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Where can I find a list of recalled products?

Trying to find if your product was recalled? Click here to find out!

Where can I find manufacturer’s product warranty information?

1. You may contact us via phone at 1-800-333-3330 to obtain a manufacturer’s telephone number.


2. Please have the following available:
– Product name
– Manufacturer
– Model number or Staples item number (You can find the Staples® item number on your receipt or in the product description of the product on Staples.


How do I return items purchased In-Store or on

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Customers will receive an email from [email protected] making them aware that their business has been entered as well as the status update.

How long will it take for me to be contacted?

Submitted registrations or requests for edits are responded to within 2-3 business days.

Why do I need to be contacted?

Submitted entries are reviewed by the Staples Connect team and validated against our internal guidelines.

Does the directory have ratings like Yelp, etc.


Not at the moment. We will explore opportunities to either allow submission of reviews or the integration of reviews from Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and/or Social Networks in the future.

Is there the ability for my customers to comment on my business on

Customers are not currently able to publish reviews on, this is a feature that will be explored in the future

Can I add pictures to the directory?

Yes, up to five (5) pictures may be submitted as part of the registration process.

How frequently can I change the info on the directory? If I’m running a promotion (schedule both a mani and pedi and get 20% off) can I put that in the directory?

You can reply to the Community Business Directory entry submission confirmation email at any time, a promotion could be featured as an image.

Will placement in the Staples Connect directory help my business appear in the search results when customers google certain business categories?

Yes, listing your business in the Community Business Directory is expected to improve your business’s findability online.

How selective is Staples Connect regarding which businesses are in the directory? What if I don’t want to be associated with another business (i.e. CBD shop, gun shop, etc.)?

Submitted entries are reviewed by the Staples Connect team and validated against our internal guidelines. You can always reply to the Community Business Directory entry submission confirmation email and request the removal of our business listing.

Will the personal contact information I enter be published?

No, this information is solely used for correspondence.

Why is my business category not listed?

We have a standard list of categories to encompasses many industries and try to limit for easier customer navigation.

What if I have different hours for different areas of my business?

At this time, we cannot accommodate split hours. You may add this into the open text field.

Staples Weekly Ad, Flyer, Sales & Deals

Where It All Began for Staples

Staples was created in 1986 by Leo Khan and Thomas G. Stemberg in Brighton, Massachusetts, after getting frustrations from lack of a reliable store.

In 1991, Staples had started expanding beyond the United States and opened its first store in Vaughan, Ontario. It went on and reached Europe, opening its first store in 1992 in Swansea, Britain.

In 1996, Staples tried merging with Office Depot but was denied permission by the Federal Trade Commission.

Since 1998, Staples has been successfully acquiring corporations and opening new stores globally. Today, Staples has many stores all over the world, catering to businesses and enhancing its employee work-life balance.

Staples Location and Working Hours

Whether you are in England, India, the United States, Canada, or Mexico, you will always find a Staples store. The store features a store near me location finder that you can use to identify these stores whenever you are in these places.

Since Staples stores are located all over, there is no specific time when they open. However, most of the stores open from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, and then from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Sundays.

Best Sales and Deals at Staples

Whenever you step into any Staples store, you will see a lot of products there so that you can spend the whole day doing window shopping. When you are in serious purchasing spree, use the product catalog to help you save time and money. Products are arranged in departments which include:

  • Office supplies
  • Electronics
  • Ink and toner
  • Furniture
  • Paper
  • Mail & ship
  • Printers and scanners
  • Safety supplies
  • Food and break room
  • Computers and accessories
  • Cleaning and supplies
  • Print and marketing
  • Facilities and maintenance

Which Products Are Often Promoted in Staples?

There are no specific supplies that are promoted often by Staples since it depends on the promoting brand. Promotional offers happen daily, with each day having different products being promoted.

Thus, you may want to shop on Staples’ offers today before they expire. To keep updated on Staples’ weekly ad, subscribe to their newsletter, visit their deals page, follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, or follow Rabato to discover circular in Staples.

You should keep in mind that some of these promotional deals are only available online. Therefore, setting an account with the store will help you enjoy most of these offers and save a lot.

Staples Weekly Ad – Save more with Rabato

Check on Staples’ weekly flyers to get the hottest special sales for this and next week. Due to the seasonal nature of the deals, there is no best way of determining which products or brands will have the best sales offers.

If you are tired of your usual supplier for being unreliable, it is time for you to visit Staples for reliable and happy shopping. At Staples, you will never find an inconsistency or miss an item because it is out of stock!

Staples Weekly Ad, Ad Preview, Circulars and Flyers

Staples Weekly Ad – 06.

06.2021 – 06.12.2021

Showing 1 to 1 of 17 (17 Pages)

Top Weekly Ad Offers

  • $499.99 HP Pavilion laptop with intel core i5 Processor
  • $169.99 Brother HL-L2395dw wireless mono laser 3-in-1
  • $9.99 TRU RED hanging file box, letter/legal size, clear
  • $15 Off on signs, banners or posters when you spend $75 or more
  • $4.49 Sharpie permanent markers, 4-packs and 5-packs
  • $14.99 Staples 30 quart black durable expanding folding crate on wheels


Staples is an American owned retail enterprise that deals with selling office supplies and other office and school-related products. The company was started in 1986 with the first store being in Brighton, Massachusetts, and this location has remained to be the headquarters of the company. It has grown since to become one of the largest office material suppliers with their operations being in retail and B2B.

Besides being operational in the US, Staples also has its operations in other countries like Canada.

Staples has managed to gain a wide clientele base in the US, with a presence of 1084 stores across the country. This makes them not only serve a lot of people across the country, but they have also managed to employ thousands across their stores. The large size of this company makes it possible for it to supply large and small enterprises with all kinds of office supplies. As a way of making sure that they can retain their clientele, the company offers weekly Ads on their website that are geared to help its customers save big on their purchases. These Ads are inclusive of a variety of items and products that the company deals with.

About Staples weekly Ads

Customers can find Ads on various items of the offer at Staples on their website. There are, however, other multiple websites that also give people a glimpse of these Ads. To view the weekly Ads on the staples website, you will be required to key in your location forts.

This will make it easy for you to know the deals that are in the sore that is close to you. Staples offers different deals on different stores, which is why they require customers to look for the deals in the stores that are closest to them before they go shopping. Staples offers its Ads weekly, and the dates for which the Ad is valid are listed. After the week is over, the company then puts up other weekly Ads for the next week. One can only use a weekly Ad if it is still valid for use within the timelines. Ads involve deals and offers that are available for selected items. This includes office supplies, office furniture, school supplies, laptops, printers, printer ink, and so much more. Every product that Staples sells can be on offer on their weekly Ads section, and one just has to look out for it.

Staples offers its weekly Ads in the form of banners with the images of the items that are on offer and the details of what the offer will entail. This, therefore, makes it easier for you to calculate how much you will be saving on your purchase. As for the offers, they entail coupons, discounts, and reduced prices. Each of these will help you to purchase an item at a price that is lower than the actual price of the product. The weekly Ads section also involves the terms and conditions for the deals, and this is so that you will not waste a deal at the store for failure to fulfill the requirements to redeem. One will also find that the weekly Ads do not just contain products that are on offer. You will also find some shopping tips that will enhance your shopping experience and staples and other exciting things to look out for at their various stores. In as much as the deals are available for one week, one may find that the items are out of stock when they go to buy them late in the week because they are in limited quantity.

About staples weekly Ads previews

Staples gives its customers a sneak peek of the Ads that are going to be running on their website in the coming weeks. The previews can be for up to two or three weeks ahead, and they are given out by Staples at their stores. The reason for the weekly Ads previews is to give their customers enough time to make the shopping lists that will help them to maximize their savings and also to know the week that is most suitable for them to visit the store for their purchases. Weekly Ads previews are the same as the weekly Ads that are already up and running. This means that when the preview goes up at the Staples website, you will easily identify the item that you wanted to purchase. One can find weekly Ads previews from several websites online that get the information from Staples stores. Weekly Ad previews are only good for giving you a view of what to expect, but you cannot use the Ads until the week for which the preview is for is reached. This means that you cannot use the preview until it is running at the official website of Staples.

Staples supplies Ads

Staples offers weekly Ads regarding various school and office supplies. Some of the items that are on offer in supplies include printing paper and other stationery items that are needed for day-to-day operations at school and in the office. Weekly Ads regarding stationery supplies have images that are of the item that is going to be on offer. You will also find a description of the item provided to give you a clear perspective of what it is that they are offering. In addition to this, the deal can be a discount offer, a combo offer, a reduced price, or even a coupon offer. All these will make sure that you are saving enough on your purchase. There is no specific place where the supplies Ads are placed as you can find them at the top or bottom of the page or even on the following page next to other items.

Staples furniture Ads

The weekly Ads at Staples also involve furniture Ads. Like all the other Ads, these are provided weekly where the furniture items that are on offer will change the following week. A crucial thing to note is that furniture Ads at staples can include both school and office furniture, all of which will promote a better working environment. These furniture items can consist of desks, tables, chairs, and many more. The furniture products that Staples offers on their weekly Ads have clear images and a comprehensive description of the item, and this will help you to identify its suitability to your preferences. You will find that Staples states that the items are on a limited supply, which means that the earlier one purchases the item, the better. On the furniture item, you will be given the actual price of the product and the new price so that you can calculate how much you will save on your order.

Staples digital Ads

In terms of digital products, Staples sells laptops, printers, and other electronic products that are needed at the office. Each of these items can be out on the offer, and you have to keep up with the weekly Ads to see whether the item that you are looking for has been listed for offer. For the Ads regarding these products, you will find an image that is attached as well as a comprehensive overview of the components of each item. The offer that is being given on the item is also listed beside it, and this can be a discount offer, a coupon a combo offer of, or a price that is lower than the actual price of that item. To help you calculate your savings, you will be given the real cost of the item and the new one to establish whether the offer is useful or not.

Staples services Ads

Staples not only deals with selling office and school supplies, but it also offers services that are related to office operations. These services include creating banners, posters, and signs. These services are also listed on their weekly Ads as well as the offers that are related to the same. You will find that these Ads include discount offers on those products as well as reduced prices that you will get when you make purchases that are worth a selected amount. To make sure that you are well aware of what you will be needed to do to meet the requirements for redeeming the offer, you will be given a comprehensive detail of what the Ad is all about. Similar to all the other Ads that are on their website, the weekly Ads regarding their services are different from one store to the next, and you will have to look out for what is available on the store that is near you.

Staples Black Friday Ads

Staples has one of the best Black Friday offers, and they all make sure that you will shop for items that the lowest prices. Their Black Friday deals are inclusive of all the items that they sell, including desktops, laptops, printers, stationery, and more. Staples Black Friday is the best time that one can stock up their office and school because they offer amazing discounts, deals and flash sales with prices of products being considerably low. Their Black Friday deals are only available on the entire Friday, and then the next one will have new deals to look out for.

Staples weekly printable coupon

Another way that you can maximize your savings adventure at Staples is the use of weekly printable coupons. These coupons can be gotten from the official website of staples and in other several websites online. The coupons will grant you discount offers, cashback, and other exciting offers and deals on a wide range of items. You will find that you can use these coupons to go shopping at either of the staples stores, but some restrictions apply to the use of coupons when shopping, which is why you must find this information before getting the coupons.

Staples hours

Staples usually has shopping hours that are very accommodating to a lot of customers. On business days, most of their stores open from 9 Am to 7 Pm. This, however, changes on the weekends where they open late in the day. Different stores also have different working hours so you can check on their website for the working hours of the closest store to you. The best time to shop at staples is during the weekdays or late in the morning hours when there are fewer people at the store so that you can have the freedom to choose the items that you want.

Staples shopping tips

There are a lot of tips ad hacks that will help you enjoy great savings at Staples. These include:

  • Join the staples rewards club. This is a membership that will help you to earn points every time that you shop, and you can later use these points to shop.
  • Take advantage of the weekly Ads like these will open up new opportunities to save on various items every week.
  • Look out for clearance sales where you will enjoy mind-blowing deals and very low prices of various products.
  • Try making use of coupons that will get you access to more saving deals.

What is unique about Staples?

There are a lot of factors that make Staples a unique retail store that deals in selling a variety of office furniture and supplies. Even though they are a retail company, they also supply their products to large companies, even those that are classified under Fortune 500. Another unique thing about staples is that they have a wide selection of office and school items, making sure that you cannot lack anything that you are looking for at their stores. Their rewards program is one of the best, especially when a member upgrades to a premium of Plus. It will open up more offers that will give you the best savings on your order. You should also note that each of their stores has unique deals. This means that what may be on offer on one store may not be on offer on the next store, but all of the deals all have great saving opportunities. The customer service at staples is one of a kind as they offer services that are aimed at making your shopping experience at Staples a unique one. At Staples, you can be guaranteed that you will revamp your office space for much less and manage to save big.

Staples Weekly ad Flyer Apr 25 – May 1, 2021 |

View latest Staples weekly ad flyer this week 6/6/21 – 6/12/21. Customer can find best deals or discount on office stuff, Computers, Tablets, Printers, eReaders, Ink & Toner, Paper and more!.

Search Staples ad, Sunday ad or Staples Hot Deals here and keep track of the discounts, promotions, coupons and deals offered by the store.



Browse Staples ad this week June 6 – June 12, 2021 below :

  • 192652177_5602758266465592_4170397032141168040_n

  • 187791598_5602756166465802_6144994214372284485_n

  • 186551785_5602757136465705_8918055409047213708_n

  • 186445176_5602757249799027_8833040393932939044_n

  • 190564053_5602757576465661_3637052781701509814_n

  • 191679234_5602758619798890_1726361633650041265_n

  • 187700823_5602759409798811_5455818630777632684_n

  • 187029645_5602759506465468_3459313959982354654_n

  • 186532456_5602759719798780_59156857268694911_n

  • 191933429_5602759893132096_2760819024268509276_n

  • 190407154_5602756353132450_7958384074245555430_n

  • 187377486_5602756516465767_680084988664669915_n

  • 187561698_5602757826465636_4196734608045489694_n

What’s deals in STAPLES this week?

  • Roku Express 3930R Digital Multimedia Receiver, Black
  • Pilot® G2 gel pens, pin dot, 5/pack
  • TRU RED™ medium hardcover ruled journal, 96 sheets
  • Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Pump, Aquarium Series, 7. 5 oz (US04966A/126800)
  • Amazon Blink Outdoor Wireless 3-Camera System, Black (B086DKSHQ4)
  • select K-Cup® pods, 22-24/pack
  • Lysol® disinfecting wipes, lemon & lime blossom scent, 80 wipes/pack
  • TP-LINK Archer AX3000 Wifi 6 Dual Band Wireless Router, Black
  • Keurig® K-Slim Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black (5000350119)
  • Bounty® 2-ply Select-A-Size paper towels, 12 rolls

Don’t forget to check and print off this week Staples ad specials above from your local Ad. The availability any product depends last stocks and at participating locations. The retailers can limit quantities, and the weekly sales & prices this week offers.

Exclusive: Lakers extend Staples Center lease for 20 years

With their lease at Staples Center expiring in a few years, the Lakers could have followed the Clippers’ plan, moving to another part of town, building their own arena and keeping all the revenue.

Instead, the defending NBA champions have chosen to stay put.

In a deal expected to be announced Thursday, the franchise will extend its lease with owner AEG for another two decades through 2041. The agreement includes a commitment to spend “nine figures” on capital improvements and upgrades throughout the 22-year-old arena.

A team official said renovations were key to the extension, as was a desire to remain downtown.

“Location, location, location,” said Tim Harris, president of business operations for the franchise. “We’re in the heart of L.A. and the infrastructure is building up all around us.”

It also helped that the Clippers are leaving for Inglewood soon, potentially allowing the Lakers, Kings and Sparks to expand their locker rooms on the arena’s lowest level.

In terms of age, Staples Center ranks around middle of the NBA, where arenas average 20 years old. By 2041, it could rival 53-year-old Madison Square Garden in terms of seniority.

But Scott Minto, director of the sports MBA program at San Diego State, says that isn’t necessarily bad.

“I don’t think it hurts a team to be in the same place, provided that the arena does some significant renovations to reinvigorate itself,” Minto said.

Only a few years ago, business mogul Irving Azoff approached the Buss family about moving the Lakers back to Inglewood. In a 2017 email obtained by The Times, Azoff suggested razing and rebuilding the Forum.

The matter was complicated by the fact that AEG head Philip Anschutz controls 27% of the team, with the Buss family owning 66%. (Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong is another minority investor, owning less than 5%).

The team never followed through on Azoff’s proposal and, around 2019, began discussing a lease extension with AEG and the Kings. The parties brainstormed a wish list of upgrades at every level of the arena, including the highest section where the cheapest seats are.

“That’s my favorite piece,” AEG president and chief executive Dan Beckerman said, adding that changes to the upper concourse will “capitalize on the uniqueness of the proximity to the downtown skyline.

While no construction details have been announced, the refurbishments will be overseen by the arena’s original designers and could begin within several years. They will focus on creating spaces where people can gather away from their seats, continuing to watch the game either on television monitors or by looking directly over the floor.

The Dallas Cowboys incorporated standing-room only areas when they opened AT&T Stadium in 2009.

“Fans are not the same as they were 25 to 30 years ago,” Minto said. “The trend now is to more open space and mingling. In terms of revenue, it is critical that these upgrades be done.”

Staples Center has the size and flexibility to adapt because of when it was built, the professor said. Many arenas constructed during the 1980s were limited in size to about 500,000 or 600,000 square feet; that thinking changed by the late 1990s and Staples Center comprises 1 million square feet.

Wide concourses and other areas outside the main bowl allow for expansion.

“Staples was built with a lot of new trends in mind and it still has that modern feel,” Minto said. “It can withstand more touch-ups than a lot of places built only a decade before.”

Still, with the Clippers planning a billion-dollar arena complex across from SoFi Stadium, it became crucial for Staples Center to retain its anchor tenant.

“In a lot of ways, the Lakers put the arena on the map, winning three straight championships in our first three years,” Beckerman said. “Their success has had such an impact on our success.”

From the team’s perspective, there was value in sticking to an arena that, as host of major concerts and events such as the Grammy Awards and Democratic National Convention, has become nationally known. The adjacent L.A. Live, with its restaurants and hotels, is a drawing card for fans

“Look, we always wanted to stay at Staples,” Harris said. “We’d grown up with the building.”

The franchise is well aware of the potential revenues from constructing its own venue. Tickets and food are only part of the equation — there is money to be made from new naming rights and renting the space during the offseason. Venue deals often come with surrounding real estate that can be developed.

It is not believed that the Lakers share in any of Staples Center’s corporate sponsorships, parking or food and beverage revenues. They do profit from season ticket sales and a portion of the suites and premium tickets. They can also sell advertising around the court.

Beyond money, the painful experience of leaving the iconic Forum came into play while weighing staying at Staples.

“That was emotionally difficult for the fans,” Harris said. “Change is hard. We really were cognizant of not upsetting the fan base.”

Minto figures that, with a favorable lease, sticking around could be a smart move.

“Being the anchor tenant in downtown L.A., in what is now a very famous arena, is certainly great from a marketing perspective,” he said. “The amenities are there. Staples Center is not a relic.”

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90,000 To eat or not to eat? What products are necessary for a person | HEALTH: Healthy life | HEALTH

Today, more and more people are experimenting with the diet: they exclude meat, animal products, eat separately, test various diets on themselves. Succumbing to fashion trends, parents limit the diet of their children, unaware of the consequences.

November 1 – International Vegan Day (these are hard vegetarians who completely exclude animal products from the diet).Correspondent “AiF in Kuzbass” talked with a dietitian Lyubov Molyarova about the benefits and dangers of such eating behavior and experiments.

Lyubov Molyarova

No substitute for meat

Karina Kalup, AiF in Kuzbass: There is no meat and animal products in the diet of vegans. Wouldn’t eating such a diet naturally harm an omnivore?

Lyubov Molyarova: Any restrictive diet, whatever it may be, for example, a mono-diet or calorie restriction, with prolonged use, causes a deficiency of essential nutrients.In the case of a vegan diet, it is vitamin B12 deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. But such a diet has its advantages: high fiber content helps to eliminate cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension, and constipation. If a person eats like this under the supervision of a doctor and the biochemical parameters of the blood, in time to eliminate the lack of substances, then, in principle, he can adhere to this type of nutrition for quite a long time.

– If a person is vegan or vegetarian, what products should be used to replace the missing meat in order to feel comfortable in Siberia?

– There are almost no such products.It would be great if it was possible to replace all animal proteins, which vegans and vegetarians refuse, with plant ones, but this cannot be done fully, because foods containing plant proteins do not have all the essential amino acids necessary for nutrition, and plant foods it is poor in calcium, zinc and iron, vitamin D. There are many options for compensating for these deficiencies with herbal products, but this is not 100% successful. It is more expedient to control biochemical parameters and prevent the development of deficiency / deficiency of these substances.It will not be possible to compensate for this with products, it is necessary to take medications and vitamin B12.

– Is it correct to feed children in this way and what could be the consequences?

– Vegetarianism and other extreme dietary restrictions are absolutely contraindicated for children. Until the age of 27, it is not recommended to use any “cleansing”, “improving”, “healthy” diets. Children, pregnant women, people with diseases in the acute stage – absolutely not. Children have a growing organism, and animal protein is a building material.Its exclusion will entail a delay in development, and not only physical, but also mental.

What’s dangerous?

– A protein diet is said to be dangerous to reproductive function. What harm can the human body do to eat only meat products?

– It is rather dangerous not for reproductive function, but for the kidneys. This is a fairly easy-to-tolerate diet, because a person does not feel hunger, but a deficiency of fiber, vitamins, trace elements that are contained in plant products affects the general condition of the body and causes the development of diseases, including the intestinal tract.But first of all, these are kidney diseases, since due to excess protein intake, they are under a heavy load. And kidney failure may even develop. But obesity affects not only reproductive function, but also the menstrual cycle. Weight loss and vegan diets also affect these parameters.

– Does the separate power supply make any sense? Can foods be compatible or incompatible?

– There is a theory that digestive enzymes – the proteins responsible for the digestion of food – work most efficiently with only one category of food at a time. For the digestion of carbohydrates, an alkaline environment is needed, and proteins – an acidic one. When these two classes are combined, the environment is supposedly neutralized, the digestion process stops, and the food “rots” in the body, harming it. And if everything is divided, then this can be avoided.

In fact, all of our food consists of several components. There are very few monocomponent foods that contain only protein or only carbohydrates. This theory is physiologically unfounded.

The order of the Ministry of Health regulates the daily intake of food for a healthy person.There are all five groups: cereals, milk, fish, meat, cereals.

– What kind of diet is effective and in some cases even beneficial for the body?

– It is not diets that are useful, but rational nutrition! Not a single type of restrictive diet, even the exclusion of any product in favor of another, supposedly more useful (for example, foods containing B vitamins, cure cancer or prevent excessive uncontrolled growth of cells of various tissues), in fact, has not been confirmed by scientific research.

Rational nutrition is now the main concept in clinical dietetics. The person must receive all the nutrients, and it is desirable to maintain a balance between intake and consumption. From 75 minutes of intense physical activity to 150 minutes of medium intensity per week for every healthy person – this is a must! Plus food containing both proteins and fats and carbohydrates. There is an order from the Ministry of Health, which regulates the daily intake of food for a healthy person. There are all five groups: cereals, milk, fish, meat, cereals.

There is evidence that in obesity, heart disease, atherosclerosis, nutrition with restriction or exclusion of animal fat relieves 19 different diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and so on. But this is not a cure, but primary prevention! A person consumes less animal fats, and his body weight is consistently normal or slightly reduced, and he is not threatened with hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, stroke. For people who are overweight, restricting animal fats and, in general, animal products, on the advice of a doctor, would be beneficial.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates

– What foods should be included in the daily diet of a person?

– Potatoes, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, milk and dairy products – sour cream cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, also 50 g of sugar, vegetable oil and salt. The most important thing is vegetables and fruits, 450 g per day: 400 g of vegetables, 50-100 g of fruits. Their use is very important for every person! 40 grams of fiber, about 75 grams of fish, one egg per day, 900 ml of milk or dairy products.In terms of milk, 150 g of cottage cheese, 20 g of vegetable oil and 15 g of butter or animal fats, which are included in milk.

– Proteins, fats, carbohydrates. What to eat in the morning, what in the afternoon, and what in the evening?

– Protein, fat and carbohydrates should be included in every meal. Their optimal ratio is 20-30%, 50% of our diet should be carbohydrates. This is to the question of whether it is possible to stay permanently on a carbohydrate-free (like the “Kremlin” or protein) diet.

Overweight people need to exclude or limit fast-digesting carbohydrates such as sugar, honey, candy, jam, and other confectionery. They need to be replaced with carbohydrates with a lower glycemic index, that is, those that are absorbed more slowly and do not contribute to a large release of insulin, thereby controlling weight.

Foods with a low and medium glycemic index are almost all vegetables, except for boiled carrots and beets (in boiled form, this index increases due to the fact that the fiber becomes softer and absorption is faster).Cereals have an average glycemic index. Obese people need to limit the amount of cereals they eat. If the body weight is normal, then you can eat the usual portion of 250-300 g in total per meal, that is, about 150 g of the side dish. It is better to cook mixed side dishes of cereals and vegetables, then we will get those 450 g of vegetables that need to be consumed per day, and a slightly smaller amount of cereals. This will reduce the calorie intake.

Positive Technologies will train students of IT specialties in practical security

Positive Technologies will train students in IT specialties in practical security

This year, students and teachers will test the operation of the application-level firewall PT AF.

This year, Positive Technologies is celebrating the third anniversary of the Positive Education educational program, which assists Russian universities in training personnel in the field of information security. In honor of this event, Positive Technologies is providing universities with its new product, a screen for protecting Web applications Positive Technologies Application Firewall (PT AF), free of charge. The purpose of this action is to support students in teaching practical security and mastering demanded information security specialties.

Throughout the existence of the Positive Education program, Positive Technologies has been providing universities with the necessary software for free, as well as offering theoretical and methodological materials for the preparation of workshops and laboratory work.

Today, more than sixty leading educational institutions of Russia participate in the Positive Education program, including Moscow State University, Moscow State Technical University, MATI, St. Petersburg State Economic University, Far Eastern Federal University, OmSTU. In 2014, eight more were added to them: LSTU (Lipetsk), MGIU (Moscow), NSU (Novosibirsk), NRNU MEPhI (Obninsk), RGUE (Rostov-on-Don), SSAU (Samara), TUSUR (Tomsk), KIIIK (Khabarovsk).

This year Positive Technologies invites students and university professors to test the operation of the PT AF application-level firewall. With its help, teachers will be able to conduct courses on the security of web applications, and students will learn about problems in the device of applications and on special educational sites they will practice the skill of protecting them. It is also planned that Positive Technologies specialists will conduct remote seminars for teachers on the topic “Application Security”, during which they will talk about the work of PT AF.

Earlier, the program participants were able to get acquainted with the XSpider and MaxPatrol security control systems and in the learning process to see how penetration tests, vulnerability search, inventory and analysis of OS settings, telecommunications equipment, DBMS, ERP systems, and ICS components are performed.

In addition, the company invites students to practice. This is a real chance to join the team of highly qualified developers, consultants and experts at Positive Technologies.Typically, unit leaders offer directions for work, but sometimes interesting ideas from the interns themselves are used. Leading specialists of the company are always ready to help students bring their developments to practical implementation.

Dmitry Nagibin, head of the application protection development group, told how, while still a student, he got into Positive Technologies and started working on new projects: “I learned about the company in my fourth year, when I was presented with an award for excellent studies and scientific activity” Student of the Year. “I came to Moscow for the award ceremony and here I met Dmitry Evteev, head of the security analysis department at Positive Technologies, who advised me to send my resume. The first interview was not very successful: I applied for a position in the penetration testing department, but I lacked knowledge of applied security. I was recommended to study the subject area. Two months later, I went through another interview and was hired for an internship. Under the leadership of Gleb Gritsai, I worked on Siemens SCADA systems.Together with colleagues Arseny Reutov and Timur Yunusov, we studied the quality of the random number generator in tokens for recovering account passwords and found a serious vulnerability. ”

Positive Technologies provides an opportunity for every student who studies in the specialty “information security” to undergo an internship by participating in Positive Technologies projects. For questions about the practice and organization of security courses, write to edu @

Heineken Espana uses data to promote sustainable use of resources

Founded in 1864 in Amsterdam, Heineken is the number one brewery in Europe and the third largest brewery in the world in terms of sales. The company operates in 71 countries and has over 250 brands. Sustainable use of resources has been the guiding principle of Heineken’s business for 150 years. In 2010, the company launched an aggressive 10-year plan to reduce water consumption and improve energy efficiency across all of its breweries, offices and warehouses.As the new Heineken brewery in Seville, Spain began to approach technological limits, the PI System was deployed as an energy and water monitoring solution to take its sustainability advances beyond technological limits.

Improving the rational use of resources

The Heineken España Brewery, built in 2006, was the first greenfield brewery in Western Europe.Today it is the largest in Europe, with a capacity of 5.2 million hectoliters. Built as a replacement for the La Cruz del Campo brewery, the new plant includes many optimization improvements and is more efficient than the old plant. As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable use of resources, in 2010 Heineken presented a comprehensive 10-year plan for sustainable use of resources, which covered all aspects of its activities. For the brewery in Seville, this has reduced water consumption by 25% and CO2 emissions by 40% compared to 2008 levels.

In 2012, as the Seville brewery began to approach its technology limit, the company realized it would need another tool to reach its 2020 targets. “We knew we were close to the technological limit,” says Consuelo Carmona Miura, project manager for the EU-Western Region Electricity Project at Heineken España. – We said, ‘So it’s clear that we need an energy and water monitoring and reporting system if we want to keep moving forward, because we spend 80% of our time gathering information and 20% analyzing it, although it should be the other way around. ‘.Two years ago we started looking at energy and water monitoring solutions, but none of them convinced me. When I saw the PI System’s solution, I said, ‘This is what I’m looking for.’ It is very flexible, you do not depend on the vendor who makes any changes to the system, it is available to everyone. That’s why we decided to start working with the PI System. ”

Structured Offset Data

In 2012, Heineken España installed the PI System in a brewery.The company has also decided that the Asset Framework (AF) will be the main part of the solution. “We decided that AF would be the foundation for everything that was developed in the PI System,” says Carmona Miura. “We have a lot of repositories, non-intuitive tag names, a lot of equipment for different processes. AF is a flexible asset model that allows us to organize and structure our PI System data. ” In addition to streamlining data and making it more user-friendly, AF has expanded the calculation capabilities of a brewery in Seville.Now that the machines are defined in AF, the main characteristics of the development with rational use of resources (consumption of electricity, water and heat energy) are also determined. This means that data on rational use of resources is available for each asset and in the form of aggregated data by division:

  • in real time as absolute values;

  • total data per shift, per day and per week;

  • in weekly and monthly proportions that show the amount of water, electricity and heat consumed per hectoliter of beer produced.

Easy access for analysis

Although this is just the beginning of the PI System implementation, the Seville brewery has received several benefits from the implementation. In particular, the PI System has made it easier to access information. “We now spend 10% of our time collecting data and just enjoy analyzing the information the rest of the time,” says Carmona Miura. “This is exactly the opposite of what it was a few years ago.”

In addition, the PI System has improved the quality of the data.“The old software lacked performance data, ratios, historical values; we needed more flexibility in our schedules, adds Carmona Miura. “We can now check efficiency, power, pressure and flow in real time and see the efficiency values ​​from the last 24 hours last week.”

With improved data and the ability to view real-time sustainability metrics, the Seville brewery can view operations in real time in terms of both annual sustainability metrics and historical process levels and make changes to dynamic processes.As the next phase of implementation, the Seville brewery plans to move from fixed annual targets to dynamic recalculation of annual targets adjusted for real-time production and current climatic conditions. In addition to improving access to real-time information, the PI System has provided the Seville brewery with new tools to diagnose and resolve historical issues. “We use PI DataLink and PI ProcessBook replay to analyze historical issues,” says Carmona Miura.- Using replay, you can analyze what happened in the past. This helps us identify the root cause of the problems. ” “The key for us in the future is using data to analyze information on a daily basis and take quick action,” adds Carmona Miura. “With the PI System, we can quickly respond to any deviations and anticipate efficiency losses. The PI System is providing us with significant support. ”

“Expert”: the latest news from Russia today

After a break due to the pandemic, the participants of the largest Russian economic forum at the international level were stunned by other participants with emotional or far-reaching statements, initiatives and the latest terminology.Only the problems remained old, which, however, is not so bad in its own way

Harvard Professor Seeks New Paths to Economic Prosperity

No. 23

Dmitry Belousov, Head of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting of Macroeconomic Processes, Institute for Economic Forecasting, Russian Academy of Sciences


May 31, 2021, 00:00

The play “City” based on the play by Yevgeny Grishkovets staged by Joseph Reichelgauz and set by David Borovsky is resumed at the “Winter Garden” stage of the Moscow theater “School of Modern Play”

No. 23 RAY

May 31, 2021, 00:00

Italian neoclassical composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini has released a new album LifeBlood.Among composers working in the same direction, it stands out for its special melodic language and sound, which combines a grand piano, analog synthesizers, noises and other instruments

No. 23

May 31, 2021, 00:00

Konstantin Khabensky relaunches the Mowgli Generation theatrical charity project together with the Children’s Musical Theater of a Young Actor and the Moscow Show theater company

No. 23 PORFIRY FEDORIN May 31, 2021, 00:00

On June 4, an exhibition of the artist Porfiry Fedorin “Illumination” opens at the Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art

No. 23 Zuma \ TASS

June 5, 2021, 13:11

Tesla Inc. Founder Statementschanged prices for cryptocurrencies several times


June 5, 2021, 17:53

UK Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak said that the G7 countries have agreed that the minimum income tax for large corporations should be 15%


June 4, 2021, 19:15

Russian President Vladimir Putin said.that our country intends to expand investments in transport, telecommunications infrastructure and other areas to improve people’s lives, TASS

reports Zuma \ TASS

June 4, 2021, 23:58

He stated this in an interview with conservative radio host Wayne Allin Ruth

Mary Evans / AF Archive / Dreamworks June 4, 2021, 10:03 Sergey Manukov

Americans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the report in recent weeks.Most of all, ufologists were worried, who expected new sensations from the document

Photo: GK “Rostec”

Russian officers say goodbye to “Makar” – the army is armed with a new multi-purpose pistol

Collage: Tamara Larina

The Russian Ministry of Finance decided to abandon the American currency.In general, the consequences of this decision look understandable, but questions remain


The professional industrial real estate sector deflected the impact of the coronavirus crisis.The future of the industry depends on how well sites use the effects of the


Italian business in Russia is looking for ways to recover from the quarantine and other restrictions caused by the pandemic.Promising areas for further investments for Italian capital can be the automotive industry, renewable energy sources, metallurgy, the food industry, the financial sector

No. 23 Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS June 3, 2021, 14:07 Anna Koroleva

According to the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance, inflation is currently overheating in Russia, and therefore the Central Bank urgently needs to raise the rate.Analysts argue that in an emerging economy, such a measure should not be applied immediately

90,000 “Color of the Year” – and the big money behind it

Pantone isn’t the only company to announce the Color of the Year.For many, from paint makers to cheerleading uniforms makers, predicting color trends has become an important marketing tool.

Jude Stewart

How many “master” flowers can you cram in one year? According to marketers, 2018 will be a warm gray-beige (Sandstone Tint 441-2DB by Dutch Boy Paints), midnight blue (Heron 27-18 by Pratt & Lambert), blue-green with a touch of sea ​​wave (Oceanside SW 6496 from Sherwin-Williams), blue-green spruce (“In the Moment” T18-15 from Behr) and spicy red (Caliente (hot) AF-290 from Benjamin Moore).

But the color of the year (let’s call it “TsG”) is announced not only by paint manufacturers. This concept has seeped into many product categories. 2018 will also be the year of sand dunes, Sand Dune (for roofing, Owens Corning), gold rush, Gold Rush (for flooring, Shaw Floors) and dusty roses, Dusty Rose (for dance and cheerleading costumes, from The Line Up). Meanwhile, Pantone, whose color palettes are their primary design tool, will announce their 2018 color in early December.What is behind this quest to stake out the main color trend of the year?

In short: the TG announcement is useful for business. Today, as shopping has moved online and marketing has shifted from traditional newspaper and television ads to social media campaigns, home improvement and renovation brands (and the cheerleader costume maker that has joined them) are having to rethink their advertising strategies. Announcing the color of the year is a simple, inexpensive way to get attention and move a product.

Interestingly, according to information from several sources, the CH does not necessarily sell more than just this shade; such an announcement tends to increase traffic, both for the site and for the store, and, accordingly, sales of all colors. “The color of the year itself sold well above average … and sales of flowers across [our] range continue to grow,” said Kyle Sanchez, director of marketing for fabric manufacturer Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The manufacturer also “discovered opportunities for additional sales by adding a new, non-competing color to our existing range,” says Sanchez, referring to the launch of the CG.Benjamin Moore’s O’Neill refuses to disclose the numbers for its 2018 GTD, which only launched on October 10, but notes that “for the current year’s color, Shadow 2117-30, the number of demo dies customers are taking in stores has increased by 575% since the beginning of the year ”. For Pantone, the CG has become a kind of ambassador for their brand. “Pantone currently has 95 percent brand awareness among designers and design-focused clients, and this is largely due to the Color of the Year program,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. color prediction units in the company.Big brand awareness statistics are a seven-sealed mystery, but at 95 percent, Pantone can probably compete with Apple’s performance in the global high-tech consumer market.

The announcement of Color of the Year as a marketing game began in the late 1990s. Pratt & Lambert, an interior paint maker, claims their program was launched back in 1996. But this concept became really famous in 1999, when Pantone announced Cerulean (azure, Pantone 15-4020) as the color of not only the next year, but the whole new millennium.This announcement made the Pantone Color Institute famous and ultimately helped the brand’s popularity. One of the main areas of work of the Pantone department, which sells licenses for the production of products under the company’s brand, today is the licensing of the production of products in the colors of the next year.

TG announcements usually follow a knurled pattern. Social media stuffing, online videos, brochures and in-store signs, marketing partnerships with sites like Houzz, and regional events.And often the timing of the announcement decides everything. Dutch Boy Paints made an announcement earlier than usual on September 1st for their TG program launched in 2007 this year with positive results. “We were one of the first paint brands to announce this news. We saw a certain surge of interest and attracted media attention, ”says Rachel Skafidas, Color and Design Manager. The Sherwin-Williams program allows them to be in the game all year round. Every June they announce the Colormix palette and then later choose one of these shades as the CG; they also announce the Color of the month.Paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore is timing the announcement of its CG to coincide with the Fall Market in New York in October, cementing its brand’s association with high design. (Their TT program was launched in the mid-2000s, but expanded to a higher level in 2013).

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year [Photo by Sherwin-Williams]

Many brands have come up with creative ways to promote their color of the year: Owens Cornings have partnered with HGTV’s Good Bones show to promote their colors.Behr, to showcase its selection for 2018, built a temporary display “trend house” at Grand Central Station and also debuted with it in 360 ° virtual reality. Line Up this year launched their own CG, Dusty Rose (grayish pink) for the first time, and for them it’s pure SEO: “Among our readers, our posts about trends are the most popular, they bring the most traffic to our blog (almost 10 times more, than others, such as team stories), says Trista Erickson, chief marketing officer.

Grayish Pink [Photo by The Line Up]

VT helps non-sexy brands like Apple look design connoisseurs. He makes you believe that the company sets trends. “Roofing, frankly, is perceived as a trivial building material, when in fact it should be seen as a design element of your home,” says Sue Burkett, strategic marketing manager for Owens Corning; their TF program was launched in 2016.“The roof sometimes accounts for 40% to 50% of what you see when you drive past a house. But when you go shopping for roofing at a DIY store, you won’t find it in a brightly lit display window next to beautiful paintings. She will be in the backyard, in a dark passage, next to cement, fences and lumber. ”

CH is not just a marketing game; it can also benefit the consumer. First, it gives buyers who are literally drowning in choice a foothold. “Choosing a new flooring is a challenge for many buyers,” says Debbie Houston, Creative Director at Shaw Floors (whose CG program was launched in 2014).”We want to do the best we can to help people feel more confident when choosing a product.” It can also help buyers who don’t like to experiment. “Most people who do renovations turn to the same neutral colors year after year,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr, a paint company that started its CT program in this year. Announcing the color of the year with matching palettes helps these people “pay attention to colors they might not have noticed themselves, or would have found the courage to choose them for their next project.”

Color “In The Moment” by Behr [Photo: Behr]

Choice CHs also give interior decorators and contractors the subject to communicate with customers, which is important for manufacturers relying on dealer networks. “When buying roofs, the most important thing is strength and durability,” says Owens Corning’s Burkett. “But color and style are important too … Announcing the color of the year has helped our contractors engage in design conversations that they never had a reason to do before.” Interior designers can use the color of the year as an excuse to reconnect with past clients, nudge clients to launch new projects, or in regular communication with them.“News of our color of the year can be our entry point to our brand, a compelling buying argument, or a subtle reminder that we have over 1,500 different colors in our catalog,” says Sue Wadden, director of flower marketing at Sherwin. -Williams. One of the early players in the CH game, Sherwin-Williams launched their program in early 2011.

Of course, the discussion of the CH in the community attracts both fans of the idea and disgruntled ones who like to grumble about the folly of imposing a new color routine on the public every year.While all hype can be said to be good, DH marketers have learned to take into account the opinions of the disaffected over time. “There is nothing more frustrating for a buyer who has just finished painting their home in a trendy color than hearing that something else is in vogue,” says Shaw Floors’ Houston. “Our [color palettes] build on top of each other, complement each other and tell a coherent story.”

ShawFloors Color of the Year Gold Rush [Photo via Shaw Floors]

Ellen O’Neill, director of strategic research at Benjamin Moore, put the question bluntly: Are annual color choices too frequent? “Are we not asking buyers to repaint their interiors every year?” she asked.”Our paints and varnishes typically have a life span of at least 10 years – why go to the expense and stress of annual re-painting projects?” Benjamin Moore responded by adopting a more general strategy of “reporting all the current color trends that we discovered during our annual travels and explorations,” a kind of anthropological snapshot of the current color moment.

As arguably the most responsible party for the popularity of the CG, Pantone convincingly objected to critics.Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman says their color of the year should never be taken as a decree. As she explained to me at the Communications Arts Q&A and repeated in subsequent conversations, this is just a color, “for the zeitgeist… this is a suggestion of direction. This is a challenge for creative professionals: how would you use this color, what would you combine it with, what is your attitude towards it? ” In short, this is the beginning of a conversation. And in the age of social media, conversation is known to be the main capital.

90,000 Shooting video with EOS M50

Steph and Hannah Michalak call themselves “the family from Bath that makes the video.” Since 2012, the couple have been recording touching moments of family life – from parenting to dramatic cinematic videos – and uploading them to their YouTube channel The Michalaks. Their channel with weekly video blogs has 276,000 subscribers and a total of over 43 million video views.

While these videos are about the unpredictability and spontaneity of life, filming and editing are carefully planned – Steph has done this through trial and error over several years of practice.

Steph and Hannah’s efforts paid off. Not only because they were successful on YouTube, but also because they were able to create a whole video archive that they can return to many years later. Steph says: “We put the effort into these videos because we want to create valuable memories for our family. In 20 years, none of us will say that we regret the day when we picked up a camera and created this or that video. We chose videos, not photographs, because only videos can bring us back into the cycle of memories. “

The Michalaks started with a single compact camera, and despite the acquisition of new professional cameras, the Canon EOS M50 remains the primary camera for family vlogging, a versatile, compact mirrorless camera that captures 24.1MP photos and 4K UHD video.

“A camera like the Canon EOS M50 is perfect for mainstream vlogging because it’s so easy to use: choose a video mode, quickly adjust settings in the menu, and you’re ready to shoot,” Steph says.

Find out how Steph works by joining him on a video of his son learning to ride a bike and getting some tips for getting started with the video.

1. Look for interesting angles

If you are more comfortable creating photos than videos, don’t worry and consider this a new experiment. When shooting video, you can use your photography skills. “I think it’s important to approach video shooting as if you were creating a photograph,” says Stef.- Many compositions contain a lot of detail, and you need to be very precise with the position of the camera in order to perfectly capture the scene. Sometimes it is a matter of one step left or right, or changing the height of the camera – even such actions can significantly transform the scene and draw attention to the subject. ”

“People usually shoot from eye height, but you have to try different angles,” he says. – For example, when filming children, it is important to set the camera lower so as not to shoot from top to bottom. Most of the time I shoot squatting, sitting or lying down.The Canon EOS M50 is handy because it features a tilt-angle touchscreen that lets you shoot from low angles by simply tilting the screen up to follow the composition. I also recommend turning on the grid display; it helps with the composition. ”

Canon Camera Connect app, which connects the camera to Android and iOS devices, also helps you shoot from unusual angles by allowing you to remotely adjust the focus position while shooting.

Huawei and Intel Launch FusionServer Pro V6 Next Generation Intelligent Server

Huawei Connect 2020 Officially Unveiled FusionServer Pro 2488H V6, the latest product in the FusionServer Pro family, at the Huawei Connect 2020 Value Creation Collaboration.

This exemplary design combines technical innovation with outstanding performance. The server was created as a result of Huawei’s commitment to developing partnerships for the prosperity of the computing industry as a whole.The product marks an important step towards the early digital transformation of all industries.

Kenneth Zhang, President, FusionServer, Huawei, detailed how the computing industry needs to combine higher computing power and node density with intelligent operations and maintenance to address its current challenges. “Improving server performance at the system level,” Kenneth said, “along with high-density data center deployments and intelligent O&M, is essential to the growth of the computing industry.”

Huawei’s FusionServer Pro smart servers are based on the x86 architecture, which allows access to a wide range of common and heterogeneous computing capabilities. The next generation FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 2U chassis houses four scalable Intel® Xeon® processors, 48 ​​DDR4 RAM and 11 PCIe local storage slots. The smart server is equipped with the latest AI modules for model training and inference, which can free up to 560 teraflops of computing power per node.

Intel, one of Huawei’s most important global partners, attended the FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 launch event to showcase the latest Intel data center products. One such product is the 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® processor with variable processing power. It delivers AI-powered acceleration and takes onboard AI performance to the next level with Intel® Deep Learning Power Boost (Intel® DL Boost) with support for bfloat 16.This next generation product delivers a 1.9x improvement in inference performance over its predecessor. Intel offers the Intel® Optane ™ 200 Series Persistent Memory Format Memory (PMem) technology to support real-time Big Data analytics. Powered by a next-generation Intel processor in an unmatched configuration, Huawei’s FusionServer Pro 2488H V6 delivers better performance and better customer experience.

A thriving ecosystem fosters the development of technology and products from the ground up. This explains why Huawei continues to develop ecosystems and advocates for mutually beneficial collaboration. Kenneth Zhang noted that in collaboration with Intel and other global partners, Huawei has built a broad portfolio of products and solutions based on FusionServer Pro smart servers. “Our strong collaboration has made the FusionServer Pro collaboration ecosystem flourish,” said Kenneth.

Another set of diversified collaborative solutions is Huawei’s SAP HANA solutions. They include single nodes, clusters and TDI solutions and are designed for high performance, reliability and smooth scalability. The capabilities of these collaborative solutions are underpinned by Huawei’s FusionServer Pro series of products, enabling enterprises to improve the performance of their mission-critical services such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data warehouse, and quickly analyze and benefit from key data.

Li Peisong, Head of the SAP Partner Acceptance Center (SAP PAC) in China, an important partner of Huawei, also spoke at the event. In his opinion, close technical cooperation between SAP PAC and Huawei will bring the joint products to a high level of performance. Such products will serve as an information and technology platform that fully meets the technical requirements of SAP.

Huawei’s FusionServer Pro series was highly praised by other industry partners attending the event.Leon Wang, CEO and CEO of Automated Systems Holdings Limited (ASL), a global solution provider listed on the main board of the Hong Kong exchange, has unveiled the benefits of Huawei’s FusionServer Pro smart server products. ASL will partner with Huawei to take its business to the next level and deliver value together, Leon said.

New 5G, AI and cloud technologies are making digital transformation possible.Nevertheless, the transformation creates certain difficulties, such as the need to diversify computing in all spheres of social life. To address these challenges, Huawei plans to work with Intel and other global partners to fulfill its commitments to create a diversified global supply chain and strengthen the computing industry and ecosystem. Together, we will be able to provide customers with premium smart products and solutions from the FusionServer Pro line of servers that ensure unprecedented performance and ecosystem prosperity, and help industries to digitalize.


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