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High-Quality Adult Costumes Currently Available At Spotlight

Spotlight provides an amazing collection of adult costumes for a variety of fancy dress occasions, this includes Halloween, birthdays, themed parties, and loads more. In our range, you can discover sexy costumes, superhero costumes, Disney costumes for adults, adult fairy costumes, princess costumes and a whole bunch more.

Still need some inspiration where adult costumes are concerned? Could use some ideas for your next fancy dress occasion? Be sure to read some of our suggestions below!

What Are Good Ideas For Adult Costumes?

Before you choose one of our adult costumes, it is a good idea to determine what kind of theme you prefer. Do you prefer to go as something silly like a dinosaur or a pink flamingo? Or do you prefer a more serious Game of Thrones character? To find the best ideas for an upcoming fancy dress event, simply choose something that defines you as a person, or defines one of your hobbies.

What To Wear To A Costume Party?

Unless it is a costume party with a very specific theme, you have a lot of freedom where costumes are concerned. Below are some of our favourite ideas for each adult.

Fancy dress costumes – When the theme is general fancy dress, you can choose almost anything. You could go as one of your favourite movie characters, but you could also go as a Roman, a firefighter, or another unique character.

Women’s costumes – There are some typical women’s costumes you can encounter when it comes to fancy dress, this includes a nurse’s costume, nun’s costume, French maid, and the cat woman bodysuit. Whenever in doubt, these are safe options to rely on.

Men’s costumes – Men typically choose heroic movie characters for themed parties, or something completely silly. You could go as Thor, or you could simply show up in a banana costume. It all depends on the mood you are in.

Where Can I Get A Superhero Costume?

Superhero costumes are widely available and very popular. Below are the two places where you are most likely to find them.

Costume shop – You can easily get your favourite superhero costume on Spotlight. We provide a large range of superhero costumes for affordable prices. By purchasing your superhero outfit, you can use it for various fancy dress occasions in the future.

Costume hire – If you do not want to purchase your costume, you can always look for superhero options at your local costume hire. Of course, there is one downside. If the costume gets unexpectedly damaged, you might have to pay a serious fine once you bring the costume back.

Where To Buy Halloween Costumes For Adults?

Spotlight also provides Halloween costumes for adults. Naturally, some Halloween costumes are more popular than others. Below, we have listed some of our top sellers, which can help to provide you with some inspiration.

Popular Halloween costumes – Our most popular options in the Halloween range include the flamingo costume, S. W.A.T. costume, banana costume, the flamingo inflatable, and the flapper costume. Of course, more costumes are ready to be discovered on our website.

How Much Is An Adult Costume?

The prices of adult costumes at Spotlight are quite affordable. You can easily sort your results by using the sort menu, which allows you to sort your costumes from lowest to highest price. However, if price is not that much of an issue, you can also sort results by popularity, this gives you an immediate overview of the most popular costumes in our catalogue.

Want some additional accessories to make your adult costume even better? Be sure to check out some of the additional items available at Spotlight today!

Kids Costumes & Superhero Costumes

Can I buy kids costumes at Spotlight?

You sure can. Children of all ages love to wear kid’s costumes and play make-belief. Kids are intrigued by fairytales and kids movies that feature their favourite character, so much so, they want to dress like them and pretend to be them. Kid’s costumes are popular for everyday play, special events and themed birthday parties. Let the little ones dress as a pirate, princess, doctor, fairy, super hero, genie or nurse and their imagination will run wild. At Spotlight, we have a big collection of kid’s costumes that will suit any kids’ party or play date.

What is a kid’s costume?

A kids costume is a form of dress that allows young children to imagine they are someone else for a day or period of time. Kid’s costumes encourage imagination and creativity by transporting kids’ minds to a make belief land or their favourite fairytale. Having several kids costumes in the toy box will persuade kids to discover new ways to connect, engage and play with siblings, friends, parents, care workers, babysitters and their inner self.

When do kids wear costumes?

Birthday parties are a popular time for kid’s costumes to be worn. Parents can set a theme for the party and ask guests to dress up as a character at the party. Popular kids party themes are: princes and princesses, comic book superheroes, fairies and wizards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars. Halloween is another time when kid’s costumes are worn for trick-or-treating and parties. Halloween is traditionally a scary holiday and many kids like to wear costumes to spook. Think witches, warlocks, vampires, ghosts and goblins for October 31 each year. Some young children love to wear kid’s costumes for everyday clothing. Let them feed and nurture their imaginations this way, it can be a lot fun.

Why do kids like to dress-up in kids costumes?

Children are curious creatures who are constantly growing and learning. They have active imaginations and love wearing kids costumes as a way to pretend, play and create fun. Dressing up has long been a play tool used by adults to interact and connect with children. Early learning centres, schools and television program presenters often have a trunk full of adult and kids costumes for dress-up and make-belief play times. Spotlight has a grand selection of kid’s costumes that will inspire kids to play in a way that is creative, fun and educational.

Costume Accessories & Props | Spotlight Australia

Can I purchase Costume Accessories from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have just about everything that you could possibly need to create a one-of-a-kind outfit for your next fancy dress party or themed event. Anyone can turn into just about anything, and with our fabulous range of costume accessories, the only limit truly is your imagination. Whether you are looking for the perfect pom poms to relive your high school days, or a sword and shield for your knight of the realm get-up, then we are sure to have that all-important accessory that is critical for your look.

How do I buy costume accessories from Spotlight?

To purchase our fabulous selection of costumes from Spotlight, simply click on your desired item above and follow the instructions right through to check out. Alternatively, call into one of our nationwide stores, where one of our team of friendly assistants will be more than happy to help. To ensure the perfect fit, we recommend measuring your wearer prior to making your purchase. Check this in relation to the sizing guide by each product. If you do order the wrong size, we do accept returns and exchanges, and you will find all of the necessary information below.

What is included in this range?

This range features tons of different fancy dress costume accessories, with wings, jewellery and pom poms, temporary tattoos, weaponry and so much more. This range also includes a selection of facial hair, and whether you are hoping to go for the full-on wizard beard or a handlebar, and then we are certain that you will find the right tache or beard amongst this collection. Check out our funky glow range, ideal for heading out to a club night they are guaranteed to light up your look.

Heading to a masked ball? You will be able to masquerade with the best with one of our fabulous choices of bejewelled masks. In a huge selection of colours and designs, suitable for both men and women, you are guaranteed to find a mask that will impress in this range. Alternatively, shop our full selection of masks for gruesome offerings and super hero delights. There is also a huge range of hen’s party accessories, including lots of great ways to glam up your entire bridal party. Men, women and children will find the accessories that they need to create their dream fancy dress costume amongst this fabulous collection at Spotlight.

Do you have any tips for a quick and easy costume?

There are so many options available at Spotlight, and if you are looking for a quick and easy costume that will still look great, and then we have so many ideas! Pom poms, leg warmers and a t-shirt and skirt would make a quick and simple cheerleader outfit, pair with preppy spirit and full-on energy for maximum effect. Animals are simple with face paint markings, ears and a tail. This collection also features some of the best characters from all your favourite TV shows and films. Be the boy who lived with the Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie, Scarf, and Wand. Not forgetting round glasses and a lightning scar! A cape and mask is a quick superhero costume whereas, a tutu, wings and tiara will turn you into a fairy princess. With so many ideas online and lots of choices available across out fancy dress range, the only limit is your imagination!

Pin-Ups for Vets puts a spotlight on female veterans posing as bombshells to raise money for American heroes

EXCLUSIVE: When it came to honoring our troops, Gina Elise was looking for something with a bit more… oomph.

It was 2006 when the California resident and recent graduate from UCLA founded Pin-Ups for Vets, a nonprofit that produces WWII-inspired bombshell calendars featuring female veterans as models. The funds raised go to support hospitalized veterans and deployed troops.

The 15th annual calendar for 2021 features 12 female veterans who have swapped their uniforms for ‘40s-style dresses, transforming them into poster girls made fit for the silver screen.

Tito Suazo, who served in the Air Force, gets a hug from Gina Elise, Founder of the non-profit organization, Pin-Ups For Vets, during her visit to the Denver VA Medical Center Wednesday, December 14, 2011. 
(Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

“There were a lot of stories in the news about troops coming back from Iraq needing medical care at the time,” Elise told Fox News. “I felt very strongly that I wanted to do something to give back and I wanted to do something creative. I’ve always been a fan of World War II nose art since they used to paint these beautiful women on the side of aircraft to boost the morale of the troops and remind them what was waiting for them back home.”


“I wanted to take that concept of boosting morale art and bring it into today to raise money for our troops,” she shared. “So, I came up with a fundraising pin-up calendar that we could use to raise money for our veterans and troops today.

Popular American movie actress Betty Grable models a bathing suit in the most famous pinup photo of World War II.

Elise said she was inspired by ’40s Hollywood actress Betty Grable, who famously posed in a white bathing suit glancing over her shoulder with a coy smile while flaunting her shapely legs. Almost three million copies of that photo starring the blonde bombshell were distributed, mostly to GIs who displayed them in their barracks or carried them in seabags or footlockers with their personal belongings. 

Elisa said she was determined to keep the American tradition going.

“I wanted to make a difference,” she said. “I feel so strongly about supporting our men and women uniform. They step up to serve our country and sacrifice so much. Some of them even sacrifice their lives. When I was hearing these stories about young men and women dealing with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, severe burn and amputations, I had to do something.”


“I am involved with my community and love to give back as much as possible. Volunteering for my Veterans has been a privilege and an honor to be able to give back. I love that Pin-Ups for Vets reminds us female Veterans that we’re not forgotten, and what an honor it was to have served our country and fight for our freedom. Volunteering for my country didn’t end after 4 years of serving. I’ll keep volunteering, and being able to put a smile on Veterans faces makes it even more special.” – Claudia S., Navy, 4 years
(Photo courtesy of Pin-Ups for Vets)

And Elise’s tribute to the past has paid off. To date, Pin-Ups for Vets has donated over $80,000 worth of rehab equipment to help therapy departments at VA hospitals nationwide. Funds also provide financial assistance for health care program expansion across the U.S. In addition, Elise embarks on hospital tours where she provides care packages, as well as provide makeovers for female veterans, as well as military wives and widows.

Normally, the organization goes on a 50-state VA hospital tour. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, care packages are now being shipped out with gifts of appreciation to hospitalized veterans. The organization also continues to ship care packages to deployed U.S. troops around the globe.

“When I produced the first calendar, I would give people the option of either purchasing a calendar for themselves or buy one that I would take with me on a hospital visit,” Elise explained. “I started going to VA hospitals with those calendars that people had bought as gifts and literally going from room to room to deliver them myself in person to the veterans.”

“It is special to be involved with Pin-Ups for Vets because of the amazing work they do. They are an organization that gives back to a vulnerable part of our community, and that alone is invaluable. Their work is a great support to us Veterans, and I am so grateful that I was able to contribute to their organization through the 2021 calendar, which was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful experience.” – Ahmika, USMC, 4 years
(Photo courtesy of Pin-Ups for Vets)

“I would dress in World War II-style with these gifts of appreciation,” Elise continued. “They’re often pretty surprised because they don’t expect someone that looks like a blast from the past to walk into their rooms. But we want to make sure that they’re being thought of and appreciated.”


Over the years, Elise and the models featured in the calendar would go on to befriend veterans during their visits to local hospitals. She described it as “a magical experience.”

“These strong and beautiful women would come with me to the hospitals,” Elise shared. “You just saw this light in their eyes. I would introduce them and they’re surprised to hear that these women are veterans, too. We develop a strong bond, a brotherhood or sisterhood. Sometimes they would be someone who served at the same base or was deployed at the same time. The ladies travel across the country with me and it’s just as special for them. They call it service after service.

“My Marine Corps uniform will forever be the most prideful thing I will ever wear. But with the uniform, comes uniformity. And being a female, you can lose your feminine touches. My Marines used to call me ‘a cool guy with long hair.’ Pin-up girls are very feminine. They are classy. And they are beautiful. Being a pin-up shows that even though we spent years tying our combat boots and twirling our hair into buns to look more masculine, we are still beautiful women. We are gorgeous, classy women with a background that surprises mostly anybody we meet. Being a pin-up is an honor and a privilege, just like my five years spent in the Marine Corps.” – Monica, USMC, 5 years
(Photo courtesy of Pin-Ups for Vets)

And the demand for the 2021 calendar has been overwhelming. While numerous servicewomen were willing to model in a completely different uniform, only 12 could be selected for the year. But each one offers a unique, inspiring story to share. Viewers can expect a jet engine mechanic, security forces, and a Seabee among others, covering all branches of service.

“We put out a casting every spring on social media and we get hundreds of veterans from across the country who apply,” said Elise. “It’s very hard to narrow down the list, but for 2021 we have an amazing group of women eager to work towards a common good, something greater than themselves.


“A lot of them are seeking that camaraderie and this is a fun way for them to enjoy that. I like to say we make volunteering look glamorous. They have also told me it’s been a way for them to embrace and reclaim their femininity again.”

“I joined the Army straight out of high school in 2003, shortly after US forces invaded Iraq. My first, and favorite duty station after basic training and AIT, was Camp Kyle, Korea where I worked in the Motor Pool as a 92A. We transferred to Hunter Army Airfield, GA to train for our deployment. We deployed to Mosul, Iraq in 2005. In Iraq, I did logistic patrols (convoys) as a driver with my unit. About six months into deployment, I was attached to the 172nd Stryker Brigade to conduct raids in Mosul and Fallujah. I searched females and children, as well as ensuring fellow soldiers were safe to complete their mission, capturing suspects. After Iraq, I went to Fort Irwin to finish my time in the service” – Jessica, Army, 4 years
(Photo courtesy of Pin-Ups for Vets)

Elise is eager to visit hospitals again once it is safe to do so. Her favorite encounter from past trips involved meeting a soft-spoken patient who looked through the calendar with her. Afterward, nurses told Elise the man suffered a traumatic brain injury and it was the first time he had spoken in a month. 

While the calendars give a wink to the past, Elise said it provides a bright glimpse into the future.

“I think the calendars are a symbol of hope,” she said. “The whole concept of the pin-up was to remind our GIs what they’re fighting for back home. This is a fun and beautiful art that we can all appreciate. But it also serves as a reminder that so many incredible Americans have stepped up to serve our country. And that in itself is beautiful.”

Gina Elise, Founder of the non-profit organization, Pin-Ups For Vets, kisses the calendar she is giving to Army veteran Manuel Olveda 84, during her visit to the Denver VA Medical Center Wednesday, December 14, 2011. 
(Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Small Business Spotlight: Arlene’s Costumes

Sinopoli is the marketing manager and Arlene’s niece.

Here you’ll find elaborate costumes, masks, wigs, jewelry and shoes. While most costumes are for sale, about 30% of the business is rentals.

“We have some new masks that are really cool for this year,” Sinopoli said. “We have great new costumes that are amazing, and we do take a lead from what’s going on in the world of movies and music.”

Truth be told, we had originally planned to feature Arlene’s back in March— leading up to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Ugly Disco, two events that draw lots of customers to this store. But then coronavirus canceled the events and forced Arlene’s to close its doors. 

“It was anxious, but I had faith,” Stephens said. “We’ve gone through a lot with the business, ups and downs. More ups than downs, but I knew we’d be back. There was no question in my mind.”

It’s been a while since the “open” sign flashed in the window. But last week, they unlocked the doors to walk-in customers.

“I really wanted to be the one to come down and unlock the door and it was a good feeling to do that,” said Stephens.

Arlene’s never really went away, though. They continued to operate online.

“We were able to keep going with home order with grab and go local pick-up service and we can ship pretty much anywhere across the country, so we were able to keep going with those things,” Sinopoli said.

Now they’re counting down to Halloween, their biggest time of year, and keeping their fingers crossed that the coronavirus won’t disrupt another holiday.

“Halloween is going to be a very big year this year. It’s on a Saturday. It is a full moon — for those a little on the superstitious side, and it is the day of daylight savings. So you get an extra hour to party should you be able to go out and do that,” said Sinopoli.

As for her favorite costumes over the six decades, Stephens says that would have to be the ones her mother made. She still keeps a few in the store. But more than the costumes, Stephens says it’s the people that make things interesting.

“My favorite thing about this whole business is my customers, because while I was gone… I just felt like I was just missing so many of my friends. I was missing all my friends,” Stephens said.

If you know of a local small business we should feature, email us at [email protected].

Print Mash-ups – The b Store

The forecast for this summer is sunny with a huge chance of mixed patterns! Print Mash-ups is projected to be one of the hottest looks this summer and The b. Store has got you covered. We have dresses, tops, kimonos and pants!

Check out some of our favorites below:


This multi color patchwork print with ruffle sleeves dress is incredibly light weight! It has pockets and a sweetheart neckline to complete your look!


The combination of colors and details on this asymmetrical hem midi dress will make you stand out at any event.  It has puffy long sleeves a gathered waist and side zipper.

This short sleeve dress with pockets is a beautiful combination of blues and greens.  It has a sweetheart neckline and ruffle sleeves for that flirty feminine feel.


Front and back button details on this over-sized tunic will set you apart from the crowd.  Varying shades and colors on the different panels and contrast pocket.  Pair it with our Magic Pants for the perfect look!

Light blue floral print top has 3/4 sleeve with ruffle detail at the hem and sleeves and a keyhole back.   A perfect go to with our magic skirt or pants.


Day or night, you’ll fine endless ways to enjoy this flowing mixed print kimono top.  The sheer scarf print pops with color to mix and match everything in your wardrobe.


These fun printed pants are a must have for your spring/summer wardrobe.  They are easy to wear with a pull on elastic waist band and wide leg border prints.  Slip on wedges with your favorite solid top and you are ready!

Black and blue geometric print pants with border detail are a must have. They look amazing with our Sheer Crochet Top and Magic Cami. Dress them up or down!

This summer have fun with these Printed Mash-ups and make sure to check out The b.Store online for many more mixed pattern options!!

Brighton High School – Cardinal Spotlight

During this school year, we will be highlighting great things our Cardinal family does, and instead of deleting and replacing them, we will just add the more recent spotlights!

The Cardinal Spotlight is on Lauren Baskin. Dr. Norton nominated Lauren as a Cardinal Spotlight nominee after outdoor lunch seating was suspended for the seniors. Lauren took it upon herself to clean up the mess that had been left so that all seniors would be able to eat outside again. Thank you, Lauren, for your selfless leadership!


The Cardinal Spotlight is on Matthew Bowsher. Mr. Bowsher has single-handedly taken on tutoring for all of his students each Wednesday–an not just the students needing help in his music classes. Tutoring is open to all of his students who need help! Thank you, Mr. Bowsher for personifying #bekind!


The Cardinal Spotlight is on Lauren Baskin and David Long, our March students of the month! Lauren Baskin is the senior student of the month. She has a 4.0; she is in the top 10, and has gotten the Cardinal Academic Excellence Award each year. She was on the homecoming court 10-12th grade. Lauren is a very involved Cardinal. She is the West TN VP of DECA, and she is the secretary of Spanish Honor Society. She is a member of National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, the yearbook staff, and the volleyball team. She also throws shot put for our varsity track and field team. She volunteers for the Covington Bread of Life Food Pantry and the Farmers’ Market. After graduation, she will attend Mississippi State University and study floral management. She says the best part of BHS is the way teachers and administrators have adapted to the time with Covid.

David Long is the underclassman of the month. He is a junior with a 4.0 GPA. He is taking AP language and composition and AP computer science. David is a member of National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta and will join the bowling team in the fall. Outside of school, David produces original music and studies the Japanese language. After graduation, he will attend Vanderbilt University to study psychology. His favorite part about BHS is the people. He has made so many friends since moving to Brighton from another state and made amazing connections with teachers.


The Cardinal Spotlight is on Mrs. Emily Stewart this week! “Coach Emily” was a member of the first graduating class from BHS. She was the first athlete to sign a softball scholarship from our school. She was the first to defeat Covington, 2-1. She was on the first state tournament team for BHS, defeating Anderson County 8-1 in the semifinals. She has been teacher of the year and coach of the year. She is now the consulting teacher at BHS. She is married to Jeff Stewart, and they have 2 children, Houston and Holden. She enjoys shopping, cooking, and going to the lake.


The Cardinal Spotlight is on our January students of the month MacKenzie Winnans and Matthew Bentley! Mackenzie is the senior student of the month. She’s a very involved student athlete who maintains a 3.9 GPA. She’s involved in National Honor Society, HOSA, Student Council, the yearbook staff, Mu Alpha Theta, as well as the varsity volleyball and cross-country teams. After graduation she plans to attend the university of Tennessee at Chattanooga to study nursing MacKenzie says the best part of Brighton high school is the way the school and staff has tried to accommodate the seniors and all other students during this global pandemic.

Matthew is the underclassmen student of the month. Matthew is a junior. He’s a member of Spanish Honor Society. Outside of school he’s involved in church, the gym, and his part-time job. After graduation, Matthew plans to attain a real estate license. Matthews favorite part of BHS is the social environment and the passion everyone has for education.


The Cardinal Spotlight is on Mr. Dennis Harris. Assistant Principal Brian Crowson nominated “Mr. Dennis” because he “keeps this school running smoothly. Whether changing light bulbs, fixing heat and air units, unclogging toilets, hanging projection screens, or walking on the roof of the school in 90-degree heat or 30- degree cold, Mr. Dennis always has a smile on his face and takes time to speak with faculty and students in the hallway each day. ” Thank you, Mr. Dennis, for everything you do for us each day!

Click for more!

Beautiful fashionable evening dress of the popular brand

An evening dress is an obligatory part of a woman’s wardrobe. The evening dress has some peculiarities. Therefore, in order to choose the right dress for the evening, consider some details:

1. Dress length.

An evening dress can be absolutely any length. Both long and short. When choosing a dress, consider whether the length of your dress is appropriate for the event.

2. Type of event.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is whether the dress will be appropriate for the event. For example, at a formal reception, it would be inappropriate to appear in a short dress.

3. Type of figure.

The second thing to look out for is your body type. It is important to choose a dress that will emphasize your strengths and hide flaws.

Shapes are subdivided into the following types:





“Inverted triangle”,

“Rectangular shape”

A dress with a corset, a sheath dress, a dress with a belt will suit the owner of the hourglass figure.”Hourglass” is also called an ideal figure, so a dress of any style can be suitable for girls with this type of figure. However, draped, Empire style, straight dresses should be avoided.

Dresses with flounces, with voluminous decorative elements in the upper part of the dress, voluminous and straight dresses are suitable for owners of a “rectangular” figure. Girls with a “rectangular” figure are not recommended to buy tight dresses and tapered dresses.

Dresses with draperies, empire style, dresses with a corset or with a push-up are suitable for girls with a pear-shaped figure.Owners of a “pear-shaped” figure should refuse dresses with voluminous pockets and flounces.

Dresses with a deep neckline, long dresses, Empire style dresses are suitable for girls with an “apple” body type. Avoid tight dresses, belted dresses, and tapered dresses.

For short girls

When choosing an evening dress, girls with short stature should take into account some peculiarities. The right dress can visually stretch you.The best option for petite girls is petite dresses. Short dresses will look great on short girls, so avoid dresses with indeterminate lengths. Dresses below the knee or ankle-length dresses are not suitable for owners of short stature. Such dresses visually shorten the figure. Long dresses are also suitable for miniature girls. It should be noted that the dress should be straight to the floor or, following etiquette, half open the heel.

Selection by color type

There are times when clothes on a mannequin look more attractive than on you.This is because the shade of the selected clothing does not match your color type. Let’s see what shades of colors are suitable for a particular color type:

Winter type

Girls of this type usually have dark eyes, light skin and dark hair. Girls and women who fit this description should pay attention when choosing an evening dress for dresses in blue, lemon, purple, blue and black colors. Dresses in pale shades should be discarded.

Autumn type

For girls who belong to this type, dark skin, honey or red hair color, greenish, grayish or bluish eyes are characteristic. A dress of bronze, dark blue, orange, scarlet or chestnut color is suitable for an autumn-type woman. It is necessary to refuse white evening dresses.

Summer type

Girls who are of this type usually have pale pink skin, light blond hair shades and light eyes. A girl with a summer type of appearance is recommended to opt for soft shades. For example, a dress in soft light purple, blue, gray-green or pale red tones will suit you. Dresses in bright yellow should be avoided.

Spring type

This type of girls is characterized by green or bluish eyes, the skin is usually light in color, the hair is light brown or reddish. For this type of women this dress will go in light shades, for example, pink, crimson or light purple.Girls with a spring type of appearance should refuse dresses in black, white and light gray

For curvy ladies

When choosing an evening dress, girls with curvaceous forms should take into account the individual characteristics of their bodies, since the fullness can be different. Here are some tips for choosing an evening dress for curvy ladies:

Choose dresses with a small pattern. Large drawings visually increase in volume.
If you purchased a dress with spaghetti straps, pay attention to your shoulders. If folds have formed on the shoulders, then the dress can be supplemented with a jacket or bolero.
Dresses above the knee should be discarded. Such dresses are not for everyone, but only for the owners of perfectly straight legs and beautiful knees.
If you choose a dress with sleeves, then give preference to straight sleeves.
Don’t get carried away with sequined dresses. Smooth fabrics with a matte effect are best.
Do not under any circumstances buy dresses with a baggy cut. They visually make the image heavier and make you look even bigger.
The waistline can be emphasized with a belt or ribbon. But do not tighten the belt too much, otherwise not very beautiful folds may appear.


Classic is something that never goes out of style. By purchasing a dress in a classic style, you will not go wrong. An evening classic dress is suitable for any event. Classic dresses have a certain severity that makes them even more elegant. Classic dresses come in many different options. You can choose both a short dress and a floor-length dress.It is best to choose the style of the dress, taking into account the individual characteristics of your physique. For example, if you have perfectly straight legs, then feel free to choose a short dress. For a formal dinner, choose an elegant, straight-lined dress, preferably a solid color.

Unusual and original

At fashion shows, designers often present unusual images. At fashion shows in Milan, you can see dresses made of paper, flower leaves, glowing LEDs, fresh flowers, cotton wool and rubber.There are a lot of such examples. Such unusual dresses are unlikely to be appreciated at a gala evening or an official reception, but you can safely go to a costume party in such an original dress.



If you want to be in the spotlight, then feel free to opt for a dress with an open back. An open back will not leave indifferent any man or even a woman. The former will look at you with interest and admiration, and the latter, most likely, with envy. A dress with an open back in the front usually looks very modest, without unnecessary details. In such a dress, the emphasis is placed only on the back, so you should not pile up the image with voluminous accessories. However, in order to wear such a dress, you must have a perfectly flat posture and a well-groomed back, so as not to overshadow your impeccable image.


Lush dresses are especially common among evening dresses. Such dresses are often chosen by graduates for their prom. And this is true, because only such a dress can make a princess out of a girl.Fluffy dresses can be easily complemented with various accessories, and at the same time, the image can be easily reloaded, so be careful. Fluffy dresses can be either short or long. If you want to be a “real princess” at your evening, then choose a dress to the floor. And for a cocktail look, a short dress is perfect.


Unusual cut of a closed dress makes it sophisticated and graceful. The minimum of open details on the dress makes the image mysterious and gives a special charm to the woman.A closed dress is great for a formal reception or a celebration. Do not think that a dress with long sleeves and neckline will look monotonous. If desired, the dress can be supplemented with various accessories.

With corset

A dress with a corset is a great option if you want to emphasize and correct your waist. If the dress has a corset, then this is enough to rivet the eyes of the men around you. The secret of special attention lies in the fact that the corset emphasizes the waistline, tightens the chest and focuses on the hips.With the help of a correctly selected corset, you can visually enlarge small breasts, and it is beneficial to emphasize large ones. A dress with a corset is a universal thing. It suits absolutely everyone: thin and fat, low and tall. Recently, the style of the 60-70s is returning to fashion, so the corset is gaining new popularity. You need to be careful when choosing accessories, as an incorrectly selected accessory can completely ruin the image.

Convertible dress

The transforming dress was invented by Lydia Silvestri, a journalist for a fashion magazine.She had to travel a lot around the world, as well as attend fashion shows, because of this she had to carry a large suitcase of clothes with her. It was very uncomfortable, and then she decided to create a dress that would fit any occasion. A transforming dress is one dress that can be used to create several looks. This dress fits well on any figure. Another plus in favor of this dress is economy. By purchasing one dress, you can create several looks from it and at the same time look unique.A dress with a detachable skirt can also be called a transformer. This model differs from a regular dress with removable elements, with the help of which the dress looks longer and more voluminous. Dress with a detachable skirt is suitable for a formal event. During the official part, you will be in a long dress, and in the second half, in a short one, simply by unfastening the removable part.


Wrap dress is a versatile outfit that will suit both a young girl and an adult woman.The secret of this dress is that it can make a full figure slimmer, and a thin figure can give the desired volume. The wrap dress accentuates the silhouette. Dresses with a scent on the bottom emphasize the bottom, and vice versa.

Off Shoulder

Open shoulders are very gentle and sexy at the same time. However, open shoulders are far from being for many, so you need to choose this dress model taking into account the individual characteristics of the figure.The dress will look good on a girl with thin shoulders. In such a dress you will look feminine and gentle. If you want to visually stretch your neck, then feel free to bare your shoulders.

This dress model does not fit:

  1. Broad-shouldered girls.
  2. To chubby girls of small stature.
  3. Adult women. This dress focuses on the neck and neckline, which, unfortunately, lose their aesthetic appearance with age

One shoulder

Interest in one-shoulder dresses flared up again when Michelle Obama appeared in public in such a dress. The asymmetrical cut of the dress emphasizes the femininity and elegance of the owner of this model. This model is very moody. So, fashionable stylists recommend abandoning such a dress if you have too massive arms and wide shoulders. In addition, stylists recommend that girls with large breasts be more careful when buying this dress. This model is perfect for girls with an hourglass or apple figure. The dress favorably emphasizes the dignity of each figure, and also hides minor flaws.


A dress with a deep cut can be considered an example of femininity and sexuality. However, one should not cross a very fine line between femininity and vulgarity. A dress with a deep neckline fits especially well on girls with beautiful breasts. An open neckline is a perfect option for an evening dress. For girls with small breasts, short dresses with a shallow neckline are suitable.

With a full skirt

A dress with a fluffy skirt fits perfectly on skinny girls. Girls with full forms need to be careful when choosing this model, as it can make you visually larger. For an evening option, a dress with sequins or stones, with a small neckline or strapless is ideal.


A-line dress is the most common model. This dress is characterized by a fitted top and a flared bottom. This dress will suit absolutely any girl. The upper part of the dress supports the chest and emphasizes the waist, while the lower part masks minor imperfections in the hips or legs.


The mermaid dress is suitable for those who want to accentuate their beautiful thighs. The dress is characterized by a tight-fitting part to the knees, and at the bottom there is a skirt in the form of a train.

Actual colors

Yellow is the color of summer, joy and happiness. Yellow is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. A yellow dress will charge you with positive energy and make you stand out from the crowd. Yellow looks good on everyone, be it a young girl or a solid woman.

Purple is a color for creative people, it creates a feeling of a romantic mood. Purple is suitable for women of all ages. Purple, like black, tends to visually slim the figure. You don’t need to dress completely in purple. If you are blonde with light eyes, then choose a rich purple color, or vice versa, if you are a dark brunette with dark eyes, then choose bright shades of purple.

Lilac is the color of wisdom and tranquility, therefore it is preferred by creative people with high intelligence.A lilac dress is perfect for any event, and you will be the center of attention. Lilac color suits absolutely any girl, regardless of external data.

Beige is a color that gives softness and femininity to the image. When choosing a dress in beige, you should choose a shade that suits you, otherwise it will look like you are naked from a distance.

Turquoise looks great on all color types. A properly chosen dress will help to emphasize a beautiful tan or, conversely, to shade off the pallor.

Fashion stylists claim that the emerald color is suitable for absolutely any woman, you just have to choose the right shade. For example, a cool shade of emerald is suitable for brunettes, and a slightly washed-out shade for blondes. Psychologists say that only self-sufficient women who are happy with themselves and their lives choose this color.

Gray has many shades from silver to wet asphalt. Therefore, any girl can choose a shade that suits her.For an evening look, dresses made of satin, silk or guipure are suitable. Gray color goes well with white, blue, red, pink, brown, green colors.

Peach is a very delicate and feminine color, so it is in great demand among fashionistas. Beige is a rather plastic color, so it can easily blend in with both dark skin and pale skin.

The color of luxury and wealth. A dress of gold color can turn an ordinary woman into a queen. But at the same time, the color is a little capricious.It requires careful selection of dress length and accessories. The most important rule is that everything should be in moderation. Gold color is ideal for those with dark skin.

The mint color makes your look soft and invisible freshness. Mint color can be combined with white, brown, beige and black. Accessories of golden or silver color are suitable for a mint-colored dress. The mint color is perfect for blondes.

Marsala is the trendiest color this season.It is ideal for absolutely all the fair sex. The only exceptions are girls with fiery red hair. An evening dress in Marsala color embodies tenderness, romance and at the same time austerity and brutality. Marsala color cannot be called catchy, so it can be worn at any event.

Dress length

A short dress is stylish and sexy; it is the choice of confident girls. The fashionable trend of this season is a short dress made of light, “flying” materials.If earlier designers relied on restraint, now they focus on sexuality and relaxedness. When choosing a dress for the evening, pay attention to fashionable little things: ruffles, stones, rhinestones, fringes, etc. This season, short dresses in blue, gray and red are common. However, most designers believe that a short dress should be shiny and iridescent, so you can safely choose a silver or gold model.


The perfect evening dress is a midi dress.The midi dress is suitable for women of any age, height and build. A properly chosen dress can highlight all the advantages of your figure. A midi dress is suitable for any occasion, be it a business meeting or a romantic date.

Floor-length dress – a classic version of an evening dress. Long dresses give a woman a special charm, mystery and femininity. Every year, designers offer more and more new models. Usually, evening dresses are shown at the end of the fashion show, as if leaving the “dessert” for later.In a beautiful evening dress, you can go to the theater, restaurant, prom, gala reception or wedding. The main thing is to find the very dress. For example, on a woman with an hourglass figure, models that emphasize the waist will look great. This season, models of green, blue, yellow, classic black and purple are very common.

French length
French is the length that reaches the middle of the knee. A woman of any age and any configuration can please herself with such a dress, as it suits almost everyone.The versatility of this length means that it is appropriate for any type of event.

Fabrics and texture

Satin is the most widespread fabric for sewing evening dresses. Atlas looks very expensive and stylish. The atlas dries quickly, but at the same time it has a drawback – it crumples strongly.

Knitted dress models are again becoming common among fashionistas. And this is not surprising, since they emphasize the lines of the female figure well. there are dresses of fine and large knit.For the evening, such models are best suited, which can be supplemented with voluminous accessories.

Silk can be safely called one of the most expensive materials. A huge amount of time and effort is spent on the production of silk, and besides, silk is a natural material. Silk is especially good because it cools in hot weather and warms in cool weather. And it is worth remembering – the larger the knitting, the more voluminous the accessories.

The surface of the velvet is covered with small fibers.Velvet fabric can be plain dyed or patterned. Chic evening dresses and capes are made of velvet.

Made of tulle
Tulle is a thin but durable nylon mesh. Decorative elements and fluffy skirts are usually made of tulle.

This season literally made you look at openwork outfits in a new way. Openwork dresses surprise with unusual patterns, which are handmade by craftswomen. Choosing an openwork dress, you will definitely be in the spotlight.

Chiffon is a light, flowing fabric, one of the types of silk fabrics. The main advantage of chiffon fabric is its lightness, so chiffon is used for sewing summer, “flying” dresses. Chiffon can be either with a matte effect or with a slight sheen.

Organza is another kind of light, almost transparent fabrics. However, organza is somewhat harsh, thanks to which it drapes well and keeps its shape


With rhinestones
Rhinestones are one of the most common methods for decorating evening dresses.The whole dress can be trimmed with rhinestones, as well as small areas, for example, the line under the bust or the neckline. Rhinestones can be arranged randomly or in a specific pattern.

With stones
In order to highlight your individuality, the dress can also be finished with various stones. These can be any artificial stones or even pearls. The main thing is not to overdo it so that your outfit does not look ridiculous.

With beads
If you have imagination, you can very beautifully decorate a dress with beads.You can trim the upper part with beads or embroider any pattern you like. Beads can also lay out the outline of the pattern, and fill with something else.

With what to wear

Bolero is an irreplaceable part of many models of evening dresses. Bolero is a short jacket with long or short sleeves. Bolero suits women with any figure. It helps camouflage broad shoulders or full arms, and also accentuates the chest.

In addition to boleros, cropped models of evening dresses can be worn with a jacket or jacket.They will help to visually correct the upper body and hide imperfections.

With shoes and sandals
To choose the right look for your evening dress, consider the following rules:

Be careful with the maxi dress and stiletto heels, as the stiletto heels can catch on the hem of the dress.
Match an open dress with sandals with thin straps.
For a semi-open dress, it is necessary to choose shoes with a buried front and back.
You can choose completely different options for a short dress: shoes, stiletto heels, sandals, etc.d.

How to complement the image

To choose the right hairstyle for an evening dress, observe the ratio of style and hairstyle. So, for example, a dress with bare shoulders cannot be combined with loose hair; a collected hairstyle is suitable for such a dress. Recently, side hairstyles have become quite common. However, with such a hairstyle, the accent should be on the lips, otherwise the head visually “fuses” with the neck. A dress with an asymmetrical neckline can be combined with side bangs.

Will suit an evening dress:

One-color manicure;
Design or color to match the accessories;
Decorating elements will add sophistication to your look;
Lunar manicure or service jacket is always in fashion. They fit absolutely any dress.

To choose the right one, you need to take into account the style of the dress and the event for which it is worn:

Massive and bright accessories will suit a modest dress of a simple cut.
A variety of jewelry will suit a cocktail dress.For example, you can choose a necklace or earrings to match the color of your eyes.
Decorations in the style of minimalism are suitable for dresses made of light fabrics.

90,000 to the floor, long, evening (photo)

A red dress is the thing with which the likelihood of getting lost in the crowd is reduced to zero. If you think red is not for you, you probably have never tried on a red dress!

To look stylish and effective in such a dress, you need to choose the right style, accessories, as well as a shade of red in accordance with your appearance color type.

World stars and celebrities often sport red dresses. Look at the photo – each image is charming in its own way. An evening red dress with an open back looks stunning! However, a red dress can be both smart and casual. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Contents of article

Choosing the shade of the dress

A bright red cold shade, as well as red with a blue or purple tint, is perfect for brunettes with light porcelain skin – a winter color type of appearance.

Girls with a summer color type are also suitable for cold shades, but be careful – if your skin is prone to redness, it is better to refuse such an outfit altogether.

Red-haired autumn beauties are in terracotta shades, as well as Marsala, which is fashionable this year.

For a spring girl with golden or brown hair and a peach blush, warm shades of red are recommended – red-orange, red-brown, coral, salmon.

Red dress with black

Classic black accessories will perfectly complement your red dress. Wear a black fitted jacket to a sheath dress in one of the shades of red – your look will be quite strict.

When using these two colors in your outfit, avoid colorful ornaments – use large blocks of color. Complete a solid-colored dress with black shoes, a bag, a belt, a bracelet or a necklace.

A long evening dress with a black bolero or boa looks great, and the casual style of a red dress looks great with a black coat, short coat, raincoat.A red dress and a black sheepskin coat are a luxurious combination.

When mixing red with black, avoid revealing necklines, transparent inserts of high slits on the skirt, as well as latex – such an outfit will look like it was from a sex shop.

Red dress with white

White color perfectly softens the daring mood of a red dress. It can be a white false collar, a romantic scarf, belt, shoes or sandals.

The shade of white also matters. Wear snow-white accessories with cool shades of red, and for burgundy and coral clothes, choose additions of cream, ivory or marshmallows.

In a business setting, you can combine a red sheath dress with a white jacket, and in a romantic setting – with a white lace bolero. A white cardigan under a belt looks charming with a red sundress on the floor.

Beige and red dress

In casual looks with a red dress, it is best to use beige and brown colors, but versatile beige pumps can be worn with a red dress both in the office and on the red carpet.

In summer, wear beige leather sandals with weaves and a light red dress, complemented by a beige thin strap.In spring, you can wear a beige trench coat with a red dress – this is a beautiful and calm image.

In autumn and winter, try on a red dress with brown jackets and jackets, ankle boots and boots made of leather or suede, as well as red or chocolate sheepskin coats.

Unexpected combinations

A red dress with gray accessories looks quite decent. The main condition is to choose the right depth and saturation of shades.

Complement the red-coral dress with a light gray vest and the same shoes, and choose a dark gray sweatshirt for a shirt dress in terracotta color.

Red and pink is a risky combination, but today stylists admit it. If you want to be unimaginably bright on this holiday of life, complement the red dress with hot pink shoes and a clutch.

Red is in perfect harmony with green, but many people think of this neighborhood of Christmas, so choose not emerald, but a delicate shade of green – olive, mint.

A combination of red and yellow is suitable for a resort look. Match the dress with a hat, sandals, beach bag in a rich warm color, or wear a red beach tunic dress with a yellow swimsuit.

Do not forget about blue – with a red dress it is quite possible to wear a denim jacket in traditional denim shades. The red dress will also fit into the marine style – in this case, it is advisable to use white as the third color.

A red dress with a midi skirt in the sun is a chic attribute of retro style. Put on a simple blue cardigan, red shoes, a white collar, and a belt.

Prints and ornaments

The red dress itself does not have to be monochromatic – it can be variegated, with a small color or embossed pattern.Such a dress does not tolerate pretentious accessories; it is better not even to wear jewelry with it (with the exception of a wedding ring).

And plain models of red dresses can be combined with prints such as leopard, zebra, Dalmatian. These are spectacular images with which you will definitely find yourself in the spotlight.

Do not forget about makeup – red lipstick is perfect for a red dress, just choose the right shade and do a modest eye makeup.

You can, on the contrary, get by with a colorless gloss or lipstick in a nude shade, and shape your eyes using the smokey ice technique.

Do not be afraid of bright things – a red dress does not necessarily indicate the passionate nature of its owner. Even modest and sedate ladies can afford a red dress, creating an image with it to suit their mood.

What to wear with a red dress






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90,000 Prom dresses 2020: which one to choose to be in the spotlight

Girls have been dreaming about a prom dress since the beginning of high school.After all, this evening will forever remain in your memory. Graduation is a step towards a new life and your future. And I want to enter the future in full dress. On this special evening, everything should be perfect, and the dress is one of the most important elements that need to be given attention and thought out to the smallest detail.


What colors will be in fashion

A prom dress should emphasize the figure, radiance of eyes, silky hair and a charming smile.It can be either pastel or bright. However, the designers chose fashionable colors in 2020:

  • Refined beige and cream;
  • Romantic peach and pale pink;
  • Sensitive lilac and lavender;
  • Royal silver and gold;
  • Passionate scarlet and burgundy;
  • Confident sky blue and navy blue;
  • Close to nature mint and emerald green.

In recent years, beads and sequins, crystals and appliques, as well as lurex and metallized textures have become very popular.These elements accentuate different parts of the dress and make it luxurious.

Choosing the style of a prom dress

The style is just as important as the color of the dress. If the color creates a mood, then the style slims, follows the line of the body, lengthens the legs and emphasizes your dignity.

Greek style

Dress in this style is an irreplaceable object of fashion collections. Not only will it help you look like the Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite, but it will also give you femininity, elegance and unforgettableness.

It gently fits the bust line and flows down in folds, making the waist and hips perfect. Models can be carried on one shoulder, be decorated with a brooch, have a high waist, reach knee or ankle length.

A classic model is a floor-length dress with a V-neck, emphasizing the breasts and height of the graduate.

These dresses are made of flowing fabrics that can be easily draped and are able to securely fix the decor element. You can find models with lace, beads, stones, pearls, crystals – all this enhances the solemnity of the image.

Long dresses to the floor

This style will emphasize the feminine curves of both slender and plump girls. This model will make girls of small stature visually taller. Fashionable varieties of this style are considered: “mermaid” and A-silhouette models. They will show the world that you are not just a student leaving school, but a strong, elegant girl entering a new life.

A mermaid dress will create a chic and spicy look. A flared skirt, a fitted bodice, slender arms, bare collarbones and equally chic trim will add femininity and sophistication.

The A-line will create a sophisticated look. It is better to choose a satin from the materials, which will be softer and more sensual to fit the figure than chiffon or tulle. This is the style of dress where fantasy can roam. Long trains, designer sleeves, expensive fabrics and luxurious finishes will go here.

Dresses with corset

What can make a figure more seductive than a corset. In such a dress, any girl will have an hourglass figure that millions of women dream about.

These dresses give slenderness and grace. More recently, corsets have become a thing of the past, but gradually they appear more and more often in fashion shows. Modern designers have improved the corset, making it less uncomfortable. It starts at the midpoint between the hips and waist, wraps around the torso all the way to the bust line, and gently lifts it up. The corset emphasizes the chest, makes it more rounded and seductive.


With a corset, the hem can be anything – both to the floor and to the knee, making it look like a ballet tutu.These dresses are considered the most popular for evening events. They combine convenience and style, brilliance and luxury.

Evening & Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dress is a great option for bright, bold and active girls. It does not bother you with the length of the skirt, the abundance of lace. Convenience is the second name of this style. It is comfortable in dancing, does not restrict movement and allows you to feel free. Isn’t this the main thing at the prom.

It can have a hem “with a smell”, “tulip”, “pencil”, “half sun”, “balloon”, combining elegance, harmony and sophistication.

Subsequently, the cocktail dress will become an excellent part of your wardrobe. It can be worn for a friendly meeting in a restaurant or at a disco.

Puffy dresses

If you have dreamed of becoming a princess all your life at least for one day, then a fluffy dress is your key to making your dream come true. The contrast of fluffy skirts and a figure-hugging bodice will look spectacular and catch the eye.

For a fluffy skirt, airy fabrics are suitable, which will envelop you in a cloud and give lightness to the image.The bodice can either expose your collarbones or sit on your shoulders with thin straps or puffed sleeves – take an example from actress Emma Roberts: her dress is a real work of art.

However, little girls should refuse fluffy dresses and give preference to a different style, which will emphasize their fragile figure.

Short dresses with prints

Short dress – ideal for practical girls. After the end of the fabulous evening, you can wear it for a walk, to the museum, on a date, or celebrate your next birthday with your friends in it.For example, singer Dua Lipa loves ultra-short dresses with prints, sequins and rhinestones.

Short dresses have their own styles. The skirt can hug your hips for a slimmer figure, or it can have an A-shaped sheath or be curvy.

Do not forget about the rule of choosing dresses so as not to look provocative and vulgar. The shorter the skirt, the more closed the top should be. The closed top will accentuate slender legs, make you majestic and elegant.

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Choosing a red dress.Be the center of attention.

Red is one of the brightest and most mesmerizing colors. A girl who prefers clothes of this shade will never be left without attention. As a rule, this color is chosen by independent and self-sufficient individuals

If you are ready to catch the enthusiastic glances of others and be the center of attention, then this is your color.

However, choosing the right shade of red is not an easy task, as it can range from deep berry to vibrant coral.As a result, some women find it difficult to find a shade that goes well with their appearance. But do not be discouraged, because there is absolutely no reason to refuse a red dress if you know the simple rules.

Define your color type

To get started it is important to define your skin tone . According to many makeup artists and stylists, it can be cold, warm and neutral. The easiest way is to put on jewelry. If gold suits you more, then your shade is warm, if silver is definitely cold. If both silver and gold suit you, then your shade is neutral.

If you have a cool shade of , then you should try on the following colors: berry, burgundy and crimson. For those with warm skin tones, red, which is based on an orange undertone, is an excellent choice. For example, cinnamon, copper and bright red. And for neutral skin tone , almost the entire red palette will do.

Skin tone alone is not enough to create a unique look with a red dress.You should take into account hair color . It can enhance the color of red in clothing, or contrast with it. Remember that all shades of gold and copper are warm, and silver and ash are cold.

Blondes with cold skin tone can afford the following shades: pomegranate, cranberry, raspberry sorbet. And the warm shade can be favorably emphasized by choosing a dress in the color of red currant, poppy or coral.

Brunettes will look great in a dress of ruby, crimson, wine and burgundy shades. In such an outfit, you can safely go to special events. Girls who want to emphasize red hair color can stop their attention on dresses of red-brown, orange-red, strawberry, coral and mountain ash.

Remember the basic rule: the brighter your appearance, the deeper and more saturated color you can choose, if your natural color is not so bright – it is better to try shades of medium saturation.

Knowing your color type, you can easily choose the perfect red color for yourself.Keep in mind that its darker shades contrast with fair skin, while its lighter shades contrast with darker skin.

Make-up and selection of accessories

When wearing a red dress, pay attention to makeup. Red is inherently bright enough to highlight all skin imperfections and imperfections. Go for the perfect complexion. Choose the right foundation and concealer to hide redness and dark circles under the eyes. The emphasis is always the same: either the eyes or the lips should be bright. You need to have a good sense of proportion and not make your makeup too provocative. Do not forget that a red dress itself is very bright and eye-catching, so in makeup you should give preference to restrained shades (for example, golden, beige or pastel). If you think that red lipstick will perfectly complement the look with a red dress, then you are deeply mistaken, because such a combination can alienate others, creating the impression of a vulgar girl. Initially, red flowers are enough in the outfit itself, therefore it is better to refuse additional elements of the same range.

A red dress is a self-sufficient thing. It is worthwhile to be careful when choosing accessories. They should not be in excess, otherwise the image will come out overloaded. Shades that are in perfect harmony with red are beige, gray, gold, silver, white and black. The classic color combination in clothes is considered to be a combination of red and black. High-heeled shoes and a stylish clutch will complement the look.

Bright appearance and rich red color – the perfect combination Dress in a coral shade for a unique and chic look Dress in a deep garnet shade for special occasions Dress in burgundy color will add elegance and sophistication to the look Red dress will complement a fashionable and stylish clutch

5 fashion tips for sophisticated fashionistas1 Fashionable women

9026 -Summer 2021.What 7 models are in trend now

How nice it is to realize that what is fashionable today may well be comfortable. And sneakers are undoubtedly at the head of this. It would seem that the choice of that very pair is quite obvious, but there is no need to rush. Today we will tell you how to identify the hottest models of this season. Here’s a list of fashion trends!

Thin sole

Let’s start with a trend that will fit into the wardrobe of almost any girl. This is a fashion for neat sneakers with thin soles, which will be a great addition to the look in any style.The most relevant are models in retro style, when no one thought about massiveness in sports shoes. Models in the spirit of Meghan Markle’s beloved Veja, Reebok or Nike brands are what you need.


Ankle Height

Another trend that has literally boomed among fashion bloggers is basketball shoes. Their distinctive features, which we will take as a basis, are ankle height, straight lines, slightly rough lines and massiveness.They also emanate a kind of vintage, but they are able to bring something new to the wardrobe of a modern fashionista, don’t you think?


Bright colors

Spring always wants bright colors, and after a year’s quarantine we are ready to put on all the colors of the rainbow from head to toe. Designers feel this, so they offer us to wear sneakers in bright, neon shades in the new season.

Panton’s 2021 color of the year is “refreshing” yellow, so perhaps this shade will be the first to appear in your wardrobe.However, if you are not ready to completely immerse yourself in the “culture of color”, then you can safely choose models with colored inserts on a white background. This will be enough to stay trendy.



Another great way to stand out from the crowd is with print sneakers. Fresh, unusual, and most importantly – fashionable, what else do we need this spring? The scheme of action in choosing such models is no different from the previous paragraph: you can choose both individual inserts with a pattern and fully printed sneakers.


Pointed toes

Our list of shoe trends would be incomplete if we hadn’t added the ubiquitous agli shoes, so beloved by designers and, I must say, many fashionistas.

To begin with, we note that the already familiar futuristic, fantasy models in the Balenciaga style have not gone anywhere. You can safely walk them on city (and not only) streets. However, the most current shoe in this category is pointed toe sneakers. Yes, you heard right. We see variants with a similar cape in the collections of Puma, Adidas, AZ Factory and others.Well, dare you?



If from such an abundance of fashion trends your beloved Vans and Converse have already trembled somewhere in the far drawer, we hasten to reassure you (and them).

Classic black and white or just white sneakers have not gone anywhere from us. They all also remain favorites both in terms of variability in the composition of images and in the love of fashionistas around the world. So if you’re not ready to rock your wardrobe with neon flowers or pointed sneakers, you’re fine – you’re still doing the right thing.


As you can see, the “fashion market” is replete with a wide variety of sneaker models. And no matter what trends you bet on, you will be comfortable. And this is the most important thing.

What to combine and how to wear dresses with flared sleeves, fashionable this season

Dress with flared sleeves looks very feminine and gentle. This model is available in a variety of designs. Popular models are A-line, oversized, with an accentuated waist, pleated, V-neck and many others.You can choose mini and midi length model. Prints are also popular, especially flowers, peas, stripes and checks. This article presents stylish sets with a dress with flared sleeves.

With a white leather bag

A small white bag (main photo) goes well with a printed dress in a light purple hue.

With beige sandals

Navy blue is in fashion. Clothes of this color look very stylish and will refresh any spring bow.Do you like large prints? Choose an outfit with large flowers. Since the dress turns out to be quite active in color, choose a bag and shoes in neutral tones. For such a bow, beige sandals and a bag to match are suitable.

Oversized glasses and rough boots

Use massive details to add a spice to your look. For example, glasses with large frames or black boots with rough soles.

With a bright clutch

A floral dress looks tender in spring.However, there should be a twist in your onion. For example, a Marsala shade clutch. In order not to be mistaken with the color of the clutch, see what colors are on the dress and choose one of them. Complete your look with beige sandals.

Bag with fringes

Fringe is one of the trends of 2021. You can make any set stylish by complementing it with a small bag with fringes. For example, complete your look with a black dress with a black suede bag with trendy decor.

With a printed bag

Dress with an open back – hot trend of 2021.The open back looks good with flared sleeves. Combine a light blue dress with white stripes and a roomy checkerboard bag.

With a backpack and ankle boots

Mix a light dress with a brown backpack with a medium-sized print and studs. Complete the look with ankle boots in a dirty gray hue.

With tote bag

Dilute the white and black color scheme of the dress with a bright woven tote bag. Complete the bow with red rimmed glasses and layered necklaces.

With a padded jacket

For a more relaxed look with flared sleeves, wear a cropped padded jacket. Complete your look with an elegant soft white bag, stylish cap and rough-soled boots.

If you prefer colorful dresses with a bold floral print, you can also combine them with rough boots.

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Spring wardrobe: what dresses to wear to be the center of attention?

Spring comes when you realize that now dresses can be worn at least every day.Yes, this is a hint – it’s time to shop. Because there should be as many beautiful dresses in the wardrobe as you want, and not one less. Together with the fashion house Crazy Line, we figured out which models should appear in the spring arsenal in the near future.

With smart geometry

Geometry is a terrible force. She can easily both spoil the silhouette and sculpt it like a sculptor. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a brilliant mathematician to play with shapes successfully.Crazy Line designers have been practicing working with lines for a long time, and this season clever geometry adorns the most current models. Be sure to try on a dress with a combination of monochrome and gray checks. The restrained silhouette and contrast are good in themselves, but the main plus of the model is the illusion of cutouts at the waist. In such a dress, the figure looks especially impressive. And on closer inspection, you will notice that the strict checkered fabric is covered with transparent sequins. Therefore, feel free to walk your new thing not only to work, but also on a date and even to a cocktail party.

From Granny’s chest

Flying fabrics, wide sleeves, ribbon decor and rustic style – this is what will attract fashionistas in spring. Dresses “from the grandmother’s chest” are especially relevant in the coming season. A gentle and laconic variation of the trend from Crazy Line can become the main love in 2020. The V-neck visually stretches the neck, the loose fit is ideal for everyday wear, and thanks to the soothing colors, the dress is easy to use as a base.It can be combined with any shoe (with slippers too) and seriously expands the potential of the wardrobe.


When it’s warm outside, you are tempted to put on a floral dress. And this is a wonderful wish. Because the floral print remains one of the most important trends. Look for black dresses with bold, contrasting flowers. They instantly add richness to the image, and you can wear them anywhere and with anything. Are you planning a date? Wear stiletto heels, put your hair in a Hollywood style, and throw bright lipstick into your purse.The soul asks for rebellion? Get out rough-soled shoes and leather accessories.

Shirt dress

If you assign points for the versatility of the silhouette, then the shirt dress definitely deserves the maximum number of points. Perhaps this is the most functional version of the base for every day. For all fans of comfort without compromise, the fresh Crazy Line collection has several “shirt” options: from long and loose to fitted, decorated with modest frills. No unnecessary details.

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