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E-Gift Vouchers!

Available on our e-shop, gift vouchers!

Sold in denominations of $5, $10 and $50


Perfect as gifts for any occassion! 

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The perfect bundle for that perfect getaway!

If you’re headed somewhere sunny and warm, this bundle is great for you!


[ What’s included? ]

1x NuBra Airy (in your size) 

1x Padded Panty (Nude or Black |  Small, Medium or Large)

1x NuBra Cleanser

1x NuBra Skin Prep


Worth: $147

Now: $130!


Since the NuBra Airy is breathable, you will be cool and comfortable throughout your trip, even when you’re sun tanning! The best part is, with NuBra, no tan lines!

The Padded Panty Hipster will help you achieve a worked out derrière look without any of the hard work, giving you that nice finish with your desired outfits.

Coupled with the NuBra Cleanser and Skin Prep, you’re ready for your getaway!

Getaway Bundle


An exclusive bundle for all the brides!



What’s included:

1 Nubra in your cup size

1 Padded Panty ( Nude or Black ) in your size

1 Cleanser

1 pack of Skin Prep (6 sachets)


1. This bundle promotion is available both in-store and online.

2. The items packed in the bundle are fixed and will not change upon request or any other circumstances.

3. Please look at the individual listings on our E-shop ( for more information about the items included in the bundle.

4. If there are items out of stock, customers will be notified on ETA of new stock arrival.

5. Nubra Singapore reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time.

6. If there are any enquiries, please feel free to contact us through Facebook or at nubra. [email protected]


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It’s that time of the year again and NuBra SG has a special CNY deal for you!

Spend over $88 and get 10% off your order! 

Use the code “CNY88” at checkout to get the discount!

Terms & Conditions

1. The CNY promotion will run from the 29th of January till the 14th of February 2021

2. This promotion is valid both online and in-store

3. The promo code “CNY88” needs to be entered at checkout for online orders. Otherwise, the discount will not be credited ….

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NuBra Push Up Plunge at $48 only! (U.P $65)

NuBra Lace-Up at $80 (U.P $95)

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GSS Special!

[GSS SPECIAL] Receive $15 off your 2nd NuBra purchase!

Terms & Conditions
1) This promotion is valid from the 6th of July 2017 until the 31st of July 2017.  
2) The coupon will be sent to your email after your first purchase of a Nubra online. 
3) The promo code is valid for 3 days from your online purchase date. 
4) The in-store promotion will be given to you by one of our staff and must be used within the SAME transaction …

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It’s that time of the year again and NuBra SG has a special CNY deal for you!

Spend over $88 and get 10% off your order! 

Use the code “CNY88” at checkout to get the discount!

Terms & Conditions

1. The CNY promotion will run from the 29th of January till the 14th of February 2021

2. This promotion is valid both online and in-store

3. The promo code “CNY88” needs to be entered at checkout for online orders. Otherwise, the discount will not be credited ….

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Use & Clean | Nubra Singapore


It is important that you follow all the instructions carefully prior to wearing NuBra.

DO NOT USE moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to use, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Gently clean your chest area with mild soap and water to remove body oil and residue from skin. Dry your skin with a soft towel. DO NOT USE powders, oils, or fragrances anywhere near the chest area prior to applying your NuBra.

Stand in front of the mirror. Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by the edges with both hands (See photo). Position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently in a circular motion smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips. Repeat the same application on your other breast, being sure both sides are equal in height.

Then, with both hands on the bra cups press firm for a few seconds to secure the hold  Now, you are ready to enjoy the total freedom and comfort of your NuBra!

Take your time, detach the front closure first, and then gently peel off the bra starting from the top and gradually downward. If any adhesive residue remains on the skin after removal, simply wipe skin with a soft tissue to remove.

Cleaning Your NuBra


You can easily clean your NuBra by using the specially formulated NuBra Cleaner and water, rinse and then air dry! Once dry, the adhesive will amazingly regenerate! 

NuBra stick on is guaranteed to stay securely in place even when you sweat (when instructions are followed carefully). 

It is important that you follow all the instructions carefully prior to wearing NuBra. DO NOT USE moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to use, as this will reduce the effect of the adhesive. 

Watch the video below for instructions on how to wear and care for your NuBra.

About Us | Nubra Singapore

NuBra is the original adhesive bra invented by Bragel International Inc. and it is MADE IN THE USA. 

There are many imitations in the market using the brand name “NUBRA” on their websites. 



NuBra is the secret of many high fashion models, Hollywood and International movie stars, brides and millions of women all over the world.

These fashion-conscious women have discovered this high fashion bra secret and know that the authentic NuBra will help them look fabulous in their strapless and backless dresses, gowns and everyday clothing.

NuBra is the original strapless, backless and self-supportive bra with a specially formulated PSA adhesive, which has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly. 

It gives a great silhouette, whether you are looking for a slight boost, a full increase in cup size, more cleavage or just the choice not to have to wear a regular bra with uncomfortable and unsightly straps. 

It’s easy to wear. Simply position, press on and go!

NuBra is:


Self-adhesive, self-supportive

Medical-grade silicone gel that is skin-friendly

FDA approved and clinically tested to be safe

Made in the USA



Why buy from the NuBra Shop?

When you buy from our NuBra Shop at The Centrepoint, you are guaranteed a genuine NuBra product using medical grade, FDA approved adhesive. Our trained retail consultants will fit you with the correct size and demonstrate the proper use of NuBra to obtain your desired results. 

Alternatively, you can shop at our online store. We offer free delivery for orders within Singapore with a minimum S$70 purchase  (rates from S$10.00 for orders under S$70). International orders have shipping rates that differ according to the destination and order package weight, shipping will be automatically calculated to the weight and destination at checkout. 


Delivery Timings

local delivery

Once your order is placed, it usually takes about 2-3 working days (we are closed on Sundays) for local deliveries in Singapore.

International deliveries

we ship our international orders via Singapore post registered parcel service and tracking is available ( Due to the current global covid-19 situation, delivery timings may be affected. Please check the SingPost website for details on delivery timings to different countries.



Strapless, Backless Bras That Won’t Get in the Way of Your Favorite Clothes

Photo credit: Stocksy

From Best Products

Ever wonder how celebrities can effortlessly wear backless gowns? The secret is what’s underneath. Take on scoop-backs — or dare to bare all — with these strapless, backless bras that provide every kind of coverage. Learn more about which ones might work best for you below, along with what our editors thought after trying them out ourselves.

Best Backless Bras

Best Overall

When dealing with backless tops, NuBra is the best place to start for an undergarment solution. While it’s a little pricier than some other options, it is the most recognizable “sticky bra,” and it’s our top pick for several reasons. The adhesive is strong, it’ll last through dozens of wears, it can be washed, and it generally works for most women, as its options accommodate both smaller and larger chest sizes.

There are several versions, but our favorite is the Feather Lite style. One of our editors says, “I’ve tried all of the NuBras, and this one is the best. Unlike other sticky bras, I can wear it all day and hardly notice it’s there. It’s a must-have for sundresses in the summer!” The lightweight cups won’t cause sagging, and they’re better at providing lift than padded ones. The Feather Lite won’t help with adding volume, but you’ll still get a serious cleavage boost thanks to the center fastening.

Best Budget Buy

If you’re unsure about sticky bras, or only plan to wear one a few times, try this affordable option from WingsLove. It’ll give you a sense of how an adhesive bra looks and feels without having to make much of an investment, and it’s also the number-one selling pick on Amazon!

The main difference between this one and the NuBra is that the cups are filled with silicone. This can be both good and bad: Sometimes the added weight pulls breasts down, but it’ll actually provide more shape under something fitted like an evening dress. The WingsLove bra also has an option for double thickness if you want more volume. After trying it out, one of our editors noted that “while it leaves some residue, this will totally do the job when you need a special bra for a formal dress and don’t want to spend too much.”

Story continues

Best Plunge Bra

For someone who prefers more coverage or support, this strapless bra is the most similar to the one you wear everyday. It alters a regular bra silhouette so that the front stays hidden under plunging necklines, and the straps can also be converted into a crisscross or halter design.

Keep in mind that while this style won’t allow you to go totally backless, the adjustable band does sit low enough to pair with outfits that have a low-dipped back. You can also easily add padded inserts to the wireless cups for enhanced cleavage. The editor who put this one to the test reported that “the band feels really nice and secure, but you’ll definitely want to go down a size for the cups. This is the perfect bra for those deep-V Reformation dresses that are so hot right now.”

Best Underwire Option

This bra is a combination of a regular bra and an adhesive bra. The front is made from soft fabric cups with underwire, but there’s no band, and it attaches to your body through sticky wings on the sides. It’s the most natural-looking bra solution that lets you go completely backless.

Something to consider here is that the cups aren’t lined with adhesive, so it won’t have the same hold as a sticky bra. We recommend pairing it with something that’s fitted up top to make it feel more secure. Our editor said this one “really feels like you’re wearing a regular bra. It’s surprisingly comfortable! I’d be nervous to wear it under a loose top all night, even though the adhesive is strong, but this would be great for something like a bridesmaid dress.”

Another tip: If you take care of the sticky wings when not in use, this bra can be worn up to 25 times.

Best Stick-On Covers

Looking to keep things as minimal as possible underneath? Skip the bra altogether with these highly rated nipple concealers. They’re made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone, and they have an adhesive lining, so you just have to stick them on and go.

What makes these better than other pasties is that they’re ergonomically designed not to show through clothing. The “paparazzi-proof” matte finish won’t reflect light from a camera flash, and the tapered edges blend right in with your skin. After trying them out, an editor said that “I’ve never been one to go braless, but these actually made me feel confident and secure. It feels so much better than wearing nothing at all. I’ll be wearing them with my slip dresses from now on.” The skin covers are available in three flesh-colored options and two sizes, and they’re overall a great option if you don’t need extra help with lift.

More of Our Top Picks:

Check out these additional ideas when looking for the right support under tricky outfits.

Best for Extra Coverage

Everyone should have fashion tape on hand in case of a wardrobe emergency! With this convenient three-pack, you can keep some at home, in your purse, and in your suitcase. While it also won’t do much in terms of lift, these hypoallergenic adhesive strips let you safely tape fabric directly to your skin so that nothing peeks out. (This is how celebrities wear daringly low-cut necklines on the red carpet.)

It’ll definitely lend security when opting to go braless, or you can even use it in conjunction with one of the options included in this list.

Best for a Lingerie Look

Similar to the adhesive bras above, Nudwear’s sticky design enhances cleavage and works well with outfits that have an open back. However, this brand aims to make it attractive while being functional, too. A signature lace overlay adds a lingerie-like feel that you won’t mind being seen in, and you can also choose from black and beige colors.

We recommend this style for someone who wants a higher-quality sticky bra with silicone cups. It even includes a travel case that’ll help keep it in great shape.

Best for Larger Cup Sizes

For larger cup sizes, it always takes a bit more experimenting to find the right bra. (Especially when ditching the typical silhouette!) But if none of these other options seem to do the job, here’s another adhesive style to consider. The sticky silicone cups have straps that attach to your shoulders to help leverage support. Think of it like Kim Kardashian’s boob-tape trick, but way less painful.

There’s also no center closure, so it’s great for anyone who’s looking to rock a top that’s seriously low-cut and/or backless, like this lace-up Alexander Wang bodysuit.

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Wireless Bras That Won’t Poke Your Sides

Lace Bralettes for Layering and Lounging

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The 6 Best Stick-On Bras For Small Busts

The right adhesive bra can be comfortable and help you feel more confident while wearing strapless or backless outfits — or when you’re just not in the mood for pesky bra straps. The best stick-on bras for small busts are the right fit to provide coverage and support for smaller cup sizes. Plus, they’re nearly invisible beneath whatever outfit you’re wearing, whether it’s a casual top or a wedding dress.

Each of these stick-on bras features silicone adhesive, so they’ll stick to your skin without the usual hooks and straps, but they’ll shape your bust in different ways. Here’s the scoop on each:

  • Rabbit ear bras feature rabbit ear-shaped tabs that adhere to the skin above your breasts, and since the tabs don’t cover the skin between your boobs, they’re a good choice for low-cut tops, but the tabs might peek above strapless outfits. You can usually trim the tabs if needed, though.
  • Front-closure bras have clasps or tie-front closures that can bring your breasts closer together to highlight your décolletage. They have no tabs, so they’re good for strapless looks, but the front closure might be visible with plunging necklines.
  • Deepplunge bras offer light support and have a U-shaped front, and while they won’t offer much support, they’re great for your lowest necklines.

There are also hybrid adhesive bras with both an adjustable front clasp and lift tabs to maximize support. Or, if you just want minimal, lightweight coverage, you can go for a simple set of nipple covers. You also have several color options, including beige, brown, and black, so you can choose the one that works best with your skin tone and outfit. Best of all, every single one of these strapless, backless bras is washable and reusable.

With that in mind, these are the best stick-on bras for small busts on Amazon that’ll make you feel like a million bucks in any outfit.

1. The Best Overall

With more than 7,000 reviews, this adhesive strapless bra is a hugely popular pick on Amazon. The bra is made from adhesive silicone, and the shape works superbly well with strapless tops and dresses. The front clasp helps keep everything in place, but keep in mind that it isn’t adjustable; however, you have some control depending on where you place your breasts in the cups. This option comes with bonus silicone nipple covers in case you decide to go for less coverage, and it’s available in the cocoa shade pictured here, as well as khaki and light beige. One note: Reviewers report that it runs a bit small, so you may want to size up.

According to a fan: “As a solid member of the A-cup squad, most strapless bras are useless. This bra is wonderful! Follow the instructions just as they say on the product page and it works very well! I even got a bit of cleavage (something that never happens)! Would buy this again.”

2. A Bra That Offers Lighter Support

Similar to the above option, this stick-on bra works seamlessly with strapless and backless options, but the silicone is a bit thinner, which means it offers just a little less support — not necessarily a bad thing. The front clasp gives you a bit of versatility, depending on where you place your breasts in the cups, so you can tailor your look to your preferences. This option is available in two shades: cocoa and light beige.

3. The Best Rabbit Ear Stick-On Bra

These rabbit ear adhesive bras provide support without pushing your breasts together, and are perfect for backless and low-cut looks. The set comes with one pair of beige and one pair of black tabs, and they feature silicone gel adhesive with bunny ear tabs. The tabs might be visible with strapless tops, but you can trim them down to your desired length.

According to a fan: “I love these stickies!! […] It does just what it promises, lifts you up, perfect when wearing a backless outfit or deep plunge clothes.”

4. An Adjustable Front-Tie Style

This tie-front closure sticky bra lets you adjust your support for every outfit — tie it loosely for light support or cinch it tightly to bring your breasts closer together. The lightweight bra is made with a polyester-spandex blend and silicone adhesive, and the set includes two colors: black and beige. It’s a great bra for strapless and backless looks, and while the tie-front closure might create bumps under some outfits, you also have the option of letting the ties peek through.

According to a fan: “I needed this for a backless romper I have and they are great. I have a small chest, but it stays up very well!! Great look.”

5. The Best Rabbit Ear & Front Clasp Hybrid

To get support both up and in, this adhesive push-up bra features lift tabs and comes with three front closure clasps of different sizes, so you bring your boobs closer together, or leave them where they are. And if you like, you can forego the clasps completely and simply wear this as a rabbit ear bra. This option is made from skin-friendly silicone, and the lift tabs can also be trimmed down to your desired length. The one down side: It’s only available in light beige.

According to a fan: “Perfect for strapless or off the shoulder tops. Also great if you just don’t like wearing a regular bra & dealing with constantly adjusting the straps. Great support & just the right amount of adhesive on it. Very comfortable & not too thick either.”

6. A Deep-Plunge Bra For Low Necklines

For light support that works with low necklines and strapless outfits, this adhesive plunge bra is a good choice. The deep U-shaped plunge bra is made from soft fabric with silicone adhesive inside the cups and adhesive wings on each side. While this is a great option for plunging necklines, the wings might be visible with backless outfits. It comes in two colors — black and beige — and a set of nipple covers is included.

  • Available sizes: Small – XXL (32A – 38E)

According to a fan: “I really like this bra. It fits as expected, good quality, just what I needed.”


These Smooth Silicone Nipple Covers For Light Coverage

If you’re looking for minimal coverage, these highly rated silicone nipple concealers are perfect. Just place them directly over your nipples, and the ultra-thin edges will lie flat against your skin, making them nearly invisible under your clothes. The covers are available in brown and two shades of beige, and they’re reusable up to 40 times. Plus, they come with a handy carrying case, so you won’t lose track of them in your underwear drawer.

According to a fan: “OH WOW. I’ve gone several weeks with no bra now! Super comfy and WHY NOT!?!? I’m a 32B (read: small boobies) so this may not be for everyone who has more chest going on, but I’ve been very comfortable with no bra.”

The 7 Best Stick On Bra For Small Bust

OUR TOP PICK Niidor Adhesive Bra Strapless Sticky Invisible Push up Silicone Bra If you want a functional adhesive bra for perfect body shaping, the Niidor Adhesive Bra should be a part of your list. It is made of sticky and skin-friendly silicone adhesive. This push-up silicone bra is guaranteed not to slip, and it fits well without causing pain.
RUNNER UP The Party Bra – Stick on Bra – A to G Cup The Party Bra – Stick on Bra – A to G Cup is It’ and prom dresses. They’re super sticky for maximum hold and have a front clasp on the bra that guarantees to enhance cleavage.
ALSO GREAT Mystiqueshapes Rabbit Ear Strapless Backless Bra Lift Nippleless Cover Mystiqueshapes Rabbit Ear Strapless Backless Bra Lift Nippleless Cover is the humanized invisible bra. It’s harmless without stimulation, and it gives a natural fit to your chest’s curve. This high-strength adhesive in cups can always make your chest stay in a suitable place and ultimately protect your breast from falling off.
Maidenform Women’s Invisible Adhesive Seamless Backless and Strapless Bra This Invisible Adhesive Seamless Backless and Strapless Bra is a stick-on bra that will give you great coverage under your most revealing apparel without any straps and clips that can usually be found on a lightweight or body-hugging fashion.
Go Nipless Adhesive Petals Nip Covers Reusable Nipplecovers Go Nipless Adhesive Petals Nip Covers Reusable Nipplecovers is made of safe silicone gel that adheres to the skin while helping you achieve a more natural look. Besides, the bra is reusable and doesn’t leave any imprint on the skin. You can wear the bra with a wedding gown, prom, or any low-cut outfit.
Niidor Adhesive Bra Strapless Sticky Invisible Push up Silicone Bra Niidor Adhesive Bra Strapless Sticky Invisible Push up Silicone Bra silicone material, a substance known to be both skin-friendly and sticky without causing any allergies. Thanks to its high-strength stickiness, this bra is guaranteed to keep your breasts in a comfortable position, so you don’t have to worry about falling off.
Hybrid & Company Women’s Perfectly Uplift Strapless Silicon Bra Hybrid & Company Women’s Perfectly Uplift Strapless Silicone Bra is made with silicone. It is 100% skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, stretchy, and perfect for any skin type. It’s made of 75% rayon, 20% nylon, and blended with 5% spandex fabric for stretch and comfort.

Buy NuBra Products & Compare Prices Online in Singapore 2021

Everything you need to know about adhesive bras

Bras are a women’s best friend, because not only does it give support to your breasts, it also prevents further problems such as sagging and back pain. Additionally, it lifts up the breasts giving it shape to a women’s figure. There are so many types of bras in the market and among these; the adhesive bra is also very popular among women. Adhesive bras are preferably worn with outfits that fail to cover the bra straps.

Adhesive bras or more commonly known as stick-on bras can be easily worn by attaching to the underside of the breasts. Generally, these bras utilise medical grade adhesive and are made of silicone or polyurethane materials. When worn as a substitute for the traditional bras, it also serves the purpose of giving support as well as cleavage enhancement.

Types of adhesive bras

There is a wide range of adhesive bras that provide support and additional padding. Depending on the quality and material of the bra, there are usually a limited number of times it can be worn, due to the adhesive part wearing out. Not all stick-on bras come in the same form; some may come in one cup piece for each breast, while others have full cups. The most popular types of adhesive bras are molded, disposable, and silicone.

Molded adhesive bras

This category of bras is constructed from a flat piece of cloth. It is then molded with heat over a breast cast to form the shape of a cup. Among all the adhesive bras, this creates the most natural, rounded looking shape. Due to the seamless design of the bra, it looks and feels invisible under any type of clothing.

Disposable adhesive bras

More commonly known as pasties, the patches have an adhesive backing that covers a woman’s bust area and is much smaller comparatively to the other types of adhesive bras. Similar to disposable underwear, women can refill the adhesive by buying pasties of the same shape. Pasties are meant to be invisible under the clothing and also come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and shapes. The only downside to this category of adhesive bras is that it provides less support and gives less definition.

Silicone adhesive bras

Under clothing, the silicone gel bra cups gives support, looks invisible and seamless. These types of bras generally feature a front closure, simply allowing women to hook the cups together. The bra cups are reusable as the adhesive backing is often sold separately. The biggest advantage to the silicone adhesive bra is the degrees of cleavage that women can create. This can be done through the positioning of the bra cups.

Tips to apply an adhesive bra

It is always important for women to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This is to ensure that the adhesive bra works effectively. Avoid utilising any kinds of creams or lotion with the bra as it will cause the bra to slip. Before applying the bra, use a dry towel to clean any moisture or natural oils of the breasts including the surrounding area.

For an easy application of the bra, the cup should be always turned inside out. While holding the adhesive surface towards the skin, the bra cup should be positioned at the desired angle and proceed to smooth out the edges of the cup firmly to the breast.

The removing process is simple as women should just carefully peel it away from the skin and proceed to hand wash the cups. To ensure the bra will maintain its adhesiveness, you should properly care for the bra.

What to look for when buying an adhesive bra

It is essential for women to choose the right size cup. Different brands have different sizes, so always look carefully at the given measurements and choose accordingly to your own measurements. When in doubt, it is best to go up a cup size rather than down a cup size.

Furthermore, it is recommended to go for higher quality bras as the adhesiveness will last longer and will be better maintained. Another thing to consider is the thickness of the bra. The reason is, thinner bras give a more natural look under clothing. On the other hand, the thicker bras will give a fuller look, offering a cleavage that is more noticeable.

There are certain brands that have the added versatility of a bra, such as ones that come with attachable straps or adjustable fronts that allow women to alter the tightness. The key to purchasing the right adhesive bra all comes down to how well it would be paired with a women’s wardrobe.

90,000 specifications, photos and customer reviews

3296 ratings11163 of the order

Push-up bra For women, adhesive tape, invisible for breast lift, 1 roll, 5 m

Photo from the seller

Real reviews with photos (37)

5 May 23, 2020

The width corresponds to the declared 5 cm. The material is breathable, it is comfortable in it for a long time. If you first stretch the tape and then stick it on, then it tightens the chest well. There are centimeter and 5 cm markings on the inside of the tape.I don’t know why, but there is.

2 23 June 2020

Super strong odor. And very small.

5 June 26, 2020

As in the photo

5 July 14, 2020

took for face taping, cool thing. the tapes are very sticky

5 24 July 2020

Haven’t tried it yet. Delivery is average. I’m happy with the product.

5 August 15, 2020

The package arrived surprisingly quickly. Elastic. It sticks well. Only I’m afraid that I took a little))) For the first time, you need to take a couple))) As long as you adapt to glue, the roll will go away))) A couple of times to unstick it and it no longer holds)).

5 28 July 2020

Tried to hold well, designed for leather, one to one as in the picture, I will order more, I recommend, thanks dear seller

5 02 August 2020

The tape works very well

5 19 April 2021

I still use it but looks strong

5 April 18, 2021

I arrive early and in excellent condition. Then I’ll try to make it last that long.

5 07 April 2021

Fast delivery

5 19 February 2021

Beautiful, just as described.Can’t wait to use

5 24 Feb 2021

Great as always

5 19 Mar 2021

Looks exactly the same as in the photos. Haven’t tried it yet, but tough to the touch. Fast delivery

5 February 26, 2021

Ordered on 01/28/21, received on 02/26/21 in LO. Packed in a regular postal bag. The bandage is darker, 7 cm thick, the adhesive layer is good. Matches the description.

5 March 23, 2021

I haven’t used the tape yet, but it came very quickly.

5 09 March 2021

Very happy with it!

5 March 11, 2021

Order compatible with description not tested yet

5 March 11, 2021

Second ordering time. Works.

5 Mar 15, 2021


5 Mar 15, 2021

I haven’t tried it yet

5 Mar 12, 2021

Well, a month to arrive in Italy! Let’s discuss how this happens!

5 April 12, 2021

Large roll, I haven’t tried it yet

5 April 12, 2021

Good. Haven’t tried it yet

4 06 Apr 2021

I’m from Nigeria. It only takes 16 days to arrive in Singapore and only 2 days to arrive at my place. But our mail server is bad, so take another weak one to get it. The product is under test, I will report my review in 30 days

5 January 14, 2021

Delivery to Voronezh a month. The tape is as in the picture, the sizes are correct. I tried a piece on the skin – it seems to be sticky, but I haven’t experienced it right now.I arrived in a regular mail package without any damage. Picked up at the post office, did not communicate with the seller

5 January 14, 2021

Delivery within 15 days
Well packed

5 04 Apr 2021

Exceeded expectations! I ordered it of medium width, it is excellent to hold, as you can see in the photo (you can even pick it up on the sides). I was afraid that it would not suit me, because I have 75 D, the groove is heavy and located on the sides. but it holds perfectly, there is no allergy, it does not hurt to peel off, nothing remains on the skin. with some effort and desire, you can generally make an effect like in a bra.

5 Feb 12, 2021

Delivery in two weeks (AliExpress Standard Shipping). Not yet wypróbowalam, wystawię a second opinion later.

4 08 Feb 2021

It’s effective, its glue is good even though I have a big chest ….. but it lasts no more than 6 hours. (It depends on the time he takes) delivered in 2 weeks and a few days

5 October 31, 2020

As description, try

5 October 29, 2020

Everything is fine, the product is of high quality, shipped quickly.I ordered 09/14/2020 – received 10/29/2020. I have not tried it yet, I hope it will be well supported.

5 03 Nov 2020

Perfect, fast delivery

5 20 Oct 2020

Good product like picture and description

5 17 Oct 2020

I haven’t tried the product yet, but it looks solid. FAST arrived in Poland. I recommend

5 06 October 2020

Packed well, arrived quickly, the flowers are very convenient to use

5 05 October 2020

Arrived in Canada a month later. Thank you seller!

🛍 50 pcs., Invisible breast pads for women, nipple stickers, adhesive breast pads, bra accessories 56.07₽


Please understand that there may be color differences due to different color ratios of computers.

Please allow 1-3cm errors due to different measurement methods.

Please compare the detail sizes with yours before you buy.

If you are Russian, please tell me your full name, we need to know the Three names to transport your package, thanks!

You can track your order from this link (https: //

Hope you can receive your package before

Have a nice day!

Product Information:

Unit of measurement: cm

1cm = 0.39inch, 1inch = 2.54cm

Material: hypoallergenic adhesive and non-woven fabric
Color: flesh
Size one size fits all


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90,000 detailed guide with reviews and a map

Friends, we are asked a lot about traveling to New Zealand, because information on the Internet needs to be collected bit by bit, so I wrote a detailed guide to the country where I will tell you about all the details.

First there will be detailed information on New Zealand – facts, history, when to go there (so as not to get into the crowds of Chinese), how to get there (there are nuances), what to take there and what not to import, where is it better to live depending on budget, about buying or renting a car, money issues and other useful information.

Then we will tell you about our 4-week trip to the South and North Islands New Zealand with reviews about all the places and attractions and our route on the map .

Bookmark this guide so you don’t get lost – there is a ton of information here that will come in handy when planning your trip. And subscribe to the blog news 🙂

New Zealand: general information, history and interesting facts

In English – New Zealand , in Maori – Aotearoa .

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington, the largest city is Auckland.

New Zealand is not an island, but an entire archipelago.The state consists of two large islands (North and South) and about 600 small ones.

Area – 268 thousand sq. Km. – approximately as the territory of Italy or Great Britain, but at the same time population only 4.9 million people, that is, at the level of Norway, Costa Rica or Ireland. Of these, 15% are Maori Aborigines. Every year 3-4 million tourists come here (data from Wikipedia). At the same time, there are more sheep than people – 26.7 million 🙂

This is how sheared sheep look funny.

Currency : New Zealand Dollar (NZD). I will write about the nuances of money below.

Language : English, but with some specific slang and pronunciation.

The symbols of New Zealand are the kiwi bird and the silver fern. New Zealanders are also called “kiwis”. By the way, the kiwi bird is not so easy to see. I’ll explain why later.

Type I outlets and plugs, as in Australia, with two flat, angled holes.

UNESCO Sites in New Zealand :

  • Tongariro National Park on the North Island,
  • Te Wahipounamu – Southwestern edge of South Island,
  • Sub-Antarctic Islands Snares, Bounty, Auckland, Antipodes and Campbell.

A Brief History of New Zealand

The archipelago was settled rather late – in the 13th century. The Eastern Polynesians were the first to arrive here.

The first Europeans arrived here in 1642, led by the Dutchman Abel Tasman – this year can be considered the official opening of the country.

Why is New Zealand called that? In honor of one of the provinces of the Netherlands – Zeeland. But the Dutch did not pay enough attention to New Zealand, and the next time the Europeans got here already in 1769 – James Cook made maps of the coastline.

Many natural and urban sites in the country are named after Tasman and Cook. Following Cook, Europeans have already poured here, brought religion and disease, so that the Maori population has more than halved.

Most cities in New Zealand cannot boast of a rich history, so there are few significant or especially beautiful buildings in the country.

But there is a huge number of natural attractions: mountains, glaciers, fjords, rivers and lakes, sea bays, beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers and much more. New Zealand is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts: hiking and mountaineering, rafting and kayaking in the bays, rock climbing, skiing, yachting, diving, surfing, paragliding and parachuting.

When is the best time to go to New Zealand: seasons, weather and climate

The seasons in New Zealand are exactly the opposite of the seasons in Europe.

The best weather and least rainfall – from November to February. In November there will be more greenery and flowers, in February there will be yellowed grass. Summer in New Zealand is from December to February. Snow can fall from May to September, especially in the mountains.

The weather in New Zealand is very changeable, in one day there can be a scorching sun, and a downpour, and an icy wind, especially in the mountains. For long walks, you need to carry with you a jacket with pants, and a cap with sunglasses and cream.

We looked weather forecast using the YR app on the phone: it shows the precipitation quite accurately (hourly forecast) and knows all the necessary locations in New Zealand. And it’s free.

In addition to the weather, it is worth considering national holidays and school holidays New Zealand, Australia and China – at this time there are a lot of tourists everywhere, traffic jams on the roads, campgrounds are packed, housing becomes more expensive.

Peak season is between Catholic Christmas and New Years and Chinese New Years.There are huge crowds of tourists, everything is expensive, queues, traffic jams.

During school holidays it is also crowded and expensive.

There may be queues to be photographed at the summit (pictured – end of February).

So, it is best to go either before the holidays and holidays, or after them – that is, in November and February.

The temperature in New Zealand by months depends on the location – the length of the country from north to south is 1400 km, and the highest peak – Mount Cook – 3724 meters, so the climate in different places can be very different in the same month. Here everything is opposite to Europe: the farther south, the colder, and the farther north, the warmer.

Drones are prohibited in New Zealand in the most interesting places, especially in national parks and in places where animals are watched. Also, it is forbidden to bring dogs to most national parks, even guide dogs.

Visa to New Zealand

I wrote in great detail about applying for a visa to New Zealand online in a separate article:

How to get to New Zealand

There are two ways to get to New Zealand: flight and cruise.

Flights and air tickets to New Zealand (there are nuances!)

The largest airport in New Zealand, and where the most flights from other countries fly, is Auckland : Auckland International Airport (IATA code: AKL).

Other major airports:

  • Christchurch International Airport (IATA code: CHC)
  • Wellington International Airport (IATA code: WLG)

There are also a dozen small airports.

There are a huge number of options for flying to New Zealand, depending on your time and wallet, but such a nuance is very important : some flights stop for refueling in Australia, and in order to fly like this, you need an Australian transit visa, even if you do not go out from the plane! Without this visa, you will simply not be checked in for the flight and your tickets will be lost.

If you get to New Zealand from Kiev , then such a stop is made by Emirates and Quatar Airways.This is the fastest flight with just one connection, but unfortunately it is possible to transit through Australia.

Therefore will have to buy tickets for a flight that flies around Australia : via Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Oceania, etc.

You can view the flight of interest to New Zealand on the flightradar map – it shows exactly how the plane is flying.

The route from Europe to New Zealand is not trivial, so I shoveled through a bunch of search engines and aggregators to find the best tickets in terms of price, comfort and time.

We flew on the route Kiev – Istanbul – Hong Kong – Auckland – Christchurch, but in general there are many options.

Ideally, take breaks for a walk for 1-2 days in the cities of transfers, because it is difficult to fly so far at a time.

To find cheap flights, I usually compare prices using aggregators. They all have the same principle – they search for tickets on the bases of hundreds of airlines, but their bases may differ, so the price will be better in one or the other – check everything at once.

  • KIWI is an unrealistically flexible search, and there is a guarantee of connecting, even if you are flying with low-cost airlines and the first flight is delayed!
  • AVIASALES – the best prices for tickets from Russia and Kazakhstan, a convenient calendar of low prices.

Calendar of low prices for air tickets:

Back we had a route Auckland – Seoul – Busan – Beijing – Kiev (spent a week in South Korea and three days in Beijing, saw the Great Wall of China).

Flights in New Zealand with Air New Zealand – life hack

There are a lot of flights between all cities in New Zealand itself, it is easy to find them on the sites listed above, but there is such a life hack : you can pay extra with Air New Zealand and register for any flight during the day (and planes fly between the main cities many times a day), or pay a little more and change the day of departure.These are called Flexitime and Flexidate.

This is convenient if, for example, you arrive in Auckland, you do not know how long all the formalities will take, and then you need to immediately fly to another city. We booked such a ticket for one flight, and then at the home terminal we just checked in for the next one so as not to wait.

Check-in for an Air New Zealand flight is automated, you can check in at a self-service kiosk, self-stick a baggage tag and carry your baggage on tape.

Air New Zealand’s baggage allowance is 23 kg, but when you put your baggage on the belt yourself, no one weighs it;) Carry-on baggage 7 kg, the sum of dimensions should not be more than 118 cm calculating these unfortunate centimeters, as in Europe).

Cruises to New Zealand

NZ can be reached during the cruise: they usually start from Australia, and there are other options for cruises to the countries of South Oceania that call in New Zealand.

You can look for a cruise on Dreamlines – this is a supermarket of cruises around the world.

A selection of cruises to New Zealand ➜

Biosecurity: what can and can not be brought into New Zealand and how the control goes

Everyone has heard that food cannot be brought into New Zealand .But in reality, everything is not so strict – some products can be brought in without any problems 🙂

When you arrive and receive your luggage, the next is the biosecurity zone. You will need to fill out a declaration for what you are bringing in.

The main thing is not to hide anything! Better to re-declare than under-declare!

If you have something forbidden and you declare it, you just have to throw it out. If something is found without a declaration – pay a fine of up to 100,000 NZD and risk ending up in prison for up to 5 years! Yes, yes, I was not mistaken in the zeros – one hundred thousand New Zealand dollars.

Just in case, pack your bags so that all “suspicious” products and things can be easily reached.

General rule: if the product has undergone heat treatment and in unopened packaging from the manufacturer, then you can usually import. But not anything – big restrictions on meat and other livestock products.

In fact, in New Zealand in any large supermarket you can buy freeze-dried food for hiking, and any dried fruits, chocolates, etc.etc., and it will not be as expensive as ours. But what is really expensive (fresh fruits and vegetables) still cannot be imported.

We brought in dried food for hiking, chocolates and bars, tea, spices – all in sealed manufacturer’s packaging. And they must have declared everything, part of the food had to be shown.

A separate topic is camping equipment . While still at home, thoroughly clean tents, sticks, shoes, socks, backpacks, etc. from any traces of dirt, leaves, needles, bugs, etc.n. Everything must be dry and clean. This increases the chances that your belongings will not have to be processed further, saving you time. They took our tent for processing, and we had to sit and wait for it for 40 minutes. If there are a lot of people, you can wait 2-3 hours.

A complete and up-to-date list of what you can bring and in what quantities is listed here: -declare / can-i-bring-or-post-it-to-new-zealand /

All transport options in NZ

Car rental in New Zealand

If you are going to visit both islands, then look for a rental office that allows to take a car on one island and return on another.There are two options here:

1) Bring the car to the rental point near the ferry, return it, and get the same car on another island and continue the journey. It will be cheaper, since you will not have to pay for the carriage of the car, but you will need to collect all the things and bring them to the ferry. On the ferry, large bags must be checked in as checked baggage. You need to carefully plan your food and wine purchases so that everything fits.

2) Cross the ferry with your car and all your belongings. It will be more expensive, but you do not need to collect all-all-all things, wait for the return of luggage and visit the distributor at the exit from the ferry.

We usually compare prices and conditions on aggregator sites that collect offers from different rentals, and choose the most profitable option:

There are also many small local rentals.

Buying a car in New Zealand

If you are staying for a long time, you can easily buy a car , drive it for a couple of months, and then sell again. Registration takes up to half an hour and is done at any post office. The numbers do not change.

Here important point is the validity period of the WOF (Warranty of Fitness) inspection certificate. It must end after you sell the car, otherwise you will have to pay 150 NZD for a new one and take the time to arrange it.

Prices for cars in New Zealand start at 1000 NZD, but it will be an ancient wreck with gigantic mileage. In general, the state of all these machines is unknown. If you understand and know how to repair – great.If not, you can get caught up in trouble. Ideally, travel in two cars, so that one goes to call a tow truck if the other breaks down. There are many places in New Zealand that are not mobile.

We saw one car that was leaking gasoline, and a couple of those that overheated on the rise in the mountains.

It is best to buy a car in Christchurch at the beginning of the season: there is the largest selection, and, accordingly, the best prices.

Useful sites for buying a car in New Zealand :


In New Zealand it is popular to rent a camperven (RV, motorhome). This is a mobile home with a bed, kitchen and bathroom.

Advantages of : comfort (it’s really like a small house with all the amenities), you can go to freedom camping for free, don’t depend on the weather (no wet tents, etc.), your own kitchen.

Disadvantages : rent is 2-3 times more expensive than a regular car, it is more difficult to park and drive off on narrow serpentines, campgrounds are more expensive, consumes more gasoline, and you need to pay extra for draining sewage and used water.

It is more difficult to buy or sell such a car, because less both supply and demand.

Self-made campervan

Self-made campervans converted from station wagons or minivans are also popular. Usually they have a bed instead of rear seats, a warehouse under it, and a micro-kitchen in the back.

These campers can be rented or purchased. They come with bed linen and pillows, dishes, a gas stove, etc.

Some are even self-contained, although I can’t imagine where you can shove a toilet in an ordinary station wagon or minivan. I think that they buy the tiniest dry closet there, and then they never use it.

These cars are very actively sold and bought by tourists.

New Zealand traffic rules

It is important to know that driving on the left in New Zealand! Unaccustomed can be difficult, but since the traffic outside big cities is small, you quickly get used to it. Locals are already accustomed to the fact that tourists confuse wipers and turn signals 🙂

Speed ​​limits in New Zealand: 50 km / h in the city, 100 km / h on country roads.

There is only one toll road: between the cities of Orewa and Puhoi in North Auckland.

Green color of the traffic light does not blink, immediately switches to yellow.


It is possible to ride buses in New Zealand, but the prices are such that on a long trip will be more economical by car . For example, we paid for a half-hour shuttle ride to the start of the Tongariro trail at 35 NZD per person, and about the same cost to rent a car per day.

And buses run infrequently, maybe 1-2 times a day.

The largest bus operators in New Zealand:

If you cannot find your bus tickets on these sites, then ask the information centers – they will help you buy tickets from small local bus operators.

Trains in New Zealand

There is a railway in New Zealand – here is a map from the official website You can also see the current prices there.

In addition to one-time train tickets, Scenic Rail Pass and Scenic Train / Bus Pass are sold in New Zealand.

Before buying a bus or train ticket, check out 12goAsia, a site that compares the prices of bus, plane and train tickets. In New Zealand, it may turn out that a plane ticket will be cheaper than a bus or train ticket 🙂


In New Zealand we saw a lot of cyclists. There are almost no bike paths along the tracks, but cars go around two-wheeled vehicles at a safe distance. But it is worth considering that there are many mountain roads and long distances between interesting places, therefore such a trip will be very slow and tiring .It was difficult for us to travel so much by car, but by bicycle it will be many times longer and more tiresome.

In some places the road turns into dusty gravel, on which there is little pleasure in riding a bike. It is also worth considering the “fine” New Zealand weather with frequent precipitation and strong winds.

In general, I would not recommend cycling around New Zealand.

If you dare, then fly with your bike, helmet and repair kit! Renting a bicycle in New Zealand will be more expensive than a car, and when buying any bicycle goods, you will greatly overpay, because all goods are transported from far away.For example, renting a bike in Glenorchy cost NZD 69 per day!


Motorcycle travel in New Zealand is possible, but only if you are comfortable riding in strong winds and ready to get wet in the rain.

On BikesBooking they rent Harley Davidson motorcycles in Auckland and Christchurch – the price tag is several times higher than for a car.

But romance, there is always a place on the observation deck, and it is easier to overtake the slow-moving Chinese.

We noticed that if we have in front of us a huge expensive SUV that can hardly weaves, then a large Chinese family is sitting in it 🙂


Hitchhiking in New Zealand is not prohibited and is popular.We gave a lift to a local guy, and he said that he usually waits for 20-30 minutes.

Advice – dress brightly, stand in the right place and minimize the volume of your backpacks 🙂

We, for example, had a very small car, we could only take one person with a small backpack. The rest of the space was occupied by our things.

Picton – Wellington ferry

Picton – Wellington ferry provides regular service between the South and North Islands.

  • travel time 3. 5 hours,
  • are served by two companies: Interislander and Bluebridge, from 20 races per day,
  • if you rent a car with a return on another island, then the rental company usually takes over the purchase of tickets (and you pay extra),
  • to come you need in advance, like to the airport, at least 45-60 minutes before departure, in order to check in for the flight (see the exact rules on the ticket),
  • if you are traveling with a car, then simply load all your things into it, carry valuables with you,
  • if you leave the car on one island, and on the second one you are given another, then only carry-on luggage is taken on board, and all oversized things must be checked in,
  • the baggage is handled inaccurately, the cover on the backpack was torn, and upon arrival there is nowhere to even complain – take everything valuable and fragile in your carry-on luggage,
  • they do not find fault with carry-on luggage like on planes, but you still can’t go straight with huge bags,
  • the ferry is big, rolling did not feel.

Buy ferry tickets ➜

If suddenly there are no tickets for the Picton-Wellington ferry, but you urgently need to cross the Cook Strait, that is, flights from Blenheim Airport (IATA code: BHE).

Accommodation in New Zealand: hotels, motels, hotels, campgrounds


The hotel will cost from 100 NZD for a room with its own bathroom. We stayed at a hotel in Wanaka when we wanted to hide from Cyclone Gita, and increasingly cheaper accommodations were already dismantled.Our hotel had parking, wifi, laundry and a well equipped kitchen. The room had a kettle and mini fridge. And the balcony on which we dried the tent 🙂

Motels or lodges

Prices for motels are usually 30-50 NZD per person. You will get a clean room or beds in the dorm, the bathroom can be shared or in the room. We stayed at one in the north of the South Island.

Motels and lodges most often have a kitchen with all the necessary utensils and household appliances, parking and laundry.

This is a relatively inexpensive and comfortable option for those who do not want to sleep in a tent, or take shelter for one or two nights in case of bad weather. Also, you do not need to carry your dishes.

Camping in New Zealand

Camping is the cheapest option for accommodation in New Zealand, and the best for those who do not want to book anything in advance and are ready to sleep in a tent. There are always places for tents, except for special occasions (for example, a weekend in a city where there are few campsites, or on holidays).And there are just a lot of campgrounds: there is no place in one, you can drive to the other.

We used the app in the Rankers Camping NZ phone – there are many campgrounds, prices are written (although sometimes the information is outdated!), What facilities are there, and a lot of reviews.

New Zealand campgrounds are more similar to European ones than American ones:

  • places will most often not be numbered,
  • there is a kitchen with refrigerators, sinks, stoves, and on good campgrounds they also have an oven, microwave, kettle, toaster, and even some kind of utensils,
  • often have a shower and laundry.

On more expensive campsites shower is free (Top-10 Holiday Parks, etc.), on cheap 1-2 NZD in 5-7 minutes. The countdown starts when you threw a coin, so first take off your clothes, then pay 🙂 After the time expires, hot water turns off (cold water continues to flow). Look at the coin holders – they are not always logically located. I somehow went into the wrong booth and could not understand why there was no hot water. While I thought of it and moved on, most of the time has passed 🙁

Washing usually costs 2-3 NZD per load, drying machine 2-3 NZD (on a sunny day you can dry it for free on a rope outside – but you need your own clothespins), washing powder 1-1.5 NZD. In terms of washing, it is more profitable to take more clothes and wash at once in large portions than, as in Asia, to take fewer things and wash more often, paying by kilograms. To save money, bring a few servings of detergent with you or buy a small bag in the supermarket – it is expensive in laundries. And usually there are no clothespins, and the wind is strong.

During rush hour , kitchen can be crowded with people, especially tables. It happens that both a free plate and a free table cannot be found. That only people on the campsites do not cook: complex multicomponent dishes, fry pancakes, bake pies and pizza.We have formed the habit of cooking twice in the evening (dinner and breakfast). We did something between a soup and a stew of meat / fish, vegetables and cereals. The more expensive campsites have kitchen towels, dishwashing liquid and washcloths, but the cheaper ones have nothing. We carried our dish sponge.

Please do not piggyback in camping kitchens, clean up after yourself;)

All food in refrigerator must be marked with the name and date of departure, otherwise the campsite workers will throw it out.Usually there are markers or pens, but no pieces of paper. We wrote on checks from the supermarket, but it would be more convenient to bring a roll of paper tape with us. Also, a few cloth bags for food and dishes will not interfere – it is more convenient, more reliable, and more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. And it’s harder to confuse your own products with those of others.

Also in the kitchen there will be sockets , but they are in great demand, it is better to take a tee with an extension cord in order to charge several devices at once. There are also extension cords in local supermarkets, but of course, only to local outlets 🙂

We already had a habit: we arrived at the camping during dinner – immediately take a table and an outlet, and then drag food and dishes out of the car 🙂 One begins to cook and looks after the equipment, the second sets up a tent and then comes to the kitchen.

Many campsites say that alcohol is prohibited in the kitchen , but absolutely everyone is openly drinking beer and wine 🙂

It is not customary to make noise and turn on music at campsites. The brawlers will simply be thrown out, and the money will not be returned.

Some campsites had Wi-Fi , but you shouldn’t count on it too much. Somewhere we were given coupons for as much as 30 MB per person per day (yes, thirty))), somewhere the limitation is 500 MB, but it’s not a fact that this Wi-Fi will work, especially in the evening.

At campsites located near international airports (Auckland and Christchurch), before departure, people leave dishes, gas and excess food with a sign “ FREE “, they can be taken free of charge, used, and also left to the next tourists before departure.

For the last three days we lived in a room in a large house of the locals, and they left all the unnecessary dishes. A huge plush blanket was especially popular – the little ones immediately wrapped themselves in it and lay down in front of the TV set 🙂

Free camping and the concept of “self-contained”

There are free camping sites in New Zealand, but most of them you can only stay in self-contained campers, that is, with a built-in toilet. And there is a limit on the number of nights.

Also, in some regions you can camp on the sidelines, there are signs about this. But in more touristy places you will come across the inscription “Freedom camping not allowed”.

The fine for illegal camping in a car or tent is 200 NZD, and this is really monitored.

That is, it will not work to stand on such a nice meadow.


This type of accommodation is rare in New Zealand, mainly only in large cities.Just because low-rise buildings are popular. More often there will be a room in a private house or hotel than a separate apartment, as in Europe, the United States or Latin America.

Book in advance or on site?

Given the local changeable weather, if time permits, it is better not to book anything in advance, unless you know for sure that on X-day you will be in such and such a city.

On a short vacation there is no time for this, it is better to book everything from home.

For high season holidays and weekends, book in advance only.

Where to book

To find hotels and inns, we usually use several sites, only filter by rating and look at reviews of other tourists in order to choose the best hotels. This algorithm is good not only in New Zealand, but all over the world.

  • Booking is the largest rental site.

  • Hotellook – compares prices on different sites, including Booking.

Excursions in New Zealand

In any tourist city there will be a lot of travel agencies that offer all kinds of outdoor activities: cycling, hiking, rafting and kayaking, helicopter and airplane flights, skydiving, etc.etc., etc. Advertising stands are located in all information centers and in the kitchens of the campsites.

All these entertainments are quite expensive, prices in the hundreds of New Zealand dollars.

We flew by seaplane from Te Anau over the Fiordlands and by helicopter over Fox Glacier, Mt Cook & Mt Tasman.

In New Zealand, we are faced with the fact that they are not trying to sell as many tours as possible, and on the phone they can say that all the seats are already taken. But if you come to them, talk about what you want and when you have time, and leave your local phone, then they will already be ready to organize something.So we arrived at Fox Glacier after several days of bad weather, everything was booked, but they found places for us for a heli-hike and a helicopter excursion.

If time is tight, then it is better to book the excursion in advance online, especially during the high season and on Chinese holidays . Large Chinese families rake in excursions like hotcakes, despite the prices.

There are few Russian-speaking guides, look for them on Sputnik8 and Tripster.

There are many more offers in English, and often a lower price tag.See and compare for yourself:

Medicine and insurance

We, fortunately, have not come across New Zealand medicine. But if you are going to hike and do other outdoor activities, I advise you to get better insurance. It is expensive to be treated there, and transportation from the end of the world is also not cheap.

We recommend international insurance from Worldnomads. It can be done online, it has two types: with a lot of different sports and simpler, and it just doesn’t cover.You can choose any doctor and clinic, go yourself and send them a check by mail. Reimbursed in a few days. You can call the assistance and ask for help (if an urgent case). One drawback is the 70 € deductible. That is, to treat snot, it is not suitable, but calling a helicopter into the mountains is easy.

Unfortunately, for Ukrainians and Belarusians, Worldnomads is not for sale (but you can buy it if you are a resident of another country that is on their list).

For Ukraine there is a website with different insurances – there you can pick up a policy with a sports option.Just do not take Providna and insurance companies with Balt Assistance – we had a very bad experience with them!

Mobile communications in New Zealand

There are only two local operators in New Zealand – Vodafone and Spark, a package with Internet costs from 25 NZD.

We usually use the DrimSim SIM card for travelers on trips: there are low rates in most developed countries, megabyte Internet tariffs and it is very easy to connect and use without dancing with a tambourine. And the SIM card does not burn out, even if you do not use it for a year.

DrimSim tariff for mobile internet in New Zealand is € 0.01 per megabyte. It comes out even cheaper than local packages.

Order a sim card using my link, top up with 25 euros, and get 7 euros to your account as a gift. You need to order at least 3-5 days before the trip – the SIM card will be sent by mail.

Please note that in NZ in many places (far from cities) there is simply no connection – download all the maps and weather forecast in the city.

Money issues

Currency, cards, exchange in New Zealand

In New Zealand, everyone uses NZD (that’s a surprise :)), and we have not seen any other currencies accepted.

Here is a photo of New Zealand money from the official website of Rezerve Bank of New Zealand:

Almost all over the country there are Visa and MasterCard cards : entrance tickets, campgrounds, hotels, gas stations, shops, some parking lots, etc. etc.

Cash is only needed when paying for some DOC campsites (change for small ones – they can’t always give change!), For showering and washing at campsites, and when paying for parking with coins in big cities. Upon arrival, we withdrawn 300 NZD from an ATM, and barely spent it, in recent days we have already paid only in cash.

There are few exchange offices (especially in small towns), it is easier to immediately withdraw some amount from an ATM.

It’s nice that in New Zealand usually all prices are already final, without any hidden taxes and service charges.

Prices in New Zealand

Everything is expensive in New Zealand . And imported, because it is far to carry, and for some reason local. In addition, there is no assortment of manufactured goods.

Any foreign manufactured goods will have a margin of 30% or more.Therefore, it is better to take all sports equipment and photographic equipment with you.

Fruits and vegetables are prohibited to import with rare exceptions, and local prices average 4-8 NZD per kg, vegetables such as potatoes and onions 2-5 NZD per kg. Some vegetables and fruits are sold per piece for $ 2-3 each.

Beer & Wine NZ $ 6-12 per bottle. Life hack: look at the medals and ratings on the wine – in ordinary supermarkets you often come across wines that have won international competitions or with a rating of 90 or more.

National Parks and Reserves are free, but some attractions are in private ownership, they charge $ 5-10 per car for parking.

Parking in cities up to 1 NZD per hour, but watch out for parking time limits! Usually there are signs on which everything is written.

Parking with the sign Parking 30 Mon-Sun means that you can park for free for 30 minutes from Monday to Sunday.A zone may also be written, in the redistribution of one zone it is impossible to rearrange the car, you need to leave for another zone after 30 minutes.


New Zealand is full of trekking routes from short and easy to climbing. They are all listed on the Department of Conservation (DOC) website: There you can also see warnings about the closure of routes due to landslides, cyclones, river floods, earthquakes, eruptions, etc. The most popular places have brochures in PDF format – we downloaded them to the phone and used them.

By the way, in the NZ hiking is called tramping, and the line above which the forest does not grow is called the bush line.

The most beautiful trekking routes in New Zealand are included in the Great Walks list:

The main difficulty of with these wonderful tracks is their popularity and the ban on spending the night in unidentified places (remember – a fine of 200 NZD). Bunk beds and campsites are snapping up months in advance, especially on the most popular tracks like Routeburn, Milford and Kepler.

This is what the Rutbern track looks like – it looks like a compartment on a train.

Some tracks need to be navigated by ship. Some have a distance of hundreds of kilometers between start and finish – you need to think over the logistics.

Most often, you can go on such a trip only with a travel agency, which bought the places. Or make day trips from different ends of the trail. Or arrange yourself a one-way trail.

When hiking along the sea, consider not only kilometers, but also ebb and flow .Some places are passable only 2 hours before and 2 hours after low tide. It happens that there is an alternative bypass with a good climb, but sometimes it is not – you will have to wait a long time.

If you are going on a hike in New Zealand, do not be lazy to go to the nearest DOC information center (not to be confused with i-SITE) and ask about the conditions on the route so that there are no surprises. They have the most up-to-date information there.

For example, we did not go on one trip, because the water level in the river rose and it became irresistible.If we had not asked, we would have skated there in vain. Or, we were advised to replace the 4-day circular route with a one-day one, because all the most beautiful is within 1 day.

Security in New Zealand

If you can talk about dangers somewhere in Latin America for a long time, then New Zealand is considered quite safe, therefore the advice here simply repeats common sense:

  • lock your car and hotel room with a key when you leave,
  • leave no value in sight,
  • take the most valuable thing out of the car when you leave,
  • and just be on the lookout.

Also see the weather forecast for several days ahead and try to avoid cyclones and hurricanes – these are the main hazards of New Zealand. Sometimes there are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but rarely. It may be more profitable to drive 300 km and wait than to endanger your life.

Separately, it is worth noting the ozone holes, because of which – you need to regularly smear with sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and white-skinned at least 50.

There are no dangerous and poisonous animals and insects in New Zealand.

💡 35 safety rules for travel

Souvenirs: what to bring from New Zealand

It is better to buy camping equipment and clothes at home – we have more choice and it will come out cheaper. I wouldn’t take any wine either – we also have a lot of New Zealand wine (well, unless it’s worth buying some completely collectible wine). Ugg boots are already on sale in any shopping center 🙂

But what you can bring as souvenirs from New Zealand :

  • Maori ethnic jewelry and souvenirs,
  • New Zealand jade,
  • jewelry from shells and paua pearls,
  • natural cosmetics,
  • kiwi bird toys,
  • souvenirs from the local cowrie tree,
  • manuka and pohutukawa honey,
  • sheep wool products (be careful – they sell a lot of Chinese, not New Zealand!)



Attractions of New Zealand on the map

Where is New Zealand on the world map? NZ is located in the southern hemisphere, the continent of Oceania.On a large-scale Google map, it looks like this:

Distance to Australia – 2000 kilometers (to Tasmania – 1500 km).

Here is a map of the top attractions and best hikes in New Zealand . If you know some interesting places that are not on this map, then write in the comments, I will add.

Our trip to New Zealand: 3 weeks on the South Island and 1 week on the North Island

We arrived at Christchurch in the afternoon. While we passed the border and biosecurity, while we took the car, we got to the camp in the evening.We chose the closest one to the airport so that we would not go far when we were tired. We set up a tent, ate something and fell to sleep.

Christchurch itself is nothing interesting – it’s just a big city on the east coast, but there are more flights and car rental options. In the morning we bought at the supermarket and drove south. It was unusual to drive in the left lane in a right-hand drive car, we periodically confused wipers with turn signals, but gradually got used to it 🙂

First stop – Oamaru (Oamaru): a pretty town on the coast with a steampunk museum and several old buildings.

The Steampunk Museum is wonderful, even for those who are not very into the topic of steampunk 🙂 In August 2016, Oamaru got into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest collection of steampunk items in the world.

The name Oamaru is translated from the Maori language as “the place of Maru”, but no one knows who Maru is or is 🙂 , and we arrived in the afternoon and did not want to wait until the evening.

Read about Oamaru here – there are more photos and details.

Further south along Route 1 there is a natural wonder – Moeraki Boulders round boulders, lying on the beach. There are dozens of petrified balls of boulders of varying degrees of intactness, diameter from 50 cm to 2.2 m. We walked there, warmed up, and ate a huge portion of seafood in a local cafe. We wrote in more detail about the boulders of Moeraki here.

Further south is the city Dunedin (Dunedin) – the largest city in the province of Otago.During the gold rush (the last third of the 19th century), it was generally the largest in New Zealand; the University of Otago, the first university in the NZ, was founded here. Until 1982, the world’s southernmost trolleybus ran here.

Baldwin Street in Dunedin is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest street in the world – it rises 80 meters at 359 meters in length, on the steepest section the slope is 19 degrees!

Unfortunately, part of the old architecture in Dunedin was destroyed by the earthquake, but nevertheless there is still a pleasant old center in the city.Main attractions: Cathedral of St. Joseph, Knox Church, Town Hall, Railway Station.

On the peninsula near Dunedin there are penguin beaches (Sandfly Bay, Blue Penguins Pukekura) and Royal Albatross Center .

When we went to look at the penguins, we thought that there would be at least something similar to Magdalena Island in Chile (that is, that there will be an abundance of penguins).

We went down to the beach along a loose sandy path – and there was not a single penguin there!

Only sand, waves and giant algae.

What a disappointment!

We talked with the ranger, and she told us that local New Zealand penguins go to work in the morning (to fish), and only at sunset they return to feed their family. The places where the female can sit with eggs or chicks are carefully fenced off, and in general you cannot come close to the penguins 🙁

As a result, when we were about to leave, as much as one penguin appeared from the waves, which we observed from 100 meters.

Such entertainment.

This is a photo at a large zoom, it was practically invisible with the eyes.

On the same beach we met fur seals and unknown birds.

We did not go to the Albatross Center – it was paid, and we had seen enough of them for free in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

On the same peninsula there is the only castle in New Zealand – Larnach Castle , second half of the 19th century. The family of New Zealand businessman and politician William Larnach once lived here.Now owned by the Baker family, the castle has been turned into a museum and visitors are allowed in, it is a popular wedding venue. There is a garden around the castle and a cafe. Ticket price 34 NZD (for early birds from 8 to 9:30 am to 25.50 NZD). Opening hours: from 8-9 to 17-19 (depending on the season).

Another Tunnel Beach is located near Dunedin – but it is accessible only at low tide, and the path to it leads through a narrow and slippery unlit tunnel. We didn’t hit it during low tide, here’s a photo from In fact, there are plenty of interesting beaches in NZ, so it is not necessary to strive here 🙂

OK, we are going even further south.

Nugget Point Lighthouse (1870) and the road to it were lovely. The views from the observation deck near the lighthouse were worth going so far 🙂

Interestingly, until 1949, the light at the Nugget Point lighthouse was provided by an oil lamp, then a diesel generator was installed, and only in the 1960s the lighthouse was connected to the general electrical network.

Next stop – Cathedral Caves (included in the top 30 longest sea caves in the world – 199 meters, height up to 30 meters). It opens 2 hours before low tide and closes 2 hours after low tide, at other times it is flooded. Visits are prohibited from 8:30 pm to 7:30 am. Above, there is a large paid parking lot, then you need to walk down an uncomplicated path among a cozy forest overgrown with moss, and go out to a huge beach.

On the left is a cave (go where everyone – don’t get lost).We really liked it there – the beach with the cave is great.

Also, there are huge chunks of seaweed torn off by storms everywhere. Looks like giant squid. When you look at them, you understand where the legends about the kraken who sank the ships came from 🙂

Curio Bay is another place for watching penguins (and even, they say, dolphins). We were “terribly lucky” – after two hours of waiting we were able to see as much as one penguin from a hundred meters away.

Here we have already understood that it is not worth going to New Zealand for penguins, and we didn’t visit penguins anymore.

Wooden Waipapa Point Lighthouse is literally on the edge of the world, in the very, very south of the South Island. The lighthouse was built here in 1884, after the ship “Tararua” sank here in 1881 and killed 131 people. When you see trees growing almost horizontally, you understand what kind of winds are blowing there. I would not like to live in such a place, and especially to get into a storm there.

In general, I would recommend going to the very south of New Zealand only if you have a lot of time. If not, then you can skip – there are many more interesting places in the country.

But only here you can see a very unusual and rare natural phenomenon – Aurora Australis (southern lights) . We were not lucky to get to this, but what if you are lucky?

See timetable at Most often, the southern lights appear in the local winter – in September.

City Invercargill (Invercargill) modern, very well maintained, green and pleasant, but there is practically nothing to see. The coolest attractions are the 40-meter water tower from 1889 and the Billy Richardson Transportation Museum.

Bluff oysters are grown in the nearby port of Bluff. The season for oysters is from March to August. We were there in February, before the start of the new season, so there were no oysters, but we bought delicious fish – we recommend the store: King’s Fish Market, 59 Ythan Street (the point is on our map with attractions).

Then we went to the north – Te-Anau (Te Anau). Here already begins Fjordlend National Park – a protected land of lakes, fjords and mountains.

Interestingly, in New Zealand some fjords are not called fjord, but sound: these are features of New Zealand English. Sound is a “wide” fjord.

The track from Invercargill to Te Anau via Wairaki is considered more scenic than via Mossburn.

On the way we stopped at Manapouri to look at the Manapouri Lake.There are already completely different landscapes – similar to Norwegian or Alpine ones.

Te Anau is a small town and outdoor base in the southern Fiordland:

  • water activities on Lake Te Anau,
  • Kepler Track, top New Zealand trekking
  • Scenic road to Milford – Sound with different natural beauties, tracks and a fjord at the end.

In Te Anau we flew on a seaplane – another dream came true 🙂

We took off from Lake Te Anau, flew over the mountains and many lakes, landed on a wild lake beach with clear water.The pilot said that 90% of the territory of the Fiordland reserve has not been stepped by a human foot, and the authorities are not going to make any hiking trails there in order to preserve nature in its original form.

We landed on a wild beach, swam in crystal clear water 🙂

After the flight, it made no sense to go the Kepler track – we already saw it from the air.

There is 60 km, usually it takes 3-4 days, but the most interesting part is done one day before Luxmore Hut and back (14 km and 5-6 hours one way).

The distance between Te Anau and Milford Sound is only 118 km, but we spent 3 days there: we went hiking to Key Summit and Lake Marian, went by boat along the fjord, looked at nature and met a kea parrot.

In one day, from The Divide parking lot, it is still possible to go further on Routeburn track to Lake Mackenzie, but we did not have time. Later, near Glenorchy, we passed the other end of the Rutbern track, we will tell about it below.

From Te Anau we headed to Queenstown, a very popular tourist destination.The road along Lake Wakatipu , or Lake Wakatipu, we really liked: bright blue water, great views. I have plotted all the best observation decks on the map.

In Queenstown it turned out to be invisible to the people, a lot of travel agencies, continuous traffic jams, and parking can be found only because in the center there are restrictions on it for 15-20-30 minutes. During the trip, we somehow got wild and were not happy with so many people 🙁

However, if you are without a car, Queenstown can become a good base: there is an airport and good bus connections, many excursions around the area.It’s like Yaremche or Vorokhta in the Carpathians.

What to see and do in Queenstown:

  • take the Skyline Gondola to Bob’s Peak,
  • visit Queenstown Gardens,
  • bike to Arrowtown and Gibbston Valley on the Queenstown Trail,
  • 9027 helicopter,

  • jump from the Kawarau Bridge (43m bungee jumping).

We got an attack of sociopathy from this crowd, so they did not stop there for a long time and went to Glenorchy (Glenorchy, Glenorchy) – this is a cute and cozy town in the mountains, on the shore of the same Lake Wakatipu.

The main city attraction in Glenorchy is the pier and the shipyard. Around the mountain.

There is also a beach, but the water in the lake is cold, and there was a strong wind, only the most daring swam – Serega, for example.

Not far from Glenorchy there is a place where “The Lord of the Rings” was filmed, called Paradise (Paradise). Nice, but I somehow imagined paradise in a different way 🙂

And in the film it was Isengard. Only people with a very rich imagination who have watched The Lord of the Rings many times can recognize Isengard in the local landscapes 🙂

Not far from Glenorchy there is the other end of the Routeburn track.Alternatively, for those unable to book accommodation on the track, you can go to Harris Saddle via Routeburn Falls Hut (25 km round trip).

The Rutbern hike is very beautiful and we were lucky with the weather. We deliberately waited to get on a sunny day, and it paid off.

For those who are not enough, they can still climb the neighboring summit of Conical Hill, at Serega it took an hour to ascend and descend, there is a difficult steep path, although the distance is deceptively short. From there you can see the part of the track that we did not go through.

In general, if you walk fast and get out very early, you can walk the entire Rutbern track in 2 days (and if you run a trail run, then in 1 day), you just need to foresee all the logistics and transportation of things in advance. There is only 17 km between the start and the end of the track in a straight line, 32 km along the trails (with large differences in altitude), but on highways it will go as much as 324 kilometers!

We also went to Mount Alfred , , but there is little interesting – the trail goes through the forest, and at the exit from the forest there is a fence and a sign that further private property, i.e.That is, you cannot go to the top. Serega went anyway and took pictures there. But in general, we could not go there.

In Fiordland there is another track from the Great Walks list – Milford Track : 53.5 km, it takes 3-4 days, but you need to get there by boat before the start, and all campsites and shelters should be booked in advance. We didn’t get there, everything was booked (photo from the DOC website).

On the way further north, photographed Cardrona Bra Fence – a fence made of bras near Cardrona.It all started as a joke, then the number of bras began to grow, there was a struggle between local pros and cons, and as a result, the fence took root, became a tourist attraction, and at the same time a symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

The next point on our route is Wanaka is another outdoor center, in another Mount Aspiring National Park. This city is less commercialized than Queenstown, it is somehow more comfortable and pleasant.

There are a dozen small tracks right next to Wanaka – a map and information can be obtained from the information desk.There was simply no time to go through them all, so we chose two for ourselves.

Diamond Lake track – a simple walk for a couple of hours. Above, great views of the lakes around Wanaka (and strong winds :)). There are few people. As soon as a cold wind rose, I had to warm myself. And downstairs they walked in shorts.

Roys Peak Track – the views are superb, but there are also a lot of people, the track time is 5-6 hours. Below was the scorching sun, above the icy windmill. There is a queue to be photographed on the set, but everyone is polite and patient, and take pictures of each other.

There is a narrow area, and behind it is a cliff. I photograph Serega – and he thought of jumping there. AAAAA! I almost turned gray! : About

In Wanaka itself, there is a cool embankment along Lake Wanaka, and at the pier you can feed birds and hefty eels.

On the outskirts of the city there is a lavender farm, wineries, a museum of transport and toys and Puzzling World – a museum with various oddities and optical illusions and a full-size labyrinth.

We spent almost an hour in the labyrinth, despite the fact that we didn’t just wander there, but chose a strategy for passing it and walked strictly along it.Those who surrendered can go out through special doors. But you won’t be able to climb over there just by trick 🙂 We really liked it, despite the rain.

Actually, in Wanaka we had to stay longer than we expected, because New Zealand was covered by Cyclone Gita. There were showers with strong winds, we broke 2 of 3 arcs in the tent, we had to check into a hotel and buy a new tent at overpriced New Zealand. After the hurricane, the roads were blocked, someone was blown off the road by the wind. Horror.

We stayed at the Wanaka Heights hotel and can recommend it without a doubt: very clean and quiet, good beds and plumbing, kettle in the room, parking in the courtyard for guests, there is a fully equipped shared kitchen, laundry room with washers and dryers (works with coins), a large balcony for gatherings (and in our case – for drying the tent).

By the way, every 2 years in March-April, Warbirds over Wanaka airshows are held in Wanaka. And in February we got to triathlon – some roads were blocked.

At Mount Aspiring there are some interesting hikes in the Matukituki valley and the Gillespie Pass, but due to the cyclone we were not able to get there. To the start of some tracks, it is possible to travel only in an all-wheel drive car, and then if the streams have not flooded. Check the Mount Aspiring National Park Visitor Center for up-to-date information.

By the way, on the tracks Cascade Saddle and then Rees or Dart you can come from Wanaka to Glenorchy. You need to go exactly in this direction, because the ascent to Cascade Saddle is very steep, and it is dangerous to descend on it, especially when the grass is wet, people there fell and crashed to death. It’s easier to climb there – well, how easy it is to crawl up a steep slope 🙂

Further from Wanaka we made a loop at Aoraki Mount Cook (Aoraki Mount Cook).

Approximately the same distance (200 km one way) would have been from the east coast, on the way from Christchurch to Oamara, but then we did not think of that.

We passed pass Lindis (Lindis Pass) – there is nothing special, you should not go on purpose.

At the approaches to Lake Pukaki (Lake Pukaki) there are several farms that raise river salmon. It’s incredibly tasty – stop by the High Country Salmon restaurant and then buy some salmon sashimi from Mount Cook Alpine Salmon, you will not regret it. The fish is the freshest. Both locations are marked on the map.

From the south side of Lake Pukaki stunning views of Mount Cook ! On google maps: Lake Pukaki viewing point.

Further in the direction of Mount Cook, there are several more observation platforms with similar views.

In the Mount Cook village, we managed to go to Red Tarn Track , and Seryoga still climbed the neighboring mountain Sevastopol (Sebastopol).

Then the hurricane and windblown began, it was here that our tent broke.

Evening, we are in a tiny village, to the nearest shop with tourist equipment 200+ kilometers … all the money in the world.The hotel ended up with an en-suite bathroom, non-creaky bunk beds, and a large communal kitchen where we spent the evening. It is called Aoraki Mount Cook Alpine Lodge. We were lucky, because at night there was such a downpour that we would have simply floated away in a broken tent.

In the morning we walked in the rain in the valley at Mueller Lake and Tasman Lake , and received a full-size double rainbow as an incentive 🙂 And met a local bunny 🙂

Lake Tasman was not impressed – moraine and muddy water.It should be prettier after a few clear days.

Then I had to return to Wanaka to buy a tent and wait out the cyclone.

Once the cyclone passed, we headed for the west coast along Haast Highway. It turned out that the road was closed due to the hurricane, but as we advanced, it was opened.

Haast Highway is not just a drive from the central part of the island to the west. There are:

  • observation decks on lakes Wanaka and Javea,
  • several tracks from 15 minutes to 5 hours,
  • 3 waterfalls on the Haast river.

Refuel in Haast Village! There will be no gas stations for the next 125 km to Fox Glacier!

The road along the coast was partially destroyed by waves, but passable. A couple of photos from this section of the route:

The next stops where we spent several days were glaciers and lakes in Fox Glacier and Franz Josef .

There we walked on the glaciers, and flew over them in a helicopter, and looked at their reflection in the lake, and wandered through the forest at night in search of fireflies…

Cool places, we really liked it. We have described in more detail in the corresponding posts on this blog.

Then there was a lot of road, in one day we drove from Fox to the Nelson Lakes National Park (we were terribly tired). We also wanted to visit NP Arthur’s (Arthur’s Pass National Park) – there are several short tracks and waterfalls, but the forecast was not good.

On the way we visited interesting formations – Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki Pancake Rocks. They are right next to the road, the walk is short and easy, not a hike at all.

Pancake Rocks were formed 30 million years ago from the smallest fragments of dead sea creatures and plants that lived at a depth of 2 km. The tremendous water pressure caused the fragments to solidify in hard and soft layers. Due to the seismic impact, the limestone rose above the seabed, and then the wind and sea water sculpted bizarre shapes.

At Nelson Lakes National Park there are easy treks around Lake Rotoiti, a one-day trek on the St Arnaud Ridge, and several multi-day treks (which, as usual, are impossible to get a permit for).

We went down the ridge of Saint Arnaud. The ascent is easy, the views are good. Along the ridge itself, especially at the end, we walked a lot on large stones (as in Gorgan, only the color is different).

We decided to go down a different path and it was fiasco !

Already accustomed to well-groomed New Zealand paths. We barely crawled to the bottom: now a steep descent on slippery grass, then fording powerful streams with icy water, then some kind of climbing and bypassing flooded areas along loose paths with steep ascents (I also have a descent, yes).

We seem to be experienced hikers and in good physical shape, but on this descent we just saw the light! They say we decided not to go back the same way 🙂

And after these tests we finally got to the beach.

We have seen the sea many times on this trip, but it’s cold. And here you can even swim, hurray! Unfortunately, after the cyclone, the water was muddy, and there were no paradise beaches of the bounty. Still, it was nice to swim.

The best beach in the north of the South Island is Kaiteriteri Beach .This resort has fine golden sand, and (not immediately after the cyclone) transparent warm water. It was the first time in New Zealand when we finally went swimming 🙂

Nearby is Abel Tasman National Park , and there is the Abel Tasman Coast Track hike, and we were even lucky enough to get permits there 🙂 There are many campgrounds in the bays, and apparently there was not such competition, the cyclone also passed, there were even places at the same camp. Our plan was to get to Avaroa Bay, and from there go back to Marahau by water taxi.

The trail there is very easy, I walked in general in sports sandals, the height differences are small. There are many beaches along the way (but we all were muddy after the cyclone, so we didn’t swim).

Also, these places are popular with kayakers – they row along the coast, spend the night on the beaches, and then they are taken from the end of the trail – there is also a road leading there.

A very important topic is the ebb and flow! Some bays are traversed only at low tide! There are detours through the mountains, but longer and with elevation differences.Look on the Internet for a schedule of ebbs and flows for the days you need, or in the information centers.

We spent the night in Bark Bay, and on the second day we reached Awaroa. We had tickets for a specific time, but we asked for an earlier water taxi and the driver took us.

In the north of the South Island there is a similar track Queen Sharlotte Track (71 km one way, 3-5 days, booking of campsites or tourist shelters is required), but there was no time – ferries were waiting for us across the Cook Strait , to the North Island.

Here’s another photo from the north coast of New Zealand’s South Island. An introvert’s dream 🙂

Wellington (Wellington, Wellington) is the capital of New Zealand and the second most populous city in the country (460 thousand people), the southernmost capital in the world. Named after British commander Arthur Wellesley Wellington. There are also informal names for Wellington: The Harbor Capital, Wellington + Hollywood and Windy City – due to the constantly windy weather.

We didn’t stay late because we wanted more nature, not cities. In case you’re wondering what to see in Wellington, here’s a list of the top attractions.

  • Wellington Cable Car, which is delivered to Kelburn Lookout. Next to the observation deck there is a 25-hectare botanical garden.
  • Te Papa Tongarewa National Museum of New Zealand: In addition to the typical exhibits of these museums, there is an exhibit dedicated to Maori, and Earthquake House, which simulates an earthquake.
  • Wellington Museum.
  • City Gallery.
  • Bee Hive – New Zealand Parliament building.
  • Zoo.
  • Mount Victoria observation deck.

We rushed further north to Rivendell – another filming location for The Lord of the Rings. In general, Rivendell did not live up to our expectations, because there was only one arch with elven carvings and a memorial column left 🙁

And we finally saw kiwi bird – in Pūkaha Mt Bruce National Wildlife Center.

It turned out that there were practically no kiwi birds in New Zealand – almost all of them were exterminated by predators brought into the country. The kiwi bird cannot hide in the trees, because it has no wings, and it simply cannot fly! How such a species could evolve at all is a big mystery, but a fact.

Moreover: kiwi birds are nocturnal, they sleep during the day and are active only in the dark. So in all zoos and bird parks, you will only see active kiwi birds in very low light.

Here they set up a special house, where in the dark, by the light of a red lamp, you can see a kiwi climbing around the house and biting something there. If you’re lucky. And if you’re unlucky, you won’t see anything.

It looks like a hairy basketball with thin legs and a long beak . You won’t see anything in our dark photos, but we photographed the scarecrow so that there was at least some kind of representation.

It happens that although kiwis are declared in the park’s assets, they are temporarily not shown to the public.So find out about kiwi before buying tickets!

At Palmerston North (Palmerston North) there is a free Te Manawa museum, there are some Maori artifacts, a mini-museum about local nature and history (including stuffed birds that were in Pukaki).

In Napier (Napier) we, unfortunately, did not have time, and there are many buildings in the art deco style, you can ride a retro car (like in Havana in Cuba), visit the aquarium and the Maori fort village.

By the way, there are also many art deco buildings in Miami (Florida, USA), there will be a separate post about this, subscribe to blog updates.

We went to the hike in the volcanic zone of Tongariro (another Great Walk). There is an option for 4-5 days, but the most interesting part of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is done in one day. It passes through a zone of volcanoes, colored lakes and alpine meadows. Read about our trek in Tongariro here – there are more photos and all the useful information.

By the way, this national park is included in the UNESCO list.

If you like volcanoes, you can also fly by helicopter to Whakaari Island (White Island) – this is near the North Island of New Zealand (the nearest big city is Tauranga).

After the hike, we went to New Zealand geothermal zone , which is located between Taupo and Rotorua (Rotorua): there are simply unearthly unique landscapes with geysers and lakes of all colors of the rainbow. We were delighted 🙂

1. Orakei Korako : a little out of the way, but a lot less people. It is a pleasure to wander there 🙂

2. Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Area – more popular, but different from the first, both are worth visiting.

3. Waimangu Volcanic Valley – not impressed, you can skip it.

Read about the geothermal zone around Rotorua here – there is all information about photos of different unreal places.

But that’s not all attractions in Rotorua .Here you can and should:

  • soak up the hot springs with the promising name of Hells Gate, or in the Polynesian Spa;
  • See Maori performances and cuisine at Whakarewarewa, Ohinemutu or Mitai Maori Village;
  • Walk between the giant sequoias at Redwoods Treewalk;
  • See the Kiwi Bird at Kiwi Encounter;
  • stroll through the night market (Thursdays from 5pm: local souvenirs, street food, coffee, wine).

And then awaited us, the nicest and best preserved filming location for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings – Hobbiton Movie Set .This is just a must visit for everyone who comes to New Zealand! 🙂

We first read reviews about Hobbiton on a tripadvisor and even thought not to go, but we went and were completely delighted with Hobbiton 🙂 Read more details, photos and life hacks about Hobbiton in our separate article.

There was very little time left in New Zealand, we booked a room in a house with locals in Auckland, and “on the way” decided to take a scenic drive along Coromandel Peninsula (Coromandel).

Nuuu, the scenic drive along the west coast was boring, so we dashed through the mountains to the east coast.

On the way we saw a New Zealand endemic – a giant kauri tree , also square (Square Kauri Tree). The tree is impressive. It can be seen from the road, and you can climb to it along the path.

Kauri (southern agathis) is one of the oldest species of conifers that survived the dinosaurs and was found already during the Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago).Height up to 50 meters, trunk girth up to 16 meters. The largest and most famous trees are even given names (like we have the Hetman’s oak such and such)). I saw a photo of the bench, which is made from a solid cowrie trunk. These are not giant sequoias in the US, but they are impressive nonetheless.

On the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula there is a super-famous beach Cathedral Cove – his photo was at one time on all screensavers of Windows, and “The Chronicles of Narnia. Prince Caspian” was also filmed here.

Do you recognize? 🙂

Our photos Cathedral Cove:

You can visit on foot only at low tide, plus or minus 2 hours, and at high tide you can take water taxis.The trail and boats start from Hahei town.

A little south of Hahei there is another popular spot – Hot Water Beach . There, hot water comes directly from under the sand, it mixes with the cold sea water, and you lie like in a warm pool on the seashore. You can dig the pools only 2 hours before and 2 hours after low tide (the rest of the time they are flooded by the sea) – we ourselves did not have time, but Polina wrote in more detail about Hot Water Beach on her blog.

There is another similar beach on the western coast of the North Island, in the Hamilton area and the Waitomo caves – Kawhia Hot Water Beach.

In Auckland we rented a room in a private house. It turned out that three generations of a large family from Samoa live there. It was interesting to talk with them about Samoa and about life in New Zealand 🙂 And how nice it was to sleep in the house on the bed, and not in the tent on the campground, not counting the minutes in the shower and not sharing the kitchen with 30 other tourists 🙂

Auckland (Auckland) is the largest city in New Zealand – 1.66 million people.

Our review about Auckland: if you were in Europe, then the architecture will hardly impress you – there is practically nothing to see, museums are so-so.

And there are a lot of cameras in Oakland that record speed violations.

But there are several entertainments not related to culture and history 🙂

1. Panoramic views of Auckland from the Mount Eden Summit (Maungawhau) observation deck, 196 meters above sea level. It’s free. Arrive early so you can find yourself a parking space and not climb there in the heat among the crowd of Chinese people.

2. Sky Tower. Here you will have to pay, but its height is as much as 328 meters – the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere (slightly higher than Sky Costanera in Santiago, Chile).Open from 10 am to 8 pm every day, most popular at sunset. This is the tall tower on the left side of the photo.

3. Swim in a cage among sharks at Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium:

Also, near Auckland there are some interesting beaches with stunning sunsets , a cormorant colony and a waterfall.

Muriwai Gannet Colony is a colony of takapu boobies. Unlike penguins, there are about 1200 pairs of these birds.The birds weigh only 2.5 kg, but their wingspan reaches 2 meters!

During the extraction of food, gannets accelerate to 145 km / h and dive deep into the water. Nature has endowed them with strong skulls and special air cushions in their cheeks and chest. They can fly hundreds of kilometers a day.

You can come close to gannets, they nest just a couple of meters from the observation deck. and they can be seen at close range.

You can watch how they clean each other’s feathers and rub their beaks – this is how they express the joy of meeting friends 🙂

It is interesting that the females lay only one egg each, and the male and female hatch them in turn, and the second parent catches fish.The strongest families sit in the center of the cliff, and outcast along the edges, in the wind. Chicks hatch blind and naked, but after a week they are overgrown with fluff. When they already feel confident in the air, they fly to the island of Tasmania in Australia and spend 3-5 years there. And with the onset of puberty, they return to New Zealand and hatch their chicks there. Gannet cormorants live up to 25 years.

You can see them from August to March. At the beginning of the mating season, in November, the peak of the number of birds on the rocks, from December to February feeding the chicks, from March / April the juveniles leave the colony and fly to Australia, and from May to July the rocks are empty – all flew to Australia.It is better to visit not on weekends to avoid the crowds. If on a weekend, then earlier – the parking lot is quickly clogged with tourists and surfers.

Mercer Bay Walk is a short walk, part of a larger track. Then we went down to the beach, found a small lagoon, protected from the waves, swam there, sat on the beach …

And then a funny story happened to us 🙂 path up the mountain. We could not understand why they were running and not walking, the climb was the same.

When we packed our things and went upstairs, we realized: in the sun the black sand is heating up unrealistically and poured into sandals …


Feeling as if your legs are roasting at the stake!

And there is nowhere to get away from this sand except to run faster up to the green grass 🙂

In addition to the beach, Karekare also has a waterfall – Karekare Waterfall . Not as impressive, of course, as in Yosemite or Iguazu, but pleasant.

But the main thing is the magical tropical sunsets on the beach ! (Scroll through the photos – the sunsets are there)

By the way, the movie “The Piano” of 1993 was filmed here – it was on this beach that the mute Ada (Holly Hunter) played the piano on the seashore.Here is the excerpt:

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And no less beautiful sunsets were on the nearby beach Piha Beach .

In one evening you can see only one sunset, so we had to come to the coast twice, but did not regret it 🙂

After a week on the North Island of New Zealand we flew to Seoul, South Korea, but that’s another story.

Our New Zealand reviews

New Zealand is an interesting region with many attractions.Some of them are similar to European ones, but some are unique: Hobbiton, colorful geysers around Rotorua, cowrie trees, caves with glowing fireflies, kiwi birds, Maori culture.

In addition, New Zealand has very easy access to glaciers that do not melt even in summer: you can even walk in shorts on the glacier and fly over it in a helicopter.

If you have money, then New Zealand is a paradise for any outdoor in a remote location, with a minimum of other tourists due to the fact that places in mountain campsites are strictly limited, and a lot of entertainment is only accessible from a helicopter.You are taken by helicopter somewhere to uninhabited places, and then there are hikes on the glacier, and bicycles, and kayaking, and rafting.

And flights on small airplanes are very common – it is easy to see half the country in a few days.

The main disadvantages of New Zealand:

  • it is far and expensive to fly from almost anywhere
  • you need to get a visa (but it’s good that it can be done online)

But the pros outweigh these cons 🙂,,,,,,,,,,, forums.,, (flyingkiwigirl),,

reviews about Almaty International Airport

General information

The foundation stone of the future Almaty International Airport was laid in 1935. The strategic geographical position on the way from Asia to Europe initially determined a good perspective for the development of the air complex.Before, in ancient times, the Great Silk Road, which began in China, passed through Almaty. It is now laid behind the clouds. By the way, since 2002, the Almaty air services have been carrying out work to disperse fog, ensuring the safety of aircraft traffic.

Almaty Airport has the status of a leading airport in Kazakhstan, which imposes certain obligations on the constant modernization of the airline complex, increasing the level of service, and increasing the professional knowledge of the personnel. Also, the management of the Almaty airline is constantly working to attract air carriers from all over the world, both transport and civil, to cooperation.

Basic airlines

Many leading airlines in the world use Almaty airport not only for regular flights, but also as a base for technical work. These are Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Air Astana, Berkut Air, SCAT, China Xinjiang Airlines, Air France and others. Since 2003, the territory for its base Almaty airport has been made by the FedEx company, which specializes in the delivery of mail and cargo.

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