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Understanding SodaStream Models: A Comparison Guide

SodaStream is a soda machine juggernaut that provides sparkling water lovers with more options than ever to customize their favorite beverages or always have a new bubbly drink in their fridge.

One of the best things about SodaStream’s catalog is just how many options there are for any soda fanatic.

There are five main SodaStream models to choose from, and each does a phenomenal job of providing carbonated water whenever you like.

But it can be tricky to know which soda maker to choose, especially if you haven’t used a sparkling water maker before.

In this guide, we’ll go over what distinguishes these soda maker models from one another and let you know which folks they’re meant to be used by.

That way, you can accurately match up your needs with the soda maker that’ll work best for you.

Let’s get started!

How All SodaStream Machines Work

Before we get into the specifics for any of the soda maker machines below, let’s go over how each model can provide you with tasty carbonated water whenever you like.

SodaStream soda makers work by infusing carbon dioxide gas into cold water via a nozzle.

The carbon dioxide gas used for each soda maker can only be provided via a pre-sized CO2 gas bottle.

SodaStream sells bottles that are perfectly sized for all of its soda maker models, regardless of which exact model you own.

This makes SodaStream one of the best resources for finding replacement gas canisters when you run dry.

You can find third-party CO2 canister providers, although there’s no guarantee that those gas cylinders will work with your soda maker. Additionally, SodaStream offers a way to save money on refilling costs by offering discounted prices if you ship in your old CO2 canisters to have them refilled.

Each full CO2 cylinder can provide you with 60 L of carbonated water.

Since most SodaStream bottles come in 1 L sizes, this is effectively 60 drinks per cylinder. Most soda makers will eventually simply stop functioning as soon as the CO2 cylinder is depleted.

You insert the CO2 cylinder in the back of whatever soda maker you own, usually twisting it until a seal is formed between the canister and the soda maker.

Once this seal is secure, you can move on to the water.

SodaStream machines have fixed nozzles at the front of each model that are specifically designed to only accept bottles sized like SodaStream ones.

It’s definitely possible to find occasional soda or beverage bottles that are not made from SodaStream that may fit these nozzles, but they are few and far between.

SodaStream has this limitation because you’re only supposed to use pure water without anything else mixed into it when you add the CO2 gas.

This is because CO2 gas has a higher mixing limit with plain water than with beverages with other components.

In other words, the soda maker can force more CO2 gas into a pure bottle of water than it can with other beverages.

This is partially due to the saturation limit of water as a liquid, and partly due to temperature.

SodaStream also recommends that you only provide cold water for carbonation instead of room temperature or warm water. Cold, pure water is the ideal conduit to receive carbonation since it has a high saturation limit and CO2 gas doesn’t escape very easily.

While it’s possible to use other liquids, like juice, with a SodaStream machine, the results are often explosive and can result in a sticky mess that you then have to clean up.

It’s almost always a better idea to carbonate cold water and add flavoring afterwards.

After placing the water bottle into its designated nozzle, most soda makers require you to just press a button and the machine does the rest.

Some machines have preset timers to allow for perfect carbonation each time while others allow for more customization, requiring you to hold the button down until you are satisfied.

You can then remove the water bottle.

If you want to add syrup or any other homemade ingredients to your carbonated water, you can then do so.

This basic process is what every soda maker model follows regardless of its advancements or other settings.

SodaStream Fizzi – The Beginner

The Fizzi is the most basic and affordable soda maker offered by SodaStream.

It’s a great starting product and is an especially good choice for occasional carbonated water drinkers or for those just getting into this as a hobby or habit.

Its affordability is a big plus; you can get a basic starter pack with everything you need, including a three-year warranty and a 1 L water bottle, for less than any other soda maker pick.

It’s the most cost-effective choice to start drinking your own custom sodas as soon as you can for as little money as possible.

You can also spend a little extra and get a special “Hydration Pack,” which includes everything that the starter pack has plus 2 extra 1 L water bottles and 2 0.5 L bottles.

This also comes with lemon fruit drops to make your own citrus-flavored soda once the kit arrives.

All in all, this is a great choice for those with a family or if you’ll be sharing the machine between multiple people.

As a machine, the Fizzi is a pretty simple example for a soda maker. It only accepts 1 L size bottles due to its pre-sized docking station, which is perfectly sized for proprietary bottles sold by SodaStream.

Once you insert the bottle and the gas canister, all you need to do is press the single button at the top of the machine and the carbonating process will begin.

The Fizzi’s button is activated by pressure and stops carbonating if you release your finger.

This allows you to customize the level of carbonation in each beverage to your personal liking. SodaStream also includes a small beginner guide to provide some example times for different levels of carbonation.

However, most people won’t carbonate beverages for longer than 7-12 seconds at most, with 10 seconds being the average level of carbonation for most 1 L bottles of water.

This basic soda maker doesn’t require electricity to operate, so it’s easy to use anywhere in your home.

It also comes in either black or white colors so you can match it with your decor or kitchen aesthetic without too much trouble.

Furthermore, it comes in a pretty small size, just a little taller than the 1 L bottles of water that it infuses the carbonation.

All in all, the SodaStream Fizzi is an easy to use soda maker and a perfect starting point if you’ve never made your own custom sodas before.

Even after gaining some experience, you’ll probably want to keep it around thanks to its simplicity and the fact that it doesn’t need a power outlet to provide you with soda.

SodaStream One Touch – Electrifying

The SodaStream One Touch is an upgrade from the basic Fizzi model, and its beginner pack is only slightly more expensive than the cheapest variant of the latter.

This starter kit comes with the machine, a 1 L bottle of water and matching carbonating cylinder, free shipping, and a three-year warranty.

You can also upgrade to a “Hydration Pack”, as with the Fizzi, which includes extra bottles perfectly sized to fit in the machine and some lemon fruit drops.

Furthermore, you can try out this soda maker with a 30-day risk-free trial, which can potentially offer great value for money.

So what makes the One Touch different from the Fizzi? Both inserting the carbonating cylinder and the water bottle require that you follow the exact same procedure as with the Fizzi, and this machine also only takes 1 L-sized bottles.

The major difference comes at the top of the machine itself.

The One Touch requires electricity to operate because it boasts three buttons, each preset for different levels of carbonation. The first setting infuses only a mild amount of carbonation into the attached bottle water, firing for less than 10 seconds.

This is a perfect choice for soda lovers that enjoy a lighter tingle with each sip of their beverage or who might get an upset stomach if they drink soda with too much carbonation.

The second setting is the median 10-second burst that most people will stick with on average. It delivers a carbonated beverage virtually identical to the one produced by the Fizzi or other soda makers.

The third and final button delivers a higher level of carbonation by firing for about 15 seconds before ceasing.

This makes your carbonated drink extremely bubbly and fizzy, and it’s perfect for soda lovers that appreciate a sharper tang on their tongue with each sip.

Basically, the One Touch offers greater preset levels of soda customization for a slightly higher asking price.

Of course, you’ll have to decide if the lack of customization between those levels is worth it to you.

You can also purchase it in black or white colors and it looks almost identical to the Fizzi; the only major difference is the power cord that runs out the back. You’ll need to find an appropriate spot near a power outlet to use this machine consistently.

This being said, the power draw from this machine is very light.

You could easily still take this soda maker camping and run it with a portable generator or an RV’s battery without issue. It’s not likely to short out your outlets or cause your kitchen any problems.

The only downside is the relative thinness of the power cable. It’s very easy to accidentally bend or cut, so take care when using it in a crowded kitchen.

SodaStream Aqua Fizz – The Custom Soda Maker

The SodaStream Aqua Fizz combines the custom button-pushing carbonating style of the basic Fizzi with a little more elegance and class to make it fit in with more style-conscious kitchens or decors.

You’ll notice right away that it comes with a different design, even though it takes up about the same amount of space as the previous two soda makers.

The Aqua Fizz works first by lifting the top half of the carbonating access port up and away from the receiver, which looks like a silver cup.

This receiver is pre-sized to only accept 620 mL glass carafes, one of which you get with the basic Starter Pack for this model.

The glass carafes don’t hold as much carbonated water as the 1 L plastic bottles, but they have an advantage in that they are dishwasher safe.

The glass carafes also look a lot classier than regular plastic bottles.

They’re more durable and easier to clean, and arguably promote better-tasting carbonated water as a whole.

To use this machine, you insert the glass carafe into the receiver cup once it has water inside, then lower the top half of the Aqua Fizz carbonator apparatus over the bottle.

A small carbonating tube will dip into the water and the bottle will disappear from view as a seal is formed.

It looks quite futuristic and cool to see in person.


Next, you carbonate your water using the same method as you would with the Fizzi. Simply press the single large button at the top for as long as you like, and you’ll carbonate your beverage to your liking.

Since these carafes don’t hold as much water, it’s recommended that you only hold the button down for seven or eight seconds instead of the regular 10.

Still, the hold-to-carbonate design means you can easily customize your carbonation level.

You can purchase the Aqua Fizz in a starter kit, which comes with a single glass carafe, a three-year warranty, and everything else you need to begin making custom sodas immediately.

Or you can purchase a “Hydration Pack,” like with the other soda makers.

This includes three of the glass containers, plus lemon fruit drops.

All in all, the Aqua Fizz is a more stylish and aesthetically pleasing version of the basic soda maker model that SodaStream has perfected.

It’s better if you don’t need to drink a whole liter of soda each time you make a custom beverage or if you prefer the look and taste of drinks from a glass carafe rather than a plastic bottle.

SodaStream Jet – More Bubbles, More Fun

The SodaStream Jet is another upgrade to the basic Fizzi model.

It comes with a single kit option that includes the machine, a 1 L bottle for sparkling water, and a carbonating cylinder.

This model is easy to use since you can simply insert your water bottle into the nozzle and twist it to lock it into place.

This model doesn’t use electricity or batteries, just like the Fizzi.

It also uses a single button at the top that releases carbonation according to how long you hold it down. So what’s the major difference between these two soda maker models?

For starters, there are some differences in terms of appearance.

The Jet comes in a distinctive black and silver color that’s a little more stylish than the rather plain black or white offered by the Fizzi. In addition, the bottle is slightly elevated when inserted into the nozzle. A carbonating rod goes deeper into the water than with the Fizzy, potentially improving its carbonating capabilities.

But the real difference between both machines is and how much CO2 gas they can use.

The Fizzi is limited to using 60 L carbonating cylinders.

But the Jet is compatible with both 60 L and 130 L CO2 cylinders: the latter of the two offers more than double the number of carbonated beverages before you need to refill your cylinder.

This makes the Jet a great option if you need a soda maker for a large family that drinks lots of carbonated beverages each week.

Having a larger carbonating cylinder around allows you to go longer between sending in your empty cylinder to get a refill.

Plus, the Jet comes with an automatic mail-in rebate for your first carbonating cylinder with the purchase.

It’s a soda maker designed for frequent carbonated beverage drinkers who love to make their own custom sodas.

However, this kit doesn’t come with bottles since SodaStream is slowly phasing this model out of production.

You’ll need to pick up bottle and syrup separately, possible adding to the overall asking price in the end.

SodaStream Source – LED-Illuminated

The SodaStream Source is the final offered soda maker model currently available.

It has an elegant aesthetic with an extremely easy to use push-in snap-lock system that makes it a breeze to insert your next water bottle when it’s ready for carbonation. Simply push the bottle up into the receiving nozzle and you’ll hear it snap into place.

This soda maker model doesn’t take up too much room on the kitchen counter and doesn’t require electricity or batteries to function.

It can take the regular 60 L carbonating cylinder and a 1 L bottle of water. It also uses the signature push-to-carbonate button at the top of the machine that we have come to expect from most SodaStream models.

So what’s the difference?

Directly above the slot where your water bottle will go is a series of three water droplet icons.

These icons indicate the current level of carbonation you are infusing into your water bottle based on your pressure and the time you’ve held the button down.

These LED lights run on small un-replaceable batteries that will last for years to come without any maintenance on your part.

The LED lights are helpful because it can be difficult to tell how much carbonation you confused into your water bottle with the other models that use the same button system.

Say that you forgot how long you held the button down; now you have to sip the water bottle yourself to determine how bubbly it is before you can continue or cease carbonation.

The LED lights take the guesswork out of the equation.

They’ll light up sequentially as you move from stage to stage, going from a low level of carbonation (one water droplet) to a high level of carbonation (five water droplets).

This is a simple and intuitive way to let you measure how much carbonating you’re doing and help you stop when you’ve reached your personal favorite custom carbonation level.

Other than that, the machine is standard in all other aspects. It comes in both black and white colors, as well, so you can match it with most kitchen aesthetics with ease.

Like with the Jet, the Source doesn’t come with bottles or syrup with its purchase.

Be sure to pick up a few if you decide to go with this model instead of the others.

What’s the Difference Between SodaStream Bottles?

SodaStream offers several varieties of water bottles, all of which are sized for either most of their soda maker models or for the Aqua Fizz, specifically.

The major difference between these two water bottle types is their material.

As previously mentioned, the Aqua Fizz only accepts glass carafe water bottles that hold 620 mL of fluid.

These glass carafes are dishwasher safe, making them much easier to clean than their plastic counterparts.

There are a few different varieties of the basic glass carafe, changing its color or aesthetic, and they are purchasable from the main SodaStream website.

The other water bottle variety is plastic, and it comes in two sizes: 1 L or 0.5 L.

The plastic bottles are not dishwasher safe as the plastic material might warp when subjected to the high heat and turbulence of a typical commercial dishwasher.

You’ll have to wash these by hand, using regular soap and water.

However, these bottles can be used by more soda maker models than the carafes, which only fit with the Aqua Fizz.

The plastic bottles come in much more variety in terms of color or design, as well.

Several plastic bottles come with decorative designs or slightly different aesthetics; as an example, you can get a few plastic bottles with stainless steel bottoms and caps, which both look sleek and are more hygienic than plastic bottoms and caps.  

Check out my post here on what bottles are interchangeable across the models.

How Do Flavors Work?

SodaStream machines work best when you carbonate regular water that hasn’t yet mixed with flavorings or other additives.

It’s easier to carbonate the water efficiently this way.

Image Courtesy of Neil Graver @ Flickr

When you’re finished carbonating your water, you can add pieces of fruit to infuse some light flavor or mix the carbonated water with a small but concentrated amount of another beverage.

Most people use the proprietary SodaStream flavored syrups to create their custom carbonated beverages.

These syrups are concentrated formulas that provide common or relatively unique flavorings for your carbonated water bottles.

The syrups are pretty thick when you pour them out, so it’s only necessary to add a few drops of the syrup for a full bottle of carbonated water.

Of course, the beauty of the syrups is that you can add however much or little you desire.

Like with the carbonating buttons, SodaStream’s real magic comes from the ability to customize your carbonated drink exactly the way you like it.

It’s far superior to having to drink soda pre-made by others, which may be more or less carbonated or sweetened than you prefer.

  I’ve done a rundown of the top 35 SodaStream flavors here – worth a read. 

Models Comparison Conclusion

Overall, all of the SodaStream machines have value and are a great pick for somebody.

Most people will probably want to stick to the basics; in this case, the Fizzi is a great choice due to its affordability and ease-of-use.

But the One Touch and Aqua Fizz are also extremely popular, the latter for those who enjoy carbonated water more as a treat or luxury than an everyday beverage.

 Which soda maker model is right for you?  That’s up to you to decide.

Whatever you choose, we hope this guide has been helpful and thanks for reading! 

And be sure to check out the Sodastream Store on amazon for the latest offers

The 4 Best SodaStream Alternatives

Whether you’re in camp “pop” or “soda,” sometimes bubbly drinks are just what hits the spot. While SodaStream is the biggest name in the at-home fizz market, there are plenty of other brands to choose from, and many of the best SodaStream alternatives offer features SodaStream doesn’t, like being able to carbonate just about any drink (including juices and flat beer) or a gadget that doesn’t require those large CO2 canisters. One even comes in gorgeous minimalist chrome so you can feel like you’re sitting at a fancy café while at home. When you’re shopping, think about which of these bonus features matter most to you:

While SodaStream only works with water (though you can add flavors later), many of its competitors on the market differentiate themselves by working with any type of beverage including juices and wine directly. And while most SodaStream alternatives use the same kind of CO2 canisters, you can also get a smaller soda siphon, which uses carbon chargers that are smaller, so create less waste.

Finally, you’ll want to think about your budget. Some carbonated drink makers are quite spendy, running upwards of $200 (though you get a lovely aesthetic in return). And beyond your initial investment, consider cost per liter.

Now that you have a better idea of what to keep in mind when purchasing a soda maker, keep scrolling for four great soda makers.

1. The Overall Best: DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

With an affordable price tag, DrinkMate is a great alternative to the SodaStream because of one important feature: It can be used with any type of beverage, including juices, wine, and even flat beer. This easy-to-operate unit is compatible with most brands of CO2 cartridges in both 10- and 60-liter sizes. comes with a so-called Fizz Infuser, a special cap that ensures your newly carbonated beverage doesn’t wind up sprayed on your ceiling.

This set comes with a bottle but requires you to purchase your CO2 separately, but for a few dollars more, you can also order a DrinkMate set that comes with a 10-liter carbonator so you can get down to business right away.

Helpful review: “The DrinkMate works better than SodaStream and saves money! I have purchased five SodaStream carbonators. Most put more CO2 into the air than into the drink. They should be expected to break within two years. The DrinkMate has been easy to use. It puts more gas into the drink. So my money is not spent on replacing new CO2 cartridges.”

2. The Most Compact Alternative: Nuvantee Soda Siphon Soda Maker

For a more compact solution, a soda siphon like this one from Nuvantee is a great option that many reviewers say ends up being cheaper per liter of seltzer water when compared to the SodaStream. Made with an aluminum design and a 1-liter capacity, you can make plenty of seltzer in this soda maker. Simply attach a CO2 charger (not included, but this $21 pack of 40 is popular with users) to the top of the siphon and you are good to go. This soda siphon also comes with a cocktail booklet so you can make your own drinks. Best yet, this design is a lot smaller than a SodaStream, great for small homes or anyone with less kitchen storage.

Helpful review: “I bought this for my sons who love sparkling water. [It’s] very easy to use and cheaper per liter than a SodaStream. I use the Leland soda chargers and measure out 30 ounces of filtered water.”

3. A Great Aesthetic Alternative: Wild and Kind Sparkling Water Maker

For anyone who loves seltzer but tires of having a space-hog appliance that’s clunky on their counter, this sparkling water maker is a super attractive soda machine great for any kitchen. At an affordable price, this appliance has a natural wooden finish that comes with three BPA-free soda water bottles. Like some of the newer SodaStream models, the Wild and Kind has carbonation control, so you can customize how bubbly your water is to your liking. It also requires no batteries or electricity to operate. As with most soda makers, you’ll have to buy the CO2 cartridges separately, but these work with most standard 60-liter CO2 canisters. One note: This doesn’t offer any flavors you can add to it (though you can always add your favorite flavors after you’ve made your seltzer). And, if the wood finish isn’t to your liking, this comes in three other colors as well.

Helpful review: “We decided to buy a Soda maker as our contribution to reduce plastic waste (we drink a lot of sparkling water). And I love this soda machine. It’s easy to use and and it does make great seltzer!And of course we are saving lots of money.”

4. The Best Splurge: Aarke Carbonator III Premium Sparkling Water Maker

The sleek and elegant design of the Aarke sparkling water maker makes this guy look like a piece of artwork on your countertop. And there’s no doubt that the design factors into the hefty price tag. Coming in at just over $200, it’s made of stainless steel and features a tall cylinder, a head attachment, and a removable drip tray. This carbonator is lever activated and works with CO2 canisters (the manufacturer recommends the SodaStream ones) which are not included in the set.

However, it’s important to point out that the Aarke carbonator only works with water, and the manufacturer recommends that any addition of flavors should be done in a separate carafe, not the Aarke carbonating bottle. But if you’re looking for a sleek alternative to the SodaStream that looks right out of an upscale café, it’s a great choice many customers have been thrilled with. Choose from a stainless steel, matte black, or black chrome finish.

Helpful review: “I have been a SodaStream user since the beginning – perhaps 15 years. […] Thank god for Aarke. Yes it is expensive however in the long run it is built to last and performs infinitely better than any of the SodaStream carbonators. This product is EXCELLENT!”

Also Great: A Variety Pack Of Flavor Enhancers

With five flavors in a set and 100% of your daily recommended vitamin C per serving, these flavor enhancers are an excellent addition to your at-home soda maker. Unlike some other flavor enhancers, Stur’s liquid drink mix is made with real, all-natural fruit extracts and sweetened with stevia. Most importantly, customers love the way they taste.

Helpful review: “Love the flavor of this product! There are lots of choices, so everyone will be able to find one (or more) they like […] In addition to the taste, healthy ingredients, and ease of use, I also like being able to control the intensity. I prefer just a hint of flavor, so I just put a few drops in each glass.”

8 Amazing SodaStream Alternatives That are Better (2021)

SodaStream Alternatives

The 8 Best Alternatives to SodaStream are:

  1. DrinkMate –The Best option if you want to stick with the SodaStream model without the SodaStream brand.
  2. Sparkel Beverage System – Ideal if you dont want to use CO2 Tanks.
  3. Aarke – A High-End Sleek Sparkling Water Maker.
  4. KitchenAid Sparkling Water Maker – Great for making large quantities of Sparkling Water.
  5. Isi Soda Siphons – Most portable and easiest to store away.
  6. Portable Soda Siphons
  7. DIY Methods -This refers to making your own Carbonation Machine. (In the long run, you would save a ton of money on CO2 gas).
  8. Using Household Ingredients – to Make Sparkling Water, such as the Dry Ice Method. (Which is a great method to make large amounts of Sparkling water).

1- The DrinkMate

The Drinkmate is made by I-Drink Products Inc based in Michigan and is currently the second most popular carbonation appliance maker in the world.

The Drinkmate is my top recommended alternative to any SodaStream machine.

The Drinkmate’s basic design is very similar to a SodaStream, so much so that the same SodaStream CO2 Canisters would work with the DrinkMate.

The big difference with the DrinkMate is that it allows you to carbonate any beverage such as Juice or Wine, unlike SodaStream products which limit you to only carbonate water.

Imagine making Sparkling White Wine or Bubbly Orange Juice.

How to Set Up and Use the DrinkMate

You Can See the DrinkMate in Action in The Video Below.

The DrinkMate will come with;

  1. A Plastic Carbonating bottle which holds the water to be carbonated,
  2. An Adapter which is also known as the fizz infuser,
  3. The Machine and
  4. You will need to get CO2 Cylinders– The same as SodaStream Machines.


  • Now the first thing you need to do is screw on the CO2 tank onto the back of the Drinkmate
  • Secondly, fill the plastic Carbonation bottle with the beverage of your choice
  • Then screw on the adapter onto the plastic bottle
  • Next, attach the bottle with the adapter on the Drinkmate.
  • Then press the carbonation button on top of the DrinkMate a couple of times until you hear a buzz
  • After which take off the bottle and adapter from the DrinkMate
  • Flip the silver part of the adapter up to slowly let out the CO2 do this for roughly 45 seconds.
  • Then release the blue part which is under the silver section for 45 seconds
  • Finally, once the pressure seems stable unscrew the adapter and pour the beverage into a glass.

DrinkMate Vs SodaStream

The main difference the DrinkMate has over the SodaStream is the fact that it can carbonate any beverage, this is due to the fact that it comes with an adapter also known as the Fizz infuser. Citation.

The adapter is what makes the DrinkMate so awesome.

You see if you try to carbonate something other than water – (like orange juice) inside a SodaStream the CO2 gas won’t dissolve so easily.

Instead, a lot of the CO2 gas ends up staying inside the bottle and when you open that bottle all the pressure is released in a foamy explosion.

Now the Adapter has a release that allows you to slowly and safely release the excess CO2 gas to avoid overflows and foamy messes.

Cons of the DrinkMate:

  • Relies on CO2 tanks or canisters if you are trying to run from having to exchange CO2 tanks, the Drinkmate is not for you so keep on reading for other alternatives.
  • A Little More Costly than a Budget SodaStream The Drinkmate tends to be more expensive than the ultra cheap and older SodaStream models
  • Though the Drinkmate carries the same price as more modern SodaStream Models
  • And the fact that you can carbonate any beverage, in my opinion, more than makes up for the extra couple of dollars.
  • Tends to Use more CO2 so you will end up having to exchange CO2 tanks more often.
  • This is due to the DrinkMate needing more CO2 gas to carbonate other beverages.

Pros Of the Drinkmate:

  • Can Safely Carbonate any Beverage without losing your warranty unlike most of its competitors.
  • The DrinkMate doesn’t have overflows which can cause a foamy mess
  • This is because of the design and the adapter.
  • Uses CO2 cylinders and tanks that can be easily exchanged at a lot of locations at a reasonable price this is because they use the same kind of cylinders like SodaStream.
  • So if you are accustomed to exchanging your SodaStream at a certain location you can keep using them.
  • Made in America so it’s heavily regulated to ensure safety and quality.

Who Should Get a Drinkmate?

1- If you want to safely carbonate any beverage then DrinkMate is perfect for you with it you can carbonate juices such as apple, pineapple, and orange juice and you can even make sparkling wine

2- Now If you and your family had a SodaStream and you are ok with the CO2 canister exchange system and you are just looking to upgrade.

The Drinkmate is great since you can still use your SodaStream tanks and continue to exchange them at the same locations.

3- Awesome Gift for someone who already likes or has a SodaStream this is an ideal upgrade for them.

Where You Can Get the Drinkmate

Amazon usually has The DrinkMate in stock and at good prices, you click here to see the current price there.

Just make sure that you buy CO2 tanks to go with it, my advice is to buy a twin tank set it usually works out cheaper you can click to see the current price on Amazon.

You can also get them at Walmart, click to see the current price there.

Alternatives to SodaStream Tanks

Currently, the only alternative CO2 tanks or canisters that I could find are made by the DrinkMate Company and are available in 14.5 ounces and each can carbonate 60 liters of liquids.

DrinkMate CO2 tanks are also certified by the FDA to be of food-grade quality, click to see the price of a pair on Amazon.

These tanks can work with most SodaStream appliances as well.

Though I am not so sure if SodaStream or one of their affiliates would exchange them for you.

I would advise sticking with SodaStream Tanks.

2- Sparkel Beverage System

The Sparkel appliance is the most unique carbonation appliance featured in this article.

It differs in one key aspect that it doesn’t rely on CO2 tanks to carbonate water.

Instead, it Uses Carbonation Sachets instead of CO2 tanks.

With the Sparkel, you won’t have any more hassle of having to exchange and store bulky tanks

The Sparkel was designed and are made by a Canadian Company so I am confident that the product is of the highest safety standards. Citation.

How Does The Sparkel Work

The Sparkel carbonates water using Carbonation Sachets.

The sachets contain a powder that is made of a mixture of citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and both of which are food-grade ingredients.

Now when a carbonation powder is placed in the Sparkel it makes CO2 gas which is then transferred to the water and thus carbonates it.

I need to emphasize that the Carbonation Powder is not directly added to the water instead they are placed in a separate compartment and only the CO2 gas produced is then transferred to the water.

So no chemicals are added to your water.

1 carbonation sachet will make a one-liter bottle of carbonated beverage.

You can see the Sparkel in action in the short video below.

Cons of the Sparkel

  • You will still have to order CO2 Sachets when finished, though they are much cheaper than CO2 tanks.
  • The carbonation process is much slower than a SodaStream think 4-5 minutes to fully carbonate.
  • The Sparkel uses electricity unlike most SodaStream machines or The DrinkMate

Pros of the Sparkel

  1. Very Affordable – the Sparkel Beverage System’s price is comparable to the DrinkMate or a SodaStream.
  2. You can carbonate any beverage safely from Ice to Juices, you are limited only by your imagination
  3. You won’t have the hassle of dealing with bulky hard to store and sometimes hard to find CO2 tanks.
  4. Cost of shipping carbonation sachets tend to be cheaper than shipping CO2 tanks
  5. You won’t need to average whether the beverage is fully carbonated, one sachet per bottle, no guesswork needed.

Who Should Get a Sparkel Beverage System

  • If you are tired of dealing with bulky CO2 tanks, CO2 tanks or canisters can be a pain in the butt to deal with
  • Anyone not living close to a location where you can exchange CO2 tanks,
  • my sister is a perfect example of this she has to drive 30 minutes just to exchange her empty SodaStream tanks.
  • If you are looking for a Carbonation appliance that can carbonate any beverage.

Where To Get the Sparkel Beverage System

Currently, the Sparkel is available on Amazon you can click to see the Current Price.

Also, don’t forget to buy lots of Carbonation Sachets click to see a package of 90 packs on Amazon.

3- Aarke Sparkling Water Maker

The Aarke Sparkling water maker has a very sleek design made completely of stainless steel, giving it an unparalleled aesthetic look.

The Aarke just like a SodaStream is used to make only sparkling water, meaning if you use it to carbonate any other beverage you would void the two-year warranty that it comes with. Citation.

How the Aarke Works

The Aarke works just like a SodaStream, they even use the same CO2 tanks.

You can click to check out a short video to see the Aarke in action

How the Aarke Differs from a SodaStream?

The main difference I would say is that the Aarke is sold as being a premium Sparkling water maker with a much higher price and a more modern look.

Unlike the SodaStream which is made mostly of plastic and with a focus on utility rather than appearance.

Also since it is made of Stainless steel this should give the Aarke an edge in strength and a much longer lifespan.

Cons of the Aarke

Being so similar to the SodaStream causes the Aarke to have all the Cons associated with using a SodaStream such as;

  • having the annoyance to always have to exchange CO2 tanks and
  • also not being able to carbonate anything other than just plain water.
  • Plus the Aarke comes with a much higher initial cost than the SodaStream,
  • this is extra cost is due to the fact that it is made completely of stainless steel.

Who Should Get the Aarke?

The Aarke would work perfectly as a gift, with its aesthetic look, it is sure to impress.

It would work great as a Christmas or birthday gift for a close friend or colleague or maybe a perfect wedding present.

And if you have a couple of extra dollars to spend I think the Aarke would go nicely if you already have a neatly designed kitchen.

Where You Can Get the Aarke

You can purchase the Aarke on Amazon click to see the current price.

Also, don’t forget your tanks click to see twin CO2 tanks that will work with the Aarke.

4- KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker

The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is a Premium Sparkling Water Maker.

Its made by the KitchenAid Company, one of the largest and oldest home appliance maker in the world. Citation.

The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is also made right here in America.

How The KitchenAid Works?

The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is very similar to a SodaStream, it works using a CO2 tank or Canister (the very same ones used by SodaStream) to carbonate water.

The Kitchenaid uses the same system, where you have to;

  • screw on the CO2 canister at the back of the appliance and
  • attach the provided plastic bottle filled with water preferably cold water.
  • then press the lever to carbonate
  • Unsnap the bottle and pour yourself a glass of sparkling water.

It just like a SodaStream is limited by the Company to only make Sparkling water.

How the KitchenAid Differs from a SodaStream

The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is designed with sturdiness and toughness in mind.

It is made almost completely of solid metal and weighs almost 19 pounds in comparison to the SodaStream Jet weighs around 4 pounds.

The KitchenAid was, in my opinion, seemed to be made for almost near commercial usage.

Cons of the KitchenAid:

  • Will Need to Get CO2 refills
  • The Kitchen Aid is limited to Carbonate only Water
  • Costs more than most Bargain SodaStream Machines.
  • Tends to use more CO2 than a regular SodaStream, I think this is because it probably makes water extra carbonated.
  • Larger than a SodaStream so it will take up more space than on your kitchen counter.

Who Should Get the KitchenAid Sparkling Water Maker?

I think because of the extra cost attached to the KitchenAid and along with its sturdy design the KitchenAid seems more suitable for;

  • A large family that makes a lot of sparkling water and Homemade Sodas.
  • A Small Restaurant or Bar which would use a lot more sparkling water than a regular home.

Where can You Get the KitchenAid Sparkling Water Maker

You can find the KitchenAid on Amazon click to see the current price.

And twin CO2 tanks to go with the KitchenAid click to see the price on Amazon.

Soda Siphons

Soda Siphons are small carbonation utensils that consist of

  • A Container that holds the water to be carbonated in, this can vary from being metal to plastic.
  • And the head that holds the CO2 cartridges that contain the CO2 to carbonate the water.

Soda Siphons are different than normal carbonation appliances in that;

  • They Use CO2 stored in very small Cartridges or also sometimes referred to as Charges
  • Siphons tend to be smaller and much more portable than regular appliances.

Cons of a Soda Siphon:

  • The price of the CO2 cartridges can add up over time so be wary of this
  • CO2 tanks tend to cheaper in the long run, once you are willing to go through the effort to exchange the tanks.
  • Soda Siphons take a much longer time to carbonate, you even need to shake the bottle up to make the water extra carbonated
  • Soda Siphons won’t give you a high level of carbonation like a SodaStream.
  • You can’t control how much CO2 is added with a Soda Siphon.
  • Most Soda Siphons are limited to make only sparkling water and you probably shouldn’t carbonate any other beverage since you can‘t control how much CO2 is released.

Advantages of a Soda Siphon:

  • Don’t need any CO2 tanks, work with CO2 cartridges also known as Charges which are easier and cheaper to ship.
  • Soda Siphons tend to be smaller making it easier to move around perfect for outdoor and backyard events and also they take up a lot less space over an appliance.

Who Should Get a Soda Siphon

1- I think a Soda Siphon is more practical for a small family or an individual that probably won’t use too much sparkling water.

Why because the individual cost of the Cartridges tend to be higher than let’s say exchanging CO2 tanks.

If your family or you tend to use a lot of sparkling water the cost of those cartridges will add up.

Now on the other hand if you are the type of person that occasionally enjoy a glass of sparkling water a Soda Siphon might be your best bet.

2- Anyone that hates getting CO2 tanks or canister exchanged often or maybe just can’t find close by places to exchange.

The CO2 cartridges tend to be easier to find or at least ship, though remember this comes at a higher cost.

3- If you are looking to make sparkling water on the go or at the office. Soda Siphons are much more portable than carbonation appliances.

4- Soda Siphons are also great for back-yard and outdoor events.

There are two Soda Siphons I would recommend the Isi Soda Siphon and a Portable Soda Siphon.

5- Isi Soda Siphon

I have used the Isi Soda Siphon several times through my parents, who have had one for almost 7 years now and they have yet to have any complaints about it.

The Isi Soda Siphon is a typical Soda Siphon the kind that you would probably see in a bar that is used to make sparkling cocktails.

The Isi Soda Siphon is one of the most common Soda Siphons available, this gives it a huge advantage over other Soda Siphons because you can more readily find CO2 cartridges when needed.

Also, the Isi Soda Siphon is made of stainless steel giving it an edge in strength

How the Isi Soda Siphon Works

It works by using CO2 cartridges which when screwed onto the head of the Soda Siphon releases the CO2 into water, then by pressing the small lever on the side of the head, it sprays out the now carbonated water.

How to Use the Isi Soda Siphon.

Your Isi Soda Siphon will come with a Head, a Stainless steel Bottle, two tubes and you will have to also get CO2 cartridges.

You can click to check Out a Short Video to see the Isi Soda Siphon in Action.

Tips when Using the Isi Soda Siphon

  • Leave the Soda Siphon in the fridge preferably in the freezer section,
  • the colder the bottle makes the water that is added even colder
  • Now with a colder environment in the bottle increases the rate that CO2 dissolves in the water and makes the water extra carbonated.
  • Shake vigorously after you have screwed the CO2 cartridge on this also increases the rate that the CO2 dissolves in the water
  • After shaking let the water settle for 10-15 minutes.

Where You Can Get the Isi Soda Siphon

My parents bought their Isi Siphon on Amazon they usually have them at great prices you can click to see the current price of the Isi.

Don’t forget the CO2 cartridges, click to see the price on Amazon for a package of 10 cartridges.

6- Portable Soda Siphon

A Portable Soda Siphon is a new design of the typical Soda Siphon. I have never used it before but the sleek new design is what made me include it in this article.

How a Portable Soda Siphon Work?

A Portable Soda Siphon just like the Isi Soda Siphon works with CO2 cartridges.

The CO2 cartridges are inserted into the head, which is like a large cork, which is then screwed onto a plastic bottle (which is different from the Isi which is Stainless steel), and then the CO2 is released into the water.

Isi Soda Siphon Vs a Portable Soda Siphon

  • The basic design of a portable soda siphon has a slightly simpler design with a simpler screw system over the Isi Soda Siphon
  • The Isi has a big advantage in that its made of stainless steel making it much tougher than a portable one
  • Portable Soda Siphons are usually not dishwasher friendly since the hot water reduces the strength of the plastic bottle.
  • Portable Siphons are more affordable than the Isi roughly half the price this is due to it being made of plastic whilst the Isi is stainless steel.
  • My favorite part and why I would recommend the Isi Soda Siphon over a Portable one is the fact that the Isi has that lever and nozzle system that sprays out sparkling water.
  • I love that spray system it looks really neat especially at parties and events you can pour out a glass of sparkling water in a cool manner, makes you feel like a bartender.
  • Now the portable soda siphon, on the other hand, is more portable than the Isi since when you unscrew the head and screw on a cork it can work as a water bottle with sparkling water that you can carry around.
Where you can Get a Portable Soda Siphon

Amazon usually has the portable soda siphon in stock you click to see the current price this one comes with 8 cartridges.

GrowlerWerks CO2 cartridges work with these types of soda siphons, you can click here to see the price for a box.

7 & 8- Homemade Alternatives to a SodaStream

I must warn you that these two alternatives are not regulated by the federal government, so they come with an inherent risk proceed with caution.

I have two great options for you;

  • Dry Ice Method: Which is where you add dry ice to carbonate water.
  • DIY Carbonation Kit: This is basically making your own Carbonation appliance.

Both of these methods are great alternatives in their own way.

DIY Method is very cost-effective in the long run and Dry Ice is perfect for carbonating large quantities of water.

You can read more about these two methods in my article on How to Carbonate Water Without a Machine.

Why would you want an Alternative to SodaStream

In my opinion, the SodaStream sparkling water makers are pretty good products that usually live up to their expectation,

But there are very valid reasons why you would want another option.

Reasons you would want an alternative:

1- Location

Meaning how far you live from a place to exchange SodaStream CO2 an empty SodaStream tank.

SodaStream works with a CO2 tank that contains CO2 that is used to Carbonate the water, now when the CO2 is finished you are going to need to exchange the CO2 tank for another one.

Currently, the federal government has some strict regulations governing shipping of pressurized tanks, which mean you will have to go to a location to exchange the tanks such as Walmart, Costco or Bed Bath and Beyond.

My sister still complains about having to travel an hour just to exchange her empty CO2 SodaStream canisters just because her nearby WalMart doesn’t do exchanges.

Now there are alternatives that can save you this hassle of having to constantly be exchanging tanks or having to travel out of the way to exchange the tanks.

The Sparkel, Soda Siphons and the Dry Ice and also to some extent the DIY Carbonation Kit are good alternatives that can help.

2- Cost

The big cost attached to a SodaStream usually is not the initial cost but instead the cost of constantly having to exchange tanks.

If long-term cost is a big factor for looking for an alternative to a SodaStream the DIY carbonation kit is your best bet on cutting costs in the long term.

3- Flexibility

Currently, the SodaStream Company limits its appliances to only carbonate water.

You can carbonate other liquids but you do this at your own risk, by losing your warranty on the appliance.

Now if you want the flexibility to carbonate any beverage the alternatives are; The Drinkmate, Sparkel, Dry Ice Method, and the DIY Method are good options that will carbonate any beverage.

Alternative SodaStream Syrups and Flavors

You can click and read my article on 9 Amazing Alternative to SodaStream Syrups.

Hacking Your SodaStream With a Paintball Canister Can Save You Piles of Money

You’ll need to do two things to get set up: order the hardware, and call around to figure out where to get the tanks refilled.

The only snafu I ran into was finding a place near me to refill the tanks. The closest sporting goods shop (the first and easiest place you should try) was a 20-minute drive away. A paintball shop was half an hour away. Get clever, however, and you’ll eventually find something—a welding shop, a dive shop, a home-brew store, a nice guy at the local Airgas who knows where you should go. (Depending on where you live, picking up a $10 adapter that puts a standard CO2 tank attachment on a paintball bottle might give you more options.)

For the tanks, buy SodaMod’s. They’re made to be used with a carbonator, so they’ve been scoured clean. I’d considered buying Amazon’s top-selling “regular” tank, then taking it apart and scrubbing it out with a toothbrush, but the SodaMod tanks are only a few dollars more. Buy two or three and you’ll be set for months at a time.

As for the adapters that connect the tanks to the SodaStream/DrinkMate, you can find several options with a quick online search. The brass SodaMod ($60) and Interstate Pneumatics ($18) appear to be exactly the same thing with different branding. They both have a tiny adjustable set screw which might need some quick tweaking (see the 1:30 mark) to get the air flowing. In my testing, the Interstate Pneumatics needed no adjustment, and the SodaMod needed a minute of (easy) fussing with it to get it going. For $25, the stainless-steel Trinity adapter is adjustable, but it arrived ready to roll. The Trinity’s also half-an-inch taller which makes getting the tank in and out of the SodaStream/DrinkMate a bit easier. In short, all three adapters work just fine.

In this era of knockoffs, it’s worth raising a bit of a caveat here. Try to ensure that you get an adapter with lead-free brass or stainless. SodaMod, which claims a patent on its design, says its adapter costs more because it is lead-free. A tech at Interstate Pneumatics says its adapter is “food grade.”

My SodaStream tanks are now banished to the back of my cupboard and when I refill my two new tanks, it costs $10 instead of $45, and I’ve got some nice, cheap fizz on tap.

Your Shopping List

Buy an adapter.
There are many. I had great results with the SodaMod, Trinity, and Interstate Pneumatic models.

__Buy Two or Three __SodaMod tanks

Get the largest tank that will fit inside your carbonator. The 24-ounce tank will fit inside the Fountain Jet, Revolution, Dynamo, Fizz, Splash Play. The 12-ounce tank will fit inside the Penguin, Genesis, Crystal, Source, Source Metal, Power. The 9-ounce tank fits inside the Pure.

The 12-ounce tank also fits inside the DrinkMate, an excellent alternative carbonator I reviewed earlier this month.

Food writer Joe Ray (@joe_diner) is a Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of The Year, a restaurant critic, and author of “Sea and Smoke” with chef Blaine Wetzel.

Aarke Sparkling Water Maker – Moore Wilson’s

Aarke Carbonator 3 Sparkling Water Maker

The Carbonator is the first appliance of its kind with a seamless, minimalist stainless-steel enclosure in a striking finish. Forget the dull, plastic soda machines of the past: This sparkling water maker is made from premium materials with top of the line safety valves and is designed to elevate the look and feel of your kitchen counter for years to come.


The third iteration of the Carbonator features an overhauled internal safety valve system and a new stainless steel precision nozzle.


How to use: Fill your bottle up to the fill line (with fresh, clean water only) and attach to the machine.


The lever is where the magic starts and ends, both carbonating your water and releasing pressure from the bottle. Push and hold until you hear a buzz, then release and unscrew the bottle from the machine


Enjoy your endless supply of sparkling beverages!


Aarke means ”everyday” in Southern Sami, a language spoken by only 500 people in the north of Sweden. The Aarke brand was founded by two industrial designers, Jonas Groth and Carl Ljungh, with the objective to design, produce and sell premium household appliances, a category that has been forgotten by the design community. The first product, the Aarke Sparkling water maker, was launched in collaboration with AGA Gas, the classic Swedish gas company, in late 2016.

Aarke Carbonator III does not come with a gas bottle, but is compatible with Sodastream & OH Bubbles gas bottles. These are available at all Moore Wilson stores but unfortunately not online. New Sodastream gas bottles and refills are available at most supermarkets.

Shipping & Delivery


In order to make things simple and convenient, we have set our delivery pricing with our couriers based on a standard delivery box, with dimensions of 330mm L x 250mm W x 310mm H, and a maximum weight of 18kg.


To get an idea of how much that is, the delivery box fits up to 12 bottles of wine, one kitchen mixer, or a feather and down duvet inner. Your total delivery charge is automatically calculated in the checkout – simply enter your delivery region and let our system do the rest.


Your order is then sent out by our couriers and delivered right to your door. When orders contain alcohol, someone over the age of 18 must be present to sign for it – if you can’t be home at the time, we recommend that the order is sent to a workplace.

If no one aged 18 or over is present when delivery is attempted, a contact card will be left by the courier, and redelivery can be arranged with them.


Once payment is received, your orders will usually be with you in 2 working days for North Island addresses, and 3 working days for South Island addresses. You can track your order once it has been collected by Courier Post – an email with the tracking reference will be sent to you automatically. Please note that Courier Post do not collect from us on Saturday or Sunday, any orders placed during the weekend will be dispatched the following Monday.


Please note: We cannot accommodate requests for a specific delivery time; actual delivery times will be dependent on the courier’s schedule.


While we do everything we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible, there may be occasions where orders may take longer to arrive – you can follow your order’s progress using the courier tracking reference.


Moore Wilson’s is a Cash and Carry business, but we’ve negotiated some fantastic rates with our couriers:


  • $5.95 per standard delivery box for Wellington region (upto Levin and Wairarapa)
  • $9.95 per standard delivery box for Rest of North Island
  • $12.95 per standard delivery box for South Island
  • Rural delivery – extra $4.95 (Delivery to your local rural delivery driver. Your normal rural delivery times then apply.) You can click here to check if your address is rural.
  • Waiheke Island delivery – North Island Rural charges apply



Additional information: 


All goods are insured up until the point of delivery – until a signature is obtained. Shortages or Breakages must be reported to us within 24 hours of delivery, preferably by email, with your order number as reference.


We do not ship outside New Zealand.


Q: I’ve seen a product in store but can’t find it on your website. How can I order it?


If there’s something you are after that isn’t yet available here on our website, contact us and we’ll see what we can do. If it’s something we have in stock and can send by courier, we will do our very best to make it available on our website.


Q: Why is there a minimum order quantity for some products?


Some of our products – such as beer and grocery items – can be bought individually in store, but we can only courier them in set quantities (such as boxes, cases or cartons). It is often quite a lot cheaper to buy in these quantities, which is why we show both the individual and bulk prices on the product pages. It’s always nice to know what you’re saving!


Buy the Sodastream Jet Sparkling Water Maker (White) ( SODASTREAM JET WHITE ) online

7 day right of exchange

If you change your mind after making a purchase, or realise you have ordered the incorrect item, you can enjoy the peace of mind that we offer a 7 day exchange policy.

To exchange a product, goods must be sealed / unopened, with packaging in original condition, and accompanied by a valid receipt dated no more than 7 calendar days from when you request an exchange.

If there is not a suitable product that can be exchanged for your returned item you will be offered a credit on your account or gift card based on the value paid at the time of purchase.

Please note, items purchased on finance cannot be exchanged for a gift card.

Hassle free warranty service

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If your product develops a fault outside of the manufacturer warranty or PB Tech warranty period, we offer a full repair service and are an authorised repair agent for leading brands such as Samsung, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo and more.

Returning a product / making a warranty claim

To contact the manufacturer directly to troubleshoot your product or to request a warranty repair, please view the list of manufacturer / brand warranty contacts (for products imported directly by PB Tech please return to us directly by completing our request a return form).

To return a product to PB Tech directly, please complete our request a return form.

Or view our returns policy for more information.

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SodaStream Summer Lemon product reviews : Unbiased NZ consumer reviews : :

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Review by: flabbergastered (Karyn)
Dated: 27th of May, 2013


This Review: 10/10

Value for Money:
Personal Choice:

This is my all time favourite flavour from SodaStream….it is on my shopping list permanent as I can easily go through one bottle every shopping trip. I love the fresh, tangy and refreshing taste of the lemon flavour and who doesn’t fall in love with the fizz!!

I do find the syrup to be very sweet but the great thing about sodastream is I can put as much or as little amount of the syrup flavour in as I prefer and with it being a tad sweet I put in less than the recommended amount but in the end I am the winner because I can get a few more litres worth of drink out of the one bottle…bonus!

Just the name Summer Lemon fills me head with long summer days sitting on my deck drinking an ice cold soda stream summer lemon drink…the ice cube clinking together as the bubbles rise to the top…ah bless in a glass I am so telling you!!

The best part is no one else on my house enjoys this flavour so I get to drink all of it all by myself…yes it is great enough to share but it is better when you don’t have too as well. The cap doubles as the measurement so I can pour the right amount of syrup into the carbonated water bottle. With a 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 and a full cap measure I can get the right amount each and every time and then the measure fits back into the neck of the bottle eliminating any drips of syrup making the top of the bottle sticking as it drips back into the bottle.

I know I will continue to buy it so I hope that SodaStream keeps making it!! I prefer it of course when it is on special but when it isn’t it is still worth every penny!! It truly is delicious!

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Product reviews for listing 4444: h3 Coco Pure Coconut Water – Pineapple  – 
Brand / Manufacturer: h3 Coco

Got a sweet tooth? Then h3Coco Pineapple could be what you’re looking for. With its naturally sweet ‘tropical paradise’ taste, kids love it too. We combined all the health benefits of coconut water with vitamin-rich pineapple.

Pineapple contains Bromealin which is known to promote a healthy digestive tract, foster muscle relaxation and blood flow throughout the body. Only 100% natural fruit puree is used in h3Coco Pineapple.

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“The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

90,000 Who came up with the idea of ​​making soda water and when?

Nature itself

Fact: Carbonated water occurs naturally. In addition to mineral waters saturated with carbon dioxide, there are others. For example, sulfide (hydrogen sulfide), nitrogen, siliceous, bromide. Their healing properties have been known to people since antiquity: both Greek and Roman scholars wrote treatises.Carbonic waters are considered the most useful for humans. Their sources are especially common in the Caucasus, Pamir, Sayan, Kamchatka, Transcarpathia and Transbaikalia. So the carbonated mineral waters – Narzan, Borjomi, Arzni, Essentuki – are named after the places where healing springs are gushing out of the ground: Narzan, Borjomi, Arzni and Essentuki.


Transport accessibility

So, everyone has learned that carbon dioxide is useful.It has a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa, causes the secretion of gastric juice, increases its acidity, and also stimulates the motor function of the stomach and intestines. But here’s the problem: natural mineral waters cannot be stored for too long. After a few days, sediment appears in them and they become unfit for drinking. The problem of storing and transporting mineral water was solved when scientists invented artificial gasification of water. It turned out that in certain concentrations carbon dioxide keeps salts from precipitating, disinfects and disinfects water, that is, it manifests itself as a preservative.In addition, it significantly improves the taste of water.

Thorburn Bergman Photo:

First went

To saturate water with carbon dioxide was invented in 1770 by the Swedish chemist Thorburn Bergman. He designed the first apparatus that allows water to be saturated with carbon dioxide using a pump. He called this apparatus a saturator – from the Latin word saturo (“to saturate”).(Interestingly, he also invented the eraser.) Thirteen years later, the German entrepreneur Jacob Schwepp, who lived in Switzerland, improved the Bergman device and put the production of carbonated water on stream. This is how the now world-famous Schweppes company was formed. Soon, water with bubbles appeared in Great Britain and France, then spread throughout Europe, and at the beginning of the 19th century it “stepped” across the ocean.

Asked for add-on

Interestingly, soda arose out of savings. To reduce the cost of production, in addition to saturators, ordinary baking soda was used for carbonation. Therefore, for a very long time, this water was called soda. In the 1830s, various flavors began to be added to it. Especially popular was citric acid, which only shortly before that time was learned to be isolated from lemon juice. The citric acid soda became known as lemonade. And on May 8, 1886, Coca-Cola was born. But of course you already know about this.

As called

The first bottles of soda arrived in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century from Europe.The bottles bore the name of the popular healing source Niederselters, located in Germany. Hence the name – seltzer, which has been stuck to the soda for a long time.

Receive machine

In the USSR, everyone drank soda from vending machines. The first such machine gun was installed on April 16, 1937 in the dining room of Smolny, in Leningrad.And after the war, they were already widespread. A glass of soda cost one penny, and with the addition of syrup, it cost three pennies. After washing the glass beaker in a special device, it was reused many times. No one complained about hygiene.


Houses are better

In Soviet times, household saturators – siphons were popular.A replaceable carbon dioxide cartridge was screwed onto a metal or glass vessel filled with plain water. In this case, the plug of the can was pierced and the gas entered the siphon. Each family with a magic device could independently make a real soda with bubbles right at home.

Fanta joined

The first Coca-Cola and Fanta in Russia were tried at the Olympic Games in Moscow.It is interesting that in 1974 an agreement was signed between the government of the Soviet Union and the company, according to which the production of the “daughter” Coca-Cola drink, Fanta, began in the USSR in 1979. And the first Russian plant for the production of Coca-Cola began to be built after the collapse of the USSR – in 1992. But that’s a completely different story.

90,000 How soda and drinks are made

Man is 70% water. That is why we are not only what we eat, but also what we drink.In winter, of course, everyone wants something hot and warming, and tea is beyond competition.

But in the summer, the choice is much more often on soft drinks. And here a great many of them are observed. Different colors, tastes and aromas, different degrees of carbonation, in bottles of different shapes and sizes. And there is also an aluminum can! As for simple drinking carbonated water, you can drink it all year round.

Beverage filling line

Carbonated drinks and water can be dispensed using the same equipment.As a rule, only high-performance lines operate on just one type of product. Therefore, you can consider the general typical composition of the technological line for the production and filling of carbonated waters and drinks. The complexity and composition of such a line largely depends on the productivity of the line and the variety of product formulations.

In any case, every water and beverage filling line will start with a water treatment station. Its structure and complexity depends on the volumes transported and the initial water quality.At the outlet of the station, water of the required quality should be obtained.

The line contains a lot of containers of various volumes for storing water, intermediate and finished product. If syrup is used for the preparation of sweet drinks, it is boiled in special boilers with stirrers and then passed through a plate filter.

Typically, the water must be cooled before gas saturation, as this improves the penetration of carbon dioxide and its retention in the water. Hence the need for sufficiently powerful refrigeration units.But there is equipment that allows you to work with water with a temperature of 18-20 ° C without loss of quality.

Carbonation of water is carried out with the help of saturators, if he also adds syrup and is used in the production of drinks, then this is already a mixer-saturator.

In the case of mixing several products, blending tanks are required with stirrers. Various components, flavors and colorants, natural fruit juices, etc. can be added to the water.

Next, the section for filling the product into containers begins.For plastic containers, it starts with an automatic or semiautomatic blowing machine. Often, due to the high cost of automatic equipment, several semiautomatic blowing machines are placed at the beginning of the line, and the containers they produce are poured into an orientator, which brings it to the line in the correct position.

This is followed by the processes of rinsing, filling and sealing containers, which are often performed by one machine – a triblock. The design of the filler allows you to work with carbonated foaming liquids.Depending on the capacity, packaging and other less important parameters, the number of required functional devices on the rotor is calculated for each step.

A label and variable information is applied to filled and closed containers. The label can be either polypropylene or self-adhesive. In the first case, a huge plus is the low cost of the label, in the second, the label is more expensive, but the machine itself is simpler and cheaper, but the label is more expensive. The line ends with a section for group packaging with shrink wrap or a cardboard box and, if necessary, a palletizing machine.

Specialists of “BESTEK-Engineering” LLC are ready to help you in the formation of a line for the production and bottling of carbonated water and drinks.

90,000 Is drinking plain sparkling water harmful?

  • Claudia Hammond
  • BBC Future

Photo author, Getty

You can often hear warnings about the dangers of excessive consumption of plain soda – it allegedly has a negative effect on the stomach, bones and teeth.Is it really? – the correspondent decided to figure it out

BBC Future .

Everyone knows that the constant consumption of sugary carbonated drinks is harmful to health – the combination of high sugar content with high acidity has a negative effect on the body.

If you leave a coin in a glass of cola overnight, it will be clean and shiny the next morning. The reason for this is the phosphoric acid contained in the drink, which dissolves the oxide coating that covers the coin.

So it is healthier to drink plain water. But ordinary water does not have a pronounced taste, so many people occasionally drink carbonated water for a change.

However, there is an opinion that plain sparkling water is also harmful. Is it really?

Let’s start with the stomach. The addition of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) under pressure makes carbonated water. In fact, the water turns into a solution of carbon dioxide.

If you drink a glass of this water in one gulp, then in some cases this may be followed by an attack of hiccups or indigestion.

But what if you drink slower and more measured? Is it possible that even then plain carbonated water has a negative effect on the stomach?

Author of the photo, Getty

Caption to the photo,

It is believed that any carbonated drink – even simple carbonated water – can be harmful to health

It turns out just the opposite. In one randomized, double-blind study conducted in the early 2000s, patients with dyspepsia or constipation were asked to drink plain water for 15 days.

One group saw carbonated, the other non-carbonated. The participants were then examined.

It turned out that the condition of those who drank carbonated water improved, while in the control group it remained unchanged.

Consuming large amounts of plain sparkling water can lead to bloating, but Japanese researchers have concluded that this has a positive side effect as well.

In a recent experiment, a group of women did not eat anything in the evening, and in the morning they were given a slow drink of a glass of either still or carbonated water.

It has been found that drinking only 250 ml of water produces 900 ml of gas in the stomach. Unsurprisingly, women felt full when they weren’t actually eating anything.

At the same time, the participants in the experiment did not feel any discomfort. Therefore, plain sparkling water is now recommended as a remedy for overeating.

Harmful to bones?

For dehydration caused by indigestion, severe vomiting, or a common hangover, some people let the soda stand before drinking to get gas out of it.

However, scientists who tested this method on a group of children with acute gastroenteritis found no evidence that it was effective.

In addition, it was found that, in comparison with rehydration solutions designed to replenish the salt and sugar content in the body, ordinary carbonated water with gas released from it contains much less sodium and potassium necessary for the body.

Well, even if carbonated water does not harm the stomach, then perhaps it makes bones more fragile?

Photo author, Getty


It is possible that phosphoric acid somehow blocks the absorption of calcium by the bone tissue

There is no scientific data to unequivocally confirm this statement.

According to a Canadian study published in 2001, adolescents who consume large amounts of sugary sodas (other than regular water) do have low bone calcium levels, but researchers are not entirely sure if the drinks themselves are the cause. , or the fact that adolescents who drink them regularly do not drink milk.

In 1948, in the US state of Massachusetts, the so-called Framingham Heart Study began – for a large group of residents of the town of Framingham (for several generations – the study continues to this day), medical observation was conducted for many years in order to identify risk factors leading to the development of heart disease.

Now, the descendants of some of these subjects are taking part in the Framingham Osteoporosis Study, conducted by Tufts University in Boston.

In this study, over 2500 participants undergo a comprehensive screening every four years. Among the objectives of the 2006 survey was to investigate the relationship between bone density and carbonated beverage consumption.

Scientists analyzed different types of drinks that the subjects drink regularly.

They concluded that women (but not men) who drink cola three times a week have lower average pelvic mineral density than those who do not drink cola as often.

Photo author, Getty


The destructive effect of sugary carbonated drinks on tooth enamel manifests itself over time.

No influence of the consumption of other types of carbonated drinks on the composition of bone tissue has been identified. The authors of the study hypothesized that caffeine and phosphoric acid (neither one nor the other plain carbonated water does not contain caffeine and phosphoric acid), according to which the mechanism of action on bones is not yet fully understood, may be the reason for the decrease in mineral density.

It is possible that phosphoric acid somehow blocks the absorption of calcium by the bone tissue, but how exactly this happens, no one knows yet.

Ten years after the announcement of this discovery, there is still debate about the extent to which a person’s diet can affect the state of his bones.

So, in all likelihood, plain carbonated water does not have any negative effect on the bones and stomach. And on the teeth?

It would seem that any acid, even in a weak concentration, should destroy tooth enamel.However, this is not necessarily the case.

The effect of plain sparkling water on teeth has been little studied, but data on other carbonated drinks is already plentiful.

In 2007, Barry Owens of the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in Memphis conducted a comparative study of different types of carbonated drinks.

Cola drinks were found to be the most acidic. They are followed by diet colas and coffee drinks at the bottom of the list.

Cumulative effect

Owens emphasizes that it is not the initial acid-base balance of the drink that is important here, but how it retains acidity in the presence of other substances, since in reality saliva is present in the mouth, as well as other foodstuffs that can affect acidity levels.

The ability of a solution to maintain an acid-base balance is associated with its so-called buffer capacity.

Colas have the highest buffering capacity (which means they also have the highest acidity), followed by their diet versions, followed by fruit sodas, fruit juices and finally coffee.

In other words, some of the carbonated drinks can actually harm tooth enamel.

Poonam Jain of Southern Illinois University School of Dentistry placed shards of tooth enamel in jars of various carbonated drinks for 6, 24 and 48 hours and found that the enamel was indeed beginning to deteriorate.

You can find fault with the purity of this experiment, because in real life no one keeps a drink in their mouth for so long.

But if your teeth are exposed to drinks for years, even if each sip only takes a few seconds, the consequences can be the same.

A 25-year-old bank employee’s medical history published in 2009 can scare anyone.

The young man’s front teeth partially collapsed after he drank half a liter of cola every day for four years in a row, and then – for another three years – one and a half liters a day, plus some fruit juice.

Photo author, Getty


Researchers have found that the acidity of carbonated water is only 1% of the acidity of sugar-containing carbonated drinks

However, much depends on how you drink.This patient, in addition to occasionally brushing his teeth, also “held each portion of the drink in his mouth for a few seconds, savoring its taste before swallowing.”

Swedish researchers compared five different ways of drinking drinks – in one gulp, in slow sips and through a straw. It turned out that the longer the drink stays in the mouth, the more significantly the acidity of the environment in the oral cavity increases.

But if you drink through a straw, the drink immediately enters the back of the mouth, and its effect on the teeth is minimal.

So what about plain sparkling water?

Katriona Brown of the University of Birmingham conducted an experiment by placing caries-free extracted human teeth for 30 minutes in jars containing various types of flavored soda water.

Each tooth was pre-coated with varnish, except for a small area with a diameter of half a centimeter.

Drinks were found to have as much, and in some cases more, destructive effects on teeth than orange juice, which has been shown to soften tooth enamel.

Carbonated waters with lemon, lime and grapefruit flavors turned out to be the most acidic – probably because they use citric acid as a flavoring agent.

Thus, flavored carbonated waters are not at all as harmless to teeth as regular water. Can the same be said for unflavored plain sparkling water?

There is very little research in this area, but in 2001, the University of Birmingham studied seven different brands of plain sparkling water by placing extracted human teeth in them.

It was found that these drinks have an acid-base balance of 5-6 (that is, they are less acidic than some types of col, in which the acid-base balance can reach a value of 2.5).

For comparison, the balance of plain still water is 7 units, that is, it is equal to the balance of a neutral medium. In other words, as scientists suspected, plain carbonated waters are weak acidic solutions.

However, their ability to decay teeth is 100 times lower than that of some other types of carbonated drinks.

Of course, the oral environment is different from that of a laboratory beaker, but so far there is not much evidence that plain sparkling water is harmful to teeth.

So if you are fed up with plain non-carbonated water, you can diversify the simple carbonated water menu. Well, to minimize the risk to teeth, you can drink it through a straw.


All information contained in this article is for general information only and should not be construed as a substitute for the medical advice of your healthcare professional or any other healthcare professional.The BBC is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for the content of external Internet sites mentioned here. It also does not call for the use of any commercial products or services mentioned or recommended on any of these sites. Always contact your healthcare professional if you have any concerns about your health.

How the famous soda water machine was invented 60 years ago – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The “Kharkov” machine became as popular among the people as the famous comedy movie that advertised it.The recognizable unit shares the status of its creator with the hero of Operation Y and other Shurik’s adventures: he was also a student at that time. One of the developers of the first Soviet machines for soda water was a student of the Odessa Technological Institute of Food and Refrigeration Industry Gary Gamulya – this was his thesis.

Gary Dmitrievich, the surge of automated trade in the USSR fell on the Khrushchev period and is associated with the trip of the Soviet leader to the United States. How did this idea actually come about?

Gary Gamulya: In September 1957 he passed pre-graduation practice in Kharkov, at the “Mehanolit” plant.The plant’s design bureau was tasked with designing and constructing vending machines for the sale of drinks, ice cream, sweets, sandwiches and pastries. But above all – drinks, in containers and bottled. Which was done in less than a year. Already in May 1958 in the Kharkov store “Soki-Vody” on Sumskaya Street, the first automatic machines of carbonated water AT-26 (“Kharkov”) appeared in the Union. For a penny they gave out a glass of chilled gas water, for three pennies they added syrup to the water.

The 24-hour vending machine quickly became popular and replaced the mobile and stationary simple saturators that were serviced by vendors.Remember the heroine of Faina Ranevskaya in the film “Foundling” – she drank water from such a saturator with the words: “Less foam!” “Kharkov” worked uninterruptedly all year round in closed rooms, and from April to October in the open air, equally successfully in all climatic zones of the USSR.

And you were a pioneer in this business?

Gary Gamulya: The principle of operation of the soda water machine was generally known, and my special thesis assignment was the development of a system for cooling and saturating water with carbon dioxide.

That is, vending machines were created on the basis of a refrigerator?

Gary Gamulya: Rather, on the basis of serial freon refrigeration units of the FAK series, produced at the “Mechanolit”. This plant was a pioneer not only in the development of domestic vending machines, but also window air conditioners, freezers, low-temperature counters and other refrigeration equipment. The first serial machines “Kharkov” with glass glasses and a device for their washing were installed in Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev, then at VDNKh in Moscow.They were later replaced by paper cup machines. By the way, it was more difficult with a waterproof container than with an engineering thought – domestic producers could not achieve the required paper quality, Finland helped with this.

In parallel, a model of a free machine for dispensing water in production was developed. In “hot” shops, machines with three buttons were installed: water with gas, without gas and with salt. You saw such a unit in the movie “The Most Charming and Attractive”. In general, our machines were in cities and villages throughout the Union, demonstrating impeccable reliability.

Paper cups were more difficult than engineering

What else could your automata do?

Gary Gamulya: They had a large loading capacity and could operate at temperatures from -15 to +35 degrees, providing the products with the desired temperature from -20 to +20 degrees. We also came up with new coin mechanisms that accepted eight denominations, calculating the amount on an accrual basis. In 1960, compact machines and water dispensers were made for submarines and ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

Student Gary Gamulya, one might say, made the entire Soviet Union drunk with soda. Photo: From the archive of Gary Gamul

Question squarely

How safe were reusable cups in gas vending machines?

Elena Utenkova, Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases, Kirov State Medical University

– In a household contact, including, for example, when using a common glass, there is a risk of contracting respiratory viral infections – ARVI, influenza.If a person has an exacerbation of herpes infection, the virus contained in saliva can also remain on poorly washed dishes and cause infection. That is why we recommend teaching children to hygiene as early as possible: do not bite with friends from the same apple, do not chew the same chewing gum, older girls do not use one tube of lipstick.

But unnecessary fears that through a common glass you can catch HIV, viral hepatitis B and C. These viruses enter the body parenterally – that is, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, straight into the bloodstream.Here we are not talking about a common glass, but, for example, about the use of one syringe by drug addicts, poorly sterilized instruments for piercing ears, piercing, etc.

Of course, it’s good that we now usually use disposable tableware where there is no way to thoroughly wash reusable dishes. But if we talk about Soviet times, I do not think that the use of shared glasses had any serious impact on the incidence. I, in any case, have not heard of this. True, the epidemiological situation was different then, much calmer than it is now.

Engine – Cylinder head / accessories – Gasket / seals intake / exhaust manifold ring

Engine – Cylinder head / accessories – Gasket / seals intake / exhaust manifold ring –

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2 pilti

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Fitting Position Cylinder Head
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Thickness 1.8mm
Engine Code C 18 NT, C 18 NZ, 18 SV
Block Disconnect
Block Disconnect

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