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Versatile staples cardboard boxes Items Design & Customization Services

Spice up your textile products’ presentation and make them look brilliant and sophisticated with exemplary. staples cardboard boxes available on These exceptional. staples cardboard boxes are available in impressive designs, colors and prints that make your items ritzy to look at. These. staples cardboard boxes are suitable for different textiles and apply for virtually all packaging applications.

Made of wonderful quality materials, the. staples cardboard boxes are hardy and doesn’t break or get damaged easily. These materials are very safe and non-toxic, making them appropriate for handling by adults and children alike. On, these. staples cardboard boxes are available in an extensive collection comprising various models and sizes, including non-woven, nylon, khaki bags, among other designs and attributes. This guarantees you’ll always come across the ideal. staples cardboard boxes compatible with the items you want to package.

These. staples cardboard boxes come with exciting features such as easy handling and preparation for use. They offer exceptional protection to the packaged commodities, keeping them away from potentially harmful factors such as moisture—the. staples cardboard boxes boast of being environmentally friendly because their materials are recyclable and readily degradable. You may opt for. staples cardboard boxes that come as individual items or as a set of related products for ideal functionality.

Enjoy the ultimate convenience when doing your online shopping on You can save considerable time and money by receiving top-quality products concurrently. Explore through the site and discover captivating. staples cardboard boxes options and choose the most befitting to your objectives. If you’re a businessperson and you’d like to buy them in bulk and resell at a profit, take advantage of enticing discounts designed for. staples cardboard boxes wholesalers and suppliers. 

Trash Tutorial: No extra steps needed to recycle cardboard boxes – Entertainment & Life – providencejournal.


When I break down cardboard boxes to put into my recycling bin, I often spend a lot of effort removing the plastic tape that sealed them and pulling out any metal staples. Am I wasting my time?

Dear Sarah,

Two questions:

When I break down cardboard boxes to put into my recycling bin, I often spend a lot of effort removing the plastic tape that sealed them and pulling out any metal staples. It seems to me that the plastic and metal can’t be good for the recycling process. Am I wasting my time?

Years ago, I read somewhere that cereal box liners were fair game to include with the other plastic bags and sheet plastic that I put in the bins at the supermarket for recycling. But cereal box liners seem to violate the rule that only sheet plastic that stretches should go in the bins. The liners don’t have any stretch. So what should I be doing with them?

— Newell W., Smithfield

A: Good news on both fronts this week! Plastic tape is OK to leave on boxes, as the mill’s process will loosen the glue and the tape will float to the top to be skimmed off as residue. Standard office staples are also OK to leave on the boxes or in magazines or junk mail.

Of course, if you do have the time to remove packing tape and metal staples, please do! The paper mills prefer that there be nothing on or in the cardboard, yet they understand that material from residential sources will not always be perfect.

Regarding cereal box liners, years ago (when the program began), the liners weren’t accepted. But as markets evolved and products made from recycled content changed, the material that could be used as feedstock expanded. So while cereal box liners aren’t as stretchy as dry cleaner film, both are accepted for recycling in plastic bag recycling locations.

The list of accepted films has grown quite long: Grocery bags, sandwich bags (pull any hard zippers off first), dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, bread/bagel bags, cereal box liners, produce bags, mattress bags, shrink wrap from cases of beverages, electronic overwrap, paper towel and toilet paper overwrap, airpacks (from shipped packages), bubble wrap, and pellet/firewood bags turned inside out and shaken to ensure they are empty.

All of these items are recyclable at supermarkets, pharmacies and big-box stores in Rhode Island. Remember to please keep all of these items out of your household recycling bin or cart.

For more information, please visit our A to Z list at

— Sarah Kite-Reeves, director of recycling services at Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation, answers questions about recycling, municipal composting, hazardous household waste, waste reduction and other related matters. Send your questions to Trash Tutorial, Features Department, The Providence Journal, 75 Fountain St., Providence, RI 02902. Or, email [email protected] Put “Trash Tutorial” in the subject field.

Recycling: Paper & Cardboard FAQ’s | EcoOpportunity

Paper & Cardboard FAQ’s

Paper recycling:

Q: What can and cannot be recycled in a mixed paper recycling program?
A: The rule of thumb is that if you can rip it, you can recycle it.

Q: Can I throw paper towels, paper plates, or paper cups in the mixed paper recycling?
A: No. The mixed paper must be free of contaminants (e.g., food, drink). 

Q: Can I recycle paper with paper clips, staples or other metal clips on it?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I recycle paper with tape on it?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I recycle envelopes with windows?
A: Yes.

Q: Where do the materials go and what does it get made into?
A: Paper is sent to mills in Maine, Canada and overseas. Most office paper is remanufactured into tissue and toweling products, or new printing and writing paper.

Cardboard recycling:

Q: Do I have to flatten the boxes for recycling?
A: We suggest they are flattened and stuffed inside a large box for loose pickups, or flattened before being placed into dumpsters. Flattening boxes saves space in your recycling containers allowing for more recycling.

Can I recycle cardboard with tape or staples on it?
A. Yes.

Do I have to tie up my cardboard with rope or twine?

A. No.

Can I include waxed cardboard in my cardboard recycling?
A. No. However, there is a new brand of “waxed” cardboard that is recyclable with cardboard. Currently, waxed cardboard can only be composted.

Where do the materials go and what do they get made into?
A. Cardboard is sent to national and international mills. Cardboard is primarily remade into new cardboard containers.

1 1/4″ Crown, 5/8″-3/4″ Leg) (E-STAPLER-1932-MANUAL)

RETURNS: Some unused products may be returned up to 15 or 30 calendar days after the invoice date according to the return policy code exposed here. Contact TECHNOPACKCORP.COM to ascertain if your product meets the return requirements and to request a Product Return Instruction Form. A fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee may be deducted from any refund or credit. Products without a Return Authorization Number (RAN) cannot be returned. Parts and Consumables cannot be returned.

Products must be returned in as-new condition to TECHNOPACKCORP.COM’s facilities in Miami, Florida. Return products must include all original packaging, along with any media, documentation, hardware, tools, parts, manuals and all other items that were included in the original shipment. Any parts sent under warranty must also be included. Products must be shipped pre-paid, and insured. COD deliveries will be refused. Buyer accepts the risk of loss or damage during shipment. Products must be returned thoroughly packaged, in the same new condition as they were originally received. Damaged packaging materials must be replaced with new materials, this includes wooden and/or cardboard boxes or crates. Products sent strapped on pallets must be returned the same way. Note that additional protection may be needed to protect the Product as the original packaging materials may have suffered normal wear during the shipment to Buyer’s location and may be insufficient to protect the product during return shipping. Buyer is responsible and liable for all shipping, insurance, packaging and/or handling charges as well as import/export tariffs and brokerage or storage fees (if applicable). Buyer accepts all responsibility for Products damaged or lost during shipping. TECHNOPACKCORP.COM reserves the right to refuse any product that upon arrival shows visible packaging damage.

REFURBISHED ITEMS: All products listed as refurbished are sold as is. Refurbished products go through stringent functional testing and work perfectly at shipping point. Refurbished items may include sales displays, repaired or reconditioned units, demo units, products with minor imperfections, and open box items. Packaging and included accessories (if applicable) may differ from the original (new) product. Items are available in limited quantities, on a first-come first-serve basis. Requests for service or parts availability are not assured.

TECHNOPACKCORP.COM will not be responsible for packages shipped to any address other than the one it specifies. Upon receipt of the returned product TECHNOPACK CORPORATION will ascertain the completeness, condition and operational status of the Product. Product must be received in like new condition. If items are missing or repairs have to be made (due to prior usage, improper installation, improper handling, or improper packaging) TECHNOPACKCORP.COM may, at its sole discretion, replace or perform such repairs it deems necessary to return the Product to a like new condition, including the cost of crating or repackaging the Product. The cost of such items and/or repairs will be deducted from any applicable refund value. TECHNOPACKCORP.COM will refund the buyer a maximum of up to the value of the returned item as specified on their invoice minus any charges incurred as specified above. Shipping, handling and/or insurance costs are non-refundable.

Any applicable refund will be processed within 15 work days from the receipt of the returned product, in the same form of payment used in the original purchase.

Where to Get Boxes for Moving | 8 Best Places to Buy Boxes

When you’re preparing for a big move, it’s not always easy to get your hands on enough free boxes. To be prepared, you should know where to get moving boxes, as well as which prices and buying options are going to work best for your budget and timeline. For example, if you need boxes delivered to your doorstep because you don’t have time to shop, look for retailers where you can buy boxes online. There are a lot of options, and we’ll look at best places to buy boxes for moving in this guide.

The 8 best places to buy moving boxes and packing boxes

  • If you want to buy moving kits
  • Amazon: If you want your moving boxes delivered to your doorstep
  • Home Depot: If you are looking for a wide variety of moving boxes
  • U-Haul: If you want a choice between kits and various sized boxes
  • Lowe’s: If you want packing boxes for every room of your home
  • Office Depot: If you want to shop for moving boxes by shape
  • Walmart: If you are looking for affordable packing boxes
  • Staples: If you want expert suggestions when you buy boxes


com: The best place to buy Moving kits

Instead of worrying about what sizes of packing boxes you need – or how many, offers complete moving kits that ship directly from the factory. No matter if you are moving out of an apartment, college dorm, or house, Uboxes has specific kits for that. You can also find packing materials when you are ready to buy moving boxes.

How much do moving kits from Uboxes cost?

Amazon: Buying Moving boxes delivered to your doorstep

When you are moving, you have enough to do without wondering where to buy boxes. Amazon eliminates the need to pick up moving boxes because they ship them directly to your doorstep. If you have a Prime membership, you can receive free two-day shipping when you get your packing boxes. Buying moving boxes from Amazon is optimal for those who prefer shopping online, or are pinched for time.

How much do boxes from Amazon cost?

Home Depot: Wide variety of options for moving boxes

When you visit HomeDepot. com, you will find a mover’s guide that helps you decide which packing materials and boxes you need. You can also find a broad selection of box sizes and kits. Shoppers have a choice between having boxes ship to their home or for free to their local Home Depot store. Therefore, those who are looking for detailed information regarding products benefit from picking up moving boxes from Home Depot.

How much do moving boxes from Home Depot cost?

U-Haul: Moving kits and boxes

If you need to rent a truck, U-Haul also has boxes to help make your Moving Day a success. You can choose between buying moving kits and various other boxes online or in stores. U-Haul also carries specialty moving products, including disposable moisture absorbers and storage bags, if you need to pack items for long- or short-term storage. U-Haul is an optimal place to buy moving boxes for those who need to rent a truck or storage unit.

How much do moving kits and other boxes from U-Haul cost?

Lowe’s: Moving boxes to pack every room of your home

If you have to complete any home repairs before moving, why not buy packing boxes while you’re there? When visiting Lowe’s website, you can filter your selections to see what is available at local stores or what is currently in stock according to the product. Choosing Lowe’s for moving boxes is optimal for those who want variety and might also need to complete a home improvement project.

How much do moving boxes from Lowe’s cost?

Office Depot: Variety of box shapes

Depending on what you are packing, you might need a wide variety of moving box shapes. In addition to finding this variety at Office Depot, you can also find the moving supplies you need to stay organized. Office Depot also has an extensive collection of heavy-duty boxes with lids and handles for moving paperwork and other heavy items like books or plates.

How much do different shaped boxes from Office Depot cost?

Walmart: Affordable boxes for moving

Because there are many Walmart locations throughout the country, finding one near your home should be relatively simple. Many of these locations are also open 24/7, so if you run out of boxes or other materials late the night before your move, you don’t have to wait for the store to re-open. When you visit Walmart’s website, you can also buy your packing boxes online or check what your local store has in stock. Buying packing boxes at Walmart is optimal for those who need to pick up other essentials, as well.

How much do affordable moving boxes from Walmart cost?

Staples: Expert selections

It doesn’t matter if you have to move your business or the contents of your home; Staples has expert selections to help you accomplish those goals. And for a curated experience is one of the best places to buy moving boxes. You can also find all the packing materials you need, so if you’re picking up your packing boxes in person, don’t be afraid to poke around the store a bit..

How much do expert moving box suggestions from Staples cost?

*Prices updated as of November 17, 2020.

The bottom line

Knowing where to buy moving boxes and how much they are going to cost helps you plan for a successful move. You can find moving kits, boxes in various sizes, and heavy-duty boxes to accomplish all of your packing. Some retailers sell boxes in bundles and kits, but you can also purchase single boxes. If you know where to look, you can find anything you need to keep your belongings safe and make your move go smoothly.

Frequently asked questions


Who has the best prices on moving boxes?


Out of the selections featured here, Walmart has the lowest price on moving boxes, which start at 62 cents each. You can also find affordable prices at U-Haul, which start at 99 cents each.


Where can I buy moving boxes for cheap?


You can find moving boxes for cheap at Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart. U-Haul also features excellent pricing.


Where can I get free boxes?


You can find free moving boxes from your friends and family, in your office, at schools, from local shops, at big-box retailers, at clothing donation centers, and on Craigslist. U-Haul also has a box-exchange program for those who move and want to pass their moving boxes on to someone else.


Does Dollar Tree sell boxes?


No, but Dollar Tree does sell a variety of moving supplies. If you go to the store when it’s receiving a shipment, you might be able to get boxes for free.


What do I do with my used moving boxes?


Check to see if your neighbors or family need any boxes, bring them to your local recycling center, or donate them to your local charity. You can also create listings on and

MYMOVE is here to help make moving easier. We’re an authorized affiliate of the USPS® that connects more than 5 million movers per year to exclusive savings and valuable resources before, during, and after their move.

Paper clips 33 mm nickel 100 pieces Deli, cardboard box DELI art.1272979 in the hypermarket

Paper clips 33 mm nickel 100 pieces Deli, cardboard box DELI

Not available.Time of information update: 09/18/2021 15:00

  • Trademark DELI
  • vendor code 1272979
  • Country China
  • Composition Metal
  • The weight 46 g
  • Certificate EAC
  • Russian packaging No

Review of the budget protected smartphone Oukitel K15 Plus with a 10000 mAh battery

Protective smartphones have proven themselves well for use in certain conditions and are great for many people. As usual, such smartphones are distinguished by a strong case with additional protection, as well as a battery with a high electrical capacity. It is about such a secure smartphone from OUKITEL that this review will be discussed.

Brief technical characteristics
  • Model: OUKITEL K15 Plus
  • Display: 6.52 HD + IPS Touch screen
  • CPU: Quad-Core MT 6761
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Internal memory: 32GB
  • Main camera: 13M + 2 , 0 M + 0.3 M
  • Front camera: 5 Mpix
  • SIM card tray: Nano + Nano / Nano + TF
  • Battery: 10000 mAh
  • Fingerprint reader:
  • NFC:
  • Charging connector: USB Type-C
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Size: 170.2×77.9×15.9 mm
  • Weight: 325 g
Packaging and equipment

The seller delivered the smartphone quickly enough, and after about 1.5 weeks the device was in my hands. The smartphone was packed in a sturdy cardboard box made of solid cardboard, also the box was previously wrapped in plastic wrap. Everything came safe and sound, while the box was slightly crumpled on one side. Therefore, the seller can get a big plus for the packaging.

The box, although strong, is made without frills, the front side is completely white, and on the back side there are brief technical characteristics and other information. Apparently, the manufacturer makes a universal box and uses it for many models of their smartphones, but this only makes us better, we will not overpay for packaging.

Inside the box, the smartphone itself awaits us, pre-inserted into a protective case and packed in a plastic bag, a charging block and a Type-C cable that can be used for charging and data transfer.Also included is a clip for opening the SIM card tray and a small instruction with an unfilled warranty card.


First impressions of the smartphone add up as a device that really has good shock protection and a large battery. The smartphone is weighty and big enough, but let’s talk about everything in order. So, the body of the smartphone is made of rubberized material with metal frames on the sides, which are screwed onto special screws.On the back of the smartphone, there is a block of three cameras with a flash and a fingerprint scanner, and the manufacturer also applied a sticker with warnings and IMEI codes. The sticker can be easily removed if desired. I will add that the manufacturer’s logo is applied to the bottom of the smartphone.

As I said above, there are metal inserts on the sides of the smartphone; on the right side of the case, the manufacturer has placed a volume rocker and a screen lock button. I am glad that the buttons are slightly spaced apart – it is convenient and does not cause accidental clicks.Also worth noting is the soft and smooth movement of the buttons.

On the left side of the case there is a tray for SIM-cards, we will return to it a little later in the review.

On the bottom side of the smartphone there is a speaker, microphone and Type-C connector, which is used to charge the smartphone and to transfer data if necessary. Looking ahead, I will say that the speaker on the smartphone is loud enough and can compete with more expensive smartphones. Its disadvantages include weak bass, but the sound quality in relation to the price of the smartphone is excellent.

And on the upper side of the smartphone, the manufacturer has placed a standard Jack 3.5 jack for headphones, and although many already use wireless headphones, the presence of this jack, in my opinion, will not be superfluous. For example, I often use it with large, full-size headphones.

On the front side of the smartphone there is a display with a teardrop-shaped cutout for the front camera, a small speaker, and a light sensor, which is installed slightly to the left of the camera.

As I said above, the delivery set includes a convenient, sort of, rubber case, it is elastic and fits well on a smartphone, and the texture of the case is similar to the rubberized elements of a smartphone case.That is why the case does not stand out and looks like one with the smartphone.

I will also add that despite the presence of the case, all the mechanical buttons are pressed without much additional effort, and in general it seems that the case is simply a continuation of the case. In general, it makes no sense to praise the cover for a long time, but I will say that I really liked it. However, the protrusion along the contours of the display could have been made larger, thus creating additional screen protection in the event of a possible fall of the smartphone.

I will add that the weight of the smartphone with a cover is 364 grams, while it has the following dimensions: 170.2×77.9×15.9 mm without a cover. Also note that the weight of the smartphone without a cover is 325 grams.

SIM card tray

As for the SIM card tray, you can install two SIM cards or one SIM card and one memory card up to 256 GB. I will also add that the tray in the device is placed upside down, as it were.

Hardware and OS

The smartphone runs on the Media Tek Helio A22 (MT6761) CPU, the chip is certainly not new, but still widely used in budget models of various devices. It copes well with basic tasks, by the way, it froze only once in three months of using the smartphone. Looking ahead, I will say that no freezes are observed in the basic menu and applications either, everything works correctly and smoothly. But for modern games, of course, performance is not enough, and in games such as World of Tanks or PUBG you will have to play at minimum salaries. I will also add that the smartphone has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, and if you wish, you can install a TF card with a memory capacity of up to 256 GB.

In the well-known performance tester, the smartphone scored the following indicators. Testing has been done several times and the numbers are slightly different.

As for the operating system, the device runs on Android 10.0 on a proprietary shell. There is not much to add here, there are pre-installed google services, and it is also worth noting the absence of the usual gallery. Instead, there is a Files section, which contains all the photos and videos.

Methods for unlocking a smartphone

The smartphone supports three unlocking methods: the first is using a fingerprint scanner, and in this way you can also enter various applications, for example, mobile banking, or other applications where you can use biometric data.The scanner works well and rarely fails, usually when your hands are wet or dirty.

The second unlocking method involves the use of a regular graphic PIN-code, which must be entered after pressing the mechanical screen unlock button.

The smartphone also has an unlock function using Face ID. This feature works surprisingly well enough to unlock the screen even in difficult lighting conditions, and at different angles of the front camera in relation to the face.The Face ID function starts working only after a single press on the screen unlock button, thus, instead of entering a pattern, the smartphone will automatically recognize your face. Recognition occurs in 1-2 seconds, I did not have any complaints about this function, but I do not like it, so I do not use it. I give preference to the fingerprint scanner, as the most convenient and fastest, in my opinion, way of accessing a smartphone.


Main camera

Of course, given the low price of a smartphone, you shouldn’t expect something incredible from smartphone cameras, however, they shoot with far from the worst quality.Below, for example, I will attach several options for the main 13 MP camera in different shooting conditions.

Of the additional camera settings, unfortunately, there is not much to emphasize, there is a manual setting mode, you can also, perhaps, highlight the “Bokeh” function with which you can get the following images:

Front camera

The front camera leaves much to be desired, however , relatively good pictures in good lighting can be obtained with it.But, as I said above, do not forget about the completely democratic price tag for this smartphone, and based on this, one should not expect any miracles from the cameras, this smartphone has other positive aspects.


In navigation, the smartphone also performed well enough, it supports such systems of orientation on the ground as: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galilio. At the same time, the smartphone easily finds satellites and does not lose them; if desired, you can use the built-in electronic compass for self-navigation.

NFC operation

Separately, I would like to highlight the excellent work of the NFC module, there are no false positives, everything works as it should. To pay for goods and services, the Google Pay service is supported.

Battery and charging

The built-in 10000 mAh battery is a definite plus and a huge advantage of this smartphone. If you have previously used a device with a quickly discharging battery, then it will seem to you that this model works forever. I will not give exact numbers, but I will say that a full charge of the battery with intensive use of the smartphone in social networks, games, watching videos on youtube, calls and correspondence in instant messengers is enough for three days. The most that I could achieve was charging the smartphone after two days of intensive use, and then, it was only when the phone was new, and there was an increased interest in it. Now the smartphone is charged once every 3-4 days.

A basic 18W charger is supplied with the smartphone, which can fully charge the phone battery in about 3 hours. It is also worth highlighting the relatively new USB Type-C connector, which is quite convenient, since, in my opinion, the vast majority already use such a connector, and there is no need to look for a special cable or charging block when charging.

It is also worth noting the possibility of charging third-party gadgets or phones from the OUKITEL K15 PLUS smartphone.For this, you first need to take care of the availability of a special cable, but if necessary, this smartphone has such an opportunity, and this can definitely be credited to the advantages of this model.

I bought the OUKITEL K15 Plus smartphone here

Summing up, I will say, if you are looking for an inexpensive, but at the same time protected smartphone from shocks and falls, I recommend taking a closer look at this model, also from the advantages of a smartphone, you can undoubtedly single out a smartphone battery that can be used like a power bank. I also note a relatively good front camera. But on productivity, of course, the manufacturer saved. In general, I liked the smartphone for my money, it is also pleasing that, despite the low characteristics, the smartphone is optimized and does not freeze. Thank you for your attention, and if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them in the comments.

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Decided to disassemble your home trash? Do not rush to throw everything away.

You will be amazed at how many useful things you can do with what you normally end up in the trash can.

Paper clips, clips

Such small devices are fraught with many useful abilities. Clips can be used to replace a wallet by holding paper money together.

Photographs or pictures can be hung on the walls to create a creative decoration of the room on paper clips. They can also help you use toothpaste and other creams to the last drop.

Photos: Pixabay

Aluminum Foil

Do not discard any remaining foil on a roll. It can be used to clean dishes. For example, rolling the foil into a ball makes a great, tough washcloth that works well for pots and pans.

And if you put a layer of foil in a glass dish, pour boiling water over it and add a couple of tablespoons of salt – this mixture will quickly dissolve any plaque on silverware. Blunt scissors do not need to rush to give to the master, it is enough to cut the foil with them.

Old things and equipment

If you have stale clothes that you will no longer wear, or outdated equipment, do not hesitate to send them to the landfill. There are probably people in the city who cannot afford this “old thing”, but they really need it.

Search for charitable foundations and drop-off points for clothing, toys and equipment. So free up the space in the room and do a good deed.

If the devices are faulty, there are collection points that send such equipment to warehouses and disassemble it into components without polluting the environment.


Wine corks can be used to make a beautiful and unusual note board. A figure (usually a circle or a heart) is drawn on cardboard, inside which corks are laid out and glued to the glue. This board can be attached to the wall or, by adding a magnet, to the refrigerator.

This device is perfect for pinning notes and notes. The boards will also save you from slippery bathroom floors. Cut the cork lengthwise into two pieces and glue it onto the rubber mat.Annoyed by slamming cabinet doors? Cut the cork into thin pieces and glue it to the door – the problem is solved.

Sauce bottles

Soft bottles of sauces or ketchup are perfect for storing homemade dressings. And for lovers of pancakes, this is the ideal way to dose the batter.

Disposable bags

Using an old pillowcase and unnecessary bags, you can make a pillow for your pet. And when moving to the safety of cans and other fragile and fragile items, empty spaces inside a bag or box are enough to fill with packages. When cleaning at home, they will also be an excellent substitute for disposable gloves.

Old, worn things

If clothes are completely unsuitable for wearing, they can be made excellent rags for cleaning the house. Cotton and flannel are great dust assistants.

Elastic bands

Old rubber bands come in handy in the kitchen: by attaching them to the edges of the board, it will stop sliding, and the rubber band on the spatula will prevent it from falling into the bowl. When there are small children in the house, non-opening cabinet doors are very helpful.To do this, you need to fasten the adjacent handles with an elastic band.

Toilet paper rolls

This is an irreplaceable material for children’s creativity: binoculars, a rocket and many other handicrafts can be made with this “garbage”. But bushings will also be useful for adults. You can wrap elastic bands and hairpins on them. Also, this form is perfect for storing wires and Christmas lights.

The list goes on. Every time you throw something away, think about it: can this item still be used? And don’t forget that there are items that need to be disposed of properly.

Posted by Sergey Tumanov

ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 500GB Portable Drive Review

High-speed SSDs have already changed our understanding of the capabilities of storage in laptops and desktops. They have greatly improved the responsiveness of systems, significantly reducing boot times. You remember that it would be nice to speed up external drives when you urgently need to save / transfer several hundred gigabytes of data. This is a feasible task for today’s popular portable hard drives, but the process itself may seem like an eternity.Performance external SSDs with USB 3.2 Gen2 connection and data transfer rates up to 1000 MB / s can improve the situation here. How such devices show themselves in practice, let us check on the example of a novelty from a Taiwanese manufacturer – ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 with a volume of 500 GB.

from 4 088 UAH

Offers: 3

ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500

Back in 2019, the company introduced containers for high-speed M.2 drives – ASUS ROG Strix Arion, but now the manufacturer offers a complete solution with an SSD installed inside.In this case, you no longer need to independently choose and separately buy a suitable solid-state drive model. This preparatory part was taken over by the developers.

At the start, ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 is offered in one volume – 500 GB. The manufacturer promises transfer speeds up to 1050 MB / s when using the USB 3.2 Gen2 interface. At the same time, backward compatibility with USB 3.2 Gen1 and USB 2.0 is preserved. The installed SSD has a DRAM buffer, supports SLC caching and 256-bit AES hardware encryption technology.

Claimed to work ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 on platforms with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, Mac OS Catalina and later, as well as Android devices with OTG function and systems based on Chrome OS. In addition, the drive can be used with the latest generations of Playstation and Xbox game consoles. The drive is provided with RGB backlighting, while the ability to control and synchronize using AURA Sync is promised only for platforms on Windows 10.

The list of technical specifications indicates the requirements for a power source – 5 V, 1.6 A, which is somewhat discordant with the declared compatible with USB 2 ports.0, which often cannot provide such operating currents.

The drive comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The terms of service mention TBW binding, but the specifications do not explicitly state the guaranteed capacity. However, this is not so critical for external drives. In typical use, even entry-level internal SSDs often do not reach the end of their life on this indicator.

Package Contents

ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 comes in a medium-sized cardboard box.Inside, the drive is additionally fixed in a special case.

Brief documentation and warranty instructions are also included. A separate paper coupon offers an activation code for the backup application – NTI Backup Now EZ 7. To connect the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500, a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable is provided as standard.

Design and Layout

The drive’s chassis is made of aluminum alloy and is designed in the style of ROG gaming devices.Textured molding with cyberpunk motifs adds aesthetic appeal. The asymmetrical shape also makes a good first impression – the design of the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 is not boring. In the terminology of the manufacturer, the color is designated as black, but in practice the body is rather dark graphite.

The prominent ROG gaming logo is featured on the top of the front panel. Already knowing about the support for RGB-backlighting, it is easy to assume that this particular element will most likely be illuminated during the operation of the drive.An opening with a protruding light guide is also provided at the upper edge – another potential light-emitting element.

On the back edge of the case there is a technological trapezoidal hole for possible fastening of a strap.

The cover on the reverse side also has a relief texture with pronounced diagonal grooves. The case as a whole has a semi-matte practical coating on which handprints are virtually invisible.

Overall dimensions of the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 – 124.6 × 47.8 × 10.9 mm.With this size, the drive weighs 107 g, and therefore seems to be quite weighty. But this is exactly the case when the additional mass of a metal device, on the contrary, gives some solidity.

The bottom beveled edge houses a single USB Type-C port for both data transfer and drive power. A functional hole is provided near the interface connector for removing the cover. ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 is shipped as a complete solution, so there is no standard key clip included with the drive.To satisfy our curiosity, we will use the available tools and still look under the “hood” of the drive.

As you can see, the pocket has a landing pad for M.2 drives. In this case, the place in the corresponding slot is occupied by an SSD based on a platform with a Phison PS5012-E12S controller. The drive uses 96-layer Toshiba TA7AG65AWV (BiCS4) flash memory chips with 3D TLC cell architecture. In addition, it is also equipped with an additional DRAM buffer for quick access to the allocation table.On the common PCB of the adapter, you can also consider the AURA controller for controlling RGB lighting.

As promised by the manufacturer, the body of the pocket is used for additional cooling of the SSD. A heat-conducting tape is provided on the cover, which transfers heat from the storage elements. High-speed controllers with PCI Express interface often get noticeable during operation, but in this case we are dealing with an entry-level drive in its class, and the bandwidth of USB 3.2 limits the maximum performance, therefore, with the Phison PS5012-E12S and flash memory chips overheating, most likely there would be no questions even without additional cooling. But, if the materials and design of the case allow, then such a heat sink will definitely not be superfluous.

We close the drive cover and continue a cursory external inspection. ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 has a curious tactile feel. The irregularly shaped metal bar pleasantly cools the hand. The case has rounded corners, and chamfers are provided at the joints of the surfaces, so the drive fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, without resting on sharp edges.

An additional cover is not included in the kit, but it is not really necessary. Any extra case would break the drive’s aesthetics. Special protection of the SSD from mechanical damage is also not required. Unlike hard drives, there are no moving parts that do not bear additional loads poorly.

In operation

To connect the drive, we use the supplied Type-C – Type-C cable. The conductor is 40 cm long, so it allows you to conveniently position the drive near the working system.

Although here a lot will depend on the location of the USB Type-C port on the panel of a laptop or stationary PC.

After connecting the drive, the logo of the gaming series lights up on the front panel, and a transparent light guide with fragmentary laser engraving is effectively illuminated. Any device with RGB backlighting can be considered a gaming device, therefore the mere presence of such illumination justifies the SSD’s belonging to the ROG series of gaming devices.

The backlight supports the proprietary AURA Sync technology, allowing in the corresponding application to synchronize the glow with that for other system components.However, the illumination in this case is purely decorative and does not imply the possibility of indicating access to the drive.

ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 was originally formatted for the NTFS file system. The owner initially has access to a partition with a volume of 465 GB, on which two applications are already recorded.

One of them is a utility for monitoring the health of the ROG SSD Dashboard. Key options are available here, and there is also a complete Secure Erase option. The SSD is also preloaded with the NTI Backup Now EZ 7 installer.

The application for creating backups allows you to fine-tune the source / destination, as well as to define the frequency and schedule for creating backups. If necessary, you can activate encryption and even additional compression of the backed up data.


To evaluate the performance of the drive, we connected the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 to a USB 3.2 Gen2 port with a peak bandwidth of 10 Gb / s.

According to the first results in CrystalDiskMark, it is already clear that the data transfer rate of the external SSD corresponds to the declared one – the drive really provides transfers for reading and writing up to 1050 MB / s.Of course, the connection interface turns out to be a limiter here, but for an external drive with a USB connection, these are excellent indicators.

The displayed peak performance when working with 4K blocks looks much more modest than what can be observed when the same M. 2 drive is connected internally directly via the PCI Express bus. But, an external device often has fundamentally different tasks, therefore, in principle, it does not need hundreds of thousands of IOPS.

In the test stage Data Drive from the PCMark 10 package, the drive in question scored 1374 points.Again, the result is slightly more modest than what you get from entry-level M.2 models. However, the data transfer protocol of the USB serial bus, in principle, cannot provide the indicators identical to those that can be obtained by directly connecting an SSD via PCI Express with NVMe.

In contrast to ephemeral values ​​in synthetic conditions, the result will be much more revealing in the most applied task – data copying. For the experiment, we used a set of six video clips with a total capacity of 101 GB.Files of this size were copied from the system drive to the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 at a speed of about 715 MB / s. At the same time, this pace was maintained throughout the entire recording time without any subsidence. Obviously, SLC caching works great in this case, and the buffer size is more than 100 GB, at least when it comes to free storage.

Copying all files took just under 2.5 minutes. Curiously, already in 2-3 seconds after the completion of the procedure, the drive could be freely disconnected using the “safe shutdown”.That is, all data during this time was actually copied without additional lazy write mechanisms and other things.

Of course, similar write speeds can be obtained only when using a source of appropriate performance. Namely, a drive with a PCI-E interface. For example, if you copy data even from an SSD connected via SATA, then at best you can count on a rate of 500-550 MB / s. Both in one direction and in the other direction. With hard drives, recording / copying to an external drive will be even lower – a maximum of 150-200 MB / s.

Alas, not all platforms are yet equipped with USB 3.2 Gen2 ports, so we also tested the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 when connected to the previous generation USB 3. 2 Gen1 port, which was previously designated as USB 3.0. The bandwidth of the interface of this standard is 5 Gb / s, so here the results will obviously be more modest.

Indeed, the Crystal Disk Mark records peak data transfer rates of 460 MB / s. Here, the interface further limits the capabilities of the device.That is, in practice, the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 can of course be used for systems without the fastest USB ports, but in this case the data transfer rate will be significantly reduced.

The specifications for the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 indicate that the drive is also compatible with USB 2.0, but the ports of this standard can often provide current only up to 0.5 A, which may not be enough for the normal operation of an external drive. Well, even the theoretical bandwidth of 480 Mb / s is clearly not enough for high-speed devices of this class.


ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 drives are already appearing in retail in Ukraine. The starting price of the novelty is 4500 UAH. (~ $ 165).

from 4 088 UAH

Proposals: 3

Given the number of competitors in the class of high-speed external drives, some price adjustments will probably be needed here. In this case, the potential circle of buyers will not be limited to dedicated fans and fans of the ROG gaming series devices.

from 1 786 UAH

Offers: 19

from 1 678 UAH

Offers: 20

If the starting price seems high, there is a reason to look towards the individual containers of ASUS ROG Strix Arion or ASUS ROG Strix Arion Lite. These options provide more flexibility, allowing you to go beyond the 500 GB capacity, and use the drive of any required size (up to 2 TB). In addition, the basic version of the “pocket” is equipped with an additional bumper on the carabiner and a pair of cables for connection (Type-C – Type-C and Type-C – Type-A).Whereas the Lite modification comes with one Type-C – Type-C. Note that ASUS ROG Strix Arion is compatible with M. 2 drives using PCI-E interface, while SATA versions will not work.

Pros: High speed data transfer when connected via USB 3.2 Gen2; Stylish aluminum body with eye-catching RGB lighting; additional cooling for the drive; large SLC buffer to maintain high write speed; support for AES 256-bit encryption; easy access to the internal storage compartment; Supports ASUS AURA Sync backlight synchronization; activation code for the NTI Backup Now EZ 7 data backup application; 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

Cons: High price; at the start, the assortment is limited to one 500 GB model

Conclusion: ASUS ROG STRIX Arion S500 500GB – High-speed external storage, styled in the ROG series.The asymmetrical aluminum case perfectly protects the SSD from mechanical damage, and is also used to cool the M.2 drive installed inside. When connected via USB 3.2 Gen2, data transfer rates can reach 1000 MB / s, and the used SLC buffer allows you to maintain such a write rate when copying large volumes. The increased performance allows the ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 to be used not only for backing up, transferring or storing data, but also expanding the available storage space.


ASUS ROG Strix Arion S500 (ESD-S1B05 / BLK / G / AS)
4 088 – 4 499 UAH
Compare prices
Type SSD
Volume, GB 500
Interface USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
Flash type
Controller Phison
TRIM Support +
Series S500
Form Factor M.2
Dimensions, mm 124.57 x 47.76 x 10.85
Weight, g 107
Miscellaneous Data exchange rate up to 1050 MB / s; NVMe; 256-bit AES encryption; ASUS Aura Sync.

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