Squishies smell: Toxic Chemicals Found in Squishies


Toxic Chemicals Found in Squishies

You’ve probably seen them – Squishies are the current toy craze for elementary school kids. They have the texture and feel of “stress balls”, but come in all sorts of kid-themed designs, and kids love to squish them. Sensing that the odd smell coming off of them could be a sign of something dangerous, the Danish government recently tested Squishies and found them to be full of toxic substances.

Toxic Squishies

The Danes tested 12 Squishies for the offgassing of toxic chemicals. All 12 Squishies were found to emit toxic substances (including dimethylformamide, xylene, and methylene chloride). The chemicals are thought to cause reproductive problems, cancer, liver and nervous system damage, and irritation to the mucous membrane and eyes. They concluded that the high concentration levels found may pose a significant risk if children spend a lot of time near them, for example sleeping with Squishies near them or having many of them in their rooms.

Throw Out the Squishies

The Danish government estimates that the likelihood of children getting lasting effects is very low. They suggest that the damage will be the greatest if the child plays with these toys for a prolonged period of time. However, the body has an ability to repair damage when the impact stops. Therefore, they recommend throwing away Squishy toys now.

New Squishies Banned in Denmark

The evaporation of the harmful substances from the products decreases over time. The release of the hazardous chemical substances is by far the largest when the Squishy is new and afterwards it decreases. Therefore, it is recommended that no new squishies should be brought into the home. In fact, it is now illegal to sell these products within Denmark.

Remember to Ask in the USA

We wish our government agencies in the US were as proactive about researching the products our children are exposed to. Since they are not, make sure to ask questions about the products your children are bringing home, especially if it has a weird scent or feels funny. At Sprout we will do our best to stay on top of the latest research on products for children, so if you aren’t sure about something, please feel free to reach out and ask us!

Details on the Chemicals Found

According to the CDC, exposure to the three chemicals listed (dimethylformamide, xylene, and methylene chloride) can cause the following effects:

  • Dimethylformamide — Irritation of the eyes, skin, and respiratory system; nausea, vomiting, colic; liver damage, enlarged liver; high blood pressure; face flush; dermatitis. In Animals: kidney, heart damage.
  • Xylene — Irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, and throat; dizziness, excitement, drowsiness, incoordination, staggering gait; corneal vacuolization; anorexia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain; dermatitis.
  • Methylene Chloride— Irritation of the eyes and skin; lassitude (weakness, exhaustion), drowsiness, dizziness; numb, tingle limbs; nausea; [potential occupational carcinogen].

See the full report (in Danish).

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Squishies

Squishies, squishies, squishies!

So cute, so kawaii, so satisfying.

But what are they?

A few years ago, fidget spinners were all the rage. 

These trinkets exploded across the world, but just like other trends, fidget spinners were soon swept under the carpet for something else.

Thankfully, the item that replaced more annoying objects is wonderfully satisfying, malleable, and smushy.

If you’re thinking squishies—also known as kawaii squishies—you are correct. No doubt you have some questions about this squishy toys that are mochi mochi like Shiba Inu cheeks, so we’re answering them all today.

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about kawaii squishies:

What is a Squishy, Really?

A squishy is a super soft stress relieving toy that comes in whatever shape and size you can image.

Small or large, there are varieties of squishies that can fit in the palm of your hard or be larger than your head.

However, the defining trait in a genuine squishies is that when squeeze the life out of it, it automatically poofs back to normal. 

The speed at which the squishy rebounds from your squeezing and smushing depends largely on the material said toy is made of, which we discuss below.

What Are Squishies Used For?

Like fidget spinners and those egg-shaped hand exercises, squishies can be used as a stress relief toy for children and adults—because we all know how good it feels to squeeze and throw things that bounce back.

It’s actually been proving that the slow rise of the materials in squishies, as well as the rhythmic squishing and squashing have anti-anxiety effects, helps release dopamine, and also stimulates muscle relaxation and endorphin release.

But, you don’t have to use your squishies just for stress relief.

Since squishies come in all shapes and sizes, you can get creative with utilization.

What Are Squishies Made Of?

Squishies are made largely of polyurethane (PU).

This material is the same used in foam and sponges, such as memory foam, kitchen sponges, cushions, and so on.

But different foam types can be mixed together to create squishies of various foams to develop alternative textures and squishy-goodness.

Some squishies may also be made out of silicone.

Keep in mind that PU is generally toxic to consume, so don’t let your toddler or pupper nibble on any type of squishies.

These Are Silicon Squishies:

Where Do Squishies Come From?

Although you might think squishies are the latest craze, that’s not true! 

Squishies have long been hailing from the land of wiggly, wobbly mochi and all things kawaii: Japan.  

Kawaii means “cute,” in Japanese and is part of the original squishy name.

 Many squishy designs are even influenced by Japanese pop culture.

What Kind Of Squishies Are Available?

There are a number of squishy designs available to suit all interests. For example:

  • Food squishies – these are the biggest selection of squishies available. The most popular in Japan are bread and dessert-shaped squishies, but you can find bananas, strawberries, melon, hamburgers, fries, toast, buttered toast, soda cans, tea cups, macaroons, doughnuts, ice cream…oh, we’re getting hungry.
  • Fantasy & character squishies – galaxy-colored pandas, pink unicorns, unicorn cats, dragons, and other fantasy-themed objects have been squishy-fied. Or, if you don’t want that kind of magic, you can find your favorite characters, like Hello Kitty, Totoro, Rilakkuma, and more.
  • Animal squishies – another large group of squishies belongs to the animal variety. You can find cats in all poses, Shiba Inu and other dog breeds, bears, pandas, llamas, seals, bunnies, hamsters, and more. Sometimes you can find animal-shaped squishy keychains, too.
  • X-rated squishies
    – well, one can only image what shapes x-rated squishies come in. These are the funniest and squishiest squishies around. They might also be…educational.
  • Poo squishies – no, these aren’t poo-scented, thank goodness. Inspired by the poo emoji, these poo squishies are probably the cutest piles you’ll ever find.
  • Squishy phone cases – these are phone cases that come with squishies, such as cats laying on their backs, attached. The one main difference is that these squishies aren’t made of PU but out of silicone.
Scented squishies – these are squishies that come in any of the styles already mentioned but with food scents. Want a strawberry-scented milk-shaped squishy? You can find it.

Or, you may be able to find a mixture of the above types, like a pineapple-patterned poo-shaped squishy that’s scented like bananas.

You never know!

Can You Make Your Own Homemade Squishies?

The good news is that if your creative and want to experiment, you can make DIY squishies.

Just grab an old sponge, shape it as you want, and coat it in some acrylic paint.

Wait for the paint to dry, and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a squishy.

How Should You Care For Your Squishies?

If you’ve been squashing your squishy like crazy, you might notice that it’s getting sticky or grimy.

Don’t put your squishy in hot water, because this will cause the toy to break down.

Instead, wipe the toy down with soap and cold water.

Once it’s dried, you can start smooooshing again!

Final Thoughts

We’re sure you will agree with us when we say that Kawaii Squishies are a great alternative to squeezing Shiba Inu cheeks all day long (

and we’re pretty sure our doggos are happy we don’t do that).

Now that you know everything you need to know about squishies, don’t waste any time!

Start squishing!

Our Favorite Squishies!!!

By now, you probably can’t wait to get your hands on your own smooshable squishy!

Here are our absolute faves:

SHARK SHOP Mochi Squishy Toys 20-Pcs Pack

The Shark Shop Mochi Squishy Toys 20-Pcs Pack comes with an adorable squishy carrier that just makes the experience that much cuter!

These squishies are made out of silicone rather than PU so they are a bit more durable but not quite as soft as the PU varieties. 

They are great for stress relief when squeezing the bejezus out of something so cute can be incredibly therapeutic.

But there tiny cute sizes and kawaii faces just brings so much joy to both young and old alike. 

Don’t let very young children or dogs get to close to these though. They are small and can accidentally get swallowed.

Check the latest price of the Mochi Squishy Toys 20-Pcs Pack here.

Squishin’ Fun Slow Rising Jumbo Kawaii 2 Pack Squishie

The Squishin’ Fun Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies 2-pack looks cute, smells delicious and is a great deal at the same time.

The PU (polyurethane) jumbo squishies look so delicious that they’re best reserved for those not on diets. Seriously, after playing with these types of squishies for a while, guess what kind snack cravings I had soon after?

Unlike some mass produced squishies, these squishies seem high quality, soft, and durable.

Check the latest price of the Squishin’ Fun Slow Rising Jumbo Kawaii 2 Pack Squishie here.

Oh So Squishy Slow Rising Cat Squishy Toy

The Oh So Squishy Slow Rising Cat Squishy Toy is simply so kawaii.

The Oh So Squishy line of squishies are composed of CPSC (consumer product safety commision certified) squishies and contain no harmful chemicals or toxins.

They also feature unique designs that are not copy-cat and mass produced.

These are jumbo sized squishies and smoosh really well and rise nice and slowly.

Check the latest price of the Oh So Squishy Slow Rising Cat Squishies here.

R • HORSE Jumbo Narwhal Cake Squishy Kawaii SET

The R • HORSE Jumbo Narwhal Cake Squishy Kawaii set got all your squishy dreams covered.

Narwhale squishy? Check.

My lil pony unicorn cross squishy squishy? Check

Birthday narwhale, birthday my lil pony unicorn squishy? Of course, check.

Made out of environmentally friendly non toxic PU material – and smells great.

The squishies range in sizes of three to five inches.

Check the latest price of the R Horse Jumbo squishy set here.

BeYumi Slow Rising Cat Squishy

This BeYumi Cat Squishy appeals to many Shiba Inu lovers because everyone calls our dogs “cat-like”.

So of course, we are drawn to this hiply dressed, Einstein cat.

Made out of environmentally friendly PU foam, this slow rising cat can be smooshed  to a “catty” cake and take about 5-10 seconds to slow rise to your delight.

Check the latest price of the BeYumi Cat Squishy toy here.

Kawaii Squishies Toy,Slow Rising Cute Sushi

Shiba Inu lovers of course should be a bit familiar with sushi.

So of course, we had to include some sushi squishies in our round-up.

These scrumptiously cute sushi squishies include the raw salmon California sushi as well as plain sesame, and black sesame California sushi.

Mmmmmm. Oishi desu nei! (And of course, please don’t ingest any type of squishies).

Check the latest price of Kawaii Sushi Squishies here.

Rosybeat Squishies Jumbo Ice Cream Cat

We seem to love cat squishies as there is not many dog squishies to choose from.

We also love food squishies. Especially dessert squishies.

So here’s a rainbow colored cat eating a rainbow ice cream sushi for all to enjoy!

So Kawaii!

Check the latest price of the Rosybeat Kawaii Rainbow cat squishy here.

The Top 11 Squishy Toys to Buy in 2021

Squishy toys have taken the market by storm when they first appeared nearly three years ago. Just like Pokémon, they are a Japanese invention, that can be considered the successor of stress balls. The toys are virtually indestructible since they are made of foam that is meant to restore its form back once you squeeze it. 

What are squishies?

Squishy toys come in various attention-grabbing and cute designs. Once they attract you and you reach for them you will never want to put them back. The toys are made of memory foam that resumes its shape no matter how hard you pull, squeeze or twist the toy. As you will see from our list of the best squishies for 2019, they come in various shapes and sizes – from cute animals and geometric shapes to delicious food items.  

Generally, there is no age recommendation for the use of these toys but it is better to keep them away from smaller children because they may pose a suffocation hazard. Yet, anyone from the age of 5 to 95 can have fun with the toys.

They are not only cute but also have a positive effect on your mind. They are perfect for stress-relief and can help calm kids.

If you are new to the world of squishies, it is good to know a few terms associated with them. We often speak of:

1. Kawaii

This is a Japanese word describing cute Japanese culture and is a term used to denote a squishy with a cute face

2. Puni Maru

This is one of the original brands of the toys and is often used to denote high quality

3. Mochi-animal

These are silicone-based squishies, which are mainly quite small in size

4. Slow-rising squishies

They take much more time to resume their shape

5. Defective

Defective is used to describe squishies that have air bubbles or seams along their smooth foamy structure

Now, you are ready to go shopping for squishies. They are good for play, for decoration and relaxation and once you grab them in your hands you will want more and more. 

Here is a list of the top 10 squishies you can find online:
KidsBaron Squishy Night Light

To take the fun of squishy toys to the next level, KidsBaron offer a selection of squishes that can be used as a night light. In our online shop, you can find:

Both items come with 7 changing lights and are in a soft and squishy silicone shell. They can be used as a night lamp for your child’s room or simply as decoration. The bear or the cat are so soft that your kid can cuddle with them.

You can change the color by simply tapping the toy or let it in an auto changing mode to enjoy a light show.

Anboor Slow-Rising Kawaii Squishy Toys

Anboor is a great brand for all kinds of different squishies. They create super cute animals, fruits, veggies, unicorns, cookies, cakes, donuts etc. The quality they provide is top notch and all of their products are made of environmental friendly PU foam. Anboor is your go to address when it comes to Kawaii Squishies!

The toy is made in Japan and is of high quality. It is made of slow-rising foam so you can enjoy it better. Their squishies have a nice scent and are very delicate when touched. The toy size is 4.4 inches in height, 3 inches in length, and 1.5 inches in width. There is no age recommendation given but it is best suited for kids 5 and up.

Be careful if you intend to give it to younger children as they may want to taste it because of the nice smell and texture and even though the toy is non-toxic, you need to react immediately if part of it is swallowed. 

Smooshy Mushy Frozen Delights

One of the best advantages of the Smooshy Mushy frozen delights set is that it comes as a surprise pack. You need to open the bottle to see what you will find inside. This adds thrill to the gift and your kid will love it.

The set contains one Smooshy Mushy pet with one Bestie, along with 2 bottles, 1 sticker, and 1 poster. The Bestie can be turned into a keychain. The Smooshy surprise colors will vary. You can collect all of the sets as they are only 4 of them, so it won’t cost you a fortune.

The squishies are made of slow-release foam and are pleasantly scented. The toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3 and perhaps 6+ is a better suggestion. 

Oh So Squishy Slow-Rising Cat

Oh So Squishy is one of the leading brands when it comes to squishy toys and you will get a high-quality product for an affordable price. This cute winking cat is the absolute stress-relief tool for both kids and adults.

The toy reduces up to three times in size when squeezed and it is mesmerizing to watch it grow back as if in slow motion. The berry scent that it emits adds pleasure to your senses. This Kawaii squishy is a typical Japanese Manga-style toy meant to bring a smile on your face.

The toy comes with a resealable bag, which significantly increases its shelf-life as it keeps it away from dirt and moisture.

The Oh So Squishy cat is CPSC-certified and is suitable for kids of all ages and recommended as autism sensory toy as well. The drawback is that it is quickly sold out, so you may need to wait to get it back in stock in case you don’t grab it immediately. 

Satkago Mochi Squishys

The set of Satkago Mochi Squishys features 20 adorable toy animals that will make your day. There is a range of sea creatures and farm animals to please the taste of anyone who sees them. It is interesting that these toys are not made of foam but of special soft, safe, and non-toxic TPR material, which gives a unique feeling when touched.

The toys are suitable for children aged 7 and above since they are quite small in size – about 1. 7 inches, which makes them a choking hazard for smaller kids. 

The squishies fit in your palm and you would like to play more and more with them. They have a relaxing effect on the user and also boost hand blood circulation. You can keep them handy on your desk and reach for your favorite animal every now and then. 

R.HORSE Jumbo Scented Squishies

The R.HORSE Jumbo Scented Squishies are a perfect gift set of toys that come in an unusual form and bright colors. The selection features a rainbow horse, a male penguin, a blue dolphin, a pink hamster, a Jumbo Kawaii Unicorn cake, and a narwhal cake, which is a rare form for a squishy. 

The best of all is that these squishies come in quite a big size so your kid will need both of their hands to squeeze them to their smallest size. Still, it is not recommended to give them to children under the age of 3.

The toys are made from slow-rising polyurethane foam and can be bought in 3 different packs – of 2, 3 and 6 toys. They also emit a gentle sweet scent when touched. 

Jakks Pacific Squish-Dee-Lish – Animals – Series 1 Mystery Pack

Jakks Pacific Mystery Pack features one squishy toy that combines a cute animal figure and a sweet treat. You can surprise your kid with a different pack and let them collect all!

The toy is super soft and is made of slow-rising foam so you can squeeze and enjoy watching it resume its shape. This is the perfect stress-relieve toy for people of all ages. Still, it is recommended for children aged 6 and above. 

The squish-dee-lish animals look so yummy but remember that they are not good for eating!

Cake Pop Cuties Surprise Multi Pack

Cake Pop Cuties offers a great pack of cute squishy toys one of which is wrapped to add to the surprise. The set contains one cake pop cutie popsicle, two visible squishy foam cute characters, 1 surprise squishy foam cute character, and a collector’s guide.

The toys are made from super-soft, slow-rise foam and are perfect for little hands. Your kid can throw, hit or squeeze them for greater pleasure and they are also a great stress-relieve toy.

The product is not suitable for kids aged 36 months or under because of the small size of the squishies. 

Aolige Jumbo Cute Panda

This cute panda squishy is a must have for any collector and lover of these toys. It is generally bigger with dimensions of 6.7″x5.5″x5.1″/14cm x 13cm x17cm/, which makes it suitable for younger children as well.

The toy is made of slow-rising Polyurethane foam (PU foam) that allows squeezing it to a small ball. The cute panda has an adorable Kawaii face and is a perfect gift that can be used also as decoration for children parties or other festivities. 

You can use the squishy as a stress and anxiety relieve toy and it is good for stimulating hand blood circulation and as part of rehabilitation exercises. 

The toy emits a pleasant creamy scent and once squashed it takes about 20 seconds to resume its form, which makes it a great toy for children. The only drawback is that its years can be easily ripped off so be careful with that.

AOLIGE Slow Rising Unicorn

There is no way to be a real squishy lover if you do not have at least one unicorn in your collection! If your kid is in their unicorn stage, this AOLIGE Slow Rising Unicorn Squishy is the best gift you can get them. The toy is pleasantly scented and comes in a Jumbo size (5.2″x2.4″x4.4″/ 13cm x6cm x11cm), which makes it suitable for younger kids as well.

The unicorn is beautifully painted and doesn’t peel easily. Just be careful with the horn as it can rip off. The toy is made of slow-rising polyurethane foam (PU Foam) and can be used as a bath toy as well. There is only one toy in a package but you can order several and make a whole stud of unicorns

OPount Slow Rising Stress Relief Toys

Your collection of squishies will not be complete without a few fruits. OPount offers a selection of six brightly-colored fruits that can make you smile and relive the stress even by watching them. Add to that the slow-rising effect once you squeeze them and you will smile immediately. 

The pack that you get features 6 squishy fruits – a banana, a lemon, a pineapple, a peach, a strawberry, and a watermelon. The pineapple, the banana, and the watermelon are fitted with keychains so you can use them as charms or decoration for your purse, wallet or keyholder. 

The toys are made of slow-rising polyurethane foam (PU Foam) and emit gentle creamy scent. They are quite big in size and won’t fit your mouth, even though they look so delicious. The size varies between 10.5 and 18 cm. 

The package of six is quite a bargain as often you will be asked the same price just for one piece of such a squishy. 

As a whole, squishies are one of the great toys that do not only let you and your kid have fun but also have a therapeutic effect. They are the perfect stress-relieving means and make a good collection and decoration as well. 

For more fun and greater selection of toys you can visit the Toys section in our online shop, where you can find a great variety of toys to keep your kids happy and support their development.

Scented Squishies are the best! Here are three reasons why – God Speaks Today


The scent is a powerful memory evoker. It can instantly transport you into another time. The smell of freshly baked cookies can make you feel like you’re back at your grandma’s house. The fresh ocean breeze can remind you of a long-lost summer love. It’s a serene feeling, to smell something familiar.

And, wouldn’t it be even better if paired with some stress relief? Squishies are highly entertaining. Furthermore, the feeling of squeezing them in your hand, watching them change shape and then revert to the original state is very satisfying. You can squeeze them every time you’re feeling the stress creep up on you. They’ll never fail to amuse and relax you.

So, how would combining those two feelings feel like? Divine, that’s how. There’s a reason scented squishies are the best squishies.

You are supposed to squish the squishies. Well, of course, the name implies that already. But, what are they, exactly? The foam-like material gives them their signature squeezable texture. They originated in Japan, which is understandable since the Japanese are pioneers of cuteness. In fact, Kawaii, a word often used to describe squishies, literally means “cute” in Japanese.

But, squishies are more than just cute objects. They are amazing stress-relievers. They’ll boost your mood in no time, but improve your productivity and focus, as well.

You can squish these cute toys all you like. They’ll always revert back to their original form. On top of that, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get one that best reflects your interests.

Sounds good? It gets better than that. Because not only can squishies be all that, but they can also be scented. That means they’ll release a particular smell when you squeeze them. This feature will work alongside the tactile relief, to diminish your stress and improve your amusement.

The scent adds another dimension. While the most popular fragrances are those of food, you can get magic squishies, character squishies, animal squishies, mystical squishies, as well as many more. Any squishy can be a scented squishy, in fact.

But, why are they so awesome?

The sense of smell is the strongest sense humans have. That’s why scents are so potent when it comes to memories. We often associate different smells with certain situations. That’s no coincidence. Our brain will attach memories to strongest sensations, and more often than not, that sensation will be the smell. And scented squishies can help you remember precious memories. You just have to pick the right one for you. The scent paired with the tactile feeling of actually squishing the squishy will be a fantastic experience, every time.

The area of the brain associated with the sense of smell is closely connected to the areas in charge of making and recollection of memories. That explains how a scent can transport you into past and evoke powerful memories.

You can take advantage of this fact and use the squishies scented with smells that evoke pleasant memories for you. That will put you in a great mood, and any stress will be long forgotten.

Smells can also be triggers for strong emotions. It’s not just memories you’ll evoke, but feelings, as well. So, while you’re squeezing your kawaii squishy, you’ll smell the incredible scent that it gives off, and reminisce about the past while feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Let the cookie scented squishy, for example, remind you not just of the good times in your grandma’s house, but of her love and the devotion you feel for her.

So, that’s why, in short, scented squishies are the best squishies. What’s your favorite type?



Question: Why Do Squishies Smell Bad?

How do you get the squishy smell out?

Allow your foam mattress, mattress topper, pillow or cushions to air out in a well-ventilated area for at least 24 hours.

Treat any remaining odor by sprinkling baking soda liberally over the foam and letting it sit overnight in a well-ventilated area.More items….

What liquid is inside squishy toys?

“The squishies are supposed to be manufactured with polyurethane foam. Toluene is used as the starting point in one of the components of the foam (to make toluene diisocyanate), and dimethylformamide can possibly be used as a solvent in the process,” he told The New Daily.

Can squishies go in water?

#2 Do NOT boil it In a saner context, over time and use your “squishy” does becomes a “sticky” and therefore requires cleaning. … The bottom line is, either deliberately or unintentionally, your squishy put in hot water is like a celebrity marriage: it falls apart.

Are squishies safe?

All squishy toys sold in the U.S. must meet highly protective federal requirements and limit values for certain chemicals in toys. Rest assured that squishy toys sold at reputable retailers are safe. Some reports from Europe have created needless concern regarding the chemical content of these toys.

Are Squishmallows collectable?

These toys have become a trendy collectable. In 2017, Squishmallows, a new line of soft toys by Kellytoy, hit the shelves. … In just three years, more than 50 million Squishmallows have been sold worldwide. For comparison, Webkinz stuffed toys hit their 1 million sold mark in a similar time frame .

Why does my squishy smell weird?

Sensing that the odd smell coming off of them could be a sign of something dangerous, the Danish government recently tested Squishies and found them to be full of toxic substances. …

Can you get cancer from smelling squishies?

Denmark has banned the sale of ‘squishy’ toys after scientists discovered they contain harmful chemicals that could leave children infertile. The substances can also cause liver and kidney damage, eye irritation and even cancer.

Can you wash squishies?

Fill the container with your warm water, mild detergent, and place your squishy toys inside. The dirt should float upward or detach from the squishes. Be careful of washing too hard, in case the decorations come off easily- they’re only decals or paint. Next, dry each squishy toy carefully.

Who invented squishies?

Kawaii squishies were invented in Japan. It was their very squishy feel that gave them their iconic name. Most squishies are made out of Polyurethane. Polyurethan was invented by a German named Otto Bayer in 1937.

Are Squishmallows dangerous?

Squishmallows are made from and filled with polyester fibers. No toxic chemicals are used or added to the outside layer OR to the fibers within each plush toy. They are Prop 65 compliant and are not flame retardant.

What do squishies smell like?

On each squishy packet, there was a warning that each squishy had been intentionally fragranced with a bad smell, so as to deter pets and humans from eating them. … But I also remembered that some squishies are scented like food, such as strawberries and bubblegum.

Is the stuff inside stress balls toxic?

These squishable stress balls are non-toxic, making them safe for children; they won’t leave behind stains or greasy residue on hands. … Inside each toy stress ball are smaller, colorful, squishable balls that are smooth, durable, and let kids and adults alike enjoy squeezing.

The ‘dangerous’ chemicals inside popular squishies toys

Overseas testing of squishies found that the popular toys emit “dangerous” chemicals that have been linked to cancer, organ damage, eye irritation and impaired fertility.

The New Daily reported on Tuesday that squishies are widely sold in Australia at major retailers including Smiggle, Kmart, Target and Big W.

Squishies are small, foam-like toys similar in texture to stress balls. They come in the shape of animals and food such as hamburgers, cupcakes, strawberries and ice-cream cones.

An investigation by the Danish government revealed that all toys tested emitted “high levels” of harmful chemicals.

The report claimed that children who sleep with their squishies or have several of the toys in their bedroom are at “high risk”.

Despite these findings and Australian parents expressing safety concerns, Smiggle, Kmart, Target and Big W have shown no indication they will be pulling the products from shelves.

The identified chemicals include dimethylformamide, styrene and toluene.

Where are these chemicals commonly found?

Toluene is used to make paint thinners, nail polish remover, glues and liquid paper correction fluid. It is also essential in making the explosive compound known as TNT.

Styrene is used to make latex, synthetic rubber and polystyrene beads found in plastic packaging and disposable cups.

Dimethylformamide (DMF) has been found to cause liver damage in animal studies.

DMF is used to produce acrylic fibres, plastics, pesticides, adhesives, synthetic leathers and surface coatings.

Health impacts – according to the research

Styrene exposure has been found to be associated with lung disease, eye irritation and respiratory issues. Some research has also claimed it poses carcinogenic risks.

Toluene has been linked to impaired fertility and can affect the nervous system (dizziness, headaches).

A Danish test found that squishies emit high levels of ‘dangerous’ chemicals. Photo: Smiggle

Dimethylformamide has been shown to increase the risk of liver disease in animal studies as well as dermatitis.

Toxicologist Dr Ian Musgrave of the University of Adelaide said the severity of these effects would depend on a child’s level of exposure to these chemicals.

“The squishies are supposed to be manufactured with polyurethane foam. Toluene is used as the starting point in one of the components of the foam (to make toluene diisocyanate), and dimethylformamide can possibly be used as a solvent in the process,” he told The New Daily.

“It is possible that some unreacted toluene could be left over, as well as some of the solvents.

“Studies on polyurethane foams show that emissions of hazardous materials are well below safety thresholds. [But] it is entirely possible that improper manufacture could result in higher levels of leftover solvents and reactants in the squishies.”

Dr Musgrave said the Danish report makes no reference to a particular manufacturer, which makes it unclear whether the toys sold in Australian stores contain these same chemicals.

Rachael Wakefield-Rann said often products are allowed on the Australian market before testing is conducted on all of their chemical ingredients to determine whether there are any long-term health risks.

“Australia rarely actually bans chemicals. They just restrict usage and dosage for certain products – this is where all the controversy lies,” she said.

“The testing to determine safe doses of chemicals in products is not adequate to account for all the ways that products are used and how they are combined in real life.”

What means squishy? – Easierwithpractice.com

What means squishy?

1 : being soft, yielding, and usually damp. 2 : not firm, steady, or fixed : soft: such as. a : lenient sense 1. b : imprecise squishy estimates.

What is soft and squishy?

As adjectives the difference between soft and squishy is that soft is giving way under pressure while squishy is (of an object or substance) yielding easily to pressure; very soft; especially”, soft and wet, ”as mud.

When was the word squishy invented?


What does squishy mean in LoL?

Squishy is a gaming term that refers to a character or unit with low base health or defense. In LoL, squishy champions usually stay back from the most intense zones of combat and engage from a safe distance until later in the game.

Are squishies toxic?

Toxic Squishies All 12 Squishies were found to emit toxic substances (including dimethylformamide, xylene, and methylene chloride). The chemicals are thought to cause reproductive problems, cancer, liver and nervous system damage, and irritation to the mucous membrane and eyes.

Are the inside of stress balls toxic?

A Note of Caution Although gel stress balls don’t rupture easily, it is possible to break one under heavy pressure or repeated use over time. While many manufacturers claim their balls are non-toxic, the contents can stain clothing and may be harmful if ingested.

Can you eat squishies?

Delicious, flaky danish pastries. The country of all goodness and deliciousness had found that squishies were toxic. In mid-2018, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a press release, warning parents of the toxicity of squishies.

Do squishies contain harmful chemicals?

More: UK. They also found that all twelve squishies contained high levels of triethylenediamine and cyclohexanone. The report urges distributors and importers to remove all squishies from their shelves until it can be proven that the toys don’t emit chemicals that may cause harm to children.

Who invented squishies?

Kawaii squishies were invented in Japan. It was their very squishy feel that gave them their iconic name. Most squishies are made out of Polyurethane. Polyurethan was invented by a German named Otto Bayer in 1937.

Why do squishies smell good?

Both the signals generated by the touch of a squishy and most importantly by the smell of its scent are received by the limbic region in the brain which is majorly involved in controlling the mood. Ergo, a good scented squishy offers a great experience.

Are squishies banned?

Popular children’s toys known as squishies have been banned in Denmark, after scientists found dangerous levels of harmful chemicals. The soft toys, which are made from PU foam, originate from Japan but have gained popularity with UK school children over the past year.

Are Anboor squishies safe?

Anboor squishies are loved by everyone, regardless of age. Our squishies are sweetly scented and very soft. They are kawaii and slow-rising. Our products are made with safe, non-toxic materials and undergo strict quality control.

What is the white stuff in stress balls?

There are commercial stress balls that are not filled, rather they are made out of a special pliable foam rubber called closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. The manufacturer injects a special liquid into a mold, resulting in a chemical reaction that creates carbon dioxide bubbles.

What age are squishies for?

Majority opinion suggested classifying squishies as being for children under 3 years of age. Squishies are very simple and very appealing to small children. Children do not need to have special skills to play with these toys.

Are squishies still popular 2020?

Squishies are extremely popular with kids, who tend to enjoy collecting them as much as they enjoy squeezing them. However, these toys are also becoming increasingly popular with adults who appreciate their stress-relieving qualities (though that’s not to say some adults don’t enjoy collecting them, too).

Can squishies go in water?

#2 Do NOT boil it In a saner context, over time and use your “squishy” does becomes a “sticky” and therefore requires cleaning. The bottom line is, either deliberately or unintentionally, your squishy put in hot water is like a celebrity marriage: it falls apart.

What is the best squishy in the world?

Squishies : The 10 Best Ever!

  1. Jumbo cornet squishy. This squishy is massive!
  2. Jumbo watermelon squishy. These are HUGE!
  3. Squishy buns. These squishy bread buns are super cool.
  4. Animal squishies.
  5. Hello Kitty donut squishy.
  6. iBloom marshmallow bear squishy.
  7. Nyan pancake cat squishy!
  8. Unicorn squishies.

What is the most popular Squishmallow?

Cinnamon the Frozen Yogurt is one of the most popular Squishmallows for this very reason.

What are slow rising squishies made of?

Squishies are made from a material known as polyurethane – which we usually call foam.

Are there non toxic squishies?

Safe, Non-Toxic Silicone – Each squishy toy for girls and boys is crafted with BPA-free, squeezable silicone that’s naturally hypoallergenic and safe on sensitive skin.

Are there safe squishies?

All squishy toys sold in the U.S. must meet highly protective federal requirements and limit values for certain chemicals in toys. Rest assured that squishy toys sold at reputable retailers are safe. Some reports from Europe have created needless concern regarding the chemical content of these toys.

Are Orbeez toxic?

Our data and empirical evidence prove conclusively that Orbeez are not dangerous if swallowed. They pass through the digestive tract and are expelled naturally without causing harm. They are non-toxic, do not bind together and do not break down in the digestive process.

Are squishies bad for the environment?

However, to answer the question: Since it’s made out of PU, then the answer is a big NO. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, squishies are completely safe!

Are Shopkins toxic?

Shopkins: Not Completely Harmful But Not Completely Harmless Either. Shopkins was launched in June 2014 by Moose Toys, an Australian company that specializes in developing, designing, and distributing toy and lifestyle products for kids all around the world.

Are squishies good for anxiety?

Squishies may well blossom into a full-blown trend, but they’re not about burning off nervous energy and anxiety. They’re much more about easing our sense of loneliness in a touch-deprived era.

Are Soft n SLO squishies safe?

ORB™ has been enlivening the minds of children for 27 years. When your child plays with our products, you can be assured that they have been tested, and considered safe according to the strictest international guidelines.

What can I chew on for anxiety?

Chewing gum, especially a thick bubble gum gives good sensory feedback and can even reduce anxiety. You can buy sugar-free, dye free chewing gum as a healthier alternative to regular gum.

What are the best fidgets for anxiety?

Healthline’s picks of the best fidget toys for anxiety

  • Tom’s Fidgets Flippy Chain. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $
  • Goda Acupressure Rings. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $
  • Tangle. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $$
  • Freegrace Sensory Squeeze Balls. SHOP NOW AT Amazon. Price: $$

What are the best toys for anxiety?

12 Great Fidget Toys That Can Help Soothe Away Anxiety

  • Simpl Dimpl. Fat Brain Toys.
  • Fidget Necklace by Love, Dawne. Patti and Ricky.
  • Zen Box Fidget Set for Adults. Kinetic Sand Store amazon.com.
  • Pop It! Target.
  • Flippy Chain Fidget Toy. Tom’s Fidgets amazon.com.
  • Twisty Finger Fidgets.
  • Fidget Bean Toy.
  • Magnet Balls.
90,000 Why do men feel sad after sex – media

Photo author, Getty Images

On the first day of August, the British media write about this:

  • Why are men sad after sex
  • bad breath
  • Why doctors prefer caesarean section
  • No wedding night video – no wedding

Male “melancholy”

Men can become “melancholy” after sex, writes The Independent.Previously, it was believed that the feelings of sadness, anxiety and irritability, which are known by the term “postcoital dysphoria”, can only be experienced by women.

A new study found that men may have similar symptoms.

Researchers surveyed 1,208 men in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Russia and Germany and said that 41% of respondents admitted to experiencing “melancholy”.

According to one of the researchers, Professor Robert Schweizer, it has not yet been possible to establish exactly what causes this condition in men.

If we extend to men what is known about “melancholy” in women, then it may be caused by a complex of “both biological and psychological factors,” including genetic predisposition or hormones.

At the same time, the doctor Denis Knowles believes that not in all cases something serious happens, and often men “suffer” after sex due to a decrease in hormone levels, writes the Independent.

Ginger against bad breath

Photo by Getty Images

When we think about how to get rid of bad breath, the first thing we think about is peppermint candies.However, writes Sun, there is a much more powerful way.

“It turned out that the ginger mixture, which is called 6-imberol, stimulates an enzyme in saliva that dissolves substances with an unpleasant odor in our mouth,” the publication explains.

Scientists have found that a positive result is achieved in a matter of seconds, because ginger helps the enzyme dissolve mixtures containing sulfur – the cause of many unpleasant odors in our body.

“As a result, our breath also smells better,” says Professor Thomas Hoffmann.

In his opinion, the results of the study can be used to create new products for the care of the oral cavity, writes Sun.

Fear of lawsuits

Photo author, Getty Images

More than 70% of doctors prefer caesarean section because they are afraid of lawsuits, writes the Daily Mail.

“In addition to fear of judicial red tape, doctors say they are choosing an operative method to avoid injury to the woman and because there is not enough staff for a vaginal birth,” the publication adds, citing a study by British scientists.

The authors of the study are sounding the alarm, because the number of cesarean sections is constantly growing around the world, especially among women who give birth for the first time.

“This is of great concern among health officials because vaginal births are much safer and are not associated with a lot of complications,” says study author Sunita Panda.

Among other reasons that influence doctors ‘decision to perform a caesarean section, the researchers also cite staff conflicts during childbirth and the doctors’ desire to control the process instead of sometimes waiting for hours for the natural birth of a child, writes the Daily Mail.

Wedding under threat

Photo author, Getty Images

The Daily Mirror writes about a couple who are “desperate” to find a cameraman to shoot their wedding night.

Young people got engaged back in 2016, but still cannot get married, because no one agrees to fulfill their whim.

After an unsuccessful search, they posted an anonymous ad on the Internet, promising a reward of £ 2,000 for the job.

In the announcement, the couple notes that they have planned their wedding in September.They want to shoot the video “just for themselves.”

“We do not want the video to end up anywhere. It will only be for personal use by me and my fiance,” the Daily Mirror was quoted as saying.

Review prepared by Ilya Glushchenkov, Air Force Monitoring Service

Childhood Trauma – Ilya Latypov – LiveJournal

One old but remarkable story.

Once a client came to my office – a young, decently dressed and quite handsome man.He sits down in a chair opposite and begins to talk about his problem – relations with women do not work out in any way. Moreover, all the time contact breaks down after the first date (he met, as a rule, on the Internet). The girls quickly lost interest in him, looked away, bored, or even made disgruntled grimaces. And then they didn’t call back or refused to meet. If they argued, then “you and I are too different”, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t like you”, “well, somehow …”.

The young man was quite intelligent, his speech was literate.But I began to guess about the reasons why the girls did not want to communicate with him. It dawned on me the moment he started talking about his mother.

– Probably, this is my problem. Here, I remember, my mother often told me that girls would not love such a “squishy” like me. Like, I have to go in for sports. Maybe all the complexes are from this? Yes, and my grandmother was constantly unhappy with me – in general, I have not been good with women since childhood … Maybe there was some kind of childhood trauma? I don’t understand …

When full awareness overtook me, I, holding my breath for a second, nevertheless said:
– I think I understood why the girls do not want to communicate with you.

There is hope in his eyes, he even sat up in his chair.

– Smell. Sorry, you smell very, very strong. So much so that, excuse me, I’ll open the window.

The smell was really awful. The scent of a man’s rocking chair tenfold. Moreover, it was unlikely that the man neglected hygiene – the hair looked very clean and well-groomed, the clothes were clearly new, not worn out. It looks like something with microflora or hormones. The young man, hearing about the smell, froze for a few moments, and then blurted out:

– And these bitches were silent ?! Well, at least one honestly said – it stinks, they say, from you! And then “you will meet another”, “you deserve more”, “you and I are so different!” or even silence !!!

Like this.And you are mothers, complexes, childhood traumas …

Bradbury Ray “And the thunder struck”

 The announcement on the wall blurred,
warm water; Eckels felt his eyelids closing for a split second
closed their pupils, but in the instantaneous darkness the letters were burning:
     Warm mucus accumulated in Eckels' throat; he swallowed convulsively. Muscle
lips stretched around his mouth into a smile as he slowly raised his hand in which
wiggled a check for ten thousand dollars, intended for a man for
desk.- Do you guarantee that I will return from the safari alive?
     - We do not guarantee anything, - answered the clerk, - except for dinosaurs. -
He turned. “Here is Mr. Travis, he will be your guide to the Past. He
will tell you where and when to shoot. If he says "do not shoot", it means - do not
fire. Do not follow his orders, pay a fine upon return -
ten thousand more, besides, expect trouble from the government.
     At the far end of the huge office space, Eckels saw something
freaky and indefinite, writhing and droning, weaving of wires
and steel casings, an iridescent bright halo - sometimes orange, sometimes
silver, then blue.The hum was as if Time itself was burning on the mighty
fire, as if all the years, all the dates of the annals, all the days piled up in one heap and
set on fire.
     One touch of the hand - and immediately this burning will obediently give back
move. Eckels remembered every word of the announcement. From ashes and dust, from dust and ash
will rise like golden salamanders, old years, green years, roses
will delight the air, gray hair will turn black, wrinkles and folds will disappear, all
and everything will turn back and become a seed, from death it will rush to its source,
the suns will rise in the west and plunge into the glow of the east, the moons will
descend from the other end, everything and everyone will be like a chicken hiding in an egg,
to rabbits diving into a magician's hat, everyone and everything will know a new death, death
seed, green death, return to the time before conception.And this
will be done with just one movement of the hand ...
     “Damn it,” Eckels breathed; glare flickered on his thin face
light from the Machine - Real Time Machine! He shook his head. - Think
only. Had the elections ended differently yesterday, and today, perhaps, I would have come
here to flee. Thank goodness Keith won. In the United States
there will be a good president.
     “Exactly,” said the man at the desk. -  We were lucky. If
have chosen Deutscher, we will not escape the most brutal dictatorship.This type is against
everything in the world - against the world, against faith, against humanity, against
mind. People called us and asked us - jokingly, of course, but by the way ...
Say, if Deutscher will be president, is it possible to move to 1492. Yes
just not our business - to arrange shoots. We organize safari. So or
otherwise, Kate is the president, and now you have one concern ...
     "... kill my dinosaur," Eckels finished.
     - Tyrannosaurus rex. Thunderous Lizard, the most hideous monster in
history of the planet.Sign this. Whatever happens to you, we do not
we answer. These dinosaurs have a brutal appetite.
     Eckels flushed with indignation.
     - Are you trying to scare me?
     - To be honest, yes. We do not want to send such people to the past
that at the first shot they hit in a panic. Six deaths that year
leaders and a dozen hunters. We give you the opportunity to experience the most
the bloody adventure a real hunter can dream of.
Travel sixty million years ago and the greatest booty of all
times! Here is your receipt.Tear it up.
     Mr. Eckels looked at the check for a long time. His fingers trembled.
     “Not fluff, not a pen,” said the man at the desk. - Mr. Travis,
take care of the client.
     Carrying guns in hand, they silently walked across the room to the Machine, to
silver metal and roaring light.
     First day, then night, again day, again night; then day - night,
day - night, day. Week, month, year, decade! The year is 2055. 2019, 1999!
1957! Past! The car roared.
     They put on oxygen helmets, checked their headphones.Eckels rocked on the soft seat - pale, teeth clenched He felt
convulsive trembling in his hands, looked down and saw how his fingers squeezed
new gun. There were four more in the car. Travis is the head of the safari, his
assistant Lesperance and two hunters - Billings and Kremer. They sat looking
on each other, and years passed by like flashes of lightning.
     "Can this gun kill a dinosaur?" Eckels' lips said.
     “If you get it right,” Travis answered through his headphones. - Some
dinosaurs have two brains: one in the head, the other down the spine.We are
do not touch. Better not to abuse your lucky star. The first two
bullets in the eyes, if you can, of course. Blinded, then hit the brain.
     The car howled. Time was like a film reeled off.
The suns flew backward, followed by tens of millions of moons.
     “God,” said Eckels. - All hunters who have ever lived on
light, would envy us today. Here Africa itself will seem to you
     The car slowed down, the howl gave way to a steady hum.The car stopped.
     The sun stopped in the sky.
     The haze that surrounded the Machine dissipated, they were in antiquity,
deep, deep antiquity, three hunters and two leaders, each on
lap shotgun - blue burnished barrel.
     “Christ hasn’t been born yet,” Travis said. - Moses did not go to
mountain to talk with God. The pyramids lie in the ground, the stones for them are not yet
hewn and not folded. Remember this. Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler
- none of them.They nodded.
     “Here,” Mr. Travis pointed with a finger, “here’s the jungle over sixty
million two thousand fifty-five years before President Keith.
     He pointed to a metal path that through a steamed swamp
went into the green thickets, meandering between huge ferns and
palm trees.
     - And this, - he explained, - the trail laid here for the hunters
By the company. It hovers six inches above the ground. Doesn't hurt either
one tree, not one flower, not one blade of grass.Made from
anti-gravity metal. Its purpose is to isolate you from this world.
past so that you don't touch anything. Keep to the Trail. Don't leave her.
I repeat: don't leave her. Under no circumstances! If you fall off
her - a fine. And don't shoot anything without our permission.
     - Why? Eckels asked.
     They sat among the ancient thickets. The wind carried the distant cries of the birds, carried
the smell of tar and the ancient salty sea, the smell of wet grass and blood red
     - We do not want to change the Future.Here, in the Past, we are uninvited guests.
The government does not approve of our excursions. You have to pay a lot of bribes,
lest we be deprived of our concession The Time Machine is a delicate matter. Themselves not
knowing, we can kill some important animal, bird, beetle, crush
flower and destroy an important link in the development of the species.
     “I don’t understand,” said Eckels.
     “Well, listen,” Travis continued. - Let's say we accidentally killed
here is the mouse. This means that all future descendants of this mouse will no longer exist -
     - Yes.- There will be no descendants from descendants from all her descendants! Means,
carelessly stepping foot, you destroy not one, and not a dozen, and not a thousand,
and a million is a billion mice!
     “Okay, they're dead,” Eckels agreed. - So what?
     -  What? Travis snorted disdainfully. - And as with foxes, for food
who needed these mice? Ten mice are not enough - one will die
Fox. Ten foxes less - the lion will die of hunger. One lion less -
all kinds of insects and vultures will die, countless numbers will perish
life forms.And here's the bottom line: fifty-nine million years later, the caveman
a man, one of the dozen inhabiting the whole world, driven by hunger, goes to
hunting for a wild boar or a saber-toothed tiger. But you, my friend, having crushed one mouse,
thereby crushed all the tigers in these places. And the caveman dies from
hunger. And this person, mind you, is not just one person, no! it
a whole future people. From his loins, ten sons would come out. From them came
a hundred - and so on, and a whole civilization would arise.Destroy one
person - and you will destroy an entire tribe, people, historical era. It's all
is like killing one of Adam's grandchildren. Crush the mouse with your foot - it will
is tantamount to an earthquake, which will distort the appearance of the whole earth, radically change
our destinies. The death of one caveman is the death of a billion
descendants suffocated in the womb. Maybe Rome won't show up on her seven
hills. Europe will forever remain a dense forest, only in Asia will it flourish
lush life. Step on the mouse and you will crush the pyramids.Step on the mouse
- and you will leave a dent in Eternity the size of the Grand Canyon. Will not
Queen Elizabeth, Washington will not cross Delaware. United States in general
will not appear. So be careful. Keep to the trail. Never go away with
     “I see,” Eckels said. - But then, it turns out, it is dangerous to even touch
     - Quite right. It is impossible to predict what the death of this or
another plant. The slightest deviation will now increase immeasurably in
sixty million years.Of course, it is possible that our theory
wrong. Perhaps we are not in a position to influence Time. And if in
condition is very insignificant. Let's say a dead mouse leads to a small
deviation in the world of insects, further - to the oppression of the species, even further - to
crop failure, depression, hunger, and finally, social changes. Maybe,
the result will be completely invisible - a light breath, a whisper, a hair, a speck of dust in
air, such that you will not immediately see. Who knows? Who will undertake to predict?
We do not know - we are just guessing.And until we know for sure that
our forays in Time for History - thunder or a slight rustle, one must be
damn careful. This Machine, this Path, your clothes, you yourself, as you like
it is known - everything is disinfected. And the purpose of these oxygen helmets is
prevent us from bringing our bacteria into the ancient air.
     - But how do we know which animals to kill?
     "They're marked with red paint," Travis replied. - Today, before
by our dispatch, we sent here in Lesperance's Machine.He visited just
this time and tracked some of the animals.
     - Studied them?
     “Exactly,” said Lesperance. - I trace their entire life and
note which individuals live long. There are very few of them. How many times have they
mate. Rarely ... Life is short. Finding the beast that lies in wait
death under a fallen tree or in an asphalt lake, I mark the hour, minute,
second when he dies. Then I fire the paint bullet. She leaves on
red label on the skin. When the expedition departs for the Past, I count everything
so that we show up two minutes before the animal does not care
will die.So we only kill those individuals that have no future,
which already cannot mate anymore. See how careful we are?
     “But if you’ve been here this morning,” Eckels said excitedly, “
they should have met us, our expedition! How did it go? Successfully? Everything
     Travis and Lesperance exchanged glances.
     “That would be a paradox,” said Lesperance. - Such confusion that
man met himself, Time does not admit. If there is such
danger.Time takes a step to the side. Like a plane crashing
into the air hole. Have you noticed how the Machine shook right in front of our
stop? We passed ourselves on the way back to the Future. But we are not
saw nothing. Therefore, it is impossible to say if our expedition was a success,
have we laid the beast, have we returned - or rather you, Mr Eckels - back
     Eckels smiled wanly.
     “Well, that's it,” Travis snapped. - Stand up!
     It was time to get out of the Machine.
     The jungle was high and the jungle was wide and the jungle was forever
the whole world.The air was filled with sounds, like music, like sails were beating in
the air - they flew like gigantic bats from a nightmare, from delirium,
waving huge, like a cave vault, gray wings, pterodactyls. Eckels,
standing on a narrow Path, jokingly took aim.
     - Hey, come on! Travis commanded. - Don't even aim for fun, damn
would take you! Suddenly it will shoot ...
     Eckels blushed.
     - Where is our Tyrannosaurus rex?
     Lesperance glanced at his watch.
     - On the way. We'll meet in exactly sixty seconds.And for god's sake
- do not miss the red spot. Until we say, don't shoot. And don't go with
Trails. Stay on the trail!
     They walked towards the morning breeze.
     “Strange,” Eckels muttered. - Before us - sixty million
years. The elections have passed. Keith became president. Everyone is celebrating a victory. And we -
here, all these millions of years were blown away by the wind, they are not. Of all that
worried us throughout our life, not yet in sight, even in the project.
     - Get ready! Travis commanded.“The first shot is yours, Eckels.
Billings is number two. Behind him is Kremer.
     - I hunted tigers, wild boars, buffaloes, elephants, but God knows - this
quite another matter, - said Eckels. - I shiver like a boy.
     “Quiet,” Travis said.
     They all stopped.
     Travis raised his hand.
     “Ahead,” he whispered. - In the fog. He is there. Meet Him
Royal Majesty.
     The vast jungle was full of chirping, rustling, muttering, sighing.
     Suddenly everything was silent, as if someone had shut the door.Silence.
     Thunder Strike.
     Tyrannosaurus rex emerged from the darkness a hundred yards ahead.
     “Heavenly powers,” Eckels murmured.
     - Shh!
     It walked on huge, shiny, springy, softly stepping feet.
     It towered thirty feet above the forest - the great god of evil,
pressed the watchmaker's fragile hands to the reptile's oily chest. Legs  -
mighty pistons, a thousand pounds of white bone, braided by tight muscle channels
beneath the lustrous, wrinkled skin like a formidable warrior's mail.Each
thigh - a ton of meat, ivory and chain mail. And from the huge
two slender arms protruded from the billowing ribcage, hands with fingers,
who could pick up and examine a person like a toy. Wriggling
the snake neck easily lifted a thousand-kilogram stone monolith to the sky
heads. The open mouth exposed a palisade of teeth-daggers. Eyes were spinning -
ostrich eggs, expressing nothing but hunger. It closed its jaws in
ominous grin. It ran, and its hind legs crumpled bushes and trees, and claws
ripped open the damp earth, leaving traces six inches deep.It was running
sliding ballet stride, incredibly confident and easy for a ten-ton
colossus. It cautiously went out into the sunlit clearing and felt
the air with your beautiful scaly hands.
     -  God! Eckels' lips trembled. - Yes, if it stretches out, the moon
can get it.
     - Shh! Travis hissed angrily. “He hasn't noticed us yet.
     “You can't kill him. - Eckels said it calmly, as if in advance
dismissed all objections. He weighed the testimony of eyewitnesses and made the final
solution.The gun in his hands was like a scarecrow. - Idiots, and that we are here
brought ... It's impossible.
     - Silence! Travis snapped.
     - Nightmare...
     - Cool! Travis commanded. - Calmly return to the Car.
Half of the amount will be refunded to you.
     “I didn't expect it to be so huge,” Eckels said. - One
in a word, I miscalculated. No, I will not participate.
     - It noticed us!
     - There is a red spot on the chest!
     The Thunderous Lizard straightened up. Its armored flesh sparkled like
one thousand green coins.Hot slime covered the coins. They swarmed in the slime
small boogers, and the whole body shimmered, as if waves were running over it, even
when the monster stood motionless. It breathed deeply. A smell hung over the clearing
raw meat.
     “Help me get away,” Eckels said. - Before, everything was different. I always
knew that I would stay alive. There were reliable guides, successful safaris, no
danger. This time I miscalculated. This is beyond my power. I confess. Nut
I'm too tough.
     “Don't run,” Lesperance said.- Turn around. Hide in
The car.
     -  Yes. Eckels seemed to have turned to stone. He looked at his feet as if
tried to make them move. He groaned with helplessness.
     - Eckels!
     He took a step - another, shutting his eyes, dragging his feet.
     - Not that side!
     As soon as he moved from his place, the monster with a terrifying howl rushed
forward. It covered one hundred yards in four seconds. The guns shot up and
fired a volley. A hurricane burst out of the beast's mouth, spraying the people with the smell of mucus and
blood.The monster roared, its teeth gleaming in the sun.
     Without looking back, Eckels blindly stepped to the edge of the Trail, got off it and, himself
unknowingly, he went into the jungle; the gun dangled uselessly in his hands.
His feet were drowning in green moss, his feet drew him away, he felt
lonely and far from what was happening behind his back.
     The guns crackled again. The shots were drowned in the thunderous roar of the raptor. Mighty
the reptile's tail twitched like the tip of a whip, and the trees exploded into clouds
leaves and branches.The monster stretched down its jeweler's hands - to stroke
people, tear them in half, crush them like berries, and shove them into the mouth, into
roaring throat! Lumps of eyes found themselves near people. They saw their
reflection. They opened fire on metal eyelids and blazing black
     Like a stone idol, like a mountain avalanche, collapsed. Tyrannosaurus rex.
     Growling, he clung to trees and felled them. Hooked and crumpled the metal
The trail. People rushed back, retreating. Ten tons of cold meat like a cliff
crashed to the ground.The rifles fired another volley. The monster hit the armored
tail, snapped snake jaws and fell silent. From the throat with a fountain beat
blood. Somewhere inside, a wineskin burst with liquid, and a fetid stream swept through
hunters. They stood motionless, bathed in something shiny, red.
     The thunder stopped.
     Silence reigned in the jungle. After the collapse - green peace. After
nightmare - morning.
     Billings and Kremer sat on the Trail; they felt bad. Travis and Lesperance
stood nearby, holding smoking guns and cursing.Eckels lay face down in the Time Machine, trembling all over. Somehow he
I got back onto the Trail and made my way to the Machine.
     Travis walked over, glanced at Eckels, took the gauze out of the drawer, and returned to
by those who sat on the Trail.
     - Wipe yourself off.
     They wiped the blood off their helmets. And they also began to swear. Monster
lay motionless. A mountain of meat, from the depths of which came gurgling, sighs -
it was the cells that were dying, the organs ceased to function, and the juices were for the last time
flowed in their own way, everything turned off, forever failing.Exactly you
stood near a wrecked steam locomotive or a steam roller that ended its working day
- all valves are open or tight. Bones cracked: muscle weight, nothing
controlled - dead weight, - crushed thin hands pressed to the ground.
Swaying, it took a resting position.
     Suddenly there was another crash. A gigantic branch broke high above them. With a hum
he fell upon the lifeless monster, as if finally confirming it
     - So. Lesperance glanced at his watch. - Minute per minute.This is the same
the bitch that was supposed to kill him. - He turned to two hunters. -
Do you need a trophy photo?
     - What?
     - We cannot take the spoils to the Future. The carcass should lie here on
its place so that insects, birds, bacteria can feed on it. Equilibrium
you cannot violate. Therefore, the prey is left. But we can take a photo of you
near her.
     The hunters made an effort to think, but gave up, shaking
     They obediently allowed themselves to be taken to the Machine.Sink wearily into the seats.
They stupidly looked back at the defeated monster - a dumb mound. On cooling armor
golden insects were already swarming, bizarre bird-lizards were sitting.
     A sudden noise made the hunters numb: on the floor of the Machine, trembling,
Eckels was sitting.
     “Forgive me,” he said.
     - Stand up! Travis snapped.
     Eckels stood up.
     “Go to the Trail,” Travis commanded. He raised his gun. - You do not
return with the Machine. You will stay here!
     Lesperance caught Travis's hand.- Wait ...
     - Don't poke your nose! Travis shook his hand off. - Because of this bastard, we
everyone almost died. But that's not even the main thing. No god damn you look at
his shoes! Look! He jumped off the Trail. Do you understand what this threatens us? One
God knows what a fine they will stick to us! Tens of thousands of dollars! We guarantee,
that no one gets off the Trail. He got off. Bloody idiot! I am obliged to report
the government. And we may be deprived of the concession for these safaris. And what
the consequences will be for Time, for History ?!
     - Calm down, he scored a little dirt on the soles - that's all.- How can we know? Travis shouted. - We don't know anything! This is indeed
everything is a complete mystery! Step march, Eckels!
     Eckels reached into his pocket.
     - I will pay as much as necessary. One hundred thousand dollars! Travis glanced sideways at
checkbook and spat.
     - Go! The monster lies near the Trail. Stick your hands up to the elbows in
fall. Then you can come back to us.
     - This is unfair!
     “The beast is dead, you miserable bastard. Bullets! Bullets shouldn't stay
here in the Past. They can affect development.Here's a knife. Cut them out!
     The jungle awakened to life again and filled with ancient rustles,
bird voices. Eckels turned slowly and fixed his gaze on
prehistoric carrion, a lump of nightmares and horrors. Finally, like a sleepwalker
wandered along the Path.
     Five minutes later, trembling all over, he returned to the Machine, his hands
were red to the elbows with blood.
     He held out both palms. Steel bullets glinted on them. Then he
fell. He lay where the motionless fell.“It was in vain that you forced him to do this,” said Lesperance.
     - In vain! It is too early to judge this. Travis pushed the motionless body. -
Will not die. He would no longer be pulled for such prey. And now - he did
sluggish hand gesture - turn it on. Moving home.
     They washed their face and hands. They took off their shirts, trousers and
put on everything clean. Eckels came to his senses, but sat in silence. Travis the good
ten minutes stared at him.
     “Don't look at me,” Eckels burst out.- I did not do anything.
     - Who knows.
     “I just jumped off the Trail and smeared my shoes with clay. What are you from me
want to? So I beg you on my knees?
     - It is not excluded. I warn you, Eckels, it may still happen that
I'll kill you. The gun is loaded.
     - That's not my fault. I did not do anything.
     The car stopped.
     "Come out," Travis commanded.
     The room was the same as before. Although no, not quite the same. The same
the man was sitting at the same desk.No, not exactly the same person, and the desk
not the same.
     Travis quickly scanned the room.
     - Everything is fine? he muttered.
     - Of course. Happy return!
     But Travis was still wary. He seemed to be checking everyone
an atom of air, scrutinizingly examines the light of the sun falling from a tall window.
     - Okay, Eckels, come out. And don't ever fall for me again
     Eckels seemed to be petrified.
     - Well? Travis urged him on. - What did you see there?
     Eckels slowly breathed in the air - something happened to the air, some
a chemical change so subtle, subtle that only a slight
the subconscious voice told Eckels about the change.And colors - white, gray,
blue, orange, on the walls, furniture, in the sky outside the window - they ... they ... yes: what
happened to them? And then there's this feeling. Goose bumps ran down my skin. Hands
twitched. Through all the pores of his body, he caught something strange, alien. As if
somewhere, someone blew a whistle that only dogs can hear. And his body
answered soundlessly. Outside the window, outside the walls of this room, behind the back
person (who was not the same person) at the partition (which was not the same
partition) - a whole world of streets and people.But how to determine from here what kind of
world now, what kind of people? He literally felt them moving there, behind
walls, like chess pieces drawn by a dry wind ...
     But the notice on the wall immediately caught the eye, an ad that
he had already read it today when he first entered here.
     Something was wrong about him.
              JSC SOFARI IN TIME
           WE GIVE YOU RIGHT
                YOU WILL KILL HER
     Eckels felt himself sinking into a chair.He became feverish
scrub the dirt on your shoes. His trembling hand raised a sticky lump.
     - No, it can not be! For so little ... No!
     On the lump there was a patch of green, gold and black - a butterfly,
very pretty ... dead.
     - Because of such a little! Because of the butterfly! Eckels shouted.
     She fell to the floor, a graceful little creature capable of breaking
balance, small dominoes fell ... big dominoes ...
huge knuckles connected by a chain of innumerable years that make up Time.Eckels' thoughts shifted. It cannot be that she has changed something. Dead
butterfly - and such consequences? Impossible!
     His face went cold He said with disobedient lips:
     - Who ... who won the election yesterday?
     The man behind the desk chuckled.
     - Are you kidding? As if you do not know! Deutscher, of course! Who else? Not this one
is Kate the squishy? Now the iron man is in power! - The clerk was taken aback. - What
is it with you?
     Eckels groaned. He fell to his knees. Trembling fingers reached out to
golden butterfly.- Is it really impossible, - he begged the whole world, himself, an employee, the Machine, -
bring her back there, revive her? Can't you start all over again? Maybe
to be...
     He lay motionless. He lay with his eyes closed, trembling, and waited. He is distinctly
heard Travis breathing heavily, heard Travis raising his gun and
pulls the trigger.
     A Sound of Thunder. 
90,000 CHAPTER IV THE ODOR OF GUNPOWDER. Heaven for the brave

Chapter IV


Yes, the situation in the country, which Commissioner Grigory Anikhovsky described when accepting the Ptukhin brothers to the party, was really difficult.

Trampling on any traditions of diplomatic ethics, the Austro-German military delegation bargained for the third month at the negotiations in Brest-Litovsk, periodically interrupting them, giving the German troops time for the next seizures of new territories of Soviet Russia. As if rust were eating away at the country speculation, vagrancy, looting, banditry. The lingering hunger choked my throat. Depending on the success of the intervention, the counter-revolution was periodically activated.

The sabotage did not escape the Tver air group.

Early in the morning of March, the town was woken up by rifle fire and a fire bell. A tent hangar was burning at the airfield. Fortunately, there were no planes in it. Like a theatrical scenery, she was all engaged in fire, flaming shreds of tarpaulin soared high. Another ten minutes, and the thin poles, as if hewn at once, collapsed, throwing up a bright sheaf of sparks.

The fire was extinguished. We remembered the sentry guarding the tent hangar. The tracks in the snow were difficult to make out.The search led to a boardwalk at the edge of the airfield where technical equipment was kept.

– Everyone to stand still! – commanded Anikhovsky, when he saw a Red Army man lying face down in the snow, right under a piece of a hanging rail, designed to signal alarms, against the wall.

Carefully avoiding two pairs of tracks in the snow, Anikhovsky, Tatarchenko, Komarovsky and the paramedic approached the sentry. They turned him on his back. His forehead and closed eyes were drenched in blood thickened in the cold.The picture is terrible.

– Death, – whispered Tatarchenko barely audibly. The paramedic put his ear to the sentry’s chest. Raised his hand, urging people not to creak in the snow. – Alive! – not believing himself, he exclaimed. Carefully sliding the wounded’s hat in search of a wound, the paramedic exclaimed: – The ears are pink! The neck is white, and the ears are pink – that means he is alive … Let’s hurry up the stretcher.

– What do you say, Commissioner? – Komarovsky, who has been silent until now, turned when they were the three of them.

– It’s clear, sabotage!

– No, it’s more difficult here.Look at the footprints. The sentry’s steps are large, apparently running. And the one who hit him on the head made the jumps even more. There is no rifle, it was in the left hand. On the right, he obviously hit the rail, announcing a fire. You see, it was trampled on the left side, apparently, the bandit was releasing a rifle from the hands of a downed sentry …

– But the tent burned down empty? It means that it was set on fire by a man who did not know that there were no planes there, – objected Tatarchenko.

They followed the trail left by the bandit, who soon, behind the barn, went out onto the road along the shortest path and got lost there.

By noon it turned out that there was no military man, former lieutenant Smidovich. In the evening it became clear that he had escaped. However, it was hard to believe that this skinny, constantly yearning for the canceled officers’ privileges chick of the last tsarist graduation of the Gatchina flight school could become a murderer.

Everyone who learned this news began with an objection: “Well, no, this squishy, ​​who knows how it got into aviation, could not attack a person.”

Only an employee of the Cheka, who had listened to many, thoughtfully objected: “Why he could not, he could, everything depended on who, how and in what conditions put him.”

It was decided to strengthen the night guards.

On the first night, Ptukhin and Pumpur volunteered to carry the post. A terrible morning picture constantly arose in the minds of the children, made them strain to the limit at every extraneous sound. Not confessing to each other, the guys silently walked alongside, painfully clutching heavy rifles. Extraneous sounds were everywhere.

Zhenya was scared and at the same time ashamed in front of Peter for this fear of hers. Suddenly Pumpur stopped:

– You are so sniffling, Zhenya, that they can start the engine and we won’t hear.

“So, Petka is also scared!” – Ptukhin was delighted.

Two hours later the tension began to pass, fatigue appeared.

– Come on like this: two circles you carry a rifle at the ready, and I am on a belt, two circles are the other way around.

Petya agreed. It became easier, I was drawn to a conversation.

– You explain to me, Petya, what awaits the world proletariat? Why is the world revolution dragging on? Maybe they don’t believe in our victory? Maybe we should send our party representatives to them to help organize the revolution?

– And me, Zhenya, are tormented by other questions, closer.How long will peace with the Germans last? And you can’t believe them. Did you read it today? The British and French landed in Murmansk. And contra, you see how meanly it acts. Try to destroy it. You wind up like a dog, until you track down at least one … Eh, Zhenya, while a good life comes, you should have enough varitezirlishe at least once.

– What, what? You start to say that at lunch, finish by dinner, and you never eat.

– Well, boiled peas with lard and sour cream. As I now see a large clay pot, my mother takes it out of the stove, opens the lid, such an aroma spreads through the house that my head is spinning, and the crust is ruddy yellow on top, it’s a pity to touch.Or at least a scabputra …

– Enough, Petya, otherwise the stomach starts to suck badly. Why are we sitting here? So the war will end, and we will all prepare and we will not smell gunpowder.

– Don’t worry, we’ll smell it. There is still enough of this smell on our noses. Take your gun into your hand, and I will rest …

* * *

By the decision of the District Board for Air Fleet Management, the Tver aviation group should be sent to the Southern Front. To complete the detachment, they sent a Sopwich plane, two motors and three military flights.Within a week, it was necessary to complete the repair of all aircraft and engines and prepare for the move.

On the night of the arrival of wagons with cargo, a strong explosion took place at the Tver station. And in the morning it became known that at the moment of uncoupling the platform with the plane, barrels of gasoline and the freight car in which the pilots were traveling, a fire started under the platform.

When people began to run up to the fire, a terrible explosion was heard. Barrels shot into the air like fire bombs, engine parts and pieces of a platform whistling.A blast wave tore off a carriage with people, and it, enveloped in flames, slowly rolled back, and terrible cries of pilots for help were heard from it. As it turned out later, the car was bolted from the outside by the arsonists.

– Here is a puzzle with five unknowns, – the head of the city department of the Cheka analyzed the incident at the station. – It seems that with the dispatch of the train a “lightning” was sent here: they say, meet the ZPT, operate the ZPT “contra” TCHK. And where is this sender: in Moscow at the Tovarnaya, in the VRK or somewhere else? And where is this performer addressee: in your group, in the city or at the station?

The relocation of the detachment was postponed.It is difficult to say what caused this: either at the request of the Cheka, which was intensively conducting the investigation, or the group’s lack of equipment and people. There were, apparently, reasons, because they simply could not forget about the group – the situation in the country did not allow.

Taking advantage of the corruption of the Central Rada, the three hundred thousandth Austro-German army moved across Ukraine. The plans of the occupiers to strike Moscow from the south were increasingly determined. By May, the enemy approached the borders of the Oryol, Kursk, Voronezh regions.

The Party strengthened the Red Army. The election of commanders was abolished, unified staffs and organization of units were introduced, a mandatory recruitment of workers into the Red Army, and political departments were created.

On the first of May, in front of the planes on the red line, the entire personnel of the air group lined up to make a solemn promise.

“I …” Anikhovsky began to read, standing next to the commander.

– I … – people repeated discordantly.

– … the son of the working people … – continued the commissar.- If, by malicious intent, I depart from this solemn promise of mine, then may universal contempt be my lot and may the stern hand of the revolutionary law punish me …

– Eh, brothers, but what about Komarovsky? I saw him repeat: “I am the son of the working people.” – Ivan Pidgola tried to copy the voice of the commander. – What kind of son is he of the working people, if from the bourgeoisie? – With a malicious smile, he asked Zhenya and Peter, when friends were heading for a festive dinner after signing a solemn promise.

Zhenya pondered: “If he serves the people, then it means he is not just a citizen, but the son of a working people.”

– Do you know, Ivan, from what family Lenin?

– So it’s Lenin!

“So Komarovsky is not Pidgola,” Ptukhin slapped him on the shoulder.

Everyone in the group lived in an “echelon mood”. Repeatedly at meetings of the party cell, excited demands flared up to be sent to the front. Each time Anikhovsky had to make great efforts to calm down the communists. The last time it happened was on August 30 after a rally on the attempt on the life of the leader of the world proletariat.Three friends approached the table: Ptukhin, Pumpur, Pidgola – and put in front of the commissar a collective statement demanding that they be sent to the front immediately, which ended with the following words: “… since we consider it our Bolshevik duty to avenge the assassination attempt on Comrade. Lenin “.

– So, – Anikhovsky drawled, himself still under the impression of the appeal of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee just read, – it means that you consider it your duty, but I don’t … And they don’t, – he gestured to those around him.- So, in your opinion, we here seem to sympathize with the Right Socialist-Revolutionaries? He asked even louder. “How do you know how the party can best dispose of us? Well, from where, I ask you? Here you! Answer me! – He stared at the numb Ptukhin, who had never seen such a commissar. – And you heard this … I just read it … This is it. – He in turn brought up to everyone’s face the appeal, where it was printed in large print: “Calm and organization! Everyone must stay firm in their posts! Tighter ranks! ” – This is the order of the party! Clear? “At their posts!”

* * *

In early November, the group began redeploying to the front.The train arrived in Moscow at the Nikolaev-Commodity station at night. The people assigned back in Tver guarded the platforms, the rest whiled away the rest of the night half asleep.

Tatarchenko found Ptukhin Jr.:

– Come on, Zhenya, you know Moscow well. It is necessary to get along with spare parts for aircraft and motors.

The courtyard of the Central Park-warehouse on Khodynka, as far as the eye could see, was littered with details of aviation equipment in a terrible mess. Among the new engines of all brands, in boxes and without them, like elephants, towered the fuselages of aircraft, with already here and there torn skin on the center section and sides.

– Look, Ptukhin, what is being done! There is nowhere to step foot, everything rusts and rots under the open sky, and we almost make crankcases out of cans … Well, here we will stock up on spare parts for the whole war against world imperialism, – Tatarchenko rejoiced.

– Don’t disagree too much. What the note says, you will get it, – with a strong accent, he besieged

Tatarchenko, completely red-haired, in a long old greatcoat, a soldier guarding the warehouse park.

– How can you not give it !…. – From anger and excitement Tatarchenko lost his words.

The matter was getting serious. The chauffeur was the first to come to his senses in the silence. He went up to the red-haired guard, slapped him on the shoulder.

– You speak the truth, brother, the good of the people, there is nothing to take away. I’m not lucky, not a donkey. Let them choose what is in the note, and get out of the yard … Let’s go for tea for now. He pulled a bundle out of his pocket and unrolled lumps of crushed sugar right in front of the soldier’s nose.

– Well, yes, we have tea, and they will hide what is superfluous.The frozen guard’s gaze darted between the sugar and Tatarchenko.

– They will steal, of course, – how the driver could have adjusted, – but I’m not lucky. I, like you, are for the people’s good. Let’s go, otherwise it’s very cold, you’re Vyatka. – Almost by force, he turned the soldier and dragged him to the plane’s box, which served as a gatehouse at the entrance to the warehouse. At the same time, he eloquently indicated with his hand behind his back Tatarchenko and his team to load the car.

– No, I’m from under Glazov.

– So these are two bast shoes from Vyatka.And I’m from Vyatka. He had only left for a long time, and when he heard his own people, right in his heart it was joyful … – flooded the chauffeur, a former Moscow cab.

* * *

– Oh, Lord, Zhenya, son! – Maria Yakovlevna threw herself on her neck when she opened the front door to the persistent filial calls. – What kind of adult you have become, I didn’t imagine you that way. I thought you, as you were Sparrows, remained.

Barely coping with the excitement with the rough hooks of his soldier’s greatcoat, she bombarded her son with questions, not listening to the end of a single answer.While Zhenya was washing, his mother kept talking, running from the washbasin to the room, from the room to the kitchen, which is why Zhenya did not understand where the sisters were, how their life was, how was mother’s health.

“What’s it me,” Maria Yakovlevna realized when they sat down at the table opposite each other, “I’m talking and talking, tell me about yourself now.

Zhenya said that he was passing through Moscow and was leaving today, his commander let her go to see her after shopping at the warehouse. Maria Yakovlevna burst into tears when she found out that Vasya was not allowed to go home.Zhenya told her that the parking lot was short-term and there was an order to no one, even Muscovites, not to leave the train.

Funny mother, laments, reproaches the authorities: they could, they say, take Vasya to the warehouse too. Is it possible for her to understand that the commander did not need Tatarchenko and Zhenya, but just humanly, given his age, the commander went for a trick, took the boy into the city at his disposal and let him go to see his mother.

Without waiting, to his and my mother’s chagrin, sisters, an hour later Zhenya was going to leave.

– Get dressed, mom, take me to the Commodity station, maybe I will be able to see Vasya.

“Dear, dear sisters,” Zhenya began to write a note to his sisters while my mother was dressing, “I was at home, it’s a pity that I didn’t find you. We must leave. Mom will tell you everything, If you can, then come to Nikolaev-Tovarnaya according to the plan that I drew here. I hug you tightly, Zhenya. ”

As soon as they went out into the street, Zhenya carefully took his mother’s arm. “Lord, my little Sparrow is already; a grown man. “

– Are you going to the Eastern Front? – asked my mother when they went to Krasnoprudnaya.

– No, we are just changing the airfield, – the son was painfully searching in his memory for a city that would be equally far from both the Western and Eastern fronts, – we will be somewhere near … Yaroslavl.

– Zhenya, you never lied, especially to me, – the mother looked sideways at her son.

– And I’m not lying now, I really don’t know where we are going. Do not worry, as soon as we arrive, I will inform you immediately …

Until the evening, when it was ordered to send the train, Tatarchenko, together with the commissar, managed to get all the rear agencies up to the All-Russian General Headquarters and secured more fuel reserves “for the whole war with world imperialism ”.The new Nieuport 17, wrapped in a tarpaulin, towered on the platform, significantly crowding out the people, and eighteen barrels of gasoline and one with castor oil were placed throughout the echelon.

“Now we have the purest gasoline, and not“ death to the aviator, ”rejoiced Tatarchenko, meaning raw alcohol and the“ Kazan mixture ”invented because of the oil famine by the oldest pilot Boris Rossiyskiy. From the “Kazan mixture” after the flights the pilots had a headache, lost their appetite, and sometimes they started vomiting.

As a dense wall, the encroaching masses of houses, seeming even gloomier in the gloomy evening gloom, gradually began to be replaced by small, equally unattractive wooden huts with black, as if empty, eye sockets of the windows. The dull picture of human habitation was soon replaced by an equally dull picture of deserted, harvested fields, interrupted by copses.

At night somewhere in the field they stood for a long time, the order of the commander was passed from car to car to prepare weapons, to strengthen surveillance, as a kulak rebellion arose in the district.No one slept any more, leaning against the windows of the freight cars.

“You know,” Pyotr whispered to Zhenya, “it seems to me that when the train is stationary, being in the carriage is worse than in the field. You feel like naked on a bump, you don’t know from which side you are being watched.

Cautiously, stopping frequently, the train dragged with difficulty to Tula. There was a long dispute at the station whether to release the train or not. Finally, under the cover of the Tula detachment of the Cheka, who accompanied the train to Mtsensk, they moved to the front. On the steam locomotive was installed “maxim” with the calculation of the Chekists, and on the platforms, near the aircraft machine guns, military flights and letnabs were on duty.

The train went well, however, at every turn it slowed down until it entered a straight section. The tension gradually subsided. This was announced by the mechanic Tkachuk, who quite definitely stated his view of the situation:

– Although we are on the defensive, we still want to eat.

“As if you don’t want to go on the offensive,” someone remarked.

– I don’t know, maybe I don’t want to, because in the offensive, “hurray” interferes with chewing.

At the turn of the line between Lazarev and Zhitovo, when the blockage on the tracks was not yet visible, a machine-gun burst slashed along the train from the spruce plantations in the alienation strip.It was so conceived by the bandits that the machine gun mounted on the steam locomotive was far ahead and could not, while being dragged, respond with fire. The driver, who saw a blockage ahead, began to slow down strongly, almost completely depriving the Red Army soldiers of the opportunity to shoot back.

The echelon was a defenseless target. People who fell during braking began to grab their weapons, opening indirect fire at the place from which the machine gun was firing.

Apparently, the operation was led by an experienced White Guard or his own, “home-grown commander”, not devoid of ingenuity.While the attention of the Red Army men was focused on the machine gun, on the other side of the echelon, a chain of bandits rose up from the sparse bushes at the shortest distance.

It is difficult to imagine how the battle would have ended, perhaps with the capture of the echelon, only an accident thwarted the cleverly conceived plan. Either the endurance let down the faint-hearted bandit, or he stumbled and pulled the trigger, or perhaps he “went over” the wheat first, chilling in ambush, only a single shot crashed too early. This turned out to be enough.Immediately, along the entire arc of the echelon, rifle and machine-gun shots began to be fired at the fleeing “kulak army”.

The whole chain is laid. And immediately from the bushes came a hysterical cry: “Surrender, Bolshevik dogs!” Someone from the train fired at the place where the threat was heard.

– What are we going to do, Commissioner? – asked Kemerovsky, looking through the binoculars the chain of bandits. – Maybe give the command to retreat in reverse or wait for the oncoming train?

As if having foreseen the course of his thoughts, a muffled explosion was heard behind the train, where the railroad track curved in an arc.

– So. It’s clear. They have surrounded us, it means, around. This is already a mousetrap, – Anikhovsky assessed the situation.

– You can’t wait. The respite is not in our favor. It’s amazing how the bandits haven’t been caught in a single barrel of gas so far.

– We must go on the attack, – suggested the commander of the Cheka detachment. – True, the conditions are unfavorable for us, but there is no way out. Let them send them to both ends of the train: at the command “hurray”, under the cover of machine guns, everyone should jump out of the cars.

A team went from carriage to carriage in a relay race.

– It’s time, – the commander of the Cheka detachment pulled off the safety ring from the grenade. He was the first to jump out of the carriage and with a shout of “hurray” rushed to the bushes.

– Hurray! – spread along the train. Zhenya, following the Red Army men, rolled head over heels off the embankment.

At the same moment, a grenade was thrown from the bush closest to the platform with the new plane. In the heat of the attack, no one paid attention to the explosion. Moreover, the bandits wavered: here and there the bent backs of those fleeing began to appear over the bushes.

A grenade exploded over the side of the platform at the moment when Seryozha Panin, a quiet, shy minder who had recently arrived in the group, raised his leg to jump to the ground. A shrapnel hit in the leg knocked him down. Overcoming the pain, the minder got up and saw a stain of burning castor oil slowly spreading from the punctured barrel. It threatened to be disastrous. In the middle of the platform stood the Newport, and behind it, among the crates, barrels of gasoline. Pulling himself up in his arms, Seryozha limped to the deadly barrel, knocked it down with difficulty and began to push it towards the broken side.Another effort, and the barrel hit the embankment, scattering splashes of burning oil. Seryozha fell after her, unable to resist on the burning slippery floor. When Zhenya ran to the platform, Sergei Panin, already charred and twisted, was lying in a pool of burning oil.

Freeing the canvas, picking up the wounded and giving the last honors to the dead, the train, picking up speed, left this terrible place that remained forever in Zhenya’s memory, like a notch in a tree. Almost until the very Eagle, no one uttered a word.

* * *

– That’s what, dear comrades, the plane, like the cart, you won’t grease – you won’t go. And without planes we are not needed at the front. Is it getting there? – Anikhovsky began from afar, sitting on the steps of a carriage standing in a dead end. – We are running out of time, but there is no oil. You won’t ask for a second time from Moscow! In general, go around the city, go to pharmacies, ask for castor oil. It’s clear?

– And how to pay, private pharmacies? – specified Grigory Tkachuk.

– Ha ha ha! – Anikhovsky carried away everyone with his laughter.- What a weirdo! Money, of course. And if you have a lot of them, then lend it to Zhenya, Peter, and others.

Everyone laughed, because Gregory, like everyone else, did not have a ruble.

– You ask, so that they don’t refuse, – Anikhovsky already seriously admonished Grigory.

When Zhenya and Peter returned in the evening with a can of butter, the whole train already knew about Tkachuk’s adventure. He himself told about it several times, when he brought on a cart a three-bucket, gleaming with an emerald, sealed with a cork, in a brand new wicker basket, elegant, like a merchant’s wife on a patronal holiday, a bottle of castor oil.

… At first the pharmacist refused to issue a laxative in short supply, but then, when Tkachuk accused him of class irresponsibility, he quickly agreed. When parting, he even treated Grisha to a glass of alcohol. Grisha did not refuse to celebrate. Then, with the wishes of great victories, the pharmacist helped to load the bottle onto the cart, which Grisha turned up around the corner, and waved his hand for a long time, standing at the gate of the house.

The alcohol drunk without a snack ruined the happy expropriator, and, already approaching the station, he shouted at the top of his lungs native Ukrainian songs.I wanted to please my comrades as soon as possible, and therefore Grisha directed the horse by the shortest route right through the rails. Well, the minders arrived in time, otherwise the lucky earner would have broken a bottle, and he himself could have fallen under the wheels of the cart.

Having doubted such fabulous generosity of a private pharmacist, the skeptic Anikhovsky opened the bottle, and the suffocating smell of bleach began to spread in the air … Laughter burst out. Tkachuk sobered up in an instant roared:

– Let me go, comrade commissar, to the city, I will grease that pharmacist with this “castor oil” so that he peels off like a mangy dog ​​…

However, Grishina’s troubles did not end there.A representative of the Cheka came next and said that a Red Army soldier had been seen riding in the direction of the station on a horse stolen from the owner of the bakery.

Seeing how the completely drooping Gregory was going through this story, Zhenya and Peter began to repulse those who like to bite their teeth.

* * *

In Kursk, the “soldier” telegraph transmitted a bunch of news: that the man who got into the carriage with Anikhovsky was a new commissar, that the terminal station of the long journey was Oboyan, and that … but Zhenya didn’t want to listen to anything else.How is it, why a new commissioner? There is no better commissar of Anikhov, it cannot be, and it is not necessary.

Everyone looked warily at the new man, who was settling down at the “burzhuyka” in a businesslike manner. For some reason, Anikhovsky is even glad, inviting everyone to sit down on the boxes near the stove.

– Comrades, this is your new commissar Zagulin.

– What about you? – Ptukhin became very attached to Anikhovsky for this short period of time.

– Do not rush, Zhenya, now you will find out everything.Reflections of flame highlighted the strong-willed chin of the new commissar, closed, full lips, covered with a trimmed mustache in a city-like manner, a large, humped nose, strongly developed brow ridges, on which dark eyebrows were tufted in thick tufts. Everything seemed to betray a gloomy, taciturn nature in him.

What was he thinking? Maybe about how difficult it will be to work with these people who do not hide their sympathy for the former commissioner, who, due to their masculine character, openly express their antipathy to him? Or maybe he was looking for the beginning of an upcoming important conversation?

“We ought to get to know each other, because, not knowing a person’s past, it’s difficult to work with him in the future,” he began in a quiet, thick bass after a too long pause.- But this is later, first let’s talk about the political situation in the country. What do we have as we enter the second anniversary of the power of the Soviets? The Soviet state survived! Failed to strangle him with the hands of the Germans and White Czechs. The more they came into contact with the Soviets, the more they received a charge of “Sovietization”, and this is like putting the fuse at a cannon aimed at your own house.

But a new wave of intervention is rising. The Times recently wrote that “Siberia and the Murmansk Peninsula are an inconvenient back door, but the Black Sea is an open front door.”And that is why sirs and gentlemen do not spare dollars on Krasnov’s army. Now his army is armed with more than 70 aircraft, 80 guns, 14 armored trains. Several military schools on the Don train officers for the infantry, aviation, and cavalry. The small number of Red Army units of the front can barely hold back the pressure of the White Guards. The situation is critical. The party believes that at present the leadership of the Southern Front faces a choice: victory or death, – Zagulin explained the November letter of the Central Committee to the party members.

It was already getting dark when the new commissar announced that by the decision of the Revolutionary Military Council of the republic the air group would be reorganized into the First Aviation Artillery Detachment, which will be commanded by an experienced pilot Zhemchuzhinov, awaiting the arrival of the detachment in Oboyani.

– And Grigory Anikhovsky, my old friend, – Zagulin smiled for the first time, – has achieved his goal and is going to study at an aviation school.

* * *

For many days the detachment has been flying to support the offensive of the Donetsk group of forces.

“You don’t take into account the spiritual dichotomy of the enemy,” Zagulin lectured when the pilots refused to take packs of leaflets instead of bombs. “Let someone convince me that the leaflet is less useful than a bomb. You come to the bombing area, throw bombs, fire, and at the end of the mission you scatter leaflets over the trenches. So, they say, and so, read, figure out what to do in order to avoid the hateful war for everyone.

Voenlets laugh it off. When you throw a bomb, you can see at a glance that the agitation is reaching.But the flyers? Maybe they are reading, or maybe … somewhere else?

But life soon proved that the commissioner was right.

… By the evening it became great to freeze, despite the fact that there was a friendly thaw in the afternoon. Zhenya was angry with himself and with the carburetor, which did not fit into place. A cold, piercing breeze persistently made its way from the back under the jacket when it was necessary to work with raised hands. While screwing on the last lock nut, the tired Zhenya wondered what was left to tie the wings and tail to the corkscrews, cover the motor with a cover, put the propeller horizontally [The horizontal position of the propeller meant that the motor had not been tested, the plane was not ready for flight] when they pulled his jacket from below.

Getting out from under the engine frame and looking at the feet of the man standing, Zhenya could not remember who from the detachment wears such an overcoat and boots. Only when he straightened up, he saw in front of him a hefty overgrown soldier with a White Guard cockade on his hat.

A minute’s silence, which seemed like an eternity, gave birth to plans one after another. Is the airfield captured? No, there were no shots … He was taken as a “tongue”? But why does the soldier have a rifle over his shoulder? Should I kick it? .. Better to butt your head in the stomach? No, he can’t dump this …

– Hear, cotton, do your litaki scatter leaflets? – He pulled out from his bosom a yellow crumpled piece of paper, in which Zhenya recognized the “commissar’s bomb.”

The soldier unhurriedly smoothed a sheet of paper on his wide sleeve and, jabbing a long finger, yellow from makhorka, continued:

– The soldiers are cycling – everything, what is written here, is it not bullshit and the deserters shouldn’t be shot? He stared inquisitively at Ptukhin.

– It’s all true, grandfather! – How badly I wanted to sit down, soothe the trembling in my legs.

“I’m a didd, I’m forty rokiv, I want to live before the did,” he grinned.

– Well, okay, grandfather is not a grandfather, let’s go to our commissioner, he will explain everything to you plainly.

At the word “commissar” the soldier shuddered and grabbed his rifle with his right hand.

– Eh, no, you can’t fool me, I’ll clap at once, tsucenya!

– What, are you crazy? Who better to explain to you – me or him? Well? If you want to know, there is no person fairer than our commissar in the district. You are a coward, and also sent from the people.

Already at Zagulin’s place, the soldier said that many would like to quit serving in the White Guard army, but they are afraid of the revenge of the Bolsheviks, especially the commissars, that he was the first to express his doubt aloud, therefore he was sent here, and that he must return today, otherwise they will not believe …

After a long conversation with the commissar, Ptukhin escorted the soldier to the edge of the forest at the edge of the airfield.

… In the course of a swift winter offensive along the entire Southern Front, the troops, crushing Krasnov, approached the Northern Donets. The thaw, which had begun early, now fettered the actions of the detachment. Only in the morning, having carefully chopped off the skis from the ice, could the plane be pulled out, wiped off the ice crust on the fuselage and wings and made one or two flights.

Zhenya knew that today his Newport would not fly anywhere.Yesterday, during the landing, the left ski broke in the mud. Now his plane stood on one side of the box instead of the landing gear, and the thrown-over cover gave him the resemblance to the crippled invalid of the Russo-Japanese War. There were no spare skis, there was a lot of repairs ahead. Zhenya was considering how to get out of the situation when he heard an exclamation: “Airplanes!”

From the south, clearly illuminated by the sun, at low altitude two planes were going straight to the parking lot, in which Zhenya easily recognized the “Havilands”, which he remembered from the photographs of the English trophy magazine.

Instinctively, Ptukhin rushed to the plane and pressed his whole body against the fuselage of his lame Newport. The explosion seemed to crash somewhere near his temple and so hard that Zhenya felt how slowly but with force he was torn away from the plane, knocked down and rolled. He tried to spread out and shrink into the ground, mentally not believing that they could just kill him like that.

Stunned, he did not immediately realize that the enemy flew away and the fuss that arose around him was caused by the burning plane of the military flight Shuvalov.Hearing nothing, but understanding what needs to be done now, he began to help push the burning “Newport” away from the rest.

– Do you remember, Zhenya, you regretted that you would not have time to sniff gunpowder, but now you have to sneeze from such a snuff for a long time, – Pumpur joked when the tension from the raid subsided. But, seeing the impassive, pale face of his friend, he guessed about the concussion.

Only three days later, the headaches and noise that interfered with hearing began to disappear.

90,000 Virtually ready to take Constantinople

One poet wanted a feather to be equated with a bayonet.And the other took it and equated it. And that’s what came of it.

Today I want to talk about a special kind of poetry. About the bardic song. “Bard” is a foreign word, as you know, but in imperial-Soviet Russia they would say about it that it was spelled out in Russian. Today they say “registered” in Russia. There are many wonderful women among the bards. Real poets who sometimes sing their poems to their own music. Sometimes these songs are reminiscent of religious chants.They are sung with pleasure in small companies and at large gatherings. The most famous performers collect almost entire stadiums.

I had a chance to visit one such stadium as well. The audience and listeners on it were, if not millions, then hundreds of thousands, because the performance was broadcast on television, and from there it dived into YouTube. And he has been walking there for, they say, ten years. I came across a 2009 recording.

So, a woman with excellent diction and a beautiful voice appears on the screen, singing about the Kulikovo field.

Since the time of Alexander Blok, who wrote his famous cycle after the defeat of Russia in the Russo-Japanese War and the suppression of the 1905 revolution, a few years before the start of the First World War, hundreds of poets have turned to this topic since the time of Blok. The year 1380 is considered by some to be almost the beginning of the liberation of Russia from the Tatar-Mongol yoke, while others – on the contrary, the beginning of the formation of a new powerful state from Russia and the Horde, which, under the names of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, will eventually become the largest in terms of area and diversity of its inhabitants. nations by the state on planet Earth.

It must be said that in the ten years that passed between “Kulikovo Field” and the ballad “Scythians”, written in 1918, when the First World War turned into a civil war, the Blok’s picture of the world has been greatly updated. It has grown, one might say, from a single line: “our path pierced our chest with an arrow of the ancient Tatar will.”

Ten years later, in The Scythians, perhaps the most anti-European poem ever written in Russian, the poet invites the conquerors into his terrible Asian embrace.

As often happens with Blok, different voices are mixed in one poem. Likewise, in the “Scythians” we hear the voice of “white Russians” passing by the same “white” European horde, then the voices of narrow-eyed people living far away in Asia.

Go, he says in the first voice, pass us to Asia, and we will see how this real terrible East will break your spine.

But we ourselves are no longer a shield for you,
From now on we will not enter the battle ourselves,
We will see how mortal battle boils,
With our narrow eyes.
We will not move when the fierce Hun
In the pockets of corpses he will fumble,
Burn the cities, and drive the herd to the church,
And fry the meat of the white brothers! and its taste, and its color,
And the stifling, mortal smell of flesh …
Are we guilty if your skeleton crunches
In our heavy, tender paws?

But the terrible lines of the World War I bloc kept in memory were drowned out by the beautiful voice of the bardess with its soldier’s rhythm.

How did we live to see this, brothers?
Rus groans under the oppression of the black locust,
So, again to take up arms for the Russians,
So, again to get the swords for the Russians …

Despite the gray hair, I somehow immediately took the words about the “black locust” at my own expense. The suspicion that the bardess was referring to me was strengthened after the following verse:

Antiworld ignites new fires,
The glorious city of Moskov is captured by them again,
New Europe, new Khazars,
New mothers threaten the Motherland…

Well, I think it’s quite a disaster: for all the plainness of the verse and the rich rhyme “Khazars-fires”, which we all inherited from one of the suns of Russian poetry, I have not yet heard such propaganda of the worldwide conspiracy against Russia … And, most importantly, I probably won’t have time to find out what influence this particular bardic song has had on the current state of mind.

In the terrible hour of reckoning, we will frown
And wipe the vampires from the body of the whole country.
And there will be no zone, camps and prisons:
All enemies of Russia will be executed.

This is understandable: what are the prisoners in the battle with the black locusts, mamai and masons? And yet, what happens after the execution of all enemies? When the country is beneficently empty, the following will happen:

Russia will return Russian Sevastopol,
The Crimea peninsula will become Russian again,
Our sovereign Bosphorus, our Constantinople
And the shrine of the world – I-e-ru-sal-lim!
And in spite of the Freemasons and other villains,
Those who boil with anger towards Christians,
Let us remember the Kulikovo field and see the light,
And this shrine will unite us!

When the singer finished her work, a TV presenter named Dibrov, through a storm of applause, shouted a wish for all the dreams of the talented performer to come true.Then, in 2009, no one yet knew how soon the first part of these wishes of the singer would become reality.

Blok wrote, of course, better than Bichevskaya or her coupletists. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

We remember everything – the Parisian streets of hell,
And the Venetian coolness,
The distant aroma of lemon groves,
And the smoky masses of Cologne …
We love flesh – and its taste, and its color,
And the stuffy, mortal smell of flesh ..
Are we guilty if your skeleton crunches
In our heavy, tender paws?

You can’t answer the block anymore.

And Zhanna Bichevskaya?


And her listeners?


Weekend TV series: “Cobra Kai”

In 1984 the film “The Karate Kid” was released, a typical product of that wonderful era, a sports drama for children and youth. The bottom line is briefly as follows: a dark-haired American boy Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) gets into a new school and becomes a target for local bullies from the Cobra Kai karate section, but thanks to an elderly sensei he masters the skills of giving cuffs and defeats the main bully Johnny Lawrence in the final of the championship ( William Zabka).

The film became a huge hit, having paid off at home more than 10 times, and even received an Oscar nomination.

Naturally, there were no sequels. The first one is no less successful, but then the franchise confidently went downhill: the triquel already nominated not for an Oscar, but for a Golden Raspberry – in five categories, and the fourth part finished off the series with a control in the head.

In 2010, a remake was released with Jackie Chan as sensei and Will Smith’s son as a boy, warmly received by the audience and critics.The remake also had a sequel planned, but somehow it didn’t work out. But in 2013, the wind rose from a completely unexpected side, dispersed a new wave of interest in “The Karate Kid”.

In the eighth season of the popular sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” it turned out that one of its characters, the greatest womanizer of our time, Barney Stinson, always considered the title character of the “Karate Kid” not LaRusso, but Johnny Lawrence. The latter, according to Barney, reached the coveted finale through hard work and many years of training, but some pathetic upstart eventually overpowered him with a dishonest trick.

Many people liked the original look at the familiar story and was finally embodied five years later, when the series “Cobra Kai” was launched on YouTube Red, invented by a team of three people: the creators of “Harold and Kumar” John Harwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. and Josh Heald, author of another adult comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine.

Thirty years have passed since the events of The Karate Kid. Daniel LaRusso is a rather successful businessman, owner of a car dealership, happily married to a wise, beautiful woman and has a clever daughter from her.Johnny Lawrence lives in a stinking hole among mountains of empty bottles and works in a not very prestigious job. Once, tired of vegetating, he decides to return to the only thing he is good at with his father’s money and open his own dojo. Under the same name “Cobra Kai”.

And LaRusso still turns back from these words, as from the smell of vodka with a hangover. He is haunted by the memories of the Kobrakai people who once tortured and beat him. While Lawrence has his own version of that story, and in it LaRusso is not a victim, but a real vile bastard.

Lawrence finds the first student – the squishy Miguel, who is beaten on a regular basis by his peers. He teaches him to fight, and at the same time instills in him the philosophy that he once absorbed himself: hit first, hit hard, do not spare the enemy. Lawrence’s pedagogical method, very unconventional and, as it seems, too cruel, works. Miguel notably sells the main star of the school and starts a relationship with a girl. Daughter of LaRusso.

Soon, buying such advertising, the rest of the outcasts follow Miguel and turn from jerks into self-confident individuals before our eyes.Meanwhile, LaRusso accidentally meets Robbie, a fool, a bully and a novice bandit – the son of Johnny Lawrence, and, not suspecting his origin, takes patronage over him. Robbie, in turn, feels for the parent something between contempt and hatred and finds in LaRusso more than just a mentor. Comprehending his fighting style and philosophy, which is much more peaceful, he gets rid of bad company and changes for the better.

The layout is exactly the same as thirty years ago.There is another competition ahead, and the best student of “Cobra Kai” will again face an unknown loner. Only here the result is not so predictable. Because in mainstream films of the 80s there are bad guys and good guys, but in life everything is a little more complicated.

Johnny Lawrence was made a villain in Daniel LaRusso’s eyes by objective circumstances – and vice versa. Their credos are radically different, but one cannot say that one is true and the other is not. In the end, both provide visible benefits.They would have to sit, have a heart-to-heart talk, discuss everything calmly – you just look and find mutual understanding. Would make friends, what the devil is not joking.

This is approximately how it happens, but – again, circumstances. And the drama would not have happened then. And the drama in Cobra Kai is definitely one of the best on the small screens this year. The characters Macchio and Zabka, who have pretty much added in volume, sausage from side to side, tosses, twists and turns inside out. Although it would seem: adult men, and all waving their limbs.But it’s not about karate. At all. And about the fact that the hero and the villain are one and the same person, depending on the circumstances and point of view.

Summoned to make-up – Studio of theatrical art

Make-up artist is one of the most magical theatrical professions. Her masters are able to change the appearance of an actor beyond recognition. A light wave of the brush – and the eyes smiled. The performer’s dashing youth cannot resist the mesh of wrinkles, gray mustache and beard. The talent of the make-up artist will turn a mischievous girl into an evil old woman, an artist in his prime will transform into a decrepit old man or an enthusiastic student.The prince will become a beggar, the gallant hero will become a sickly squishy, ​​and Buratino may even turn out to be Karabas-Barabas.

Talented make-up artists shared their secrets and secrets with Kultura: Alexandra Turaeva from the Studio of Theater Arts and Elena Strebkova, who has been serving at the Bolshoi for the 36th season. The guides around the world were chosen behind the scenes on the basis of contrast: a young theater house and the main theater of the country, a stage – drama and music, a dressing room – three young ladies in the STI and a team of almost four dozen specialists in the Bolshoi Theater.

In the theatrical make-up artist (translated as “make-up” – “wrinkle”), a wide variety of professions converged: a make-up artist whose makeup adorns the face, a hairdresser who puts his hair into wonderful hairstyles, a companion who is a skilled craftsman in making beards, mustaches, wigs, hairpieces, eyelashes, and, of course, the artist, whose skill and taste determine the overall result. Today, make-up courses and schools appear, specialized departments are opening in cultural institutes, but the most respected educational institution that trains sorcerers who “transform” the appearance of an artist is the Theater College of Art and Technology.It is not easy to enter it – there are too many applicants. Learning is fun: students comprehend drawing, painting, sculpture, art history, types of makeup and techniques for applying it. There are even disciplines such as “plastic anatomy” and “creative hairstyle”. Having learned all the wisdom, a graduate can imagine a severed head with an ax sticking out of it, masterly draw a wound of any severity on an actor’s body, “age” a young face and “tighten” a mature one, present a monster with overhead bloody fangs to the world, and cover a powerful head of hair gently pink bald head.

Make-up is an ancient and mysterious craft. From the magical coloring of primitive bodies to the cheeks of buffoons stained with soot and juice of juicy fruits. Mysterious masks in the tragedies and comedies of Antiquity and recognizable in the Italian commedia dell’arte. Ornaments on the faces of shamans and sorcerers. Make-up of Japanese kabuki, conveying a lot of information about the character to the dedicated viewer. A little more than a century ago, Lev Bakst compared a person’s face to a canvas on which you can paint anything you want – he got picturesque pictures, and before going on stage, the artist himself tinted the dancers with steep rises of the feet and “blushed” the heels.Later, Alexander Tairov joined the evolutionary process – with the thinnest graphic lines he conveyed the embossed shadows of the muscles. Faina Ranevskaya, 23, was made up as an old woman, and she immediately fell in love with this image. Olga Knipper is an ideal translator of the thoughts of Chekhov’s nerve-reflecting heroines – in the role of an inmate of a flophouse in At the Bottom, she emphasized the sharp features and disheveled hair of her disloyal Nastya. The wrinkled face and lop-eared head of the titular adviser Bashmachkin transformed Marina Neyolova beyond recognition.The ballet Firebird flapped a fan of outlandish eyelashes, and the fairy Carabosse frightens more than one generation of spectators with a predatory profile. All these images, “painted” in different years and in different countries, keep the memory of the often nameless masters of the make-up business.

A make-up artist – a person of a creative team that creates a new stage work – often bewitches in his workshop: a room where eyeless pigs with wigs peer into everyone entering, a space with a special smell of powder, glue, paints – and this delicate aroma cannot be confused with a perfume perfume hairdressing salon.

Make-up can be painted and plastic (it is also called volumetric), when any elastic pads are glued to the skin. Modern theater has taken a course towards simplified, everyday, life images. Dramatic stage is less and less likely to meet heroes with lush, bulky hairstyles, with a portrait expressive man-made appearance. Will the make-up profession disappear or become less in demand than in previous eras?

– No, of course, not only historical hairstyles remained, but makeup is always present, – says Alexandra Turaeva.- In our theater, it is natural, “real”, based on the play of nuances – that’s what makes it interesting. On the small stage of STI, the audience sits very close. The make-up should not be noticeable, so we work with light materials. We have such a saying: if there is no makeup, that is, the subtleties of craftsmanship. We use full-fledged theatrical make-up with a face, scrupulously emphasizing the eyes, highlighting the cheekbones and toning the temples – such “sculpting” under the bright spotlights does not make the face flat and preserves its naturalness.

We had an interesting experience – with an “inanimate” character. In “The Suicide”, in the foyer of the theater, a man is sitting. First, they brought an ordinary dummy. We tinted his hands and face, sewed on his mustache and beard, glued on his eyelashes and a wig. Fedor turned out to be reliable, the visitors who dropped in to us reacted to him as a living person.

I had a chance to do plastic make-up: cut scars and broken noses, injuries and wounds, tattooing Celtic patterns – but not in the theater, but in the cinema – on the set of “Marine Patrol”.It turned out to be an interesting practice. Make-up artists generally collect “anomalies”: we notice curious facial features, scars, wrinkle lines in casual fellow travelers – something that an ordinary person will not pay any attention to. My son will break his knee, and I photograph the bruise, watch and fix how it changes the color – you need to know what it will become in a week. Observation piggy bank helps. In the play “Moscow – Petushki” there are “intelligent alcoholics”, each with his own injury: abrasions, bruises – under the eye, on the neck, one has a tattoo on his arm.In “Potudani River” the main character comes after a long journey – tired, covered in dust – we make up all open parts of the body under the road dirt “.

Volumetric plastic, of course, has not disappeared, but has moved a little away from the stage – today it is spelled out in films, fairy tales, classical opera and ballet stories. “Yes, we have a magical exaggerated make-up,” explains Elena Strebkova, “how can Ivan the Terrible in the ballet of the same name, Rothbart in Swan Lake, the fairy Carabosse in The Sleeping Beauty, Mephistopheles in Faust? Nowadays, mainly silicone materials are used – they are very popular, but we often make noses from humose – there is such a special plastic.We put on glue on the base of the nose and sculpt its shape with our hands – lengthen or add a hump – in accordance with the tasks.

So it cannot be said that the realistic make-up has replaced the so-called conventional, fantastic today. They coexist peacefully at the Bolshoi Theater. I remember how I made up Vanya Vasilyeva – he was getting ready to dance “Petrushka”. There were no overlays, she covered her face with white paint and began to carefully draw black eyebrows. Just at that moment Sergei Vikharev entered – he reconstructed this Fokin ballet.Looked and said, “Why are you trying so hard? Smear it with your finger, subtleties and punctuality are not needed here. ” What was required was flashiness, deliberateness, painting. ”

Creativity or craft

Grim is a serious matter in general. A penchant for adventures is not welcome: the sketch is approved by the director and set designer, it is a guide to action. However, in each image, the seal of the author’s taste of the make-up artist remains unchanged.

“Each actor needs an individual approach,” says Alexandra Turaeva.- We have performances where different guys play the same role. It seems that the “silhouette” of the image is the same, but each face has its own subtleties, and what is invented is “drawn” on it in a new way. So the main thing in a make-up artist is creativity, but even without a craft it is impossible in this profession. The developments are endless, the bottom is not, as in any creative business. Something unusual appears all the time, we send ourselves to advanced training courses, participate in competitions to see how colleagues work, compare methods, master modern materials – we must not stagnate.

Elena Strebkova is sure that there is no routine in the work of a make-up artist. “This is a subtle art, each image is an adventure, comprehension of a distant era, and this requires a special attitude, precise colors are needed. Time passed, and I again began to paint, such a need arose – you draw in fantasies and on faces ”.


Each make-up artist has an image – the most difficult, the most beloved, the most endured, the most curious.

“The most difficult make-up is fantasy,” explains Alexandra Turaeva.- It’s easier with the historical one. When we touched a certain era, studied its features, shared ideas, we met the understanding of the stage designer Alexander Davidovich Borovsky. Our thoughts and hits were in line with the director’s intention. And on The Master and Margarita, although there is a certain time frame, they painfully “searched” for the “appearance” of Woland’s mystical retinue, especially the appearance of his servant Gella escaped. Only through numerous and already desperate trials did they come to the result. Gella is especially dear to me – maybe because it was so hard to be born.

One of the curiosities I recall is this: one actress for the filming of the film shaved whiskey and dyed her hair in different colors. They made a wig for her to match her natural color and hairstyle, and we happily glued it to performances – no one noticed any changes in six months.

– My favorite – the Evil Genius in Swan Lake, – says Elena Strebkova, – nose, eyeliner, mimic folds, lips – “work” for a character, domineering and cruel. But at the same time, the hero is filled with bright negative charm and exaggerated makeup should be distinguished by refinement, elegance, and special beauty.Outright evil and mesmerizing charisma are not an easy combination. It is always interesting to work on “Swan”, as well as on all performances by Yuri Grigorovich, because its constant co-author, the magnificent artist Simon Virsaladze, defined pictorial tasks. We followed his sketches. Although the image was created together: the choreographer made adjustments, the artists were also involved.

There is a difference between ballet and opera. “The dancers are young people, their faces are fresh, neat, mostly refined features,” emphasizes Elena.- The range of the operatic age is huge, from a boy to a man in years, from a timid debutante to a prima donna. With age, the volume of the face enlarges, its shape changes, and often it is necessary to make a young hero out of a middle-aged artist, it happens – and vice versa. Ballet dancers have incredible physical activity, and make-up must “hold on” tightly, reliably, so as not to suffer during lifts, fouettes and pirouettes. Faces need to be well powdered, wigs should be firmly fixed. There were times when they got off their heads and fell right in front of the audience, the artists picked them up and ran away from the stage.This should not be allowed. ”

Hair to hair

Separate headache – hairstyles and wigs, and with eyebrows a lot of trouble. “In opera, hair can take on any volume,” Elena continues, “in ballet, one of the canons is one: a small, neat head. Even for a luxurious ball, the Rococo hairstyle is made compact and airy, and the curls are laid out flat. ”

At STI Alexandra deals with performances in which the noble signs of the times are preserved: “The greatest difficulty in our theater is the hairstyle.We practically do not have hairpieces and wigs – we make “historical heads” from the hair of artists. There are nine actresses in the Notebooks, each with a modernist hairstyle, each with its own individuality. There are performances in our playbill – “The Suicide”, “Notes of a Dead Man”, “The Master and Margarita”, where the action takes place at about the same time, and we lay out an undulation for the actresses, such a wave of hair. It looks simple, beautiful and impressive. ”

Alexandra also told how she managed to create in the “Notes of a Dead Man” the almighty secretary Poliksen Toropetskaya, one in three persons – the three actresses are similar, like twin sisters.“It turned out to be difficult precisely because the performers, according to the director’s plan, should be exactly the same. We bought wigs – long, pearlescent in color and worked with them for a long, long time – they dyed them repeatedly, gradually shortened them, cut the bangs, then hid them and finally came to what came up – a chestnut square. They removed the eyebrows, pasted them over and tinted them, and on top they painted one-to-one on all three faces. And of course, the same makeup – it was a long way of searching ”.

To be in time in a couple of minutes

The bustle of the make-up artists does not end with the beginning of the performance – “watch the performance” is an exciting and responsible process.“Of course, we should be close to the actors,” says Elena, “to get my face wet so that my eyes don’t“ run out ”, to powder my shiny forehead, we have to correct the mustache, curls, and wigs. This must be done quickly and dexterously. ”

“There are also such magical transformations as quick dressing up, says Alexandra, – when an actor literally runs backstage for two minutes to change his hairstyle and make-up, put on a hat – the image changes in a matter of seconds, and I like this nervous, exciting atmosphere.In the play “Procession” based on Brodsky, spectators are led through mysterious theatrical spaces – from the foyer to the Small Stage. Twice, literally on the road, in the corner, on the stairs, in fact in front of the public – however, she is distracted by action – the actress takes off her wig, washes her face and becomes completely different. A lot of extreme dressing up in the last premiere of One Day in Macondo – we start working on the play at 11 am and finish at 11 pm, and all 12 hours we continue to work with actors who play several different roles, their characters change. “

Appointment with a psychotherapist

It is said that Mikhail Chekhov made up himself. Andris Liepa also perceived the transformation process as deeply personal. In any troupe there are actresses, albeit a few of them, who like to conjure over tone, lipstick and blush, but for responsible strokes and manipulations with hair, everyone goes to professionals. Make-up artists communicate with the actors before going on stage, are present at the moment of reincarnation, when crossing the border from real life to the mysterious world of captivating play.The make-up artist takes on all the difficult acting problems, and here one cannot do without an innate delicacy and the gift of feeling people. It has long been noticed that make-up artists are sincere people, easy to communicate, they are less capricious and not irritable.

– The relationship in the team is almost family, – says Alexandra. – We have a theater-house, with a warm atmosphere, the actors are students of the same master – Sergei Zhenovach, everything seems to be from the same dynasty, and there is no unhealthy competition, stardom, anger. STI is a comfortable place where actors support each other and us too.Of course, everyone is subject to different moods – people are temperamental, creative, and sometimes such nervous irritation is in the air before complex performances. We were taught by the masters that the make-up artist is always a bit of a psychologist.

– Yes, the make-up artist is a kind of psychotherapist, Elena agrees. – Artists, of course, are worried before going on stage. We try to support them – with attention, a joke. We listen, and we ourselves quickly, efficiently do our job – easily and naturally, in order to instill confidence in the artists.I always try to maintain a neutral, collected state, I do not get distracted by personal problems, I don’t burden anyone with my questions. You know, young artists, still timid and shy, getting into the troupe, choose experienced make-up artists for themselves, and, I think, in order for our calmness and poise to help them. We often have a kind of “chemistry of relations” with the actors.

Once young Nikolai Tsiskaridze came to me – and stayed: all the years that he danced at the Bolshoi, from the first day to the last, we were together.He is a demanding person, first of all, of himself, and for him there are no trifles in art. It was an interesting stage in my life, and it was easy to work with him, he always knew what he wanted.

The artist’s desire and personality influence the make-up. But nothing can be imposed – there will be no result, even if he resigns himself. You need to ask about what he wants, and only then try a new image. And, of course, not before a performance. I don’t know about drama troupes, but our artists do not like any innovations before going on stage, the traditional repetition of the same process is important for them.Apparently, he helps them to concentrate and carries information about stability – they say, everything is as usual, do not worry.

Indeed, what is there to worry about? The make-up artist is nearby.

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