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Snooker Waistcoats / Snookerwesten

Triplesse products are designed for the special needs of billard & snooker players:

You will feel the difference to your normal vest immediately while wearing a Triplesse vest!

Our vests have been developed by textile engineer Ursula Hurth who has the expert knowledge of developing sport clothes for more than 30 years


  • minimal slipping up – no more rearrenging the vest after you get off the table. It stays where it has to stay.
  • our vests are longer than the usually worn vests
  • stretchy fabrics give a very comfortable feeling
  • leather shield above the pocket to protect the fabric
  • the pockets have just the right depth to detach the chalk easily
  • much more mobility for the armes than in common vests
  • high quality fabrics that are very breathable.
    The front of the vests is made of 100% pure new wool.
  • very good fit
  • very high quality fabric, best craftsmanship


  • minimales Hochrutschen. Kein Richten der Weste mehr, nach dem Verlassen des Tisches . Sie sitzt dort, wo sie sitzen soll.
  • länger als die normalerweise getragenen Westen
  • elastische Stoffe sorgen für ein sehr angenehmes Tragegefühl
  • Lederschild oberhalb der Tasche zum Schutz des Stoffes
  • die Taschen haben genau die richtige Tiefe, um die Kreide leicht zu entnehmen
  • viel mehr Bewegungsfreiheit der Arme als bei herkömmlichen Westen
  • Hochwertige Stoffe, die sehr atmungsaktiv sind, die Vorderseite der Westen ist aus 100% reiner Schurwolle gefertigt.
  • sehr gute Passform
  • sehr hochwertiger Stoff, beste handwerkliche Verarbeitung

Eddie Hall: ‘Average guy’ attempts to eat & train like Strongman for 24 hours

Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has given an insight into what it is like to live a day in his shoes while he trains.

Hall invited LadBIBLE’s Jake Massey to spend the day with him as he trains for a much-anticipated boxing match with Game of Thrones star and fellow strongman Hafthor Bjornsson, aka Thor.

Hall admits it consists of three training sessions a day alongside a lot of food, vitamins and protein shakes.

They kick-off with a mile-and-a-half run with a 15kg weighted vest on, only stopping to pick up after Hall’s dog Wolf left a bit of doggy business behind during the 12 minutes, 45-second jaunt.

Then it is time for breakfast consisting of 800 calories, which The Beast eats with a UV light to improve his mood and his libido.

Next up is a trip to the local swimming pool where Hall takes Jake through his routine of six rounds of three-minute swims.

After the swims, Jake has to replicate Hall’s pool leg exercises, designed to replicate the moves needed to compete in the ring.

Hall explains he uses the jacuzzi for stretching off after swimming. He says: “I always get tight calves after the morning run, so I’m going to stretch my calves, stretch my hamstrings, stretch my glutes and then we’re back for lunch.”

Lunch is chicken tacos, vitamins and a protein shake, meaning the pair hit 2,500 calories each for the day.

It is time for a nap before the evening’s boxing training and Hall takes this in a hyperbaric chamber.

Hall takes the lead at the boxing, allowing Jake to hit him with head punches and giving him the freedom to smash his abs.


They finish off the day with more jacuzzi stretching and, much to Jake’s angst, some cold water recovery to help muscle recovery.

It is a long day for both journalist and Strongman alike and capped off with a late-night takeaway, though, Hall admits he’ll just be having the chicken tandoori with rice.

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Snooker vest – superlactation.

Snooker er en variant af billard, der spilles på et stort bord, 12×6 fod, Ved de fleste større turneringer er skjorte, vest og butterfly påkrævet. Used at all ranking events worldwide since The ultimate playing surface. Part of this belief may be prompted by the dress code but in large, it’s due to the level of skill involved and the ease to which it seems to be played with by the professionals.

You can also choose from sustainable, breathable, and anti-shrink snooker vests, as well as from button snooker vests, and whether snooker vests is woolen. A wide variety of snooker vests options are available to you, such as % polyester, polyester / cotton. Cheap Vests & Waistcoats, Buy Quality Men’s Clothing Directly from China Suppliers:Free shipping New Style Men’s Vest Men Waistcoat Snooker Player Vest.

In recognition of the outstanding achievement of winning the Dafabet Masters, Betway UK Championship and Betfred World Championship, those players will wear a Triple Crown logo (above) at every Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

The Triple Crown refers to winning the three most prestigious tournaments in professional snooker: the World Championship, the UK Championship.

10 cloth. 10/16/ · The reason I’m a huge fan of snooker is because of the class I believe it holds over other sports.

1/11/ · Players who have won all three events in snooker’s Triple Crown Series will be sporting a new icon on their waistcoats at the Dafabet Masters. Cheap Snooker & Billiard Accessories, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly Billiard Hall Snooker Sports Vest Jacket Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide!

Superfine: g/m 2: cm (76″) The professional experience in your club or home.

There are 4 suppliers who sells snooker vests onmainly located in Asia. China Snooker Waistcoat, Find details and Price about China Snooker Waistcoat, Snooker Vest from Snooker Waistcoat – Shanghai J&D International Co., Ltd. The professional snooker cloth with Anti-Kick™ technology. The official and exclusive cloth of World Snooker.

A made to measure snooker waistcoat you will look like a top snooker player, feel confident like a top player, play like one! All the speed, consistency and control of a professional No.

90,000 Billiard player’s dress code! – Union of Billiard Players of Siberia

On the eve of the NSO Governor’s Cup I am posting a short note about the official uniform of a billiard player.

This article is a compilation of facts gathered from regulations, provisions and personal experience.

BUT DON’T FORGET! All the nuances of the uniform are always indicated in the regulations on the tournament!

Such a seemingly simple moment raises a lot of questions: what should be the vest? Can you wear summer trousers? And if the shirt has small squares, is it possible? Are shoes really necessary ?!

And this is not a complete list of questions that are asked, especially by novice billiard players. You can understand them, because for them the tournament is a real holiday.

But the main and traditional rhetorical question – “Why is this form needed !?”

Billiards is a sport, and if you come to a sporting event, you must be in a regulated form.

Swimmers do not compete in family shorts, wrestlers do not compete in thongs, gymnasts do not show miracles of flexibility in leotards, etc.

Therefore, as in any sport, billiards has its own traditional form of clothing, which comes from the very origins of the billiard movement.

Billiard shape is practically identical in all types of billiards: snooker, carambola, pyramid (Russian).

American pool breaks out of the general tradition. It is for this game that the uniform wears a more simplified version: trousers, polo shirt or T-shirt, shoes.
And among girls, freedom in clothing has reached the point that sometimes athletes play in beautiful tiger dresses and chic boots with a fringe.

My favorite example from the pool is a World Championship match between two beautiful billiard players.

Gradually, snooker begins to deviate from its prim traditions and sometimes athletes take liberties.
Judd Trump’s shoes at the World Championship.

The apotheosis at the snooker table was the game of Ronnie Sullivan without shoes – in socks at the World Championship. True, after the frame he was forced to put his shoes back on.

In fact, in Russian billiards (pyramid), athletes deviate from traditions, wearing a colored shirt, summer trousers and black sneakers.

Everything is changing, players want to stand out from the crowd, which is why we are seeing such minor changes in clothing.

The historically established form of clothing has already changed a little, but still remained in the classical aristocratic framework.

Still, initially billiards was an entertainment for the upper strata of society, whose members did not take liberties and always dressed “with a needle”.

No matter how our life changes, traditions remain.

Honestly, I do not think that such noble types of billiards as snooker, carom and pyramid will go to any global changes. There is no sense in this. Firstly, the form is really elegant and creates the image of a gentleman’s play, and secondly, history must be respected.

Back to the billiard player’s uniform.

Participants’ dress code

  • 26.1. The uniform of the participants of the All-Russian competitions, as a rule, should consist of a plain shirt, dark suit trousers, a plain vest, a bow tie (for men), dark shoes.
  • 26.2. The participant’s dress code must be clean and neat.
  • 26.3. The shirt must always remain tucked into the trousers, to hide the belly, waist and underwear of the athlete.

To make the material more descriptive, we have made illustrated instructions.

A small commentary will be given below for each item.

The shirt must be solid.
The desired color for the shirt is white, but lately, even at major official tournaments, we can see players wearing different colored shirts.
The length of the sleeve is not critical, you can play with both long and short sleeves.
But, for the final matches, the organizers require shirts with long sleeves!
Since the shirt should be monochromatic, all variants of shirts on which the pattern is applied, and it does not matter whether it is small or large, disappear.

Suit trousers.
The key word when mentioning the type of trousers is suit.

This means, firstly, that the trousers are made of a certain type of fabric – the traditional fabric for trousers is wool, but now they use various synthetic fabrics, and secondly, they have arrows.

Briefly – classic trousers with arrows!

Recently, I often see that at tournaments they play in ordinary summer trousers with arrows. It is rather difficult to call them classic, because they have a different cut.But, as I understand it, it is quite a working option if such trousers look neat.

If everything is more or less clear with trousers and shirts, a vest always becomes an insurmountable obstacle to participating in a tournament.

At the moment, this men’s accessory has practically gone out of fashion, even the three-piece suits that were popular at one time are a thing of the past and were replaced by light, beautiful two-pieces.
The vest must be suit , NOT knitted.

Although, judging by the regulations voiced above, the vest should be just plain, without specifying the type of material from which it will be made.

But, do not forget, different tournaments require different uniforms, so first of all read the REGULATIONS ABOUT TOURNAMENT !!!

The color of the vest is not important.
Players often confuse a pullover with a vest – the main difference is that the pullover has long sleeves and no fasteners, while the vest has no sleeves, although fasteners are not always necessary.

Where can I get such a suit vest? There are a lot of options, firstly, to make to order, and secondly, to look in clothing stores.

In Novosibirsk, vests can be found in the Sinar store, plus in small men’s clothing stores, which are simply huge in large shopping centers.

With shoes, we again run into some minor difficulties.
The range of footwear on the market has led to the fact that now many billiard players play in moccasins, shoes, half-sneakers, sports shoes, etc.p.
All this variety of footwear fits the definition of shoes – footwear that covers the leg no higher than the ankle.
These tendencies are due to the fact that classic shoes are extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are playing in a tournament for 10 hours! Legs get tired so that there is no time for billiards.
Therefore, at the moment, the main criterion for determining shoes is monotony, dark color, neat and strict appearance.
Boots should be without bright stripes and inserts.

The simplest and most understandable element in clothing. Sold in almost any men’s department.
Usually worn for semifinal and final matches, with the exception of the European, World and other major tournaments, where the butterfly is an obligatory element from the first games.

I hope the puzzle is complete. There is nothing complicated in the form of a billiard player. Probably the most difficult moment is to take care of the shape in advance!

If you have any questions – write or call.

Best regards, Ilya Chechulin.
The Union of Billiard Players of Siberia.

90,000 Snooker results for the past week on

The big news was Sean Murphy’s triumph in China on Sunday in the final over Mark Williams 10-9, according to SnookerHQ.

Sean Murphy (photo: SnookerHQ)

All news and results of the World Open 2019

Tournament table, results of World Open 2019

World Open 2019 qualification results

Video World Open 2019

The Wizard returned to the track just days after his dramatic 10-9 victory over Mark Williams in Guangzhou.He came to China and faced veteran Rod Lawler to secure a spot in the main draw of the World Open. The former World Champion took a comfortable 5-1 win, reaching the 1/32 finals.

On Thursday, Jack Lisowski scored 145 points by beating Tian Pengfei 5-3 in the first qualifying round of the World Open, while Mark Selby scored 122 points to beat Jamie Clarke 5-2. Former Ranked Champions Ricky Walden, Alan McManus, Matthew Selt and Anthony Hamilton will also appear in the Main Draw.

Chinese snooker player May Siven knocked out World Championship semi-finalist Gary Wilson 5-2 while Michael White was defeated 2-5 by Jordan Brown.

World Open qualifiers end on Friday and Saturday. Neil Robertson, John Higgins and Stephen Maguire will face snooker fans to qualify.

This week in the world of snooker there was a rather unusual announcement about the upcoming English Open tournament. There have been changes to the dress code for players competing in the first UK ranked event and three Home Nations events.Snooker players are no longer required to wear vests, but a black long-sleeved shirt and black or dark trousers are required. World Snooker has entered into a partnership with the British clothing company Hawes & Curtis.

Also at the end of the week, the return of the Championship League to the calendar for the 13th time was confirmed, but with a slight change in the schedule. If earlier the event started in January, then in the 2019-2020 season the tournament will start in October with the same format. Seven groups of seven players each, streamed on major sports platforms, will provide seven winners who will compete for the final group in March. Each group will play for two days. The first and second groups will play from October 7 to 10, the third and fourth groups will play from October 21 to 24, and the fifth and sixth groups will play from January 6 to 9, the last group will play from March 2 to 3, and the group of winners will enter the arena from 4 to 5 March. In total, snooker players will be able to earn up to £ 205,000 in prize money, for each frame won, the athlete will receive £ 100, followed by bonuses in the winning group.Over the 11-year history of the Championship League, Snooker has paid out over £ 2,000,000.

Matchroom Multi Sport has announced that BetVictor, the leading online gambling organization, will become the title sponsor of the Championship League.

Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with BetVictor again. We have a strong, well-established relationship, working with them at many Matchroom Multi Sport events, and this new deal builds on their support for snooker following the recent announcement of the exciting new BetVictor European Series with World Snooker. »

BetVictor Sportsbook Director Matt Scarrott added:

“We are pleased to show our support for snooker, in particular for the BetVictor Championship League tournament. The number of Matchroom Multi Sport events we have sponsored over the years speaks volumes and we look forward to furthering our relationship with Matchroom. ”

“Barry and his team are doing a fantastic job of promoting the sport as seen in the growing number of players competing and watching the sport.»

Welshman Mark Williams announced his departure from the first group via Twitter. The remaining alleged band members are Neil Robertson, Mark Selby, Barry Hawkins, Jack Lisowski, Ryan Day and Jimmy Robertson.

Leeds will host the third competition of the Challenge Tour season this weekend, while the two Championship League teams will play Monday through Thursday next week.

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A little about billiard etiquette – World of billiards – LiveJournal

For its fans, billiards has long become not just a game, but a whole culture. As in any community, in the world of billiards there is a certain form, demeanor and combination of rules – or simply etiquette. What is billiard etiquette and what rules must be followed strictly in order to become “your own” among experienced players?

The first thing we pay attention to is, of course, the appearance, the main requirement for which can be summarized briefly: “to look neat”. But since a professional billiards player, taking part in the tournament, is at work, he must have the appropriate dress code.Traditionally, this is a light-colored shirt, vest, classic trousers and shoes. The dress code may differ slightly from tournament to tournament, but we can say with confidence: naked body parts, flashy accessories, jeans – all this is unacceptable for the pros.
However, billiard fashion, like world fashion, is by no means static. Women who are fond of this active and elite sport and who look so seductive with a cue in their hands inspire clothing designers to new feats. For example, the American fashion designer Laura Campbell has developed a set of clothes for women who dream of looking feminine while playing billiards, which includes a jacket, trousers, blouse, vest and flat shoes.While Campbell’s clothing line called Katie Kue exists only in single copies, the author has ambitious plans – to establish a new dress code for future tournaments.

The second important point is respectful treatment of opponents, fans and other participants in the process. A true fan of billiards is a tactful person who will not allow himself to take a crayon from a nearby table or touch an opponent’s cue without his permission. But he will shake hands with a competitor before and after a billiard match, and will also move a short distance when he takes aim.And of course, reproaches, insults and accusations of an opponent in an unfair win are considered completely unacceptable.
And although in modern billiards there is such a thing as “slander” – the moments when the player is distracted by a certain maneuver: a word or movement, in large competitions these actions can be punished by the referee.

As part of the third “commandment” of the billiard player during the competition, he must forget about all bad habits. Gone are the days when billiards was associated with suspicious eateries and stuffy cellars.Today cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, profanity at tournaments are strictly prohibited. This rule is immutable for those involved in this highly intellectual sport.

And, finally, a good athlete should be able not only to win with dignity, but also to lose no less nobly, forgetting the list of such popular excuses: they sued, the opponent cheated, the fans made noise, the table was crooked, there was little light and many others. After all, only admitting our own mistakes helps us move forward.

90,000 Snooker player suspected of sympathizing with the Islamic State – RT in Russian

British snooker player, Muslim Rory Macleod performed at the Welsh Open in a vest with the ISIS logo, which attracted increased attention from the audience. Users of social networks reacted violently to the abbreviation, which coincides in spelling with the English abbreviated name of the terrorist group “Islamic State”.As it turned out later, the emblem that aroused suspicion turned out to be the logo of sponsor Rory Macleod. RT channel contacted the snooker player and found out all the details.

In the UK, Muslim and snooker player Rory Macleod drew criticism after appearing in a vest with the ISIS logo at the tournament. The fact is that this abbreviation coincides with the abbreviated name of the terrorist group “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIS).

An RT host showed off a photo of Rory Macleod at the Welsh Open Snooker Championship. On his clothes there is an inscription that usually denotes this extremist group.

The logo immediately caused a violent reaction from viewers who rushed to express their discontent on social networks. “Is he serious?” – one of them is perplexed. “Just look at Rory Macleod’s vest – this guy has no brains?” – another user asks.

There were a lot of messages of this kind.However, the logo was not a political statement of the athlete, but just the name of the company that is his sponsor. RT journalists spoke with MacLeod himself and discussed the reaction of fans to this emblem.

“Neither the logo, nor I myself have anything to do with this terrorist group. There are 270 companies with this name in the Middle East, and they have nothing to do with the “Islamic State” – explained the snooker player.

Meanwhile, users urged MacLeod to choose sponsors with greater caution.And the logo on his vest scared someone. However, the player believes that it is time for people to get rid of the habit of judging others without reading the facts.

“Of course, I will continue to wear this uniform, since my logo, my sponsor, and myself, being a Muslim, are in no way connected with this extremist organization. I have been wearing a uniform with this logo for almost 14 years, ”Macleod said in an interview with RT.

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ENIKOS billiard tables | Collection of women’s clothing for billiards

The traditional clothing of billiard players participating in tournaments has always been trousers, a shirt and a vest.Without a doubt, these are practical and comfortable clothes and no one is going to change them. However, famous fashion designers cannot help but think about how you can change the image of women who are passionate about this gambling sport. So an interesting move was made by the fashion designer, Laura C., having developed original models of clothes for women billiard players.

But while the dress code for professional billiard tournaments requires tuxedos and evening gowns, Campbell said many women believe this stereotype has its drawbacks.

So Campbell decided to design a new tournament outfit that would include a jacket with trousers, a blouse, a vest and flat shoes.

Billiards has always had an image of gambling, bars and dark billiard rooms, Campbell said, as billiard fashion has evolved, everything has changed from tables and interiors to cue design. She said that in 1986 Billiard Digest conducted a survey that found that nearly 7 million women are addicted to the game of billiards in the United States.And although we do not have statistics for other countries, we know that this elite and active sport is available to women in other countries as well.

In this case, billiards is the only sport , who has no special clothing, said Campbell, who sometimes plays billiards at home with her husband.

Campbell believes that billiards will soon be a sports center for women who would like to look feminine while playing billiards.

“I already have three professional female players who wear my clothes,” she said, “and I work with the Women’s Professional Billiard Club Assn. Our goal is to establish a new dress code for future tournaments.”

Her line is called Katie Kue certainly shouldn’t expect womens clothing, wholesale, prices can be found out right now.This line still exists in single copies and it is difficult to find it even in photographs on the Internet. However, this is a promising direction, since it has recently been noticed that, in addition to an increase in professional female players, according to her, young girls willingly go to clubs just to play billiards, just like sports fans play tennis.

Our reference

Snooker was invented in 1875 by Colonel of the British Colonial Forces Neville Chamberlain.By 1919, the official rules of the game were established, and in 1926 the first world snooker championship was held. Nowadays this game is very widespread in the world. Snooker competitions are also held in our country, which is largely due to the Russian Billiard Sports Federation.

In snooker on the billiard field, 15 red balls, six other colored balls and one white ball (cue ball) are used. The player’s task is to take turns to pocket the red and colored balls with a cue ball. For each ball pocketed, the player is awarded a certain number of points (red ball – 1 point, yellow – 2, green – 3, brown – 4, blue – 5, pink – 6 and black – 7 points).The one of the players who scores the most points wins.

The popularity of snooker in our country was also promoted by the fact that it was often shown on the Eurosport TV channel. What a pleasure it is to watch the great masters of snooker play like the Scots Stephen Hendry and John Higgins or the Englishman Ronnie Oh Sullivan! As a rule, these meetings were commented on by the famous snooker specialist Vladimir Sinitsyn.

Snooker has also appeared in our city. This was facilitated by two enthusiasts – Oleg Levteev and Oleg Plotnikov. Last year they created the Korolev Billiard Sports Federation (FBSK). And the other day FBSK held a very representative snooker tournament – the Yuri Gagarin Cup, which was also the next stage of the Russian Billiards Cup. The competition was held at the Kalinin Central House of Culture, where 6 snooker tables were installed. The tournament was attended by about 50 players from seven countries of the world – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Israel and Iran.Among them there are 3 masters of international class, 6 masters of sports and 9 candidates for masters.

Heads of the city, deputies of the City Council, representatives of the Russian Billiard Sports Federation took part in the opening ceremony of the tournament. The Mayor of Korolev Valery Minakov, President of the Moscow Regional Federation of Billiard Sports Igor Barskov, Chief Judge of the Competition Vladimir Sinitsyn, President of FBSK Oleg Plotnikov, General Director of FBSK Oleg Levteev, Deputy of the City Council German Aparin greeted the participants of the tournament and numerous fans with welcoming words. The Anthem of Russia sounded and the competition began.

As a result of a three-day struggle, the master of sports from Kiev Sergei Isaenko and our guest from Uzbekistan, candidate master of sports, Aleksey Kostyuk, got to the final of the tournament. The Ukrainian won with a score of 5: 1, the main trophy of the tournament goes to Kiev.

At the end of the competition, I managed to talk with one of the organizers of the tournament, the director of the snooker department of the Moscow Regional Billiards Federation, Oleg Levteev. He is 51 years old, a graduate of Lestekh, graduated from the Aviation Navigation Department, for 13 years he worked at Baikonur in the flight regiment, even flew around the IL-14 landing strip for the Buran spacecraft.

– Oleg Viktorovich, how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a Billiard Sports Federation in our city?

– Oleg Plotnikov and I have known each other for a long time, we play tennis at the Metallist stadium. Six years ago in the Moscow billiard club “Polygon” I met Vladimir Borisovich Sinitsyn. And since then we got hooked on snooker, so we liked this game. We decided to create a city sports federation to promote snooker. FBSK has a legal status, according to the Charter, we can hold our own competitions, assign the titles of candidates for masters and masters of sports, send Korolev’s delegation to regional and other billiards competitions.

– Where can you play snooker in Korolev?

– Now there is only one snooker table in the city – we installed it in the Jupiter shopping center on Kosmonavtov Avenue. By the way, there is no snooker in Mytishchi, Shchelkovo, Fryazino, or Ivanteevka. So we are the pioneers of this business in our region.

– What about the city snooker club?

– Everything rests on the premises, which we do not have. For snooker you need at least 100-150 square meters …

– Your impressions of the tournament.

– The city administration and deputy German Aparin helped us a lot in preparing it. I think that the fact that snooker competitions always look solid, there are beautiful balls on the tables, athletes and judges in vests and bow ties played an important role here. There is a sense of respectful attitude of the players towards each other. A kind of gentlemen’s club! This is not an ordinary billiard room where a man drank a beer and then hit a ball with a cue. I am not against Russian billiards, but this is a different billiards.

And the tournament itself was held in a very warm atmosphere, even we did not expect! And the participants of the competition were shocked by the excursion to the MCC.

– I can see the snooker tables being neatly dismantled here. What awaits them?

– These tables are made in China, provided by our technical sponsor – Weekend (which sells snooker equipment). We will sell these tables to those who wish at preferential prices.

– What are your federation’s plans for the future?

– I would like this tournament – the Yuri Gagarin Cup – to become an annual event. Then the great masters of snooker will come to us.And we will look for premises for the city snooker club. We will involve children in snooker lessons, teach them, and I hope that over time, the royal billiard players will be able to adequately perform at the European level.


Photo by

Photo 3. Participants and organizers of the tournament

Yuri Gagarin Cup

The World Snooker Championship among players under 16 years old ended in St. Petersburg

Two dozen countries, about a hundred participants and a completely childish prize fund – five thousand dollars.The World Snooker Championship among players under 16 ended in St. Petersburg.

The representatives of Brazil, India, England, Belgium, Poland, Ireland played. In terms of composition, this is one of the strongest tournaments at this age. Athletes wear perfectly ironed trousers and vests, elegant bow ties. And loud speech is not welcome in the hall, each participant is as collected as possible. However, in controlling emotions, self-confidence, and technique, leaders are as good as some of the older players.For example, in this world championship, during a continuous series of strikes, the Irishman Aaron Hill and the Pole Antoni Kowalski scored 131 points with the maximum possible number of 147.

“They have something, the British, everything is simple. They can play with professionals almost every day, spar with them and train with professional trainers. We do not have such an opportunity. ”

“I think over the whole frame, but I can’t, I turn it over. Our level does not yet allow us to play where we want to. “

“I really like the competition. All children are like one big family. It is very important for us that the guys communicate, support each other. There is not a single easy fight in this championship, there are very strong players. I noticed some great athletes from Russia. They have a good future. They are all passionate about snooker, they love it. ”

The best result among Russian snooker players was shown by Alexandra Ryabinina, who won the bronze. The winners were the Belgian Ben Mertens, he is only 13 years old, and the representative of India, Kirthana Pandyan.

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