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Member Spotlight – Gary Lester

For our gym members who may not know you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from? How did you find your way to the Emerald City and Fremont Health Club? How long have you been an FHC member?

Yes, I’m originally from a very small town in Louisiana, and spent my first 18 years on a small farm with my parents and 3 siblings. After graduating from high school, I moved to Baton Rouge to entered LSU. My major was zoology, and I followed the typical science curriculum. I moved to Seattle in 2013 with my partner. He was living in Atlanta; I, in Baton Rouge at the time, and we had maintained a long-distance relationship for several years. A three-month trip together to Quito, Ecuador gave us the confidence that our commitments were, indeed, long-term. We developed a short US list of cities where we had an interest in residing. Seattle was on that list. A few months later, he accepted a position here. In 1998, we were married here in Seattle, and hope to remain in this area. We were at another health club in Fremont until it closed in 2014 or 2015, at which time we joined FHC.

Growing up in Louisiana must of been a unique experience. Some people say there’s Earth, the U.S., and then there’s Louisiana which is like a whole other planet in itself. Would you agree with that?

I guess we all like to find there’s something special about where we live, but Louisiana is somewhat unique. For one thing, it’s the only state government that is based on French law, not English law. Even the state divisions are parishes, not counties. The state at all levels of government, is organized somewhat differently than the rest of the US states. This in itself makes it different in governing its citizens. From how the land was originally surveyed and divided into non-rectangular townships, ranges, and sections, etc. it does not look like similar divisions in other states. Its geology is primarily influenced by sediments brought southward by the Mississippi River. Thus, much of the land is defined as wetland. There’s a joke that Louisianians must have webbed toes to get around. The webbing isn’t true, but the water table is so close to the land surface, that even burials must be above ground. When you dig a grave, at least in the southern parishes, it fills with water, and a casket floats. A culture has developed around its singularities. It’s what is referred to laissez les bon temps roulez, or let the good times roll. The people are known for throwing a party (fais do-do) or parade for no reason. Even the language has many French connections. I could write at length about the food, but…Who hasn’t been to New Orleans and gone home changed? Yes. If it’s in your heritage, you look at everything through different eyes.

You’ve had an extensive career as a biologist, yes? Is it true you were doing studies in the field and leading conservation projects of different wildlife species across Louisiana? Did you ever work anywhere else? Can you tell us some of the species you’ve worked with?

Yes, after getting my MS degree, I was hired by the state Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries. I developed the state’s endangered species program, which involved populating a list of protected species, and laws protecting them. In that capacity, I worked with other state and federal agencies, as well as private and public conservation sectors to conserve wildlife. This included private landowners and large commercial corporations (such as forestry-related industries) to develop conservation plans. I was involved in major conservation issues with such species as the Louisiana black bear, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, and the Louisiana pine snake, to name a few. The program did annual surveys of bald eagles, gopher tortoises, etc., and the Louisiana pearlshell, a species found only in Louisiana. It lives in shallow creeks in central Louisiana, often moving less than a few feet in it’s lifetime. They might live 75 years. My special interest has always been in birds. As an undergraduate I worked at the Museum of Natural Science on campus. While there, I was invited to participate in a 3-month bird expedition to Peru. It was my first trip outside the state. After getting my BS, I also worked in Ecuador for Yale University. I lived in a tent for three months in the jungle, collecting bird BLOOD.

When you retired you took up writing and editing manuscripts, yes? Have you always been a writer? What genres do you work in?

As a professional biologist, my interest in writing was solely restricted to science-related issues related to my work. When I retired, and moved to Seattle, I took a writing class at UW. Flash fiction was what I wrote for several years. Stories that were limited to 750 or so words. More recently, I’ve written fiction short stories (up to 3,500 word lengths) loosely based on my experiences traveling that summer in Peru and my time living and working in the jungle in Ecuador. More recently, I’ve become interested in poetry. That’s what I’m mostly writing now. I belong to two Seattle writing groups. Not a week goes by that I’m not reading my stories/poems to others and hearing their stories read. I’m having such fun gnawing at books of poetry. But hey, isn’t that everyone’s goal in life—have fun learning?

You’re also very well-traveled Gary. How many countries have you’ve been to? What’s been your favorite destination? Any recommendations?

I’ve been so fortunate to have traveled to all the US states and 35 countries. My love for other places and their culture has moved me to adopt two children, a son from Chile, and a daughter from Brazil. I also have one biological son. They live near Baton Rouge. My favorite? I tell everyone that asks me that question, wherever I am at the moment, wherever I am on the globe is my favorite place to be. I guess that reflects my live-for-and in-the-moment approach to living, in general. I always find happiness where I am. Recommendations? Don’t miss an opportunity to see Iguaçu Falls on the Brazil/Argentina border, the Andes Mountains in Peru, and Thailand. But don’t limit yourself. Find your own special place. It might be as near as Carkeek Park, Seattle.

Mod Spotlight: Planetalgol – Project Zomboid

The Zomboid mod scene is currently in full bloom, and so is our Mod Spotlight thanks to our writer friend @Pat_Bren_Writer! This month, Patrick has chosen to take a look at the numerous and diverse mods of Planetalgol.

The Many Mods of Planetalgol

Spend any time looking in the PZ Steam workshop and you’ll almost immediately come across the work of Planetalgol, who has an incredible 119 (!) mods listed at the time of writing.

Activate several of his mods at random and you’ll find yourself firing your flare gun at sprinting zombies, flinging smoke grenades you have attached to your military webbing, and sheltering from toxic fog in a secret, zombie infested base.

But where to start? How do you prioritise with such a horde of mods bearing down on you? Thankfully, Mod Spotlight is here to help! We’ve been in touch with the author himself to highlight some of his best mods to get you settled into the strange and wonderful world that is Planetalgol.

Terror Zeds

The first line of this mod’s description reads “WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS MOD!!!” which just about sums it up. If you thought PZ’s basic zombies were hard to kill, wait until you’re trying to out-sprint sprinting ones suddenly bursting from a horde of their slower brethren, being chewed on by walking skeletons, dodging fire zombies and ones whose sounds attract nearby fellow undead. DO NOT USE THIS MOD!

Lab Complex Alpha

Regular survivors may have noticed a strange facility at the end of a series of winding mud roads to the southwest. We’ll let you come to your own conclusions as to the purpose of this base, but Planetalgol’s mod adds an entirely new layer to the base – literally!

Find the elevator and you can head down to the underground level where a twisting maze of medical rooms, construction sites, and who knows what else horror awaits. A true end game challenge for PZ veterans.


A lot deeper than it first appears, ZREs adds military rations and their components to PZ. Unpack rations to find base foods to make new meals, or pack rations together into boxes for efficient storage. This is a mod for the long term survivor.

Advanced G.E.A.R.

Definitely for the action-oriented survivor, this compilation mod adds a variety of new weapons to PZ, along with new clothing and gear to hold them in. A flare gun, incendiary grenades, a knuckleduster and landmines are some of the new tools you can play with. Just don’t forget to use the new gun cleaning kits before a big firefight.

Worse Searching, and Even Worse Looting

These two separate but related mods increase the tension of searching containers throughout the world. Worse Searching, inspired by Escape from Tarkov, hides the contents of a container until they are searched through a timed action. Even Worse Looting goes a step further by adding locked containers and their keys to the world.

Toxic Fog

A you-get-what-it-says-on-the-tin mod, this makes PZ’s beautiful pure white fog turn green and deadly. Make sure you have your gas mask to hand if you venture out, and for an even greater challenge, rain can be made toxic too.


After somehow surviving all of that, we headed to Planetalgol’s safehouse to ask him a few more questions about his many mods.

Who are you in real life?

“I’m an older punk rock/metal dude. My earliest memories are from when I lived on a First Nations reservation in the Canadian bush country where you had to get flown in and out by floatplanes. I’ve been a cook in fine dining, a construction foreman, and a bartender/bouncer at an illegal underground bar, among other things.”

How did you first discover PZ? Why do you like it?

“I think it was a friend of mine, a film professor and big Romero fan, who first told me about PZ, back when the zombies looked like weird green aliens. A couple of years ago I had spare time to fill, looked it up again and got hooked by multiplayer.”

“I played on Ambiguous Amphibian’s server, which has no PVP safety or player names displayed. I found the combination of trying to avoid getting killed by other players, and the trash and corpse strewn post apocalyptic environment to be magical.”

“My preference has always been for really punishing hardcore games, all the way back to Nethack through to Dark Souls, and PZ just totally slotted into that for me.”

You are a very prolific modder – 119 are listed on the workshop. Do you have many more in the works? Why do you think you have this rapid-fire approach?

“Currently there are actually 128 mods of mine on the workshop. However that includes a couple of private test mods, and does not count several mods I haven’t uploaded that “work” but I don’t feel are ready to upload. So the number is closer to 200 overall.”

“My rapid-fire approach probably has a lot to do with my pandemic lockdown situation more than anything else. As well, the majority of the mods are really simple affairs that don’t require much time or effort to wrap up.”

What do you consider your best mods? Are they also your most popular ones?

Best is hard to pin down. Best for increasing the base game difficulty without radically changing the gameplay would be Worse Searching and Even Worse looting. Best for being weird, wild and hardcore ruthless would be Terror Zeds. Best for providing hardcore, endgame level challenge content would be Lab Complex Alpha.”

“Worse Searching and Even Worse Looting are surprisingly popular, but my most popular mods tend to be my most shallow ones that just add new tactical toys to play with!”

How did you get into PZ modding? Did you have experience modding other games previously?

“Initially I got into modding to make custom content for my MP server and just kept on going. The majority of my stuff is designed with using it on my, super ruthlessly ridiculously player-adversarial hardcore hellhole server in mind.”

“Previously I extensively DMed weirdo oldschool Dungeons & Dragons, and dabbled in some writing for it and some other indie RPG stuff, and that has a big influence on my approach.”

What are your general principles for PZ mods? Do you think things should be made harder, easier, more realistic etc?

“A fair amount of my stuff has the goal of making the game harder, and a lot of my mods that could make the game easier, such as tactical gear stuff, are made with the intent of using them with other mods that make the game harder. For example, some of my grenade mods would make PZ easier when used with vanilla zombies, but if you look at those mods in the context of using them with Terror Zeds they don’t seem so overpowered.”

“Almost all of my mods are made with the goal of using them for my super ridiculous hellhole server. Worse Searching, Even Worse Looting, and Worse Vehicle Condition were made with the idea of complicating and slowing down the initial player looting rush and the smart rascals clean out towns in a matter of hours.”

“A lot of other creators’ mods make the game easier and, although that’s not my bag, I think it’s great that those options are being generated for people who want that out of the game.”

Other than your own, which mods do you enjoy?

“It’s hard to get into this without leaving anyone out by accident! I have a lot of respect for the usual big names, Fenris Wolf/ORGM, Filibuster, Paw Low, SoulFilcher and Snake.” [EDIT: Snake’s awesome mod repository can be found here!]

“Eerie Country is my favourite map mod. It wonderfully captures horror movie vibes and I find it such a pleasure to play in. The Scrap Weapons/Guns and Armor mods are something I find really charming and fun. A guy called Madman Andre has been quietly releasing a lot of great food/”realism” mods.”

“Oh, and Nocturnal Zombies! That mod is an absolute treat and the gold standard for enhancing zombies in a multiplayer environment.”

What’s next in your modding plans? What’s the dream?

“Oh lordy, I have so much stuff on my backburners right now. I’m working on Apocalypse Machines that adds more post-apocalypse style vehicles and wrecks to the game, as well as a suite of mods that add shipping containers, animal corpses, hidden caches etc. and multiplayer stuff for faction and base raiding play. I’m also making a Mars base map/total conversion, as well as more endgame/raid dungeon style map content in the vein of Lab Complex Alpha.”

“But my dream is to properly mod in monsters when animals are released and make a game like PZ crossed with Escape From Tarkov, but it’s an insane irrational monster apocalypse like Stephen King’s The Mist. Alligators, mutant dinosaurs, zombie alligators, zombie mutant dinosaurs, off-brand Terminators, Lovecraft knockoffs. I can’t wait!”


Thanks to Planetalgol for taking time to answer these questions in such great depth. Next month Pat will be digging into one of the most exciting user maps currently available – so stay tuned!

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MMI Outdoor Adventure Series: Best Outdoor Webbing

Welcome back! For the second blog in our Outdoor Adventure Blog Series we’re moving beyond fabrics. As your total textile supplier we also offer many other raw materials that are perfect to help you build the best quality outdoor products for your customers. Today we are going to focus on webbing!

Webbing is used in various outdoor applications including bags/backpacks, hiking/camping/marine gear, pet accessories, and much more. We offer a broad line of webbing in a variety of weaves, widths, thicknesses, and colors. An assortment of finishes can be applied to webbing as well – so it performs the exact function required.

Webbing can be woven from various yarns…we supply polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and cotton webbing. Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon are especially great picks for outdoor use.


Polypro webbing has excellent UV protection and does not absorb water, giving it resistance to mold/mildew and rot. It comes in a variety of colors and is inexpensive – making it the best webbing to meet your budget goals. It’s not meant for holding extremely heavy loads, but still works well for a variety of applications that don’t require high break strengths.

Polypropylene webbing is commonly used for rafting/kayaking straps, camping/hiking gear, tent straps, bags/backpacks, belts, and pet accessories.


Polyester is the most popular type of webbing in general. It will not stretch when wet (unlike nylon or cotton webbing) and doesn’t easily allow mildew or mold to grow. Not to mention its excellent resistance to abrasion. This type of webbing will have no problem standing up to tough adverse conditions and situations!

Polyester webbing is ideal for hiking/camping gear, bags/backpacks, tent/hammock straps, boating/marine accessories, and outdoor sporting equipment.


Nylon webbing is unmatched for high abrasion applications but doesn’t do as well as polypropylene or polyester webbing with water. Nylon is still a good choice for outdoor webbing due to its high tensile strength – it’s extremely durable and is not known to break or snap as easily as other materials. The lightweight nature of nylon is also key. Outdoor gear manufacturers appreciate that they can minimize weight for their customer while still providing dependable products.

Nylon webbing has numerous outdoor uses including equestrian/pet accessories, outdoor sporting goods, bags/backpacks, kayaking/rafting/boating gear, mountain climbing gear, tent adjusters, and much more.

Our stock nylon webbing to check out:
Stock Solution-dyed Webbing & Binding Tape
We are currently stocking the below solution-dyed webbing in solid military colors (which also look great on outdoor gear).

Available Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Wolf Gray, and Ranger Green

*MIL-W-17337 Class 2
Available Widths: 3/4″ 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″

A-A-55301 Type 3
Available Widths: 1″

*Commercial variance to accommodate solution-dyed yarn

Check out our webbing closeouts list as well – there are currently several products on the list at LOW prices that would work great for outdoor applications.

Please let us know if you need webbing for your next outdoor gear or apparel project. Contact us or give us a call at 440-899-8050 for pricing, samples, and more information.

Ye Olde Comic Book Temple: Review – Digital Webbing Presents – Spotlight Special

I first read this comic book, Digital Webbing Presents Spotlight Special Issue # 1, a few months back. But, having begun focusing more on writing comic book reviews, of late, I wanted to go back and dig it up.


Well, to share a few of my thoughts about it, of course, and to spotlight this Spotlight Special, because I think that it is worthy of bringing some attention to.

Again, though, I pose the question: Why?

Well, mainly it’s because of the second of the two tales that this particular issue encompasses within the scope of its pages.

Not because the first story has no merit, because it does. Rather, I have a friend who runs his own pest control business, so naturally, I thought of him, when I began reading the second story in this issue.

Good facial expressions. Nice special effects.

But, that’s more of a reason as to why I was drawn to it, rather than why it warrants an actual review. The fact of the matter is that I just plain enjoyed the story, itself, as well as the characters that it contained.
Solid lettering & speech bubbles.

Comic books are a medium of expression that are well-equipped to bring any kind of concept to life. One of the reasons that I like comic books is because they invariably cause me to spend more time thinking about them, than it takes for me to actually read them. In other words, the imagination-to-reading ration tends to be fairly high. It is usually a net positive for the imagination side of the equation.

But, lest the creators behind the first tale, The Last Paladin, think that I have entirely dispensed with mention of them, let’s talk about that story, first.

The Last Paladin is the longer of the two tales contained within this issue, with the shorter story being the one featuring the Klik Boom Exterminators, Got Buggz?

BAM! Power on display!
A comparison of the two tales to one another strikes me as a very natural thing to do, even though they are quite different in their approach to telling their respective stories.

The Last Paladin is a serious read. It is a tale that is told in a serious vein. It means business.

Got Buggz? is, by contrast, an exercise in humor. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, at all. Then again, you shouldn’t either.

I want to compare the two, for the very simple reason that they are close by one another, stuffed side-by-side into the same issue, together. They are conveniently situated, which makes it extremely convenient for me to think about one, while I am thinking about the other. The issue, as a whole, benefits from the depth and range that containing more than one story typically provides.

Great special effects lettering really makes the page vibrate, visually!

If you like the color blue, then this issue should be a good choice for you – for the entire issue is awash in it. That is more of an observation-in-passing, than anything else. It’s just something that I noticed, while reading this comic book. It stood out to me. My eyes took notice of it.
Tool of the superhero trade.
 The Last Paladin starts out with an accident. It isn’t long before Dr. Zack Machin finds himself unexpectedly transformed into an Atlantian Paladin, which as it turns out, is a royal guard of Atlantis.

The Atlantis connection to this story isn’t expected, at first. Rather, it is sprung upon you, mid-story. That’s a good thing, though, in this instance, because the story takes on a more dynamic and energetic look, thereafter.

The look of the paladin character reminds me of Doctor Fate, somewhat. Notably, the helm and the color scheme of his costume are responsible for this mental association, even though I don’t walk away from this story with the feeling that the character is a rip off of Doctor Fate.

Pitiful looking attempts at zombies.
That said, I do have some personal nits to pick with it – but, they may well be nits that others simply don’t share my occupation with.

I like the lettering. It’s really good, both the English and the Atlantis-inspired equivalent. Good lettering, though, tends to be something that the reader doesn’t notice. Instead, it tends to get taken for granted. You tend to notice – and pay attention to – lettering more, if it isn’t good.

The special effects lettering helps bring the visuals to life. Special effects lettering is a form of eye candy – and the candy is visually tasty, in this one! On page one of The Last Paladin, I am not a fan of the lettering for the credits. The white text with blue outline, in conjunction with the font choice in use, makes it difficult for me to make the names of those responsible for producing this story without me zooming in on my PDF copy of this comic book.

Women can be trouble.

But, who really cares about the credits, right? Well, aside from those who actually produced this baby, probably not many, I suspect.

Overall, I think that it’s a hard call, between the artist and the colorist, as to who did the better job with The Last Paladin. My eye tends to favor the colorist on this one, though. But, if the special effects lettering wasn’t there, honestly, I just plain don’t know.

Unlike the second tale, Got Buggz?, the first story makes frequent resort to narrative boxes. The Last Paladin features what I will call a double edge, on the lower and right edges of the narrative boxes, for instances where the narrative boxes are used strictly for dialogue between characters, as opposed to instances where they are used for narration, itself. Now, is this a better approach to utilizing narrative boxes? Honestly, I don’t know. Functionally, there’s a difference, but visually speaking, what’s the net gain for the reader? For me, personally, there really wasn’t any.

It looks better up close, than when read at actual size.

Rather, as I go back and flip back and forth through The Last Paladin, those narrative boxes catch my eye – but, not in a good way.
Good visual!
As I continue flipping the pages of this comic book, my eye begins to appreciate the colorist more, and the artist less. The artist gets the job done, but the visual impact brought forth in the panels is dominated by the colorist. The colorist was more consistent with making the pages feel energetic, than the artist was with the rendering of facial expressions for emotional effect. In a way, it’s a comparison of apples to oranges, but comparisons of various types are part and parcel of what a review process necessarily entails.

One area where I will hold the colorist out for special criticism is in the coloring of the skin of characters in The Last Paladin. In instances, it looks globbed on, and the coloring of human skin was the weakest area of performance by the colorist for this particular story.

I love the rough edges. It adds an aged look.
Apparently, a royal guard of Atlantis has multiple options at their disposal, when it comes to combat. They carry sidearms and they possess powers that are not sidearm-dependent.

The human eye is a very hi-tech device. It is geared towards color and contrast. It is well-versed in nuance and degree. I really wish I better understood why the creators of The Last Paladin opted for the color scheme that they chose for the narrative boxes. Overall, the choice made for less visual contrast on the pages. Pages soaked in blue were treated to more blue, and pages clothed with brown were treated to even more brown. Why is that to be desired, I wonder? What drives colorists to make decisions like this?

The darker blue narrative boxes near the end of The Last Paladin, the ones adorned with white text, those provided the least visual contrast – and text is something that performs best, visually, when contrast is strong. This was actually the worst part of the comic book’s construction. It visually detracts from the storytelling, as it seeks to drive my eye away. In layman’s terms, it’s eyehurt. Oh, sure, the zoom option is always there, for a comic book being read in digital format. But, simply to read a comic book, I don’t feel that I should even have to worry about whether to zoom in or not. If I have to, then deficiency in the construction of the comic book has set in.

A Turth Blade, dammit!
The Last Paladin doesn’t waste a lot of time introducing you to the characters populating its panels. But, it does a decent enough job of setting the reader up for what is to follow in the next issue.

The panelwork, itself, is pretty good. It offers diversity in the visual presentation of the story, and the panels add to the telling of the story.

Now, on to the second tale presented in this comic book – Got Buggz?

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters or Klik Boom? Bugs are more common that ghosts.

What we have here is a delightful little (as in short, aka brief) story about a couple of exterminators taking a job – a job that turns out not quite as expected.

Great character depictions help to bring this story to life. Kudos to the artist for that!

It knocked the wind out of me, too.
These particular exterminators are well-armed to get the job done. But, that doesn’t stop them from the error of their own ways.

I don’t think that bungling is the right word to describe them, but they sure do get in over their head – and really quick, at that.

If words could kill, then these fellows would be the deadliest guys in the business, because they are dialogue-blessed. But, it suits them, and it serves the story well.

Yeah, Harry! Go on!
The characters are colorful, well-animated, and full of facial expressions. This combination lies at the very core of why I love them!

Instead of bungling, the word that I am looking for is antics. These guys are full of antics, and when all is said and done, they know how to deliver on the humor.

Did I mention that they seem to be made out of what?

What the Hell?!

But, it makes for some good visuals.

The lettering in Got Buggz? is solid. It’s another positive performance by letterer Ed Dukeshire.

Beautiful lettering, beautiful bubbles! Nice tie.
The special effects lettering? Well, compared to The Last Paladin, special effects lettering is not the strength of Got Buggz? It’s been all but exterminated, it seems, though in the few instances in which it is used, it is utilized in a subdued manner. It doesn’t hurt the story, though.

Overall, Got Buggz? is a vastly cleaner visual presentation than The Last Paladin. The colorist makes use of a far wider range of colors, and my eye is loving it. Narrative boxes are nowhere to be found, with the text being handled by some nicely rendered speech bubbles.

Lest I be remiss, though, the speech bubbles in The Last Paladin looked good, as well. They certainly contributed to that story far more than the narrative boxes did, as far as the visual quality of that production is concerned.

A great visual. That van with the big bug on top helps to set the mood.

At a mere eight pages in length, our friendly exterminators at Klik Boom don’t receive much in payment in the form of page allocation. Nonetheless, they still manage to get the job done.
The story of his life, no doubt.
The last page sews their performance up rather nicely, I think. It left me wanting more.

So, if you have a craving for a comic book story to read, or if you just need an exterminator, give Klik Boom a call.

They’ll be glad that you did!

Digital Webbing Presents – Spotlight Special – Issue # 1
Publisher: Digital Webbing Press
Story: The Last Paladin
Writer: Ian Ascher
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Colorist: Matt Webb
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Editor: Randy Buccini
Logo: Scott LeMien

Story: Got Buggz?
Writer: Ron Phillips
Artist: Ryan Ottley
Colorist: Chris Mendoza
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Editor: Ed Dukeshire

Don’t be a dog or a doofus! Read this story, instead.

Project Spotlight: Middletown Elementary School

Students at Maryland’s Middletown Elementary School now have a new playground to call home during recess. The play space is inclusive, meaning it is accessible for all of Middletown’s students, regardless of ability.

The school takes part in its district’s Challenges Program, which caters to the needs of children with autism and/or severe communication disorders. In need of a new playground, elementary school administrators wanted a play space for all of its students to enjoy and hired local Playworld Systems’ distributor, Playground Specialists Inc. The company installed one of the first totally inclusive playgrounds in the Frederick County Public School System – and one of just a couple in the region.
















The inclusive playground at Middletown Elementary School features:

Cruise Line
This unique ride gives the kids at Middletown the thrill of something exciting and new with perceived risk and speed. Riders can sit back-to-back, face-to-face, alone, or even lie down.


PlayWeb provides a unique place for students to hang out and interact with their classmates. Exciting climbing challenges foster curiosity and build confidence for elementary school-aged children. Just the right size for smaller spaces, PlayWeb sturdy frame and moving rope webbing challenges children to climb and interact with friends while experiencing perceived risk.

This 360-degree spinning apparatus can hold several students at once and helps improve balance, muscle control and gross motor skills. Black rope netting adds an element of surprise and keeps kids playing longer. The closer users stand to the center pole, the faster Spinami spins.


Cozy Cocoon
This piece of equipment is fun for all students, but specially designed for children with autism spectrum disorders. Cozy Cocoon provides an enclosed space for one child to escape the playground when s/he becomes over stimulated.


Triumph Climber
Students at Middletown Elementary have the industry’s first all-steel inclusive climber on their new playground. Triumph Climber’s various challenge levels lets children of all abilities climb and play together in one contiguous space, generating a sense of achievement and self-esteem. The low-profile allows aids easy access to assist with transfers.


The students of Middletown Elementary School loved the new inclusive playground. “All of the children in the school were so excited,” said Jeff Barber, president of Playground Specialists Inc. “On this playground they’re meeting new friends that they wouldn’t ordinarily interact with, learning the similarities they have with one another.”

From the Cruise Line to the Cozy Cocoon, the students of Middletown Elementary School can take a break from the day’s stresses and just have fun together.

What are some of your fondest memories from recess? Tell us in the comments.

If you see these weird dots or cobwebs in your eye, they are probably eye floaters

Have you noticed these strange little cobwebs or squiggly lines in your vision?

Maybe they are transparent?

A blue sky with white squiggly “floaters”.(

Flickr: Mistasista/ABC News


Or maybe you see these black dots instead?

A blue sky with black dot “floaters”.(

Flickr: Mistasista/ABC News


They are called eye floaters and are quite common for most people due to changes in the vitreous — the gel-like substance that helps make up most of the shape of your eye.

As you get older, the vitreous gel becomes more liquid and tiny fibres within it shrink and break down, forming clumps or strings that can cast shadows on the back of the eye.

And those weird strings that you see in your vision are floaters.

When do you notice them?

President of the Australian College of Optometry Konrad Pesudovs said most of the time you don’t really notice floaters.

But you can normally spot them if you look at a bright, white wall or if you’re looking at a clear blue sky.

“With lots of light and a clear blue background people can usually pick them up,” Mr Pesudovs said.

As you get older, you may also notice a large ring floater in your eye as well.

“It’s known as a posterior vitreous detachment, which sounds serious but is fairly benign, and it happens when the bag containing the gel breaks away from the retina behind it,” he said.

“When that happens, particularly from the optic disc, it can leave quite a large ring floater — it’s called a weiss ring and it’s a common thing when people suddenly get this new big floater that is typically ring shaped.

“It typically happens after 50, for everyone, but most people don’t notice it.”

What if you’ve had them since you were young?

Dr Pesudovs said that’s normal and optometrists are used to seeing people who have got floaters “all the time”.

“I can remember seeing them from when I was 20, so absolutely everyone has them but the second step [posterior vitreous detachment] is typically a process that occurs after 50 … when you get this new ring-shaped floater at the back of the eye,” he said.

“It’s just something that happens and people get worried about it.”

Should you be worried about them?

Not really. Dr Pesudovs said seeing dots or clumps in the back of your eye from time to time is quite common.

Blue light marketing scare

Vitamin companies peddling “ludicrous” claims about products that protect children’s eyes from blue light emitted by digital devices, according to doctors.

Read more

“It happens to everyone — floaters and posterior vitreous detachment over time — but for some people, it can lead to a serious problem of retinal detachment or retinal tear,” he said.

Dr Pesudovs said that can happen when there is an “excessively strong adherence between the vitreous and the retina”, so when the bag comes off it tears a small hole in the retina.

“It doesn’t happen very often but it is serious when it does occur, and there are additional symptoms with that like sparks of light and similar things,” he said.

Dr Pesudovs said if you notice any new or sudden onset of floaters or if you begin experiencing flashes of light they can be triggers to go and get your eyes examined.

“Everyone gets small floaters but generally what optometrists and ophthalmologists are interested in is the sudden onset of new floaters,” he said.

“[Flashes of light are] more serious, although often that’s just a tug on the retina and it doesn’t lead to a detachment but it’s definitely a trigger to get the eyes examined.

“There are some other infrequent causes of floaters, like inflammation in the eye or a haemorrhage into the eye so when new, different things suddenly happen it’s worth getting your eyes checked.”

People who are concerned are advised to make an appointment with an optometrist or see a GP, who can then provide a referral to an ophthalmologist.

But otherwise, floaters or flashes of light are just something to mention at a routine eye examination.

So can they be worse for some more than others?

Dr Pesudovs said some people do notice them more than others.

“It’s a really interesting thing, I’ve met three people over the course of my career who have been so upset by floaters, they’ve been suicidal,” he said.

“There are some people who just get really concerned about their floaters, obviously that’s an extreme thing but I suppose it’s like anything that you can become fixated on and bothered by.”

Although he said he’s examined other patients who have had lots of floaters, but who say they have never noticed them.

“It’s absolutely amazing how people vary in the extent in which they a) notice and b) are bothered by it,” he said.

Can they be treated?

Yes. Laser treatment is available for people who are really bothered by floaters.

“Big floaters can be destroyed with laser treatment … and ophthalmologists can actually use this laser to treat really problem floaters,” Dr Pesudovs said.

But he says to be wary of scammers.

“Interestingly, I’ve seen spam about floaters so it must be a sufficiently common thing in the general population that even people that generate spam think it’s worth phishing on the issue,” he said.

Wholesale Naroow Beam Angle Spotlight 50W LED

Wholesale naroow spotlight angle 50W LED

Specifications for wholesale naroow spotlight angle 50W LED,

0 Energy efficiency

Supply voltage


Power supply


LED chip


Quantity indicator



810 (L) * 325 (W) * 220 (H) mm

Coefficient power

> 0.95

Luminous flux

> 5000lm

Lamp efficiency

> 100Lm / w


> 80

> 90%

Operating temperature

-25 to 55

Service life


Product weight

6 kg

CE & RoHS 9008


5 Years

Advantages of Wholesale Naroow Beam Angle 50W LED Flood Light,
1.waterproof IP65
Using waterproof connector and semiconductor rubber seal, up to IP65, installed
For harsh environments.
2.Perfect design of the shoulder strap
Each piece is also closely spaced ribs remain equal participation, shape as a whole, effectively enhance the
Stiffening rib, combined with minimum weight for maximum heat dissipation.
3.High quality glass panel
3-5mm tempered glass, reliably protect the light source, and light transmittance
Up to 98%
4.Perfect shaper design
Assembly plate and cooling plate are tightly mated to minimize thermal resistance without coating, improved
tank design and environmental protection.
5. HDT technology
High efficiency copper piping connect the heat source directly, quickly emit energy to heat the fins
6. Wide application
200W to 500 W, motion sensor
Available RGB colors
Gas station, billboard advertising, building, bridge, stadium , Street, Roads, Warehouse, Garden, Trees, etc.

Warranty for wholesale naroow beam angle of 50W LED floodlight,
As in the scope of the joy of the company, we can promise you that all our LED floodlights have 3 years warranty
If any problem within 3 years, we will send you God and new items to replace damaged items for free,
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Trade term for wholesale naroow spotlight angle 50W LED,
1.Payment: T / T & Paypal & Western Union, 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment.
2.Time indicator for 1-10pc production: 1-3 days, 10-50pcs: 3-7days; LF (50-300pcs: 7-15 days
3.Sample is available
4.shipping fee is specified based on request
5.Port of shipment: Shenzhen
6.Order volume discounts offered.
7.MOQ: Any PC is welcome.

Our Services:
1. Any inquiries will be replied in 24 hours.
2. All your inquiries will be fully explained by our experienced staff.
3. All after-sale problems will be dealt with in 24 hours.
4. OEM and ODM.
5. Distributorship is available for your unique designs and some of our current models.
6. We will disclose the client’s sales secret, design ideas and all other personal information.
7. Offer 5 years warranty.
8.Lighting design for free — provide IES file, design and lighting Dialux solution.

Seat Belt Corrector (Blue)


The harness strap corrector allows you to direct the regular harness so that the diagonal harness strap passes over the child’s shoulder and chest and does not slip on the neck.


  • Very compact and lightweight device!
Quickly installed and removed, takes up little space in the car, can be easily transferred from one car to another!
  • Creates comfort while traveling!
With our device, the child will feel comfortable during the trip, regardless of the seat belt!
  • Reliable and convenient device!
The DUU has a reliable and comfortable design and is made of durable materials: dense and at the same time pleasant to the body fabric, durable and soft inner part of the device, reliable fastening in the form of metal buttons and buttons.

Instructions for use

  • Inspect the child restraint to make sure it is not defective or damaged. It is dangerous to use a device that is damaged or defective.
  • Place the child in the seat and fasten the seat belt, making sure the child is touching the back of the seat.
  • Unfasten the buttons on the remote control and pass the waist strap into the formed lower channel without twisting it, fasten the buttons.
  • Move the device to get the strap in the correct position: the diagonal strap should go over your shoulder and the lap strap just above your hips. Do not pass the belt close to hand or behind your child’s back. The lap belt should always be over the child’s hips. Avoid slack in the seatbelt straps
  • To remove the remote control, unfasten the buttons.
We recommend installing the remote control system according to the instructions, other installation or changing the shape of the device is dangerous!


  • The lap strap should be positioned as low as possible to firmly hold the child’s torso at pelvic level
  • All harness straps must pass over the child’s shoulder, keeping the strap away from the neck area.
  • It is not recommended to leave a child unattended in a car with a fastened seat belt in the DUU
  • After a trip with a remote control, you can leave it on the seat belt
  • In case of contamination, the DUU is subject to manual dry cleaning or damp washing with detergents at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, followed by drying. It is prohibited to wring out or wash the remote control in the washing machine.
Safety features
Type belt adapter
90,000 Amateur stories “Metro 2033” | Fandom

Metro 2033: Threat to Humanity mini-story

– “How long have you been pulling the strap here?” – Comrade Shakhov asked with a sad smile.

– “No”, – Mikhail muttered not very audibly, peering somewhere into the distance, into the tunnel mist. However, there was not much choice: either to look into the familiar darkness, which was barely illuminated by the ray of an old half-dead searchlight from the trolley, or to admire the very unpleasant face of a recent acquaintance. Meanwhile, there was a suspicious silence around …

– “So, a newcomer?” – the red one asked dimly, – “Out of despair, you came to us or do you really support this one… “Interstation”? ”

– “And you, I see, are not a special patriot …” – Mikhail remarked, – “How long to go?”

– “Well, decent. We have to make a detour … bandits with evil spirits do not give rest! And our people are not sent there, in the tunnels, because we are busy with this damned war with the fascists … Ha, a useful thing! And where is the Metro heading? ” – Shakhov perked up a little. Everyone seemed to be pensive … The face of the young soldier, disfigured by numerous scars, again assumed an indifferent expression.

– “What about the face?” – Misha asked carefully, as if with sympathy.

– “Guards”, – comrade Shakhov answered firmly and without a drop of embarrassment, – “Dangerous beasts, but spiteful, what are your devils.”

There was a long silence, only sometimes interrupted by the heavy sighs of Comrade Mikhail. He already wanted to end the senseless war and return to the Red Line, which became his home. The “newcomer” began to write something down in his diary … The silence was broken by a short line of “Kalash”, as it is commonly called among metro residents.

– “What else is there, Victor?” – Shakhov jumped up, twitching the bolt of his awkward piece of scrap metal, affectionately and respectfully called “Bastard.”

– “It looks like a kikimora, immediately a screech, a reptile”, – reported a plump soldier in a patched greatcoat and cap, slowly putting the machine gun behind his back.

The motorcar rushed inexorably forward. In ten minutes the detachment was already in place. Shouts, groans, explosions were heard everywhere …

– “Well, did they move, having prayed?” – Mikhail said cheerfully, loading the captured Gatling.

– “You know, God is with us …” – Shakhov began with slight enthusiasm.

– “Don’t give a damn”, – Mikhail interrupted in mid-sentence of his comrade-in-arms, – “Let’s go!”

Ahead was the front line …

– “So, eagles! The recruit’s name? ” – the officer pointed a finger at Mikhail.

– “I am gloomy Michal Semyonich,” Mikhail reported, lighting a cigarette.

– “From Comrade Korbut?” – continued the officer.

– “That’s right, Comrade Commander, yes… “- the young soldier Shakhov hesitated slightly.

– “Why is it taking so long? The Nazis broke through the first line, we are barely holding back their offensive! ”

The “sincere” conversation was interrupted by an unfamiliar red soldier:

– “Id-blow … there …”

“The situation really seemed hopeless: a whole guild of Reichs, dressed in heavy assault armor, was moving from the side of the metro bridge. They walked, finishing off the wounded communists and shouting their “Death to subhumans!” and “Russia is for Russians!” It was really a terrible and stupid sight: a handful of neo-Nazis imagined themselves to be the elite of all mankind… Who are they? Where is Russia? Where is humanity? Where??? Only rats remained, cowardly huddled in holes, hiding from the Wrath of God … whose days are numbered. This war only brought the inevitable closer … “

Michael asked this question again and again, but could not find the answer … He hated the Reich with all his soul … more monsters. Man is the most terrible monster who is ready to kill his neighbor for the sake of a bowl of moldy porridge or because of some kind of ideology that has not surrendered to anyone…

Misha threw the machine gun and headed towards the inhuman creatures … towards death itself. He didn’t want anything anymore.

– “Hey, what are you doing ?!” – shouted like a pig, comrade Shakhov.

There was no response …

On that day, the Red garrison was destroyed.


Standards for GDZS: Complete List

Exercise # 1 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Donning and insertion into oxygen (air) self-contained breathing apparatus Performed individually and as part of a link of the gas and smoke protection service for correctness within 60 s. 1. The gas and smoke protector (s) in combat clothing and equipment is (are) one meter away from the self-contained breathing apparatus laid on the table (bench) facing them.

2. Start: command given.

3. End: the gas and smoke protector (s) put on (s), performed (s) a combat check and entered (s) into the self-contained breathing apparatus.

Exercise # 2 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Fastening the rescue rope to the structure 6 8 9 1. The gas and smoke protector, being included in the self-contained breathing apparatus, is located one meter from the place where the rope is fastened. The rope, coiled into a ball, is in a case with a strap, worn over the shoulder. The boot valve is open. The long end of the rope is at the feet of the gas and smoke protector.

2.Start: command given.

3. End: the rope is fixed to the structure.

Exercise # 3 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Tying a double rescue loop and putting it on the rescued person. 32 38 45 1. The gas and smoke protector, being included in the self-contained breathing apparatus, is located one meter from the rescued person, lying on his back. The rope, coiled into a ball, is in a case with a strap, worn over the shoulder. The long end of the rope is at the feet of the gas and smoke protector.

2 Start: command issued.

3. End: the rescue loop is put on the rescuer, the short end is tied around the waist and fastened to the rescue loop knot, the long end of the rope is wound around the carabiner.: command issued.

Exercise # 4 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Combat deployment on a tank truck with the feed of one barrel “B” at: 1. The vehicle’s engine is running.The sleeves are in the compartments and are secured.

2. The exercise is performed by calculating 2 numbers (driver and gas and smoke deflector in a self-contained breathing apparatus) located at the rear wheel of the car.

3. Start: command given.

4. End: the motor is switched over to the pump, the hose line is laid. The gas and smoke protector is at the barrel, the driver is at the pump. Note: when performing an exercise with water supply, 5 seconds are added to the time norm for each sleeve. The time is recorded at the moment the jet appears from the barrel.

2 sleeves 17 18 20
3 sleeves 26 29 32
Exercise # 5 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Combat deployment on a tank truck with the supply of one GPS-600 to: 1.The car engine is running. Fire fighting equipment and sleeves are in the compartments and secured in place.

2. The exercise is performed by a calculation of 2 people (driver and gas and smoke deflector in self-contained breathing apparatus), standing opposite the axis of the rear wheel with their backs to the car.

3. Start: command issued

4. End: the motor is switched over to the pump, the hose line is laid. The shooter is near the trunk, the driver is at the pump.

Note. When foam is supplied, 7 s is added to the norm for each sleeve and the time is fixed at the moment the foam appears from the barrel.

2 sleeves 17 18 20
3 sleeves 26 29 32
Exercise # 6 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Deployment of a cable line for 60 meters with the installation of one floodlight of any power from the junction box. 56 59 62 1. The fire fighting equipment is on the vehicle and secured. Compartment doors are closed, the body is grounded.

2. The exercise is performed by calculating 2 gas and smoke deflectors in self-contained breathing apparatus and on either side of the car wearing rubber gloves and boots.

3. Start: command given.

4. End: the spotlight is installed and connected with a cable line to the junction box and the switchboard of the vehicle.Gas and smoke protectors are located at the devices.

5. Note. With an increase in the length of the cable line, 15 s is added to the time standard for every 30 m of cable.

Exercise # 7 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Putting on the TOK-200 set 70 75 80 1.A gas and smoke defender in special clothing (without a fire belt) stands one meter away from the prepared kit, facing him.

2. Start: command given.

3. End: complete with self-contained breathing apparatus is dressed. Note: Dressing of the kit is carried out in accordance with the methodology adopted in the operating manual.

Exercise # 8 Execution conditions
Putting on the TK-800 heat-protective kit Performed for correctness (it is necessary to be guided by the parameters of the exercise specified in the instruction manual for this type of product) 1.A gas and smoke defender in casual clothes with an assistant stands one meter away from the prepared kit, facing him.

2. Start: command given.

3. End: complete with self-contained breathing apparatus is dressed. Note: Dressing of the kit is carried out in accordance with the methodology adopted in the operating manual.

Exercise # 9 Execution conditions
Putting on the radiation protection kit for firefighters Performed for correctness (it is necessary to be guided by the parameters of the exercise specified in the instruction manual for this type of product) 1.A gas and smoke defender in casual clothes with an assistant stands one meter away from the prepared kit, facing him.

2. Start: command given.

3. Ending: the set with DASV is dressed. Note. Putting on the kit is carried out in accordance with the methodology adopted in the operating manual.

Exercise # 10 Execution conditions
Putting on a set of special clothing for firefighters to protect against heat and chemical aggressive environments Performed for correctness (it is necessary to be guided by the parameters of the exercise specified in the instruction manual for this type of product) 1.A gas and smoke defender in casual clothes stands one meter away from the prepared suit, facing him.

2. Start: command given.

3. End: suit with self-contained breathing apparatus is dressed. Note. Putting on the kit is carried out in accordance with the methodology adopted in the operating manual.

Exercise # 11 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Climbing the installed retractable three-knee ladder to the window of the 3rd floor of the training tower 12 15 18 1. The retractable ladder is installed and secured to the seventh step. One gas and smoke defender, included in the RPE, stands near the stairs, holds the ladder bowstrings with his hands, his left leg is on the first step. The second gas and smoke protector, included in the RPE, stands between the stairs and the wall of the training tower and, pressing the staircase against the tower, holds it.

2. Start: command given.

3. End: the first gas and smoke protector touched the floor of the 3rd floor of the training tower with both feet, time is timed by touching the floor with the last foot; the second stands between the stairs and the wall of the training tower.

Exercise # 12 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Installation of an electric suction pump with a cable line deployment of 60 meters and the installation of a power distribution box, one hard and one soft sleeves 150 165 180 1. The fire fighting equipment is on the vehicle and secured. The drawer doors are closed and the vehicle body is grounded. A combat crew in the amount of 6 people is built at the car from either side: three people are included in the RPE, three without the RPE. In addition to combat clothing and equipment for firefighters – rubber gloves and rubber boots.

2. Start: command given.

3. End: the smoke exhauster is installed, the cable lines are connected to the exhauster, the vehicle switchboard, the electrical distribution box. The personnel are at their workplaces.

4. Note. With an increase in the length of the cable line to the time standard

Exercise # 13 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Deployment of a cable line for 60 m and installation of one floodlight of any power from the distribution box 56 59 62 1. The fire fighting equipment is on the vehicle and secured. The drawer doors are closed. The vehicle body is grounded.

2. The exercise is performed by a calculation of 2 people included in the RPE and located on either side of the car.In addition to combat clothing and equipment, the gas and smoke defenders wear rubber gloves and rubber boots.

3. Start: command given.

4. End: The spotlight is installed and connected to the junction box and the vehicle’s switchboard. Gas and smoke protectors are located at the devices. Note. With an increase in the length of the cable line, 15 s is added to the standard time for every 30 m of cable.

Exercise # 14 Time rates, s Execution conditions
Ex. Chorus. Satisf.
Ascent along the ladder extended to a height, in m: 1. The ladder is installed and extended to a predetermined height at an angle of inclination of 70 °. The gas and smoke defender, included in the RPE, stands near the stairs.

2. Start: command issued

3. End: the gas-smoke protector reached the set height with both feet and fixed the step with a carbine. Time is timed by fastening with a carabiner.

Note. 1) The staircase rests on the structure of the building.

2) Gas and smoke defenders who do not have sufficient experience perform the exercise with belay.

15 20 23 26
20 32 36 41
25 41 45 50
30 48 54 60
35 57 65 72
40 68 75 83

Roadside picnic.Happiness for all read online Dmitry Sillov (Page 5)

* * *

He lay, pressing his whole body into the soggy earth. Dribbled a little rain. Cold drops poured disgustingly behind the collar, seeping between the collar and the hood. But rain and mud are even better. When it rains, visibility is reduced, and mud is much easier to bury than hard ground. Now it was simply necessary – to bury as deeply as possible and lie motionless, waiting for the searchlight’s beam to shift further to the side …

Even when something terrible happens in a person’s life, even when he is broken by the blows of fate and his mind is clouded, the skills of war still remain with him.Just like before, he is able to shoot, hide and survive in incredibly difficult situations, when another, less prepared, will die for sure. And now Burbridge lay with his head in the liquid mud and holding his breath. Because even a face covered with mud can look like a bright spot in the beam of a searchlight. Because the sharp-sighted army patrolmen can notice any movement, despite the rainy night. Because the Zone taught the Vulture to hide and survive.

A bright spot stumbled on the stalker’s motionless back, lingered for a moment and crawled on.

“Fifty five … fifty six … fifty seven …”

When you don’t see a damn thing, knowing at the same time that death is crawling right over you right now, it’s better to just count. The practical sense of such an account is scanty, but it’s easier to wait out the terrible seconds while waiting for a machine-gun burst. It’s just less scary.

Burbridge raised his head cautiously. Fine! Now one more dash yonder to that pile of bricks looming ahead in an uneven silhouette. Then another one – and he is in the hollow, beyond the cordon line.And there is freedom. From this damn city From the Zone. And from myself. From thoughts that new impressions will erase, like an eraser erases a pencil inscription. And from memories that fade over time and disappear, as if they never existed.

He got up abruptly and ran, holding the straps of his heavy backpack with his hands. Before embarking on his final night raid, the Vulture visited his most solid caches. The rest can be picked up later, because there will probably be excursions to the cordoned-off city for respectable gentlemen a little later.And if they don’t, he will have enough money to grease those responsible for this kind of entertainment. So everything has its time. And now you just need to run to the pile of bricks and wait out another beam of the searchlight for it.

Burbridge pre-mapped an old map of Harmont and its suburbs. In the eyes of a beginner, perhaps an unnecessarily detailed map. But any stalker knows: when calculating the route, any trifle is worth its weight in gold. Like, for example, now this pile of broken bricks, half covered with garbage.

Several years ago, twenty seconds would have been enough for him to reach the intended shelter and reliably hide behind it … But, perhaps, he had been sedentary for too long, or maybe age or something else had an effect. Only suddenly Burbridge felt a sharp burning sensation under his eyelids. So sharp that he had to close his eyes as he ran. Just for a moment, so that this unbearable, sudden pain passes …

And then it hit him. Brothers in the craft said that this sometimes happens, and not only in the Zone, but also outside it.True, in the Zone itself – much more often.

This was the first time this happened to Burbridge.

He suddenly seemed to be in another world. A multitude of new, unfamiliar smells enveloped him, plunging his disturbed brain into a strange kaleidoscope of sensations. The surrounding space, illuminated by the false light of the moon, acquired sharp, angular features, becoming like a crudely painted picture. The night air, blowing over his face, suddenly became dense, like rubber, and in it, from nowhere, freely floating geometric shapes appeared in a multitude – balls, crystals with menacingly sharp spikes, pyramids with sparkling edges … Through this heap of incomprehensible objects, Burbridge had to break through like an icebreaker through hummocks, raking with hands a disobedient foreign mass.

All this lasted for a few moments, during which the Vulture managed to make only a couple of steps. The pain in the eyes suddenly disappeared – and the unrealistic vision disappeared with it. Experienced stalkers said that sometimes our familiar world, the Zone, for some unknown reason, shows its children from another, unknown side, opening it for a moment and closing it again before a person has time to understand what’s what.

But now she did it clearly at the wrong time …

A burst of machine-gun fire cut through the darkness of the night.Burbridge felt a strong jolt and collapsed just behind that very pile of bricks.

Immediately a searchlight swept across the field, looking for the lost target. I stumbled upon the Vulture’s hideout, fumbled back and forth, returned and no longer moved.

A machine gun hit an illuminated target. Bullets whistled. Several blunt blows rang out over the fugitive’s head, and shards of brick rained down on his back and hood. But Burbridge lay motionless, although his whole body, his whole being groaned: “Run! Save yourself! ”

– Fuck you, – hissed the stalker, spitting brick dust on the ground.- Moslaty Iskhak spent the whole morning between two ditches under machine guns and remained alive. But I’m not him! I won’t break! Do you hear, toads ?! Fuck Burbridge!

He was shaking. Maybe from adrenaline, or maybe from the realization that yell, don’t yell, but you still have to look down. There was no pain, but Vulture knew he had been wounded. How serious is not clear. At first, the body itself suppresses pain with adrenaline. If there is something serious, the pain will come later, after a few minutes, and such that it is possible to wrap up the hooves from shock.If it is not serious, it is also not pleasant enough. Because when the army men get tired of shooting at bricks, you will need to climb and run a hundred meters to a hollow that will forever hide it from patrols, and from the Zone, and from everything connected with it.

But in order to understand how bad everything is, or, conversely, good, you just need to look down. Because it pushed there, as if hit under the knees with a baseball bat wrapped in rags. It was stupid, strong, but not painful at all. You just need to gather your courage and take a look.

The large-caliber “M2” continued to thresh recklessly at a well-lit target. Probably, the machine-gunner was determined to turn the shelter and pick out the man who hid behind him. But so far he has been poorly at it. There were a lot of bricks, they caked together from time to time, and it was not easy to take a rather impressive rubbish hill right off the bat. Although, of course, everything was just a matter of time. The caliber of twelve and seven millimeters coped with more serious obstacles.

But Burbridge was no longer interested in all this.He was looking down at the place where his legs had been just a couple of minutes ago. The searchlight could not break through the rather high shelter, but the moon peeking out from behind the clouds obligingly illuminated the pool of blood and scraps of flesh hanging from the remnants of kneecaps.

And then Burbridge laughed. Easy, from the heart, like a person whose shoulders have just dropped a very heavy burden.

– So, the fulfillment of desires for everyone? Well, daughter, here yours has come true. Wait, bitch …

The vulture reached into his bosom and took out the pistol that Redrick Schuhart had given him.The same gun that stupid Archie stole from his father before leaving for the Zone. The Colt now had only one round from a galvanized box found in Shewhart’s old cache next to a tumbled down telephone booth. Burbridge decided not to take any more – it was stupid and useless to shoot back from patrolmen and army men. But for such a case – just right.

The vulture raised his hand, the barrel of the pistol coolly touched his temple.

“Happiness for everyone, for nothing …” Burbridge whispered with stiff lips.- And no one will leave offended … No one will leave …

Chapter 2


I tried to open my eyes, but the first time I didn’t succeed – the eyelids seemed to have pulled together a hard crust. And the whole body ached unbearably, as if it had been beaten with sticks for a long time. Awareness of the pain came gradually: first the eyelids, then the face, the skin of which seemed to have just survived a severe burn, then the lungs, it seemed, were filled to the brim with smoke.

I tried to breathe in deeply – and immediately writhed in a fit of uncontrollable coughing.Blades of grass tickled my face, and through the pain pulsating throughout my body, my consciousness nevertheless fixed what was happening: I was rolling on the ground, wet with dew or the rain that had just passed. But there was also a smell. A very familiar smell of desolation, which can be found in old wastelands and abandoned landfills.

Finally I cleared my throat and got used to the pain a little. Too often I had to experience it, and the body has long been reconciled with it, having learned how to properly respond to physical suffering without the participation of consciousness.Experienced people say that inside a soldier who has seen a lot in his lifetime, some kind of hormone begins to be produced, which suppresses both the pain and the consequences of physical stress, and the mental suffering of a person for whom war has long become not even a profession, but destiny. Veterans claim that without this death hormone, any normal person will go insane in less than a day. Although it is quite possible that this is just another soldier’s story.

The cough had stopped, but now I just lay on the damp grass, taking my time to open my eyes.I already guessed what I would see now, but I really didn’t want the guess to become a reality, from which there would be no escape. I dragged those moments of darkness like a gourmet savoring a gourmet meal and knowing that he would never have to taste it again. I knew: one short movement of the century – and the old world, familiar and hated, will burst into my life, like a seasonal hurricane, again and again sweeping away all living things in its path. The old world, unnecessary to me, from which I once left once and for all in order to never return here again …

But hiding from reality was never my rule.So I gave myself a few more seconds of blissful darkness – and with an effort tore open the stuck eyelids.

Light struck in the eyes. In fact, he was dim and lifeless, this sunlight, which hardly made its way through the continuous veil of leaden clouds. But for the sensory optic nerves, still not fully recovered from the bright flash, this was quite enough. I immediately wanted to close my eyelids again, but I didn’t let myself do it. The moments of blissful ignorance passed. The time has come for a harsh present.

I slowly rose from the damp ground.

Below my feet was growing gray, diseased grass, miraculously surviving on the contaminated land, and right in front of me was a large poster on which an inscription was inscribed, half-blurred by acid rains:

“Uwaga! Radiation is not safe! ATLRV “Kopachi”. Teritoria Chipboard “Complex” m. Chornobil, vul. Kirov, 52. Tel. 5-19-24; 5-24-84. B’izd on the territory of PTLRV without permission CATEGORALLY INVOLVED! ” [?”Attention! Radiation hazard! PTLRV (point of team localization of radioactive inputs / Point of temporary localization of radioactive waste) “Kopachi”.The territory of the DSP (State Specialized Enterprise / State Specialized Enterprise) “Complex”, city (misto / city) Chernobyl, st. Kirov, 52. Tel. 5-19-24; 5-24-84. Entry to the territory of the PTLRV without permission is CATEGORALLY FORBIDDEN! ” (Ukrainian).]

Overcoming the pain throughout my body, I clenched my fists to a crunch. It would be better if the damned Testomes threw me into the scary world of Moscow, burned down by a nuclear war]. At least somewhere out there, among hordes of nightmarish mutants, hordes of rusty war robots and vast territories dotted with Death Fields and other dangerous traps, there was now one for which it was worth living in the world. Here, in the world of daily, senseless struggle for survival and the pursuit of the swag, I had no other alternative but to survive and chase the swag. That is, to be like everyone else. How scary it is at times to be like everyone else. Especially when no one needs you and no one is waiting for you …

But at the same time I understood – all these thoughts are nothing but pain with which my body has long been accustomed.Perhaps thanks to the death hormone, or maybe it just adapted to this torture, like a disabled person gets used to phantom pains at the site of long-lost limbs. And this means that you have to live, no matter what. And survive, even if you don’t really want to do it.

“Well, hello, Zone,” I croaked out, gritting my teeth. – Hello. And damn you …

“I shouldn’t say so about her,” a voice rang out behind me. – She’s alive. He will hear and take revenge.

I turned around.

There were two of them.

The voice belonged to a muzzle-faced man in a stalker overalls with a large-caliber hunting rifle in his hands. Next to him was a colorful figure in a boot, pointing the barrel of a PKM machine gun at me. The figure’s face was drowned in the shadow of a deep hood. The machine gunner wore thick black gloves reinforced with Kevlar thread. Behind the armed stalkers stood a compact two-seater all-terrain vehicle of army camouflage colors with a large trailer attached to it.

– Hello, I lived, – I said with difficulty, recognizing the merchant. – And you, Ilyusha, do not cough.

Words were difficult. It seems that not only my face was set on fire by the damn Testomes, but also a wave of hot air touched my bronchi.

Mordaty and his partner looked at each other. The deepest surprise appeared on Gila’s face. What was under Ilyusha’s impenetrable hood – one black stalker knows.

– I wonder how you know me, boy? – asked the merchant.

His amazement was genuine. Such, no matter how puffed up, it will not work to portray on purpose, unless, of course, you are a professional actor. But there is no place for actors in the Zone, as well as for people without weapons, by the way. I had nothing but two knives – for which many thanks to Testomes, so that he was torn to pieces.

I tried to answer, to remind, they say, how, they met in the Zone more than once, even helped each other, but the damned cough again twisted me into an arc.

“But what’s the difference,” said Testomes thoughtfully.- Well, every dog ​​in the Zone knows me, doesn’t it, Ilyusha? And this friend seemed to have cleared his throat. And his knives seem to be quite good. As they say, from a black sheep at least a tuft of wool.

And then a shot rang out.

Frankly, I did not expect this from Zhila. So that he just so easily, for no apparent reason, shot at a living person. It turns out that I was wrong about it. And I realized this only when a flame burst from the barrel of his gun …

The blow to the stomach was strong. This is usually the way it happens when you are shot at almost point-blank from a twelfth caliber.

I was thrown back, right on the shield warning that you shouldn’t get into Kopachi. Despite the fact that it was installed in the last century, the shield withstood the blow. I slid down along it, realizing that I was rapidly losing strength and that, no matter how hard I tried, I could no longer reach the knife handle.

– Well, to hell with you, Zone, – I whispered after the rapidly fading consciousness. – Finally, you got yours …

* * *

Those who have experienced clinical death say that when a person dies, he sees some kind of tunnel, light at its end and other blissful things that tune in to a pacified and fatal mood.Like, everything, life is over, relax, friend, now a smooth finish line and an eternal sanatorium with a winged staff awaits you …

It seems to me that this is nonsense. Anyway, I was definitely mistaken with the address. My tunnel was dark, even if my eyes were, and the last path through it resembled a trip on a broken-down Moskvich along a Russian road.

I was shaken, thrown and occasionally hit against the walls with my shoulder, then my hip, then my head. The only consolation is that the tunnel was covered with something soft, so my journey to a better world has not yet been marked by broken limbs or a concussion.

It also smelled of old canned food, caked clothes and the familiar gun oil.

Another couple of ups and downs followed by a nose to the soft, after which I finally came to my senses.

Of course, it was not a textbook gut with light at the end, connecting the world of the living and the last refuge of restless souls who left their mortal body. Rather, the shaking crap that shook me back and forth was like a warehouse on wheels. In any case, it smelled like a warehouse, the smell of which is familiar to any military man.

It’s good that I don’t have seasickness, otherwise I would vomit everything around and roll around in my own vomit. An unpleasant activity, especially when you are skillfully bound hand and foot so that you can’t even lift a finger. Professional knitting is immediately felt. Twitching is useless, only you get tired.

Finally the shaking stopped. Footsteps were heard outside, and – lo and behold! – the light at the end of the tunnel did appear. Only the silhouette in it was wrong. Instead of a winged archangel in the square of the door, there was a stocky figure of Gila, generally similar to a bowling ball, erected on top of a gravestone.

The merchant shone a flashlight.

– It must be alive, – he said in surprise. – And I already thought to sell you for meat for dogs, while fresh.

“Not worth it,” I croaked. – Have pity on the animals, they will rest in torment.

– Heh, – Gil grinned. – He also jokes. So, we will not sell for meat.

With these words, he ducked inside the trailer, grabbed my legs and dragged me out.

I prudently pressed my chin to my chest and therefore did not hit the back of my head again, but only quite sensitively, but generally tolerantly kissed my shoulder blades on the ground.Nothing, we will survive, it has happened and worse.

Having blinked after total darkness, I was able to appreciate the surrounding landscape, by the way, rather dull.

There was a machine-gun tower in front of me. Beneath it is a typical Soviet checkpoint, a red brick box with barred windows. In front of the box, a parapet made of sacks blocked the road. If you want to drive, if you please go off the road at a low speed and drive yourself along the side of the road. Of course, if the big bosses come along, the soldiers will instantly scatter the sack parapet, as if nothing had happened.Yes, only the authorities rarely appear in the Zone, they are afraid of radiation, mutants, and all sorts of disgusting phenomena such as the same “burning fluff” or “witch’s jelly.” And he is also afraid to catch a stalker bullet. And it is not yet known what is more.

Behind the checkpoint one could see quite powerful welded gates, on one of the doors of which someone crookedly attached a blue and white road sign with arrows and two inscriptions: “Strakholissya” and “Chornobil”. The one that “Strakholissya” pointed directly, the one that “Chornobil” – to the left, and at the same time she was clearly lying.The Zone map of any stalker sits firmly in his head. Our brother remembers the multiplication table only when he hands over the swag to a reseller, but we remember where in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is, we remember around the clock.

This means that this is a checkpoint before entering the Strakholesye settlement. A telling name … There were a lot of rumors about this place of filthy people among the stalker people, but no one knew for certain what was going on behind the reinforced army cordon in the southeast of Chernobyl. But everyone knew for sure – it is easier in broad daylight to openly go into the Zone through the Dityatki checkpoint, spitting on the boots of the nachkar, shiny with shoe polish, and to tie him up, than to seep into the forbidden territory in the Strakholissya area at night.People disappeared there, even captured in the Zone by military patrols. The convoy went to the southeast, which means that no one will ever see the prisoner stalker taken under the white handles. There will be no letters from prison, no one will answer official inquiries about the fate of the criminal. There was a man – and there is no man. That’s it.

FARO COMBILINE Multipurpose rotary loader wagons

The FARO line of loader wagons has been developed for meet the needs for high-performance rotary equipment with an average level of required power.Rotor with double it also handles hay very gently with tine rakes.

The FARO line of loader wagons has been developed for meet the needs for high-performance rotary equipment with an average level of required power. Rotor with double it also handles hay very gently with tine rakes.

Robust design

Robust drawbar

Drawbar swivel angle of up to 60 °, depending on tractor and tire, thanks to its extended design.

Top or bottom hitch

Top or bottom hitch, drawbar load 2.0 t

Articulated drawbar with two double-acting cylinders is standard. Drawbar shock absorber optional.

Practical equipment

Practical equipment

  • All hoses and cables are compactly bundled with clamps.

  • Pull-out support leg for easy removal and hitching.

  • Ball joint optional.

  • Optional Load-Sensing.

Sturdy frame

Sturdy frame

High quality frame construction made of high quality fine grain QStE steel. The side pillars are bolted to the frame, not welded. Closely spaced side posts and a robust floor profile ensure high stability.

  • The internal width of the structure is 2.10 m.

  • The opening angle of the rear wall of the D models is adjustable from the tractor cab.

  • Ladder and trailer door are standard equipment for D models, optional for L models.

  • Cargo compartment lighting and work lights are available as options.

Power transmission up to 1600 Nm Increase in throughput by 17%


Transmission designed for high powers. FARO silage loaders are suitable for tractors up to 150 HP.with.

Driven via a propeller shaft with a large working angle; a cam clutch protects the transmission.

  • Torque protection from 1600 Nm.

  • High performance from 90 to 150 HP

  • Single row 1 1/2 ” high performance loading rotor roller chain.

  • Automatic chain tensioner.

  • Automatic lubrication of the rotor chain and pick-up.

Conveyor drive

Conveyor drive

The drive is provided by a powerful hydraulic motor. The speed is infinitely variable. The conveyor can also be driven by a two-stage motor (optional).

Metering roller drive

Metering roller drive

A protected drive is connected to the metering rollers along the frame. The robust drive shaft is secured with a 1200 Nm overload clutch.


Pendulum pick-up system for maximum pick-up

Pendulum pick-up system

The PÖTTINGER pick-up guarantees maximum productivity.The transmission area from the pick-up tines to the rotor has been optimized and its throughput is increased. The PÖTTINGER pendulum pick-up with 6 rows of tine arms guarantees a precise maximum pick-up even at high travel speeds and in difficult working conditions.

Perfect ground tracking

Perfect ground tracking

Two movable support arms allow the pick-up to move freely. In addition, the spring creates a low pressure that is gentle on the surface of the field.The height-adjustable gauge wheels (16 x 6.5-8) follow the ground exactly when picking up and ensure perfect ground tracking when cornering.

  • The unique 180 mm pendulum movement guarantees perfect surface tracking.

  • Pick-up gauge wheels – optional

  • Automatic pick-up shut-off when unloading with drums on FARO D models

  • Optionally – additional gauge wheel

Ideal feed flow

9000 The improved deflector with roller and pick-up bars guarantees perfect feed flow even at high pick-up speeds and any type of feed.

Steering clean forage pick-up

Steering pick-up

Long-term lubricated double-row roller bearing control rollers are robust and designed for heavy loads. The guided pick-up tines ensure that the tine is gentle on the turf, picking up less soil and preventing rapid tine wear.

  • The pick-up is guided by steel guide tracks on both sides.

  • The controlled pick-up tines bring the forage as close as possible to the rotor tines, which is a great advantage, especially when picking up finely cut and wet mass.

Additional gauge roller behind the pick-up

Additional gauge roller

The new additional gauge roller from PÖTTINGER is located behind the pick-up. The central location prevents sinking into the tractor track and thus ensures optimum ground following.

Parallelogram guidance

It’s all about the parallelogram

Parallelogram guidance improves surface tracking and allows clean forage to be collected even in difficult conditions.The pendulum function of the pick-up is fully retained. The adjustment is carried out independently of the front gauge wheels.

  • The additional gauge roller rises completely with the pick-up.

  • Clearance is maintained.


Ease of movement and economy


The ROTOMATIC PLUS is the heart of the FARO loader wagon.The robust and powerful rotor provides high cutting and compaction capacity. The ROTOMATIC PLUS rotor is characterized by the easy entry of the tine arms into the forage to reduce energy consumption, as well as the perfect pick-up.

  • The rotor with seven spirally arranged tine arms has a diameter of 750 mm.

  • Both sides of the rotor are located in self-aligning roller bearings.

  • The bearing assembly is located between the rotor and the drive at the rotor frame, which reduces the load on the bearing and chain.

Feeding tine arms made from hardened fine-grained steel

Redesigned tine arms

Feeding arms made from hardened fine-grained Durostat 500 steel, 7 mm thick, ensure maximum productivity even with wet and finely cut forage. The improved tine shape and wide scrapers ensure perfect compaction in the cargo area. For precise positioning, the rotor petals are suspended in the inner drum and welded in several places.Separately inserted and screwed on scrapers 12 mm wide. Provides maximum compaction depending on the settings of the automatic loader.

EASY MOVE – true technology


A unique solution from PÖTTINGER: EASY MOVE – the extendable cutterbar provides extra-class convenience.

Highest quality knives

Highest quality knives

Knives are made of hardened tool steel, and the wavy edge ensures precise cutting.Knives with a very strong backside ensure a long service life.

Knife guards

Knife guards

PÖTTINGER protects an important part of the loader wagon with an innovative device – the patented protection against foreign objects. Each knife is individually protected.

  • High flow rates require precise setting of the trigger force. Each knife is held in position by a strong spring for even cutting.Special features of the PÖTTINGER technology: The actuation force is independent of the size and point of entry of the foreign body.

  • When picking up foreign objects, small particles fall between the pick-up and the conveyor.

  • Larger foreign bodies are pressed by the rotor against the blades, which are swung back for a short time in the direction of feed due to the damping force.

  • The trigger roller on the back of the knife is removed from the lock and a foreign object passes unhindered.The force is significantly reduced to protect the knife.

  • After a foreign object leaves the cutting unit, the spring returns the knife to its original position.

Unlike grinders, stones are not crushed. Cows do not touch whole stones, which avoids injuries to the gastrointestinal tract of animals.

Unloading at the push of a button

Automatic unloading

Automatic unloading

With just one push of a button, the full sideways opening of the trailer on the FARO L and D models allows unloading in just a few minutes.Automatic unloading devices facilitate the operator’s work and protect the machine.

Lowered belt

Lowered belt
  • At the front, the belt is lowered by 150 mm, which allows the installation of tires up to 710/35 R 22.5.

  • The wall of the loader wagon tilts back to ensure perfect uniform unloading with low power requirements.

  • Powerful chain link for fast unloading.

  • A two-stage motor is available as an option for unloading speeds up to 18 m / min.

Long-life conveyor

Long-life conveyor

The PÖTTINGER conveyor guarantees reliable operation for many years. The floor of the cargo area is covered with durable, pressure-treated timber. The groove wood is pressed into the frames and screwed on. Heat treated steel bars are offset and easily accessible. The lubrication points for the conveyor rotors are located on the sides of the trailer.

Load Sensing

PÖTTINGER loader wagons are suitable as standard for Load Sensing.The required amount of oil is accurately measured and corrected if necessary to prevent overheating and reduce power consumption to 15 kW / 20 hp.

Precise dosage

Precise dosage

FARO D models

An even distribution of the forage is essential for subsequent compaction. Two metering rollers guarantee perfect distribution. The aggressive tines work actively even with strong forage compaction.The slats in the rollers provide fast emptying of the chopped maize leaves. A sensor in the metering roller bearing automatically activates the conveyor.

Multifunctional rear panel

Multifunctional rear panel

The opening angle of the rear panel can be adjusted from the operator’s seat to prevent weight loss in windy conditions.

  • Fuse for metering drive 1200 Nm.

  • Automatic chain tensioner.

  • Easy access to the central grease bar.

  • Third drum optional.

Cross conveyor belt

Cross conveyor belt

The optional 890 mm wide cross conveyor belt is hydraulically driven.

  • Right and left running.

  • Rear wall catch.

  • Own on-board hydraulics with hydraulic system capacity less than 80 l / min.

  • Wireless control via POWER CONTROL Wireless (optional).

Control panel


Control panels – operator assistance.They provide controlled and productive work. Thanks to the new generation of PÖTTINGER control panels, the farmer is in perfect control of everything even on long working days. When developing new control panels, the main focus was on maximum ease of use, ergonomics and automation of individual work operations. A logical structure is especially important when there are frequent driver changes. The result is a perfectly adapted range of control systems that offers suitable devices for all situations, from preselector switching to ISOBUS terminals.

Robust design with backlit keys for 24/7 operation

  • Robust two-piece plastic housing with rubber gasket.

  • All control systems with backlit graphic display.

  • Illuminated domed keys for night visibility.

Control terminals



For loader trailers without metering, all functions are directly selectable.The graphic display and backlit keys are programmable as desired.



All functions are directly controlled by the terminal. Error messages are also displayed. There is a built-in data logging system.

POWER CONTROL wireless terminal

POWER CONTROL wireless terminal

For convenient control of the loader wagon outside the tractor cab.

  • Especially for the control of a cross conveyor belt.

  • The strap frees your hands for control.

  • Operating range up to 100 m.

CCI 100 terminal

CCI 100 terminal


Extra-class comfort as an option. The control panel allows you to operate ISOBUS machines from other manufacturers.

  • High quality 8.4 “TFT color display with backlit keys.

  • Touch screen, automation of loading and unloading functions.

  • USB connector, camera connector M 12×1.

Sturdy and gentle on the soil

Cushioned tandem axle with flat springs

Cushioned tandem axle with flat springs, axle load 10.5 t, 17 “

As standard on FARO 3510/4010.

Nine massive cushioning plates provide the necessary impact cushioning. The balancer balancer distributes the ground pressure optimally to both axles. The distance between the springs is 1100 mm. When driving over strong irregularities in the field, the force is not transferred to the stops, but is evenly distributed along both axes.

Tandem axle with parabolic springs

Tandem axle with parabolic springs, axle load 13 t, 17 “

As standard on FARO 4510/5010.

22.5 “ as standard on FARO 4010 COMBILINE models.

Parabolic springs with large spring-to-bearing spacing and equalizing yoke for pendulum expansion joint.

Tandem axle with parabolic springs and trailing arm Tandem axle optional

Tandem axle leaf springs and trailing arm optional, axle load 16 t, 22.5 “

Equalizer for pendulum expansion joint. Stable trailing arms control braking force and wheel steering.Smooth running in the field and on the road and excellent spring recoil in the silo.

Self-steering axle for parabolic springs optional

Sod will not be damaged even under heavy load. Advantage when operating with an ISOBUS terminal: automatic blocking at high speed and rollback.

Air brakes

The four-wheel air braking system with anti-lock control (load-dependent automatic brake force regulator) is responsible for reliable and uniform braking when driving at high speeds.

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes are also available for selected countries.


Other optional equipment

  • Pick-up gauge wheels

  • Hydraulic pick-up load relief

  • Rear switch for conveyor

  • Load 904 Staggered motor

    • Hydraulic brakes

    • Working and cargo area lights

    • Parking lights

    • Video system with monitor and camera

    • Flashing light

  • Technical Specifications

    7 902
    Length 8.41 m
    Height 3.35 m
    Height with restrictive twines + 325 mm
    Number of conveyor chains
    Conveyor motor (standard) 1-stage
    Conveyor motor (optional) 9033 9033 9000 Loading dock length (width 2.1) 5.68 m
    Loading volumes with medium pressing 40 m³
    Loading volume (DIN 23 m³
    Number of knives (max.) 31 pcs.
    Chopping length (theoretical) 45 mm
    Header working width 1.85 m 908 922 1.95 m
    Weight in basic configuration 6350 kg
    Chassis Tandem axle

    total weight (standard)

    15000 kg
    Permissible total weight max. 18000 kg
    Tandem axle, 25/40 km / h 15000 kg
    Tandem axle, 90/30/40 km / h 9000 15000 kg
    Tandem axle, 30/40 km / h * (max.) 18000 kg
    Note: * EU-2015/68, only with braking system with two-line drive


    9000 Height
    Length 8.41 m
    3.35 m
    Height with limit strings + 325 mm
    Number of conveyor chains 4 pcs.
    Conveyor motor (standard) 1-stage
    Conveyor motor (optional) 2-stage
    Loading dock length (width 2.1) 7 900 5.68 m
    Loading volumes for medium pressing 40 m³
    Loading volume (DIN 11741) 23 m³
    Number of knives (max.) 31 pcs.
    Chopping length (theoretical) 45 mm
    Pick-up working width 1.85 m
    Track width 1.95 m
    standard 6350 kg
    Chassis Tandem axle
    Permitted total weight (standard) 15000 kg
    Permitted total weight max. 18000 kg
    Tandem axle, 25/40 km / h 15000 kg
    Tandem axle, 30/40 km / h * 15000 kg
    axle, 30/40 km / h * (max.) 18000 kg
    Note: * EU-2015/68, only with two-wire braking system


    Best forage


    We manufacture equipment in several factories using the latest industrial technologies.Depending on the competence, the products are focused on the highest quality.

    The center tests machines against practical operating conditions in order to provide customers with the highest quality. The test center is considered one of the most modern centers in the field of agricultural technology worldwide and has an excellent reputation. Many other international manufacturers also conduct rigorous testing of their products at the company’s test center.

    Our customers demand perfect performance and absolute reliability from our machines. That is why we set the highest quality standards that exist in the production of agricultural machinery – our own. All production is constantly monitored by our in-house quality control department.

    Our varnishing process is the most environmentally friendly coating method.In practice, this coating process is characterized by its flexibility and durability. In this way, our machines retain their value even after years of hard work.
    Go to varnishing technology website

    90,000 Richard Bach. “Alien on earth.” 1963 Wow, judging by Wikipedia, this is his first book! Yeah. I am reading Bach and ask Gosha to organize flights for us again.On biplane. I really want to. Writes very tasty.

    The annotation contained the correct words that set me up for reading:
    “To write this book, you had to fly it first!”

    Quotes: (I can hear it directly):
    I surround myself with soft metal sounds, like all pilots when they join their plane. After the usual struggle, two straps to the emergency kit under the seat cushion are caught and fastened to the harness of the parachute harness with a soft clang.A green oxygen mask with a dull rubber click connects to the regulator hose. The emergency carabiner snaps into place on the curved bar on the parachute lanyard handle
    . The catapult seat safety pin creaks out of the hole in the trigger on the right armrest and, rustling in the dark, falls into the pocket on the leg of the shock-absorbing suit. The elastic strap on my scratched tablet attaches to my left thigh with an audible click.My sturdy white fiberglass helmet with tinted glass and gold lettering ST. LEITH. BOOM goes down and covers my head, my ears feel the coolness of the long-unheated porous rubber of headsets. A suede chin strap closes on the left side, a cold-click mic cord connects to the radio cord, and finally a wind-chilled green oxygen mask snuggles over the nose and mouth and attaches with a tight click of a shiny chrome lock on the right side of the helmet.When the small family of sounds dies down, my body is connected by tubes, wires, clasps and locks to the large sleeping body of my plane.

    My leather gloves with white wings and a star – the symbol of the Air Force – begin a familiar short show for the attentive viewer looking through my eyes. Gloves pass through the cockpit from left to right: make sure the power switches on the left console are on and the machine gun heater is in the off position.”, The toggle switch of the engine cover flap -” closed “, the toggle switch of the aerodynamic brake flaps -” extended “, the throttle lever -” O “, check the altimeter, brake parachute lever, sight lock lever, radio compass, TACAN, oxygen, generator, -Alien “, the toggle switch of the converter. Gloves dance, eyes follow. At the end of the performance, the right glove soars into the air and describes a small circle – a sign to a person waiting in the wind below: the check is over, the engine starts in two seconds.

    I discovered, and it even surprised me a little, that Americans are not the only people in the world who fly in airplanes simply because they love to fly them. I have found that pilots, no matter where they are from, speak the same language and understand the same unsaid words. They face the same headwinds and the same storms. And while the days go by without war, I find myself asking myself the question: can a pilot, because of the political system in which he lives, be a completely different person than pilots living in all other political systems of the rest of the world?
    This mysterious person, this Russian pilot, whose life and thoughts I know so little about, becomes in my mind a person who looks great like myself, a person who flies on an aircraft armed with missiles, bombs and machine guns, not because he loves destruction, but because he loves his plane, and because the work of flying a strong and fast plane in any air force cannot be separated from the work of killing when it is necessary to fight a war.

    On the panel in front of me in red light – 24 circular scales. This fact itself does not in the least print, although I feel, vaguely, that it must be startling.
    Maybe if I counted the toggle switches, levers and selectors …

    The pilots are killed by contact with the ground, with this oppressively solid other world. So why do we just fly low and fast for pleasure? Why barrels above the ground after entering tanks during an exercise? What is the force that attracts the bridge to itself, what is this constant dumb challenge that each bridge throws down to each pilot, offering to try to fly under it and stay alive?
    I really like the color and taste of life.Although death is an interesting thing at the very end of the road, I am quite pleased that she herself will find me wherever she wants, and I am not going to rush it or specifically look for it. And so I ask myself, why barrels, why approaches lower than necessary, at a higher speed? Because it’s fun, the answer tells me, quickly blocking out a screen he hopes will be accepted as self-sufficient. Because it’s funny. Here. No pilot would deny this. But, as a child doing experiments with words, I ask: why is it fun? Because we love to show what we are capable of.Yeah. The answer has already been seen, he hesitated for half a second before ducking out the door and hiding. And why do I love to show what I am capable of? The answer is caught in the beams of bright spotlights. Because I am free. Because my spirit is not constrained by a 180-pound body. Because when I am with the plane, I have powers that only the gods have.

    This is a country over which someone scattered a huge bag of airports, and now I’m looking for them.
    France is not France of travel posters.France is the Etain airbase, Chateauroux airbases, Chaumont and Marville. These are the scraps of Paris around his beloved river, scraps that flow like crystallized lava over the tic-tac-toe of the Orly and Le Bourget runways.

    But bad weather is still the enemy. The cloudiness deprives me of my horizon, and outside the cockpit I can not see anything. I have to completely rely on the seven faces without any expression under the glass – on my aerobatic instruments. In bad weather, there is no absolute top and bottom.There are only a number of instruments that say: this is the top, this is the bottom, this is the horizon.

    The blue lights of St. Elmo are dancing on the windshield.
    (from Wikipedia: The Fires of Saint Elm – a discharge in the form of luminous beams or tassels that appears on the sharp ends of tall objects (towers, masts, standing trees, sharp tops of rocks) at a high intensity of the electric field in the atmosphere. Elma (Erasmus) – patron saint of sailors in Catholicism.Their appearance promised the sailors the hope of success, and in times of danger – and of salvation.)

    You can fly in a triangle to the left, making turns every minute. After a few triangles, the radar station will spot me, send out an interceptor, and I’ll make an emergency landing as his wingman. A desperate plan, but worth remembering as a last resort.

    “One eight zero puts you on the glide path. Ten seconds to the descent corridor.Direction one seven nine. One seven nine … ”This is a small compliment to me. One degree is a very small correction, very accurate, and requires the pilot to fly the plane with confidence.

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