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CD Label Template – DVD Label Template

CD Label Template – DVD Label Template – Free Download AudioLabel features an adjustable CD Label Template and DVD Label Template to fit most labels. The free download includes over 200 CD, DVD, and Blu-ray templates for all major brands of label paper including Memorex, Pressit, and Staples. Supports printing directly on CDs and DVDs using the latest Direct CD Printers like Canon, Epson, and HP. There’s also a nice selection of background artwork to make your labels look truly professional.

AudioLabel Free Download + 200 CD/DVD Templates

For: Windows 10, Windows 8.1,
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

File Size:
7.30 MB

Supported CD Label Templates

(Custom CD DVD Disc Label)
Allsop DiscID
CD Stomper (A4)
CD Stomper (Letter)
Data Becker
Data Becker Big Picture
Data Becker XXL (A4)
Hewlett Packard
LabelGear (Letter)
LightScribe Template
Maxell CreateIt
Memorex CD Label Template

Meritline Full Coverage
Neato (A4)
Neato (Letter)
Neato Full Coverage (A4)
Neato Full Coverage (Letter)
Online Labels OL1200
Online Labels OL5000
Online Labels OL5025
Online Labels OL5050
Online Labels OL5075
Online Labels OL5625
Online Labels OL6775
Online Labels OL9985
Printer Creations by Jot (Letter)
Staples CD Label Template (A4)
Staples (Letter Sheet)
SureThing Full Faced

If your Label Paper or Direct CD Printer is not listed, you can customize the CD or DVD label template using the Edit Dimensions Dialog (shown below).

CD Sticker Template

Supported DVD Label Templates

(Blu-ray Case – Plain Paper Sheet)
(DVD Case – Plain Paper) – DVD Label Template

(DVD Slim Case – Plain Paper) – DVD Label Template
Maxell DVD Case Insert (A4)
Maxell Slim DVD Case Insert (A4)
Memorex DVD Case Insert (A4)
Meritline DVD Insert (A4)
Meritline Slim DVD Case Insert (A4)
Neato Blu-ray Case Insert (A4)
Neato DVD Case Insert (A4)
SureThing DVD Insert (A4)
Verbatim DVD Video Case Front Insert (A4)
Custom DVD Sleeve Template

Supported CD Cover Templates

(CD Jewel Case) – Custom CD Label Template
CD Stomper Jewel Case (Letter)
CD Stomper Jewel Case (A4)
Memorex Jewel Case Inserts
Meritline Jewel Case Inserts

Neato Jewel Case Booklet / Trayliner (Top)
Neato Jewel Case Booklet / Trayliner (Bottom)
SureThing 2-Up Jewel Case (Top)
SureThing 2-Up Jewel Case (Bottom)
Pressit Jewel Case Inserts
Custom CD Sleeve Template

AudioLabel Labeling Software helps you design and print CD, DVD, and Blu-ray covers. The program features an adjustable CD label template and DVD label template so it’s compatible with any label format and layout. It’s also possible to import your album information and fill out the label in one step (each word is automatically arranged on the template). Easily drag and drop images, photos, and backgrounds on the label design.

Supported Direct CD Printers

(Generic CD Printer) – Direct CD Label Template
Brother MFC-J825DW
Canon i865

Canon i905D
Canon i965
Canon i9950
Canon Pixma iP3000
Canon Pixma iP4000
Canon Pixma iP4000R
Canon Pixma iP4200
Canon Pixma iP4300
Canon Pixma iP4500
Canon Pixma iP4600
Canon Pixma iP4700
Canon Pixma iP4720
Canon Pixma iP4740
Canon Pixma iP4750
Canon Pixma iP4810
Canon Pixma iP4820
Canon Pixma iP4840
Canon Pixma iP4850
Canon Pixma iP4870
Canon Pixma iP4910
Canon Pixma iP4920
Canon Pixma iP4940
Canon Pixma iP4950
Canon Pixma iP4970
Canon Pixma iP5000
Canon Pixma iP5200
Canon Pixma iP5200R
Canon Pixma iP5300
Canon Pixma iP6000D
Canon Pixma iP6600D
Canon Pixma iP6700
Canon Pixma iP6700D
Canon Pixma iP7220
Canon Pixma iP7250
Canon Pixma iP7260
Canon Pixma iP8500
Canon Pixma MG5220
Canon Pixma MG5240
Canon Pixma MG5250
Canon Pixma MG5270
Canon Pixma MG5310
Canon Pixma MG5320
Canon Pixma MG5330
Canon Pixma MG5340
Canon Pixma MG5350
Canon Pixma MG5370
Canon Pixma MG5420
Canon Pixma MG5422
Canon Pixma MG5450
Canon Pixma MG5460
Canon Pixma MG6110
Canon Pixma MG6120
Canon Pixma MG6140
Canon Pixma MG6150
Canon Pixma MG6170
Canon Pixma MG6220
Canon Pixma MG6240
Canon Pixma MG6250
Canon Pixma MG6270
Canon Pixma MG6320
Canon Pixma MG6330
Canon Pixma MG6340
Canon Pixma MG6350
Canon Pixma MG8120
Canon Pixma MG8140
Canon Pixma MG8150
Canon Pixma MG8170
Canon Pixma MG8220
Canon Pixma MG8240
Canon Pixma MG8250
Canon Pixma MG8270
Canon Pixma MP500 Printer
Canon Pixma MP530
Canon Pixma MP600
Canon Pixma MP600R
Canon Pixma MP610
Canon Pixma MP630
Canon Pixma MP640
Canon Pixma MP750
Canon Pixma MP760
Canon Pixma MP780
Canon Pixma MP800
Canon Pixma MP800R
Canon Pixma MP810
Canon Pixma MP830
Canon Pixma MP950
Canon Pixma MP960
Canon Pixma MP970
Canon Pixma MP980
Canon Pixma MP990
Canon Pixma MX850
Canon Pixma MX922
Canon Pixma MX926
Canon Pixma Pro9000
Canon Pixma Pro9500
Epson Artisan 50
Epson Artisan 700
Epson Artisan 710
Epson Artisan 725
Epson Artisan 730
Epson Artisan 800
Epson Artisan 810
Epson Artisan 835
Epson Artisan 837
Epson Artisan 1430
Epson EP-704A
Epson Expression XP-600
Epson Expression XP-605
Epson Expression XP-610
Epson Expression XP-615
Epson Expression XP-700
Epson Expression XP-750
Epson Expression XP-800
Epson Expression XP-850
Epson Expression XP-950
Epson L800
Epson PM-4000PX
Epson PM-870C
Epson PM-890C
Epson PM-900C
Epson PM-920C
Epson PM-930C
Epson PM-950C
Epson PM-970C
Epson PM-980C
Epson PM-D750
Epson PM-G700
Epson PM-G800
Epson PX-G900
Epson Stylus Photo 1400
Epson Stylus Photo 1410
Epson Stylus Photo 1500W
Epson Stylus Photo 2100 Printer
Epson Stylus Photo 2200
Epson Stylus Photo 900
Epson Stylus Photo 950
Epson Stylus Photo 960
Epson Stylus Photo P50
Epson Stylus Photo PX650
Epson Stylus Photo PX660
Epson Stylus Photo PX700
Epson Stylus Photo PX710
Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD
Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD
Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW
Epson Stylus Photo PX810FW
Epson Stylus Photo PX820FWD
Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD
Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Printer
Epson Stylus Photo R1900
Epson Stylus Photo R2000
Epson Stylus Photo R2880
Epson Stylus Photo R3000
Epson Stylus Photo R200
Epson Stylus Photo R210
Epson Stylus Photo R220
Epson Stylus Photo R230
Epson Stylus Photo R260
Epson Stylus Photo R265
Epson Stylus Photo R270
Epson Stylus Photo R280
Epson Stylus Photo R285
Epson Stylus Photo R290
Epson Stylus Photo R300
Epson Stylus Photo R310
Epson Stylus Photo R320
Epson Stylus Photo R340
Epson Stylus Photo R350
Epson Stylus Photo R360
Epson Stylus Photo R380
Epson Stylus Photo R390
Epson Stylus Photo R800
Epson Stylus Photo RX560 Printer
Epson Stylus Photo RX580
Epson Stylus Photo RX585
Epson Stylus Photo RX590
Epson Stylus Photo RX595
Epson Stylus Photo RX610
Epson Stylus Photo RX640
Epson Stylus Photo RX650
Epson Stylus Photo RX680
Epson Stylus Photo RX685
Epson Stylus Photo RX700
Epson Stylus Photo T50
Epson Stylus Photo T60
Epson Stylus Photo TX650
Epson Stylus Photo TX700W
Epson Stylus Photo TX710W
Epson Stylus Photo TX720WD
Epson Stylus Photo TX800FW
Epson Stylus Photo TX810FW
Epson Tray Type #1
Epson Tray Type #2
EZ/CD Print 4200 Printer
EZ/CD Print 5700
EZ/CD Print 6500
EZ/CD Print C60
EZ/CD Print Plus
HP Photosmart C309
HP Photosmart C309a
HP Photosmart C309c
HP Photosmart C5200
HP Photosmart C5240
HP Photosmart C5250
HP Photosmart C5270
HP Photosmart C5273
HP Photosmart C5275
HP Photosmart C5280
HP Photosmart C5283
HP Photosmart C5288
HP Photosmart C5290
HP Photosmart C5293
HP Photosmart C5300
HP Photosmart C5324
HP Photosmart C5370
HP Photosmart C5373
HP Photosmart C5380
HP Photosmart C5383
HP Photosmart C5388
HP Photosmart C5390
HP Photosmart C5393
HP Photosmart C5500
HP Photosmart C5540
HP Photosmart C5550
HP Photosmart C5580
HP Photosmart D5100 Series
HP Photosmart D5145 Printer
HP Photosmart D5155
HP Photosmart D5160
HP Photosmart D5168
HP Photosmart D5300 Series
HP Photosmart D5360
HP Photosmart D5363
HP Photosmart D5368
HP Photosmart D5400 Series
HP Photosmart D5445
HP Photosmart D5460
HP Photosmart D5463
HP Photosmart D5468
HP Photosmart D7500
HP Photosmart D7560
Microboards Print Factory Printer
Primera Bravo Series Printer
Primera Signature Series
Rimage Everest II Printer
Trace Affex CD-Artist Printer

There are currently many printers on the market that can print directly on CDs or DVDs. These Direct CD Printers require the use of a special Inkjet Printable CD/DVD. Canon, Epson, and HP all make inexpensive printers that have a slot for an inkjet printable CD/DVD. AudioLabel supports Direct CD Printers (listed on the left) and can be adjusted even if your printer is not listed.

DVD Label Template

 Click to view templates:

AudioLabel Free Download + 200 CD/DVD Templates

For: Windows 10, Windows 8.1,
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

File Size:
7.30 MB

How to Print Pendaflex Tab Inserts

Clearly labeled folders help you organize files and streamline office workflow. Pendaflex is a hanging file system created as a tool for office organization efforts. Don’t cut corners and write information on the tabs using a pen or permanent marker, which can become messy or illegible. Instead, print Pendaflex tab inserts on the office printer using everyday word processing software. Use the inserts included with the file system or replacement inserts sold at local office supply stores.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Labels can be printed easily in most word processing software programs. Look at the Tools menu and choose the type of label desired.

Finding the Label Option in Software

The Pendaflex system labels come as one long perforated sheet. This sheet corresponds to standard label formats included in common software programs. Measure your tabs, which should be similar to major brands of hanging file insert 2-inch tabs. Most systems come with tabs 1.5 inches wide. Use the label creation tool in your selected word processing program to print the tab inserts.

For example, in Microsoft Word versions, open a new document, and then go to the Tools menu. Navigate through Letters and Mailings in the drop-down, then choose Envelopes and Labels. More current versions allow direct access to Labels without requiring navigation through other options. Corel WordPerfect gets to the same spot in a new blank document. When it is opened, drop the Format menu tab down to Labels. Both software programs then open a “label tool” popup box.

Choosing the Pendaflex Label Template

First, select the type of label desired – in this case, a label that matches the format of the tab inserts. Most programs have the variety of Avery, Office Depot or Staples labels pre-programmed. For example, the Avery Insert Tab Label 11136 is similar to many Pendaflex insert tabs. While scrolling through label numbers, a sample label layout appears next to the choices. It will also provide measurements of each label. Scan the template choices to see if there is a match to the tab inserts. Select the label format, and continue with printing.

If no label format matches the Pendaflex label size, search templates for brand name labels like Avery or Staples. Some alignment adjustments might be required even with existing or downloaded templates. Do this in the Label Tool pop-up box, as either “alignment” or “margins.”

Printing the Labels

After you choose the label type, define whether to print a sheet of the same labels or different labels. Now create the document. Enter the data for printing, and review the label sheet prior to printing. Print a test sheet on regular paper, and compare it to the label sheet, making sure it aligns properly. Go back and adjust margins, shifting vertically or horizontally as needed.

Once the file is set, go to the printer and determine if the blank label inserts need to be placed in the paper feeder or tray in a specific manner. Load the blank labels accordingly. Adjust the feeder alignment so the labels are directed properly through the printer. After the paper is loaded, select Print in the word processing program.

Saving Labels as Templates

Both Microsoft and Corel allow you to save a label template in the document File drop-down menu. Once you have created a set of sheets you intend to use again, save the file as a template to easily access it. Save it to the desktop or a specific file location that’s easy to remember.

staples printing labels free template

COVID-19 Free Design Templates | UPrinting- staples printing labels free template ,Free, ready-to-print, COVID-19 design templates from UPrinting. We have designs for stickers, labels, posters, and signs. Help your customers and other people know more about COVID-19.How to Use a Template for Staples Labels | TechwallaStaples is one of the leading office supply companies and offers a variety of company-manufactured products, including labeling supplies. Though Staples does not offer a label design program, the company encourages customers to use Avery and HP template programs to personalize and print their label …

Staples Cd Label Template Software Downloads

Free Label Designer, a “little brother” of award winning CD Label Designer, is application that will help you to design and print CD jewel case and DVD box labels and round disk labels. It supports images, texts and circled texts allowing you to arrange, change size, angle and transparency of objects. You can also customize printout positions and make different print layouts and exchange them …

Free Label Printing Software – Avery Design & Print …

It’s free! You can save projects for reuse later, mail merge information so you can create multiple shipping labels in just a few clicks, and even save a PDF of your completed designs. Plus, you can access Avery Design and Print Online from any desktop or mobile device, too. And remember, Avery products feature Sure Feed technology, which helps …

Staples White Mailing Labels Template 5161 – Templates # …

Jun 15, 2019·You can save Staples White Mailing Labels Template 5161 by right-clicking the image of the document above and pick “save image as” option. You can import it to your word processing application or simply print it. Some document may have the forms filled, you have to delete it manually.

Staples White Address Labels Template – Top Label Maker

Staples White Address Labels Template. Wide collections of all kinds of labels pictures online. Make your work easier by using a label. Happy Labeling! Labels are a means of identifying a product or container through a piece of fabric, paper, metal or plastic film onto which information about them is printed. The information can be in the form …

Free Templates: Envelopes, Cards, Labels and more …

Start by downloading the appropriate template size for your product. Open the document and replace all of the text with your desired text. Then print! Whether you are printing custom envelopes and cards for wedding invitations or labels for shipping, these templates allow you to have it your way! Please note: results vary depending on your printer.

Print avery labels at staples – Free Collection of …

Staples Label Template Avery 5160 Return Address Labels Free … #25725. Avery 6450 Labels Beautiful Removable Labels Staples … #25726. Blank Labels Staples Best Of Staples Print & Marketing Services … #25727. Staples Label Printing Template – Lera Mera Business Document Template #25728. Staples Labels Print. document template july print …

Print avery labels at staples – Free Collection of …

Staples Label Template Avery 5160 Return Address Labels Free … #25725. Avery 6450 Labels Beautiful Removable Labels Staples … #25726. Blank Labels Staples Best Of Staples Print & Marketing Services … #25727. Staples Label Printing Template – Lera Mera Business Document Template #25728. Staples Labels Print. document template july print …

Staples white mailing labels 5160 template

Staples white mailing labels 5160 template > template > staples white address labels template 5160 staples white address labels template 5160 October 27, 2020 by mathilde émond {label gallery} get some ideas to make labels for bottles, jars, packages, products, boxes or classroom activities for free. an easy and convenient way to make label is

Staples Label Templates Free – everyellow

Free Staples Label Template 5160. Whenever you go into a store like Staples or OfficeMax, you’ll always find labels by Avery. They have been around for a long time and they pretty much create most of the labels you use when printing from Word. The same applies for printing CD and DVD labels.

3.5″ x 5″ Blank Label Template – OL5100 – Online Labels

Download free 3.5″ x 5″ blank label templates for OL5100 from OnlineLabels

How to Print & Design Your Own Labels Like a … – staples

高达5%返现·With label templates, you can easily design custom printed labels using specialized label design software. Combine that with matching label-printing paper, like the kind made by popular label manufacturer Avery , and you have custom printed labels …

Print avery labels at staples – Free Collection of …

Staples Label Template Avery 5160 Return Address Labels Free … #25725. Avery 6450 Labels Beautiful Removable Labels Staples … #25726. Blank Labels Staples Best Of Staples Print & Marketing Services … #25727. Staples Label Printing Template – Lera Mera Business Document Template #25728. Staples Labels Print. document template july print …

Download Circular Label Templates For Free | AA Labels

Download Our Free Label Templates. Our free label templates are designed to meet all of your labelling needs. Ideal for helping you to correctly position text and images when printing labels at home or in the workplace, our templates are compatible with a range of standard labels and software.

How to Use a Template for Staples Labels | Techwalla

Staples is one of the leading office supply companies and offers a variety of company-manufactured products, including labeling supplies. Though Staples does not offer a label design program, the company encourages customers to use Avery and HP template programs to personalize and print their label …

template | Staples

高达5%返现·Pick up in 1 hour. Compare. Chartpak 5 3/4″ x 13″ 43 Geometric Shapes/Symbol Template, Smoke. 4 out of 5 stars. 1. $7.99.

Free Label Templates To Download | PDF & Word Templates …

Label templates for printing labels on A4 sheets. Download free, accurate and compatible label templates in word and pdf formats. Every template size has the following options: portrait, landscape, and text box in word and in pdf formats. All verified for accuracy. Plus printing help and advice.

31+ Free Label Templates – Free Word, PSD, PDF Format …

This free printable label template set consists of 12 flower shaped blank labels measuring 2.3605 x 2.5027 square inches. If you want a simple yet unique blank label for your products, then this flower shaped label template is a must try. Download . Free Label for Food Template Download.

Staples Mailing Label Template 5161 – Template : Resume …

Jun 19, 2020·Avery 5161 Label Template Free Download. Staples Mailing Labels Template 5267. Staples Mailing Labels Template 15206. White Mailing Labels Template Staples. Staples Mailing Labels Template 5160. Staples Mailing Labels Template 5162. Staples Mailing Labels Template 5163. Staples Mailing Labels Template 5164. 4×2 Mailing Label Template.

Staples White Address Labels Template – Top Label Maker

Staples White Address Labels Template. Wide collections of all kinds of labels pictures online. Make your work easier by using a label. Happy Labeling! Labels are a means of identifying a product or container through a piece of fabric, paper, metal or plastic film onto which information about them is printed. The information can be in the form …

Staples Label Templates – 10+ Professional Templates

Feb 24, 2019·This Staples Label Templates. can be opened and customized with Microsoft Office Word and PDF with any version; Easy to use by anyone; You can save the file for free. Now you can create high-quality blank templates for your business, organization, or membership utilizing our exceptional templates.

Staples Label Templates |

Mar 04, 2018·The free obtain contains over 200 CD/DVD templates. Staples CD DVD (A4) CD DVD labels, Staples CD DVD (A4) CD DVD label template, print on Staples CD DVD (A4) CD DVD labels, DVD Etiket Software program with Staples CD Label Templates. Simply obtain free eight.5″ x 11″ label templates for laser and inkjet printing.

3.5″ x 5″ Blank Label Template – OL5100 – Online Labels

Download free 3.5″ x 5″ blank label templates for OL5100 from OnlineLabels

Label Templates – Laser And Inkjet Printers | SheetLabels

Free label templates make printing easy for all of our high quality labels. Whether you’re printing on an inkjet or laser printer, choose the template file download that corresponds to the label you are printing. Most label templates are available in four popular file types, so you can choose the one that you are most comfortable with. Size Range.

Create Your Own CD and DVD Labels using Free MS Word Templates

Sep 24, 2015·Word Templates. Whenever you go into a store like Staples or OfficeMax, you’ll always find labels by Avery. They have been around for a long time and they pretty much create most of the labels you use when printing from Word. The same applies for printing CD and DVD labels.

31 Staples Cd Label Software Download

Ace 61200 series avery 8692 avery maxell c96361 champion cd dvd coolbela ld007 decadry dlw 1796 herma cd dvd kensington 2 up maxell cd dvd plain paper cd dvd a4 pressit full face uline us 2 up s 8077 zweckform 6043 and as a result similar. Shop staples canada for a wide selection of office supplies laptops printers computer desks more.

Cd Covers

Here you can download the most current version of the software included with your kit.

Staples cd label software download. Available in my store. Simply fill out the form below and download instructions will be emailed to you. Shop cdlabelmakersoftware by options prices ratings at staples skip to main content skip to footer.

Thank you for your purchase of staples cd labeling kit. Cddvd labels for organizing digital media. Browse cdlabelmakersoftware on sale by desired features or by customer ratings.

Join the staples team. These matte labels allow you to print brilliant multicolor designs using your inkjet or laser printer for easy identification. Disketch disc label software is a cd and dvd disc labeling software for windows.

Your destination for educational warehouse and office supplies. 20 employee customer program. It allows you to create cd and dvd disc labels as well as cover images for cd and dvd jewel cases.

You can import your own art work or set a simple background colors and organize artist information along with track lists. Audiolabel features an adjustable cd label template and dvd label template to fit most labels. The free download includes over 200 cd dvd and blu ray templates for all major brands of label paper including memorex pressit and staples.

Skip to search results. Cd label creation software aids a great deal of disc label providers eg. This staples cddvd label kit has ultra fine perforations on the case inserts to ensure a perfect fit and each label uses a permanent adhesive so labels dont peel off.

Browse staplescdlabelsoftware on sale by desired features or by customer ratings. Find top rated office supplies save big with staples canada. Cdlabelmaker 6 items filters.

Shop staplescdlabelsoftware by options prices ratings at staples skip to main content. Supports printing directly on cds and dvds using the latest direct cd printers like canon epson and hp. Download staples cd labeler 5.

Each pack of these staples cddvd labels comes with 150 multipurpose labels 100 disc labels and 100 spine labels for a complete finished product. Label makers 3 label maker tapes printer labels 2.

Acoustica Cd Dvd Label Maker Acoustica

Cd And Dvd Label Software For Mac Swift Publisher

Avery Cd Labels 100 Disc Labels Amp 200 Spine Labels 8691

Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo Desktop Label Printer 1752266

Create Your Own Cd And Dvd Labels Using Free Ms Word Templates

Memorex Expressit Label Design Studio Free Download Ythoreccio

Kaspersky Total Security 3 Devices 1 Year Subscription Download

Cd Label Software Download Freeware

Templates For Cd Dvd Avery Com

Audiolabel Cover Maker Software For Cd Dvd Lightscribe

Templates For Cd Dvd Avery Com

Nero Coverdesigner Create Custom Cd Dvd Bd Booklets Inlays And Labels Download Video Previews

Cd Templates Cd Label Templates Dvd Templates For Free

Dfeee4 Staples Cd Label Template Software Elegant Avery 11 Labels

Cd Cover Template Dvd Cover Template Free Download

Staples Cd Labeling Software For Mac Diaryrasser S Diary

Template For Avery 11109 Big Tab Inserts For Dividers 5 Tab

Cd Print Template Misse Rsd7 Org

Mylabel Designer Deluxe 9 0 For Windows 1 User Download

818o5wpt05l Sl1500 Avery Ls Disc Spine Spreadsheet Examples

Cd Case Maker Misse Rsd7 Org

Create Your Own Cd And Dvd Labels Using Free Ms Word Templates

D8a83b9 Staples Cd Label Template Software Elegant Avery 11 Labels

Cd And Dvd Label Software For Mac Swift Publisher

How To How To Create Your Own Label Templates In Word

Avery Wizard Is Retired Word

Download Microsoft Office Software Office Depot

Template For Avery 28669 Cd Labels 8 1 2 X 11 Avery Com

3 Ways To Design Cd Covers Wikihow

3 Ways To Design Cd Covers Wikihow

Staples Better Binder Spine Label Template

Staples sites print. Create spine inserts for presentation binders using templates when a binder is sitting on a shelf its spine is the only way to know whats inside.

Binder Spine Template A4 Ring Label Templates In Word Format Archive

Samsill speedy spine time saving easy spine label inserting 3 ring view binder 15 inch round ring white 18157c 1.

Staples better binder spine label template. Longer lasting easier to use. Writing glue sticks. Microsoft word binder spine template.

40 binder spine label templates in word format binders are important items in offices and even in homes. With these easy steps youll be able to create a binder spine thats easy to identify and so enticing that the binder wont sit on that shelf for long. Franklin covey preliminary binder setup and mini staples haul.

Dry erase markers. The worlds largest supplier of labels. Binder organization with better binders from staples duration.

D rings close tightly to allow pages to turn easily. Labels have a variety of different uses whether it is to organize files track luggage mark different containers etc. Jc5 march 24 2014 at 1244 pm.

Staples better binders product video jonathan brooks. 100 satisfaction guaranteed no hassles no hurdles. Staples spine label binder 53 items found sort by.

Please publish a template for the staples better binder spine label. Theres a need for this google suggested the search phrase to me but returned no results for an office template to print a label. They can be used by anyone and everyone from homemakers whod like to organize recipes and other documents to professionals who would like to keep office files organized.

827607 model. Because when youre 100 happy so are we. Folders report covers.

Staples better view 3 inch slant d 3 ring binder orange 16405 1. Staples better binder 1 12 green item. 2 binder spine inserts 4 per page label your notebook with this accessible binder spine insert template.

Templates for binder inserts. Designing a label is a simple matter of using word to write down the relevant data and organizing it accordingly. Binder spine inserts.

Open staples reinforcements 20 labels per sheet white 14 diameter 200pk staples choice to view details staples reinforcements 20 labels per sheet white 14 diameter 200pk 200pack. Template has four 2 inch inserts per page and works with avery 89107. Clear all 0 brand.

23 microsoft label templates free word excel documents download.

Binder Divider Tab Templates Avery Com

Printable Binder Covers And Spines Download Them Or Print

Binder Label Template Ch Binder Spines Ring Binder Insert Template

Binder Spine Template Unique Staples Better Binder Spine Label

Binder Labels Printable Best Sample Staples Better Binder Spine

Binder Spine Label Template Labels Ring Executivechair

40 Binder Spine Label Templates In Word Format Template Archive

Three Ring Binder Spine Template Word Lovely Labels Of New File

To Binder Labels Template Staples Label Better Free Printable For

1 Binder Spine Template Elegant Best 1 Binder Spine Template Best 1

Binder Spine Templates 40 Free Docs Download Customizea Penchant

Spine Label Templates Arti J Plus Co

Free Printable 1 5 Binder Spine Labels For Basic School Subjects

022 Binder Spine Label Template Ideas Nice Photos Inch Staples

Free Printable Binder Spine Labels Edunova Co

1 1 2 Binder Spine Label Template Staples Inch Microsoft Word Insert

Binder Spine Template Unique Staples Better Binder Spine Label

1 Inch Black Binder 2 Trubox

40 Binder Spine Label Templates In Word Format Template Archive

Binder Spine Label Template Inspirational Images Staples

A Penchant For Paper Staples Better Binder

Binder Spine Label Template

Book Spine Labels Template Free For You Avery Book Spine Labels Akba

Five Reasons Why People Love Label Maker Ideas Information

Binder Spine Insert Template Awesome 3 Binder Spine Template Fresh 3

Spine Label Template Staples Cd Labels Template Free Template Design

Binder Spine Label Template Binder Spine Template Staples Binder

Updated 1 1 2 Inch Binder Spine Template Word Of Staples Binder

Editing Spines Labels For Binders Youtube

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2 Inch Binder Spine Template For Word Unique Index Of Content Ring 3

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George Wein, Newport Jazz Festival co-founder, dies at 95

George Wein, an impresario of 20th century music who helped found the Newport Jazz and Folk festivals and set the template for gatherings everywhere from Woodstock to the south of France, died Monday.

NEW YORK (AP) — George Wein, an impresario of 20th century music who helped found the Newport Jazz and Folk festivals and set the template for gatherings everywhere from Woodstock to the south of France, died Monday.

Wein, 95, died “peacefully in his sleep” in his New York City apartment, said Carolyn McClair, a family spokesperson.

A former jazz club owner and aspiring pianist, Wein launched the Newport Jazz Festival in 1954 under pouring rain and with a lineup for the heavens — Billie Holiday and Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and Lester Young. Louis Armstrong was there the following year and Duke Ellington made history in 1956, his band’s set featuring an extraordinary, 27-chorus solo from saxophonist Paul Gonsalves that almost single-handedly revived the middle-aged Ellington’s career.

Wein led the festival for more than 50 years and performers would include virtually every major jazz star, from Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk to Charles Mingus and Wynton Marsalis. Just in 1965, the bill featured Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, John Coltrane, Ellington, Gillespie, Davis and Monk.

“As a young pianist and club owner, he understood quality, worshipped the giants of the music, and created a revolutionary Festival format that offered the widest possible range of jazz to much larger outdoor audiences,” Marsalis said in a statement. “He loved telling stories about Bird, Duke and all of the greats, engaging in spirited debates on a variety of subjects, and was an optimistic supporter of young talent.”

The success of Newport inspired a wave of jazz festivals in the U.S. and Wein replicated his success worldwide, his other projects including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and the Grande Parade du Jazz in Nice, France. His multiday, all-star gatherings were also a model for rock festivals, whether Woodstock in 1969 or the Lollapalooza tours of recent years.

Critic Gene Santoro observed in 2003 that without Wein, “everything from Woodstock to Jazz at Lincoln Center might have happened differently — if it happened at all.” Wein “can justifiably claim to have invented, developed and codified the contemporary popular music festival,” Santoro wrote.

The idea for Newport came in part from locals Louis and Elaine Lorillard, who urged Wein to organize a jazz festival in their gilded resort community in Rhode Island. Elaine Lorillard, a socialite, complained that the summer scene was “terribly boring.” Her tobacco-heir husband backed her up with a $20,000 donation.

Wein had never known of a large-scale jazz festival, so, in the spirit of the music, he improvised — seeking to combine the energy and musicality of a Harlem jazz club with the ambience of a summer classical concert in Tanglewood.

“What was a festival to me?” Wein later said. “I had no rulebook to go by. I knew it had to be something unique, that no jazz fan had ever been exposed to.”

Wein didn’t only work with jazz musicians. In 1959, he and Pete Seeger began a companion folk festival that would feature early performances by Joan Baez and Jose Feliciano among others and track the evolution of Bob Dylan from earnest troubadour to rule-breaking rock star.

Dylan’s show in 1963 helped establish him as the so-called “voice of his generation,” but by 1965 he felt confined by the folk community and turned up at Newport with an electric band. The response was mostly positive, but there were enough boos from the crowd and conflicts backstage — Wein rejected the legend that Seeger tried to cut the power cables to Dylan’s amps — to make Dylan’s appearance a landmark in rock and folk history.

In his memoir “Myself Among Others,” Wein remembered confronting Dylan as he left the stage and demanding he return to play something acoustic. When Dylan resisted, saying he didn’t have an acoustic guitar, Wein asked for volunteers to lend him one and helped persuade Dylan to go back out. Years later, Wein remained moved by memories of hearing Dylan sing “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” a farewell ballad in more ways than one.

“It was a farewell to the idealism and purity of the folk revival,” Wein wrote. “There was no turning back — not for Dylan, not for anyone.”

The Newport festivals have led to numerous films and concert albums, notably Murray Lerner’s Oscar-nominated 1967 documentary “Festival!”, with Dylan, Johnny Cash and Howlin’ Wolf among the performers. Wein would later bring in Led Zeppelin, Sly and the Family Stone and James Brown and other rock and rhythm and blues acts. In 2020, when Newport went virtual because of the pandemic, Wein introduced Mavis Staples from his home in Manhattan.

Wein himself had been a pianist since childhood and he maintained an active music career, releasing “Wein, Women and Song,” “Swing That Music” and several other albums and making yearly appearances at the Newport festival with his Newport All-Stars band. He was named a “Jazz Master” in 2005 by the National Endowment for the Arts and received an honorary Grammy in 2014. Years earlier, President Clinton brought his saxophone to the White House stage for a celebration of the Newport Jazz Festival.

Wein grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, his father a dentist with a gambling habit and an eye for his secretary, his mother a pianist of “passable skills” and heiress to a paper products fortune. As a teenager, he defied his family by inviting Black musicians to their home and in his 20s he dated a Black woman, Joyce Alexander, whom he married in 1959. Joyce Wein, who became his business partner and closest adviser, died in 2005.

Wein saw himself as just an “average middle-class, Jewish-American kid,” although one easily bewitched by music. He would remember attending a Benny Goodman concert and listening just a few feet away from trumpeter Cootie Williams.

“For the duration of the evening I stood alone, wide-eyed, at the foot of the stage,” he wrote in “Myself Among Others,” released in 2003, “oblivious to the sea of couples swirling around the dance floor behind me.”

Wein enlisted in the Army during World War II and twice escaped possible death: Hitler died in April 1945 as Wein and others were nearing the German front. Months later, he was spared being transferred to the Pacific when the Japanese surrendered.

He graduated from Boston University and started the Storyville jazz club and record label in Boston, where Ellington, Charlie Parker and others came. Wein even got to join some of the performances, including playing piano for a set by Holiday, whose regular keyboardist had not showed up.

The Newport festival lasted despite ongoing conflicts, whether objections from the locals in Newport, the declining appeal of jazz, or the demands and resentments of the musicians. In 1960, Mingus organized a rival festival to protest Wein’s alleged favoritism among performers and a riot at the Newport gathering led to Wein’s being sidelined until 1962. In 1971, the booking of the Allman Brothers Band proved disastrous when rock fans overran the festival grounds, even setting sheet music on fire, and brought about a decade-long exile from Newport.

Wein, once described by The New Yorker’s Lillian Ross as a stocky man “who seemed to be filled with controlled frenzy,” was a fighter who faced down racist officials in New Orleans and chastised Monk for waiting too long to take the stage in Newport. He was also good at math. He recruited Sinatra, Dionne Warwick and other popular singers to help support the jazz artists. In the mid-1970s, he was struggling financially and became among the first popular music promoters to work with corporate sponsors, notably the makers of Kool cigarettes.

In 2005, he sold his company Festival Productions Inc. to Festival Network LLC and took on a more limited role at Newport. Six years later, he established the nonprofit Newport Festivals Foundation to oversee the summertime events.

“I want the festivals to go on forever,” Wein told The Associated Press at the time. “With me it’s not a matter of business. This is my life.”


Associated Press writer Michelle R. Smith contributed from Providence, Rhode Island. Former AP writer Charles J. Gans also contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

Label in A4 sheets

Blank, blank A4 labels are suitable for printing labels on conventional laser and inkjet printers. Our customers can choose from over 100 sizes in a range of different materials, specialty adhesives and colors. Along with a fantastic selection of labels, our site offers free label templates, as well as a variety of helpful guides and software for designing and printing labels.

Labels for laser printers or inkjet printers, are supplied in A4 sheets of 100 sheets per bundle with pre-cut labels. We can offer rectangular labels and round labels in various sizes.

Labels in A4 sheet – unique label design provides exceptional stability and quality in combination with a simple, mainstream format that allows for professional printing of labels, including those that require quick printing on the simplest (office printer) or the most complex digital printing equipment (laser copier).Particularly suitable for commercial organizations where prompt product labeling is required .

How to print on A4 labels?

We provide Free MS Word (.doc) Label Templates to help you add text to your label sheet. To download a template, click on the image of the location you need on the sheet and select SAVE to your computer, and then open it in a text editor MS Word, Open Office, etc.After forming the label, you just need to load sheets with A4 labels into a regular office laser or inkjet printer and print the required number of copies.

Dimensions, shapes, templates in format MS Word (.doc) and arrangement of labels in A4 sheets:


210 x 297mm


210 x 297mm


210 x 148.5mm


105 x 297mm


d1 = 117, d2 = 41mm


70 x 297mm


105 x 148.5mm


105 x 74.25mm


105 x 57mm


70 x 67.7mm


105 x 44mm


70 x 74.25mm


105 x 42.4mm




70 x 42.4mm


70 x 37.1mm


42 x 58.5mm


70 x 32mm


52.5 x 40mm


70 x 29.7mm


52.5 x 29.7mm


50 x 28.7mm


48.3 x 25.4mm


48 x 23.25mm


52.5 x 21.2mm


38 x 21.2mm


48.5 x 16.9mm


30 x 21.8mm


99.2 x 93mm


99.1 x 33.9mm


63.5 x 46.6mm


63.5 x 38.1mm


38.1 x 21.2mm


35.6 x 16.9mm


d1 = 117, d2 = 22mm


d1 = 115, d2 = 22mm

The site contains an incomplete list of label sizes. Custom sizes of labels – under the ORDER.

For more information on prices and availability of consumables, check with the manager.

Would you like to buy an A4 label?

Interested in the price of labels in A4 sheets?

Call us now!

How to create a label template

To print the necessary information on self-adhesive labels you need:
1.Printer for printing labels (thermal transfer printer).
2. Self-adhesive label (thermal and thermal transfer).
3. Program for creating and printing label templates.

If you have already decided on the first two points (purchased the necessary printer and self-adhesive label), then the question arises: how to create a label template and print?

For these purposes, there are specialized programs that allow you to create various templates based on your needs, to fit your label size.

The main distinguishing feature of such programs is that, in addition to text and graphic information, bar codes can be created in these programs. In fact, these programs are adapted for printing on label printers and allow you to create professional label templates.

Let’s look at some of the most popular programs.

BarTender. This software is already included with the printer (usually it is included on the disc with the printer software).Powerful functionality with fairly simple use.

This program is paid. The cost of the license depends on the selected functionality. Free demo mode for 30 days is provided.

NiceLabel: Label Design and Label Management. Software similar in functionality to BarTender. Allows you to create label templates for various industries.

This program is paid. The cost of the license depends on the selected functionality.Free demo mode for 30 days is provided.

LabelOnline. Unlike BarTender and NiceLabel, it has simpler functionality, but is quite easy to use. The advantage is that it also knows how to work with external databases.

This program is paid. The cost of the license depends on the selected functionality. Free demo mode for 30 days is provided.

ZebraDesigner. This is a basic label design software designed to work with Zebra printers only.

It is also possible to print templates from 1C or other programs developed for these needs.

The question arises: what if you need to print a label with text information? How to make a simple template?

In fact, not everything is as scary as it seems at first glance. To print correctly, it is important to follow the basic rule of : the size of the page or images to be printed must match the size of the label installed in the printer.

Ie if you use a label with dimensions 25x40mm, where 25mm is the height of the label, 40mm is the width of the label, then first, you set these dimensions in the printer driver (specify the print boundaries), second, create a template in the same dimensions.
For example, you can print an image on a self-adhesive label, the main thing is that the dimensions of the image correspond to the size of the label.

To create a simple template, you can use any program that allows you to set the page size to fit the label.For example, you can create a label template in Microsoft Word.

To do this, go to Page Setup and specify the dimensions that match your label.

When printing from Microsoft Word, it is possible that the printed image is inverted. This happens if the page height is less than its width. To fix this problem, just change the print orientation in the printer settings.

How do I print labels without Printack Designer? 1.Create a label template in Word

If you want and have free time, you can print labels from Word or Excel. It is not as convenient and not as fast as from the Printack Designer program, but nevertheless it is quite possible. Let’s take a look at how to create a label template in Word. Create a new document in Word. Click on the “Mailings” tab of the top menu, select “Stickers” in the upper left. We are going to create a page with the same stickers, so we will not change anything here, we will leave the default settings … Click on “Parameters”, in the window that opens, change the paper type to “A4, portrait”, leave the rest of the settings unchanged.You need other settings, open them by clicking on the “Settings” button. In this window, you will need to change the size of the stickers, their number, fields …

To enter the exact values, you need to take a sheet with stickers and measure everything carefully (top-bottom margins, sides, width and height of one sticker, width of a dividing strip – if any). Check if the sum of the vertical and horizontal measurements is the height and width of the A4 sheet. If you get a difference of 2-3 mm, scatter it in fractions of a millimeter to get a symmetrical pattern.Now enter your measurements in the appropriate boxes. Place the number of labels horizontally and vertically. Please note: if the labels on the sheet meet on two sides, then the label width is equal to the pitch both vertically and horizontally. If, for example, the columns are separated by vertical stripes, the horizontal spacing of the label will be the sum of the label width and the width of the strip. Enter the step value. After filling in all the boxes, click OK. Next – “Create” on the “Envelopes and Stickers” tab.You will see a splitted sheet. Zoom out and take a look at the entire template created. The template does not display divider bars if their width is less than 3 mm. In this case, Word displays a cell that is merged with a separator strip. So that when printing the text does not go beyond the borders of the label, that is, on the separator strip, we will increase the margins of the cells on the right by the width of the strip. To do this, select all the cells, go to “Layout”, to the “Cell margins” tab and add 2 mm to the fields on the right. If the dividing stripes are wide, then they are displayed on the layout as separate cells.You can set borders for cells and print a template. If it matches the original sheet, you can save the template and start filling in the labels with information, if necessary, adjust the dimensions.

Return to the created template, remove the borders of the cells and enter text information into the cells. You can work with it as with ordinary text – change the size, style, font color, placement of text in a cell, its orientation. If you need a lot of identical stickers, just copy the contents of the desired cell and paste into others.

You can watch a video tutorial on creating a sticker template on our You Tube channel.

90,000 ZebraDesigner Barcode Label Design Software for Developers 3

> ZebraDesigner for Developers 3

ZebraDesigner for Developers v3 lets you quickly and easily create label and receipt templates, including dynamic length formats.Add and remove settings for specific printers from templates. Give users the flexibility to create and integrate templates with third-party applications or the Zebra Enterprise Connector for Oracle Applications, PrintConnect and Print Station applications, or our XML-enabled printing solution. ZebraDesigner’s advanced tools for Developers enable:

  • Quickly and easily design professional label or receipt templates without pre-barcoding or labeling, using a Microsoft Office-style interface;
  • Choose from 20 international interface languages;
  • Add RFID components to template design to support RFID printing and encoding;
  • Use ready-made label or receipt templates, as well as create new ones in just a few minutes;
  • Use files created in ZebraDesigner for XML version 2 thanks to legacy format support.

Get Started
Technical support
Additional Resources
  • Easy development of design templates

    Create label and receipt templates for a wide variety of applications in no time with our intuitive interface.

  • Easy settings management

    Select generic drivers for use with a variety of ZPL printers, add and remove printer-specific settings from templates, and more.

  • Improved user interface

    Create templates effortlessly with our intuitive Windows®-based interface in 20 languages.

Setting the label template 1C

The overwhelming majority of our clients use in practice the methodology “Equipment accounting using connected equipment”. This clearly makes life easier, because it is much easier to walk through the offices and scan the barcodes of the equipment, and then upload it to the configuration and take an inventory. Rather than walking around with a list of equipment printed on paper and making notes of availability with your hands.For greater comfort, it is desirable to print well-scannable barcode labels used to scan equipment. This is necessary so that the scanner can easily read the information from the barcode the first time. The configuration for this requirement provides a mechanism “Label templates” with which you can create and customize a label of absolutely any format. The dimensions of the created template will be 48×43 with this aspect ratio on a sheet of A4 format can fit 4 vertically and 4 horizontally, that is, 16 labels.

And so, let’s go to the section “Nomenclature and warehouse” – “Label templates”, press the “Create” button, start creating a new template. In the form for creating a template, the following requisites are required:

  • Name – indicates the name of the label template;
  • Number of horizontal / vertical – indicates the corresponding number of labels on the sheet when printing;
  • Code type – is selected from the list and can take values ​​of the most popular code types from EAN13 to QR code .

Fill in the details and move on to examining the template editor. On the left side of the editor, there is a list of available fields for use in the template. These fields are dragged, if necessary, onto the label template by placing the cursor in the required cell and double-clicking on the required parameter. On the right side there is the main area for creating a template, where the main manipulations will be carried out.

As previously defined, the generated template has fixed dimensions.Therefore, you need to set the exact column width and row height for this, open the configurator and create a (test) spreadsheet document. Here we will have to resort to a little arithmetic calculations so that our label template matches the quality and size. To form the width of the label, you need to use 3 columns, the width of the entire label is 48, therefore, 48 \ 3 is 16 mm will be the width of each of the three columns involved. In the spreadsheet document (in the configurator) we take the edge of any column and change its size to 16 mm, then right-click on the changed column, select “Column width”, where the width of 16 mm will be presented in 1C units.

Copy these numbers and return to the label template editor. Right-click and select the Column Width item, where we paste the copied column size from the configurator. We do the same with the other two columns. Next, we move on to strings, with strings it will be a little more complicated. First, let’s determine how many fields (lines) are needed to enter the necessary information. For example, let’s take five lines that will display: organization, item name, barcode, storage location.In this case, some lines will differ in size. The fixed width of one label is 43 mm, therefore, to fit into this size, the line height will be two 4 mm, two 14 mm and one 7 mm . Accordingly, to select the sizes, we do the same manipulations in the configurator, which we did with the columns. When the label is sized exactly to the approved dimensions, you need to set the printable area. To do this, select the cells involved and press the button of the same name.

The selected area will then be used by the Print Labels processing to display the label on print. Select the first line and press the “Merge Rows” button, without switching the cell by double-clicking on the “Organization” field, add this parameter from the left side of the editor to the selected cell. To display the organization in the middle of the cell, right-click on the cell and open “Properties”. In the properties in the “Location” section, specify the “Center” value in the “Horizontal” and “Vertical” fields, then the organization will be displayed strictly in the center.Also, in the properties of this cell, set the bottom and side lines to delimit the fields.

In the next cell, insert the “Nomenclature” parameter to reflect the name of the equipment. You can adjust the font or size, as well as add dividing lines in the properties (RMB on the cell – Properties). Next, we move on to installing the barcode in the label template. Select the required cell where we want to insert the barcode and by double-clicking the left mouse button on the field of the same name, add the code.The program will display a dialog box in which you will be prompted to select “add a barcode, like a picture?” click “Yes”. As a result of the manipulations done, we get a label of the following type:

This kind of label contains all the necessary information about the equipment, as well as a sufficiently large barcode that will be perfectly read by the scanner.

Printing Barcode Label

In order to print labels using this template, go to the section “Nomenclature and warehouse” – processing “Printing labels”.In the attribute “Barcode label template” select a new created label template. If you need to select specific barcodes for printing, then you can use the selections and click the “Fill” button. Processing will fill the tabular section with barcodes of the nomenclature, after which you can start printing labels.

Free trial “IT department management 8”

“Kirovki” label – Cleverence – Knowledge base

Last changes: 18.05.2021

Select refinement:

One of the key tasks of the Kirovka product is the printing of labels for marking footwear.

In order for the creation of labels to be possible, before proceeding with product labeling (label printing), it is necessary to describe the product in the prescribed manner and send this data to GS1 (automatic identification association). Once the product is registered in the GS1 system, the GTINs have been received, and the marking codes have been ordered and received, you can start printing labels.

Within the framework of the Kirovka software product, you can use ready-made label templates or create them yourself.

Ready-made label templates

Label templates are located in the “Kirovki” database folder and in the Mobile SMARTS control panel.

For other products based on the Mobile SMARTS platform (Store 15, Warehouse 15), there are also ready-made templates for labels in the size 70×50, written in the printer language. If you need a template of a different size, you can create it yourself (for each printer – your own template) or contact Cleverence for revision.

The label consists of the following fields:

Data source Variable in label Comment
1 Product.Name {Name} Name of product
2 Packing.Marking {Vendor code} Manufacturer’s model (article)
3 Packing.Name Characteristics {The size} Shoe size
4 Stamps [n]. Brand {KM} Marking code
5 Packing. {View} Type of footwear
6 Packing.Color {Colour} Shoe color
7 {Top} Top materials
eight Packing.Lining


Lining materials
nine Packing. Bottom {Sole} Outsole materials
ten Packing.Country of Production {Country of Origin} Manufacturer country
eleven Packing.GTIN {GTIN} Product GTIN
12 EAN128.Parse (Stamps [n]. Brand) .GetValue (“21”) {Serial number} Serial number in KM
13 Dumped to the printer EAC.PCX EAC. Picture
fourteen Dumped to the printer CHESTNIYZNAK.PCX Honest ZNAK logo. Picture
15 Packing. Manufacturer {Manufacturer} Manufacturer information
16 Packing.Importer {Importer} Importer information
17 Input on TSD or current date {Date of manufacture} Date of production of the item. Depends on the “Production date” setting in the “CM Application”

A label for marking residues according to a simplified scheme consists of the following fields:

Data source Variable in label Comment
1 SelectedProduct.Origin {Name} Manufacturer country
2 SelectedProduct.Shoes floor {Name} Shoe floor
3 SelectedProduct.Brand {KM} Marking code
4 SelectedProduct.GTIN {GTIN} Product GTIN
5 SelectedProduct.CH {Serial number} Serial number in KM
6 Dumped to the printer CHESTNIYZNAK.PCX Honest ZNAK logo. Picture

Product is an item position from the Mobile SMARTS item reference. The nomenclature is included in the directory either by converting from an Excel file for GS1, or by converting from other file formats, or by downloading it from the accounting system using the REST API.

Packing – Packing an item from the Mobile SMARTS Nomenclature Reference. Any item in Mobile SMARTS has packages that reflect product variants with their own barcodes. Different GTINs, colors, sizes, etc. the same nomenclature is most often reflected in different packaging.

Grades – table of marking codes. Marking codes are obtained either automatically from GIS MT (when using ready-made integration with GIS MT, included in the Kirovka delivery), or by external exchange (when using integration with an accounting system, REST API, etc.).NS.).

EAC – Eurasian compliance; a circulation mark indicating that the products marked with it have passed all the assessment procedures established in the technical regulations of the customs union.

Label examples

  • Label 50 x 70 mm.

    This example shows a RAW label (label in the printer’s language).

  • Label 50 x 100 mm.

    This example shows a server LBL label.The difference between such a label and RAW is that the logo of the Honest ZNAK and EAC are inside the label itself and are not uploaded to the printer when the printer is selected from the list of available ones. The entire label is sent to the printer as a single picture.

  • 35 x 32 mm label (used for marking residues using a simplified scheme).

Create your own labels

In the case of printing RAW labels, it is necessary to create folders on the server with the names corresponding to the printer models in which the label templates will be stored.

To create your own labels, you can use the examples of RAW labels below, substituting test (or your own) data there.

Examples of RAW Labels

The data in curly braces {} are templates for Mobile SMARTS texts and expressions, they are calculated before the label is printed and turned into either plain text that ends up in the CPCL code, or an empty string.

For example, {WhiteGap: GAP-SENSE; BAR-SENSE} is a template for a boolean variable that will result in either GAP-SENSE or BAR-SENSE (depending on whether WhiteGap is true or false) in the label.

Example of code for RAW label 50x70mm in CPCL language *

Example of RAW label 50x70mm in CPCL language for sending to print *

* – both examples have the .txt extension for easy editing in Notepad. Real labels must have the raw extension.
Examples are for Zebra QLn320 Mobile Printer.

Example code for RAW label 50×100 mm in ZPL *

* – for Zebra ZD420 mobile printer

Example of code for RAW label 32×35 mm in ZPL

Test Data

The test data below is for creating a static label (no variables) in the visual editor suggested by the printer vendor (BarTender, NiceLabel, etc.).They can be used as a workout before creating a variable label.

Variable in the label Text
{Name} The ASICS Patriot 10 Running Shoe is a reliable shoe for your regular
highway runs. The upper is made of breathable mesh fabric
for breathability and comfort. This shoe features a
cushioned AmpliFoam midsole.
And the removable EVA insoles adapt to the individual characteristics of the
foot for comfort when running short distances.
{Vendor code} 8G3ET1212_19P_905_36_12345
{The size} 43.5
{View} Sneakers
{Colour} Very light yellow-green
{Top} Textile
{Lining} Textile
{Sole} Rubber
{GTIN} 046500751

{Serial number} demo35bf77604
Garden A Junjinghaoting, Yanbu Dall, Nanhai AGES FOOTWEAR
CO., LTD., China, Garden GD Junjinghaoting, Yanbu Dall, Nanhai
{Importer} LLC “Shoe Paradise”, 102030, Russia, Moscow region, Khimki,
Kurkinskoe highway, building 223, tel. 8 (999) 888-77-66
{Date of manufacture} 09.2019
{KM} 010463003965139121demo8KD2SddK291ffd092demowhrzOhg47sToY3HLwOL3hKy
+ K1e8eoV6KOfLQRLEJQYWiQ2VbSaq + Hh4mz0kgIIIPQ / 4mVcLctJg=

Print label

To print the above labels, you can use one of the printing methods available in Mobile SMARTS:

When printing through a server, both printer language (RAW) and server-side (LBL) labels can be used, when printing directly, only RAW labels can be used.

In the case of server printing, the data is sent to the server first. There the label is formed and then sent to the printer.

When printing directly, the label is formed directly on the device and then sent to the printer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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How to make price tags and labels in MyStore – Support service of MyStore

In MyStore you can print price tags and labels using ready-made or created templates.For this:

Print from Template

  1. Go to section Products → Products and services and check the boxes in the fields of the products for which you want to print the template. It can be one or several products at once. You can also print from a template from a document or product card.
  2. Press the Print button located at the top of the page. Select the required template from the drop-down list.
  3. In the new window, specify the parameters and click Print.

Create new template

  1. To create a new template or modify an existing one, use the built-in editor. To do this, go to section Products and services and select the desired products. You can also create a template from a document or product card.
  2. Press the Print button located at the top of the page. At the end of the drop-down list, select Customize. The Template Setup window opens.
  3. Click on Add template under Labels and price tags. The Label and Label Editor will open.

Working in the editor

  1. Select the paper type. To do this, click on the field Paper type on the right side of the screen. In the drop-down list, select the required format: A4 – for a regular printer,
    thermal tape – for a roll-to-roll label printer.
  2. Please enter the size. Click in field Size – located below field Paper Type. Select the required size from the drop-down list. In section Other you can specify the required margins and indents or leave them at the default. This way you can print more labels and labels on one sheet.

  3. Select the items you want to place on the price tag or label. Elements are formed on the basis of data from product cards and documents. To do this, click on the required names in the section Variables on the left side of the screen. The elements will appear on the template.
  4. Adjust the size and position of the elements. To resize, click on one of the blue dots on the element and drag. To move an element, click on the inner margin and drag. You can change the appearance of an element using the panel on the right side of the screen: select the thickness of the lines, make alignment, put strikethrough text, and so on.

  5. If you want to add any text box or shape to the template, select it under General on the left side of the screen.

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