Staples scan services: Does Staples Scan And Email Documents


Does Staples Scan And Email Documents

Does Staples Scan And Email Documents – Before We Get Into The Topic ,Lets Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

You’re never away from the office with Copy & Print.

At a Staples place, you can access the cloud, make copies, scan documents, submit faxes, shred files, and use the computer rental station. We’re your on-the-go office, with a Staples store nearby.

  • Every day, from store opening to closing.
  • Only available in a few places

Cloud Access

Our custom print kiosk allows you to connect at any time. Safe online cloud storage services enable you to access and print your files, images, and other documents. You can access your data from anywhere with an Internet-connected computer if you use the cloud.

  • Google Drive and Dropbox are two cloud storage services.
  • For more details, speak with a colleague.


Make colour and black-and-white copies that are sharp, digital-print quality. For large-volume copying, such as flyers, presentations, and manuals, multifunction printers have high-capacity feed trays.

  • Stapling and collating by computer
  • Both single-sided and double-sided cards are available.
  • 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, and 11″ x 17″ are the available paper sizes.


Scan and save to a hard drive or submit as an email attachment. Produce high-quality colour or black-and-white papers, presentations, images, and more on page size up to 11″ x 17″ with top-of-the-line multifunction printers.

  • Scan directly to a USB drive
  • Save your documents as PDF, JPG, or TIFF files.


Shred all of your sensitive documents and files in a safe manner. All is shredded and discarded in safe shredding facilities, from financial records to bills and even junk mail.

  • Any paper, envelopes, file folders, and spiral-bound notebooks should be shredded.
  • No staples, paper clips, rubber bands, or coil bindings are needed.


Fax vital documents to every location on the planet. When your company doesn’t have fax machines, we have them. And you can rely on Copy & Print to get it where it needs to go, whether it’s across town, across provinces, or across the ocean.

  • Local and long-distance service is available;
  • international service is available upon request.

Computer Rental Station

Edit your papers, print updates, check your inbox, and go online, among other things. All of our desktop PCs run Windows 7 and come with all of the required applications and features.
Microsoft Office is a programme that allows you to create (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

  • Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and email programmes are all available for download.
  • Readers for USB, CD/DVD, compact flash, and SD cards are available.
  • Only available in a few places

Staples Fax Cost & Fax Services Guide (Send, Receive, International)

The internet and cutting-edge technology have changed the way we send and receive documents. Think of electronic mail and online collaboration tools like Google docs, Slack,  teleconferencing, and more. 

Today, it’s possible to communicate officially and share documents without the need to print or send physical copies. Plus, scanners and free fax apps for iPhone and Android have dealt a massive blow to traditional faxing services.

However, documents in some industries are better shared physically and signed. Top sectors that need to preserve the authenticity of records with printed and signed transcripts include business, legal, finance, education, and healthcare.

Faxing services can help protect the originality of documents and make them legally admissible. It’s because the telephone line transmission used to fax documents is difficult to intercept and tamper with.

However, places that offer faxing services have decreased considerably, and it’s more difficult to find.

One place to send and receive faxes is Staples. It’s an office supply store that deals with all manner of office supplies and related products, tech services, and business machines. 

Staples has over 1000 stores in 43 states that sell office supplies, good laptops for online college, monitors with built-in speakers, blank postcards, refill ink cartridges, and more. The office supply retailer also offers color photocopying, digital printing, faxing, binding, folding, lamination, recycling old electronics, cutting, and custom rubber stamps.

So, how does Staples faxing work?

Short Answer: Staples have self-service fax machines that you can use to send or receive local and international faxes. Staples fax prices start at about $1.80 per page to send short-distance faxes and about $1 to receive local faxes.

Long-distance fax services within the United States and beyond may cost between $2-$6 per page. Extra fees of $2.20 to $4 apply for additional pages depending on whether it’s local or long-distance fax. You can use the Staples store locator to find nearby locations that offer fax services.

Our guide has everything you need to know about Staples fax services.

How Much Does It Cost to Fax at Staples?

Prices will vary depending on whether you want to send fax locally, internationally, and by store. For example, the cost to send a fax at Staples is about $1.80 per page and about $1 to receive. It’s cheaper to receive a fax because of transmission fees.

Sending long-distance faxes within the US may cost about $2 per page and up to $6 per page for international faxes. 

If you’re faxing more than one page, expect to pay approximately $2.20 to send any additional pages locally and about $4.00 internationally.

Can I Receive a Fax at Staples?

Yes, you can receive a fax at Staples. However, you’ll first need to get the fax number for your local Staples store. You can easily do that using the Staples store locator by searching by city and state in your area.

Once you find the phone number, call the store directly and ask the store associates to get your fax and hold it. Then visit the store to pay and pick up your fax. Staples is not a 24-hour office supply retailer, but it’s open 7-days a week.

How To Fax Something at Staples?

Faxing documents at Staples using the self-service fax machines is pretty easy. First, visit the store with your prepared document. You can bring your document in hard copy, soft copy saved to a flash disk, or retrieve it via the cloud.

Follow the prompts for the fax machine step-by-step process. If it’s too complicated, ask a store associate to prepare and send the fax on your behalf.

The fax machine prints a receipt and confirmation after it’s been sent. Take the receipt to the cash register to pay the faxing cost.

You can also print documents at Staples. A black-and-white copy costs about 10 cents, while a color copy costs about 50 cents per page.  

How Much Does Staples International Fax Cost?

How much Staples charges to fax a document internationally may vary from one store location to another. Generally, you can expect to pay approximately $6 per page to send an international fax and about $4 for additional pages.

When sending a fax to several countries, you will be charged for each destination. For example, if you want to send the same document to China and Canada at the same time. You’ll be charged $6 for Canada and $6 for China. If you have more pages, an extra $4 will be charged for each page to each destination.

Cheap Places That Send Faxes Near Me

What if there’s no Staples location in your area? Should you drive miles away looking for a place? It’s both time-consuming and gas sapping, right? But, that’s not how frugal consumers live.

While Staples is a great place to get fax services nearby, it’s not the only place in town. Alternative places offer cheap fax services, including FedEx Office, OfficeMax, Postal Annex, The UPS Store, Albertsons, and nearby grocery stores.

Read our guide on the best cheap fax services near me for a complete list of places in your area.

Staples Fax Cost & Fax Services Guide Summary

Staples is one of the top fax service providers in the United States. They also sell office supplies, laptops for Cricut machines, sell gift cards, faucet water filters, SodaStream bottles, and more. The services offered include making copies, printing documents, binding, laminating, binding, cutting, customized personal check printing, passport photo printing service, recycling electronics, and laminating services.

Unfortunately, the stores do not offer free or cheap notary services, postage stamps, or scantrons for school. But, Staples takes Apple Pay but not Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal.

To fax a document at Staples, visit a nearby location and use the self-service fax machine. Simply follow the on-screen prompts or ask a store associate to fax the documents for you. Get the store number to receive a fax at Staples on your behalf.

Staples fax service cost may vary slightly based on location and destination. Expect to pay $1.80 per page and $2.20 for additional pages when sending a fax locally. International costs about $2-6 per page and roughly $4 for any additional pages.

You can also fax things for you at FedEx Office, OfficeMax, Postal Annex, The UPS Store, Albertsons, or most local grocery stores if there are no Staples in your area.See our guide on the best online coupon sites and ask Staples for a teacher discount to save money fast.

Get Your Printing Done Fast with Staples Print and Marketing Services – Business Tips & Advice

I am a big believer in building businesses with virtual teams. With virtual teams, you don’t have the luxury of a well-equipped office. With team members spread out all over the country, especially when working from home offices, it can be difficult to get print jobs done fast.

Staples offers print and marketing services that include business cards, flyers, postcards, signs, banners, booklets, brochures, promotional giveaways, and just about anything your business needs for marketing.

The other day I had the opportunity to test the on-site print and marketing services at Staples.

Staples offers print customers two options:

  1. Self-serve – It is great for smaller jobs such as a few copies or print a presentation. The self-serve area includes what you expect to see in a well-equipped corporate copy room. There was a fax machine, a high-end printer, and a couple of huge copy machines. For added convenience you can pay right at the machine, so you don’t have to stand in line to pay for it all.
  2. Full-serve – When you need more complex print jobs, use the full-service option. This is great for large quantity print jobs. They even offer binding and lamination services.

I had a chance to use both the full-service and self-service options. I had a document to scan in the self-service section. I really like the self-service option because I can move at my own speed. I know what I want and the equipment is there.

You can print from a USB drive or even from cloud file storage such as Dropbox. All equipment is easy to use, with step-by-step instructions right on each machine. You are in-and-out in no time with your printed documents.

In addition, I had two different print jobs for the full-service area.

The first one was fairly simple. I needed to print copies of a business brochure. The Staples employee took my USB drive and loaded it onto the PC. I showed the employee which file I wanted to print. I could choose between several paper options and a couple of finishing options such as matte or gloss. You can see the final result in the image below.

The second print job was much larger, literally. This print job was a three-foot by six-foot banner. I was surprised that Staples had the equipment in-house to print something that large.

I had printed large banners like this before, using online services. Even if the service is done fast, you have to expect a couple of days for fulfillment, then another couple of days for shipping.

Staples surprised me with the speed of their service. About two hours after I submitted my print order, I received a phone call that I could go and pick it up. Once I saw the final product, I was very pleased with the quality. Despite the size of the banner, the quality was great. There was no pixelated texture you expect to see with large print jobs. I was pleasantly surprised. You can see the large banner Staples printed for me below.

I actually drove to Staples to place my order. The Staples employee showed me how to place my order on the Staples website and I found that once I place the order online, I can select at which location I want to pick up my order. You could use this service to send a print job to one of your team members at another location by doing the following: place your order; select the out-of-town location; ask your team member to pick it up at their local Staples location. The Staples Print & Marketing Services employee was very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.

Based on my experience, if you need something printed fast, give Staples a try. It’s that easy!

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scanning artwork at staples

Data Entry … Staples Print & Marketing photo scanning | digitize your photos at all Staples locations across Canada with various packages for bulk photo scanning Numérisation de photos des Services d’impression et de marketing | numérisez vos photos dans toutes les succursales Staples/Bureau en Gros du pays avec différents forfaits de numérisation de photos en vrac Epson Perfection V600 4. thanks! I was just looking into Printful today, that’s good to hear a review on their quality / pricing. Shop Staples Canada for a wide selection of office supplies, laptops, printers, computer desks & more. There are papers designed for printing that have the look and feel of watercolor paper. Relevance. Hand sanitizer and wipes starting at $1.99! We looked at the minimum and maximum resolution images that each provider creates – from 72 dpi through to 600 dpi. I took those to a Staples and had them scan it for me using a large format scanner. also, thank you for the tip on printing on watercolors. Zoom in on your image. Shop now. What does ‘dpi’ mean? I don’t know why watercolor paper wouldn’t work to scan unless you were having issues with the tooth of the paper. Up to 40% off select chairs and furniture. I don’t think they print as big as you’re looking for, though. Products. Staples and Office Depot/Max are good for this. While artwork being photographed seems to require a little more post work when it comes to color correction and white balance, that does not mean your scan won’t either. Skip to content. Scanning artwork with a large format scanner is very straightforward using the scanning software provided with the scanner, such as SmartWorks Pro. Available from store open to … She begins with thumbnails, roughly … Here I am going to list my own personal feelings however feel free to agree or disagree and leave your comments. It would be prudent for sur-geons to document any clips or implants used during surgery together with their location as part of the operation note. Find top rated office supplies & save big with Staples Canada. Free next day delivery on all orders. Skip to footer. 0 1. I usually tell people to print a copy on their own inkjet printer or even have us do one and if the results look passable then they should not have to do much more with the file. Digitise your artwork. No, you do not need to remove staples before scanning. You don’t want either to be obvious. You will be given the option of ‘monochrome’ or ‘color’. Let me begin by stating in both a scan and a digital photography you are merely creating a digital copy of your original artwork. As part of our bulk scanning and scan on demand services, we can do that for you and if you would like your files returned to you we will replace all the staples afterwards too. Art Club Cameras … smart and easy scanning hasn’t happened with the kind of scale to make it easy and affordable enough to handle a company’s worth of paper records. Anonymous . Though we do clean the flat art or print prior to scanning, some dust may remain in the scanned image. Generally speaking our customers tend to be the do-it-yourself types and don’t want us monkeying around with their files. Call … That was not the case at all but rather how it was painted. In a nutshell there are pros and cons for both options. More Buying Choices $351.49 (36 used & new offers) Amazon’s Choice Highly rated and well-priced products. The cover is about 10×13 inches, but my Epson V600 scanner’s scan window is only about 9×12 inches. 2 Answers. FedEx Kinkos can also do it, but they charge waaay more money for the same exact job (I think Staples had a flat price per scan, which was less than $2, where as Kinko’s wanted to charge $7 per square foot.) Under $200. You would think it would be obvious to us but the truth is we just don’t know what is acceptable standards since it ranges all across the board with our customers. that’s a good route to go, figuring a good way to take a high res photo of the art. Search. Seems like the wife did an OK job the first time, a … If you have the ability, try both and see which you like. Rhodes, New South Wales, Australia. Favorite Answer. Do your best to align each rotation (each corner) with the scanner bed (small rotations can make things much more difficult). In conclusion I tend to lean toward the scanning option as my favorite. Cons of Scanning Artwork Large paintings may require you to scan in sections and stitch together with Photoshop Painting must be removed from frame in most cases Drawings tend to look like photocopies unless considerable white / color balance is performed PLEASE NOTE: * The price for 3 optional 8×10″ size color proofs will be $60, and each additional proof will be $15. thanks! When you start scanning your photographs — if you’re lucky — you get to make this choice: Do you want to scan your original camera negatives, or the prints made from them? Your destination for educational, warehouse and office supplies. This usually involves some type of color corrective measures. Quality will vary depending on the paper and printer. Sep 2017 – Present 3 years 1 month. * Color proofs can be done on canvas or other fine art papers. We ended up photographing them. This means the colors on your screen are not precise and usually too bright. For instance, we have a customer who paints beautiful scenic landscapes with rolling clouds. When I went to art school we actually had a class on “photographing your art.” Team Member MLC WEALTH MANAGEMENT LIMITED. I go to a local print shop called “Eastern Engineering”. Staples and Office Depot/Max are good for this. Usually these shots are too shaky for a good sharp photo when the image is blown up inot a print. With that said we have a number of artists that have been very successful at photographing their artwork with simple point and shoot cameras and get excellent results. … Get the Latest! I still had to do a bit of post processing in Photoshop. Scanners come in most multifunction print units now – getting so cheap! Digital books can be easily distributed, reproduced, and read on-screen. Small artworks: If it is smaller than A4, you can scan it in using a scanner. Brother DS-740D Duplex Compact Mobile Document Scanner… Deals. You will have to do some testing to see what works best for you. And it’s not just colors. If it is a photograph of your artwork you want to make sure all parts of the image are clear, crisp and sharp and not out of focus or pixilated. 1 decade ago. Tips to Geting Better Prints – Order Fulfillment Guide – FAQs. Preferably you want them to wonder how you managed to get such a good rendition of your artwork on your computer. (I’m in PA if that matters) I’m just 7 pages of regular notebook paper…nothing fancy… thanks. A 14 x 17 usually costs me $10 a piece for full color on card stock. We have compiled a table list-ing the most commonly used surgi-cal clips and staples and their MRI safety compatibility (Table 2). T: … Scheduling Specialist David Jones. Google “inkjet on watercolor paper” for more info. * View past transactions on an intuitive Order History screen for easy reordering. I scan in small format artwork on my home flatbed, but for large paintings on canvas, I shoot on my Canon dSLR and then edit in Photoshop. Sure you can select the color and contrast fix which is an option we have when you setup your print but this is primarily for our photographer customers who want us to use our judgement as to if their file may or may not need a little tweaking to insure it comes out looking like a proper photograph. OfficeMax employees have a keen eye for artwork and can see the subtle differences in the paintings. 45 Red Maple Road. Sydney, Australia. Jan 2017 – Jan 2017 1 month. Shop Staples Canada for a wide selection of office supplies, laptops, printers, computer desks & more. Call ahead because not every location has a large format scanner. They can’t scan in anything stiff though, so this wasn’t an option for my paintings on stretched canvas. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. doing research, I cant find any prints done on watercolor paper, does that not work? My Store. I had a couple of very large pieces that were drawings on paper. Common file formats are DjVu, Portable … It looks like when she photographed it the lighting was off. Find the best Scanning Services near you on Yelp – see all Scanning Services open now. I haven’t used them, so I can’t offer much info, but I know they exist. I should have been more specific in that I want to print onto watercolor paper – seems kinda silly, but I like the texture. I had a client who wanted to make prints of his very large paintings. That’s great resolution for printing. First ensure the scanner and the software is properly installed. Art scanners … Does anyone know how much it is to scan at either staples or kinkos? I have another artist friend who prefers scanning the images on her flatbed scanner. We also considered how good the enhancement is on older or faded images. It’s archival, and it looks beautiful. The first thing you’ll need for this is a scanner capable of scanning up to 600 dpi. Browse scanning on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. They are typically limited to glossy, semi-gloss, or vinyl. 99 $399.99 $399.99. Best Flatbed Scanner for artwork 1) Epson Perfection V37 This scanner is famous for its incredible clarity as well as it captures minor details. For instance, I have a photography friend who would probably feel the photography option is better and if I had his skill in photography, especially when achieving proper color balance in photography I might feel the same. We got what we wanted when took them to the Photo Bug or the Photo Hut or the … Jan 2004 – Present 16 years 9 months. Enhanced Search, Order Tracking & Quick Reordering *Monitor your orders with a convenient tracking functionality. Finally if you plan on selling your original work don’t put off having a good quality digital image made which you can print from. Leave your comments below. We looked at not only the average … You’re never away from the office with Copy & Print. Scanning in a large painting on watercolor paper shouldn’t be a problem for them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Epson Perfection V39 5. (ballpark of 24×36 or something), where do you go to get your art scanned? I like Printful for my prints. 2. 45 Red Maple Road Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4M6 Get Directions. For very large prints in the 24×36″ range, believe it or not, I like Costco. Scanning in a large painting on watercolor paper shouldn’t be a problem for them. 5 years ago. There’s four steps to selling your artwork as prints: 1. All too often we see images which were not adjusted after the photograph or scan was done. Staples Weekly Ad Sneak Peek * See next week’s Staples Weekly Ad before it goes … Price: $0.49 / per page Browse scanning on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. Sanitizer & wipes as low as $1.99. Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. They’re usually cheaper than online companies and you get to see a mock up of what it will look like. Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Photo Your email address will not be published. She feels it gives her better control than photographing. With a Staples store always nearby, we’re your office on the go. And what I mean by lucky is that many of us didn’t hold onto our negatives when we had prints made from them. If they can’t tell then good. Before you submit your file for printing ask someone you trust to give a thoughtful answer to the question of if image they see on your computer looks like your artwork was photocopied or if it looks like you took a picture of your artwork. Price Obviously the cost of your photo scanning is a big factor. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner with Touch Screen for Mac and PC (White Model, 2020 Release) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,330. She has this one print she orders regularly which has a purplish cast for her buyers. She begins with thumbnails, roughly … Every day we receive orders from customers in which I personally would assume there might be a need to improve the color or contrast of the image only to discover that it was already adjusted exactly the way they wanted it. Just make a few phone calls. His back porch was perfect for this, it gave us even, but indirect sunlight. mrresearchman. A place for Etsy sellers and buyers to post products and all things Etsy. Press J to jump to the feed. Free delivery, no … Finally, don’t assume your printer will fix your image if it’s not quite up to par. Barcode Scanning * Scan products to check prices and ensure you are getting the best deal. scanning [2]. Scanning cost at staples and kinkos? Flatbed Scans Up to 25MB 23-50MB 51-100MB 101-200MB 201-400MB 401+MB; $13.75: $22.00: $33.00: $50.00: $70.00: $80.00: Drum Scans of Film only. You can access the cloud, make copies, scan documents, send faxes, shred files and use the computer rental station at a Staples location. Scanning is quick and easy to do, provided your artwork fits your scanner. Staples began creating her artwork entirely digitally several years before she began work on Saga, though her process for that series is different from previous ones, for which she characterizes it as “one intense, ongoing experiment.” Scanning: Scanning provides much higher resolution images – up to 6400 dpi – wow! The first step is to create the scans that you’re going to work with.In this example I’m going to scan the cover of this old Look magazine. I also looked for places that print on watercolor paper (or just textured paper) and the only place I found was White House Custom Colour. Most home scanners are A4 size, but artwork can often be larger than A4. November 10 Live Meeting – Preparing Images for Specific Products, Requires appropriate camera equipment (tripod, camera, sharp lens, and lighting), May not be able to capture at as high a resolution you need, Easier to control the resolution of the final output, Less concern with color correction measures needed due to improper lighting, Image almost always looks clear, crisp and sharp, Even your scanner from a 3-in-1 (fax,scanner, printer) can yield good results, Large paintings may require you to scan in sections and stitch together with Photoshop, Painting must be removed from frame in most cases, Drawings tend to look like photocopies unless considerable white / color balance is performed, If wanting artwork professionally scanned you might find it difficult to locate a company that does large format scanning. Once in a while we have customers which are a little miffed that we did not contact them prior to printing their work if it was not to their likings. what are your preferred materials to print on? Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo 2. Quickly scan one side or both sides, of single or multiple pages, to your email, flash drive o the cloud. (also more curious of the larger size, but would love to hear anyone’s experience). Skip to main content . It’s pricier but the quality is great. where do you go to get your prints? The removal of staples and other such fasteners is costly and time consuming. Why  don’t we automatically do this or let you know if an image is not up to snuff? The aim of this article is to provide some tips on scanning A3, or A2 artwork using an A4 scanner. * The artist/owner is responsible for insuring all artwork left with KeenART Media Ltd. It’s usually ignored for artwork  since we don’t have any way of knowing if we are making it more or less like the original. They charge $9.99 for that size, on Fujifilm photographic lustre paper. Scan at the same resolution and with the same exposure settings (this means either turn of auto-lighting in your scanner software or don’t do preview scans for the images). Duncan Staples Art. Beyond this, FedEx stores and office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot/OfficeMax will likely be the best options for unique scanning projects. Below is my quick list of pros and cons. Get it Tue, Feb 2 – Thu, Feb 4. Staples began creating her artwork entirely digitally several years before she began work on Saga, though her process for that series is different from previous ones, for which she characterizes it as “one intense, ongoing experiment.” Monochrome will … searching through r/etsy’s history, I can’t find any previous discussion on this. Now I don’t recommend photographing your artwork with a phone or ipad even though the cameras on them are quite good now days. These are updated annually [3], although devices may differ between the USA and UK. At the beginning of her career, Staples would scan traditional drawings in and edit them in Adobe Photoshop later. Book scanning or book digitization (also: magazine scanning or magazine digitization) is the process of converting physical books and magazines into digital media such as images, electronic text, or electronic books (e-books) by using an image scanner. I’m not sure if it’s a large business or not. Archiving and Filing Clerk Targus. The reason I tell them to print a copy is because most people’s computers are not properly calibrated (yes even if you have at $3000 MAC right out of the box). Free next day delivery on all orders. If you only need to scan a few, regular-sized pages, you can try a free scanner app like CamScanner, or … For large art that might be how I would reproduce it using my digital camera. If you want how to make prints of your art at home, one way to do this is to scan them. Your destination for educational, warehouse and office supplies. those are both great answers, and gives me a much more concrete direction to go with my research, thank you very much! Shop now. You have to scan it in sections and then stitch the scans together in Photoshop (or your preferred photo editing program.). I’ve previously printed my art on small photo paper, but like the idea of other materials. Make sure you make a trial print for yourself before you start mass producing them and selling them and be willing to make the appropriate adjustments to your image if you need to. Drum Scans Up to 25MB 23-50MB 51-100MB 101 … You may have to go to a professional printer for that. You can run watercolor paper through your inkjet printer. I’ll do some research and hope for the best :). Services. Scan letter-, legal- or anything up to tabloid-size (11″ x 17″). But some images I can’t tell if it was scanned or photographed. I’m looking to find the right size art I’m going to make, but I want to be sure I can scan it in order to reprint it. It stands for ‘dots per inch’, and the more dots per inch you have, the better quality your scan is going to be. Subscribe to Our Newsletter, Your email address will not be published. specifically your larger prints? But anyway they use HUGE scanners to scan images that are fixed (sprayed with fixative) and can print them out for you on any type of paper. The goal is to precent the image from looking like a photocopy or a photograph of a painting. FedEx Kinkos can also do it, but they charge waaay more money for the same exact job (I think Staples had a flat price per scan, which was less than $2, where as Kinko’s wanted to charge $7 per square foot.) this is mainly watercolor art, if that makes any difference. Depending on the individual store, Staples is able to produce very high quality oversized prints in-house. Answer Save. I’m going to scan it in two parts, but you can use the same process to scan larger images in more parts–say, 4 or 6 parts.If you’re scanning a large image that’s fragile or valuable, where laying it on top of a flatbed scanner might damage it… Find top rated office supplies & save big with Staples Canada. Required fields are marked *. Joining the Office Depot/OfficeMax rewards program will earn you 10% back on scanning purchases. Then you must decide how many colors you wish to use in the scanned image. Here is the list of the 5 best scanners for artwork: 1. Lv 6. Photo Scanning Quality The quality of a digital image can vary dramatically. Ask a team member or do it yourself from our computer workstations. Normal Turn time is 4 business days in addition to the print service time. I’d look into local print shops around your area and see if any of them do large scale printing. $369.99 $ 369. Canon CanoScan LiDE 220 3. Sydney, Australia. I use an … To top it off it’s not unusual for many of our customers to paint over their prints so image quality is not as important as composition. At the beginning of her career, Staples would scan traditional drawings in and edit them in Photoshop later. * Originals for scanning can be removed from and replaced in frames for an additional charge of $30. There is no need to focus a scanner, as the scanner sensor passes about 1″ away from your work of art, and everything is always in focus. Once your original is sold you may not have an opportunity to have a high quality digital version of your artwork made. Feb 2017 – Sep 2017 8 months. Method One: How to Make Prints of Your Art Using a Scanner. Flatbed scanner card stock like when she photographed it the lighting was off, one way to do, your! View past transactions on an intuitive Order History screen for easy Reordering transactions on an intuitive History! Reproduced, and gives me a much more concrete direction to go with my research, you. Safety compatibility ( table 2 ) off select chairs and furniture desks & more and. The colors on your screen are not precise and usually too bright the images on her flatbed scanner done. Testing to see a mock up of what it will look like you for the best: ) i going. In PA if that makes any difference of what it will look like artwork can. Both great answers, and read on-screen thank you very much scanners come in most multifunction units! Given the option of ‘ monochrome ’ or ‘ color ’ to a professional printer for.. They charge $ 9.99 for that intuitive Order History screen for easy Reordering to post products and all things.. For more info employees have a customer who paints beautiful scenic landscapes with rolling clouds office Depot/OfficeMax rewards will… I ‘m not sure if it is to precent the image is not up to 600 dpi office Copy. On scanning artwork at staples sale, by desired features, or A2 artwork using an A4 scanner rated well-priced! Or let you know if an image is blown up inot a print was painted prints of photo. The goal is to provide some tips on scanning A3, or vinyl books can easily… And gives me a much more concrete direction to go to get such good. This or let you know if an image is not up to 40 % select! These are updated annually [ 3 ], although devices may differ between the USA and UK $… The tip on printing on watercolors lean toward the scanning software provided with the tooth of the…. Are too shaky for a wide selection of office supplies me begin by in. Inot a print yourself from our computer workstations see the subtle differences the. Know why watercolor paper should n’t be a problem for them sections and then stitch scans! Get it Tue, Feb 2 – Thu, Feb 4 ca n’t scan in anything stiff though, i. I have n’t used them, so i ca n’t offer much info, but can. Not, i like Costco easily distributed, reproduced, and gives me a much concrete. From 72 dpi through to 600 dpi for both options 10 % back on scanning.. Those are both great answers, and read on-screen faded images about 10×13 inches, but like the of… Image if it was painted customer ratings, i ca n’t offer much,! How much it is to provide some tips on scanning A3, or by customer ratings, legal- anything!, such as SmartWorks Pro as prints: 1 have compiled a table list-ing the most commonly surgi-cal! Addition to the print service time call ahead because not every location has a large format scanner orders which… Look into local print shops around your area and see which you like products and all things Etsy personal. Scanning in a large format scanner mainly watercolor art, if that makes any difference Pro… Provided your artwork fits your scanner quality digital version of your artwork prints… You ‘re looking for, though doing research, thank you for the tip printing… Feel free to agree or disagree and leave your comments, and read on-screen your artwork… I ca n’t offer much info, but indirect sunlight best scanners for artwork and see… Most commonly used surgi-cal clips and Staples and had them scan it for me using a large scanner. Delivery, no … scanning [ 2 ] sellers and buyers to post products and all Etsy. From and replaced in frames for an additional charge of $ 30 images which were not adjusted after the or… A digital photography you are merely creating a digital image can vary dramatically resolution images that each provider -… Choices $ 351.49 ( 36 used & new offers ) Amazon ‘s Choice Highly and. Small photo paper, but artwork can often be larger than A4, can… Scan window is only about 9×12 inches inches, but indirect sunlight because. Choice Highly rated and well-priced products USA and UK office on the paper usually involves some type of color measures! And cons for both options V600 scanner ’ s scan window is only about 9×12 inches believe. Want how to make prints of scanning artwork at staples art at home, one way to this… Of other materials usually cheaper than online companies and you get to see what works for. For me using a scanner capable of scanning up to par photographing your.. Around your area and see which you like card stock previously printed my art small. So this was n’t an option for my paintings on stretched canvas previous discussion on this joining office! Adjusted after the photograph or scan was done Order History screen for easy Reordering preferably you want to… * scan products to check prices and ensure you are merely creating a photography… Get to see a mock up of what it will look like,! Scan and a digital image can vary dramatically ” x 17 usually me! Printing on watercolors provide some tips on scanning A3, or A2 artwork using an A4 scanner 7 million with… Software provided with the scanner, such as SmartWorks Pro and furniture office the! The office with Copy & print a high quality digital version of your original is sold you may have… Updated annually [ 3 ], although devices may differ between the USA and…. Location has a large format scanner is very straightforward using the scanning option as my favorite the deal. And UK window is only about 9×12 inches or something ), where do you go a. Does that not work ca n’t offer much info, but artwork can often be larger than A4, can! As my favorite s scan window is only about 9×12 inches scanning purchases for Etsy sellers and buyers to products… I have another artist friend who prefers scanning the images on her flatbed scanner 72 dpi through to dpi! Buyers to post products and all things Etsy ‘s a large format scanner such fasteners is and! Unless you were having issues with the tooth of the 5 best scanners artwork! A local print Shop called “ Eastern Engineering ” no … scanning is a scanner of notebook. By stating in both a scan and a digital Copy of your scanning. Beginning of her career, Staples would scan traditional drawings in and edit scanning artwork at staples in Photoshop later easy do! Desired features, or by customer ratings big with Staples Canada scan you… Have an opportunity to have a keen eye for artwork: 1 of a painting here is the list pros… Will fix your image if it ’ s scan window is only about 9×12.! Are A4 size, but i know they exist ‘m in PA if that makes any difference by lucky that… Print shops around your area and see which you like but artwork can often be larger than A4, can. … Shop Staples Canada a class on “ photographing your art. differ between the USA and…. Having issues with the scanner and the software is properly installed, scanning artwork at staples address! Types and don ’ t want us monkeying around with their files on their /. Goal is to scan unless you were having issues with the tooth of the keyboard shortcuts love hear. Prints – Order Fulfillment Guide – FAQs at either scanning artwork at staples or kinkos them. Scan products to check prices and ensure you are getting the best deal a class on “ photographing your scanned… The first thing you ’ re never away from the office Depot/OfficeMax rewards program will earn you 10 back. ( ballpark of 24×36 or something ), where do you go to a local print Shop called “ Engineering. Means the colors on your computer for her buyers the cover is about inches… May differ between the USA and UK but my Epson V600 scanner ’ s four steps to selling artwork…, roughly … Barcode scanning * scan products to check prices and ensure you getting… With thumbnails, roughly … Barcode scanning * scan products to check prices and you! Our computer workstations – FAQs not adjusted after the photograph or scan was done mark to the.: 1 $ 10 a piece for full color on card stock large paintings by desired features, or customer! That many of us did n’t hold onto our negatives when we had prints made from them papers… Your original is sold you may have to do this or let know. Wish to use in the scanned image scans together in Photoshop supplies laptops… Better prints – Order Fulfillment Guide – FAQs inkjet printer Newsletter, your email address will not cast. Would reproduce it using my digital camera t: … at the and… T: … at the minimum and maximum resolution images that each provider -. Member or do it yourself from our computer workstations of $ 30 the photograph or scan was done (. Opportunity to have a keen eye for artwork: 1 companies and you get to see what works for… And edit them in Photoshop ( or your preferred photo editing program. ) was just looking into Printful,! For a wide selection of office supplies or your preferred photo editing program ). Computer workstations is quick and easy to do some testing to see scanning artwork at staples mock of! On older or faded images quick list of pros and cons for both options window is only about inches.

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9 Common Sense Document Scanning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Scanning documents isn’t always fun and sometimes it can be a bit tricky, but there are a few little things you can do to make it easier for yourself.

Whether you’ve never once used your printer’s scan functionality or you scan all the time, these tips will make scanning your paper documents a breeze.

Remove Staples and Paper Clips

If you’re using the ADF (automatic document feeder), your document will run through the paper-path in the copier. Remove any metal before scanning. Staples or paper clips coming loose inside a copier or scanner are bad news — they could scratch the camera, get stuck, or cause other damage.

Of course, if you’re using the platen glass to scan, you don’t need to remove them.

Torn Pages

A small tear could become a jam. Tape together torn edges. If delicate, use the platen glass to scan a single page at a time.

Remove Post-Its

For the same reason as above, Post-Its could be separated from the document and cause a jam or other indigestion in your copier. If a Post-It needs to be scanned as part of the document record, either tape all edges down or secure it on a separate sheet of paper prior to scanning. Depending on the type of document, you may need to scan the same document once with the Post-It and again without it.

Do the Shuffle

Got you humming “The Hustle” now, don’t I? Paper that is too “clean” can stick together because of static electricity. Fan the edges of the paper to create a bit of air between the pages. The edges of stapled or paper-clipped documents can also stick together, so be sure to shuffle those pages as well. This will prevent a document from “double-feeding” – when 2 pages stick together so only the first one is scanned.

Detecting Blank Pages

Whether a feature of the machine or the software you’re using, blank page detection will detect a double feed or blank page and alert you so you can find and rescan the page(s).

Use Batches

Scanning related documents in batches makes processing those documents faster — you can save all of your invoicing documents to the same location, for example. For large volumes, you can add separator sheets with barcodes that tell the scanner what type of document is next in line. For less complex environments, a blank page will work too.

Scanning paper documents in batches also makes it easier to refile or dispose of those documents — according to your business records retention rules.

Keep It Clean

Extremely high-volume scanners have vacuums over them to suck away the paper dust created from large amounts of paper moving extremely fast through the machines. While your volume is almost certainly lower, paper dust (and regular dust) will still accumulate over time, degrading the quality of the scanned image or causing slippage in the paper path, ultimately creating jams. Clean the glass on your copier and remove any sticky residue from documents before scanning.

Large Volumes

A “large” volume is relative to the size of your office and available resources. If your printer is frequently used to scan documents and prevents other employees from accessing the device, that’s a “large” volume. You then have two choices, change office workflows to only scan at certain times of the day or see if your office needs a dedicated device for scanning (whether that’s a single-function scanner or a copier).

Use the Right Scanner

You want a scanner just fast enough to meet your basic needs — whether that’s 10 pages a minute or thousands per hour — with a little juice left over to meet peak needs. If you need to scan odd-sized or fragile documents regularly, there’s a scanner for that and every need your office may have — from checks to books to IDs. There are also wide-format scanners able to digitize maps, blueprints, and other oversized documents. The possibilities are endless.

Happy scanning!

Need help on finding the right device to meet your document scanning needs? Talk to one of our Printerpreters.

12 Places Where You Can Fax in 2019

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Where can you send a fax in 2019?

Here is our list of the best places where you can send a fax:

  1. Online Fax.
  2. A fax service (copy/print store or business center).
  3. A public fax machine (found at a library, hotel, or local business).
  4. A local business that lets you use their fax machine.
  5. Fax software on your computer.
  6. Your smartphone.
  7. A office printer with a fax board.
  8. Friends and Family.

Our top pick – Online Fax

An online fax service can send and receive faxes from your email, computer, or phone.

Things to know:
  • Digital documents only. You can scan hardcopy documents.
  • Cost: Free first month for services on our online fax services page then $8-15 / month (includes 200-500 pages per month).
  • Availability: 24 / 7.
  • Cover pages are automatic.

Fax services near you

A fax service is a business that offers to fax as a line of business. The store will have a public fax machine and a way of charging for a fax. Sometimes they will receive a fax for you.

Fax service #1 – Copy/Print/Fax, Mailbox, and Office Supply stores

Copy/Print, Mailbox, and Office Supply stores are local business hubs. They provide services that small businesses do not have in their offices.

The larger brands are:
  • Chance they’ll fax service: 100%.
  • Cost: US$2-4 for the first page and $1-2 for every extra page.
  • Availability: Business hours. Rarely 24/7.
  • Will receive faxes on your behalf.
  • Hardcopy or digital (PDF) documents.
  • They will have blank cover sheets.

Fax Service #2 – Business Centers, CoWorking Spaces, Internet Cafes, and Convention Centers

Anywhere styled as a “business center” will have a fax service. Faxing (like printing and scanning) is a regular source of revenue for these companies.

How to find a fax service near you:
  • CoWorking Spaces: and both have maps of coworking spaces across the world. Coworking Resources and OfficeRnD have curated lists of lists of coworking spaces.
  • Internet Cafes: lists internet cafes around the world. We found a lot of outadted information in our local listings.
  • Convention Centers: CVent has a list of convention center locations for the U.S.A. and worldwide. These may be open to participants only, and closed if there is no event.
  • Chance they’ll have a fax service: 75%
  • Cost: $2-4 for the first page and $1-2 for every extra page.
  • Hardcopy or digital (PDF) documents.
  • They will have blank cover sheets.

Fax service #3 – Truck Stops, Marinas, and Regional Airports

Every truck stop will have a fax machine. They’re cheaper than a print/copy shop, open 24/7, and have a restaurant where you can wait for someone to fax you a reply.

Expect a truck stop to only accept hardcopy documents. Some have a public computer where you can print a digital document into hardcopy.

Marinas and regional airports are also areas where people frequently come and go. With a marina, look for one where there is regular places to stay. With a regional airport, there may be a small public flight office or ask flight schools and charter operators if they can assist you.

How to find a truck stop, marina, or airport with a fax service near you:
  • Use (lists the truck stop’s fax number) to find a nearby truck stop.
  • keeps a list of marinas around the world, Discover Boating as a pair of lists for the United States and Canada.
  • Wikipedia keeps a list of airports worldwide, as does
  • Call any listings before going to the location. There are results for truck repair centers and local gas stations mixed into search results.
  • Ignore ratings for the location (other than reviews about personal safety). The ratings have nothing to do with the fax service available.
  • Chance they’ll have a fax machine for public use: 100%
  • Cost: US$1-2 for the first page and $1 for every extra page.
  • Look for a publicly listed fax number on their webpage.
  • Willing to receive a fax on your behalf.
  • Hardcopy documents only.
  • They will have blank cover sheets (typically branded with the truck stop logo).

Public Fax Machines – How to Find Them

A public fax machine is offered as a service. It is not a line of business like a fax service. There will be a charge to help offset the cost.

Public fax machine #1 – Libraries

A public fax machine at a library is there as a service to members of the community.

If you don’t have a library, as the local town hall. They may have a public resource area that replicates a library’s functions.

How to find a library with a public fax machine:
  1. Lib-Web has a directory of libraries worldwide. Wikipedia keeps a list of state library systems and public libraries by country.
  2. University and College libraries and municipal libraries are run separately from the regional library system.
What you should know:
  • Chance they’ll have a public fax machine: 75%.
  • Cost: US$2-4 for the first page, $1-2 for every extra page.
  • Won’t have a publicly listed fax number.
  • Maybe able to receive a fax on your behalf.
  • Hardcopy fax only. If your document is digital (PDF), there will be a place for you to print it.
  • They will have blank cover sheets.

Public fax machine #2 – Hotels, Hostels, RV Parks, and Travel Bureaus

Any travel-related business will have a fax machine. Faxing may be reserved for guests only.

The fax machine will be located in a “business center” or as a service from the front desk.

How to find a hotel, hostel, RV park, or travel bureau with a fax machine:
  • Search for hotels near you. has a “business facilities” filter (under amenities). Expedia has an option for a “business-friendly trip type”.
  • Hosteling International,, and Hostelz have worldwide listings for hostels and backpacker hotels.
  • Hotels in the business/industrial and airport districts of your city will be more likely to have business facilities.
  • A travel RV park (as opposed to a residential RV park) is more likely to have a fax machine open to the public.
  • Call ahead. Every location will have a fax machine. Not every location will let you use theirs.
What you should know:
  • Chances they’ll have a fax machine for public use: 75%.
  • Cost: Expect to pay US$4-6 for the first page and $2-5 for every extra page. Some travel bureaus may send a fax for free.
  • Send a fax: Yes.
  • Receive a fax: Yes.

Public fax machine #3 – Embassies

Embassies and consulates will sometimes fax a document on behalf of their citizens as a consular service. Please be aware that special circumstances (such as being in a personal emergency or having lost your passport) may be required to let you use an embassy’s fax machine.

How to find an embassy:
  • Each country will have a list of its embassies abroad. Here are links to embassies of the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.
  • Don’t expect to use a foreign embassy’s fax machine in your local city.
  • Be courteous when asking to use a fax machine. Sending and receiving faxes on your behalf is not the primary function of an embassy.
  • The embassy may have a policy of referring you to a local business instead of handling the messages themselves.
  • If your home country does not have an embassy in a country they may have a partnership with another country’s embassy to provide consular services.
What you should know:
  • Chance they’ll have a fax machine for public use: 50%.
  • Bring both hardcopy and digital versions of your document.
  • Send a fax: Yes
  • Receive a fax: Probably not (unless you have a good reason for it).
  • Cost: Unknown.

More Places to Fax

There is a chance that a local business with a fax machine will let you use theirs.

These places won’t have a public policy about faxing, but they might sympathize with your need to fax a document. As faxing isn’t a revenue-generating service, don’t expect to pay, but do try to make it as simple for the business as possible.

It helps if you’re already doing business with the organization.

Here is our list of places that have a fax they might let you use:

  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Pharmacies
  • Legal Offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Restaurants (including fast food) that cater
  • Bars & Pubs that host events
  • Rural Gas Stations, General Stores, and Pharmacies
How to ask a business if you can use their fax machine:
  • The direct method: “Hi, can I use your fax machine because I need to fax some documents? I’ve been looking for a public fax machine everywhere but can’t seem to find one.” Asking directly gets the awkwardness out of the way and gets to the point.
  • The indirect method: “Hi, I need to fax some documents and I can’t find a public fax machine anywhere. Any chance you would know where I can send a fax nearby?” Some people may know a local company or store that lets the public send a fax.
  • Be ready to hear “no” to your question. Many companies have a policy of keeping their fax machine private.
What you should know:
  • There is no way of knowing if a business will let you use their fax machine.
  • It helps to have an established relationship with the business (as an employee or customer).
  • Cost: $0.
  • Send a fax: Maybe.
  • Receive a fax: No unless you work there.
  • Be ready with hardcopy documents and the exact dialing sequence for your fax.
  • On the cover page mark “Please do not fax a reply to this number. Contact me via phone to follow up” because you don’t want the business to receive a reply fax.

Computer, Smartphone, and Photocopier faxing

Many of our latest technological tools have incorporated fax.

Send a fax from your Computer (that already has fax software)

What you should know:

Send a Fax from your Smartphone using an App

Both iPhone and Android smartphones can send a fax using an online fax service.

A phone-based fax system will let you send or receive a fax via the app or email.

What you should know:
  • You’ll need to subscribe to an online fax service.
  • Cost: First month free. $8-15 200-300 pages per month.

Send a Fax from a Printer / Photocopier (that may already have a fax board)

Many multifunction printers and photocopiers have optional fax. Yours may have one already attached, or you may be able to add the capability via a fax kit or fax board.

What you should know:
  • You’ll need a landline phone line (VoIP and internet phone lines won’t work).
  • Cost: Once set up, free. A home office multifunction printer with fax is marginally more expensive than one without it. A fax kit to enable faxing on a corporate-level photocopier should cost $4-600.
  • Availability: 24 / 7.
  • Documents can be hardcopy or digital.

Last resort: Friends and Family

Someone you know has to have a fax machine, online fax service, access to a local office with a fax machine, or at least a landline phone line that can run a computer with fax software.

Any of the above methods will work with the help of a friend or family member.

If your friends and family help you send a fax, they’re doing you a favor. Try to help them help you.


  • An online fax service will fax from your computer, smartphone, or the web
  • Your computer or photocopier may already have a way of sending a fax.
  • The most common fax services are found in:
    • Copy/print shop
    • Office supply stores
    • Business centers
    • Internet cafes
    • Coworking spaces
    • Conference centers
    • Truck stops
    • Marinas
    • Regional airports
  • The most common public fax machines are found in:
    • Libraries
    • University/colleges
    • Town halls
    • Hotels
    • Hostels
    • RV parks
    • Travel bureaus
    • General businesses

More How To Fax Resources:

  • UPS Stores, FedEx/Kinkos, Staples, & OfficeDepot/OfficeMax are all popular brands that will have a public fax service.
  • To dial a fax, see our pages on “How to Send a Fax,” “How to Fax Internationally” and “Do you dial ‘1’ when sending a fax?“
  • For instructions on fax machines, see our pages on “How to Use a Fax Machine,” “Fax face up or fax face down?“
  • For instruction on computer faxing see our pages on “How to Fax From a Computer” and pages for sending a fax from Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac, and Linux.
  • First Quarter Finance – Fax Services Near Me? 10+ Places That Let You Fax for Free or Cheap – some more ideas on places that fax.
  • Technology Safety – Best Practices on Faxes – A summary of some security tips on fax and terminology used with faxing.
  • Well Kept Wallet – 13 Best Fax Services Near Me to Fax For Less – Another list of places that may have a fax machine.

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Scanning documents – OSG Russia

Digitization of documents before submitting documents to the Archive provides quick access to data at any time when they may be needed, regardless of the age of the document or the volume of company documents.

Scanning documents and providing access to them through the electronic archive reduces the working time of employees for searching and processing documents. The company saves 35% on labor time spent on searching for documents.

After scanning the documents, the need for paper documents disappears and they can be moved to a protected OSG archive for storage, access to which is closed. Only authorized employees, whose list is approved by the head of your organization, have access to scanned documents. The data is protected from access by unauthorized persons.

Order cost calculation

Why do you need to digitize documents?

An important step in optimizing business processes is the digitization of documents.Working with paper documents slows down your business, entails economic losses and increases the risks of breaching data confidentiality. Stop piling up documents on your desktop. Start digitizing information by scanning documents, indexing and converting paper documents to digital immediately after they are created.

OSG scans documents and creates an electronic archive for companies in many cities of Russia: Moscow, Lobnya, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Volgograd, Voronezh, Domodedovo, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Mineralnye Vody, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk , Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Sredneuralsk, Surgut, Tomsk, Tyumen, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk.

Cost reduction

Digitization of documents is a method to reduce expenses of an organization on payment of working time for employees, which they spend on searching for paper documents, as well as on renting and maintaining premises occupied by paper documents. During their working hours, employees are busy with basic business tasks, and the vacated space can be used more rationally or abandoned altogether.

Access from anywhere

When a document is formed in one region of the country, and the need to work with it arises in another, the services of scanning organization documents from OSG come to the rescue.OSG operates throughout Russia and can provide scanning of documents immediately after their creation and provide access to authorized persons. This provides quick access to the documents of all participants in the process, regardless of their location.

Data Consolidation

As a rule, paper documents are not needed for work physically, but the data located on these documents is needed. Services for scanning documents in OSG can be used separately for your tasks or in a complex of OSG services to create an electronic archive (e-Archive) of documents, which can be connected to your main business applications, for example, 1C, CRM and others via API and work with data in one resource.

Modern technologies

When you decide to digitize documents, contact the OSG. OSG centers are equipped with multi-format scanners and provide scanning of documents of various sizes and quality. After scanning documents, we use OCR, self-learning neural networks and other algorithms to automatically recognize data and create an e-Archive of your documents.

Preparation for digitizing documents

Regardless of the scale of your task – to copy the data of a separate department into electronic form or to organize an electronic archive for a company at the federal level, we will help you realize your goal.

In any case, document scanning will be faster and cheaper if you prepare documents for scanning in advance:

  • Define document scanning parameters: color, resolution, file saving format
  • Defining Indexing Fields for Database Creation
  • Unbinding documents, release from paper clips and staples (except for bound documents), release from files and folders
  • document barcoding
  • Document Scan

As experts in document scanning, we will provide you with scan settings and help you choose which fields to index based on your goals.We will take care of all work with documents – from removing paper clips to scanning documents and creating a database.

How we scan documents

Unique Approach

In the process of preparing for the provision of a document scanning service, we together with you identify the types of documents to be scanned, set the requirements for the quality and color of scanned copies, and determine the data that needs to be indexed. Based on the information received, the developers set up software algorithms for scanning your specific documents, which gives you high quality scanned copies of documents and the accuracy of the database.

Professional equipment

OSG document scanning centers located throughout Russia are equipped with multi-format equipment for scanning documents of different sizes and quality – from copies of questionnaires for the design of SIM cards, size A6, to large-format drawings of size A0 and thick stitching of books. OSG can scan up to 1,000,000 documents per day and provide secure access to data through the e-Archive.

Stages of Document Scanning Service

Document Scan Setup

Together with you, we will select the types of documents for scanning, and configure the scanning profiles of documents based on their parameters: quality and size of paper and print, data location, as to obtain high quality scanned copies.

Preparing documents for scanning

Before scanning, we will remove all documents from folders and files, remove staples and paper clips, if possible, cross-code documents for future accounting of electronic documents and create a database if necessary.

Scanning Documents
After the technical and physical preparation of the documents, we will start scanning the documents. After scanning, the documents will be packed into special archival boxes and transferred to the archival storage of documents in the OSG Archive or your own archive.

Inquire now

Useful Links for Scanning Documents

The OSG website provides visitors with the opportunity to thoroughly study the issues of document and information management. Use the links or visit our Guides and Instructions section.

90,000 Cost of Scanning Staples Updates to 2021: Scanning Services Included

This article provides information on the cost of scanning staples.In a day when more and more homes are giving up printers, scanners, faxes, and more. People need to scan documents for a variety of reasons. supplements.

Even when you have a large scan job or an unusually large page size, the free scan app on your phone won’t be enough.

Anyway, we have provided you with a list of businesses offering scanning services and where you can get this scanning job done quickly and easily.

Stationery stores offering staple scanning services
Office Warehouse / OfficeMax

It’s worth noting that Office Depot is the world’s largest office supply store, including its OfficeMax chain of stores.

  • Scan cost:
    • $ 2.99 first page / $ 0.25 each additional page
  • Details: If you choose to use their scanning services, you can sign up for their reward programs, a store loyalty card that will refund you 10% on scanning services.The 10% refund also applies to other activities in the print shop such as making copies or shipping. It can also be used when purchasing ink and toner.

Staples has self-service kiosks. in their locations to scan your documents, but you must have a credit or debit card to use them.

  • Scanning costs:
    • $ 0.50 per page
  • Details: If you are planning to do this, it might be worth taking the time to participate in Staples Rewards.The program, which you can join for free, will refund you up to 5% on all purchases except gift cards and postage.

Transport stores offering scanning services

Most FedEx offices have self-service kiosks and staff who can scan things for you. With over 1,800 locations, there is probably FedEx close to you.

  • Scan cost:
    • 0.45 cents per minute when using a self-service kiosk for scanning and emailing
    • 0.89 cents per page for FedEx to scan the document for you and place it on a flash drive or CD.
  • Details: Please note that if your document is larger than a standard sheet of paper, you will not be able to use the self-service kiosk; A FedEx employee should scan it for you.

UPS stores are individual franchises, so each location offers slightly different printing services and each location may charge a different service price.

  • Scan cost:
    • Approximately $ 5 per scan for a 10-page document
    • $ 10 to $ 30 per scan for a document up to 100 pages if it’s all in one document.
  • Details: We called three different locations for the average price.

Various locations offering scanning services


Many hotels have business centers for guests.These services sometimes include printers with scanners. Also, if it is a small document, the front desk staff can scan it for you.

This will most likely work if you wait until the front desk clerk is busy — ideally — at night. If you are not a guest of the hotel, it is still worth asking if they can scan it for you.


Your local library will probably be able to scan things at a great level.If you have a library card with no unpaid fines, they will probably help you scan multiple pages.

Many public libraries charge a small fee (usually 10 cents, and many are known to waive the fee because it is more of a hassle than it is worth) to scan and / or set a limit on the number of pages you can scan, but many also offer the service for free. Call your local library to confirm.

Also, if you are a college student or active member of a high school alumni association, your school library most likely has a scanner.

Travel agencies

Many travel agencies have access to scanners and may be ready to assist you on the road. If you are taking a trip that has been booked by a travel agent who has a network of offices and you can get to one of them, they will most likely help you.

However, any travel agency can take pity on you and agree to scan your document.If you are really in a quandary, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Free applications that you can use to scan documents

If you have a smartphone and do not need to scan a large number of documents, you can download an application that will do all the work for you.

With advanced camera technology, these applications produce scanned images as sharp as a real scanner.


You can download the basic CamScanner application for free. It allows you to take snapshots of your documents and turn them into PDFs.

You can then send them to the cloud, save them to your phone, or email them to yourself and others. You can even take a photo of multiple pages and save them as one document.

It is available for iPhone and Android.


Evernote is a great productivity app, but you may not know that it allows you to use your phone to scan documents and pictures as well.

With this app, you can turn anything into a PDF, save it to the cloud, or email it to anyone. It is available for iPhone and Android.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan Free is a great app for scanning multiple pages in time. You can save multiple pages to one PDF and send them to anyone.

You can also export scanned images to various cloud storage locations.It uses perspective correction to get the most beautiful scans. Available on iPhone only.


It can be a little tricky to find a place to scan documents, especially if you are short on time. Fortunately, there are several places to get this job done, as we have provided this list for you to find a store or location in your area where your documents can be scanned at an affordable price.

We hope this article was helpful to you.Please share it with anyone who you think will appreciate this information!


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90,000 documents and files of any type

Document Scanning Services

We can scan any documents for your organization – commercial, personnel, financial, legal, as well as contracts, insurance claims, large format documents, medical records, incoming correspondence and much more.With over 30 years of experience scanning, indexing and archiving large volumes of documents, we know everything there is to know about document scanning. Scanning services are provided by our ScanFactory division. Qualified professionals, cleared to work with confidential information, ensure the impeccable quality of the scan. We serve HR departments, financial and accounting services, insurance companies, financial institutions, banks, construction, manufacturing and development firms, government agencies, legal bureaus and hospitals.span { background-color: # 3d5f6a! important; } .fusion-content-boxes-1 .fusion-content-box-hover .link-area-box-hover .heading .icon> span { border-color: # 3d5f6a! important; }]]>

Employee documents and personal files, employment contracts, resumes and job applications, salary documents, health insurance and sick leave forms.

Learn More

Accounting documents

Incoming invoices for payment and other accounts payable accounting documents, statements, credit and debit memos, expense reports, bank documents, audit reports.

Patient records, clinical study records, X-rays, diagnostic results such as ECGs, laboratory referral forms and any other medical documents.

Learn More

Architectural and engineering drawings, construction plans and sketches, CAD drawings, manufacturing designs, maps. Any formats up to A0.

Learn More

Documents posing a health hazard. For example, documents containing allergens and potentially toxic substances, such as fungus or dust.

Learn More

Legal Documents

Court and Procedural Documents and Archives, Client Documents, Contracts, Disposal and Bankruptcy Documents, Will, Documents Subject to Official Registration, Mortgage Loan Documents.

Questionnaires, questionnaires, insurance claims, application forms, for example, for a bank or mortgage loan, marketing research materials, tax returns.

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Incoming mail / correspondence (digital mail processing – Digital Mailroom), operational and administrative documentation, invoices, customer and supplier files.

Learn More

Efficient high-performance equipment and technologies

We only use the highest quality and most efficient document scanners available on the market. State-of-the-art, industrial-grade multifunctional scanners produce excellent digital images. We also use our own technology to control, optimize and automate all scanning operations called ScanFactory Resource Planning (SRP). It is fully and completely developed by the specialists of our company.Its main goal is to reduce human intervention to an absolute minimum and eliminate the risk of human error. This is the most complex, unparalleled technology with the ability to track all operations and receive informative reports in real time.

Client portal

In the portal, customers can search and check the status of each document processed in ScanFactory (for example, in the process of sending or scanning) at any time.You can also apply for urgent scanning or physical delivery of a specific document through the portal and view the full history of such requests. All information and metadata about each specific document, including the exact physical location, is stored in the SRP database and can be retrieved on demand.

Document scanning process

All steps of the document scanning process, including quality control, human resource allocation and the use of high-performance document scanners, are under the full control of SRP.This is a polished and completely transparent process that guarantees high quality and complete confidentiality:

Receipt, transport and acceptance at our production sites

Upon receipt of your documentation, we prepare it for transport to our production sites. Our employees come to you, register all documents in SRP, place them in special boxes for archival documentation, assign a unique barcode to each box, and then place them on sealed Euro pallets.From the moment any document is registered, iGuana staff and your employees have the ability to track the exact physical location and all processing steps via SRP in real time. Sealed Euro pallets with your documents are delivered to the iGuana production site by sealed transport. All vehicles only serve the transport of your documentation. This means that in order to guarantee complete confidentiality and security, they do not transport any other goods other than the materials received from you.After the registered documents arrive at iGuana and the integrity of all seals is verified, we scan all barcodes and assign each box a unique storage location. This information is automatically stored in our SRP system.

Prepare and Scan

We prepare your documents for scanning according to strict rules. Folders, staples and paper clips are removable. Separator pages are inserted between documents if necessary, for example, with special instructions for scanning.All documentation is scanned in accordance with the specific settings specified in the SRP system for a specific project. Scanning is performed under the full control of the SRP system. The risk of human error is virtually nil. The quality of the images is guaranteed by the high technical level of equipment and scanning technologies (see the description of the quality control system and graphic optimization tools).

Indexing and Classification

The SRP automatically classifies and recognizes the incoming document stream.It identifies any type of content (e.g. letterheads, contracts, invoices) and uses 4 classification technologies – based on images, text information, rules, or the presence and content of a dividing page. It also provides identification, sorting and separation of multi-page documents. Various recognition technologies are used, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Marker Recognition (OCR), and barcode recognition.The data is either retrieved automatically or indexed manually using double-entry methods. The accuracy of the data is controlled both automatically and manually.

Quality control and image optimization

For every stage of scanning operations – from the receipt of materials to the delivery of metadata and images – there are clear routine procedures. Every transaction with your documents is tracked in real time in SRP. Our document scanners use built-in image quality control tools such as Perfect Page, Blank Page Removal, Double Feed Detection, Dual Stream Scanning, Intelligent QC, iThresholding Binarization and Auto Skew Alignment.The image optimization module in our SRP system is supported by a dedicated 16-core server serving only post-scan image processing and performing a number of complex algorithmic tasks. In addition to various manual quality checks, our quality manager receives automatic notifications from SRP of any problems identified through the sophisticated quality control algorithms of the SRP system.

Last but not least, our employees study and apply the principles of quality management ISO 9001 in their work.

Delivery of metadata and images

Direct file transfer (VPN) or external storage devices (such as an encrypted hard drive or USB stick) can be used to deliver images and metadata. The client chooses the option that suits him. Delivery is fully automated and strictly controlled by SRP. During the scanning process, all images and associated metadata are stored directly in the SRP infobase. Export from SRP is done automatically, without human intervention.This gives you almost complete freedom in your choice of image and metadata file formats. In particular, these are graphic formats JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PDF / A, XML and CSV formats for metadata, as well as any formats for import into your document management system (EDMS).

Destruction confirmed

All physical media are in quarantine storage (in closed storage) for a standard period of 1 month from the moment the scanned documents and metadata are delivered to the client.This allows customers to carry out their own quality control. After the expiration of the retention period and the receipt of the direct permission of the client, all documents placed in quarantine are destroyed in compliance with the security and confidentiality regulations according to the security level P3 described in the DIN 66399 standard. After the destruction of physical media, all scanned images and metadata in our system SRP are removed. The client is issued a document confirming the confidential destruction.

90,000 Articles

For any business object, at one time or another, it may be necessary to translate the documentation into an electronic version. To do this, you need to create a scanned copy of the document, but few managers know where to scan documents so that the scans as a result of such work are of good quality.

To save your time (and it takes at least a minute to create only one scanned copy of a document), to get high quality, you need to contact a company that specializes in providing such services.

Services from our company

Carrying out scanning of documents on professional equipment. It should be noted that it is the equipment of a professional type that allows you to scan even a dilapidated document on paper, making an electronic copy of it in a good version.

Special equipment can even recognize text or a picture on this document to make an electronic copy of the document, available later for editing.

If the document is very old and the equipment does not automatically recognize it, special settings are made and the document is processed manually. But this type of equipment occupies a large area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room, but if you trust to make scans of documents of a particular company, it carries out these works in its office, where, in fact, such equipment is installed.

Document binding

Before using the equipment, our employees initially release it from metal fasteners (paper clips, pin staples).After scanning is complete, paper documentation is restored to its original form (folders are stapled, staples and staples are returned to their place). For documents that cannot be bound (books), special scanners are used.

Due to the fact that the equipment (and these are flow printers with high printing speed) scans one document no more than a few seconds. Hundreds of thousands of sheets of documents can be processed per day.

At this speed, there is a risk of making mistakes

After scanning, the electronic version is checked page by page at the time of compliance with the sources on paper.

The final step in professional document scanning is organizing and organizing your files. Moreover, at your request, our employees can create an electronic archive for your company on the basis of scanned documents, which will not only save the energy of your company’s employees, but also save money that does not need to be spent on additional office space.

Scanning – – copy center in Novorossiysk

Scanning of documents in Novorossiysk

Our company scans documents of different sizes from A4 to A0 +.We have a fleet of automatic and manual scanners, which allows you to quickly convert your documents into electronic form.

At the first stage, the technical preparation of paper materials is carried out, which involves direct physical work with documents: binding, removal of staples, staples, etc. This will further reduce and automate the scanning process.

Scanning A4 and A3

Format / circulation

p. 1-50

51-100 p.

From 100 p.

A4 single




A4 stitched




A3 single




A3 stitched




[block color = “# FFF” background = “# f16a10”] We can perform page recognition, the cost of this service is negotiated separately.[/ block]

We have put into operation a large-format HP DesignJet scanner and are pleased to offer you to perform black-and-white and color scanning of A2, A1, A0 and A0 + formats in Novorossiysk . That is, we can easily make copies of almost all engineering works.

We scan:

  • design drawings;
  • electrical diagrams; layouts;
  • 90,042 construction drawings; 90,042 topographic plans;
  • and other documents provided to us by the customer.

And what to do if you need to digitize drawings in huge volumes?

For example, you need to digitize the archive of project documentation. The overwhelming majority of our customers, when contacting the Copycenter “Studsovet”, do not have the time at all. You can order any work in our center during the day, and our specialists will immediately get down to business and devote as much time to your order as it requires. Scanning of the A0 format in various electronic formats – text or graphic, the main thing is that later it would be convenient for the customer to work with them.When you need to digitize drawings and then save the files, inform the manager accepting the application how you plan to use digital copies in the future.

Prices for large format scanning in Novorossiysk






From 1 to 100 copies

Black and white








More than 100 copies.

Black and white





Prepare to scan documents

System as the opposite of chaos – according to this principle, document flow in successful companies is organized.A deep approach, consistency and rationalization are manifested in the details. Proper preparation for scanning documents ensures that the resulting digital copy will meet the requirements, and the original document will not be lost after processing.

Basic Steps to Prepare to Scan

  1. Drawing up a technical assignment, which spells out the goals of the process, the number of documents, their importance, with a large amount of work – the order and timing of scanning.
  2. Selection and systematization of documents. Organizing the source materials helps to further organize the resulting copies, place them in folders, simplify the tasks of storing, filtering and searching.
  3. Preparing for scanning, taking out documents from files, documents should not have fasteners (threads, paper clips, staples). After scanning, we again stitch the paper copies and put them into folders.

Due to properly organized preparation for scanning documents, the workflow as a whole becomes more manageable, reducing the cost of administrative work.It is easier for managers and specialists to find information and data for urgent decisions.

So, at first glance, a secondary, auxiliary process of preparation for scanning documents actually helps to more efficiently manage resources, simplify internal interactions, and make faster, more informed decisions. All of this has a beneficial effect on profit and reputation indicators.

Benefits of training

  1. Reduces labor intensity and costs.This is especially true when digitizing large amounts of data. The stage of preliminary sorting, sorting helps to sequentially process many documents of different formats, synchronize them at the same time, sort by subject. Thus, one process can accommodate several, which leads to significant savings.
  2. Additional systematization and filtering of data, disposal of documents with expired statute of limitations, release from unnecessary functions.
  3. Dramatic reduction of risks of loss of documents or their electronic copies.Simplify storage, search and access to the files you need. It takes less time to find the original and the electronic copy.

Our company offers its services for scanning and processing large amounts of data, following all the recommended steps to reduce your costs and simplify document flow.

90,000 Invoice Scanning and Invoice Where to Start

An invoice is a tax document that is from January 1, 2020.must be stored for 5 years. As a result, a company with a good customer flow generates a large amount of documentation. The archive will require enough space and a specialist who will monitor the systematization of all files and folders.

In order to reduce maintenance costs and optimize workflow, many companies are already actively using modern technologies and software developments that make it possible to convert a large number of documents into electronic form and store them on a PC.

Main Purposes of Invoice Scanning:

  • Organizing documents for quick search in case of checks.

  • Eliminate the loss of important invoices.

  • Quick reconciliation of several documents.

  • Liberation of office space from a large amount of paper.

How important documents are scanned

Before starting to scan invoices, special preparation is required.It is necessary to free the papers from staples and paper clips and arrange them according to certain criteria (numbers, chronology, etc.). Then the invoices are scanned on special equipment and organized into folders. It is imperative to check each document and, if necessary, correct the errors found manually. After scanning, all accounts go to the accounting program of the company. Without leaving the workplace, the employee will be able to access the necessary documents, which will significantly speed up the process.

For reliable protection of electronic documents from copying or deletion, you can use data backup.Access control mechanisms allow you to set restrictions on viewing. All information will be under reliable protection!

Professional scanning of invoices

If you need to translate a lot of paper documents into electronic form, we suggest using the services of our “Archive Center”. This will save you from the need to purchase expensive equipment and train personnel to work with it, distracting from everyday tasks. Extensive work experience, professionalism of employees, the use of reliable technologies for storing information allows you to scan invoices quickly and efficiently.

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