Stick it phone stickers: STIK IT UP Cell Phone Stickers, Wink Stick Out Tongue

Flip It – Prop It- Stick It!  flpnstk is the best iPhone and Android gadget on the market. With dozens of cool designs, you’ll always find a flpnstk you love.  Simply stick your anti-gravity sticker to the back of your phone, and you’re ready to flip, prop, and stick!  Flip open the flap and use it as a kickstand when you’re binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, or stick your phone onto any flat surface for a gravity-defying phone experience without any bulky cases. Whether you’re flpnstk-ing onto your mirror to follow along with a makeup tutorial from your favorite beauty vlogger, attaching your sticky iPhone case attachment to the kitchen cabinet to follow a Pinterest recipe, or looking for some handsfree navigating in the car, flpnstk does it all.  flpnstk is the Android and iPhone accessory that makes your phone case stick to just about anything and everything.   Shop our collection of this year’s best iPhone gadget and top Android accessory.

Black Maze

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Enjoy the hands-free experience and get sticky today with the classic Black Maze design from flpnstk. Flpnstk products are designed to stick anywhere to make…

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Don’t Kill My Vibe

$12. 97

Let the goods time roll and stay positive with good vibes only. With flpnstk, we won’t kill your vibes because your phone will stay exactly…

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Henna Flower


NEW DESIGN, ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! If you love traditional Henna, this flower is for you. The Henna Flower features the traditional pattern in a subtle design….

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Color Flowers


NEW DESIGN, ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! The Color Flowers design from flpnstk allows your to show your gentle side while remaining bold and bright. Flpnstk products are…

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Coffee Before Talkie


Wanna hear a joke?  Decaf.  All joking aside, the Coffee Before Talkie design will make your life easier even before finishing your first cup in…

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Respect the Beard

$12. 97

Studies have shown that on average, women find a man with a beard more attractive than a clean shaven man.  Respect the beard and be…

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Make It Happen


Life is what you make of it. Don’t sit back and let it pass you by. Make it Happen with flpnstk today! Take a stance…

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You’ll be anything but hidden in this classic camouflage pattern with Cammies from flpnstk. No matter if you’re a hunter, survivalist, or love camo, make…

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Blue Steel


Add a little flare to your phone with the Blue Steel design from flpnstk. The subtle, yet bold cellphone holder allows your personality to shine….

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Hand of Fatima

$12. 97

This hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths, it is a protective sign. It protects its owner from harm against the…

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Feel the Freedom

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$15. 97

Express your patriotism with this rustic take on the traditional American flag. Now, you can let your freedom soar and proclaim your love for the land…

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Hello Beautiful

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Share the beauty in the world with the Hello Beautiful design from flpnstk. Now, you can create your own kind of beautiful with the perfect…

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The 19 Best Phone Card Holders for 2021

Cell phones continue to get bigger, but our wallets aren’t getting any smaller. Sure, the iPhone 12 looks and feels great, but it also takes up some serious real estate. Between your phone and your wallet, it can feel like you’re constantly weighed down. That’s why phone card holders are becoming so popular. 

Phone card holders are a nifty add-on, allowing you to stick a few cards and/or money onto the back of your phone case, turning any smartphone into a small wallet and eliminating the need to travel with constantly full pockets — or those big, bulky wallets.

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All of the above makes phone card holders are one of the best phone accessories you can invest in. But, while you’re busy pimping your buzzer, why not go all out with a few further upgrades? When shopping for ways to upgrade your phone set up, here are some items to consider:

  • Phone Card Holder – The one we keep talking about is the best way to keep your cards and cash safe without carrying a separate wallet. It’s genius really.
  • Case – The best protection for your beloved smartphone is a phone case. There are styles to suit all tastes, or if you’re only concerned with the safety of your cell phone, there are also heavy-duty options that claim to withstand any drop, crash or dunk. 
  • Headphones – Of course, your headphones should sound good, but these days, they should also look good. Always be sure to check the type of attachment you need if you’re buying a wired pair. Alternatively, if you’re more of a wireless wizard, then you can also personalize and style your pod case to match your other phone gadgets.
  • Pop Socket – One of the newest phone accessories to hit the market and take phone customization by storm is the Pop Socket. Simply stick it onto the back of your phone, pop it out and use your fingers to keep a firm grip on your phone. However, it’s unlikely there will be space on the back of your phone for both a phone card holder and a pop socket. 

Out of all the accessories available, we’re sure you can see by now, a phone card holder is our highest recommendation for you. Seriously, how many cards and coupons do you have hunkered in the back of your wallet? And how many of those do you actually use on a daily basis? By eliminating the excess and sticking to a few tried-and-true essentials, you can ditch the old wallet altogether and keep your cash on your phone.

These 19 slim phone card holders are easy to use, provide ample card storage and will blend with any phone case design. From budget options to designs for avid sports fans, these phone wallet sleeves have you covered.


1. VAULT Protective Grip Cover


With a 4.4/5-star rating and reviews from over 3,100 happy customers, this stealth wallet case will not only protect your valuables, but it will also protect your phone. Designed with an ultra-light and thin material, you can count on this durable phone case to offer the protection your phone deserves. What’s more, it features enough room to hold up to three cards as well as a few bills. With three vibrant colors to choose from (plus the option to design your own), it’s no surprise this wallet case takes our top spot.

Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Fulgamo Phone Card Holder


The Fulgamo Phone Card Holder is a simple and cost-friendly attachment for your phone to keep your cards and cash safe as you’re on the move. The spandex and lycra blend material allows for a flexible stretch to wrap itself around your belongings and then pull them in tight. Given the price, these aren’t the most durable of phone card holders, but there are two included with each purchase. So, when your first is looking a little tired, you’ll have another at the ready.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Bellroy Phone Case


We’re such big fans of this phone case wallet that we recently named it one of the best men’s wallets of the year. This iPhone 12 and 12 Pro case is one of the best cases you can snag if you’re worried about your card holder being too obvious. We get it, not everyone wants to have their cards on display for everyone to see. Luckily, this phone case has a spot to keep your cards that’s totally hidden from on-lookers. Slide three of your most precious cards right into the back of the phone so they can rest safely. They’ll never fall out, they’ll never get lost and they’ll always have a secure place to stay put.

Courtesy of Bellroy


4. Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe


One of the reviews that stuck out to us most when looking at the Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe? “Expensive but worth it.” This leather wallet is constructed to stick on the back of your phone and hold some of your most precious cards. It’s complete with MagSafe to keep your credit cards safe, too. Meaning, yeah, nobody can zip by you really quick and charge your card without your knowledge.

Courtesy of Target


5. Popsockets Popwallet


You’re already familiar with Popsockets, aren’t you? They’re those little extensions that grip to the back of your phone so users can better hold on to their smartphones. But, not only do Popsockets consist of extendable grips, they’ve also got some of the best wallet card holders to slap on the back of your phone. Just check out this one, it’s sleek, can hold up to three cards and you can even add a Popsockets grip to the mix if desired.

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Courtesy of Popsockets


6. Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder


Crafted from genuine leather and compatible with both iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and more, the Wallaroo Stick-On Leather Card Holder is built to last. Strong 3M adhesive keeps it firmly attached to your phone, and the non-slip interior grip keeps your cards safe. Instead of rocking an everyday wallet case that makes your phone look a little more meh, consider this elegant option instead.

Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Pela Case Green Phone Case Card Holder


Not only is this case holder green in color, but it’s also green in nature. Pela Case’s Green Phone Case Card Holder is a thin, durable phone wallet that can stick to the back of any smartphone that’s fully compostable. Here, you’ll be able to hold two ID or credit cards safely on the back of your phone while adding a pop of color. Not only will you be protecting your cards, but you will be protecting the planet.

Courtesy of Pela Case


8. Shanshui Phone Card Holder


With five phone card holders included in this multipack from Shanshui, each item costs a little over one dollar each. That’s an absolute steal. There’s a range of unisex, dark tones to choose from along with a brighter blue and a pink shade, too. Each of the holders is backed with a strong adhesive which will keep a sturdy hold when in use yet ensures a clean removal when required.

Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Case Art Plus Stick On Wallet


Need a reliable phone sleeve that’ll last a while and doesn’t cost a small fortune? The Case Art Plus Stick On Wallet is a smart choice for the buyer on a budget. With a top cover on the pocket in order to add an extra level of security, this case stores your cards without taking up extra space. Furthermore, the spandex material won’t lose its elasticity over time, giving you a product that will hold up to repeated use.

Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Ridge Card Case


Leather cases are some of the most dapper the world has seen. And, when a handsome leather phone case works additionally as a card holder? Well, that’s just a double-whammy. The Ridge Card Case is made for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini. It’s made with 100% full-grain leather and uses a dual-slot design to keep two cards safely attached to the back of your phone. Just throw you ID and debit card on and leave the house without even snagging your wallet.

Courtesy of Ridge


11. Fulgamo Phone Pocket


All couples love having a few ‘his and hers’ items around the house, so why not treat you and your partner to a pair of Fulgamo Phone Pockets? Both pockets included in the pack follow a marble design, but one has a lighter color palette and one has a darker pattern. They also feature a hood to fold over your cards, ensuring they’re fully enclosed when traveling on the back of your phone for extra security.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Arokimi Phone Card Holder


This faux-leather Phone Card Holder from Arokimi will give you that professional edge, even on a budget. It’s completed to a universal size, so it will fit on the back of most smartphones. Once in place, you can simply slide out the card tray of five using the tag at the top in order to access your cards. As an added benefit, the card holder is RFID blocking, so you’ll be safe from scammers.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Biajiya Phone Card Holder


The Biajiya Phone Card Holder makes a wonderful gift for any smartphone-using girlfriend, sister or mom. Each order includes two champagne-colored, leather-like card holders, one in gold and one in rose. Both come with a hoop installed on the back for a secure hold of the smartphone when in use and a bit of added gold bling for fashion points. This card holder will fit on any smartphone that’s larger than an iPhone X.

Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Sinjimoru Phone Card Holder Case


For a slight twist on the usual slide-in phone card holders, the Sinjimoru Phone Card Holder Case offers a fold-out option, giving a full view of its contents. Inside, there’s a clip for holding onto your stored cash and cards. To install, simply attach the two included adhesive strips to either side of your phone, and then attach the card holder. This phone case is of a universal size yet is still small enough to stay out of the way of your camera despite its unique design.

Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Ringke Slot Card Holder


If you’re someone who wants to give your phone protection and have it carry your cards without hiding the true beauty of the phone itself, a see-through case and card holder to match might be exactly what you need. For the latter, the Rinke Slot Card Holder is the best solution and will hold your card securely in place on the back of your phone without interfering with any other designs present. And, when you’re not using it to carry your cards, you’ll hardly see the card holder there.

Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Ringke Slot Card Holder


The Ringke Slot Card Holder design has three benefits: first, it’s built from high-quality, hard plastic for a convenient carry and extra security; second, the card slot design offers quick access to your two main cards; and third, its extra thin structure means you’ll barely notice this pocket is attached to your phone. The cut out at the bottom allows you to push out the cards for easy access. If you need a wallet sleeve that packs a little more punch (and room), you can’t go wrong here.

Image courtesy of Amazon


17. Area Leather Wallet Case


For ultimate safety, storage and style, you need the Area Leather Wallet Case. It’s available in a huge range of colors, including red and white. It also comes complete with a wrist strap to ensure it’s always close by. On the inside of the left fold-out flap, there’s space for four cards as well as a clear area for a photo of your favorite person (in case their face on the background of your phone isn’t enough).

Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet 


Go total stealth mode with the Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet. This sleeve is unique because of its extra tall pocket for complete coverage and the included RFID card sleeve, which works to protect you from identity theft. What’s more, the sleeve itself is super thin, so you can keep your phone in your pocket without worrying about it feeling out of place.

Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Vibeside MagSafe Wallet Card Holder


If you’ve purchased the all-new iPhone 12, you’ll be familiar with its MagSafe feature. This innovative technology allows you to attach a variety of accessories to the back of the phone using magnets, including phone card holders. While Apple makes its own leather card holder, it’s rather pricey. That’s why we recommend the Vibeside MagSafe Wallet Card Holder. It uses the same magnetic attachment mechanism, but is made from vegan leather and boasts two pockets to hold four cards.

Image courtesy of Amazon


The Ridge Wallets Are the Ultimate in Minimalist Style


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What Types of Material Will or Won’t Decals Stick To?

Custom decals and stickers allow us to express our individuality, team spirit, and decorate an otherwise plain surface. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stick a decal to something, only to have it not stick at all, or peel right off after a day or two.

We want to make sure you don’t have those same problems, so we put together a list of materials and surfaces that decals and stickers will and won’t stick to.

Before we begin, we need to explain the slight differences between a sticker and a decal along with the various types of adhesives that are used.

Stickers vs. Decals

Generally speaking, the words “sticker” and “decal” are interchangeable. They’re an adhesive label that uses a high-definition printer and special inks to create bright, colorful, and vivid designs.

When there is a difference between the two words, it’s usually when the decal design is prepared on a special type of paper that’s intended to be transferred onto another surface. Under this definition, a sticker cannot be considered a decal.

Adhesives Used

An adhesive is the material that bonds the sticker to the surface of an item. There is a slight difference with regards to the performance of each type of adhesive and the surfaces that they will stick to:

  • Rubber– This type of adhesive is primarily used for removable decals. It’s not recommended that you use it in areas where the temperature will rise above 160F. Rubber adhesives are known for their high tac and will adhere to such surfaces as Teflon, silicone, plastics, and even other rubber itself.
  • Acrylic– This is a permanent type of adhesive that comes in two sub-types:
    • Pressure-sensitive– Which offers low to high tac and can withstand temperatures up to 200F.
    • Pressure activated– This allows for adjustable positioning, and a squeegee helps secure the bond. It can also withstand temperatures up to 200F.
  • Elastomeric/Thermoset – For this type of decal to adhere to a surface, heat or a solvent is required.

What Determines if a Decal Will Stick?

Now that we have a basic understanding of the common types of adhesives that are used on both decals and stickers, it’s time to learn what exactly determines if your decal will stick to a material or surface.

Each of the four factors below work in conjunction as they interact with one another.

Time – As time goes by, all adhesives will naturally strengthen their bond with the surface of the item that they are stuck on. The length of time until ultimate adhesion occurs (the very maximum adhesion point) varies from adhesive to adhesive. This is why you should closely follow the installation instructions of the decal or sticker.

Strength – The type of adhesive used on the decal or sticker will determine the overall strength. For example, low tack adhesives are designed to be removable, and they offer less strength than one that’s designed to have permanent adhesion. The word “tack” refers to how sticky the adhesive is—the greater the tack, the greater the adhesion.

Surface – The surface of the item that you’re trying to apply the sticker or decal will also determine how well it will stick. For example, if you have a textured surface, such as the outside stucco wall of a home, it’s not going to hold as well as it would on a flat surface. This is due to the nature of textured surfaces—they offer less surface area for the adhesive to adhere to versus a flat surface.

Temperature – When a sticker or decal is applied to a surface, a reaction takes place. The overall temperature will influence the reaction time. Hotter surface temperatures encourage the reaction to speed up. This means if you try to stick a decal to a cold surface, it will take longer to set than one that is warm—this doesn’t mean you should put your football helmet into the oven and turn up the dial to 500 degrees!

Types of Materials

Now that you understand the various adhesives used along with the factors that influence what they will and won’t stick to, it’s time to answer your original question—what types of materials will or won’t decals stick to?

Plastic – Most decals will stick to a plastic surface. However, if it has a textured surface, you might want to take some very fine sandpaper and gently sand the textured area down where you want to apply the decal.

Glass – Decals will stick wonderfully to glass surfaces; however, keep in mind that direct sunlight can and will eventually cause the decal ink to fade. In climates with high humidity, water condensation can form on and around the decal. If it’s not laminated, this can potentially cause damage to the paper or ink.

Wood – Most decals should stick to wooden surfaces. However, some types of wood have a texturized surface. You can help the decal adhere to the piece of wood by gently sanding it with a fine piece of sandpaper. This will help improve the overall surface area.

Cloth – The adhesive on most decals will not work well on fabric or cloth. If you want to put a sticker on a t-shirt, there are special iron-on ones you can get. To apply them, you will use a heat transfer process that’s most commonly done with a household iron.

Metal – A decal should stick to metal, provided that the surface is flat and not textured. As long as the surface is smooth and clean, stick away!

Textured Surfaces – Decals have the hardest time sticking to textured surfaces due to the lack of overall surface area for them to adhere to. The best way to get a decal or sticker to stick to a textured surface is to try to sand the area down to create as much surface area as possible.

Custom Decals, Stickers, and Logos

Now that you know how stickers work and the best surfaces they will and won’t stick to, it’s time to get some of your own! Check out our massive decals page for some great sticker and decal ideas from!

Cool things to put on the backside of your smartphone

The Spigen Style Ring makes the back of your phone more useful. It’s not only good for securing your grip, but also a handy kickstand.


You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the back of your phone. All the action happens in the front; duh, that’s where the screen is. But turn the phone over for a second. See all that empty space? Seems like prime real estate for, well, something.

This is $6 very well spent.


But what? Turns out you can put that backside to good use, whether for practical purposes or plain old fashion. Let’s take a look at some interesting accessories for the forgotten part of your phone.

A strap

A longtime personal favorite, the Ninja Loop (best name ever) is a simple strap that works with just about any case. Once installed, you just slide your fingers through for a much safer and more comfortable grip. Safer, because you’re less likely to drop your phone when it’s literally strapped to your hand. And more comfortable if you’re trying navigate or touch-type with just your thumb.

The Ninja Loop comes in a variety of colors and styles. It costs just CA$5.99 — about $4.50, £3.50 or AU$6 — and shipping is free anywhere in the world if you order three or more.

A kickstand

Just need a kickstand? Spigen’s spring-loaded metal job runs just $10.


Doesn’t matter if you’re reading a book, watching a movie or chatting on a video call: Your phone needs a way to stand up for itself. In other words, it needs a kickstand, a way to prop it up on a desk, table, countertop or other flat surface so you can comfortably view the screen hands-free.

Ideally, the kickstand should go where you go, meaning it’s semipermanently attached to the back of your phone. For example, the Spigen U100 Universal Metal Kickstand is a narrow, spring-loaded stand that flicks open as needed to prop up your phone in landscape mode. It sells for $9.99 or £7.59 (about AU$13 converted) and comes in silver, black and rose gold.

You might also consider something like the Spigen Style Ring, which sticks to the back of your phone and performs two functions: stand and drop-free gripping (kind of like the Ninja Loop, but for one finger). You can also get a dashboard mount to hook your phone to your dashboard. Style Rings sell for $19.99, £9.99 or AU$26 each.

Another gripper/stand option: the PopSocket. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles (including custom ones you design yourself), these self-adhesive discs “pop out” for kickstand and finger-grip duty and then collapse to become almost flat. The regular ones run about $10, £7 or AU$15; a custom PopSocket will cost you $15. (Cheapskate tip: You can get $2 off via this link.)

A magnet mount

A small, magnetic mount like this one can clip to an air vent or stick to a dashboard.


I’m a big believer in mounting your phone on your dashboard when you drive, and think magnetic mounts are arguably the single best option.

Hit up Amazon, eBay or just about any store and you’ll find loads of choices, the vast majority of them priced $10 or less. Some use magnets that adhere directly to your dashboard; others clip into an air vent. Either way, you’ll need a metal plate that sticks to the rear of your phone.

That plate can go inside your case, if you use one, provided it’s fairly thin. Otherwise, you may need to stick it right to the phone itself, in which case I strongly recommend choosing a mount that comes with a clear-film removable tab that goes between the phone and the plate. That way, if you decide you don’t want the plate any longer, it’s easy to remove and won’t leave behind any residue.

NFC buttons

This is an idea that never really caught on, which is too bad, because it’s a good one.

Dimple is a tactile set of buttons that sticks to the back of your Android phone. (Sorry, iPhone users — you’ll understand why in a minute.) You then program them to perform just about any function: launch the camera, turn on the flashlight, call your spouse and so on.


Amazingly, all this requires no battery, no wiring… nothing except NFC. That’s the wireless technology used to pair the buttons to your phone; an app handles the programming. (Apple doesn’t allow third-party products to access NFC this way, alas.)

The buttons work on just about any NFC-equipped Android phone, provided it’s not encased in metal, which does leave out certain premium models, alas, such as the OnePlus 3. A set of four will run you $17.99 (about £14 or AU$24 converted).

A skin

Lots of folks prefer to go caseless, which I think is crazy — one sudden burst of gravity and crrrraaackk goes the screen. On the other hand, cases add bulk and diminish phone beauty, so I get it. 

Mighty Skins offers some mighty cool-looking designs to wrap up your naked phone.

Mighty Skins

That still leaves you with a naked backside, one that doesn’t really reflect your style, your personality. So consider dressing it up with a skin. Mighty Skins, Slickwraps and Skinit are among the companies offering a wide variety of cling-style wraps for most phone models. They also give you the option of uploading your own art — a company logo, a photo of the kids and so on — and turning that into a skin.

Prices typically start between $10-$15, depending on style, phone model and so on. Custom skins can raise the cost to the $20-$30 range. (Wrappz and XtremeSkins in the UK and NevSkins and PrintVenue in Australia offer similar options.)

A wallet

This self-adhesive wallet goes the extra mile.


There are lots of self-adhesive wallets that can hold a couple cards and some cash — a great way to add utility to the back of your phone. I like one that takes it a step further, adding a kickstand to the mix.

The Cellessentials Cell Phone Wallet with Stand offers exactly that addition, in the form of a pair of “wings” that fold out to prop up your phone. It can stick directly to the back of your phone or to any nonsilicone case.

Although this product can be found elsewhere with different branding and pricing, it’s hard to beat Cellessentials’ deal on Amazon: a five-pack of wallets in assorted colors for $8.97 (about £7 or AU$12 converted).

Have you found any other cool accessories to add to the back of your phone? Shout them out in the comments!

Here is what the sticker behind your smartphone means

If you recently purchased a smartphone, specifically Android, chances are that it has a sticker or two stuck on its back, just sitting there, ruining the pretty design and serving no purpose. But do you really know the reason for it being there? Can you remove it? And most important, does it affect your warranty?

I’ve seen a bunch of my friends keeping these stickers intact. There is no problem in that. It is totally their choice. But it tends to trigger my OCD. Why would you spend money on a smartphone and keep it like that?

Let’s dive deep and understand this. Every mobile handset, be a smartphone or a basic feature phone, needs to follow certain guidelines. One of them is to clearly mention certain details like serial number, IMEI number, model specifics and so on. Handsets in the past had removable backs allowing manufacturers to print all the information inside. And it made sense. Today the scenario is different. Almost every smartphone today is sealed or essentially cannot be opened by the user that easily. This left smartphone makers with two choices, print the information on the device or use a sticker.

Printing or laser engraving product information on the device can be an expensive affair, thus annoying stickers.

Is it important?
Humans are programmed to give importance to tiny stickers with numbers and jargon related to expensive electronic devices. The stickers behind smartphones are indeed important. They usually include information like the phone’s IMEI number (Identity), SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate for cellphone radiation), serial number, storage and model information, and other details about the device.

Can I remove it?
Yes. If you are someone like me, then you can remove those ugly stickers. Almost all the information is usually in or around the box of your device. So better keep that safely or note down all the information.

Will I loose warranty?
Not at all. Like I mentioned above, all of the information is present on phone packaging. Of course it is advisable to go through the warranty terms and conditions before the discarding the stickers and packaging of your device.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Sticker Review: Do They Really Work?

Does a sub $10 product really fix your poor cell phone reception?

This week, we decided to test the Cell Antenna booster sticker by Generation X. These are inexpensive stickers that you place behind your battery that supposedly improves your signal.

In today’s review, we are going to compare dB gain (the scientific way of looking at cellular signal strength) and a before and after internet speed test. We’re not going to cross our fingers on this one, but as professional signal boosting experts, we’re all about results no matter how high-brow or low-brow.

So let’s begin:

#1: The Sticker

The product itself is literally a sticker with some metal lining design. According to the back of the package, the Cell Antenna “captures stray radiation in the body of the phone and to re-radiate the signal to improve the phone’s performance.”

In plain English: It’s a signal strength diaper for your phone. No leakage here.

#2: The Phone

Very important info: These cell antenna boosting stickers only work for smartphones with removable batteries. So that basically a BIG NO to all things iPhones and Apple products. So rejoice Android users. This review is for you.

We’re using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with AT&T service as our test phone.

#3: Installing the Cell Antenna Sticker

Fairly, simple instructions. Remove battery cover and find the manufacturer’s sticker. And then just place it in the center.

#4: Signal Strength & Speed Test Results

On dB reading, we had a -84 dBm before and a -87 dBm after. Basically, the signal has weakened by 2X! Yikes. Learn more about dB signal and what it means with our blog post: How to Read Signal Signal Strength The Right Way.

For download speed tests we used by Ookla. The before and after tell another story. With download speeds at 3.55 Mbps before and 4.25 Mbps after. But of course, the upload speeds before were much higher at 12.35 Mbps compared to 9.93 Mbps after.

And for those who prefer the bar talk, it was 4 bars of 4G LTE before and 3 bars of 4G LTE after.

#5: Conclusion

Luckily, we ran two more tests with almost the same results. Now, we also know that cell phone signals are quite flaky since there are almost a dozen factors that influence these speed tests.

By our own estimation (based on the three tests and other data from testing signal boosters), we would say a variance of +/- 3 dB is normal even when the phone is at the same spot. Again, this happens because of many reasons: number of users on the cell tower network, better cell phone antenna tracking when phone is stationary, time of day, weather conditions, etc.

So what does this all mean?

The Cell Antenna boost sticker did not help nor harm our signal strength.

Based on our tests, it’s literally a sticker.

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We seriously hate dropped calls and poor coverage, so it’s our goal in life to stomp on spotty signal like the little roaches they are:

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Ask us anything and we’ll be glad to help.


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Custom Clothing Labels & Name Stickers for Kids

Custom Clothing Labels & Name Stickers for Kids – Stick 2 Me

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Dishwasher and microwave safe

Saves time

When our children start going to daycare or school, there are an abundance of clothing and other items to identify. When I was little, my mother typed out our names, cut them all out and taped them to each pencil and binder. It was very time-consuming!
Today there is Stick 2 Me.
Stick 2 Me is the solution to make this task quick and fun.


Are your kids rough with the objects aroud them? No worries! Our labels often last longer than the object itself.
They are waterproof and resistant in the dishwasher, microwave, washing and drying machines. In fact they are ideal for an effective and durable identification.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For everyone!

Whether it be for daycare, school or summer camp, Stick 2 Me labels are perfect for identifying all your children’s items. Let your kids choose a design – they will have fun creating their labels and will look forward to receiving their order in the mail.
Teachers and educators find our labels very useful in identifying their valuable materials.
Let yourself be tempted into ordering pretty labels with your own name on them! You can then make sure your favourite mug at the office remains yours.
Stick 2 Me labels also work great to identify an older one’s items at a care-home.

More than 100,000
satisfied customers!


Sophie Therrien

Washing machine test, Dishwasher test, “Resistant son” test,  Yes!! The product is simply awesome.

Karine Pinet

I am very satisfied. I work at a daycare center and I see these labels in toddlers’ clothes. They are very durable and useful. Your products are really good quality! We are definite Stick 2 Me fans!

Annie Laurin

Your business is growing and so are my kids! Their choices in designs change as they grow, but the reflex is always there: order from Stick 2 Me!

Julie Beaupré

I’ve placed 4 orders already. I love them. These labels are the best – by far! 🙂

Joannie Miller

Having tried many different brands, these are the very best, by far.

Catherine Messier

I’ve just placed an order for my daughter. After ordering several times for my sons, I’m very satisfied! Can’t wait to receive my first “girly” order! I won’t go without, they are the cutest and the best!!

Bianka Gervais

My labels have been stuck to dishes for over a year and a half… they go through the dishwasher cycle 3 to 4 times a week and the labels don’t come off!!! I love them 🙂

Dominique Lessard

My young daughter will soon be starting school. The first year, it’s quite stressful. But with your labels, everything is simpler. Your website is really user-friendly – the ordering and payment processes are 100% perfect. Congratulations!

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Veryfing shipping options…

Standard (Order under 21.00 $CAD)

No tracking number
3 to 9 business days. The post may experience some delays due to COVID-19

Free shipping

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3 to 9 business days. The post may experience some delays due to COVID-19


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Amount remaining on the card after this order:

90,000 Gold stickers for phones of any model. Custom metal stickers. Custom gold stickers for iPhone, iPad, iPod, PDA, reader, as well as other devices and accessories. Exclusive gold and silver stickers for laptops

1) How do I place an order for metal stickers, and what information should I provide when ordering?

Please send to our email [email protected] a file with images in vector curves in ai cdr eps pdf format.

2) What variants of metal stickers are possible?

Colors of metal nickel stickers: gold, silver.

Effects: engraving and notching.

3) Can I order metal stickers with only my logo?

Of course!

4) Do you help with the development of images and labels?

To prepare for the production of metal stickers, we correct and adapt your logo or lettering and draw up a layout of the production sheet – Free .

5) What is the minimum quantity of metal stickers that can be ordered?

From 1 sheet 190x277mm, everything that fits on the sheet is all yours.

6) How long to wait for the order?

Up to 10 days.

7) Do you have delivery and how much do you charge for it?

In Russia we send CDEK or your KS

By courier in Moscow – 400 rubles

8) How can I pay for my order?

Cash in our store (sales receipt and cashier’s receipt).

By bank card.

Electronic money.

Cashless payments to the settlement account of individual entrepreneurs.

9) Can I get samples?

Yes, you can – FREE . Only pack shipping and we will send to your address or receive them from our store.

10) What are the guarantees that I will receive stickers after 100% prepayment?

We work with individuals and legal entities on a contractual basis. Plus the real location of our store.

11) Stickers are difficult to stick, do you need special equipment and skills?

No, it’s easy. They removed one film, attached it, smoothed it out, removed the second film. All is ready.

12) Price with VAT?

SP is on the simplified tax system.

13) Is there gold in the gold stickers?

No, it’s just a gold plating.

Label printing

Name Description Print quality Volume Price
Vinyl Printing white or transparent 1440 dpi m2 1000 rub
Vinyl Printing white or transparent 720 dpi m2 750 rub
Color film Oracal color film without printing m2 300 rub
Metallized film Oracal film gold, silver or bronze without printing m2 550 rub
Holographic film color – chameleon m2 950 rub
Reflective foil color – white silver, red, blue m2 1150 rub
Luminescent film Glows in the dark m2 1590 rub
Magnetic Vinyl real magnet 0.7 mm thick m2 1850 rub
Cold lamination glossy, matte m2 350 rub
Cold lamination “spark” gloss lamination m2 850 rub
Sample Film Sampling m2 500 rub
Application of installation film Special film for transferring the sticker to the surface m2 200 rub
Plotter cutting of large elements cutting on a plotter m2 200 rub
Plotter cutting of small elements cutting plotter m2 500 rub

The best way to stick protective glass on your phone

Some time ago I already wrote here about protective glasses for smartphone screens and their advantages over protective films.There were quite a few comments, someone said that it was pointless to glue something on the phone at all. If you think so, then this post is not for you. But among those who gave advice on how best to glue, no one told the method that I will describe below. Stumbled upon him relatively recently. And maybe I will act as the “captain of the Obvious”, but, I hope, I will be useful to someone.

So, the usual way is to create a humid atmosphere in order to nail down all the dust (for example, go to the bath and turn on the hot shower), ideally clean the glass of the phone and quickly, before new dust has accumulated, attach the glass.Alas, sticking more or less smoothly does not work the first time. It happened that the glass had to be peeled off and glued again. This increased the chances of catching dust particles, and the sticky layer could be damaged. In any case, the plus of glass is that it hides almost any hairs, dust particles and even air bubbles disappear on their own in a day or two. Especially confused people can remove particles accidentally caught under the glass with scotch tape. However, as it turned out, there is a simpler way to “stick”.

Most often, the glass comes with accessories – wet and dry wipes for cleaning the screen and a set of stickers.Well, big – for specks of dust, ok, but for what small (Guide Sticker) – I did not understand, and did not even think about it.
And the chest just opened. First, there is no need to remove the film from the protective glass. Place it ideally on your smartphone screen and secure with these narrowest stickers. Then “turn over” the glass and clean the smartphone screen well (you can still do this in a damp room). Remove the film from the glass and attach to the screen. Ready. Since I discovered this method, I glue everything the first time and almost perfectly!

Ask why I change protective glasses so often? It’s simple – I ordered several 0.2 and 0.26 mm glasses for testing and it turned out that they were terribly fragile.Cracked even if you unsuccessfully put the phone on the table with the display down or hit something in the bag. So I spent them and ordered the usual 0.3 mm again and I’m glad. Yes, they are thicker and it is not so convenient to perform gestures from the edge of the screen (if your smartphone screen is rounded like the iPhone), but I sometimes drop my phone and I don’t want to accidentally break the screen.
In the first post, I also wrote about 3D glasses, which are also rounded to the edges, but in the end I ended up using them. The version with the metal edging does not look very good, dirt gets under the edges.Carbon fiber looks great, but too fragile. Plus, some of the cases that “fit” over the edges of the iPhone are incompatible with 3D glasses. And I have a lot of covers and I change them periodically.

How to Paste Vinyl Sticker on Phone

Video tutorial for applying stickers

This video tutorial shows how to apply stickers on phones with complex case geometries, it can be a convex or uneven back cover, for example.In this case, it is imperative to smooth the sticker under the hot air of a hairdryer, otherwise wrinkles may appear. On mobile devices with a simple body geometry (if the surface to which the sticker is applied is flat), stickers are applied more easily, but warming up and smoothing are still desirable.
Turn off the phone and prepare everything that is needed for gluing: degreasing liquid, it can be a special degreasing liquid, or a drop of dishwashing detergent diluted in water, alcohol or vodka is not recommended; water; hairdryer; a few sponges or a cloth.
Degrease the surface with a degreasing liquid or dishwashing detergent diluted in water.
We wipe the body with a sponge moistened with plain water to remove the remnants of chemistry.
Finally, wipe the surface dry.
We begin to apply the sticker, gradually separating its different parts from the substrate. This can be done from wherever you like, starting from any part.
We combine each part of the sticker with the body, focusing on the cutouts for the controls or body joints.But we glue only the middle, if bevels begin in the corners and the sticker must close them, then heat shrinkage will be required so that the film lies without folds. If the first time it did not work out to stick it evenly, then you can carefully remove the sticker and repeat the procedure. If there are air bubbles under the sticker, you can peel off half of the sticker and re-stick it by sliding a squeegee or plastic card over it from the part that remains glued. Thus, you “expel” the air.
We turn on the hairdryer and, under a stream of hot air, smooth out the non-glued edges of the sticker from the center to the edges.
We repeat the procedure for the rest of the sticker. For each phone, stickers are cut differently, taking into account all its design features. Our main rule: the sticker should in no way obstruct access to controls, sensors or the functioning of moving parts. If a protective film is glued to the screen, then the sticker is always applied on top, directly onto the film. The display, touch buttons and sensors are, of course, cut out. If you need to remove the sticker from the front panel without removing the film, then you need to pick up the corner of the sticker and slowly pull, holding the protective film with a squeegee or a plastic card.
Be sure to smooth it out under a stream of hot air, and first of all from the center to the far edge of the corner, if the bevel goes in two or more directions, i.e. a bulge or corner is pasted over.
If small folds appear and cannot be smoothed out with your finger, this is not a big deal, you can smooth them out with something harder: a squeegee or a plastic card. This is done necessarily from the center to the edges.
In conclusion, applying a little effort, we iron the sticker around the entire perimeter, especially around the edges – this way the sticker will stay on the device longer.
If you have done all the procedures with high quality, then a sticker on a phone, player, portable game console or tablet can last more than a year, and on a laptop more than three years!

You can see films in photos and read recommendations on the selection and application of any sticker in the section “film samples” of the forum

You can view the available photos of phones / laptops / tablets / players / game consoles pasted with our stickers in section “product photos “ Forum

How to stick glass or film on a smartphone screen

PracticeHow to do it

Dmitry Razumovsky | 13.02.2018

A few useful tips for those who decided to stick a protective film or glass on their smartphone screen on their own.

Smartphone users often face problems when solving such a seemingly trivial task as gluing a protective film or protective glass to the screen: then it is not possible to apply
exactly, then air bubbles remain. Most often this happens due to non-observance of two simple rules. The first says: the screen of your device must be absolutely clean, without a single speck of dust.Second: when gluing the glass, you need to fix it on one side. Here are some tips to help you follow these guidelines.

1. Prepare your work area

This does not mean that you only need to free the corner of the table. Preparation should mainly consist in wet cleaning the entire room and – especially! – working surface. Often
it happens that the screen itself is neatly cleaned, but at the very last moment, due to a sharp exhalation, some dust particles fly off the table and end up under the protective glass.And then removing them is a big problem: when
peeling off the glass, they may stick to it and not to the screen. In addition, in the process of re-gluing, a few more dust particles may get onto the screen from the table. So it’s better to put things in order right away,
as they say, on the shore.

2. Remove the old protective film only immediately before starting work

This also applies to newer smartphones. Manufacturers pack them with a film on the screen, which, in fact, is not protective, but only protects against dirt and fingerprints when viewing in
stores.It is also better to remove this film not immediately after purchasing a smartphone, but immediately before gluing a special protective glass. The reason is simple: the smaller the glass will be
contact with the outside world, the less scratches it will have, stubborn dirt, etc. Therefore, it is better to remove even a cracked protective glass only after purchasing a new one. But if
it turned out that you have already removed it, then it is also possible to stick a new one well, you just have to clean the screen more thoroughly – and why this extra work?

3.Prepare your tools for the job

You will need: two fixing stickers (if they are not in the package, you can cut off two pieces of scotch tape), a sticker for removing dust particles from under incorrectly glued glass, a damp cloth (if
there is a lot of dirt on the screen, it is better to take a few), a tool for smoothing the protective film. If the latter is not in the package, then a plastic card is quite suitable (by the way, it can even blow out bubbles
more convenient than the included plate).

Sometimes a dry cloth is included in the kit (if not, I advise you to take care): it is necessary so as not to wait for the screen to dry after a wet wipe – after all, this is always the risk of excess dust.

It would also be nice to have a needle on the table so that, if necessary, pick up glass or film for re-gluing. Such a tool is also sometimes included in the kit.

All tools should be carefully laid out on the table so as not to get confused during work.And remember: the gluing process itself should be as fast as possible.

4. Prepare your smartphone for use

You need to pull it out of the case and turn it off. It is even better to remove the battery from it, so as not to accidentally turn it on during operation – dirt is poorly visible on the working screen, this can interfere with

5. Stick on one of the long sides of the glass two fixing stickers

In principle, this can be done after cleaning the screen, but it is better in advance – so that you do not lie for a long time while looking for and sticking stickers.It will be more convenient for right-handers to stick stickers on the left side of the glass,
to start gluing from the left to the right side of the screen. By the way, at this stage it is not necessary to remove protective films from the glass itself (they are usually on both sides).

6. Remove the previous protective film from the screen and wipe it thoroughly

This advice, perhaps, does not need special comments. Let me just remind you: as a result, there should be no fingerprints, traces of dirt, specks or dust on the screen.Only in this case
the process will complete successfully.

7. Try on the glass to the screen and fix one of its sides with stickers

The protective glass should be installed as evenly as possible, with an accuracy of half a millimeter, otherwise it will look ugly. In addition, if any tip falls on the frame of the smartphone, then it will not
will be able to stick tightly to the screen, you will have to re-glue it, and this is no longer good. Ideally, the glass should be glued in one go.

8.Remove the protective layer from under the glass

Immediately before gluing, check again if there is a speck of dust on the screen. If not, start from the fixed side: glue the glass (or film) along the entire length along
towards the opposite side. Try not to leave bubbles – it is not always easy to expel them.

9. If air bubbles still form, use prepared tool

Pressing it on the edge of the bubble, drive it to the nearest side of the glass or film.Sometimes you need to press quite hard, but don’t overdo it – replacing the screen is quite expensive. By the way, kick out
the air from under the protective glass is lighter than from under the protective film, since the glass is stiff.

10. If dust gets under the glass, remove it with a sticker

Lift the glass or film with a needle or a special tool and, without touching the screen with your fingers (otherwise you will have to clean it again), hook a speck of dust with a sticker – it should easily move onto it.Then
try sticking on glass or film again. When the procedure is repeated, as a rule, more bubbles are formed, therefore it takes longer to expel them.

11. Remove the fixing stickers and the top protective layer from the glass only after finishing work

You should not do this earlier: if you have to re-glue the glass, they will be necessary. But about the upper protective layer, you need to make a reservation. The fact is that sometimes air bubbles
are formed not between the screen and the glass, but between the glass and the upper protective layer, and this is not always easy to determine.Therefore, the upper protective layer can be removed immediately after the glass is glued. But in
In this case, be sure to re-glue the fixing stickers from the upper protective layer onto the glass itself, as it may need to be re-glued.

* * *

Of course, there is no one hundred percent guarantee of a successful procedure for gluing a protective glass, however, following these recommendations, you can avoid many common mistakes.

And in conclusion, one more piece of advice: if you doubt that everything will turn out well for you, contact a mobile phone salon.They have a good command of the technique of gluing protective films and glasses on smartphones,
however, they do not do it for free. But on the other hand, they take all the risks.

Printing custom stickers in Moscow and Moscow region at an affordable price

Production and printing of custom stickers

Nola Plus printing house prints stickers, self-adhesive seals, labels and stickers. You can order the circulation directly on the website or by calling the phones indicated on the page.

Use the calculator to calculate the cost.Specify the parameters of the order – dimensions, material, shape, number of colors and circulation. Price calculation is performed instantly. You can clarify technical details and terms of printing by contacting managers by phone and in an interactive chat. The range of production times is from 1 to 7 days.

After calculating the price, you just need to fill out the form – specify the data for feedback and send a request to the manager. Within half an hour, the specialist will consider the application and give an answer to all questions of interest to the client. Correspondence and transferred layouts are saved in the customer’s personal account.If necessary, the company’s designers themselves will develop a layout according to the client’s sketches. To reprint the circulation, use the “Repeat order” option.

Our products

Printing of self-adhesive labels, seals, stickers, volumetric and vinyl stickers is the main specialization of our printing house. For the manufacture of products, we use professional equipment for digital (direct) and screen printing. We print labels on sheets and in rolls in any edition.

Our products:

  • Polymer coated bulky labels.Resin shading creates images with a three-dimensional effect. Stickers are printed on transparent, colored, metallized (silver or gold) film.
  • Seals, warranty and protective self-destructive stickers. Glued to seal packaging, equipment, safes and documents. They control access to goods, are used to mark valuable products.
  • Holographic labels – printed by applying a pattern with a holographic effect on a self-adhesive base.
  • Stickers with reinforced glue for applying on embossed and uneven surfaces.

We print runs of several types of stickers, we carry out urgent orders. The finished editions are delivered to customers from Moscow by Dostavista courier service. We work with clients from the Moscow region and other regions of the Russian Federation – delivery of goods is carried out by CDEK.

Experts will help you choose the type of stickers and stickers depending on the purpose and conditions of product use.We provide free samples of printed products, we will promptly produce probes for testing.

Reviews about our work

90,000 what is the fine for a sticker on a 2019 car, types

In the traffic flow today, there are cars with bright stickers of the most unpredictable content: a warning about how badly everyone who leaves a scratch on this car, the driver’s phone number with an indispensable the clarification that this is a blonde who cooks better than she drives, and the dummies’ timid apologies for their slowness.There are also specimens completely covered with a film with a spectacular pattern. But is it legal to cover a car with such images and inscriptions?

Can stickers be glued to cars?

When deciding to decorate a car or place a warning sticker on it, drivers wonder whether stickers on cars are allowed at the legislative level.

According to the law, participation in the road traffic of a vehicle with visible stickers applied to its outer side is prohibited.If you want to cover the car with a film with an image or text, you should first agree on the procedure with the traffic police and the executive committee, where they will decide whether the sticker on your car will threaten road safety. Do not rely on the fact that you will be given permission to paste if it touches the glass and interferes with the view.

Car stickers officially approved for use without going through the approval procedure include:

  • Advertising (except for tobacco and alcoholic products, beer and low alcohol drinks)
  • identification marks placed in accordance with the established procedure
  • permission to admit a vehicle to participate in road traffic
  • information about the owner of the car
  • trademarks
  • vehicle sale information

Types of vinyl car stickers

According to the content, they are of the following types:

  1. Signs. Clearly interpreted and preventative. They are clearly visible to all road users and are easy to read.
  2. Promotional . They represent an image of a company logo, product or list of services provided.
  3. Informational . As a rule, they are applied to cars belonging to driving schools, taxi services and other organizations.
  4. Decorative .They are applied to decorate the car and give its exterior individuality. Thus, the car becomes visible in the flow of other vehicles.

What is the amount of the fine for a sticker on a car in 2019-2020?

The driver of a car with stickers that are not on the list, that are not approved by the relevant authorities or that interfere with safe movement, are threatened with a warning or a fine in the amount of two basic units. If during the year the vehicle is stopped by a traffic police officer for the same reason, the fine will be from 2 to 5 base units.

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