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Locker Shelf Systems

Measuring the Width

You need to measure the INSIDE width of your locker- most school lockers are 9″ or 12″ or 15″ wide ( there are some 7.5″ and 18″). There are NO in between sizes ( e.g. 9.5″) so you don’t need an exact measurement. An 8.5 x 11″ piece of paper serves as an excellent measurement reference

Choosing the Height

Lockers also come in 1, 2, and 3-tier variations. The double shelf fits 1 and 2 tier lockers and the single shelf and mini-double fit all 3 locker styles.

And Remember…

LockerShelf is not freestanding and gets its strength and durability from the walls of the locker so it is important that you choose the right width when ordering.

Locker Shelf Organizers

$25. 99

A number of options for shelf placement give the Double LockerShelf added versatility. Learn More


Short lockers now have a solution made just for them. The single locker shelf unit works exactly like the double except with only one shelf. Learn More

$29. 99



A flexible single shelf solution that fits a variety of lockers. Learn More

$24. 99

Standing a mere 15.5″ tall the mini double provides 2 – levels of storage (6″ apart) to maximize and organize the smallest of spaces. Learn More


A flexible MINI double shelf solution that fits a variety of lockers. Learn More

Making Wooden Locker Shelves | ThriftyFun

Making Wooden Locker Shelves | ThriftyFun

Craft: Wooden Locker Shelves

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September 4, 2015

These wooden locker shelves are easy to make and can help add more storage space to your child’s school locker.


  • plywood or craft wood, 3/4 in. thick
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • table saw
  • screws


  1. Measure the inside locker dimensions. Cut wood pieces using these dimensions. It is very important to test fit the shelves and make any necessary adjustments. They should fit snuggly into the locker.

    You will need: 1 bottom shelf, 1 top shelf, 2 sides, 2 rails (for middle shelf), and 1 middle shelf.


  3. Once all of the pieces fit properly, sand them to remove any splinters. Note: I predrilled the rails to make it easier to attach them.


  5. Paint each piece. Sides that won’t be visible do not need to be painted.

  7. Place the bottom shelf into the locker.

  9. Place the 2 sides into the locker.

  11. Set the top shelf on top of the sides.

  13. Attach one of the rails with screws. Be sure to select screws that will not go all the way through the sides, into the locker metal.

  15. Slide the shelf into place, then attach the second rail.

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Question: Adding Small Shelves to a School Locker?

August 19, 2011

Any ideas on how to put small shelves in a school locker?


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You used to be able to buy plastic shelf units specifially for lockers. The school lockers that I have seen have one shelf near the top, and if you need more storage space, you could use a couple heavy duty magnet type hooks and put a tote bag on each of them.

Really all a person needs in their locker is their jacket, school books, etc. You don’t need a bunch of personal belongings in them.Lilac
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August 22, 20110 found this helpful

Yes, you can buy small shelves that will fit or you can make them. To make them get light weight boards and cut them as high as you want your shelves. Then cut wood to fit across your locker. Place a board on each side of the inside of the locker then one on top and across. Keep doing this until you have the shelves as high as you want. The beauty of these shelves is that they can be taken down at the end of the school year. No nails or screws or glue.

August 22, 20110 found this helpful

If you can’t find any shelves that will fit, you could get some small tension rods, put two horizontally where you want the shelf and lay a piece of wood on them. You could add as many as will fit and remove them very easily. And you can rearrange as needed.


May 2, 20210 found this helpful

I own lockers and I store many things in them. I need lots of shelves.

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The Best Locker Shelves for Maximum and Organized Storage

A well-organized locker can help you get better grades, be on top of important assignments, and get to class on time instead of wasting time looking for your school supplies in a disorganized pile at the bottom of your locker. Check out our suggestions for the best school locker shelf and help you stay organized.

Locker shelves are one of the best ways to decorate your locker while you maintain it tidy and keep all of your books, print packets, and syllabus organized and handy for when you need them. From middle school all the way to high school, one of our carefully selected options will make your life easier period after period.

Five Star Locker Shelf

Best overall

Bring a whole new vibe to school and impress your friends with the Five Star Locker Shelf, an extra-tall stackable solution to create extra space and organize all of your school supplies, books, and P.

E. clothes. Made of heavy-duty metal, this model fits standard 12-inch wide lockers and is built to last all school year long.

Tools for School Locker Drawer and Shelf

Best with a drawer

If you are looking for a more versatile solution, the Tools for School Locker Drawer and Shelf sets itself apart from the competition with the amazing design that features a handy 10-inch drawer at the bottom of the unit. With an adjustable height, sturdy plastic construction, and weight-holding capacity of 40 pounds, this shelf is the perfect lightweight solution for standard-size lockers.

Honey-Can-Do Folding Locker Shelf

Best budget locker shelf

Regain usable space without spending a fortune with the Honey-Can-Do Folding Locker Shelf, an affordable choice that is simple and offers top-level performance. The stackable design combined with a grid-style construction supply a solid foundation for you to store all of your belongings.

Your locker is your operational base during the school year. Make sure you keep it organized and with enough extra room to store anything you might need with the functional collection of locker shelves we have put together with only the most vetted products out there.

Editors’ Recommendations



The LOCKERSHELFTM is a locker organization system designed to fit lockers like “built in” shelving. Constructed of recycled PVC that yields incredible strength, its design offers a cost effective, light, rigid and durable solution. LOCKERSHELFTM is not freestanding and gets its strength and durability from the walls of the locker. Installation is easy in just four steps.


The only measurement you will need is the interior width of your locker. Lockers come in standard widths of 9, 12, & 15 inches therefore it’s not necessary to get precise measurements. You can use a standard 8.5”x11” sheet of paper to obtain the approximate width. If the interior of your locker is slightly larger than the 8.5” side of the paper then your locker measures 9”, if your locker is slightly wider than the 11” side of the paper then it measures 12”.

Normally the height of the LOCKERSHELFTM is defined by personal preference and the height of your locker. Lockers come in 1, 2, and 3-tier variations our standard double shelf model fits 1 and 2 tier lockers (i.e. one stacked on top of the other).

Other models such as the Mini double and single shelf were conceived for very small lockers such as the 3 tier locker (i.e. three lockers stacked one on top of the other)

Remember the LOCKERSHELFTM is not freestanding and gets its strength and durability from the walls of the locker so it is important that you choose the right width when ordering.

If by chance you did not order the right size call us and we will surely find a solution to ensure you are entirely satisfied.


Installation is a breeze — The Locker Shelf has been successfully tested in all leading (and some not so leading) brands of lockers. Just start with an empty locker, put the sides in with the LOCKERSHELFTM logo right-side up, slide one support up a few inches until you can insert the shelf easily at a diagonal angle. Let the side down and the shelf will lock into place. Once you do it — you will be amazed at how simple the installation is and how strong the shelves are


The LOCKERSHELFTM can be installed in a variety of configurations to respond to the individual needs of each student. Multiple configurations of the LOCKERSHELFTM exist as shown on the diagram to the right.

The single shelf configuration can be ideal for the 2 tier locker whereas the double shelf configuration can be ideal for the single tier locker or “taller” lockers.

All configurations will work on either single or two tier lockers it’s a matter of personal taste. We recommend the conventional configuration with two large compartments.

8 Locker Organization Ideas for Back to School

The first day of school means a shiny new locker and a chance to make this your most organized year yet. A well-organized locker can help you stay on top of assignments and get to class on time, but figuring out how to store textbooks, notebooks, binders, school supplies, and more in such a small space is no easy feat. Check out the following tips to turn your locker into an organized oasis.

Maximize storage space.

The Container Store

No matter how small your locker is, smart storage solutions will help you make the most of the space. First, create at least two separate compartments by adding a sturdy shelving unit. Use the top shelf for lightweight items like notebooks and small binders. Store large, heavy textbooks at the bottom. The inside door is an ideal spot for a magnetic organizer filled with pens, pencils, and other supplies. Plus, thanks to peel-and-stick magnetic sheets, you can attach just about anything to the inside of your locker for easy access.

Keep track of important information with a dry erase board.


Teachers often make important announcements about upcoming test dates or extra credit opportunities right before the bell rings at the end of class. Instead of scribbling down the information on an easy-to-lose piece of scrap paper, make a note on your dry erase board between classes. At the end of the day, copy the notes into a planner or to-do list.

You can also jot down due dates, reminders to bring home particular textbooks, and anything else you don’t want to forget. Think of the dry erase board as a safety net. If you use it, it will catch important details for you, even when they fall out of your brain.  

Arrange books and binders according to your daily schedule.

 When you only have a few minutes between classes, every second counts. Organize your locker according to your class schedule so that you can always grab and go. Label or color code your binders to avoid accidentally bringing Spanish homework to history class. Store books upright with spines facing out so that you can slip them out of your locker quickly. Once you’ve gathered all the items you need, stroll to class with time to spare.

Use hooks and clips for clothes, accessories, and bags.

Install magnetic or removable adhesive hooks inside your locker for hanging up jackets, scarves, hats, and gym bags. Small items like earbuds and ponytail holders can be hung up using magnetic clips. Hanging up your belongings will keep them in good shape all year and ensure that they’re always accessible when you need them.

Stock up on extra school supplies.

Image by Catherine MacBride / Getty Images

We all know the feeling of panic that comes from searching through a backpack for pencils or paper and finding none, especially on an exam day. Use your locker to store extra notebook paper, highlighters, pens, pencils, and any other supplies you use on a regular basis so that you’re prepared for every pop quiz.

Create a new folder for loose papers.

Lockers are not the safest places for loose papers. Toppling textbooks, leaking pens, and spoiled food all spell disaster and lead to crumpled notes and ruined study guides. Don’t take the risk! Instead, designate a folder in your locker for storing loose papers. Next time you receive a handout but don’t have time to insert it into the proper binder, just slip it into the folder and deal with it at the end of the day. 

Prevent clutter with a miniature trash can.

 Don’t fall into the trap of turning your locker into a personal garbage dump!  A miniature wastebasket makes it easy to avoid clutter overload and doesn’t require much space. Just make sure to take out the trash at least once a week to avoid a smelly surprise on Monday.

Remember to clean it out!

The Container Store

 Even the most organized space eventually needs cleaning. Your pristine locker might become a disaster zone during busy times of year, like exam week. Plan to spruce it up once every one to two months. Fix or discard broken items, reorganize your books and binders, wipe out any crumbs, sort through your loose papers, and replenish your school supply stash.

12 Best Locker Shelves Reviews Of 2021

Gone are the days when people used to keep their belongings like books, files, documents at the heavy wooden or steeled lockers that need to be set at the corner of a room. They were costly, weighty, space grabber and no exceptions even for today. Hundreds of hundred locker shelves are seen every shopping mall organize part by part with different design and colors and people who think to have them try to get one or two for home, offices, shopping center, academic institutions or even for groceries. But the age of transformation as ‘digital age’ has made life easier and boosts lifestyle, no doubt. So for keeping your books, files, goggles, earphones, mobile phones or other necessary stuffs, you need to have simple but modern designed locker shelves.

You may not want congested products for yourself. From home knick knacks to official stuffs, shelves are often needed things. When you purchase all those things, you definitely look into the best ones and affordable prices. And your choices living in modern age are not backdated and so you opt to have beautiful things amid simplicity. Moreover, you should not compromise as a crafty customer in any other products you will choose. A number of options for shelf placement give the LockerShelf added versatility; Here you meet 12 best stylish and versatile locker shelves that you might think to have them before. best locker shelves:

Finding the best locker shelf for your home can be a tough. So, to help you pick out the right one, we’ve rounded up the best locker shelves to buy right now. all lockers reviews:

Top Pick

Locker Shelf with Adjustable Width & Height

If you are deciding which shelf to get, look no further. This locker shelf fits into almost any locker to keep you organized. With adjustable width and height, this customizable shelf can also be stacked to create multiple shelves. It has come in 3 amazing colors. Black, Magenta and Blue. It holds up to 50 lbs more weight than you assume it can. It’s a tough and strong little shelf. Its perfect for any locker regardless of size. It is one of the best locker organizer at a reasonable price. best locker shelf


  • The adjustable shelf is stable and works perfectly.
  • It is easy to assemble this locker and don’t even need the instructions.
  • There is room on each side for the lockers hanging hooks.
  • Durable construction holds your belongings, strongly and securely.

Editor’s Choice

An organized locker by U Brands

If you are looking to buy something which would be perfect for locker organization then just add this to your cart and get it delivered at your place. One of the most perfect and durable as well as the most cute locker organizer. This amazing items will give you the head start you need to liberate yourself from clutter and provide you an organized place forever. This well designed shelf keeps things off the bottom of the locker and the whiteboard is helpful for writing to to list or anything you want.


-It comes with a magnets, mirror and whiteboard.
– The pretty pink color is astonishingly eye catching.
– The metal foldable shelf is stable enough.
– Pen holder is an added benefit.

Collapsible Locker Shelf        

You might have known about collapsible gate that you often see in your apartment, institutions or anywhere else. But you will not be surprised if collapsible gates come to you as a collapsible shelf because shelves are not definitely gates alike. Yet you like this best locker shelves designed with collapsible style.

If you are choosy and black is your favorite color, you must go for a collapsible locker shelf. Your office room, classroom, living room or even kitchen can get an extra vibe with this one because you can get spaces, you can keep it wherever you want to and willingly you can set them to your other lockers or built in space too. Its simplicity is its best perfect match to you. The design, new modification and stylish focus of this shelf makes your eyes stick to it. No tension of the price because the price is more reasonable than other sellers.


  • Add instant locker space
  • free-standing
  • load multiple shelves together for greater storage
  • affordable price
  • low weight

Best Overall

Adjustable Locker Shelf

You don’t definitely deny this item, if you are the owner of a school or a gym owner or a desk job holder because this one is a must for you. Just imagine, you live in an apartment which is small since you love small spaces but must be quiet and calm. So you definitely want something that is portable, easy going and set the necessary stuffs anywhere you want and so you need your locker shelves to be adjustable, matched colors or used for multipurpose. Now, here is the one that is highly matched for you, adjustable locker shelf.  metal lockers reviews

Assembled in less than 2 minutes without using any tools, it can adjust to meet the need of your locker. With width from 8″ to 12 1/2″, and height from 9 3/4″ to 14″, you can find the depth is 9 1/2″. Besides, its strong side magnets provide you with extra support while connecting to the inside wall of a metal locker and legs of top shelf can be inserted into top of bottom shelf.


  • multipurpose usage
  • adjustable height and width
  • multiple units
  • different colors like black, blue and magenta
  • L x W x H as 9. 5 x 8 x 9.75 inches

Tall Wire Locker

You are a teacher or a principal of a school or college or you are providing private tuition to students at home and therefore this locker kit is of course for you. You must have markers, board eraser, wooden or stainless scale, pens or files and other knick knacks since you are related to education. Even you don’t need to be a teacher for this pretty kit because you can grab this one if you are a businessman, corporate, bankers or journalists.

And of course, unnecessary stuffs you just avoid because you are artistic in your lifestyle.  Since a smart buyer or a customer, you check for colors, so no worries you will get different colors too other than black with lower prices. Its magnetic storage cup and dry erase board will compel to buy one.


  • L x W x H as 14.8 x 10.3 x 2.2 inches
  • extra tall wire stack-a-shelf
  • dry erase marker
  • magnetic storage cup and mirror
  • 2 magnets

Drawer Locker Shelf

If you are a housewife, corporate or a working mother, forget all other previous locker stuffs you used and take this new one. The superb design and its height will stun you for sure. This kit is not only for women but also perfect for students, teachers, businessman, and company owner. Your offices or your rooms of home can get extra modification that beautifies your favorite rooms.

Designed for use in a standard 12″ wide locker and overall size 11.75″ W x 10.25″ L x 12.25″-17.25″ H, this locker brings you space for Store pens, pencils, markers and much more in the spacious 10″ deep drawer including 2 removable drawer dividers allowing for easy organization and storage of items. The item is adjustable between 12.25″ and 17.25″ and you can change the height of the locker shelf to suit your needs.


  • wide locker
  • spacious
  • drawer dividers
  • adjustable height
  • three different colors

Double Locker Shelf

What though if you get a locker shelf that looks like a mini table? Or just imagine, you are going to possess a shelf you only watched at movie scenes or different luxurious hotels. Come to reality, you need not go into imagination. This double locker shelf brought to you with different colors and fantastic features. You can use it for your academic purpose and for this it is not necessary to be a student. You may use it various purposes too.

This adjustable double locker shelf is easy to install and can be fit anywhere. Your favorite story books, academic books, copies, pencils can be kept there. You will get a small drawer under the first chamber to keep your necessary things safely. Since it is portable, you can take this kit wherever you want. The legs can be dismantled for its easy movement. And the best thing is you will get this at cheaper price.


  • easy installation 
  • portable
  • dismantling parts
  • net roofs
  • fits most lockers
  • adjustable shelves

Magnetic Basket Locker 

Even though you want to avoid some redundant items, you really cannot do because you know some unimportant stuffs you may need near future. You cannot avoid those things like old markers, uncapped pens, used erasers, documents box, old small cartons, or even children’s toys because they may not have the necessity for temporarily, you know you must need them today or tomorrow. Yes, this magnetic basket locker is only for you.

This multipurpose baskets or bins for use on whiteboard at school on fridge at home or on metal desk and cabinet at office are sized (important!) – 6.30″x3.54″x2.28″ (lxhxw). The storage option improves space efficiency reducing clutter; stress; and is easy to attach and detach; no more lost pens or pencils scattered around as well. You can keep your eyeglasses, sunglasses, keys or face mask in convenient spot; attach to washer dryer door to hold fabric softener or small plastic bags.


  • magnetic holder set
  • 2 holders in storage options
  • stress free
  • wire mesh to make durable  
  • low price
  • fit for refrigerators, steel cupboard also

Hanging Locker

Being a modern person, you don’t have much time to decorate your home with heavy metal materials since they need to be cleaned and consume more space that is hateful matter to you. And if you are a job holder, you are definitely in hurry always but your sweet home cannot go disorganized. You must have many trivia things, of course important, you can’t deny. Moreover, you totally dislike plastic formed stuffs or magnetic lockers and therefore you cannot help going for hanging lockers.

Though old fashioned stuff is hanging locker, you might like this as traditional figure. For storing various items like textbooks, binders and small accessories or for gym accessories like work lockers or closet storage, this item is non toxic, smell free, included healthy fabric, not coated with PVC and safe for children use. No more heavy books fall from back since pockets on every side allow to choose the right or left placement in the locker as new solution, its removable shelf inserts to allow hand-washing of the organizer. This can bear a 45lbs heavy load and this item can convert to 2-shelf organizer to fit half-size lockers (2 clips included) is sized: 38” x 6.5” x 9” and you will be glad when you learn that it can be hanged inside the locker from hooks, a shelf, or a rod and slim profile leaves room for a backpack and clothes.


  • eco-friendly and non toxic fabric
  • multi-functional issue
  • secure band at the back
  • durable quality
  • adjustable to fit

Deluxe Locker

You may be tired to see the common locker shelves and feel bored to have them all together. Hence you need more perfection among them and so many things to be kept and you must choose one that can read your mentality. If you are a grad student living in a hostel or a banker with so many files, documents or even you are marketing job holders and you have many more stuffs for your work, you have to collect this item immediately. As you are the perfect person, you need not but should check a deluxe locker shelf.

You can call this duty work locker storage system and it can bear with a weight capacity of 50 lbs per shelf if installed inside the locker. Its width is adjustable between 8.75″ and 12.5″. The depth of unit is 9.25″ including overall height 24″. The side magnets affix to the inside wall of a metal locker to provide additional strength and support. Height with 3 shelves is adjustable in 3″ increments.


  • storage system with weight capacity
  • side magnets
  • 3 shelves
  • easy fit
  • plastic material
  • lower prices
  • lifetime warranty 

Wide Locker Shelf

You may be tired to see the common locker shelves and feel bored to have them all together. Hence you need more perfection among them and so many things to be kept and you must choose one that can read your mentality. If you are a student living in a hostel or a banker with so many files, documents or even you are marketing job holders and you have many more stuffs for your work, you have to collect this item immediately. As you are the perfect person, you need not but should check this strong locker shelf.

This super strong locker is designed to provide “built-in” fit for exceptional strength and durability. You can call this wide locker and it can bear with a weight capacity of 100 lbs per shelf fitting all 12″ Lockers like “built-in” shelves-Kids love them-Also available in 9 and 15″. The 12” locker is the superb ultimate locker solution shelving and would be the right choice of you.


  •  storage system with weight capacity
  • 12” locker
  • 9” and 15” are available
  • parts removal system
  • easy installation
  • lower prices

LockerMate Adjustable Shelf Locker

An unique and amazing storage item to keep locker organized and easily accessible. Its Academic brought this locker to make a easy solution which is made using plastic. One of the important thing of this locker is, this doesn’t budge or loose once its being tightened on your locker item. This is pretty sturdy and able to hold enough amount of weight. Its actually the perfect choice for your locker at work or school or Home for more space.


-Very much customizable according to the needs.
– Can placed at any height of the locker.
– Possible to remove without any hassle at any time.
– Colorful and beautiful look.

madesmart Stacking Shelf

This one is one of the best locker shelf. If you are looking for add a small area on the kitchen counter this is the perfect one indeed. Infact, It helps you to maximize any of your unused vertical shelf space utilizing that place. These shelves look great and the built quality is amazing. The little rubber dots keep the little bottles from sliding around, and with thin legs, it’s very easy to use in a cramped cupboard. You can stack two large shelf together which will make great storage indeed.

  • It is easy to assemble the Cabinet Shelf and makes tidying up so easy.
  • Beautiful, Nicely designed and sturdy.
  • This one is Great to making the most out of any closet, shelf or under sink.
  • This is the best locker shelf solutions at the reasonable price($12).
  • The adjustable locker shelf can holds up to 25 lbs weight.
  • This legs are removable too.
  • The material is very durable & BPA free.
  • This little shelf fits literally everywhere and doubles the shelf space.

LockerMate Adjustable Blue Locker Shelf

The locker shelves are actually one of the necessary items. There is not a single individual who doesn’t need to have at least one locker shelf. This is not only the symptom of home decor but a simple necessity also. A shelf can be attached to a wall or other vertical surface, be suspended from a ceiling, be a part of a free-standing frame unit, or it can be part of a piece of furniture such as a cabinet, bookcase, entertainment center, some headboards and so forth. In a day to day life, every single family or every office, academic institution, shopping center etc. cannot avoid locker shelves as little parts of important accessories.


  • Sturdy wire construction.
  • Fits very snugly between the walls of my locker.
  • Powder coat finishing.
  • This is easily adjustable by the twist screw beneath the shelf.
  • Attractive color.
  • This locker shelf can be fit both new and older styles of Lyon lockers.

U Brands Locker Organizer Shelf

The best locker brought to your by US based Company U Brands is very sturdy, multipurpose shelf to organize your locker at gym, school, or even in office. It comes with optional height. With 1 set of legs it’s about 6 feet high. and 2 sets of legs, it’s 10.5 feet high. When fully extended it would remain stronger and no issues at all. This best locker shelves will optimize storage capacity by utilising an otherwise unused area. all lockers reviews


-Putting it together is so easy. As well as its easy to install in the locker.
– This product is proudly designed and manufactured in California, USA.
– Comes with stylish design with attractive color.
– The shelf is much sturdier even after expanding it.

Best Overall

Magicfly Locker Shelf

If you are looking for a more versatile solution, consider Magicfly locker shelf without any second thought. The stackable design combined with a rectangular size construction offers a solid foundation to store all of your belongings at very comfortable way. Made of heavy-duty metal, this model comes with 7 pcs magnetic shelf set. It is considerably the best locker shelves at the price. metal lockers reviews


-The added support of magnets on the sides makes it very sturdy.
– The mirror, magnets and pen organizer are great addition this locker.
– Its adjustable to fit the size of most of the locker.
– Very easy to assemble it.
– Compartments are adjustable.

In the age of digital technology, you must find an easy solution in your busy life. best locker shelf will help you stay organized. There are so many different lockers you will find everywhere anytime but you may not find the supportive, innovative and stylistic products all time. As a crafty and stylish person, you must go for easy products that can provide you easy solution. Of course, you will check the price of your expected stuff before having one but the necessity is your first priority before checking the price. Purchase the best locker shelf is not the easiest task. Thats why we listed out the above best locker organizer reviews so that you can pick the locker shelf organizer as per your expectations. Get the best locker organizer and secured your valuables properly and our lockers reviews hopefully, help you to pick the best locker organizer.

10 Best Hanging Locker Organizer Reviews 2021

Disclaimer: We are using Amazon affiliate Product Advertising API to fetch products from Amazon, include: price, content, image, logo, brand, feature of products which are trademarks of So, when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.. Read more.

# Preview Product Price
1 mDesign Soft Fabric Wall Mount/Over Door Hanging Storage Organizer – 3 Large Cascading Pockets -… $16.99 Buy on Amazon
2 3 Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer for School, Gym, Work, Storage – Upgraded | Abra Company |… $40.99 Buy on Amazon
3 LockerWorks 3 Shelf Adjustable Hanging Organizer, Sturdy & Compact, 20-38″ Tall x 6″ Wide x 9″ Deep,… $17.95 Buy on Amazon
4 Rough Enough Entryway Door Hanging Wall Organizer Police Locker Storage Organizer for Work Home… $21.99 Buy on Amazon
5 Whitmor 5 Section Closet Organizer – Hanging Shelves with Sturdy Metal Frame $11.99 Buy on Amazon
6 Eximius Power Hanging Locker Fabric Closed Back Cupboard Organizer 3 Shelves Sturdy & Compact… $19.99 Buy on Amazon
7 MISSLO Heavy Duty Over Door Organizer Hanging Shoe Storage for Narrow Door with 12 Large Mesh… $9.99 Buy on Amazon
8 Hanging Locker Shelf Organizer with 2 Hooks and 4 Small Pockets $18.35 Buy on Amazon
9 LockerWorks 2 Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer, Sturdy & Compact, 23-25″ Tall x 6″ Wide x 9″ Deep,… $9.95 Buy on Amazon
10 StorageWorks Hanging Closet Organizer, 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Shelves with Top Shelf, 12″W x 12″D x… $23.99 Buy on Amazon
Purchasing products such as laptops from different dealers or retailers can be a daunting task. This is even worse if you don’t understand much about Hanging Locker Organizer. One of the most important things to consider when it comes to buying a Hanging Locker Organizer is the specs of features.

Why You should Buy the Best Hanging Locker Organizer on Amazon

There is a reason why many people prefer buying products from Amazon. Despite being a credible platform, Amazon has a variety of laptops and also works directly with manufacturers. This means that instead of purchasing your laptop from a retailer, you get it directly from the manufacturing company.

Amazon serves as a third-party and works with various manufacturers across the world. The good thing about Amazon is that it offers a perfect guide about each type of laptop.You will see a clear description of each Hanging Locker Organizer. This makes it easy for you to make the right decision.

For instance, the guide has information regarding the specs of the Hanging Locker Organizer you want such as brand, size, function among other features. In case you want a Hanging Locker Organizer with specific features, then Amazon has the best search tools. All you have to do is to key in the features you prefer and a list of laptops will appear on your screen.

Other Benefits of Buying Products from Amazon

There are numerous benefits of purchasing Hanging Locker Organizer and other products from Amazon. Here are some of the common benefits:

Best Prices

There’s no doubt that Amazon offers the best prices for most products. This is because the platform works in conjunction with a host of manufacturing companies and dealers. As a result, a lot of intermediaries are cut off hence reducing the cost of various products.


Amazon is an international company that has offices and stores across the world. Their ability to deliver is much higher compared to other online platforms. Besides, they have great customer service that works round the clock to ensure customer satisfaction.

Huge Selection

Amazon has a large number of sellers from all over the world. This means that you can access a huge variety of products and services every day. It also means that you have different options to choose from.

For example, if you want to purchase a treadmill, you are able to compare the prices and specs from different sellers and make the right decision.


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How to Choose the Best Hanging Locker Organizer

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is one of the best platforms to purchase products like Hanging Locker Organizer. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to get the exact Hanging Locker Organizer you want, especially if you are using the platform for the first time.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the best Hanging Locker Organizer on Amazon:


Price is one of the most important factors to consider when buying Hanging Locker Organizer from Amazon. There’s no one who doesn’t want to get quality products and reasonable prices. With Amazon, you are able to compare laptop prices from different sellers and settle on the most favorable one.


The other important factor you need to consider when buying a Hanging Locker Organizer from Amazon is the brand. Different sellers sell different types of brands and it is important to understand each type of the brands in order to make the right decision. High-quality and popular brands like Apple brand usually cost more compared to less popular ones.


You also need to consider the functionality of a Hanging Locker Organizer before purchasing it. The functionality of any Hanging Locker Organizer usually depends on the specs it contains. The more sophisticated the specs are, the higher the functionality.

Old Customer Reviews

Most customers leave feedback with regard to their experience with the different Hanging Locker Organizer they bought from Amazon. The reviews are always displayed on the same page where the product is located. Looking at such reviews will help you to know whether the Hanging Locker Organizer you want to buy good or bad.

90,000 Unusual wall shelves – an important part of creative design

From this article you will learn:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of unusual wall shelves

  • What types of unusual shelves are there on the wall

  • How to choose an unusual wall shelf to match the style of the interior

  • How to make an unusual shelf on the wall with your own hands

  • Where to buy unusual wall shelves

When creating any interior, great attention is paid to thinking over the storage system.Often the closets available in the room are not enough to accommodate all the necessary things. In this case, unusual shelves on the wall can come to the rescue, which will not only accommodate the necessary items, but will also decorate the entire room.

Unusual wall shelves: advantages and disadvantages

A huge number of cabinets and dressers in a room can fill the entire area. Most modern styles give preference to free space, in which shelves on the walls rightfully replace other types of furniture.These products of unusual shape can be used in the interior of any room: balcony, kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Advantages of wall shelves:

  • placement of decorative items to comply with the chosen design line;

  • good replacement for bookcases;

  • use of wall shelves in the kitchen, for example, you can put a microwave oven, kitchen utensils on them;

  • arrangement of a shelf for flowers;

  • saving space in the room and visually expanding the space.

A significant disadvantage of this piece of furniture may be the rapid accumulation of dust on the shelves themselves and on the items that are placed on them. And in the kitchen, in addition to dust, there is also steam, splashes of grease, and so on.

What types are all unusual shelves divided into on the wall

Wall shelves can be classified according to their shape, size, or mounting method. To facilitate the choice, consider the most popular products.Choosing an unusual shelf on the wall, you should, first of all:

  1. Think over the placement.

  2. Decide on the length, width and height of the product.

It is good if the shelf on the wall is roomy and at the same time not bulky. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the shape, size, material of manufacture and fastening, as well as the place where you intend to hang the shelf.


The most popular is the classic wall shelf in the form of a rectangle or square. A product of this shape can be easily made with your own hands.

If you strive for originality, then you can create an unusual multi-tiered product. Unusual shelves on the wall of a semi-oval or angular shape will visually expand the space. On them you can equip a “flower paradise” or place decorative trinkets.

The variety of shelf shapes is great. By structure, they are:

  • in the form of a console;

  • with the presence of side walls;

  • with arrangement of the back wall;

  • with vertical or horizontal arrangement;

  • with arrangement of several tiers;

  • rectangular;

  • oblique view;

  • with rounded edges and so on.

Great importance is attached to the shape of the shelf. This piece of furniture, being a kind of unusual accent, will stand out on the wall either by color, or by texture, or by additional lighting.

By size

There are several categories of unusual wall shelves, depending on their size:

  1. Small for general use – Prefer to be installed in living rooms and kitchens and are used to place small items that are used quite often and are placed in easily accessible places.

  2. Universal combined – it is appropriate to place such shelves in a nursery, bedroom, workshop. They have to withstand an already more significant weight: school books, toys, flower pots, and more.

  3. Large, which are mainly intended for storing the bulk of books. These shelves are usually found in libraries.

Whatever size the shelf on the wall is, it should be used successfully in the interior.

Most Popular Articles on Choosing Home Furniture:


  • Classic wall shelves.

The most popular is the fastening of shelves to a flat wall. The apparent simplicity of this option actually allows you to apply a huge number of design findings, when you can use shelves that are unusual in shape or design.

There are varieties of shelves in the form of a single board nailed to the wall.Or, on the contrary, it is a complex network of several shelves, united by a single motive, for example, forming the shape of a tree. There are also unusual options when the shelves on the wall are asymmetrically or tilted.

  • Corner wall shelves.

It is often difficult to use a corner when designing a space. In this case, corner wall shelves will come to the rescue, since they can be located in this place.Such unusual structures are fixed immediately on both walls, and both internal and external corners can be involved.

The attractiveness of these unusual design solutions is given, above all, by the material and the decor used. Usually, small household items and books are installed on such shelves on the wall. The products themselves can be placed both in the rooms and in the bathroom or closet.

  • Hanging wall shelves.

This kind of shelves is suspended on a rope from a beam or from the ceiling and does not have a wall mount.Due to the peculiarity of the design (its instability), it is better to store unbreakable objects on them. Such shelves on the wall are not very functional, but are perceived as unusual interior elements that attract attention.

Hanging shelves can be placed on the wall individually or in groups, forming any structure, for example, inscribing them in a circle or triangle. Be sure to test this product for strength.

By material of manufacture

The material for making unusual shelves on the wall is of great importance.Most often used:

  • Natural wood or its imitation (chipboard, plywood, MDF, etc.). This material is versatile for the manufacture of shelves due to its attractive appearance and ease of use. If the wood processing was done with high quality, then such a product will last long enough.

  • Plastic is another versatile material whose appearance can depict other structures, from wood to stone.At the same time, it does not have the disadvantages that are inherent in natural raw materials, but its disadvantage will also be the lack of naturalness.

  • Metal is a very durable and reliable material, but the shelves from it are quite unusual, and it is difficult to fit them into a classic interior. Any metal is susceptible to corrosion, so you need to paint it. The color of the paint is usually chosen in accordance with the general decoration of the interior. Forged shelves on the wall are recognized as a special design solution.

  • Glass occupies a leading place among all materials used for the manufacture of modern shelves. The glass product gives comfort and lightness to the entire interior. Such shelves on the wall in the living room will give an unusual accent and indicate the taste of the home owner. But making them on your own is quite difficult, since the work requires certain skills and abilities.

  • Drywall is used to make shelves built into the wall.Sometimes decorative partitions made of this material are used. When using it, it is important to take into account the length of the product: the higher it is, the thicker the base should be.

It is quite difficult to process the ends of a drywall shelf, but if you can handle it, then such a product will delight you for more than one day.

  • Combination of materials is a combination of several types of raw materials in one product. For example, you can complement drywall shelves with glass inserts and lighting.

How to mount unusual shelves on the wall

  1. Wall-mounted shelves with fixing.

This type of shelves is attached to the wall using anchors and dowels. Such fastening is quite reliable, provides high strength and load-carrying capacity of the product. A rather heavy thing can be placed on it. But with anchoring, it is impossible to remove the shelf from the wall without leaving a trace.

  1. Removable wall shelves.

They are attached to the wall using mounting hooks or brackets. Any home craftsman can easily do this. When dismantled, the product is not damaged and can be easily replaced with another one.

  1. Modular wall shelves.

An unusual design solution of modern style was the use of modular shelves attached to the wall. This reflects the principles of functionality and mobility of today’s trends.They are installed on the wall using the build-up method, when the upper tiers are fixed with support on the ones below. With this design, you can choose an interesting combination of color and shape of the modules.

Unusual shelves on the wall for the style of the interior

  • Contemporary style.

Any unusual wall shelves can be used in this style. They can be made of various materials or have a completely unimaginable shape.The priority remains the use of functional modular structures and any kind of mobile shelves.

You can buy unusual shelves on the wall, focusing on the existing wall decoration. If it is made in neutral colors, then you can pick up original bright designs. When using a catchy finish, it is best to avoid installing shelves on the wall at this location.

  • Classic style.

Using unusual products in a classic style, most likely, will not work.This style is so conservative that simple straight or angled wood shelves mounted on the wall are more suitable. You can only focus on the brackets if they fit into the design of the entire interior.

Provence has similar requirements. Only natural wood or its derivatives are used here. The product should be dyed white, then it is given an antiqued effect. Some visual carelessness of installation on the wall is encouraged.This gives charm to the whole structure, but despite this, everything must be firmly fixed.

This style involves placing a minimum of things on open unusual shelves on the wall. If you really have a lot of small items that need to be placed on them, then use closed product options. Minimalism is characterized by the use of glass and wooden structures of strict forms.

You can play with products of an unusual shape when decorating a room in a loft style.In this case, you will not even need to carefully process the products, since the casually polished board is ideally combined with the brick walls so characteristic of this style.

An unusual solution would be to hang the shelves on a thick rope or use an angle structure, in which the pipe takes the central place. Thanks to the loft style, you can mask any imperfections in the room, giving a decorative effect to various technical structures.

Unusual wall shelves for certain rooms in apartment

Children’s room

The wall shelf is a versatile design for any room in the apartment.It does not take up much space and allows you to arrange the space in the desired style. Choosing an unusual shelf to be placed on the wall of a child’s room, you should opt for a safe product that has reliable fastening.

Such wall structures will allow you to keep the room clean by organizing the storage of baby’s toys or schoolchildren’s office. To decorate a children’s room, you can choose unusual bright shelves on the wall that attract attention.A whole composition can be made of such products, which will delight the child and will be quite practical.

Living room

Choose a shelf on the living room wall in the style of the entire interior. This will not be difficult, since now a huge number of unusual shelves are being produced that can satisfy the needs of any buyer.

When choosing, you can be guided by photos of unusual shelves on the wall, posted on the Internet. And the assortment of modern furniture stores is quite wide.When decorating a living room in a classic style, you should take a closer look at products made of natural wood. Such a shelf on the wall will contribute to the harmonization of the space, and its natural texture will give the interior a natural effect.

First of all, unusual shelves are used as a decorative element, but if the space is limited in size, then these products on the wall can become a very important part of the storage system. The configuration and design of the shelves depends on the overall design style.You can use asymmetric models, horizontal long or vertical short ones, shelves of an unusual curved shape or frame shelves. In any case, their competent placement on the walls will be the finishing touch of the interior design.


In the design of the bedroom, everything is usually thought out to the smallest detail. If a decision is made in favor of placing unusual shelves on the walls, then most often this is used so that there is where to install the necessary pleasant things (photos, souvenirs, books).An unusual solution may be to place open models on the wall above the bed.

The preferred option is to use monochrome light shelves no more than 40 mm thick on the bedroom walls. If there are bright color accents in this room (bedside tables, curtains), you can think about placing an unusual shelf on the wall in the same color range.


Usually the kitchen is not very large and therefore the cupboard does not always fit into it.This can be compensated by using shelves on the wall. You can use different ways of placing them: vertically, horizontally, in the form of a set of sections or randomly.

The main task of these pieces of furniture in the kitchen is to ensure the convenience of cooking, so that all the necessary products and accessories are always at hand. If the size of the kitchen allows, you can decorate it with massive shelves made of the same material as the countertop.This will add style and grace to the interior.


The interior of this room should set up its owner for work. You can create a business environment with unusual book shelves on the wall. For the office, rectangular wood products of the tone in which the entire interior of this room is decorated is most suitable. Whether they will be single-tier or two-tiered depends on the taste of whoever will work here.

The furnishings of the office will become more formal if the shelves on the wall are placed directly above the desk.

Shelves for pictures placed on the walls of the office would be a good design solution. If the images are heavy, very strong wooden mountings are needed, as metal or glass shelving will not work for paintings.

If you choose unusual shelves, then take into account the design in which the picture frames are decorated. You can hang a lot of shelves or just put up book shelves, turning the office into a library.

How to make unusual shelves on the wall from simple ones

In addition to using original shelves, there is such an option for interior decoration as placing standard products on the wall, but with a catchy decor.The main thing is that the design of the product is in harmony with what is on the shelf.

Ordinary wooden shelves can be simply decorated. To give their surface an unusual texture, you can use decoupage, stencils or decorative tape. On a wall of neutral shades, such an unusual shelf will look very interesting.

If you are decorating the interior in the Provence style, then you can try to create an unusual shelf decorated with textiles.Graceful patterned shawls hanging from the shelf on the wall will look quite in the spirit of Provence.

Candles installed on the shelves will give the interior an unusual feeling. Various light sources in a contemporary style can also add a touch of flavor to a room. For example, the unusual lighting of the shelf on the wall, illuminating the objects standing on it, will add mystery to the interior.

Pipe fasteners can be used as a kind of hanger for necessary items (towels, lamps or garlands).With such an unusual decor, even the simplest product will look interesting and attractive.

You can create any unusual wall shelf using any decor. You can add originality to the interior and it is interesting to arrange shelves, guided by certain rules:

  1. Initially, arrange all the items that are of a certain value to you. For example, souvenir collections, photo frames, awards or cups, decorative dishes or vases of flowers.

  2. To achieve a color combination, you should adhere to the rule, which says that no more than three shades should be used. An exception may be one more neutral color (white, gray, black). The colors on the shelf should match the color scheme of the interior.

  3. Various types of boxes and wicker baskets look very original. They can be used to store all small items that should not be displayed.

  4. Try to place similar items according to the triangle rule. Moreover, the “triangles” do not have to be correct.

  5. On wide shelves, you can arrange items in layers: place larger and higher ones in the background.

  6. Try not to force the shelves completely, the free space will add originality to the decor.

  7. If the shelf on the wall consists of several shelves, then bulky and heavy things are placed at the bottom, and beautiful ones at the top.

If this is your first time trying to make any unusual design, then choose something simple. You can opt for the classic rectangular version. The dimensions should be kept small. Having gained some experience, you can start making more complex and unusual shelves.

Two interesting solutions on how to make unusual shelves on the wall with your own hands


Unusual shelves with a non-standard shape have become very popular. For example, you can make such a product with your own hands, taking a simple labyrinth as a sample.

To do this, you will need:

  • edged board 20 mm thick;

  • joiner’s glue;

  • clamps;

  • roulette;

  • level;

  • hacksaw;

  • miter box;

  • Sander;

  • stain;

  • furniture screws,

  • self-tapping screws;

  • decorative shelf supports.

With all the materials available, the manufacturing process can begin.

  1. Markup. Cut lines are marked on the prepared boards with a pencil under the ruler. Measurements should be done very carefully, since all horizontal parts have different lengths.

  2. Cutting blanks. The ends of each part are cut at an angle of 45 ° or 90 °.The diagram shows the first option, so you need a miter box for sawing. It is very important to place it correctly on the board so that the cuts are symmetrical. If you saw off the ends unevenly, you will not be able to fold the shelf.

  3. Assembling the structure. The ends of the parts are smeared with glue, squeezed tightly and additionally fixed with slotted furniture screws. Regular self-tapping screws are not suitable. Each joint requires at least two screws.

Both parts of the shelf are applied to the wall, set in level, and the attachment points are marked with a pencil.After that, holes are drilled for dowels, brackets are screwed to the shelf with self-tapping screws and the structure is hung on the wall. Instead of brackets, decorative shelf holders “pelican” are often used.

Hinged shelf on belts

To make a shelf you will need:

  • two edged boards 300×750 mm, 30 mm thick;

  • four leather belts 75 cm long;

  • four long screws with plastic dowels;

  • four short self-tapping screws;

  • building level;

  • ruler;

  • sharp knife;

  • drill.

  1. Preparation of belts. In order for the product to look neat, the belts must be very carefully trimmed. Then, aligning the two ends of the belt, a hole is made in them, stepping back from the edge of 2 cm. The holes can be made with a drill. They are made in every belt.

  2. Fastening belts to the wall. To determine where the belts are to be attached, draw two points at a distance of 60 cm from each other.With a drill we make holes for plastic dowels. Next, fold the belt in half and fix it along the hole with a long screw. As a result, we get four loops on the wall.

  3. Installing the shelf. Insert a sanded board into the loop and adjust it horizontally. For additional fixing of the shelf, you can screw a strap near the board in the wall with a short self-tapping screw. We repeat these steps with the second tier of loops.Thus, we made an unusual lightweight bunk shelf on the wall. If you wish, you can make any number of tiers.

Wall Shelves: 23 Unusual Design Ideas

  1. Unusual shelving made in the form of a geographical map. A huge number of items can be placed on such a shelf.

  2. An interesting design embodied in the interweaving of figures.By placing it in the living room, you can create a very stylish interior.

  3. Imitation of mirror frames. The grace of such a frame gives the entire interior sophistication.

  4. Bat. This unusual shape is suitable for placement both in the living room and in the bedroom, giving the room a certain style.

  5. Floor rack.This design is very functional, as it can be installed anywhere and at any time.

  6. Shelf imitating wood. This unusual design not only attracts with its novelty, but also its spaciousness.

  7. A shelf in the form of a comic book footnote. It has a fairly compact shape and modern design.

  8. Yin and Yang – such an unusual shelf in a modern design, due to the classic combination of colors, can perfectly fit into any room.

  9. An unusual round shelving unit against the wall, which has sections of various shapes and sizes, will be the central element of the interior.

  10. This rack has not only an unusual shape, but also a large capacity. Here you can comfortably place both small brochures and large publications.

  11. Designer Daniel Lago is the author of unusual modular wall shelves that are attracting the attention of people around the world.

  12. The original rack, made in classic black color, due to its unusual shape can accommodate a large number of books.

  13. An interesting constructive solution is offered by the designer Stanislav Katz. The bookshelf he created is at the same time a bench where you can comfortably sit. Such a stylish piece of furniture will come in handy in a living room, hallway or bedroom.

  14. Invisible shelf. This option can be done with your own hands using metal corners and fasteners.

  15. An unusual shelf-face is able to attract the attention of the most sophisticated visitor.

  16. This original invisible shelf allows you to place many books in one place, simply by stringing them on special slats.

  17. An unusual cubic shelf is a stylish piece of furniture, but it takes up a lot of space.

  18. The original composition on the wall of oval and square shelves of different sizes will look very modern.

  19. Floating shelves.When you look at them, it seems that they are suspended in the air without touching the wall. This effect is created by the absence of side walls.

  20. An interesting floor rack with a large number of departments. It is distinguished by its unusual shape and compactness.

  21. The unusual design of this shelf will allow it to become an independent art object in your interior.

  22. This product looks incredibly stylish, characterized by a combination of graceful lines and practicality.

  23. Such unusual structures, fixed on the wall, will attract attention with their unexpected form and harmonious composition.

Where to buy an unusual wall shelf

Modern racks and shelves are not only a type of furniture that allows you to conveniently store things and save space.This is an important element of the interior, transforming the interior space, giving it beauty, originality and sophistication! You can buy unusual shelves on the wall in our company “Formula Mebeli”!

What is the Furniture Formula? Reliability. Quality. The beauty. Versatility. Low prices. Guarantee. Fast shipping. Lifting and assembling. Their sum is equal to a successful purchase.

This is the formula for making furniture accessible to everyone.With “Formula Mebeli” you can furnish an apartment at an affordable price, but without losing quality, quickly and with good service.

Our goal is to enable people to buy good furniture at minimal prices, so that in any situation everyone can afford to buy a new sofa, hallway, kitchen and whatever he wants, everything he needs to create comfort in his apartment. To do this, you do not need to collect money first, you can just buy it now, and if necessary, arrange an installment plan without overpayments.And we do it.

We have created a large, durable “patch of happiness balloon” for our customers. On this “ball” we bring this opportunity to new places, to new cities, to new areas, so that all people can take advantage of our offer.

Now we have already opened 28 salons in 15 cities of the Perm Territory, and there will be even more of them, because people like our furniture and the way we sell it.

Hanging shelves for the kitchen – 22 photos


  1. Shelves made of wood, metal and plastic
  2. Open shelves or cabinets?
  3. Corner shelves
  4. Table shelves
  5. What to store?

Would you like to make your kitchen interior more harmonious? Take a closer look at comfortable and sturdy:

  • Hinged open shelves.
  • Open shelves in wall cabinets.
  • Shelves with open shelves.
  • Convenient shelves above the sink.
  • Shelves in kitchen cabinets.

Straight wall shelves

Natural wood material in a classic style creates a cozy atmosphere, also incredibly strong and durable.

  • Chipboard. This material is afraid of moisture and can shrink over time
  • Glass

Ideal for small kitchens.

Thanks to its transparency, glass makes space light.

Low weight of the structure facilitates installation.

  • Metal

If you plan to store a large amount of utensils – choose metal hinged stainless steel shelves.

This material will withstand any stress.

Usually made of impact-resistant material, they are a frame made of strong polyvinyl chloride.

Open shelves or wall cabinets?

Some housewives prefer hanging shelves in the kitchen instead of bulky cabinets.

Using straight wall shelves allows you to create an interior:

  • More functional.

Wall-mounted cabinets block out the light and “crush”. In addition, the shelves are comfortable and spacious.

  • More spacious.

A room without cabinets becomes light and light.

  • More decorative.

By freeing the walls, you can decorate the space with additional elements.

Another advantage of open shelves is economy. When ordering a kitchen without wall cabinets, you will spend on average 40% less.

Buying direct shelves will cost you less, because you do not spend money on manufacturing:

  • Cabinet frames;
  • Facades;
  • Decorative stakes made of wood, glass;
  • Fittings.

Disadvantages of open shelves:

  • more thorough care needed;

Dust accumulates on the shelves due to greasy splashes, pungent odors. Therefore, you will have to do wet cleaning more often.

  • it is necessary to keep order on the shelves.

Corner shelves

Products are very convenient, because you can quickly take your favorite pot, plate or other utensils, without a long search in cabinets and bedside tables.

Also corner wall shelves:

  • Does not take up much space;

  • Enables efficient use of wall corner space;

  • Ergonomic and maximally comfortable;

  • Functional and interesting design.

Table shelves

Like open shelves, tabletop products are made of wood, metal or plastic.

What can be stored on the shelves?

  1. Cereals and pasta;
  2. Spices in beautiful jars;
  3. Oils, salt, sugar;
  4. Kitchen utensils – pots, plates, mugs, glasses, cutlery;
  5. Books, magazines and jugs;
  6. Various souvenirs – framed photos, figurines, albums and much more;
  7. Houseplants.

We recommend placing the utensils that you most often use on the shelves – the dishes will not have time to get dusty.Store items that you rarely work with in cabinets and cabinets.

Do not forget about the harmony of the interior. If you overload the straight open wall shelves with a huge amount of dishes, wine glasses and other kitchen accessories, congestion and clutter will return to the space.


90,000 Hinged shelves in the kitchen (62 photos): kitchen open wall shelves

The kitchen is one of the most iconic places in the house.Here, every housewife dreams of having all the kitchen attributes that allow her to quickly and easily create culinary masterpieces. The thrifty house worker arranges objects in the interior, effectively using wall cabinets for this, but there is often not enough space.

In addition, the number of volumetric cabinets on the walls may be limited.They put the most bulky and heavy things, glass and cereals in large jars. Over time, a piece of furniture such as hanging shelves can be attached to the cabinets.


Convenient hinged shelf in the kitchen is perfect for dishes, utensils, as well as storing spices and seasonings.Beautiful wedding service and decorative gizmos are open to view, creating a special style in the kitchen. Households can quickly remove from the shelf the most frequently used plates and mugs, necessary household appliances. There will also be a place for a small TV set for the whole family.

Hinged shelves are of open and closed type. Closed ones have side and rear walls, and doors are sliding, lifting and swinging. Strongly smelling spices and bulk materials are placed behind the doors.

The absence of doors on the shelf makes the structure lightweight, so you can hang several of these shelves at once. Experts will help you do this quickly enough.


Popular for easy wall mounting and inexpensive price.For a corner, especially in a small kitchen with a limited wall area, standard shelves that take up a lot of space and are massive are not suitable. Fasten the corner shelves on the side opposite from the headset.

On the corner shelves, statuettes, light objects and decorative elements are usually located. The use of backlighting and interesting two-tier designs are driving the demand for plastic shelves, although they are not as versatile as traditional horizontal shelves.


Unusual and beautiful shelves are a real work of art on the wall. Asymmetric, oblique and inclined arrangement at an angle – this is not a complete list of the types of shelves that the designer’s imagination suggests to place as hinged on the kitchen walls. A whole cozy “labyrinth” can be located on a free wall, which can accommodate a lot of useful items.


A cantilever structure in architecture is one that has one rigidly fixed one end and a free other. The consoles are positioned perpendicular to the wall surface, like signs or scoreboards. The console itself can create an industrial style and draw attention to the shelf attached to it. Accents in the form of pipes and triangles in metal and cast iron, turnbuckles for floating shelves – all types of holders fit perfectly into the modern interior.The consoles are very firmly fixed to the wall. Even the most graceful of them can hold shelves up to two meters long.

Vertical open / closed

Vertical shelves are another interior design option. Stepped or vertical wall shelves create a sophisticated partitioning effect. As a rule, they are not long, the vertical, which serves as an attachment to the entire mod, is perceived as a single and integral decorative mod in the kitchen set.It can be a rack with horizontal surfaces placed on opposite sides.

Closed shelves with high side edges, in the form of squares and triangles, are considered classics. The open versions are characterized by a wide and stable back surface, against which any thing is leaning – a cup, a book or a beautiful decorative plate.

With simple and complex fastening

A classic screw fastening with hinges is considered to be a simple fastening for a wall shelf.If it is planned to store heavy enough items on it, a number of additional screw connections are added.

For glass and other materials that cannot be drilled, a complex fastening is used using a ready-made part called “pelican”, which looks elegant and original and supports material up to 35 mm thick securely. Decorative brackets to support hanging shelves in the kitchen can be a good choice.

The concealed mount looks festive and unusual. The sophisticated frame and box structure completely conceals the hinged shelf hardware. The secret of the installation lies in the stage-by-stage hanging. For attachment, dowels and self-tapping screws are used, with which the frame is inserted into the wall. The shelf is then simply put on the pin.

With built-in drawers and lighting

A shelf with small drawers will be a worthy alternative to a bulky cabinet.Inside such boxes you can put spices and confectionery seasonings, and other little things for the convenience of cooking in the kitchen. For small rooms, in which every centimeter counts, inexpensive shelves in which there are built-in drawers are optimal – after all, space is noticeably freed up.

Several spotlights installed on the shelf are used to find the item you need on the shelf. Additional lighting is carried out with the help of strips of LED bulbs; you can even place original sconces on large and wide shelves.The back is made of a reflective material that diffuses light. Even in the dark, you can easily find a cookbook or photograph, admire a souvenir. In the evening, warm and soft light creates a cozy atmosphere. Delicate lighting along with candles on the table is an impressive paraphernalia for a romantic dinner.

Material of manufacture


The metal shelf is a thin-walled structure.The slim configuration nevertheless allows it to withstand fairly heavy kitchen items placed on it. To choose an interior, first of all, you need to consider what metal and what shape the shelf will make your kitchen elegant and not burden the wall too much, what color to paint it in. Chrome details and elegant grilles, other decorative elements can add sophistication to the entire set. The shelves fit especially well into the interior, made in high-tech and modern style. The structure is fastened with rails, aluminum shelves can be integrated with the fasteners used for them.

A shelf with a metal frame will be appropriate and will well complement the style of the kitchen interior if there are already items with metal parts there. You can put any things on it, except that fragile glass and metal do not combine well with each other, since the shelf can slide a little. But the advantages of such a shelf are obvious – it is not afraid of the effects of high temperature and moisture, it is convenient to wash it.


Ecological wooden shelves are recommended for placement in an apartment.Carving, unusual decorative elements – all this is inherent in the shelves with a touch of country style, adding coziness and warmth. Wood is a strong material, but the kitchen is the area where moisture is present, vapors rising up. The wooden shelf is not immune to swelling and deformation. You can update the shelf by staining; nevertheless, it is not recommended to put often watered flowers in pots on a tree, it is better to choose a whatnot for them from a different material.


Plastics are classified as economy class materials.Usually, plastic shelves are reinforced in the corners, creating an interesting decoration for the kitchen. They can be used to dry dishes, place them above the table or sink. With the help of light and cost-effective shelves, the kitchen space is used quite rationally.

Another great advantage of these lightweight shelves is the wide range of colors and patterns on them. Any drawing can be applied to plastic, light bulbs can be fixed on it. It harmonizes well with the rest of the kitchen furniture.Thin shelves are elegant and able to accommodate the most necessary things without breaking the general style that prevails in your apartment.


Decorative glass shelves at first glance seem so fragile. But in fact, six to eight millimeter tempered glass is able to withstand almost any load.In order to place shelves in the kitchen, hidden fasteners are often used, creating the feeling of “hanging in the air”. For a modern interior, made with exquisite taste, where there is a glass table and other transparent details, the shelves will become a real decoration. Glasses, photos and crystal look amazing on elite multi-level tinted glass shelves.


Heaviest material.A granite or marble look shelf requires solid wall fixing. This is the only disadvantage next to the large number of obvious advantages. There are no obstacles for the stone in use – it is not afraid of high levels of humidity, it is easy to clean from dirt, not to mention the attractive and status appearance of your kitchen with such shelves.

Interior Design

With the correct arrangement of the shelves, they are quite capable of replacing many items from the furniture set for the kitchen, cabinets with heavy drawers that take up free space. Wall-mounted shelves help make your kitchen more ergonomic. Moving along it while cooking her favorite dishes, the hostess will feel joy and feel comfort and convenience. Which shelves look good and how best to place them in the kitchen?

  • Instead of cabinets . For long and narrow kitchens, shelves will be a real salvation. After all, the cabinets will not only look too rough, but also obscure the already narrow space.Hanging rows of shelves at different heights is a great solution. Almost all kitchen items can be placed on them, including pans and pots.
  • As support element . The shelves are inserted into the free space between the cabinet and the wall. The support can connect two cabinets to each other, increasing the area useful for placing kitchen utensils.
  • As decoration. Original shelves for candles, cute trinkets or photos, lamps and flower pots help soften the impression of the interior, make the kitchen tastefully decorated.

It is very important to select all materials so that they are optimally combined with each other.For example, if your furniture is made of unpolished wood, plastic is unlikely to be good company. Large and reliable shelves can support even a significant weight, they are spacious and play a significant role in the interior of the kitchen.

90,000 types and materials for production

It’s no secret that the kitchen in an apartment or house is often the most beloved and cozy corner.The hostesses pay a lot of attention to the furnishings and equipment of the kitchen. After all, everything should be harmonious, thought out, convenient and functional. Fortunately, the choice of kitchen furniture, appliances and all kinds of devices in specialized stores today is enormous and is able to satisfy the most demanding, sophisticated or non-standard requests. And what could not be found ready-made, is made to order or made by hand, including shelves for the kitchen.

Cozy kitchen with comfortable and functional furniture and beautiful decor

Cabinets or shelves?

Pull-out shelves for the kitchen are placed in floor cabinets and represent a place for storing spices, bulk products or household chemicals

Kitchen furniture, like kitchen utensils, is never enough.But the question arises: what is more convenient and functional than cabinets or kitchen shelves. It is more rational to equip the bottom of the working wall with pedestals with internal shelves or drawers. Such kitchen furniture is very practical and spacious and looks great in the interior of the kitchen. It is convenient to put bulky kitchen utensils into floor cabinets, install containers for garbage and waste, and store bags with vegetables.

Combination of open and closed shelves in the interior of the kitchen

Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets can be safely replaced with open shelves or closed ones, it is good to combine all three types.It should be noted that open shelves in the kitchen are lighter and do not clutter up the space. This is especially valuable in small kitchens or in studio apartments.

Open kitchen shelves can be used wherever there is at least some free space

A part of the floor stands can also be donated by installing open shelves. True, it is necessary to make the shelves themselves more massive and thicker than the hinged ones, because massive kitchen utensils and appliances are always stored below: a juicer, a meat grinder, pots of various capacities and pans.

The location of kitchen open shelves can be very diverse. They look great between conventional wall cabinets or from the sides. Small open shelves will fit under or above cabinets. For example, flower pots, cups, glasses or containers with sugar, salt, spices, cutlery can be placed on them.

Hanging shelves – an interesting option for interiors that are not constrained by a small area

Wooden open shelves located above the kitchen table can be used as an additional decor for the room, as well as a completely practical thing by placing vases with flowers, scented candles or frames with photographs of all family members on them.Such designs look advantageous in the interior of the kitchen.

Wooden hinged kitchen shelves are suitable for interiors made in classic style, modern style, country, Provence

Kitchen interior style

Kitchen shelves can be an interesting decor

There are many styles in which you can equip a kitchen with open shelves: minimalism, Scandinavian style, hi-tech, retro or classic – it all depends on the wishes of the hostess.Each style of kitchen has its own materials, colors, shapes.

The predominance of beige and pastel colors in Provence kitchen

For example, when choosing a Scandinavian style, hanging shelves should be made of natural materials, wood, stone (special attention should be paid to fixings and the choice of location, the structures are quite heavy). As for the color scheme, you should choose beige, light gray, light blue, light green, light brown, since this style is aimed at maintaining warmth and comfort in the house.This combination of colors and materials will certainly become an exclusive solution in the interior of the kitchen.

Light wood shelves on invisible fixtures complement the Scandinavian interior

Hi-tech or minimalism is a modern style and materials that are used in them, how not to eat too much, reflect modern realities better. Plastic, metal, glass, many right angles and lines, a combination of black and white interspersed with bright colored details best suits these styles.You can also use lighting for hanging cabinets and open shelves, this will make the kitchen more modern and practical. Hanging shelves made of glass will look especially impressive, be it completely transparent or frosted glass. Such shelves in the interior of the kitchen will look fresh and laconic.

Open shelves are more of a decor item than functional furniture in a high-tech kitchen

One point: glass open shelves in the kitchen must be reliable. Therefore, it is not reasonable to take glass less than 6-8 mm, there is a significant risk that the shelves will crack under the weight of the placed objects.

Open-type glass shelves in the kitchen

In addition to open shelves, the mountings can also have shelves that are built into the wall. Such a move will help save space in the kitchen space and make the room as constructive as possible. These shelves are usually made of drywall. They look good, they are functional, they can withstand a lot of weight. The main design disadvantage is the stationary installation. It is quite problematic to dismantle such kitchen shelves painlessly and they will have to be used until the next major overhaul.

Lightweight and convenient plastic shelves-shelves for the kitchen

Plastic kitchen shelves are lightweight, mobile and easy to attach and remove. But it is worth remembering that plastic is not a strong enough material and is not suitable for installing heavy kitchen utensils on it. It is wiser to place small items or dishes made of the same plastic on such kitchen shelves, since there will be no problems with the choice. Today, high-quality plastic kitchen utensils are in no way inferior to porcelain or earthenware, as well as glass.

A particularly interesting detail of the kitchen interior will be small, wooden hinged shelves, they are perfect for storing seasonings and spices, teas or coffee beans, it will look incredibly cute and sophisticated, such designs are typical of Italian or English style kitchens.

Nowadays, it has become very fashionable to fit kitchen shelves with recipe books, thereby saving time and space. The hostess has everything at hand, and it is very easy and simple to get the item you need without leaving the kitchen.

Books and flowers on the shelves in the kitchen in the “Scandinavian” style

Materials for kitchen shelves

Kitchen shelves differ not only in size, color, but also in the material from which they are made. As mentioned above, it could be.

  1. Wood. Ideal for the kitchen. Natural material, environmentally friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic, durable enough and easy to operate. Necessarily needs an additional moisture-resistant coating, which is designed to lengthen the shelf life and simplify maintenance.Such a protective coating can be wood varnish or oil paint.

    Wooden shelves – an affordable and practical solution

  2. chipboard or fiberboard. In terms of its qualities, it is slightly inferior to wood, but also quite attractive and functional. Kitchen designs are reliable and easy to clean.

    Chipboard shelves are much cheaper than natural counterparts and are less “capricious” in everyday life

  3. Glass. It is better to use hardened reinforced, then there will be no problems with open shelves and filling.And of course pay attention to its thickness. Thin glass, less than 6-8 mm, is inappropriate and impractical, and also unsafe. It can crack. The glass shelf should not be hung in close proximity to a stove or oven.

    Glass shelves will best fit into a modern interior, highlighting the sophistication and elegance of the owners of the house

  4. Stone. Quite bulky and massive material. Hang structures with care and pay close attention to fasteners. It is wiser to mount it on the supporting wall of the kitchen than on the piers and do not seek to raise such shelves to the ceiling, closer to the floor they will be the very place.

    Stone shelves – a stylish and rare option that should fit into the overall design of the room

  5. Drywall. To create a stationary kitchen interior for a long time. Suitable for lovers of classics and conservatism. These are kitchens in the English colonial style. For the kitchen shelves to serve for a long time, the coating must be moisture resistant.

    Various plasterboard shelves

  6. Plastic. Lightweight, mobile material. It can imitate wood, stone, glass and even mirrored surfaces.Shelves should not be hung over a gas stove and near heating devices. Do not overload. Remember that cheap plastic easily changes its color, especially white becomes yellowish over time, which spoils the overall look of the entire kitchen interior. Ribbed plastic is easy to get dirty, but difficult to clean.

    Plastic kitchen shelves suitable for modern interiors

  7. Metal. Sufficiently new and not all appreciated material. Such open shelves can withstand significant loads, are not afraid of either high temperatures or moisture, and are quite easy to clean.Easily cleaned of grease and soot. The shelves do not require additional decoration and finishing. Interesting designs can be created from individual open shelves to create an exclusive kitchen interior.

    Metal shelves for the kitchen will decorate the hi-tech style

  8. In the interior, it is allowed to use one material or a combination of two, at least three types. For example, the shelf itself can be made of wood or glass, and the fixtures can be metal. Glass kitchen shelves can be combined with metal or wooden ones.Stone shelves, as a rule, are used by themselves, it is allowed to add only a minimum of wood to a minimum. Drywall is appropriate with plastic or glass. When choosing a material, it is necessary to take into account the general direction of the style of the kitchen set and the interior as a whole. A lot does not always mean necessary. The kitchen should not be overloaded.

Kitchen shelves do it yourself

Open kitchen shelves can be bought in a store, purchased using the Internet, or made by hand.

Dimensional drawing for cabinet-shelf with two working shelves and two drawers

Open shelves in the kitchen made of wood with their own hands can be made even by a non-professional or from plastic. To work, you must have the following materials and tools.

  1. Tape measure, sheet of paper, pencil, ruler.
  2. A hacksaw or jigsaw, metal corners for fasteners, a drill or screwdriver, screws or screws, sandpaper.
  3. Stain (drying oil), waterproof wood varnish, brush or two.

Stages of work.

  1. First, it is worth deciding where the shelf will be located in the kitchen and their total number. A tape measure carefully measures the length of the intended product and the width. The dimensions are fixed on paper. Then they are marked directly on the board with a pencil, the excess is removed using a hacksaw (jigsaw). The place of the saw cut and the corners of the future shelf are carefully cleaned with sandpaper, they should be smooth, without roughness and burrs.

    Cut out blanks and process them

  2. The shelf blank is covered with stain, when a dark shelf is needed, or linseed oil, in order to preserve the natural color and pattern of the wood, in two layers.Allow to dry thoroughly. In the absence of stain, use a solution of medical iodine or fucorcin.

    Cover with stain or varnish, and then paint or varnish

  3. When the base coat is dry, cover the workpiece with wood varnish with a moisture-resistant effect, which is important. Kitchen furniture must be kept clean, and without proper cover it will be difficult to do. Frequent wet cleaning can damage and shorten shelf life if uncoated.After drying, sand the first layer of varnish with fine sandpaper and apply the second layer.

    Assembling the frame of the kitchen shelf

  4. Having stepped back from both edges of the structure by a couple of centimeters, mark the places for fastening the corners. Screw on the metal corners. The shelf is ready. Use self-tapping screws and a drill to hang it on the wall in the chosen place. Check the strength of the fasteners and only then arrange the necessary items.

    Assembling the shelf, adding fasteners

If desired, the outer edge of the shelf can be decorated or left clean.The decor is applied with oil paints or burned out with a special burner.

Ready-made shelf, made by hand, in the interior of the kitchen

It is advisable to abandon the volumetric decor. Settled fat on such a surface will be quite difficult to remove and the kitchen shelves will take on a sloppy look over time. What will be reflected in the appearance of the entire kitchen interior.

Video: Open shelves in a kitchen interior

Shelves for the kitchen in the interior – the best photo collection:


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KitchenPostforming worktops – what is it and how to use it?

Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen

In the world of modern kitchens, the fashion trend has become the use of open shelves, which have replaced wall cabinets.Open shelves can become both a part of furniture in a kitchen interior and an excellent functional decorative element.

Open shelves have now become one of the affordable, practical and stylish design solutions. Such designs fit perfectly into the kitchen interior, especially made in the Provence style. They are also great for country, rustic and Scandinavian styles. Open shelves look very impressive in kitchens that are decorated in a minimalist style, as well as in the usual classics.

The affordable cost of such structures is their indisputable advantage, because the purchase of closed kitchen cabinets in terms of value will be much more expensive.

open shelf in the kitchen for storing dishes

Closed cabinets also visually narrow the kitchen space, and the shelves, on the contrary, make it more spacious. Thanks to the shelves, all the necessary items will always be at hand, besides, there will be no need to transfer your time to opening kitchen doors.Moreover, the design of open shelves serves as an original showcase, with the help of which you can demonstrate elegant dishes, decorative elements, as well as all kinds of kitchen utensils.

What are open shelves for the kitchen

Open shelves for kitchen interiors have various design solutions.

  1. Open wall shelves

Hanging shelves fit perfectly into any free space of the kitchen interior, as well as into any partition.The purpose of such structures is very diverse. They can be used for placing books and notebooks with recipes, for storing various spices, for displaying elegant dishes, for placing a TV or household kitchen appliances. Depending on the purpose, the depth of such structures and the height of their location vary accordingly. Hinged kitchen shelves with hidden fittings look not only beautiful, but also trendy.

open shelves can be used to store cereals, household appliances or utensils

  1. Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets with open shelves

These shelves are often located in the bottom row of wall cabinets.This provides easy access to dishes or foods that are used regularly. Very often on such a hinged shelf you can see a library of recipes or a dish drainer. Glazed transparent open shelves in the kitchen can be found as a small cupboard cupboard .

  1. Open shelves in built-in shelving in the kitchen

Built-in shelves are spacious and convenient, provide easy access to their contents.It is convenient to use such constructions as an extreme module of a kitchen furniture set. Shelves can be located with the open side both towards the kitchen and towards the passage to the living room or dining room. Arched openings with open shelves from the side of the kitchen can also be a variation of the built-in rack. Mostly they are used as an ultra-modern version of a slide with dishes displayed in it.

kitchen shelf in the form of a rack in the interior of a light kitchen

  1. Kitchen cabinets with open shelves

Open shelves on kitchen cabinets also provide quick access to the items they contain.Mostly on these shelves are stored pans and pots, the necessary everyday utensils, fruits and vegetables in baskets. They can also be used for notebooks and recipe books, or for serving dishes and decorative items. Such designs are practically unobtrusive, they are perfect for kitchens connected to the dining room, because with a correctly placed furniture set, they can be completely inconspicuous, for example, from the side of the dining table.

  1. Kitchen island with open shelves

Mostly such shelves are located on the side of the island facing the living room, or in the side of it.These designs perfectly combine a kitchen library with recipes or books written in notebooks, and also act as a display part for all kinds of decorative elements.

functional island kitchen with open shelves for storing various things

  1. Kitchen sink and open shelves

Open shelves of this type are located against the wall or under the ceiling, in the place above the kitchen island, depending on the location of the kitchen sink.They are a very convenient solution for storing utensils for everyday use.

In a modern design style, transparent glass shelves look very impressive, appropriate in black and white, white, gray kitchens and even in a lilac kitchen. Models of multicolored glass shelves and laminated MDF look good.

convenient location of the open shelf above the sink

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Advantages of open shelves in the interior of the kitchen

The obvious advantages of open shelves in the kitchen are demonstrated by the following points:

  • placement of shelves is possible even in a small kitchen room;
  • does not need free space to open the doors;
  • there is no need to spend time and effort opening the doors;
  • a complete overview of items, no need to waste time finding this or that thing or product;
  • online access to items stored on shelves;
  • an opportunity to demonstrate elegant serving dishes, using them as a decorative element of the interior.

bright color of the inner walls of an open shelf with a bright spot removes sterility in the interior of a white kitchen

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Disadvantages of open shelves

“Open shelves in the kitchen often have a decorative function, as a result of which they must have elegant serving dishes and beautiful kitchen utensils”

Due to the fact that the shelves themselves and the objects on them are open, they very quickly become covered with grease and dust.In order to avoid such a situation as much as possible, do not place them in close proximity to the stove. Such kitchen designs require frequent cleaning.

Open shelves in the kitchen often perform a decorative function, as a result of which they must have elegant serving dishes and beautiful kitchen utensils.

A great solution would be to add just one or a couple of small open shelves to the kitchen space if the above disadvantages are of great importance to you.A couple of open shelves in the kitchen will add expressiveness to it, and also help to make it more comfortable, homely.

The light green color of the walls of the open shelf brings a spring mood to the kitchen interior

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Design solutions for open shelves

“Open shelves will fit perfectly into kitchens with a small area”

The appearance of open shelves largely depends on the style proposed by the designers for the kitchen interior.

If the kitchen is made in country style, then open shelves made of solid wood are perfect for it. They look solid and pretty solid. Such a design model can be supplemented with wicker baskets and drawers placed on the shelves for convenient storage of various kitchen utensils, vegetables and fruits.

Spectacular transparent glass shelves with interior lighting blend perfectly with modern kitchen interiors.Such elements will help create an atmosphere of spaciousness and light in the kitchen room. However, such structures made of MDF, metal or drywall look quite harmonious.

minimalist kitchen design with open shelves

Shelves-lattices, which look weightless and light, but are able to withstand quite a significant weight, are now very popular.

Open shelves are chosen mainly in white, black or gray.In the kitchen, they can also act as a bright element if you hang products in a rich contrasting shade against the background of light wall coverings. Against the background of dark walls, milky white dishes, placed on open structures, will look amazing.

Open shelves will fit perfectly into kitchens with a small area. Items made of solid light wood or glass with a minimal design will look exquisite. Such shelves are perfect for spacious kitchens combined with a living room.Open shelves in combination with decorative lighting look the most advantageous in the interior of kitchens. To do this, you need to install spotlights or elegant sconces.

open shelves in the interior of the kitchen in hi-tech style

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What should you pay attention to when installing open structures?

The kitchen interior with open shelves looks very cozy and informal, so it is unlikely to fit into an apartment decorated in a strict classic style.Loft, Provence, Scandinavian minimalism or country styles allow for such liberties, for example, spices and dishes, ostentatiously put on public display.

An elegant, but absolutely not used in serving service should also not be placed on open structures.

Paper and plastic packaging from used products also has no place on open shelves. All cereals, spices or coffee should first be poured into elegant ceramic or glass containers. At the same time, the collection of wine and cookbooks will look amazing on pretty open shelves.

white island kitchen design with open shelves

It is preferable that the wall covering where the open shelves will be placed is not very bright and monochromatic. The background of the coating should not be eye-catching. Elegant, elegant and bright dishes will perfectly emphasize the background in beige or gray shades. But for dazzling white dishes, you need to give preference to a darker background, perhaps in coffee tones.

Open shelves in the kitchen should not be placed above the hob: it is better to place them directly above the work surface of the table to avoid dripping grease and various vapors .

It is not necessary to make all the shelves in the kitchen space open: a couple of such structures will be enough as a decorative element.

metal open shelf is appropriate if there are metallic items in the interior

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Open shelves in a small kitchen

When the area of ​​the room is small, then open shelves will help to visually increase its space.But it should be understood that such a solution is not suitable for everyone. It is relevant for people who have very few utensils in their kitchens and mostly small household appliances, as well as for those who rarely or little cook. Avid chefs, even in a small kitchen, are better off stocking up on roomy cabinets.

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Open structures for spacious kitchens

A spacious room provides many more possibilities for design solutions. Today, almost all design projects have an option in which a small number of decorative open shelves are located above the work plane of the countertops.

small kitchen design: upper cabinet with doors under which there is an open shelf

In such cases, a significant part of household appliances and utensils is hidden in inconspicuous tall cupboards with closed doors. They are placed along the side wall of the kitchen area. An oven or microwave is built into these cabinets so that they do not catch the eye once again and do not press with their bulkiness.

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Materials and palette of kitchen open shelves

Open shelves made of metal look great in modern kitchens.

For classics, shelves with cornices and sides are the ideal solution.

Glass, metal or wood shelves are suitable for a kitchen set made of wood.

hinged open end-to-end shelf located above the bar

Open constructions can be either neutral or bright. They can have a variety of shapes. It is necessary to select them so that they are extremely similar to the design of the kitchen.However, you need to understand that many bright colors can ruin the overall design of the kitchen and make it look ridiculous.

Open kitchen designs have tremendous potential to combine ergonomics and style in interior design.

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Photo Gallery – Open Kitchen Shelves:

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Author: Daria Degtyareva


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Decorative shelves for the kitchen +80 photo of the organization of space

Kitchen shelves – stylish and functional decor. If earlier headsets with closed cabinets were mainly used, now open storage systems that look original and fresh are in fashion. They place not only the necessary utensils, but also decor items: plates on stands, vases, cups, pots, cutting boards and even books.The idea of ​​using decorative shelves in the kitchen belongs to the Americans, although European housewives are not averse to decorating their home with such a detail. Open storage systems can be made by hand, while also saving on materials due to the lack of doors and opening mechanisms. Consider a series of master classes on creating a beautiful decor.

Role of decorative shelves

Kitchen decorative shelves have a number of advantages:

  • A functional detail like this one that looks great in long, narrow rooms.For parallel planning, only open storage systems are used, since boxes with doors will “hang” over the hostess, creating a feeling of cluttered space.
  • Handcrafted decorative shelves are undeniably a great way to keep within a tight budget.
  • The filling of the shelves can be very diverse. Here you can place utensils that do not have enough space in the cabinets, or arrange decorations, giving the kitchen decor a special charm and comfort.Decorative structures, as a rule, are mobile and, if necessary, can be easily dismantled.
  • Shelves are harmoniously combined with hi-tech, country, minimalism, Scandinavian and classic styles. This interior element is versatile. If it is made from expensive wood, varnished or carved, you get an exquisite kitchen decoration. Branched shelves from old pallets, casually covered with light paint, will ideally fit into a number of rustic styles (Provence, Russian).
  • The contents of the shelves are within walking distance, that is, it is easier to take a plate or spoon than from a cabinet.This will greatly simplify the workflow and minimize the time spent.
    Of course, the owners will also face difficulties. For example, the contents of the shelves will be covered with grease and dust at an accelerated rate. Regular cleaning will have to be done more often, and fabric jewelry will have to be discarded. Open storage systems are not always possible to integrate into the interior of small kitchens that are already furnished.

Professional designers find the best combination of open shelves and closed cabinets in the kitchen.Both types of storage systems complement each other.

Determining the design and size

Before you start creating a decor, you need to decide on three important aspects:

  • Location.
  • Size.
  • Type of construction.
  • Content Features.

As for the location, the shelves are not recommended to be installed near the stove or sink.In the first case, the contents will be covered with a layer of fat even faster. Moreover, regardless of the power of the hood. In a close washing situation, splashes will become a problem. If you hang the shelf high above the sink, then the water will definitely not reach. Depending on the location, the shelves are classified into three types:

  • Wall.
  • Tabletop.
  • Floor (racks).

Separately, the corner shelves are noted – the best option for cramped kitchens, which significantly saves space.The simplest design is rectangular. The complex includes multi-tiered and curly, built into a plasterboard box. By the type of construction, the shelves can be open and closed. The second option is more related to lockers. Open structures can be simple or complex (retractable, light, sliding, rotating). Shelves are also classified into many types depending on what content they are designed for. For example, there are wine, dishware, TV set, exclusively decorative.Size is affected by the functionality of the space and the estimated amount of content.

Shelf material and design

The cheapest and most affordable material for the shelf beams is wood. You can buy a couple of planks or disassemble old furniture. Pallets – construction pallets designed for heavy loads – will be an excellent “source” of material. Of these, by the way, they construct not only shelves, but also beds, coffee tables and chairs. Storage systems made of wood derivatives (chipboard, MDF) will look a little simpler.They are also inferior in strength. Glass rungs are ideal for high-tech or minimalist kitchens. Plasterboard structures can be given complex, original shapes, which will make the kitchen shelf an accent decor. The fastening also plays an important role in the design of the element. With the help of metal ropes, ropes, straps, they create magnificent hanging shelves that float in the air. The standard ones attached to the wall are also decorated with forged or wooden support.

DIY workshops on making shelves

Before starting work, it is necessary to draw up a project and decide on the location of the shelf, its shape, size and type of structure (select fasteners).Be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the stylistic solution of the kitchen. A modern glass shelf with metal fittings will look ridiculous and out of place in a classic or rustic interior. Consider a series of workshops on creating a decorative storage system.

Plasterboard shelf

To work with drywall you will need:

  • Shears for metal.
  • Rotary hammer.
  • Drywall knife.
  • Plumb line and level.
  • Screw gun.
  • Pencil, compasses, tape measure.
  • Dowels and screws.
  • Guide profile, hangers, corners.

To decorate the shelf, you will need a spatula, putty and paint, wallpaper, plaster (depending on the design option). All work is divided into the following stages:

  • Preparation. Marking the wall, taking measurements using a plumb line, level, tape measure and pencil.
  • Installation of a frame base from profiles (angular, guides) using a metal knife, screwdriver, screws and dowels.
  • Cutting drywall. Installation of prepared sheets.
  • Masking seams with putty.

Completes the work with decoration. The easiest option is painting. Plasterboard is convenient in that its surface can be adapted and combined with any finish. As a result, the shelf and wall will look like a single unit. If you plan to place heavy objects (TV or microwave), then you will often have to place mounts and use drywall at least 1.6 cm thick.

Plywood shelves (MDF)

It is easiest to make a blank of the future shelf from a sheet of cardboard or hardboard. It is applied to the plywood and traced around the edge with a pencil. Then the elements of the shelf are cut out. On the back of the racks, grooves are cut out for fastenings. Then the shelf is assembled by fastening the elements with glue and self-tapping screws. The front ends of MDF are pasted over with decorative veneer tape. The shelf itself is varnished or stained. After the composition has dried, the storage system is fixed to the wall.

Natural wood shelves

Natural wood shelves are mounted according to the same principle as MDF structures.A stylish addition to a country or eco kitchen will be the construction of a half-log instead of a crossbar and thick forked branches as support. You can use pallet boards. The pallets are simply disassembled into components. The main thing is that the pallets are still strong, without rot. Their surface will have to be additionally processed: either remove a thick old layer of wood, or branch (clean the surface along the fibers, giving the wood an original texture). If you have no desire to bother with dismantling the structure, then the pallets can be used as a whole.For example, for a hinged shelf, the pallet is simply fixed with its “front” side to the wall, so that the internal beams form shelves. This decor looks pretty rough, but it goes well with the country style. Also, the pallet can only be partially disassembled. The dismantled boards are used as horizontal shelves and are fixed to the pallet frame using self-tapping screws.

Chipboard shelves

For kitchen shelves, choose a special type of chipboard sheets, which are covered with a special moisture-resistant film.It will protect the material from the aggressive microclimate of the room. The main question that will arise before the master in the manufacture of the shelf is how to connect the structural elements to each other. There are only three methods:

  • By wire holders.
  • With dowels and glue.
  • With screw ties (with wedge inserts).

Otherwise, working with chipboard is no different from making MDF shelves. The ends of the elements after installation of the structure will also have to be decorated with veneer tape, masking ugly cuts.

Making a shelf from ice cream sticks

To make a shelf you will need:

  • Ice cream sticks.
  • Varnish or stain.
  • Glue and bristles.
  • Elements for decoration (twine, burlap, silk ribbon).

Despite the seeming fragility, you can build a fairly solid shelf from ice cream sticks. First, they are determined with the configuration of the structure. The material allows you to make shelves of the most complex shapes.The first row of sticks should completely repeat the contour of the future structure. They are fastened together with the tips using glue. The rounded end of the previous stick is placed on the next one, after which the geometric figure is “closed”. The assembly method is somewhat reminiscent of the construction of a Russian log house, where the logs are overlapped. The rows are laid out alternately, still fixing the sticks with glue. The height of the “wall” will be the width of the shelf beams. After assembly, the structure is covered with wood stain, varnish, and then decorated.The shelf can now be hung on the wall. It should be noted that the storage system serves only a decorative function and is not intended to accommodate heavy items. On such a shelf, you can put a glass vase with dried flowers or a plate on a stand. The shelf is not designed for greater strength.

Shelf from cable channel

Shelves made of cable duct look rather unusual. Ultra-narrow designs are ideal for storing small jars of spices.Thanks to the cable duct, you can build a practical organizer and classify your spice stocks. The construction method is very simple. First, on the cable channel, marks are made along the length of the crossbeams and vertical racks. From the elements on which the flasks will be placed, cut off a small strip from the side edge. This will make it more convenient to put the jars if the crossbars are often placed. The two bottom elements can be left fully loaded. An incision is then made on the side of each bar.It is pushed onto a groove on a vertical post (cable duct cover). In this way, all the crossbars are fixed. Cable duct shelves are good because they do not deteriorate from moisture, as is often the case with wood. The material does not care what the temperature is in the kitchen and how much moisture settles on the surface.

Hanging shelves and fixing methods

Hanging shelves – extraordinary, beautiful decor. They can only be used in modern styles. The rungs are made of wood, glass, metal.More traditional shelf models are made from MDF and chipboard. The most unusual thing in the whole structure is the way the crossbars are fastened. It is not at all necessary to connect them to the ceiling. Hanging shelves can be attached to the top board, which in turn rests, for example, on the lids of two cupboards. You can also fix the shelf on a wooden “cornice” nailed to the wall. The ends of ropes or straps are fixed on it. In addition to their stylish appearance, the shelves have high functionality: at any time you can add crossbars to them or remove unnecessary ones, that is, the structure is assembled like a designer.The most popular type of attachment is rope rope. It goes well with wood and is not only suitable for marine or beach interiors. Rope ropes look appropriate with Scandinavian, eco style, Provence, country and even high-tech. Old, but still strong straps are also suitable for fastening. Ropes are sometimes attached to the side of each crossbar, but it is much safer to thread them through specially prepared holes. The shelves are as if “strung” on the rope, adjusting and fixing the height of their location with the help of knots.

Creating a shelf from wooden boxes

Shelves and racks from wooden boxes are assembled according to a simple algorithm:

  • The container is sanded to remove the dusty, dirty top layer.
  • The surface is coated with varnish or moisture resistant paint.
  • Then the boxes are connected to each other with corners using self-tapping screws, stationery clamps and even ordinary rubber bands.

Racks-towers can be folded from containers or fixed with their bottoms on the walls one by one, making original compositions.If the box is too large, then an additional crossbar is attached in the middle. An original addition to a modern kitchen will be an asymmetrical composition of drawer shelves, which are placed both vertically and horizontally.

We make bottle makers

Bottle holders – special shelves designed for storing glass and plastic containers, mainly with liquids. Cargo, as they are also called, is mainly made from thick wire. It is a mistake to say that only wines are stored in bottle-holders.They are suitable for containers with oil, vinegar, alcohol, sauces, for jars of cereals. In kitchen units, such storage systems are usually built into one of the cabinets. If the bottle holder is not included in the kit, then it can be purchased separately or made by hand. Mostly wire products are sold. However, in addition to cargo, there are wooden, metal, wicker, plastic and even glass bottle holders. The easiest way is to make a rack shelf from several boards or plywood. The crossbeams are provided with bumpers with special notches (under the bottom and neck), or round holes are cut out in the chipboard sheet.You can build a bottle from a box, where some of the contents will be stored horizontally, and the other in a vertical position. The sides are made of metal rods. Bottles are stored even in logs, in which “hollows” are cut out for containers. Suspended cargo is very laconic. For such a design, two metal modules with hooks are sufficient, which act as a support for the bottle. Another option: a double rail with through-holes for the necks. To prevent the bottles from falling out of the holder, the neck is threaded into two circles, which securely fix the container.


Open shelves in the kitchen will become not only a stylish addition to the interior, but also an excellent incentive for the hostess to keep the utensils in perfect order, because now chaos will become the property of the “public”, that is, guests who have dropped in for a cup of tea. In modern homes, more and more often, the entire upper part of the kitchen set is replaced with a shelf system. Thanks to this solution, the rooms visually become larger. And furniture sets are gradually becoming an “outdated version”.The kitchen is no longer a room solely for cooking. This room also needs decorations.

Removable and fixed shelves per cabinet

Anyone who buys products from “trusted” brands does not need to know about the materials for the cabinet shelves. This article is mainly for those who will be ordering furniture from a little-known supplier.

In the photo:

The weight of what or who will the shelves of your future cabinet have to withstand? Choose materials that are as hardy as possible.

Shelf types

What is outside, so is inside. A distinction is made between removable and fixed shelves. You need to choose material for them based on different criteria. Removable shelves must withstand repeated re-hanging. It is clear that bulk “slab” materials for them are not the best option (although the cheapest). It is better to prefer solid wood, metal or glass.

Stationary (non-removable) shelves are load-bearing elements of the cabinet structure, which allow avoiding diagonal distortions of the frame.They are almost always made from the same material as the furniture body.

Which material should you choose?

  • Solid wood. The most noble material is durable, natural. Solid wood is ideal when increased shelf strength is required – when ordering a bookcase or a boiserie wardrobe with long, extended shelves. The disadvantages of the array include a large weight and high price of products.

In the photo:

Solid wood shelves are usually made to match the frame of cabinet furniture.

What does the veneer hide? As a rule, slabs on a wooden basis – MDF or type-setting blockboard made of pieces of solid wood are veneered with veneer. However, you can find the option metal + veneer. These finishes are offered by manufacturers of premium wardrobes and wardrobes.

In the photo: Vetro Trasparente by Porro, designed by Centro Ricerche Porro, Lissoni Piero.

  • Stacking array. This is also a completely natural material: a slab made of randomly glued wood blocks. The typesetting array is covered with a layer of decorative veneer, after which it is difficult to distinguish it from solid wood. The advantages are the same as for a conventional array, and the price is noticeably lower.
  • Joiner’s plate. The choice of those for whom the light weight of the shelves is important. A blockboard is a frame-frame made of hardwood, covered on both sides with a “jacket” made of plywood or other material.Regardless of the presence / absence of filling, it still weighs less than made from solid wood. And thanks to the finish, it looks no worse. The blockboard can withstand bending loads, that is, it is suitable for heavy things – the same books.

In the photo:

Shelves with honeycomb filling are easy to “identify” by their increased thickness. Otherwise, they simply could not bear the weight of heavy things.

  • MDF / chipboard. The most common materials for shelves in cabinet furniture. These boards are made on the basis of natural wood, ground almost into dust and pressed. Formaldehyde resins are used as a binder in the manufacture of chipboard. In MDF, the main binder is lignin contained in wood fibers. Synthetic resins only complement it.
Caution, formaldehyde!
When choosing a chipboard shelf, pay attention to the edging.Ask the seller for a sample of the product. If there is at least one “bare” end, refuse to buy. After all, even the highest quality chipboard emits formaldehyde – volatile toxic substances.

In the photo:

The cladding of chipboard and MDF gives nondescript materials a noble look.

Illuminated shelf. Quite often glass cabinet shelves are made with integrated lighting.The light source is integrated between the glass sheets, and the “power” is absolutely independent of the position of the shelf – the contact is brought out to the grooves in which the shelf is fixed. As a result, the shelves can be re-hung without giving up the backlight.

Pictured: Model S07 from Interluebke, designed by Kraeling Peter, Heide Rolf.

The surfaces of the chipboard shelves are always covered with something: veneer, foil, plastic, etc. And MDF products can be used both faced and painted.There are many finishes and colors – you can always choose the one that will be combined with the cabinet body and facade.

Chipboard and MDF shelves usually have a standard thickness of 16-18 mm. A finger-thick model is much cheaper, but it can bend under the weight of ordinary things! For shelves with medium to high load, we recommend stronger (and more expensive) boards with a thickness of 21-25 mm.

  • Glass. If you buy glass shelves for your wardrobe, you will surely not regret your choice.They look thin and visually light, but at the same time they are highly durable: an 8 mm sheet of glass can carry the same weight as a MDF shelf twice as thick.

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