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Care of Dendrobium – Smithsonian Gardens

Dendrobium alexandrae orchid flower from the Living Collection.

Flowers of Dendrobium speciosum var. hillii ‘Don Brown’ orchid

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Common Name: Dendrobium
Scientific Name: Dendrobium (den-DROB-ee-um)

This genus of orchid, first described in 1799, is made up of over 1,000 species. One notable variety is the Nobel Dendrobium (Dendrobium nobile) which is listed as one of the 50 fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine, and native to the Himalayan region. Fortunately, the novice orchid grower does not need to worry about the growing requirements of a thousand different plants. Simply knowing Dendrobium’s growing preferences overall will suffice. Some Dendrobiums are evergreen, some are deciduous, and some are a mixture of the two. The types of Dendrobiums found in most stores are evergreen Phalaenopsis-type hybrids.

Where should I put my orchid?
Most Dendrobiums are epiphytes (meaning they grow on the branches and trunks of other plants) that like a lot of indirect light and temperatures from about 58-75° F. Due to this sunny disposition, Dendrobiums should be placed on an east facing windowsill, or a slightly shaded southern one, in a bark mixture. The pot that is used should only be slightly bigger than the plant’s root ball.

What about humidity?
Wild Dendrobiums thrive in humid conditions found in cloud forests, monsoon environments, and tropical islands. If you live in a very dry environment, place this orchid near a small humidifier or atop a tray filled with pebbles and water.

How much water should I give it?
Since Dendrobiums are often large plants in small pots, they should be watered relatively frequently, sometimes as much as twice a week. Your plant should be almost dry before watering, though. Seasonally, water Dendrobiums less in the fall and winter, and gradually more as temperatures rise in the spring and summer.

My orchid has finished blooming – now what?

Dendrobiums have tall pseudobulbs which remain year after year, and provide the plant with energy even when it is not blooming. They are frequently called canes, and do not get cut. The thin stems which come out of these canes can get cut after the flowers finish blooming. After another growth season, the Dendrobium will bloom again.

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A Loathsome Smile – Fantasy for Another Time, Volume 1 —

While the majority of the underground music scene is plagued by poor production values and a lack of creativity, Fantasy for Another Time, Volume 1 is relief on the notion that exceptionally well produced material can’t be achieved by unknown artists. Incorporating elements of experimental prog rock, goth, electronica and industrial metal, A Loathsome Smile brilliantly combines each unique style into an amalgamation more impressive than its parts in modern-day music. Moreover, his latest work is as incredibly well polished as it is composed, resulting in one striking listening experience.


Fantasy for Another Time, Volume 1 is absurdly unpredictable, and as a result slightly jarring. Each song is magically vibrant and colourful, changing subgenres within a genre as gracefully as an acrobat on a tightrope. Enter the Void starts slow, though charmingly paves the narrative structure of the album to come. My Aryan Valentine teases synth punk amidst a distorted cloud of clamour before it transitions into an explosive, twisted finale. Songs structured in a prog rock suite, such as Limbo and Liminal Wars, constantly shift and evolve. These songs maintain a rock-opera vibe without overstaying their welcome, while songs like Just Sleep and Cioran impressively incorporate shoegaze elements in a manner that is the antithesis of dream-like. Detailed textures are consistently brushed over A Loathsome Smile’s canvas like a baby spreading paint with its palms. This is especially noteworthy during Nemesis, its presence mired by an extraordinarily memorable instrumental finale. Picking a favourite is difficult among such a solid track-listing.


If you’re a fan of Nine Inch Nails’ gritty aesthetic and Vampire Rodent’s incredibly complex song-structures, A Loathsome Smile’s latest work is a no-brainer. The shoegaze elements are aggressive as opposed to dream-like, the theatrical conventions are appropriately tamed, and the industrial vibes reflect that of an enticing other-worldly civilisation. At the same time, it is deeply personal, down to Earth and admirably honest. Fantasy for Another Time, Volume 1 is a masterpiece.


Listen to it on streaming services, or here:

Den. Nobile Oriental Smile ‘fantasy’

Den. Nobile Oriental Smile ‘fantasy’

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