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You are on the page of Staples Virginia Fredericksburg where all the information is available about the contact, phone, addresses and services.

In this store of Staples you can find out the price range of the all products which you can see online or in-store.

Address :

Westwood Shopping Ctr
2003 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

Postal Code : 22401
Opening Hours :

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Phone : 5403741424
Fax : 5403741434

All stores might not offer the same variety but they mostly have the typical range of products that would be available at any store of Staples.

Staples is among the biggest brands that retail best electronics, stationery and office supplies in the whole country.

Since, I advice you to have a rough look at the product range before you go shopping for electronics or professional office supplies.

Staples has also savings on product ranges randomly and anytime we can come across with this type offers on their website.

We’ll also focus on these deals and coupons you might print or use on the internet sites.

From technology range of Staples you can see:

Apple; contains offers of iPad, iPod and iPhone accessories in general and you can see products related to Mac accessories.

Cell Phones; you can see price range for smart phones, accessory range suitable with them.

Many more aisle of Staples which you can find at Staples Locations Virginia Fredericksburg are actually available in the range of products.

Staples Virginia Fredericksburg Features

  • Mobile Phones
  • Full-service UPS® Shipping
  • Buy online.Pickup in store
  • Technology Services
  • Computer Workstation
  • Ship to Store
  • Copy & Print Services
  • UPS® Prepaid Drop-off
  • Mobile Printing

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Fredericksburg VA

Fredericksburg VA

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Make this my store

1319 Lafayette Blvd Suite 200
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Store Hours
Monday 6:30am – 3:30pm
Tuesday 6:30am – 3:30pm
Wednesday 6:30am – 3:30pm
Thursday 6:30am – 3:30pm
Friday 6:30am – 3:00pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
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reviews, address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance

Office supply store Staples, 2003 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, United States: 67 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information

Address: 2003 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, United States


Phone number: +1 540-374-1424


Jen McNamara

Print Center From out of state for a family funeral. Last minute photo print out request the night before the funeral. Thank you to the woman who stayed beyond store time to be sure photos came in through email to be printed off next morning. All photos were ready and perfect for the funeral. Well done. Thank you!!!

11 months ago

Chasity Tate

Visited today and the service was terrible. First of all I asked the girl at the register where to find an item she told me in a totally wrong place. Then I went back to ask her and she turned around and walked away. I asked another person to help me and it took five minutes for someone to help me. There were only a few people in the store. Terrible service!! I will never shop there again.

9 months ago

Staci Scott

Easy to shop, good social distancing practices, overall a good experience

11 months ago

B Lanier

Each experience with conducting business services with this Staples location has been exceptional. Each associate encountered has provided expedient customer service, as well as completed printing request toward best the quality output. Thank you for committing to such services, and look forward to continuing placing requests for business services needs.

4 months ago

Caden Ohlwiler

Visited this store on Sunday, July 26th and honestly I was disgusted. I was shopping for a new office chair. Most of the chairs that were on display had some type of pet fur on them. I would think they should be cleaned as part of COVID sanitation, but I guess not. I was going to use the restroom but walked back out. I won’t even say what was on one of the seats in there. It was obvious it hadn’t been cleaned in a while. The trash was overflowing and the stalls were gross. I tried to ask the young man some questions about one of the chairs but he didn’t have answers. I couldn’t seem to raise or lower it. He got another associate to come help. She said, well, we put these together fast and most of the time it’s not right. I’m sure if you buy one it will work. I asked if they had any in stock as it’s on sale this week. No, none in stock. Can I get a raincheck? She said a raincheck? I don’t think we do that. I asked about another chair, nope, not in stock. I was told to go online. But the chairs were not on sale online, and you guessed it, out of stock. They both just walked off. Poorest customer service I’ve ever seen. I did buy a few school supplies to donate and the guy checking me out was very pleasant. So, I know they do have some good associates in that store. I really don’t think I can go back there.

3 weeks ago

Gregory Preston

Welcoming and helpful associates who do everything to provide assistance. The best pricing for office supplies and equipment, computers and accessories, and furniture. Convenient location. The go-to store in Fredericksburg for all things for office and business!

7 months ago

Rich Koch

Devin that works in the copy center helped us with a project concerning my mothers obituary and did an amazing job making sure we had exactly what we wanted and needed. He showed such kindness and compassion. We are very thankful.

7 months ago

Samantha Leeman

I went in to purchase an Echo smart speaker. I brought the box to the cashier, she was very helpful. The cashier asked her supervisor to bring it from the back. The supervisor brought the more expensive version. When I told her that it was the wrong one, she just said we don’t have any more and offered to order it. She could have said that prior to just bringing the more expansive version.

4 months ago

Christine McHale

Print center has absolutely horrible customer service!!!

10 months ago

Nick Goody

Good customer service and prices.

4 months ago

Richard Poulin

Found what I needed with a little bit of help. Cashier run it up but asked if I wanted a bag for my items. What is many items I bought seems a little strange but had to say yes I would like a bag typical girl woman child running a cash register other than that Stables good place

4 months ago

Anna Stepanova

Extremely dissatisfied with service, quality of printing, and no prices listed. When asked for prices, we were told that they would know after the print job was completed. We explained to 2 associates what we wanted, still screwed up the print job. There are black specs all over my document, when we questioned this, their response was… oh sorry. I would really love to have my documents looking professional. Poor all around.

4 months ago

Meadow Crate

This is the first place I stop to get any of my office supplies. Larissa has always been super friendly, fun to chat with and she goes out of her way to make sure I find exactly what I’m looking for! Awesome customer service!

1 month ago

Edik Zwetzig

Ordered several (over 700) color copies for hand-outs at free conference which I explained to representative; wanted to do job as “cheaply as possible” – never received a quote for the project; was told they would call when the job was finished; they didn’t call – I called before pickup and was informed that the charge was over $400!! At the counter I asked WHERE their prices for color copies were posted ($.62 each!! – no quantity/price break) – no one answered the question. Although the QUALITY of work was very good, the customer SHOULD HAVE been provided with a quote upon ordering & NOT SURPRISED once the job was completed. I’ll get it done for $.07 each now & give THEM my current & future business. Good bye Staples!!

9 months ago

Trish Meyer

One of the staff members helped me find what I was looking for and personally checked me out themselves. Very good customer experience with this company.

9 months ago

Alex McLean

They need to have more people to help customers. No one spoke to us for 10 mins. Great selection.

1 month ago

Matt H

Watch out- the Copy/Print center now charges what they call an “Express Guarantee”, meaning an extra charge on anything printed in person. This is a new corporate policy, and totalled $4 on top of my $14 printing expense. I feel like this is outrageous, and am sending an email to their corporate office. If you want to charge over 25% more, then just plainly raise your already overly high prices. Don’t charge an “Express Guarantee”.

7 months ago

Dave Keenan

The store manager Zachry is the absolute worst. After insulting me twice I then decided I would challenge his lack of knowledge regarding the laptop processor architectures. Once he realized he didn’t know what he was talking about he asked me to leave the store because in his words “I’m not going to be offended in my own store.” I wasn’t even going to write a review and just brush the whole thing off. Until I was in another Staples looking for that laptop and they said the only one left was at the Fredericksburg store and that they could call but that store doesn’t like them very much and they may not have any luck getting them to hold it for me. So to that other store if you know who you are, I just want you to know it’s not you 🙂 The whole story…… So I went to another Staples tonight before to pick up a particular Acer laptop. Specifically looking for the ryzen 3 2200u chipset unfortunately they did not have this in stock so I settled for an Acer with the a9 that was on a on sale. But this did not meet my wife’s satisfaction due to the slight lag when switching between chrome tabs. I figured I should go back and get a ryzen 3, as I had just purchased two of them for the girls after researching benchmarks and reviews and found them to be more than adequate. so I took my return to this particular store, I then inform the salesperson of what I was looking for. At this point the store manager came over and asked what the computer was being used for. I explained to him what my wife would be doing with it which was basically a whole lot of Facebook and chrome web pages for various things. He then stated that he didn’t think it would do the job, to which I replied I’m quite certain it will. To which he replied, I just dont wont to see you having to return something that will not do what you need. I then reiterated that that was the laptop that I wanted and I’m quite certain it will do just fine. He then remarked, well if you knew that you would not be returning this one. This left me with a slight chuckle in my mind but I let it go. just when I thought he finally understood that I wanted that laptop and that was it, I began talking to my wife about why it was better and why it would most certainly do what she wanted it to, he just could not help himself as he walked away and let out a nice smart remark just under his breath “No it won’t” Well at that point I pretty much had had enough and called out to him “hey there smart guy, you think you know so much why don’t you go look up some benchmarks and performance testing and maybe you’ll understand why the ryzen is a far superior architecture, I will give you some knowledge , it is mainly due to the hyper threading improvments. Do you even know what hyper-threading is?” This was about the time he turned around and explained how he was offended and wanted us to leave his store. My wife a bit shocked at the situation, responded to him that he was the one that instigated this little contest and was being ridiculous. She started to tell him that I was a systems engineer at which point I told her baby don’t say anything else there’s nothing that you need to explain to the Staples guy. that final remark was probably the only thing I regret saying just because I felt it to be mean and that is not really my intention. I would happily share information with anybody who wants to know, but when you’re a jerk and you’re wrong well then you’re just a douche. Anyway I finally purchased a different model ryzen 3 laptop for $100 more just because I refuse to go back into that store and give that person my money.

4 months ago


Easily found what I was looking for and was checked out quickly

5 months ago

Mikhail Hanney

One of my favorite office supply stores wide variety of everything I need

4 months ago

Alicia Longest

Ridiculous group of individuals. I ordered pictures at 1030 am to be picked up at 2pm. Upon arriving I was told they weren’t ready because they were “to busy.” They were sitting there doing nothing when I walked in. No more than 2 customers in the whole store and none at photo area. Manager blew me off as not caring. Spend your money elsewhere or request shipping. This isn’t the first time from the same store.

7 months ago

Jarrett Smith

Helpful young man found what I was looking for.

4 months ago

Ilka Oberst

Shout out to Rafael, Print & Marketing Supervisor at Staples, Fredericksburg, Va. I am a out of town visitor who needed to do some emergency paper work. Super polite, helpful, and very patient helping me use the coping machine! Joyce Medford, NJ.

6 months ago

Omar Reynoso

Always seems to have in stock what I need at the time. Good sale prices often too.

5 months ago

Abbas ramadan

Found what I wanted. Helpful emploees.

4 months ago

Susan Sanford

I was able to locate what I needed quickly.

6 months ago

Daniel Skinner

I called the store trying to get a price on running a diagonastic and was on hold for about an hour. Once I arrived in store I approached a group on employee standing in a circle talking and was dismissed very quickly on a mediocre issue. I was not assisted till after waiting 15 minutes.

10 months ago

Ryan Hewes

No service. Needed to replace a laptop today. Service desk said they would send someone to computer area. Waited 20 minutes then walked out. Bought $1000 computer elsewhere!

1 month ago

Gary H

Won’t be going back. Have had tons of laminations over the years, but the past couple times I’ve been there I either wait forever or get ignored forever. I stood there for 5 minutes and wasn’t even acknowledged by two people that were playing on the computer. I would complain to the manager, but obviously there would be no point.

1 month ago

Ibrahim Hussein

Typical office supply store. Help a bit slow to respond to needs

4 months ago

Kristie Burkhardsmeier

Kiosk said had 1 in stock of the item I needed. Staff completely unhelpful.

10 months ago

Cherry Dayzz

Cashier was nice

3 months ago

Carla Frazier

Horrible customer service and extremely limited stock. Went in for posterboard and permanent markers and left without making a purchase. Don’t bother shopping at this store.

4 months ago

Kevin R

Always a good experience

4 months ago


To many customers not enough help.

9 months ago

Jude Exenexe

Typical Staples but in my general experience the staff can be inattentive and/or not very knowledgeable.

1 month ago

Thomas Green

Always my “go to” store for office supplies

5 months ago

Dan Point

Encuentras todo sobre papeleria y objetos de oficina

7 months ago

Rosemarie Maiorana

9 months ago

Natalie Kitchen

4 months ago

Mauricio Garcia

5 months ago

Sarmed Ameen

5 months ago

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You just read through a bunch of job ads and are inundated with long lists and bullet points of “Essential Requirements”. You might even feel a little out of your league wondering if your skills match up to the competition. The truth is, most employers are looking for qualities in a candidate that are rarely listed in the job ad. What are these qualities? Problem solving - describe how you took on a challenge with minimal direction. Communication – provide examples how clear communication with others (including listening and following directions) resulted in a career success. Happy to learn new things – if you like to read or watch How-To videos on Youtube, say so. Proactive – show that you’ve already been thinking about this position by asking questions and anticipating challenges. If you can figure out a way to weave keywords and examples of these qualities into your application process, cover letter and certainly in your interview, you will have a successful job search.

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Temporary No Parking Signs | Fredericksburg, VA

The Public Works Department will consider issuing temporary “No Parking” signs on City streets or in public parking lots for various types of events or projects. Examples include weddings, funerals, for parking of moving vans, for deliveries by large vehicles, etc. The applicant for such parking restrictions is responsible for notifying nearby residents and businesses of the date(s) and times of the temporary parking restriction before the signs are posted, for posting the signs in accordance with the applicable regulations and for removing the signs once the time period has expired. There is a $3/sign charge for the temporary signs.

Requirements for Posting Temporary “No Parking” Signs in the City of Fredericksburg

  • A permit must be obtained from the Public Works Department prior to the posting of any signs. Permits will be issued only for the date(s), times and number of parking spaces determined by the Director of Public Works or his designee to be necessary to the purpose of the restriction.
  • Only signs provided by the Public Works Department may be used. A $3.00 per sign deposit is charged. Provided the sign is returned on the first business day after the expiration of the temporary restriction, there will be a $2.00 per sign refund.
  • The date(s) and times of the temporary parking restriction must be clearly written on each sign in large, black, block lettering.
  • Signs are to be posted not less than twenty four (24) hours nor more than thirty six (36) hours prior to the beginning of the restriction. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are to be included when calculating when the signs may be posted.
  • Signs may be posted on existing sign poles or utility poles with string or masking tape. No staples, nails, tacks, duct tape or other material that may damage the surface may be used. Signs are not to be posted on trees as it can cause permanent damage.
  • Signs posted on existing sign poles must not cover any portion of any existing sign(s) on the pole.
  • Signs are to be posted so that the face of the sign is clearly visible to oncoming traffic. The face of the sign should be perpendicular to the curb line, rather than parallel. (Exception: On streets with “diagonal” parking, the sign should face the parking space, so that drivers may see the sign as they pull into the parking space.)
  • Signs are to be removed immediately upon the expiration of the temporary parking restriction. All material used to post the sign (string, masking tape) is to be removed as well.
  • Signs posted in violation of these requirements are subject to removal without notice.

“No Parking” Space Request Form (PDF)

Where to Recycle What in Fredericksburg

Image courtesy of digitalart at

By Susan Larson. Updated July 15, 2015

When the City of Fredericksburg announced it has been turning away entire truckloads of recyclables due to heavy contamination by plastic bags, it seemed a good time to review where to recycle what.

“Plastic bags present huge problems in the compactor vehicles and in the sorting equipment at the recycling facility,” the city said. “This includes otherwise recyclable items wrapped or contained in plastic bags. We have been forced to abruptly enforce this long-standing rule because the recycling facility has begun turning away entire truckloads of recyclables due to heavy contamination by plastic bags.” (If you have curb pickup, you may request an additional bin for recycling from the city.)

Belman Road Recycling Center
Single stream recycling is still free at Belman Road Recycling Center, 1200 Belman Rd., Fredericksburg, 22401. City of Fredericksburg and Stafford residents may recycle the following items at Belman, without buying a coupon or window sticker.

Aluminum (e.g., beer and soda cans, foil, pie plates)
Glass (brown, clear, and green)
Motor oil
Paper: “anything that tears” (e.g., dry newspaper, paper bags, office/copy/printer paper (shredded or whole), wrapping paper, memo pads and envelopes, junk mail, magazines and catalogs, ad circulars and TV guides, phone books and notebooks, cardboard, cereal boxes, toilet paper/paper towel cores or tubes, paper backs, shoe boxes, milk and juice cartons.)
Plastic: #1 – #7, look for the number on the bottom of the container (e.g., milk jugs, water or soda bottles, mayonnaise jars, party cups, yogurt/cottage cheese/margarine/butter/dip containers)
Scrap metal
Steel/tin cans (e.g., soup, vegetable, and pet food cans)
Auto Batteries
Building materials
Mixed containers and mixed paper
Propane tanks-ensure tank is empty and valve is removed
Motor oil
Scrap metal
Textiles: “gently used” clothing, sheets and blankets (no mattresses), towels, table linens, and curtains

Here’s where to recycle other items.

Plastic Bags
Plastic bags are recyclable at grocery stores.

Ink and Toner
Recycle your old ink or toner cartridges at:
Best Buy (1541 Carl D Silver Pkwy. in Fredericksburg’s Central Park Shopping Center) and save $2 in Recycle Rewards on your next in-store purchase of $40 or more.
Staples (2003 Plank Rd., Fredericksburg, in the Westwood Shopping Center) and receive $2 back in Staples Rewards® for each one, up to 10 cartridges per customer per month.

Batteries and Light Bulbs
Batteries Plus Bulbs, 1918 William St., Fredericksburg, recycles light bulbs and batteries. There is a small fee, beginning at 35 cents, for light bulbs containing mercury — unless the bulbs were purchased at the store.

Rechargeable Batteries
Best Buy accepts rechargeable batteries at the recycling kiosk at the front of the store.

Staples recycles all rechargeable battery types that weigh less than 12 pounds. Lithium and alkaline batteries are not accepted.

Residential Refrigerators and Freezers
Dominion Virginia Power will pick up and recycle appliances at no cost, and customers will receive a $50 incentive for participating. Visit for details.

Electronics and Large Appliances
Best Buy accepts most electronics and large appliances, and will take them at no charge. Recycling is intended for residents only. Products from businesses and organizations, and items that present a health or safety hazard are not accepted. Best Buy will remove an appliance or TV free of charge from a customer’s home when a new product is purchased and delivered by Best Buy. Or, for a fee, Best Buy will schedule a pickup with no product purchase. For more information, visit Recycling at Best Buy


Staples accepts any brand, any condition, even if purchased elsewhere. See the chart for accepted technology products.

Staples also offers mail–back and pick–up technology recycling solutions for businesses with 20+ employees. See the Staples Advantage® division.


Energy Saving Tips and Rebates from Va. Dominion Power

Marine Conservationist on Plastics Polluting Oceans, Killing Wildlife, Poisoning Food Chain

Friends of the Rappahannock Voices Concern About Fracking

Tree Fredericksburg Receives Diamond Partnership Award

Op-Ed: Help Protect the Heritage Trail

Mill District Rezoning Faces Questions

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Spark plug Denso 4701 IK16TT

Product characteristics

  • Manufacturer Denso

Product description


, rate and review this product: Spark plug Denso 4701 IK16TT

All fields are required


How to buy

Step 1

Go to the product page, select the required quantity and click on the shopping cart icon.Then you can continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

Step 2

Until the order is completed, you can change the number of items in the basket, delete individual items – the cost will be recalculated automatically. At the end, check the data and, if everything is correct, click the “Place an order” button.

Step 3

After going to the Cart, indicate how you want to receive the order:

  • Pickup
  • Delivery within the city
  • Delivery by transport company

Pickup.One of the pickup addresses should be noted.

Delivery within the city. It is necessary to indicate the exact delivery address and the date when it is convenient to receive the order

When choosing the item “Delivery by a transport company”, you will need to fill in the following data:
  • name of transport company
  • shipping address
  • contact details (name, phone number, e-mail)

Step 4

Then you have to choose a payment method.Regardless of how you want to receive your order, you can always pay by card online.
For self-pickup, you can pay for the Order in the store – by card or cash
When delivered by courier around the city, payment by card is available upon receipt
When delivered by a transport campaign, the ordered goods are paid for before shipment in any convenient way – online by card, cash or card in the store.

Step 5

You can log in or place an order without registration, in the second case, you can register later, including by following the link from the letter confirming your purchase.

If you register, then your personal data and other information specified earlier will be automatically added to the next order: delivery address, favorite store, etc.

Registered users can:

  • track order status;
  • receive special offers and invitations to private sales;
  • accumulate and write off Bonuses;
  • save order history.

Step 6

After choosing the method of delivery and payment, check the data again and click the “Place an order” button.

After placing the Order, the manager will contact you and clarify all the details.

If you have any questions, please call us at +7 (3852) 205-596 any day from 8.00 to 22.00 – we will be happy to answer them!

FAQ (Questions / Answers)

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Photo courtesy of the manufacturer

Payment options:
  • Payment upon receipt of goods
  • PrivatBank / Card

Delivery options:
  • Pickup
  • New Mail

Return and exchange within 14 days.


  • Length [mm] 184
  • Fitting Position Front Axle left and right
  • Brake type Disc mechanism
  • Weight [kg] 0.008
  • Required quantity 2

About the manufacturer


Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co KG febi
Index 58256
City Ennepetal
Street Wilhelmstraße 47
Phone + 4911 (0) 23233 …

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90, ,. … ,,,,,. Almera, Primera, Maxima, X-Trail, Micra. ,,.
and non-original Nissan
Almera (N15, N16), Almera Classic (B10RS), Almera Tino (V10), Primera (P10, P11, P12), Maxima (A32, A33), Micra (K11, K12), Note (E11), Terrano (R20), X-Trail (T30), Patrol (Y60, Y61)

orig / neorig

15208-9F600 P11, N16, P12, T30


15208-H8904 N15, P11




16546-3J400 P11, N16, P12, T30, B10RS


16546-3J410 N15, P11




27275-1N625 N15


27891-BM401-KE N16, P12, T30


27893-9F500-KE P11






22401-1P115 (P11, A32, A33)


22401-20J06 (N14-15, P11-12)


22401-2F200 (P11)


22401-50Y05 (N16, K11, P11)






30001-2F026 – P11 (GA16)


30001-2F225 – P11 (SR20)


30001-57YX5 – N15 (GA16)


n / a
– N16 (QG15DE)






40206-2F501 P11, N16 (1 …)


40206-93J01 P11, N16 (1 .)


40206-93J01 P11, N16 (1 …)


P12 (1.)


P12 (1.)




̠N15 ()


D1060-38UXM BRAKE PADS A32, A33 (disc.)


41060-0M8XC ̠N15 ()






41060-89EX1 ̠L30, A32


41060-AV126 P12, V10


41060-BM425 P11, N16 ( )


41060-BM525 P11, N16 ()






K12, E11




– P11, N16


– P11, N16


44060-31UX2 A32, A33 (.)


44060-3J325 P11 (..)


44060-50YX5 N15 (.)


44060-BA00F P12 (.)


44060-BM426 P11, N16 (.)


D4060-8M126 N16 (.)


D4060-VB1X0 N15 (.)


44060-VC090 Y61 (.)


44084-3F010 ȠK-T P11, N16




(). N16




40210-50Y00 (). N15




P12 ()


40202-2Y010 T30, CA33 ()


43200-0M800 N15 ()


43200-0M000 N15 ()


A33 ()


T30 ()


P11 ()


N15 ()


A33 ()


T30 ()





NISSAN 5w40, 5



NISSAN 5w40, 1



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