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In this store of Staples you can find out the price range of the all products which you can see online or in-store.

Address :

9 Old Kings Road, Palm Coast, Florida, USA

Postal Code : 32137
Opening Hours :

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Sunday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Phone : 3864479155
Fax : 3864479102

All stores might not offer the same variety but they mostly have the typical range of products that would be available at any store of Staples.

Staples is among the biggest brands that retail best electronics, stationery and office supplies in the whole country.

Since, I advice you to have a rough look at the product range before you go shopping for electronics or professional office supplies.

Staples has also savings on product ranges randomly and anytime we can come across with this type offers on their website.

We’ll also focus on these deals and coupons you might print or use on the internet sites.

From technology range of Staples you can see:

Apple; contains offers of iPad, iPod and iPhone accessories in general and you can see products related to Mac accessories.

Cell Phones; you can see price range for smart phones, accessory range suitable with them.

Many more aisle of Staples which you can find at Staples Locations Florida Palm Coast are actually available in the range of products.

Staples Florida Palm Coast Features

  • Mobile Phones
  • Full-service UPS® Shipping
  • Buy online.Pickup in store
  • Technology Services
  • Ship to Store
  • Copy & Print Services
  • UPS® Prepaid Drop-off
  • Mobile Printing

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Ex-Palm Coast Staples Employee Arrested For Armed Robbery and Assault at the Store

Brandon Hubbert is a 27-year-old young father who likes fine clothes and is proud of his young daughter, whose portrait adorns his Facebook page.

He lived on Elm Avenue in Bunnell. For a time, he worked at the Staples store on Old Kings Road in Palm Coast, before losing that job and commuting to Jacksonville for another job.

Early this morning—just after midnight—Hubbert turned himself in at the Flagler County jail on three first-degree felonies and a third-degree felony stemming from his alleged armed robbery and assault at Staples almost exactly a year ago, following an elaborate plan allegedly to stake out his former place of employment and rob the store manager just after closing time, when the money was being counted. If convicted, he could spend the next 30 years in prison.

The armed robbery, barely publicized at the time, took place the evening of Sept. 11, 2015. Flagler County detectives were able to reconstruct the events of that evening based on surveillance video, the pinging of Hubbert’s cell phone, statements from the victim, and clues Hubbert left at the scene and unwittingly revealed on his Facebook page. The following account is based on the detective’s summary in Hubbert’s arrest report.

Hubbert arrived in the area of the Staples store, at 9 Old Kings Road, at 6:36 p.m. that evening. Just before 8 p.m., he was captured on Bealls Outlet’s surveillance video walking in front of that store and heading toward Staples, wearing a gray Florida State Seminoles sweatshirt with its hoodie tight around his face. He wore blue jeans and white shoes and carried a call phone that, judging from the video, appeared “illuminated,” or in use.

One of the store employees, a 22-year-old woman, saw him walk into the store, go straight down the center aisle and head toward the back. The line of sight from the front to the back of the store is obstructed by numerous shelves.

The store closed at 9 p.m. David Miller, the 28-year-old Tech Services supervisor, was counting money in the front office, at the southwest corner of the store. Hubbert had been hiding in the back storage bay area, from where he emerged, unbeknownst to others in the store, knocking down boxes of merchandise and at one point stepping on a box and leaving behind the distinctive, waffle-patterned shoeprint and shoe size that would eventually help tie him to the alleged crime, among other evidence.

He made his way to the front office, again without others in the store seeing him, entered the office and pointed a small, black, semi-automatic gun at Miller, whom he addressed by his first name: he knew him.

Hubbert ordered Miller to disconnect the store phone and place money bags into Hubbert’s book bag. He got about $1,500. Hubbert than ordered Miller to the ground and took his cell phone, preventing him from calling 911. He told him to count out loud. Hubbert than walked back out the way he came, through the store and toward the back—again without others in the store seeing him—and kicked open a rear-back door, damaging it, before fleeing the scene. Staples employees gave sheriff’s deputies his name, saying his description fit that of an employee who’d worked there two or three years before.

From there, detectives found Hubbert’s Facebook page, where he calls himself “Brandon Bigg B Hubbert,” and posted several pictures of himself wearing a sweatshirt similar to the ones seen in the Bealls surveillance video.

Detectives then found his phone number by matching it to a pawn broker transaction Hubbert had conducted in Jacksonville two weeks before the robbery. Hubbert had freely given his phone number to the pawn broker at the time. That led detectives to the phone number’s cell records and pinging hits the evening of the robbery, three of which were around Staples.

Detectives interviewed him on May 10, when he acknowledged having worked at that Staples store years before, working—among other assignments —in the back storage bay. His shoes, the detective noted, matched in size and pattern the one whose imprint had been left on a box. He would not provide a reason as to his presence in the area of the store that evening or a current residency in Jacksonville, saying he often stays in hotels there. During the interview, the arrest report notes, Hubbert “showed signs of being nervous and had two outbreaks of burping.” The detective concluded he was “showing signs of deception.”

In early June detectives visited Hubbert’s mother on Elm Street in Bunnell, who told the cops that her son works in Jacksonville but still lives in Bunnell.

Hubbert’s mother got on the phone and, according to the report, yelled at him and confronted him with the allegations against him. “Brandon Hubbert does not deny being involved and states that his child will be taken care of,” the report states.

A circuit judge signed the warrant for Hubbert’s arrest on Wednesday on four counts: Armed robbery, armed burglary, aggravated assault and tampering with a witness. He remains at the Flagler County jail on $110,000 bond.

It was the second arrest of an individual who’d worked at that Staples store in less than two years. In January 2015, Robert Harper, a store manager, was arrested on charges of grand theft in a defrauding scheme involving about $3,000 of the store’s money. He confessed, completed a pre-trial intervention program through the court system, and in April the charge, a third-degree felony, was dropped.

BIZ BUZZ: Staples shopping center to add Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has filed plans with the city of Palm Coast to taken over an existing 2,200-square-foot space on the north side of the Staples shopping center, closest to Old Kings Road North, according to city spokeswoman Cindi Lane.

The plan includes a drive-through location to be constructed on this same side of the building.

Other Biz Buzz:

Palm Coast BAC invites businesses to customize their entries in new online directory

The Palm Coast Business Assistance Center is launching an online business directory — the Palm Coast BAC Shop Local Directory — and is inviting Palm Coast businesses to customize their entries.

All registered businesses in Palm Coast will be a part of the new Shop Local Directory, at no cost to the businesses, according to a city press release. Most businesses are already listed with minimal, basic entries, giving just the business name and location.

Now, businesses have the opportunity to claim their entry and give it their own brand, with their logo, photos, a link to their website, telephone number and any Shop Local deals they’re offering. The business owner/operator will have control of the listing and will be able to edit it any time, as needed.

To customize a listing, visit, click “programs” and then “Shop Local.” There is no charge to participate or to use the directory.

Home-based businesses are not currently listed, but all home-based businesses are eligible to participate at no cost, as well. Owners/operators of home-based businesses should call the BAC at 986-2499.

The Palm Coast BAC Shop Local Directory is divided into categories and also can be sorted by shopping districts and deals. The directory is an easy-to-use resource for residents and visitors to find registered Palm Coast businesses.

Shop Local is good for the economy, too: Locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy.

East Coast Premier Properties hires Amy Havers

Amy Havers, has been hired as a sales agent at East Coast Premier Properties. She was born in Colorado, and has lived in Palm Coast since 2009. Her husband works in South Sudan. Julie Mathis is broker/owner of East Coast Premier Properties, located at 5402 N. Oceanshore Blvd. Call 445-9288, or visit

Florida Hospital Flagler names new clinical resource manager

Florida Hospital Flagler has selected Idana Oliva to serve as the hospital’s clinical resource manager.
In this role, Oliva is responsible for maintaining quality patient care and enforcing policies, procedures, and practices of the facility. Oliva manages nursing operations for the 2 West Overflow unit, flex pool staff, and agency personnel.

Oliva previously served as Florida Hospital Flagler’s house supervisor. She is a Palm Coast resident and is fluent in Spanish.

Palm Coast Chiropractic Center celebrates nine years

Dr. Jenn Thornton, owner, has announced that of Palm Coast Chiropractic Center is celebrating nine years in business.

The center currently has five employees and care for newborns to seniors, at 4721 E. Moody Blvd., Suite 101, in Bunnell, in the Amaral Professional Offices. Call 386-437-7111.


Staples, Florida – FL (+1 386-447-9155)

What Other Say: User (10/10/2017 03:13)
Ridiculous. I wish we had something better in Palm Coast. It’s so hard to find an employee when you need help some where OTHER than printing or checkout. One of the employees begrudgingly helped me load a chair into my truck and was on the phone trying to buy pot while doing so…. The WORST

User (08/10/2017 03:01)
Great store for office and computer items. They have also water and some snacks. 😎😎😎

User (19/09/2017 20:19)
Recently visited with printer issues. Stacie (?) was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and solved our problem…. with a smile ! Later that day, we visited for extensive copying of pics on a thumb drive, for hurricane damage / insurance purposes and Doug did an exceptional job for us. Folks, this was just after hurricane Irma had affected us all and these people truly cared. They’ve earned all of my business !

User (22/08/2017 19:49)
The employees at this store deserve 5 stars!! They go above and beyond to assist customers. They may be short staffed at times, but they are always willing to help. They have the best prices for back to school shopping. Their prices on computers are the lowest I’ve seen for the quality. I’ve read the reviews and some of them sound ridiculous!! Some of the people leaving reviews have no compassion for the employees.

User (22/08/2017 19:40)
I had their tech department work on my office computers and they did an amazing job. I have their Virus Shield protection and the tech fixes my computers every time we have issues. I love Staples.

User (11/08/2017 18:03)
Absolute worse experience I’ve ever had!!! Don’t have any tech work done here. They profess to have certified technicians but only have 1 certified tech and did not live up to their mission statement plastered on the wall. The so-called “certified tech” was not honest and had no regard for customer service. I bought a new lap top 4 weeks ago and was promised it would be loaded with various programs, virus protection etc. When I went to pick up the computer hardly anything was done that I paid for. I am in grad school and desperately needed my computer fixed. I returned the next day as was told the computer was ready once again. The “certified” technician told me he would meet me when I arrived and go over the computer. As I was walking in the store he was walking out and I thought he was going to come back in. Turns out he left and had no intention of helping me. I was then left with a very nice young man who did not really know what was going on either. In the meantime no one could find my hard drive from my old computer. So now I have personal information lying around and no one knew where it was. I then contacted the manager and had to go as far as calling the corporate office to get them to help me. Again, I had to leave my laptop there another night. When asking for some sort of discount, the manager refused it at first but with our insistence he finally gave us a small discount. When I say small considering what I went through, and the hours and trips up to the store, it was not worth it! Now it’s four weeks later and I have a massive virus in my computer. I go back up to the store and the “certified” technician looked at the virus protection and made some adjustments that probably should’ve been activated when they installed the virus protection. Once again, I had to leave my computer overnight. The technician told me I would not be charged since I just purchased the computer. Upon picking up the computer, I was then presented a bill for $159. I told the rude girl at the tech desk I was supposed to have the service done at no charge according to the “certified” technician. The young lady then called the manager, Moises. After talking with the manager, the lady hung up the phone and proceeded to tell me that Moises would go ahead and let me have it this time but in the future I needed to pay like all other customers. The young lady then proceeded to tell me while pointing to another customer you need to pay for a service contract like this man does because “we don’t give free service”. I never expect free service unless it is warranted. I was told upfront the service would be free by the technician because I had just purchased the computer. I was shocked that employees would talk to customers in that manner. Again, I do not think the virus protection was activated properly. I pointed to their mission statement and said “you failed” and walked out. This experience was worse than a nightmare. I brought my computer home and it continues to run slow. Do not ever bring your computer to this store for service!!’ I never will. I will go to Best Buy in Daytona going forward. The only reason I gave one Star was because I could not exit out and post this review until I assigned a star.

User (25/06/2017 05:01)
Came into this location with every intention of it being a good experience. Boy was I wrong. I needed to get some color prints done for a work project. The lady behind the counter who I was reaching out to for help, would not get her behind off the stool to help me with the process. I understand at times work can be boring, but customer service is 100% the priority. And they failed that. I will not return to this location. I would rather drive 20 minutes to the closest Office Depot versus coming back here. Terrible.

User (26/08/2016 03:49)
Unfortunately, Palm Coast does not have many options on office/computer stores. It’s either Staples, Walmart or Target. Staples usually has the best selection but their service is horrible. There never seems to be anyone working, they never pick up the phone and seem to have less and less in stock and always want me to order online. Thankfully, I have an Amazon Prime membership which saves me a lot of trips to Staples but when I do go I always leave disappointed. I would love to see an alternative come into Palm Coast that could put this store out of business.

User (18/07/2016 23:03)
Do not recommend, The staff is not friendly at all and refuse to answer the phones.

User (06/04/2016 23:12)
Hard to find help. They do not have enough employees.

User (13/03/2016 23:14)
My husband and I went in for some ink for an older copier and the one we needed was not in stock. An employee ordered it on line for us to be delivered tomorrow! Very helpful and very much appreciated! Thank you Staples!

User (16/10/2014 06:47)
They NEVER answer the phone in a timely manner. No matter what dept you call…you wait….and wait…and wait. I only shop here because its close. If your NOT in a hurry shop online…its faster and cheaper.

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Code: CF-102 / 6a86bb6fbdda35b3

7-9 Old Kings Rd N, Palm Coast, FL 32137

This Retail Property is no longer advertised on LoopNet. com.

Old Kings Commons · Retail Property For Sale


Investment Highlights

  • New Anchor Renewals 5-year renewals for both Staples and Bealls Outlet solidifying their commitment to the location after both have been at the cent
  • Stable Income Stream Over 85% of GLA and over 77% of the income is from National Credit Tenants
  • Long Term Leases 81% of the center has leases with remaining terms of 5 years or more and 88% of the center has remaining lease terms of at least 4
  • Upward Trending Strong Sales In-line tenants have strong health ratios and increasing sales for most tenants that report
  • Seasoned Tenant Roster over 57% of the tenants have been at the center for more than 10 years with 3 tenants occupying the center for over 20 years

Property Facts

Property Type

Building Size

Building Class

Property Type

Building Size

Building Class

Year Built

Property Type

Building Size

Building Class

Year Built


Building Height

Building FAR

Land Acres

84,759 SF




1 Story

0. 50

3.89 AC

Year Built


Building Height


Building Height

Building FAR

Land Acres


1 Story


3.89 AC




Opportunity Zone

496 Spaces (5.85 Spaces per 1,000 SF Leased)

780 FT on Old Kings Rd N
  • 780 FT on Old Kings Rd N
  • 478 FT on Royal Dr
780 FT on Old Kings Rd N
  • Listing ID: 9050652
  • Date Created: 9/6/2017
  • Last Updated:
  • Address: 7-9 Old Kings Rd N, Palm Coast, FL




Daytona Beach International Airport

42 min drive 31. 4 mi


Parcel Number 18-11-31-4961-00000-0010 Improvements Assessment $2,850,000
Land Assessment $0 Total Assessment $2,850,000

Walmart Supercenter in Palm Coast, FL | Grocery, Electronics, Toys | Serving 32164

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  • Temporarily on hold, due to high demand.
  • Please keep checking back for availability.

Tell us what you need

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A radio station in Panama City Beach, Florida

WWLY (100. 1 FM, “Wild Willy 100.1”), is a radio station airing a classic country music format. Licensed for Panama City Beach, Florida, USA, the station serves the Panama City area. The station is currently owned by Magic Broadcasting II and broadcasts from Westwood One. [1]


WPCF-FM was founded by Charles K. and Carly B. Winstanley. Winstanley had a radio history, founded WQXY in Baton Rouge in 1966, sold it in 1970 and moved to Florida.During Winstanley’s stay in Florida, they bought a Christian radio station. WPCF and decided to build a simultaneous FM broadcast. The station was assigned the callsign WPCF-FM on December 3, 1987, and it began airing less than a week later. (After the Vinstenleys sold the WPCF cluster in the mid-1990s, they left Florida for Louisiana in the mid-1990s and became the owners of WYLA and WYLK in the North Shore of New Orleans from 1996-1999. Charles also had a stake in KJIN and KCIL in Houma.)

On 10 March 2000, the station changed its callsign to WQJM under the alias “Jammin ‘Hits 100. 1″. They abandoned this pop hit format in 2001, calling themselves Wave 100.1, which forced them to change their signage again on June 25, 2002, to WVVE. [2] This format has added some classic staple hits as well. In 2010, the format became women-oriented. Hot AC, new name “V-100”.

On April 15, 2014, at 10 am, WVVE abandoned the Hot AC format and began to slow down from the song “Let’s Light it Up” to Earth, Wind and Fire. The station and its website advertised that on the 17th, at 10 am, “Panama City will find its place.”At the time, the station switched to Rhythmic Oldies as Groove 100.1 “. The first song on Groove 100.1 was Fantastic Journey to Lakeside. The station’s new Facebook page promotes Groove 100.1 as” Feel the good old school of the 70s, 80s and 90s

On 8 August 2016, WVVE changed their format from rhythmic old songs to active rock called “97X” as WYYX 97.7 FM became silent.

On 2 November 2016, WVVE changed their callsigns to WYYX.

On March 17, 2017, WYYX abandoned the active rock format “97X” (calls and the WYYX format returned to 97. 7 FM Bonifay) and began stunting with Christmas music “100.1 Santa FM “to new calls from WWLY. [2]

From 8:00 on March 23, 2017, this station now broadcasts classic country music under the Wild Willie brand 100.1. [3]

Former logos


external link

  • WWLY in FCC FM station database
  • WWLY on Radar
  • WWLY in Nielsen Audio FM station database

igorkiporouk – LiveJournal

17 .08.1921 Oslo.
Yesterday, when we met in the city of Dinara, they left her our phone, Marina invited her to visit. Dinara was with her son, for sure the kid would be interested to see the boat. He managed to joke me: – Be sure to come, my wife will bring perfect order! Not to say that there was a mess in our boat, but in the evening Marina announced that she would not go to the city tomorrow, she would clean up. Although, most likely it is difficult for her to walk a lot because of her knee.
This morning I found a man in the marina’s office.Again he was afraid that they might raise the issue of quarantine, tests, etc., took all the documents with him, but again nothing came in handy. I was simply asked how long the boat was and the price was 600 CZK (60 euros) per night. Expensive, but I already knew the rates. The only document I needed, a credit card, I forgot on the boat, I had to return. They don’t care about safety at all, these Norwegians.
I made a big circle around the city alone. I started with a modern, uncrowded quarter on the embankment and went far from the port area.Although it is not as lively there as on the main streets, the city is alive, not all life is concentrated in one place. Passing again by the KIWI supermarket (a good supermarket), I was once again convinced that the area in front of it is a place for local bums and drunks to hang out. Yesterday I thought that it seemed an accident, but there really is a specific audience gathering there since the very morning – drunken faces, which no longer reads nationality, and sometimes gender. But not Arabs, not blacks, and certainly not Chinese.Well, to hell with them, if not for the accompanying entourage: spattered, pissed asphalt, scraps of food, garbage on the benches. It is strange that neither the police nor the administration of the store cares about this. Tolerance? Opposite KIWI is the very Turkish store. The asphalt is freshly washed, there are trays of vegetables and fruits right on the sidewalk in front of the store. For some reason, the lumpen are not suitable there, apparently the Turks are not very tolerant.
Completing a circle around the city, I went to the opera house. This is a local attraction that is worth visiting, even if you (like me) are not at all interested in opera.The building was built in such a way that its sloping roof starts from the ground level and you can go to the very top along it, from where the panorama of the city opens. And this is not only not forbidden, but it is specially built for this. Even a warning sign stands: – Caution, steps! The roof itself is clad in white marble and the rare steps scattered in a chaotic manner can really be overlooked. I wonder how much this whole marble roof weighs !? I’ll have to come here with Marina.
In the evening we started doing the laundry.Firstly, they haven’t washed it for a long time, and secondly, the marina is expensive, but the price includes unlimited use of the laundry, and we have accumulated junk for four bookmarks.

…………………………………. ……. …………………………… …………… ……………………. ………………….. …………….. …………….

I photographed a lot in Oslo, the city is interesting. I tried to somehow describe it in words, but apparently not given, so I’ll just post more photos.I also thought for a long time how to upload photos. Show separately architecture, people, monuments …? But in the end he decided just at random.

(Read more . .. Collapse)

How to make a palm tree from bottles step by step. How to make a palm tree from plastic bottles

The desire of a person to decorate his home is not limited to the area of ​​an apartment or house. Going out into the street, it is embodied in flower beds and front gardens, in garden bushes and trees.But seasonal changes in nature constantly make adjustments to the beauty we have created.

But how can you create such a picture from improvised means that can please the eye for many years? We will explain in this article.

Artificial palm material

Plastic bottles will be the raw material for the manufacture of man-made palm trees. This is one of the most common containers on the planet for various drinks.

To create a palm tree, you will need a large number of the same type of plastic bottles in two colors:

  • brown: from kvass or beer – for a tree trunk,
  • 90,040 green: from a sprite, tarragon or the same beer – for its leaves.

There can be several forms, in this case you will have to alternate them during assembly, but it is better to have the same ones, matching both in color and shape.

Procurement of material will be the most difficult work in the process of “growing” a palm tree from plastic bottles with your own hands. But, if you have children, and they have friends, then all the work can turn into an exciting cultural and educational event with a small palm grove in the end.

Or not to end with palm trees alone.

Before use, the bottles should be washed so that the remnants of the drinks contained in them do not become an adhesive base for dust, and remove the labels and the remnants of the glue with which they were glued.

Assembling a palm tree from plastic bottles – step by step for beginners

There are a lot of options for making a plastic palm tree, let’s consider the most common.

1. Barrel.

It can be based on:

  • metal rod or reinforcement;
  • wooden post;
  • dried wood.

Consider the options for manufacturing the trunk of a palm tree. Various technologies have been used to make the trunks of these palms.

In first case , the top of the bottles was simply cut off, and they were strung on a rod, inserted into each other. This only remotely resembles the trunk of a palm tree, but it is done simply and does not require as many bottles as other methods.

Second option resembles the first, but in it the tops of the bottles are carved with a crown, the teeth of which are slightly turned outward.

Third – requires a fairly large number of bottles, but in this way you can decorate very thick bases, imitating real types of palms with thick trunks, or turn into them trunks of dried trees, freed from unnecessary branches.

Sometimes, in order not to look for such a huge number of the same type of brown bottles, they collect white ones of the same shape, and after screwing their bottoms with screws to the wooden base of the barrel, they are painted with it in one brown color.

This can be done with fade-resistant acrylic paints or car enamels, although some use cheaper nitro paints from aerosol cans. Sometimes with a brush, after the first layer has dried, the grooves are painted in a darker color, it turns out more realistic. It is better to cover everything after painting with a colorless frost-resistant varnish.

For the formation of the texture of the trunk in the fourth way also leaves a fairly large number of bottles, but such an imitation looks even more believable and beautiful.Such scales are obtained using the curvature of the legs of the bottles.

Unlike the previous versions, formed from below, the set of such a “bark” is carried out from the upper part of the “trunk”, when the fasteners of the upper layers (screws, nails, staples) are covered with the lower ones, and the very bottom is dug into the ground or sprinkled with it.

The same method is similar and fifth option , only it imitates the appearance of palm trees, the bark of which is formed by leaves that have died out along the growth of the tree, leaving behind thick protruding parts of the cuttings. We will not describe the method of its formation, it is clear from the photograph.

And we will illustrate with step-by-step photographs the simplest of the textured methods, only unlike the photographs in which it is shown, and where only the lower halves of the bottles are used, we will use all the material. We took the white bottle in order to make the markings more noticeable.

To enlarge the picture, click on it.

The upper part of the bottle, after cutting and folding the ends, unfolds and is inserted into the lower one.Both sit on a metal bar that forms the barrel and bends to your liking. For this, holes of the required diameter are drilled in the bottoms of the bottles, as in the photo.

It’s not that big: for a 3-meter barrel, you need 19 to 20 2-liter bottles.

For massiveness and resistance to crushing of plastic in the future, during the typesetting, the insides of the bottles can be covered with sand.

2. Leaves.

Some of them only at a very great distance resemble palm trees, but they are easy to make.

It is more difficult when you have to work extra scissors.

To enlarge the picture – click on it.

Above the edges of the leaves, you can slightly conjure with an open fire, as in the last photo of this collection, and they will take on a more natural look, because in nature there are no leaves with rectangular ends.

A reliable fastening will be if a washer with tubes is welded to the metal rod of the trunk, into which the metal rods of the palm branches are inserted.Such a washer can be screwed to a wooden trunk, or simply drilled into it and inserted scraps of metal pipes.

You can collect branches using the corks of the bottles themselves.

And you can use a stapler by cutting off the threaded necks. Or, inserting the bottle leaves one by one, fix only the last one on the rod.

The video shows the step-by-step production of a palm tree from plastic bottles:

Minipalm from plastic bottles, video

If you are not ready for the global implementation of the idea of ​​planting palm trees from plastic bottles, such as in the first photo, then you may like the minimalistic idea.

To enlarge the picture – click on it.

We described the method of making the leaves of one of these homemade palms, and the video instructions for making such a composition can help you in making it:

It is also interesting in one of the methods of making a trunk, which can be used in the production of a larger palm tree for placement in the yard, as well as the method of heat treatment of plastic, which we mentioned earlier.

Artificial coconuts, bananas and other fruits of palm trees can be made of expanded polystyrene, pasted over with paper and painted.If you paint them in several layers with acrylic paints for outdoor use, then they can live on the street for quite a long time.

And finally one more video:

Dear readers, if you have any questions, ask them using the form below. We will be glad to communicate with you;)

Instructions for making palm trees from plastic bottles.

At the moment, there are many ways to decorate your summer cottage. For this, plastic bottles, tires and flower pots are used.If you wish and have a good imagination, you can independently come up with a new version of creating an exotic tree.

Basic materials for making palm trees for the country:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Flower pots

Below are interesting and non-standard options for making a palm tree for a summer cottage.

It all depends on the size of the tree.If you have a large summer cottage, then you can make a fairly tall palm tree with a lush crown. It is enough to take 10-15 brown plastic bottles for the barrel. The approximate volume of bottles is 2.5 liters. The larger the bottle, the larger the barrel diameter will be. You will need 10-30 green plastic containers for the crown. This spread in quantity is explained by the fact that the shape of the leaves can differ significantly.

How to make a palm tree out of plastic bottles with your own hands in stages: step by step instructions

There are many ways to make an exotic tree.The methods of cutting bottles differ from each other. It depends on the availability of free time and imagination.

Materials for making palm trees:

  • 12 2.5 L brown bottles
  • 20 green bottles, 1.5-2 l
  • Cable, 1-1.5 cm thick
  • Metal tube for stem


  1. Take brown containers and cut the bottom along the contour of the grooves, as a result, the bottom of the bottle should resemble an asterisk
  2. Cut the container 10 cm before the neck of the bottle, you should get 6 petals
  3. String prepared bottle constructions onto a steel tube previously dug into the ground. You should have a raised barrel
  4. Start making leaves. Cut the green containers in half and cut the top into strips. The width of the strip should be 2-3 mm. The thinner the stripes, the fluffier the crown
  5. Now string 4 plastic blanks on the cable. The cable must be rigid enough. It should bend well, but also keep its shape
  6. On top of the rod with the trunk, attach a sheet of wood with 5 holes in a circle. Insert prepared leaves into these holes.Adjust bottles as needed

The barrel can be made by cutting a pipe from a plastic bottle. But there is also an option that will allow you to use the bottoms. In this case, much more raw materials will be needed.


  • As a basis for making the trunk, you can use a flat wooden log of the required height
  • Cut the bottom off the brown plastic bottle.Using the screws, screw the bottoms into the barrel
  • Do this in a circle, simulating the relief of the trunk of a palm tree
  • Continue screwing the bottoms to the very top of the log
  • But you can also make a palm trunk from the cylindrical part of the bottle
  • For this, the lower part is cut off, and the bottle itself is only cut to half into 6 petals
  • The bottles are then joined together

Crown can be crafted using green plastic bottles. The density of the palm branches depends on the number of plastic bottles.


  • To do this, you need to take green bottles and cut them into thin strips, having previously cut off the bottom
  • Thus, a branch is formed and several bottles, which are then fastened together, by stringing one on top of the other
  • If there are not so many bottles, branches can be made differently. For this, the green container is cut into 5 parts, not to the end of the bottle.A distance of
  • remains in the neck area
  • With the help of scissors, a kind of fringe is made along the edges of the cut petals. It is necessary to make it stick out in different directions
  • The resulting leaves must be joined together to form a crown

How to make a crown for a palm tree from plastic bottles?

For this you need a base, and the leaves themselves.


  • Take a copper cable cut into small pieces
  • String the workpieces onto the wire and secure the edges
  • Bend cable
  • if necessary
  • Next, you need to insert the leaves into the base for the crown, it can be a metal ring or a wood blank with holes

How to collect a palm tree from plastic bottles

The palm is going upwards. To do this, you will need the following components:

  • Blanks for barrel
  • Metal pipe
  • 90,040 CZK
  • Scotch tape


  • Starting from the bottom, assemble the barrel by stringing one bottle after the other. You can fasten them using tape or a hole punch.
  • Assemble the crown by staggering the leaves. Spread out branches and bend them using a cable.
  • To give relief and fluffiness to the leaves, you can use scissors.Heat is also used to curl the petals. This can be done with a gas burner or a regular fire.
  • It is necessary to connect with adhesive tape, when there will be 30 cm to the top, it is worth collecting the crown.
  • Attach the crown to the trunk. You can fix the top of the palm tree with the trunk using a construction stapler, liquid nails or tape.

Making a palm tree from plastic bottles is not at all difficult. It is enough to be patient and show imagination.

VIDEO: Palm from bottles

Reading time ≈ 6 minutes

You can decorate your garden or the courtyard of a country house with an original palm tree made from plastic bottles, made by yourself – you can use the step-by-step instructions and detailed schemes for beginners. Consider several master classes on creating a beautiful exotic craft using improvised tools and simple materials. Such a decor will help create a real palm paradise at your summer cottage, and making will be a fun experience.

Real palm tree with bananas in the country

Palm tree in his garden

The material for creating a man-made palm tree will be plastic, namely the plastic bottles that have accumulated over the summer season. Now it’s time to use them for their intended purpose and usefully, collecting an exotic plant right at your dacha.

To implement this idea, you need two colors of bottles: green and brown. At the same time, containers should be in sufficient quantity, because the copy should not be a mini-version of a palm tree, but a large and original art object along with.

Plastic palms in the country with garden figures

Suitable material for assembly:

  • plastic bottles of the same type – brown and green colors are the priority. As a last resort, you can use transparent containers, painting them at the finishing stage in the desired shade;
  • brown beer, kvass or tea containers are suitable – they will form a palm trunk:
  • green plastic can remain from sprite bottles, mineral water, energy drinks, tarragon – these are future palm leaves;
  • Some decorate the tree with bananas and coconuts, so you can buy plastic dummies of fruits or make them yourself from improvised means, painting them in the desired tone;
  • If you have bottles of different shapes, you will have to alternate them during the assembly process so that the transitions and differences in width are not very noticeable.

Ornamental coconuts and bananas

The complexity of installation lies in painstaking manual work and the need to process each detail separately: cut the desired shape, adjust to size, process the edges.

Where can you place a decorative palm tree:

  • near and;
  • amidst greenery and gardens;
  • at the entrance zone in;
  • along the facade or fence;
  • about or;
  • 90,040 on;
  • next to unsightly or garden.

This craft will be a decoration for a children’s outdoor party, a theme party and even a wedding.

Beautiful palm compositions

Before starting work, all plastic parts must be thoroughly cleaned and washed so that no traces of labels, glue and drinks remain. It is also important to take care of the availability of all the necessary tools and materials, step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

Single plastic palms in the backyard

Workshop on making “evergreen” wood

A home craftsman must purchase tools and stock up on the required number of bottles, determine the size of the product, namely the height of the trunk and the width of the crown.

What you need to build:

  • masking tape;
  • thick wire or rope;
  • metal pipe, fittings, rod or dried-up tree trunk;
  • plastic bottles in two colors;
  • sharp scissors and a stationery knife.

Remember to remove all labels, film and paper from the surface of the bottles. The remaining glue must be dissolved in acetone or soapy water, and then removed with a sponge.

Step-by-step process description:

The item can be decorated with fancy garden figurines or homemade plastic animals from the same bottles.For a tropical palm tree, a cheerful brown monkey made of plastic fringe and wooden parts is suitable.

The tree can be decorated with bananas, planted in a flower pot, a mound of decorative stones or among the plantings in the garden.

The video master class below shows step by step and with explanations for beginners how to independently make a beautiful plastic palm tree from simple bottles.

Other options for making country palms

The appearance of such palms is always approximately the same, the only differences can be in the technique of cutting leaves and making the core for the trunk.Let’s take a look at some interesting ideas:

A palm tree made of green and brown plastic bottles (made with your own hands according to the diagrams step by step, as well as with explanations for beginners) will help extend the summer on yours. Making such a craft is an easy task, even beginners can do it. Use the homemade palm tree as outdoor party props, decoration, flower beds, etc.

A palm tree made from plastic bottles creates an unusual harmony in the garden or on the site.It seems that you are relaxing on the seashore, and around the palm trees and sand)))). Today, dear friends, we will consider two interesting master classes on making a beautiful palm tree from plastic bottles with our own hands, the author of these master classes is Olga Akimova and Safter Yeshilev . It’s no secret that the plastic bottle won over many of us, because it is a pure material that is very light and simple to use. In addition, what is more important, it is a cheap material, which is of great importance for many.Crafts from bottles will last a very long time, because we all know that a bottle decomposes for a very long time. Therefore, making crafts from them, we cleanse the environment and create something interesting and beautiful for ourselves. If you suddenly have accumulated a lot of plastic bottles, then it’s time to use them for their intended purpose, which means you can make a beautiful palm tree out of them, for example.
Probably many of us want the summer to last longer on their site, that’s just the bottle palm tree that will become a decoration on the site and we will extend the summer period in our imagination at least a little.Olga says making a palm tree is very easy, even a beginner will cope with this task.

* Scissors.
* Metal rod.
* Drill.

Method for making palms from bottles:
Before manufacturing it would be good to understand first what size we will make a palm tree and where we will install it. If you have children, then make them such a palm tree on the playground. Believe me, children really like such crafts and they are happy to play around them.
We take plastic bottles and make sure that they are all clean, if there are dirty ones then they need to be washed.Be sure to remove all labels from the bottles and then you can start making.

We take brown bottles and cut off the bottom of them to the height we need.

Now we need to make the branches of our palm tree, for this we take a green plastic bottle and cut it along almost the entire length and then cut it along the edge (as if we were making stripes).

We take a drill and start using it to make holes in each blank from a brown bottle.The holes should be the same as the diameter of the metal bar.

We have all done the blanks, proceed to the assembly of the palm tree, we will make the trunk. We take brown bottles and bend their cloves from the outside, and then we begin to put them on a metal rod. In turn, we insert the bottle into the bottle, look like in the photo.

From above, when the trunk is ready, we put on the leaves that were made from a green bottle. We fix the leaves on the tree as follows: when the mode is the last bottle on the leaves, we leave the neck with the the cork we make a hole in the size of a metal rod and fit it tightly, it holds perfectly, no other fasteners are needed.
That’s it, the plastic bottle palm tree is ready. Look what a beauty Olga turned out to be, and most importantly, such crafts will serve you for a very long time and they are not afraid of rain or frost.

Palm from plastic bottles with coconuts

Different palms are needed, different palms are important. Sasha got a slightly different, but also very interesting and beautiful palm tree with coconuts.Let’s also look at the process of making it, because someone will like this palm tree and someone else, everyone has different tastes.

To make a palm tree, we need:
* Green plastic bottles.
* Brown plastic bottles.
* Scissors.
* Metal rod.
* Drill.

Method for making palm trees with coconuts:
Let’s make the barrel first, take 20 brown beer bottles. So many bottles it took Sasha to make one palm tree 1 m.height.

Cut off the bottom of the bottle closer to the base. We then cut the bottle into five parts.

Now let’s make the bottom foliage from the green bottle. We cut off the bottom and cut it into 5 parts, you will need 3 such blanks.

Then cut out the foliage on it as shown in the photo.

Bend the foliage as shown in the photo.

This is how it should work out for you.

We take 2 plastic bottle.

We also cut off the bottom of it.

Cut almost the entire length into thin strips. The tips need to be sharpened.

Here’s a blank for making a palm tree.

We begin to collect the lower foliage on the iron rod. First, insert the blanks that are cut into strips.

Then we insert the blanks on which the foliage was cut.

We continue, we cut out a makhrushka from a 2 liter bottle

These are the blanks that should be obtained.

From a 1.5 liter bottle, also a trick mode.

For the manufacture of palm branches, blanks from 1.5 liter and 2 liter bottles are required.

If you do not have a lot of green bottles, then transparent bottles can be painted with green paint.

Cut all bottles into strips.

We put caps on all bottles and drill 8 mm.

Bottle necks can be inserted between bottles in order to save bottles.

0.5 l. cut the bottles to size and insert them at the ends of the branches.

Here are our blanks before assembly, you can get to work.

First, we collect 1.5 liter bottles, and at the ends of the branches 2 liter bottles.

It remains to make coconuts, because we have a palm tree with coconuts.To do this, Sasha used old balls, obliged them with a thin wire so that later there was something to fasten.

We paint them brown. When dry we hang them on a palm tree.

Instead of a trunk, we use an old waste pipe 15 and 2.5 meters high. We drill two holes of 8 mm in it. Branches – wire rod 7 mm. 2 meters, 1 meter in each direction.

All the palm tree with coconuts is ready.

Copyright © Attention !.Copying of text and photos can be used only with the permission of the site administration and indicating an active link to the site. 2019 All rights reserved.

In this article, we want to talk about how to successfully combine love of the tropics, creativity and unnecessary plastic bottles.

The palm tree is an undeniable symbol of summer and relaxation. But it is expensive to go to live palm trees, and you want to get a piece of such a wonderful sunny mood. However, why buy a palm tree if you can make it yourself? Moreover, using objects that are easy to find in any home – plastic bottles.

How to make a palm tree from plastic bottles in stages?

  • Let’s start by cutting the leaves of the palm tree. To do this, divide the plastic green bottle into two parts, the upper one is useful
  • Strips are now cut from this top section. Machine the surface lengthwise. The shape of the bottle does not matter at all – any
  • will do.

  • After cutting, the resulting bottles are attached to the cable

IMPORTANT: The cable diameter must be between 12 and 14 millimeters.

  • Now you can start making the barrel . For them, plastic bottles with a capacity of about 2.5 liters of brown color are useful

  • Make cuts along the bottles so that the stripes are wide

  • The bottom is removed

  • Prepare a sheet of metal , the thickness of which must be more than 0.5 centimeters. Two rods need to be welded to this sheet is about 25 centimeters long. One of them should be at an angle of 90 degrees to the sheet, and the other at a smaller angle

  • Place metal tubes on the rods . The diameter is desirable within 20 millimeters. As for the height, it depends on how high the palm tree you want to see

  • At the ends of the rods, you need to weld metal bushings. It is in them that palm leaves from bottles will be planted

IMPORTANT: It is better to bend the wires on which the improvised leaves are planted.

  • As soon as the leaves are collected, can proceed to the trunk

Scheme of a palm tree made of plastic bottles

  • For clarity, you can see on the diagram how to form the trunk of a future tree from plastic bottles. Fix an iron rod in the ground, and then string bottles on it. Pre-cut the bottom of the bottles

  • For green bottles intended for leaves, the bottom is also cut off.Then each bottle is cut into 3 or 4 pieces . Each part, in turn, is made in the form of a fringe

  • As soon as a few green bottles are designed as shown in the diagram, you can start assembling the crown

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to make cross-shaped cuts on the brown bottle so that the green bottles will stick better. For better attachment, you can also wire the composite crowns inside the brown bottle to each other.

  • Now the top with crown is attached to the trunk as shown in the diagram

How many plastic bottles do you need to craft a palm tree?

There are plastic bottles in every home, but how many are needed for a palm tree? For barrel Stock up on 10-15 pieces of brown material, maybe even more.

Pay attention to the displacement: so, for crafts from 15 bottles, it is recommended to purchase a two-liter material, but for smaller palms – bottles of 10 – you can stock up on one and a half-liter bottles.

As for the leaves , then it is better to take bigger bottles for them – the palm leaves are quite long. On average, at least 7 bottles are needed for one palm.

How to make palm leaves from plastic bottles?

  • If you want to get wide leaves , resembling fans, cut off the bottom first. Then cut the bottle so that it forms three parts. It is recommended to use not only green bottles, but also yellow ones – so the palm tree will look more natural

IMPORTANT: Bring the incisions approximately half a finger to the neck.

  • Each of the cuts is rounded and tapering towards the base in such a way as to resemble leaves
  • Now you need to unbend all the leaves outward
  • Leaves are cut to create a fringe. Fringe is required on both sides of each leaf. The middle, of course, should remain intact – 1.5 centimeters is enough. It is recommended to bend each clove to create splendor according to the following principle – one down, the second evenly, and the third up

How to make a palm tree trunk from plastic bottles?

  • First of all, cut about 1/3 of the bottle – namely the bottom
  • 8 petals are cut from the remaining bottle. Half a finger needs to be pulled back from the cover
  • Unscrew each of the segments

IMPORTANT: You can also use a cut-off third of the bottle to save material. However, for this you have to make a hole in it. You can use a knife for such purposes, previously heated on the stove.

How to assemble a palm tree from plastic bottles?

As a rod, which will serve as a support for a palm tree, it is best to use a metal-plastic pipe …Its diameter should be 20 millimeters. But there are no restrictions on the height.

  • Start assembly from the bottom . And for the bottom, pick up the largest details, for the top – the smallest. They are collected by the glass-to-glass method
  • The petals should turn at this time staggered
  • The very bottom is best secured with double narrow tape – it connects perfectly. However, you can also use glue
  • But 30 centimeters before the top of the stem, you need to finish collecting the trunk and start collecting foliage. And also use a checkerboard pattern
  • Once the assembly is complete, Bury the 30 cm reinforcement in the ground. In this case, 40 centimeters should remain on the surface. And on this armature, put on a ready-made pipe with a palm tree

Plastic bottle palms options

Plastic bottle palms can look different. But it’s better to see it once, so brings to your attention a selection of photos with similar artificial trees.

Bonsai palm from plastic bottles

  • To make such a palm cut the top and bottom of the bottle

  • From the resulting green plastic material , cut small strips, and from them – leaves

IMPORTANT: The stripes should be about one centimeter wide.

  • Each of the leaf pieces must be pierced

  • The wire for the branches should also be prepared – it should be from 0. 2 to 0.5 millimeters in diameter

  • Now cut 30-50 centimeters of wire and fold it in half.Pass the first sheet and twist the ends 2 or 3 times – this is how it is fixed

  • The first rectangle is the top sheet. Place the rest on either side of it.

IMPORTANT: You should step back from each pair of leaves 3-4 millimeters, and then you need to twist the wire.

  • Once the twig is finished, twist the ends . In general, you need to stock up on 15 branches for a palm tree.Let the uppermost ones contain the largest number of leaves, and the lower ones – less

  • The palm tree will consist of two tiers. The branches should intertwine, creating a common trunk

  • Now we will create the foundation . A pot is not very suitable – it is best to anchor the palm tree on the island. To make it, a soap dish, saucer, vessels – anything that has an oblong shape will come in handy.The container is covered with cling film and then filled with liquid alabaster

  • Put the palm in the bowl and wait 10 minutes – during this time, solidification will occur. Then it remains only to remove the platform How to make a large palm tree from plastic bottles?
    • First of all, stock up on lots of bottles. Cut them in half and form teeth on the cut portion
    • Next, a metal pin is attached to the ground . Alternatively, strong wire
    • can be used

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to ensure that the pin is firmly attached to the ground.

    • String blanks from bottles onto the pin . It is advisable to go around them in order to create a natural effect
    • Cut leaves from green bottles , after removing the bottom from the bottles
    • Connect all elements into a common structure . They can be held together with wire harnesses or welding

    How to make a small palm tree from plastic bottles?

    For such a small palm for the room you will need only 3 brown bottles and one for leaves with a capacity of 0.6 liters.

    • So cut each of the brown bottles into 4 equal pieces . And along the cut of each of the parts , you need to form cuts triangles to centimeters
    • Peel back these slices
    • Now Divide the green bottle into 3 parts , the largest of which will be the one with a neck – 9 centimeters
    • Collect the barrel from the part that consists of the bottom . Glue other barrel components into it

    As you can see, you can arrange your own tropics in any part of our vast homeland, and at any time of the year.The material is very accessible, and a little time will be spent. In addition, such a palm tree is perfect for those who do not have time to care for living plants.

    Video: Workshop on making a spreading palm tree from bottles

Returned from the depths part 1

This section was created on the basis of the book by Joseph N. Gorz. “Wreck Raising” and other materials …


The great American writer Mark Twain was obsessed in childhood with one passionate desire – to become a pilot in the Mississippi.To this end, he became an apprentice to a pilot who, at the very beginning of the course, asked the future writer what the name of the first settlement located upstream of New Orleans was. “I was glad to be able to answer without hesitation,” Mark Twain wrote later about this case, “and told him that I did not know.”

Every person involved in rescue work at sea usually finds himself in a situation similar to that described by Mark Twain at first: he does not know how to fulfill the task before him, and yet he will certainly try to find a way out of this situation. The history of rescue and ship-lifting operations is nothing more than the history of man’s invention of a wide variety of ways to get various objects out of the water, which began from the very time when he began to drop these objects into the ocean.

There are three main types of marine rescue work: rescuing grounded ships, lifting sunken ships and cargo, and towing ships in distress. The heading of sea rescue may include the removal of an oil tanker from the shallows on a sandbar; diving in search of a handful of Spanish gold coins or lifting corpses to the surface from a sunken passenger liner.Ships, cargo, submarine cables, mines, radioactive waste buried at the bottom of the sea, submarine crews buried alive at a depth of hundreds of feet – all these are objects of sea rescue operations, props of dark tragedies, and sometimes funny comedies.

Rescue is not an easy game. Its arena is the sea, which, as a rule, is rainy and stormy. Beneath its surface lies the abyss, cold, bottomless and hostile. The objects returned to people by sea rescuers are not adapted to be rescued.Such an object may be a cargo of smuggled whiskey on a ship that sank during the “dry law” or an artificial satellite of the Earth that splashed down on the Atlantic deep water. A lone handicraftsman who has to remove brass fittings from a sunken yacht may act as a rescuer, or an entire government allocating $ 65 million to a desperate attempt to find a hydrogen bomb lost at sea. But in all cases, man has one enemy – the sea.And in all cases, the successful outcome of the operation depends on the resourcefulness and ingenuity of individuals.

As a rule, damaged parts of the hull of sunken or grounded ships are located under water and hidden from human eyes, so the risk of a rescuer starting a particular job is almost impossible to assess. Often the most necessary rescue vessels and equipment for this work are for some reason located at this very moment on the opposite end of the globe, in another ocean. When the season begins, which, according to statistics, should be the most favorable for the work of rescuers, the latter discover that the weather has managed to be the worst in the last twenty years. After that, it is difficult for the rescuer not to believe that absolutely everything – fate, bad luck, and gods, no matter how many there are, not to mention the objects of inanimate and elemental forces – united against him in a hostile conspiracy.

To top it off, the rules of this game are very cruel.”There is no reward without salvation” – this is the naval version of the “Winner Takes All” sports formula. This means that if the victory of the rescuer is not absolute, he does not receive anything, in this case the element, the sea, wins. Special rewards for heroic efforts, risk of life and equipment are not provided for by the rules of the game. “There is no reward without salvation” – according to this ruthless rule, the entire risk lies with the rescuer.

It is quite obvious that only extraordinary people can do such a risky and difficult business. Some of them cannot but be called financial masochists, others have an adventurous disposition, and the routine of ordinary life is unbearable for them. Perhaps the rescue business attracts romantic-minded people who want to constantly see themselves in the role of heroes, pulling out the values ​​that have been swallowed by the sea abyss to the shouts and applause of millions of spectators. Among the rescuers there are

engineers who dream of solving almost insoluble technical problems.To the average landlord, very few lifeguards seem like normal people. But no one dares to deny that they are all brave and love the sea.

This book contains stories about such people, about their victories over the sea filled with mysterious horror and faceless hostility. Sometimes these are stories of their defeats. We will not focus our attention on the crashing of the waves, the cry of seagulls, the indescribable silence of the depths of the sea, where the pressure per square centimeter reaches several tons: this is a story about people, not about the Ocean. But the background against which the events described in this book are played out invariably remains the sea, the hostile element. It is an integral part of all the drama associated with the rescue of cargo and ships.

The Time magazine somehow explained how plagiarism differs from compilation and research. Plagiarism is borrowing from one written source. A person who borrows from several works for his work has the right to call himself a researcher.

In preparing this book, the author has done a lot of research work, having looked through a lot of printed sources, and wants to warn the reader that the merits of the book offered to his attention, if any, are primarily the merits of the sources on which it was written; at the same time, the author assumes full responsibility for errors and inaccuracies in this work.

The erudite reader will not be able to fail to notice that some cases known to him are described here differently than in the works that he read earlier.

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