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Find The Costume That Fits You Perfectly This Halloween

There are plenty of costumes to choose from at Spotlight this Halloween. But which costume fits your personality? While you may not have thought about it in the past, there is such a thing as a personality fitting costume. To help you decide which costume fits your personality, we have created a convenient and comprehensive guide to adult costumes below. Here are some of the questions you need to answer to find the perfect costume.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Halloween?

Halloween can represent different things for many people. Some people just enjoy the copious amounts of sweet foods, while others just love scaring people. Naturally, the answer to this question can determine the type of costume you will be wearing.

Some people love Halloween just because they like to dress up. These people usually have the most intricate costumes, which are prepared months in advance and into the finest detail.

Those who like Halloween because of the copious amounts of candy should always choose a costume that is comfortable and has some stretch. After all, you do not want to have a tight costume when you are going to eat large amounts of candy and food.

If you are someone who prefers to scare people, then the scariest costume you can find will be the one for you. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and other typical Halloween costumes should be the categories you consider.

Do You Like The Magical Or The Paranormal?

The answer to this question can help you decide further whether you should have a scary costume or something a little more whimsical. Those who prefer “the magical” should choose Halloween costumes such as fairies, princesses, or storybook characters. Those who prefer “the paranormal” should consider the scarier spectrum.

Do You Spend A Lot Of Time On Your Costume?

Some people spend an incredible amount of time on their costume, this can go from several days to weeks. Others prefer buying their costume without any additional work. The category you are in can also finetune the options available to you.

Those who adore Halloween, and everything involved in the event, are more likely to spend large amounts of time on their costume. In addition to that, they also tend to buy decorations and other things that make Halloween great. If you find yourself in this group, do not stick with one of our adult costumes alone, supplement them with some of our Halloween accessories to finish the outfit completely.

If you rather not spend too much time on your costume, you can easily find something in this category without having to spend extra attention on accessories or other details. Simply pick a costume in the right size and you are good to go.

What Kind Of Halloween Event Are You Attending?

The type of Halloween event you will be attending can have an influence on your costume. Wil you be spending time with some friends at your home and watch a scary movie? Or will you be spending the night at a cemetery? Or maybe you will be visiting a local club?

When you attend a Halloween party at someone’s home, you can keep your costume relatively simple. Since you will be sitting on the sofa watching a scary movie, make sure the costume is comfortable to sit in for longer periods of time.

If you are heading to a spooky place in the great outdoors, be sure to choose a costume that keeps you warm and comfortable. Check the weather forecast for Halloween and ensure your costume meets the requirements to combat the weather elements.

What’s Your Favourite Colour?

When all else fails, you can choose a Halloween costume based on your favourite colour. If your favourite colour is black, then there are plenty of options to choose from and it does not really narrow things down. So, if this is the case you may want to answer one of the other questions above to get more ideas.

Evidently, favourite colours can be variable. While blue, red and black are some of the most common favourite colours, orange, lime green, and bright yellow are a bit less common. So, the more uncommon colours can help you find a costume easier.

Spotlight: ‘How I made the least fashionable film ever’ | Fashion

As awards season beds in, it’s worth looking at what makes for Oscar bait. Take Spotlight, a film that follows a crack investigative team at the Boston Globe in 2001 as they attempt to uncover historic reports of systematic child abuse by Catholic clergy.

The story it tells is true and fearless and the case eventually became a blueprint for further exposés all over the world. The performances are strong, and tick-box stellar. Style-wise, the film is equally uncompromising, and since Oscar glory generally requires actors to undergo a complete visual transformation, the cast of Spotlight should be a shoo-in.

It was a tumultuous time in American politics, culminating in 9/11 – which becomes a key point in the film’s narrative. Everyone looked a bit rubbish too; buckles, bootcut jeans and exposed thongs were considered aspirational – pre-normcore pantsuits, badly fitted leather jackets and khaki, the reality.

Rachel McAdams on-set in Spotlight. Photograph: Stickman/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

It is, arguably, the least stylish film of recent years. Costume director Wendy Chuck, who previously worked on Twilight and Sideways, says that was the point: “If they looked unstylish, ie authentic, I … consider that a success. Every film is about telling a story, of course, but it was important that characters were treated with the utmost dignity considering the subject matter, which is why they had to look as real as they do. Everyone had their uniform, but in their own bland, non-fashion way.”

A lot of costume research was geographical. There is a Boston uniform, according to Chuck: a blue shirt and khaki trousers, and dark brown shoes.

Chuck also spoke to real Globe reporters Mike Rezendes and Sacha Pfeiffer to ask where they shopped, “which was mostly discount stores, Gap and second-hand shops”. The costumes in question are old, unironed shirts, used leather jackets and drab trouser suits.

Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo in a scene from Spotlight. Photograph: Allstar/OPEN ROAD FILMS

Real journalists, it seems, aren’t afraid to wear the same shirt two days running, or for years. “It’s a process to get that look,” Chuck explains. “You want to break stuff in – essentially stonewash the whole wardrobe. With shirts, you need to pick something in a cheerless colour – light blue or khaki green – then pop a bit of cascade in the wash, maybe a little bleach, and that takes the colour out. Or you put a tennis ball into the washing machine, which breaks down the fibres and makes them look old.” Then it’s a case of just wearing the same shirt two days running or “leaving them unfolded on the back of a chair so they don’t look crispy new”.

The hardest thing was deglamorising Rachel McAdams. For the actor, who plays Pfeiffer, they used Hillary Clinton’s (famously noughties) trouser suits as a moodboard and worked backwards. “Sasha was on a budget in real life, so used to go to discount stores – she was a big fan of khaki pants and T-shirts. I remember talking to her and she described herself as ‘anti-fashion’. Clothes weren’t important.”

Wide-legged pants and ill-fitting nylon shirts were McAdams’s go-to look, and while the whole aesthetic has shades of Vetements scruffiness, she didn’t exactly shine. It was only when images of McAdams on set were released and Twitter reacted that Chuck realised things had gone too far: “We had to be careful not to make them look clownish, and they almost did. And there were some that we had to take in because they didn’t feel right. And [the actors] didn’t want to wear them – in fairness, they looked ridiculous.”

Keaton and Ruffalo, in his trademark leather jacket. Photograph: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock

Rezendes, played by Mark Ruffalo, is an erratic journalist with a maverick approach to reporting. We get a sense of that from his leather jacket, although Rezendes did wear something similar. Chuck found hers by trawling through second-hand shops. “That jacket was key to his characterisation, as were the used Dr Martens boots and loose-fitting Levi’s, which I think were second-hand.” She also worked from photographs of the team after playing golf, which explains some of the sporting outfits.

The accuracy might feel unsettling for real journalists to watch. “I’m not aware of journalistic dress, but I know it’s not really a visual medium. These reporters were desk sergeants. There wasn’t a culture of dressing up. And it was important to this is that they look approachable.” One scene, in which Pfeiffer successfully doorsteps a former priest, is delicately underpinned by her standing tentatively in a rain-soaked beige outfit. “Being in the field, you need to assume a look that people feel safe so they talk to them. They want to blend in.”

“It’s a case of modification, supporting the story without detracting from it too much,” Chuck says. “I had to tell that story and the costumes were always going to be an effective way of telling [it] without doing a disservice to the journalists in question.”

Spotlight, Big W and Kmart -Kidspot

Yep, we’ve even got the dog covered (and it’s WAY too cute to miss!).

Each year it seems Halloween becomes bigger and bigger here in Australia. If you’re like me, the day is upon you before you have the chance to scrounge together some costumes for the kids, who desperately want to take to the neighbourhood to creep out those that live around them.

We’ve put together a list of scaremongering costumes, for all members of the family, including the dog.

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Costumes for kids

Toddlers look adorable in just about anything, and Spotlight has some super cute options for toddlers. Here are our fav picks. Both the little witch and the pumpkin will set you back just $12 each.

Witch or pumpkin? Image: Spotlight.

For older kids Spotlight has this very creepy ghoul costume, which also comes in black, for only $8. Or the blood splattered Pjs will set you back $16.

Ghoul or Zombie child in PJs? Image: Spotlight.

If you’re after something that won’t require washing their face while your kid is on a sugar high just before bedtime, Big W has a great option for the little stick figures in your life.

Stick boy and stick girl! Image: Big W.

Or these finds in Kmart will have you cowering in fear. The werewolf and ghost brides will both set you back $15 each.

Werewolf or Ghost Bride? Image: Kmart.


If you or your kids are into Stranger Things, Costume Box have some cool options. You can grab Eleven’s blue jacket for $25.99 or her blue overalls for $20.

Jacket or overalls perhaps? Image:

If you want to ramp up the spookiness, Spotlight has a very scary-looking Grim Reaper costume for $20, or an evil doll costume, also at $20.

Grim Reaper or Evil Doll? Image: Spotlight.


Let’s not forget about the fur-babies in the family. You can grab this adorable doggy Vampire costume from Spotlight for just $5.60!

Vampire dog! Image: Spotlight.

Big W also has your four-legged pet covered this year with these super cute options. The pumpkin is just $6 while the witch combo is $9.

Your dog could be a pumpkin or a witch. Image: Big W.

Spotlight Costumes Ltd

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Spotlight Costumes Ltd 12. 09.2021

With all the ventilation needed to keep you Covid safe during dance classes, you will be needing these!! We have added them to our website – if you can’t get to us, we can send them to you!

Spotlight Costumes Ltd 12.09.2021

EXCITING NEWS!!! We are now able to offer both vinyl and sublimation printing. All done in house! Get in touch for a free, no obligation, competitive quote for the printing and/or supply of your hoodies, t-shirts, leggings, trackies, onesies, drinks bottles, etc. The list is endless….. … Call in or message us for more info

Spotlight Costumes Ltd 12.09.2021

We will be closing on Tuesday at 4.30pm due to the latest lock down imposed by the Government. Fingers crossed we will be open again on 3rd December, but we will update you all nearer the time. We would like to thank all of you who have supported us and helped to keep us afloat over the last few months. Your decision to purchase from UK businesses and ‘shop local’ means more than we can ever put into words. … You will still be able to contact us via email or messenger if you want to place orders or send us your designs ready for when we reopen so do let us know if there is anything we can help you with. Jenny, Sandra and the Spotlight Team xxx

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Looking for stocking fillers? We have just the thing! Click on the link below and get ordering! Please remember that sanitiser is not just for Christmas

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The shop is really coming together with new stock arriving every week. We have shoes, tights, bags, knitwear and a range of bags to keep it all in! We are open again on Saturday from 9.30 to 1pm. Come and have a look

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The Bloch order arrived! Check out these gorgeous leotards as a little taster of what we have in store Limited stock so don’t hang around. (They make perfect Christmas presents )

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Every dancer needs a pointe shoe keyring, don’t they?! If not, we have other stocking fillers that are perfect for your little ballerinas

Spotlight Costumes Ltd 08.09.2021

Suffolk Dance Festival Sad to hear it has been cancelled , we have our fingers crossed for 2021, Jane.

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We are loving today’s creation This is the first of several designs, but we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Priced at 10 for children and 15 for adults and available in an array of colours, we think these are going to be pretty popular…. Contact us for more details or to order #tshirtdesign #tshirtprinting #vinylprinting #glitter #princess #ukmanufacturing #smallbusiness #shoplocal

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If you are looking for dance related gifts, come and check out what we have on offer in store

Rare trades in the spotlight

THE satisfaction from making something from scratch sustained many during the COVID pandemic.

For those who found a passion for making, the Craft Lab + Design Expo will only ignite that interest for creating further.

Part of the Ballarat Heritage Festival, the Craft Lab + Design Expo brings together practices passed down through generations.

From the fine practice of loom weaving, complex embroidery, natural dyeing, shoe making and leatherwork, to the art of furniture making and musical instrument crafting.

The inaugural event is all about celebrating rare trades, some that have almost been lost over time.

Visitors will walk through a curated exhibition of exemplary works and experience live demonstrations of their artisan crafts.

They will also be able to buy unique pieces straight from the makers.

“Ballarat is a rich heritage city where the stories of our people are captured through the crafts we practice,” said Tara Poole from Creative Ballarat.

“The expo where heritage trades, rare skills and contemporary practice combine, will be held over two weekends. Inspired by the UNESCO Creative City of Craft & Folk Arts program, visitors will experience highly skilled practitioners trace their heritage through their love language of craft.”

Those intrigued with fashion, style and the construction of historical costume will love a series of garment-making demonstrations by Sovereign Hill.

The living museum is nothing without its costumes, with the intricately designed pieces worn by the Sovereign Hill staff and volunteers adding that extra touch of nostalgia, filling all who visit with wonder and transporting us back in time.

The costumes tell stories about the history of clothing dyes, innovations in sewing techniques and machines, and developments in the manufacturing of textiles, as well as showcasing the wears of former times.

Sovereign Hill will be hosting demonstrations on historical dressmaking and embellishment techniques, as well as the work done on the redcoat solider uniform replicas.


Check out the Craft Lab and Design Expo

Ballarat Mining Exchange, 12-16 Lydiard Street North

Cost – FREE

15 and 16 May & 22 and 23 May – 10am – 5pm

Bookings essential at Three ticketed sessions per day, 10am-12pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm.

For more information on the Ballarat Heritage Festival visit



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Spotlight Castle Hill, New South Wales (+61 2 8858 8900)

What Other Say: User (11/11/2017 18:18)
Absolutely amazing range of products and very helpful staff. I wasn’t sure about what a new product did, and a nice lady opened one for me and we worked it out together. Highly recommend this store for all your crafting needs!

User (26/09/2017 11:37)
Very good. Staff good. Has a coffee shop. Accessible for disabled.

User (14/09/2017 16:48)
Disgusted after confirming items were available and at the sale process turn up the next day to collect only to find the sheet sets have gone from $49 to $179. Would have been nice if the sales person bothered to advise the sale ended that day…..

User (08/09/2017 15:04)
Fairly large store with a good range, sadly they are always understaffed. The staff always seem exhausted. Most of them are more than willing to help where they can but are limited by the workload. Store is usually well presented when I go, and if I can’t find something I can usually ask if it’s in stock if I’m able to grab someone. If something isn’t on sale one week it will be the next or the week after; Spotlight are always having sales and this particular store is right in the thick of a heap of other home improvement stores. A DIY enthusiast’s dream.

User (19/08/2017 12:06)
Horrible first experience at this store Spotlight Castle Hill. Staff are RUDE and not accomodating at all. Made us feel going into their shop a priviledge and something we should be thankful about. Staff needs to be trained better.

User (15/08/2017 07:02)
I am very disappointed, I called the costume department and they don’t have any goat costumes. In fact, they don’t have any animal costumes in general. So someone please explain to me what is the point of having a costume department in the first place ???? Can’t a man just be a goat every once and a while.

User (13/08/2017 10:53)
I don’t recommend the custom made curtains. They really messed up our order and want full payment before you even see your curtains. So many mistakes with our order and no compensation was offered.

User (10/08/2017 07:14)
We found your policy re defects in sewing machines to be extemely unhelpful. Also after we’d bought the Elna machine for ~$250 and then found it defective,a week later on picking it up and wasting our time and petrol we dind that the machine is on sale at half that price. Not happy. The staff were unfriendly except when recommending this substandard machine

User (09/06/2017 12:13)
Craft, sewing and knitters nightmare. Spotlight has so much variety that each time I go there I need to have a look around. You can make it a quick visit but take your time and enjoy. They now have a cafe downstairs so you can have a coffee break and go back to finish your shopping

User (19/12/2016 10:32)
Terrible service. Staff are not trained and don’t know how to serve customers. Too eager to go home at home time and will tell you that to your face. The manager is just as bad and very aggressive. It’s not what she had to say it’s how she said it made it worse. No matter how right you are it is how you communicate it that makes the customer service experience great but the manager has no tact and poor choice of words. Will not shop there ever again.

User (30/09/2016 12:39)
Great parking and new facility. Great stock and variety. Understaffed. Never enough staff on registers

User (15/08/2016 11:41)
Disgusting customer service.

Called for a product enquiry. Store picked up after 5th attempt. Transferred to the department where no one picked up after 10 mins and then call was terminated.

User (05/04/2016 15:47)
Excellent customer service. I arrived at closing time to return a few goods and the lady at the counter told me to go in anyway and she processed the returns for me. In terms of the store, it’s really spacious and well stocked on all sorts of crafts and sewing goods.

User (21/01/2016 09:24)
Store did not want to match Spotlight’s online prices. More training for staff is required. The gentleman who could possibly be the oldest member of staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Perhaps Spotlight ask him to train the others. Apart from that there is good undercover parking and it’s a nice new store.

Spotlight: San Diego | Visit California

The yearly arrival of Comic-Con International brings legions of fanboys and fangirls to San Diego every July for a celebration of swords, superheroes and sci-fi fare.

The annual convention, which began in 1970, now ranks as one of the largest events of its kind in the world, attracting more than 160,000 attendees to the San Diego Convention Center and surrounding Gaslamp Quarter every summer. What originally began as an event catering to comic-book fans has grown into a massive, multimedia affair that attracts top Hollywood studios and television networks looking to connect with fans about the next (or current) blockbuster or hit series. For one week every July, the centre of San Diego turns into fandom central.

Whether you’re attending for the first or the 20th time, or are simply looking for the best people-watching spots, these tips will make your Comic-Con experience a memorable one.

Comic-Con events you don’t need a pass for

The number of events happening outside the convention centre grows every year, and many of the pop-up attractions don’t require a pass to attend.

Local breweries often get into the spirit with events like Hop-Con: The Wootstout Festival, which celebrates San Diego’s status as the centre of the nerd universe. Given San Diego’s reputation as ‘the Craft Beer Capital of America’ with more than 150 breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs calling the county home, the combination of local breweries and the Comic-Con crowd is a natural fit.

The schedule of events is updated frequently—right up to and throughout the show, in fact—so keep an eye out for information about fan parties and meet-ups being held during the week, as many of them are open to the public. Many of the media outlets covering the show will host (or co-host) parties and after-hours events during the convention, with details provided on their websites, at their stands inside the show and at pop-up locations around the convention centre.

Bookmark the Unofficial Blog’s Guide to Comic Con and the Comic-Con Blog for the most up-to-the-minute schedules of events.

Where to go for the full Comic-Con experience

Much of the area surrounding the San Diego Convention Center will be in full-on Comic-Con mode throughout the show, but there are a few local landmarks you’ll want to visit to make your experience complete.

The claim to fame for Kansas City Barbeque, which is located a few streets north of the convention centre, is that it’s where the famous Tom Cruise ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin” scene from

Top Gun was filmed. Even if you’re not a fan of the 1980s’ flick, the popular bar and restaurant provides excellent people-watching opportunities from its patio, which happens to sit on one of the main routes to and from Comic-Con.

A trip to Comic-Con isn’t complete without a stop at Tin Fish Gaslamp on Sixth Avenue. Famous for its fish tacos, the restaurant is another popular people-watching location that offers a great view of both the Comic-Con crowds and the harbour, and you’re likely to spot more than a few comic creators and guests of the show enjoying a quick bite during the weekend too.


On that note, if you’re looking to hobnob with Comic-Con royalty, the surrounding hotel bars and lounge areas are popular meeting places for the show’s guests and attendees once the convention centre closes its doors each day. The common areas at nearby hotels like the Manchester Grand Hyatt can offer a great opportunity to extend the Comic-Con experience after the sun goes down. 

What to look for inside Comic-Con

If you’re fortunate enough to have a pass for the convention, check the Comic-Con website for the show’s schedule of programming, which is typically released two weeks before the show and tends to be updated as changes occur. Below are a few must-sees, regardless of what you’re planning to do during the show.

Hall H is where all the big film studios reveal footage and make major announcements, so you typically have to queue up extremely early—sometimes for a full day—to gain access to particular events. In recent years, the Comic-Con staff have occasionally issued wristbands to attendees queuing up well in advance of Hall H events, so it’s worth asking Comic-Con staff (either via email in advance or on-site when the show starts) about the best way to ensure you’ll get a seat this year.

The annual Comic-Con Masquerade costume contest is typically held on the Saturday evening of the show, and attracts some of the most creative cosplay artists you’ll find at any convention. Sure, you’ll see a mass of Spider-Man and Harley Quinn costumes wandering the halls, but these elaborate costumes will rival anything you’ll see in a blockbuster film. 

If you’re looking for your favourite comic artists and illustrators at the show, make your way to Artists’ Alley. Many artists take commissions at the show, and some even do free sketches.

Finding your own Comic-Con HQ

If you don’t already have accommodation booked for the show, the challenge of finding a hotel room could prove difficult—but not impossible. Check Comic-Con’s website for the latest information on availability. The site gives a list of participating hotels and tells you the current status of those offering special Comic-Con rates and room packages.

Given the early rush to book as many rooms as possible, there will typically be quite a few cancellations in the lead-up to the show. Call hotels directly to enquire about room availability—the hotels furthest from the convention centre are likely to regain availability the earliest. When investigating room availability, keep San Diego’s public transportation system in mind—the central tram heads east and south to La Mesa, National City and Chula Vista, while the Coaster connects the city with the North County beach towns of Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside. Both are viable options for reaching the convention centre without driving, with more potential for hotel availability.

Helpful Comic-Con tips

• If you can wait to buy souvenirs (and they’re not in danger of selling out), do it on Sunday. All the vendors will want to sell the last of their merchandise so that they won’t have to take it home. If you want to buy anything exclusive to this year’s show or commission an artist for a drawing, however, do so as early as possible.

• Bring these essentials for a comfortable experience: a refillable water bottle, poster tubes to protect any art you buy, sun cream (in case you end up queuing outdoors for an event), an extra phone charger and battery, and comfortable shoes.

• When you need a break from the crowds, venture outside the main convention hall in the direction of some of the smaller panel rooms, and you’ll find some relatively quiet corridors with space to sit on the ground and possibly a power socket to charge your phone.

Epistar 5 LED Roof Light 15W 1050lm LED Truck Light (LY8015B)

Epistar 5 LED Flood Truck Light 15W 1050LM

This LED work light is our star product, fast selling in Australia, America, Europe, for its good quality, competitive price and our excellent service.
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5, ultra low current draw, will not drain your battery
6, 100% sealed lighting system, resistant to moisture, dirt and dust ingress
7, almost no heat generated, safe for confined work spaces
8, installation kit stainless steel
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10, cast aluminum alloy housing
11, Pre-wired with 400mm of double insulated cable

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According to different sizes and LED watts work lights, they can be applied to achieve lighting for different needs:
1, engineering vehicles: Excavator, dozer, road roller and, bulldozer, crane, mining truck, etc.
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6, outdoor activities.

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4, customer service:
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All needs are answered quickly and all warranty questions are handled promptly at any time.

90,000 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: the hope and support of Elizabeth II

Photo author, Terry O’Neill / Getty Images

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has earned great respect primarily for the fact that for over 70 years he has provided unwavering and unwavering support to Queen Elizabeth II.

It was an extremely difficult role, especially for a naval officer, a man of strong character who had a principled position on a wide range of issues.

It was willpower that allowed him to successfully fulfill the duties of a consort and provide significant assistance to his wife in her royal role.

The Queen’s consort in Britain has no constitutional role, but for decades no one has been closer to the institution of the monarchy and no more importance to the British monarch than Philip.

Descendant of Nicholas I

Prince Philip was born on June 10, 1921 on the Greek island of Corfu, but his birth certificate says a different date – May 28, 1921, since Greece had not yet switched to the Gregorian calendar.

His father was Andrew, Prince of Greece and Denmark, son of King George I of Greece. Prince Philip’s grandmother was the wife of George I, Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna Romanova, granddaughter of Emperor Nicholas I.

Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg was the daughter of Prince Ludwig of Battenberg later received the title of Lord Mountbatten.Princess Alice was the great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

After the coup d’état of 1922, the revolutionary court expelled Prince Andrew and his family from Greece. A British warship sent by his second cousin, King George V, transported the family of the Greek monarch to France. Infant Philip spent most of the journey in an impromptu crib made from an orange crate.

He was the youngest child in the family and the only boy who grew up surrounded by caring and loving older sisters.

Philip first went to school in France, but at the age of seven he was taken to England and settled with relatives of the Mountbatten in Surrey.

Photo author, Royal Collection

Photo caption,

Philip’s mother Alice was the great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria

By the time his mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, she was placed in an asylum for the mentally ill, and Philip hardly saw her.

In 1933, 12-year-old Philip was sent to the south of Germany to the boarding school Schule Schloss Salem, run by the then famous teacher Kurt Hahn.However, a few months later, Khan, a Jewish national, was forced to flee Nazi persecution.

Khan moved to Scotland, where he founded a school in Gordonstoun, where Philip was transferred.

In Gordonstone, the Spartan regime reigned, the emphasis was on developing willpower and independence, which was the best fit for a single teenager who lived far from his parents.

Reported in reports from the front

The Second World War was approaching, and Philip decided to start a military career.

At first he wanted to enlist in the British Royal Air Force, but following the naval tradition of his mother’s branch of the family, he eventually became a cadet at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

During the visit of King George VI and his family to college, Philip was sent to accompany two young princesses – Elizabeth and Margaret.

According to eyewitnesses, Philip threw dust in his eyes, trying to impress them that he succeeded in full: the meeting left a deep mark on the soul of 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth.

Philip quickly established himself as one of the best cadets of the college, graduated with honors and in January 1940 took part in the fighting in the Indian Ocean for the first time.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

Prince Philip (left) enjoyed amateur performances at Gordonstown

While serving on the battleship HMS Valiant of the Mediterranean Fleet, he was noted in reports for his participation in the Battle of the Cape Matapan in 1941.

He was in charge of the ship’s searchlights and was instrumental in the night battle.“I discovered another ship, its central part was illuminated and almost instantly disappeared after a point-blank volley from 15-inch guns,” he recalled.

In October 1942 he was already serving on the destroyer HMS Wallace and was one of the youngest assistant in command in the Royal Navy.


All this time he corresponded with the young Princess Elizabeth, and several times he was invited to take leave of absence with the royal family.

After one of these visits, on Christmas Day 1943, Elizabeth put on her table a photograph of Philip in naval uniform.

Their relationship began to develop after the war, although their rapprochement caused discontent among some close to the royal family. One of the courtiers called Prince Philip “rude and ill-mannered.”

But the young princess was in love, and in the summer of 1946 Philip asked the king for the hand of his daughter.

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Prince Philip has a brilliant military career

However, a condition was set: before announcing the engagement, the prince had to change his citizenship and surname.

He renounced his Greek title, became a British citizen and took his mother’s surname – Mountbatten.

The day before the wedding ceremony, King George VI bestowed upon Philip the title of His Royal Highness, and on the morning of his wedding day he became Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merionet and Baron of Greenwich.

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The royal couple: how the wedding of Prince Philip and Elizabeth II was held

The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947.She became, in the words of Winston Churchill, a “flash of color” in the faded post-war life of Britain.

Career interrupted

The Duke returned to naval service and was sent to Malta, where he and Princess Elizabeth could lead the life of an ordinary soldier’s family for some time.

Their first child, Prince Charles, was born in 1948 at Buckingham Palace, and their daughter, Princess Anne, was born in 1950.

On September 2, 1950, Philip fulfilled the dream of any naval officer by becoming the captain of the sloop HMS Magpie.At that moment he was 29 years old.

But his naval career was about to end. The deteriorating health of George VI meant that Princess Elizabeth had to devote more time to royal duties and needed the support of her husband.

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The wedding of Elizabeth and Philip became, in the words of Winston Churchill, a “flash of color” in the faded post-war life of Britain

Philip retired in July 1951 and never returned to the naval service.

The Duke was not the man to regret the past for long, however, he later admitted that he was upset that he could not continue serving in the navy.

His contemporaries have repeatedly admitted that Philip in all respects could become the commander-in-chief of the Royal Navy. But he had a different fate.

New role

In 1952, Elizabeth and Philip went on a tour of the Commonwealth countries. Initially, the royal couple was supposed to go to it.During this trip, in February, while on a safari in Kenya, they received news that the king had died of coronary artery thrombosis.

It was Philip who had to inform his wife that her father had passed away and she became Queen of Great Britain. One of his friends later said that Philip looked completely lost then.

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Prince Philip at the coronation of his wife Queen Elizabeth II

Deprived of his military career, Philip did not have time to find himself in a new role, and the accession of his wife to the throne forced him to urgently seek this new role …

Before the coronation, it was announced that Philip would in all cases be the second oldest after the queen, but would not have any powers of authority.

And although the duke was full of ideas about how to modernize the monarchy, he began to become more and more disenchanted, meeting tough opposition to any change from the most conservative part of the court.

“Devil’s amoeba”

And then part of his violent energy was directed to an active social life.The prince began to sit up with friends for long lunches in London’s wicked Soho district, went to nightclubs and often got into the newspaper gossip.

And although Philip was given the reins of government in family life, even there he lost the battle for the right to give his children his last name.

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Prince Philip had to adjust to life at Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s decision that their children would bear the name Windsor instead of Mountbatten was a tangible blow to the Duke.

“I am the only man in the country who is not able to give his last name to children, – he complained to friends. – I am nothing but a damn amoeba.”

Relationship with son

At the same time, as a father, Prince Philip could be rude and insensitive. According to Prince Charles’s biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby, little Charles often cried because his father lectured him in public. Charles’s relationship with his father has always been difficult.

In addition, Philip insisted that Prince Charles go to his old school in Gordonstoun.He was convinced that a harsh regime would change the character of his son, who was prone to solitude. However, the young heir to the throne hated school: he missed home and was often the subject of ridicule and bullying from classmates.

In part, Philip’s character and his relationship with others can be explained by his difficult and lonely childhood. From an early age, he was forced to develop independence in himself, and already in his mature years he often could not understand why others did not have the same willpower.

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Prince Philip insisted that his son, Prince Charles, also study at Gordonstone

Although the prince could not always find a common language with his own children, one of his important areas of activity there was concern for youth.

In 1956, Philip founded the Duke of Edinburgh Foundation, which awards prizes and rewards the acquisition of community skills and love of nature.

This project has been extremely successful and has allowed nearly seven million young people aged 15 to 25, including those with disabilities, to challenge themselves by participating in various competitions and events.

“If you help young people succeed in one thing,” Philip once said in an interview with the BBC, “this feeling of success will spread to many other areas of their work.”

The Duke devoted a lot of time to this project, attended many events and participated in their direct preparation.

Caring for Nature

Philip was also a passionate conservationist. However, in 1961, he caused a stir in the press by killing a tiger while on a trip to India.The publication of photographs showing the tiger as a trophy only made the situation worse.

However, he used his considerable influence and energy to benefit WWF, of which Prince Philip became its first president in 1981.

“Humanity in its activities has no right to endanger the extinction of entire species of animals. If Westminster Abbey is demolished, it can be restored. But when the dodo bird became extinct because of us, we simply will not be able to return it.She disappeared forever, “he said in an interview with the BBC.

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Prince Philip was enthusiastically engaged in wildlife conservation

” It is wonderful that we have such a fantastic a variety of life forms, and they are all interconnected, “he noted. ” I think that if we, people, are given power over their life and death, that is, disappearance and survival, we should use it, guided by certain moral principles.Why allow something to disappear if you can not? “

At the same time, he angered some environmentalists by supporting the hunt for hazel grouses.” There is game, and you want it to be next year, you need to do this, how farmers do – to harvest, but not to destroy everything in the bud, “Philip explained.

He earned widespread praise for his dedication to preserving forests and participating in the campaign against overfishing of ocean fish.

Prince Philip also had a keen interest in production, often visited factories and factories and became a patron of the Society of Industrialists.

Photo author, PA

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Prince Philip was keenly interested in the achievements of British industry

Complete political incorrectness

His penchant for frank statements was sometimes perceived as rudeness and more than once caused him problems. As a result, he gained a reputation as a person who does not know how to correctly assess the situation, especially during foreign visits.

One of his most famous missteps happened when he and Elizabeth II were on a state visit to China in 1986.A remark about the “narrow-eyed” dropped in a private (as it seemed to him) conversation about the “narrow-eyed” drove the British tabloids into a frenzy, but in China itself almost no one paid attention to it.

In 2002, during a visit to Australia, he asked an Aboriginal businessman, “Are you still throwing spears at each other?”

And although criticism was heard for such comments, there were those who saw in this a manifestation of the independent disposition of the duke, who did not want to change for the sake of political correctness.

Many believed that his so-called bloopers were attempts to defuse the atmosphere and help the interlocutors overcome stiffness.

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Prince Philip was particularly fond of playing polo

Throughout his life, Prince Philip was fond of sports.

He swam, played cricket and polo, excelled in driving horses and was President of the International Equestrian Federation for many years.

Family Matters

The general public became aware of the tension in his relationship with his eldest son after the publication of the biography of Prince Charles.Its author, Jonathan Dimbleby, claimed that it was Philip who forced Charles to marry Diana Spencer.

Nevertheless, during difficult periods of his life, when discord was outlined in the families of his children, the duke showed himself to be a much more caring person than many of his critics assumed.

He was the first to lend a helping hand to them, trying to get into their position. It is possible that he was driven by his own memories of how difficult it was for him to become a full member of the royal family after his marriage.

Prince Philip was deeply upset by the failed marriages of his three children – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Charles.

But he never agreed to public confidential conversations, declaring in 1994 to one of the newspapers that he had never done this before and would not do it now.

Over the years, the rhythm of his life has not changed. Already in old age, he traveled a lot – both as part of his work for the benefit of the World Wildlife Fund, and with the Queen during her official visits abroad.

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Horse carriage was one of Prince Philip’s hobbies

Mother’s grave and letters from Princess Diana

In 1994 he made a pilgrimage to the grave of his mother (who died in 1969) in Jerusalem, where she bequeathed to bury herself, which was done.

Another exciting event in his life was the celebration in 1995 of the 50th anniversary of the victory over Japan in World War II.

On the day of Japan’s surrender, Prince Philip was aboard a British destroyer stationed in Tokyo Bay, and on the day of the 50th anniversary of this victory, he marched in the ranks of veterans of battles in the Far East in a parade in front of the queen.

Photo author, Rex Features

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Contrary to rumors, the Duke of Edinburgh supported Princess Diana

In 2007, 10 years after the death of Princess Diana, in an attempt to dispel accusations that Prince Philip was hostile towards to his former daughter-in-law, the correspondence between the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Diana was published.

In it, Diana calls Philip “dear dad”, and all their warm soulful tone testifies that her husband’s father was a source of moral support for her.

Retiring from public duties

In August 2017, after many years of serving the Queen, Prince Philip retired.

As calculated by the office of Buckingham Palace, since 1952 he has independently attended 22,219 events, not to mention those where he accompanied the Queen.

Then Prime Minister Theresa May thanked him for his “outstanding service to the public life of the country.”

In the same year, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Much to the chagrin of the prince, hip replacement surgery prevented him from continuing to practice equestrian sports in the vicinity of Windsor Castle, and after a serious car accident in which he got in January 2019, Philip voluntarily renounced his driver’s license.

During the pandemic, Prince Philip and the Queen moved to Windsor Castle so as not to expose themselves and others to the danger of infection, and in January 2021, both were vaccinated against coronavirus.

A life dedicated to the service of the Queen

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was an independent and very strong-willed man who, by the will of fate, found himself at the very center of British society.

Photo author, PA

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The Queen always considered Prince Philip as her hope and support

Although he was a born leader, he was always destined to be content with the second role, and his temperament often did not match the requirements of his position in society.

And yet, like no one else, he was able to do a lot for the country and its people with the help of his unique position, not to mention his huge role in bringing the British monarchy to new realities.

However, his most important achievement was undoubtedly the constancy and the moral support that he provided to Queen Elizabeth II throughout the long years of her reign.

As he once confessed to his biographer, his job was “to ensure that the queen rules.”

“I just did my best,” he said in an interview with the BBC. “I cannot suddenly change my style, I cannot change my interests or how I react to different events. . It’s just my style. ”

In her speech to celebrate their golden wedding, Elizabeth II paid tribute to her husband, who has served as consort longer than anyone else in British history.

“He is not one of those who like compliments, but all these years he was just my hope and support.I and our whole family, and our country, and many other countries are so indebted to him that we don’t even know it ourselves, and he doesn’t recognize him, ”said Queen Elizabeth.

Photo author, Keystone / Eyevine

Photo caption,

Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, 1947

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How to conduct business negotiations correctly

Business negotiations are a form of business communication between partners, which is aimed at finding a constructive approach to solving a problem, concluding contracts and transactions and resolving controversial issues.

Here are some tips to help you negotiate effectively.

Preparation and planning

  1. First, discuss with your opponent how many people will participate in the negotiations and what are your wishes for the format of the conversation. Collect information about all participants: name and position, so you know how to contact them. Discuss the interests of the parties and the results you want to achieve.
  2. Proceed to choosing a place for the meeting and time. It is better to discuss business in the morning, with a fresh mind, while business and fatigue have not yet accumulated.Check with your opponent when and where it is more convenient for him to meet or immediately offer your option, but be sure to explain the reasons for your choice.
  3. Decide how the information will be presented: presentation, film, document or product demonstration. Find the necessary equipment: a projector, TV, computer or copies of the contract in sufficient quantity.
  4. Prepare an action plan: a main text-cheat sheet with theses, possible questions and answers, for example, reports, tables or supporting documents, as well as options for solving the problem.
  5. Do not forget to come to an important meeting neat and clean. They are greeted by clothes, so think about your look in advance. It does not have to be a suit or an evening dress – it all depends on the general situation and the dress code of the rest of the participants.
  6. For a comfortable negotiation, start the conversation with simple questions. When you feel a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, move on to the main question.

Opinions of two parties

At this stage, it is important to listen to your opponent and not be afraid to ask clarifying questions in controversial moments.Your opponent is the same person, with his own needs, thoughts and feelings, he is also worried and worried, doubts something. Therefore, during the conversation, help and support each other.

While the other party argues and shares ideas, mark the key points or turn on the recorder so that after the meeting you can once again scroll through the solutions to the problem in your head.

During your speech, try not to deviate from the topic and the original plan of the presentation, do not add unnecessary “water” to the story.


When you get down to the main thing: the search for a solution to the problem, be careful, do not go into an argument and do not raise your voice. Respect the interlocutor, try to calmly discuss mutual benefits.

If your opponent is nervous, switch his attention for a while, tell about the other side of a “good” decision, in his opinion. If you don’t have an argument like that, just suggest taking a short break. Remember, your goal is to reach an agreement on terms that are beneficial to all parties.

Making a decision and reaching agreement

When you come to an agreement, proceed to signing the agreement. This can be done on site or in a few days – as soon as one of the parties prepares the papers. All the nuances are negotiated at a meeting, where both parties set the deadline, approve the final decision and select criteria for assessing its effectiveness.

Roles of negotiators

Business books by authors such as Ivar Unt or Roger Fisher have revealed psychological portraits of negotiators.

1. Leader

Self-confident person who has a well-delivered speech. He takes the lead during negotiations and speaks for the entire team.

To cooperate with him and be on the same wavelength, switch your attention to yourself, ask additional questions, give arguments, invite a third party to confirm your thoughts and ideas of your opponent. Find out what results the leader wants to achieve, and make concessions on some issues, while thinking over a move thanks to which you can win in the same way as your opponent.

2. Deputy Leader

Usually this person listens attentively and follows the progress of negotiations. This can be a lawyer, economist or business partner. He supports and advises his manager what to do next and how best to do it. He is also able to moderate the flow of a conversation and draw attention to details that are important to him, for example, questions that you are not ready to answer.

Stick to your plan and do not divert the conversation into another direction.Say that any additional questions can be discussed at the next meeting, or you will provide a detailed answer within a few days.

3. Observer

This person observes what is happening and analyzes the information received and the nuances of the behavior of both parties. It can be an analyst or an assistant manager who writes down the theses and tries to “figure out” the interests of opponents.

To understand the thoughts of the observer, periodically involve him in the discussion process, you can ask questions and ask his opinion.

4. Nice guy

An open and sociable person who gestures and smiles a lot. Opponents are imbued with sympathy and trust for him, which is fraught with a loss of vigilance in difficult issues. This could be a director or a confidant who has only one task – to distract you.

Throughout the meeting, you will have a pleasant negotiating feeling, but when it’s over, you may find that you were “cheated”. Therefore, turn your attention to the other participants in the conversation and ask them questions.

5. Bad guy

A self-confident and cocky person who will be happy to interrupt you and constantly express negativity. This behavior leads to conflict, but this person is playing on the fact that you will give the slack and take the opponent’s side.

Do not succumb to his provocations, do not show reciprocal aggression, behave calmly. Try to shift your attention to other participants in the conversation, and if for some reason you can’t do this, answer the bad guy’s questions, focusing on statistics that are difficult to argue with.

6. Optimizer

Calm and focused person who analyzes the arguments of both sides. He, as a mediator, helps to get out of deadlocks and point out inaccuracies in the position of one of the participants.

If an optimizer is sitting in front of you, try to support it and listen carefully, as it helps opponents to agree and come to a common solution.

Business Negotiation Rules

  • Set realistic goals and objectives.
  • Try to adhere to democratic communication, do not show your power and authority, so as not to antagonize the interlocutor.
  • Explore the background of your future opponent. Read about him on social networks or search for data through search networks, and also interview acquaintances. Analyze and find out the strengths and weaknesses of the interlocutor, his interests and needs, as well as assess his financial condition.
  • When giving a speech to an opponent, support words with precise numbers.
  • Ask questions and ask again if something is not clear.
  • Write down your theses and important information. This will help avoid ambiguity, and if it does appear, at the end of the conversation you can ask additional questions based on your notes.
  • Do not make excuses to your opponent and do not show your weakness. If you are confused about an answer, calm down, drink some water and start over.
  • Avoid conflicts and disputes. If the other person is deliberately provoking a conflict, redirect the conversation in a different direction.
  • If the conversation lasts longer, take a break to defuse the situation.
  • Avoid intrusiveness and give your opponent time to process your words to make an informed decision.
  • Keep promises.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Voronova Inna Yurievna , practical psychologist, hypnotherapist, transactional analyst, expert member of the Interregional Public Organization “Development of Psychological Aid” (MOO RPP), President of the regional branch of MOO RPP Murmansk, member of the Ethics Committee, Committee for Interaction with Children and parents, volunteer psychologist, St.Murmansk.

90,000 11 Ways You Can Customize Clubs in The Sims 4 Get Together!


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Select the brand name of the club. When Sims are in a club meeting, small icons hover over their heads to indicate that they are meeting other members of their club. There will be a variety of icons available in the game, and you can find the perfect match for your club.

Set the requirements for joining the club. Want anyone to join the club? Or do you want to make it exclusive? You can determine who is allowed to join the club by choosing an age group, skill level, or even personality traits that club members must have.

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Select a meeting place. Any club needs a meeting place. When you create a club, you can choose any institution, for example, a bar or a gym, or some special place in the world. There are different types of meeting places for different types of clubs: food lovers will most likely prefer to meet in any cafe, and sports lovers will want to visit some special gym more often.

Choose a special meeting place. If you would like to create a unique meeting place, you can select a special area and install locks on the doors so that only members can enter, thereby making the place exclusive to a specific club. For example, an art lovers ‘club might have a secret room where the finest works of art will be kept, or a players’ club might have a special room that has additional computers.You can continue to personalize your meeting place by accessing special club décor.

Gain access to the club atmosphere. The more often your Sims engage in club activities, the more Club Points you earn. These points can be redeemed for a host of benefits, including secret handshakes and club vibes. The club atmosphere is the emotional state that club members come to during a meeting, so during a meeting, members of a sports club can automatically become agitated, and members of a romantic club can become flirtatious.

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Object information


Class 3C, Hogwarts Castle [1] [2]


Image projection [1]


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [1] [Source] The projector is a device used for project slides on the screen. [3]


  • 1 History
  • 2 Behind the scenes
  • 3 appearances
  • 4 Notes and References


Snape teaches with a projector

The projector was used by the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors at Hogwarts. During the 1993-1994 school year, Severus Snape, while serving as a replacement for Professor Lupine, used him when the class was studying a werewolf. [1]

The projector was also used at the Yule Ball during the Triwizard Tournament. Professor Flitwick used a spell to activate it, lighting up the scene as the Strange Sisters began to play. [4]

During the 1995-1996 school year, Dolores Umbridge also used it while teaching her third year Defense from the Dark Arts werewolf class. [2] The projector was later stored in the Desired Room. [5]

Behind the Scenes

  • In LEGO Harry Potter : Years 1-4 , a projector is used to show a wizard fighting Boggart’s cage.


  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (film) (First appearance)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Movie) (Deleted scenes)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (film)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (video game)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (film)
  • LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4
  • LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7

Notes and References

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