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Color Rose Red
Material Plastic
Brand Black Temptation
Sheet Size A4

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  • Made of plastic.
  • Size: 24.5cm * 32.5cm .
  • A4 size 5 layers file folders. Closed on two sides to keep files secure.
  • Protect your documents with durable, waterproof and tear-resistant poly files.
  • Very durable, fashionable folder enough for you to carry it with you anywhere .

File folders | TAB

Our Products and Services

TAB file folders are designed and manufactured by TAB for optimal visibility, fast retrieval and maximum longevity.

A wide range of styles and features allows you to choose the folder that works best with your media and your filing and storage standards.

You can choose from:

  • various sizes, including letter, legal, and other metric sizes
  • different tab locations and sizes: top tab, side tab and end tab
  • different construction materials, including extra-strong reinforced folders and environmentally friendly, 100 percent recycled materials
  • a range of folder accessories such as storage pockets, dividers and fasteners

TAB also offers custom file folders to meet highly specific needs, including custom printing and factory installed labels and accessories.

Explore our range of file folders and folder accessories:

File Folders

Small side tab

TAB Folders have a single, small side tab, and are available in a wide variety of specialty materials.

Small top tab

Top Tab file folders have a small notched tab along the top to provide room for color coded files in standard roll-out drawer cabinets.

Small top tab and side tab

2TAB file folders have both a side tab and a top tab, allowing you to use color coding in drawer cabinets and shelf cabinets.

Full-length, side tab

TAB Datafile folders have a full side tab to provide you with the maximum amount of space to color code your files.

Extra durable, full-length side tab

TAB FORTIfile folders are reinforced with eternafilm, making them the most durable, long-lasting file folders.

Eco-friendly, side tab or top tab

tabZEROfile is a 100% recyclable folder made from well-managed forestry certified products.

Custom file folders from TAB help you meet your exact filing standards and employee needs. Our custom file folders include folder design and custom printing, with factory color-coding and labeling.

File Folder Add-ons

TAB offers a wide range of file folder accessories to improve efficiency and keep your documents secure.

TAB provides a wide assortment of pocket designs, allowing you to accommodate documents and media of varying sizes.

TAB offers a range of indexes to make it easy to find your information. We can also custom create indexes to your unique specifications.

The Best File Organizer for a Tidier Home Office


Scattered piles of paperwork don’t just make an office look untidy, they also can make it hard to find important documents. A file organizer is an affordable and simple storage solution to keep papers organized.

Whether it’s a desktop, drawer, or wall solution, the best file organizer is durable and easy to use, keeping papers categorized for long-term office organization. With the right solution, it takes away the stress and hassle of storing and finding important documents.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences among file organizers, and file away paperwork, receipts, and work documents with one of these best file organizers for your office.

  1. BEST OVERALL: ZICOTO Collapsible Linen File Organizer Box
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Simple Houseware Over Door Pocket File Organizer
  3. UPGRADE PICK: BIRDROCK HOME Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet
  4. BEST WALL ORGANIZER: EasePAG 5-Tier Mesh Wall File Organizer
  5. BEST FILE TRAY: SimpleHouseware 6 Trays Desktop Letter Organizer
  6. BEST PORTABLE: Bankers Box Heavy Duty Portable Plastic File Box


What to Consider When Choosing the Best File Organizer

File organizers come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials to suit different storage needs. With a good filing strategy, a file organizer will help cut down on clutter and make documents easier to find. When choosing the best file organizer for your office, consider the organizer type, size, material, portability, and versatility.


There are a range of file organizer types to suit any home office space. Some common types include accordion-style folders, file boxes, desktop file trays, and hanging units.

  • Accordion-style organizers are a small and light option. These folders most often come in letter- or legal-size widths and have expandable pleated sides. Inside, they have separators to keep important documents, from a few hundred to a few thousand, organized. Their smaller size is ideal for storing inside filing desk drawers and filing cabinets.
  • File boxes are a good choice for larger storage needs. Roomier and stackable, most file boxes can store more than a thousand sheets of paper. These are ideal to store documents under desks, in a closet, or on shelving. Some options are designed with aesthetics in mind to store on display. Decorative file organizer boxes come in a range of colors and in materials like wood, linen, and bamboo.
  • Desktop trays keep documents organized and easily accessible, though they usually hold fewer documents than file boxes. Desktop file organizers typically have up to five trays to store papers horizontally, keeping them from bending or creasing. Other standing organizers hold the papers vertically in compartments.
  • Hanging organizers, either door-hanging or wall-mounted, are a space-saving option In small offices. Wall-mounted file organizers usually require installation, and most products will include the necessary mounting screws and hardware. Door-hanging organizers are much easier to put up, as they have a couple of hanging hooks that fit over a standard door. Both options can include up to five trays or folders to store paperwork and office accessories.


File organizers are commonly made from plastic, metal, or cardboard. These functional and versatile materials are used to create a range of designs. Decorative options also are common and can be made from bamboo, wood, or linen. Decorative organizers are ideal to store in the open, like on shelving or desktops.

Cardboard organizers are less durable than other options but can be very affordable. They may deteriorate over time, so they are less ideal for long-term storage. Plastic, metal, wood, and linen are usually more durable to handle long-term storage.

Since plastic is waterproof, plastic bin organizers are a smart pick for locations prone to moisture or water damage. Materials like cardboard, linen, metal, and wood can allow spills to seep through or suffer damage in damp locations.


File organizers come in various sizes, from skinny desktop organizers that keep small desktops clutter-free to large stackable boxes that can hold thousands of documents. The ideal size will depend on your storage needs and available space.

Paper size is one aspect to consider when choosing the best file organizer. Most file organizers fit standard letter-size paper that is 8.5 by 11 inches. Some wider organizers fit legal-size (8.5 by 14 inches) or ledger-size paper (11 by 17 inches). There also are index card filing boxes, which are smaller. Choosing the right organizer size will help keep key documents crease-free.


Paperwork can take up a good chunk of space in a home office, so storage room is one factor to consider when choosing a file organizer. Wall-mounted and door-hanging organizers are among the best space-saving options. They don’t take up any desk, shelf, or floor space, making them ideal for small offices.

Expandable organizers also help maximize space. Accordion-style file organizers start thin when empty, making them storage-friendly, and can expand to fit more documents. Some options may have zippers or clasps that can lightly compress the papers inside to conserve space.

Some organizers have a collapsible design, most commonly file boxes. While they take up a fair amount of space while in use, collapsible file boxes are easier to store once emptied. A variety of cardboard, linen, and metal mesh file boxes feature a collapsible design. Stackable file boxes also help maximize storage space.


A portable file organizer makes it easy to carry documents from place to place. Whether for business meetings or work trips, a portable organizer keeps paperwork protected. The most secure options have a rigid structure to prevent bending and a latching lid to make sure papers don’t get scattered.

Accordion-style organizers are easily portable for carrying fewer documents around. For larger quantities of paperwork, a portable file box is a well-suited pick. These larger organizers often have a handle to make them easier to carry. Some can include wheels or pull-up handles to wheel the organizer around. For keeping in open offices or hotel rooms, consider an option with a lock to keep documents secure.


File organizers can include a range of versatile features. Flexible compartments are a feature to consider. A hanging file folder system has a simple but customizable design. Each hanging folder hooks and slides on rails in the file organizer, keeping documents organized and easy to access. With a hanging folder system, more folders can be added rather than sticking to a predetermined number of spaces.

To bump up security, consider a locking file organizer. Some locking file organizers take it a step further and have a fireproof and waterproof design. These options can double as a safe and are ideal for storing important documents like birth certificates, passports, and wills.

Some organizers also include extra compartments to store other office accessories, like pens, staplers, and notepads.

Our Top Picks

From slim desktop organizers to large, stackable file boxes, there’s a file organizer to suit every home office. Some of the best file organizer recommendations follow to keep your office free of paper clutter. These top picks are durable and have a functional design to keep documents well-sorted.

Photo: amazon. com

Affordable, stylish, and functional, the Zicoto File Organizer Box is an excellent pick for the home office. This file box is stylish enough to display in the office and also sturdy enough to stack on a shelf or in a closet. Made with peppered gray linen, it has a sleek and simple design to suit any office decor.

The box includes two easy-glide PVC rails to allow a smooth slide for hanging folders. The dimensions can fit either letter- or legal-size folders. With built-in reinforced handles and a reinforced bottom, this file box is a durable pick to store and transport documents. When not in use, the collapsible design folds completely flat to save on storage space.


Small offices need smart storage solutions. With an over-door design, this file organizer from Simple Houseware takes advantage of underutilized space. Two sturdy, over-door hooks allow for simple installation. Just hang the organizer behind a door; no need for nails, screws, or tools. This space-saving organizer keeps files accessible without taking up desk space.

The organizer features four pockets to store a variety of documents and office accessories for a budget-friendly price. Each pocket has a see-through window to view what is inside. The pockets are rip-resistant and can hold file folders, loose papers, and office stationery. Made from a gray fabric, this simple and affordable organizer can fit in most any home office.


For those who value design as much as function, this handwoven file cabinet is both elegant and practical. The filing box is handwoven from seagrass and abaca, giving it a natural look. At first glance, it looks more like a decorative storage box than a file organizer. The woven lid helps keep stored items out of sight.

While it can store a range of household items, this file cabinet is designed to store both letter- and legal-size hanging files. For moving files around, it features built-in carrying handles and four smooth-rolling wheels. Since each box is handwoven, each filing cabinet is unique.


Wall-mounted organizers take advantage of vertical space. This wall-mounted file holder from EasePAG offers ample storage and is easy to mount. It is made from a black metal mesh that gives it a sleek industrial look. The durable metal is coated with a powder-coat finish that is rust-resistant to handle daily use.

To take full advantage of space, this wall organizer features five angled vertical pockets for storing file folders. Each pocket fits letter-size documents. A sixth flat tray at the bottom is ideal for storing office accessories. The flat bottom tray also allows this unit to be placed on a desktop instead of mounting.


A simple file tray can help organize daily paperwork like forms, assignments, and letters. This basic file tray from Simple Houseware features six trays for easy desktop storage. The top five trays are ideal for documents and have a tilted design to keep documents from sliding off the tray. Each tray can fit letter-size or A4 papers. A flat bottom tray is made for storing desk accessories.

Made from a black steel mesh, this pick is durable and has a classic and professional look that is ideal for both the workplace or the home office. This handy desktop file tray keeps important documents and stationery organized but within reach.


For bringing paperwork on a commute or trip, this portable file box from Bankers Box is a sturdy and convenient pick. It features a secure latching lid to prevent the box from opening in transport. The lid has a small compartment to fit pens and basic small office supplies to bring on the go. A comfortable handle allows for easy carrying and flattens down when not in use. Inside, there are built-in hanging rails to accommodate hanging folders.

The heavy-duty plastic box has reinforced corners for added strength while traveling. The modular design also helps with stable stacking in the office, offering simple storage as well as portability.

FAQs About File Organizers

A file organizer is a simple and affordable solution for organizing paperwork in the office. With a wide range of designs, sizes, and storage features, there’s an option for every storage need. If you are still having trouble choosing a file organizer, the answers to some frequently asked questions may help.

Q. What is a file organizer?

A file organizer is used to store paperwork and contains compartments to keep documents organized.

Q. What are hanging file folders?

Hanging file folders are folders that have hooks on all four corners. The hooks slide over two rails in the file organizer. This design keeps documents categorized but also allows you to customize the number of folders in the organizer and to pull out loose documents without taking out the entire folder.

Q. What is the best way to store files?

The best way to keep physical paper files organized is with a file organizer or file cabinet.

90,000 Types and formats of folders for storing documents and their names

What kind of document folders are there? This question is of interest to very many, since these products relate to printing products, which are widely used among office workers, schoolchildren, students, and so on. It is intended for different types of documentation and can be a good addition to the corporate identity of the company. The formats of folders for documents can be very different, and for their manufacture they use designer cardboard, thick coated paper or plastic.Today, various types of folders for storing documents can be found in any office, since they make it possible to neatly store all papers and distribute them according to certain criteria. In addition, these products are distinguished by shape and design, which allows them to be used to solve various problems. An overview of your document folders will help you make the best decision.

Formats and types of folders for documents

The wide variety of similar products presented in stationery stores cannot but amaze, therefore, to simplify the selection of the necessary product, the qualification of these goods was developed.

Types of folders for documents and their names:

  • corner;
  • Clip-on binder;
  • registrar;
  • box.

The office folders for documents shown in the photo are made from a variety of materials. Most often, the design will be based on plastic or thick cardboard, and on top of the product is usually covered with leather or eco-leather, fabric materials. In addition, it may not be coated at all.

Depending on the size and volume of paper it will be used for, the size of the document folder may be appropriate.

These products are made of thick paper or plastic, and a spring or plate is installed inside, on which the sheets will be attached. The side clamp avoids perforation of the paper. Most often, plastic folders with a transparent top sheet are used, which makes it easier to use the product.

For the organized storage of large volumes of paper, filing folders are used, which are made of durable plastic or cardboard and can be plain or decorated with various prints.In them, the documentation is fastened with rings, and for ease of use it is possible to use files.

Types of folders for documents with photos are presented in variants of different shapes and diameters of the ring. More rings should be chosen when storing more sheets.

For placing documentation in archives, products in the form of boxes are used, which allow organizing compact and easy-to-search storage of papers. If desired, the boxes are assigned numbers to facilitate searches in the archive for the desired document.

Document folders shown in the photo can be supplemented with clasps or special handles for easier transport. In addition, some products provide for the presence of different pockets for office supplies, telephone or passport. Thus, having figured out what folders for documents are, you can easily choose the most suitable option. If you have forgotten the name of the folder for documents of the model you need, then simply describe it to the seller, and, most likely, he will understand what you need.

Folders, files, archiving, registers in Nur-Sultan from the Hoztrade LLP company.

Today, computers and gadgets are the main keepers and carriers of information. But paper copies of documents should still be available. And when there are a lot of papers, folders come to the rescue. Using folders, you can sort documents according to specific criteria and categories. In addition, folders will help protect documents for a long time from mechanical stress, burnout, dust.

  • In plastic folders, envelopes with Velcro, elastic or a button are convenient for carrying documents in a bag.
  • In file folders, documents are placed in separate file pockets. When viewing documents, they will not get dirty, torn and wrinkled. There are folders with 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 files.
  • Rigid tablets serve as a solid base for recording. It is convenient to use them at conferences, presentations, trainings, in the field, in warehouses.
  • Address folders are intended for posting congratulatory information or presenting documents for signature to the management.
  • Binders are designed to hold a small amount of paper. One binder holds up to 500 sheets. Metal stapling mechanism secures documents securely. The fastening mechanism can be made in the form of springs.
  • Archive folders are intended for long-term storage of large amounts of paper. In order to protect documents from moisture and dust, they are usually box-shaped.The width of the spine varies from 5 cm to 10 cm. Closed with a button, ties, elastic bands.
  • Inserts contain only a few sheets, but are very easy to use. It is convenient to store and carry documents in them.

Folders can be made of cardboard, plastic, corrugated cardboard. The price of folders of the same name usually depends on the density of the cover.

Here you can purchase folders of famous brands at reasonable prices. Call, write, order.Our managers will help you with the choice.

Folder File TN VED codes (2020): 3926100000, 4820300000, 4820103000

School supplies for children and adolescents: folder for papers, folder-envelope, folder-file, folder with files, marked “ASMAR” 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents in sets and individual items, tm. “ASMAR”: folder for papers, folder-envelope, folder-file, folder with files 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and in separate items: folders, file folders, separators for documents 3926100000
School supplies for primary and secondary school students: folders made of paper with an arched mechanism and polypropylene files “Student’s portfolio (blue)”, “Student’s portfolio (green)” series “Portfolio school 4820300000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and individual items, marked Cars, FashionGirl, Feather, Macarons, Alrik Hedlund: notebooks, notepads, diaries, albums, file folders, pencils, 4820103000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and individual items, of the FINDEL trademark: counting chips, counting sticks, sets of letters, sets of numbers, folders for files, folders for sheets, rubber bands ka 3926100000
School supplies for children and teenagers, in sets and individual items: folders, files, pen holders, palettes for paints, book holders, colored paper “Trampulina” 3926100000
School supplies made of polymeric materials marked “ARTRAIN”, “SUPER CLAY”: rulers, squares, protractors, folders, files, stands, stencils, palettes. 3926100000
BG school supplies: folders, article P4_7BC; address folders with inserts, article Pa4_7BC; portfolio folders, articles PP4v_7BC20f, PP4k_7BC20f; folders with a file, articles Pf4_7BTS, Pf5_7BTS. Products 4820300000
School supplies for children and adolescents, marked “School Time”: Folders, Folders envelopes, File drives, Files, Multiforme files, Perforated file, Paper tray, Cover, in sets and without 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and in separate items: folders, file folders, file folders, document dividers 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents: folders, including “dividers”, covers (files), stands, including for books, 3926100000
School-writing accessories made of plastics marked “Zhi Gao”: rulers, squares, protractors, folders, files, stands, palettes, drawing boards. 3926100000
School-writing stationery, in sets and in separate items: counting sticks, glasses for washing brushes, notebook covers, book covers, pencil case, folders, files 3926100000
Stationery for children and adolescents, including sets: folders for papers, pencil cases, covers, book holders, paper holders, pen holders, files for papers, binder folders d 3926100000
School supplies, including in sets, for children and adolescents: covers for notebooks, diaries, textbooks; self-adhesive film for books; folders; folders for notebooks; files; paper trays; stands for 3926100000
School supplies, incl.hours in sets for children and adolescents: covers for notebooks, diaries, textbooks; self-adhesive film for books; folders; folders for notebooks; files; paper trays; writing stands 3926100000
School supplies made of polymeric materials marked “LANSON GOODS”: rulers, squares, protractors, folders, files, stands. 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents, including sets: folders, folders with zippers, folders with buttons, files 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and separate items: folders, file folders, document dividers, 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents, in sets and individual items: folders, files, pen holders, paint palettes, book holders, staplers 3926100000
School supplies for children and teenagers: pencil cases, organizers, folders, files 3926100000
Stationery accessories for children and adolescents made of plastics under the ALINGAR trademark: covers for textbooks and notebooks, abacus, counting sticks, stationery stands, folders and files for papers, tablets 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents, including sets: covers for notebooks, diaries, textbooks; self-adhesive film for books; folders; folders for notebooks; files; paper trays; stands for 3926100000
School supplies for children and adolescents made of plastic and PVC: folders; clipboards; trays; files; angular files; covers for notebooks, diaries, textbooks, incl.including universal, incl. with a self-adhesive strip; under 3926100000

File types for paper – OfficeM

Today, no office can imagine its work without office paper and files.

Today, no office can imagine its work without office paper and files. Files are able to keep the document in its original form, protect it from water or dust. The duration and convenience of its use depend on how strong this product is, what additional features it provides.

File Types

Almost every file has a perforated left edge so that it can be filed into a file folder. The thinnest files have a density of 25 microns (“A4 + file (25 microns) glossy (100 pieces), F35117” TM Format). Their main application is long-term storage of documents: it is enough to put a document in them and you can safely leave it for long-term storage. This type of product is most often used with special folders.

The standard, most commonly used files are products with a thickness of 30 microns (ex.”A4 file (30 microns) glossy (100 pieces), SH-1130 (3926100000) TM SOHO”, as well as similar products TM Datum, Format). This category of goods is considered economical and is produced by almost all manufacturers as an economy version

Medium products include products with a thickness of 40 microns, for example “File A3 (40 microns) glossy (100 pieces), 2003” TM Axent ,. It is this model that can be attributed to products with an optimal price / quality ratio.

The premium category includes products with a thickness of 48-50 microns, for example, “A4 file (50 microns) glossy (100pcs)”, L3601 (3926100000) TM Esselte and a similar type of TM Scholz products – these files are usually embossed and will be fine look at any presentation.

The “Elite” class includes products with a thickness of 55, 75, 105 microns (for example, “A4 file (55 microns) glossy (100 pcs) 91172”, TM Esselte and TM Scholz), which, despite their high cost, are popular due to high density and workmanship.

The most common format is A4, but there are also A4 +, A3 and A5 files on sale. An A4 + product will hold more sheets of the corresponding format than just A4. Experts recommend buying files in bulk, this will significantly reduce their cost, and also prevent office disruption.

Also files can be matte, glossy or simply transparent, with or without embossing. Matte files have an anti-reflective coating and are less visible for dirt or dust. They are more expensive than other similar products.

Where can I buy files?

You can buy a quality product on our website Only models that have already earned the recognition of buyers are presented here. Buying in bulk, you get the opportunity to buy quality goods at the lowest cost.

Now there is no need to look for the optimal price / quality ratio, the OfficeManager company offers a huge assortment of various stationery products at affordable prices.

Production of files and folders in bulk for export. TOP 48 exporters of files and folders

Products from the largest file and folder factories: price comparison, preferred export countries.

  1. where files and folders are produced
  2. ⚓ Shipping to port (CIF / FOB)
  3. files and folders price 09.08.2021
  4. 🇬🇧 Supplier’s files and folders Russia

Countries where deliveries were made from Russia 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

  • 🇳🇴 NORWAY (40)
  • 🇰🇿 KAZAKHSTAN (29)
  • 🇫🇴 FARE ISLANDS (4)
  • 🇵🇱 POLAND (3)
  • 🇩🇪 GERMANY (3)
  • 🇪🇸 SPAIN (2)
  • 🇮🇳 INDIA (1)
  • 🇲🇾 MALAYSIA (1)
  • 🇧🇷 BRAZIL (1)
  • 🇹🇷 TURKEY (1) )
  • 🇵🇪 PERU (1)
  • 🇨🇳 CHINA (1)

Select files and folders: check availability, prices and buy online

The largest exporters from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, official contacts of the companies.Through our website, you can send a request to all representatives at once, if you want to buy files and folders.
🔥 Attention: the site contains all the largest Russian manufacturers of files and folders, mainly in Russia. Due to the low cost price, the prices are lower than in the world market

Supply of files and folders in bulk directly from the manufacturer (Russia)

Largest file and folder factories

Plants for the manufacture or production of files and folders are located in the central part of Russia.We have prepared for you a list of factories from Russia, so that you can work directly and easily buy files and folders in bulk

Stationery or school supplies of plastics and other materials of headings

Manufacturer Removable covers

Suppliers File cabinets

The largest manufacturers of Folders

Exporters of wood products

90,000 why and why? How to use the pad

How to use the various clip-on folders, binder, rings? These and many other questions require sometimes trivial, but still clear answers.In this article I will try to answer the most popular ones.

Addressing the omnipresent and omniscient GOOGLE, and what do we see in the search hint? A lot of typical queries, which almost always remain without sufficient coverage due to their superficial simplicity and seeming banality for potential respondents. But people are looking, because people are “now”, they are people of search, not experimentation, as in the good old days … GOOGLE does not only provide answers, it also unites those who know with those who are looking.There are many more seekers than those who know … But the answers are not always accurate and complete, if they exist at all …

The first category is people who actually ask the questions “how to use a folder with a clip?” or “how to use the folder by the registrar?” Users are waiting for answers, often without thinking about their essential simplicity and obviousness …

Second – at least once in my life I successfully and independently used a folder with a metal mechanism, regardless of its type, it is to them that the questions in the title may seem absolutely trivial , devoid of novelty, freshness, and not worth their attention… “How can you not be able to use the folder, really you can’t move your brains and hands and try?” ? ” It is they who are not at all indifferent to the fate of even prosaic answers, they have to think how to answer them, to such questions, so that everything and for everyone becomes simple and understandable.

Due to the fact that we are manufacturers of folders, we associate ourselves with the third group and therefore are obliged to help those in need and give our answer to popular questions.There will be a lot of pictures, but with their help the first ones will be able to become the second ones, forgetting how they started it all, and they may turn out to be the third ones, they will help someone who faced a banal triviality

How to use a folder by the recorder?

As you understand, recorder folders come in different formats: A3, A4, A5. They can be horizontal and vertical, and if expressed in a language that is understandable to the vast majority of computer users of Microsoft’s Word editor, then the registrar folders can have either “landscape” or “portrait” orientation.But, in any case, all of them will be united by the most common and structurally complex annular lever-type expanding mechanism with a clamping bar:

Look at the pictures below in the text and it will become quite clear to you how to use the recorder folder.

So, let’s see. Let’s comment on what you see a little. Although there are quite enough images, but … Before you is the recorder folder in the closed state, in this case the locks-rings work, coming into contact with the tops of the rings and, as it were, forming a lock that fixes the folder cover in the closed position.To access the inside, you need to open the lid, strain, with a slight click, the lid “bounces” and swings open, giving you a path to the offensive.

After opening the folder, one of the most massive wonders of technology appears in front of you – a lever arched expanding mechanism with a clamp. To use a folder for its intended purpose, that is, to attach a sheet or several sheets to it, first click the clamp and move it as shown in the figure.

Use the lever to open the mechanism rings so that you can slide the archival sheets of your documents onto the mechanism pins.By the way, the design of the recorder folder also implies the presence of auxiliary tools (a hole punch for punching holes in paper) or materials (polypropylene transparent files with perforation, into which sheets of paper are inserted). By the way, Friedrich Sennecken is the inventor of the recorder folder and the hole punch. He showed his inventions to the world in 1886 while living in Bonn (Germany).

Put the sheets perforated with a hole punch on the pins of the mechanism, lowered the lever and closed the rings, returned the clamp to its original position and clicked it, thereby clamping the archived sheets of paper (files).Everything, the folder can be sent to the storage shelf in order to extract it from there at any time and get to the documents without problems and with pleasure.

How to use the ring binder? Let’s look:

How to use a folder with a clip (how to use a folder with a clip)?

The convenience of a folder with a clip (Mini Clip type) or a folder with a clip (Clip Board type, also known as clip-toad) is obvious.In this case, there is no need for auxiliary tools, there is obvious office savings … But, no such mechanism will hold a large number of sheets, maximum 50-60 pieces. The main advantage is that the leaves saved in this way will not be crumpled with a hole punch, but will have their original integral appearance. However, if the folders registrars and folders with rings are more likely to form medium-term archives with a volume of up to 600 sheets (in the case of using 70-80mm folders), then folders with clamps and folders with clips are folders for operational documents that should be carried with you and only then, and perhaps not, they will move into the folders of the recorders.

In the age of information technology and electronic document management, paperwork is not yet dead. Documents, as a rule, have a shelf life, which means that the problem of this storage must be somehow solved. It is also desirable to provide storage in an orderly state. Let’s see what can help with this.

From the article you will learn:

The folder registrar was invented back in 1886. And until now, this wonderful invention is used by a huge number of organizations of all directions and all forms of ownership.

What is the

folder for

Employees working with document flow do not think about this issue . The responsibilities of a huge number of professionals include the preparation of documentation, its storage, ensuring its availability and transferring it to the archive as needed. These are clerks, secretaries, assistants, assistants, employees of contract departments, lawyers, accountants, employees of financial services, personnel officers, of course, of course – cashiers and tellers in banks.Even professions in which at first glance there seems to be no paperwork are also required to keep certain documents. For example, doctors, teachers, travel agents, scientists. Thus, it is fair to say that no profession is complete without organizing and storing paper documents. The only difference is the amount of such storage.

If the cashier creates one volume for the period of work per month (as a rule, stitches are made, since there is a lot of documentation), then the school teacher will need on the strength of two or three folders per year of mandatory storage papers (here, of course, it does not go we are talking about personal records and papers for professional activities, but only about those that are required by law).

The issue of storing and organizing papers is solved with the help of long-invented folders. Of course, this storage medium has gone through a long evolutionary path – from gray cardboard folders, where fasteners strove to injure hands, to folders made of modern lightweight materials that are not only functional, but also often pleasing to the eye.

The variety of folders can even amaze someone not dealing with large volumes of paper storage . All these positions are widely represented in various catalogs of printing products.

How the folder is selected

Question of the selection of funds for storage is solved in different ways. In large organizations where workflow procedures are strictly regulated, procurement and the definition of the type of folders is left to the discretion of one or more dedicated employees. A number of employers do not care about how employees store papers and give preference questions to themselves.

Folders can be purchased different for different departments or groups of documents in order to identify them.All these points (if present in the activity) are either enshrined in local documents, or are resolved according to the customs tacitly accepted in the company.

Folder specifications

Registrar folder has standard dimensions. Since the most common size of a paper document is set by the standard – A4, the most used folder is also adapted for storage of exactly this size of documentation.

The width of the recorder folder ranges from 285 mm to 290 mm.In general, folders vary in size:

for storing documents in A5 format;

for storing documents of the most common A4 size. Here the recorders differ in the width of the spine. The spine of the registrar folder can be 50, 70, 80 mm. The size of the spine determines how many documents will be folded into it for use and storage.

The overall dimensions of this storage facility may vary slightly, for example, in A4 format, they can be as follows: 344x290x52 mm or 285x345x50 mm.

Types of folders

There are a lot of species here. They differ:

  • on the fastening mechanism;
  • in size;
  • by colors;
  • by material of manufacture;
  • by the presence of additional convenient functions, etc.

Naturally, the main functionality of the folder lies in the mechanism for attaching documentation. If it is reliable, then the folder is most acceptable. Of course, the price also depends on the materials.

The most common are arch folders or the so-called arch folder with arch mechanism. It is convenient, functional and reliable and ensures the safety of documents. The dimensions of the fastening mechanism (holes) are standard. This mechanism allows you to fix both the document itself (after making holes in it), and various types of transparent folders, for example, files. The arch mechanism is made of steel and therefore durable. It differs from the lightweight aluminum clip in safety (probably, there are none among the “paper” workers of those who at one time did not injure their hands on the attachment mechanism of the “Case” folder).

The range of colors allows you to diversify the appearance of the shelves, and to cheer someone up. However, some clerks use color gamut to distinguish between types of documents. The most common recorders are made in gray.

Additional functions of the folder-recorder include the ability to mark which documents are stored in this folder. Here they are also different – some of the folders allow you to make inscriptions directly on the spine (for this there is a paper strip there) – but then this inscription remains unchanged if done with a pen or marker.Some folders are equipped with transparent pockets where you can insert information, and then easily change it without causing wear and tear on the folder itself.

Each folder is sealed from corners or edged with metal. Apparently, in order to increase its service life during frequent movements on the shelves of cabinets or racks. Also, each folder with an arch mechanism has a hole, which is convenient to use if you take the folder from the shelf where the recorders are stored tightly to each other. Special rings ensure that the folder is tightly closed and the files or papers inside are fixed.

Thus, most of the employees working with documents still use this convenient way of storing documents.

People who follow an active lifestyle are often looking for the answer to the question of how to use a folder-folder for documents. They strive to be neat, collected, since the appearance and attitude to documents form a certain impression of a person.

Successful business people have no time to waste.They are often busy searching for the information they need on the Internet, making purchases online, conducting business negotiations and presentations on a daily basis. When such a person is faced with the task of choosing stationery, he can do this by looking online at the photo of binder folders.

What is a Document Binder

The stores offer a huge assortment of stationery. We use many of them every day for document management, systematization of contracts, and other important papers.Every clerk, employee of the personnel department, office worker knows exactly what a folder-folder looks like for storing documents.
At enterprises: both in archives and in operating departments, it is necessary to store a huge amount of documents. Employees of these institutions know how to use the side clip folder. Some papers must be at hand at all times, others are placed in such a way that at the right time they can be easily found. Sometimes you have to carry your documents with you.In this case, their safety, protection from crushing, moisture ingress will be provided by a folder-binder.

How to use the spring binder

The spring-loaded document folder can be used for several years. It is made of plastic, has no sharp cutting corners, is durable and easy to use. You will quickly master the principle of its operation if you have never seen such an accessory before and have no idea how to use a spring-loaded binder.

Please note the following instructions on how to work with a spring-loaded binder:

  • put the folder on a horizontal surface, open it;
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to vertical position the springs;
  • remove the strip from the pins in an upward motion;
  • Place the perforated sheets inside the folder on the spring pins;
  • place the previously removed strip on top of the sheets, press it against the paper;
  • Using your thumb and forefinger, spread the spring pins in opposite directions.

Folders have different capacities. In some of them it is possible to hem up to 50-200 A4 sheets. As needed, you can change the number and order of sheets by simply rearranging them.

If you know how to use a binder with a pin, you will quickly learn how to place documents in folders with other fastening mechanisms.

Folder with side clip

Accessories for organizing document flow, storage of papers have various fasteners: springs, locks, pins.They are usually located to the right of the fold line on the spread of the folder.

Once you understand how to use the metal side-clip folder, you will appreciate its benefits. It can store several dozen sheets: both perforated and placed in cellophane office files. In the latter case, the documents do not need to be punched. The absence of perforation allows you to preserve their original appearance.

Folder-recorder (folder-segregator) – a clerical folder with an arched mechanism for storing documents.

It serves for archiving documents alphabetically, chronologically or by topic. Separate sheets of documents are pre-punctured with a hole punch. Sheets or multiphores with documents are put on the steel rods of the folder lock.

Many people, due to the specifics of their activities, widely use registrar folders in their daily life, and especially those who work with a large number of documents that need constant access. The convenience of using the registrar folder is ensured by its structural elements.But it is thanks to them that the registrar folder has become the most convenient folder for storing documents.

1. Face ring. It makes it possible to remove the folder you need from the storage shelf, just put your finger in this ring and take out the recorder folder from the storage shelf in one motion.

2. Rings-ovals. With their help, the register folder is, as it were, closed “with a lock”, the upper part of the mechanism enters the openings of the lid, framed by oval rings and fixes the lid of the document folder in the closed state.

The exact positioning of the folder mechanism in relation to the oval rings ensures its high-quality, without distortion, closing, if the oval rings are installed with the slightest deviation from their standard position, the recorder folder simply will not close.

3. Metal edging along the bottom edge of the registrar folder cover.

It is generally believed that it serves primarily to protect the bottom edge of the cover of a folder from damage due to friction against the shelf.However, this is a rather controversial opinion, especially in light of the fact that polypropylene film is used as the outer cover of modern filing cabinets. Most likely, the metal edging can damage the shelf.

4. Replacement label pocket. There is no doubt the advantage of having such an option for a folder, which makes it possible to identify documents that are stored in the folder. In order not to write on the surface of the folder or on the non-removable adhesive label, which can be used to reduce the cost of the recorder folder, the folder now has a convenient pocket at the end, into which a replaceable label is inserted.

5. Ring mechanisms of the expanding type are widely used.

Ring mechanisms can be with different ring diameters, with the number of rings from two to six or more, with different ring shapes: D-shaped, O-shaped, with different pitch between the rings, which allows you to store in the recorder folder not only sheets punched by a hole punch paper, but also sheets embedded in files (multiformes).

Binder – folder for quick collection of documents. It is usually made of cardboard or plastic and protects documents from dirt and mechanical damage.The documents are secured with metal staples (like a document stapler).

The binder consists of two parts. They are fastened together with the help of tongues. Such a binder can be made of different materials and thanks to these tabs such a folder looks very original. Any number of reeds can be made, the standard is 5.

The binder contains the so-called “mustache” for binding documents. They are not very long plastic plates, with the help of which it is very convenient to sort and secure documents.Such plates can be aluminum or can be punched out on the binder itself. Perforation is put on the mustache, it serves as a clamp and protection for documents from the aluminum mustache.

Envelope folder – a cover for inserting, storing and transporting papers or flat objects.

The envelope was invented in 1820 by the paper merchant Brever in Brighton. It has long been customary in China to give money in red envelopes.

A tab was created to keep the folder in shape, which is fixed inside the folder.Closes with a plastic button.

Folders can also be attached to a magnet, elastic band and all kinds of fasteners.

Briefcase folder – for carrying papers, notebooks, books, textbooks and other items related to “paper” work.

There is a convenient and simple lock in the folder-briefcase. It is good because no additional materials are used to create it. This lock is cut down on the briefcase itself. It closes securely and opens effortlessly. To keep the shape of the folder, a tab was created, which is fixed inside the folder.Also in the folder-briefcase there is a handle for more convenient transportation of documents. It is secured inside the folder with tabs that prevent the handle from falling off. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable.

Folder – The Folder contains locks for securing the dovetail’s foot. It can be used to easily secure the folder without using glue or welding. Such locks are used not only in document folders, but also in many original packaging for promotional items.The “swallow’s foot” is securely fixed and practically impossible, then detach this lock. The corner cut facilitates convenient folding and removal of documents from the storage bin.

Folder with elastic band – The classic model for storing documents. Elastic bands are located in the corners of the folder. Due to the rubber mounts, it becomes incredibly quick and convenient to get and fold the document.

Folder-corner – The corner is also assembled without welding. The lock is fixed inside the corner. Has an L-shaped pocket, which safely stores all your important documentation.

Business card holder is an accessory designed for storing business cards and plastic cards. Helping not to lose and transport cards of small sizes and shapes. The business card holder is similar in design to a portfolio folder. It has a lock carved into the card holder itself. To hold the shape, there are tabs that are fixed inside the folder. A business card holder is an indispensable attribute of both an ordinary person and a businessman.

Available in different formats such as A3, A4 or A5. They can be vertical or horizontal, portrait or landscape type.But regardless of this, all folders are united by one lever-type expanding mechanism. It looks like a ring equipped with a clamping bar. This mechanism is the most widespread and at the same time the most complex in its design.

How to learn how to use a folder by the registrar?

When the folder is closed, the recorders can be seen that its locks-rings securely fix the cover of the folder. To get inside the folder, you need to open its cover with a slight click. After that, the folder swings open pretty quickly.

The lever arched release mechanism opens to the user’s eyes. It is equipped with a special clamp. To use the folder for its specific purpose, you need to snap off this clip. Then you should move it a little to the side. Further, you can attach several sheets or one sheet to the folder, that is, as many as required. To do this, you need to open the lever of the mechanism ring. After that, sheets of documents or other papers should be put on the freed pins.

The recorder folder usually contains auxiliary tools such as punching holes in paper.It also provides for the presence of transparent. They are designed to hold sheets of paper.

Sheets, perforated with a hole punch, must be put on the pins of the mechanism. Then the lever is lowered, after which the rings close tightly. The clamp returns to its original position and snaps into place. Thus, sheets of paper or files with documents are tightly clamped. The folder is then sent to the storage shelf. Now documents can be used, if necessary, very easily and conveniently.

How do I use a folder that has a clamp?

This folder is very easy to use. It does not require an auxiliary tool, which translates into significant cost savings. But the disadvantage of this mechanism is that it is not able to hold a large number of sheets. Usually there are only 50 of them. But at the same time, the sheets will not need to be spoiled with a hole punch.

Usually or used to create archives. Most often they have a volume of up to 600 sheets.At the same time, folders with clips or clips are designed to store operational documents. They are often used to carry them from one place to another. Subsequently, documents from these folders still end up in the registrar folders for longer storage.


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