Stationery brands australia: 7 Stationery Brands You’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love With


7 Stationery Brands You’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love With

Sadly, gone are the days when it was common to send and receive thank-you notes, letters, invitations and even birthday cards. 

While digital versions of these are very convenient, nothing can replace the tradition of putting pen to paper. To celebrate this age-old art, we’ve rounded up a selection of delightfully sparkly and stylish stationery products.

If you weren’t already a strong advocate of sending (and receiving!) snail mail, we guarantee you soon will be once you’ve discovered this gorgeous stationery.

Based in Sydney, Blacklist is the creation of husband-and-wife duo, Nathan and Jaynie Johnson. The range of art prints, stationery and paper goods feature super-cool designs with special details such as quotes or splashes of gold.

The notebooks, 2018 diaries and typographic prints will quickly become your must-haves and, be warned: You’ll want one of everything.

You can see why the clientele of Miss Poppy Design are scattered across the globe: Its stationery oozes a chic and timeless feel – from the cheeky, gold-stamped pencils to the sweet notepads.

The small design studio specialises in logo, branding and website design and has just added more personalised products to the range, too – good news for monogram lovers!

Brides and grooms-to-be should also look out for the soon-to-be-released wedding range.

It’s no surprise that Sugar Paper LA has an epic reputation for its tasteful stationery, thanks to some big collaborations with the likes of J. Crew and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

Paying homage to the history of the original method of printing in a letterpress, which dates back to the 15th century, this stationery house favours old-school techniques that can’t be replicated with modern machinery. As such, each piece of paper and each envelope is hand-fed into an antique press, one sheet at a time, for a result that’s as beautiful as it is timeless.

Sugar Paper LA notepad and notebooks.

Acclaimed Australian fashion illustrator Megan Hess has teamed up with Hallmark to create a chic card collection that’s inspired by fashion.

The nine-card range has been created with a rich paper stock and features hand-drawn illustrations and calligraphy – and don’t miss the elegant, foil-lined envelopes.

You can also expect to see Megan’s beautiful illustrations of designer bags and destinations like Sydney, Paris and New York adorn some of the cards in the collection.

The range is now available at Target and independent newsagencies across Australia.

Pineapples. Flamingos. Monograms – oh my! If you’re looking for stationery that’s totally sophisticated with a playful – and colourful – twist, Papier has the goods.

Known for its personalised stationery, the UK-based company works with the industry’s top artists, illustrators and graphic designers to create a highly curated collection of design-led products.

The best bit for us here Down Under? Papier has just started printing in Australia and shipping times are from five to six days for tracked delivery.

Papier just started printing its stationery in Australia – yay! Picture: Papier

Based in Florida, Rifle Paper Co. has collaborated with the likes of Puffin Books, Paperless Post and Keds. The brand offers stationery and other pretty products for the home, including candles, bags and books.

The husband-and-wife team behind the brand, Anna and Nathan Bond, believe life’s personal stories and moments are best told through the gift of a handwritten card or note.

The extensive range is as colourful and joy-inducing as it is chic and stylish.

Located in beautiful Bowral in New South Wales, Bespoke Press is a stationery lover’s mecca that houses a letterpress studio, flagship store and a letterpress café, The Press Shop.

Printed the old-fashioned way, with antique cast-iron machines, each piece of stationery shows how much the brand cherishes quality craftsmanship.

With old-school details and some modern-design sensibilities, you’ll want to snap up all of these creations.

Bespoke Press houses a letterpress studio, flagship store and letterpress café. Picture: Bespoke Letterpress

Complement your pretty stationary with these homeware brands you need to follow now

10 Of The Best Stationery Accessories In Australia

If you ask us, there’s only one major thing that helps boost productivity tenfold—and that’s a strong stationery game. From groovy notepads and stickers to epic pen holders and mugs, there’s a lot of accessories worth the desk space.

Here are the best accessories to up your stationery game.

Great Ramen Wave Zip Pouch

Price: $12.95

We mean, it’s Hokusai’s “Great Wave” and a bowl of ramen melted into one glorious design. You can stash all your arts, crafts, notes in this one and it features a double-sided print, metal zipper and a nonwoven laminate inside to protect all your gear. Shop it here.

Strange Planet: I Am A Beacon Of Joy Sticker

Price: $4.50

Nothing quite captures your mood like Strange Planet. You can buy a whole collection of different stickers created by the webcomic master Nathan W Pyle to pimp your notebooks, folders or laptop. Shop it here.

Mont Blanc Pen

Price: $680

Sometimes you need a shut-the-entire-meeting-room-down type of pen and to be honest, this baby is the real deal. The coveted Meisterstück Classique rollerball pen combines precious resin construction with a rose gold-toned clip and three brand-embossed rings for the ultimate smooth-gliding writing and ultimate bragging rights.

Shop it here.

Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Case
Price: $119.95

Nothing says I’m top of all of my assignments and I like the occasional camping trip more than a Fjallraven laptop case. Shop it here.

I Am Grateful Journal

Price: $14.99

Much like we should stop and smell the roses a whole heap more, this gratitude journal is your ticket to switch off from the digital world and zen out a bit (because a bit of mindfulness goes a long way). Shop it here.

“I’d Rather Be At Home With My Dog” Mug

Price: $3.50

It’s straight to the point, a bit passive-aggressive and a lovely shade of blue. There’s not much else you need to with this one. Shop it here.

Recycled A4 Spinout Notebook

Price: $6.99

When life gives you lemons, you make a colour-popping notebook out of them. This bad boy is equipped with 120 pages and tear-off sheets so you can flawlessly rip out those lightbulb ideas and save them for later. Shop it here.

Creative Dual Markers

Price: $19.99

This rainbow crew is perfect for adding detail to illustrations, renderings or any sort of art but you can also use them to amp up your daily note-taking. They all have a fine point nib on one end and a broad chisel rib on the other. Shop them here.

Rick & Morty Pen Holder

Price: $14.99

If this Rick & Morty pen holder isn’t holding your favourite gel beauties, felt-tips or ballpoints, we guarantee your pen crew is carelessly sprawled across your desk or lost in the depth of your bottom draw. Needless to say, you need this so you can spend less time playing where the hell is that pen and more time being productive. Shop it here.

And here’s 5 simple steps for nailing a cover letter.

Image credit: Jovo Jovanovic

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8 online stationery stores you’ll love (if you don’t already

by Claire Chow
10 September 2021

I’m a sucker for stationery. From illustrated notebooks, hand-made cards to gel pens and cute sticker packs, my fascination started way back in the 80s. As an 11-year-old, I was obsessed with the never-ending scrolls of stickers and novelty stationery at Granny May’s (it went bust in 2001, but I’ll always remember spending my hard-earned pocket money there – and snickering at the adults-only section).

So, for a stationery nerd like me, researching local online stationery stores was like disappearing down into an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of planner addicts, life-affirming notebooks and washi tape. And, from ultra modern to Japanese-cute, here’s our guide to getting your online stationery fix…

A very proud Australian owned and female-run design business, Corban & Blair have collections including Australian Made, Artist Collaboration and custom-designed.

If beautifully made artisanal leather compendiums, journals and desk accessories are your style, check out their online shop or if you’re in Sydney, their HQ is just around the corner from Rachel’s List, in Lewisham. 

Starting as a dining room hustle, these guys have aced the online stationery world. This is your go-to place for bullet journals, goal-setting, all manner of pens and while you’re there, take a squiz at their own Studio Milligram brand. Melbourne readers, you might want to check out one of their bricks and mortar stores.

Scratch and Jotter offer a unique way to shop for stationery online with curated collections for the Doer, Dreamer and Thinker. The fountain pen collection is old-worldly yet modern and the diaries ready for monogramming have a real luxe feel (hello best friend’s Xmas present!)

Not limited to stationery, this Japanese brand offers up everything from clothing, homewares and furniture. I first discovered Muji in London and loved their sensible and affordable notebooks, sketchbooks and gel ink pens. 20 years on, Muji’s minimalist style remains, but now you can get your fix online too. 

Not for the faint-hearted or minimalist, visiting Washi Gang’s online store is a colourful treat to the senses. Their fun stationery collection includes journals, notebooks, tapes, pens, stickers…they even have a specialty Japanese section. They stock The Happy Planner series and even have a Facebook Group dedicated to the love of stationery! 

This super inappropriate but hilarious stationery collection is for the black-humoured readers. For those of you not into happy, happy, joy, joy messaging you might get a kick out of their black A5 notebooks. My favourite: ‘My Little Book Of All The F***** Passwords I Have To Remember’ Notebook. 

If #DreamBig is your kind of hashtag, MiGoals is made for you. With themed bundle packs these guys are all about tracking goals, gratitude, fitness and productivity with a whole stack of notebooks, planners, journals and desk pads.  

Pushing the definition of ‘stationery’ a little, I know, but InkyCo is worth mentioning for their gorgeous paper goods including wrapping and tags. Spruce up your home office with a wall print or think outside of the square and frame your favourite paper, like ‘La La Llama’ or ‘Flora Australis’. (All items are 100% designed and printed in Australia).

We’ve only covered Aussie-based online stationery stores here, but if you love stationery as much as we do and have a great store you think everyone should know about, hit us up in the comments!

Destined to be a story teller, Claire wrote short film scripts as a teen. Her clients call her “The Claire-ifier” with her knack for no-nonsense marketing and clear messaging. When not juggling content work she’ll be twin-wrangling (yes, you’ve read correct) or getting some well deserved zen in at yoga.

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Martin and Christine Burton

Our aim is to bring you the very best quality leading artisan paper brands from Europe and around the globe. In a world where all too frequently there is a sameness to what is available, our focus is to seek out the authentic. We source fine stationery goods that are original. In our eyes this product has a value never matched by the me too’s or the mass producers. It’s made with passion, it’s made with flair and it’s often family made – artisan stationery is a way of life!

Perhaps there is no better example of this artisan approach than our range of vintage Italian calendars, wraps and cards. They have been family made by the Balocchi family for three generations who still live above their small factory in Central Florence. Lorenzo’s Nonno started production 90 years ago and they still produce the original, authentic vintage Italian stationery range on beautiful embossed Italian paper.

We look forward to working with your business to bring your customers authentic artisan paper goods from Italy and around the world.

Looking for a Partner in Australia and New Zealand?

If your brand fits our portfolio and you expect more from your distribution partner, please send us an email and we are happy to talk about a partnership.

The Paperie have sales representatives in all major Australian and New Zealand cities, a national accounts service and exhibit at all major trade shows. We do more than just sell, we help market and establish your brand in Australia and New Zealand.

Martin has over 25 years experience as a Marketing and Sales Director for some of the world’s best brands including Sony, Kodak , Nestlé and Konica Minolta dealing with all of Australia’s leading retailers. Christine has worked extensively for many of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical companies including Roche and Sanofi. We apply that corporate experience together with extensive experience owning retail stationery businesses to create a boutique brand marketing and distribution company.

Contact the Paperie for a different distribution experience.

A-Z of Supply – SmartSupplies office supplies

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A shortlist of the very best places to stock up on stationery

The cute, the quirky and the downright crass.

Whether you are writing a birthday card, looking for school supplies or ready for a crafternoon, there is no doubt stationery shopping is one of life’s little pleasures.

That’s why we were pretty excited to round up the best stationery on offer. We’re bringing you some of the cutest, quirkiest and downright crass suppliers from around town. 

Able and Game
Take a cliche and trash it. That’s Able and Game. Offering cards and stationery that are a little more witty than your average, Able and Game is a go-to for your best friend’s birthday. The label mixes awkward illustration, cultural references, dry humour and modern design with A+ results. It’s been running for over 6 years, led by husband and wife duo Gareth Meney and Anna Blandford. All cards are made locally in Brunswick and inspired by the couple’s two cats, Bubsy and Cricket, who were strays until the pair tamed them outside their office. You can visit the duo at Fitzroy’s Rose Street Market or simply find them online.

Blessing and Honour welcome you to their world of art and giving encouragement. Two graphic designers from Newcastle, Gab and Bel, always felt inspired by encouraging others with the gift of handmade cards with personal, individual touches. Coming together in 2014, the business of Blessing and Honour began, specialising in 100% recycled card, with original designs, photography, and lettering. Each piece, whether a birthday card, a save-the-date notice, wrapping paper or wedding invitation, comes with a small piece of Gab and Bel’s heart as well as the hope of bringing joy to those who receive them.

Card & Caboodle
Card & Caboodle cares about what is on-trend in the stationery world. Since the brand’s beginning, the importance of drawing a visual alliance between fashion and stationery has been at the forefront. Offering a wide range of products that include cards, wrappings, gifts & journals, Card & Caboodle source both locally and internationally. They offer cards for almost every special occasion you can think of, as well as lots of gorgeous art cards to frame and savour. Card & Caboodle is packed to the rafters with all your gift-giving needs.

Cute, quirky, colourful. Those three words best describe Melbourne label, Coocachuu. It’s is the handiwork of designer and illustrator Courtney Lindsay, who launched the stationery and paper goods company a mere three years ago. It’s also now the home of a large collection of unique and charming cards, invitations, prints and calendars. Born from Courtney’s love of illustration, graphic design and great sense of fun, the offering is eclectic and packed with personality. Think pastels, geometrics, clean fonts and pared-back graphics, with quips like ‘shake it off’ as accompanied by maracas. It’s all super sweet, but in a very cool way.

Great news guys, Dailylike has landed. Coming all the way from Korea, this lifestyle brand is kind of a big deal and set to be your next obsession. Delivering a high-quality selection of craft, homewares and fabric products, Dailylike aims to help you find joy and happiness in everyday life. Pretty special, right? Their offering is divided into four categories (Kitchen & Home, Gift Wrapping, Sewing, Paper Craft) and includes a super-cute selection of tapes, paper, posters, twine, ribbon and wrapping paper. Oh, and it’s all in the sweetest prints you’ll ever see.

Hanging Willow
Hanging Willow creates beautiful stationery, stickers, cards and wall prints, fit to brighten any day. Graphic design is what they do and love, showcased in the exquisitely hand-written typography, foil print and togetherness of each piece. Based in Bathurst, Hanging Willow will lift your mood with affirmations such as ‘Be happy, be bright, be you’ and ‘A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.’ Hanging Willow offers a range of printed and digital versions of each artwork, allowing you to print and hang to your heart’s content in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Light & Co
Light & Co is making all your crafting dreams come true. Curating a range of unique and fun stationery items, they deliver pretty much everything. Think vintage items such as stamps and wax seal kits, things to write with and on, wrapping paper, card and everything in between. As long as founders Simone and Katrina love it, you can probably expect to find it in this one stop shop. Alongside pieces to make your home and office pretty, Light & Co also provides all the party supplies you need to throw a fun-filled shindig. Oh and they sell jewellery supplies and temporary tattoos too. Time to plan your next crafternoon.

Little Peach Co
At Little Peach Co, greeting cards and invitations have become much more than simple writing on a piece of paper. Specialising in vintage printing, each of their handcrafted items is created with a love and passion for antique processes. The result is uniquely-customised stationery and individual stationery sets, with a vintage style and distinctive personality. Every piece designed by Little Peach Co is handcrafted in-house using their 1965 Heidelberg Platen Press, affectionately named Bertha. In the digital age, creating textured and detailed paper pieces is not only nostalgic, but completely lovely too. Little Peach Co aims to last as a lifelong reminder of your celebrations.

Millie Hall
Millie Hall knows how to give a present with the wow factor. The artist slash graphic designer specialises in print design and has blessed us with a selection of celebration cards… if that’s what you call them. Each has a humourous, crude or even slightly squeamish twist, with options including a ‘breast friends’, ‘urine my heart’, or ‘I’m nuts about you’ card. It’s not hard to guess the illustration on that last one. Each hand-drawn, watercolour artwork will make a memorable occasion for all involved, but maybe you should stick to the newsagency for grandma’s birthday card.

Notely believes that even the smallest spark of an idea can change the world (as long as you write it down in the middle of the night). Even in this digital age, they understand that paper is a vital, magical part of the creative process, so long as it’s sustainable. Notely’s eco-friendly notebooks are made and printed in Australia on entirely FSC-certified paper. Their softcovers, made from 100% recycled office paper, create a vibrant white canvas to sketch, plan, dream and jot. The vibrant Artist Collection features designs from local illustrators and artists, and brand new Notely Spirals boast stunning brass binding and copper foil on the cover.

Olive & the Volcano
Olive & the Volcano is here for those of you who are looking for something unique. They letterpress paper goods one by one, using vintage machinery and contemporary technologies. Many pieces are short-run or limited edition and notebooks are often hand-painted or overprinted. Oh, and each product they create is made by hand. The label is admittedly not so good at following trends, instead seeking inspiration from natural surrounds, music, the city, the hills, the sea, writing, reading, philosophy, nostalgia, fine art, experimentation and play. Using the very best paper stocks from recycled and sustainable sources, they believe passionately in supporting independent makers and artists. In short, they’re pretty special.

Paper Ivy
Paper Ivy has a thing for beautifully designed goods, from cards and stationery to prints and pendants. What was once only a small card collection, now includes all your stationery essentials. Think calendars, writing sets and bookmarks, with new projects always in the works. An array of soft colours complete the intricate and adorable drawings that span the Paper Ivy range. Prints include confetti, little rain drops, mushrooms and forests, with each in a sweet pastel palette. Taking that little bit of care to make send-offs extra cute, Paper Ivy sure does make getting mail feel good.

Paper Saver
More than just recycled paper, Paper Saver is a notebook for you to re-use. Again. And again. And again. Put simply, it’s a seriously sophisticated faux-leather outer with space for you to refill with your old printed paper. It was first designed by a young Melbourne architect who grew tired of seeing printouts become obsolete almost as soon as they came off the printer, still warm. Eight years later, and designer Jon Yong is still using his handmade Paper Saver. With room for A4 or A3 sized paper, a fold of 360 degrees, and starting at a tiny $20, this is the last notebook you’ll ever need. Really.

Substellar Studio
Who doesn’t love doodling? Substellar Studio lives for it. The cute online Etsy store sells witty, ‘pun-tastic’ cards to help you express yourself to loved ones, without sounding awkward, soppy, or boring. There is nothing lacklustre about a smiley, walking pizza slice confessing ‘You’ve stolen a pizza my heart,’ Nor a delightful pasta character admitting ‘I am tortellini in love with you.’ The handmade cards are made out of recycled paper, with the addition of glitter bringing a little extra flair. This is what you send to the one you can’t ‘espresso’ your love for.

The Wondery
Part design house, part paperie, The Wondery is just plain wonderful. It offers a carefully curated selection of paper goods, cards, stationery, art prints, decor and other gifts that are a little too good to give away. Each item is hand-picked from talented makers and designers from Australia and beyond. And yes, keeping a rose gold foil ‘thank you’ card for yourself is ok if it comes from these guys. Out the back of The Wondery is a design studio, which specialises in custom-designed wedding and event invitations. All up, it’s a seriously fun selection with a distinct whimsical flair.

Zetta Florence
With all creations designed in house, Zetta Florence produces timeless stationery and presentation products. They’re also pleased to announce the opening of a Creative Hub and café within their iconic Brunswick St store. Zetta Florence products are designed to capture our historical soul, with images drawn their own archives and other cultural institutions. As such, they offer a unique range of cards, journals, calendars, prints and wraps, from vintage 1900s to 1950s depicted on decorative vintage-style papers and paper products. Visit the Brunswick St store & enjoy a latte among the works of art and beautiful stationery.


29 Awesome Independent Online Shops for Stationery Addicts

Whether you’re back to school, back to work, still working from home or still plain old working, now seems about the right time to treat yourself to a nice, new piece of stationery. And where better to treat yourself than an independent stationery shop—because when you treat yourself at an independent, you’re also treating them. But where are the best independent online stationery shops? Which one is going to have just the right pen for you? We reach out to Shillington’s global graduate and teacher network to bring you a list of the best around the world.

So don’t pander to Amazon and the big chains: check out these inspiring independent stores and explore the treasure trove of incredible stationery they have to offer.

Colours May Vary stock what they call ‘a range of beautiful, useful and inspirational wares’ on both their online shop and in their store in Leeds’ famous Corn Exchange. A quick browse reveals books and magazines abound, with lots of super handy stationery thrown in for good measure—basically, in short, lots of things that you will want to buy.

Inchiostro and Paper prides itself on being “inspirational, ethical, minimal”, and who wouldn’t want all of that from your stationery? Its notebooks, journals and planners are also rather beautiful, not to mention efficient and organised. Founded in 2017, this boutique store is based in Italy (the name is Italian for ‘ink’) but shipping is free on its products worldwide.

This store, founded in 2012 and based in Covent Garden, London, sells a fabulous array of stationery products, as well as decorative paper, art materials and office supplies. You’ll find an astonishing selection of rare and exquisite stationery here; items chosen with love for both their utility and beauty. Choosing Keeping will ship worldwide for orders of £10 and over.

Run by husband-and-wife duo, Jana and Marko, The Completist focuses on sustainable stationery and work mainly with small British manufacturers. Based in Peckham, south London, it sells over 400 products including art cards, notebooks, pens, washi tape and gift wrap. These are typically bright, bold, colour and eye-catching, but it’s the close attention to detail in the designs that we admire the most.

Based in Manchester, UK, and helping people make things since 1886, Fred Aldous sells a huge range of arts and crafts products, both in its physical store and online. This includes pens, pencils, sketchpads, sticky notes and clips… but too many to mention here, as they stock more than 25,000 items in total!

Based in Covent Garden, London Graphic Centre has been serving the UK’s design and arts communities since 1973. They are dedicated to making, exploring, discovering and buying the best creative supplies and design-led stationery easy for graphic designers, architects, artists, fashionistas, enthusiasts and students. The online store mirrors the retail space and can deliver same-day to London, next-day across the UK and to most overseas locations.

Based out of Brooklyn, Public Supply is a stationery shop with a difference. As well as producing some of the sleekest notebooks we’ve ever seen, they also use their products to help support creative work in America’s public schools. They donate 25% of their profits to high need classrooms that focus on creativity. So, you’ll be donating to a good cause whilst getting yourself some new notebooks.

Sydney store Pulp stocks a wide range of quirky, unique and hard-to-find stationery paper products from around the world, including pens and pencils, wrapping paper, notebooks, tape and stickers. Its site is updated regularly with special offers and new products, so it’s a good place to visit whenever you’re in need of stationery inspiration.

Established in 2000 in East London’s market district, Labour and Wait now has four locations in London and one in Tokyo. Both its stores and website offer an evolving range of timeless, functional products for everyday life, including stationery, books and homeware. These are sourced from specialist makers from around the world, many of whom manufacture their goods in the traditional way and to their original designs.

With both an online store and two physical stores in New York’s NOLITA and West Village, Goods for the Study might just be your new one-stop shop for, well, goods for your study—everything you need for writing or sketching. They stock the most beautiful and useful of pens and pencils, as well as the most beautiful sketchbooks and notebooks to use them in.

First launched online in 2014 by pencil collector Caroline Weaver, the success of CW Pencil was quickly followed by the launch of a physical store in New York. Today, the brand sells everything a pencil enthusiast might want or need, from sharpeners and erasers to refills and replacements.

We bet you weren’t expecting to find an accountancy firm on this list but Full Stop, founded 10 years ago back in 2011, is just that—an accountancy firm with a killer online stationery shop. In their forward thinking online stationery shop, you can Blackwing pencils, Ohto pens and the finest ink from Herbin. In other words, a menagerie of the finest stationery from across the globe.

Yoseka was originally founded in Taoyuan, Taiwan in 1981 but, spotting a gap in the market, was brought to Brooklyn and the US by husband and wife team Neil and Daisy in 2017. Bringing in the best stationery that Asia has to offer—from Washi Tape and stamps to pens and pencils—Yoseka is any stationery addicts dream. They have a bricks and mortar store in Brooklyn, but the full range is also available to buy in their online store.

Based in Florida and founded in 2009, Rifle Paper Co. is an international stationery and lifestyle brand founded by husband-wife team Anna and Nathan Bond. Its notepads, address books, pencils and pens are to die for and check out their selection of art prints too.

Founded back in 2012, Glasgow-based RISOTTO is one of the UK’s longest running Riso Printers with a shop dedicated to hand printed stationery. Colour is the name of the game for RISOTTO—you’ll see it in abundance across their cleverly designed calendars, planners, notebooks, greeting cards and the rest of their fantastic collection.

Nook is a “design & life store” in East London and online that carefully curates items across the UK, Europe and beyond, including some very moreish stationery. Founded in 2012 by friends Gemma, Jack and Kate, their shared passion for design shines through every single product on show here, from notebooks to pencil cases.

Another store founded by graphic designers, Papersmiths sells beautifully curated stationery, books and magazines, greetings and gifts, online and from its physical stores in Brighton and  London (Chelsea and King’s Cross). Expect brands such as Hay, Ola and Midori.

Founded in 2008 by Céline Leterme and Jon Dowling, Counter-Print started life as a seller of vintage design books but has since extended its products to include some fabulous stationery, from notebooks and organisers to erasers and staplers.

Present & Correct was founded online in 2008 by two graphic designers as, in their own words: “A place for our designs, things we love by other designers from around the world & vintage items which we discover on trips and foraging expeditions.” They go on sourcing trips four times a year, and their evident passion for stationery shines through their collections of unique and quirky products, from 18 different countries.

In 1997, while travelling around Australia in an old VW, Kerri Binnie was thinking about all the clutter that came with Christmas, and came up with the idea of prototyping a Christmas card holder using cereal packets. The following year, New York’s MoMA ordered 10,000, and BusyB was born. Now headquartered in Edinburgh, its award-winning stationery range includes colourful, elegant and beautiful diaries, planners, calendars, notebooks and organisers.

Greenwich Letterpress is a letterpress studio and shop in New York City’s West Village that’s something of an institution. Offering wedding and stationery letterpress design and printing, they’re currently celebrating over 14 years of being a women-owned business. A great source of uniquely curated letterpress greeting cards, letter sets, notebooks and gifts. Not least because all paper is either made from 100% tree-free post-consumer cotton or is 100% recycled, all inks are soy based, and all work is produced by wind energy.

A wondrous world of ‘paper goods and printed happiness’, Sukie is inspired by nature, folk art and printed ephemera collected from owners Darrell and Julia’s travels. Based in East Sussex, they constantly innovate new styles of notebook using original printing techniques such as screen printing, all using either FSC approved, recycled or ‘rescued’ papers. They have also taken their love of printing to other mediums such as printed textiles, homewares and fashion.

Part of Nashville’s Design Works Creative, Design Works Ink is the online stationery shop of dreams. Design Works Ink is an eclectic collection of the finest notebooks, pens, pencils and all the other stationery products. They also stuck some beautifully designed jigsaws and boardgames, as well as some barware so your drinks cabinet can look as good as your desk.

Il Papiro is an Italian company that produces items in hand-decorated paper with techniques inspired by the tradition of Tuscany. With an outpost in Covent Garden, their products including bound diaries, photo albums, desk accessories, frames, keepsake boxes and stationery are printed with artisan care on watermarked papers and 100% cotton card stock. You can order customised designs from them too.

Launched in 2006, Milligram is a physical store based in Melbourne that also claims to be Australia’s “largest online store for boutique and designer stationery”. It does a fine range of notebooks, pens and pencil, fine paper and diaries, with brands including Moleskine, Rhodia, LAMY, Kaweco, and O-Check Design.

First opened in 2016 by Tessa Sowry, London store The Stationer was born out of a love for ‘everything else that goes on a desk’. Inspired by classic design and great functionality, their mission is to make your desk look cool, but also be more organised. Products include pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, cards, wrap and tape.

Hato Store is the shop of East London’s famous Hato Press. Based online and in King Cross’s Coal Drops Yard, Hato Store stocks some truly weird and wonderful stationery. Want a candle that looks like a Romanesco cauliflower? Or some Japanese starch paste in a lurid green tube? Hato’s got you. They stock their own brand and other brands from across the world, as well as prints from Hato-related artists, if you’re looking to freshen up your wall.

Eco-consciousness in the name of the game for Michael Roger’s Decomposition. Playing on the classic American composition notebooks and the idea of composting and decomposition, this brand lives up to its name. All its product are made of eco-friendly materials, produced as close to home in the US as possible—they also look really great too.

Founded in 2015 by self-appointed Chief Stationery Addict Leona, Scratch & Jotter focuses on the finest paper products that money can buy. Leona founded the Brisbane-based online shop to be able to share her love for paper and stationery with those who share her passion. Stratch & Jotter now stocks a wide range of stationery brands—from Leuchtturm 1917 to Papier Tigre.

Artwork by Shillington Manchester Teacher Nick Smith.

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90,000 Other stationery, of paper or paperboard; covers for books, other than sample albums or collections | Import and Export

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Industries – Stock Market – Australia – TradingView

9035 Advertising and marketing services
1.336B -0.17% 1.856M Commercial services 3
Aerospace and defense industry 683.031M 0.89% 925.480K Electronic Technology 7
Agricultural products and grain milling 8.360B -0.39% 1.009M Manufacturing 29
Air freight and courier services 67.111M 1.16% 2.521K Transport 1
Airlines 11.972B -1.96% 19.916M Transport 5
Alternative energy sources 11.522B 2.45% 2.066M Utilities 8
Aluminum 5.482B -0.14% 6.941M Non-resource minerals 3
Clothes and footwear 311.402M -1.22% 5.514K Non-durable consumer goods 3
Retail trade in clothing and footwear 7.916B -0.64% 529.411K Retail 5
Manufacture of original car parts 1.263B -0.46% 226.151K Industrial 6
Secondary car market 4.641B 0.43% 665.670K Durable consumer goods 2
Drinks: alcoholic 10.689B 8.52% 1.367M Non-durable consumer goods 9
Drinks: non-alcoholic 7.354M 14.81% 20.000K Non-durable consumer goods 1
Biotechnology 153.376B -1.57% 1.335M Medical Technology 38
TV and radio broadcasting 6.620B -0.90% 3.591M Consumer Services 4
Construction Materials 7.866B -1.45% 1.932M Industrial 4
Casino and gaming activities 26.546B -1.57% 5.050M Consumer Services 8
Retail (order by mail and catalogs) 18.146M 0.00% 24.927K Retail 1
Chemical industry: agricultural chemicals 10.279B -1.10% 13.999M Manufacturing 15
Chemical industry 66.920M -6.06% 551.299K Manufacturing 1
Chemical industry: specialty chemicals 1.741B -4.77% 2.842M Manufacturing 10
Coal 23.300B -1.03% 2.614M Energy and mineral resources 33
Commercial / letterhead printing 277.001M 2.34% 218.799K Commercial services 2
Communication equipment 1.995B -0.15% 492.099K Electronic Technology 7
Computer peripherals 375.178M -0.53% 263.916K Electronic Technology 2
Building materials 42.243B 0.02% 1.163M Non-resource minerals 11
Other consumer goods 281.446M -0.24% 380 Non-durable consumer goods 1
Containers and containers 28.914B 0.07% 2.564M Manufacturing 5
Contract drilling 658.745M -1.98% 665.359K Industrial and technical services 6
Information processing services 5.380B 0.93% 1.142M Technologies 4
Department stores 6.689B 0.19% 2.660M Retail 2
Discount stores 272.119M -2.25% 24.021K Retail 1
Pharmacy chains 405.514M 4.64% 37.031K Retail 2
Power engineering 49.651B 0.12% 7.669M Utilities 12
Electrical goods 7.357B 1.28% 2.876M Industrial 11
Electronic components 21.626M -2.73% 16.010K Electronic Technology 1
Electronic equipment and devices 834.186M 0.37% 283.816K Electronic Technology 9
Electronics Manufacturing Equipment 38.366M -3.70% 242.428K Electronic Technology 1
Electronics Distributors 2.473B 1.54% 144.561K Distribution 4
Electronics and household appliances stores 5.448B 0.70% 573.294K Retail 1
Electronics and home appliances 6.019B 0.20% 277.798K Durable consumer goods 5
Engineering and construction services 24.362B -0.87% 2.548M Industrial and technical services 35
Environmental services 22.081B -1.01% 3.909M Industrial and technical services 12
Financing, leasing, renting 18.721B -0.85% 2.634M Finance 26
Financial conglomerates 80.264B -0.44% 1.223M Finance 33
Distributors of food products 5.922B -0.31% 3.449M Distribution 7
Grocery retail 139.094B -0.46% 1.890M Retail 3
Food industry 30.076M 2.09% 31.186K Non-durable consumer goods 3
Food industry: meat, fish and dairy products 8.007B 0.27% 2.768M Non-durable consumer goods 11
Food industry: delicacies and confectionery 1.714B -1.06% 328.838K Non-durable consumer goods 9
Timber 378.724M -4.25% 6.988K Non-resource minerals 4
Household products 914.639M -1.22% 573.827K Consumer durables 4
Chain stores of goods for repair and furnishing 28.949M 0.00% 1 Retail 1
Housing construction 825.565M 0.46% 233.750K Consumer durables 3
Nursing and sanitation 20.810B -0.72% 610.487K Healthcare 8
Hotels, resorts and cruises 1.864B -1.55% 251.075K Consumer services 6
Household and household goods 6.802B 0.50% 1.572M Non-durable consumer goods 8
Industrial conglomerates 5.168B 0.45% 977.424K Industrial 3
Industrial equipment 806.051M -1.72% 699.138K Industrial 11
Specialized industry 9.720B -0.98% 1.617M Manufacturing 6
Information technology services 58.654B 0.24% 1.173M Technology 38
Insurance broker services 8.836B 0.00% 1.782M Finance 4
Integrated oil industry 1.320B -3.99% 2.109M Energy and mineral resources 11
Online retail stores 3.184B 0.86% 1.311M Retail 7
Internet software 32.588B -0.28% 1.013M Technologies 36
Investment banks, brokers 21.336B 0.13% 480.651K Finance 12
Investment management 54.471B -0.30% 2.346M Finance 51
Investment companies and mutual funds 44.905B -0.47% 474.129K Miscellaneous 286
Life and health insurance 14.543B -1.89% 5.319M Finance 4
Major banks 408.733B -1.25% 6.226M Finance 6
Leading telecommunication companies 56.047B -1.16% 33.630M Communication 3
Shipping 302.970M -0.68% 563.254K Transport 2
Medical equipment supplies 1.759B -0.75% 945.993K Distribution 5
Organizations in specific medical areas 96.794B 0.44% 755.498K Medical technology 42
Nursing services 26.263B 2.22% 1.986M Healthcare 14
Manufacturing of metal structures 70.456M 3.09% 4.996K Industrial 1
Miscellaneous 1.416B -1.29% 241.626K Miscellaneous 5
Other commercial services 35.245B -0.75% 481.853K Commercial Services 47
Other types of production 512.850M 0.15% 236.736K Industrial 5
Automotive industry 191.291M -3.23% 153.435K Durable consumer goods 1
Filmmaking / entertainment 3.819B -2.41% 795.603K Consumer Services 7
Endowment insurance 27.958B -1.16% 3.790M Finance 4
Office equipment and stationery 8.736M -3.57% 180.041K Industrial 1
Oil and gas pipelines 11.374B 0.62% 2.529M Industrial and technical services 1
Oil and gas production 53.231B -1.64% 8.931M Energy and mineral resources 76
Refining and selling oil 8.700B -0.96% 494.152K Energy and mineral resources 2
Oilfield equipment and services 5.921B -0.07% 1.599M Industrial and technical services 6
Other consumer services 22.179B -1.72% 3.352M Consumer Services 20
Other metals and minerals 436.569B 0.89% 5.885M Non-resource minerals 368
Other types of transport 83.066B -1.23% 7.388M Transport 8
Comprehensive software 97.257B 0.24% 903.781K Technologies 115
HR service 4.532B -1.15% 1.001M Commercial Services 12
Pharmaceutical Products: Generic Drugs 1.193B -2.91% 1.845M Medical Technology 3
Pharmaceutical products 2.794B -2.13% 2.065M Medical technology 22
Pharmaceutical products: other medicines 3.791B 0.01% 227.051K Medical technology 11
Precious metals 133.555B -0.32% 6.356M Non-resource minerals 269
Property and accident insurance 17.600B -2.68% 4.846M Finance 1
Publishing activity: books / magazines 58.094M -4.17% 14.400K Consumer Services 1
Publishing activity: newspapers 36.571B -1.79% 99.376K Consumer Services 4
Pulp and paper industry 25.663M -3.33% 263.641K Manufacturing 1
Railways 6.331B -0.87% 6.488M Transport 1
Real estate development 56.317B -2.81% 8.709M Finance 25
Real estate investment funds 140.457B -1.12% 4.271M Finance 44
Leisure goods 139.393M -2.48% 373.333K Durable consumer goods 2
Regional banks 15.149B -0.15% 2.953M Finance 7
Restaurants 12.689B 3.68% 295.378K Consumer Services 4
Semiconductors 377.145M 1.16% 886.540K Electronic Technology 5
Health care services 6.585B 0.75% 215.638K Healthcare 2
Specialty Stores 24.766B -1.40% 3.452M Retail 19
Specialized telecommunications 9.458B 1.28% 1.173M Communication 11
Steel 69.000B 1.79% 7.892M Non-resource minerals 32
Telecommunication equipment 1.049B 0.99% 3.917M Electronic Technology 6
Textile 84.300M 1.64% 910.691K Manufacturing 1
Tools and equipment 12.075M 10.77% 30.000K Durable consumer goods 1
Cargo transportation 241.849M -0.27% 470 Transport 1
Trucks, construction and agricultural machinery 1.910B -0.90% 624.462K Industrial 4
Water supply 176.734M 2.04% 292.130K Utilities 1
Wholesale 35.292B 0.64% 804.944K Distribution 24
Wireless telecommunications 14.303B 0.74% 4.586M Communication 6

Wing has drone delivery problems in Australia due to aggressive birds –

In Australia, Wing, a subsidiary of Google, based in Canberra, is unable to fully utilize its drones for delivery. The reason is very simple: the devices are constantly attacked by ravens and other large birds, which destroy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Logist.Today learned about this from the material published by the SCREENRANT edition.

Canberra is currently under quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.In this regard, the Wing service plays a huge role in the daily life of the city, delivering food and medicine.

Recently, however, the company’s UAVs have been attacked by aggressive birds during their flight to and from their destination. Magpies, hawks, eagles and other large birds also attack quadcopters, forcing the company to suspend its operations in Canberra.

Most likely, the reason for such strange behavior of birds is the spring nesting season.The company is now considering options for how to reopen its operations in the city while ensuring the safety of the birds.

UAV Training Australia Senior Pilot and Instructor Wayne Condon encourages operators to steer the drone away from attacking birds to ensure the safety of both the birds and the drone. The drone expert suggested that air delivery vehicles should avoid nesting areas during this season.

“After all, this is their sky, and we are its guests”

Wayne Condon Senior Pilot & Instructor UAV Training Australia

Logistician.Today recalls that Wing delivers food, drinks, medicine, office supplies and other essentials and has already completed 100,000 deliveries, including more than 50,000 in Logan, Australia.

Along with Canberra and Logan, Wing also operates drone delivery operations in Christiansburg, Virginia and Helsinki, Finland. The company claims that its operations grew 500% between 2019 and 2020, with total shipments for the second quarter of this year alone exceeding total for all of 2020.

By the way, it was Australia that was one of the pioneers in the use of drones and even planned to use drones to detect cases of COVID-19 before privacy concerns put an end to this initiative.

92 523 Read Logist.Today on Google News and Telegram

Australia Custom Blue Hardtop EVA Stationery Pencil Box

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1 & rpar; MOQ
MOQ – 1000 & Pcy; & Kcy; & period; & Ncy; & acy; & scy; & kcy; & lcy; & acy; & dcy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & iecy; & scy; & scy; – & fcy; & ocy; & rcy; & mcy; & acy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & tcy; & bcy; & ycy; & tcy; & softcy; & mcy; & iecy; & ncy; & softcy; & shcy; & iecy; & kcy; & ocy; & lcy; & icy; & chcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; vcy; & acy; & zcy; & acy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & shcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ncy; & ycy; & khcy; & vcy; & acy; & mcy; & icy; & period;

2 & rpar; & period; & Pcy; & ucy; & ncy; & kcy; & tcy; & ocy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & tcy; & ycy;
A & period; T & sol; T & colon; 40 & percnt; & comma; 60 & percnt; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & acy; & tcy; & ocy; & kcy; & pcy; & ocy; & scy; & lcy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & khcy; & ocy; & dcy; & acy; QC & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; vcy; & iecy; & rcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ycy; & pcy; & iecy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & ocy; & tcy; & gcy; & rcy; & ucy; & zcy; & kcy; & ocy; & jcy; & period;

B & period; Paypal

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& Ocy; & ncy; & acy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & ocy; & scy; & ncy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; vcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & ncy; & acy; vcy; shcy; iecy; mcy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & scy; & icy; & lcy; & acy; & comma; & chcy; & tcy; & ocy; & colon; & Mcy; & acy; & lcy; & ycy; & khcy; & scy; & tcy; & iecy; & mcy; & comma; & mcy; & ycy; & khcy; & ocy; & tcy; & iecy; & lcy; & icy; & bcy; & ycy; & scy; & ocy; & ocy; & bcy; & shchcy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & Vcy; & acy; & mcy; & ecy; & kcy; & scy; & pcy; & rcy; & iecy; & scy; & scy; & dcy; & ocy; & scy; & tcy; & acy; & vcy; & kcy; & icy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & bcy; & lcy; & acy; & gcy; & ocy; & pcy; & rcy; & icy; & yacy; & tcy; & iecy; & ncy; & comma; & Vcy; & ycy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & tcy; & iecy; & vcy; & ycy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & tcy; & softcy; & mcy; & ocy; & rcy; & scy; & kcy; & icy; & mcy; & icy; & lcy; & icy; & vcy; & ocy; & zcy; & dcy; & ucy; & shcy; & ncy; & ycy; & mcy; & tcy; & rcy; & ncy; & scy; & pcy; & ocy; & rcy; & tcy; & ocy; & mcy; & comma; ? & lcy; & acy; & tcy; & acy; ? cy;? & pcy; & iecy; & rcy; & iecy; & vcy; & ocy; & zcy; & kcy; & ucy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & bcy; & acy; & zcy; & ycy; & ncy; & acy; & dcy; & acy; & tcy; & ucy; & comma; & kcy; & ocy; & gcy; & dcy; & acy; & vcy; & ycy; & mcy; & ocy; & zhcy; & iecy; & tcy; & iecy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & mcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & zcy; & acy; & kcy; & acy; & zcy; & period;

In Australia, police have been authorized to isolate apartment buildings with residents: aizen_tt – LiveJournal

New lockdown restrictions for Australian New South Wales and Greater Sydney – Police will be able to lock up apartment buildings while health authorities assess risks.This has already been done before, but only in the form of experiments and on public housing, on migrants, who still did not complain.

One such operation was to isolate an apartment building in Melbourne last year.

Further on the decision on new measures of isolation and at the end to give the police the right to block all apartment buildings:

“Isolation in rural and regional areas of New South Wales is due to end on 28 August, but it could be extended depending on the number of cases.

People living in hot spots – in the southwest and western suburbs of Sydney – can exercise outdoors for just one hour a day.
Ms. Beredzhiklyan said this step was taken because a small group of people misused the exercises while trying to leave the house.

Other outlets to close

A number of additional retailers have moved on to click and collect only.

These include garden centers and plant nurseries, stationery, equipment and building materials, landscaping supplies, rural and pet supplies.

Sellers are allowed to shop in the store where necessary.
These rules will apply to residents and businesses of the respective LGA ..

Bannings and other retailers will click-to-collect and collect in Sydney hotspots only. (Janie Barrett)

New Rules for Authorized Workers and Hot Spot Workplaces
Another change that came into effect at 12/01 requires childcare workers and disability support workers who live or work in the respective LGA to obtain his first dose of vaccination by 30 August.

Authorized workers who work outside their LGA of concern are only allowed to work if their workplace is undergoing rapid antigen testing or if they have received their first dose of vaccine by 30 August.

From Saturday 28 August, authorized workers of the respective LGA must carry a permit from Service NSW stating that they are authorized workers and cannot work from home.
In addition, as of 28 August, anyone joining an interested LGA for the purpose of work must have a work permit issued by Service NSW. “
And finally this:

” COVID-19.

A residential area can be considered a COVID risk area and all people must report to the police during compliance checks.

The police will be able to direct the person notified of the violation to return to their place of residence.

If a non-LGA member is included in the LGA of concern for no good reason, they will be fined $ 1,000 and required to be isolated at home for 14 days. “ national / coronavirus-nsw-lockdown-restrictions-update-greater-sydney-lockdown-extended-new-restrictions-curfew-explainer / 8d6732e0-7e77-4d77-9eac-e05d31e75df8

90,000 30+ best ecommerce sites in Australia worth worth beware in 2021

Published: 2020-09-10

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[UPDATED] The Australian e-commerce sector has seen impressive growth over the past few years.As of January 2019, Australians have spent $ 20.3 billion on online shopping, representing 9% of Australia’s total retail sales.

The emergence of new e-commerce stores and the availability of simpler payment methods largely account for this significant growth.

During its expansion over the past five years, the online retail industry in Australia has changed the way retail is conducted.

But so far, the winners in the e-commerce race are online retailers, who have taken the lead in making products much more accessible to users by providing them with a more convenient online shopping experience.

To share these ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best online shopping sites in Australia that are top ecommerce trends.

30+ Best Ecommerce Sites in Australia 2021
  1. Ozbargain
  2. JB Hi-Fi
  3. Officer
  4. Harvey Norman
  5. Kogan
  6. Woolworths
  7. EB Games
  8. Mayer
  9. 64 Good
  10. Big W
  11. Coles
  12. Catch
  13. Dan Murphy
  14. Chemical Warehouse
  15. Super Cheap Auto
  16. Booktopia
  17. Ozale
  18. Household Appliances Online
  19. 96464
  20. 6 Serd Fish
  21. 96464
  22. 6 Dick Smith our
  23. Crazy sales
  24. Cooperative
  25. Milligram
  26. Betta
  27. Mwave
  28. Teda
  29. Autoshed
  30. MyDeal

rating Note: this list is not exclusive to trading sites online stores to the online industry.

List of the Best Ecommerce Sites in Australia

Here is a complete list of the Best Ecommerce Sites in Australia. This list is by no means exhaustive and focuses primarily on the sole contribution of these websites to the e-commerce industry.

1. Ozbargain

OzBargain oversees transactions from multiple stores across Australia and lists them on its platform. Customers use these offers and receive the lowest prices on their purchases.It would be correct to call Osborgain an Australian band.

Users can vote on the deals they like, and those deals then appear at the top of the category pages. You can find the best ones on the home page. Anyone can post a deal, but before publishing it must pass a moderator check.

  • Ozbargain attracts over 1.3 million unique visitors every month.

2. JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi is Australia’s largest home entertainment retailer.It has a wide range of electronic and computer products. It is known for its low prices and quality customer support. JB Hi-Fi is part of the JBcommercial digital business.

  • The site gets about 5.2 million organic traffic!

3. Business

Officeworks is one of the leading office supplies retailers in Australia. It offers a wide range of products for offices, workplaces, schools and universities, as well as for the home.The company has 160 brick-and-mortar stores in Australia with 7,000 full-time employees.

Officeworks was founded in 1994 as part of the Coles Myer group of companies. It has grown exponentially over the past 20 years, and in 2007 it opened its 100th store.

  • The site currently estimates organic traffic at 3.9 million per month.

4. Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman’s website is an extension of a chain of convenience stores. Unlike other online shopping sites in Australia that follow a standard set of procedures, all Harvey Norman stores (including their online sites) are operated by independent franchises.

The site sells a huge range of products, from computers and electronics to bedding and bath accessories.

  • The site currently has an estimated monthly search traffic of 3.3 million

5. Kogan

Kogan is one of the most famous e-commerce sites in Australia. Having started selling TVs, Kogan has expanded into other categories of the Australian online retail market, including grocery stores, launching Kogan Pantry back in February 2015.

Products such as Nutella, Pringles, toiletries, confectionery and other cleaning products are available to order from the Kogan online space.

Kogan soon realized that they could only sell a certain number of TVs to a customer. For this reason, they had to diversify their portfolio if they wanted to continue their successful online trading in Australia. In their opinion, they wanted consumers to come to Kogan for any product they might need.

  • Kogan currently estimates website traffic at 1.4 million per month.

6. Woolworths

Woolworths is Australia’s leading grocery website. In recent years, it has added a fairly small share of products to its database, but its core offering of fresh produce and homemade meat remains its unique strength.

More than 14 million users visit the website every week as it offers quality food on a budget.

  • Its monthly traffic is currently estimated at 3.8 million

7. EB Games

EB Games is one of the largest platform game resellers in Australia. The store has both online and physical stores and is popular for offering video games of all genres.

Initially, he started out with digital clocks and calculators, but seeing the growing demand for console games, he switched to console games as a main product.Ebgames is headquartered in Texas, USA but operates globally.

  • In Australia, organic site traffic is estimated at 1.4 million

8. Mayer

Myer is one of the oldest convenience store chains in Australia. Since its inception in the late 20th century, it has left a mark on the digital world when the concept of online shopping was in its infancy.

  • Today, Myer has over 1.8 million monthly visitors.


Since its founding in 2011 after receiving multi-million dollar funding rounds, The Iconic is not only home to Australian designers, but also home to many well-known international brands, including the leading UK brand Brand New.

While Iconic is still a new player in the Australian fashion e-commerce market, it continues to grow at a rapid pace when compared to other online shopping sites in Australia.Iconic attributes its success to its massive 700K + Facebook followers and over 290K Instagram followers.

  • Iconic attracts over 2.0 million organic traffic through search.

10. Good Guys

The Good Guys is an Australian chain of stores for household appliances and electrical goods. What sets it apart from other chain stores is that it also provides installation and repair services for the products it sells.

He currently has over 400 thousand followers on Facebook. The Nice Guys sell a wide variety of products, from electrical appliances to kitchen utensils. Most of its products can get big discounts, which can be obtained through coupons – a regular offer in the store.

  • It attracts about 2.1 meters of organic traffic.

11. Big W

Big W is a discount retail chain in Australia.Almost everything under the sun is sold here, from children’s products to men’s and women’s accessories and clothing to dishes and household appliances. BigW is an extension of Woolworths Limited. More than 20,000 people work in Australia and Asia. Its website is ranked 138th in the web rankings.

  • The company attracts over 4.2 million organic traffic.

12. Coles

Coles is a chain of supermarkets located throughout the country. It started in 1914 and launched its first website in 1996, when the Internet was still in its infancy.Coles has over 100,000 employees who sell everything from baby products to electronics and home furnishings.

  • It attracts 3.2 million organic traffic every month.

13. Catch

Catch, formerly known as Catchoftheday, is a discount site in Australia. Due to the increased demand, the company acquired the catch domain and modernized itself. It is currently one of the most lucrative discount and coupon sites in the Australian region.It now sells its own assortment of products by directly attracting sellers to its website using both commission and retail revenue models.

  • Every month it attracts almost 876 thousand traffic.

14. Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy’s website has about two million monthly visits. Dan Murphy’s is part of the Woolworths Liquor Group along with BWS and The Wine Quarter and generates over $ 7 billion in sales for the group.

Dan Murphy is part of a retail conglomerate that has online operations and the skills to scale operations with the right techniques while doing e-commerce in Australia.

  • It currently attracts almost 1.5 million traffic per month.

15. Chemical warehouse

It is unfair to talk about e-commerce without discussing pharmacies. Chemist Warehouse is one of the cheapest online pharmacies in Australia.It has all the medical prescriptions, and the best thing about it is that even if you live in a desolate corner of Australia, you can still get your medicines for a fixed delivery price. The Chemist Warehouse online store is part of a chain of convenience stores throughout Australia.

  • Monthly traffic is 2.1 million

16. Supercheap auto

Supercheap auto is an Australian auto retailer. It started in 1974 and by 2003 had stores in Australia and New Zealand.It currently has a website with at least three million monthly visits, as well as 300 physical stores. Supercheap Autos is ranked 228 in the web ranking.

  • It attracts about 1.5 million traffic per month.

17. Booktopia

Booktopia is an Australian bookstore with over $ 100 million in annual turnover. It is now headquartered in a larger shopping center in Sydney. Tony Nash, co-founder of Booktopia, started a $ 10 a day business from the comfort of his home in 2004.

Tony has a background in information technology, which becomes apparent when you visit the Booktopia site thanks to the easy navigation of the site. What’s even more surprising is that Booktopia doesn’t have a physical store. It is a fully fledged digital store based in Australia.

  • The company generates about 748 thousand traffic per month.

18. Ozale

Back in May 2014, British billionaire Sir Philip Greene acquired 25% of the shares of the online deals site OzSale.This number alone is enough to get an idea of ​​the scale of online trading offered by OzSale. OzSale, which began operations in 2010, is currently valued at approximately $ 500 million. with an estimated turnover of over $ 175 million. With the approval of TopShop management, further growth opportunities seem inevitable.

  • It attracts almost 70 thousand monthly traffic.

19. Home appliances online

Appliances Online is an online store of electrical and household appliances.John Winning started it after seeing a gap in the home furnishings industry in 2005. The company is a subsidiary of the family-owned Winning Group and is part of the Big Brown Box and Winning Appliances companies.

  • It serves over 300,000 customers across the country annually and generates 628,000 organic traffic.

20. Dick Smith

Dick Smith was an Australian retail chain selling electronic parts and products at amazing prices.He was popular with hobbyists for his electronic projects. The company was even present in New Zealand and Hong Kong.

However, he closed his physical stores in 2016 after his CEO stepped down “unable to find a buyer for the stores.” For now, Dick Smith only works through his website. The reason is that soon after the brick-and-mortar stores closed, the site bought

  • Now it generates almost 360 thousand monthly traffic.

21. Fish Pond

Based on Amazon’s business model, Fishpond sold books in Australia and New Zealand. Today these New Zealand e-commerce sites operate throughout the Australian region. With over 13 million products in the catalog and about 20,000 daily sales.

  • It generates almost 241 thousand traffic per month.

22. Grays Online

Australia’s leading multichannel e-commerce platform, Grays Online, which aims to unleash value for online sellers and shoppers, serves industries such as transportation, catering, warehousing, forklift trucks, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering and many others. …

His legacy goes back over 100 years. He was a pioneer in creating an effective way to sell products online. As the leading multi-channel e-commerce platform in Australia, it sells over $ 800 million in products annually.

  • The company generates about 171 thousand traffic per month.

23. Toys R Us

Toys R Us is Australia’s leading e-commerce site for toys, babies and outdoor products with over 38 stores in Australia.Australian Toys R Us stores are the most exciting toys and baby stores. They provide a wonderful world of toys and baby products to choose from.

Toys can change lives and shape the way children interact and play. They encourage children to be productive, and Toys R Us truly serves that purpose.

  • Every month they attract more than 154 thousand unique users.

24. Crazy Sales

Crazy Sales offers quality products at competitive prices.They have over 8,500 products available for purchase. The things that make Crazy Sales better than others are secure payment and fast home delivery.

You can even buy a gift and deliver it directly to the birthday boy or girlfriend. With Crazy Sales discounts and promotions up to 80%, you can become a discount guru yourself.

  • The company currently generates about 249 thousand sales per month.

25. Co-op

Co-op is Australia’s largest member-owned online textbook store.With over 2 million members, they are the largest provider of higher and vocational education resources that students can access online.

Their mission is to make university life accessible and stress-free. They support a wide range of textbooks, general books, stationery, technology, gifts, STEAM educational products, games, medical supplies, and university gear.

  • It generates about 57 thous.Traffic per month.

26. Milligram

Milligram is Australia’s largest online designer boutique store. They offer office supplies, bags, headphones, and desk accessories. In addition to conventional gear, Milligram offers a wide range of products from leading design companies that are setting trends around the world.

They supply many products from Paris, Rome, Denmark, London and the USA. More than 90 brands of stationery have found their way into Milligram.You can easily find your favorite products on their virtual shelves. Whether you need a stunning notepad or a superior pen, chances are good it will be available from Milligram.

  • It generates about 34.8 thousand Traffic per month.

27. Betta

Betta is an Australian seller of electronics and furniture. He has been part of the Australian community since 1961. Betta has an extensive network of over 200 physical stores where shoppers can conveniently grab their favorite items.

They have access to over 100 top brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Fisher Paykel, Beko and Electrolux. If you are looking for great deals on TVs, refrigerators, furniture, kitchen appliances and more, then Betta is your best choice.

  • The company generates about 127 thousand traffic per month.

28. Mwave

Since its inception in 2006, Mwave has become a renowned online hardware store in Australia. Mwave is well known among the PC enthusiasts and gaming community.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Mwave has built a solid reputation for technical expertise, shopping convenience and professional customer service. It is now a popular online marketplace for PC consumers.

  • The company generates more than 300 thousand traffic per month.

29. Teda

Ted’s successfully introduces new technologies to the Australian market. Back in the 70s, they introduced Australia the first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) with a built-in electronic flash.

In the 80s they introduced the first video cameras to the continent, and in the 90s they were the first to introduce digital cameras. Now they are introducing full-frame mirrorless cameras designed to revolutionize photography. When you buy a camera from Ted’s, you can be sure that you are choosing the best quality the store has to offer.

  • The company generates about 271 thousand organic traffic.

30. Autobar

Whatever your automotive dream, Autobarn will help you with it.With over 150 stores across Australia, Autobarn can help you get exactly what you want. For them, this is not just a sale of goods. Their staff will be happy to help and ask you about your needs, for example, what kind of car do you have or want to buy?

You can always visit them and chat with their team. Whether you want to upgrade yourself with the latest car audio system or make sure your engine gets the proper attention.You can find all the parts and tools you need to do this yourself or with their help. From wiper blades and lights to batteries, roof racks, storage compartments and seat covers, they’ve got you covered!

  • Now the company generates about 376 thousand organic traffic.

31. MyDeal

MyDeal is one of the best Australian e-commerce success stories. He started working in 2012. This online marketplace in Melbourne serves over half a million shoppers.

Their website definitely deserves the attention of international sellers as it is showing 150% year-on-year growth and has become a favorite of many Australian buyers. However, businesses need to sell 10 to 100 products to access the platform. Sellers who sell in bulk usually do better on this platform.

  • The company generates about 167 thousand traffic per month.

Top e-commerce sites in Australia (with an estimated monthly traffic)

  1. JB Hi-Fi – Estimated monthly traffic: 5.2 million
  2. BigW – Estimated monthly traffic: 4.2 million
  3. 92,648 92,523 Officeworks – Estimated monthly traffic: 3.9 million
  4. Woolworths – Estimated monthly traffic: 3.8 million
  5. Harvey Norman – Estimated monthly traffic: 3.3 million
  6. Coles – Estimated monthly traffic: 3.2 million
  7. Nice Guys – Estimated monthly traffic: 2.1 million
  8. Chemical warehouse – Estimated monthly traffic: 2.1 million
  9. The Iconic – Estimated monthly traffic: 2.0 million
  10. 92,648 92,648 Mayer – Estimated monthly traffic: 1.8 million 92,648 Dan Murphy – Estimated monthly traffic: 1.5 million
  11. Super cheap auto – Estimated monthly traffic: 1.5 million
  12. Kogan – Estimated monthly traffic: 1.4 million
  13. EB Games – Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1.4 Million
  14. Ozbargain – Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1.3 Million


This was a survey of Australia’s top e-commerce sites leading the 2019 e-commerce race.We may have missed a couple of online stores in this region, and if so, please let us know about the ones we missed in the comments below.

Plus, you can expect these top trends to rule the Australian e-commerce community.

Notebooks In the Line of HS codes (2020): 9603301000, 3

0000, 96000 00
Stationery for children and adolescents: pens, markers, rulers, pencils, including mechanical pencils, erasers, notebooks, diaries, brushes (with natural and artificial bristles), wax, pastel, lime crayons, t 9603301000
School supplies for children and adolescents made of polymer materials: rulers, protractors, covers for notebooks and diaries, palettes, stacks, stencils, scissors, stationery stands, foam 3

School supplies for children and adolescents made of polymer materials: rulers, protractors, covers for notebooks and diaries, plastic stands for stationery, pencil cases, plastic bookmarks 3

School supplies for children and adolescents in sets and separate items: folders, stands for books and notebooks, stand (organizer) for writing utensils, pencil cases, bookmarks, rulers, transport 3

Stationery for children and teenagers: pens, markers, rulers, pencils, erasers, notebooks, diaries, brushes (with natural and artificial bristles) 960
School supplies for children and adolescents made of polymer materials, in sets and as separate items: rulers, notebook covers, textbook covers, album covers, diary covers, folders 3

School and writing accessories for children, including in sets: pencils, markers, albums, cardboard, colored paper, a stand for a notebook, notebooks, felt-tip pens, ballpoint pens, notepads, rulers, stands for pens and to 4820


School supplies for preschool children marked “MeLaLa”: notebooks, diaries, note sets, (including envelopes, note sheets, ballpoint pen, pencils, rulers, 4820105000
Stationery for children and teenagers: pens, felt-tip pens, markers, rulers, pencils, including mechanical pencils, erasers, stamps, notebooks, diaries, brushes (with natural and artificial bristles), wax crayons, pass 9603301000
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School supplies for children: school notebooks 12 pages, 18 pages, 24 pages, (cage, ruler) 48230
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School supplies for children: notebooks, notebooks, notepads made of paper, pencils, sharpeners, ruler, incl.including elements made of cardboard, metal, textile materials, plastics and artificial leather, at 4820103000
School supplies for children and adolescents: notebooks, notepads, pencils, including mechanical pencils, replaceable leads for them, stationery erasers, sharpeners, ball pens, rulers, stencils, triangles, trays 4820200000
School stationery for children and adolescents: diaries, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, compasses, stationery rulers, pencils, chalk, 4820200000
School supplies: stationery (pens, markers, rulers, pencils, eraser “rubber bands”, notebooks, diaries, folders, sharpeners) in sets and individual items, drawing sets (pencils, felt-tip pen 3

School supplies for children and adolescents made of polymer materials: rulers, protractors, covers for notebooks and diaries, plastic stands for stationery, metal stands with e 3

School supplies for children and adolescents: ruled notebooks, 4820200000
School supplies for children and adolescents: general notebooks in a cage and a ruler, 4820200000
School supplies for children and adolescents: sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries, notepads, colored paper, bookmarks, rulers, pencil cases, stationery erasers (erasers), sharpeners, felt-tip pens, mehan pencils 4820105000
School supplies for children and adolescents: albums and folders for drawing, drawing and watercolors, replaceable blocks for notebooks, school and musical diaries, bookmarks for books, paper and cardboard rulers, bu 4820200000
School supplies for children and adolescents: pens, markers, rulers, pencils, stationery erasers, notebooks, diaries, brushes and other similar products, school kits, drawing kits, 9609

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