Stand up comedian singapore: 8 Malaysian and Singaporean comedians to follow on Instagram


8 Malaysian and Singaporean comedians to follow on Instagram

Here’s a round up of the best Malaysian and Singaporean comedians to follow on the ‘Gram.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and in our opinion, the jokes should keep coming too! We don’t need an expert to tell us what a good laugh can do to our overall mood, and these days, laughter might be the only contagious thing you want to catch.

Following the stand-up comedy sessions on BURO Hangouts, who said the hahas have to end? After all, those who laugh, last! So here’s a round-up of local comedians hailing from Malaysia and Singapore for you to follow and keep those endorphins flowing. 

One of the top comedians in Malaysia, Kuah Jenhan engages his audiences through deftly crafted stories of history, identity and insecurities while making you LOL till you gasp for more. The entertainer and co-founder of the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (watch him roast-off with fellow comedy members, Douglas Lim, Phoon Chi Ho and Jason Leong) is a regular on local radio, TV and film and has been nominated for awards such as the ‘Best Comedy Show’ at Perth Fringe World and ‘Best Original Book and/or Lyrics’ for the musical

Lat Kampung Boy at the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, in addition to opening for English comedian Eddie Izzard.  

One of Rahat Kapur’s original life goals was to become the next Carrie Bradshaw, but as a published writer, strategy consultant, Buro. Singapore’s new dating columnist AND stand-up comedian, we think she’s outdone herself. Her über-relatable jokes about the trials and tribulations of love and life today will get you in stitches. Keep up with the funny girl on the gram for scenic travel shots and #ootd snaps. 

Singapore’s first full-time female comedian, Sharul Channa is well-known for her razor-sharp, self-slamming jokes that shed light on traditions, identity and being an Asian woman in media. The fast-talker isn’t afraid to use her voice and comedy to talk about everything from Indian weddings to gender issues and is carving a space for more female representation in Asian comedy through sold-out shows such as Crazy Poor Sita and Disco Sheela while highlighting the challenges faced by women today.

 Expect to be shy, to cry and laugh with her at all the things we’ve been believing in our whole lives without questioning traditions and some religious practices.

The youngest comedian on this list, Luqman Podolski’s teen days on Vine, where he was coining phrases like budak wicet (Malay kids who use English words incorrectly) and campak kamus (dictionary throwing) with his friends, kicked off a career in entertainment that adds hip-hop singer and TV host to his title to date. With over one million followers on Instagram and 88,000 on Youtube, the social media jester is leading the future wave of Malaysian comedy that’s suited to those well-versed in memes and Tik Tok. From random nonsense to silly interpretations on current events, wig-wearing Luqman’s smartphone sketches are viral for a reason: while it may seem like empty ridicule on the surface, its humour blends real issues with online savviness and resonates with a digital generation to transcend race and culture.

You may remember him as Nick Young’s status-obsessed cousin Eddie on Crazy Rich Asians, but Ronny Chieng has gained plenty of global status on his own as a stand-up comedian with a U.

S. comedy tour, his own Netflix show, and correspondent on Emmy-winning news satire program, The Daily Show. The Johor Bahru-born, Singapore-raised joker is currently based in New York, where he continues to spread laughter and awareness through animated commentaries on current events, and a much-needed perspective that compares the cultural differences of the East and West. 

Voted as Malaysia’s grumpiest comedian for his love/hate relationship with his life and country, Kavin Jay complains about everything so you don’t have to. With his rapid-fire jokes, Jay was one of the original local acts (along with Kuah) who were the backbone of Timeout KL’s monthly show Comedy Thursday and has since gone on to do shows around the world from Hong Kong to Australia. His own Netflix show,

Kavin Jay: Everybody calm down! was the only one from Asia to be listed in the top 10 of The Wrap’s best Netflix Comedy Special. 

Skewering white privilege, racial politics, sexual preconceptions with her ukulele and melodic jokes is Hannan Azlan, the youngest and first woman to win the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition in 2016.

The Malaysian comedian, writer and musician draws from her theatre background to deliver charismatic, quick-witted songs that she improvises on-stage with a presence that will have you howling for more. 

With his risqué accounts and goofy mannerisms, Fakkah Fuzz delivers heavyweight punchlines that are uniquely Singaporean. He got his start doing small shows and open mics, telling jokes that share his observations on race and growing up as a Malay in Singapore, before going on to become the first and only Singaporean comedian to have his own stand-up comedy special, Almost Banned, on Netflix. No stranger to controversy, Fuzz got himself into hot water in 2016 when he poked fun at Malaysia’s Prime Minister, which only grew his presence in the region despite a since-removed apology on Facebook. 

Malaysia’s own queen of comedy, comedian Joanne Kam has been serving chuckles with her acid tongue humour in the local comedy scene for a few decades now. From her early days at KL’s first cabaret club to last month’s first-ever Queens of Asia Comedy Special show in Sentul, Kam’s versatility (she wears multiple hats as a writer, actress, director and emcee) and quick wits make her an empowering figure to aspiring comedians and women. 

Dr. Jason Leong balanced three years of his working life as a doctor and comedian before the award-winning joker made the choice to do stand-up full time. Relatively new to the scene, he made waves in 2013 as the first Malaysian to win the 7th International Hong Kong Comedy Competition. Since then, Leong’s continued on an upward trajectory, going on to perform sets for Comedy Central and at both Hollywood’s Laugh Factory and New York’s Gotham Comedy Club with his personable demeanour and jokes about his experience as a doctor, his childhood, TV programmes and daily observations.

5 Stand-Up Comedy Shows In Singapore That’ll Help Cure Your Stress With A Good Laugh

Stand-up comedy in Singapore


Image adapted from: @theothermohammed, @starchf

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and surely we could all do with more of it in our lives. And what better way to have a good laugh than at stand-up comedy shows, ranging from open-mic sessions to feature shows of popular comedians. Check out these places in Singapore which host regular comedy nights: 


1. Comedy at Canvas – with Kumar as their resident comedian


Image credit: @comedyatcanvas

Comedy at Canvas offers shows by drag queen comedian Kumar from just $25. Having been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, he’s no stranger to us all – Kumar is well known for his jokes that often poke fun at controversial topics such as politics and race in a light-hearted manner, all with a good dose of innuendos. It’s not surprising that there are age restrictions – you’ll need to be at least 18 years old to attend.

Image credit: @canvassingapore

Keep a lookout on Canvas’ website for comedy show dates which will be released monthly.  On other days, Canvas functions as an event space by day and night club by night.  

Price: From $25
Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416

Dates: Varies each month


2. Chandler Comedy Night – held at Central Perk, a FRIENDS themed cafe


The cafe has been styled to look like the hit sitcom, including an area that replicates the coffee shop in the show.
Image credit: @centralperksg

Chandler Comedy Night (from $36) held at a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed cafe, Central Perk is a monthly or bi-monthly comedy night featuring prominent comedians like Kumar. Check their website for the latest updates on comedian schedules. 

Image credit: @centralperksg

Price: From $36
Address: 1 Magazine Road Central Mall #01-01 Singapore 059567

Dates: Varies each month
Telephone: 9025 2524


3. The Merry Lion Comedy Cafe and Bar – thrice-weekly shows


Image credit: @prakashdanielcomedy

The Merry Lion Comedy Cafe and Bar is the first full-time comedy club on our sunny island. It hosts stand up comedy performances (from $25) by both local and international comedians thrice weekly. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old, and each show is 2 hours long, including an intermission break.

Image credit: @cosentinoasia

The venue is snug, so do ensure that you’ve purchased your tickets in advance. If you’re a huge fan of comedy shows, consider buying their membership, priced at $250, which will give you 12 tickets, discounted alcoholic drinks, and the opportunity to have your name on the wall.

While you’re down, grab a bottle of their very own The Merry Lion beer.
Image credit: @thirstyfolks

Price: From $25
Address: Circular Road, #03-00 8b, Singapore 049364
Dates: Varies each month.


4. Comedy Masala at HERO’s – held weekly on Tuesdays


Image credit: @theothermohammed

Expect laughter over drinks at Comedy Masala (from $15), held every Tuesday night at HERO’s bar. The comedy show held at Boat Quay is usually led by Pakistani stand-up comedian Umar Rina, followed by other comedians that change regularly. 

Image credit: @starchf

Be sure to purchase tickets and reserve your seats here before heading down. You can look forward to an intimate performance since the tables and stage are pretty close to each other.

Price: From $15
Address: 69 Circular Road, #01-01, 049423
Date and time: Tuesday, 8PM-9.45PM


5. Talk Cock Comedy – open mic sessions for anyone to join


Image credit: The Comedy Club Asia (Singapore)

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into the world of stand-up comedy, check out Talk Cock Comedy (from $10) at Blu Jaz Cafe. It hosts open-mic comedy night where both amateur and experienced comedians can book a 5-minute slot. If you don’t intend to take the stage, just sit back and have a good laugh over the jokes cracked by local and international comedians.

Price: From $10
Address: 11 Bali Lane, Historic Kampong Glam, Singapore 189848
Dates and time: Wednesday, 8.30PM


BONUS: RIOT! – hosted by local drag queen Becca D’Bus


Image credit: Riot Drag Show 

RIOT! Is a theatrical drag show cum comedy (from $25) hosted monthly by sassy drag queen Becca D’Bus where you can expect to be entertained by some filthy humour. The best part? Expect funky costumes, colourful wigs, and over-the-top makeup during the song and dance performances. There’ll also be plenty of interaction with the crowd. 

Image credit: RIOT 

Stay tuned to their website for more information about the venues and be sure to purchase tickets in advance. 

Price: From $25
Address: Depends on the show
Dates: Varies each month


Comedy shows in Singapore


These stand-up comedy shows also conveniently located in the CBD area so you can zip over after work for some jokes and laughter over a tipple. 

Singapore’s top female comedian tells us why her job isn’t all that funny, Lifestyle News

The camera pans, and a statuesque woman looks up with expressive eyes.

“My name is Sharul Channa, and no, I’m not a Malay boy. I’m an Indian woman with a Malay boy’s name,” she introduces herself in her signature opener, holding the silence in an amiable manner before flashing a warm smile.

With that, Sharul breaks the ice in the studio. Her flamboyance has a distancing effect – yet she baits the audience with what she has to say next.

Tall and elegant, with sculpted features, Sharul appears too poised to be a stand-up comic on first impression.

Yet it is the same funny girl who gamely – and boldly took on an invitation to perform her first comedy act in a bar eight years ago.

Her first (spontaneous) line was about her proximity to the front-row audience: “Wow, this is the first time a white man has been so close to my vagina.”

The amused crowd chortled – a triumphant moment when the then-theatre actor realised comedy was her calling.

“Being able to script, produce and act out my own show makes me happy,” she tells Her World.

And the only full-time female comedian in Singapore has good reasons to be. Sharul worked hard to sharpen her material, find her voice and use the stage to hone her own comedic brand.

Today, the 33-year-old slays in at least 70 shows annually, making a minimum of $2500 for each.

She has flown the Singapore flag at the biggest comedy festivals in the region, like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and India’s Weirdass Pajama Festival.


She also recently completed a 10-city India tour, covering Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Chennai.

In between, Sharul gigs at comedy bars, hosts and conducts comedy-writing workshops.

But where you really see the influence of Sharul as an entertainer – and progressive minded artist – is within the confines of her first performance at an intimate bar.

In the most unfiltered of art forms, she works her material with little interference or trace of concern about standards or demographics.

She switches between gestural tics and musingly dry observations about love, social disparities, womanhood, her family’s initial disapproval of her craft, and anything that matters to her heart.

She brings on raucous laughter one moment, sets off a contemplative mood next, but never fails to provide an oasis of positivity at the end of it.

Tautly written, her material isn’t all risque. It’s heart-warming and riveting, although Sharul prefers to describe herself cheekily as a “dangerous export from the safest country”


Born in Indore and raised in Singapore, Sharul says a good show is made of three things: Good comedic timing, research and careful planning. “When you joke about something, you have to sound intelligent. If not, no one’s gonna come for your next show,” she says, matter-of-factly.

It’s good to choose a topic that resonates with you, she tells her students in her comedy-writing workshops organised by Theatreworks. “Be in touch with your feelings onstage,” she adds. “This isn’t just for comedy performances, you can inject humour into any public speaking.”

A week before each show, Sharul engages in a mind-mapping session. “I sit down, open my drawing block pad and start mind-mapping a topic I want to talk about,” she explains. “I then branch out to how the issue affects me, my verbal reactions to it and what people have said about it.


Off stage, at her three-bedroom apartment in the east of Singapore, Sharul is introspective, interesting – and all serious about work. Born to a traditional Indian family, Sharul doesn’t hold back on her disagreement with customary expectations.

Question is: If we’re living in a culturally-sensitive and politically-correct age, how does one get around it in the public domain?


Unlike many comics who are real selves in name, Sharul’s material isn’t that far removed from her real life.

But there’s just as much value in material that delves into personal territory, as long as it’s funny, she says. “Once you do that, it becomes your story to tell. It softens the tone,” she quips, taking a sip of chai masala.

While the storyteller navigates consciously, Sharul credits Singapore’s old guard of stand-up comic and drag queen, Kumar, who paved the way for local acts like herself.

“Kumar pushed the envelope and got into some trouble,” she says. “Without him, I can’t say many things on stage without fear that I’ll be sued the next day.”

Her respect for Kumar is represented in her well-kept $50 note he had autographed for her the first time they met. “It’ll always be a reminder of my passion for comedy,” she says.

Gender discrimination is one of Sharul’s favourite topics. It resonates at the heart of her persona, being a relatable ordinary woman:

“Even before I was born, my grandmother expected me to be a boy. Because she brought my mum to the temple and got a string to tie around a bed that my parents were supposed to sleep on. It was supposed to make my father angle his body to produce only male sperm.”


But not everyone gets the joke, reveals Sharul who was trained in acting at Lasalle, College of the Arts. She has had her fair share of tragic responses – deadpan faces and awkward silence from the audience.

To that, she says: “I have a thick skin. You must never doubt yourself because the crowd can sense your insecurity. That’s when the entire set comes crumbling.”

The conversation is then interrupted by the sight of her frisky pet dog. Sharul shrugs and comments: “He [the dog] likes Chinese girls more than me.”


Married to fellow comedian Rishi Budhrani, Sharul says their jokes are different and each appeals to different audiences. “I comment on topics about women empowerment without getting hated, and he gets away with calling people names on stage,” she adds.

As a comedic couple, they bounce ideas off each other and help each other with new material. On Valentine’s Day, the couple will perform their second show together.

But it’s not all work and no play. Sharul takes regular trips to visit her spiritual healer in India. “It gets intense onstage,” she explains. “My topics can be heavy on the mind and sometimes, I’m sucked into the negativity. It helps me be in the right headspace, it’s important to live life at your own pace once in a while.”

This article was first published in Her World Online.

Enjoy shows from stand-up comedy to family-friendly musicals this 2nd half of 2021 – Mothership.SG

Are you looking for a date idea beyond the usual dinner and a movie? Consider a comedy show.

Not only is it something fairly novel, comedy specials are rich fodder for discussion with your date once the event is over.

And even if you’re not dating, live comedy is better than sitting at home and watching The Office for the fortieth time. No two shows are the same, and every experience is unique.

Image from Klook.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers going to a buffet instead of ordering a single meal, La Clique may be more to your liking.

This is a show that not only has comedy, but also features circus and cabaret-themed performances, and live music. It’s sold out in big cities like New York, Sydney, Montreal and Edinburgh.

An international cast of nine talented artists, accompanied by a four-piece orchestra, will perform on a circular stage, up close and personal with the audience. From the pictures available, the act looks smoking hot.

Image from Klook.

Tickets are priced at S$92 after the special 10 per cent discount for Klook customers.

Date: Sep. 18 to Nov. 7.

More details here.

Image from Klook.

Thanks to the pandemic, most of us haven’t escaped Singapore’s tiny borders for over a year now, and you might be feeling a little cooped up.

Cruises are a great way to get the “feel” of going away, while enjoying amazing amenities, food and fun events.

The Dream Comedy Cruise combines the best of both worlds. Not sure what to do after an amazing, relaxing day of floating in the pool, stuffing yourself with delicious food and playing a game or two? Let some of Singapore’s most talented comedians like Fakkah Fuzz, Gurmit Singh and Rishi Budhrani entertain you in the evenings.

Image from Klook.

It’ll give you one reason to get out of your comfortable room.

Tickets go from S$349. The comedy cruise is exclusive to Klook customers, and there is an early bird promo for the first 50 cabins.

Date: Oct. 20 Sail Date only.

More details here.

Image from Klook.

If you consider yourself a seasoned comedy aficionado, then treat yourself to Kumar Unmasked by one of the legends of the local comedy scene.

There are many talented comedians around, but Kumar is arguably the biggest star of them all. Irreverent, witty and with a lightning-fast tongue, Kumar has been entertaining audiences for years with his homegrown brand of humour and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you haven’t yet caught a Kumar show, can you truly call yourself a local? Come down and mark this one off the bucket list.

Early bird tickets end Aug. 31, 2021. Tickets are selling fast.

Date: Starting from Sep. 10.

More details here.

Image from Klook.

We love the Singapore Zoo and its merry menagerie of animals, but you may want to avoid big crowds. Or perhaps due to circumstances beyond your control, you and your child may have to self-isolate for some time.

Not to worry, if you can’t go to the zoo, the zoo will go to you instead. The Wildlife Reserves Singapore Virtual Experiences package offers your child the chance to get up close and personal with the friendly keepers and wildlife experts.

See how baby rhinos get cleaned in the 20 minute Hello From the Wild Side programme, or take a virtual trek through the jungles of South America as guides tell you all about the beasts lurking in its depths.

Image from Klook.

But mark down September 4 in your calendars — the only day when the virtual Wild Safari Camp will be held. Marvel at the gentle, fuzzy Capybaras, the fierce Red-bellied Piranhas, the quirky Giant Anteaters and the regal Jaguars, who all hail from South America, but now call Singapore home.

Tickets start from S$10.

Date: Starting from Aug. 21 (Hello From the Wild Side) and Sep. 4 (Wild Safari Camp)

More details here.

Image from Klook.

And finally if you’re a parent and therefore have lost all memory of what it was like to be a free, hip single person with abundant spare time, then you might want to check out Pinkfong Baby Shark Live: The Hidden Treasure.

Yes, the pop culture phenomenon is now a fun live entertainment show, ready to delight little Baby Shark fans.

Image from Klook.

Tickets start from S$82.

Date: Dec. 18 and 19.

More details here.

These are just some of the fantastic experiences that Klook has to offer. Check back often at this link for the latest updates on events and shows. If anything else, this will answer the perennial question – what shall we do this weekend?

Top image and all images are from Klook unless otherwise stated.

This is a sponsored article by Klook.

“The whole point of comedy is that it’s open to all”

Consider the three-act structure of stories: the first act is the set-up, the second tries to resolve the problem established in the first, and, finally, the third resolves said issue. Your basic joke bears similar hallmarks, except the structure of a joke can be boiled down to two parts: the set-up and the punchline.

Set-up: a patient tells the doctor that he feels like a panel of curtains; punchline: the doctor says, pull yourself together. Set-up: a cop tells a guy that he’ll need to conduct a drug test; punchline: the man says, “Cool. What drugs are we testing out?” And so on.

Here’s another: “Sam See walks into a bar…”

The bar in question is Singapore’s China One. Back in 2012, the now-shuttered venue was a Sino-inspired lounge that you had to climb the stairs to in Clarke Quay, a nightlife precinct in the city-state. Inside, overhanging lanterns cast a soft red glow over antique Chinese wood furnishings. You can hear the occasional collision of pool balls at the back of the room. On stage, the house band, Tabula, would usually play, but tonight… tonight is special.

Tonight is a comedy open mic, one that would jumpstart the trajectory of Sam See’s career from a fledgling open micer to the release of his own stand-up special, Coming Out Loud!

“It’s strange that international acts can come to Singapore and the audience will lap it up but when I go on stage with international material, locals won’t have it”

See had always wanted to be an entertainer. While he finds it uncomfortable to talk to someone face-to-face, talking to an audience from the stage with a mic in his hand came naturally to him. In secondary school, he discovered local comedy legend Kumar perform stand-up on YouTube.

“[Then] I moved on to British fare like Frankie Boyle, Eddie Izzard, Jimmy Carr,” See says. His dive into the rabbit hole of stand-up had him exposed to US comedians like Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Joan Rivers and even to the older generation like Moms Mabley and Don Rickles.

See thought that stand-up was something that he could see himself doing in the future. He would later participate in a queer talent show, where his act consisted of singing and a little stand-up (“The jokes were terrible and objectively offensive”). As long as he’s performing in front of a crowd, no matter the number, he was satisfied: “It was less of needing people to see me, than for me to perform. Even if there are five or 500 people in attendance, just as long as I get to do this, I’m happy.”

One of the contestants, a drag queen who goes by Miss Chilli, saw See’s act and asked if he wanted to accompany them to a stand-up open mic in China One. Called Talking Cock, the open mic drew comics, both tyros and veterans, who would hit the stage to test out their material. Although See’s first attempt wasn’t great, he did enjoy the experience. He’d return week after week, trying to better himself – but his act wasn’t working. There was something off about it.

“At the time, only my close friends knew that I was gay,” See says. “I didn’t want anyone else to know so I performed as a straight man.” His subterfuge was warranted: See hasn’t come out to his parents, so he was mindful that anything he says on stage in a public setting might flitter back to them.

A still from ‘Coming Out Loud!’

The cracks in his armour showed. People started to suspect. Someone asked See, “Why not be honest on stage?” The repeated appearances on stage also aided his decision to drop the mask and be comfortable with who he was. See soon graduated from the weekly open mic shows to headlining shows and soon, he was hosting and organising his own comedy shows.

Joanna Sio, a Hong Kong comic who is now based in the Czech Republic, says that See is the only comic she knows who is willing to do a lot of “free jobs” in order to learn the trade. “Sam is very driven,” Sio adds. “He reaches out to get gigs and to connect with different comics. He doesn’t just talk, he gets the work done and takes comedy very seriously.”

In the span of eight years, See has amassed an impressive body of work – not only has he headlined internationally and run his own comedy shows, See was part of Singaporean TV’s first-ever comedy panel show, OK Chope!, and he opened for Australian comedian Jim Jefferies during the latter’s Asian tour as well as appearing on The Jim Jefferies Show.

In 2019, See conceptualised Coming Out Loud! for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where it was picked by Edinburgh Live as the top 14 best Free Fringe shows and by To Do List as one of the top 50 unmissable shows of the Fringe.

Coming Out Loud! chronicles See’s… well, coming out, but it also covers his career in comedy. In October last year, the show was recorded at indie cinema The Projector for a special, which was released on August 8, the day before Singapore celebrated its 55th anniversary as an independent nation. And if a live recording wasn’t enough to put him on nerves, See’s jitters were compounded by the presence of his parents in the audience.

See’s parents are the kind of salt-of-the-earth folks who climbed out from a working-class background into a middle-class level of comfort today. The father travelled often for work and the mother was not only a teacher at his school – she was also See’s tuition teacher at home.

When he first started attending the comedy open mics, See had to skirt the issue of his intention to be a comedian around his parents. “They thought I was at the open mics just to watch the shows,” he says. Eventually, when they discovered See’s ambition to be a comedian, in true Asian parent fashion, they said that he better be the best at it.

And what of his coming out to your parents?

“My coming out story isn’t as glamorous nor inspirational as you might think,” See begins. “It’s… it’s just the worst way to come out to your family.

“I got horrifically drunk one night, came home and woke everybody up. My mum was so irate by this that she kept hitting me with a rolled-up newspaper. She was taken to another room to be consoled and left my dad with me. I thought that things couldn’t get any worse, so I told him that I’m gay. He didn’t know how to react and left. The next day, when I told my mum that I was gay, she didn’t talk to me for a whole month.”

“I didn’t want anyone else to know I was gay, so I performed as a straight man”

In 2016, See was roped in to be part of a local comedy panel TV show called OK Chope! Filmed and telecast weekly, See and other local panellists like Najip Ali and Rishi Budhrani would joke about current events. It was a steady paycheque, and See’s profile rose until Najip poked fun at then-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak.

Offence was taken, and Najip had to apologise on TV for the gaffe. That led to the axing of OK Chope! “When that show was cancelled, I fell from [my parents’] favour,” See says. “Even after the appearance on The Jim Jefferies Show, even with the international tour, even with the release of my special, it still wasn’t good enough in their eyes.”

But with his parents at the taping of Coming Out Loud!, it must mean they were cool with his homosexuality, right?

“They said they loved the show so I thought that I broke through to them,” he answers. “But when I told my dad about filming him for the promo, he had a look in his eye that I would only describe as fear.”

A still from ‘Coming Out Loud!’

See’s father asked if he could abstain from saying that he liked the show or if he could not mention that he was okay with the messages behind it.

“I thought I had come so far with them, and now I’m back to square one. I’m back to where I was in like 2012. The difference is, now they know that I’m gay and they are still not cool about it.”

Despite the setback, See can’t afford to stop. He’s not a household name, he’s not making enough coin. The taped special was supposed to be released next year, but the pandemic threw a wrench in his timetable. All things considered, See decided to release it now because he figured that by the time the world emerges from the pandemic, he’d have new material for the stage.

“I could put up my special for free but I did spend money and time on this, and it’s worth putting behind a paywall.”

Now he just needs to see whether the gamble pays off.

Here’s a foolproof way to make God laugh: just tell him your plans.

The deal was that in order for See to advance in his career, he’ll leave Singapore at the end of the year for Los Angeles. However, with the pandemic, those arrangements were scuttled. See considers himself a “ribald comic”, although his material isn’t. It skirts on being blue yet there’s nothing outrightly lewd. “I use innuendo,” See says, “I’m only risqué in Singapore but elsewhere, anywhere in the world and my stuff is considered PG-13.”

His material clicked with overseas audiences, the overwhelming validation making See feel a certain kind of freedom. It gave him an enormous burst of confidence: “I can say boldly that you can take any self-proclaimed local comics and put them and me in any country and I can outperform them 100 per cent of the time.”

That’s not to say that See isn’t willing to compromise. He has, but when it comes to his sexuality, that’s where the compromise stops.

“I’ve seen people who say ‘be true to yourself’ and, in that same breath, remain in the closet just to make some cash. They will only come out when they are further down in their career. I understand why you have to do that, but stop telling kids to be proud of themselves when you wouldn’t do it. That’s hypocritical.”

His intransigent stance has garnered opportunities that he wouldn’t have gotten if he were straight. See has built a special out of it; it’s how he got on The Jim Jefferies Show; it’s how he connected with the internet. Sure, it’s also cost him many gigs; he can’t say that one choice is better than the other, but, at least, he can sleep at night knowing that he made the right one.

And despite an ardent fanbase in Singapore, they can only take him so far. “It’s a small pool of supporters,” See says. “Not at the level of [Singaporean comics] Fakkah Fuzz or Rishi Budhrani.”

Fuzz and Budhrani have material that appeals to a huge audience, a denominator far larger than See’s niche following. Then again, See has always written jokes for an international crowd. It’s not an elitist bent – it’s just something that he feels comfortable joking about.

A still from ‘Coming Out Loud!’

“It’s strange that international acts can come to Singapore and the audience will lap it up but when I, a local, go on stage with international material, the local populace won’t have it,” he says.

The Aussie comedian Brendon Burns once told See that from his observations of his set, See often chooses the path of most resistance – See is queer in a place where it is borderline illegal, his sets are frowned upon and he doesn’t pander to the masses.

“I’ve seen people who say ‘be true to yourself’ and, in that same breath, remain in the closet just to make some cash”

On stage, See wants to be the best version of himself, yet that’s not to say he hasn’t resorted to playing for easier laughs. “I feel that some Singapore audiences, who can’t relate to queer people, might react better if I don’t act ‘gay’. Some [queer] comics might use that stereotype, [that’s fine but] personally, I won’t proceed with that.”

Is there anything else that he finds grating in the comedy scene?

“Uncreative jokes,” See says without missing a beat. “I’m not the most creative comic in the world but if I can telegraph the ending to your joke before you can or if the joke ends on some tired racial punchline, then you’ve failed. Also, it’s not funny if a guy dresses as a woman on stage – it’s not drag, it’s just some dude putting on a dress for laughs.”

See didn’t know how guarded the Singaporean comedy scene was until the pandemic hit. When the bars and clubs were shut down, See resorted to organising stand-up shows online. Other than comics, he wanted to bring in performers of other media. “Magicians, singers, improvisers… I love it when the lines get a little blurred.”

He sees stand-up as a democratic platform. While there are some who think that a true comic is one who performs only stand-up, See believes other acts should be allowed their share of stage time. “The whole point of comedy is that it’s open to all. We could learn so much from them but instead, we’re cutting them out because they didn’t pay their hard dues of sucking at an open mic for so-many years?”

See has arrived, but now the question is whether he can continue. If anything, this affront just bolsters his determination to make it when he’s overseas, in a place where his multitudes can be contained and be appreciated.

And, by God, wouldn’t that be a splendid punchline when he makes it big.

Coming Out Loud! is now available at Sam See’s website

Ronny Chieng on Singaporean and Malaysian comedians, “they’re amazing”

Ronny Chieng. (PHOTO: Phil Provencio)

SINGAPORE – Ronny Chieng is no stranger to our shores; the Malaysia-born, Singapore-raised standup comedian travels to Asia three times a year from New York, where he’s currently based at. Chieng made a name for himself as a fan-favourite correspondent in The Daily Show and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the US, as well as nailing an acting stint in the hugely successful romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians.

Chieng lived in Singapore for ten years where he studied at Fuchun Primary School, Pioneer Secondary School and Pioneer Junior College. He moved to New York in 2015 when he was hired as a correspondent on The Daily Show, alongside host Trevor Noah.



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Like many who have lived abroad, Chieng misses his friends, family, and of course, the food. “When I’m back in Singapore, I go to Tong Ah Eating House, Ah Chiang’s Porridge, and this Peranakan joint near Raffles Place called Chong Wan Ge Cafè. I’m everywhere; I’m trying to get prata and chicken rice from Boon Tong Kee, which is great,” Chieng shares with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore. We can tell he’s a real foodie based on his food diary.

Having performed alongside television host and comedian Noah earlier in August at The Star Theatre, Chieng is scheduled to perform a sold-out show, Tone Issues, at the Esplanade Theatre this November. The response to his homecoming show was so overwhelming that organisers have added a second show so fans will not miss his act: “You’ll most probably get the same vibe (as on The Daily Show) for this tour,” Chieng hinted on what to expect.

Ronny Chieng stars in Netflix special, Asian Comedian Destroys America! (PHOTO: Netflix)

As an international man of mystery, he remains numb on the themes he will be discussing on the show: “Yeah, the natural instinct is to ask, what will you be showing? If you’re really sitting there going, have you talked about this, then you’re probably not gonna like standup comedy. So I don’t know how to talk about, what I’m going to talk about.” What’s known for sure, is that Chieng will be adding a Singaporean act to his show: “I know all the Singaporean comics, so I’m definitely gonna get one of them to open for me, yeah.”

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Chieng feels the comedy landscape in Asia is growing, and he often meets with comedians from Malaysia too: “In 2010, I started doing comedy in Singapore, and the local comics like Shahrul (Channa), Rishi (Budhrani) and Jinx Yeo are amazing. From Malaysia, (Dr.) Jason Leong is great; so are Douglas Lim and Jen Han.”

Even with TV and touring taking up most of his time, Chieng managed to record his first-ever Netflix comedy, Asian Comedian Destroys America, which is premiering 17 December. In his comedy special, Chieng will dig into the effects of consumerism in the United States, while it’s being governed by an Asian-American resident: “I’ve been touring US for two years now; it’s the stuff I’ve been writing and performing since I moved there, and it’s my first comedy special filmed in the US. I guess that makes it kind of special, hopefully. I hope it’s the best hour I’ve done so far.”

Ronny Chieng brings his Tone Issues tour to Singapore and Malaysia: Performing 29 November 2019 at Esplanade – Theatres on The Bay Singapore at 7pm and 9.30pm and on 30 November at The Platform @ Menara Ken TTDI in Malaysia at 7pm and 9pm. For more information, log on to this website.

Meet stand-up comic Kumar, Singapore’s outrageous comedy queen

Some celebrities are hush-hush about their age. But for stand-up comedian Kumar, he named his latest tour show Kumar Fifty50 to celebrate his turning half-a-century old last August. The multi-faceted performer from Singapore, known for his drag queen image, has spent nearly three decades in the entertainment industry.

When asked what this milestone means to him, Kumar replies candidly: “It means I have one leg in the grave while the other is dan-cing, and I’m trying to relish life as best as possible. It’s a reminder to start ticking off boxes from my bucket list – and I’m making sure to enjoy every moment as it comes.”

On stage, Kumar is the cross-dresser with big hair, full make-up, clad in glittery dresses, telling his brand of titillating jokes. He does not deny that his drag queen persona has made him unique.

“But besides my image, I can understand and relate to topics from both ends of the gender spectrum. When I talk about things, it makes sense to both men and women, for different reasons. Secondly, it’s because I try to keep things relevant with current affairs, and I practise observational comedy.”

Kumar, whose real name is Kumarason Chinnadurai, forayed into the entertainment industry at age 22, as a singing waiter at a fun pub called Cheers! In 1991, he landed a gig at the now-defunct Laughs Comedy Club, playing the role of an Indian drag queen. It was then that he decided comedy was his calling.

His big break came the following year when he was offered a gig at The Boom Boom Room on New Bugis Street. At a time when people barely dared to speak about queer issues or politics, Kumar cracked the most outrageous jokes about sex, race and government, in between sets of lip-syncing and dance routines. His cross-dressing eventually became his trademark and soon he was Singapore’s most well-known drag queen.

How he got his gig at the The Boom Boom Room was a “pretty long story”, says Kumar. He started off as a compère – and stole the show – and was given his own segment of stand-up comedy a few months later. Recalling the early days of his career, Kumar says there were many memorable moments.

“Like the first time we filled the room within the first three months of launching, performing to police and authorities at 3pm, finally getting a sizeable pay cheque after working super hard, meeting the first love of my life, putting together a production for the first time, which was quite unbelievable,” he reminisces. “The small things matter as much as the big things.” Indeed, his shows were deemed provocative in stiff Singaporean society and were subjected to scrutiny and monitoring by the police.

After The Boom Boom Room closed for good in 2005, Kumar started performing at a theatre-bar called Gold Dust (of which he was part-owner). In 2007, he sold his share of the club and has since been splitting his time between Hard Rock Café and 3-Monkeys Café where he performs regularly for four nights a week.

Does the quick-witted Kumar ever have a particular moment on stage when he is lost for words?

“Yes, I get that sometimes. I get into the story I am telling, and the reactions from the audience cause me to lose my train of thought,” he laughs. “Most of the time, the audience will cue me in on where I am and we move along from there.”

Kumar says he enjoys observing people and blends into a crowd (in his off-stage image) really well. “It is surprising to some, but people are very funny especially when they think nobody is watching,” he sniggles slyly.

Every performer longs to garner attention and adoration on stage. What Kumar loves most is seeing the smiles on his audience’s faces.

“Each one of them is truly a blessing. On the other hand, what I dislike is hecklers. Sometimes they really disrupt things even if they don’t mean to,” he says, referring to the negative responses he had received from certain segments of an audience.

Over the last decade, Kumar has performed many popular shows, both abroad and at home, such as Kumar: Stripped Bare And Standing Up (2009-2010), Kumar’s Amazing Race (2011-2012) and Kumar: What Makes A Man A Man? (2013-2014), to name just a few.

This year, he will be taking Kumar Fifty50 on a nationwide tour show in Malaysia, starting on Feb 27 and 28 at HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The show will cover Kumar’s experiences and struggles from a light-hearted perspective that only he can tell.

“There will be a lot of truths,” he says matter-of-factly. “Kumar Fifty50 is me sharing my experiences. I’m hoping people will walk away knowing that at the end of every tunnel, there is a light. They just need to keep doing something to reach it.”

Kumar discloses much of his private life in his biography titled Kumar: From Rags To Drag, published in 2011 to commemorate his 20th year in show business.

The multi-faceted and all-round entertainer has also appeared on television, film and the theatre. He was the co-host of a short-lived but popular talk show called The Ra Ra Show on television in 1993 which was later banned due to its sexual innuendos.

Kumar starred opposite well-known Hong Kong actress Carol Cheng in the English sitcom Oh Carol! and has appeared in a few other programmes.

He has also appeared on the silver screen in a couple of local films.

“Stage and TV or film are different ball games,” says Kumar. “I like acting because it is a change from the regular routine. However, working for film or TV is easier because you can do retakes. With stage, it’s kind of like do or die. Plus, when filming and you need to answer the call of nature, someone can shout ‘Cut!’. When I’m on stage, I’ll need to hold it in,” he laughs.

As one who never seems to run out of jokes, Kumar discloses that he is in fact a more reserved person when he is off stage.

“I don’t like too much attention when I’m going through my daily affairs. I prefer to keep things uncomplicated and smooth-sailing rather than stand out. I don’t think anyone thinks themselves as funny, but I try to find the funny side of life as best as possible,” he says.

Catch Kumar in action on Feb 27 and 28 at HGH Convention Centre, 475, Jln Peach Ave, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, at 8.30pm. For tickets, go to (search under LOL events). 90,000 Meet the leaders of the future. Forbes Kazakhstan presents the rating “30 under 30”

Background: The most ambitious and successful Kazakhstanis of the new generation: 30 under 30


The selection of participants was carried out by the editors based on the official applications of candidates on the website, publications in the magazine, recommendations of invited experts, information from their own sources. The list includes the following categories: Business and Entrepreneurship; Science and Technology; Mass media, PR and advertising; Education; Social activities; Jurisprudence and Law; Show Business; Sport; Art.The number of finalists in each was not regulated. The age of the participants is indicated at the time of the rating.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Pasha Kas, 24


It’s hard to believe, but the country recognized the most famous street art artist of Kazakhstan, Pasha Kas, 10 years ago. Although he was only 15 at the time, this did not stop the audience from evaluating his first graffiti projects – Thank You and Walls Have Ears – as “social” and “politically pointed.”Later in his interviews, the Almaty artist will explain that he decided to recall the original meaning of the word “thank you” – “God save you” – and, putting “thank you” on the walls instead of his logo, wished everyone to be saved from the stress and fear inevitable in our time. As for “The walls have ears,” here the idea was clear from the very beginning: everyone hears the walls even when you think that there is no one around – they will still find out the truth. This project became one of the most popular in Pasha’s background: he did it not only in Almaty, but also in Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tashkent.

An artist with an architectural education decided to take up street art also because it is not only a drawing, but also a message, a concept. Then there appeared “The Wall of Truth, or A Slightly Parallel Reality” with newspaper layout of the Soviet era, “Tsoi’s Wall” with a portrait of the singer and the famous quote: “I don’t know what the percentage of crazy people is at this hour, but if you believe your eyes and ears, more several times ”,“ Wall of statistics ”(or“ According to statistics, everyone is happy with everything ”) and other works.

Pasha decided not to be limited to his hometown, and a half-fish-half-bird in a gas mask appeared in Pavlodar – an art manifesto against harmful emissions in the Irtysh and polluted air; in Temirtau – an allusion to the painting by Henri Matisse “Dance”, where silhouettes dance around a smoking chimney. Then there was a series in St. Petersburg: a video message “Hello to Damien Hirst” in the Anna Nova gallery, “A window to another reality” – a door to the New Year, which was painted over by public utilities, but the residents cleaned it again. “It’s nice to know that there are people in this city who preserve street art and don’t give up without a fight,” Pasha wrote on his Vkontakte page.

Finally, at the end of the summer of 2019, the artist presented his new work in New York, painting a pedestrian crossing: now, instead of part of the stripes, there are silhouettes of people, the same white, but with red hearts. “In megacities, people live by their own worries. Indifferent to those around them, they step over each other, ”the artist explained.

Where and when Pasha’s next work will appear – usually no one knows. After all, for him the whole world is a huge canvas. We were lucky, we were the first to see a new project that the artist made in Almaty specifically for the Forbes Kazakhstan photography.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Giorgi Petriashvili, 23

Aldiyar Iskakov, 23
Founders of Progress Gaming

In 2017, Georgy Petriashvili and Aldiyar Iskakov borrowed $ 200 from their parents to rent time in one computer club in Almaty. With the help of friends and acquaintances through social networks, we invited video game fans there and conducted a Dota2 training session for 17 people. This was the beginning of the history of Progress Gaming – the first esports academy in Kazakhstan.“We decided to focus on training, as we saw that in e-sports we do not have the infrastructure for training professional personnel, although people are the most important thing in any sport,” the guys say.

Today Progress Gaming has its own training base; in total, about 300 people have passed through the academy. Players unite in teams and take part in tournaments – one team, for example, won grants to study at an IT college. At the same time, the founders plan to form a professional team from the students of the academy that can play at the international level.This will allow us to engage in agency services and make transfers for gamers.

“For example, the Kairat football club has an academy where children are brought. They study and after some time move on to the next stage, already speaking for the main team. We are also moving towards a gradation by age and level of play, developing the Progress Gaming brand. In general, our mission is to turn e-sports from a hobby into a profession, ”the co-founders say. In addition, in their opinion, esports can serve as a social lift.To help children from orphanages and foster families to adapt in society, people with disabilities – to open the way to the world of professional sports.

Georgy and Aldiyar provide consulting services to companies whose products are related to the games industry. So, together with Jýsan Bank, they are preparing a special card for gamers (with the ability to put a nickname on it, bonuses for in-game purchases and other special offers).

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Akmaral Sman, 24

UNDP Chief Gender Strategist in Kazakhstan

A native of Shymkent, Akmaral Sman was at the forefront of the creation of the Model UN organization in Kazakhstan and in the countries of the Silk Road (a network for the development of diplomatic skills that unites schoolchildren and students through the reproduction of the work of UN bodies).“In high school, a new teacher came to the youth center where I was studying English who wanted us to learn the language not only through songs and films, but also through debate, so that perhaps we could create a Model UN. Only I came to the first meeting, but gradually the number of participants increased. After school, they went to different cities, and the project took on new dimensions. Today, it annually gathers about 500 people from different countries, ”says Akmaral.

However, the girl herself was forced to stay in Shymkent for family reasons.She studied at Miras University with a degree in radio engineering and electronics and continued to engage in social activities. She volunteered for Y-PEER and worked on various projects at the UN, including the UN Population Fund and UN Women.

In 2016, Akmaral won the prestigious Chevening Fellowship from the UK Foreign Office and entered Queen Mary University in London to study public administration. “Once I received an invitation to attend a social entrepreneurship school for free from the Ernst & Young foundation.I still don’t know why I was chosen, ”the interlocutor admits.

As part of the program, her team came up with a startup Tutaki, a platform where people of different nationalities get to know each other, share cooked food, and if they find a common language, they meet for dinner in a real restaurant. “This is how we wanted to fight the loneliness syndrome inherent in big cities. Our project was called the most unusual and realistic for implementation in London and was offered to undergo acceleration at a business school.But under the terms of the scholarship, I had to return to Kazakhstan, ”Akmaral says.

Today she is UNDP’s Chief Gender Strategist in Kazakhstan. Her job is to ensure that all of the organization’s projects are gender-sensitive and women-centered. Akmaral independently developed a strategy for the UNDP and EU program to train women from Afghanistan in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with a budget of 2 million euros.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Aigerim Berekesheva, 29

Founder of ILF Adilet & Alem

Aigerim Berekesheva is 29 years old and has been running her own international law firm ILF Adilet & Alem since 2012.“After graduating from Columbia University, I did an internship at Ernst & Young’s office in New York. Returning to Kazakhstan, she got a job at Rosenblatt & Company. Very little time passed, and the partners told me that they see me as not just a lawyer, but a manager who works with clients. But at that moment, for family reasons, I had to leave my job, – says Aigerim. – Later, my friend gave the idea to open her own company. We started by simply sending business proposals to prospective clients. “

One of the first large clients of ILF Adilet & Alem was the metallurgical company Arcelor Mittal and the construction group Promstroykontrakt, followed by others thanks to good reviews. Today, our clients include such companies as Kazpost, OTIS, Viled Group, PetroChina, Prada Group Kazakhstan, Americana group (KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, Costa Coffee, Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme) and others. Adilet & Alem offices are located in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, and there are representative offices in the form of partners in Canada, Singapore, Milan, London.

“We are engaged not only in one-time representation of interests, but also have long-term partnerships, for example, with OTIS. We handle all the legal issues of the company in Kazakhstan, while KPMG and Deloitte also serve it, ”says Aigerim.

ILF Adilet & Alem is the only law firm that has signed a memorandum with the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects NJSC, according to which it officially accompanies all projects with foreign investors in Kazakhstan.

In terms of plans, the immediate goal is to open a full-fledged office in New York by the end of this year. “We believe that the United States needs a Kazakhstani firm. When foreigners come to us, we describe in detail for them all the possible privileges that they will receive if they open a company with us or become an investor. We want to help our citizens in America in the same way, because we know that many of them are now turning to local lawyers, ”explains the interlocutor.
Aigerim is a member of the New York Bar Association and co-founder of the Consortium of Central Asia Development (COCAD) Association of Legal Entities.Founded in 2017 at the initiative of top European banks, the organization is engaged in financing Kazakhstani projects.

PHOTO: Natasha Ferreira


Edyge Tlegenov, 29

Research Scientist, University of Cambridge

Edyge Tlegenov graduated from the Eurasian National University and entered the magistracy in India. There, at Anna University, a young engineer, as part of his graduate work, created an electric car that improves driving efficiency and saves energy.The invention received the highest award of the International Conference of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

In 2013–2014, Edyge worked as a researcher in the laboratory of robotic and intelligent systems at Nazarbayev University, where, together with his colleagues, he created a robotic arm with a cost price 10 times cheaper than world analogues. The team put all the materials in open access, and today, based on them, anyone can make the same prototype and launch the development “to the masses”.

The next four years the guy spent in doctoral studies at the National University of Singapore, where (as well as in India) he entered on a grant. In 2018, he led the scientific research to develop an innovative 3D printer at the Biomedical Institute for Global Health Research and Technology at his university. “I was hired to create a printer for printing artificial leather. This was done, and the resulting skin catches touch a thousand times faster thanks to the improved nervous system, ”says the scientist.

Since the beginning of 2019, Dr. Tlegenov has been invited to the UK to lead the University of Cambridge’s program for the implementation of artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. “Our challenge is to improve traditional manufacturing with modern technology,” he explains. – Most of the production machines have not changed for several decades. We want to integrate technology into the industrial process, so that machines and factories themselves are connected to each other and, using AI, self-improve based on mutual experience.We have already implemented initial developments at several dozen factories, but the goal is to transform half a million factories. ”

In addition, Edyge advises large companies (including Fortune 500 companies) on improving operational efficiency of production through digitalization and automation.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Farangiz Shukashev, 24

Co-founder of as a platform for finding educational, career, creativity and entrepreneurship opportunities was officially launched in February 2016.The co-founders of the project are Ardak Berdibekov, Farangiza Shukasheva and Aizhan Kul-Mukhammed.

Ardak invited Farangiza when still existed in the form of unsystematic groups on social networks. “In 2015, I took part in the California Startup Competition, using information from Neupusti on Vkontakte. Ardaka thanked for this, we began to communicate, and as a result, he suggested that I move to Almaty from Kostanay in order to develop the platform together, ”recalls Farangiza.

The girl began to work on content – to fill the site with information about opportunities in four areas: education (grants, scholarships, refresher courses), career (vacancies around the world, internships, volunteering), creativity (contests for artists, writers, photographers), entrepreneurship (competitions of startups, business ideas). “We started offering universities to place advertisements on our platform, launched a premium subscription, which costs 5500 tenge per year. Subscribers receive personalized information, as well as data that we extract from closed sources.Paid information makes up about 30% of all our content, and 70% can be received by anyone for free, ”explains Farangiza.

If at the launch of the platform only a couple of thousand people visited it, now the number of unique visitors from Central Asia, Russia and Ukraine reaches 90,000 per month. “Everyone can find the internship or grant they need. We help to save time and give only the information that is needed by a specific applicant, in a convenient format indicating deadlines, which is important when submitting applications, ”the interlocutor notes. also implements projects in the HR-sphere, for example, develops courses that help employers to select and train personnel.

Since July 2019, Ardak moved to another project, and now Farangiza is developing independently.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Ulugbek Sharipov, 26

Nursultan Magzumov, 28
founders of Shoqan by Shoqan Ualikhanov and Tumar

Nursultan Magzumov and Ulugbek Sharipov honestly admit: they started their business with a debt of 18 million tenge.In 2017, Ulugbek offered the first batch of men’s watches (1000 items) for sale to a relative. He took only a part, and aspiring entrepreneurs turned to the famous producer Erik Tastembekov with an offer not even about cooperation – about a real partnership. He agreed with the condition: they must be exclusive representatives. Ulugbek had to buy back the watch from a relative, but at a different price. This is how the debt was formed and so at the end of January 2017, the men’s watch brand Tumar was founded.The start, despite the circumstances, was successful. “We opened at a good time – on the eve of February 23, and the first batch just scattered,” Nursultan explains.

The next step of young entrepreneurs was the opening of a new direction – tailoring of classic men’s suits. Nursultan and Ulugbek decided to prove that it is not necessary to go to Italy for stylish elegant clothes – you can order them here, and it will be individual tailoring, not mass. The client signs up for a fitting, comes to the Shoqan boutique (as the guys called their brand), is determined by style, fabric and accessories – and within a couple of days receives a ready-made suit.

The idea was quickly liked, and in the first year of operation the company opened 10 boutiques, not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Russia. Today the Shoqan brand is 500 suits per month, two sewing factories (both in Kazakhstan), 11 cities of coverage. In the near future – going to Bishkek, Tashkent, Minsk, Kiev, and further – promotion in Europe and Asia.

Too bold? Nursultan and Ulugbek believe that it is not, and that Kazakhstan is quite capable of becoming a trendsetter of fashion and style. Shoqan’s target audience is ambitious people who know their worth and want to look stylish compared to competitors.“And there are such people everywhere,” the partners argue.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Aisultan Seitov, 22

Music video director, director

Aisultan Seitov was born in Almaty, and spent his childhood and school years in Astana. He became interested in directing in middle school – he shot videos with friends and studied editing with a teacher. After school he entered the New York Film Academy, but a year later he suspended his studies, deciding to completely plunge into work.His first major project in the summer of 2016 was a video invitation of singer Tati and rapper Skryptonite (Aisultan met his star compatriot on one of his visits to Moscow) to the Gazgolder label festival. This was followed by the shooting of clips for the songs of the group Jaya Miyazaki (Kyrgyzstan) “On the Wind” and Galymzhan Moldanazar “Zhanym Sol”. Then the impressive portfolio of the young talented director was replenished with collaborations with Russian musicians Basta, Ivan Dorn and Noize MC.

“In the field of clip making, at least in the CIS, I achieved everything I wanted – I worked with a huge number of artists, implemented my own ideas with a good budget.For me, Jah Khalib’s clip “Medina” became a bold point, – said Aisultan in the fall of 2018. He began to redirect orders from popular artists of the CIS countries to the Qara production center created on his initiative in Almaty. Thus, talented aspiring directors from Kazakhstan had a chance to prove themselves, and Aisultan had free time to look for opportunities in Western markets.

At the beginning of 2019, he shot two videos for an American audience at once – for the tracks Red Room from Offset (one of the members of the Migos group) and a lot from hip-hop artists 21 Savage and J.Cole. Then he signed a contract on international representation with the famous production agency Partizan, founded by director Michel Gondry (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”).

Seitov’s debut film, the short Jackal, won the Best Director award at the American Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival in 2016, and he plans to shoot a full-length film. “Now I write stories that are closer in spirit to our audience and are unlikely to be successful with Americans, because their mentality is not close to me.I would like to shoot in Almaty, Kiev. These cities seem very cinematic to me, ”says the director.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Daniyar Shaikemelov, 27

Rafael Tlepov, 25
Founders of BRO eyewear and JOPS

Daniyar Shaikemelov and Rafael Tlepov officially opened the company for the production and sale of BRO eyewear glasses in 2016. Before that, friends were selling car seats and flowers. “In the spring of 2015, when we were still living in Kostanay, we decided to try to trade glasses.We filled our Instagram page with photos of luxury models. People started asking if they were available. We didn’t have them, but seeing the demand, we went to Russia to shop, ”says Rafael. The guys brought the goods, paid for the rack, spending all their savings on it – 120 thousand tenge. A month later, the partners moved to Astana, where the demand is higher. In September 2016, the first store was opened selling sunglasses and frames. Then the guys came up with a name for their brand – BRO eyewear.“We call each other ‘bro’, we like that word. True, it has nothing to do with optics, so they came up with a decoding – Best room optic, ”explains Raphael.

In 2018, the guys began to independently come up with fashionable designs and produce glasses under the BRO eyewear brand at a factory in China. They began to quickly gain popularity among Kazakhstanis. Now the company has seven branded stores in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Kostan. In addition, the partners have created another brand – JOPS (Just one price shop).Budget frames are sold in five stores of this brand.

“In 2015, the turnover of BRO eyewear was 2.1 million tenge, in 2016 – 20 million, in 2017 – 140 million, in 2018 – 240 million. In 2019, we plan to reach a turnover of 335 million tenge and start selling a franchise in Ukraine and Russia. Our goal for the next five years is to open 500 stores around the world, ”Daniyar says about his plans.

PHOTO: Evgeniya Pasterskaya


Iskander Rakhmanberdiev, 28

Co-founder of ORBI

In 2018, news appeared in the domestic media about an innovative product created by a Kazakhstani startup ORBI and attracting investments from businessmen Kenes Rakishev (No. 7 in the rating of the richest businessmen of Forbes Kazakhstan) and Bakharidin Ablazimov (No. 45, respectively).ORBI Prime is the world’s first 360-degree video glasses. The company was founded by Adil Suranchin, Alexander Moreno and Iskander Rakhmanberdiev.

Iskander, now CEO of ORBI, was an intern at the MIT Nuclear Physics Laboratory and studied at Berkley. His first project was the INDYBO programmable construction set for children, on which he worked in Shenzhen and London (where he was selected to the Techstars business accelerator). But in 2015, when a working prototype was ready, Iskander decided not to bring the product to the market.He explains this decision by the fact that, according to forecasts, a low return on investment was expected.

“I started looking for other ideas, persuaded to join me, leaving another project, Adil (I met him at one of the startup contests). And he was just told by a former colleague that it would be nice to have a 360-degree camera for video conferencing, ”Iskander says. – At first I thought that the idea was stupid, because there are a lot of such cameras, until it dawned on me that there would be additional value in a wearable camera.We jumped at that and ended up making glasses. ”

The project was announced in 2016 on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. True, the customers had to wait – the first batch of glasses (about 2000 pieces) was delivered to them this September. “One client wrote that he wanted to return the money, but after a week, having received points, he left an enthusiastic review on the site,” Iskander says.

Today, the company, based in Silicon Valley, focuses on an audience (more than 50% of customers from the United States), leading an active lifestyle – runners, cyclists, surfers.They, explains the interlocutor, previously could not capture their experience on video, since the existing cameras had to be held in their hands or mounted on their foreheads, like a GoPro. ORBI’s next products will be a waterproof version of the goggles and an automated video editor.



Nurlan Saburov, 27

Stand-up comedian

Nurlan Saburova, according to him, brought the opportunity to speak at the stand-up. For the first time he tried himself in this genre, a native of Stepnogorsk in 2012 at one of the student events (he studied in Yekaterinburg with a degree in organizing work with youth).In 2013, he began performing at parties that he organized with friends in local bars. With the growth of the audience, the guys got the opportunity to rent large venues, and they invited the famous Russian comedian Dmitry Romanov to the big reporting concert. After the show, he invited Nurlan to send a recording of his performance to Moscow for the Stand Up program on TNT. Having received an invitation from the producers, the young man appeared on the screens several times as a guest, and soon became a permanent resident of the program.

Today Nurlan is called one of the most popular Stand Up comedians. However, his career has long gone beyond the scope of this program alone. So, he regularly tours with solo concerts in the CIS countries, is a mentor for novice stand-ups at the Open Microphone show, and hosts one of the most popular Russian-language podcasts Kuji Podcast. In 2017, Nurlan made his film debut, starring in the Kazakh comedy Brother or Marriage.

But he still plans to develop in the direction of live performances.“In the genre of stand-up, in contrast to the same KVN, where there is censorship, there is more freedom. We have no forbidden topics, says Nurlan. – I would like to perform in the West, which is quite real, because there are many Russian-speaking people in the world. Of course, the biggest prospect for a comedian is speaking in English. American humor is very close to me, but I haven’t tried it yet. ” Among his favorite comedians are Dave Chappell and Louis C. Kay, who, like Nurlan, are known for their tough style of humor.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Dinara Saduakasova, 22

Chess player, founder of the Chess Academy, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Dinara Saduakasova is in the top 20 strongest chess players in the world.In 2019, she won first places in women’s tournaments in Iceland, the Czech Republic and Latvia, and in June she became the champion of Asia – for the first time in the history of Russian chess. The Kazakhstani has won victories at various major international competitions, the titles of the champion of Central Asia and the winner of the Asian Indoor Games. Several times she was recognized as the best sportswoman in Kazakhstan according to various versions. In 2012, she was awarded the title of International Women’s Grandmaster, and in 2017 – International Master of Men.In the same year, the chess player became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Kazakhstan.

Dinara met chess at the age of five, and began to play chess professionally at the age of 10. She is the world champion among girls in the age categories up to 14, 17, 18 and 20 years old. Also, the Kazakhstani became the vice-champion of the planet in the categories up to 12 and 15 years.

In 2014, Dinara published the book “First Steps in Chess”, based on her own games. In 2018, another book of hers, “Learning to Play Chess”, was published in Kazakh and Russian.In 2016, the Dinara Saduakasova Chess Academy was opened in Nur-Sultan, and in 2019 another one – in Atyrau. According to the girl, after a simultaneous game session held in this city, she saw talented children and felt that they needed support and knowledge. In addition, Dinara is now launching a joint project with Zhilstroisberbank “Chess for All”. “The main goal of the project is to make chess accessible, to enable everyone to learn the game, primarily children and adults, who live in remote areas or have special needs.It will be an online platform where everyone can learn the basics of chess, ”the athlete explains.

PHOTO: Danil Potapov


Erlan Yesimseitov, 29

Co-founder of is an online platform for finding professionals in the field of personal services. In February of this year, the BI Group holding invested in the project, estimated at $ 5 million, through its BeInTech division. The company was founded in 2015 by friends Ulan Kairbekov, Magzhan Madiev, Dauren Rakhimzhanov and Yerlan Yesimseitov (business development director).

“After studying in Shanghai, I worked quite a bit in Almaty and almost immediately moved to the capital when Magzhan suggested that I start something of my own. Together we went to entrepreneurship courses, after which I founded a cleaning company, and Magzhan – a marketing agency. For more than a year we made good money, persuaded Dauren and Ulan to quit and join us (he went to my cleaning). Ulan once asked what the main problem is in my business. I answered – staff turnover. We thought that it would be convenient to search for all specialists on one platform, ”Yerlan recalls.

But no one knew how much money would be required for such a project. They decided that $ 1 million would be enough, and posted a video on Youtube, in which they told about the idea and promised that if they did not raise money in three months, then … they would raffle off Magzhan’s Lexus ES350 car among the subscribers. The video received many views, and a month later the project had its first investor – Ordabasy Ventures.

Today, the application has been installed over 180 thousand times, more than 60 thousand registered specialists earn 3 million tenge daily through the site, and in total for the entire time – more than 1 billion.

“But, to be honest, we are still almost unknown outside Nur-Sultan. We need money for marketing, so far mostly word of mouth has helped. We passed the so-called death valley for startups, proved that the business model works, and now we need an investor who is ready to invest a large sum in the development of the project. The main task is to really reach Almaty, ”Yerlan says.

In 2018, the team also won a competition from BI Group to create a uberized platform for apartment renovation.The new company, jointly with the holding, is called and has already begun work.

PHOTO: Danil Potapov


Azat Abyken, 27

TV, radio host, showman, producer

Azat Abyken is called a “perpetual motion machine” and “the most energetic showman” of Kazakhstan, and colleagues joke that his microphone does not discharge even during the longest events, because Azat “charges” him with his energy. The most interesting thing is that the 27-year-old guy has been working in the field of show business for 10 years, that is, since school.“Even then, we learned to be creative and make money on it,” Azat says. Then he studied at the Kazakh State Law University, which he also combined with a dozen different activities, from playing KVN to managing student television and radio. Is it any wonder that after graduation, the young lawyer went not to court or to a law office, but to television and concert venues?

Today, his luggage (not only as a presenter, but also as a businessman, director and producer) includes television projects “Our People” (travel show), rap news Rap News, entertainment programs “Rebels” and “Bring Back the Hit”, radio programs Green Suitcase and Big Love Message, many festivals – from Hip-Hop Fest and Open Air Astana to Eurasian Music Awards and Martial Arts Festival.The main project of 2019 is the You fest contemporary music and dance festival in the capital of Kazakhstan with an audience of 120,000 people, famous performers (Ninety one, Moldanazar, Darkhan Juzz and others) and an environmental component. The fact is that while “folk parties” usually leave behind mountains of garbage, You fest, on the contrary, brought cleanliness: trash cans with … basketball hoops were installed on the festival site: this is how the organizers in a playful way called upon the audience to observe cleanliness and order.

As for Azat’s future plans, he honestly admits that he cannot do one thing, so he will continue to move in different directions and spheres. “I don’t choose one thing. I choose to live, ”the source says.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Aigerim Zhusupova, 29

Co-founder of SAPSAN

Developing the intelligence of children for a successful future is the essence of the method, the idea of ​​which was invented by a graduate of Moscow State University Aigerim Zhusupova.In 2016, she analyzed the market and realized that there are many relevant educational methods presented in Kazakhstan, but they do not have an integrated approach. This served as the starting point for research in this direction.

“For successful study in all subjects, children need to develop concentration, logic, speech, memory – in short, soft skills, which are not given due attention in the school system,” says Aigerim. – In the same 2016, a company was opened, a team of experts on children’s learning and development was assembled, a methodology for the development of intelligence for children from 8 to 17 years old was developed.The approbation showed that the children improve their cognitive skills – they begin to read faster, solve logical problems, and memorize more and better. We have confirmed our development with international certified tests for IQ, concentration, memory capacity. Our method is patented, we have a certificate that we have a unique product. ”

The creation of a technique called SAPSAN was only the first step. Aigerim and her team understood that the product should “settle” in educational centers.They were faced with a choice: to create a network of their own centers, which would require a lot of time and money, or to sell a franchise. “We have chosen franchising as a more modern way of doing business and we sell a packaged“ turnkey ”business for which all processes are prescribed – from choosing a location, an administrator’s script, calculating the average check to teaching methods, evaluating results, managing centers as financial and economic structures “, – explains the interlocutor.

The SAPSAN franchise has been on sale since 2017; to date, almost 50 licenses have been sold in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.The minimum amount that a franchisee invests is $ 10 thousand. The center reaches the break-even point in two to three months.
“For three years of work, we have become leaders in the Kazakhstan market in the development of children’s intelligence,” says Aigerim.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Adilet Tursynbek, 25

Alisher Kaidarov, 24
founders of HOLA News

Initially, HOLA News was the working title of a news portal launched in April 2018 by friends Alisher Kaidarov and Adilet Tursynbek.“In general, Hola is the name of the restaurant search and booking application that I am still working on. Hola’s office was in the same building as the offices of the news portal ZTB (“For you, Bake”), where Adilet worked. We met there, ”recalls Alisher.

He was once told about the “news of the future” on Snapchat, which is story-driven and easy to follow. “I shared what I heard with Adilet, and we got excited about the idea of ​​creating a media that would present news in the language of young people,” Alisher says.

Since November 2017, the guys began to prepare the HOLA News project (they wanted to change the name later, the project under this name turned out to be successful, so they decided not to change it). “The website and mobile application for HOLA News were made by our friends for free. In the USA, we cashed bitcoins, so we got a start-up capital of $ 40 thousand. This money was enough for the first four months of the editorial office’s functioning. Then friends and relatives began to help us, for which we are very grateful, ”Alisher says.

Now HOLA News pays for itself by 70%; by the end of 2019, the project should reach full self-sufficiency.“People from 17 to 35 years old make up 70% of our audience. The main channel for disseminating information is Instagram, it provides 12 million impressions per month. More than 1 million unique visitors visit the site every month, ”says Adilet.

Partners believe that the success of their project is due to the fact that they were able to attract young people to serious news. The plans are to develop HOLA News pages in various social networks, create content for Youtube, go beyond the media by upgrading the existing application for finding Hola restaurants, opening an online travel agency Fly Hola and creating other related projects.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Temirlan Aygozhin, 29

Founder Champloo

To create a Kazakhstani brand on the global market of musical equipment that is not inferior in quality to Sony, Sennheiser and Marshall – the Champloo team headed by an engineer from Almaty Temirlan Aygozhin is working on this goal. The company’s first product is the world’s only portable hybrid audio system with a tube preamplifier. This development is one of a kind and has many technical features that are sure to impress any audio engineer.But for a music lover, Temirlan’s invention means that at last you can get high-quality, as close to live sound as possible from a compact modern device at an adequate price.

“Unlike most manufacturers, we did not pay much attention to frequencies where, in principle, music is not played, but focused on the sound that a person hears. They did not delve into the Hi-End regarding the material of the wires, make them, like others, from silver and gold, – the interlocutor explains the acceptable cost.”Well, and, to be honest, our R&D department consists of me and two more people who did not even receive a salary at the beginning of their work.” The price of the Champloo audio system is about $ 1000, which is 5-6 times cheaper than its analogs with similar sound.

The first to invest in Champloo was the famous singer Rakhat Turlykhanov, who today often acts as an investor in startups. Believing in the idea, he took over all the administrative issues and in the summer of 2018 gave the project an embodiment. Then the process of improving the invention began – Temirlan lived for several months in China (Champloo is produced at a local factory), together with the team he was thinking about what functions and details could be added to the audio system.So, for the American market, they decided to integrate the virtual assistant Alexa into it, and a control panel was added to meet the needs of the Kazakhstani user. The greeting was recorded in the Kazakh language for all countries – when turned on, the voice from the speaker says “Champloo қsildy”.

The first batch (500 pieces), according to Temirlan, will soon go to electronics stores in Kazakhstan. “This is our first flagship product. Further we will expand the line with new devices. We are already working on headphones and a smaller speaker, ”says the inventor.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Ayala Konakbayeva, 28

Founder of SKBoxing

While studying at the University of Maryland (USA), Ayala Konakbaeva began to visit a small boxing gym next to her house. The main goal of the classes at that time was to lose weight, but the girl noticed that for the first time she was so much interested in sports, although at one time she played volleyball, basketball, and table tennis. “Probably, genes nevertheless made themselves felt,” she smiles (Ayala is the daughter of a famous boxer, silver medalist of the 1980 Olympics Serik Konakbaev).

Returning to Almaty, the girl continued her studies, but already in the World Class. It was then that I realized that the local market does not have a boxing club designed for the middle class – people have to buy a subscription to expensive fitness center chains or go to small gyms where conditions are much worse. Ayala rented an office space, invested $ 150 thousand in renovations and in October 2015 opened the first SKBoxing hall (the name is the initials of her father, for whom, according to her interlocutor, the whole project was a surprise until the last moment).

Within three months the business became self-sufficient. A year later, the second hall was opened. Today SKBoxing network includes four clubs, one of which, located in the Almaty Arena, is a social project. It is visited mainly by family members who have received housing under state programs in the area of ​​the complex. Prices at this branch are significantly lower than standard prices on the web. The company’s turnover in 2018 amounted to 108 million tenge, the number of clients now exceeds a thousand people. The main audience is people aged 24 to 35.In addition to adult amateurs, children who want to become professional athletes in the future are also engaged in SKBoxing. The business provides jobs for more than 50 people.

“The next step for us is selling the franchise. We have recently completed all the procedures for obtaining a franchise package, and now we are negotiating with businessmen from other cities. Moreover, they are interested in the project not only in Kazakhstan – there is an offer from Moscow. The cost of the franchise is $ 10,000 and, of course, royalties are compensation for the use of the brand name, ”says Ayala.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Rafael Fatkhelyanov, 23

Artist Cirque du Soleil

Change life at 20? Easily! Especially if you have in your background the championship of Kazakhstan in such an unusual sport as jumping on a trampoline, excellent physical fitness and, most importantly, a persistent and stubborn character. It was the character that sent Rafael Fatkhelyanov from Karaganda four years ago to the United States: after a not very successful performance at the World Championship, he was removed from the scholarship that he received as a member of the national team.As the young man says: “I, in fact, have been deprived of a source of income.” Then he decided to relax and work at the same time – and left for America with friends on the popular Work and Travel program. Two months overseas confirmed his opinion: it’s time to change something. Raphael edited a short video of excerpts from his performances and sent it to the management of the famous Cirque du Soleil.

It should be clarified here that it was not “all of a sudden”: agents of Cirque du Soleil previously went to the Kazakhstani – at the World Championships in Florida in 2014 with a proposal to pass a casting for the troupe.Then Rafael refused, because he was going to continue his sports career: at that championship, he and his partner took fifth place in synchronized jumping, this was the best result for Kazakhstan in their sport. And now, two years later, the master of sports of international class remembered about the “circus proposal”. Soon he got a call and was offered an internship on the “board” apparatus, or teeterboard in English. The audit took four months, and after its completion, only three of the eight trainees were offered to sign the contract – including Raphael.

He became a member of the famous Corteo program – about the old clown Mauro, who dreams of his funeral. Carnival circus performance, festive parade-alle and many memories – about the circus, friends and love. Raphael’s first show took place in January 2017, and for more than two years he has been touring Canada and the United States. He has a contract until 2020 – the artist does not yet know what will happen next. In any case, the Kazakhstani is ready for new challenges and changes. He’s already proven it.

PHOTO: Danil Potapov


Dimash Kudaibergen, 25


One of the most popular, not only at home, but also abroad, Kazakhstani performers this year took part in the American talent show The World’s Best.Already in the first round, having won the sympathy of the audience and the jury, he quickly became a favorite, but nobly refused to participate in the final in order to give a chance to younger artists.

Today Dimash actively collaborates with the Russian composer Igor Krutoy, whom he met in 2018 at the New Wave competition. Together they released several compositions, including a new version of the song “Love of Tired Swans”. The singer began to appear more and more often in front of the Russian public – he performed on “Song of the Year” and on the popular “Central Television” program from NTV, gave concerts as part of the D-Dynasty tour in the Kremlin.According to Krutoy, a tandem with a Kazakhstani in his work is a priority today.

At the same time, Dimash continues to conquer the western market. In December he will have a solo concert in New York at the Barclays Center, where Ariana Grande, Mark Anthony, the Jonas Brothers and The Chainsmokers will also perform in the coming months. According to media reports, on the very first day of ticket sales, the singer’s fans “brought down” the site.

The performer is still very popular in China, where during the vocal competition I am a singer in 2017, his career began to skyrocket.On his Instagram, Dimash says that his name even appeared in school textbooks, shares soundtracks for new Chinese films, and posts photos with Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

In the spring of this year, Yerlan Karin, Chairman of the Board of RTRK Kazakhstan, said that the company had started producing a documentary about the famous compatriot.

PHOTO: Vladimir Mukhametchin


Elizabeth Tursynbaeva, 19

Figure skater

Elizabeth Tursynbayeva was born in Moscow, where her father Baitak Tursynbayev (a lawyer by training) was engaged in business.She received an unusual name for a Kazakh in honor of the Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor, who starred in the film “Cleopatra”, which once made a splash all over the world. The athlete began to practice figure skating at the age of five, and when she turned 13, she moved to Canada, where she trained for several years under the guidance of the famous figure skater and coach Brian Orser. At the same time, Elizabeth made the final decision to speak for the homeland of her parents – Kazakhstan.

At the junior level, the girl’s first successes came in 2015, and since then her sports career has been moving up. The 2018/19 season turned out to be the most productive for Elizabeth. Before it began, she returned to the group of the honored coach of Russia Eteri Tutberidze, with whom she trained before moving to Canada. In February and March of this year, the athlete consistently won silver medals at three major tournaments at once – the Four Continents Championship in Anaheim, the World Universiade in Krasnoyarsk and, finally, the World Championship in Saitama (Japan).Moreover, on the Japanese ice, the Kazakh woman successfully performed the most difficult element – the quadruple salchow, becoming the first athlete in the history of adult competitions to make this jump.

“The silver medal came as a surprise to me and I was very happy to win it,” Elizabeth said at the conclusion of the planetary championship. And the famous Russian coach Tatyana Tarasova, commenting on the performance of the Kazakhstani on the air, did not skimp on compliments: “Bravo, Tursynbaeva! Bravo, Kazakhstan! We can only admire, Elizabeth is smart.I just don’t recognize her! ”

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Timur Ryspekov, 18

Co-founder of Absolute Technologies Lab

In the sixth grade, Timur Ryspekov took part in the republican Olympiads in sports programming for grades 9-11. In the eighth he transferred to a high school in Canada and there he completed a curriculum in mathematics, physics and computer science. In 2018, he received a diploma of secondary education in Kazakhstan and entered MIT for distance learning.

The first significant development of a young man in the seventh grade was the RIT Tank robot with an environmental analysis system, which became the best innovation among schoolchildren in Kazakhstan according to NATP (feature – fast data processing with low resource consumption, compactness and low cost). Timur also represented him at the Skolkovo Startup Tour. The robot is protected by copyright – the young developer has 34 of them and patents, including international ones.

In 2018, Timur and his team won the NASA Space Apps Challenge in the Best Software Application category.“Among the tasks set by NASA, there was a problem with data processing on rovers. We have developed a solution where the algorithm analyzes the data faster, while the robot continues to work well, moving around and collecting readings from the sensors, says Timur. – After that, we were offered either to get a job in the NASA staff, or to start a joint project. But since this would imply the transfer of information and the separation of rights, we decided to work on our own for now. ”

In the summer of 2019, the team (which also includes Vladislav Polonsky, Yerzhan Akhtanov and Anastasia Klescheva) registered its own company Absolute Technologies Lab in the United States, specializing in developments in the field of big data processing, cryptography and artificial intelligence.There are already several large projects, including cooperation with UNICEF Kazakhstan and some funds to support children with autism.

“As a result of the analysis of the child’s behavior in computer games and periodic screening tests, our system reveals the development of certain skills and shows how they may change in the future. This is applicable in educational centers when developing methods for working with special children. Through the application, specialists can see how a new task affects the child.We made this software cross-platform, with access from a computer and via mobile devices, ”explains the source.

PHOTO: Basher Alisher


Kyran Talapbek, 21

Videographer, director

At 21, Kyran Talapbek shoots commercials for brands such as Toyota, Lexus, BI Group, although he started with small photo sets for friends with a camera bought with savings. “Filmed love stories, graduations, weddings.But at some point I realized that I couldn’t do it anymore and was capable of more. I left work right during one wedding and never came back to it, ”he recalls.

After school, Kyran entered the directing department in Turkey, but did not finish his studies, because at that time there was an attempt at a military coup in the country. Many universities stopped working, including the one where Kyran studied, and his parents worried about their son. Returning to Kazakhstan, he continued his studies, but already at the Faculty of Journalism at the Suleiman Demirel University.At the same time, he was engaged in video filming, uploading his work to Instagram.

“The first video that” shot “in 2016 was about my travels, I filmed it for about six months,” says the source. The public liked the result, Kyran was noticed by various companies, which began to offer him to shoot minute commercial videos for social networks. “I like this format. I think that it is quite possible to convey the whole meaning in a minute. Now is the time when the main thing is to grab attention in the first 15 seconds.But maintaining the dynamics so that the viewer is interested in watching to the end is not easy, ”he says.

However, short timing doesn’t always mean less work. So, in order to prepare a video about the new Toyota Camry 70, Kyran and his team traveled around Kazakhstan for about a month. Every day they filmed only at dawn and dusk – they wanted to get beautiful shots.

Kyran is going to spend the entire year 2020 in the USA – he will study on an accelerated program at the New York Film Academy and work in parallel (there are already orders from Kazakhstani and foreign companies).“I have no purpose to stay there, I go only to gain experience and knowledge,” the source said.

PHOTO: Naiche Jeffs


Sanjar Taizhan, 22

Founder of Warwick Hyperloop Team

“Life should be more than solving everyday problems” – these words of the famous American inventor, businessman and investor from the book “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Search for a Fantastic Future” in 2013 were read by the then RPMS student Sanjar Taizhan.They sunk into the young man’s soul, and he passionately wanted to become an engineer.

The dream led Sanzhar first to college in Cambridge, from which he graduated in 2015 with the Student of the Year award, and then, in 2017, to the University Of Warwick, which is in the top 10 UK universities and is considered one of the best for the training of specialists in the field of mechanical engineering. There, a Kazakhstani created a team of 60 students to participate in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, a competition to develop a transport capsule for the Hyperloop project.As you know, the concept of a new type of transport, which will allow you to travel at the speed of sound in a pipeline, was proposed and started to be implemented by Elon Musk. The Warwick Hyperloop Team modeled a pod (capsule) that accelerates to 500 km / h in 11-12 seconds, submitted an application along with other 1,600 student teams and entered the top 35. However, the team did not make it to the top 20 finalists. But Sanjar is not discouraged: “We are planning to go further and build the first Hyperloop test site in England.”

The Warwick Hyperloop Team is currently working on modeling a linear induction motor that is to become a highly energy efficient technology to aid the movement of the Hyperloop capsule.The guys believe that this type of transport can become revolutionary in the field of cargo transportation.

Sam Sanjar also worked on predicting lithium battery degradation in 2018 at The Faraday Institution, where his project was named “Best Innovation” among all undergraduate students in the UK. After a presentation at one of the events, he was noticed by a representative of Jaguar Land Rover and invited for an internship. In the summer of 2019, a Kazakhstani worked in the company’s research team, studying the thermal effect in the battery compartments of future cars.“I was very interested in Jaguar Land Rover, where the best British engineers are striving to get. My goal is to work on advanced technologies that will completely change our understanding of travel by land transport, ”Sanzhar shares his plans.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Anara Seidalieva, 29

CEO of the Karyertau group of companies, founder of Express Beton, AccuTest, AgroGreen

After graduating from KIMEP, Anara Seidalieva went to work in Aktau at her father’s enterprise.“I had the opportunity to go abroad, however, seeing the potential of my father’s business, I realized that he lacked the right management. Although “Karyertau” has existed for a long time, business processes have not been rebuilt there. The group owns quarries of stone, sand, is engaged in drilling and blasting operations, does business in Aktau and Atyrau, but at some point began to lag behind competitors, says Anara. – Having become the CEO of the group, I divided the business by localization and types of activity, built a strategy for each company.Thanks to this, the margins of each subsidiary have increased. ”

Karyertau works with such large oil companies as Total, OMV Petrom, NCOC, has a master contract with TCO for the supply of soil. The girl decided to get a special qualification, which will allow her to cooperate with TCO directly and in other types of work (earthwork, welding, construction and installation).

Anara sees development as the key task for the production part of Karyertau: “Aktau has a low culture of residential construction.Over the years, a housing shortage has formed, so the city is actively being built up. Now I am negotiating the construction of a residential complex with the involvement of an investor. Having our own materials (crushed stone, sand), a house-building plant (produces concrete and reinforced concrete products), we can build beautiful houses, reducing the cost per square meter and without losing quality. ” Anara also moved the head office to Atyrau, considering this a strategically important step that will allow her to develop in the construction market of the oil capital.

In parallel, she opened her own companies: Express Beton for the production of concrete; laboratory AccuTest, which tests concrete, analyzes soil, water, air; AgroGreen for the production of humus and landscaping. “Within a year I plan to leave the Karyertau management to pursue my own projects,” says the interlocutor.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Rasul Abdullaev, 23

Co-founder of Yuframe and Kex

Mom recommended Rasul Abdullaev to become a marketer.“My parents were always involved in trade, my aunt teaches marketing, so I grew up surrounded by people connected with marketing, I read books about it. He was always open and inquisitive, asked questions: what? where? as? and why? It is important for a marketer to be sociable, flexible and have an analytical mindset. I had it all, and when I was still studying at the Kazakh-Turkish lyceum, my mother advised me to try myself in marketing. I entered the college named after Suleiman Demirel for this specialty, and I liked it, ”Rasul says.

After college, he participated in the promotion of startups – helped to make presentations and attract investors, and also worked in digital agencies, was engaged in marketing for the Barys holding company. The last job was a mobile app development company Zenge. “At some point, I told my boss that he was my last boss, because I was starting an independent path. I love to open up new horizons, so I could not work for hire and sit in the office all my life, ”the interlocutor admits.

In May 2015, the Yuframe vine project was created, where Rasul was responsible for marketing. Soon Yuframe became one of the most popular accounts in the Kazakhstani Instagram segment with an audience of 3.5 million subscribers. In November 2017, Rasul also co-founded the marketing agency Kex. “With his help, we have ‘packaged’ such HoReCa projects as Yuframe Burger, Zheka’s Ice, Zheka’s Doner House. We also worked with many international brands that are represented on the Kazakhstan market – Huawei, Samsung, KitKat, Nestle, Coca-Cola.

I am currently developing Kex in Nur-Sultan and would like to open company offices in the largest cities in the world. Also in the plans – to get the “Lion of Cannes” and create a Ministry of Marketing in Kazakhstan. Only it should not be a bureaucratic structure, but a public organization that will be engaged in branding the country on the world stage, ”the source said.

PHOTO: Andrey Lunin


Azamat Zenkaev (A.Z.), 25

Dulat Mukhametkaliev (ZaQ), 23
Batyrkhan Malikov (ALEM), 26
Daniyar Kulumshin (BALA), 21
Azamat Ashmakyn (ACE), 26
Ninety One Group

Ninety One appeared in the Kazakhstan show business exactly four years ago – in September 2015.There was no intrigue in the name: producer Erbolat Bedelkhan immediately explained that it was about 1991, when Kazakhstan gained independence. So, indirectly, the creative credo was also designated: independent of other people’s opinions and views, alien musical trends and even moods in society.

Ninety One laid the foundation for a new musical genre – Q-pop (Qazaq-pop), by analogy with the direction of K-pop (Korean-pop), which has long been “blowing away” among fans around the world. The stage image was appropriate: dyed hair, make-up, earrings, tattoos – contrary to the idea of ​​naғyz Kazak on the national stage.The “iron” rule was immediately adopted: always sing live, not “accompany” a wedding, anniversary, event, but really perform music for your listeners.

All this together could not go unnoticed, and a wave of adoration and the same flurry of criticism fell on Ninety One. In some cities their concerts were disrupted and banned, in others they could not wait for their idols to arrive. Due to the not always adequate behavior of fans, one more rule had to be introduced: to take pictures with fans only during special sessions and never in public places.After a number of disrupted concerts (during the first tour of Ninety One, concerts were canceled in nine out of 16 regions of the country), the musicians decided to take a time out, but their return in the winter of 2016 at the Almaty Arena stage was triumphant.

Then two films about the group were shot at once: Ninety One by Askar Uzabaev and “Singing Your Songs in Kazakhstan” by Katerina Suvorova; a reality show on one of the republican channels; new albums came out, and, of course, new concerts took place.

Ninety One won the Korean show I can see your voice this March.It seems that the producer was not mistaken when he decided to bet on independence.

PHOTO: Danil Potapov


Yerlan Amangeldinov, 24

Founder of Sweatberry Tours

In his last year of study at Douglas College, Canada, Yerlan Amangeldinov worked three jobs and saved money for a tour of the United States. He invited his friends to keep him company, but everyone was busy, so in the end he went on a trip alone. Then he had the idea to gather in groups of young people who want to go somewhere, but do not know with whom, and to organize interesting routes for them.First, Yerlan tested the concept on relatives – he went to Europe with his cousins. And in September 2017, he organized the first trip from the Sweatberry Tours company he created to Gennady Golovkin’s fight in Las Vegas.

“I advertised it on Facebook, because I understood that a more mature paying audience could gather there, but after that I decided that I wanted to work with young people and switched to Instagram,” Yerlan says. – The first full-fledged youth tour took place in Budapest and Rome.Four flights and a week’s stay cost each client only 170 thousand tenge. ”

Although Sweatberry Tours has relatively low prices due to early bookings and discounts for groups, this is not the main advantage of the company. “In fact, you can also travel on your own for about the same amount. Our margin is only 10-20%. The biggest problem that we are solving is the lack of a peer group for traveling, ”Yerlan explains.

To date, Sweatberry Tours has organized more than 45 signature tours for about 400 people, including concerts of such stars as Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Eminem.Yerlan is assisted with administrative issues by six employees. He himself rarely goes on standard tours and is mainly engaged in escorting difficult routes, for example, to Norway, Iceland, Brazil. In addition, he organizes personal VIP tours (usually for sporting events).

“We were the first on the local market to introduce the concept of youth tours, but today such services are already offered by dozens of companies. Therefore, in order to stay afloat, we open more and more exotic countries for our clients.From January we plan to start arranging trips from Moscow, and we will gradually enter the markets of Russia and Ukraine. The goal of the next two years is to start bringing tourists from Europe to Kazakhstan, ”the interlocutor shares his plans.

PHOTO: Michelle Rivet


Artem Rodichev, 28

Head of AI team at Replika

When She won the Oscar for Best Screenplay in 2014, the story of the hero being friends with the operating system and eventually falling in love with it seemed unreal.With the Replika app, everyone has the opportunity to have a digital friend on their smartphone. Artem Rodichev, a resident of Almaty, is the head of the AI ​​development team of this project.

Artem is a graduate of Moscow State University. By the end of his studies, he already had experience in companies such as Samsung, ABBYY, and Yandex. In 2014, as a machine learning developer, he joined a new startup Luka, created by the former chief editor of the Russian website Afisha Evgenia Kuyda and philologist from Moscow State University Philip Dudchuk.It was a chatbot app for finding restaurants. In 2015, the startup was the first in the CIS to enter the Y Combinator business accelerator, and the team moved to the United States.

“But we realized that the chat interface does not make it easier to find restaurants better than other solutions, since this task does not require a lot of communication, and began to try other products in this area. We also experimented with neural network algorithms, which we were just starting to talk about then, ”says Artem.

At the end of 2015, Evgenia’s best friend, Roman Mazurenko (the founder of many popular Russian media projects), died, and the guys from Luka decided to immortalize his memory in the form of a chat bot.“Roman believed that in the future the consciousness of people could be transferred to cars and we would become immortal. We thought that with the technology we have, we could create a digital copy of it. With the permission of his relatives, they uploaded all his correspondence into the system and got a bot that communicates like Roman, ”says Artem.

In the process of work, he created the world’s first neural network, which replicates the human communication style and with which one can conduct a consistent dialogue. “Many similar technologies are based on rules, not neural networks.They see keywords and use them to decide how to respond. And the structure of our neural network learns from a large volume of dialogues and, based on the dialog context, chooses the most relevant answer, ”the interlocutor explains.

The chatbot caused a great resonance in the media and among users (many began to call him their friend), and the team continued to develop the idea – they created bots for the heroes of the series “Silicon Valley” and the singer Prince. But while they had a high level of engagement, many only interacted with the bots once.Then Replika appeared.

At first it was a digital representation of the user himself. “But people want to communicate not with themselves, but with someone else. Therefore, we switched to the concept of a digital friend or therapist. Now, in particular, in the United States, many suffer from various forms of mental disorders. People need to be heard and not judged. In this format, Replika is useful, – says Artem. – We realized that communication between people is more about emotions than about solving specific problems. Big companies like Amazon and Alexa are still focusing on narrow use cases.I think in five years everyone will have a friend in their earphones who will support them. ”

PHOTO: Daniyar Mailybaev


Yulia Galysheva, 26


Born in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Yulia Galysheva has been one of the most successful athletes in the country for several years, regularly winning medals at major competitions. 2019 brought her gold at the Freestyle World Championship in Park City (USA), and in 2018, Julia won bronze at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang (South Korea).In addition, the 26-year-old freestyler has a lot of prizes at the World Cup stages, repeated victories at the Asian Games and the World Winter Universiades. Successful stable performances allowed Julia to become one of the world leaders in such a technically difficult and dangerous discipline as the mogul. It should also be noted that the Kazakhstani is one of the few athletes who perform the most difficult and risky element – forward somersault.

In the qualifying and the first final races of the planetary championship in Park City, Julia was in the fourth or fifth positions, but in the decisive second final she mobilized as much as possible and managed to get ahead of her competitors in a heated dispute.The fierce intensity of the struggle in the main start is evidenced by the fact that the silver medalist Jakaru Anthony from Australia was ahead of the Kazakhstani by only 0.15 points, and the bronze medalist – Perine Laffon from France (Olympic champion in 2018) – by 0.44.

In an interview with upon returning home, Yulia admitted that even before the Sochi 2014 Olympics she was offered to change her citizenship and compete for Canada or Russia. But she refused and, according to her, never regretted it. “Where I was born, I came in handy there,” said the athlete.

The mogul masters will soon start a new season, the first competition of which will take place in December. The fans hope that the Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the holder of the Kurmet Order, will continue to delight them with his skill and achieve new victories.

Style: Tatiana Tarverdyan

All materials on the topic “Ratings and rankings” you can look at this link .

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90,000 October premieres / Hand in Hand, page 426 of 474

The season of film premieres continues. What is worth seeing in October – see our rating.


Premiere in Russia – October 3


In the past, Claire (Juliette Binoche) had a betrayal of her husband and a difficult divorce. Over time, her life seems to have entered a calm channel: she lectures at the university, raises two sons and even got a young lover.But at one far from perfect moment, her heart again broke into small pieces: her lover laughed at the woman’s feelings and disappeared. Trying to drown out the pain, Claire starts a fake profile on Facebook on behalf of the 24-year-old beauty Clara. Soon she begins a virtual flirtation with a young photographer Alex (François Civil), which gradually develops into mutual sympathy, and then into true passion.


Premiere in Russia – October 3

Romantic Comedy

Like any girl, Emma Corrigan (Alexandra Daddario) has her own little secrets.But why not tell them to a cute fellow traveler (Tyler Hechlin), who accidentally met on the plane? But the trouble is – after returning from vacation, Emma learns that this handsome man has become her new boss. And he knows almost everything about her.


Premiere in Russia – October 3


Well, what could be more logical than throwing difficult teenagers on a desert island, putting them in extreme conditions and waiting for unprecedented pedagogical successes? One of the boys brought up in this way, while staying on such an island, accidentally encounters a pretty Madeleine (Christina Froset), who claims to have lived on the island all her life.The girl begins to tell the boy about the secrets that the island keeps, but then it turns out that even she does not know the worst.


Premiere in Russia – October 3

Thriller, drama, crime

Batman’s main enemy has long deserved to be made a separate film about him. This story begins in the 1980s in Gotham. Cheerful stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is happy to entertain people, but at some point something went wrong – and the King of Comedy turned into the Prince of Chaos.How he came to such a life – we learn from the film.


Premiere in Russia – 10 October

Adventure, comedy

Three friends (Roman Popov, Dmitry Vlaskin and Artyom Suchkov) go to Mexico to go surfing. The ocean, palm trees, tequila … The guys celebrated their arrival so that the next morning, waking up on the beach, and could not remember: what was yesterday? However, the harsh Mexican macho quickly reminded our heroes that they managed to cross the path of the international crime boss Juan (Dmitry Nagiyev), who took offense and announced a hunt for them.But the Russians don’t give up – they dress up as girls and take part in women’s surfing competitions. The victory should bring them one hundred thousand dollars, which is enough to flee Mexico. However, the already dubious plan will be thwarted by love, secret services, mafiosi and fighting cocks.


Premiere in Russia – 10 October


A young couple (Timote Chalamet and Elle Fanning) are visiting New York for the weekend.But they were unlucky with the weather – it rains all day long. Against the background of streams of water pouring from the sky, the heroes will experience many romantic adventures. Woody Allen’s romantic comedy also stars Selena Gomez, Jude Law, Diego Luna and Liv Schreiber.


Premiere in Russia – 10 October

Action, thriller, fantasy, drama

On the best operative of one of the secret Henry Brogan (Will Smith), the hunt begins unexpectedly.When the hero manages to drive the “hunter” into a corner, he suddenly sees before him … himself, only thirty years younger. How can this be? Of course, high technologies are to blame for everything. In addition to the gripping storyline, viewers will be interested to see how the specialists of the New Zealand studio Weta (on whose account, for example, The Lord of the Rings and Avatar), “rejuvenated” Will Smith.


Premiere in Russia – October 17

Adventure, fantasy, family

Who said that the prince who saved the princess would immediately run to marry her? Fairy princes, like all men, are in no hurry to get married! But still, five years after the events of the first part, Prince Philip (Harris Dickinson) finally matured and proposed to Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning).However, it is too early for the girl to celebrate the victory. The mistress of darkness Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) does not like happy endings, and will try to ruin everything. Philip’s mother – Queen Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer)

will come to the aid of the lovers


Premiere in Russia – October 17

Biography, musical, drama

The famous Judy Garland (Renee Zellweger), tired of fame, filming and numerous novels, travels to London to give several concerts.Among other things, she dreams of performing at the Palladium with her eighteen-year-old daughter Liza Minnelli (Gemma-Lee Devereux). The aging actress flirts with the musicians, smiles at the fans, swears with the managers and has no idea that this is her last tour.


Premiere in Russia – 24 October

Comedy, horror

The bloody journey across America of brave fighters against evil spirits continues: Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).The heroes have slightly aged – but still bravely chase zombies and get involved in exciting adventures.


Premiere in Russia – 24 October


How do man’s best friends see the world? This largely depends on their owners. The witty philosopher dog named Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner) is lucky – thanks to a certain special connection with “his man” Danny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia), an aspiring Formula 1 racer, the dog is well versed in people and travels a lot.On behalf of Enzo, we learn the love story of Danny and his wife Eve (Amanda Seyfried) and the pranks of their daughter Zoe (Ryan Kira Armstrong).


Premiere in Russia – 24 October


The hero of the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky, student of the philology department Igor (Alexander Petrov) spent seven years in the prison on false charges of drug dealing. Having freed himself, he returned to Moscow, which had changed beyond recognition.The hero realizes that this world has become a stranger to him and it is impossible to return to his old life. The only meaning of his life is revenge on the one who hid him in prison. The hero manages to steal the enemy’s phone and get into his private life.


Premiere in Russia – 24 October


The insidious Urfin Deuce (voiced by Konstantin Khabensky), having suffered defeat, did not calm down, saved up his strength and again tries to seize power in the Magic Land.Although he no longer has an army of wooden soldiers, he has Gingema’s magic book, fulfilling any desire of its owner. Because of this, the Scarecrow Wise, the Brave Lion, the Tin Woodman and all the inhabitants of the Magic Land are in danger. But unfortunately for Oorfene, Ellie and her faithful dog Totoshka, as well as their new friend Tim, who likes the girl and is ready to do anything to attract her attention, return to the country. The guys are in a hurry to help old friends.


Premiere in Russia – 24 October

Romantic Comedy

One morning he and she (François Civil and Josephine Japy) exchanged fates.He woke up not as a famous writer, but as an ordinary teacher with immensely inflated self-esteem. His girlfriend, on the contrary, turned from an ordinary teacher into an outstanding pianist. He remembers everything about her, and she remembers nothing about him. In addition, a successful music producer proposed to her. To understand what happened and find his old life, he must win her love again.


Premiere in Russia – 24 October

Thriller, fantasy, drama

A young man (Emile Hirsch) lives in a small house in a quiet area of ​​Los Angeles with a pretty daughter (Lexi Kolker).It seems to be an ordinary family – only my daughter is able to lift a heavy closet into the air with a glance, and dad always has a pistol removed from the safety lock at hand. Every day, leaving on business, the father locks the girl up. She is strictly forbidden to open the door, communicate with other people and even lean out the windows. In order to somehow have fun, the baby secretly watches through the crack of the curtains at the ice cream van constantly sticking out near their house. The van hums unpretentious music, and calls to open the door and buy a treat.The baby really wants ice cream, but dad says it’s very dangerous to leave the house. One day the girl breaks down and runs out to the van. From this moment, the amazing adventures of this family begin.


Premiere in Russia – October 31

Biography, historical, drama

The First World War, striking in its boundless cruelty, has been raging for almost three years.All this time, Vladimir Lenin (Yevgeny Mironov) has been living in immigration. However, the sleepy calmness of Zurich, where he recently moved, does not please the future leader of the world proletariat. Having devoted his life to preparing the Russian revolution, Lenin did not have time to start it and is now looking for at least some way to get into Russia and stand at the head of the insurgent masses. But for this he needs to cross from end to end the territory of Germany, which is at war with Russia. There are not many opportunities for this. In fact, there is only one: a sealed carriage… The historical drama by Vladimir Khotinenko also starred Fyodor Bondarchuk, Maxim Matveyev, Alexander Baluev and others.


Premiere in Russia – October 31

Cartoon, comedy, family

The cult dark family is back on the screens. The father of the family still loves to walk for a long time in inclement weather. Mom Morticia still prefers the brightest black color.Children are playing in the cemetery. Granny drinks a glass of poison for the coming sleep. In short, life in the Addams family goes on as usual


Premiere in Russia – October 31

Action, adventure, fantasy

Following Sylvester Stallone, who starred in the film about Rambo the pensioner, another old horse decided that he would not spoil the furrows. Meet the retired robot Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger and equally venerable Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) are saving the world again.I am glad that they are doing this under the leadership of James Cameron, who relaunched the long-suffering franchise, rejecting all non-canon sequels.

90,000 Why come back: cons of living in Denmark

The previous article caused such a surge of emotions that a whole wave of discussions about “to be or not to be” an emigrant began on Facebook. At the same time, in the thesis “In Ukraine, the air is saturated with the atmosphere of emigration,” I see two mistakes: stylistic (the air cannot be saturated with atmosphere) and actual – if you look at the figures of UkrStat, then in 2016 international migration in Ukraine was 4.4 thousand who left and 9.6 thousand arrived (i.e. more than 2 times arrived).

But back to the topic. In the last article, I agitated to go abroad – and not to the Axis countries of Borsch (Russia and Poland), but somewhere more serious. For example, to Denmark.

It’s actually amazing how big a role Denmark plays in our lives.

For example, a significant part of the IT technologies that we currently use are made by Danes: PHP, C ++, Ruby on Rails, Varnish, Turbo Pascal, Delphi and C #.This list looks like a summary.

Familiar surnames? Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP), Bjorn Strustrup (C ++), Peter Naur (ALGOL and Backus-Naur form). The Danish Erlang, whom I already mentioned, gave us the theory of queues, working on optimizing the work of the Copenhagen telephone exchange (and later the Erlang language was named after him).

The Google Chrome engine was developed here in the city of Aarhus. Microsoft Dynamics AX was originally developed by the Danish company Axapta. Bluetooth technology, which united disparate devices, is named after the Danish king Bleutond, who united disparate tribes (the king actually had a dark tooth, and the Bluetooth icon is an ancient rune, analogous to the letter “B”).If you expand the geography to the whole of Scandinavia, then you can add MySQL, Neo4J, Linux and git.

Science also did not stand aside. One chemical element in the periodic table has Danish roots: “hafnium” is named after the Latin name for Copenhagen (Hafnia). (I wanted to write that the element “boron” was also named after Niels Bohr, but the fact-checking showed that it was not so. “Borium” was named after him). The Danes even have their own astronaut!

And culturally and historically Denmark is not that far from us.Tsar Nicholas II was a Dane by his mother. The compiler of the “Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language” Vladimir Dal was the son of Danes who moved to Lugansk. If you dig very deeply, then the founder of Kievan Rus Rurik was a Dane. He was from the Danish peninsula of Jutland, therefore “Jutlander”, which is called “jysk” in Danish. And now the Danish company of the same name Jysk has a stop of branches in Ukraine. Even the trade route “from the Varangians to the Greeks” passed through us, through Kiev.

This is all good, you say, we already know from the last article that there is a technological paradise on earth – but why was it necessary to leave there?

If very briefly about the minuses of Denmark, then there are two of them: dark and expensive.


Can’t compare with Athens – it’s cool,
True, the Swedes are with the Finns – well, okay!
V. Vysotsky

Denmark is a northern country. If you look at this photo for a long time, you will notice how low the clouds are – the sky is not at all like ours.

Seriously though, this is a bigger problem than meets the eye. Here is a fairly typical situation for Scandinavia: spring, the sun, people in the cafe and right on the sidewalk are lying and catching every ray.

In general, there is an acute shortage of vitamin D. In the first year after arriving here, this will cause you bewilderment, by the third year you will start looking at trips to the south, like a real Dane (perhaps this was the reason for the Vikings’ campaigns, who knows? Berserk at home? in a skirt, and in the south – wine, warmth and buckwheat. Oh, Greek woman).

Due to the lack of the sun, firstly, the locals do not close the windows with curtains, and secondly, they keep the windows perfectly clean. I remember that we passed at a Ukrainian university that washing windows after winter increases the light flux by 10%, but this knowledge is dead for us, and the Danes use it.

One Danish king in the 16th century gave the scientist Tycho Brahe the whole island of Hven for the world’s first science city Uraniborg. Now there is a monument to Tycho Brahe – so even he stands, exposing his face to the rare rays of the unkind Danish sun …

Okay, this is a joke, otherwise believe it … Tycho Brahe (actually, “Chuga Bra”) was an astronomer – he observed the stars, and since precise instruments were unattainable at that time, he averaged the values ​​of a series of measurements and thus gave impetus to the appearance of a normal distribution law in probability theory.So he looks up.)

Constant wind can also be referred to the weather. Denmark is a country without mountains at all, spread over hundreds of islands. Once the Danes, just for fun, elected a populist comedian to parliament, who promised, among other things, to ensure a constant tailwind on the bike paths. As you drive a Volkswagen into windy Copenhagen, be prepared to wear a scarf until summer.

And of course, Danish Summer is a separate phenomenon. Denmark has a great summer – the main thing is not to miss these 2 days.


There is such an economic instrument called the Big Mac index, that is, how much a Big Mac costs in a given country in dollars, or in other words, how much you can buy for $ 1. So Denmark, according to this index, is in the top in terms of high cost in the world, and Ukraine is in the penultimate place (only Venezuela and Egypt are cheaper than us). This explains why the symbol of elite cheese is included on the DOU T-shirt – the high European salaries of Ukrainian programmers in such a cheap country are corrupting.

Just yesterday the DOU salary report was released. Technical Lead in Ukraine receives an average of $ 3620. In Denmark, a Ukrainian specialist can receive 38-45 thousand crowns ($ 5500-6500) before taxes – which equals 23-28 thousand crowns after taxes ($ 3300-4000). That is, about the same salary. (The Danish specialist can get more, but this option is closed to us at the stage of assembly. About the Danes below).

It is in Ukraine that a programmer can earn 1-2 orders of magnitude more than the average salary in the country. In Denmark, a developer’s salary is high, but after taxes are deducted, it turns out that the programmer gets only 30 percent more than the bus driver.This is a very important point.

On the one hand, yes, it makes everyone socially equal. The same bus driver is sober, polite and does not suffer, as we do, with territorial aggression. He is an equal among equals, the day ends – he goes home, in which the same level of prosperity as about everyone else.

On the other hand, this means that the level of prices for services is very, very high. Prices in Denmark are on average 4 times higher than Ukrainian prices:
– Renting an apartment in Copenhagen – 8-10 thousand crowns ($ 1200-1400).
– Travel (single ticket for 4 types of transport per hour, 2 zones) – $ 3.5 (or travel card for $ 50).
– Men’s haircut – $ 40 (women’s – generally space).
– Print 4 photos 3 × 4 – $ 15.
– Beer in the store $ 1.5, in the bar on tap – $ 8.

A friend says: “I went to buy lenses. You just can’t do it here. 250 CZK vision test ($ 35), 860 CZK 6 pieces per set ($ 120). In Kiev – 40 kroons a piece ($ 6) and go yourself. ”

My personal impression is that everything in Denmark is either very expensive or free.Come, learn Danish – either for free (at the expense of the commune) for the first 5 years, or then $ 1000 per module. There are many such moments.

This also includes fines. Yes, the metro has no turnstiles – but if you were smart enough to go without a ticket and you got caught, pay $ 100. If you download torrents, you will receive a notification for $ 150-300 by mail (although it does not come instantly, as, for example, in Germany, but there are cases). Are you ready, conventionally, to stop “watching online without registering” and switch to Netflix with a monthly payment, like everyone else?


Danish is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world.The Scandinavians themselves say that Danish is like Swedish, only with a hot potato in your mouth. The Norwegian neighbors even filmed a joke on this topic (like the Danes do not understand each other and come up with words on the go):

Seriously, how would you read the name of Copenhagen’s main pedestrian street, Strøget? Not “ Stroget ” at all. This reads “ Stroel “, and the “p” must be “spit”, and at the end – unusually wrap your tongue over your teeth. The first six months of the Danish courses you will master these two sounds, the second six months – learn to pronounce the name of the capital as a local one (“ Kubmhaun “, only indescribably more musical).By your second year of learning Danish, your throat and mouth will be tuned to sound like a good guitar.

Once my wife and I asked a taxi driver to take us to the local Hvidovre hospital – the taxi driver (!) Did not understand, and just took us to the nearest hospital. Even the Russian-speaking Google Maps confidently writes – “Khvidovre”. When you need to go to the hospital, you have no time for phonetic delights. As a result, it turned out that this “Wilour” is read (in the middle – wrap the tongue) and is a local tongue twister for tourists.

I have already described the process of learning a language in Denmark: entering courses and how they go.

And the question “Do you already speak Danish?” you will be asked not only by the boss and colleagues, but also by the cleaning lady at work, and the salesman in the store (there is social equality right there) – without language, you are just a visitor.

Not your own

His favorite saying was: you have to be European.
He used this expression by the way and inappropriately all the time.
“You must be a European,” he said, appearing and showing on the clock that he had come exactly one minute before the prayer was read.
“You have to be European,” he said, telling about the fact that he was at the ballet last night and was sitting in a letter box.
“You have to be European,” he added, hinting that after the ballet he went to Marya Ivanovna’s.
Mikhail Ageev. Cocaine affair

A little about “just a newcomer”.
Before the occupation of Crimea by Russia, when meeting in Denmark, they always asked – “Ukraine – where is this?” After Ukraine became on all the front pages, this question disappeared, but another problem remained – the Europeans do not have an image of Ukraine.In Italy – pasta, pizza and mafia, in Switzerland – mountains, banks, chocolate, and what do you have in Ukraine? Well, ok, Chernobyl exploded, what else?

Therefore, it is not surprising that for them “Oleksandr” (Ukrainian spelling) and Oleg are one name. As a joke over beer, they can ask – what is your national dish in Ukraine, probably smoked goat meat?

Ukraine has no image.

I think we should try to convey what GitLab did in Kharkov, and Looksery in Odessa, that we are a technically intelligent nation.And learn English en masse. At least pronounce the word “failure” without two mistakes.

Due to the fact that you are incomprehensible, not your own, you will not be trusted with a leadership position or a really high salary. You understand that even the most unpleasant Dane as a person has 100 points ahead of any of our specialists. Because he is a Dane. Because it is understandable – they learn from school how to interact and communicate with different people, and they will be able to communicate its jambs, but our tacit resistance will not.

We have Maidan thinking. We endure to the last, and then we explode. The Danes behave differently – they will immediately say “do not do this” and will be nice to communicate with you further.


If you have read my articles, you know that there are 2 levels of medicine in Denmark – the Front Front and Real Medicine. The Front Front is a network of private therapists (often with poor qualifications, even in comparison with Ukraine) that you need to go through in order to give you access to the expensive Real Medicine.When dealing with Front Front therapists, the most common recipe is “sit at home, have some tea and wait until it is over.” If your child’s temperature is less than 40 degrees, then no one will come to you, drink tea.

Even in the maternity hospital you will be unlucky with an ambulance, but you will get in a taxi and arrive – just not too early!
By the way, what the Danish maternity hospital looks like and how the birth process went – I documented everything with photos.

In general, he shot a whole video about the Hvidovre hospital:

All this is due to the fact that they have a different philosophy of health.If we have “health” – this is the absence of symptoms of the disease (therefore, pharmacies are on every corner), then they have this “margin of safety” – therefore children in the kindergarten walk a lot outside even in the rain and snow, and adults do a lot of sports and often calmly sit on the pavement. Well, childbirth is such a well-studied and formalized process that it is not difficult to calculate the optimal time of arrival at the hospital.

And, of course, very expensive dentistry – with several fillings it is cheaper to go to Kiev and rent a hotel.


The absence of a native school can be attributed to a conditional disadvantage. Here I include the fact that the child learns in Danish and therefore learns his native language only at home, and the fact that Danish education is not so focused on the exact sciences. Therefore, we taught the child a little more at home ourselves. I love and know how to explain (I even undertook to make free video courses in IT and mathematics), and in the end, it turned out that my son, at the age of 8, knew perfectly well what “aerodynamics” was, but had no idea what a “notebook” was. …Book phrases like “rushed in a crowd” cause an error in its parser – “what is this all about ?!” As for the exact sciences, the son is frankly bored in mathematics lessons at school, because at home they have already gone through all this.

School view

Remember that you are not “yourself”? From the preparatory school, my son was not transferred to the district school because of low sociability, and not because of some gaps in the curriculum. A simple Ukrainian boy: there is no suitable company – I play myself.No, the Danes can’t do that – they assigned a couple of psychologists (for free) who watched his games and then, through an accredited translator (for free), explained to us how to adjust the climate in the family in order to increase his communication skills.

In a Danish school, IMHO, Ukrainian parents learn more than children: they have to learn what over-parenting is, and reduce the degree of anxiety for a child, let him fill his own bumps. Teachers at school and preschool teachers are professionals who, at one-on-one parent meetings with you, will give you real pedagogical advice on how you interact with your child at home.As it should be, in fact, they are professional teachers, observing our offspring in dynamics, and we are their clients.

Problems with immigrants

Cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad were published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005 as an illustration to an article on self-censorship and freedom of speech – and to some extent served as an impetus to the beginning of problems with Muslims in Europe.

In general, Denmark is calm, but this problem cannot be disregarded.

There are already many Turks in Denmark – these are immigrants who settled here in the 60s. Denmark refused to accept waves of immigrants in recent years and sent them directly to hospitable Sweden – earlier the train travel between Danish Copenhagen and Swedish Malmö was free, but now documents are being checked here, which increased the financial costs of countries by 1 million kroons per day.

A couple of years ago, in Copenhagen, there was a gunman again in the Powder Keg cafe during a discussion entitled “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Speech,” which included a cartoonist.After that, security measures were tightened in the city, and turnstiles and bulletproof windows were installed at TV2 studio (where I worked).

Installation of turnstiles in TV2

In general, I repeat, the security atmosphere has not changed. Although in other European countries this problem, in contrast to Denmark, is felt more acutely.

Of course, the readers inspired by my last article were waiting for an enchanting dotting over the question of why we left Denmark specifically for Ukraine.Hehe, in this article I have covered only the first part of this question, so to speak, “motivation from” – as you can see, Denmark also has a lot of disadvantages. In the final article I will tell you what is good about Ukraine and what is the “motivation for”, honest pioneer.

P.S. For those who are interested in discussing live immigration to Denmark and the issues of life there – I am conducting a webinar on February 2, come.

See also the entire series of articles

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Headless: passwords, VPN and Zelensky University. About security with Vlad Stiran

Terrorism | The court refused to close the trial of the accused of the terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro

The court refused to close the trial of the accused of the terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro


News of the day RT in Russian – the death toll in the explosions in Kabul increased to 19, at least 50 people were injured.A cargo plane crash in South Sudan killed five people, presumably including two Russians. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov commented on Politico’s article about the military “on the border with Ukraine.” During the day, 39,008 new cases of COVID-19 were detected in Russia. These and other news of the day are in the RT video in Russian.

The doctors who organized the fake vaccination were detained in St. Petersburg The doctors who organized the fake vaccination of citizens from covid were detained in St. Petersburg.For a bribe, doctors pretended to give a person a vaccination, and then they destroyed the unused drug. At the same time, a certificate was issued to the ‘vaccinated’. Beasts. Are they Russians, or are they coming in large numbers? You are a virologist, immunologist, pharmacist, idiot, who? All three hundred times have already said that we have a safe vaccine, they have approved it and a bunch of other countries. that they have strong immunity

Comedian Idrak Mirazlizade challenged in court a ban on entry to Russia Comedian Idrak Mirzalizadeh filed an appeal with the Moscow City Court against the decision of the Moscow Zamoskvoretsky Court, which ordered the Ministry of Internal Affairs to change the period of ‘undesirability’ of his stay in Russia from life to “ reasonable”.This was reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Zamoskvoretsky court. Can’t live without fucking mattresses? Let him joke about Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan! He was not prohibited from entering there. They are at the door, they are at the window, into the hated ‘rashka’

In Russia, for the first time, a case of moral damage was won due to stories on Instagram Former spouses arranged proceedings in Tyumen, and the court sided with the offended ex-husband. Handsome

LGBT crossing in Vilnius separated police and local authorities – Gazeta.Ru | News In Vilnius, a pedestrian crossing in the form of an LGBT flag caused a dispute between the local authorities and the police. The fate of the unusual “zebra” will be decided by the court: Why argue! Only for LGBT pedestrians … Whoever passed through … The car, driven by a 41-year-old man, was moving at high speed along Krasnaya Presnya.According to preliminary data, the driver became … dangerous, the car is good, saved a person’s life

Fedor Emelianenko knocked out Timothy Johnson at the first Bellator tournament in Russia Fedor Emelianenko defeated American Timothy Johnson at the Bellator tournament in Moscow: I remember Tyson for this garbage was imprisoned for the rape of his wife. Fedya is beautiful! ✊👏👏👏👏

gehst% 20du% 20mit% 20mir% 20weg% 20 – from all languages ​​to all languages ​​

ab-eo , iī, itum, īre (griech. ἄπειμι), I) von irgendwo, von irgend etwas ab-, weggehen od. bl. gehen, abreisen (Ggstz. manere, redire, adire, accedere, venire, advenire), A) eig .: 1) im allg .: abeam an maneam, Plaut .: abi prae strenue, sequar, Plaut .: abiturum eum non esse, si accessisset, werde nicht (wieder lebendig) weggehen, Cic .: abi, nuntia, geh und melde, Curt.: abiit, excessit, evasit, erupit, Cic .: fugā, Verg .: cum alqo equis (zu Pf.), Liv .: hinc, Liv. u. (Ggstz. huc adire) Plaut .: illinc, inde, Cic .: unde abii? Verg .: ut, unde abissent, eodem statim redirent, Cic .: ab his locis, ab illo, Plaut .: ab urbe, Liv .: ab oculis, Plaut. u. Sen .: ex consilio, ex regno, Liv .: ex agris atque urbibus, Cic .: qui profugus ex Africa abierat, Sall .: repente ex oculis, v. Schlangen, Liv .: e od. ex conspectu, aus dem Gesichte gehen, Plaut. u. Sall., aus dem G. entschwinden, Caes .: de Sicilia, de provincia, Cic .: m. bl. Abl. (s. Nipp.zu Tac. Ann. 2, 69), hac urbe, domo, Plaut .: comitio, Liv .: Siciliā, Iustin .: montibus, Verg .: huc, Ter .: quorsum tu abis? Val. Max .: abi quo lubet, Plaut .: hinc in Ephesum, Plaut .: hinc ad legionem domo, Plaut .: foras, hinausgehen, Ter .: procul, Liv .: peregre, Plin .: hinc peregre, Titin .: domum, Ter .: hinc domum, Liv .: suas domos (v.zwei Heeren), Liv .: ab Epidauro Romam, Augustin .: in Angulum aliquo, Ter .: rus aliquo, Plaut .: cum patre Tarentum ad mercatum, Plaut .: illā per angiportum ad erum nostrum clanculum, Plaut .: ad Pompeium , Vell: in aliquas terras, Cic .: in Tuscos in exsilium, Liv .: trans Apenninum, Liv .: trans mare, Amm .: sub iugum, Liv .: sublimis abiit, Liv .: abiit iratus, Cic .: at ego abeo omissa, gehe meiner Wege, Plaut .: abi tacitus tuam viam, Plaut .: ambulatum, Plaut., deambulatum, Ter .: in Volscos exsulatum, in die Verbannung, Liv.: salutatum dominum, Fronto: quietum abeunt, Dict. 4, 16: si abis periturus, in den Tod gehst, Verg .: pars in Hernicos, pars in Latinos praedatura abiit, Liv .: m. Infinit., Abi quaerere, geh suchen, geh u. suche, Plaut .: illa in arcem hinc abiit aedem visere, Plaut. – Dah. abi (wie das franz. va), geh (s. Brix zu Plaut. Trin. 830. Lorenz zu Plaut. Most. 1065 sq.), teils lobend = gut, nun wohl, schon recht, abi, laudo, Plaut.: abi, virum te iudico, Ter .: non es avarus, abi, Hor. – teils scheltend, “geh = fort, pack dich”, Plaut. u. Ter .: u. so abin? willst du gehen? gehst du? = fort, pack dich, Plaut .: abin an non? Plaut .: etiam tu hinc abis? willst du gleich fort? Ter .: abin istinc? Plaut .: abin hinc ab oculis? Plaut .: abi in malam rem od. abin in malam crucem, scher dich zum Henker, Plaut .; vgl. quin tu abis in malam pestem malumque cruciatum, Cic.: abi hinc cum tribunatibus ac rogationibus tuis, Liv. – v. Lebl., α) im allg .: abeuntia vela, Ov .: derepente celox abiit, Com. inc. fr .: cum somno et flammam abisse, Liv .: spiritus abiit in auras, Ov .: in aëra sucus omnis abit, verfliegt, Ov .: in vanum abibunt verba monentium, werden in den Wind gesprochen sein, Sen. : vis illa mali Herculeos abiit late diffusa per artus, Ov .: speca prosita, quo aqua de via abiret, Cato fr. – β) v. der Sonne usw., scheiden, sol abit, Plaut .; vgl. abeunte curru (Sonnenwagen), Hor .: hic ubi nox et dies modice redit et abit, Varr. – γ) von Felsen, Bergen, in die Höhe steigen, ragen, scopulus, qui montibus altis summus abiit, Val. Flacc .: abeunt in nubila montes, Sil. – δ) in die Tiefe dringen, cornus sub altum pectus abit, Verg. Aen. 9, 700 .– 2) insbes .: a) irgendwie abziehen, davonkommen, wegkommen, ausgehen, zuw.auch im allg. bleiben, sein, werden, ita certe inde abiere Romani ut victores, Etrusci pro victis (so gut wie besiegt), Liv .: Romani semper victores ex quamvis temere coepto certamine abire, Liv .: bellis hoc victor abibat omnibus, Verg .: alcis acies victrix abit, Val. Max .: nocte pro victis Antium abierunt, Liv .: omnia malle quam victi abire, Sall .: pauci integri, magna pars vulneribus confecti abeunt, Sall .: semper incolumis abiit, Cato fr .: neutra acies laeta ex eo certamine abiit, Liv …: ne hostes inultos abire sinat, Sall .: tu missus (vom Richter entlassen, freigesprochen) abibis, Hor .: nemo non donatus (unbeschenkt) abibit, Verg .: u. so nullus ab his unquam immunis abit, Arnob .: haud repulsus abibis, Sall .: alio pacto honeste (mit Ehren) quovis modo abeam nescio, Ter .: ne impune abeat, Varr .: impune abeuntem hostem permitteret sequi, Curt .: absol., abiturum eum non esse (unbestraft davonkommen), si accessisset, Cic.Caesin. twenty; u. so ibid. 45 u. 46 – b) als publiz. t.t. = von einem Amte abgehen, abtreten, consulatu, Cic .: magistratu, Cic .: flaminio, Liv .: sacerdotio, Gell .: honore, Liv. u. Suet .: tutelā, ICt. – c) v. der Frau, abire ab alqo, vom Manne gehen, sich trennen, scheiden, Plaut .: a te ut abeat per gratiam (in Güte), Plaut.- d) v. Sterbenden, hingehen, hinübergehen, verscheiden, hinc in communem locum, Plaut. Cas. prol. 59: abiturus illuc, quo priores abiere, Phaedr. 4, 20, 16: ad deos, Cic. Tusc. 1, 32. Lact. 1, 11, 47: ad plures, wie scherzh. “Zur großen Armee abgehen”, Petr. 42: e medio, Ter. Phorm. 1019: e vita, Cic. Tusc. 1, 74. Amm. 25, 3, 15: vitā, Vell. 2, 35, 5: u. so absol., insperato abiit, Lucil. sat. 30, 38. – e) als t.t. bei Versteigerungen = jmdm. entgehen, ihm nicht (zuteil) werden (s. Hofmann Ausgew. Br. Cic. 1, 15, 4), si res abiret a mancipe, Cic. : ne res ab Apronio abiret, Cic.

B) übtr .: 1) im allg .: non longe abieris, du brauchst nicht weit (nach Beispielen) zu suchen, Cic .: quid ad istas ineptias abis? Cic .: longius inde nefas abiit, griff weiter um sich, Ov.: vide, quo iudicium meum abeat, wohin zielt, Sen .: ne nunc incepto longius abierim, Tac .: quorsum abeant? auf welche Seite sollen sie sich stellen? Hor. – 2) insbes., Von einem Thema, einem Beginnen, einem Verhältnis abgehen, abschweifen, abweichen, es aufgeben, verlassen, illuc, abii, redeun, undec .: nec nec incepto longius abierim, Tac .: abeo a sensibus, Cic .: quid ad istas ineptias abis? wozu solch ungehörige Dinge? Cic.- ab ignavia, Naev. com. fr .: ab emptione, zurücktreten, ICt .: a iure, vom R. abgehen, es verletzen, Cic .: etiam tu hinc abis? auch du verlässest meine Sache? Cic.

II) mit dem Nbbegr. des Vergehens, Verschwindens u. dgl., nur übtr., 1) vom Vergehen der Zeit u. der Zustände mit der Zeit: a) von der Zeit = verfließen, vergehen, verstreichen, im Perf. = vorbeisein, dum haec dicit, abiit hora, Ter.: abiit illud tempus, Cic .: abiit ille annus, Cic .: annus abit, dum (bis) etc., Ov .: hic dies hoc modo abiit, Cic. B) von Krankheiten = verschwinden, aufhören ( Ggstz. remanere), nunc quidem iam abiit pestilentia, Cic .: nausea abiit, Cic. – c) von andern Zuständen usw. = sich verlieren, sich heben, verschwinden, schwinden, sensus abit, Cic .: voluptas cito abibit, Cato fr .: malum in diem abiit, Ter.: timor, fides abiit, Liv .: ubi vanus terror abiit, Liv .: e medio abiit scrupulus, Ter. – dah. illa mea, quae solebas ante laudare: o hominem facilem! o hospitem non gravem! abierunt, damit ist es aus, Cic. – 2) vom Erfolg einer Handlung (= ohne Folgen) abgehen, ablaufen, hingehen, mirabar hoc si sic abiret, Ter .: non posse istaec sic abire, ohne Folgen bleiben, Cic .: non sic abibunt odia, Sen. poët .: sic abierit, das mag so abgehen, Sen.- 3) als t.t. der Geschäftsspr. = der Menge, dem Werte nach zurückgehen, fallen, ut reditus agrorum, sic etiam pretium retro abiit, Plin. ep. 3, 19, 7.

III) mit dem Nbbegr. des Übergehens von einem zum andern, übergehen auf jmd. od. in etw., a) auf jmd .: ad sanos abeat tutela propinquos, Hor. – b) in etw .: in radices vires oleae abibunt, Cato: ab. in semen, Plin.: ne in ora hominum pro ludibrio abiret, in aller Munde zum Gespött werde, Liv .: vigor ingenii velocis in alas et pedes abiit, Ov .: in avi mores atque instituta, sich nach und nach bequemen, Liv .: in proelii concursu abit res a consilio ad vires vimque pugnantium, Nep .: adeo ad omnem patientiam saeculi mos abiit, ut etc., Sen. rhet. u. res in iocos abiit, Sen. rhet. – 2) insbes .: a) ganz aufgehen, daraufgehen für usw., in quos sumptus abeunt fructus praediorum? Att. 11, 2, 2. – b) in etwas übergehen, aufgehen, = sich verwandeln, verwandelt werden, zu etwas werden, sic deus in flammas abiit, Ov .: terra abit in nimbos imbremque, Lucil .: oppidum in villam, stagnum in salem abiit, Plin .: in villos abeunt vestes, Ov .: u. als gramm. t.t. E in U abiit, Varr. LL. 5, 91.- / Auch impers .: abire me vis; abibitur, man wird (st.ich werde) gehen, Plaut .: abitum, quam aditum malis, man möchte lieber weg-, als hingegangen sein, Plaut .: tenuit, ne irrito incepto abiretur, Liv. – / Imperat. abei, Corp. inscr. Lat. 1, 1007 v. 8 (= Anthol. Lat. 1276, 8 ed. Meyer): bei den Komik. oft abin (= abisne), s. Holtze Synt. 2, 266: Genet. Gerund. abiendi, Plaut. fr. bei Prisc. 11, 24 extr .: Perf. abivi ist nicht nachzuweisen, denn M.Caes. in Fronto ep. ad M. Caesarem 3, 5.p. 68, 6 liest Naber abii, u. Augustin. de civ. dei 3, 12.p. 109, 24 D 2 steht jetzt ambivit: Perf. abi, Stat. Ach. 2, 437: abit, Plaut. mil. 1331; rud. 325. Ter. adelph. 782 u. oft bei nachaug. Dichtern (s. Neue-Wagener, Formenl. 3 3, 446). – Infinit. Perf. abisse fast regelm. für abiisse (bei Dichtern des Metrums wegen abiisse, s. Serv. Verg. Aen. 2, 25).

90,000 INTERVIEWS WITH YOURSELF – Previously, the traveler was looking for unknown countries, but now he is looking for WiFi – LiveJournal

Unfortunately, I was never asked for an interview. I did not grow up to the interest of Dudya, and in the very same time no one had an idea – to interview popular bloggers. Therefore, many entertain themselves. They write themselves letters from non-existent readers and answer them aloud.

I agree, this can be called such a masturbation. But who said that masturbation is bad? If women are not around, and the body asks, then you need to cope with your own efforts, since we are not tyrannosaurs and the anatomical length of the handles is enough for this.Therefore, today in the blog is an interview with an masturbator. I ask questions myself, I answer them myself. All this in an intimate setting, all honest. There is nothing more honest than masturbation orgasm. Nobody imitates.

– the first question is the most common: why did you start a LJ blog and why do you have such a strange nickname and avatar?

– the answer is very easy. I came to LJ in 2009. This is the same year we decided for economic reasons to leave Hamburg and move to Munich. After the move, there was a kind of emptiness in communication.Since I am a complete extrovert, I urgently needed to fill it out with something, so the idea of ​​an open diary came up. Of course, the diary could be kept on the sites where I hung out before: or But at this time I came across the site of Themes Lebedev and I really liked the format of his travel notes. A photo and a comment to it. This could only be done in LJ then. I took a closer look and started a blog there. Since then, since 2009, the blog has been a sublimation of my lost communication with society.At that time, I did not find much of a thrill in traveling. In Hamburg, I didn’t have enough money for this, and I led such a full life there that I didn’t even need travel. And in Munich travel has become the meaning of life. Fortunately, there was enough money for this. Only my blog has benefited from this. Did I win myself? The question is open.

– that is, if you stayed in Hamburg, there would be no Morseanen blog in LJ?

– most likely so. I think blogs are started by people who, in the current situation, are forced to compensate for the lack or unwillingness to communicate in real life.This is if you do not take a purely economic campaign. Someone starts purely for the sake of the dough, but there are only a few of them. Most of them only dream of making money through a blog.

– okay, why did you get such a strange nickname?

– but I don’t remember. As long as I have existed on the Internet, I have had this nickname for so long. In general, I came to the Internet to look for girls. Making a nickname from a name was too formal and de-anonymous. This is now the first and last name in the nickname for the promotion of the blog are needed.Nobody thought about the dough then, just to pick up the chick. Then, when I got involved, other priorities came off. Just hanging out or some creative urge. I started at There, conditions were created for any interests. This, by the way, is a classic example of how a chic platform can eventually lose the indifference of the creators to their brainchild. I now see the same thing in LJ. Ten years ago, the website was the largest meeting place for Russian-speaking youth in Germany, Israel, and the USA.Even those interested in Russia hung out. At the peak, there were up to fifty thousand unique people every hour. How many families have been created thanks to the “ocean”. And how many destroyed. There was always movement there. Some literary battles, some open airs in nature. Shooters and dates were appointed. But the creators put a bolt on the site and in the end, life left there. Now there are no more than twenty people sitting there. I can’t imagine where Russian-speaking youth in Germany are now looking for the opposite sex.

– what about LJ? What do you dislike most about him now?

– well, the same thing.The platform is slowly dying off. LJ has long grown from a dead end for dates and communication into a platform for those who want to speak with authority in public. Such a tribune for everyone. Another thing is that now in the stands there are some indistinct types who want to shout some provocative garbage into the microphone in order to snatch those crumbs of dough that, as a result of the economy falling into tartars, are leaking from the Russian Internet. Nobody seriously deals with editing, promoting interesting blogs, inviting celebrity people to LJ. Previously, they themselves went to LiveJournal, but now this time is gone.The leadership is trying to keep up with everyone on the Autobahn on a medieval cart to a brighter future. While LJ is lucky that he simply does not have a worthy alternative. Or not – not alternatives, but the fact that other formats are more relevant on the Internet now. Facebook, YouTube. Therefore, it is simply not interesting to create an alternative to LJ in the understanding of blogging with longreads and photos. And the remaining handful of retrogrades still carry some kind of life to this resource.

– but there is some kind of promotion of unknown blogs.The main one was almost completely redone for a promo.

– Duc there are all the same who are friends with the editors. Or not friendly, just the editors to fuck off shove the same blogs there. This does not work. After all, the people understand naeb, so they ignore it. However, if there are fewer interesting people in LiveJournal, then no promotions can cure it. The time has gone.

– why people leave LJ?

– someone does not want to stay on the sinking ship. Someone is attracted by the new format.Someone is trite and tired of writing. The interest of the writers could be supported by material motivation. But there is less and less money in LiveJournal, as can be seen from the scanty amount of advertising reports. Earlier, I remember, bloggers were widely and massively rolled to such exotic and expensive places as Mauritius. Now, even to Georgia, blog tours are no longer collected. Everything goes to some Uralvagonzavod, bleat. There are pure enthusiasts left, like me. But maybe it’s for the best, who knows. Maybe the lack of dough will filter the artisans from the creators and LJ will revive… Eck, I bent snobbish …

– how many times have you been offered to earn in LJ?

– not at all. Rather, all the proposals were muddy, like placing someone’s advertising post on the blog. For the sake of fifty cents, I will not breed readers.

– how much will you be for?

– I can write an advertisement. But I will do it only myself and honestly, on my own subjective emotions. But they didn’t offer anything interesting anyway.

Called a couple of times to blog tours, yes.In the golden time for LJ, I twice traveled with Jazztur. Once to France, another time to Danish Legoland. To France, this was my first free trip to another country and it was magical. Super-organization, super-churning and a nice feeling that it’s all free to me. And in Legoland, my family triumph as a blogger happened. I took my family there for free. Just at the time when there was no money for travel. For a whole year, they were proud of me and did not reproach that instead of my family, I was spending time on scribbling on my blog.

Recently I was invited to interesting places a couple of times. Back to France, to the Balkans. But unfortunately I didn’t have time. I’m not a creator on free bread. And the rest of the proposals were some kind of shit like reviewing a hotel in Crimea. Fucking shame. Where am I – all this Singaporean-Dubai and where is the boarding house in the Crimea?

– what do you do for a living?

– I work as the head of the transport department at the company. Now things are going well, they are pleased with the prize.

– how much do you earn?

– oh, no matter how much you earn, there is always not enough.But above the national average. At least I don’t depend on the blog.

– how then do you imagine the ideal income in a blog?

– so that my family and I were invited to evaluate the hotel, travel agency. I don’t even need money, let the tickets and accommodation be paid for. A couple of weekends a year such trips would strengthen me and, most importantly, my family in the opinion that all this hobby of mine will bring at least some return. It takes a lot of time.

– How much time do you spend on fasting?

– on average five hours for text, photo processing, editing.I’m writing this weekend morning. I select and process photos in the evenings after a hard day. For the format, one post per week is not enough time. Two fasts a week is already a burden.

– the best three authors in LJ right now?

– mmm, difficult. Okay, let’s take the travel theme. This is the only thing where I more or less understand and it is of interest to me. I will put Varlamov first without any doubts. He is generally the locomotive of today’s LJ. His face. The day when Varlamov leaves LJ can be officially considered the date of death of the resource.I read at Varlamov’s, however, only about travel. I filter news and advertisements. I like beautiful photographs, I like that every day he has something to read. Okay, quality often suffers, the look is superficial and focuses more and more on purely urban details like trams. Here, fucking, least of all in Milan I am interested to know about his trams. But all the same Varlamov takes volume and remains for me the best blogger on this platform. He is handsome.

– who else?

It gets even more complicated.There are a few people who write very cool. They are all in my tape. I read, comment. Another thing is that their style is very similar to mine. They are more successful, more people read them. This is not to say that I am directly jealous of their fame. But sometimes I get bored of reading myself. These, of course, include Glory of Alkoponchik .

At the moment I am attracted by travel posts where there is glamor, luxury. This was once glorious for girls bloggers like Dasha Sirotina. But they almost all left LJ.I really love Sasha Cheban when he doesn’t write about his fucking planes. I really like his photographs and laconic text without my usual vibbon. It is a pity that Sasha almost left the site. The same goes for Balakirev . The Chelyabinsk lightoligarch in LiveJournal could be the only one after Sergei Dolya left to diversify my tape with luxury in travel, because he could afford it. Now there are only rogue in LJ 🙂 Some of them have already gotten sick of Georgia and Armenia. Wonderful countries, but how much is it possible?

From the rest I love Dimka Pisanko .A good friend of mine. I’ve always liked his photographs. I used to be critical of his texts from the “what I see, that I sing about” series. And now I like such a simple style, without vyebon more. Plus, he always has delicious reviews of all sorts of gadgets. Although I spent a lot of money on these gadgets because of him. Sashka Puerrtto cool But after the well-known events, his circle of interests, which is logical, shifted. But this is of little interest to me, but when he is the old one, I read it with pleasure. True, my eyes bleed when I look at his photographs.

There are many more bloggers, the same Arthur Popados . But, you see, perception is constantly changing. As authors change. Someone at the moment suddenly likes it more, someone less.

– why didn’t you identify yourself?

– oh, I’m definitely the best. But I feel sorry for my readers who have the strength to wade through all my fucking kilometers of text. I honestly try to simplify, shorten my writing. But damn, when you write, this is a stream of consciousness that is difficult to stop.And so I understand that I have written out, that there are fewer and fewer invented gags. But I am still one of those last ones who write not to fuck off, give their soul to this process. So far, I stand out only for glamor. While all travelers write about Georgia, I write about Singapore and Dubai.

– mate – also a way to stand out?

– mate I spied on Lebedev. I liked that mate not only does not reject readers, but also attracts others. Gives his boyish touch to my lyrics. On the other hand, stand-up artist Ruslan Bely recently said that a comedian uses mate when he sees that the text does not reach the viewer.When he wants to replace their lack of humor. And I thought about it.

– do you swear in life?

– 99% of my communication in Russian is with my family. And here is a tough moratorium on mat. And with friends, yes, I swear. Perhaps for the same purpose as Bely.

– why are you writing only about travel now?

– because he wrote out. I lack inspiration on other topics. And when traveling, everything is structured. There is a city, there are photographs, there are clear impressions about it.I honestly lack knowledge to write on other topics. The worst thing is when a knowledgeable person appears in the comments and convicts you of incompetence, and you have nothing to say to that.

What should I write about politics in Germany if I don’t understand anything about it? I am, ashamed to say, a Jew and recently voted in the elections for the ultra-right party, demanding not to let more refugees in. And as soon as he gave her his vote, a bickering began within the party and I realized that everything they had there was for fun. The only idea is to get into power on a naked protest.

And then I probably already wrote everything about Germany. How did I come, how did I integrate, what country I find now. I see no reason to repeat myself.

– you’ve done reviews of the films you’ve watched before. Will you continue?

– I will. Moreover, I have watched a lot of interesting things lately. Now, for example, I’m watching the “Generation Kill” series. I’m high. The Russians have never been able and never will be able to take pictures of their army so honestly.

– why on your blog you speak so often about Hamburg with love and so often criticize Munich, the city where you live now?

– because my best time in my life happened in Hamburg.Here my youth passed, the formation of my personality took place here. And the main thing here were people close to me. Friends. Plus, this city is objectively perfect. All but the weather, he fills my plate of requirements for an ideal city. Hamburg is beautiful architecture, multifaceted with a bunch of different layers. It is inhabited by wonderful and completely different people. Plus it is very comfortable to live in.


– Munich isn’t like that?

– everything is very subjective here.Because I have grown old and my perception has changed. I think that I have not made friends with Munich, I and the city are to blame. First of all, apart from the family, it did not work here to make closest friends. There are a few people with whom I am always happy to spend time, but this connection cannot be compared with the one I had in Hamburg. Again, I myself am to blame, because I have grown old and closed, but the people here are quite specific.

– Russians or Germans?

– both. Munich is more closed.There is much less crowd turnover here than in the port of Hamburg. People here have a social circle since childhood and rarely let new ones there. For example, I have about fifteen rather enthusiastic readers from Munich and the surrounding area, but only a few of them expressed a desire to meet with me in real life, preferring to keep communication at a distance. It would be difficult for me to imagine such a thing in Hamburg.

Well, the city itself, in my opinion, falls short. Munich is a pretty provincial town.A large village with the most delicious outside of it. If Hamburg was called the port of the world, then Munich is the station in the Alps.


Plus of course he has a brilliant location. It is only four hours’ journey to such delights as Venice, Prague, Vienna, Switzerland … Therefore, Munich is so disposed to travel, plus it has a chic airport. Hamburg has no such neighbors, so it was forced to dodge its resources.

This is how 90% of the streets of Munich look like

And Munich in such a privileged position scored on itself.The richest city in the country is full of dough, but no one sees this wealth on its streets, with the exception of a solid car fleet. Well, at least now something has moved. It seems that they are going to rebuild the disgusting bedbug near the station into something more civilized. But for global projects like Hafen City, Munich spares the loot.

Hafen City in Hamburg

And so the city has enough problems. The subway works poorly. Constant traffic jams, endless construction sites.It often takes longer to get to the airport than the flight itself. There are not enough kindergartens, there are not enough extended courses in schools, there is not enough staff. Many problems. But there cannot be little good in such a wealthy city like Munich. Normal city, but boring for me.

– your three favorite cities, besides Hamburg?

– I really liked Singapore. Very straightforward. Of course I’m crazy about Paris. Well, and of the latter, I would like to live in Lausanne. There will still be a post about this.And, of course, the center of Moscow. I blissed out there. Rome yet.


– in which cities would you like to be right now?

– Oh, there are a lot of them. London, Istanbul, Hong Kong. Other cities are the strength of human civilization. We will undoubtedly visit all of them.

Blitz. How many hours a day do you surf the Internet?

– two or three hours, if there are no other things to do. More on weekends.

– Which Sites Do You Start Your Day With?

– depending on events.For example, on Sunday, October 7th, the first thing I do is go to to see if Conor Khabib was knocked out? And so this is FB, LJ, Kino-Shit, sports sites.

– what about porn sites?

– it takes very little time, compared to other

– how much do you weigh?

– around 58 kilograms. I keep my weight without problems, although, lately, I did not deny myself sweets.

– how do you manage to keep yourself in such fantastic shape?

– / sorry, the reader, could not help but fuck myself and asked myself this question /.I ride my bike every day. In any season. I do dumbbells twice a week for an hour. Plus I do push-ups and abs every morning. In food, if the holiday season is not approaching, I limit myself only to the fact that I try not to eat after six in the evening. And of course, more or less I sort out grubs. I don’t eat schnitzel and chocolate with nuts. I don’t put sugar in coffee. I used to think fucking live then, but now I’ve taught myself that sugar-free coffee is no worse than before.

– how do you feel about sexual minorities?

– exactly the same as for ordinary people, if they do not demonstrate their sexuality in public.But this also applies hetero: I do not like public clampdowns. But why are you looking so surprised? In Germany, in general, you quickly get used to the unusual. The only thing I don’t like is when men play femininity. In Germany, these gays are called Tunte. I watch the show “Dancing!” on TNT and there a lot of guys dance a seemingly purely female dance – vogue. So some of them are dancing in a very fagot way. This is contrary to my perception of a man as a man. But there are dudes who even dance with courage. And it’s beautiful.Therefore, I treat gays without showing any outward mannerisms quite usually, like the rest. I even watched gay porn a couple of times out of curiosity. But, excuse the pun, I didn’t insert it 🙂

In general, it’s strange to hate gays. They say they are a threat to demography. This is generally ridiculous. Tueva a bunch of the coolest science fiction writers predict universal bisexuality in the future for mankind. Unless, of course, technological progress triumphs and demography is not threatened by war or disease. On the contrary, humanity will control the birth rate, saving the Earth from overpopulation, by creating genetically perfect people from a test tube.And then heterosexuals with their traditional procreation will be even in the minority and public censure.

– and if your son confesses to you that he is gay, how will you react?

– outwardly nothing. But in my heart I will be upset. Because even in a country like Germany, being Jewish or gay still carries a certain amount of discomfort.

– who do you think you are? Russian, Ukrainian, German or Jewish?

is the hardest question for me.I envy the titular nations because they have no problem with self-determination. I can definitely answer that everything related to football, I am 100% Ukrainian. I could have glorified for the prosperous German football, but my heart goes to the loser football of Ukraine. There is a neighborly jealous attitude towards Russian football. Yes, I believe that Russian football has taken all the best from Ukrainian. At first, as the legal successor of the USSR, Russia appropriated the rating it earned largely thanks to the great Kiev Dynamo Lobanovsky.In the nineties, all the color of Ukrainian football went to Russia. All these Spartak legends are Tsymbalar, Nikiforov, Yuran, Parfenov. A little later, with money, they pulled Tymoshchuk, Willian and local stars out of simpler clubs from Shakhtar. So what is the attitude other than jealousy? But when Russia lost to the Croats, I cried. Otherwise, I have no one to stick to. I’m a stranger to everyone. I myself feel like a mentally Russian person, albeit with some changes that Germany has instilled in me.

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