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Supplies: Cards or cardstock, a hole punch, paper, gold paperclips, rubber bands, bone folder, craft knife, steel ruler, and a cutting mat.

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1. To make the cover cut your card in half following the center fold.

2. Mark the halfway point on your card and use this as a guide to punch your holes.

3. Use a bone folder and a ruler and score a line about an inch in. This means that your notebook cover will be able to open and close easily without creasing.

4. Using your cover as a guide punch holes in your paper. I was able to punch about 6-8 sheets at a time. For the pages I used A5 plain paper as it fit the height of the card cover perfectly. To stop the paper moving around as you punch it use a couple of paperclips to hold your stack in place.

5. Sandwich the plain paper between your card covers and tap it down against the table top to make sure all the holes line up. Don’t worry about the paper being too long as this point. We’ll be fixing this later.

6. Take your ruuber band and thread in onto a paperclip. Push the rubber band through the top hole and thread it through the bottom hole from the back. Stretch the rubber band and hook it onto the bottom of the paperclip.

This part can be a bit tricky depending on the rubber band you’re using. If you’re having trouble getting the band to fit try gently curling your notebook towards you as you attach it to the paperclip.

7. Trim off any excess paper using a craft knife and a steel ruler. I find it works best to do lots of light even strokes to get a smooth finish. You can use a fine sandpaper to gently sand away any uneven cuts.

And that’s it. You’re all done. I used some brightly coloured rubber bands and gold paperclipsto match my cards and I’m more than pleased with how they turned out. In fact, I think they look pretty fantastic 😉

What do you think? Is this something you’ll be giving a go?

The Humble Paperclip Is a Feat of Design Genius


It’s genius on the smallest scale.

The standard paperclip, formally known as the Gem paperclip, is easily one of the best designed products of all-time, says industrial designer Peter Rohles.

Think about it: A paperclip can hold dozens of sheets of paper when in use with nothing but three turns of a wire. When inert, it takes up almost no space at all.

The paperclip was designed around the 1890s and hasn’t changed since, despite holding no patent. It is widely considered the most popular style paperclip in the world. 

When you want to attach a file to an email, what symbol do you a click on? A paper clip, of course.

But like many feats of engineering, reducing the paperclip to such a simple design was deceptively tricky.

The United Kingdom’s Gem Manufacturing Company had to ensure the wire was elastic enough to wrap around multiple sheets of paper, but featured enough torsion — the application of torque — between the twisting wires to keep the paper in place.  It also had to do this without creating so much friction that it tore the paper.

The Gem clip uses the least amount of wire, requires basic machines to create the loops, and refuses to get tangled with other paperclips when it’s stowed away.

Its production is mesmerizing to watch:

The current design may seem obvious, but lesser designs show how elegant the Gem paperclip really is.

Take the Italian paperclip, a circular clip that awkwardly slides over the material in a spiral fashion:


Other popular designs lose their grip over time, such as the Owl . ..


… or the ambitiously named Ideal paperclip.


The Gem gets weaker, too, but unlike the Owl or Ideal, it can easily be bent back to regain some tightness.

Other constructions also take up considerable space, like the equally bulky binder clip, Rohles points out.  

Wellness GM/Flickr

“I can have a small tray filled with paperclips,” he says. “That same tray can only hold a dozen binder clips.”

The small office supply also holds special weight in Norway, of all places.

During World War II, students would wear paperclips around their necks and fashion them into bracelets as a symbol of resistance.

As Nazis had driven much of the Norwegian government into exile in England, Olso University students protested the German rule by “binding” together with paperclips. The display of solidarity was in part due to a myth that Norwegian inventor Johann Vaaler was the paperclip’s originator.

Today, the Gem paperclip stands outside BI Commercial College in Sandvika, Norway, as a testament to the tiny object’s lasting contributions.

Wikimedia Commons

Handmade Paper Clip Bookmarks that Don’t Rip Pages

These handmade paper clip bookmarks I made for the boys are an easy gift for kids, perfect to include with a new book or to tuck inside a stocking at Christmas. Best of all, you don’t have to be particularly craft-y to make them!

I’ve seen paper clip ribbon bookmarks on the web and they are lovely, but my youngest son has trouble using them. Moving a paper clip from page to page offers a lot of opportunity for ripped pages and they are not easy for little hands to use. Plus, a handmade bookmark is so much nicer to use than that that tiny bit of paper you tore off the newspaper.

With this style, you fix the clip to the cover of the book, then move the ribbon from page the page. The best part is that you don’t loose the bookmark! It stays attached to your reading material and the ribbon is super easy to flip out of and in to the book! (Note: Items and materials below are affiliate links.)

How to make paper clip ribbon bookmarks:

These were so easy to make, they would be a great class gift for friends or teachers. But lest you think I’ve gone all rogue and original, I must confess this craft was actually inspired by a bookmark I saw in the New York Public Library’s gift shop. Now there’s a place I could spend a fortune!

What you need:

  • craft glue such as Tacky Glue
  • needle and thread (optional, but desired)
  • ribbon
  • paper clips such as mini spiral clips or large metal clips. I don’t recommend using colored clips since they are covered with vinyl, a material I avoid using as much as possible.


  1. Cut the ribbon the desired length. You want it long enough to hang out the bottom of book.
  2. Thread the ribbon through the clip and fold over the top tab.
  3. Glue the tab of ribbon down and tack into place with a needle and thread. If you truly want to avoid any sewing, you will want to weigh down the glued part until it dries.
  4. If you are using a ribbon that will unravel, fold over a small tab at the bottom and glue, or sew in place.

That’s it!

You can see in the photo up top I also made bookmarks with two ribbons. I am the kind of reader who likes to mark interesting passages and I need multiple ribbons for that!

To use the bookmark:

Slide the clip onto the cover. You may also want to catch a few pages in there as well. You do not remove the clip until you are finished reading the book! In order to mark your place, simply place the ribbon between pages. While you’re reading the ribbon can dangle off, but because it remains clipped, it won’t get lost! Great for kids, right?

You can also make a super simple version in 30 seconds:

More handmade bookmark crafts:

Need a book idea to go with it? You’ll find one on the Master Index to all my book lists, or  peruse my top ten chapter books to give as gifts.

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90,000 Recommendations for helping my left-handed preschooler when my husband and I are right-handed

Lefties do all kinds of adaptations. As I wrote, I saw many left-handers wrap their arms and hands so that they could “see” what they had just written. I have never caught on to this trick, instead gripping the pen or pencil with a larger fist than the “accepted” grip that holds the pen between my thumb and first two fingers. This allows me to see the previous word or so if I need to.It seems to me that the “accepted” grip does not allow this, unless you begin to bend your arm or tilt the paper.

Everything will work out. My third grade teacher tried to get me to move to another job. I just changed when she looked and went back to what worked for me when she was not!

As your child gets older, it may be helpful to find pencils with stiff grips or pens that dry quickly.

The best double scissors I have ever found is IKEA.They used to have 3 sizes per pack. As long as the scissors fit snugly together when closed, they can be used in either hand and I have found many pairs that work great for everyone.

In the United States, I bought notebooks with spiral paper clips on the right and used them at university. There are also top-bound notebooks, including stenographers’ notebooks.

I found some hand skills (like crocheting) because I am a reflection teacher. Otherwise, you must rotate what you see 180 degrees to apply it!

I use the mouse with my left hand, but I leave the buttons for the right hand with the mouse.This is terribly embarrassing for any right-hander who tries to use your computer! You cannot use very ergonomic mice, of course, with this technique.

Kitchen gadgets are worse. Serrated side knives for right-handers, right-handed controls, and so on.

Try to have the child do small work with the right hand, for example with free-blade scissors, so that he or she can do it relatively easily.

China Customized Office Metal Colorful Paper Clip Manufacturers – Wholesale


29mm Office Metal Color Paper Clip


Product Name

metal colorful paper clip

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T / T, Paypal, Western Union e

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1000 colored paper clips in a reusable plastic tub with a lid that will last for a long time!

RAINBOW COLORS: 6 bold and vibrant colors, great for color coding any laptop or book. Bright colors such as green, purple, red, pink, white and Yell.ow.

HIGH QUALITY: plastic coated iron staples, strong and durable metal material, the paper clip is made of high quality metal, wrapped in colored plastic, will not break, will not damage the paper. Cute candy colors suitable for everyday office and school use.

HOME, SCHOOL, OFFICE NEEDED: Excellent fits for organizing papers, documents, files and notebooks, recipes and lists, arts and crafts and school projects.Plastic container with lid for easy storage in desk, cabinet or drawer

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90,000 Hydrocarbon clip helped anti-cancer molecule trigger cell suicide

American researchers have created a new molecule
which triggers programmed cellular suicide in cancer cells –
apoptosis. The molecule belongs to the class of synthetic peptides, and its selective
target binding, stability and cell penetration is provided for
account of a special alkene paper clip that connects the amino acids inside
peptide. Job details posted in Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences.

Malignant transformation of cells in many cases
occurs as a result of a violation of the program of cellular suicide – apoptosis.
Cells with potentially dangerous mutations instead of being destroyed,
begin to multiply actively, which leads to the development of tumors.In particular, suppression
apoptosis occurs with an increase in the amount of anti-apoptotic proteins that
communicate with and block components that trigger the suicide program
action. An increased activity of the anti-apoptotic protein Mcl-1, for example, is registered when
various types of leukemia, lymphoma, breast cancer, pancreas, cervical cancer
uterus and non-small cell lung carcinoma.

Several experiments on mice have shown that selective
suppression of Mcl-1 activity
in cells leads to a decrease in the size of tumors and increases
the lifespan of animals. Thus, Mcl-1 is a promising therapeutic
target in the treatment of many types of cancer at once.

Small molecules that inhibit Mcl-1 activity already exist and are even undergoing clinical trials, but some of the most promising drugs are
synthetic peptides – short amino acid chains that are selectively
bind to the hydrophobic groove in the target structure and thus mimic
activity of intracellular regulatory proteins.

α-helix stabilized with alkene paper clip

Wikimedia Commons

Despite its selectivity and high activity,
peptide drugs have serious drawbacks.In particular, such molecules
poorly penetrate cells, and they have an unstable conformation. To solve these
problems, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
was applied to the peptide inhibitor MS1, which mimics the pro-apoptotic regulatory protein Bim, a kind of “chemical
stapler “.

Scientists have shown that hydrocarbon alkene crosslinking between
amino acids inside a peptide with a length of about 20 amino acids stabilizes it
helical conformation and protects against cleavage by proteases.Researchers
synthesized a whole panel of stabilized peptides and selected from them those that
binds better to Mcl-1
and well into cells. Based on the results of experiments for further
studies selected peptides named SAH-MS1-14 and SAH-MS1-18.

SAH-MS1-18 (pink) interacts with Mcl-1. A paper clip in the

molecule is marked in blue

Raheleh Rezaei Araghi et al / PNAS 2018

In the cytotoxicity test, it turned out that both substances
cause the launch of the caspase proaptotic pathway in tumor lines, dependent
from Mcl-1, but not
act on cells of a control cell line in which Mcl-1 activity has not been increased. So
Thus, the researchers confirmed that MS1 evolved into Mcl-1-specific
an activator of apoptosis, suitable for the transition to the next stage of testing on

By introducing stabilized peptides into a therapeutic
practice, in particular, is handled by the company Aileron Therapeutics. This company
conducted the first human clinical trials of this type of inhibitor in 2013, and last year
an anticancer drug leading to the activation of the p53 protein in cells has passed the first phase of clinical trials in patients with

Daria Spasskaya

Flower Notes hologram, 32L, 100x165mm, paperclip, point, orange

Article: 3000001145

Hologram notebook Flower Notes, 32L, 100x165mm, paperclip, point, orange

Article: 3000001145

Notepad is a universal assistant for everyone.

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