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Can I purchase outdoor blinds and shades from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Make the most out of your outdoor spacer and discover our fabulous outdoor blinds and shades range at Spotlight. With a wide array of colours, styles and designs to choose from, create an idyllic outdoor space or a gorgeous conservatory with this superb selection. It also includes joiners and extenders to help you your outdoor blinds to look their best. With such a wide choice available, and our guaranteed low prices across the range, choose outdoor blinds and shades at Spotlight.

What is included in this range?

This range includes our wide selection of outdoor blinds and shades at Spotlight, and we are confident that you will find the best blinds at the best prices right here. Whether you are looking for blinds for your conservatory, patio, or any outdoor shades, keep the sun off your face and add extra privacy with one of the stylish blinds or shades available here.

We have blinds in all sizes, and it is important that you measure your window accurately before you order, to make sure that you get the right fit for your outdoor space. This range also includes various blind accessories, which will help you to get the most out of your blinds.

How should I install my new blinds?

Will that depends on which of our fabulous blinds you have chosen and we always recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin. Once you have decided on which of our blinds would be the perfect choice for your window offers, you will need a power drill, metre ruler, spirit level and everything that came with your blinds.

Using a metre ruler and spirit level, mark the walls using a pencil where you want the brackets to be placed and then secure this using a hand drill. Each blind will have different methods for installing the brackets. Add your blind onto the brackets before attaching the chain to the wall.

Do you sell custom made blinds at Spotlight?

Yes, we do. At Spotlight, we offer a made to measure service for curtains, blinds or outdoor awnings to ensure that they fit your windows and doors perfectly. There is a vast choice of fabrics and designs available, as well as our unbeatable prices across the service. Bring your measurements into the store and speak to one of our friendly assistants for more information. Alternately, contact us online or via phone to arrange an at-home consultation and measurement. Our team are on hand to help in any way that they can.

How do I clean my new outdoor blinds and shades?

Well, that does depend on which of our blinds you have chosen, and we always recommend that you read the manufacturer’s care instructions before you begin cleaning your new blinds. Different types of blinds require different cleaning methods. For example, the best way to keep your roller blind looking pristine is by unrolling it fully and wiping it from top to bottom with a clean, damp cloth.

If the roller part of your blind has become stiff, use a small amount of lubricant on the mechanisms. However, it is important to ensure that this does not get on the fabric itself as this may mark the material and leave a permanent stain. If you are cleaning Venetian blinds, then we have a slat cleaner in stock which will undoubtedly help to make the job even easier. Alternately, for wooden, PVC or aluminium blinds use a damp cloth to remove dust and residue. Always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or abrasive solutions, such as chlorine and bleach.

Spotlight On: Windmaster Outdoor Awnings: Half Price Blinds Blog

Ah, the great land of Oz. Australia is a country that sees no shortage of sunshine, but we also seem to receive plenty of wind! While the wind brings welcome relief when the summer temperatures are soaring, it can be a huge pain when you’re trying to relax or entertain outside. That’s why we recommend our Windmaster blinds to anyone looking to install outdoor blinds or awnings.

Read on for everything you need to know about these sturdy, yet stylish, online outdoor blinds.

About Windmaster Blinds

Windmaster outdoor blinds are designed in Western Australia, the state with one of the world’s windiest capital cities (Perth), to ensure they can handle gusty conditions with ease. Unlike café blinds, patio blinds or many other outdoor awnings on the market, Windmaster blinds will stay pretty much locked in place with little movement, even when blustery weather strikes. This is due to their unique design, which features heavy-duty base rails, locks and heavy-duty channels to keep the awnings in one place.

Why Windmaster?

As we’ve already mentioned, you won’t hear any annoying clanging or flapping noises with these bad boys installed. In addition to the heavy-duty design elements, these awnings feature a zip-free design which allows the fabric to sit flat and tensioned when in use. Windmaster blinds are also made using outdoor sunscreen fabric, which is an incredibly tough fabric that is not only designed to withstand the wind but can also block out harsh UV light throughout the day. Not only does this protect your skin from harmful light but it will also prevent furniture from fading over the years.

Another key benefit of these outdoor awnings is their ability to act as effective insulators. Once they’re installed, Windmaster blinds can reduce up to 94% of the heat in the home. This means the indoor temperature will be kept at a much more bearable temperature during the summer months. Plus, without having to put your aircon on all the time, you’re bound to save money on your energy bills.

Easy To Customise

Like all of the blinds, awnings, shutters and curtains we sell online, Windmaster blinds are incredibly easy to customise to match your personal style and lifestyle. There are a few different options available when it comes to placing an order. For the motor, you can choose between a 12-volt motor (that doesn’t require an electrician to install) or a 240-volt motor (electrician required), it’s up to you! You can also add a solar powered wind and light sensor to your awnings for maximum energy efficiency.

Outdoor window awnings

In addition to our Windmaster blinds, we also stock other styles of outdoor awnings including automatic awnings and folding arm awnings (also known as retractable awnings). Automatic awnings are an incredibly popular for their ability to reflect heat away from ground floor or balcony windows, keeping homes nice and cool inside. On the other hand, retractable or folding arm awnings are perfect for extending your outdoor living space by installing over alfresco areas or even the pool. With these awnings installed, you can enjoy protection from the sun and rain throughout the year.

Interested in installing wind-resistant outdoor blinds or awnings? Get in touch via Facebook or by calling my Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041, and they’ll beat any competing in-store or online blinds quote you may have by a huge 10 percent!

You can find all of our shutters, awnings, curtains and blinds online for the lowest prices, guaranteed. Plus, we deliver Australia-wide from Perth to the east coast and offer free shipping on nearly all orders over $199.


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Shop Bistro Blinds Spotlight Online

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Bistro Blinds Adelaide | Outdoor Blinds

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We’re all after spending more time outdoors, eating or entertaining at home under our verandah is enjoyable and relaxing.
To make the time we spend outside more comfortable, last longer each day and throughout the year, many people look at putting up a PVC outdoor blind. But not all PVC is the same and not all outdoor blinds are created equal.
This article looks at the comparison between bistro blinds at Bunnings and other hardware shops, Kmart and Spotlight for example and the custom made café blinds

Adelaide home owners can buy direct from Adelaide outdoor blind manufacturer, installed on Ziptrak’s Track Guided Blind System.

Laminated PVC Bistro Blinds Adelaide Residents Buy From Hardware Shops

An Extruded PVC Café Blind From Inviron

First let’s look at how an outdoor PVC blind is made. There are 2 ways PVC can be processed to make outdoor blinds, extruded and laminated.
Extruded café blinds are made by pushing or pulling molten PVC through a die, resulting in a very smooth surface with excellent visual clarity.
Laminated bistro blinds are made by compressing a number of very thin sheets of PVC together with heat and pressure until the desired thickness is obtained.

Typically laminated bistro blinds Adelaide residents buy from hardware shops and department stores are 0.75mm thick and prone to cloudiness and degradation even after only a few years exposure to the Sun’s harsh UV rays, which is why they’re often referred to as cheap outdoor blinds.

Available in a standard range of dimensions, height and width, the blind is lowered and raised by first un-zipping the blind from it’s border and by using ropes adjusting the height. Due to being very thin, a laminated PVC blind will sag across the span, more in the middle causing the tell tale smile, especially in warmer weather. Over time, the PVC will become cloudy in appearance making it harder to see through and with cooler weather, prone to cracking.

Comparison Of A Bistro Blind From Hardware Shops To A Café Blind From Inviron

Café blinds manufactured by Inviron are made with extruded PVC, hence their crystal clear appearance. Typically 1mm extruded PVC is used and offers UV-R block of 92.2% with UPF Rating 50+.
Additionally, every outdoor blind installed by Inviron is hung using the Australian, patented Ziptrak Track Guided Blind System.
With Ziptrak Blinds there is no need for zips or ropes, you can effortlessly lift and lower your blind with one hand.
Each custom made outdoor blind is made to fit between existing posts and walls or if required, removeable posts can be added. To stop dust and dirt building up on the roll, custom made powder coated aluminium pelmets can be added, colour matched to blend in with your existing colour scheme.

A Café Blind Is Crystal Clear With Extruded PVC Used By Inviron

Bistro blinds Adelaide consumers buy from their local department or hardware store to hang up themselves are popular because they’re cheap, windproof and waterproof blinds.
However they can make you feel like you’re in a plastic bag, especially on a hot day as they don’t allow air to pass through, unlike Alfresco blinds made using a woven PVC mesh that offer greater Sun protection.

If you’re searching for ‘bistro blinds Adelaide’ online, keep in mind, just like with the term “café blind”, what you’ll find will be various types of PVC blinds.

While you can save a few dollars initially with a cheap outdoor blind from a shop, you’ll be happier with a quality outdoor blind made to measure and installed by Inviron Blinds.


Would You Like A Free No-Obligation Quote?

Deal Direct With Inviron, the outdoor blinds manufacturer & Save

Call (08) 8369 3437 between 9am & 5pm Monday to Friday to request a free measure & quote home visit, at a time that suits you, or…
simply complete the form below, if it’s outside of office hours and we’ll call you back to answer any questions & arrange a suitable time.

Expert Spotlight: SunSetter

Every month, Somfy highlights one of our amazing Experts. This month we’re turning the spotlight on SunSetter!

Love the Great Outdoors but find yourself stuck inside when the hot sun is beating down on your deck or patio? Here is how and why you can “get your outdoors on.” 

Did You Know?

All SunSetter awnings are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV ray protectant. They actually block 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, which is equal to an SPF of 50.

SunSetter Motorized Awnings in Action


Expand Your Outdoor Lifestyle with SunSetter

Are you a lover of the great outdoors but find yourself stuck inside when the sun is shining?   Many people build beautiful decks and patios in their backyard with high hopes of great family time that will be spent together and plans to entertain their friends in this new space they have created.  

Unfortunately once the time of year has come to execute these plans they discover that when the hot sun bakes down on their deck or patio it is virtually unusable.  Many people just give up and become “summer shut-ins” because they know that the heat on their deck is just too unbearable.   A SunSetter retractable awning is the way you can beat the heat and entertain in comfort or have family dinners outside without your food and guests wilting.

A SunSetter retractable awning can cover your entire deck or patio allowing all of your guests to be protected from the heat and harmful UV rays. No longer will there be musical chairs trying to find one of the precious spots in the shade. Now there is room for everyone to be comfortable and protected. You and your guests will feel 20 degrees cooler under the SunSetter shade and everyone will be impressed with the new room on your house and asking when you are having your next party.  

SunSetter’s lateral arm style awnings use support arms that open and close underneath the canopy offering unobstructed views, wonderful cooling shade, protection from sun and passing showers.  

This is the classic awning style that many awning owners prefer. Our customer favorite is our motorized SunSetter that is powered by a Somfy motor and opens and closes at the touch of a multi-channel remote control. It lets you have shade when you want at the touch of a button. If you are going out for the day or simply want to enjoy the sun it closes just as easily. The awnings are designed to fit almost anywhere, even under low eaves and overhangs. You can mount them onto any type of siding including brick, stucco, masonry, aluminum and wood.

Maybe you cannot attach an awning to your home because of obstructions, need an awning for your backyard or next to your pool? The SunSetter Oasis (as shown below) is a freestanding awning that is perfect for your lawn, by a barbeque, poolside or on any level surface. With up to 160 sq. ft. of coverage the Oasis is much larger than your typical umbrella. The Oasis also opens and closes easily with one touch of it’s multi-channel remote control. The SunSetter Oasis is made to be left outdoors all year long, you just need to retract it when not in use.

​All SunSetter awnings are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV ray protectant.   They actually block 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, which is equal to an SPF of 50.  

Your children, parents, grandparents and even your pets will be much safer under the protection of an awning. It’s water-repellent and waterproof fabrics will also keep you and your guests dry and comfortable through a passing shower.  

A SunSetter will also save you on air conditioning and energy costs by keeping the hot sun from heating up the inside of your home. Blocking the sun from the outside will also help prevent your carpets and furniture from fading, too. And unlike a fixed roof structure (5 to 10 times the cost of a SunSetter) the awning can be retracted back against the house during the winter months when you actually want the sun to heat up your home.

SunSetter awnings are built in the USA with the finest components for years of trouble-free service. Once you get a taste of the enjoyment your awning will add to your outdoor lifestyle we know that you will use your SunSetter every hot day for the next 10 to 20 years. Because of this extreme use we refuse to cut corners and use only the finest materials in every aspect of our awnings. The Somfy motorization used in our electric powered awnings are universally acknowledged as the finest awning motors in the world.

We will install the motor on the left or right end of the awning to fit your application and a manual override crank is included in case of a power outage.  The awnings open and close in seconds using a multi-channel remote control that works from anywhere, even from inside your home.  

This same multi-channel remote control will operate multiple awnings, lighting accessories and SunSetter’s EasyShade vertical solar screens.  SunSetter also offers a Wireless Wind Sensor for the awnings that give you the peace of mind that if you are called away or a storm suddenly perks up it will close your awning automatically.

Every component of the SunSetter awning hardware is made from high quality enamel-coated, lightweight aluminum.  A dual stainless steel cable system is used to open and close the awning arms for years of reliable operation. These electric awnings plug right into any outdoor outlet and no electrician is needed.

SunSetter offers many beautiful fabric colors for you to choose from making it easy to find the perfect match for your home. Whether you want classic vertical stripes, solid earth tones, jewel tones or just the right color combinations to match your home, patio furniture or outdoor theme you’ll find the perfect match from our wonderful array of designer color choices.  

Our woven acrylic fabrics are 100% solution dyed to resist fading and water-repellent to protect you during passing showers.  All of our fabrics are sealed, which is seven and a half times stronger than stitched fabric, to last a lifetime. You will not find a better fabric on any custom made awning.

SunSetter also offers a full suite of awning accessories to extend your enjoyment and protect your awning investment. In addition to great protection and enjoyment during the daylight hours you can also enjoy your SunSetter in the evening after the sun goes down. Our Dimming LED Lights (as shown) attach easily right on to the underneath of the lateral arms.

They are energy efficient and stay on your awning all the time even during operation. They illuminate the entire area underneath your awning and have a dimming function that offers many levels of light from bright to a soft romantic glow. The best part is that the Dimming LED Lights function using the same multi-channel remote control that operates the awning.

SunSetter also offers a great vertical solar shade.   The SunSetter EasyShade is the better, smarter, more energy efficient way to shade your home.  EasyShade’s are the modern, smart way to keep the inside cooler and lower your air conditioning bills.   They make interior shades obsolete.    These innovative shades block the sun from the outside, before it can heat up your home.  They are perfect for sliders, porches, pergolas and windows – even upper story windows.

They provide daytime privacy but don’t block your view.   EasyShade’s block 90% of sun, wind and mist yet lets in light and air. They leave a clean uncluttered look on the inside vs. blinds that take up that interior space. The Solar-Powered and plug in electric models are powered by Somfy motors and open and close with one touch of a multi-channel remote control.  

The remote can be programmed easily to operate many EasyShades. These shades are maintenance free and are made to stay on your home all year. They retract smoothly into a rust proof aluminum housing, rolling up perfectly straight every time. The protective housing and vinyl screen are available in different colors.


Homeowners can install their SunSetter awnings and EasyShade’s themselves in a few hours with some simple tools.   An instructive DVD and step by step written instructions to make the project easy to accomplish are included.  Many customers prefer to purchase from one of SunSetter’s  nationwide network of authorized dealers to take advantage of their professional installation.  You can schedule a free in home demonstration by finding a local SunSetter Awning  Dealer. 

3 Alternatives to Café Curtains for Added Privacy Without the Frills

About a year ago I moved apartments, trading windows that faced a quiet courtyard for windows that faced a busy street (I’m smart like that) and then also found myself facing a small but real café curtain crisis. I needed them sort of immediately—every day I was waving to random passerby at eye level while standing in my pajamas, at most—but as you’ll know if you’ve recently gone café curtain hunting, poor you, the options are truly the pits—all frills and pleats and eyelets and Mason jars holding sunflowers styled next to them. A mad search for alternatives ensued, including lots of field research (me walking around my neighborhood taking pictures of strangers’ street level window treatments) and one never-ending sewing project, but by the end of it I had partial-coverings for the windows that let in plenty of light but curbed my unintentional exhibitionism. A win for everybody in the neighborhood, really. Here are your options:

Indoor Shutters

If you live in an older building your windows might already have these, stacked up a few levels to create a partial layer of privacy and foldable, accordion-style, so you can pull them back to let the light in over breakfast. They can also be added on new—but windows with deep sills, where they can sit flush with the walls, are the best place to add them.

A circa-1840 New England bed anchors the Charleston-inspired guest room in a New York City townhouse, where artist Scott Robertson also painted the shutters and screen.

Pieter Estersohn

Cellular Shades

Tucked under a set of proper drapes, sheer white cellular shades can be an excellent (and discreet) partial covering for your most exposed window sections. Go for the simplest, most natural fabric you can find at your preferred shade source—and spring for the kind that will roll up or down so that you can relegate them to the lower half of your windows.

Half Panels

Best for crafty types, a simple set of half curtain panels can be sewn together pretty easily even if you don’t know how to work a sewing machine. Measure them to be the exact width of your window so that when you slip a tension rod through the top edge there’s no bunching up or ruffling whatsoever. (This is what makes them different from the frilly, bunched-up café curtains you’re picturing.) Here’s a very good how-to for a pair of linen ones from—who else?—Martha Stewart.

Are there One Way See Through Blinds?

Are there One Way See Through Blinds where you can see out but no one can see in?

Voile Roller Blinds are the modern version of a net curtain. 

During the day they allow light to filter through whilst offering some privacy in your room.

The View From Outside During The Day

From outside they do offer privacy due to the fact that the light outside is much brighter than the light inside.

As you can see from the picture the person in the room can not be seen.

However you can notice the items on the sill due to their close proximity to the blind.

This makes them a very popular option due to their contemporary looks.

Do always bear in mind this varies according to fabric type and opacity. Also the location of the observer and the lighting inside can make a difference.

The View From Outside At Night


At night they are not as effective when the lights are on in the room. 

This is due to the stronger light being inside the room and so the perceived one way properties are reversed. 

As you can see in the picture, the person in the room can now be observed quite clearly. 

This is due to the placement of the lighting in the room and its reflection of the person within. 

As a result we often recommend mounting voile roller blinds in the recess near the window. 

Placing a Roman Blind in front is great for use at night.


Its due to their one way properties that screen fabrics are very popular in offices

They filter out some of the strong light and provide privacy.

Available in 4 different openness factors that can be selected according to the aspect of the window.

So in a south facing window you would require a tighter weave to absorb more heat from the sun.

In office use it genrally is not an issue that the privacy feature is lost at night as the office may not be manned.

Duo Blinds are a great alternative to Voiles as they can be adjusted to the alter the light and privacy in your room.

When the fabric is aligned there are transparent stripes interspaced with dim out stripes. This is great to allow light in during the day

The alignment can be adjusted so that the dim out stripes overlap ensuring that you have privacy within the room.

As you can see from the examples below this gives excellent flexability.

The fabric colour also makes a great deal of difference as darker fabrics absorb more light and lighter fabrics absorb less.


Motorising Duo Blinds is a popular option as it gives you the ability to adjust the light and privacy by remote control or via a mobile phone app.

Tri Shade Roller Blinds are are another option to balance light and privacy.

They have 2 layers of loose voile fabric interconncected with horizontal dim out fabric.

When in the open position they operate as a voile however they can be adjusted to put the dim out fabric at an angle in the same way as a venetian blind.

In this way they can be tilted to allow light to enter the room and whilst abscuring the view into your room from outside.


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Lookin’ Good!

Due to the complex nature of Gravity Forms, realtime styling of the form elements is not available. All of your style choices will be reflected on the front-end after saving.

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High-tech bedroom | Useful information from the company Profdecor

Modern technologies have an impact on all aspects of our life. Their rapid development has found its reflection in the interior design, giving us a high-tech style. Metal and smooth surfaces prevailed over the pretentiousness of ornaments. A high-tech bedroom is best suited for men, since there is nothing superfluous here, everything is strict and concise. The ultra-modern design solution does not deprive the bedroom of the comfort.

Do you like the interiors in this article? 😍 Very nice! 1 😐 Normal 0 😒 Dislikes 0

Colors and materials

Hi-tech does not like bright colors and colorful ornaments. Preference is given to calm cold colors: black and white, gray and cold beige. The walls are mostly painted or covered with wallpaper with a metallic sheen.

Materials used to decorate a high-tech bedroom, mainly of artificial origin.Metal, glass and plastic are in perfect harmony with each other.

The best options for ceiling cladding are plasterboard, suspended panels, or stretch ceilings. Multilevel ceilings with illumination along the perimeter of the contours and point light sources look very impressive.

The floor is covered with a seamless laminate without a distinct texture. All surfaces must be smooth and shiny.


Furniture in such a bedroom should not clutter up the space.The bed can play the role of a bright spot due to a colored bedspread or bright bedding. In general, high-tech furniture has clear outlines and strict geometric shapes. Straight shelves and glass tables on an aluminum base fit perfectly into such an interior. Mirrors can provide a play of light and focus on themselves. True, you need to be careful with them and not overdo it.

Pay special attention to the functionality of the pieces of furniture. The restraint of forms is compensated by interesting solutions, for example, you can use transformable furniture.


Large windows provide natural light. Instead of the usual curtains, blinds and roller shutters are used.

As for artificial light, the hi-tech style presupposes a certain lightness of light sources. Instead of bulky chandeliers, spotlights and spotlights, spotlights, floor lamps are used. The design of the luminaires allows you to adjust the intensity and direction of the lighting.

Decor elements

An excessive number of decorative elements will spoil the overall design of the technogenic interior.Products made of colored plastic, glass and metal will perfectly complement the design of the bedroom. Small figures made of bolts, wire and metal parts look interesting.

It would be nice to complement the interior with the achievements of modern technologies. An ultra-thin TV, electronic frame, music speakers are a great addition to a high-tech bedroom.

The walls are decorated with paintings and photographs in metal or glass frames. Preference is given to abstract images.Elements of wildlife – palm trees, orchids and other flowers will help to dilute the gray metallic interior.

Hi-tech is a very interesting style that is improving in the process of technology development. A high-tech bedroom is a great option for a resident of a modern metropolis.

Blinds in Omsk | Construction and furniture market “Yuzhny”

Vertical fabric blinds

They are one of the most popular types.The fabric used for the production of lamellas can be different in color, texture and density. However, most often, polyester is used for the production of such blinds. There can be many options – from the use of light-transmitting spider webs, to dense weaves. If such blinds are installed on wide window openings, then it is more appropriate to choose an option with wide lamellas, but if the window opening is small, then the lamellas should also be narrow;

Plastic vertical blinds

They are very diverse in their texture and colors.They have varying degrees of transparency, are resistant to sunlight, do not require special care, and also have a long service life;

Wooden vertical blinds

They have a pleasant woody aroma, are environmentally friendly, do not harm the health of their owners, are great for large openings, having the property of saving heat. Separately, I would like to dwell on the blinds made of wicker wood. They are made from planks, 5 mm thick, placed horizontally and intertwined with threads.These blinds can add sophistication to any room and are used to decorate elite offices, living rooms, billiard rooms and luxury lounges;

Aluminum vertical blinds

This type is less common than all the others. They are installed mainly in rooms where high requirements for cleanliness are imposed, as well as in fire-hazardous rooms;

Multi-texture blinds

They are lamellas composed of various materials.They are used in premises where there are always a lot of visitors – bars, cafes, nightclubs. Blinds of this type gained their popularity due to their rather low cost and the ability, due to a combination of various textures, to give an unusual, original drawing.

90,000 What are vertical blinds made of?


Multi-leaf shutters and curtains (made of fixed or movable plates) installed on house windows, spotlight grilles, etc.etc. to change the light and air flows.
According to tradition, the stress in the words of the French language is placed on the last syllable. The word jalousie (shutters, curtains made of parallel plates) is no exception. I am ashamed to admit, but I have always pronounced “jAlusi” without a shadow of a doubt – with an emphasis on the first syllable. But the point, of course, is not the accent. In the end, this is not the most important thing. The main thing is to understand: how to choose them correctly? The encyclopedic dictionary says: “Blinds are hung to protect from sunlight, precipitation, dust, to regulate air or heat flows.”

Having appeared here not so long ago, this type of “curtain” has managed to gain tremendous popularity. Moreover, blinds have much more possibilities than ordinary curtains and tulle. After all, thin curtains do not protect from the sun, but heavy and dense curtains block air access and create pitch darkness in the room. And the blinds provide even illumination. One friend of mine always laments that on a small country terrace, all the windows of which are hung with light curtains, from each gust of wind the fabric rises and tries to either wrap her head or get into a bowl of soup.

So, all these problems would not exist if there were blinds on the windows. Or, for example, take the kitchen. Gasmen and firefighters strongly advise not to hang curtains near the stove: God forbid, they will catch fire! But what if you buy blinds for the kitchen? In my opinion, this is the way out. The only question is: which is better?

As I was able to find out, there are vertical, horizontal, roller blinds (roller blinds) and protective (roller shutters).

The main element of all blinds (except for roller blinds) are lamellas, that is, strips of material (fabric, plastic, metal, wood).On vertical blinds they are located vertically, on horizontal ones, respectively, horizontally. Lamellas of protective roller shutters are connected in a continuous sheet wound on a shaft. Roller blinds are made according to the same principle, only from a single piece of fabric or small wooden slats.

Vertical blinds consist of the following main “parts”: cornice, runners, weights, connecting chain, control chain and control rope.

Cornice – the bearing part to which the lamellas are attached.It is usually made from aluminum. Rarely, but there are plastic curtain rods. I do not recommend purchasing them: they can bend under the weight of the lamellas, and the rotating parts inside will deform the plastic over time. As a result, the mechanism will jam.

Runners are devices that, on one side, cling to the cornice and move along it, and on the other, they hang slats on them. The smooth operation of the vertical blinds mechanism primarily depends on the quality of the runners. As far as I could find out, the runners are made only of plastic.But the runners are not the same. Even a tiny burr is capable of disrupting the smooth movement of the slats, and then the blinds will constantly jam, move with great difficulty and very soon may break altogether. So, when placing an order at the firm, with partiality ask the seller where the runners and other details of the blinds come from.

Weights – inserted into the lower part of the lamellas so that they do not swing from the wind and hang evenly.

The main components of vertical blinds: cornice with chain and control rope and fabric slats.

Connecting chain – as the name suggests, connects the lamellas at the bottom. As a rule, fabric lamellas are connected with a plastic chain through which a fishing line is threaded. Manufacturers assure that these chains are very durable. But this, of course, does not mean that they need to be pulled mercilessly. Of course, I prefer metal “chains” (if only because dirt is not so noticeable on them and in general they are somehow more reliable). But they are mainly equipped with plastic and metal blinds. Moreover, the metal makes the structure heavier and more expensive.

The same applies to the control chain, which hangs down on the side of the cornice and rotates the lamellas 180 °. These chains are also mostly plastic (although they used to be made of metal as well).

There is also a control rope – it is used to move and move the lamellas.

A large number of companies are engaged in the production of components for blinds, from Belarusian, Polish, Korean and ending with Israeli, German and Dutch. Israeli and Dutch products enjoy a good reputation.Although its price, of course, is higher. But it’s not a sin to pay for quality. Therefore, when ordering blinds, ask where the components are made, and do not flatter yourself with cheap prices – a stingy person pays twice. But, as they explained to me, the quality of the blinds only depends 50% on the quality of the parts and 50% on the conscientiousness of the company that assembles the mechanism.

What are they?

Vertical blinds are blinds with vertical slats. The formed canvas protects from the direct best sun, from the hot air, dust, unwanted views from the street .

The blinds can be moved to the right or left, if necessary, completely opening the view from the window. If you need privacy, but in order for the light from the street to penetrate into the room, you can turn the slats around their axis. So that they remain half-open.

Since we managed to touch on the topic of vertical blinds slats, let’s begin to get acquainted with their choice.

How the blinds are arranged

The blinds consist of lamellas – strips of various materials: metal, wood, plastic, fabric.According to the location and type of lamellas, blinds are: horizontal (lamellas are located horizontally), vertical, roll, protective (roller shutters).

Vertical blinds

The mechanism for controlling vertical blinds is capable of performing many functions, thanks to which the luminous flux is regulated in the room, creating a soft diffused light.

Vertical blinds consist of: cornice, runners, connecting chain, weights, control chain, slats and control rope.

Cornice – the main part, which is a carrier, lamellas are attached to it. Most of the cornices are made of aluminum, but there are also plastic cornices. We do not recommend buying such cornices: after a while, under the weight of the lamellas, the plastic will bend, deform, and the whole mechanism will malfunction. Another nuisance of a plastic cornice – it will turn yellow over time, become dirty and lose strength. It is imperative to lubricate the curtain rail guides with silicone grease at least once a year.

The service life of the curtain rod of vertical blinds depends on a number of factors:

  • assembly quality. You can check it yourself – all elements of the curtain rod should move effortlessly, easily. If the rope twists, then soon it will lead to the fact that it simply gets stuck in the mechanism;
  • All eaves must not be too thin;
  • The width of the cornice depends on the mass of the blinds and its curtain. There are formulas for accurately calculating the length of the cornice. So, for fabric light slats with a height of 4 m, the width of the cornice should be at least 3.5 m.For heavy fabric and plastic slats with a height of 3 m, the width of the cornice should also be 3 m;
  • neat operation. You need to know that the vertical slats should first be brought to a perpendicular position to the cornice, and only then pulled by the control rope. At the same time, the lamellas should not cling to anything.

Runners are devices on which the lamellas are attached, they “run” along the cornice and ensure the smooth operation of the entire blind mechanism.All firms make plastic runners. When buying blinds, it is imperative to clarify the manufacturer, otherwise even a minimal burr can disrupt the operation of the lamellas at first, and then notice the entire mechanism. So the quality of the whole structure depends on such a small detail.

The connecting chain connects the lamellas at the bottom. Usually fabric lamellas are connected with a plastic chain with a fishing line. Such parts are durable, but still the metal chains would be much stronger and more reliable, and the dirt on the metal parts is less noticeable.However, metal chains are usually found on plastic and metal blinds. Accordingly, such structures are much heavier, and they are somewhat more expensive.

Weights – devices for weighting the lamellas so that they do not swing and hang evenly.

What are blinds made of?

  • nonwovens impregnated with a special composition;
  • non-woven fabrics, not impregnated;
  • Woven fabrics impregnated with a special composition;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  • jacquard fabric.

Non-woven fabrics that do not have impregnations are distinguished by their low price, but relative fragility. Slats made of these materials are not recommended for rooms with high humidity or air pollution. To increase mechanical strength, such materials are usually sewn on or glued to other materials.

Impregnated nonwovens have very low water and dust repellency properties. Drawings on such materials are applied using special dyes, which are also exposed to some external factors.

Impregnated woven fabric is the most popular of all. It is processed with special compounds that do not allow water and dust to pass through, it can be cleaned well, both dry and wet. Unlike non-woven polyester, it can last much longer. Prices for woven blinds vary widely, it all depends on the type of fabric.

Jacquard is a type of woven polyester that has been embossed. Clear and intricate patterns are made by weaving threads of different texture, thickness or color into the fabric.Excellent sun protection, sophistication and resistance to external influences make jacquard blinds the best option for home or office.

Plastic or aluminum?

In the collections of vertical canvases you can also find plastic products. Plastic has a different texture, from smooth surfaces to ribbed surfaces with three-dimensional patterns. Standard plastic prevents sunlight from entering the room, which makes it possible to get rid of reflections and glare on glass surfaces.There is also a translucent type of plastic. This option is most popular in hospitals. Over the past few years, multi-texture roller shutters, also called BLACKOUT, have become popular. They combine all the best qualities of woven and plastic materials.

Vertical blinds made of aluminum have many similarities with plastic ones. They differ only in material. Their only advantage over PVC is their increased resistance to aggressive environments, which makes it possible to use them for windows in laboratory rooms.

All of the above materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before opting for a particular version of blinds, weigh the pros and cons.

How to assemble and hang vertical blinds

Windows are the source of light in your home. It’s nice when, on a warm summer day, the rays of the sun illuminate your room. But, this is not always true, because sometimes an excess of light can be stressful. In addition, the room will heat up and it will be stuffy inside.To reduce the penetration of light into the house and limit the visibility from the window for strangers, there are both curtains and curtains, and all kinds of blinds. There are so many varieties of them that you can’t make out everything at once. One of the popular types of blinds are vertical blinds.

You can find them in the office, offices, residential buildings, in medical, administrative and educational institutions. Such material is practical and in demand. If you also purchased such blinds for the windows or are just planning to do it, then the logical question is how to assemble and hang vertical blinds at home now? Immediately I want to reassure you – the work is simple and even a seasoned beginner who has held a hammer in his hand several times can do it.In addition, we will provide a video from which you can make out the subtleties of this work.

Features of vertical blinds

The popularity of vertical blinds is not in vain. After all, this is not just a fashion trend, but the features of the product itself. It has a number of advantages and positive qualities. What are they?

  1. Blinds can visually expand the space and increase the height of the ceilings. It is these properties that are so necessary for those rooms that have low ceilings and look small.
  2. You can buy custom-made vertical blinds, making them original and different from everyone else’s. Anything you want to see in your window can be brought to life. Various shapes, shades and colors, the texture of the blinds – you choose all this yourself.
  3. They do not need frequent and thorough maintenance. In addition, vertical blinds can be assembled and disassembled equally easily and quickly.
  4. Serve as a decorative element to complement the design of your room.The difference between such models is a combination of comfort, style and beauty.
  5. Vertical blinds let in soft and diffused light, while preventing the penetration of too bright rays.
  6. Simple, mobile, practical and easy to operate.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages. Therefore, choosing this type of blinds, you will not go wrong. Let’s look at what the structure consists of and how to attach such vertical blinds.

Features of blinds with wood lamellas

Venetian blinds with vertical lamellas made of wood are a real work of art.The designs have an impressive list of positive qualities and features that set them apart from their cheaper counterparts.

  • Natural types of wood are harmoniously combined with almost any kind of furniture and fit perfectly into the interior of an apartment, office or country house.
  • Vertical wood slats do not attract dust and dirt. A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush is usually used to clean them. Special impregnations keep the material in perfect condition for a long time.
  • Wood and impregnating compounds are environmentally friendly and are not able to have a negative impact on the health of people living indoors. For this reason, wooden vertical blinds can be used to decorate nurseries and bedrooms.
  • Wooden blinds last much longer than plastic and aluminum counterparts. Modern technologies for the production of lamellas, frames and fastening structures make the material immune to constant exposure to sunlight.
  • Vertical wood lamellas have low thermal conductivity, they do not heat up and do not conduct heat into the room. In addition, wooden structures reduce the level of noise entering the room.
  • The pattern on the cut of the tree is unique, so this window decor is unique and original.
  • Vertical wooden lamellas have not gone out of fashion for centuries, despite the fact that new materials and designs are constantly emerging.
  • Wood goes well with decorative elements of the interior.Multi-colored ribbons, golden cords or metallic threads will add originality to the design.

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A variety of control methods, a combination of contrasting materials, the use of classic solutions – all this is possible if vertical blinds are used to decorate the window. Traditional and original options will decorate any room and make the familiar interior play in a new way.

Construction of vertical blinds

Various materials are used for the manufacture of the blinds themselves.This is plastic, and fabric, and aluminum, and wood, and even bamboo. And the structure itself consists of various elements. What are they?

  1. Lamellas – strips of blinds that close the window. They are made from different materials. The assortment is large, so the choice is yours.
  2. Profile or cornice with control. This is the supporting part of the blind structure, to which the lamellas are attached. It needs to be attached above the window. Most often, the profile is made of aluminum. Less commonly seen are plastic curtain rods.They are cheap and impractical, as they can break under the weight of the lamellas. In addition, the plastic will deform over time, which will affect the entire mechanism.
  3. Runners connecting the cornice and lamellas. Plastic devices embedded in the cornice. It is they who make the slats spin and move along it. The better the quality of the sliders, the better the mechanism functions. The number is equal to the lamellas.
  4. Weights (weights) inserted at the end of the lamellas. Thanks to them, the canvases do not dangle in the wind and hang evenly.The number is equal to the lamellas.
  5. Connecting chain. She holds the lamellas at the bottom so that they are at an equal distance from each other.
  6. Additionally, the set may include a decorative profile cover.

These are all items included in the kit. Most often, the package contains detailed instructions on how to assemble vertical blinds. In addition, there are more than enough videos on this topic. Let’s find out how to hang them.

Design and control

Design invariably consists of several important parts.The load-bearing part is represented by a cornice to which lamellas are attached. Runners moving along it are attached to it, and slats are suspended on the other side. In the lower part of the slats, weights are installed that prevent the structure from loosely dangling in the wind, and from the bottom they are connected by a strong chain.

It is not enough to know what vertical blinds are made of, you need to know how to operate them. A control chain on the side of the device is used to turn the slats. A control rope is used to open and close the lamellas.The luminous flux is regulated by turning the bars by means of a chain.

Preparatory work for the installation of blinds

First of all, you must stock up on the necessary tools, since without it you will not succeed. They are simple and affordable, so you shouldn’t have any complications with their preparation. In the arsenal you need to have:

  • building level and a pencil;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill with hammer drill;
  • tape measure;
  • stepladder;
  • Phillips or slotted screwdriver;
  • fasteners (brackets) and drills of different diameters.

But tools aren’t everything. You must decide how the lamellas will move along the cornice. There are several options to choose from:

  1. From the control, when the lamellas are extended from the side of the control and retracted towards it.
  2. To control when the louvers are on one side and the blinds are controlled on the other.
  3. From the center, when the lamellas move apart in different directions.
  4. To the center, like in a theater, when the blinds are pulled apart on both sides.

In fact, this does not affect the functionality in any way, it’s all about showiness. You can choose what you like. The photo shows how each of the options looks like.

Now you can start solving the question of how vertical blinds are attached to the window. The instructions are pretty simple, so if you follow them correctly, you will succeed.

How to lower the blinds?

The position of the horizontal bars can be controlled to adjust the room illumination.If their plane is set almost perpendicular to the floor, then the flow of sunlight into the room will be completely blocked. When the slats are installed in a position parallel to the floor, a maximum of daylight will pass through the gaps between the slats. And the installation of slats at different angles to the plane of the floor allows you to adjust the degree of illumination of the room with daylight.

Do-it-yourself repair of horizontal blinds – how to shorten in width and height

In this case, you can not only change the angle of inclination of the slats, but also raise or lower the entire canvas, consisting of individual lamellas.To fully open the window opening, the slats are raised up to the limit, folding them tightly to one another.

To lower the completely open canvas to a certain level, do the following:

  1. First you need to make sure that the slats themselves are in a strictly horizontal position relative to the floor plane. If this is not the case, then you need to turn the control cane in the right direction so that the bars become in the required position.
  2. Then move the control cord slightly to the side so that the locking cylinder looses the thread clamp.You need to take the thread towards the central axis of the curtain. After that, without releasing the cord from your hands, let it rise up, being pulled into the eaves box. At the same time, the lamella blade will gradually lower.

Attention! After pulling the control thread to the side and it is free from the clamp, do not release it from your hands until you bring the blade to the desired position and fix the thread again. Otherwise, the shutter will drop sharply, which may lead to damage.

  1. When the shutter is lowered to the position you want, you need to fix the control thread so that the blade remains in this position. To do this, move the cord away from the vertical position. If the control mechanism is located on the right side of the box, then the cord is retracted to the right side, and if the mechanism is installed on the left side, the cord must also be retracted to the left. After that, the locking cylinder will clamp the thread, and the blade will be held in the same position.
  2. The control cord can now be released and the blade will be lowered to the desired level.

It should be added that the degree of opening of the shutter can be adjusted at your discretion. That is, a canvas of lamellas can be completely open, ajar to any level of the window opening, or completely lowered down to the window sill itself or below it, if the blinds are installed outside the window opening.

Getting Started

So, first you need to understand where to attach the cornice. You have 3 options: to the wall, to the ceiling, and to the window frame. Using a tape measure, a pencil and a building level, mark the location of the brackets in one line.If the length of the eaves is less than 2 m, then it is enough to install 2 brackets. And when the length is more than 2 m, then 3 fasteners are required.

  1. Attach the bracket in the marked places and mark the holes to be drilled with the drill. Then do it. Use a screwdriver or screwdriver to fix them in place.
  2. Now install the curtain rod with the controls correctly positioned. The brackets should have special clips into which the profile snaps into. It won’t be difficult.
  3. Expand the sliders perpendicular to the plane of the window. Then insert slats into each of them. The runners also have clips or seams, where the tongue from the canvas, located on top, is easily inserted.
  4. Install weights at the bottom and fasten the blades with a chain.
  5. It remains only to check the functionality of the structure. Take a control, rotate and slide the blinds.

Tips for using vertical blinds

It is one thing to hang the blinds, and quite another to properly care for them.This is important because improper care will significantly reduce their service life. What is included in such a complex of works? If you have pets such as cats or children, make sure they do not pull on them. In addition, it is not worth it in vain and very often to move and open the canvases, as the mechanism may be damaged. Children especially like to do this. To avoid problems, place the control where the children will lack it.

Without a doubt, the canvases will get dirty and dust will settle on them.Plastic, aluminum and wood products can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth. But the rag slats can be washed. For this, the structure must be disassembled. The question of how to disassemble vertical blinds is simple. All that is required is to do the manipulation in the reverse order. You simply remove the slats from the clips and they are ready to be cleaned. Watch the video on how to do it.

If you do this cleaning from time to time, your windows and blinds will look like new. And how to wash them properly can be seen in the video.

Tips for choosing the material

Curtains made of natural wood – an excellent choice for the living room, home office and bedroom. Combines with eco-style, loft spaces and Scandinavian design. With the right choice of shade, they will not be superfluous in a classic room, as they are quite an elegant solution.

Plastic blinds are versatile and even suitable for the bathroom. They tolerate contact with water well, are easy to clean: literally any household cleaning product is suitable.But they are rarely used in living rooms: many owners consider them insufficiently aesthetic.

Fabric options look great in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and even the nursery. While retaining the elegance of classic curtains, they do not lose functionality – what you need for a modern home.

Helpful advice: when installing such curtains in a nursery of a preschool child, choose the length to the windowsill or higher. It is very convenient and safe as it leaves free space on the floor.

Operating principle and control mechanism of the blinds

In many cases, the usual curtains and curtains can be replaced with blinds. They are able to protect the inhabitants of the dwelling from the scorching rays of the sun and at the same time not block the path of the fresh air stream. Blinds are a device that consists of strips (slats). The arrangement of the lamellas can be either horizontal or vertical.

The blind control mechanism is so simple that you can use it with a slight movement of your hand.In addition, he is able not only to open and close the blinds, but also to regulate the flow of light. Also attracted by the wide range of designs in terms of shades and shapes.

Transparency and density of fabric

The beauty of fabric is, of course, very important, but do not forget about the main purpose of light filters – to protect the room from the sun. The advantage of classic versions of blinds – horizontal and vertical – over newer roller blinds is the ability to evenly darken the room and diffuse light.

Those very beloved by photographers stripes from blinds on the floor and walls – the play of light and shadow – can be more or less contrasting depending on the density of the fabric.

The density of the fabric for vertical blinds is calculated in g / m2. But it is not worthwhile to draw a direct connection between the density of the fabric and the level of its light protection.

For example, one translucent fabric, with a natural weave, can have a density of 240 g / m2, and another, with the same transparency, but a different weave, will already weigh 500 g / m2

Depending on the density and transparency blinds are divided into three types

By transparency, vertical blinds are divided into three categories:

  • Translucent – they hide the room from the view of strangers and partially muffle the sun.In the closed position, such a canvas will transmit up to 45% of the light, so that they can be used closed. They are well suited for both the living room and the study, and will also look great in the kitchen.
  • Dimmable – dense, almost blocking the sun (traps up to 95% of the light), can be used even in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Will fit perfectly into living rooms on the sunny side, where good shading is needed.
  • Opaque – the fabric does not transmit light at all.Such fabrics are used for light filters from the blackout category, which can completely block the access of light to the room. But, if you are thinking about buying blackout blinds, you should pay attention to roller blinds, because vertical ones will not give 100% protection from light. The opaque fabric of the vertical slats does not fit snugly against the window frame and has many gaps into which the sun will penetrate on a clear day. At dusk, in a city night under the light of a large number of lanterns or on moonlit nights, vertical structures will be enough for the blackout effect, but still, this option is not universal.


Despite the great demand for blinds, many do not risk replacing their usual curtains with them. Here are a few facts that speak in favor of this product:

  1. Reliable protection from the sun, especially if the windows face south. To perform this function with curtains, you need to purchase a fairly dense material. When closing the windows with such curtains, the flow of fresh air is completely blocked. In the case of blinds, the slats are turned so as to achieve reflection of the sun’s rays from them, while leaving free air access.
  2. Versatility of use. Due to the variety of designs, they can be used both in office rooms and for decorating a living room.
  3. Easy to use. If it is necessary to exert effort to open and close curtains, especially heavy ones, then with the blinds the same process can be performed with a slight twist of a special handle.
  4. Can be used for all types of windows and areas of different sizes.
  5. Possibility to visually change the size of the room.Using vertical blinds, we visually increase the height of the room.

Features of the device

Today there are several types of blinds, which are subdivided both by the arrangement of control mechanisms and by the placement of lamellas.

Let’s consider two types of blinds that are most demanded by consumers: vertical and horizontal.


The advantage of vertical blinds is evident. First of all, it should be noted the aesthetic appearance and a wide range of colors, which is important for creating a certain interior of the home.Also, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the rotation of the lamellas, soft diffused lighting is created in the room.

Components of vertical blinds are: cornice, chain for connecting, weights, chain for control, lamellas and cord for control.

The main element of vertical blinds is the cornice. It is made from aluminum or plastic. Experts do not recommend using the latter material, since over time, under the weight of the blinds, it begins to bend and deform.

In this form, the structure mechanism will not be able to fully function. Also, over time, the plastic cornice will turn yellow and lose its aesthetic appearance.

It is very important to lubricate the curtain rail guides annually with a special silicone-based grease.

Nuances of use

Let us now turn to such a fact as extending the service life of a curtain rod for vertical blinds. To do this, you need to pay attention to some nuances:

  1. When purchasing, be sure to check the quality of the cornice assembly.Its mechanisms should function effortlessly. Also, the condition of the rope should be flawless, it should not twist.
  2. Cornice elements should not be weak and thin.
  3. Width should be determined from the weight of the product. For example, when using blinds with light fabric lamellas with a height of 4 m, the width of the cornice should be 3.5 cm, and for heavy ones made of plastic with a height of 3 m, the width is 3 cm.
  4. Follow the operating rules.

It is necessary to assemble the lamellas only when they are perpendicular to the eaves.

Choose the best quality roller blinds

The devices by which the blinds are attached to the cornice are called sliders. Their quality must be impeccable, so any burr can block the entire mechanism. When purchasing them, we are always interested in the manufacturer. They are mainly made of plastic.

In the lower part, the lamellas are connected to each other using a special chain. Most often this is a plastic product, but if it is possible to purchase it from metal, this will significantly extend its service life.

Blinds arrangement diagram

Weights are also fitted in the lower part of the blinds, for even positioning of the lamellas and preventing them from swinging when the wind blows.

Rotation of the lamellas by 180 0 is provided by a special control chain, which is usually located on the side.

Using the control cord, the blinds are assembled and opened. Placed next to the control chain.

Fabric or plastic strips – lamellas are of different widths.For information on how to assemble vertical blinds, see this video:

It is recommended to purchase blinds with narrow stripes for small windows, and with wider ones for large ones.


The device of the horizontal louver mechanism is completely identical to the vertical structures. The difference lies in the location of the lamellas. They are not arranged vertically, but horizontally. There is also a difference in the installation method.

Vertical blinds are usually positioned so that the cornice is attached to the ceiling, and the product itself covers not only the window, but also captures part of the wall.Horizontal structures are most often placed inside the window opening, the cornice is mounted to the profile. The width of the slats of horizontal blinds is also different: from 16 to 25 mm.

Installation process

The construction device is simple, and it is quite possible to do it yourself. on how to install horizontal blinds on plastic windows, see this video:

The diagram of the device is as follows:

  1. The eaves device must be strictly horizontal, so first we check the surface for fastening.Align it if necessary. Next, we fasten the brackets with dowels. Holes for them are pre-drilled.
  2. We attach the cornice to the brackets using special latches provided on the brackets.
  3. We continue to work and attach the lamella cornice using special runners. Here, a strict sequence should be observed and the strips should be hung exactly as they are folded on a roll.
  4. Next, a weighting material is inserted into each strip from below and a connecting chain is attached.For this, special latches are arranged on each weighting agent on both sides.
  5. At the final stage, we once again check the correct placement of the elements and check them in action.

When properly installed, the louver strips should run smoothly and easily. If, during the check, the elements are blocked, you should check the vertical blinds again.

Variants of fastening on plastic windows

The choice of fasteners depends on the height, angle of inclination and type of ceiling, material and surface of the walls, as well as the shape of window openings.

To the ceiling

You can place the cornice on the ceiling in two ways: fix it with self-tapping screws or use the fasteners. Visually, both options will not differ from each other. The difference is that in order to remove the cornice in the first case, it is necessary to remove the self-tapping screws, and in the second, it is enough to remove the cornice from the fastening clamps and subsequently, if necessary, return it to its place.

The cornice can be fixed to the ceiling with self-tapping screws.

On the wall

If it is impossible to install the blinds on the ceiling due to the presence of, for example, a suspended ceiling structure, use wall mounts.The bracket is fixed with self-tapping screws on the wall, and its second part is attached to the inner side of the cornice.

Wall mounts are used to mount vertical blinds.

To prevent the mechanism from coming off, at the same time place at least 2-3 brackets on the wall.

On the balcony

You should carefully consider the method of attaching the blinds on the balcony. It is permissible to place the cornice on the ceiling, but it may have an uneven surface. The wall option may also be irrelevant if the glazing of the loggia rests against the ceiling and there is no free space above the windows.

On the balcony, you can attach the cornice to the ceiling.

In this case, it is recommended to fix the blinds directly to the plastic windows. This can be done using self-tapping screws. Installation on self-adhesive mounts is permissible. But it is important to take into account that double-sided tape can come off the PVC surface under the weight of the lamellas. It is recommended to have spare mounts on hand for this case.

For a custom window

Curved cornices are required to position the blinds on rounded windows and arches.Errors in measurements in this case are unacceptable; for correct placement, the shape of the cornice must exactly match the window opening. Otherwise, the installation proceeds as standard.

Curved cornices are needed for rounded windows.

Control mechanisms

Depending on the installed blind control mechanism, the assembly of the structure can take place in different ways. They can move towards the center of the structure or, conversely, move apart from the center to the sides.They can be assembled both to the control mechanism and from it.

It is necessary to decide on the control mechanism in advance. For this, many factors are taken into account, ranging from the general interior of the room and the arrangement of furniture and ending with their own priorities.

For example, if the furniture is placed next to a window, then it will be correct if the blinds move exactly in their direction. In this way, the space of the room visually increases.

So, when choosing the type of blinds, first of all, you should not disturb the interior of the room, since these structures not only protect from the sun’s rays, but are an integral part of coziness and comfort.

Blinds fittings

Vertical blinds consist of the following parts:

  • plastic box;
  • rails;
  • structure holder;
  • runner set;
  • slats;
  • weights for weighting the canvas;
  • lamella hooks;
  • swivel mechanism;
  • spools and cord;
  • regulating chain;
  • plugs;
  • groovers.

Blinds fittings include plastic box, rails, lamellas.

Depending on the price segment and manufacturer, spare parts are plastic or metal. The latter are durable and less prone to breakage.

Vertical blinds: design and installation

Do you want to equip your home to make it more comfortable? Then decorate the window opening in an original way with the help of blinds.

Today, the most relevant and functional are vertical blinds, which are more convenient in operation compared to horizontal ones.There is a wide selection of these products on sale, made in different designs.

What blinds are for vertical windows, how they are arranged and how to install them yourself – you will learn from our article.

Vertical blinds: their features

Vertical blinds in a room

Vertical blinds are the most popular and demanded type of blinds. These blinds got their name due to the vertical arrangement of the slats. With the help of vertical blinds, you can create unique interiors, i.e.because they can be of different colors and textures. It is believed that such blinds are more comfortable and homely than the horizontal type.

Let’s highlight the following advantages of vertical blinds:

  • Perfectly protect from bright light.
  • Mobile, simple and reliable to operate.
  • Perfectly cover large areas, overall and non-standard window openings.
  • Various applications.

Types of vertical blinds

Plastic vertical blinds

Manufacturing of vertical blinds involves the use of different materials.Produced:

1. Plastic vertical blinds. They are most often used to decorate the interior of the kitchen, swimming pool, as well as in offices, medical, educational and public institutions. This is due to the fact that such blinds are resistant to high humidity and dust does not accumulate on them.

The used PVC blinds for vertical blinds visually “stretch” the room, so it is advisable to use this type of blinds in rooms with low ceilings.

Vertical type fabric blinds

4. Aluminum vertical blinds. These blinds are more appropriate in high-tech rooms. For example, in restaurants, cafes, bars, computer rooms, that is, in those places where there are increased requirements for fire safety. In addition, due to their strength and resistance to aggressive external environment, such blinds are also installed on glazed balconies and loggias.

Vertical blinds

Vertical multi-texture blinds

How do vertical blinds work?

To make your home as comfortable as possible, modern owners try to pay attention to detail.So, it is extremely important to decorate the window opening in a stylish and original way. Curtains and tulle can certainly be very pretty, but it’s still yesterday.

Today, blinds are much more popular – window designs that allow you to make the interior of a room elegant, graceful and modern. Vertical blinds are relevant and functional, which, in contrast to horizontal ones, are much more convenient to use and have a more advanced design.

What are the vertical blinds

Modern vertical blinds differ in a number of parameters.Among them is the material from which they are made. So, there are fabric, plastic, aluminum, wooden rope blinds. However, in the production of such products, they are often not limited to one material, but several different elements are used at once.

Such products are called multifactual vertical blinds. Even the fabric for such window designs can be chosen in a variety of ways, ranging from almost transparent lace material for light curtains to heavy dense fabric for curtains.

Plastic vertical blinds

Plastic blinds are, perhaps, the real classics of the genre. Our compatriots are accustomed to seeing such design of window openings in foreign films. Today, vertical plastic blinds are increasingly used for interior furnishings in offices, public, medical and children’s educational institutions.

Vertical slats visually “stretch” the room, so it is advisable to use such blinds in rooms with low ceilings.Plastic is a versatile material, it is easy to maintain and durable in use. As a rule, plastic in vertical blinds is a material with water and dust-repellent additives.

Such a high practicality of vertical plastic blinds makes it possible to use them not only in kitchens, which are characterized by a high level of humidity and high concentration of fat, but also in kindergartens, swimming pools, etc. the necessary atmosphere of beauty and elegance.

Vertical fabric blinds

Vertical fabric blinds are made of jacquard and 100% polyester. The material is necessarily impregnated with special compounds, which give it normal rigidity and antistatic properties. In addition, dust does not adhere to such fabric.

Jacquard is the most advanced material for vertical blinds. Its embossed structure allows the blinds not only to look great, but also to have high opacity characteristics.This factor is the reason for the use of vertical jacquard blinds in various technical rooms and offices.

Photo blinds, which are a canvas with a pattern applied to its lamellas, are no less popular. The image can be absolutely anything, up to your own portrait in the full size of the window.

Aluminum vertical blinds

These window designs are the ideal solution for high-tech interior decoration.They are almost always used in computer rooms, restaurants, bars, cafes and in rooms with increased fire safety requirements. The main advantages of aluminum vertical blinds are high strength, low weight, and ease of maintenance.

In addition, such products are resistant to aggressive external environment and are absolutely not afraid of mechanical damage. It is advisable to install them in rooms with strong temperature changes and high humidity, for example, on glazed balconies or balconies.

Compared to fabric or plastic blinds, aluminum lamellas have a significant margin of safety. They do not bend or break, which allows them to be used in rooms with high traffic.

Multi-textured vertical blinds

Such window structures as multi-texture blinds are another find of modern designers. The composition of multi-textured blinds includes several types of different materials, which makes them not only good protection from the sun’s rays, but also an excellent interior decoration.

In multi-textured blinds, each lamella is a unique combination of fabric and plastic, interconnected by inserts of different colors. Silver or gold elements look especially impressive. The pattern on the multi-textured vertical blinds can be an arch, vault, or any other shape.

Wooden and bamboo vertical blinds

These products are a good illustration of the famous saying: “Everything new is well forgotten old.”Indeed, wood and bamboo blinds allow modern people to go back to their roots. This type of window structure represents a kind of compromise between utility and functionality, on the one hand, and grace and beauty, on the other.

Blinds made of natural natural material are very easy to maintain. The only thing is that it is not recommended to wipe them with a damp cloth; a regular vacuum cleaner is quite suitable for care. In the production of vertical wooden blinds, only light woods are used.In the production process, the lamellas are covered with a layer of a special paint and varnish coating.

How do vertical blinds work?

Rotation of the lamellas around their axis in the vertical blinds ensures smooth adjustment of the luminous flux. Full opening of vertical blinds is done by moving all the slats to one side or from the center to one or the other edge.

It is much more convenient than horizontal blinds. Due to the lighter design and the opposite direction of movement of the mechanism relative to gravity, the design requires much less effort.This can only mean one thing: the mechanism of vertical blinds is much more reliable than horizontal ones and has a long service life.

Vertical blinds include the following important elements:

– Cornice This is the supporting part to which the louvers are attached. Typically, manufacturers use aluminum as the material for their curtain rods.

– Runners Devices that cling to the cornice and move freely along it, hold the slats.The normal operation of vertical blinds depends on the quality of these, in fact, very small, but, as it turns out, very important elements. Runners are usually made of plastic. If the runners are made poorly, there are burrs on them – this will significantly slow down the operation of the blinds and in the end they will simply break, unable to withstand the load. The main requirement for sliders is smooth running.

– Weights These louver elements are mounted at the bottom of the louvres, preventing them from hanging freely in the wind.It is thanks to the weights that the lamellas of the blinds hang very evenly.

– Ropes and control chains The control chain is located on the side of the louver. It is she who is responsible for turning the lamellas 180 degrees around its axis. Today, more and more plastic control chains can be found, although they were once made of metal. A number of companies are engaged in the manufacture of components for blinds, including control chains. Among them are manufacturers from Russia, Belarus, Korea, Poland.Components from Israel are in great demand, but their price exceeds the cost of blinds from other companies.

– Connecting chain The connecting chain is the connecting link of the lamellas in the lower part of the structure. Lamellas made of fabric have a plastic chain, while metal chains are equipped with aluminum or plastic vertical blinds.

Installation of vertical blinds

Installation of vertical blinds is not as difficult as it seems, but the process requires some skill.So, the curtain rod of the blinds is fixed strictly horizontally. In order to hang the cornice efficiently, it is necessary to mark the attachment points in advance using a level meter. If the cornice is attached to the ceiling or wall, it is desirable that the blinds go beyond the level of the window opening by 5-10 cm. fasteners and drills of various diameters. When buying vertical blinds, you should pay attention to their equipment.As a rule, fasteners are already included in the structure. However, when installing blinds on some unusual material, additional tools and non-standard fasteners may be needed.

Vertical blinds are assembled in several ways. The first includes the collection of controls and slats on one side, the second – the controls are assembled on the left, slats on the right, and vice versa. There is also a third collection option, when the controls are assembled to the left or right, and the lamellas move from the center to the edges.

Blinds can be fixed to the ceiling, wall or directly to the window itself. The simplest operation, she will complain, is the installation of the cornice. It is more difficult to mount the system itself together with the control. However, almost always the manufacturer supplies a set of vertical blinds already fully assembled. It remains only to get the structure out of the box and correctly install the cornice.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

As we now know, different materials can be used to make vertical blinds.Their device involves the use of several important details:


The cornice for vertical blinds is a supporting part to which lamellas (strips) are attached. Usually the cornice is made of aluminum. Sometimes, but very rarely, there are cornices made of plastic. But it is better not to buy such, because they can break under the weight of the slats, and the rotating parts located inside will deform the plastic after a while. And this will lead to seizure of the entire mechanism.


Runners are plastic devices that, on the one hand, are attached to the cornice and move along it, and on the other, slats are suspended from them. As a rule, the correct functioning of the vertical blinds mechanism depends on the quality of the runners.


Weights are louver elements that are inserted into the lower part of the slats. This is necessary so that they do not dangle freely in the wind and hang evenly.

Connecting chain

As the name suggests, the chain is required to connect the lamellas at the bottom.Usually, the fabric strips are connected with a plastic chain through which the fishing line is pulled. These chains are very strong. However, this does not mean that they can be fiercely yanked.

Metal chains are included mainly with blinds made of aluminum and plastic.

Control chain and rope

Vertical type photo blinds

The control chain is located on the side of the cornice and rotates the slats 180 degrees. Basically, such chains are made of plastic, although metal was also made earlier.

A control rope (cord) is necessary for sliding and sliding the slats.

Produce components for vertical blinds – including control chains, a number of companies. Among them are companies from Russia, Belarus, Poland and Korea. However, there is a particularly great demand for components that are made in Israel. Although the cost of Israeli-made vertical blinds is much higher than the blinds of other companies. What is the price of vertical blinds and where they can be purchased, read the article on our website “Where to buy vertical blinds”.


The layout of the vertical blinds assumes fastening the structure to special brackets. These elements are fixed to the wall at a height corresponding to the length of the entire structure, including the height of the lamellae and the cornice. After fixing the brackets, the guide is fastened. For mounting, special latches are used, which are available in the brackets.

Then we insert the runners into the cornice. If necessary, the replacement of the slider in the device of vertical blinds is carried out by removing the broken element and installing a new part in this place.After you have managed to insert the runners, you should fix the lamellas by clinging them to the center with the runners. It is very important to hang it on the cornice according to the pattern specified by the manufacturer.

At the final stage, the connecting chain is attached to the bottom of each lamella. For this, weights with hinges are inserted into the bottom of the strips, into which the chain is attached. At the end of the work, you should check the correct installation of the entire structure.

We can see the correct assembly of vertical blinds in the video.

Summing up

The design of vertical blinds is not a complex mechanism. Usually, the manufacturer completes the product with a detailed diagram, according to which it is quite easy to assemble individual elements into a single product. If it becomes necessary to replace the chain, sliders or other part, you can do it yourself, following the same scheme.

50 examples of design in the photo

The loft style dates back to the 40s of the last century. The homeland of this style trend is the USA.It was during this period that land in the central part of large cities became very expensive. This forced the owners of industrial production to move their factories out of town. Huge areas of warehouses and workshops were freed up. Such premises combined relatively low rents with good functional characteristics. Over time, they were chosen for workshops, exhibition premises and housing by people of creative professions – artists, designers, sculptors, architects. Then came the fashion for loft housing, it became fashionable, exclusive and elite.The interior of a loft-style cafe (“attic”), restaurants designed for creative workshops have become very popular.

About style – main features and characteristics

The main concept of the style is the destruction of stereotypes, as much space and air as possible, the minimum number of partitions. The division of the room into zones is carried out by arranging pieces of furniture, various shades, and finishing materials. Partitions, if they exist, are symbolic, made of transparent and translucent material.The presence of industrial motives in the interior is obligatory – stairs, fittings, brickwork, deliberately rough, “sloppy” plaster, uncovered ventilation system. These crude elements are somehow incomprehensibly combined with modern, ultra-fashionable and very expensive furniture, mirrors, lighting fixtures. The use of non-standard accessories is encouraged.

The room must necessarily be large and high, although it is possible to equip a loft on limited m.sq. The windows are large and light. The advantage of the style is that it involves the maximum use of artificial lighting. If there are several small windows in the room, it is advisable to combine them into one large structure. The use of plastic insulating glass units is permissible, but wooden or metal frames with a large number of segments will look much more organic. Curtains are unlikely to fit into an industrial interior. It is better to replace them with curtains made of material that transmits light, or ordinary blinds.It is advisable to use pendant lamps. High ceilings allow you to divide the space vertically into several levels, connected by metal stairs.

The main characteristics of a loft are freedom, simplicity, and being exposed is not luxury, but simplicity. This is the antipode of bombast, chic and excessive luxury.

This is a fresh and bold style, project development opens up opportunities not available for other types of design. It turns out that there is a kind of beauty in roughly crafted furniture, unplastered walls and bare communications.Here is a description of the main elements of the interior.

Style colors

Color solutions emphasize urban interior elements and urban scale. This is the dominance of brick, gray, blue, metal. One of the walls of a cafe or restaurant can be accentuated using other finishing materials. This can be mosaic tiles or ordinary unplastered concrete. One of the favorite design solutions for a cozy loft-style cafe is the use of natural brickwork, as if laid out with your own hands, or its realistic imitation.


The loft style, despite the external disorder, is considered luxurious and bourgeois. In fact, if you have a sensible and competent approach to business, you can get an inexpensive, attractive interior of an institution that fully corresponds to the style canons.


So, bare concrete or natural brickwork of an accent wall is a classic of the genre. However, not everyone likes this extreme. You can do it differently: decorate the walls with snow-white or ivory paint with water-based paint.Using one of the walls as an accent one allows you to simultaneously solve two opposite problems: to emphasize the unity of the room and to zone the space. By the way, it is not at all necessary to use natural masonry or roughly plastered concrete. It is possible to use wallpaper with an imitation of such a finish.


The best option is to plank the floor or use a laminate. Unpainted boards with a natural wood texture, covered with transparent varnish, look beautiful.Somewhat less often, ceramic tiles, natural or artificial stone are used as flooring. Concrete fits well into the concept of the style, but it will be problematic to clean a rough surface from dirt. Therefore, it is better to refuse such an idea. But the self-leveling floor will come in handy. Skirting boards are used wood or wood-painted.


The simplest option, which makes the room even brighter and more voluminous, is to paint the ceiling white.This is especially true for rooms with low ceilings. Rough wooden partition structures or pipes fixed to the ceiling look good. At the same time, the “attic” atmosphere is conveyed more strongly. Chains can be hung between the trusses. There is an even more radical option: to leave the ceiling and not finished at all.


Tables in a cafe or bar can be used in different ways: emphasized graceful or, on the contrary, rude, with a touch of brutality and roughness.But, in any case, they should be functional, versatile, comfortable and practical.

In the coffee, dining area and at the bar, such types of furniture as sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chairs (ordinary or bar) are used. The design is very different. This makes it possible to create a non-standard, unique and very attractive space. Sturdy screw stools, roughly knitted benches, cozy armchairs and bar stools on graceful metal legs perfectly coexist with each other.What these heterogeneous items have in common is that they allow you to create maximum comfort for your visitors. This is what makes the loft café so appealing.

Shelves and racks in the interior are distinguished by strict geometry and roughness of lines, maximum use of natural materials, lack of decor and natural colors. The base of the metal profile and the surface of solid wood combine to create the impression of strength and reliability. It is not at all necessary to use old boards for the manufacture of furniture.Artificial aging helps to achieve the desired effect. All items placed on the shelves seem to be on display. Maximum openness is also present here.


The loft is very bright. Lighting devices are not worth saving on. The choice of a lamp depends entirely on the taste preferences of the cafe owner. This can be a fancy pendant chandelier (fortunately, the height of the room allows), spotlights with a change in the direction of lighting, or street lights.Additional lighting can be created using table lamps with fabric lampshades decorated with forging. Devices that imitate vintage and antiquity look great next to quite modern spotlights and LED strips. The electrical wiring is fixed to the walls and ceiling. This gives the impression of a temporary construction. A cluster of dissimilar light bulbs to highlight a specific area is encouraged.
Large windows provide natural light. Blinds or symbolic transparent curtains are quite enough for their design.You can leave them completely open.

Architectural Details

Industrial details are the hallmark of a loft-style coffee shop. Absolutely everything reminds of the “proletarian origin” of the premises: pipes, communications, stairs, possibly some kind of adaptations typical for industrial production. A special architectural detail is the windows: large, well-transmitting light, devoid of the classic familiar curtains. At the same time, the elements of an abandoned workshop are very good side by side with modern technology, the old – with the ultra-fashionable.

About the bar

The bar counter is one of the characteristic elements of a loft-style interior. It is a robust design built for long-term use and capable of handling heavy loads. More often than not, the rack has an all-metal base that provides functionality, durability and stability. A wooden table top goes well with a metal frame. The magnificent tandem of wood and metal symbolizes the combination of modern and classic elements inherent in the loft style.

Accessories and decor

Loft accessories are unusual, as are all interior elements. This is not to say that they are not given attention. There is hardly a place here for a painting with cats or figurines. Urban design is somehow not conducive to this. All decorative elements look as if they were hastily crafted from scrap materials. These can be framed newspaper or magazine clippings, photographs, picture posters with unusual color solutions, or just frames without paintings.Traffic signs or graffiti painting are also used as decoration. An excellent decor option is a drawing made on the wall with charcoal. Modern refrigerators, stereos and even washing machines look non-standard, but very interesting accessories for such a room. Elements of urban culture such as bicycles can be used as accessories for decorating a room. A useful element of the interior with two levels is a rough wooden or metal staircase, “like in a factory”.

Recommendations of designers for the design of a loft in a cafe

There may be different ways of decorating a loft room for a cafe, pub or coffee house. However, there is also a list of general design guidelines that will undoubtedly come in handy for you.

  • The layout of the premises is open, with the selection of zones using light, color or textured contrasts.
  • “Cold” walls. It is desirable that it be concrete or brickwork.If you are plastering concrete, then the plaster should be rough. It is possible to use panels with imitation of natural materials. Glass interior elements are welcome.
  • We must not forget that in the loft style ventilation, cables, pipes are the necessary interior attributes. Therefore, they must be in plain sight.
  • Furniture – deliberately massive and rough, with wooden and metal elements. It can be dark or light. Sometimes, when decorating a loft cafe, modern furniture is also quite successfully used.The archaic and the ultra-fashionable exist in the neighborhood quite peacefully and organically. In addition to the usual sofas and armchairs, shelves or shelves for placing books and accessories fit into the interior of the loft.
  • The use of beautiful plants in the interior furnishings somewhat softens the masculinity and brutality of the loft. The use of upholstery made of high-quality expensive textiles makes the room more comfortable.
  • A good solution for a loft cafe is equipment in the room of a real fireplace. The establishment will turn out to be not only cozy, but also atmospheric.
  • The floors in the loft are mostly concrete and wood. It is allowed to use laminate and ceramic tiles, stylized as natural stone.


A loft cafe is a great option for gatherings of representatives of the creative elite or young people who like everything unusual and non-standard. This is the embodiment of modesty, harmony and minimalism. In addition, the loft makes it possible to unfold imagination in full force, to work out a thousand options for decoration.The basic details of the project can be complemented with accessories and various elements that help to create an individual design. The specific design option depends on the concept of the institution. The room can be decorated in a brutal industrial style or with elements of bohemianism. It is good if the exterior of the room matches the interior design.

Loft is a popular style in the design of modern cafe interiors.

The noisy parties and feasts at home are a thing of the past for many families.Anniversaries, anniversaries and other mass meetings have long become much more profitable and more pleasant to celebrate in cafes and restaurants.

Many housewives see a lot of advantages in gatherings outside the house: no cooking and cleaning, and also an excellent excuse to demonstrate a new dress. In this regard, the owners of catering establishments have more and more competitors and each of them wants to give their cafe that “zest” that others do not have, to make it special.

An interesting idea for a cafe

The industrial loft, which has “arrived” in our country from distant America, is gaining more and more popularity in the interior design of cafes.Loft is an unconventional and special design. It is based on the premises of former factories and plants, which industrialists of the 20th century only superficially converted into housing for people and rented out.

Loft-style cafe interior

Only at that time hardly anyone could call such a dwelling chic, but in the modern world this style is considered very fashionable and rich and finds more and more admirers both among middle-income people and among the “golden” youth.

Loft in translation from English means “attic”, which is very similar to its appearance. This interior combines a rough and somewhat harsh industrial style with state-of-the-art technology and accessories, it is very comfortable and looks truly amazing.

Simplicity, uncomplicatedness, freedom – these are the main qualities and features inherent in the loft style. He abhors boundaries, pompous glamor, ostentatious luxury and chic.

Loft – bold and fresh, it reveals what is unacceptable when using other styles: rough plaster, masonry walls, pipes and ventilation.Add to this an open, free, light space, not burdened with partitions and walls, modern elements of an industrial city – appliances, metal parts, mirrors, glass, even road signs or garden tools – and we get a loft in its purest form.

General rules for interior design loft style will tell the following video:

The answer to the question about its growing popularity in the design of a cafe is obvious. In order to save money, the newly-made owners of catering establishments have to rent or buy premises that are far from new – in old, abandoned buildings, basements, empty factories, etc.Instead of spending big money on interior finishing work, cafe owners are increasingly choosing a loft.

If you still want to know the details of different options for finishing and wall decor in the interior of an apartment – read about it in our other articles on this topic.

A loft-style cafe will definitely attract visitors due to its ostentatious audacity and amazing naturalness.

Features of the interior of a loft-style cafe

Creative atmosphere of the establishment, varied menu, good cuisine, friendly service – what else does a cafe need to be popular and successful.

Brick wall is an obligatory element of the loft

What are the main details we can see in the interior of any loft-style cafe.

  1. Absence of walls and blank partitions (unlike small apartments and rooms where partitions are an indispensable part of the interior).
  2. Large windows.
  3. Rough wall decoration, or rather lack of it.
  4. Lack of ceiling trim or ceiling beams.
  5. Stone or concrete floor.
  6. Undecorated supporting structures, communications, pipes.
If you want to learn more about the role of the brick wall in the interior, visit this page. How to properly paint brickwork is written here.

Loft-style cafe looks fashionable and original

Since certain zones must still be allocated in the cafe:

  • dining room;
  • banquet hall;
  • service hall;
  • bar, etc.d.,

then you still have to zone the space. This is usually achieved through the use of techniques such as:

  • color accents;
  • lighting arrangement;
  • arrangement of furniture and accessories, etc.

However, there should be no walls and the feeling of cluttering the space. The maximum that you can go for in the interior of a loft is glass partitions that emphasize the general spirit of freedom of the room.

A good example is the AïOLI bar-cafe in Warsaw, Poland.

Cafe “Aioli” in Warsaw designed in a loft style

Open, uncovered walls and ceilings give out the loft style at first glance. Undecorated communications, unpretentious lamps, plants on the tables, simple wooden tables and stools, a plastered bar counter, leather upholstery – support the overall style of the establishment.

Uncovered communications, walls and ceilings without finishing – loft style is evident

Accents allowing to dilute techno in the interior are:

  • black and white mosaic edging of the wooden floor;
  • Avant-garde wall-to-wall design supporting the black and white trend;
  • antique brocade armchairs with golden patterns.

    In the interior of “Aioli” the accents were chosen very well

Recommendations from designers for decorating a loft in a cafe

Designers advise taking into account the following loft design rules:

  1. Walls should be “cold”, that is, it is advisable to leave them concrete or brick, or arrange in this spirit (apply rough plaster, use decorative panels that imitate natural materials, etc.). The use of a large amount of glass is encouraged.
  2. Pipes, ventilation, beams, cables and various structural elements must be visible.

    Loft style is very popular in modern cafe interiors
  3. Furniture – necessarily wooden, rough, massive. It can be selected in both dark and light colors. Although recently modern furniture can also be used in such an interior. In a Loft-style cafe, in addition to tables, armchairs and sofas, there may be wooden shelves or sideboards, as well as bookshelves.
  4. To keep the cafe from being too masculine, it can be softened with large pots with lots of flowers and trees and upholstered chairs and sofas.
  5. Another effective technique for making a Loft-style cafe cozy is to equip it with a real fireplace.
  6. The floor can be any kind – wood, concrete or ceramic or laminate.

An illustrative example of a loft in the interior of a cafe

As for the colors, everything is very light here – natural tones inherent in natural materials.The best choice would be gray and its shades, blue, light blue, white and brown. In one room, you can combine different options for finishes and colors, thus dividing it into different functional areas.

A Loft-style cafe should be very light, so you should not save on lighting fixtures. In addition, in such an interior, you can use both pendant chandeliers of an unusual shape, as well as spotlights and even street lamps. Table lamps with wrought iron shades, for example, will not be superfluous.And as additional light, LEDs and spotlights are perfect.

Windows should be very large and not curtained. They can only be framed with blinds or left open. Frames are best made of wood, natural color.

Example of a loft in the interior of a cafe

If you imagine a shop hastily converted into housing, then you can hardly see cute pictures or figurines, soft pillows with cats or vases.So in a cafe in the Loft style, too much attention is not paid to accessories. Everything should be as if made of what was: possible empty picture frames on the walls, or a lot of unevenly nailed photographs or newspapers. Also on the vertical surfaces of the Loft-style cafe you can see graffiti, road signs and even basketball hoops.

By the way, very often ultra-modern washing machines or refrigerators, stereos and other machines can be used as accessories in such a cafe.

We disassemble the details of the loft interior on real examples

A cafe in the Loft style is the best choice for youth gatherings and for a pretentious beau monde, therefore, equipping an institution in this style, their owners can give the room a more industrial or still emphatically bohemian look.

The Ground cafe is decorated in a loft style

In the first case, select:

  • simple, functional furniture;
  • discreet, monochromatic colors in the interior;
  • leather upholstery;
  • posters or avant-garde paintings on the walls;
  • austere luminaires on long brackets, with adjustable overhang height, etc.p.

This is the principle behind The Ground Cafe in Sydney, Australia.

Loft style at The Ground Cafe in Sydney

The style of the establishment was predetermined by the building itself, in which it is located. It was an abandoned bakery built at the beginning of the 20th century. The designer managed to very successfully beat the shabby brick walls, wooden ceilings, concrete floor, simply by adding other elements of the loft to them:

  • simple, comfortable wooden furniture;
  • hanging shelves;
  • lamps on long rods;

“Clean” loft in The Ground cafe

  • green plants, which are present here not only in flowerpots, but also grow in a small vegetable garden right in the courtyard of the establishment, being a great help for the chef’s dishes.

The Ground cafe designers focused on the abundance of living plants

The second approach suggests a more cheerful and cheerful atmosphere, which can be achieved by using:

  • upholstered furniture with bright upholstery;
  • LED backlights in different colors;
  • unusual lamps;
  • mirrors on the walls in beautiful frames, etc.

Combination of loft and neoclassicism in the cafe “Vatrushka”

An example of a more creative loft interior can be the Vatrushka gastropub, set up in the former count’s mansion.

Cafe “Vatrushka” – outside view

The brutality of the interior, a clean loft, is noticeable by the exposed brickwork on the walls, alternating with concrete pavement, open pipes, which, nevertheless, are polished to a shine, an abundance of fresh flowers, scuffs on furniture, the presence of a fireplace.

Neoclassical elements are perfectly combined with loft decoration in the interior of the Vatrushka cafe

High windows, arched ceilings, lush stucco decoration, carvings, rich chandeliers give out neoclassical elements in the interior and give the pub a unique look, a special “zest” that visitors appreciate so much.

Bistro “Vatrushka” – bohemian loft in the interior

Any loft-style interior will be decorated with the following details:

  • spotlights on the ceiling;
  • fireplace, decorated with natural stone, or better, brick cladding;
  • live plants, especially large-sized in massive tubs or green walls that are fashionable today;
  • Aged or antique furniture or fittings.

Whatever the interior of a loft-style cafe, it is always lively, real and very cozy, despite the many “industrial” details.You can always verify this yourself by visiting the nearest institution in this style.


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