for their brand with potential customers while impressing and retaining old ones. 4AllPromos offers an impressive selection of imprints for your promotional sticky notes.

    One color imprints are a simple way to get your brand name out into the world. This type of custom logo gets right to the point and allows for people to clearly understand the message you are trying to portray in a subtle yet clear manner.

    However, if you are looking to really turn heads, why not choose one of our many sticky note products that features a full color imprint? This type of imprint features four separate colors that will really pop on any one of our promotional products. One great example of the power of the full custom imprint is the 3” Sticky Note Cube. You can feature a different full color imprint on five sides of this cube! That is the perfect recipe for a successful promotion!

    When choosing your perfect imprint, much like when deciding among all of the features of your promotional sticky notes, it is important to consider the type of message you want to send to your customers, both old, new, and potential. Do they value simplicity over flash? Is utility more important than the artwork? All of these are important questions to consider when making your decisions. Please do not hesitate to call 4AllPromos with any and all questions you may have for your next promotion!

    Custom Post it Notes & Personalized Sticky Notes

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    Make Your Brand Stick with Custom Sticky Notes

    Personalized sticky notes and custom Post-It® notes are the perfect way to keep students, employees, customers, and clients organized while showing off your logo. Custom-printed sticky notes are a cheap and affordable promotional item for the home, school, or office or to giveaway for your next corporate event or trade show.

    Custom-Printed Post-It Notes and Sticky Notes for All Occasions

    Our wide selection of personalized Post-It notes and sticky notes promotional products will reinforce your message with the turn of each page.  Welcome students back to school, new hires to your company, or new customers to your business with these custom-logo sticky notes and notebook options:

    • Small sticky notes come in several colors, making it easy to label and organize everything. Check out our selection of sticky notes and custom Post-Its in neon colors like yellow, pink, orange, and green.
    • Company-branded notepads and custom memo pads offer a large area for printing which keeps your company logo in view while leaving plenty of writing space.
    • A custom sticky notebook set includes a memo pad, multi-color sticky flags, and a pen. Organizational note pads, such as the Rustic Notebook Set help you keep track of to-dos, important paperwork, or important pages in a text book. A customized notebook with sticky notes or sticky note gift set with your logo is a memorable and useful everyday item that will promote your brand every time it’s used.
    • Imprinted sticky flags and branded sticky note pads  can support your marketing efforts in the office and at home.
    • Custom-shaped sticky notes, like heart, key and puzzle pieces, are perfect for tradeshows and events. They also make a great personalized Post-It notes gift for teachers, doctors, and more.
    • Personalized sticky note cubes display your message on all four sides. Give your staff an adhesive note cube to display on their desks or keep one in reception and customer-facing areas of your business.
    • Extreme Post-It notes can stick to virtually any surface, like walls, brick, boxes, or stacks of lumber, making them perfect for any outdoor, construction or industrial application. These weather- and temperature-proof branded Post-It notes hold their positions in the face of wind and cold, as well as hot and steamy restaurant kitchens.

    When buying sticky notes, brands like Post-It and BIC® combine your name and message with the trust that comes with a well-known name.

    How to Customize Sticky Notes

    With a wide selection of colors, logo options, and shapes, our custom-logo Post-It notes and sticky note options fit any style or budget. Add your name to our pre-printed Post-It notes, or include a custom picture as a cover. However you design them, your sticky notes with company logo are sure to stand out. Plus, when you order your custom sticky notes through Crestline, you’ll save with our wholesale pricing options.

    If you like our variety of branded sticky notes and non-adhesive notepads, you may also want to check out our selection of branded pens, padfolios, and notebooks. Custom imprinted coffee mugs are another great option for welcoming and appreciating employees, customers, and clients. If you need your promotional office products in a hurry, we also offer select promotional products with extra fast production times in our 24 hour rush store on our website.

    Customer Reviews of Our Custom Sticky Notes and Promotional Post-It Notes

    “These sticky notebooks will be awesome gifts for our banquet! They are in the Grand Chief’s color and the printing on the front was perfect! Being contained in the little booklet helps to keep them fresh and undamaged. A great idea.” – Dennis, IN, Sticky-Note Book

    “These handy little sticky notes are something everyone uses and they’re the easiest item to transport to and from exhibits. Light weight for exhibitors who do the footwork themselves. When we don’t have these available, people are asking for them.” – Lynn, PA, Sticky Flag Booklet

    “I ordered the Mini Sticky-Note Books as giveaways for a tradeshow and our exhibit visitors really loved them. One customer even said, ‘Best giveaway here!’ The books are very compact, but contain very useful sized notes along with fun, colorful tabs.” – Karen, CT, Mini Sticky-Note Book

    Personalized Sticky Pads I Sticky Notes

    Personalized Sticky Notepads

    Sticky notepads are a unique and effective way to make a memorable impression on your future customers! It doesn’t matter what your business needs are, Captain Notepad can meet all of your requirements for sticky notes, branded with fun and exciting designs that’ll make every desk pop with a creative flair!

    Custom Sticky Notepads Make a Big Impression!

    A thriving office is never short on sticky pads, so why not use them to promote your business? Not only are branded sticky notepads a cost-effective way of marketing, but they’re also constantly being used by people, day in and day out!

    So, how are you going to turn this opportunity into getting brand new business? Well, it’s Captain Notepad to the rescue!

    Our sticky notepads serve as a constant reminder to anyone in need of a piece of paper about your business. When you need affordable and high-quality sticky notes, branded, well-made and personalized, you need Captain Notepad!

    How Can Branded Sticky Notepads Be Used?

    Personalized sticky notepads are the trusty and versatile way to use affordable marketing methods that keep your business in constant everyday view!


    Branded sticky notepads mean your business is marketed 24/7, sheet after sheet! Every time an office worker needs to make a note, there you’ll be!

    It’s easy to forget the latest online ad when scrolling through social media, but your business will always be at the fingertips of every office, every single day!


    Use sticky notepads, personalized notepads, and any other Captain Notepad products to take quick notes about a new business idea, or to sketch that business-defining design when inspiration suddenly hits you!

    No need to log in to any long-winded systems, just a sheet of paper and your creative ideas to bring an exciting new idea to life. Sometimes our customers surprise us with just how creative they can get with our products!


    Sticky notes, branded or otherwise, are always essential in the workplace. So, why not customize your sticky pads and create a memorable piece of marketing that’s colorful, long-lasting, and fun!

    Decorating a sticky notepad with your brand logo serves as a reminder of what you can offer your future clients, and how easily it is for them to contact you.

    Imagine the kind of advertising that allows your brand to be seen by potential new businesses several times a day for weeks on end…. Well, you’ve just imagined Captain Notepad’s custom-made products!

    Personalized Sticky Notepad Options

    All of our custom sticky pads are available in smart, stylish, and completely tailored personalization options. Choose everything from the design right down to the paper stock and page count, and our Captain Notepad art team will help you find the perfect color, design, and layout – all at no extra cost!

    Quality, Cost-effective Sticky Pads 

    From design right through to delivery, we are committed to providing our customers with a flawless experience. That means high-quality, unique sticky notes at an affordable price. Buy in bulk for an even better deal on your promotional sticky notepads, with the discounts rising the more you buy. 

    If you see a particular style of product and would like the colors to reflect your business theme, or you would like to change the layout slightly, that’s not a problem at Captain Notepad. Contact us for more information on how we can customize your sticky notepads to fit your unique business.

    Stupid Science: I compared 23 sticky notes to help you spare wallet and planet | by Matti Schneider

    How many times have you moved a sticky note around, clustered it with some others, only to find it on the ground when you go back to the whiteboard after lunch break?

    Since spatial position usually encodes information (or at least it should because human brains will believe it does anyway), falling stickies means lost information.

    Experimental process

    I set up two different testing grounds to simulate common situations.

    Hey, somebody asked for it.

    One on a South-facing modern glass window: perfectly flat surface exposed to direct sunlight (Paris in August, 15–32°C, 160h of cumulated sunlight), ventilation holes and window next to it always open to ensure humidity variation. Since humidity is more controlled in offices, this simulates a whiteboard over a longer time

    Yellow is hours of sunlight, red is max temperature, blue is min temperature. Data from MeteoFrance.

    The other trial surface was a painted wall in the same room: same humidity variations but never exposed to direct sunlight, and slightly grainier. This simulates an office wall over a longer time.

    I obviously stuck notes following best practice, ensured equal force was applied on all of them, and thoroughly cleaned both surfaces beforehand.


    All stickies were much more stable than expected. None fell over 30 days! I suspect this is the consequence of using my full weight to stick them, as that was the only way to ensure consistent force.

    Another hypothesis was that they went straight from pack to wall and the glue was more efficient this way, but I ran a parallel experiment over two hours trying to measure after how many sticking-unsticking cycles the glue would run out, and it turns out the limit is above 150. I could measure no difference in falling tendencies. Even with a fan under the note for 5 minutes. Crazy, right.

    It also appears that there is no perceivable change in stickiness between 20 days and 30 days. In a similar fashion, the window surface increases overall stickiness, but products fared comparably on both surfaces. Put otherwise, either the glue is poor right from the start and for all surfaces, or it has good chances to stay for long.


    Since I received each model on a different date, I could not have 30 days of exposure for all of them. However, since days 20 and 30 had no difference in measured stickiness for models that were exposed that long, and since wall surface simply made it easier to spot glue failure without changing tendencies, it is sufficient to observe the wall at day 20.

    I rated each model based on the following scale:

    Adherence distribution
    • 5 = perfect adherence
    • 4 = tooting visible on detailed inspection
    • 3 = tooting visible 1 meter afar
    • 2 = not readable from all angles
    • 1 = about to fall

    You should thus prefer one of the 8 products with the best glue, especially if you intend to leave your stickies on the wall for a long time: the 3M Post-It Recycled or Super Sticky models, the Cosanter JinXin, Lyreco, Q-Connect, Stick’N or Tartan. Other brands can still have good sticking power, but I won’t list all of them inline. You can look at the data if you’re curious 😉

    Write down your idea on that sticky note with a marker (properly), remove it from the pack and stick it on the wall (properly), correct a typo on it, realise that you stained both the wall and the second sticky. Rage.

    Sticky notes that let ink go through are at best environmental and financial waste, at worst used as an unreadable medium by participants.

    Experimental process

    Markers have different inks and solvents, ranging from very light (like a pen) to very strong (like a paint marker). In order to represent that range, I taped 6 of them together, ensured their tips were perfectly aligned, and pushed that tool on the stickies packs.

    I hit stickies packs strongly with that tool from about 10 cm above, and kept pushing down for 5 seconds.

    I then counted the visible dots on each following note. In order to reduce variation, I repeated that process 3 times for each product.

    I counted dots on each note, and took the mean of the three runs. For example, for the series on the left, each column is a run. The first note (obviously) has all 6 tips visible. Two tips always leak on the sticky that comes next on the pack, thus mean is 2 for note 2. The third note has one run with 0 dots, one with 1 dot, one with 2 dots. The mean is thus (0+1+2)/3 = 1.

    I counted means this way until note 6 (no model leaked beyond that point, which is already considerable). It is worth noting, however, that leaking in this stress-test trial does not mean leakage would be systematically observed in standard usage: the pressure applied is much stronger and much longer.


    Distribution of mean ink penetration by note depth. Colour intensity represents number of models leaking that number of dots on that note.

    Even with the importance of the applied stress, the range of possibilities is very wide, as shown in the distribution graph. Two models never leaked beyond note 2 (3M Recycled Post-It and Stick’N Pop-up Notes), while some kept leaking until note 6 (notably NiceDay, which consistently let one marker type through).

    Green means no leakage, yellow means lower-than-median leakage, red means above or equal leakage.

    In order to ease comparison across dimensions, I computed an index for the “ink penetration” dimension. This index normalises the means for all notes to a mark from 0 to 5. Look at the data if you want the exact formula.

    The brainstorming session starts. One participant runs out of sticky notes. As you’re well prepared, you take a new pack out of your bag.

    “Does anyone have scissors?” Nope. Two minutes of fighting with plastic wrapping ensue. It was a fun break, but the participant lost focus and forgot their idea.

    Experimental process

    Purely human-based and biaised. I rated each pack from 1 (impossible to open without a cutting utensil) to 5 (excellent affordance and usage of the self-opening device). I did not get all models as new packs, some are consequently not rated in this dimension.


    Distribution of ease of opening the pack

    Packaging does not seem to be an integral part of product design for most brands. The ones that are awarded a 5 clearly show a precut easy opening (3M Post-it Recycled), or a ribbon to tear the plastic wrapping : Cosanter, Idena, Q-Connect, Paperfoxx and Tesa.

    The worst rankings were for a few brands seemingly taking pleasure in using the most shreddable plastic wrapping with strong glue (Snopake), or in suggesting ways to open that are even less productive than tearing the packaging apart (Stick’N Pop-up notes).

    The case of 3M plastic-wrapped products (i.e. all but Recycled Post-it Notes) is interesting. Indeed, the precutting does work very well if you know how to use it (see video). Functionality is good, but discoverability is so bad this package-opening tutorial is the most popular video in the series!

    Experimental process

    Very simple: divide the price of a pack by the number of stickies in it 😉 I did not take transportation costs into account as they are not linear, and can be offset if you buy other products in the same order.


    Prices can vary over time due to dynamic pricing in online retailers. It is also possible that you will get different prices depending on the retailer, or get a sale or a discount. I minimised this effect by recording only the standard prices of a single retailer (Amazon), over a single week. The main aim being to compare prices relatively to each other, I believe this allows for a fair evaluation of the incurred costs.


    Distribution of the prices of a single sticky note

    Prices vary wildly from the cheapest Chinese product with notes worth less than a cent to the fanciest at a sixth of an euro a piece.

    I did not buy the few even more expensive products for this study, as they are too expensive to be considered in a professional usage anyway.

    The median price is 0.02 €, and anything more expensive than 0.05 € a note is clearly a ripoff.

    I normalised these results on a 0 to 5 scale simply by linearly rating the price from most expensive (0) to least expensive (5).

    A displeasing smell is not only a matter of comfort. Smell indeed mostly comes from solvent, which means it can be a sign of harmful chemicals used in the adhesive that you’re going to put your hands on and let evaporate in your working space for days.

    Beyond the (admittedly limited) risk to health of small doses, an uncomfortable smell on pack opening is always a distraction to the group, and can induce headaches in the most sensitive participants.

    Experimental process

    Once again, easy and biased. If I don’t smell anything when I open the pack, I award 5. The worse and longer it smells, the less points.


    Distribution of (lack of) smell

    The vast majority of products have no smell at all when opened. But the worst, Tiger Block, had me breathing through the mouth for about 10 minutes.

    The case of the Tartan brand is interesting. Indeed, it disappoints in the smell dimension, while it scored well everywhere else. Concurrently, while this brand is basically nonexistent on the internet, its production address is… the same as 3M’s! I thus suspected this product to be a “noname” cheaper version of the 3M Post-it Notes, but at least the solvent used is different.

    We know what stickies are for, but we don’t often think about where they come from and where they go when they die 😉

    As agile or collective intelligence professionals, wouldn’t it be fitting that we ensure the sustainability of the tools we use to help others reach sustainable efficiency?

    The Dark Side of Sticky Notes

    The New York Times celebrates the 30th anniversary of Post-it Notes, a great innovation of the late 1970s national malaise, perhaps because it introduced a bit of sunny yellow into the gloom of the stagflation-era workplace. It also illustrates how bold marketing in difficult times, and user ingenuity, can complement each other:

    Notepads produced for internal use at 3M were a hit, but when they were tested in four markets in 1977, shoppers showed little interest. The next year the company descended upon Boise, Idaho, for what was known internally as the Boise Blitz. Free samples were widely distributed to offices, and so habit-forming was the product that more than 90 percent of Boiseans given samples said they would buy it.

    When the brand was officially introduced in 1980, using just yellow pads, the company again circulated free samples liberally, including to chief executives of Fortune 500 companies and their secretaries.

    Today, more than 1,000 Post-it products are sold in 150 countries, and the notes have permeated popular culture: A Post-it Note is what a boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw uses to dump her in a 2003 episode of “Sex and the City,” what the characters of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd use to write their wedding vows on in the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2009; and what the main characters in “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” in 1997 claim to have invented since graduation.

    Of course the success of Post-it owed a lot to the explosion of paper use that followed the introduction of the original Xerox copiers and their successors in the 1960s and early 1970s.

    But there are hidden glitches in the Post-it and its clones. Read this warning from the University of California, San Diego, library website:

    The verdict is in on Post-it Notes and similar adhesive markers! Though they are easy to use and may be removed from most paper surfaces, DON’T be tempted to use them in books. These seemingly harmless “markers” leave behind their adhesive, even when removed immediately. The adhesive hardens and leaves a film that becomes acidic. This results in eventual discoloration and brittleness of the paper. They were designed for short-term application to expendable documents and have no place being used on permanent records and books.

    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) conducted research which determined that even when removed immediately, the adhesive residue remained. Even more dramatic effects result when used on newsprint (some of the ink is removed) or on brittle, fragile paper where removal may result in tearing the page. The NARA report concluded that these notes will cause increasing preservation problems when used with permanent records and should be avoided.

    I haven’t found the original report online, but there are further technical details here, and they’ve recently been confirmed by Chemical and Engineering News.The 3M FAQ page documents the notes’ environmental friendliness, but according to the State of California recycling office:

    Most paper collectors and paper mills still treat sticky notes as contaminants for high-grade paper. Furthermore, sticky notes are usually colored, which make them incompatible for recycling with white paper. Fluorescent-colored sticky notes are particularly problematic for the recycling of white paper. From a recycling perspective, it is best to simply avoid the use of sticky notes.

    There’s always a special risk in anything promoted as friendly, removable, reversible, safe, or otherwise benign, like safety pins. There’s something to be said for products that look dangerous and permanent.

    To Post-it or Not to Post-it

    Even in the conservation lab of the Smithsonian Institution Archives, land of acid-free bookmarks and conservation-grade adhesives, I recently found myself looking high and low for a practical Post-it note. It was the perfect way to temporarily label a jar of adhesive for one day’s use, instead of cutting out a small piece of paper and taping it to the jar. So much extra work! Created around 1960 by Art Fry and Silver Spencer (legend has it that they were trying to create a strong, durable adhesive but kept making this weak low-tack adhesive by accident), the humble Post-it note is now a fixture of office culture. So simple and easy to use, what is there not to love about them?!

    Well…unfortunately, this bright and useful invention has a darker side for librarians and archivists around the world. Not too long ago, conservation scientists at the National Archives and Records Administration conducted a battery of tests on Post-it notes and their competitors (hereafter referred to as a sticky note), and concluded that all sticky notes leave behind a harmful residual adhesive that attracts dirt and sticks to other papers or objects, no matter if you remove it immediately or leave it on for years, and the dyes in some sticky notes will run if wet. Additionally, removing a sticky note from a fragile book can easily lift ink and tear pages, and the notes are often made of poor quality, acidic paper which will cause damage over time. Although the original Post-it note developed for the 3M Company uses an acrylic adhesive which will not stain paper, other sticky notes are often made with a butyrate adhesive that will discolor paper over time, so users beware!   Consequently, most libraries and archives enforce a strict “NO POST-IT NOTES” rule.  

    So, if you will, imagine my joy tinged with horror when an unusual document, bearing some seventeen feet worth of sticky notes neatly tacked onto a seemingly endless scroll, came into the lab to be conserved!  

    Cordelia Rose, former registrar of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, created this lengthy blue, pink, green and yellow flow chart to describe how the registrar process worked in 1986-1987 and to explain the database system they were using at the time. But as you can see, the sticky notes had become most ill-fated! Having already come loose and been readhered with a deteriorating double-sided tape, they were stained, attracting dirt, curling at the edges and beginning to fall off, leaving a disordered sticky mess.

    After discussion with my colleagues, it was decided to readhere the notes in-situ, making it safe for digitization and for researchers to use. To do so, each note was carefully detached with a heated scalpel, while any residual adhesive was removed with a crepe eraser and methyl cellulose crumbs. Once the surface areas were clean, the sticky notes were carefully reattached in the same position with small drops of Lascaux 360HV, a permanent yet reversible adhesive.  The Lascaux 360HV remains slightly tacky at room temperature, which allows the sticky notes to remain slightly flexible as the scroll is rolled and unrolled. Finally, a custom scroll box was made following instructions from our good friends at the Freer-Sackler, who handle scrolls far more often than we do at the Archives.

    Stay tuned for a follow-up post by my colleague, archivist Jennifer Wright, who will explain why we are preserving and archiving the sticky note thoughts of Cordelia Rose! [UPDATE: linked below]

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    Today, office supplies play an important role in providing clear, uninterrupted work every day.No organization can do without paper products, writing and office supplies.

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    Block for notes in cartoning technique

    To make a block for notes with your own hands using the cardboard technique, you need a sheet of binding cardboard (2 mm) measuring 20×20 cm, cardboard 1 mm thick (20×20 cm), two cuts of fabric matching in color (20×30 cm each), lace, Whatman paper (format A3), kraft paper, as well as PVA glue, transparent quick-drying polymer glue, breadboard knife, cutting mat, scissors.

    First of all, you need to prepare the parts of the box for recordings. To do this, cut out the bottom part (a square with a side of 9 cm) and details of the side walls (two rectangles 9×5.8 cm in size (A1, A2) and two 8.6×5.8 cm (B1, B2) from cardboard (2 mm)). On part A1, make a cutout for paper.

    Cut out the parts with a sharp mock-up or roller knife, adjusting the cut line with a metal ruler. Place a cutting mat or linoleum under the cardboard.

    First glue rectangles of 9×5.8 cm to the part of the bottom (A1, A2 ).To do this, apply polymer glue to the cut of the rectangles, attach the parts to the bottom, and then glue the remaining side walls (B1, B2) and strengthen the joints with Kraft paper glued to PVA.

    The next step is to cover the outer part of the unit with a cloth. To do this, cut out a piece of 27×6 cm from whatman paper, divide it into three rectangles 9×6 cm, make a cutout for paper in the middle rectangle.
    Cut a rectangle of 29×8 cm out of the fabric. Apply a thin layer of PVA glue to whatman paper, remove excess glue with a sponge or foam roller.Glue the drawing paper and fabric together, smoothing the creases with a soft spatula or plastic card, leaving equal allowances on each side of the workpiece.

    Make cuts in the fabric at the paper cutout.

    Apply a thin layer of PVA to the cardboard blank of the paper box and the inside of the Whatman paper. Glue the indicated parts by matching the cuts.

    Thus, three sides of the box will be pasted over with fabric: a part with a cutout for paper and the adjacent sides. The opposite side remains unpapered.

    Next, you need to arrange the fabric allowances. Start from the bottom. Bring the allowances to the bottom, trim them. Align the seam allowances on the perpendicular sides and trim off excess fabric. Glue the fabric to the bottom of the box.

    Hereinafter, use PVA glue to glue fabric to paper parts (cardboard, Whatman paper). Polymer glue is required only for gluing cardboard box parts.
    Place the remaining fabric allowances on the inside of the basket. Cut the corners according to the same principle as when decorating the bottom.

    Moving on to the internal gluing of the block for records. Let’s start from the bottom. Cut a square with a side of 8.5 cm from a drawing paper, and 10.5 cm from a fabric. Glue the cloth to the drawing paper. Cut the corners of the fabric at right angles to the Whatman paper.

    Glue the fabric blank to the bottom of the box with allowances on the side walls.

    Since one of the walls of the box (A2) was not pasted over, we need to make a cut along the outer edge. To do this, cut a strip of 8.5×3 cm from the fabric with polka dots and paste over the cut with it.

    To complete the internal gluing of the notepad, glue the floral patterned fabric (27.5×7.5 cm) onto whatman paper (25.5 x 5.5 cm). Cut the corners at an angle of 45 degrees to the base of the fabric blank. Glue the long sides of the rectangle to the inside.

    Glue the resulting part to the side walls B1, A2, B2, insert short allowances on A1.

    After glue the piece with a cut for the paper.

    Moving on to the design of the cover. Cut a rectangle 9.5×10 cm from cardboard 2 mm thick (block cover), and from cardboard 1 mm a rectangle 6×10 cm (A2) and 9.5×10 cm (bottom of the box).Glue the cardboard pieces to the Whatman paper, leaving 2-3 mm between them.

    Take a fabric with a floral pattern and cut out a 13×17 cm piece, glue it to the cardboard blank of the lid. Place the corners of the fabric onto a cardboard blank, fix it with glue, then bend the side allowances. You will get a neat corner.

    Glue allowances to cardboard pieces and glue lace.

    Parts made of cardboard 1 mm thick will be invisible, so you do not need to paste over them from the inside, but you need to glue a square with a side of 9.5 cm on the lid part (on a Whatman paper (9.5×9.5 cm), glue a cloth (11.5×11, 5 cm), cut the corners at an angle of 45 degrees, bring three allowances inward).

    It remains only to glue the box to the cover part and add a copper suspension to the composition.

    Cartoning writing block ready.

    Elena Tregub

    Cross-stitch, needlewoman’s notes | Glue

    Hello dear readers!

    The article will focus on the popular creative hobby – cross-stitching.

    If you are new to this business, then for you I have a few notes, knowing which you can facilitate a painstaking task.

    In fact, this hobby requires patience and a lot of free time. When I was more free and had a great desire to create, I managed to embroider several works. One of these works remained in its initial state, because the emerging worries about the family, about children, and the establishment of everyday life came to the fore.

    During the time of embroidery I have learned some points that I will gladly share.

    1. The quality of the work cannot but be influenced by the quality of the materials.

    I bought embroidery kits and the quality of the material in them was different.The more expensive set included a good quality canvas, bright strong threads.

    2. For the convenience of embroidery, many needlewomen use a special marker. They lined the canvas with 10 cm squares. I did the same. However, if you leave the canvas with a marked marker for a long time, then it will be difficult to “display” the marker. And that’s how it worked out for me. On top of that, I unknowingly “soaked” the work in boiling water. And this was absolutely impossible to do. The work was embroidered, and I was very sorry for the time spent on it, so I left it as it is.

    3. Embroidery kits sold in stores must be accompanied by instructions. The instructions give recommendations that help to avoid mistakes in embroidery, for example, before starting work on the canvas, you should find the center, put a mark and start embroidery from this point. At the same time, the work will not “slide” beyond the canvas.

    4. If you do not use a marker for ruling, you can mark the squares for ease of embroidery with threads, as shown in the photo below.

    Started work “Unicorns”

    Started work “Unicorns”

    5.Another interesting note. There is such a theory that images embroidered by the hands of a needlewoman bring changes in life. Each image has its own individual meaning. For example, I heard that if you embroider horses, you can expect an improvement in work activity (moving up the career ladder, changing a job to a high-paying one, a new interesting type of activity), if you embroider a house, then you can count on improving living conditions in the near future. Peony flowers are a symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth.If you embroider a couple of animals or birds, for example, a couple of wolves, two ducks, or storks, butterflies, then such an image promises happiness in married life.

    Thus, the needlewoman has a very strong motivation to diligently engage in cross-stitching.

    My experience with embroidery tells me that theory does not always border on practice. I embroidered the house 7 years ago, and bought the apartment only 2 years ago. The peonies embroidered by me did not help in any way in my family life, but the result I really like and pleases the eye.Well, I still don’t know where to adapt the embroidered work of the “tiger cubs”. There is an idea to decorate a pillow with embroidery.

    Despite all the laboriousness and laboriousness of such a hobby, the result exceeds all expectations, brings inspiration, happiness and the desire to create stunningly beautiful things.

    I wish you creative success! Thank you for the attention! If you liked the article and was helpful, press your thumb up! Write your comments!

    You can subscribe to the channel here!

    How to make slimes from PVA glue that did not meet expectations

    Sharing personal experience of creating slimes at home

    A week ago, a child came home from school and said that everyone in the class already had slimes.It means that he urgently needs it. We reviewed an uncountable number of videos on the Internet, re-read the options for 20 recipes. And like many, they chose the simplest one – from PVA glue and fixer. And we didn’t succeed. But we did not give up and came to success. This is our story.

    The easiest slime recipe

    – 50 grams of PVA glue.
    – A little gouache or glitter if you want a bright color option. But you can do without them.
    – Sodium tetraborate, or, as the people say, “borax”, is sold in the pharmacy.Add one teaspoon at a time. Stir and repeat until the mixture thickens.

    Not all PVA adhesives are equally useful for slimes

    We made the first slime from Luch PVA glue. Just because we had it. It was only later that they learned that only a level 80 magician could make a slime out of it. You need to add toothpaste, shampoo, hand cream, foot spray. In proportions known only to a select few. And everyone, like us, went through the fact that the glue is too liquid.I had to use up too much fixer for it to thicken. But all the same, it turned out not a slime, but an easily breaking cake. Everything, like everyone else.

    The second time, we took it seriously. We studied reviews about different PVA adhesives. It turned out that construction glue is mainly chosen. From it slimes are obtained the most clicking and incredibly stretching. But I immediately dismissed this option. Children make slimes in order to cuddle them in their hands, roll them, stretch them – constantly interact.And building glue is toxic and can cause allergies.

    For the same reason, we did not take the Persil washing gel and washing powder for the fixer. They are good though. But standard sodium tetraborate, naphthyzine, or shaving foam do the job just fine. And non-toxic.

    In the end, we still trusted the experience of seasoned schoolchildren and did not lose. We bought Berlingo frost-resistant stationery glue. It makes good slimes with low consumption of thickener.

    How to fix the situation with PVA glue that is not suitable for slime?

    The worst thing that could happen after adding sodium tetraborate to PVA glue is the transformation of the mixture into curd. Medicine is powerless here.

    Things are a little better when the mixture does not want to thicken. There is a chance to save the situation with a few drops of silicate glue, shaving foam, foot spray and tetraborate itself. Add in small doses and stir.But don’t hope for a miracle. The glue may never thicken.

    And the exact opposite situation – the slime does not stretch, it breaks. It is treated with small doses of toothpaste and hand cream. The main thing is not to overdo it.

    Author: Lyudmila Kameneva

    What is the name of the sticky note paper?

    They are called sticker / note paper, to put it simply – sticker / label.

    Used in everyday life to create various notes, banners. They are used not only for notes, but also as decorative and not only.

    Where and how can they be used?

    Method 1: For planning for, or some kind of business. Every day for a week, month and year we need to do some things, and in order not to forget – you can make just such reminders from such a sticker.

    Method 2: Turning your dreams into reality. Everyone has their own dream, what you want to achieve in your life. And here stickers will help you, break your dreams with them into several groups in various aspects of life. Then on the points that you need to do to make your dream come true, and then write them down on your reminder and attach it, for example, to the wall, and each time you complete one part – tear off the piece of paper and you can re-paste it in another place, in the place of the “completed” tasks. And so you will have excitement, and you will quickly begin to embody your task in life.

    Method 3: Write information for memory. Just write down your thoughts on paper for memory, so as not to forget anything, and all important things were in a prominent place.

    Method 4: Declaration of love. Once again, remind the person how much you love him and that he is very important to you. Can also be used for the whole family. For example: blue for a son, yellow for a daughter, red for a wife, etc. It will be very interesting and pleasant for relatives to receive such notes in the morning.

    Method 5: Helping books. If you are reading a book and stop at a certain place, you do not need to fold the pages, scribble with a pen or otherwise spoil the book. You can simply mark the place where you left off with such a shortcut.

    You can still do a lot with the sticker, for example:

    • learn foreign words
    • discipline children
    • cook with them

    Everything is limited only in your head.

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