Spiration quotes: 30 Most Inspirational Quotes of All Time

30 Most Inspirational Quotes of All Time

Motivation in the workplace is a big topic, more so right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the onset of the “new normal” working environment. Motivation is featured highly on every leader’s agenda as the quick transition to working from home (WFH) took place, coupled with the mass adoption of digital forms of communication as the main point of connection.

There has been a shifting landscape as the tectonic plates of aspiration, value, and meaning collide with what motivates individuals and teams in the workplace.

In this article, I will talk about how to improve individual employee motivation and how to improve team motivation, as what motivates a team to high performance can differ from that of an employee.

Now, let’s dive into what’s really going on. Here are three powerful ways to improve employee motivation post-pandemic.

1. Give Employees Autonomy

I think a large majority of companies have missed a golden opportunity to build trust during the pandemic and subsequent new normal era.

Instead, they chose to focus on measuring productivity and quantifying efficiency over autonomy and trust. As a result, they inadvertently squandered the opportunity that was in front of them.

At the same time, for the employee, the veil has been lifted, the curtain pulled back, and the magic has worn off. However you want to look at it, the shift from 9 to 5 office culture to WFH has left many employees wondering why—why did I tolerate the long commute to the office? We’re all those in-person meetings necessary?

Work-life in the 21st Century has been put under the microscope and scrutinized because of a virus. employees are often packed like sardines into hot and sweaty train carriages or sitting motionless in rush hour traffic for hours on end, not to mention the pressure of carefully planning the day’s outfit all just to be seen working at the desk and readily available to anyone who wants to stop by for a disruptive but well-meaning natter.

While the move to WFH has provided some additional benefits, such as more time with family, a more flexible working location, no commute, and casual dress, it has also caused some issues to show up.

These issues relate directly to business stress and health. They include increased expectations around being available beyond the scope of normal working hours, being hyper-visible online, answering Slack messages at the drop of a hat, increased use of urgent language, and daily video training calls scheduled intrusively throughout lunch breaks.

All of which to say, work-life balance and personal power have been compromised, and a huge opportunity for increased focus and motivation are missed due to the factors I’ll explain below.

The Home Has Become the Office

Society is working longer and harder than before and finds it harder to switch off because now, the office is also the home. Managers who understand that the boundaries between personal and professional have been violated and understand that working from home isn’t necessarily ideal will get the best from their employees.

Managers can be more thoughtful by showing respect and awareness of the situation, such as cramped home environments (not everyone has a home office), children causing general disruption, managing household visitors from cleaners, parcel deliveries, and grocery drop-offs, combined with the added pressure to always be available online.

To motivate employees, where possible, allow them to gain freedom over their daily work. When employees feel trusted to make decisions and operate independently, it promotes feelings of well-being and self-confidence.

A 2020 study on the future of work showed that with covid-19 and the new normal, more people than ever are moving jobs for autonomy and flexibility. “People want to control when they work, where they work, and what they’re working on,” says Arvind Malhotra Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

The upshot is that the level of autonomy that employees experienced during the pandemic has, in turn, led to changes in employee expectation around the degree of autonomy that they expect going forward.

Simply put, employees now value autonomy more than they did in the pre-pandemic era. Therefore, companies that adapt to this will inevitably attract the best talent by default. Those that don’t will lose out, and rightly so.

This new outlook on life is also impacting the way employees view the traditional working hours of 9 to 5. Business owners must now consider rethinking this paradigm as it allows employees to complete work in blocks or batches, which is more convenient for the employee.

In essence, autonomy in all regards is now the attribute employees are prioritizing and can be used as a method of motivation.

2. Go Deeper

Taking it a step further, feeling valued as an employee and respected for who you are as a person beyond your role at the company is poised to become a key factor in motivation in the workplace.

People want to feel understood, valued, and respected. The introduction of “slack time” (i.e., letting employees focus on projects outside the scope of their normal role, e.g., developing a side project, learning to code, or picking up a language) has been adopted by many of the major tech players for some time.

When companies embrace the pursuits and endeavors of the individual beyond the workplace and promote them internally, it makes the employee feel valued and in turn creates meaning.

This should not be overlooked. The value of doing meaningful work is what it’s all about.

I have experienced this myself working for Playground XYZ, the innovative attention-based mobile company headquartered out of Australia that readily embraced my role as an author, entrepreneur, and mentor, which made it such a privilege to work for them. When meaning can be attached to the job, it promotes a huge win for the company as employees identify more deeply with the products they are representing, the values of the company, and its core mission.

What companies should consider as it relates to employee motivation levels is the optimal level of side-project time to boost motivation in business. Does 10% make an adequate difference? How about 40%?

Whatever the percentage is, companies that can praise employees’ talents at the individual level and showcase them as valued members of the team will thrive.

3. Be Mindful When Using Technology

Zoom fatigue? We’ve all been there—a series of grueling back-to-back Zoom calls, flickering eyelids, the mental fog at the end of a long day fuelled by caffeine and inhaled lunches, and the urge to write just one more email.

But stop—this is not what the future of work will look like. There is a dire need for the consideration of building a “technology detox” into the normal routine of the working day of every employee so that it is adopted and becomes common practice.

Mindfulness in the workplace is another method of improving engagement, cognitive focus, and productivity. The mistake is reconciling that longer hours equal greater results.

Instead, having flexibility around walking meetings, in-person catch-ups, and time away from the requirement to be contactable boosts positivity and makes employee motivation levels sore. Imagine if every employee felt this burst of life.

The pandemic has shown that work can be done outside of the office, but there is a giant opportunity waiting to be unlocked. Those companies that find the appropriate balance will prevail.

Improving Team Motivation in the Workplace

Now, here are two important points to consider for improving team motivation in the workplace.

Doing the Opposite

This might sound counterintuitive, but it works. Yet, so many leaders get this wrong. The principle is that when you’re winning, it’s time to drive the team harder and when you’re losing, it’s time to show relatability and understanding.

Why then do so many leaders fail to put this into practice when it truly matters?

Most leaders panic when they see falling revenue numbers and instead of adopting a nurturing growth-centered presence, they go on a rampage, micromanaging and haranguing, destroying momentum, and creating a pressure cooker-type environment, which only serves to stifle and demotivate the team further.

I encourage you to try out doing the opposite if your team is currently behind on their numbers right now. Follow this strategy, and see how your attitude changes the results and goes a long way to building the momentum back up.

Notice how new information flows to you and fresh insights that would previously have remained hidden are suddenly revealed by the team.

It takes courage to do this, but it demonstrates trust and empathy from which a newfound team dynamic can be developed. This is the glue that forms a strong bond between team members and their manager, which in turn promotes sharing of ideas and culture.

At times of heightened stress, motivate through encouragement, learning, and growth. The last thing your team needs is for you to turn into an overbearing manager who displays your stress levels for all to see.

This is poor leadership. The best leaders can control their emotions while giving employees what they need—a helping hand to understand that they will rise to the top through preparation and a solid plan of action.

Maintaining Core Values

When employees understand and operate by the company values, they have a road map, a battle plan, a way to make decisions that frees them from the mental overload of decision paralysis. When company values aren’t clear, made obvious, or ingrained, the culture of the organization will suffer dramatically. It will be lifeless.

Values are the rudder in the water that directs the wind in the sails and serve as guiding principles that must be taught, repeated daily, and lived by.

Ask yourself this, “what do we stand for?”

If you can’t answer this from a company perspective, then you are rudderless and when the storm hits, be prepared to take a battering.

More Tips on Motivating Employees

Featured photo credit: rawpixel via unsplash.com

37 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life

The right words lift us.  Mostly, they help us lift ourselves.

They can kindle your fire or fan your flames.

Here are 37 inspirational quotes to help you get a fresh start, find your path, stand back up if you’ve fallen down, and make your dreams happen.

Why 37?

It’s one of the world’s favorite numbers.  And, this might actually be because it’s a combo of two of the world’s favorite numbers, 3 and 7.

Either way, please enjoy this hand-crafted collection of the world’s most inspirational quotes by some of the most inspiring minds of all time  …

Inspirational Quotes to Kindle Your Inner Fire

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
Henry Stanley Haskins

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman

“The best revenge is massive success.”
–- Frank Sinatra

“Inspiration exists, but it must find you working.”
–- Pablo Picasso

“Let each man exercise the art he knows.

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”
Ben Okri

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
–- Albert Einstein

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
–- Ayn Rand

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
–- Vincent Van Gogh

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”
–- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow. ’”
Mary Anne Radmacher

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
–- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
–- Farrah Gray

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
–- Lao Tzu

“Think with your whole body.”
Taisen Deshimaru

“Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.”

“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”
Robert H. Schuller

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.”
John Muir

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
Napoleon Hill

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”
T.S. Eliot

“I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.”
Oprah Winfrey

“Fall seven times and stand up eight.”
–- Japanese Proverb

“That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”
Friedrich Nietzshe

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”
–- Chinese Proverb

“To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone.”
Reba McEntire

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.  You are free.”
-– Jim Morrison

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
–- Confucius

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’”
–- Audrey Hepburn

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
Vince Lombardi

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
George Eliot

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”
Nido Qubein

“You change your life by changing your heart.”
Max Lucado

“Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can.”
–- Arthur Ashe

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”
–- George Addair

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
–- Benjamin Franklin

There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”
–- Aristotle

Whether you roar, or try again tomorrow, I hope these words of wisdom help you when you need them most.

Looking for more inspiration? Read my book on Getting Results!

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5 Inspirational Quotes To Round Off September

John Adams (aka Dadbloguk) has compiled five inspirational quotes to help mark the end of summer 2020 and celebrate the arrival of fall.

September is a month when lots of changes take place. The temperature drops and the leaves on the trees turn a golden colour as fall arrives. Children return to school and start in new classes while mums and dads get back to work after a relaxed summer.

From the earliest school days, it’s a month that takes on huge significance. In 2020, with many children having not attended school since March, it could be even more significant!

I’ve put together five inspirational quotes to help round off the month of September. I’ve put the quotes in order, marking the end of summer, celebrating the arrival of fall (autumn as it’s called in the United Kingdom, my home country), and also a couple of back-to-school quotes.

Quotes for Marking the End of Summer

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” – John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck is one of my favourite writers and I think this quote is typical of his style. He is also absolutely correct: We have to experience the colder winter months to get the most out of summer.

Quotes for Celebrating the Arrival of Fall

“The windows are open, admitting the September breeze: A month that smells like notepaper and pencil shavings, autumn leaves and car oil. A month that smells like progress, like moving on.” – Lauren Oliver

I think Lauren Oliver (famous for writing fiction for young adults) encapsulates September and the arrival of autumn perfectly. The fresh air, the notebook and pencils for schoolwork, and the smell of freshly fallen leaves. September is a month for moving on as children go back to school and fall arrives.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scot Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald was short, to the point but on point with this quote. Many people associate spring with new beginnings, but it really happens in the fall as plants go to sleep or die in the colder weather and shorter days.

Tip: Print out your favourtie quote and frame it on your desk! Not sure how you want it to look? Check out these great #deskgoal ideas on Pinterest.

Quotes for Back to School

“Strive for progress, not perfection. – Unknown

A wonderful quote and a sentiment I often remind my own children of. If youngsters have started school or have gone into a new class in September, they will be learning new skills. They need to be encouraged to progress and learn. Perfection will come later.

“Summer is over. Time to officially remember what day of the week it is.” – Unknown

I had to finish with this light-hearted quote. It made me laugh when I first read it and it’s a quote I think any parent will relate to. It’s easy to lose track of the days as you have lots of fun over summer. When you get back into the school routine, you have to keep on top of what your children are doing on which day.

Further Quote-spiration!

If you’d like to read more inspirational quotes, there are some great ones on the SemiDelicateBalance website focused on the arrival of September. Over on LifeHack.org, you’ll find a plethora of motivational quotes focused on returning to school.

Here’s to the season of sweaters, cozy nights in, and cups of cocoa!

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          Pin-spiration: Life quotes

          Happy Sunday everyone!

          I’m going to be upfront with you, I’m not in the habit of doing my blog entries ahead of time (I know, I can hear the gasps of horror already!) So here I am, writing my weekend entry on a Sunday night. Forgive me yet? (In case you can’t tell, I’m batting my eyelashes and attempting to look adorable!)

          I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about where I’m headed and what I want to do with my life. I’m turning 24 this year (eek) and I’ve been working full time at an amazing stater job since I graduated 2 years ago but I figured I would just know what I wanted to do with my life at this point. And I know the uncertainty is actually really good, it means I have options and I’m open to a lot of exciting possibilities (thanks to a Boy Meets World episode that taught me that haha). But I’m not one for leaving the future unplanned, it’s just freakin me out a little. So here’s some Pinterest inspiration that I’ve been using to remind myself that uncertainty is healthy.

          I got the idea for Pin-spiration from one of my blogger friends Nicole over at Treasure Tromp. Check out her blog and her Pin-spirations, she has such a lovely blog!!

          Found pin via Lauren but original source unknown 🙁

          Found pin via Sabrina but the photo links back to Style Me Pretty

           Found pin via Brenna, I’m completely obsessed with this print from this Etsy shop!

          Found pin via Jacqueline but original source unknown 🙁

          Found pin via Anne but original source unknown 🙁

          Anyone else grappling with uncertainty? I know in my heart, it will all work itself out but it’s just allowing fate to take you there that is difficult for me. For those of you established in life, what was the turning point when you realized “This is where I’m supposed to be”? Anyone else have good quotes they rely on to soothe growing pains?

          Follow me on Pinterest if you’re interested!

          I hope you all had wonderful weekends! Did you do anything exciting?

          P.S. If you know ANY of the sources of the prints listed above, please let me know! I’d LOVE to credit them directly.

          Related posts:

          44 Best Happy Thanksgiving Quotes

          Half Baked Harvest

          Thanksgiving comes with a whole host of great things, like the four Fs: family, friends, food, and football. But if all that prep work for the big day is starting to grate on you—or you’re staring at your holiday Instagram caption, unsure of what to write—we’ve got you covered. These quotes will help you reflect on what truly matters—and maybe get in a laugh if you read them at the dinner table. Print out these empowering and inspiring Thanksgiving quotes and place one at each table setting, or include them in gratitude cards to your guests.

          View Gallery 44 Photos

          1 of 44

          Neal A. Maxwell

          “We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.”

          2 of 44

          Ralph Waldo Emerson

          “I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.”

          3 of 44

          Benjamin Disraeli

          “I feel a very unusual sensation—if it is not indigestion, I think it must gratitude.”

          4 of 44

          Toni Morrison

          “At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough.”

          5 of 44

          Joanna Gaines

          “Even in the trials of life, if we have eyes to see them, we can find good things everywhere we look.”

          6 of 44

          Mary Oliver

          “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.”

          7 of 44


          “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

          8 of 44

          Maya Angelou

          “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”

          9 of 44

          Jill Bolte Taylor

          “An attitude of gratitude goes a long way when it comes to physical and emotional healing.”

          10 of 44

          Cheryl Strayed

          “When you recognize that you will thrive not in spite of your losses and sorrows but because of them… the word for that is healing.”

          11 of 44

          Kevin James

          “Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants.”

          12 of 44

          Miranda July

          “Look at the sky: That is for you. Look at each person’s face as you pass them on the street: Those faces are for you.”

          13 of 44

          Nicole Hollander

          “Cooking Tip: Wrap turkey leftovers in aluminum foil and throw them out.”

          14 of 44


          “Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life.”

          15 of 44

          William Shakespeare

          “Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.”

          16 of 44

          Melody Beattie

          “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.”

          17 of 44

          Oscar Wilde

          “After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

          18 of 44

          Willie Nelson

          “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

          19 of 44

          Brené Brown

          “Recognizing and leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability teaches us how to live with joy.”

          20 of 44

          William Faulkner

          “Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: It must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”

          21 of 44

          Carmen Maria Machado

          “I understood that knowledge was a dwarfing, obliterating, all-consuming thing, and to have it was to both be grateful and to suffer greatly.”

          22 of 44

          Henry Van Dyke

          “Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling.”

          23 of 44

          Marcel Proust

          “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

          24 of 44

          Ocean Vuong

          “I don’t want my sadness to be othered from me just as I don’t want my happiness to be othered. They’re both mine. I made them.”

          25 of 44

          Durga Chew-Bose

          “Isn’t it lovely to, once in a while, feel small in the presence of your friend? Awed. Fortunate to experience nearness that calls upon space.”

          26 of 44

          Alice Walker

          “‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say.”

          27 of 44

          James Allen

          “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.”

          28 of 44

          Ina Garten

          “If you think about a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s really like making a large chicken.”

          29 of 44

          Karl Barth

          “Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”

          30 of 44

          Robert Brault

          “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

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          Hadley Mendelsohn Senior Editor Hadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful’s senior editor, and when she’s not busy obsessing over all things decor-related, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again.

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          38 Mind Blowing Paul Gibbons Quotes

          Paul Gibbons is an England native and has dedicated his life to studying the science behind human condition. Wanting to look at ways to improve humanity, Gibbons focuses on many areas of public health, philosophy, medicine, machine intelligence, and business leadership. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Paul Gibbons quotes to know.

          “All of us are not always smarter than one of us, leaders need to distinguish between the wisdom of crowds and the madness of crowds.”

          “Ambiguity is not, today, a lack of data, but a deluge of data.”

          “Be the author, not the reader, of your own life.”

          “Behaviorism was a busted flush, but neo-behaviorist theories, especially choice architecture, achieve behavioral change without coercion or the downsides of carrots and sticks.”

          “Business is the most important institution on the planet for furthering human flourishing.”

          “Business people need to understand the psychology of risk more than the mathematics of risk.”

          “Compared to ecosystems and some species, corporations are very fragile entities indeed.”

          “Creating change-agile businesses will eliminate the need for what we today call change management.”

          “Feeling entitled is the opposite of feeling grateful. Gratitude opens the heart, entitlement closes it.”

          “It is time to euthanize change management.”

          “Just stamping out anti-science and bad science will eliminate an enormous amount of business waste.”

          “Leaders need to correct for cognitive biases the way a sharpshooter corrects for wind velocity or a yachtsman corrects for the tide.”

          “Leaders need to sacrifice “power-over” to get “power-to”.”

          “Leadership must evolve into a “science-based craft”, like surgery.””

          “Mindfulness promises a great number of desirable benefits, and is based on much more solid research than many competing ideas on how to change people.”

          “Mindfulness requires being a beginner. Setting absurdly high-standards, and being unwilling to be a novice, are the joint enemies of personal progress and change. ”

          “Most businesses would profit greatly from just applying Change Management 101 well.”

          “Most change strategy models are not very strategic – change strategy is an important lynchpin between business strategy and change tactics.”

          “People who appear to be resisting change may simply be the victim of bad habits. Habit, like gravity, never takes a day off.”

          “Psychological pseudoscience dies hard, especially when there are commercial interests at stake.”

          “Resistance to change should be a thing of the past if we could develop growth mindsets and create organizations with growth cultures.”

          “Strategic coherence is more important than strategic perfection.”

          “That which a team does not want to discuss, it most needs to discuss.”

          “The best way to encourage out of the box thinking is to draw the box correctly in the first place.”

          “The change “grief cycle”, for some people, may be excitement, enthusiasm, engagement, effort, and excellence.””

          “The essence of extended rationality is to know when you are being irrational.”

          “The gap between thought and action, between belief and will, prevents us solving our most pressing individual and societal problems.”

          “The human side of analytics is the biggest challenge to implementing big data.”

          “The key to behavioral change is to pass behavioral control to the environment.”

          “The most damaging cognitive bias is overconfidence (illusory superiority), making leaders use their “gut” when they should be more rational.”

          “The notion of “business as usual” is a harmful myth.” ”

          “The problem is not lack of competence, it is confidence without competence.”

          “The psychological theories that inform day-to-day business practices are comprised mostly of folk-psychology, fads, and myths.”

          “Too few leaders have the emotional fortitude to take responsibility for failure.”

          “We have minds that are equipped for certainty, linearity and short-term decisions, that must instead make long-term decisions in a non-linear, probabilistic world.”

          “We need leadership books that offer information as well as inspiration. Pop leadership is one of the most destructive forces today.”

          “When business leaders talk about the next quarter, they ought to sometimes be talking about the next quarter century.”

          “When it comes to the arc of your life, leadership is a sacred responsibility.”

          Here is a lecture performed by Paul Gibbons as he discusses why we under perform when it comes to behavioral change. With an existing gap between intentions and actions, Gibbons answers the questions on why we are so bad at correcting our negative behaviors.

          90,000 Mindfulness Quotes

          Mindfulness Quotes

          In most cases, clicking on an illustration for a quote will take you to the page where this quote is discussed, and clicking again will return you to the page of quotes.

          Despite all this, the mountain simply remains in its place,
          experiencing changes at every moment, constantly changing,
          but always remaining itself …
          The mountain remains motionless when the seasons replace each other,
          when the weather changes from moment to moment and day after day,
          it remains unchanged…
          – John Kabat-Zinn –

          In meditation practice and in everyday life, you can
          to be in touch not only with the changing content and intensity of your thoughts and feelings …
          … but also with the enormous unshakable reservoir of awareness itself,
          in the depths of your mind?
          The lake can teach this, remind us of the lake within us ..
          – John Kabat-Zinn –

          There are only two ways to live life.
          The first is as if miracles do not exist.
          The second – as if there were only miracles around.
          – Albert Einstein –

          Be yourself.
          Other roles are already taken.
          – Oscar Wilde –

          The moment you direct your close attention to any thing,
          even a blade of grass, it becomes a whole world, mystical,
          sacred and indescribably great molded ..
          – Henry Miller –

          Your vision will become clear only if you can look into your heart.
          Whoever looks outward sees only dreams.
          He who looks inside wakes up.
          – Carl Gustav Jung –

          If I don’t study for one day, I notice it.
          If I do not study the second day, the surrounding area will notice it.
          If I don’t study for the third day, the world notices it.
          – Ignacy Jan Paderewski –

          It is important to be aware of physical limitations and stay on their boundaries long enough to survive them, but it is just as important not to go beyond them… Instead, we’ll gaze into every moment with full acceptance, without trying to force ourselves to be different from who we are now.
          – John Kabat-Zinn –

          These few words are enough.
          If not these words, then this breath.
          If not this breath, then the seats are here.
          This openness of life,
          from which we have abandoned
          over and over again
          up to this point.
          Up to this point.
          – David White –

          Mindfulness is a complete awakening in our life.
          It is about the perception of life at every moment.
          We also have direct access to our own powerful inner
          resources for insight, transformation and healing.
          – John Kabat-Zinn –

          If you think of the body as a musical instrument,
          body scan is the way to customize it.
          If you imagine the body as the Universe, scanning the body – it is a way to know her.
          If you think of the body as a home, body scan –
          is a way to open all the windows and doors of
          and let the fresh air of awareness clear it.
          – Pema Chodrok –

          The range of what we think and do
          Is limited to what we do not notice
          And because we do not notice
          We can do little,
          Until we notice
          Like what we do not notice
          Shapes our thoughts and actions.
          – R.D. Laing –

          The practice of meditation is not really aimed at achieving inner peace …
          Moments of silence are one of the side effects of meditation, not the practice itself.
          – Eric Walker Wikstrom –

          If the heart begins to wander or be distracted, gently bring it back to its subject; and even if during this hour you did not do anything, just directing your heart to its object, it still means that you spent this hour with great benefit.
          – Saint Francis ds Sal –

          There is always time between a stimulus and our response to it.
          During this time, we choose how to react.
          And this is where our freedom lies.
          – Viktor Frankl –

          You can feel compassion for yourself, and it is not self-pity.
          You simply acknowledge that “this is hard, it hurts,”
          and bring in the same heart desire,
          , to lessen or stop suffering.
          that we feel for a dear friend,
          when he is faced with similar pain, frustration or difficulty.
          – Rick Hanson –

          Listening means learning with softness,
          with a desire to change
          from what we hear.
          – Mark Nepo –

          If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find in every
          person’s life enough sorrow and suffering to disarm any hostility.
          – Henry Longfellow –

          Have patience, remembering that not everything is decided in your heart, and love even your doubts. Your questions are like locked rooms or books written in a completely foreign language. Do not look now for answers that cannot be given to you, because these answers cannot become your life. Live with questions now.
          – Rainer Maria Rilke –

          … circles of trust… are a rare form of community –
          that supports, rather than supplants, the individual pursuit of integrity –
          rests on two core beliefs.
          First, we have an inner teacher whose guidance is more reliable than anything we can get from doctrine, ideology, collective belief system, institution, or leader.
          Second, we all need other people to manifest, enhance, and help discern the teacher’s inner voice.
          – Parker Palmer –

          For a seed to reach its highest manifestation, it must completely disappear.
          The shell cracks, the insides come out, and everything changes.
          To someone who does not understand growth, it looks like destruction.
          – Marcel Proust –

          Realize that this very body, with its pains and pleasures …
          is exactly what we need to be fully human,
          fully awakened, fully alive.
          – Pema Chodrok –

          Nature photos on site courtesy of
          Will Simpson

          90,000 Eldar Ryazanov: the best films, quotes, dialogues

          On the night of November 30, People’s Artist of the USSR Eldar Ryazanov died in a Moscow hospital at the age of 89.

          The director left behind about 30 films, each of which became a hit in Soviet and Russian film distribution.

          Many of Ryazanov’s paintings were sold for quotations, his films, shot more than 40 years ago, still look in one breath and we can confidently say that there is no spectator in Russia who does not know the name of this director.

          Ryazanov himself spoke modestly about himself: “I have never felt myself a classic – neither cinema nor literature,” said the People’s Artist of the USSR.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Still from “Carnival Night”

          Musical comedy “Carnival Night” , released in wide distribution in 1956, is considered the first feature film by Eldar Ryazanov.

          Despite the skepticism of the artistic council, which called the rough material filmed by the director “boring and mediocre”, the picture had an incredible success with the audience at that time: more than 48 million tickets were sold for it. Young actress Lyudmila Gurchenko, who performed one of the main roles in “Carnival Night”, according to critics, became a star overnight.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          A still from the “Hussar Ballad”

          Film “The Hussar Ballad” , one of the main characters of which was the popular lieutenant Rzhevsky (the role of Yuri Yakovlev), was filmed by 150- anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, and its premiere took place in Moscow at the Rossiya cinema on September 7, 1962.

          Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alisa Freindlich also auditioned for the role of Shurochka Azarova, played brilliantly by Larisa Golubkina (this was her film debut).

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Shot from “Beware of the Car”

          In 1966, the audience was presented with Eldar Ryazanov’s lyrical comedy “Beware of the Car” , which he shot based on the story by Emil Braginsky.

          According to the director’s recollections, the plot was based on the legend, popular in those years, about the “people’s Robin Hood” who stole and sold cars of “plunderers of socialist property” and transferred money to orphanages.

          As Ryazanov and Braginsky later found out, the story of the noble kidnapper turned out to be completely fictional.

          “This guy raised his hand to the most sacred thing we have – the Constitution!” – says one of the heroes of the film.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Shooting “The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia”

          In the Italian version, the comedy “The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia” , filmed in 1973 by Eldar Ryazanov and Franco Prosperi, was called “One crazy, crazy, crazy race across Russia “- Una matta, matta, matta corsa in Russia.

          It is said that the producer Dino di Laurentiis, having initially familiarized himself with the script written by the Ryazanov-Braginsky duet, declared it to be complete nonsense, which the Italian audience would not watch.

          At the request of di Laurentis, Ryazanov rewrote the script, turning it into a chase film with various stunts and scenes with a live lion.

          Ryazanov liked to play episodic roles in his paintings. In Bizarre Adventures, he appeared in the film as a doctor on the wing of an airplane, who was beating the ice off an icy mafia.

          Dialogue from the film:

          – Don’t you know that I’m Russian by origin? Yes?

          – Isn’t it noticeable?

          – Very noticeable! You have a wonderful Ukrainian accent!

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          On the set of “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”

          “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” (1975) is still considered one of the most popular Soviet films and is traditionally shown on Russian television on New Year’s Eve.

          The film was based on the play “Enjoy Your Bath! Or Once on New Year’s Eve”, which was written in 1969 and was shown in various theaters by the time the film was released.

          The Polish actress Barbara Brylska, who played one of the main roles, was dubbed by Valentina Talyzina, but her name is not in the credits, as are the indications that the songs for the heroes of Brylskaya and Myagkov were performed by Alla Pugacheva and Sergey Nikitin. Eldar Ryazanov himself played in the film a passenger on an airplane, on which a sleeping Lukashin constantly falls.

          Dialogue from the movie:

          – No, I’m serious. It is especially difficult for us to have our own opinion. What if it’s wrong? Doctors’ mistakes cost people dearly. – Yes … The mistakes of teachers are less noticeable, but in the end they cost people just as much.

          Author of the photo, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          “Office Romance”

          Film “Office Romance” , released in 1977, was a screen version of the play “Colleagues” written in 1971 by Eldar Ryazanov and Emil …

          The lyrics to the famous song “Nature has no bad weather” to the music of Andrey Petrov were written by Ryazanov himself.

          During the filming of “Office Romance”, the songs were performed by Andrei Myagkov himself (in “The Irony of Fate” Sergei Nikitin sang for him).

          “If there were no statistics, we would not even have suspected how well we are doing,” says the main character of the film, Anatoly Efremovich Novoseltsev.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Still from “Garage”

          In the film “Garage” (1979), based on real events, Ryazanov did not betray himself and again starred in a cameo role.Ryazanov’s hero is the head of the insect department, who slept through the entire meeting of the cooperative, leaning his elbows on a stuffed hippopotamus.

          “Garage”, released in 1979, tells the story of a meeting of a garage cooperative, at which it is necessary to decide which of those present to deprive the garage. The action takes place in the USSR in the late 1970s in the fictional research institute “Animal Protection from the Environment”.

          Quotes from the movie:

          – A bonus was paid to the crane driver, which was carried out strictly according to the estimate as the pay of the day watchman.The day watchman was paid, strictly according to the estimate, like laying asphalt, and the work on laying asphalt was paid, strictly according to the estimate, like landscaping.

          – What are you doing, graduate student? You study the silver crane, and, by the way, it nests abroad … This crane in the sky is not our bird at all.

          – The silver crane is a dark bird. She does not read newspapers and therefore has no idea whether she is ours or capitalist.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Still from “Station for Two”

          The main roles in the film “Station for Two” were played by Oleg Basilashvili and Lyudmila Gurchenko.

          The picture took part in the official competitive program of the 1983 Cannes Film Festival.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Still from “Cruel Romance”

          “Cruel Romance” filmed in 1984 based on the play “The Bride” by Alexander Ostrovsky. For Larisa Guzeeva, the role of Larisa Ogudalova became a film debut.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Still from “Forgotten Melody for Flute”

          “Forgotten Melody for Flute” , released in 1987, based on the play “Immoral Story”, which Ryazanov co-authored with Braginsky.The main roles were played by Leonid Filatov, Tatiana Dogileva and Irina Kupchenko in the lead roles.

          Dialogue from the movie:

          – Sorry, I have no ham. What else have you seduced me with?

          – Oh, there is just caviar! Zucchini!

          Ryazanov about himself:

          “I believe that a person should always remain himself and do what he sees fit. I entered fashion many times, left it, but never did anything in order to to be fashionable Sometimes I was fashionable, sometimes I was not fashionable, then I became fashionable again.Each person should express himself, if he has something to express. “

          ” About myself I can say one thing – I have always made such films that I myself, as a spectator, would like to see. When I saw such a picture made by another, I always regretted that it was not me who put it, “Ryazanov said several years ago, answering questions from bbcrussian.com readers.


          From repressions to comedies: Ryazanov’s long life

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Director Eldar Ryazanov at a civil funeral service for director Peter Todorovsky at the Central House of Cinema in the night of 2013 at 9000 on Monday, director Eldar Ryazanov died in a Moscow hospital.According to Interfax, the cause of death was acute heart failure.

          The 89-year-old director has been seriously ill in recent months. In August, he underwent preventive cleaning of blood vessels, then he underwent treatment for several months. On November 21, Ryazanov was hospitalized and has been in the hospital ever since. On November 29, the director was connected to an artificial lung ventilation unit.

          According to TASS, in November last year he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery with a diagnosis of acute cerebrovascular accident.Then he spent several months in the hospital.

          Childhood: war and repression

          The future director was born on November 19, 1927 in Kuibyshev (now Samara). The parents of Ryazanov’s mother, nee Sophia Shusterman, lived there. Alexander Ryazanov and his wife worked in the Soviet trade mission in Tehran. Ryazanov spent the first years of his life there.

          However, already in the 1930s, the father of the future director received a distribution in Moscow, where he moved with his family. Soon after moving to Moscow, the director’s father and mother separated.Subsequently, the father started a new family. In 1938, Alexander Ryazanov was repressed, in total he served more than 17 years in prison.

          Eldara was raised by her mother and then her stepfather.

          The director’s teenage years fell on the Great Patriotic War. By the time it began, he was only 14 years old.

          Ryazanov’s love for reading is noted in various biographies. For example, in order to go to the library, in the third grade, he forged a certificate, posing as a fifth grader.

          First works

          Ryazanov after school enters VGIK, and he was able to get into the studio of the famous director Grigory Kozintsev, who shot “The Overcoat”, “New Babylon”, “Hamlet” and other films.

          Ryazanov also studied another famous director – Sergei Eisenstein. He talked a lot with him, went to visit him.

          In 1950 Ryazanov graduated from VGIK. His graduation work was the documentary They Study in Moscow, co-authored with fellow student Zoya Fomina. She became the first wife of the director, but this marriage broke up. In this marriage, a daughter, Olga, was born.

          Immediately after graduation, Ryazanov got a job at the Central Documentary Film Studio.There he filmed scenes for the newsreels “Pioneer”, “Soviet Sport” and “News of the Day”.

          Only five years later Ryazanov left to work for Mosfilm. His first major work at “Mosfilm” was the wide-screen concert film “Spring Voices”, which he directed together with Sergei Gurov.

          The head of the studio, Ivan Pyriev, closely followed Ryazanov’s work. He persuaded his subordinate to make the film “Carnival Night”, which became Ryazanov’s debut in feature films. The film became the highest grossing film in 1956.He also made famous the young actress Lyudmila Gurchenko. And Ryazanov himself turned into a star, whose work the whole USSR began to follow.

          After “Carnival Night” many comedies by Ryazanov followed, which also turned out to be successful. In 1958 “A Girl Without an Address” came out, in 1961 – “A Man From Nowhere”, and a year later – the famous “Hussar Ballad”. In the filming of “The Hussar Ballad” Ryazanov was again helped by Pyryev, who persuaded him to star in the film by Yuri Yakovlev. The director himself had to convince the filmmakers that the film was being romanticized in Russian history.

          At Mosfilm Ryazanov also met his second wife, Nina Skuybina, who worked there as an editor. He lived with her until her death in 1994.

          Literary creativity

          Ryazanov’s childhood dream of a writing career also came true. In the 1960s, he began to actively collaborate with screenwriter Emil Braginsky. It was in co-authorship with him that scripts were written for many of Ryazanov’s famous works.

          The first joint film by Ryazanov and Braginsky was the film “Beware of the Automobile”, released in 1966.The film is based on the story of the Soviet “Robin Hood”, who stole the cars of plunderers of state property. As a result, the story turned out to be fictional. But Braginsky and Ryazanov were able to prescribe all the plot twists, dialogues and drinking of the characters’ characters so that the viewer believed in them.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          In the Maleevka art house, 1978

          Ryazanov and Braginsky have consolidated their success with many other films. They co-wrote the scripts for such films as “Zigzag of Fortune”, “Office Romance”, “Old Robbers”, “The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia”, “Station for Two”, “Garage” and “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath ! “.

          In 1977 Ryazanov’s books “The Sad Face of Comedy” and “These Frivolous, Frivolous Films” were published. Prior to this, the “Zigzag of Fortune” was also published in the form of a book.

          In 1983, the first edition of the book “Unsummed Results” was published. Ryazanov also has a collection of poems “Nostalgia” and other works.

          Mature years

          Gradually a circle of like-minded people begins to form around Ryazanov, which included famous actors of the Soviet era: Yuri Yakovlev, Andrei Mironov, Evgeny Evstigneev, Valentina Talyzina, Liya Akhedzhakova, Andrei Myagkov, Oleg Basilashvili and others.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          Ryazanov in 1982

          In the 1970s-1980s, Ryazanov worked a lot on television. He hosted the “Kinopanorama” program, and also created author’s television programs, among which were, for example, “The Parisian Secrets of Eldar Ryazanov” and “Open Air Conversations”.

          In addition, he taught at the Advanced Courses for Directors and Screenwriters.

          In 1991 the tragicomedy “Promised Heaven” was released, and then staged after his own play “The Prediction”.In 2000 Ryazanov directed the tragicomedy Old Nags.

          “These three paintings, which I am proud of and consider that they are some of my best paintings, most of the viewers have not seen and do not even suspect that I made them”, – Ryazanov spoke about his films “Man from Nowhere”, “Prediction” and “Dear Elena Sergeevna”.

          The director’s last films were the fairy tale “Andersen. Life Without Love” and “Carnival Night – 2”.

          Photo author, RIA Novosti

          Photo caption,

          With the Nika prize received for the Promised Heaven film in 1991

          Ryazanov was also president of the Nika Russian Academy of Cinematic Arts and the founder of the Eldar Ryazanov cinema club.

          Ryazanov made about 30 films and received many prizes and awards.

          He was married for the third time to film editor Emma Abaidullina.

          Irina Goncharova “In One Breath” ~ Collection

          Have you ever wondered how many wonderful clever things and stupid things you can do in one breath? That’s just it, that they did not have time. There was not enough breath. Do it and think.

          We all live from morning to night, year after year, in one breath. As soon as they were born, they had enough air in their lungs after a warm, comfortable, but suffocating uterine atmosphere – and forward, rushed ….

          The diapers did not have time to dry, with wet pants, we were already running somewhere, all in the same breath, not noticing the frightened look of mothers: “Oh, God, where is he (her) taking him?” We ran after a sun bunny, a ball, a teddy bear, a blown soap bubble, a typewriter, a rolling bike, a boy, a girl, a leaving mom, grandmother, dad who left you forever, a tram, a bus, a teacher in his mouth with a student’s book, a girl who left with another, after the other one to punch him in the face, or, if your fate was to be born a girl, then after a guy leaving in the night, after a doctor, a taxi, a train leaving with a dear friend or a beautiful stranger ….

          We ran in the same breath, suffered in the same breath, put up or got divorced, without looking back at the children’s voices, also shouting after you in their one breath ….

          They swore, cried, got drunk, repented or, hiding, hated everything in the same breath. They even killed in one breath, without taking a breath. That spirit has nothing to do with it. It’s a pity.

          Those who were lucky, oh, those who were lucky, they painted canvases in one breath, days and years on end. Or music, beautiful music, in one breath, light, like breathing air or sad, menacing, chaotic, finally, but all on the same, divine breath of the spheres.Poets wrote poems and poems in one breath. Prose novels…. Architects made projects, and almost lifeless sculptors sculpted their Galateas …

          Those of them who caught the breath of others (this often happens with creative people), already wrote on their, barely perceptible, that original breath, polluted by other people’s miasms – for we all breathe them out a little at some time. And the streams of these exhalations pollute the general atmosphere. They are even visible in the twilight, rising up in clubs of gray, low-expressive, dull lines, sounds, colors ….

          But the morning of a new day came – and those who love, in one breath, transformed the world with the primordial light of their sounds, colors, rays merging with the warm rays of the awakened World and the cries of newborns ….

          Quotes and aphorisms about learning

          Do not be ashamed to learn in adulthood: it is better to learn late than never.

          Neither art nor wisdom can be achieved if they are not taught.

          Because a person eats a lot, he does not become healthier than one who is content with only what is necessary: ​​in the same way, a scientist is not one who reads a lot, but one who reads with benefit.

          Even in the company of two people, I will certainly find something to learn from them. I will try to imitate their merits, and I will learn from their shortcomings.
          Confucius (Kun-tzu)

          It is not easy to meet a person who, having devoted three years of his life to the teaching, would not dream of taking a high position.
          Confucius (Kun-tzu)

          Only the wisest and the most stupid do not lend themselves to learning.
          Confucius (Kun-tzu)

          Study as if you constantly feel a lack of your knowledge, and as if you are constantly afraid of losing your knowledge.
          Confucius (Kun-tzu)

          To study and, when the time comes, to apply what has been learned to the work – isn’t it wonderful! Chatting with a friend who has come from afar – isn’t it joyful! Not to be appreciated by the light and not to conceal resentment – isn’t that sublime!
          Confucius (Kun-tzu)

          The Teaching has only one purpose – to find the lost nature of man.

          You cannot stop learning.
          Xun Tzu

          It is necessary to study until old age and death, when the teaching stops by itself.
          Xun Tzu

          You must study all your life, until your last breath!
          Xun Tzu

          … The purpose of the teaching is to achieve the greatest satisfaction in obtaining knowledge.
          Xun Tzu

          Apply your heart to teaching and your ears to clever words.
          Old Testament. Proverbs of Solomon

          Violent learning may not be hard, but something with joy and fun.
          Basil the Great

          A student who learns without desire is a bird without wings.

          When wise men teach a fool,
          They throw sowing into salt licks,
          And no matter how darn – wider than yesterday,
          Tomorrow there will be a hole of stupidity.
          Jalaladdin Rumi

          Only when the heart is cleansed of impurity can one begin to read books and study antiquity. Otherwise, having learned about one good deed, you will want to benefit from it for yourself, and having heard one clever word, you will want to justify your vices with them. Learning with such thoughts in mind is like “giving weapons to the enemy and sending provisions to robbers.”
          Hong Zicheng

          Pity is the student who does not surpass his teacher.
          Leonardo da Vinci

          You can also learn from the enemy.
          Michel de Montaigne

          You have to study a lot to realize that you know little.
          Michel de Montaigne

          Truly intelligent teaching changes both our minds and our morals.
          Michel de Montaigne

          You can’t learn anything without an example.
          Jan Amos Comenius

          Let it be an eternal law: teach and learn everything through examples, instruction and practical application.
          Jan Amos Comenius

          Learning wisdom uplifts and makes us strong and magnanimous.
          Jan Amos Comenius

          He who does not ask about anything will learn nothing.
          Thomas Fuller

          It is much more useful to study not books, but people.
          François de La Rochefoucauld

          The great art of learning a lot is tackling little at once.
          John Locke

          Teaching science contributes to the development of virtue in people with good spiritual inclinations; in people who do not have such inclinations, it only leads to the fact that they become even more stupid and bad.
          John Locke

          You have to study a lot to know at least a little.
          Charles Louis Montesquieu

          Those who love to learn are never idle.
          Charles Louis Montesquieu

          Boring lessons are good only for instilling hatred both for those who teach them and for everything taught.
          Jean Jacques Rousseau

          It is impossible to disaccustom people to study the most unnecessary subjects.
          Luc de Clapier Vovenargue

          Study everything not out of vanity, but for the sake of practical benefit.
          Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

          Do not forget the good things that you know how, and what you don’t know how, learn that – like my father, he learned five languages ​​at home, this is part of it from other countries.
          Vladimir II Monomakh

          A mathematician is not sensible if he wants to measure the divine will with a compass. So is the theology teacher if he thinks that astronomy or chemistry can be learned from the psalter.
          Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov

          Whoever did not learn in his youth, old age is boring.
          Ekaterina II Alekseevna

          Teaching adorns a person in happiness, but in misfortune it serves as a refuge.
          Ekaterina II Alekseevna

          A reasonable person does not impute to study in a perfect age as a shame, which he did not finish his studies in his youth.
          Ekaterina II Alekseevna

          The more I have to do, the more I learn.
          Michael Faraday

          You can only learn what you love.
          Johann Wolfgang Goethe

          Learn from those they love.
          Johann Wolfgang Goethe

          The subjects taught to children must correspond to their age, otherwise there is a danger that cleverness, fashion, vanity will develop in them.
          Immanuel Kant

          Those who do not want to learn will never become a real person.
          Jose Julian Marty

          The student will never surpass the teacher if he sees in him a model, and not a rival.
          Vissarion Grigorievich Belinsky

          There are no difficult subjects, but there is an abyss of things that we simply do not know, and even more of those that we know badly, incoherently, fragmentarily, even falsely. And this false information stops and confuses us even more than those that we do not know at all.
          Alexander Ivanovich Herzen

          Be yourself both a person and a baby in order to teach a child.
          Vladimir Fedorovich Odoevsky

          The desire to speak out is almost always stronger than the desire to learn something.
          Dmitry Ivanovich Pisarev

          We all learned a little bit Something and somehow.
          Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

          Easy to learn – hard to hike, hard to learn – easy to hike.
          Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov

          Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness.The master’s work is afraid.
          Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov

          Teaching is only light, according to the popular proverb – it is also freedom. Nothing liberates a person like knowledge. ”
          Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

          The independence of the student’s head is the only solid foundation of any fruitful teaching.
          Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky

          Teaching is doubly learning.
          Joseph Joubert

          Whoever wants to learn to fly must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance: you cannot immediately learn to fly!
          Friedrich Nietzsche

          Only for creation must you learn!
          Friedrich Nietzsche

          First we teach our children.Then we ourselves learn from them. Whoever does not want to do this is lagging behind his time.
          Jan Rainis

          Always – to learn, everything – to know! The more you learn, the stronger you will become.
          Maxim Gorky

          As long as we are able to learn, there is no reason for the mind to despair.
          Karl Raimund Popper

          There is a period on our way when we teach others what we ourselves know; then, however, the time comes when you teach what you yourself do not know.
          Roland Barthes

          To blame a person for his own good is not to blaspheme, but to admonish him.

          Learning is the sweet fruit of the bitter root.

          Disciples, in order to succeed, must catch up with those who are in front, and not wait for those who are behind.

          Many people, slaves of the stomach and sleep, spend their lives without education and upbringing, like vagabonds, and, contrary to nature, the body serves them for pleasure, and the soul is a burden.
          Sallust (Guy Sallust Crisp)

          Not every age is suitable for schooling.
          Plautus Tit Maccius

          Order is most helpful for clear assimilation.
          Cicero Mark Tullius

          Those who want to learn are often harmed by the credibility of those who teach.
          Cicero Mark Tullius

          There is nothing more gratifying than occupying serenely
          Bright heights, firmly fortified by the minds of sages.
          Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus)

          It is better not to know anything at all than to know badly.
          Publius Cyrus

          And it is allowed to learn from the enemy.

          We learn from examples.

          Constantly studying, I come to old age.

          Live and learn how to live.
          Seneca Lucius Anney (the Younger)

          We study, alas, for school, not for life.
          Seneca Lucius Anney (the Younger)

          Learn first good morals, and then wisdom, for without the former it is difficult to learn the latter.
          Seneca Lucius Anney (the Younger)

          By teaching people learn.
          Seneca Lucius Anney (the Younger)

          No matter how much you live, you should learn all your life.
          Seneca Lucius Anney (the Younger)

          What is acquired by reading with a pen is transformed into flesh and blood.
          Seneca Lucius Anney (the Younger)

          It is more useful to know a few wise rules that could always serve you, than to learn many things that are useless to you.
          Seneca Lucius Anney (the Younger)

          The worst thing is that someone who is poorly trained from a young age does not admit it until old age.
          Petronius Arbiter Guy

          Whatever you learn, you learn for yourself.
          Petronius Arbiter Guy

          To wean from something is a more difficult and priority work than to teach something.

          Writing exercises polish speech, and speaking exercises liven up your writing style.

          Practice without theory is more valuable than theory without practice.

          It’s never too late to learn. Condemn what they do not understand.

          What could be more honest and noble, how to teach others what you yourself know best?

          Without examples, it is impossible to teach correctly or to learn successfully.
          Columella Lucius Junius Moderatus

          The letter teaches, the letter also spoils.
          Unknown author

          In all matters, a mentor is a practice.
          Unknown author

          We study for life, not for school.
          Unknown author

          The living word teaches.
          Unknown author

          Many want to know, few want to acquire knowledge.
          Unknown author

          Learning bad even without a teacher.
          Unknown author

          The roots of science are bitter, the fruits are sweet.
          Unknown author

          Whoever succeeds in the sciences, but falls behind in morals, is more behind than in time.
          Unknown author

          What has been learned for a long time is not soon forgotten.
          Unknown author

          Do not be surprised, do not be indignant, but understand!
          Unknown author

          Not a teacher to a student, but a student to a teacher must go.
          Unknown author

          Repetition is the mother of learning.
          Unknown author

          It is better not to give examples.
          Unknown author

          Examples teach (teach).
          Unknown author

          Nature begins, art guides, practice ends.
          Unknown author

          One who wants to study without a book draws water with a sieve.
          Unknown author

          A well-fed belly is deaf to the training.
          Unknown author

          Learn from those who know, but teach those who do not know.
          Unknown author

          Exercise is the mother of learning.
          Unknown author

          Orally stated is more successfully assimilated than written.
          Unknown author

          The student is not taller than his teacher.
          Unknown author

          The learned person is always wealth.
          Unknown author

          No one is born as a scientist.
          Unknown author

          Whatever you study, you study for yourself.
          Unknown author

          Learn or step away.
          Unknown author

          Learn to listen (listen).
          Unknown author

          Learn, but from scientists (knowledgeable).
          Unknown author

          It’s never too late to learn.
          Unknown author

          Learn to walk by walking.
          Unknown author

          It’s better to study late than never.
          Unknown author

          In ancient times, people studied in order to improve themselves. Nowadays they study in order to surprise others.
          Confucius (Kun-tzu)

          More on the topic:



          90,000 Quotes about time in English

          The significance of time cannot be overemphasized.No wonder they say that this is the most valuable resource. Everything develops so quickly that often we do not even notice the minutes, or even hours, spent reading in the subway, traffic jams or our favorite work.

          Contents of the article:

          Time has long been considered the most precious “currency”, and now its rate has generally risen to the skies, because medicines are produced to make life longer, and gadgets are being developed to save such precious minutes and seconds. In this, by the way, our school also succeeded, because it is the English lessons via Skype that help save time on the road and always study where you feel comfortable.And although we began our conversation today with the present, people have understood the importance and power of time for a long time and, for this reason, such a large number of sayings and proverbs have come down to us that relate to this particular fast-flowing resource.

          Complete the topic in the online simulator:

          Almighty Time

          Probably, time is what guides everything in our life. And no matter how much money or power you have, it is time that decides everything and everyone:

          • Time cures all things. – Time heals everything (time will pass – tears will wipe away).
          • Time is the great healer. – Time is a great healer (time heals).
          You may think your heart is broken and you can never possibly love again, but time is a great healer. – You may think that your heart is broken and you will not be able to love anymore, but time heals everything

          Time works wonders. – Time works wonders.

          John thought he would never forgive his friend for kissing with the girl he truly loved but now they are best friends again.Time works wonders. – John thought he would never forgive his friend for kissing the girl that John truly loved, but now they are best friends again. Time works wonders.

          English vocabulary on the topic Time in English

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          How to Interpret English Idioms

          Sometimes Russian sayings coincide with English ones.In the examples above, you have already seen that sometimes phrases are translated literally. And sometimes you need to think about the meaning for a few minutes (and not the fact that this will give any result). There are even special dictionaries of phraseological units for several hundred pages.

          There are two options to understand the meaning of the proverb. The first is to try to intuitively grasp the meaning and find at least some logic in an expression that is incomprehensible at first glance. The second is to give up and google. The second option is not that interesting, but it works 100 percent of the time.

          You can even arrange a competition, who guesses the most idioms. We released a video on our YouTube channel where the Russian-speaking May guesses English idioms, and the Englishman Bradley is trying to understand the meaning of Russian phraseological units. It turned out funny.

          Everything in good time

          We often say that if it were possible to turn back time, we could change something, do something differently. “A spoon is the way to dinner” says a Russian proverb. Everything must be done on time.This is what English proverbs speak about, which always focus on the transience of minutes and seconds, on their importance, on the fact that sometimes time and our patience decide everything and that we need to hurry to live, because time is something that will not wait us even a moment etc.

          • Time presses / Time and tide wait for no man. – Time Waits For No One / Time and the tide await no one.
          • With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry bush becomes satin. – Time and patience turn a mulberry leaf into silk
          • Time flies. – Time flies.
          • All in good time. – Vemu has its time.
          • Time is money. – Time is money.
          • Times change. – Times are changing.
          • It’s high time. – Now is the time.
          • Around the clock – Twenty-four by seven, no interruption.
          • In the long run. – Long term.

          Now or never

          Often proverbs and sayings draw our attention to the fact that no one knows what will happen in a minute, an hour, or what will happen tomorrow.Therefore, even planning something in advance, do not forget that for now we only have today. Here are some expressions on this topic:

          • Better late than never. – Better late than never.
          • Make up for lost time. – Catch up on lost time (do a lot of work in a short time that had to be done even before that).
          • In one stroke. – In one breath, in one sitting (do something at once at a time).
          • One day is worth two tomorrow. – One today is better than two tomorrow.
          • We are here today and gone tomorrow. – Here today and there tomorrow; Figaro is here, Figaro is there.
          • Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. – Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
          • Third time’s a charm. – God loves trinity (for the third time it will definitely work out).
          • Beat the clock. – To be in time ahead of time.
          • At the eleventh clock. – At the eleventh hour (at the last moment).

          Are idioms important

          We love to read idioms. Many of them sound funny, and you can also boast of their knowledge. Like, look, I understand not just individual English words, but whole stable expressions.

          But we want to remind you that happiness is not in idioms. They are not used very often, especially by the younger generation. It makes sense to memorize about a hundred basic sayings – and this will be enough for a long time.

          This does not mean that you do not need to learn idioms at all, but you do not need to dwell on them until you reach at least a confident Upper Intermediate. There are over a hundred thousand words in the English language, and it will be much more productive to devote your time to learning this vocabulary than to sayings.

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          A little bit of everything

          Although in our articles we try not to delve into strict academic rules, but today I would like to remind you that proverbs and sayings are not only phrases that have been passed down from generation to generation and therefore have become so popular.Many of them are quotes from poets, writers, kings and philosophers. Therefore, do not be surprised if the authorship of one of the sayings belongs to some person you know, because they left their mark in time precisely thanks to these witty and colorful expressions:

          The crutch of time does more than the club of Hercules. – The crutch of time can be done more than the club of Hercules.

          This proverb has no analogue in Russian, so we translate it literally and speak in more detail about the meaning.Time is stronger than physical impact, and knowing how to wait or choose the right time, you will emerge victorious from any situation.

          • There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. – The spoken word is silver, and not spoken is golden (Eat a pie with mushrooms, and keep your tongue shut).
          • Time and thinking tame the strongest grief. – Time and reflection will tame the strongest bitterness.
          • Time flies when you’re having fun. – Time flies very quickly when you are having fun.
          • Time is of the essence. – Time is of the essence.
          • What may be done at any time will be done at no time. – Do not put off something that you have to do until another day, otherwise you will not do it.

          Friends, at the end I would like to say, appreciate every minute and second of your life and use your time wisely. Don’t waste it, live and enjoy life every minute today! Have a nice day!

          List of useful words

          • cure – heal, heal
          • healer – healer
          • worth – worth
          • leave – leave
          • crutch – crutch
          • club – baton
          • tame – loosen, soften
          • grief – grief, sadness
          • essence – essence
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          in the online simulator

          90,000 Film in 10 frames: “In the Last Breath” by Jean-Luc Godard

          Remember, when at school you did not have time to read “Quiet Don”, you flipped through the summary in order to at least get a little into the essence of what was written? We suggest doing the same with films that you have not yet had time to watch due to lack of time.Of course, this will not give you the feeling of watching the whole work, but it will be an excellent cheat sheet, because it is impossible to watch all the films, but you should still have an idea about the best pictures of this world.

          We invite you to watch the film by Jean-Luc Godard “On the last breath”. This tape was filmed on a minimal, if not scanty, budget, and the film crew had to save on absolutely everything. But this did not prevent the genius Godard from entering history with this film.For the dynamic movement of the camera, they used a wheelchair, and a manual camera and constantly changing daylight gave a sense of documentary to the picture.

          In the tape, we can find many quotes, for example, a link to American films with Humphrey Bogart, Michel’s favorite actor (the main character played by Jean-Paul Belmondo), as well as self-quote, for example, the main character carries with him a fake passport in the name of Laszlo Kovacs – that was the name of the hero Belmondo in his previous film.

          The storyline is composed of deliberate Hollywood noir tricks: Michelle is a young criminal pursued by the police. He wants to leave noisy Paris for Rome in order to avoid persecution, but he does not make up his mind, as he falls in love with a young journalist – Patricia. He invites her to run together. At first, Patricia did not accept Michel’s offer, but in the middle of the film she was already completely fascinated by the hero played by Belmondo. They decide to steal money and cars together in order to leave for Rome.As you can imagine, it all did not end well.

          Michel: I really love France. If you don’t like the sea … If you don’t like the mountains … If you don’t like the city … Go to hell.

          Michelle: How are you?

          Tolmachev: Decayed on the Riviera.

          Michelle: And I came to see the girl, and you?

          Tolmachev: I’m hanging around here, rusting slowly.

          Michelle: It’s better to rust here than rot there.

          Tolmachev: What girl did you come to?

          Michelle: From New York.

          Tolmachev: Beautiful?

          Michelle: Funny. It is better.

          Michelle: I need to call, I’ll be there in a second.

          Patricia: The French always say that they will be in a second, but they leave for five minutes.

          Patricia: If I fall in love like crazy, I will do that too.

          Publisher: No, you have to act like elephants: when they are unhappy, they just disperse.

          Patricia: I can’t be free if I’m unhappy.And if I am happy, I am free.

          Patricia: Why did you come here, Michelle?

          Michelle: Because I want to sleep with you.

          Patricia: I think that’s not the point.

          Michelle: That’s it. This means that I love you.

          Patricia: I don’t know if I love you.

          Michelle: When will you know?

          Patricia: Soon.

          Michelle: In a month? In a year?

          Patricia: Soon means soon.

          Michelle: You don’t know anything for sure about women. It demoralizes me. Why don’t you want to sleep with me?

          Patricia: Because I would like to know something about you, but I don’t know what yet. I want us to be like Romeo and Juliet.

          Michelle: Oh-la-la! Typical female thinking.

          Patricia: Understand, yesterday in the car you said you couldn’t live without me – you can, of course. Romeo couldn’t live without Juliet, but you can.

          Michelle: No.I can not live without you.

          Patricia: Oh-la-la! Typical male answer.

          Patricia: How do you know what I’m afraid of?

          Michelle: If a girl says that everything is fine, but she cannot light a cigarette, then she is afraid of something.

          Michelle: I’m tired, I want to die.

          Patricia: You’re crazy!

          Michelle: Right, a real moron.

          Patricia: Do you think a woman will participate in the life of modern society?

          Parvulesco: Yes, if she is beautiful, wears a striped dress and wears dark glasses.

          Text: Anastasia Yovanovskaya

          90,000 Quotes about mountains, travel and wildlife

          For many years I have been collecting interesting quotes from travelers, climbers, researchers on outdoor topics.

          All this is mainly accumulated “on the table”, although sometimes it finds application.

          So, for example, we made packaging for our ExJe – extreme jewelry with some quotes from my collection.

          But still, the bulk of it lies “dead weight” and does not work, although many quotes, as the quintessence of the experience and views on the life of people, great and versed not by hearsay in travel, mountaineering, human interaction with wildlife and mountains, can be useful and interesting for many.

          Some quotes can cause a smile with their naivety, for example, I liked the statement of Maurice Erzog about Annapurna, and I took it to my collection.The words about the mountain were said even before the expedition to this eight-thousander began, in Russian translation they sound like this:

          “As for Annapurna … this summit is easily accessible and that is why it is of only limited sporting interest.” © Maurice Herzog

          It is difficult to agree with this statement now, knowing that Annapurna is one of the most difficult and dangerous eight-thousanders on the planet.

          Some quotes bear the imprint of the era, are the product of their time and personify the development and ideas of society, which we can look at through the prism of the achievements known to us.As an example, an overtly racist quote by Robert Peary

          “One smart white man should be at the head, two whites invited on the expedition because of their courage, determination, physical endurance and dedication to the leader should make up the arms, and the dog drivers and other local people should be the body and legs of the expedition. For the peace of mind of men, it is necessary to take women on the journey; in addition, they are in many ways as useful as men, and in terms of strength and endurance, they are often almost equal to them. “

          But of particular value, I think, are the thoughts spoken by great travelers, climbers and investigators on preparation, organization and safety. Very often, one apt and strong phrase uttered by a distinguished person can give much more to understand the essence of the issue than lengthy articles and verbose explanations.

          My favorite quote from these belongs to Roald Amundsen and sounds:

          “Expedition is preparation”

          In just three words, the great polar explorer was able to express the main success of any business.

          Therefore, on my blog, I decided to publish quotes collected by me, I hope the collection will grow and expand, I will also be grateful if you write in the comments below, quotes you know on these topics.

          Quotes about mountains and mountaineering

          “In the mountains, you need to depend only on yourself, on your strength, so it is immoral to expect that someone will help you at a high altitude.” © Anatoly Bukreev

          “Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambitions, they are temples where I practice my religion.»© Anatoly Bukreev

          “Mountains have the power to call us to their lands, this is no longer a passion, this is my fate …” © Anatoly Bukreev

          “Only mountains can be better than mountains,
          which I have never been to.”

          © Vladimir Vysotsky

          “Everyone needs something exceptional in an era when money can have everything.” © Reinhold Messner

          “A person learns through defeats, not victories, as it might seem. In order to correctly assess the situation, you need to know your limit and you can only determine it in practice.I have had failures at thirteen 8000m and want to be remembered as the climber with the most failures. Records didn’t interest me. If at one time I had not failed at Dhaulagiri, Makalu and Lhotse, I would have died long ago. I love challenges, but I know how to retreat in time. ” © Reinhold Messner

          “If you go to mountains where there is no danger, you are not a real climber.” © Reinhold Messner

          “Mountaineering is an archaic world devoid of rules, and that is why the price of a mistake is very high here.The anarchy reigning all around forces the climber to be independently responsible for his life. Every difficult ascent is deadly, and in this sense mountaineering is a deeply selfish activity. ” © Reinhold Messner

          “I was also not of the opinion that a climber who died while climbing would automatically become a hero. The death of a climber is a tragedy. No more no less. And the only thing that can be done for the victims is to help their loved ones. ” © Reinhold Messner

          “For those suffering from stress, lost in the expanding civilization of man, the mountains have become a kind of“ play space ”in which he can be enriched with experiences and experiences that are not available to him in everyday life.Play space, game, game rules. Owning them is the only prerequisite for fully enjoying the exciting lifestyle: mountaineering. ” © Reinhold Messner

          “Only climbers know how much willpower and courage it takes to retreat where there is at least something to justify going up.” © Reinhold Messner

          “Because he is!” © George Mallory

          “I am a happy person. I had a dream, and it came true, and this rarely happens to a person.To climb Everest – my people call it Chomolungma – was the secret desire of my whole life. Seven times I got down to business; I failed and started all over again, over and over again, not with a sense of bitterness that leads a soldier to the enemy, but with love, like a child climbing onto her mother’s lap. ” © Tenzing Norgay

          “I hate grumbling and clashing over little things when it comes to great things. When people go to the mountains, they should forget about the mole tubercles. Whoever goes to great business must have a great soul. ”© Tenzing Norgay

          “For the opportunity to go to Everest, I would agree to any job, from a dishwasher to a yeti driver.” © Tenzing Norgay

          “… I trained hard trying to regain my shape.I got up early in the morning, loaded my backpack with stones and made long walks along the hills around the city – this was my custom for a number of years before large expeditions. I didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, I avoided the parties, which I usually like very much. And all this time I thought, planned, made assumptions about how my seventh trek to Everest would go. “This time you must conquer the summit,” I told myself. “Conquer or die ..” © Tenzing Norgay

          “Future generations will ask:” What kind of people were the first to ascend to the top of the world? ” And I would like the answer to be one that I do not need to be ashamed of.Everest: the highest point of not one country, but the whole world. He was taken by the people of the East and West together. He belongs to all of us. And I also want to belong to everyone, to be a brother to all people … ”© Tenzing Norgay

          “The summit cannot be conquered. You stand on it for a few minutes, and then the wind sweeps away your tracks. ” © Arlen Bloom

          “You never conquer a mountain. You just stand on the top a few moments. Then the wind blows your footprints away. ” © Arlene Blum

          “The mountains are calling, and I must go!” © John Muir

          “The mountains are calling and I must go.»© John Muir

          “For most people, mountains are something majestic, but far from everyday life, that is, perfect harmony.” © Uli Steck

          “I am often scared, although no one believes it. But when is a person not afraid? When he does not know something or overestimates his abilities. Fortunately, this – that I overestimate myself – did not happen to me … ”© Uli Steck

          “Love, above all, the mountains. You need to know the mountains, respect them and not think that you will cover them with hats.With the mountains you need to be on “you”. Be it the top of category 1b or the route of the highest category. ” © Vladimir Shataev

          “I can look up the mountain for hours. It may sound strange, but I am talking to the mountain. I try to understand whether she is waiting for me or not, whether she will let me in or not. ” © Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

          “Sometimes I think that is why I go to the mountains to understand how dear to me, gray everyday life. Returning to learn the taste of a cup of hot tea after several days of thirst, sleep, after many sleepless nights, meet friends after a long solitude, silence, after hours spent in a terrible storm.»© Wanda Rutkiewicz

          “I am not going to conquer the mountains – they are as much a part of the world as people. I am conquering myself.” © Wanda Rutkiewicz

          “Mountains are a way, but man himself is the goal. The ultimate meaning is not in reaching mountain peaks, but in improving a person. Climbing makes sense only if the focus of attention is on the person. ” © Walter Bonnati

          “I think every climber has many reasons to climb the Matterhorn.But the main reason for all is the same: to climb the Matterhorn. ”© Gaston Rebbuef

          “Having climbed to the top, a person elevates himself and his soul, his heart and his dream. As far as the eye can see, the land of snow and rocks spreads before him in silence and mystery. Mountains are a special world, they form part of the planet, like a mysterious, isolated kingdom, where will and love are the symbol of life. ”© Gaston Rebbuuf

          “Tien Shan is not a place for mountaineering entertainment!” © Gottfried Merzbacher

          “The woman is the main danger for the climber.We all know this untrustworthy truth. ”© Maurice Herzog

          “Having crossed the limits of our forces, having cognized the boundaries of the human world, we realized the true greatness of Man” © Maurice Herzog

          “No victory could justify deliberately playing with human lives.” © Maurice Herzog

          “As for Annapurna … this summit is easily accessible and that is why it is of only limited sporting interest.” © Maurice Herzog 1950

          “I live as if in a dream.Death is near, I feel. What a wonderful death for a climber! How it harmonizes with the noble passion that dominates our souls! I am grateful to the summit for being so beautiful today. Its silence is reminiscent of the greatness of the cathedral. I do not suffer or worry at all. My calmness is terrible. ” © Maurice Herzog June 4, 1950.

          “From time to time, at least for the sake of cheerfulness, it is useful to look up. On the contrary, it is not recommended to look down, as the sight of these terrifying abysses can shake the firmness of the spirit of any optimist.»© Maurice Herzog

          “The mountains call those whose souls they are in height!” Original Russian Text © V.L. Belilovsky

          Here time slows down a ragged run,
          And do those living in the world know,
          How the snow lit by the sun smells,
          What the clinging wind breathes from the pass.

          © V.L. Belilovsky

          by the way, friends, this insert is a small advertisement of my work, something that gives me the means to exist and travel, as well as is the result of travel, because it is in the wild, in the mountains that I find inspiration and new ideas for my jewelry workshop:

          “A good climber should not only be healthy, he should be resourceful and cunning, be guided by one thought – to survive …” © Vitaliy Gorelik

          “My partners had to be strong, humble, fast and always optimistic.»© Simone Moro

          “Accidents and risk are part of our life. In love, work, sports, etc. we take risks every day throughout our lives. Climbing in the mountains, of course, is much more risky than working in an office, but I am not attracted to a safe life instead of a deep and fulfilling one … I prefer to be happy every day of my 36 years than to be happy on Sundays for 80 years … ”© Simone Moro

          “It’s important for me to return safe and sound, whether I win or lose, although this term is not particularly suitable for those who come down from above.»© Simone Moro

          “Even if I have to use it, I hate climbing with oxygen. These are dishonest and unsportsmanlike ascents, and therefore I go back to the mountains where I climbed with oxygen … ”© Simone Moro

          “Light, fast style and a small team – that’s what I love about climbing. Why? This is a sportier and more fair game between the climber and the mountain. I respect, but I do not like to attack the peaks with big teams … ”© Simone Moro

          “An ice ax and cats instead of claws, boots and clothes complement the woolen and fat cover, a tent instead of a cave or burrow.And oxygen is a change in nature itself, the environment …. And one more comparison – about divers. Can you dive 200 meters without scuba gear? That’s right – no. And no one can, however, everyone recognizes that these are ABSOLUTELY different sports. And about mountaineering for some reason everyone is sure that there is no big difference. Paradox?” © Denis Urubko

          “In general, all the most difficult moments in the mountains, however, as in ordinary life, occur in consciousness, in overcoming oneself and in relationships between people.Frost, wind, altitude – all these are just attributes, the specificity of the sport, which is only a background for knowing oneself and one’s friends. Everything “extreme” is changed, forgotten, but experience and feelings remain. ” © Denis Urubko

          “We will all be THERE … but I would like to postpone the term of leaving for“ as far as possible ”. And to do this, you need to control every step, act literally, learn from the masters. ” © Denis Urubko

          “I believe that mountaineering should be fun, even when it gets really tough, and even when someone has to pay for a challenge.After all, if we are willing to pay such a price, then mountaineering is really fun. ” © Chris Bonington

          “Society is very unfair to women climbers and climbing mothers. There is no similar attitude towards male climbers who risk their lives in the mountains, leaving their families at home – and the public often condemns mothers who want to climb. In my opinion, both parents are equally important for the child, and therefore I do not see the difference, whether the father or the mother are climbers! ” © Edurne Pasaban

          “To turn in a situation where, it would seem, there is nothing particularly dangerous – sometimes a heroic act.Such feats are only for you. Do them. Turn back, but get the opportunity to come back here again. Not a single mountain is worth a fingernail! ” © Nikolay Totmyanin

          “Mountains! Their snow-white, dazzling domes against the background of inconceivably blue and deep blue – aren’t they in them a symbol of the human dream, the call of which has troubled audacious souls for centuries? And isn’t each of us given his own height in the chosen business? ” © Mikhail Turkevich

          “The higher and more difficult the peak, the more friends you meet on its slopes, no matter where in the world it is.»© Mikhail Turkevich

          “We were standing on the highest peak of the planet. We climbed this high, overcoming frost and wind, lack of oxygen and low pressure. We climbed here, risking every minute to break loose, to fall under a rockfall, under an avalanche. We gave our comrades the last sip of water so coveted here, yielded to each other the most convenient place in the tents, warmed our neighbor in the bivouac with our warmth, joked and sang songs when the wind tried to tear the tents into the abyss with us … For such minutes, for the opportunity to test ourselves , get to know your friends better, reach the limit of what is possible and look beyond this limit – for the sake of all this it is worth going to the mountains.»© Mikhail Turkevich

          “Stars the size of a fist pulsed above us. They broke off and fell to our ground. Fantastic Starfall! The moon hung overhead, and it seemed very easy to reach it with your hand … ”© Mikhail Turkevich

          “What a pleasure it is to contemplate the majestic mountain ranges and be above the clouds! What else in the world can be as integral, as complete as climbing mountains. ” © Konrad Gesner

          “Here is the concept of brotherhood at the front, there is also the concept of mountaineering brotherhood.This is indeed the case. I have a lot of instructor practice. When newcomers begin to leave after a 20-day stay in the alpine camp, they literally leave with tears. Why? People, being in harsh climatic conditions, united by a common idea, communicate, solve a common problem. Help, mutual assistance, just being together – unites people to such an extent that the phenomenon is called brotherhood. As in a war, when people united in the most difficult conditions, doing a significant thing, winning, losing, fighting, dying, etc.d.

          This is an integral part of mountaineering, it is good, it pleases. I am happy that I know all the people that mountaineering gave me. That we were united by the idea. Although it was in different years, in different regions, we have not met for a long time, but what was, you cannot throw out of your fate. ” © Sergey Bogomolov

          “When you stand on the top, especially if it’s the top of an eight-thousander – in all directions, as far as the eye can see, the mountains stretch. It seems that the whole world is ridges covered with eternal snow and nothing else.But we know that this is not so. There, further – seas and oceans, forests and gardens, beautiful cities … This is how it is in my life. Mountaineering is a favorite business, a profession, but besides it there are family and friends, songs and books, theaters and exhibitions. All this is also very interesting and dear to me. All this is my life. ” © Sergey Bershov

          “Always keep a clear head and be prepared to work in any conditions and to face any surprises. To do this, you need to comprehensively and constantly prepare. And then you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and enjoy the climb itself.»© Evgeny Vinogradskiy “I cannot give you a new answer why people strive to the mountains. Most are still going to just climb to the top. ” © Edmund Hillary

          “… Man’s struggle with the summit goes beyond mountaineering in its purely sporting sense. In my eyes, she is a symbol of the struggle between man and the forces of nature; it clearly expresses the continuity of this difficult battle and the solidarity of all who took part in it. … Soon after our return from Everest, some of us had to talk with a group of students.One of them asked me: “What is the point of climbing Everest? Were you financially interested or was it just some kind of crazy? ” © John Hunt

          “Long attempts to conquer a difficult summit can be compared to a relay race, where each member of the team, having overcome his own section of the path, passes the baton to the next one until the entire distance has been covered.” © John Hunt

          “While the climber is adjusting to the mountain, this is mountaineering. When he begins to adapt the mountain for his own purposes, it is construction work.»© John Hunt

          “I love peaks, as an individual person, as equal parts of a large whole.” © Herbert Tychy

          “The risk must always be justified.” © Vitaly Abalakov

          “Mountaineering is a complex and dangerous multifaceted type of human activity. A rare combination of sophisticated mental and physical work in a very difficult environment. ” © Vitaly Abalakov

          “What does mountaineering give to an individual? – asked a prominent western climber half a century ago and replied: – He returns us to nature, that element with which most of us have lost direct contact.The aspiration upward, boundless, spontaneous – doesn’t it take us, as on magic wings, somewhere far from the usual level, and with it from ordinary thoughts? ” © Evgeny Abalakov

          “Either sparkling, joyful, calling, now formidable and angry, challenging to combat, now mysterious, elusive curtain hiding itself and only for a moment opening with wonderful fantastic visions of a special world, a harsh, beautiful, ever-calling element of mountain peaks.” © Evgeny Abalakov

          “You can be the greatest mountaineer in the world and at the same time be a selfish asshole who doesn’t care about your family and friends.Or you may be someone who is trying to learn something from rivers and mountains, who gets better on returning from there. I’m trying to be that kind of person. ” © Doug Ammons.

          “Climbing for me is one of the forms of cognition that inspires me, helps me to oppose my inner world to nature. It is a means to experience a state of consciousness where there is no distraction or expectation. This is an intuitive state of being, something that gives me the opportunity to know the moments of true freedom and harmony.»© Lynn Hill

          “The colors of mountain sunsets are bright and inimitable – now scarlet, purple, crimson and crimson, now full of regal shine, when it seems that half the sky is flooded with molten gold.” © Konstantin Rototaev

          “Mountaineering begins where the paths end, and does not end even at the top, because it is not enough to climb, you also have to descend. On the descent of the climber, difficult trials are often watched. ” © Nikolay Tikhonov

          The path to the peaks is open to anyone

          Who will love the height fearlessly

          Where the ice ax rings and where the heart rings

          Friendship of the brave is born there!

          © Nikolay Tikhonov

          “… it’s how you climb, not where you climb.You know, many years ago in Yosemite we realized that there was nothing above. You climb out, and there are stones and a path down. Therefore, even then it became clear that it is important not where you climbed, but how you did it! And it is this process of “how?” compromises the rampant use of bolts. Or take Everest, for example. The most terrifying example of a “dead end” in mountaineering development! Dozens of almost permanently installed aluminum staircases, kilometers of handrails … Having gone upstairs, you climbed “something”, but not the Top of the World – Everest.»© Yvon Showinard

          “What is important is what you are doing here and now. It is important to climb the route with pleasure and it is not at all important to leave a mark for centuries. Who needs it, your footprint on this rocky wall that is not necessary for mankind? ” © Yvon Showinard

          “What an open space! What an enchanting beauty in all these snow giants, towering up to the sky! What a variety of colors and tones in these fabulous cliffs of an endless chain of mountains, lost somewhere far, far away. How deeply all this touches the soul and heart of a person! He is seized by such a feeling of delight, which is beyond human strength to describe.»© Sergey Kirov

          “I am only afraid of bad weather in the mountains. This is the only thing in the mountains that does not depend on us. ” © Junko Tabei

          “You have to go to the mountain. It is difficult, but you have to go forward, the mountain itself will not come to the base camp. ” © Vladislav Terzyul

          “There, at a height, closer to God, a person becomes cleaner and nobler” © Vladislav Terzyul

          “Mountains, mountains! What magnetism is hidden in you! What a symbol of tranquility is contained in every sparkling peak! The most daring legends are born near the mountains.The most humane words come from the snowy heights. Some people are afraid of the mountains and claim that the mountains strangle them. Aren’t these people afraid of big things? ” © Nicholas Roerich

          “The mountains are the only place where I can rest.” © Igor Tamm

          “Untouched nature brings incomparable spiritual peace. Added to this is the deep satisfaction of overcoming obstacles. In the mountains, friendship with comrades, sealed by dangers, arises, which remains for life.»© Igor Tamm

          “High-altitude mountaineering is the closest sport to cosmonautics” © Terman Titov

          “Everest is the high-altitude pole of the earth. Getting to the top on foot, relying on my own legs and on the power of reason, turned out to be only slightly easier than landing for a man on the moon. Only 16 years have separated these two events. ” ©

          F.M. Sveshnikov

          “Mountaineering is a sport of difficult decisions. In the mountains you cannot hide behind an empty word, here they value only deeds.A man in mountaineering is worth exactly what he really is. ” Original Russian Text © F.M. Sveshnikov

          “At any age you have to keep dreaming. You have to try to make dreams come true. I know very well that if you have a firm heart and take one small step after another, you will reach the top of the world. ” © Iuchiro Miuro

          “Believe in yourself in the face of death. Fear won’t do anything for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are alive or dead, when your heart beats faster than 100 beats per minute. Fears go away when you just start climbing up.»© Iuchiro Miuro

          “I realized very early that someone who walks with a strong companion may never know the very essence of mountaineering, and in any case will receive only part of the emotions from climbing … After all, he is only a follower … if he is in the lead , takes responsibility for the success of the enterprise, then something more opens up for him … I see no reason why women could not lead in serious ascents … but I also realize that if a woman takes on this role, then about the participation of men in the project out of the question.»© Miriam O’Brien Underhill

          “He who does not get lost in the snowy mountains will not be afraid in battle.” This is the slogan of the Soviet climber. Cowardice is lack of confidence in oneself, in one’s knowledge. Cowardice should not be confused with such qualities as caution, attentiveness, accuracy, sometimes slowness due to careful control of the path, guarding and self-protection.
          A courageous person is one who, having weighed all the difficulties and prepared accordingly to overcome them, resolutely, energetically fights for the implementation of the task, who does not get lost in difficult times; who calmly, patiently seeks the path to victory, he will always find it.. ” © Physical training of climbers I. Yukhin, 1939.

          “The only way to compensate for my inferiority, my lack of self-confidence was in mountaineering. To surrender myself entirely to this remained the only salvation for me. Now the natural course of events in my life has become the conquest of one peak after another – first in Japan, and then abroad. ” © Naomi Uemura

          “Mountaineering is more of a mental sport than a physical one. If you really really want to do something, what is a little more pain for you, then? Just go with it.»© Mark Inglis

          “Call of high mountains … Maybe this is part of man’s eternal search, a kind of excess of that vital energy that drives mankind from century to century in its attempt to always reach an ever higher peak of human aspirations? .. Even if the conquest of Everest becomes an ordinary event , there will always be higher Everests; even if in the distant future our Earth becomes a place without secrets, there will always be other peaks for ascents and other worlds for exploration. For those willing to venture fearlessly into uncharted seas and unconquered peaks of human endeavor, there will never be a shortage of adventure for mind and body.»© Jawaharlal Nehru

          “Let, however, do not think that climbing the highest peaks is just hard, tedious work. There are no words to describe the impression made by these giants, or to convey the feeling of a climber who found himself on the verge of a dead kingdom, where a violent wind, scorching sun and merciless frost, as well as rarefied air, make all life impossible. ” © Evans Charles, Inviolable Kangchenjunga, M., Physical Education and Sports, 1961

          “What made both man and animal strive for these barren heights? Dr. James Chapin, who has devoted many years to studying the birds of the Congo, once found the skeleton of a Gamlin monkey at the top of Karisimbi, many miles from its native forests.And recently I read an interesting article about a pack of hyena dogs that was seen in the Kilimanjaro glaciers, at an altitude of almost twenty thousand feet. Perhaps man is not the only creature in this world who climbs a mountain just because it is in front of him. ” © George Schaller A year under the sign of the gorilla. M., Thought, 1968.

          “… As I crossed the ridge into Georgia, I threw the cart and began to ride: I climbed the snowy mountain (Krestovaya) to the very top, which is not easy at all; half of Georgia is visible from there as if on a silver platter, and, really, I do not undertake to explain or describe this amazing feeling; for me the mountain air is a balm; blues to hell, my heart is beating, my chest is breathing high – nothing is needed at this moment; I would have sat and watched my whole life.»© Mikhail Lermontov

          “I am far from self-praise, far from ambition and rivalry, I just want to say that mountaineering should be viewed as a wonderful game in which every accident is either a mistake or carelessness, and death is a real tragedy. In order to avoid a demonstration of heroism, I, like most of us, believe that it is better to wait than to rush and take risks, it is better to slow down than to choke, it is better to sing than to shout … “© Jean Franco” Makalu “

          “We have entered into a grand and wonderful battle with nature, I put all our physical, mental and moral strength into achieving victory.In a few weeks, the battle, which took place in an atmosphere of passion and brotherly friendship, lifted us above human mediocrity. ” © Jean Franco “Battle for Jeanne”

          “When you look from the height of Pobeda Peak, it seems that the rest of the peaks squatted down.” © Lyudmila Agranovskaya

          “Mountains are made to show a person what a dream might look like ..” © Yuri Vizbor

          “Life is a continuous ascent along an untrodden path that winds along the mountain slopes … I stand on a white mountain and look into the blue distance of the roads passed. Ahead rises a peak under a blue hat of snow.If I manage to climb it, I will see new distances … ”© A. Keshokov story View from the White Mountain

          “Great things are done when men and mountains meet …” © William Blake

          “Something inside me is killing my interest in playing at low stakes. For me, there is either a high stake or nothing. And it eats me up. ” © Jerzy Kukuczka

          “The mountains are a place where you can exchange life for endless bliss.” © Milarepa Shepa Dorje

          “Mountaineering in my life was not just a sport that gave a good mood.This is a worldview that affirms simple truths, glorifying good things: courage and camaraderie, a desire to learn and a desire to help, dedication to a goal, meaning and joy of daring, sensitivity and amazing courage. ” © Boris Delone

          “To love is not to look at each other, but to look together in the same direction. Comrades, only those who, holding on to one rope, collectively climb the mountain peak and in this find their closeness. ” © Antoine de Saint-Exupery

          “Winter high-altitude climbing is a sophisticated way of suffering in the mountains.”© Voytek Kurtyka

          “Winter expeditions are the only mountaineering without the struggle of“ stars ”, rivalry, competition with each other. The mountain is so difficult in winter that everyone rallies for a common goal in an atmosphere of partnership, mutual assistance and goodwill. Such an atmosphere has been preserved now only in speleology and in winter Himalayan ascents. This is no longer possible to find in summer alpine ascents. ” © Voytek Kurtyka

          “The essence of winter Himalayan ascents is overcoming one’s own pain caused by cold, discomfort and other reasons.You can believe me that it is. I believe that winter Himalayan ascents have little to do with the essence of real mountaineering, which begins where conventional tourism ends, and the person is forced to overcome technical difficulties with the help of his hands. In winter you cannot take off your mittens, so there is no question of difficult technical ascents. The combination of very low temperatures and 8000 m makes real mountaineering impossible. ” © Voytek Kurtyka

          “The maxim that there is only good or nothing about the deceased plays an extremely negative role in understanding the catastrophe that happened.Not embellished truth of what happened – the last gift of the departed – alive. We often ignore it (the gift), allegedly for moral reasons. But this is really immoral. ” © Igor Komarov

          “Freeride is a martial art where life is at stake.” © Igor Komarov

          “Going first is a special job. Here you are alone with the wall. Comrades are mentally with you, but no one is around. Only the rope pulls down a lot, connecting you with the world of people, and the rock hangs over your head.Often, the next section of the route seems impassable, and there is no more confidence in success, and alarm hangs over the wall like a cloud. Then, as if for a convenient shelf, you grab the thought: you made up your mind, accepted the challenge – so drive away doubts, turn off all extraneous things from your consciousness, concentrate on the goal, you have to go through ”© Vitaliy Bodnik

          “Victory in mountaineering generously gives a person the joy of victory over himself. And she also makes a comrade in the bundle your brother, and this manly brotherhood is stronger than granite “© Vitaliy Bodnik

          “Many are afraid of the mountains, but this is due to their ignorance.The unknown is always scary. The mountains are, of course, formidable, but not treacherous or malicious. Hurry up the mountains! The discovery of pristine nature awaits you. You will discover yourself. ” © Vasily Kovtun

          “The Caucasus Mountains are much more beautiful, their peaks are pointed; the abysses separating the peaks from each other give the impression of immeasurable depth. ” © Douglas Freshfield

          “The strongest fear arises in those moments when you realize that you are still alive and well, but you are already finished … that is, the brain has time to fully realize that you have practically no chances to survive.»© Valery Rozov

          “I have no respect for people who walk on a tightrope using belay. I don’t really like the fact that if you fall you will die, but this is part of what is called tightrope walking. ” © Philippe Petit

          “The snow is hiding and waiting. Waiting for our oversight. One has only to cut the layer, maybe even shout loudly, and the slope will go away from under your feet. We know how it happens: first a soft crack, then a rustling, and then a crash. Just a second.Before you have time to look back, you will be buried under a multi-meter thickness of cold and heavy, like cast iron, snow. ” © A. Kuznetsov “At the bottom of Svaneti”

          “… From edge to edge, along the entire horizon, in glaciers and snows there is the great Tien Shan system. All of it burns with golden-orange and red tones of sunset, and Khan-Tengri floats from above, like a giant faceted ruby, set in a dark turquoise sky. ” © Semenov-Tyan-Shansky “.

          “The forces of untamed nature – wind, clouds, storm and cold – find their strongest expression on the tops of the mountains, endowing the heights with the aura of the wild nature in its most extreme and undisturbed state.”© Edwin Bernbaum

          “Snow is snow wherever it falls, and avalanches speak the global language of violence …” © Montgomery Otwater

          “… After all, as long as there are mountains, there will be footprints on their slopes, there will be notes on the peaks … This is the law of man’s struggle with mountains. And in everyone’s life, sooner or later, there comes a moment when he must meet nature face to face and feel that a person is stronger than her even in a small number. Humanity has existed for twenty thousand generations, of which nineteen thousand eight hundred generations – ninety-nine percent – fought against nature without the help of electricity, machines and science.In the current generations, there is still a lot of disturbing ancestral blood. The word “feat” means an action that is not given to everyone to perform. But those who go to the mountains, as a rule, do not think about the feat, dreaming only of enjoying the incomparable feeling of pioneers, they want to see whole countries lying at their feet under the clouds, so that the shadow from the hand stretches for hundreds of kilometers and the purple sky is towards them. a little closer than to other people … And let the voices disappear from the whirlwind for a while and leave people alone with the mountains.For mountains and people are a continuous battle. ” © Evgeny Iordanishvili

          “I only know three real sports: bullfighting, mountaineering and auto racing. The rest of the sports are games. ” © Ernest Hemingway

          “In the struggle against the summit, in striving for the immense, man wins, acquires and asserts himself first of all. In the extreme tension of the struggle, on the brink of death, the Universe disappears, it ends next to us. Space, time, fear, suffering no longer exist.And then everything can be available. It’s like on the crest of a wave, when, during a violent storm, a strange, great calmness suddenly reigns in us. This is not spiritual emptiness, on the contrary, it is the heat of the soul, its impulse and aspiration. And then we are confidently aware that there is something indestructible in us, a force before which nothing can resist. ” © Lucien Devi

          “In the mountains they do not walk with their feet, in the mountains they walk with their heads.” © folk wisdom

          “A bad road is the one with which the traveler will surely fall, and his body cannot be found.A good road is the one from which the traveler falls, but his corpse can be found and buried. And the beautiful road is the one from which the traveler may not fall “© folk wisdom

          “Remember the traveler, in the mountains you are like a tear on the eyelash of Allah.” © folk wisdom

          “Everest is a bird that flew higher than other birds.” © folk wisdom

          “The man at the very top of the mountain did not fall there from the sky.” © Confucius

          Quotes about travel, expeditions and wildlife

          “Expedition is preparation” © Amundsen Roald

          “Willpower is the first and most important quality of a skilled explorer.Only by knowing how to control his will, he can hope to overcome the difficulties that nature raises in his path. ” © Amundsen Roald

          “What is still unknown to us on our planet, presses with some kind of oppression on the consciousness of most people. This unknown is something that man has not yet conquered, some constant proof of our impotence, some unpleasant challenge to dominate nature. ” © Amundsen Roald

          “Prudence and caution are equally important: prudence – to notice difficulties in time, and caution – in the most careful preparation for their meeting.»© Amundsen Roald

          “It’s bad to stay at one fire for a long time: your eyes get tired of looking at the same thing, your ears go deaf. We must go. Turbidity does not hold in fast water … ”© Ulukitkan

          “When they ask me why I am going on this or that trip, I usually answer: I don’t know, b it really is. After all, if I knew what awaited me, I would not go on the road. ” © Jacques Yves Cousteau

          “Only impossible missions succeed.” © Jacques Yves Cousteau

          “Dark cold night, wrapped in a blanket, I sit motionless on the shore and listen to the fountains of smooth whales.They are very close. Although it is difficult to distinguish their massive forms in the dark, I know that they swim close to the shore, sometimes touching the bottom in shallow water with their belly. But they jump out two hundred meters from me. Their huge bodies fall into the water with a terrible noise. In between the bursts, the deep breaths of whales are heard: for me this powerful choral concert is the most beautiful music in the ocean. This is how I spend my first night in Patagonia … ”© Philippe Cousteau

          “I believe that there are neither heights nor depths that a person with the help of Reason could not reach.»© John Hunt

          “Polar night, you look like a woman, a delightful, beautiful woman with the noble features of an antique statue, but also with her marble coldness. On your high brow, clear as pure ether, there is not a trace of sympathy for the petty sorrows of the human race, on your pale beautiful cheeks – not a trace of feeling … I am exhausted from your cold beauty, I long for life, warmth, light! Let me return either victorious or beggar – It doesn’t matter to me! But let me go back and start living again. ”© Fridtjof Nansen

          “We should agree with our experience that real wealth cannot be obtained with the help of an army, cannot be won with a sling or a bomb that can fly around the world fifteen times and hit us in the back of the head, not just our enemies.Genuine values ​​are found on the enemy’s ground and not in the bank. You cannot put them on the scales and you cannot see them with a simple eye, because you have to look for them inside your own head. What is stored in the soul cannot be taken away. ” © Tour Heirdal

          “Borders? I have not seen one. True, I heard that some people have them in their heads. ” © Tour Heirdal

          “But why make a fuss about something that has been done? I never only think back about the past. There is too much to be done in the future !.»© Edmund Hillary

          “Many of us in our youth try to prove to ourselves that we are capable of overcoming unusual situations. For me, such a situation was an autonomous life in the forest. Soon I realized that I can kill an animal or a bird, use mushrooms, berries, but why? Everything turned out to be a more difficult task: you need to shoot what you see, turn what you see into visible images. So I shoot nature all my life. ” © Vadim Gippenreiter

          “A person’s life needs romance.It is she who gives a person divine strength to travel beyond the ordinary. ” © Fridtjof Nansen

          “Victory awaits the one who is all right, and this is called luck.” © Roald Amundsen

          “Winter is not an enemy, it is a great helper, throwing bridges over the seas, covering the bare stones of the mountains and smoothing the crevasses. And as soon as the toboggan run makes the trip possible, you are irresistibly pulled into the distance, new plans are born, and you just wait impatiently for the frost to get stronger.»© Knud Rasmussen

          “… if water is more important than food, then hope for a person is more important and necessary than water.” © Alain Bombard

          “Let us thank those who did not believe us! Without them, we would never have known the joy of victory! ” © Alain Bombard

          “Victims of legendary shipwrecks who died prematurely, I know: it was not the sea that killed you, it was not hunger that killed you, it was not thirst that killed you! Swaying on the waves to the plaintive cries of seagulls, you died of fear. ” © Alain Bombard

          “One smart white man should be at the head, two whites invited on the expedition because of their courage, determination, physical endurance and dedication to the leader should make up the arms, and the dog drivers and other local people should be the body and legs of the expedition.For the peace of mind of men, it is necessary to take women on the journey; in addition, they are in many ways as useful as men, and in terms of strength and endurance they are often almost as good as they are. “© Robert Peary

          “The romance of distant wanderings, contemplation of the surrounding nature, immersion in it are combined in me with the desire for sports records” © Marina Galkina

          “Traveling alone without any means of communication is an exciting thing. Precisely without means of communication, I emphasize. There is an undoubted share of risk in this and the acuity of sensations, the fullness of life is guaranteed.It all depends on you, on your strength, your skill, dexterity. You are given the right to choose any path, you have the last word. You feel real freedom. Only on such a journey do you completely break away from civilization, merge more closely with nature, understand your insignificance and defenselessness “© Marina Galkina

          “Frankly speaking, one should be born as a traveler, and one should venture into the distance only in the years of full strength” © Petr Kozlov

          “The most favorite place both in Russia and in the world is Kamchatka.There is a unique nature. In general, I am more interested in traveling around the country than abroad …. a person cannot love without knowing. All our lives we love the place where we grew up, because we absorbed it from childhood, we grew up with these trees and this grass. Russia is known very little – I myself discover it for myself every time. ” © Yuri Senkevich

          “Rivers are a gift to us. Water is a metaphor for the passage of time, and each has its own place in the stream. ” © Doug Ammons.

          “In order to see the stars, every year you have to move further and further away from home …” © Yuri Vizbor

          “My worst enemy on the way to my goal is fear.I am a very cowardly person and, like all cowardly people, I strive to conquer my fear. The victory over fear makes me happy … .. I want to be stronger than my own fear, for this I look for danger again and again. ” © Reinhold Messner

          “I am Sisyphus, that all my life I can roll up my stone, that is, myself, without reaching the top, since there can be no top in knowing myself.” © Reinhold Messner

          “I don’t remember when I got rid of religious feelings, I know only one thing: since then it became more difficult for me to convince myself that I am not alone in the world, not abandoned.»© Reinhold Messner

          “I am my homeland, and my banner is my handkerchief” © Reinhold Messner

          “Minimum excess, but vital – in double the amount, this is my motto” © Reinhold Messner

          “I am passionate about everything – except the bureaucratic matters, which I hate” © Reinhold Messner

          “Adventure gives us joy. But joy, after all, is the goal of life. We do not live to eat or to earn money.We eat and earn money to be able to rejoice. This is the meaning of life, and this is what it was given for. ” © George Mallory

          “I traveled around the world to ski. Fly with the wind. Laugh with the gods. ” © Iuchiro Miuro

          “People give up when it’s hard, dogs give up when they die.” © Naomi Uemura

          “Deep diving is always solo, it is comparable to climbing eight-thousanders and all responsibility lies only with you.Complete self-sufficiency. ” © Pascal Bernabe

          “Travels have been, are and will be. And after a hundred years, and after two hundred, and after a thousand. They will change – they will become different, only the word will remain the same. You can no longer be like Miklouho-Maclay or Sedov. Now continents or islands are not being discovered. You reveal your spirituality. ” © Fedor Konyukhov

          “For a true traveler, there is only one goal – overcoming difficulties. And there is only one aspiration – to break through the horizon.»© Nick Tendy

          Why do people love wild places? For the mountains? They may not exist. For forests, lakes and rivers? But it may be a desert, and people will still love it. The desert, the monotonous ocean, the untouched snowy plains of the north, all the deserted expanses, no matter how dull, are the only places on earth where freedom dwells. ” © Rockwell Kent

          “The sparkling immaculate whiteness of the alpine snows, untouched, and perhaps unattainable; the beauty of the mountains, covered with a misty haze, because of which you cannot distinguish whether it is the earth or a cloud; distant, clear, passionless mountains – all this symbolizes the highest aspirations of the spirit.The universe appears to people in all its glory and greatness, they are seized by anxiety, the craving for adventure characteristic of their ancestors wakes up in them, and they leave … It is not a conscious choice that makes people change comfort and safety for adventure and adversity – most likely, there is an impulse more deeper and stronger than consciousness and reason “© Rockwell Kent

          “What is the point of buying a car to drive on the asphalt? Where there is asphalt, there is nothing interesting, and where it is interesting, there is no asphalt.»© Strugatsky Brothers

          “Speleology requires a lot of patience, and not impotent patience, but the persistence of long-term efforts.” © Norbert Caster

          “A climber can explore the mountain of his dreams, looking at it through binoculars, and mark the path of the ascent through the paths and rocks with his eyes. The speleologist, on the other hand, making assumptions, is almost always mistaken due to the surprises and incredible difficulties of the underworld. Alas! All his hypotheses are shattered when faced with insurmountable obstacles.Collapses of arches, impassable cracks, dead ends, lakes, siphons now and then mercilessly stop the caver on his way. ” © Norbert Caster

          “It’s uncomfortable underground. Everything is harsh, sometimes ominous, always majestic and full of threats. Of course, this is why humans and animals instinctively avoid and fear the underworld. Only a few adapt to this realm of death and have an interest, even a passion, to explore it. These are cavers. ” © Norbert Caster

          “Abyss, you almost destroyed me and, perhaps, you will still become my grave! But how many sublime moments of happiness you gave me in the midst of all suffering! Here I knew the delight of searching and the intoxication of discoveries.»© Michelle Cipher

          “There are no more extensive blank spots on the maps, and there are no more virgin lands. Only three areas are still of interest for research: space, but only a select few have access there, then the ocean, which provides scientists with unlimited space, and, finally, the bowels of the earth with their caves, grottoes and abysses. This is my world. ” © Michelle Cifre

          “For a speleologist, the most sticky, viscous, fragile clay that covers everything with its layer is never just dirt, but always remains a noble substance, which is soaked all over him, which covers him from head to toe, and sometimes turns into ice, but which ultimately to such an extent inevitable and habitual that it becomes, as it were, a classic, characteristic feature of the caves.All smeared with clay, this time, say, just mud, the caver has no right to proudly say, like Cyrano de Bergerac: “I am morally elegant!” © Norbert Caster

          “All extreme activity is a tribute to life. After all, how can you say to your life “I love you” if you spent all of it on the couch? ” © Den Osman

          “I’ve always been different. People look at me and say “you’re crazy!” … But what I do, I do for myself, for no one else. I am not suicidal.When you sit on the couch with your gaze on the drawer, you die. I feel most alive when I find myself face to face with my fear. ” © Den Osman

          “Man goes to the mountains again and again, just as man goes to the stormy sea again and again, because only among the wild elements of nature can a person challenge his deep abilities, as our ancestors did in ancient times. Modern life is a kind of artificial existence. Most of the real qualities are simply turned off as unnecessary, and most of us do not even imagine what they really are, do not know all the power of our own capabilities.And it is in the wild that everyone’s true essence comes out. ” © Abram T. Collier

          “What is the point of buying a car to drive on the asphalt? Where there is asphalt there is nothing interesting, and where it is interesting there is no asphalt. ” © Strugatsky brothers

          “When travel aims to explore a country that is difficult to access, when it acquaints us with nature, which was known only from superficial and imprecise descriptions, then the difficulty disappears …

          A man is able to overcome many inconveniences of life … he will find black rusk soaked in spring water tastier than the best dishes, if only he is inspired by curiosity, if the goal he wants to achieve arouses in him a keen interest.

          © M.A. Kovalevsky, “Geographic Determination of Places and Magnetic Observations in the Northern Urals.” St. Petersburg, 1853.

          Quotes about ecology

          “We merge toxic chemicals and all sorts of waste into the ocean, like a negligent hostess sweeping garbage under the carpet.” © Tour Heirdal

          “We do not notice the air, but we suffocate without it. So it is with wildlife. Only when we lose it completely, then we realize that we have lost … ”© Nikolay Sladkov.

          “At the beginning of the 21st century, a reckless belief in progress seems utopian.We know that the resources of our planet are partially depleted, we know that we are upsetting the balance of both the climate and the subsoil, and we ourselves, compared to those who lived before us, are also depleted in our own way – we do not know how to endure like them pain, endure hardship, work tirelessly. ” © Leonid Kruglov

          Quotes about running

          “I used to run at night once or twice a week. after working as a bricklayer, I had absolutely no strength to train. ” © Pasang Dawa Sherpa

          “Everyday running is not a luxury, but a way of life.And I can’t refuse it just because I’m busy up to my throat with other things. If other things were a sufficient reason for me, I would not have been running for a long time. The reasons that prompted me to run – once or twice and missed, but the reasons to end this occupation – a carriage and a small cart. The only thing that remains for me in such a situation is to continue to groom and cherish those who “one or two and missed.” © Haruki Murakami

          “Suffering is everyone’s personal choice.” © Haruki Murakami

          Quotes about the Urals (Ural Mountains)

          “The Ural mountains are the most notable in the whole Empire and by vocation they are taken for those that were called Hyperborea and Refei by the first descriptors.Tatars call them Ural ”© V.N. Tatishchev, 1744

          “… its highest mountains extend to the very shores, the peaks of which … are completely devoid of any forest and almost even grass. Although they have different names in different places, they are generally called the Belt of Peace. And in the possession of the sovereign of Moscow, you can see only these mountains, which probably seemed to be ancient Riphean or Hyperborean ”.

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