Spotlight floor cushion: Round Boho Floor Cushions Project

Outdura Spotlight Nectar Fabric 2451

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Outdura Spotlight Nectar is a canvas multi-stripe in shades of terracotta, brick, brass and cream. This canvas is made of 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric and shows durability and strength with its impressive 60,000 double rubs. Try Spotlight Nectar on outdoor or indoor cushions, throw pillows and draperies for a sophisticated and modern look to your home.

Indoor and Outdoor
5 Year No-Fade
Roll Width
H 6¾ in
100% Acrylic – Solution Dyed
Limited Quantity
Gold, Orange, Rust/Spice, White/Off White
Remove loose dirt. 100 degrees Fahrenheit or less water and mild soap. Rub in with soft brush and soak fabric. Rinse well, air dry. Do not dry clean or machine dry.
Recommended Applications
Bedding, Cushions, Drapes, Pillows, Placemats, Table Runners, Tablecloths
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As monitors may vary in color and quality, we strongly recommend purchasing fabric samples to verify the exact design and color match before placing an order.

$36.19 per yard

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We have made an effort to provide fabric images that closely represent the fabric colors. However, due to all the possible variants — light source, monitor quality, etc. — we can not guarantee that the fabric images accurately represent the true fabric colors. We strongly recommend purchasing fabric samples if you are trying to color match materials.

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Client Spotlight: mello{be} Cushions – Small Business Development Center

Julia Bates had a career in nursing, as a pediatric nurse and as a school nurse. She has used mindfulness in her nursing career to help her patients as well as to relieve her own stress. She has been interested in the topic for years. Due to sciatic pain, she was sitting in a chair with cushions for meditation. When her daughter, Corey, was 16, she suffered from a debilitating illness. Julia knew mindful meditation would help her with her physical and emotional symptoms, but the traditional cushion was too hard, and Corey felt unstable on it.  After trying a couple of other styles, Julia designed one, the mello{be}, that encourages the body to sit in an upright position on the floor with comfort and stability. As Julia began using it for meditation, she noticed her sciatic pain was going away. Now she uses it as an everyday seat, increasing her hip flexibility, balance and leg strength.

The cushion has many uses: meditation, sitting on the floor, picnics, outdoor seating, watching movies, reading in bed. She was recognized at both StartUp Weekend and Venture Challenge for her mats. She also won second place in Macy’s Female Entrepreneur Challenge. Julia established a relationship with West Elm and her cushions have sold at their flagship store in Austin as well as the one in San Antonio in the Pearl area. The Trinity University Meditation Center recently put in an order for the cushions. She realized that people could benefit from a smaller version of the cushion so she has created the worker{be} that takes all of the benefits of the mello{be}, including pain reduction, a healthy s-curve in your spine, and improved posture, and puts it into a cushion that fits anywhere. This smaller cushion is ideal for people who work at computers who tend to have frequent back pain that can cause lost work days and increased medical care.

Julia worked with Senior Business Advisor Crystal Darby who assisted with connections, providing feedback at various points in the life of the business, and searching for manufacturing firms to produce the quantities that Julia now needs to satisfy her customers. Julia’s tagline is happy butt + happy spine = happy life.

Julia explains, “The SBDC is a valuable resource for the entrepreneur community. I regularly recommend Crystal Darby for people who need advisors for business.”





The Best Floor Pillows on the Market

Ask yourself: When your Significant Other is sprawled out on the sofa, do you smile politely and say that you’re “perfectly fine standing,” even though you’re holding a warm cup of tea and a book and are seething with resentment inside about that fact that there is no where left to sit?

Do you avoid inviting guests over because you don’t have the tush space to make everyone feel comfortable enough to overlook the fact that your canapés are kind of meh?

Has the dog taken over the nook under the dining table for lack of a comfy cushion to rest its head?

Are your credit cards too maxed this month, and pretty much in general, for a love seat?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it might be time for some floor pillows! Floor pillow? You might ask, aren’t they more suited to incense-burning bohèmes? Well, sure, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t take advantage of the wonders of floor seating, with or without the incense. In fact, a quick look through Instagram reveals #floorpillows are totally a thing. So not only will you gain extra seating where you, the S.O., the dog and some friends can chill in comfort, your space is going to look off-the-charts cool too. Here is our curated list of the best floor pillows out there. 


Reema Floor Cushion


What do we love about the Reema floor pillos? Everything, especially its 12-inch thickness. Throw in a back cushion and you might as well just get rid of your couch. 


Convertible Triangle Floor Cushion



This convertible floor cushion does it all. Use it as a seat with back support, or unfurl it and create a floor-level chaise. Options!


Opalhouse Round Velvet  Floor Pillow



Prefer a bit more refinement in your floor seating? This round floor cushion from Target’s Opalhouse line has glamour in spades.

And it’s velvety soft. 


Tufted Ayla Floor Pillow



Take your boho up a notch with this colorful tufted pillow. It’s marked down for a limited time. 


Round Medallion Floral Floor Cushion



A colorful paisley print enlivens this round floor pillow. It will make a bright spot in any living room. 


Embroidered Sari Patchwork Floor Cushion



So cute you’ll have the fight the dog for it. 


Black and White Wool Shag Floor Cushion



If a Beni Ourain rug has always been your obsession (raises hand), this floor pillow is the next best thing. 


Caroline Floor Pillow



We can’t get enough of the mudcloth styling of this square pillow. 


Washed Corduroy Floor Pillow



When it comes to floor pillows, it’s all about getting good stack. These tufted Urban Outfitters cushions come with a discount if you purchase in multiples. 


Lotus Floor Pillow



This bright lotus-print pillow has good vibes written all over it. 

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Spotlight: Countries to tentatively ease lockdown to cushion economic fallout – Xinhua

Surfers walk at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, on April 28, 2020. Hundreds of Aussies flocked to the water on Tuesday as the iconic Bondi Beach reopened for surfers and swimmers after being closed due to COVID-19.

(Xinhua/Bai Xuefei)

To restore livelihoods, countries are taking actions to counter the economic fallout amid global COVID-19 fight:

– Easing lockdown restrictions

– Rolling out aid measures

BEIJING, May 1 (Xinhua) — A total of 187 countries and regions have been hit by COVID-19, which has infected more than 3.2 million people with over 233,000 deaths globally, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally Friday.

While making an all-out effort to combat the pandemic, countries are tentatively easing anti-coronavirus restrictions and rolling out multiple aid measures to counter the economic fallout.

Meanwhile, researchers around the world are devoting themselves to studying the nature and transmission of the virus, and have made important findings.


To restore livelihoods, more countries have planned to loosen their lockdowns.

In Ireland, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said Thursday his government is developing a plan to gradually ease the restrictions.

Changes will be made every two to four weeks, he said, adding the government would intervene if things are “going off track.”

Also on Thursday, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced that his country will enter a “state of calamity” as of Sunday after the “state of emergency” ends on Saturday.

“There is no reason to renew the state of emergency, but that does not mean that the risk has been overcome. We have to maintain a high level of security,” Costa said, adding Portugal will start to reopen its economy and society in three phases, starting on Monday.

A staff member (R) gives a takeaway pizza to a customer in a restaurant that provides takeaway service only due to the concern of COVID-19 in Dusseldorf, Germany, April 28, 2020. (Photo by Ulrich Hufnagel/Xinhua)

Germany decided on Thursday to continue to cautiously ease the COVID-19 restrictions, opening playgrounds, museums, galleries, zoological and botanical gardens, and places of worship. However, the social distancing rules introduced earlier remain in force.

Ukrainian Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said Thursday that COVID-19 quarantine measures would be eased for small businesses starting May 11.

Outside Europe, Uzbek authorities said Thursday the country has eased restrictions to allow its citizens to take part in outdoor activities. Thailand also decided to ease restrictions by allowing six categories of business to reopen from Sunday.

Besides, South African officials said Thursday that schools and universities are going to open under strict conditions.


Around 1,000 economic experts from 110-odd countries and regions expect the global economy to shrink 1. 9 percent in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis, and this is “lowest number since the survey began in 1989,” said a survey published by Germany’s influential Ifo Institute on Thursday.

Amid the grim economic outlook, many countries have drawn up action plans to mitigate the virus’ impact.

The U.S. Federal Reserve on Thursday announced that it is expanding the scope and eligibility for its 600-billion-dollar Main Street Lending Program designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses hit by the pandemic.

Photo taken on April 29, 2020 shows the U.S. Federal Reserve building in Washington D.C., the United States. (Xinhua/Liu Jie)

Also on Thursday, the European Central Bank decided to leave key interest rates for the euro area unchanged while introducing a series of new measures to boost its pandemic response.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced Thursday a comprehensive financial plan, based on financial, economic, banking, monetary, social security and development factors, to save the country from its financial and economic crisis.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held a meeting with senior ministers of his cabinet to discuss strategies to attract more foreign investments and promote local investments to boost the economy against the backdrop of the pandemic.

In Africa, Botswana’s central bank has cut its benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points to 4.25 percent “to support domestic economic activity,” while the Namibian government has ushered in regulations and directives to provide job and income security for those who wre employed before COVID-19.


According to a paper published on Science magazine Wednesday, a new COVID-19 transmission model, based on contact survey data from nearly 1,200 people in the Chinese cities of Wuhan and Shanghai, suggests that strict social distancing measures were sufficient to curtail the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The paper, written by a research team led by Zhang Juanjuan from Fudan University and joined by researchers from China, Italy and the United States, said that an average resident’s daily interpersonal contacts dropped seven to nine folds, from 14 and 20 people per day in Wuhan and Shanghai, respectively, to about two contacts per day in both locations by early February, after social distancing measures were put in place.

Photo taken on April 29, 2020 shows a sign on the subway train floor reads “stand here” in Milan, Italy. Social distancing is promoted in the subway trains in Milan. (Xinhua)

Moreover, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the top U.S. intelligence agency, said Thursday in a statement that the country’s intelligence community “concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified.”

Also on Thursday, The New York Times said in a report that some U.S. intelligence analysts have expressed concern that senior U.S. administration officials’ pressure to link the coronavirus with a Chinese lab will distort assessments about the virus and they could be used as a political weapon.

“Most intelligence agencies remain skeptical that conclusive evidence of a link to a lab can be found, and scientists who have studied the genetics of the coronavirus say that the overwhelming probability is that it leapt from animal to human in a nonlaboratory setting, as was the case with HIV, Ebola and SARS,” it said. ■

7 Best Meditation Cushions to Support Your Practice

As if sitting still for more than 10 minutes isn’t hard enough, try sitting on the floor without any support. It’s probably not going to inspire daily meditation sessions.

Just like you need a proper bed for a good night’s sleep, a high-quality meditation cushion is a must if you want to establish a consistent practice. Luckily, seasoned sitters created cushions, mats, and chairs to make meditating for a long period of time not only manageable, but truly comfortable.

When choosing a meditation cushion, you want to be mindful—no pun intended—of the sturdiness of the cushion. Most meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat, which makes it heavy enough to keep you from shifting in your seat. If your knees and feet are sensitive, look for a meditation cushion that comes with a mat, which provides extra support.

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To help you choose the right seat for you, we created this list of the best meditation cushions available right now for a solid meditation practice:

Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

This pillow is filled cushiony buckwheat and sealed with an organic cotton liner. Designed by Los Angeles yoga instructor Angela Kukhahn, the cushion mimics calm, Southern California tide pools.

$59,; also available from Amazon

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Walden Meditation Cushion & Mat

walden. us

The Walden duo comes with a meditation cushion, filled with buckwheat that molds to your tush, and a mat to go underneath the cushion to protect the ankles and the knees. This pair is perfect for a long sit.


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Secret Garden Cushion Set

Another supportive meditation set, this pair is ideal for establishing a strong meditation posture. The shape helps support a relaxed, yet still energized, posture.


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Premium Zafu Crescent Meditation Cushion

This cushion is designed to relieve pressure from the back, ankles, and knees while supporting spinal alignment. It’s the perfect shape to find a comfortable Easy Pose (Sukhasana).

$50,; also available from Amazon

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Hugger Mugger Zen Meditation Cushion

huggermugger. com

This rectangle-shaped pillow doubles as a supportive prop for restorative yoga poses. The height of the cushion also allows for the knees to drop below the hips a bit easier than most other cushions.

$65,; also available from Amazon

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Rattan Meditation Chair

Not into the cushion setup? This special chair offers taller back support and is designed for a cross-legged sit. Plus, it has a twice-as-thick cushion than most meditation setups, making it a great option for a longer practice.


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Alexia Meditation Seat

This seat is crafted with vegan leather and comes in 10 different colors. While it’s a spendy option, the cushion promotes an “S” shape in your spine instead of a stiff 90-degree angle you’ll find in a regular chair.

$385,; also available from Amazon

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About the Author

Bridget “Bee” Creel is the editorial producer for Yoga Journal. She works as a yoga teacher in NYC and is the co-founder of the wellness community, Mood Room.

Please note that we independently source all of the products that we feature on If you buy from the links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.



Even though I’ve had an Instagram account for a while now, it’s actually only been the last month or two that I’ve started using it on a regular basis, and to be honest, I wish I’d started sooner! I could waffle on for a while about community and like-minded people, about making contacts for your business, and all the inspirational images you can find. But for the purposes of this post, I’ll stick to the pertinent point that, during my Instagram travels I have discovered loads of amazing decorators out there, with really beautiful homes that are completely swoonworthy, and I’m loving every minute of it! Every evening, I drool all over their lovely images and I’m forever grateful that they can’t actually see me, or they might feel a bit disturbed.

Each day I discover a new person to follow, with a new beautiful home to moon over, but early doors I discovered the darkly colourful and eclectic home of a lovely lady called Nicola, and she has remained one of my firm favourites ever since. I’m completely blown away by her sense of style, her use of colour and pattern, and how she has created a home that looks not only cosy and homely, but edgy and vibrant. It’s the sort of home I’d want to live in, and my stalker-alert admiration for her completely went through the roof when I discovered that she works full-time and has created this stunning home around her job and young family. She’s like a super woman, and luckily this super woman kindly agreed to let me show you her home, and I know you’re going to love it.

Let’s start with Nicola’s favourite room in the house, her bedroom (which is my favourite too, but I love the whole house, so it’s my favourite by only the teensiest bit), and then I’ll tell you a little bit more about the lovely lady herself.

I love the clever use of Cole and Son’s monochromatic wallpaper against her dark, nearly black walls. Add in the amazing banana leaf green curtains, colourful crochet blankets, the splashes of pink and yellow dotted around the room, and the eclectic pieces of furniture and art, and I’m a goner! And I haven’t even gotten onto her fabulous talent for creating interesting wall displays and vignettes using her eye for vintage finds and quirky elements, like her cactus vase, poodle lamp and moose heads on the wall. It all pulls together to make a bedroom that you would never want to leave, it’s so inviting, cosy, homely and alive with Nicola’s character.




As you can see from her utterly, perfectly, gorgeous bedroom, this woman knows how to put an interior scheme together, and I was gobsmacked when I discovered that she isn’t an interior designer. In fact, her day-to-day job isn’t a creative one whatsoever (WHAAAT?!), she’s a (very clever) scientist who now spends her days working as an investment director, after spending her earlier years working in cancer research. I know she’s clever because during my stalking, I’ve discovered that she went to Oxford and has a PhD as well. Living proof that people can be both right brain and left brain thinkers. She loves her job as she gets to help people launch their own businesses, but she finds that the harder she works, the more drawn she is to the balance of creativity, and says decorating her home and having somewhere lovely to relax in keeps her sane!

After her bedroom, her next favourite room is her living room, and you’re about to see why.

Look at that luxuriously green velvet sofa (Nicola’s favourite purchase of all time) against the nearly-black walls! And once again, we see amazing wall displays and vignettes of vintage and high street finds, the sign of a savvy shopper with a good eye. What I love about this room is she warms it all up with wonderful use of colour and pattern, timber effect wallpaper on the fireplace breast, graphic patterned curtains, a beautiful Berber rug, a fluffy sheepskin draped on the chair, warm vintage furniture and that amazing red floor cushion is to die for. It’s the layer over layer of textures she’s used that has created another cosy, intimate space that oozes personality.

And what you’ll see further on, are that the colours flow seamlessly into her hallway. In fact, you will see the same colour palette (red, yellow and green against a backdrop of black and dark blue) repeated throughout the house in various permutations, which cleverly gives flow and a feeling of cohesiveness, despite each room being completely individual and unique. People with a strong sense of their own style often do this without even thinking about it, because they don’t worry about trends, they just go for what they like.

Now, here is where you’ll start to see the flow between each room. Look how the colours are taken through into the hallway. Completely different rooms, with fabulous yellow Neisha Crosland wallpaper used as a backdrop for her hallway, but the red ethnic rug echoes the floor cushion of the living room, the design on the wallpaper echoes the pattern on her living room curtains….it’s these sorts of details that get my motor completely revved up!

And her hallway, stairs and landing have been given the same amount of love that all her other rooms have been given, which I think is lovely. No treating it like just a thoroughfare, this is a room in itself and should be treated accordingly. What a welcome you’d get if you visited Nicola’s house, entering into that scrumptiousness…your eyes would be darting all over the place, and most probably would linger on her stunning shell chandelier for an obscenely rude amount of time, until she did a polite cough!

Her house is a 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom Victorian villa which she shares with her husband and two young boys, and it sounds like she fell in love with it at first sight. She told me that when she first viewed her home, she drove into their village, around a beautiful park, and was suddenly hit by the most beautiful row of Victorian properties. As soon as she entered the house, she was sold! Despite it’s decor, it had a lovely feel and she knew she could make it into her perfect home.

And that’s what she’s done over the last 12 years. Two stints of major work (a kitchen knock-through and a third floor remodel) and a lot of hard work later, and Nicola’s created the most gorgeous family home, and would you believe me if I told you that this woman (remember! I called her a super woman) has done all the decorating herself?!! Not only all her own painting, but wallpapering and curtain making too! I just don’t think I have enough exclamation marks this woman. Can you imagine being that talented? PhD-full-time-working-mum-to-two-boys-and-still-finds-time-to-decorate-entire-house sort of talented? Do you see why I have such a decorator-crush on her? I know you do, so join me in my crushing, and let’s check her kitchen-diner out.

I love the warm wood of the kitchen against the dark blue of the dining area, with some super cool tile effect wallpaper and some fabulous vintage kitsch paintings and mirror on the wall. And if you scroll down, you’ll see the loveliest yellow sofa where the family can hang out and watch tv and all be together when someone’s doing the cooking.

She has even made the children’s artwork look super cool. Normally this sort of thing can look a bit messy or out of place, but here, it just looks amazing. It sits perfectly between all her other stunning vignettes, and gives her family home personality. I absolutely adore this room, and if I visited and she managed to drag me away from her hallway shell chandelier and Neisha Crosland wallpaper and take me into here for a cuppa, she’d be forced to do more polite coughing as yet again, my eyes would be doing somersaults trying to take it all in and mid-air they’d get stuck on this particular shell chandelier, and she’d think I’d gone into some sort of coma or something.

Nicola describes her decor style as eclectic, as she loves to mix the old with the new, and loves nothing more than scouting car boot sales and antique shops for bargains that she can either immediately pop into her lovely home, or spend some time renovating. Over the years her style has evolved and although she reads all the interior magazines like the rest of us, she now finds herself ignoring trends and just goes for what she likes, which is one of the reasons I’m drawn to her style. It’s confident and unique and unlike any one else’s, and it’s that artistic expression of personality within a home that I am such an admirer of. As someone who can’t even describe my own decorating style, I’m going to probably struggle to describe Nicola’s, but I think it’s eclectic maximalism, colourful dark boho, cosy nostalgic homeyness with a strong shot of quirk, humour and whimsy, and a dash of bold modernity!! But however you describe it, it’s obviously amazeballs!


Even the kids’ rooms are ace, am I right?! How does a person make kids toys and paraphenalia look cool???! As I said, super woman!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of Nicola’s colourfully eclectic home, and if you would like to see more, follow her on Instagram @nicolabroughton38, you’d be mental not to! I think you can probably tell that I’m completely in love with her decor style, and if you are too, and you fancy leaving a lovely comment about this woman’s beautiful interior, please do so, and I’ll pass all your obviously fabulous compliments on to her. What do you like the most? Do you love her green sofa as much as I do? How insanely stunning is her entire house?? And stay tuned for more house tours of people I find inspirational. TTFN xx

Sarah Sherman Samuel: Spotlight on Clad Home

I received loads of questions about our sofa in the A-frame since it was a customized version of Clad Home’s Melrose sofa and there are so many choices for modifications. It is my favorite sofa I’ve had, to date, 10 feet of modern beauty and I’m sharing all the details today. I’ve found that some people are intimidated by custom furniture because they can get overwhelmed by too many variables or they associate customization with a huge price tag. Well I’m here to tell you that neither have to be the case!

When I first came across the Melrose sofa online by Clad Home I knew that was the one. The low sleek silhouette had me at hello and with a starting price of around $1,200 it was an affordable option as well. You can go through the ordering process online and over the phone but since the shop is local I was able to pay them a visit and order the sofa in person. Rosa, the owner, was helpful in guiding me towards and away from certain fabrics and it was also great to see all the options in person so I could make a quick decision. I went with the “Ireland Ivory” which is 100% polyester but looks and feels like linen. That fabric has been discontinued but they recommend anyone that is looking for the same fabric to use one called Klein White which is a close match.

But warning if you go into the shop you might leave with more than just a sofa. That leather woven chair in the bottom right of the photo above was REALLY calling my name.

In addition to the fabric customization, you have the length and depth of the sofa to choose. I kept the depth the same as the base sofa (40″) but stretched ours out to 120″. The next thing we looked at was the cushion set-up. I loved the look of the two back cushions with one long base cushion but, since our sofa was so long, we went with three back cushions and kept the base cushion to one long one.

One upgrade you can do is in the stitching. I chose to do top-stitched seams and they offer other styles, such as double stitched or welted, but I liked the extra detail in the topstitch.

Another upgrade I did was in the cushions…for a more streamlined or structured look you can go with the standard foam, but I wanted mine to look a little more relaxed and fuller so I upgraded to their “Trillium” cushion fill which is a polyester fill that mimics down but without triggering my husbands allergies.

And probably most importantly for a household with kids Clad Home‘s sofas are all non-toxic. They use sustainably sourced materials, zero-VOC glues, no toxic flame retardant chemicals and all of their furniture is made right here in LA. So if the design wasn’t enough to win you over, that might!

So to recap the sofa that I chose is:

Melrose Sofa
Custom Length 120″ x 40″
Natural Legs
Ask for Klein White fabric
Top-Stitched Seams
Trillium Cushions
Three back cushions/one base cushion

LED Floodlight YX-06 20W 6500K IP66 LED Sanan


Trading house “VIMOS” carries out the delivery of construction, finishing materials and household goods. Our vehicle fleet is more than 100 units of transport vehicles. On each the base has developed a competent logistics system that allows you to deliver your goods to agreed terms.Our experts will be able to quickly and accurately calculate the cost of delivery from taking into account the weight and dimensions of the cargo, as well as the mileage to the place of delivery.

Delivery order is carried out through our call center by phone: +7 (812) 666-66-55 or at ordering goods with delivery through the online store. Delivery cost is calculated according to the tariff scale presented below. The exact shipping cost will be determined after coordination of the order with your manager.

Dear customers! Rules for the return and exchange of goods purchased through our online store are governed by the User Agreement and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

ATTENTION! Exchange and return of good quality goods is possible only if the specified product was not in use, its presentation, consumer properties were preserved, seals, factory labels, packaging.

Add. information

Price, description, image (including color) and instructions for LED Floodlight YX-06 20W 6500K IP66 LED Sanan on the site are informational nature and are not a public offer defined in clause 2 of Art. 437 Civil of the Code of the Russian Federation. They can be changed by the manufacturer without prior notices and may differ from the descriptions on the manufacturer’s website and actual characteristics goods.For detailed information on the characteristics of this product, please contact to the employees of our sales department or to the Russian representative office of this goods, and also please check the goods carefully when purchasing.

Buy LED Floodlight YX-06 20W 6500K IP66 LED Sanan in the store St. Petersburg you can visit the VIMOS online store.

90,000 Pandora Cinema – Property List

List of property (furniture) and interior items for the halls of the cinema “Pandora”

Cinema address: Obvodny Canal Embankment, 80.

Hall “Sea Symphony”

“Steering wheel” table – 2 pcs.

Lamp with Edison lamp – 2 pcs.

Decorative coffee table “Loft”

Decorative grand piano – 1 pc.

Piano bench – 1 pc.

Upholstered armchair “Poof” – 2 pcs.

Decorative grill with flowers – 1 pc.

Lamp made of letters “Pandora” – 1 pc.

Soft sofa 3.5 m.

Rope ceiling with garland “Duralight”

Rope shelves, hinged – 1 pc.


Glass candlestick – 6 pcs.

Metal candlestick – 6 pcs.

Electronic candles

Decorative candles

Glass vase – 4 pcs.

Bowl with decor – 2 pcs.

Bottle lamp – 2 pcs.

Window blinds – 3 pcs.

Carpet – 1 pc.

Small decor

Hall “Cosmos”

Wooden table with lighting

Plush bear 220 cm – 1 pc.

Plush bear 160 cm – 1 pc.

Soft sofa 4.5 m.


Electronic garland – 1 pc.

Electronic candles

Decorative candles

Blackout curtains – 4 pcs.


Hall “Ethno”

Table – 1 pc.

Rocking chair – 1 pc.

Fur blanket – 1 pc.

Decorative deer antlers – 1 pc.

Modular sofa – 1 pc.


Decorative ceiling beams with lighting – 4 pcs.

Floor lamp “Wigwam” – 1 pc.

Wall lamp “Torch” – 6 pcs.

Batik on the walls – 4 pcs.

Carpet – 3 pcs.

Artificial flowers – 7 pcs.

Curtain – 2 pcs.

Large decor: Spear – 1 piece, Ax – 2 pieces, Dreamcatcher – 3 pieces.

Small decor

Hall “Black Room”

Curtain “Chrome” – 2 pcs.

Stand table – 1 pc.

Round table – 1 pc.

Sofa with recliner – 1 pc.

Vintage chair – 1 pc.

Pillow – 2 pcs.

Metal candlestick – 12 pcs.

Electronic candles

Mirror – 1 pc.

Carpet – 1 pc.

Floor lamp “Searchlight” – 1 pc.

Small decor

Cinema address: Konnaya, 12.

Hall “Heavenly”

Modular sofa – 1 pc.


White dining table – 1 pc.

Coffee table “Loft” – 1 pc.

Dining chair – 2 pcs.

Loft stool – 3 pcs.

Bench “Loft” – 2 pcs.

Decorative fireplace – 1 pc.

Decorative fireplace screen – 1 pc.

Plaster figure “Apollo” – 1 pc.

Plaster geometric figure – 1 pc.

Metal candlestick – 7 pcs.

Electronic candles

Curtains – 6 pcs.

Crystal chandelier – 1 pc.

Light ceiling panel – 1 pc.

Floor lamp – 1 pc.

Carpet – 1 pc.

Hall “East”

Corner sofa


Chandelier – 1 pc.

Wall lamp – 4 pcs.

Table lamp – 3 pcs.

Table – 1 pc.

Metal candlestick – 5 pcs.

Electronic candles

Glass vase – 2 pcs.

Small pouf – 1 pc.

Small decor

Hall “Bordeaux”

Sofa with recliner – 1 pc.

Pillows – 2 pcs.

Wall lamp – 2 pcs.

Forged table – 1 pc.

Decorative flowers – 3 pcs.

Round carpet – 1 pc.

Mirror “Sun” – 1 pc.

Metal candlestick – 5 pcs.

Glass vase – 2 pcs.

Electronic candles

Stand for equipment – 1 pc.

Curtain – 4 pcs.

Small decor

Hall “Fairy Tale”

Modular sofa – 1 pc.

Pillows – 7 pcs.

Cabinet for Provence technique – 2 pcs.

Glass chandelier – 2 pcs.

Loft table – 1 pc.

Decorative deer head in a frame – 1 pc.

Glass vase – 3 pcs.

Metal candlestick – 7 pcs.

Electronic candles

Hanging decor with glass – 10 pcs.

Decorative panel with artificial flowers – 2 pcs.

Carpet – 1 pc.

Small decor

All halls are equipped with an identical set of equipment:

Projector – 1pc.

Receiver / Amplifier – 1 pc.

Set of passive speakers – from 1 to 5 pcs.

Playstation set – 1 pc.

Mixer – 1pc.

Active speaker – 1 pc.

Computer wireless keyboard – 1 pc.

Computer wireless mouse – 1 pc.

Set of 2 wireless microphones – 1 pc.

Air conditioner with remote control – 1 pc.

Line filter – 2 pcs.

Children’s sandals and sandals Crocs ™, Cool Club

Sandals for children

Of course, children’s sandals and sandals are the best shoes for hot summer, which are often used as replacement shoes for kindergarten or school.

Sandals and sandals – a variety of shoes with varying degrees of openness, but at the same time with good fixation of the child’s foot, preventing dislocations and bruises.The division into sandals and sandals is rather arbitrary. Sandals, as a rule, are distinguished by a more elegant look, original decoration. There are several varieties of sandals and sandals – with a closed heel and toe, with an open heel and closed toe, with a closed heel and open toe, and completely open models, from straps, with an open heel and toe. So for example, for very young children who have recently learned to walk, it is better to choose the option with a closed back that securely fixes the leg, and a closed toe that will protect your toes from damage.Open-toed models are for kids who already walk with confidence. Graceful sandals for girls made of thin straps and original trimming are suitable as smart shoes for special occasions.

We should also mention the weightless, comfortable sandals from Crocs ™ , which are very popular among children, and will appeal to any child. Like all Crocs ™ footwear, children’s sandals are also made using Croslite polymer material, thanks to which the footwear is lightweight and comfortable, does not absorb sweat, and easily adapts to the foot.The sports insole provides additional comfort in the sandals.

All of the above models from such well-known manufacturers of children’s shoes as Crocs ™, Cool Club, Reima are in the assortment of our online store.

Children’s sandals and sandals for boys in light blue, dark blue, gray and beige shades, for girls – delicate powdery and brighter shades. All presented models are distinguished by stylish design and excellent quality, which is ensured by the use of only high-quality materials in the manufacture.

Looking for another pair of size 22 or 23 kids sandals for your baby? Or nice, comfortable sandals for teens? Go to the website of the e-shop Here you can easily buy children’s sandals and sandals of any size, and the table in the product description will help you choose the right size for your new outfit.

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