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Huge Range Of Inflated Balloons Available At Our Balloon Inflation Station!

At Spotlight, we provide our customers with a beautiful collection of balloons and party supplies, ensuring you can throw your party for the most affordable price. If you wish to learn more about our range of balloons, or simply want more information about balloons so you can make a more informed decision, please read on.

What Are Balloons Made Of?

A balloon is made from a flexible material such as rubber, this allows you to fill the balloon with something. Popular things to use for filled balloons include helium, air, and water. Of course, the filling of your balloon will depend heavily on the material it is made of.

Helium Balloons – While you may have heard about the term helium balloons, this does not actually refer to the material the balloon itself is made of, but the material the balloon is filled with. Helium is a special gas, which allows the balloon to raise into the air. If you want your balloons to hit the ceiling, this is certainly the medium to use.

Foil Balloons – Contrary to helium, foil does refer to the material the balloon is made of. Foil is also one of the most popular materials for birthday balloons, since the combination of helium and foil in a balloon tends to last longer than helium and latex balloons.

What Gas Is In Balloons?

As we mentioned earlier, helium is the gas commonly used in balloons. Helium can be obtained by hiring a balloon gas tank, but you can also get your balloon filled at our inflation station. At Spotlight, you can get the balloons of your choice filled with either air or helium for a very affordable price per balloon.

Are Latex Balloons Biodegradable?

While latex balloons will eventually degrade, they are not classed as biodegradable. Therefore, it is recommended not to let your latex balloons fly over the ocean. Always get rid of any leftover balloons in a responsible manner.

Balloons Melbourne – There are companies that offer biodegradable balloons and there are such options available at Spotlight, this includes options for our customers in Melbourne.

Balloons Sydney – Customers in Sydney can also take advantage of biodegradable balloons. Simply check our product description to determine which balloons meet your requirements.

How To Make Balloon Animals?

Making balloon animals may appear incredibly complicated, as there are such things as balloon weights and shapes to take into consideration. To make balloon animals, you will need to master the various folds and twists as basic skills. However, once you have these down, you can start making some unusual creations for any party.

Party balloons – Please note that you do not necessarily have to make balloons animals as party balloons. Some simple balloons from Spotlight with an unusual shape to match the occasion will do the trick just as well.

How To Inflate Balloons Quickly?

We already covered the different ways in which you can inflate a balloon. However, if you are more concerned about the speed than the actual content of your balloon, helium and air will be the best option.

When we mention air in this instance, we do not mention blowing up the balloon yourself. At Spotlight, you can benefit from our filling station, which provides you with the option to have your balloons filled with air in minimal time. You can also use our helium station, which allows you to fill up your desired balloons with helium gas.

Please note that you can also obtain the balloons for your party at Spotlight. So, Spotlight is your one-stop-shop for all your party needs!


Vintage clothing is a serious yet risky business and sometimes you have to shine a spotlight on the people who decide to take the huge leap into opening a vintage clothing business. I first met this wonderful vintage loving duo many years ago and since then we’ve always kept in touch and offered words of support to each other. Everyone, let me introduce you to Mel & Bud the owners of Crash The Party based in Los Angeles.

Where did the name ‘Crash The Party’ come from? Who is involved in running the business and what made you open a brick and mortar store?
Crash the Party began as an eBay name in 2002 and it’s actually a song title by Benny Joy. We love both music and fashion, so thought why not translate our eBay user ID to the name of our vintage clothing business!
As for who’s involved with the process of opening/managing Crash the Party brick & mortar boutique; we have my mother Carmina Lokos and my husband Brandon Amato. My mother was the most calm, cool, collected and supportive one in the preliminary stages…. in contrast Brandon & I were nervous wrecks, but still somehow signed a 5 year lease. We don’t regret it one bit and only wish we had done it sooner…opening a physical store front that is.

What have your highs and lows been within Crash The Party for 2018 and do you have any goals for the business for 2019?
A definite high every day is meeting ALL the incredible people who walk through the door. We get to be a part of so many special events… from weddings, birthdays, New Year, Viva Las Vegas, people treating themselves, hitting a weight loss goal and more. That in itself is incredible to know people think of us, way off the beaten path, as a place go in search of a vintage gem! Of course seeking out and buying one of a kind vintage to make available at the boutique is a high too, but there’s nothing like finding a one of a kind home for our one of a kind vintage.
Our lows? Living in Los Angeles, California is very competitive for buying vintage. With that being said there’s no guarantee you can find fresh stock to replace stock that has sold. When we can’t find vintage regularly it made us feel pretty low. Now however, we realize owning a business is much like a rollercoaster. Sometimes we are high as a kite with sales galore and finding vintage left, right and centre and In other times it can be a more of a solemn, low slim pickings situation leading to a more quiet time at boutique. We always try to stay optimistic none the less!
A goal for 2019 is to utilize our social media more by listing and engaging as much as we possibly can with our amazing followers! The only other goal we have for 2019 is to travel more than we did in 2018.

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