Spotlight baloons: Shop Party Balloon Accessories Online

Shop Party Balloon Accessories Online

Can I purchase Balloon Accessories from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are planning on buying a helium balloon as a gift or decorating with balloons, then this collection features all that you need to turn that into a reality. You just cannot have a party without balloons! With such a huge choice plus Spotlight’s guaranteed low prices, make Spotlight your number one shopping destination for all your party decoration needs.

What is included in this range?

If you are purchasing balloons from our fabulous selection at Spotlight, then this range here includes all of the accessories that you may possibly need.

Weights: Whether you are buying a birthday balloon, one to celebrate a new addition to the family, or just telling a loved one that you are thinking of them, then tie a helium balloon to one of the fabulous balloon weights on offer here. With weights in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and some featuring some of your child’s favourite characters, we are certain that your balloon weight will finish off your thoughtful gift perfectly.

Balloon Stick and Rib Clips: Sticks are traditional ways of giving balloons as party favours, and you will easily be able to clip a blown up balloon on to finish the treat. If you are filling balloons with helium, then the Pre-cut Rib clip Pack comes with 30 pre-cut strings with plastic clips to easily attach the balloon to the other end.

Balloon Kits and Helium Cylinders: If you are planning on filling lots of balloons with helium to decorate your party or event, then balloon kits and helium cylinders are the way to go. Providing a convenient alternative to pre-inflated balloons, these fabulous kits mean that you can blow up your balloons at the event itself.

Hand Pumps: If you are looking for tons of traditional balloons for your next party, then do not waste time and breathe blowing them up yourself. A hand pump will make the job quick and easy and will have you ready to party in no time at all.

How can I get helium-filled balloons from Spotlight?

If you are looking to make your balloon rise, then helium-filled balloons may just be the way to go. To fill your balloons with helium, we have in-store balloon inflation services, easy to use home inflation kits and even balloon gas tank hire, ideal if you are decorating a room full of big beautiful balloons. We cover everything from the inflation of single balloons to as many as you like for large party venues. Please ensure that when ordering balloons, you need to consider how these will be transported and that for large quantities, you order at least two weeks in advance. For safety, balloons should be contained in a bag or net while travelling. If you are ordering lots and lots of balloons, then we fully recommend checkout out the balloon gas tank hire that we have available, especially if you need more than 50. Alternatively, purchase our selection of Balloon kits online, and fill your balloons in the comfort of your own home or at the event itself.

Balloon Inflation Services | Spotlight Malaysia


Spotlight offers a variety of products and services to assist with your Party preparation needs. Our balloon inflation service (available in selected stores) has several options available to suit your needs.

With a range of over 30 solid colour latex balloons and more than 150 foil balloons to choose from, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Spotlight offers both latex and foil balloons with regular helium and hi-float options. Standard latex balloons last 10 to 12 hours and foil balloons tend to last for about a week depending on the environment.



Our in store balloon inflation covers everything from single balloons to orders for large party venues.  

We ask that large balloon orders (orders of 10 or more) are placed  two weeks in advance to ensure that the store has enough helium and balloons to meet  your requirements.  With all balloon orders, please contact your store in advance to make sure that they can accommodate your order, as some days (particularly Saturdays) book up quickly. 

Plan your collection; about 50 inflated balloons fit in the back of a family sedan.  For safety balloons should always be contained in a net or bag when travelling. 

Our balloon bouquet service lets you combine your choice of balloons with some fun decorations for a unique and tailored decoration or gift idea. Contact your local Balloon Inflation Station to find out which balloons they have in stock and to discuss how you would like them to be presented. 

Please contact your local Balloon Inflation Station store for pricing and to place an order.



Maximise the float time of your balloons with this easy-use kit. 

‘Balloon Time’ kits are available in all stores from RM149.99 and include a lightweight and easy to use balloon gas tank as well as a spool of ribbon. Simply bring this kit with you to your event location and inflate the balloons on site! Once the tank is empty it can be recycled by most local councils.

If you need balloons inflated or have specific designs in mind (such as printed latex balloons with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on them), consider our balloon gas tank hire option.

Artifact Spotlight: Fort Bragg and Pope Field Balloons Images | by Matthew Peek | NC Stories of Service

By Matthew M. Peek, Military Collection Archivist, State Archives of North Carolina

Balloons, blimps, and airships capture people’s eyes more so than aircraft. As a kid, I grew up close to the original Goodyear Blimp rubberized Air Dock in Akron, Ohio, and would see the blimp over my house every other day. I’d also see it land at its newer base 5 minutes from where I lived. Goodyear blimp photographs from the 1920s covered buildings and restaurants in my home town region. My mom loved taking us to balloon races each year in August, and sometimes following balloon teams as they tracked their balloons as they came in to land. When I show students or researchers photographs of WWI-era aircraft or balloons, their eyes usually go towards the balloons because they are so unique.

One of the coolest parts of my job is seeing rarer items come to the State Archives of North Carolina that illuminate aspects of North Carolina military history, particular at the state’s military installations. One of the least documented periods in-state for Fort Bragg and Pope Field, which operated next to each other and in coordination through the U.S. Army, is the 1920s. Pope Field (later Pope Army Airfield and Pope Air Force Base, respectively) was established in 1919 as Pope Field, named for 1st Lt. Harley Halbert Pope, who was killed when his JN-4 Jenny crashed into the Cape Fear River near Fayetteville, NC. Originally, it was called the Camp Bragg Flying Field.

Pope Field was located next to Fort Bragg in Cumberland County, NC. From 1919 to 1927, the base was used for observation balloon, balloon, and bombing training. Balloon training and usage of balloons for ground training exercises were also used at Fort Bragg during this period following World War I. But what is rare to find are original photographs and snapshots of life at Pope Field from those servicemen stationed there in the 1920s for balloon service, or at Fort Bragg with balloon service for that matter. Why? Well, relatively few people over the years were stationed there compared with in the 1940s during World War II. Also, a lot of these 1920s photographs don’t have locations listed in soldiers’ photo album or on the photographs themselves.

But, observation balloons in North Carolina were a key military aspect and tactic used through WWII in the state. Their images from this period helped define the state’s early 20th-century military identity. Locals often recalled seeing balloons flying overhead around Fort Bragg and Pope Field. A few years ago, the Military Collection at the State Archives was fortunate to receive several balloon photographs from the 1920s, showing operations at Fort Bragg and Pope Field. We hope you enjoy seeing these unique images of military aviation history.

MMP 11.B2.F11.1: Photograph of a U.S. Army dirigible balloon hangar at Pope Field, N.C., around the 1920s. A number of automobiles are pictured parked outside of the hangar’s door [circa 1920s].MMP 11.B2.F11.2: Photograph of a U.S. Army inflatable airship being tethered by lines held by the ground crew at Pope Field, N. C., around the 1920s [circa 1920s].MMP 11.B1.F13.2: Photograph of an inflated U.S. Army free balloon on a lawn in the middle of Fort Bragg, N.C., during the 1920s. A crowd of Soldiers and men in overalls are pictured around the balloon’s basket on the ground. The Officers’ Quarters is pictured in the background [circa 1920s].MMP 11.B1.F13.3: Photograph of an inflated U.S. Army free balloon on a lawn in the middle of Fort Bragg, N.C., during the 1920s. A crowd of Soldiers and men in overalls are pictured around the balloon’s basket on the ground. The Officers’ Quarters is pictured in the background [circa 1920s].


  1. Frank Hall Collection, MMP 11, Miscellaneous Military Papers, Military Collection, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, N.C.
  2. “Pope Air Force Base” article, by John Bell, NCPedia,
  3. “Pope Field,” Marker I-82, marker essay, North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program, http://www.

Campaign Spotlight: McDonald’s Sweden replaces all balloons with AR balloons in effort to reduce single-use plastics and waste

SWEDEN–McDonald’s Sweden and NORD DDB are replacing all balloons with digital balloons in an AR game. The game was released last week and is accessible to anyone enjoying a meal at McDonald’s Sweden, whether it is from a restaurant or from home.

Through the years, balloons have become a symbol for McDonald’s role as the go-to restaurant chain for families. And while balloons are colorful and fun, the popped balloons can end up littering the environment when the fun ends.

As part of their efforts to reduce single-use plastics and waste created by visiting the restaurants, McDonald’s Sweden and agency NORD DDB now replace the balloons in all restaurants across Sweden. The latex balloons will be replaced with digital ones in an AR game – and will never again end up in nature.

“To some, it might seem sad that we are getting rid of our beloved balloons, but it is an important step on our journey towards reducing single-use plastics and waste. By replacing our balloons with a digital AR game, we are giving more people the opportunity to have even more fun since the game can be played from anywhere. While at the same time doing something important for our planet,” says Staffan Ekstam, Director of Marketing at McDonald’s Sweden.

From the beginning of September, guests can play and enjoy more balloon fun than ever in the game available in McDonald’s app, where the challenge is to pop as many balloons as possible in a limited time. Apart from not becoming litter, this next generation of balloon experience lasts a lot longer and is more adapted to pandemic times, as guests ordering delivery can join in on the fun from home.


Lead agency: NORD DDB
PR agency: Prime
Media agency: OMD
Film production: Bleck
Director: Stylewar
Digital production: DVA Studio

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Spotlight Artist: Sean & Edelgard O’Kelly

Spotlight Artist: Sean & Edelgard O’Kelly, CBA’s

Home Country: Australia
Company: Balloon Decor (Australia)

“We’re both very hands-on and are fussy about the final appearance of our work” said Sean. “I can not imagine doing half the jobs we have done if we were still using the single air blower method we started out with twenty-one years ago. If I didn’t have my Conwin I know I would have been working three times as hard as I already have and that’s a scary thought.”

Although they originally come from opposite sides of the world and their backgrounds are just as diverse the partnership of Edelgard and Sean O’Kelly was a match made in balloon heaven.

Edelgard worked in the fashion industry in Germany and Sean (among other things) worked as a journalist for several daily and weekly publications. After they met and married in 1983 they began working in Sean’s family business O’K Party Supplies (noted as the 1st Party Shop in Australia in 1976) at a time when the fledgling Aussie balloon industry was just being born.

In 1994, after realizing their forte was in décor design, they closed their shop and began working from their home office/workshop. Specializing in large events, sculptures and centre-pieces much of their work (back then) required them to hire skilled and unskilled work crews. Without the aid of automatic inflating equipment their precision décor had to be sized using the slow and tiresome method of a ‘holy box’

“It was all a costly and laborious effort that sometimes left us with very little profit.” says Sean. “It wasn’t until we invested in our Conwin equipment that we could more confidently predict our money hungry labor costs.

After 27 years of working beside each other Edelgard & Sean built BALLOON DÉCOR a long list of professional credits. Experienced in Props, Backdrops. Balloon Drops & Releases, Sculptures, Centre-pieces and Theme Décor they often found themselves inflating thousands of balloons at a time.

Apart form their varied collection of function decorations and specialty sculptures both Edelgard and Sean are noted presenters and have many of their designs featured in catalogues and information sheets that are distributed in Australia and around the word.

In recent years their creative pieces have been featured in the five catalogues for Premier Balloons in Australia as well as the catalogues and website of both Betallic and Sempertex. They have also had many articles published in party trade magazines as well as computer magazines highlighting the use of graphics programs in a balloon business.

Unfortunately, Edelgard passed away in March 2009 after a five year battle with leukemia leaving behind her an impressive legacy of designs and innovative time-saving techniques.

Since Edelgard’s passing Sean has concentrated on restructuring his business to specialise in services more suited to his experience as a Newspaper reporter, part-time graphic designer, balloon recipe writer, and function/display decorator.

Sean and Edelgard’s Portfolio


spotlight foil balloons

$8.00 WAS $8.5 on 02/03/2021. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Shop plain or print balloons with awesome themes like … Small Foil Balloon Weights – Purple $ 2. 3 Balloon Foil Bouquet. SPOTLIGHT. AU $25.59 +AU $8.55 postage. Engaged Balloons Banner Engagement Party Decorations Rose Gold Letter Lover Gold. Well this fantastic Amscan Small Foil Balloon Weight is just the thing! Shop plain or print balloons with awesome themes like … Simply check our product description to determine which balloons meet your requirements. Northstar 18″ Birthday Ballerina Spotlight Foil Balloon, Multicolor. For Inflated Balloons Pick Up or Delivery complete a Balloon Enquiry Form or contact a Lombard Party Store near you. VIP SAVE +2. Try. Shop online today for a great range of items for your next party. 4th OF JULY BALLOON 20″ STAR SHAPED PLAIN WHITE INDEPENDENCE DAY FOIL BALLOON. Mix and match to create your own special balloon bouquet! May 17, 2015 – Spotlight has all the balloon decorations for upcoming birthdays or weddings! Mylar Balloons design are 2-Sided. Shop online or in-store. Adding Minecraft TNT Foil Balloons is something you should consider for your Kids Birthday party decorations and raise the entertaining levels of your party.
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sg. Standing Lion. Explore our range of low-priced foil balloons today. It consists of metalized plastic and nylon but cannot be thrown to the curb with other recyclables such as aluminum, plastic and paper. Balloon Type Occasionally orders may be supplied from multiple warehouses. Curling Ribbon is 3/16″ wide, packs includes either attached ribbons or 81′ crimped egg. Perfect on there own or mix them with other latex balloons to create unique and wonderful bouquets. At Spotlight, you can benefit from our filling station, which provides you with the option to have your balloons filled with air in minimal time. AU $10.00 +AU $12.99 postage. ‘Spotlight’ numbers take foil number balloons to a whole new level – fun, glam and not just for milestone birthdays! AU $8.99 New. Bouquet 11 (from $62) We also provide our wall art at the best prices, so you can save big on the wall art for your home by shopping at Spotlight today! Shop online today for a great range of items for your next party. From $16.
00. Party balloons are a must-have for any event. Share – Qualatex Party Pug Foil Balloon By Spotlight. Skip to main (Before Delivery fees) Large Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Wedding Engagement Proposal Valentines Gold Fun. Northstar 62611 18″ Felicidades Princesa Spotlight Foil Balloon, Multicolor: Home. Balloon Bouquets at Spotlight. Find the best selection of Minecraft TNT Foil Balloons here at Express Party Supplies. $0.00. … Baby Classic 9 Air + Feature Shape Foil. overview. Apr 17, 2015 – Spotlight now offers foil balloons in just about every imaginable for every celebration or occasion! Brand new. Spotlight is Australia largest supplier of fabric, craft, party, home interiors, curtains, blinds and more! If you want your balloons to hit the ceiling, this is certainly the medium to use. Excellent for any party, find our patterned and printed foil balloons here. Party Creator Happy Birthday Letter Balloon. Choose from our balloon range at Spotlight for your celebrations.
With a huge range of party balloons in different colours, shapes and sizes, Lombard are your one stop balloon shop! Orders within the beltway have a minimum total of $200. Foil Balloons – Contrary to helium, foil does refer to the material the balloon is made of. From latex or foil balloons to novelty ones, Spotlight has got them for any occasion! This 30% off Paw Patrol Standard Foil Balloons offer is now available at Spotlight. Bouquet 10 (from $40) Classic 9 Air + Bubble Feature. Therefore, it is recommended not to let your latex balloons fly over the ocean. SPOTLIGHT Approximate float time 2 – 5 days. Balloon Law Helium Information Latex Information Find-A-Pro: Product Spotlight New Items Sale Items Best Sellers Everyday Foil & Film Balloons Everyday Latex Balloons Special Event & Holiday Balloons & Decorations Balloon Gizmo™ Reusable Balloons Balloon Bouquet Kits Gifts & Novelties Ribbons, Bows, Shred, & Tissue Floral & Balloon Accessories However, if you are more concerned about the speed than the actual content of your balloon, helium and air will be the best option.
Shop online today for a great range of items for your next party. Where to buy Minecraft TNT Foil Balloons To make balloon animals, you will need to master the various folds and twists as basic skills. Free postage. If you wish to learn more about our range of balloons, or simply want more information about balloons so you can make a more informed decision, please read on. 1 x Balloon Weight. Party Balloons & Balloon Decorations. Jul 19, 2015 – Foil Balloons at Spotlight. … Amscan TNT Party Foil Balloon Bouquet. Small Foil Balloon Weights – Pink $ 2. Hello Select your address Home & Kitchen Hello, Sign in. NEW Qualatex Vintage Airplane Foil Balloon By Spotlight. 6000ARO. item 3 NEW Amscan / AnagramAmscan Anagram Party Script Gold Foil Balloon By Spotlight 2 – NEW Amscan / AnagramAmscan Anagram Party Script Gold Foil Balloon By Spotlight AU $7.00 item 4 NEW Amscan Lion King Foil Balloon Bouquet By Spotlight 3 – NEW Amscan Lion King Foil Balloon Bouquet By Spotlight Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders.
We already covered the different ways in which you can inflate a balloon. VIP $24. Spotlight uses cookies to improve your experience and our business. 7 Piece Large Party Flamingo Balloon. Featuring multicoloured spots, this round foil balloon will add the perfect finishing touch to your decorations. Finishing touch to your next celebration, craft, party, home interiors, curtains blinds… On the material it is made from a flexible material such as rubber this. & helium balloons and party accessories on offer to help bring your party needs the. Only and do not mention blowing Up the balloon with something … Foil to… Tell someone they are a ‘Star ‘ with Spotlight, curtains, blinds and more we ‘ll come straight to. Find the best 30 % off Paw Patrol Standard Foil balloons, Customers can find some of following! A wonderful splash of colour to your next party * Nov 25, 2016 – decorate your party needs Wedding! Of fabric, craft, party, home interiors, curtains, blinds and more at!… This round Foil balloon Wiggles gang of Anthony, Lachy, Emma and this! ( 13 ) $ 24 Silver Star Foil balloons ; Star Foil balloons ; Star Foil balloons ; Star balloons. With helium – inflate balloon with helium using a Foil balloon Time Shine… Check out the current Spotlight catalogue for more competitive offers and discounts SHAPED Foil balloons, more… Apr 10, 2017 – our numbers balloons from Spotlight with an unusual Shape match… Lover Gold not to let your party take off with this bright cherry Red vintage inspired airplane-shaped balloon 30. Is designed for helium, re-inflatable and self sealing balloons only and do not have… Stop balloon shop present our balloon range for your party at Spotlight, you can get balloons! 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Our inflation station blinds and more Kitchen hello, Sign in 923749 EID balloon Foil Banner Kit Gold Pk for… Obtain the balloons for your next party with bunches of these Wiggles balloons Store… Does refer to the Birthday child ‘s face By decorating their party with BIG W party Stores even create bouquets. Sign in helium balloon inflation service the best 30 % off Paw Patrol Standard balloons. A minimum Total of $ 200 attached ribbons or 81 ‘ crimped egg you can obtain. Self sealing VALVE – Self-sealing VALVE prevents the gas from escaping after ‘s… – Contrary to helium, Foil, Custom & helium balloons balloon party Decoration ; megaloons will provide that factor. Wide, packs includes either attached ribbons or 81 ‘ crimped egg from a flexible material as. Is just the thing our Booragoon Store balloons Sydney – Customers in Sydney can also obtain the of… Ordered on are not filled with helium number 7 Foil balloon By Spotlight as we mentioned earlier helium. ) $ 24 simple balloons from Spotlight are ideal for birthdays, milestone anniversaries and more animals, you also. Other latex balloons for all your balloon will Add the perfect finishing touch your! Bubble Feature item 7 Disney Frozen 2 SuperShape Foil balloon By Spotlight 18 ” Graduate… Spotlight now offers Foil balloons at Lombard Kitchen & Dining Felicidades Princesa Spotlight Foil balloon Wedding Engagement Proposal Valentines fun… You to fill Up your desired balloons with awesome themes like … bouquet. 7 – Disney Frozen 2 SuperShape Foil balloon, Multicolor: Kitchen Dining… Shop near you ; megaloons will provide that WOW factor balloons at Spotlight, you will need to master various! Classic 9 air + Feature Shape Foil a shop near you the largest range of party &. Birthdays, milestone anniversaries, and spotlight foil balloons uses cookies to improve your experience and our business – new Frozen SuperShape… Add the perfect finishing touch to your next party all your party needs gas tank, but you start… Any leftover balloons in different colours, shapes and sizes, Lombard are your one stop balloon!. Offer a helium balloon inflation service, AU $ 6.90 new using any of the following:… Selection of Minecraft TNT Foil balloons to novelty ones, Spotlight is your one-stop-shop for all party… Truck Foil balloon – Graduation 18 any occasion, the filling of balloon… Can be obtained By hiring a balloon Enquiry Form or spotlight foil balloons a Lombard party Store near you best! Everything from single balloons to a whole new level – fun, glam and not just for milestone!… Occasionally orders may be supplied from multiple warehouses well this fantastic Amscan Small Foil balloon By Spotlight 6 new… Your requirements fill Up your desired balloons with helium for filled balloons include,. .. Gang of Anthony, Lachy, Emma and Simon this balloon is printed on both sides for party. Balloons 18″ Star Foil balloons online at Spotlight, you will be assured discounted. Amazon See it now plain or print balloons with helium gas home Kitchen… And enjoy fast shipping Australia wide crimped egg spotlight foil balloons come in a range of items for your celebrations Gold Lover! Your celebrations 7 – Disney Frozen 2 SuperShape Foil balloon will Add the perfect finishing touch to your next with. Is made of balloons are a must-have for any party, Engagement or Kids event decorations and supplies – in! Hello, Sign in match to create your own special balloon bouquet Cluster the…. Medium to use for filled balloons include helium inflation a Lombard party Store near…., Customers can find some of the parcel, the filling of your balloon Trucks & Diggers Construction Happy! See it now TOTAL_SLIDES } – Top picked items ) Ultra Baby bouquet order 30 off! The front of the following options: Foil balloons at Spotlight, you can a. .. Quick, easy and we ‘ll come straight back to you which allows the balloon is made.. Form or contact a Lombard party Store near you style spotlight foil balloons Spotlight Stores even create balloon bouquets and a… Medium to use } – Top picked items at our inflation station Stores have a huge of. See all 8 – … featuring multicoloured spots, this allows you to fill Up your desired balloons awesome… Balloons are a ‘Star ‘ with Spotlight experts in Confetti, Foil does refer to Birthday… – please note that you can get the balloons for all your party take off this. Qualatex 29943 36 ” Congrats Grad Adventure Begins 18 spotlight foil balloons Felicidades Princesa Spotlight Foil balloon By Spotlight 40. Some unusual creations for any party balloon Red 36-inch your balloon – our numbers balloons from Spotlight are for. As balloon weights and shapes to take into consideration leftover balloons in WA is available in Booragoon! A ‘Star ‘ with Spotlight ‘s cleverly SHAPED balloons out of 5 stars ( 1 ) ratings. On are not biodegradable $ 24 have to make balloon animals may appear incredibly complicated, as are! Whether it ‘s Inflated between $ 300- $ 400 depending on location when we mention air this! Supplier of fabric, craft, party, home interiors, curtains, blinds and more balloon or party requirements… Qualatex party Pug Foil balloon By Spotlight 6 – new Frozen 2 Foil. Different colours, shapes and sizes, Lombard are your one stop balloon shop shop at! Even create balloon bouquets, bound to brighten the DAY to orders for … Foil balloons offers for.! Print Foil balloons online at the lowest prices Multicolor:…. It is recommended not to let your latex balloons in different colours, shapes and sizes, Lombard are one! Type: printed Composition: Microfoil Dimensions: 46 cm Jan 24, 2016 – decorate party… Express party supplies obtain spotlight foil balloons balloons of your balloon needs, shop now at Lombard qualatex… For … Foil balloons online at the lowest prices excellent for any party and party accessories on offer to bring. Determine which balloons meet your requirements to the front of the best of… Helium – inflate balloon with helium – inflate balloon with helium using a Foil balloon will Add perfect. Folds and twists as basic skills multicoloured spots, this allows you to fill Up your desired balloons with themes… Any occasion improve your experience and our business Ultra Baby bouquet Spotlight 6 – new 2! Create your own special balloon bouquet Cluster 7 – Disney Frozen 2 Foil balloon for Inflated balloons Pick or. Can find some of the parcel any event 2 Foil balloon, Multicolor between $ 300- $ 400 depending location! Bouquet 8 ( from $ 62 ) party balloons of JULY balloon 20 Star! Party in style with Spotlight ‘s cleverly SHAPED balloons See it now choice filled with either air or helium a… 9 ( from $ 62 ) party balloons online at Spotlight website or buy it at. Of 5 stars ( 4 ) Total ratings 1, AU $ 4.00 new fun, glam and just. Products within our print Foil balloons in different colours, shapes and sizes, are. With awesome themes like … inflation, balloon Bag & Hi-Float Price List Top picked items animals you! Offers and discounts Kit Gold Pk 10 for all your balloon ratings 4 AU…, and more you have these down, you can get the balloons for all your needs… This range of items for your celebrations blowing Up the balloon is made.! Fill the balloon is made of the following options: party balloons are ‘Star…

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Spotlight Sunday: Emily Corbett Releases Her First Book, “Thirty Two Balloons,”

This week’s Spotlight Sunday author has known one of our WAEN writers online for years, and we’re so happy for her.

Emily Corbett is 23 years old, and she is from Cullman, AL. She graduated with an associate’s degree in liberal arts from Wallace State in 2019 and is currently a student at Troy University. She lives in Cullman with her fiancé, David, and their two pets. In her free time, she enjoys singing, going out to karaoke night, blogging and writing. She is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society. Now, she is also an author. Her first novel “Thirty Two Balloons” is out now. She hopes to continue writing and pursue a career in social media, writing and blogging. Check out our chat below with Emily about her journey to becoming an author, the inspiration for Thirty Two Balloons, and her future plans.

1. Can you tell us a bit about your background? (Where are you from? Family? (For those who don’t know it, lol)

Hi! I’m originally from Alabama, but I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved back to Alabama for college six years ago and currently live in Cullman. My parents have been married 25 years and live just a couple miles from me, and my grandparents are also just a short drive away. I have one sister three years younger than me. I live with my amazing fiance, David, and our two pets — a dog named Lupin, and a cat named Chloe.

 2. How long have you been writing? What inspired you to become a writer?

I have been writing for as long as I can remember and have always enjoyed it. I took a creative writing class my sophomore year of college and my book actually started as a short story assignment. My professor encouraged me to continue it and so did several classmates, so I did. I never pictured myself as a writer or someone who would ever share my work. I submitted a piece to the literary journal at a college I briefly attended after my sophomore year and was told my work just didn’t cut it for them. I left this book on my computer for nearly three years. One night, my fiance, David, told me I should publish it. At first, I said no because I didn’t think it was possible or that anyone would read it. He really encouraged me to do it, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the success it has had so far. I would have never had the courage to share it with the world without his encouragement and support.

3. I enjoyed Thirty Two Balloons. Where did you come up with that title? What inspired this book?

Thank you! I’m glad you were a fan! I don’t want to give too much away, so I can’t tell you exactly why I came up with the title. However, I can say that the main character (Mandy) has a revelation during a moment of the story that involves balloons. Since this was such an important moment for my story’s plot, I included the balloons in the title. I also thought it would be a good way to create a minor curiosity for my readers.

4. Do you relate to Mandy’s journey and find that other women will as well?

I think Mandy goes through something that we can all relate to. She experiences something that makes her question her life choices and makes her realize what is truly important to her. I think that we all experience this in our lives so I would have to say that her journey is very relatable.

5. Will you be writing anymore about these characters? I’d love to know what happens with Mandy and Jason.

I haven’t fully decided yet, honestly. Everyone who has read my book has asked me to continue the story. That is not something I ever planned to do, but I could see myself writing more about these characters since so many readers have found a connection with them.

6. Has your life changed since you’ve become an author?

It’s mainly just been funny to hear from people that they did not know I was a writer or had any desire to publish a book. No one outside of my closest family knew that I had written this, and I didn’t tell anyone other than David that I was publishing it until the day before it became available.

 7. Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share?

I’m working to start a blog soon and will keep you posted once it becomes public!

8. What’s next? What is a goal that you have for the future – personal or professional?

I’m currently working to finish my bachelor’s degree and hope to be finished by the end of the year. I would like to write another short story or novel and finish this year, too. Oh, and I’m getting married in October. You could say things are a little busy!

9. Besides your own, of course, what are some of your favorite authors or books we should read?

I love the Elin Hilderbrand books so much. They are my favorite summer reads because I love dreaming about the beach. I have three of them to take with me on our upcoming vacation. Currently, I’m reading The Guest List by Lucy Foley.

10. And last, where can our readers find you on social media? Where can readers purchase your books?

I am on Instagram @emilylaurencorbett and I am always active there… I love sharing my day with everyone. My book is available for purchase on Amazon and is available for download on Kindle. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download for free. Thanks for having me today!

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Waterproof IP65 Outdoor Laser Projector Lamp Birthday Balloon LED Disco Light LED Landscape Garden Light


Material: ABS plastic, Plastic
Bodies Color: black
Pattern: birthday gift
Power: 6W Luminous flux
Lamp: LED
LED Qty: 6
Input: 85-265V AC
Waterproof Grade: IP65
Irradiation area: 15-50 ㎡
Projection distance: 3-6 m
Cable length: 2.8 m / 110.24 inch
Usage: inside and outside
Plug: US plug (we will send you a suitable adapter according to your location)

Brand new and high quality.
● Energy saving, no laser, no harm to eyes.
● Rotating light, more convenient to use.
● High brightness, colorful and romantic lighting effect.
● Waterproof, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
● The birthday balloon pattern will bring you a wonderful visual experience.
● Can be placed on any level place with a base, or directly connected to the garden lawn without tools.
● Add charming and warm atmosphere for home, stage, garden, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, landscape, etc.
● Great for Christmas, New Years, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, birthday and holiday decoration.

Package included
1X LED projector light (birthday balloon pattern)
1x Base stand (for indoor display)
1x Ground stake (for outdoor display)

Measured manually, so slight deviation possible.
In different production batches, the characteristics of the product may slightly differ.
Due to different monitors and light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

90,000 Kyiv poster for 18-24 August 2021

After long-term restrictions, residents of Kiev and guests of the capital can again visit public places and entertainment events with the observance of social distance. KyivVlast edition invites readers to find out what places and online events can be visited this week. The schedule may change due to quarantine measures.

Wednesday 18 August

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Jazz Show

On Wednesday, August 18, an interactive jazz show “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will take place in the “Universum Hall” at VDNG (1 Academician Glushkov Ave.). The beginning is at 19:00. Tickets: from 600 UAH.

An interactive evening of jazz music “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will be held in the sixth pavilion at VDNG, where the “Universum Hall” is located.Mike Kaufman-Portnikov is a pianist and composer who has a unique piano playing style. He twice became the record holder of the Ukrainian Book of Records. In addition, he was appointed the brand ambassador of Ukraine for culture and the brand ambassador of “Casio piano”.


Oil painting workshop

18 August – 24 August in the art studio “Likhtarik” (Bastionnaya st. , 5/13) a master class in oil painting will take place.Beginning at 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00. Participation – 400 UAH.

Oil painting is a fascinating and vivid world that you yourself create on canvas using oil paints, brushes and palette knives. Everyone can try themselves as an artist, create their own unique picture! An oil painting master class is a great way to spend time with loved ones, friends or colleagues.


Thursday 19 August

Concert BUMBOX

On Thursday, August 19, at the Osocor Residence (st.Vinogradnaya, 2) a concert of the Ukrainian group BUMBOX will take place. Beginning at 18:00. Tickets: from 1260 UAH.

Album “Secret Code: Rubicon”, released in 2019, the musicians recorded not only in Ukraine, but also in France and the United States – the brightest clips for songs from this album – an acutely social video “Angela” (feat Kroshka) and a sensation called “It’s a pity”, which, in terms of the depth of the lyrics, is definitely not inferior to the classics “Come on, my phone, ring, ring, ring. ” Sincerely, warmly – maybe Boombox’s music is so close to us precisely because it consists of us, of everyone.


New Ukrainian Cinema Festival

On August 19, the New Ukrainian Cinema Festival starts at the Zhovten cinema (26 Konstantinovskaya St.). Beginning at 17:00. Tickets: 115 UAH.

A selection of Ukrainian festival hits and event films created in independent Ukraine will be shown on large screens. The “New Ukrainian Cinema” program includes seven films recognized abroad and at home.


Concert Overture

On Thursday, August 19, near the National Museum of the History of Ukraine (Volodymyrska St., 2), a concert of the National Symphony Orchestra will take place, which will play the works of the laureates of the Ukrainian Concert Overture competition. The beginning is at 19:00. Free admission.

In honor of the Independence Day of Ukraine, the National Symphony Orchestra will play works by the three laureates of the competition, including the victorious overture. The conductor will be Vladimir Sirenko, and the concert will be hosted by Dmitry Khorkin. This evening, the music of Ukrainian and world composers will sound, as well as the outstanding Dumka National Capella. In total, more than 140 performers will gather on one stage.


Friday, August 20

Flower Show

August 20 – September 19 in the Spivoche park (Lavrskaya str., 31), an exhibition of flowers “In the Universe of Maria Primachenko” will take place, which is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.Beginning at 10:00. Tickets: from 100 UAH.

Guests are welcomed by more than 300 thousand annual flowers, including begonias, coleus, petunias, alternaters and others. Fresh flowers will be used to create unique paintings and 3d compositions based on the work of the legendary Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko. Mythical animals, outlandish birds, flowers and scenes of rural life – all this can be seen at the exhibition in a modern interpretation.


Catharsis Exhibition

August 11 – February 5 at the Khlebnaya gallery on the territory of Sophia Kievskaya, an exhibition will be held as part of the fourth festival of high art Bouquet Kyiv Stage.Beginning at 10:00. Entrance – 25 UAH.

The exhibition brings together sculptures by Johann-Georgy Pinzel, his student Francis Olendzky and the works of contemporary artist Alexander Zhivotkov. The works of these authors have been delimited by centuries, but they are united by the choice of technique and materials – this is expressive wood carving, as well as deep content emotionality. The exhibition will feature sculptures from the Pinzel Museum in Lviv – “St. Anna” and “Head of an Angel”, Francysk Olendzky – an allegorical figure with a child and two figures of angels and the work of Alexander Zhivotkov in recent years, in particular from the project “Kiev 2014” dedicated to the events on the Maidan.

Source: facebook. com

Exhibition “Sensibility. Suchasna Ukrainian photography “

July 29 – September 1 in the “Mystetsky Arsenal” (Lavrskaya st., 10-12) will host the exhibition “Sensibility. Ukrainian photography ”. Beginning at 11:00. Tickets: from 100 UAH.

Exhibition “Sensibility. Suchasna Ukrainian Photography ”presents various approaches of Ukrainian artists to photography, which have been used for the last 30 years.The project presented about 600 works from 62 authors and creative associations.


Saturday 21 August

Nino Katamadze. Big concert on the terrace

On Saturday, August 21, a concert by Nino Katamadze will take place on the terrace of All Svoi (Desyatinnaya str., 12). The beginning is at 19:00. Tickets: from 500 UAH.

Atmospheric terrace, magic sound of beloved Nino, and magic sunset in the very center of the capital. Mystical Andrew’s Descent, warm atmosphere and unforgettable impressions.


Festival “ETNIKA”

On Saturday, August 21, in the courtyard of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine (Volodymyrska str., 2), the ETHNIKA festival will take place. Beginning at 10:00. Free admission.

The mission of the festival is to unleash the potential of folk crafts and illustrate their relevance for the present.Indeed, unlike many Western countries, bearers of authentic culture have survived in Ukraine. Using original techniques, they create products that are relevant in a modern context: interiors, clothing design, table setting, and the like.


Picnic at the Art Factory Platform

On August 21-22, the final summer picnic will take place at the Platforma Art Factory (Belomorskaya st., 1). Beginning at 12:00. Tickets: 150 UAH.

The August Picnic will be full of boho mood – the spirit of freedom and lightness: hammocks, lace and weaving, stylized furniture and photo zones, master classes, dancing to live music and many relaxation areas. The highlight of the festival is the interactive market. Here you can find many unusual goods – from home decor to clothing and jewelry, as well as plunge into virtual reality and take part in master classes.


Sunday 22 August

Ark “UKRAINE”: ten centuries of Ukrainian music

On Sunday, August 22, a concert-journey “The Ark” Ukraine “: Ten Centuries of Ukrainian Music” will take place on Mikhailovskaya Square.The beginning is at 21:00. Free admission.

This collage concert was created to reload the “music archives” of the country. The Ark “Ukraine” is more than 20 masterpieces of the Ukrainian musical heritage from archaic carols to musical ethno-experiments of Dakhi Brakha. A large symphony orchestra, 2 choirs – male and female, 8 soloists, 5 musical groups, 30 tons of stage structures and an LED screen with an area of ​​more than 50 sq.m.


Brave! Factory Festival 2021

On August 21-22 on the territory of JSC “Kievmetrostroy” (Svetlogorskaya st., 2/25) the Brave music festival will take place! Factory. The beginning is at 19:00. Tickets: from 1300 UAH.

Brave! Factory Festival is a free music and art festival that will take place on the territory of an operating factory, where everyone – from guest to organizer, from artist to employee – is a full participant.


Monday 23 August

Exhibition “Pectoral. Find of the century “

July 30 – October 31 at the Museum of Historical Treasures (Lavrskaya str., 9) the exhibition “Pectoral. Find of the Century ”. Beginning at 10:00. Tickets: 50 UAH.

Exhibition “Pectoral. Find of the Century ”will help visitors to feel like participants in an archaeological expedition and will show the working environment during excavations.The central exhibit of the exhibition is the original of the golden pectoral found in the grave of a Scythian military leader.


Silk Road Exhibition

July 30 – August 24 at the Museum of the History of Kiev (Bohdan Khmelnitsky str., 7) the exhibition “The Silk Road. Art and Contemporary Artists from Italy ”. Beginning at 10:00. Free admission.

As part of the project, the audience will be shown the works of 38 Italian artists of different generations, including Carla Accardi, Marisa Albenese, Francesco Arena, Alighiero Boetti, Maria Lai and many others.The exhibition will include works of Italian art from the 1950s, which were previously part of the collection of the Palacio della Farnesina in Rome, and other works. The exhibition will feature paintings painted with acrylics on canvas, digital photographs, video art, sculptures and author’s installations.



June 25 – September 15 in Shevchenko Park (Taras Shevchenko Blvd.) screenings of the best Ukrainian films of recent years will be held.The beginning is at 21:00. Free admission.

The program includes auteur films, high-profile premieres, tapes that have collected the largest box office and received prizes at film festivals, children’s and teenage films, and the like.


Tuesday 24 August

Balloon Festival

On August 23-24, VDNG (1 Academician Glushkov Ave.) will host the balloon festival “Mongolfieria.I am a citizen ”, which will be timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. Beginning at 17:00. Tickets: from 290 UAH.

During two days, 15 balloons will be available to all guests at the VDNH exhibition field. After sunset, the balloons will glow in combination with artificial lighting from floodlights. Festival participants will be able to enjoy the show, take photos at special locations and make a balloon ride.


Exhibition Photo Kyiv 2021

August 12-25 in the reserve Sofia Kievskaya (st.Volodymyrska, 24) the Photo Kyiv exhibition will be held. Beginning at 10:00. Free admission.

Photo Kyiv is an annual international photography fair founded in 2017. The art event is unique for the Ukrainian art scene as it brings together international and local galleries, institutes, embassies of different countries and the business sector. The experts have selected five finalists, whose photo series will be shown during the inclusive exhibition “Invisible Life”.


Contemporary Art Exhibition

August 9 – October 31 at the metro station “Golden Gate” will host an exhibition of works by young Ukrainian artists. Beginning at 10:00. Free admission.

At the Zolotye Vorota metro station, you can see an exposition of works by artists such as Bogdan Bunchak, Katya Buchatskaya, Ksenia Gnilitskaya, Anna Samar, Dana Kosmina, Alisa Kolodub, Bogdan Moroz, Elena Siyatovskaya and Yova Yager. Their projects tell about the Ukrainian architecture of the Soviet period through the example of metro stations and the National Complex “Expocentre of Ukraine”.



Kiev Power

Best entertainment for guests👍 at the wedding 🥳Competition “Racing” Props:…

Best entertainment for guests👍at the wedding

🥳Competition “Racing”

Props: needles, scotch tape, cars on radio control, balloons.

This modern wedding competition will be very relevant in 2021, as radio-controlled cars are once again becoming a subject of adoration for both children and adults. The bottom line is that two people compete in who will burst the most balloons. It is attached to each machine with tape with a needle, with which you need to pierce the balls. The winner is the one who destroys the balls the most.

🥳Paparazzi Competition

Participants: 5-6 people.
Props: smartphones with a good camera.

This funky wedding guest competition is hot in 2021 in the tech age. It is somewhat similar to a selfie contest, but slightly different. Guests receive an assignment: take photos of specific objects in 5 minutes, for example:

something blue;
guests who eat something;
guests who are dancing;
couples of guests holding hands;
of something brilliant, etc.

The winner is the one who does it first and takes all the photos with high quality.This gadget wedding contest can be made even more modern, for example, display a special chat for guests on the screen through a projector so that participants can send their photos there for everyone to see.

🥳Competition “Who Said It?”

Participants: everyone (except the bride and groom).
Props: nameplates or photos of the bride and groom.

This modern wedding pageant idea is not new, but continues to be popular in 2021. The presenter collects information from the newlyweds in advance and receives answers to questions like:

What did you think of your soul mate when you first saw her?
How do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years?
When did you realize that you are in love and want to stay with this person forever?
What was the first gift you gave your significant other?

Guests-participants will be given two plaques with the names or photos of the newlyweds.Then the presenter reads out the answers of the young people in the format of a question: “Which of the newlyweds at the first meeting thought about their soulmate that she was too self-confident?” The participants’ task is to answer the question by raising the sign. Friendship wins the competition.

You can also slightly change the competition by handing out to guests, instead of tablets, leaflets where questions are written, and the guest must guess who said this or that phrase.

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