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Spellbinder (series 1) is a fantasy teen drama/science fiction television series co-produced between Australia and Poland.





Original Run

January 9, 1995 – July 4, 1995

Running Time

Approximately 24 mins each

DVD Release date

July 10, 2006


Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon Lord


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  • 2 Cast 
  • 3 Episodes
  • 4 Crew
  • 5 Gallery 


15 year old Paul finds himself accidentally marooned in a parallel world to his own. It is a world where the Industrial Revolution never happened, where a powerful group called Spellbinders are in charge and where the people are controlled by manipulation of their fear and ignorance. Immediately recognised as an outsider, Paul finds himself stranded and in terrible danger when the Spellbinders discover his superior scientific and technological knowledge.


  • Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul Reynolds
  • Gosia Piotrowska as Riana
  • Brian Rooney as Alex Katsonis
  • Michela Noonan as Katrina Muggleton
  • Heather Mitchell as Ashka
  • Andrew McFarlane as Brian Reynolds
  • Krzysztof Kumor as Correon
  • Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon
  • Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron
  • Georgina Fisher as Christine Reynolds
  • Slawa Michalewska as Maran
  • Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner
  • Julia Biczysko as Arla
  • Erland Buchan as Jal
  • Piotr Adamczyk as Zander


  1. The Big Bang
  2. Where Am I?
  3. Finding the Way Home
  4. It Isn’t Magic, It’s Science
  5. Secrets
  6. Show Me Your World
  7. The Gunpowder Plot
  8. Secrets of the Spellbinders
  9. The Labyrinth
  10. Desperate Measures
  11. The Centre of Power
  12. Spellbinder Jack
  13. The Final Challenge
  14. Lost and Found
  15. Hospitality
  16. Breakout
  17. The Trojan Toffee Trolley
  18. Run!
  19. Reunions
  20. Alien Invasion
  21. The Hunt for Ashka
  22. Clowning Around
  23. The High-Tech Power
  24. A Spellbinder in the House
  25. Breakfast of Champions
  26. Flight


  • Noel Price
  • Mark Shirrefs
  • John Thomson
  • Ian Davidson
  • Ron Saunders
  • Kris Noble
  • Andrzej Stempowski
  • Mieczyslaw Anweiler


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Australian Television: Spellbinder I: episode guide

Spellbinder I: episode guide

The Big Bang

Episode 1
Written by Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson
Directed by Noel Price

While on a school camping trip to view a solar eclipse, Paul Reynolds and his friend Alex decide to play a practical joke on two female classmates who are exploring a ‘haunted’ cave set inside an unusual magnetic rock formation.

Paul and Alex want to scare the girls by having Paul dress up as a ghost, but the cable they rig up for Paul to slide down passes too close to some overhead power lines causing an electrical surge to pass through the cable and explode, sending Paul through a strange portal and into a parallel universe.

Unsure of his new surroundings, Paul encounters a strange man who is upset at Paul for taking his ‘Eyestone’, an odd devise Paul finds on the ground. Paul flees from the man and spends the night asleep under a pile of leaves. In the morning, Paul comes across a seemingly deserted campsite where he is set upon by an unknown person.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Andrew McFarlane as Brian, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon; Georgina Fisher as Christine, Paula Forrest as Ms Gibson, Nina Liu as Lisa, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner, Brigid Kitchin as Policewoman, Peter Sumner as Mr Kennett (uncredited)

Note: the writing and directing credits are the same for all episodes and will not be repeated.

Where Am I?

Episode 2

Paul’s captor turns out to be a young girl who thinks Paul is a Marauder. Fearful of the solar eclipse which begins overhead, she believes Paul to be its cause, a belief he exploits to earn his freedom. When the girl runs away, Paul pursues her and saves her from drowning only to see her run off again.

After witnessing an attack on a pair of travellers by some actual Marauders, Paul comes across a settlement. In the village, Paul once again encounters the girl and returns her trade goods which she left behind in the forest. Taking in the state of the settlement, Paul is convinced he has travelled back in time.

When he innocently helps a young man build a flying toy, Paul attracts the attention of a powerful woman — a Spellbinder — who warns everyone in the village that it is forbidden by the Spellbinders to build new things. Paul escapes and flees into the forrest with the help of the girl, Riana, who is now convinced Paul can’t be a Marauder after he saved her life and returned her belongings. In the forrest, a Spellbinder flying craft passes overhead and Paul quickly realises he is not in the past.

Meanwhile, the police and Paul’s classmates are busy searching for him. Alex and Katrina’s story of Paul’s disappearance doesn’t go over well with the police, forcing the kids to come up with another explanation for what happened to their friend.

Starring: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Andrew McFarlane as Brian, Paula Forrest as Ms Gibson, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Piotr Adamczyk as Zander, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner, Nina Liu as Lisa, Jerry Flynn as Cook, Peter McCallum as Policeman, Andrew Blaxland as Policeman, Grzegorz Klein as Guard, Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak as Mother

Finding the Way Home

Episode 3

After they narrowly escape the Spellbinder’s flying machine, Paul tries to convince Riana that he’s not dangerous to be around, and wins her over by showing her his cassette player.

Paul stumbles across a mining operation and comes away puzzled about the magnetic rocks being gathered for the Spellbinders.

Returning to the spot where he entered Riana’s world, a Spellbinder Summoning Tower, Paul gets a fleeting glimpse of his father when another portal is opened when a Summoner arrives and activates the tower. On Paul’s world, the overhead cable is cut down closing the portal closes before Paul can pass through but he is spotted on the other side by Katrina. Unfortunately, she’s the only one who sees Paul and once again her story is not believed by Paul’s father or the police.

Once again finding himself stranded with Riana, and now with seemingly no hope of returning home, Paul returns with Riana to her humble village where she hopes her parents might be able to help but Paul’s presence cannot be kept secret for long…

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Andrew McFarlane as Brian, Paula Forrest as Ms Gibson, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner, Slawa Michalewska as Maran, Erlan Buchan as Jal, Julia Biczysko as Arla, Peter McCallum as Policeman, Andrew Blaxland as Policeman

It Isn’t Magic, It’s Science

Episode 4

Riana and her parents protect Paul from the inquisitive Summoner by telling him that Paul is Riana’s cousin.

Paul attracts the attention of Gryvon, the Summoner’s son and apprentice, when he creates some labour-saving devices while working in the fields with Riana, and again when he saves the life of Riana’s little brother who nearly drowns.

Picking up a Spellbinder broadcast on his radio, Paul wants to observe the Spellbinders when they cast a ‘powerful spell’ to bring an end to a blight affecting the villagers’ crops. When he sees a Spellbinder flying ship spraying the crops, Paul tries to explain to Riana that the Spellbinders aren’t magicians — they are using science!

Hoping the Spellbinders knowledge of science can help him get home, Paul explains to Gryvon that he is from another world and asks to be taken to the Spellbinders’ castle to ask for their help. Unfortunately, Gryvon doesn’t believe him.

Later, when the village is attacked by Marauders, Paul scares them off using fireworks he created to demonstrate his knowledge of science to Gryvon. For using his ‘magic’, Paul is imprisoned. Paul wants to prove he’s actually from another world by showing off his video camera but Riana’s little sister has taken the tape. Locked up, Paul sees an opportunity to plead his case directly to the Spellbinders as he wanted but doesn’t anticipate being banished to the wastelands.

Meanwhile, Katrina believes that Paul has somehow been pulled into another dimension. Despite having a hard time convincing anyone else of her theory, she is determined to prove it to be true.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Paula Forrest as Ms Gibson, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron, Slawa Michalewska as Maran, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner, Nina Liu as Lisa, Laurence Breuls as Smithy, Joshua Lee as Giannos, Erlan Buchan as Jal, Julia Biczysko as Arla, Leon Niemzyk as Trom, Monika Switaj as Healer


Episode 5

Ashka, a Spellbinder transports Paul to the Spellbinder’s castle to appear before the Regents.

Riana finds Paul’s missing videotape but when she takes it to the Summoner to prove Paul’s story, she finds only Gryvon at home. Determined to help Paul, Riana decides to travel to the Spellbinder’s castle.

At the castle, Paul tries to explain to Ashka that he has no magic but is in fact from another world. Ashka appeals on his behalf to the Regents for leniency in light of Paul driving off the Marauders, but on the strength of Paul’s own admissions, he is ordered to be banished. Paul speaks up with a demonstration of his otherworldly belongings but only manages to earn a delay while the Regents examine his things.

In the castle cells, Paul is reunited with Zander, the young man he helped build a flying toy in Rivertown. Zander is also scheduled to be banished for breaking the Spellbinder’s laws.

En route to the Spellbinder castle, Riana crosses paths with Gryvon.

Back in Paul’s world, Katrina tries to convince a sceptical Alex of her theory that Paul is in a parallel world to their own and needs their help to get home.

Cast: Judy Morris as Mrs Muggleton, Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Paula Forrest as Ms Gibson, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Piotr Adamczyk as Zander, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron, Slawa Michalewska as Maran, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner, Laurence Breuls as Smithy, Joshua Lee as Giannos, Joachim Lamza as Lukan, Hanna Dunowska as Marna, Erlan Buchan as Jal, Julia Biczysko as Arla, Brooke Friendly as Guard, Peter Callan as Video Man

Show Me Your World

Episode 6

Gryvon arrives at the Spellbinders’ castle with some of Paul’s leftover fireworks to show Ashka. Suitably impressed, Ashka wants the secret from Paul and goes about befriending Paul hoping to see what other useful things he may know.

Sneaking into the castle, Riana encounters Correon in his lab studying Paul’s possessions. Showing him Paul’s videotape, Correon and the other Regents are quickly convinced that Paul comes from another world and reluctantly agree to question him further instead of banishing him.

Unfortunately for Riana, Correon tells her she’s seen too much of the Spellbinders’ world inside the castle and will not be allowed to return home but must stay on as a servant — the only alternative is banishment to the wasteland.

Under the guise of setting him free, Ashka spirits Paul out of the cells to keep him out of the Regents’ hands, transferring him to the castle cellar — she wants the secret to the gunpowder! To keep Riana out of her way, Ashka sets up Riana to take the blame for Paul’s “escape”.

Meanwhile, back in Paul’s world Katrina blackmails Alex into helping her approach Paul’s father with her theory about Paul’s disappearance. Paul’s father is unimpressed with Katrina’s findings and is convinced Paul matches the description of a boy spotted in the bush 30km away. Katrina remains adamant and Alex sheepishly admits he may have seen Paul when he tried to return through the portal.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Andrew McFarlane as Brian, Georgina Fisher as Christine, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Hanna Dunowska as Marna, Mariusz Czajka as Mort, Jacek Lenartowicz as Borin

The Gunpowder Plot

Episode 7

With a promise to be set free if he reveals the secret to making gunpowder, Paul keeps Gryvon busy preparing a diversionary concoction while he creates the real thing himself to provide a proper demonstration for Ashka. Not trusting Paul, Ashka has Gryvon secretly follow Paul’s instructions on his own to make another batch of gunpowder to check the accuracy of Paul’s recipe.

Escaping from Ashka in the castle cells, Riana disguises herself as a castle worker to hide in plain sight. After witnessing Paul helping Ashka and Gryvon make gunpowder, Riana alerts Correon to Ashka’s deception.

The two groups converge on the ruins of a Spellbinder castle that was destroyed in the Darkness time to witness the testing of Paul’s gunpowder. Despite the successful test, Ashka refuses to release Paul.

Correon lures Ashka away from the castle and confronts Gryvon who has been left to watch Paul. Correon orders Paul released. He now sees that Paul’s knowledge is too dangerous for this world and must be returned to his own home. When Gryvon runs off, Paul falls into the old ruins when he and Riana give chase.

On Paul’s world, Katrina arranges for her and Alex to return to the site of Paul’s disappearance by joining a literature camp.

Cast: Judy Morris as Mrs Muggleton, Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Antony Grey as Nick, Jacquelyn Jones as Deanna, Rudi Baker as Nathan, Jeremy Chance as Mr Byrne, Jade New as Skye, Zbignew Suszynski as Guard

Secrets of the Spellbinders

Episode 8

Down inside the ruins of the ancient Spellbinder castle, Correon finds long-lost Spellbinder artifacts including plans for constructing powersuits and flying ships. He also makes a startling discovery — it wasn’t the Marauders that caused the Darkness but the Spellbinders themselves when they tried to increase their powers. Paul thinks his description of the Darkness could be that of a nuclear winter. Correon calls the ancient Spellbinders arrogant fools and is concerned Ashka is starting down the same path.

Back at the castle, Ashka realises she’s been tricked into returning by Correon. Overhearing Correon radio the other Regents telling them of his intention on sending Paul back to his own world, Ashka asks for, and is granted, the Regent’s permission to stop him.

At their literature camp, Alex and Katrina slip away from the group to try and work out what happened to Paul. Somehow Alex’s radio picks up Ashka’s broadcast about Paul. After searching out walkie talkies to try and talk, Alex and Katrina are found out after hours by the teacher and are sent to bed.

Pursued by Ashka in a flying ship, Riana destroys Correon’s Eyestone to keep them from being tracked. The group then diverts to Riana’s home of Clayhill to take an unwell Correon to see the Healer. When Riana’s mum finds Gryvon tied up in the barn the next morning, she releases him, but the others are already long gone.

Alex is just getting into the discussion on Homer’s Odyssey at the lterature camp when Katrina pulls him away to try using the walkie talkies to talk to Paul.

Meanwhile, at the Summoning Tower, Correon attempts to recreate the circumstances of Paul’s arrival using his powersuit. He is able to open a weak portal to Paul’s world where Alex and Katrina are on hand to see it — and Paul on the other side! However, Correon’s powersuit fails before the portal can fully open and Paul and Correon must retreat when Gryvon and his father arrive.

Encouraged by seeing the portal open, Katrina and Alex try to use their walkie talkies. Their signal is picked up by Ashka in her flying ship but once again the teacher arrives to interrupt — their ruse has been discovered.

At another Summoning Tower, Correon, Paul and Riana are set upon by Marauders.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron, Slawa Michalewska as Maran, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner, Jeremy Chance as Mr Bryne, Jade New as Skye, Joachim Lamza as Lukan, Hanna Dunowska as Marna, Erlan Buchan as Jal, Julia Biczysko as Arla, Monika Switaj as Healer

The Labyrinth

Episode 9

Correon tries to use his powersuit to fend off the Marauders but it is to no avail and he, Paul and Riana are captured. Surprisingly, one of their Marauder captors is Zander (the young man Paul helped build a flying toy) who was rescued from his banishment by the Marauders.

Paul sabotages the Summoning Tower to prevent an approaching Ashka from following them in her flying ship, and Paul, Correon and Riana depart with the Marauders.

Seeing Paul’s distinct footprints at the tower, Ashka is determined to find him to stop Paul from giving the Marauders the secret to gunpowder which would put the Spellbinders at their mercy.

After leading Ashka and Gryvon astray, Paul, Riana and Correon are blindfolded and taken to the Marauder’s hidden camp. The Marauders want to punish Correon for the Spellbinder’s mistreatment of them and, despite Paul’s protest, vote to banish him to the wastelands, a development that will prevent Paul from getting back home. That night, Paul releases Correon and the two attempt to escape but they get lost in the maze-like rock formations surrounding the camp.

On Paul’s world, Katrina’s parents have forbidden her from seeing Alex and no one believes their story about Paul’s disappearance, it is simply too fantastic.

Alex thinks his friend Nathan, who works with electronics, can help. Earning his friend’s sympathy with a sob story about his and Katrina’s forbidden relationship, Alex asks for Nathan’s help to rig up a radio and recording device so they can get proof of Paul’s whereabouts for his father.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Piotr Adamxzyk as Zander, Antony Grey as Nick, Rudi Baker as Nathan, Piotr Makowski as Kurn, Jolanta Juszkiewicz as Cailin, Iwona Rulewicz as Tark, Anna Gladkowska as Rinske

Desperate Measures

Episode 10

Paul and Correon are found in the rock labyrinth by Riana and Zander who, now convinced that Paul is from another world, agrees to help him escape — even if it means helping a Spellbinder. They are soon discovered by the rest of the Marauders who are determined to keep Paul away from the Spellbinders in order to obtain the secret to gunpowder for themselves.

The Marauders show Paul the wastelands and threatens to send Correon there unless Paul helps them. Hoping to dissuade them, Correon shows them the ancient Spellbinder text he found that tells how the ancient Spellbinders’ hunger for knowledge almost destroyed the world. Correon volunteers to be banished to keep the knowledge of gunpowder safe.

Meanwhile, Alex and Katrina blackmail his brother Nick into driving them back into the mountains to where Paul disappeared. Once there, Katrina and Alex set up their equipment and are able to listen in on Ashka and Gryvon’s Eyestone communications. Realising Paul is in danger, they turn up their stereo to warn Paul.

The music (Chocolate Rapper) is loudly played out over Ashka and Gryvon’s Eyestones which they quickly discard. Alerted to the danger, everyone in the Marauder camp flees into the rock labyrinth but in the commotion, Paul and Zander are caught by Ashka and Gryvon while Correon is recaptured by the Marauders.

Not wanting the Regents to learn about the mistakes made by the Spellbinders of the past, Ashka destroys the ancient Spellbinder journal, lest it lead the Regents deciding not to pursue the knowledge of gunpowder.

Riana locates Ashka’s discarded Eyestone and hears Katrina and Alex trying to make contact but her reponses are not heard by Katrina and Alex. While the Marauders are rejoicing at having an Eyestone to monitor Spellbinder activity, Riana departs the camp to find Paul to tell him his friends are trying to contact him.

Back at the castle, Ashka tells the other regents that Correon was killed by the Marauders and is given authority to do whatever it takes to subdue the Marauders. Paul is returned to the castle cellar and Ashka demands he produce gunpowder.

Meanwhile, Correon has been released by the Marauders and has returned to the castle as well. In his dishevelled state he is not recognised by the guards but manages to slip into the castle during a commotion Paul has created in the cellar while supposedly making gunpowder.

Escaping from the cellar, Paul makes his way to the Regents chamber and tells them of Ashka’s deception. Ashka tries to silence Paul but her lie is exposed when Correon bursts into the room.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Piotr Adamxzyk as Zander, Antony Grey as Nick, Hanna Dunowska as Marna, Joachim Lamza as Lukan, Piotr Makowski as Kurn, Jolanta Juszkiewicz as Cailin, Iwona Rulewicz as Tark, Anna Gladkowska as Rinske, Mariusz Czajka as Mort, Jacek Lenartowicz as Borin

The Centre of Power

Episode 11

Ashka stops Correon from telling the Regents about the Spellbinders being the cause of the Darkness by invoking Spellbinder law, challenging him to a duel for calling her a liar.

Back at the Marauder camp, Zander stops Riana from returning to the castle — she knows too much about them. She appeals to him by saying that although he can’t go home after being banished, he can at least help Paul return to his home. Zander relents and leads her out of the labyrinth.

Paul helps Correon prepare for his challenge against Ashka but Gryvon sneaks into Correon’s chambers and sabotages Correon’s powersuit. After seeing Correon off to the challenge, Paul returns to Correon’s room where he comes across evidence of Gryvon’s tampering. Paul rushes to stop the challenge but is not allowed entry. Paul is able to distract the two guards using his video camera but it is too late, Correon’s powersuit has failed and Ashka has won. Accordingly, the Regents renounce Correon as a Spellbinder and order his banishment. Before Correon leaves, Paul gives him his radio so he can listen in to the Spellbinders’ communications

Riana arrives at the castle and climbs the wall to gain entry. She sees Paul held captive and follows him to Ashka who has moved into Correon’s study. Paul uses his camera to secretly record Ashka admitting to her plan to defeat the Regents and take over. Gryvon sees this and tries to stop Paul but Riana arrives in time to help Paul escape.

Pursued through the castle, Paul and Riana, who has told Paul that Katrina has been trying to contact him, stumble upon the Spellbinders’ energy source deep under the castle. When Ashka corners them, Paul disrupts the power centre, and the magnetic properties of the metal frame attract Ashka in her powersuit, trapping her. Gryvon comes to Ashka’s aid but must remove his own powersuit to do so. With everyone helping Ashka, Riana and Paul slip away taking Gryvon’s powersuit with them. With no other option left to them, Paul and Riana climb aboard a Spellbinder flying ship to make their escape. Paul is unable to master the controls as Ashka and Gryvon close in.

Meanwhile, Alex continues to try to contact Paul but is having no luck.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Piotr Adamxzyk as Zander, Hanna Dunowska as Marna, Joachim Lamza as Lukan, Jacek Lenartowicz as Borin, Marcin Jedrzejewski as Guard, Clarrie Thane as Stavros

Spellbinder Jack

Episode 12

Paul is able to figure out the controls of the flying ship allowing him and Riana to escape the Spellbinder castle. While travelling back to Riana’s home of Clayhill, Paul is able to use the Eyestone in the flying machine to contact Alex and Katrina back in his world and arranges for them to recreate the conditions that opened the portal.

Paul plays back Ashka’s confession from his video camera for the Regents who are also listening in. Hearing this, Ahska takes the drastic measure of shutting down the castle’s power stones to stop the transmission. This also causes a power loss in the flying machine and Paul and Riana crash to the ground.

Trapped under the wreckage, Riana frees Paul with the help of a passing farmer who mistakes Paul for a Spellbinder since he is wearing a powersuit. In search of a healer for Paul, they come across a community of woodcutters who take them in. Paul enjoys his new-found status as a Spellbinder but he and Riana must again flee into the forrest when they are revealed as impostors.

Paul and Riana stumble across Ashka and her guards but escape by jumping into the river. Washed ashore downstream, Paul and Riana finally reach Clayhill. Riana is reluctant to enter the village, hoping if she stays away from her family they will be safe from any reprisals by the Spellbinders. Riana’s father finds them trying to steal a chain and wants to turn Paul over to the Spellbinders for endangering Riana but she convinces him to help Paul in return for all he’s done for their family. Unfortunately, it may be too late — the Summoner has spotted them.

Meanwhile in Paul’s world, Alex and Katrina are unable to convince Paul’s father that they’ve found Paul in a parallel world, and in the wastelands, an exhausted Correon is found by Zander and Lukan.

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Andrew McFarlane as Brian, Georgina Fisher as Christine, Krzyszof Kumor as Correon, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Piotr Adamxzyk as Zander, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron, Antony Grey as Nick, Clarrie Thane as Stavros, Peter Sumner as Mr Kennett, Hanna Dunowska as Marna, Joachim Lamza as Lukan, Piotr Makowski as Kurn, Bogdan Smigielski as Farmer, Wojciech Kowman as Timbercutter, Agnieska Schimscheiner as Timberwoman, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner

The Final Challenge

Episode 13

After sending Riana home, her father demands an explanation from Paul as to why the Spellbinders are after them. Paul shows him the video of Ashka’s confession, explaining he wants Riana to show it to the Regents.

Ashka and Gryvon report to the Regents at the castle that Paul was washed away in the river, ending the threat of an invasion from his world. However, when the Summoner reports in that Paul and Riana are in fact at his village, Ashka departs for Clayhill with Gryvon, determined to recover Paul’s camera with her confession.

Back in Clayhill, the Summoner bursts into Riana’s home and detains Paul, intending to take him to the Spellbinders to be judged. On hearing that her family will face punishment for helping Paul, Riana’s mother has a change of heart in regards to the Spellbinders and helps Paul escape by giving the Summoner and his men a sleeping potion.

On Paul’s world, Alex helps a grounded Katrina sneak out of her house and the two catch a train and then befriend a nun at the train station to get a ride to the school camp site.

Arriving at Clayhill to find Paul and his camera gone, Ashka and Gryvon head to the Summoning Tower where they expect to find Paul. In hiding, Riana overhears their plans and sets out to help Paul.

At the Summoning Tower, Paul uses the chain to short out the tower but no portal appears. Ashka and Gryvon arrive at the tower and attempt to stop Paul. Upon hearing Katrina radio Paul that she and Alex are in position, Ashka pretends to be Riana and responds that it’s safe to open the gateway.

With Riana’s help, Paul escapes from Gryvon but finds Ashka standing between him and the portal which opened when Alex and Katrina hung up a new cable on their world. Ashka tries to stop Paul using her powersuit but only manages to damage the Summoning Tower and Paul is able to return to his world through the portal.

Seeing Ashka about to attack Riana back on the other side of the portal, Paul pulls his friend through the portal into his world. As he does, the damaged Summoning Tower fails, closing the portal and stranding Riana in Paul’s world.

Cast: Judy Morris as Mrs Muggleton, Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul, Gosia Piotrowska as Riana, Brian Rooney as Alex, Michela Noonan as Katrina, Heather Mitchell as Ashka, Rafal Zwierz as Gryvon, Mitch Matthews as Nun, Andrzej Grabarczyk as Bron, Slawa Michalewska as Maran, Stanislaw Brejdygant as Summoner, Kim Antonios as Mrs Katsonis, Hanna Dunowska as Marna, Joachim Lamza as Lukan, Erlan Buchan as Jal, Julia Biczysko as Arla

Episodes 1. 14 – 1.26

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Spellbinder – Series 1

Episode 1

The Big Bang

A school excursion turns into a disaster when Paul disappears – as part of a practical joke. Paul and his friend, Alex, set up a cable, but it passes close to power lines. A strange, electrical surge passes through the cable and explodes Paul into a parallel universe. Uncertain of his new surroundings, Paul is confronted by a strange man, a Summoner who is angered when Paul steals his Eyestone.

Episode 2

Where Am I?

Paul’s classmates and the Police are searching for him around the site where he disappeared, But Paul is trying to come to terms with his new and primitive surroundings. He has met a girl, Rhiannon, but she is suspicious of his foreign ways and fears he is evil. She leaves him to his own devices and his strange ways offend the people of this new world, particularly the powerful Spellbinders.

Episode 3

Finding the Way Home

Paul manages to convince a frightened Rhiannon that he is from another world. Together, they make their way back to the place where Paul entered this new world. Seeing an electrical surge building up, Paul recognises his chance to get home. But on the other side, the Police are still looking for Paul. Fearing the danger of an electrical surge, they knock down the pillars which are feeding the surge, destroying Paul’s chances of returning home. Rhiannon takes Paul back to her village.

Episode 4

It Isn’t Magic, Its Science

Rhiannon arranges it so that Paul can live and work in her village. He finds the work in the fields unnecessarily difficult. Rhiannon explains that things must be done according to the Spellbinders’ instructions. Paul becomes sceptical about the Spellbinders’ powers and soon realises that they are using science, not magic, to appear powerful. The power suits that they wear have some kind of electrical energy. Paul tries to explain to the local Spellbinder, Gryphon, that he is from another world. He shows him things he has brought from his world and asks for some help to get home, but Gryphon accuses him of breaking Spellbinder law. Paul gets an opportunity to show of his unique talents by making fireworks, which save the village from ravaging marauders, but Gryphon takes him away to be judged.

Episode 5


Paul is brought before the Council of Regents in the Spellbinders’ castle and is found guilty of stealing an Eyestone. He is banished to the wastelands for breaking Spellbinder law. One Spellbinder, Kasha is curious about Paul and is sympathetic to his story. She tries to convince the Council of his innocence. As a result, Paul is put in a cell while the council decide what to do with him. Rhiannon is making her way to the Spellbinder castle, in an attempt to return Paul’s video tape to him, hoping this will help him convince the Spellbinders that he is from another world. Meanwhile, Paul’s family, friends and the Police are still desperately looking for him back in his own world. One girl, Katrina, is convinced he has gone into a parallel universe, but no one will believe her.

Episode 6

Show Me Your World

Kasha and Gryphon realise the potential of Paul’s fireworks, and how powerful they would be if they knew how to make them. They plan to learn the secret from Paul. Rhiannon manages to sneak into the Spellbinders’ castle and finds Paul’s video recorder in the hands of a Regent named Connery. She puts the tape in and shows him how the recorder works, playing back his image. Connery is fascinated and takes it to show the other Regents. They all question Paul about his world. Gryphon and Kasha realise that this could destroy their plans of becoming powerful. Kasha and Gryphon plot to get Paul to themselves, by telling the guards that Rhiannon and Paul have escaped.

Episode 7

The Gunpowder Plot

Gryphon takes Paul to an unused part of the castle and insists he teach him how to make gunpowder. Meanwhile, Rhiannon has convinced Connery that Paul has been abducted and they set off in search of him. They find Paul demonstrating the destructive power of gunpowder to Gryphon and Kasha. Once they know how to make their own gunpowder, Gryphon and Kasha are no longer interested in helping Paul. However, Paul had grown suspicious of Gryphon and Kasha and had given them false instructions, so their gunpowder won’t work. Connery, having observed the strength of the gunpowder, realises that Paul’s knowledge is too dangerous for their world and insists on helping him return to his world. Connery lures Kasha back to the castle and captures Gryphon.

Episode 8

Secrets of the Spellbinders

Back in Paul’s universe, Katrina has managed to convince another of Paul’s friends of her suspicions as to where Paul is. They make their way back to the cave where he disappeared. Meanwhile, Paul and his rescuers are heading for the cave where he entered this new world. Katrina and Alex have made radio contact with the new world. They see energy rippling around the cave and get vague glimpses of figures in the doorway. Paul’s attempts to pass back into his world are thwarted by Kasha and Gryphon, who have united to search for Paul and Connery. Paul flees to a nearby village, only to be attacked by Marauders.

Episode 9

The Labyrinth

The Marauders turn out to be regular people who had been banished by the Spellbinders and so disguised themselves. They capture Paul, Rhiannon and Connery and take them to their camp in a labyrinth on the edge of the forest. Kasha and Gryphon have combined forces with another Spellbinder, Lucas, convincing him they are chasing renegades. They close in on the trail of Paul and the Marauders. Paul manages to convince one of the Marauders of his story. He helps him get equipment and directs him out of the labyrinth.

Episode 10

Desperate Measures

Paul makes his way back to the cave, this time with a chain which will act as a conductor to create an electrical surge and help him return home. Paul’s friends back home, Alex and Katrina, try again to make radio contact with Paul. They set up a two-way radio and make contact through Kasha’s Eyestone. Alex and Katrina pick up that Paul is in trouble and transmit a warning to him. Paul hears the warning but is out of the labyrinth, making his way back to the cave. He fears for his new-found friend’s safety so returns to the labyrinth to save them. The Spellbinders pursue Paul and his friends through the labyrinth, eventually capturing Paul and flying him back to their castle. Kasha wants to take Connery’s position as a Regent, so misinforms all that he has been killed by Marauders. Kasha gets elected to the Council of Regents in Connery’s place.

Episode 11

The Centre of Power

Kasha takes over Connery’s position and settles into his rooms. She demands that Paul tells her how to make gunpowder, but he gives her another incorrect formula. Connery returns to the Spellbinder castle to take his position, but has to duel with Kasha. Gryphon rigs the dual so that Connery loses. Paul pleads for Connery’s life to be spared – in return, he will give them the formula for the gunpowder. Connery gets banished into the wasteland. Rhiannon is now the only hope of saving Paul and Connery. She is hiding outside the castle. Katrina and Alex try again to make radio contact with Paul. Their transmission comes through Gryphon’s Eyestone and Paul yells back that he is being held prisoner. Paul is administered with a truth potion, which was stolen from the Marauders. Kasha interrogates Paul under the influence of the truth drug and discovers that he has no practical knowledge about the weapons of his world. Rhiannon disguises herself as a servant and sneaks into the castle. Together, her and Paul overpower Kash and Gryphon, steal Gryphon’s power suit and escape through the castle. They break out from the castle grounds in a Spellbinder flying ship. Paul makes contact with Katrina via an Eyestone and arranges for her to set up a cable at the cave, so he can open the doorway and get home at a specified time. Realising that Paul is going to escape back into his world, Kasha shuts down the power to Paul’s flying ship.aus

Episode 12

Spellbinder Jac

Paul’s flying ship plummets out of the sky and Paul gets trapped. Wearing Gryphon’s power suit, he is able to pretend to be a Spellbinder. He and Rhiannon are rescued by a local farmer who directs them to a nearby town. Kasha sends out Summoners to search for Paul and Rhiannon. Realising that the Summoners are close on their trail, Paul and Rhiannon have to resort to floating down the river to escape. Alex and Katrina have trouble making plans for getting back up to the cave to help Paul return to his own world. Paul and Rhiannon make their way to Rhiannon’s village to get a chain to help them open the doorway to Paul’s world. But they are putting Rhiannon’s family at risk.

Episode 13

The Final Challenge

Paul and Rhiannon get caught by Summoners and Rhiannon’s family help them to escape – now they must all flee the village. Paul, wearing a power suit, manages to open the doorway into his world – but, unbeknown to him, Kasha is hiding, waiting for an opportunity to pass into his world. Katrina’s voice comes over Kasha’s Eyestone, alerting Paul to Kasha’s presence. There is a struggle between Kasha and Paul at the mouth of the cave. Rhiannon arrives and distracts Kasha, and Paul is able to pass into his world. He returns back to see Rhiannon threatened by Kasha, so he grabs her and drags her into his world. A frightened Rhiannon stares at the immensity of the world she has come to.

Episode 14

Lost and Found

As Paul pulls Rhiannon into his world, Kasha fires a bolt of energy which destroys the Summoning Tower. The doorway closes behind Rhiannon, stranding her in Paul’s world. Leaving the two-way radio set up so Connery can contact them when he has rebuilt the Tower, they start walking to the railway station, where Rhiannon gets lost. Paul is adamant that Katrina and Alex keep the Spellbinders’ world a secret. They make a promise, but Katrina is not happy. Paul and Alex go to Paul’s home to get help in finding Rhiannon, but the Police are there, having been alerted by a woman who recognised Paul on the train. Paul tells Alex to take the power suit and goes to meet his father. Wandering through the city, Rhiannon’s odd behaviour attracts unwanted attention. She has some fun, but mostly frightening experiences. She is chased and in desperation, takes refuge by climbing a building.

Episode 15


Rhiannon is rescued and questioned by the authorities. She is terrified. They think she is crazy and take her to the hospital. At school the next day, Katrina shows Paul and Alex a photo of Rhiannon in the paper. The authorities are trying to find out who she is. Paul shows his father the photo and begs him to take him to the hospital. The doctor is beginning to suspect that Rhiannon is some kind of “wild child”. The doctor concludes that Rhiannon must have helped Paul in the bush and that Paul is suffering hallucinations and amnesia as a result of his ordeal. Rhiannon tries to escape from the hospital, but is caught and placed in a security ward. Paul and Alex repair the power suit to try to prove Paul’s story to Brian. Paul puts it on and energises it. Every electrical device in Alex’s house and the surrounding houses blows out. Paul realises that the suit has some unexpected effects in his world.

Episode 16


A despondent Paul meets up with Alex and they try to visit Rhiannon. She pleads with them to get her out. That night, Paul and Alex use the power suit to get past security systems and break into the hospital. The suit’s magnetic field damages the hospital computers. They rescue Rhiannon and escape. They take Rhiannon back to Paul’s house. Paul hides Rhiannon just before Brian comes in to take Paul and Christine to school. Alone, Rhiannon is amazed, amused and frightened by the appliances and amenities of Paul’s house. When Paul returns home, he finds Rhiannon has made a huge mess. Christine comes in and Paul is forced to tell the truth. Christine gets on well with Rhiannon and agrees to help hide her and keep the secret. They clean up before Brian gets home.

Episode 17

The Trojan Toffee Trolley

Rhiannon begs Paul to allow her to come to school with him. With the help of a forged note. Paul passes Rhiannon off as his cousin from Poland. Despite Paul’s anxiety, Rhiannon is able to fit in well. Katrina threatens to dob in Rhiannon if Paul doesn’t allow her to use the power suit to convince her parents. Alex supports Katrina. Paul receives a radio message from Connery. The summoning Tower has been rebuilt. They can take Rhiannon home. Paul heads over to Alex’s to get him and the power suit. They discover that the suit is gone. Paul realises in horror that Katrina must have taken it. They race to Katrina’s. At home, Katrina finishes putting the power suit on. She manages to turn it on. Power flickers at her fingertips.

Episode 18


Paul and Alex race to Katrina’s house as she gets the suit working. They get the suit back. Unable to find Paul at school, Rhiannon goes back to his house. No one is home so she breaks in. Brian catches her and calls the Police. Terrified, she breaks away and runs. Paul tells the Police that he knows nothing. The next day, Rhiannon goes to the school, looking for Paul. She gives a message to the teacher to pass on to Paul, which he does not receive until the next day. Paul and Alex take the power suit to the rendezvous. Paul recognises the trail of Spellbinder eyes Rhiannon had left for him and starts to follow them. Meanwhile, Rhiannon is spotted by the Police. They chase her. Paul activates the power suit and rescues her.

Episode 19


Paul convinces Brian that he is going fishing for the weekend with Alex and his father, when he is really planning on going back to the Spellbinders’ world. When Paul and Rhiannon arrive at the cave, they use the radio to contact Connery. Connery opens the doorway and they step through to Rhiannon’s world. Connery tells them that Kasha is still at large but poses no threat to the Spellbinders. Connery reveals that he has Paul’s video camera with him. Paul starts filming proceedings so that he will have some proof for Katrina. Gryphon sneaks away and goes to Kasha who is hiding out in the forest. Kasha realises that this is her chance to get the gunpowder formula from Paul. Gryphon lures Paul to the outskirts of Clayhill, where Kasha captures him.

Episode 20

Alien Invasion

Rhiannon finds and rescues Paul, but leaves the video camera behind. Kasha flees and Connery calls for flying ships to search for her. With Gryphon’s help, she steals an Eyestone, opens the doorway and enters into Paul’s world. Paul returns to his world without the video camera. Katrina and Alex are furious that there is no proof of the other world. Paul reconciles with his father, assuring him that everything is going to be fine. But disturbing news reports of strange events make him realise that a Spellbinder is visiting his world.

Episode 21

The Hunt for Ashka

Kasha is having a hard time in Paul’s world. She uses the power suit in an electrical store and all of the appliances go haywire. Paul sees a report about the event and realises that a Spellbinder must be in his world – Kasha. At school, Katrina finds Paul and Alex in the science lab, building two electromagnetic detectors. She suspects what they are up to, but when they deny it, she decides to search on her own. Katrina visits the electrical shop where Kasha used her power suit and follows the magnetic signposts Kasha has left. Katrina finds Kasha, who discovers that Katrina was a friend of Paul’s and can be very useful to her. Kasha makes up a story about needing medicines to combat an epidemic in her world. Katrina agrees to help her. Katrina helps Kasha rent a room, where she learns about this world. Kasha decides to rob an armoured car using her power suit. Paul and Alex detect the event and head for the city.

Episode 22

Clowning Around

Pretending to be room service, Alex locates Kasha. Katrina surprises them and is about to call for help, but Paul convinces her that Kasha is up to no good. Kasha returns to the room and the boys have to hide. Pail grabs the power suit and throws it into the garbage truck, where it is crushed. When Paul heads home, Kasha follows and spies on his family before returning to the cave. In Rhiannon’s world, Gryphon steals the Eyestone and sneaks up to the Summoning Tower, where Rhiannon sees him open the door to Paul’s world and is shocked to see Kasha step through. After following them to the castle, Rhiannon makes a noise and is caught. They seal her in the vault with the skeletons of the old Spellbinders.

Episode 23

The High-Tech Power Suit

Using all her strength and cunning, Rhiannon manages to escape from the vault. She reaches the Summoning Tower, just in time to see Kasha step through to Paul’s world, where she follows her. Brian is hard at work at Newtown Industries when he gets a call that a woman has arrived to see him -it is Kasha! She shows Brian the book she obtained from the vault. He is flattered when Kasha tells him that she sought him out because of his scientific reputation. He agrees to work with Kasha in discovering the book’s secrets. That night, Rhiannon climbs in through the bedroom window and surprises Paul. She warns him about Kasha and her plan to build a power suit. They set out to find her. When Paul comes home from school the next day, she hides Rhiannon. Brian arrives and wants to introduce his new girlfriend. Paul is horrified to discover it is Kasha!

Episode 24

A Spellbinder in the House

Paul tries to warn his father about Kasha but Brian gets angry at hearing Paul repeat his old story and takes Kasha to his lab to work on the book. Rhiannon tells Paul she has the videotape of her world so he can prove to Brian that he has been telling the truth. Brian is infuriated by his son’s behaviour and refuses to look at the tape. Rhiannon sneaks into the lab and tries to steal the book which contains the power suit plans. Kasha catches her and takes her back to her house and locks her up. Paul turns to his friend, Alex, for help, but Alex’s father tells Paul to leave. Kasha reveals to Paul that she has Rhiannon and warns him not to cause any trouble. In desperation, Paul stows away in the boot of Kasha’s car to find out where she is hiding Rhiannon.

Episode 25

Breakfast of Champions

Paul realises he’ll need help to save Rhiannon and tips off Katrina and Alex. Katrina contrives to meet Kasha and manages to slip into her house before she can be stopped. Katrina booby traps the security system so that they can get in later. Paul encourages his father to ask Kasha to lunch and puts laxatives in her food. While Brian is tending the sick Kasha, Paul sneaks out. Paul, Alex and Katrina rescue Rhiannon and find a case of money from the armoured car robbery. They inadvertently start the alarm and the group splits up to get away from the Police. Paul and Rhiannon make their way to Paul’s father’s lab, where they are shocked to see that Brian has finished building the new power suit.

Episode 26


Brian, Paul and Rhiannon are pursued through the building by Kasha. They are no match for the powers of the new suit. Kasha catches them, locks them up and tells them she is destroying all evidence of her work. She starts a fire in the building. Brian realises there is a copy of the power suit plan on the computer at home and Christine is there on her own. They escape from the building and try to ring Christine from the car phone. She doesn’t hear the phone so they contact Alex and Katrina, who make their way to Paul’s house. Over the phone, Paul instructs Alex on how to make a copy of the file – but the phone goes dead. Christine screams as Kasha arrives, but Katrina takes her out the back door to safety. Brian, Paul and Rhiannon arrive to confront Kasha. Alex manages to get a disk to Paul. Kasha realises what has happened and races after them. Paul and Rhiannon take refuge at the docks, but Kasha corners Rhiannon. Paul uses a huge electro-magnet to short out Kasha’s power suit. Kasha is helpless and runs for it. Brian drives Paul, Alex, Christine, Katrina and Rhiannon to the cave, where Paul bids Rhiannon a final farewell, and she goes back to her world. Paul pulls the cable and closes the doorway. With Brian’s help, Paul, Alex and Katrina lure Kasha into a trap using the stolen money. The Police arrive and arrest her. She is hauled off, pleading she is from another world.

Is ‘Spellbinder’ on Netflix in Australia? Where to Watch the Series

Australian, Kids’ TV, Fantasy TV Programmes, Family Watch Together TV

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Great news! “Spellbinder” is available to watch on Netflix in Australia!


Date Added: 1st May 2021


A science-loving teen lands in a parallel world where magic reigns. But to get home, he must team up with new friends and escape the evil powers that be.


Certificate: G The content is very mild in impact

Year: 1997

Duration: 2 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 2 (26 Ep), Season 1 (26 Ep)

Audio: English [Original]

Subtitles: English

Episode Length: 24min


Cast and Crew

Cast: Zbych Trofimiuk, Gosia Piotrowska, Heather Mitchell, Brian Rooney, Lauren Hewett, Ryan Kwanten, Anthony Brandon Wong, Leonard Fung


Production & Box Office Details:

“Spellbinder” was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. With it’s initial release on September 23rd 1988 it made approximately $1. 94m at the Box Office.





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Available on Netflix Australia!

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Where else can you watch ‘Spellbinder’ on Netflix?

90,000 inflation spellcasters, the release of Domashniy, the triumph of Traffic Light – OfficeLife

Not a single journalist has seen them, but they are on the Forbes list. Their business is banal and close to the people. Perhaps this is the secret of the success of the Schneider family. Our government is also on the way to success. Let the inflation rate grow dynamically. The Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on this matter: the rate should drop to 5. 5% per year. The deadline is until December 31, 2021. If this does not happen, let the pace blame itself.

Everyone earns the best they can.Pfizer has established cases of fake coronavirus vaccine use in Mexico and Poland. In the latter, according to experts, the vaccine was given out as a remedy for wrinkles. What about? But for retirees benefit!

All jokes, and four detainees in the conspiracy case against Alyaksandr Lukashenka have been charged. According to The KGB, all the defendants give confessions and cooperate with the investigation.

The situation with Domashny more and more gives off notes not so much of drama, but of some kind of hopelessness.And in this case, everything can also end with confessions and cooperation with the investigation. Details on the link.

On the other hand, the other network, Svetofor, is doing well. The network opens all new points, and its owners got to the Forbes rating. The Schneider family has not yet made the first billion, but there are already hundreds of millions.

The refinery has released its reports for 2020, and in it we saw the sad trail of last year.Disorders with hydrocarbon supplies in the first months of the “covid” year did not end well. Details here.

And finally, about where the government is looking. To the future! And there it sees inflation of 5.5% at the end of 2021, and then lower and lower! Are you in doubt? Well, those of little faith, if you live to the end of the year, then … However, let’s focus on the ability to survive for now.

The Washington Post (USA): Australian farmers burn their own crops | Society | Inosmi

They are desperately trying to escape the biblical plague that struck their fields and homes.First came the drought. Then floods. Now – mice.

“This stench cannot be eradicated, they die right in the walls”

Mice are invading dwellings. They destroy crops. They gnaw on household appliances, sofas, cars – and deprive people of their livelihood.

Plague control

Colin Tink, 63, has been farming his entire life, but he has never faced a plague of mice as widespread as the one now ravaging Australia’s eastern granary. And he also did not see a drought like the previous one, from which fertile lands turned into dusty wastelands.

When the rains finally came last year, Tink thought he’d be lucky.

© AFP 2021, Saeed KHAN Australian farmer Kol Tink with his nephew on a farm in Dubbo

Rains produced record harvests in the spring and summer months (September to March in the Southern Hemisphere). The granaries are full. The barns are littered with hay. His Tinku will be enough to feed the cattle for another two years.

But then the mice came. Thousands of mice.

Rodents burrow deep in hay. What they do not eat is spoiled anyway, as it is soaked in their urine. The pungent odor stings the nose. All clothes smelled like it.

“It’s just heartbreak,” Tink lamented. “We’re back to where we started.”

Not wanting to give up, Tink built a giant mousetrap out of an old shipping container that he used to roll feed to the cattle. He lures mice there by scattering grain on the floor.

© AFP 2021, Saeed KHAN Australian farmer Kol Tink and his grandson catch mice in Dubbo

Then Tink and his 5-year-old grandson Jock sweep the mice to a puddle of water at the open end of the container. Rodents throw themselves into the water. Once in a thin layer of dishwashing liquid, they quickly drown.

On the very first evening, they caught 7 thousand mice. The next night – another 3 thousand. Now they have an average of a thousand per night.

“We can’t beat them — unless we slow down their invasion a bit,” says Tink.

Origins of the agricultural disaster

About once every ten years, Australia suffers from an invasion of mice. Older farmers recall the 1970s, when there were so many mice that the ground seemed to be moving.

The invasion of mice leads to millions of losses.

One of the reasons – new methods of management. To keep the dry soil moist, Australian farmers are planting new crops directly over the stubble – the stubble left over from the harvest.

It serves as a shelter and food for mice at the same time.

Biologist Steve Henry calls mice “breeding machines.” They begin to reproduce offspring as little as six weeks old.

After three weeks of pregnancy, a litter of ten mice is born. And the parent individuals continue to reproduce without any breaks between pregnancies.

Four months later, some “babies” reach maturity on their own and mate, giving birth to “grandchildren.” You now have up to 90 individuals plus two original ones.

In eight months – which is about one breeding season – one parental pair of mice gives birth to about 500 rodents.

And that’s just one pair of mice! Take four – and you already have 2 thousand. The population is growing exponentially and reaches millions.

© AFP 2021, Saeed KHAN Mice at Terry Fishpool’s Farm

The NSW government has donated 5,000 liters of a deadly poison called bromadiolone. But scientists fear that the poison could lead to the death of other species: wedge-tailed eagles, owls, snakes and sand lizards that feed on mice.

Mice also carry viruses that are potentially fatal to humans. Queensland health authorities say the number of cases of leptospirosis – a flu-like illness that can lead to meningitis, kidney failure, bleeding and respiratory complications – nearly doubled in 2021 from the same period last year.

It’s time to call the mouse charmer

There are not enough traps, and farmers have to come up with their own ways of catching.

For example, many make improvised traps from barrels and buckets. They lay out the bait so that the mice themselves run towards their death.

Some farmers turn to government experts like Henry, who travels the country and advises people on rodent control.

© AP Photo, Rick Rycroft Mice on a farm near Tottenham, Australia

In Coonamble, west of Sydney, Henry saw mice clean up a haystack of 3,000 bales worth about $ 93,000 last month. According to him, in a drought he would have pulled twice as much.

“Talking about mice, I wake up and go to bed,” he complains.

At the Royal Hotel in Yoval, about 320 kilometers west of Sydney, pub owner Mark Isles recounts how mice were running around the bar a few weeks ago and he was catching them with his bare hands.

Worst stink in the world

Greg Younghusband is a 40-year-old farmer from Gilgandra about 440 kilometers west of Sydney.To cope with the invasion, he had to burn his crops and set a bunch of traps.

One Saturday about a month ago, it got so bad that Younghusband had to send his wife and daughters to a nearby town for the weekend. The invasion of mice became unbearable.

The mice were in the barn. And throughout the house too. They ruined the washer, dryer and two refrigerators. They gnawed the sofa, coffee maker and daughter’s sheets. We dug under the oven.

© AP Photo, Rick Rycroft Mice on a farm near Tottenham, Australia

You could hear them rustling in the walls.And the smell of death was everywhere.

“Now you cannot erase this stench, they die right in the walls. And under the stove too, ”Younghusband laments. “This is the worst stench ever. It is incomprehensible to the mind. ”

He armed himself with 40 traps and from 2 pm to 2 am caught 450 mice, after which he gave up and went to bed. “I cleaned the trap and reloaded the bait, and as soon as I looked away, it worked.”

One evening, Younghusband lit nearly 130 bales of hay destroyed by mice and watched, beer in hand, as the flames lit up the night sky.In total, he counted 1.5 thousand lost bales.

© AFP 2021, Saeed KHAN Mouse on a plastic sheet

According to Henry, usually a mouse invasion ends in death: the population becomes too large to survive. Parasites infected with diseases begin to attack each other, the weakest and sickest become the first victims.

But if the winter does not get colder, many will survive the cooler months, and an even more deafening outbreak will break out next spring.

InoSMI materials contain assessments exclusively of foreign mass media and do not reflect the position of the InoSMI editorial board.

6/62 Spellcasters: Adda | Ridley

– The Alliance has asked to provide them with two students of our school with the gift of Seven Sorcerers. “Am I staring at the headmistress in amazement, Alliance?” Have you chosen us?

– But why do they need two conjurers of seven? Sawyer asked, frowning. I knew Sawyer didn’t like being paired up with him forever, or having to fix what I did. Since the spellcasters of the seven are rare, and we are the pure blood of the spellcasters in seven knees.You could even say aristocratic. The very fact that two spellcasters and one of the strongest spellcasters, our headmistress are in the same school, is amazing. The spellcasters of seven are not in every school and there are not many of them left around the world.

– What I will say now will remain within the walls of the office. Is it clear to you? – we nodded in sync with him.

– Fifteen Sorcerers are missing in Aliss Springs, Australia.

– And the Alliance allowed it? – Sawyer exclaimed

– Do not raise the tone in my office – she rapped out.- They need you to find them.

– Is this even possible? I asked. “Fifteen Conjurers are missing there. And do you think there is anything we can do to help?

– Are there no other volunteers? He asked angrily.

– First, they need a fresh look. And you have just practice. Secondly, you will be guarded, and the Alliance will be able to protect you. Otherwise, I would not have let you go.

– Well. Of course they protected those Sorcerers, I muttered. And seemingly not as quiet as she wanted.They both stared at me. – What?

“You must return,” she rapped out. – Don’t let the school down.

– Easy to say.

– You leave at dawn tomorrow. Time is running out.

– And the information – he asked. – They’ll tell us something.

– Yes, on site. The Alliance itself will reveal to you everything you need to know. And she again took up the folder.

Sawyer and I exchanged glances and went into a room with sunflowers.

– What do you think happened to them? I shivered slightly as I imagined what could have happened to the fifteen spellcasters.

– I am more worried about what gift they had. Since the Alliance needed Sorcerers like us, it means that among the missing was either one of us or several, like us.

– Why such assumptions?

– We are the most powerful Spellcasters of all. And what is the conclusion?

– That at least one of the Sorcerers was the same as us. And the conclusion is that there is a demon, and a very strong demon.

You see, the spellcasters of the seven are the strongest, we can create our own spells and control more than three demons. The spellcasters of the seven are usually called when dangerous creatures break out. Like the lords and princes of hell. We can also lower them to hell, and lock them up there, sewing up the split that we create for the sake of descending there. And we would not be called out for nothing, especially children who have just finished their studies.

– Don’t be late Calbridge – he opened the door and Michael appeared in front of him – What are you doing here?

– So, Diana was waiting. He winked at me over Sawyer’s shoulder. – But, you know, I don’t mind drinking beer with you.

-Hey ….- I was indignant. They were waiting for me, as it were.

– Come on – Sawyer slapped him on the shoulder

That’s it, no news. Let him think of everything himself. Traitor. I left the office and headed for the stairs. Stopping outside the prayer hall, she glanced at the man who stood at the open door. Surprised, I went to him.

– Least of all, I expected to see you here – he shuddered and turned to me. In his eyes, I saw sadness and doom. Yes, he did not hide it.

– Something pulled – with a wry smile, he again turned towards the hall.

– Leo, what’s the matter? I grabbed his elbow. He looked at me again.

– Have you heard about Audrey’s mission !?

Ah, so here’s the thing. In “paradise” there were changes: – Yes, she said. But, you will still come back here. This is just practice.

– If only … – he looked at me and turned away again.

– Leo? What’s the matter?

– Father called. I am going back to England.He has cancer, and as it progresses, I have to go back. He wants to transfer his business to me. – Sighing heavily, he went into the hall and sat down on the bench.

Leo really loved Audrey. At the beginning of our training, he did not confess to her. But, after three years ago, on New Years, Michael persuaded him to tell Audrey everything, they started dating. We all called them a “paradise” couple. Leo’s father was an oil tycoon. He was spontaneous and possessed the element of air. His mother died in an accident, she possessed the element of fire.His parents did not use their own gift. And Leo was given so that he would learn to control his own strength. Since he possessed two elements. The headmistress welcomed Leo with pleasure, refusing Mr. Junt’s money. But Leo’s father still donates to the school anyway. As the headmistress said, charity has not bothered anyone yet. For ten years, Leo never saw his father, only called him up. Audrey became his only support and love.

I didn’t understand how Leo was feeling.There was so much despair in him. I stood and looked at his hunched figure. Hearing the stomp, I turned around and ran Audrey down the stairs. She ran up to me, opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something, and turned around and closed it. She smiled at me and went into the hall. Sinking down on the cards next to Leo, she took his face in her hands. I quietly closed the door and went up the stairs.

“Diana” I shuddered at this raspy voice. Over the years that I have lived here, I have heard it several times. At first it seemed to me that since Sawyer also possesses the power of the Sorcerers of Seven, then he hears them too.But, he brushed it off, saying that I most likely have hallucinations. Diana. The voice came from the closet under the stairs. I took a pot with a flower that came under my arm, and went to the door of the closet. Diana. I stretched out my hand, grabbing the metal of the handle, I pulled on the door. The closet was dark, and there were cleaning supplies near the door. Sighing with relief, I turned around and, with a cry, dropped the pot. It crashed on the wooden floor, the Earth scattered underfoot, and the flower remained lying underfoot.Ryder stood in front of me, and looked from the pantry to me. Then he looked down at the broken pot.

Anklepants – Priapic Electronics from Australia – Archive

Never before has the expression “oh and dickhead” been so exhaustive described the work of a single musician. Zalupa is about appearance Anklepants; its impressive size to the genital organ (growing from where in ordinary people, as a rule, the nose begins) John Falcon himself will envy. Oh – it’s about music, perverse electro with bursts of breakcore and dubstep.And then, and another, which is characteristic, in a good way – try to look for the same wild and an inspiring combination of bow and sound.

Ricard Minced – this is the name of this one-eyed caster demon a snake intricately dancing to the beat of the music is a difficult character. Under the scrotum from the foam latex hides the light head of Joshua Head, Australian, moved to Berlin, the master of animatronics, whose frighteningly realistic monsters scattered across a host of Hollywood blockbusters from recent Star Wars to “Prometheus”.Actually, the outstanding skills of Head and allowed him not only build a mask of the phallic Elephant Man, but also assemble a controller, allowing you to play music on stage, constantly having fun with your monstrous false penis. According to the musician, the correct movement of the hand during the performance means as much for the success of all undertakings as coordination of movements heavy metal drummer during a downhole drum solo – that is, practically everything. Thus, the eternally erect penis of Minceda indicates lack of carnival in life, and even more so in modern electronics, suffering chronic sciatica from constant sweating behind a laptop.For Joshua, everything started with an innocent childhood hobby for radio-controlled cars – and now he designs for movies the articulations of mutated killer wasps, cybernetic dogs and other nightmares, including his concert the vestment looks like an innocent Freudian fantasy. As the musician notes, even his mask, causing not so much fear and disgust at concerts as genuine delight, created for one surreal sketch, but in eventually came in handy at a different address.Besides, there really is nothing in her. especially repulsive – perhaps a mechanical gangrenous phallus will even nicer than modern cultural achievements such as ramenburger or cropped pipe trousers. Mince himself calls it a face (or facé – pay attention to the use of acute, another odd thing about Minced meat using him neither to the village nor to the city) – well, let’s try to peer at him.

Anklepants’ recent video for the song “speak you little facehead” – the musician has another homemade controller in his hands

The story of Anklepants who escaped from a tiny town in the middle of the land of antipodes, not unique – an identical path was made by an adept Metaphysical Breakcore Company Fuck And The Legendary Australian Glass Eater Lucas Abela, and in general, a rare marginal artist will be able to stay in a country where it is forbidden to make noise after eight in the evening.In Europe, an eccentric look Minced meat has drawn more attention to him – right now, for example, a musician touring with a virulent breakcore star and a great expert on parts of all kinds of deviations by Otto von Schirach. However, a young artist Anklepants cannot be named – his first performance was already six years old back. “It all started with a very slow and to the creeps of wonderful dance music, ”recalls Farshi. – “Then Anklepants was also a duet – the idea of ​​two penises smoothly dancing with each other on stage, I thought it was a little uncomfortable, but at the same time extremely funny. “However, how adds Farshi, after the very first concert he – and his apparatus – were left alone, the partner did not even begin to explain the reasons for his withdrawal from the project. Rickard case did not abandon and since then managed to record over 20 albums of a strange, but delectable edge electronics. Like many other authors, Farsi is not loves categories and hierarchies – so the term “breakcore” annoys him a little: “I like this music, but of all my compositions, perhaps only percent five can be attributed to this genre.Besides, I do not think that taking samples from pop songs, chop them up and speed them up to a breakneck pace is to do something his “, – cuts off Minced. Moreover, it is difficult for him to refrain from criticism: “Here “Ilikeyourfaceheadshoesanddick” is a track about a breakcore scene, which is why it sounds like breakcore; this is a song about heterosexual guys who are going to clubs to communicate how they like each other’s members – that’s what breakcore scene! ” Note that, as often happens, this is perhaps almost the most famous composition of the artist.His musical preferences go where thinner and less obvious than it might seem after watching several videos on youtube, – here and Harry Parch, and Turkish folk music, and sanjo – as it were it sounded paradoxical, at some point it is worth abstracting from musky magnetism of the artist and start listening to his recordings, since almost all of them presented at Bandcamp.

The very same foray into the territory of the breakcore “Ilikeyourfaceheadshoesanddick” – but also with a trademark subversion

If you delve into the work of Anklepants, then you can to face conceptualism is an order of magnitude more challenging than the jokes of amateurs shake the mane.Take at least the latest album “Social Patching And the Pixel Pageant Facéd Boy “, based on a complex theory (of course, own) about dummies and fakes in social networks, with which you can easily manipulate groups of people. “I would apply this theory to music in in general and to musical genres in particular – for example, many musicians are in captivity to their stereotypes about what they are doing and what others are doing, as if artists not close to them – although in fact all this is based on the same principles, ”explains Farshi.- “Someone is fighting to be the most popular artist, and someone in favor of being the most underground – but, strictly speaking, they are one and the same aspiration. “Social Patching …” is a record of a lack of sincerity among musicians “. Is Joshua himself sincere, not revealing his physiognomy and dressing up under the demons from the prints of Fortunio Licheti and Ulysses Aldrovandi? “It’s all about the face” – he laughs. – “For a person, the face is the most important part of the body, especially for musician – according to him they meet you and react to you, and if we talk about Ricardo Farsi, they react to him very, very hotly, which means that I do everything right”.Indeed, if it were not for the constant earnings on film sites, then Joshua could very well live off socioneurobiological experiments – even the fact that at Anklepants concerts to the stage with grasping only men break through with gestures, says more about nature sexuality than some years of research. Although, of course, for for these observations to be scientifically valid, the sample must be much wider. But, most likely, it will be so – after all, if you think about it … to the nose, Anklepants deserves it.

90,000 The runner in the video persuaded the bear not to eat it – literally. The bear charmer is found, Piglet buys the course

An athlete from the United States can receive the Iron Character 2021 prize in absentia after a hungry bear comes out of the forest. The runner was not only able to persuade the animal not to feast on itself, but also invited him to continue the walk together.

Wyoming resident Evan Matthews was doing a jogging habit in Teton Ridge National Park when he realized he was being watched.The runner looked around several times and did not notice anyone, writes the New York Post.

The runner scared off the bear

However, after a few meters I looked so closely that I could not continue my journey without a camera. Everything in order to shoot a shy stalker on video, who was peeking out of the trees – a bear.

True, when the bear realized that he had been discovered, he immediately began to converge. Modesty has given way to persistence.

Read on Medialeaks We work for ourselves! Why is self-employment the new black? Evan took out a special deterrent spray

A huge brown bear (it is actually considered black, it’s just a subspecies of Ursus americanus cinnamomum – “with cinnamon”) was walking towards Evan.The runner immediately took out a deterrent spray, without which it is better not to leave the house in Wyoming.

I have seen many bears in the wild, but this is the first time one of them has shown an interest in me. He must have been very hungry!

Bear chased the runner

Despite the danger, Evan decided to abandon the use of his only weapon and instead try to reason with the beast. The most common conversation with him.

Chatting, the runner backed away and did not take his eyes off the bear.

Hey, no, stop! I don’t care if you’re hungry or not. I’m not your food! Of course, we could take a walk if you want, but don’t come any closer.

Evan’s verbal intimidation tactics initially failed. The bear continued to chase him along the road for about 300 meters. However, in the end he lost interest and went back to the forest.

The nonviolent victory is won, and Evan can boast of a unique walk with a dangerous beast, which, however, he is unlikely to want to repeat.

Animal rights activists from the USA also shared a video from the wild, but the camera was a wolf with a camera around its neck. The most real. It turned out we didn’t know a lot about these (pretty cute) animals.

The inhabitants of Australia also reveal the secrets of the world around them. The real Nemo was found there. He does not have scales, but eight legs, but this does not detract from his cuteness.


Marrakech is located in the center of Morocco, surrounded by the Atlas Mountains.The ancient capital, to which the country owes its name, is called the heart of Morocco. The city was founded in the 1070s by Yusuf ibn Tashfin, the founder of the Almoravid dynasty, to control the movement of caravans through the Atlas Mountains. In a very short time, Marrakesh became an important center of a part of northern Africa, right up to the border with Libya. Marrakech attracts not only foreign tourists,

but also the Moroccans themselves, who come to the ancient city from all over the country. Narrow streets will lead you to the main place of meeting and communication – the famous Jamaa El Fna square, where you will meet street vendors, storytellers, musicians, dancers, fortunetellers, snake charmers.Be sure to find an opportunity to visit the surroundings of Marrakech. You will be able to watch the sunrise from behind the majestic Atlas Mountains. In the south, small Berber villages are still preserved, in which people live the same way as their ancestors hundreds of years ago, far from civilization, subsisting on their small economy. In the east of Marrakech, your eyes will see beautiful waterfalls, overthrowing from a height of more than 100 meters in beautiful cascades. There is also an amazing phenomenon – the Imi-en-ifri Bridge, created by nature itself – the “Gates of the Abyss”.

Near the square there is one of the sights of the city – the Katubiya mosque. Its construction was started during the reign of the first ruler of the Almohad dynasty – Abdelmumen. His grandson, Yakub El Mansour, decorated the mosque with a beautiful minaret, which has survived to this day. The Katubia Mosque, dating from the 11th century, is a true work of Spanish-Moorish art.Its minaret rises over 70 meters. It is definitely worth visiting the center of Marrakech – Medina. Here is the Bahia Palace – one of the finest pieces of architecture in the Islamic world. The ruler Ahmed El Mansour Dhabi founded this palace on the occasion of the victory over the Portuguese in 1578 (in the so-called Battle of the Three Kings). The Dar Si Said Museum houses many antique Moroccan art and ornaments in gold and marble, collected by Ahmed El Mansour (1578-1603 BC).). The building of Ben Yusuf Madrasah, founded in 1570, is worth a visit and is a true masterpiece of Merinid architecture. In the XII century, the Gardens of Agdal were laid and the artificial lake Menara was created, which gives a special romance to walks in Marrakech. This city knows how to attract tourists. But it is especially interesting in Marrakech during the Festival, when everything is subordinated to the rhythm of the music and the emotions of incendiary dances reign.

HAVE FUN.Without a doubt, the heart of the Moroccan East is Marrakech. Water-carriers in picturesque old costumes, snake charmers, bazaar acrobats. All the entertainment is not only for tourists, but also for local people. Therefore, everything is alive and authentic. Reach out to the henna painter – in ten minutes it will be covered with an intricate pattern that never repeats. The market quarter does not leave indifferent either Europeans or Arabs. Center of Marrakech – Medina – history revived: the mausoleum of Yusuf bin Tashfin, the Golden Apples Mosque, Bahia Palace.

The hottest climate in Marrakech, in the summer months the temperature there usually rises to + 38-40C during the day, and at night drops to + 24C.

Show more… 90,000 Masters of empty space JANUARY 24 – FEBRUARY 22, 2020 / JANUARY 24 – FEBRUARY 22, 2020


On January 24, the LYUDA Gallery will host the opening of the exhibition “Conquerors of the Void”, which brings together artists working with space: Sergei Denikin, Igor Panin, Alexander Podobed and Elena Slobtseva.

Projects created by the authors balance on the verge of sculpture, installation and object. The privatization of air by the authors, and all of them were formed in the early nineties, resembles a raider takeover, where the very boundary of the work cannot be fully defined and depends on the will of the artist. We can say that there is no border at all – art flows into reality, becomes now a bucket, now a stick, now a paper triangle, now a toothpick. This is a project about borderline states, about territories that are always uncontrollable and endless, about emptiness, which is, in part, a symbol of our time.The manifesto, written for the exhibition by Gleb Ershov in the style of the Russian avant-garde, emphasizes the connection between times, a certain immutability of the general vector of eternal movement.

Spellsters of the Void and Conquerors of Space:
Sergei Denikin, Gleb Ershov, Igor Panin, Alexander Podobed, Elena Slobtseva

Photo: Mikhail Grigoriev

We and only we are spellcasters of emptiness, conquerors of space, we steer into the sky and fly over the horizon into open space with light wings of imagination we lift a weightless mind We do not touch the stone statues of the past with shrapnel in the lakes of the future, we do not touch the stone statues of the past and move the figures off the board of the chess confusion of the past years, the constellations and heaps of treasures are rolling downhill in echelons of dark muddy glasses with gilded frames hiding gaps in the clear visibility of flat Olympias and swing is not like the entrance through the vagina of the shiniki de sen fall willow tanga and pontus hulten not launching a thousand hydrostatic balls into the sky and the signature of the sky blue klein and non-flyers of blue Khlebnikov Malevich Rozanova Filonov Tatlin and the second cosmonaut squad to the monastery nakhova kabakov dmitry alexandrovich the dreadful quacker of the horrible nakhova, the dreadful monster lazy and laya boldly challenge and harness the savraska with the ringing hooves of the humpback skate into the cobweb valley of the tackle we make a mad gallop and on the fly the heat of the bird a feather from eternity we scatter the lights we set fire around the fire of australia kangaroos scatter away from us we don’t have to lift our own space and another Volodya still cannot be mastered – we and only we conquerors of space caught the fish alive, it still trembles all the way and the butterflies and grasshopper legs and wings we touch gently with a child’s hand fuuu a light breath and something seems to be in the trembling of dragonfly wings and the neck of a beer the green bottle glitters and the key with the strawberry from the close contact of friction a spark of light already flames the tongues of heavenly flame but does not burn out – a miracle, probably, how could it be otherwise we and only we are spellcasters voids conquerors of space kings of the state of times go out to battle Ruslan with the head of a giant we plant in the fire and the hole in a square poddybay the rivers we turn the snow with a scent of frosty stardust the cold of the scribes the roar of the sea-lion the internal pipe breath of deer at the watering hole with steam smoke burns and freezes the lips to the iron does not tear off the blood tangerine skin with droplets of snow paints that there are totems of emptiness minimalism-Protestantism that the Russian is cool german kerdyk maximalism of boys with a map of the starry sky for every day you will stretch a thread with a dome of golden ayi sophia you set the axis east west west east north south ziben seven we conquerors of emptiness we move our boat and people hello from the miracle of the overseas yuda scarlet flower on the demolition we carry turn the ring and now there is nothing yo.

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