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  • flowers on the flower stand


  • a dandelion flower standing


  • girl standing on flowers


  • blossom jasmine flower with leaves standing


  • white flower illustration wind


  • cherry blossoms standing flower on branch petals windy


  • standing autumn swing next to blue flowers


  • beautiful woman standing next to pear blossom branch


  • bird standing outside the hexagonal window


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  • cartoon hand painted chinese style magnolia flower


  • flamingo standing in the flowers and grass png transparent material


  • cherry blossoms with stand double branch textured isolated


  • watercolor transparent hand painted bird


  • white jasmine flower blossom and buds with leaves hand drawn illustration


  • yoga standing raise your hand flower


  • green plant potted flower stand


  • hand drawn style double flower hydrangea


  • artificial flower stand


  • two birds of spring birds standing on the flower tree


  • double wedding wedding station stand flower head


  • tattoo display stand flower eyebrow lip


  • anniversary festival poster display stand flower


  • c4d618 activity stereo geometry e commerce display stand flower pot decoration flower pot element


  • yellow shield stand flower vine illustration


  • yellow flower stand hand drawn illustration


  • beautiful flowerbed for home decorations


  • blue basin lantern for obon festival japan


  • yellow flower stand decoration illustration


  • artificial flower stand free material


  • artificial flower stand free material


  • flower material painted pink


  • yellow flower with branch


  • beautiful yellow flower stand illustration


  • three dimensional carpet display rack


  • artificial flower stand


  • beautiful woman standing by the flower pot


  • flower rack


  • flower rack


  • hand painted flowers beautiful potted plants


  • china tourism jiangnan water town display water township jiangnan water


  • beautiful happy wedding floral arch sticker decoration with ribbon


  • red valentines day flower shop display stand day in the name


  • hand drawn plant potted illustration hand drawn illustration plant pot flower stand


  • hand painted british afternoon tea gourmet dessert collection


  • artificial flower stand and flower pot free material


  • cartoon hand painted succulents house flower stand character boy girl material


  • color plant flower frame element


  • 3d podium with feminine


  • girl elements in colored standing on flowers


  • c4d light color girl style decoration booth


  • red valentines day flower shop display stand day


  • bunny easter pattern design


  • hand painted pink flowers beautiful potted plants


  • cactus on table illustration vector on white background


  • giant paper flowers from ruche – Design*Sponge

    You may remember the wedding of our lovely D*S contributor Brittany Watson Jepsen. Her huge paper blooms made such a splash that she started selling them in her shop, and just recently Brittany wrote a great article for Brooklyn Bride about the paper flower trend. I’m thrilled that this is a growing phenomenon; I adore anything made in exaggerated scale, so I feel that the more giant flowers and plants there are in the world, the better.

    This particular giant-flower DIY project comes from the creative team at Ruche. They decided to make these giant fantasy flowers for their spring lookbook, which is aptly titled “Enchantment.” Read below for the story of how this project came to be, and find the full tutorial after the jump. Thanks for sharing this awesome DIY, Ruche team, and thank you, Brittany, for being on the forefront of such a cool trend 🙂 Enjoy! — Kate

    Our creative team brainstormed ways to turn our spring lookbook, Enchantment, into a daydream. When the idea of oversized flowers came about, we couldn’t wait to make them a reality! Josh, the CFO of Ruche, used his engineering background to design the stems, and with the help of additional Ruche team members, they created them by hand at our warehouse. Surrounded by tissue paper and scissors, our talented set-design interns designed and created the rest of the flower pieces at our warehouse. Once they were finished, the whimsical daydream came to life. — The Ruche Team

    Read the full how-to after the jump!


    • plastic cups
    • cement
    • approx. 5” wide stucco corner
    • approx. 20-gauge tie wire
    • gloves and wire cutters
    • tape, glue, and scissors
    • tissue paper
    • dried moss
    • zip ties


    Making the stem:

    1. Determine how many flowers you’re going to make and pour cement into the corresponding number of plastic cups. Let harden.

    2. Purchase stucco corner (sturdy wire) from your local hardware store. The pieces we used were 5” in width.

    3. Cut the wire into desired stem lengths. We varied each stem from 3 to 8 feet high. Remember to protect your hands with gloves!

    4. Use the cement cups as a base and mold the wire into stems.

    5. Cover the wire stems with tape for a smooth surface.

    6. Glue layers of tissue paper onto the surface until the entire stem is covered.

    Making the leaves:

    1. Purchase approximately 20-gauge tie wire from your local hardware store and cut into desired lengths. Remember to leave extra length at the end (to attach to the stem later).

    2. Twist pieces of wire together to form the leaf base.

    3. Cut layers of tissue paper into leaf shapes.

    4. Glue the layers together around the wire base.

    5. Poke the leaves into the stems.

    Making the flowers:

    1. Cut layers of tissue paper into petals of various sizes.

    2. Form the smallest petals into a bouquet. Tape the bouquet’s stem to keep the layers together.

    3. Add the next layer of petals and tape and repeat until you have reached the desired size.

    4. For the flower centers, cut circles out of tissue paper, scrunch the edges, and glue two layers together.

    5. Glue moss into the center of the circles.

    6. Attach the center to the petals, and the flower is complete.

    7. Use zip ties to attach the flower to the stem.

    You’re done!

    Gwen Stefani Reveals How She Preserved Her Wedding Dress & Flowers

    Gwen Stefani is just a girl who casually receives flowers from the Vera Wang. She posted the flowers and another gift on her Instagram stories.

    The Voice former coach Gwen Stefani showed off her wedding dress and flowers by the iconic designer Vera Wang on her Instagram story on Tuesday. It’s no doubt that Gwen and her new hubby Blake Shelton are still in their honeymoon phase by the looks of the videos posted to her social media account. However, these two lovebirds have been in the honeymoon phase since the beginning of their relationship.

    Gwen and Blake tied the knot last month on their shared Oklahoma property. The country singer did something quite literally out of a country song and built a chapel on their land for the couple to get married in. Close friends and family attended their special day and The Voice host Carson Daly even officiated the wedding. Carson described the singers’ wedding as “perfectly them” on The Today Show. “It was as elegant and refined and cool as Gwen is and it was as country and down-home and fun as Blake is,” Carson described. Gwen rocked both a stunning ceremony and party dress designed by Vera Wang the day she tied the knot with The Voice OG coach.

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    The “Hollaback Girl” singer posted videos on her Instagram Story of her preserved wedding dress and beautiful white rose bouquet that was sent by the one and only Vera Wang. Gwen made it humorous as she first showed Blake holding hand-picked flowers from their garden before revealing the flower arrangement. “Standing here like an idiot because you told me to go get some flowers to put in the vase for dinner and then I walk in and see this,” Blake joked. It seems as if Vera and Gwen are mutual fans of each other after Gwen uploaded a picture of Vera’s personalized note to her expressing her gratitude. “What a true pleasure to have shared in your happiness by choosing us to dress you, not once, but twice,” the designer wrote. “As an enormous fan, on behalf of me and my entire team, again thank you,” the note ended.

    The recent bride then uploaded a video of herself expressing the joy she had after working with the designer.It was literally a dream come true to be able to work with you and get married to Blake in your gown. I love you so much, thank you” Gwen gushed. Although she didn’t show her preserved wedding dress, she shared a video of the box with the text “My Wedding Gown” displayed on the front. Southern hospitality and manners seem to run through the former The Voice coach as she also sent Vera and her team flowers. In a screenshot of Instagrams between the two, Vera wrote, “Wishing you both everlasting happiness and joy and kindness.”

    Clearly, other celebrities are just as obsessed with the former coach of The Voice as much as the fans are. On top of that, having Vera Wang gush over her made her reach another level of cool.

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    Source: Instagram/Gwen Stefani, The Today Show

    90 Day Fiancé: Why Cast Avoids Calling Out Angela’s Offensive Actions

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    90,000 Article: White Bridal Bouquet | Flowers and gifts studio “Bon Bouquet”

    Bridal bouquet is not just a decoration, an accessory, an obligatory attribute. The bride’s bouquet is a symbol. You drew attention to the fact that there are no ugly brides, just as there are no ugly flowers.”Bride” and “flower” are practically synonyms.

    Gone are the days when the bride’s dress could only be white, and the bride’s bouquet could only consist of white flowers. On their wedding day, the newlyweds want to be unique, special and so captured on wedding photos and videos. Freedom of expression and creativity are very important for a modern person.

    And yet … What color takes the first place when choosing a wedding bouquet for the bride and is associated with a “wedding”? Still white!

    White color in different cultures had its own sacred meaning.So in Christianity it is the color of innocence, virtue, purity of thoughts, holiness of life, salvation.

    In psychology, white is completeness, perfection, freedom of opportunity, hope, the absence of any barriers and, at the same time, joy, airiness, lightness, fullness of light ..

    A wedding is always the beginning of a new life. Everything will be divided into “before” and “after”. It all starts as if from a “blank slate” on which young people will write their “bright and happy” story and no circumstances will be able to prevent this.Otherwise, why this day, why this thrill, this beauty, these dreams, these joyful people around ?!

    White color of the bride’s bouquet will always be relevant, despite all the new trends and fashion trends. White flowers are presented in honor of sincere and pure love, admiring the perfection and beauty of the bride, as opposed to red, which speaks of passion and fiery feelings.

    What it will be: a classic bridal bouquet of white roses, a wedding bouquet of exotic white orchids, a bouquet of lush white peonies, a touching bouquet of white tulips – according to tradition, the groom should choose.The bouquet that he gives to his chosen one can serve as a kind of message, although few know the “language of flowers”.

    A bouquet of white roses demonstrates tenderness, sophistication, willingness to listen and wait. However, roses should be without thorns, which promise difficulties in further life together.

    A bouquet of white tulips is evidence that a man takes on all the worries, all decisions and will do everything in the best possible way, and the bride can simply trust and bask in the rays of his attention.

    A bouquet of white lilies, on the contrary, is considered a sign of an egocentric man who intends to be in the spotlight, just as the lily itself attracts everyone’s attention with its scent. In fact, not everyone loves this property of lilies, but a knowledgeable florist will tell you that there are odorless varieties. These flowers will simply delight you with their beauty. There is another symbolism of the white lily. Since ancient times, the white lily has been a symbol of purity and innocence. So, look at everything with a smile and take the “language of flowers” for a kind of game.

    Fortunately, now you can order almost any flower, be it a widespread species or exotic, which you saw in some photo on the Internet.The specialist will tell you what kind of flower it is, where it comes from and how much such a bridal bouquet will cost. The florist will compose the bouquet of your dreams, make it worthy of a “queen”, because on this day the bride is the QUEEN. All eyes, all attention, all love and care are directed to her.

    If you are in doubt which shape of the bouquet to choose: a classic bridal bouquet, a cascading bouquet, a Biedermeier bouquet, a balloon bouquet, contact the stylist. He will tell you what kind of bouquet will suit your figure, dress, makeup.Or maybe you want to stand out and you like designer bridal bouquets in the form of a handbag, clutch, fan, etc. – decide!

    In conclusion, to paraphrase one famous phrase, when asked what color of the bride’s bouquet will always be popular? One could answer – “any, if this color is white”!

    You can order any bridal bouquet from the florists of our Studio. In the section of services “Bridal bouquets” you will find complete information about the types and quality of the bridal bouquets we create.And in the section of the online store there are samples of bouquets that can be ordered directly on the website.

    To order a bridal bouquet, you can drive up to our salon. Here you will also be able to offer decoration services and a selection of wedding accessories. See information in the Contacts section.


    Flowers delivery Khimki, Zelenograd, Kurkino, Mitino, Tushino, Dolgoprudny, Krasnogorsk

    About us

    Florahimki. ru has been on the flower market since 2000. We sell and deliver flowers in Khimki, Kurkino and nearby cities and regions.

    Flower delivery, carried out by our team, has been pleasing you and your loved ones for more than 8 years. During this time, more than 20 thousand orders have already been completed. Branches of banks, restaurants and cafes, business centers, car dealerships and a lot of just good people in Khimki and the surrounding areas have become Florakhimka’s regular customers. We try to work well, please you with our work, we are growing and constantly expanding the list of areas served.

    In our internet salon we will be happy to fulfill your order.

    We employ certified, creative florists. We are always aware of new tendencies in floristic fashion and therefore we can make for you both a traditional solid bouquet and a modern original one.

    Do you want to congratulate your soul mate at work so that all her colleagues see and approve of your gorgeous gift? Our company will be happy to deliver flowers to your office or work.Today it is possible to deliver flowers to the nearest districts of Moscow and the city. Would you like to order flowers in Khimki, Dolgoprudny or Lobnya, or are looking for a store where to buy flowers in Zelenograd or Krasnogorsk, do not waste time – place an order for delivery on our website. Our operators will help you by phone or online chat, and couriers will quickly deliver a fresh bouquet to the right address. Florists of the company will collect bouquets for your children and men. For adored girls, mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends, we will always come up with a bouquet with a twist.For colleagues, we will make a classic, extravagant, cheerful bouquet, as well as a composition in a vase or basket.

    You can also pick up your order by self-pickup from our flower shops in Khimki. For pickup, a 10% discount is provided.

    21 years on the market

    13 years of delivery

    2070 weddings

    34000 orders

    Men’s jewelry – Kommersant St. Petersburg

    In the spring, the whole world is waiting for the next royal wedding .The world is betting what will be the wedding dress of actress Meghan Markle, who will soon enter Buckingham Palace as Duchess. But, perhaps, no one doubts that on the day of the wedding in Prince Harry’s buttonhole we will see another exclusive boutonniere – a symbol of impeccable taste, originality and style.

    Business card

    Men from the House of Windsor love boutonnieres. And not only on the day of your wedding. At any social event, in the buttonholes of jackets and tuxedos from the heirs of the English crown, you can see red, white and fawn flowers: carnations, roses, orchids, calla lilies.

    Boutonnieres have long been the hallmark of the royal family. In 1840, Queen Victoria’s fiancé, Prince Albert, took a knife, cut a hole in his uniform with his own hand, and inserted a flower from his bride’s bouquet into a homemade buttonhole. They say the prince was prone to shocking and adored improvisation, and he was also considered the main fashionist in England.

    In 1937, the former King of Great Britain, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne and chose love. On the day of his wedding with a divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson, in the buttonhole the groom had a boutonniere in the form of a white carnation, which in the language of flowers meant: “Oh, my poor heart.”

    The fashion for white carnations was immediately picked up, not only in England, but also in America. In photographs of the first half of the twentieth century, such boutonnieres can be seen in the buttonhole of the Hollywood dandy Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. A little later, the white color changed to red, and a purple rosebud became the main flower for the boutonnieres.

    The boutonniere is found in many films: both Don Corleone and James Bond have a flower in their buttonhole. True, the latter is wearing it incorrectly.

    The evolution of the symbol

    Perhaps no other men’s accessory had so many meanings as a boutonniere. It is believed that this masculine adornment first appeared in Ancient Greece: the groom pinned a small flower bouquet on his chest to ward off evil spirits. Medieval knights wore flowers on their chests for a different purpose: beautiful ladies knew the language of flowers well and could read an encrypted message.

    During the French Revolution, the red carnation became a symbol of fearlessness and nobility.With a red carnation in their buttonhole, the nobles climbed the scaffold. The 19th century is the heyday of boutonnieres. Not a single dandy could appear in high society without this accessory. “A well-chosen boutonniere is the only link between art and nature,” said Oscar Wilde, who, by the way, preferred green carnations.

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, the fashion for boutonnieres was taken up by the working class. When red flags were banned at political demonstrations, red carnations were used on the chest, at the very heart.But gradually boutonnieres were replaced from everyday accessories and became a wedding accessory. The rules of a wedding boutonniere are simple: it is selected in accordance with the bride’s bouquet, and it always differs from the boutonnieres of other guests in appearance and shape.

    Nowadays, this elegant men’s jewelry has triumphantly returned its positions (by the way, not without the help of the English princes). The best fashion houses make faux boutonnieres that perfectly complement both secular and business looks.Still, fresh flowers are more popular among men.

    Talking sign

    The flower in the buttonhole of a modern man speaks volumes. For example, that its owner is a person with taste and money. A boutonniere is another symbol of social status, a personal brand, and it will say much more about a person than the most expensive watch or an original tie clip.

    The flower in the buttonhole is a kind of challenge to society, only very subtle, barely noticeable, on the edge.It is also a kind of encrypted message for women’s eyes, a message that is sometimes difficult to unravel, but very interesting. In other words, a boutonniere is a personal code that only people of their own circle can understand.

    Anastasia Monastyrskaya

    How to wear a boutonniere

    A modern boutonniere consists of one large flower or several small ones, as well as twigs of decorative greenery. The size of a flower in a buttonhole should not exceed 10 cm. The most popular flowers for such decoration are carnations, roses, orchids, calla lilies, chrysanthemums and gerberas.

    According to etiquette, the boutonniere is threaded into the loop of the left lapel of a jacket or coat, which is located just above the heart. To prevent the flower from falling out, an additional loop is made on the back side. If the jacket does not have such a loop, then you can take it to the atelier or pin the boutonniere to the lapel with a pin.

    If you want to make the boutonniere a permanent element of your brand, you can order an exclusive Tissie Mussie pin vase from the jeweler. And if you have a long event, you should take care of a duplicate boutonniere: some flowers (calla lilies, roses and especially orchids) have fragile petals and quickly lose their shape.

    90,000 Should you store a wedding bouquet ?. Flowers and bouquets

    A wedding bouquet is simply an integral part of any wedding event. Such a bouquet personifies love and the brightest intentions of lovers. That is why it is so important to preserve it both during the wedding and after it in its original form. But what to do with these flowers when all the congratulations and applause of the grateful guests subside? The unequivocal answer is a convincing yes, because along with the wedding rings, the wedding bouquet will become a personal and intimate memory for the bride.

    Correct disposal of the bouquet

    Most visitors to the wedding site can confirm that it is doubly pleasant to receive the aforementioned bouquet if you are not the bride at the wedding celebration. In this case, we are talking about the traditional throwing of the bouquet by the bride at the end of the evening. However, today there is such a tradition as buying two wedding bouquets at once. One is acquired in order to throw it over the shoulder, while the other still remains a happy and newly-made wife.

    If you still wish to keep the bouquet for yourself

    This will not be any bad gesture towards witnesses and unmarried girls who are simply eager to catch the cherished flowers. The thing is that for a long time the wedding bouquet personifies the boundless love of the groom for the bride. It should be recalled that several centuries ago, a married lady, as a sign of her great respect and love for her husband, dried these beautiful colors and settled them under her own pillow.It was believed that in this way the bride would protect the groom’s love for herself. So this little story might push you to end up keeping this luxurious wedding paraphernalia for yourself. And you can throw the second bouquet over your shoulder, which was already mentioned a little above.

    How can you still preserve your wedding bouquet?

    If you have already decided that you do not intend to part with such beautiful and bright wedding flowers, which symbolize lofty feelings of love, then you must save them correctly.

    First of all, after the immediate end of the wedding party, the above-described bouquet must be tightly wrapped in paper and hung in a dry and dark room. The flowers should lie there for at least two and a half weeks. It should be remembered that the wedding bouquet should be placed with the flower heads down, and the stems, respectively, up. Do not leave your precious flowers in a cool room, because the warmer it is in the room, the brighter and richer the shades on the buds will remain.After direct drying, such a bouquet can be placed in a beautiful and stylish vase, or it is simply appropriate to place them next to your bed.

    Removing unnecessary stems

    By the way, many regular visitors to the wedding portal like dried bouquets without stems. As the saying goes, only the most beautiful parts of the wedding flowers should be kept. That is why you can dry only the buds, after getting rid of the stems, of course.All manipulations with colors will be the same as in the case described earlier. After the entire drying process is completed, the buds are usually placed in a beautiful box and a little fragrant and rich perfume is added there. It is these petals that will remind you of the brightest wedding memories.

    In the end, the question of whether to store or not to store a wedding bouquet is more than settled. This symbol of newlyweds and their boundless love for each other should warm an already established married couple with its warm moments even on the coldest winter evenings.

    Blog – Flowers delivery (Sumy)

    For a beautiful decoration of the wedding ceremony, you can choose a wide variety of flowers with delivery from all over the world. A huge number of varieties of flowers, compositions, colors and greenery for decoration helps florists create masterpieces, but often complicates the choice for brides, so let’s dwell on some colors, their meaning and features for use in wedding bouquets. We will also decide which flowers for a wedding bouquet are the most popular.


    Roses are timeless classics. They are always out of competition – they are the constant leader among brides. And it is not surprising, because this flower has always symbolized love: scarlet roses – passion, pink – tender confession …

    In any style and concept of a wedding celebration, they will be appropriate. Roses go well with many flowers, can serve as the basis of a bouquet, and can become an interesting color accent.


    Traditionally, the tenderness of tulips is associated with the arrival of a young spring and the awakening of nature.There are a large number of different shades, which allows florists to show more creative ideas when drawing up a tulip-based wedding bouquet. But, mind you, tulips are fragile, so you need to be careful with your bouquet.


    Lush peony flower, its sweetish aroma, is loved by brides in many countries. Florists of the studio of decor and floristry also collect chic wedding mono-bouquets or stunning arrangements of peonies.

    Peonies are more popular in May-June, when they are easier and cheaper to order. At other times of the year, a wedding bouquet of peonies will cost an order of magnitude more, but the beauty and splendor of the bouquet is worth it.

    Peony roses

    Delicate aroma and splendor of flowers bred specifically to replace peonies. The bud of various shades, carved at the edges is the leader in European wedding bouquets. Who wants to arrange a wedding according to European standards – this is your option. Peony roses look amazing, and in a decor with greenery, contrasting shades, they will create a magical wedding bouquet.

    Eustoma (Japanese rose)

    Eustoma or lisianthus is a rose from Japan, where it symbolizes beauty and eternal youth. These small roses look organic and delicate in the composition. Moisture-loving plants are afraid of cold weather, so you need to be careful when choosing this flower for a winter wedding.


    Exotic became available. If a mysterious and intricate image is chosen, orchids will add zest and special charm to the bride.Separately or in an original composition, florists will create a stunning bouquet for a wedding ceremony in any color.

    Calla lilies

    Aristocratic classic white calla lilies symbolize family abundance, wealth and harmony. If the classic style is chosen, a composition of large cups of calla lilies or with the addition of other flowers will add respectability to the wedding bouquet.


    Possessing the finest aroma, the delicate freesia flower of different shades will perfectly complement any wedding bouquet.Although a large bouquet of graceful snow-white freesias, tied with a satin ribbon, looks amazingly gentle, like a bride.


    Popular and favorite flowers for wedding floristry, airy hydrangeas perfectly keep their magnificent shape. Volumetric bouquets using this flower are popular all over the world, and they are simply gorgeous.

    In heat or severe frost, hydrangea is unpredictable, it can wither quickly. In order to avoid loss of appearance, you need to thoroughly “drink” it with water before composing a composition (bouquet).Our florists will place a special flask with water in the bouquet so that the hydrangea retains its original fresh appearance until the end of the ceremony.


    This beautiful and unpretentious flower looks like a small lily. The bouquet will turn out to be luxurious, delicate, and most importantly – budget. Multi-colored alstroemeria will help create an unusual contrast with the bride’s dress. They will add a special charm to the flower arrangement, created with love by our florists.

    Bright gerberas

    A joyful flower will add playfulness and lightness to your image.If this style is chosen in the bride’s attire, a bouquet of gerberas with pure simplicity is ideal. Gerberas are beautiful at any time of the year, their color scheme allows you to complement the image, or vice versa – to give an original color accent.

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