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The 13 Best Men’s Chino Shorts (2021 Guide)

Summer calls for shorts, and for most guys, chino shorts are the best option. Here are the best chino shorts you can buy right now (on any budget).

Unless you live in a really mild climate, you’ll probably need to have several pairs of shorts to last you through the summer.

And there are many factors to consider when you’re choosing a pair of shorts.

Of course, you want good-looking shorts that fit well and flatter your frame. Ideally, the shorts should also be made of lightweight, breathable fabrics so you stay as cool as possible when it’s balmy out.

Chino shorts tick all of those boxes and the some. That’s why they’re one of our favorite types of shorts (especially for the summer).

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best men’s chino shorts you can buy today along with some outfit ideas and styling advice.

Quick Take

Short on time? Here are our top three picks for the best chino shorts you can buy right now:

Our Pick

Budget Pick

Upgrade Pick

Outlier New Way Shorts

If you want the best summer short that money can buy, you should seriously look at Outlier’s innovative New Way shorts.

Buy Now

Read on for more info and the complete list…

What Are Chino Shorts?

The term “chino” relates to the chino fabric the shorts are made from. It’s a cotton twill fabric that’s strong and durable, making it great for pants and shorts.

That’s why chino shorts tend to be thicker and more structured than, say, athletic shorts. The very fabric they’re made of is thicker and sturdier. There are other cotton-based shorts available, but for our money, chinos are the best and most flexible cotton shorts for men.

Even though chino is a thicker fabric, it’s still breathable. Since chino is a cotton-based fabric, it has similar properties to cotton, which is a breathable (though not moisture-wicking) fabric.

The bottom line: Don’t work out in chino shorts, and you’ll be fine.

Chino shorts are basically chino pants but, well, shorter. Chino pants are well-loved for being versatile, comfortable pants, and chino shorts share those characteristics while keeping you cool.

A Few Chino Shorts Outfit Ideas

While shorts are pretty basic as far as wardrobe essentials go, they can be styled in more ways than you think.

Need to be convinced? Take a look at 6 of our favorite ways to wear chino shorts.

#1: With a Basic T-Shirt

We have to start out with the classic combo of shorts and a t-shirt.

This is as simple as it gets, but that’s a big part of the reason why it’s such a timeless look. However, there are a couple of modern updates here, namely the more fitted t-shirt to match the structured chino shorts.

Add some sunglasses and white sneakers, and you’re all set for a warm summer day.

#2: With a Relaxed T-Shirt

Although fitted t-shirts are best for most guys, you can also wear a slightly more relaxed fit if you prefer to have a bit of breathing room for those humid days.

Source: @paulbinam

Notice how the t-shirt isn’t too baggy. That’s a common mistake guys make when they wear relaxed fit tees. The shirt shouldn’t be too oversized, but it’s okay if it stacks a little bit at the bottom as seen here.

This is an even more casual outfit, so whether you’re staying home or heading out, this outfit will keep you looking (and feeling) cool.

#3: With a Polo

The polo shirt has made a resurgence over the last few years, but it’s still an underrated garment, especially for summer.

Source: @modestmanstyle

Polos keep you cool but offer a slightly dressier look than a t-shirt. That said, polos can be just as versatile as t-shirts, especially if you choose polos with minimal branding and neutral colors.

#4: With a Casual Button Up

For cooler summer days, try pairing a button up with your chino shorts.

Source: @mrrlittle

A fitted button up will dress up your shorts, and other formal touches (like a pair of loafers) will elevate the outfit even more. This is an excellent choice for all kinds of summer occasions, from social gatherings to first dates.

Material-wise, look for something breathable. Cotton, linen, polyester and hemp (or blends of any of these) are all good choices. In addition, since chino shorts are structured, you’ll want to match that look by choosing a slimmer, more fitted button up. (In other words, no oversized flannels.)

#5: With a Short Sleeve Button Up

Too hot for long sleeves? Cool off with a short sleeve button up.

Source: @thegentwithin

Short sleeves with shorts is a winning combo any way you cut it. You can also play around with the print of the button up––wearing a subtle pattern can add visual texture while keeping your outfit sleek.

For a little extra flair, try cuffing your shorts and/or your shirt sleeves. This is actually an old trick to help make your shorts fit better if you have some that are just a little too long. On the other hand, you might just like the look of rolled-up shorts.

#6: Color Blocking

Summer provides a good opportunity to experiment with wearing louder colors, but if you choose to do so, don’t go overboard. One easy solution is to pair a bold button-up with a neutral pair of shorts.

It’s even better if you can match the shorts with your shirt. Here’s a really tasteful example of that sort of color blocking in action:

Source: @thefull_windsor

The button up has a mismatched, offset design that you don’t see often, but the matching shorts help to tone it down and make the outfit look more intentional.

You can apply this same technique to other bold designs. Floral patterns are always a safe bet, but be careful to not choose something too loud.

The Best Men’s Chino Shorts

Wondering about the best place to buy chino shorts? Look no further. Here are 5 handpicked chino shorts in order from least expensive to most expensive.

#1: Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit 7” Chino Shorts

Of course Amazon makes chino shorts, right? Averaging at around $15 per pair, these shorts are simple and functional.

Check current price on Amazon

Now, you’re not getting designer quality here, but all things considered, this is a great price for chino shorts. It’s especially nice if you want to grab a few pairs, since you can get several without breaking the bank.

#2: H&M Slim Fit Chino Shorts

You know H&M for affordable, stylish clothes, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with their slim fit chino shorts.

Check current price on H&M

These are a bit slimmer than some of the other slim fits on this list, so you’ll want to make sure they’ll accommodate your leg size. That said, they’re a good choice for short and thin/lean guys.

#3: Goodthreads Chino Shorts

Another Amazon brand, Goodthreads offers similarly priced chino shorts that usually cost around $25.

Check current price on Amazon

In contrast to the Amazon Essentials shorts, these Goodthreads shorts are made from a blend of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, so you’re getting a little more wiggle room with these. They also have some nice color options––I’m a fan of the “Eiffel Tower” shade.

#4: ASOS DESIGN Slim Chino Shorts

ASOS is a men’s fashion heavyweight, especially when it comes to basics, so it’s no surprise that their chino shorts give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Check current price on ASOS

These are just $29. (No, that’s not a typo.) For that price, the build quality here is remarkable. Simply put, these are excellent entry level shorts.

#5: Topman Chino Shorts

For an accessible, affordable entry point to chino shorts, check out Topman’s line of slim chino shorts.

Check current price on Topman

At just $35, these are great for guys who haven’t owned chino shorts before and want to try them out. They’re 98% cotton and 2% elastane, so they’ll be breathable and have a nice amount of stretch.

You can choose from several neutral colors, including a nice camel tone and a clean white. (Pro tip: White chino shorts look great with a dark contrasting top.)

#6: Bearbottom Stretch Chino Shorts

Also coming in at $35, these Bearbottom stretch shorts provide the classic chino look with improved flexibility.

Check current price on Bearbottom

The cotton/spandex blend gives you more mobility than other shorts, which also means they’re comfortable whether you’re sitting, standing or moving. These are available in 14 different colors, and you can choose from a 5.5” or 7” inseam.

#7: L.L Bean Double L Chino Shorts

You may know L.L. Bean for their classic boots, but they also make some pretty nice (and very affordable) chino shorts.

Check current price on L.L Bean

These shorts are 100% cotton and feature wrinkle free technology, so you won’t be ironing these every time you wear them. Since these shorts are so crisp and clean, they’re perfect for a preppier aesthetic––think a minimal polo and boat shoes.

#8: Abercrombie & Fitch Stretch Chino Shorts

Yes, Abercrombie may have been your store of choice when you were in high school, but they make some great clothes for guys of all ages. That includes these stretch chino shorts.

Check current price on Abercrombie

These are classic chino shorts with a summery vibe, perfect for pairing with both casual and preppy outfits. If versatility is important for you, then these shorts are worth considering.

#9: Everlane Slim Fit Performance Chino Shorts

Everlane makes some excellent basics, and these shorts are no exception.

Check current price on Everlane

What makes these “performance” shorts? They’re made of a 4-way stretch blend of 94% cotton and 6% elastane for a stretchier, more flexible fit. If you’re looking for men’s stretch shorts, these will serve you well.

These are available in six appealing colors, and you can choose from a 7” or 9” inseam. In terms of size, Everlane offers everything from 29 to 38.

#10: Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Shorts

Another great pair of men’s stretch shorts, these chino shorts from Bonobos have a lot going for them.

Check current price on Bonobos

The stretch fit is ideal for optimal movement, and the mixture of 98% cotton and 2% Lycra ensures a comfortable fit. They’re available in a wide range of colors, and you can choose from a slim, standard or athletic fit.

The inseam options here are even more impressive. There are four choices: 5”, 7”, 9” and 11”. While 11” is probably too short for most guys (unless you’re really tall), it’s nice to have so many options.

#11: Ash & Erie Chino Shorts

These chino shorts are somewhat lightweight and only stretchy (2% elastane), so they wear like your typical chinos shorts.

Check price on Ash & Erie

The difference is, they’re made specifically for shorter men (like all Ash & Erie clothes). So the 7″ inseam, tapered leg opening and scaled-down details are meant to flatter guys 5’8″ and under.

If you notice that pockets are too big or too low on you, or you can never find shorts with the right rise for your build, you might want to give these a try.

#12: Lululemon Commission Shorts

You know Lululemon for their athletic clothing line, but did you know they offer a full line of men’s clothes? If you didn’t, you’re not alone, which is exactly why we’re putting the spotlight on their Commission chino shorts.

Check current price on Lululemon

As you might expect, these shorts are engineered for movement. Lululemon uses a blend of cotton, nylon, and elastane, and they also treat it with their proprietary No-Stink Zinc™ technology to inhibit bacterial growth.

And while you probably won’t be running a marathon in these shorts, they’re worth looking at if you find other shorts too restrictive.

#13: Outlier New Way Shorts

If you want the best summer short that money can buy, you should seriously look at Outlier’s innovative New Way shorts.

Check current price on Outlier

These may look like any other chino shorts, but they have a couple of surprising features. First, they’re water-ready, so they can double as swimming trunks, which is perfect for days at the pool or the beach.

Second, the fit is more similar to that of a dress pant than of a short, meaning they’re slightly more fitted than some other slim fit shorts.

The New Ways are priced at $128, which is an excellent price for the quality and adaptability of these shorts. You’re getting both shorts and swimming trunks in one garment, and you can wear these for virtually any occasion that’s not a black tie event.


It’s important to have the right shorts for summer. Chino shorts are sturdy, versatile and comfortable––what’s not to like? Simply put, they’re the best men’s shorts for summer.

So pick yourself up a pair or two. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

What are your favorite chino shorts? How do you style them? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Men’s Shorts for Summer 2021

Are you a shorts man – or are you someone who considers them a bit childish? 

This post may have affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission on purchases through the links (at no extra cost to you). This does not change our opinion but does help support the site. Thank you!

Generally, guys are divided into two camps. On one hand, there’s the man who can answer a confident “Yes!” to the question. He always has a few pairs ready for the summer season. Beyond the obvious gym shorts and swimming trunks, he won’t say no two two-piece co-ords, appreciates a pattern, and considers chino shorts his default when he’s away from the office. 

At the same time, especially with inseams for men’s shorts creeping higher and higher, he’s down for something last worn in the ‘80s.

Then, there’s the man who stopped wearing shorts in his twenties, if not his teens. He thinks his legs aren’t worth showing off – too hairy, too skinny, or not toned enough – or equates them with children’s clothing. 

As a result of the latter attitude, trends for men’s shorts have been put on the backburner. They’ve been something you wear because the temperatures heat up and you want to feel cool, or you’re off to do something more active, like kayaking. For 2021, men’s shorts are having their Renaissance, and here’s where you – no matter where you stand now – should start exploring all the possibilities.  

Utility Shorts

If utility pants are a thing, why not utility shorts? Dubbed cargo shorts and relegated toward the closets of the frumpiest-dressing men out there, this style has returned from its late ‘90s heyday through outdoor- and technical-leaning construction. Think ripstop nylon over cotton with plenty of practical and superfluous pockets.

Our Recommendations:

1. Burberry Technical Wool Cargo Shorts

Wool’s reputation as a technical fabric continues to grow. This style from Burberry exemplifies that with a durable wool/nylon blend accented with two side pockets and exposed hardware. 

2. Columbia Men’s Brewha II Short*

Columbia is one of those brands that delivers the technical components alongside a design more comfortable for everyday wear. Here, a cargo silhouette delivers that with cotton construction enhanced with UPF protection and an elastic waist.

Sweat Shorts

Guys in your high school gym class used to create these by cutting sweatpants at the knee. Kind of a transitional style for spring and regions where summer’s never truly hot, these shorts are exactly as they sound: pair heathered, midweight material with a drawstring elastic waist, and you’re good to go. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Polo Ralph Lauren The RL Fleece Short

When you can’t decide on a single trend, these shorts give you everything – a look reminiscent of swim trunks, bright horizontal stripes, and soft fleece construction ready for the gym.

2. Burberry Cashmere Drawcord Shorts

Who thought athleisure could end up so elevated? The quintessential sweat short takes the high road with soft 100% cashmere construction, complete with a drawstring waist for comfort. 

Chino Shorts

Unless you’ve been avoiding the inevitable, men’s shorts in the present rarely fall past the knees. Chino shorts present a more versatile, flattering, and comfortable alternative to those blink-and-you’ll-miss-them Bermudas. A slimmer cut is less likely to camouflage the body and falls, in more of a narrow pipe formation, a couple of inches above the knee.

Taking a more casual approach, we’re spotting chino shorts with a work-from-home makeover, complete with an elastic or flexible waist accompanied by a drawstring. Pull them up, look casually sharp, and get things done. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Hugo Boss Relaxed-Fit Shorts in Stretch-Cotton Poplin

You wish you were going somewhere. These chino-style shorts take you to the pool or beach with a Bermuda silhouette, Caribbean blue hue, and elastic drawstring waist. 

2. Purple Label Slim Fit Stretch Chino Short

Inches above the knee, creased in front, and a light khaki tan shade, these shorts stand right on the line between familiar tradition and modern experimentation. 

Short Shorts

What’s the difference between chino shorts and short shorts? Although hem styles can be debated – you, for instance, won’t see a dolphin hem on the former – the inseam is the dividing factor. Going back to a TikTok video – plus a few seasons’ worth of runway collections – short shorts fall five inches down at longest, preferably shorter. Chino shorts, meanwhile, average around an eight-inch inseam. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Chino Shorts*

How much shorter can you go? When you stay on the line, these shorts take you into five-inch inseam territory with an easygoing design.

2. J. Crew 5″ Stretch Short

Think classic chinos but cut off mid-thigh and weathered slightly for comfort.

Patterned Shorts

Menswear has no shortage of patterns – from florals to fruit prints to classics like stripes and checks to, more recently, landscapes covering the body of a garment. Then, there’s the streetwear angle, now enhanced with tie-dye. 

So, if all these options grace our camp collar shirts, why not what we pair it with? Patterned shorts are everywhere now due to their statement appeal, and you’ve got to have at least one pair. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Hugo Boss Slim-Fit Chino-Style Shorts

What do you see? Printed on a satin blend here is a Japanese crane motif in a mix of dusty red and pink hues.

2. RRL Photo-Print Twill Field Short

Explore the short-short trend with a style printed with vintage blue-toned retro illustrations of carnivals. 


We know – these died out in the ‘90s, when they hung past the knees like pants cut too short. Now, though, you’ll see denim shorts with wider and shorter cuts, plus in more relaxed, lighter versions, so they don’t feel as if they’re chafing or weighing you down. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Polo Ralph Lauren 6.5-Inch Polo Prepster Denim Short

Dive into denim with a lighter, more flexible style that’s built for summer’s more humid days.

2. Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Short*

Go classic and uncomplicated with this pair of Levi’s 505s shortened so that they fall just above the knee. 


As a reminder, boardshorts aren’t the same as swim trunks. They might serve similar purposes, but boardshorts have wet-to-dry dressing down pat. Nylon or microfiber is treated with quick-dry properties to shed moisture as soon as you’re back on land. A chino or cargo cut, meanwhile, is less likely to stick out once you’re past the beach and the boardwalk. 

Our Recommendations:

1. Billabong Men’s 73 Pro Boardshort*

We’re getting sunset-over-the-ocean vibes from this four-way stretch pair that’s stylish enough for the boardwalk and flexible enough when you go for a surf.

2. O’NEILL Men’s Santa Cruz Solid 2.0 19″ Boardshorts*

Keep it simple with a light aqua-blue hue and quick-drying, substantial Ultrasuede fabric.

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The Best Chino Shorts Your Legs Can’t Be Without

A quiet revolution has been taking place in menswear. Free from the shackles of long sleeves — thanks to the resurgence of the Hawaiian shirt — blokes have slowly, but surely, been looking for other ways to liberate their limbs. This is why now is an opportune time to invest in a pair of chino shorts. Slightly more casual than tailored leg-bearers, but not as slovenly as sporty styles, chino shorts are versatile and functional in equal parts; the perfect wardrobe staple for ensuring you’re never at risk of being caught in that overdressed/underdressed conundrum again. And they’re no longer just for wearing on holiday. “If [recent seasons] have taught us anything, it’s that old rules about shorts in the office are outdated, and in desperate need of rewriting,” says senior style editor Chris Hobbs. But just how do you go about presenting your pins without being on the receiving end of more than a few disapproving looks? This, our fine-legged friends, is how. It’s time to #FreeTheKnee.

Chino Shorts Buying Considerations

The Fit

Confusingly, the terms chino short and tailored short are used interchangeably. However, rather than get bogged down with the specifics of menswear, all you need to know is that they generally share the same streamlined cut. “It’s flattering on all shapes and can be worn with a tucked in shirt or even a knitted polo shirt”, says Hobbs, who recommends a slim fit that hits two or three inches above the knee as a good catch-all, and to avoid overstuffing the pockets, which will add unwanted bulk.

The Colour

It’s no secret that dark and neutral shades are menswear’s Mecca, which is why Hobbs suggests these as the starting point for any chino short noob. “For those worried about baring their legs, opt for a knee-skimming pair in black or tan.” Once acquainted with the classics, graduate to bolder shades and designs that can be toned down by pairing with minimalist T-shirts, shirts and accessories.

The Style

Pastels and prints might get a pass, but the overall finish of your chino shorts should still be as smart as your best suit trousers. You wouldn’t find studs and distressing on an Italian three-piece (though, give designers a few seasons), so swerve frayed hems in favour of clean lines and concealed pockets, then use the rest of your outfit to make a statement instead.

3 Ways To Wear Chino Shorts

Everyday Casual

Shorts, no matter how well-cut, are an inherently casual part of the male wardrobe, so naturally, it makes sense to wear them as such. When it comes to chino styles, roll the hem for an extra touch of sprezzatura, and throw on a simple T-shirt or sweatshirt with a casual jacket and retro sneakers to max out on comfort.


JFK was a particular fan of the chino short, making them the perfect piece for acing the Ivy league look. An ideal outfit for smart-casual events, bookend with a sporty Oxford or polo shirt up top and loafers or boat shoes in leather or suede below, with the option of adding a lightweight knit on chillier nights. Top of the class stuff.

Riviera Chic

To some, they’re the height of style; to others, white trousers represent all that’s wrong with the world. But they’re not the only way to channel Riviera chic. For some Mediterranean insouciance, try a pair of chino shorts with a grandad or Cuban collar shirt, both of which can easily be dressed up with a navy unstructured blazer if needed.

Best Brands For Chino Shorts


Having made quite the style comeback over the last few years, it was never going to be long before Timberland began turning out a strong selection of chino shorts. Unsurprising for a brand known for its durable work boots, it offers form and function in equal parts, with breathable linen-cotton mixes and details such as concealed pockets.

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The kind of chino shorts found at Gap are not only pocket-friendly, but they’re good for the planet too. The basics giant has developed its Washwell process, which reduces water use by 20 per cent or more, saving millions of litres a year. Add to that its GapFlex technology, and you’ve got a comfortable fit and durable construction that will last multiple seasons.

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Ralph Lauren

So popular are chino shorts at Ralph Lauren that they’ve managed to infiltrate two of the American firm’s sub-brands. Styles under the Purple label are Italian-made, using premium cotton twills, while those bearing the Polo name offer a fresh twist on the wardrobe classic with pleats and mini-motifs. Though, with a hefty price tag, you might want to brave wearing these year-round to up the cost-per-wear ratio.

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Ted Baker

Despite its penchant for all-over prints, Ted Baker’s collection of chino shorts shows that the chicest way to do this style is neutral and understated. That’s not to say the designs by the British brand are boring, mind. Check inside the lining and pockets to find the Ted Touch – perfect for when rolling up the hems.

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River Island

A high street favourite for more than 30 years, River Island does not disappoint those looking for a haul of chino shorts. The retailer is a go-to for men of all shapes and sizes, with styles across its Big & Tall collection, as well as more fitted examples ideal for slim guys.

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US retailer J.Crew is king of the preppy look, so it stands to reason that chino shorts are a staple item among its rails. To make its designs feel like they’ve been knocking about since the 1950s, each is washed for over 300 minutes, resulting in worn-in ‘old friend’ clothes that are brand new.

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Though it has worked to establish itself as a denim destination in recent seasons, the number chino shorts on offer at Topman puts them on par with the retailer’s jeans. A dependable choice, it stocks all the classic hues, from navy to camel, as well as having your back with trend-led striped and bolder coloured versions too.

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Tommy Hilfiger

On hand for those who like their bottoms to be bright, Tommy Hilfiger’s range of chino shorts come in every conceivable shade, from red to aqua green. Made from stretch cotton for easy manoeuvrability and in a variety of fits and leg lengths, there is something for every guy.

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The Perfect Fit: Shorts · Effortless Gent

You might have noticed something as the seasons change – it’s about to get hot.

Like, “sit in front of the fan all day” hot. And your wardrobe should change accordingly.

In addition to shedding layers, you should rotate your jeans or chinos out for shorts. Yes, let those legs breathe and get acquainted with how your shorts should fit in the latest entry in the Effortless Gent Perfect Fit series.

Last time out, we talked about how your dress shirt should fit. This time, we take things much more casual.

If you’ve got a favorite pair of slim chino shorts to wear all summer, good for you.

Still searching for that perfect pair – and that perfect fit? We can certainly help there, too.

Make no mistake: We’re looking for upgraded fabrics and slimmer fits. No baggy cargo shorts that most of us went for in high school and college. *raises hand*

So, who’s with me? Let’s get to it.

Prefer video?

I covered how shorts should fit, which colors to pick, and what to wear with shorts in this video from the Effortless Gent YouTube channel.

By the way, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so here!

How Should My Shorts Fit?

Today’s key question — How should your shorts fit? — doesn’t have a straightforward answer – not least because we’re all different heights, roughly.

Yes, one of the keys to look for when shorts shopping involves length. And that’s also an easy place to start when it comes to how your shorts should fit.

For all but the very tall among us, shorts with an inseam of 7 or 9 inches do the trick in terms of length.

That brings us to our first key point: Avoid shorts that hit below your knees. Their baggy, sloppy appearance just looks odd visually.

A shorter pair of shorts (pun intended) brings another benefit. Less fabric = a slimmer fit.

Think of it like this: When you tailor your suit trousers to hit the tops of your shoes, you create a clean finish and slim fit.

It’s the same with shorts that hit above the knee. They’re instantly more polished, whether you pair those shorts with a slim chambray shirt or a classic pocket tee.

That’s the case with your average, everyday shorts – like a pair of slim cotton shorts or more versatile shorts made with casual fabric blends – but more on all that in a second.

One more thing to look for – rather than reaching for “relaxed fit” shorts, opt for something slim.

Retailers like J. Crew are making modern, relatively affordable, and tailored cotton shorts that fit the bill nicely. And hey, that particular pair in the link features the coveted 7-inch inseam! Not too shabby.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you want your shorts to fit as tight as tailored swim trunks. Go for a pair that gives you room to move, sit, stand, and maybe even take on a game of beach football (don’t get too crazy, though).

Finding the perfect fit could require trying on a few pairs, but practice makes perfect and it’s well worth it.

Think Of It This Way:

  • Reach for shorts with a shorter inseam – 7 or 9 inches ought to work nicely.
  • Look for shorts that feature a slim-yet-mobile cut.
  • Avoid cargo shorts or shorts that hit below the knee.

What To Avoid

OK, class is still in session. You know how your shorts should fit for summer. But what about how you don’t want them to fit?

Pay attention, because this one’s a doozie (I kid, I kid).

But in all seriousness, there are a few mistakes to avoid when it comes to how your shorts should fit.

For one, excess fabric – usually through the thigh and toward the knee – is a killer.

Excess fabric makes your shorts hang too low or hit below the knee. Both are great ways to wreck an otherwise solid outfit. And baggy shorts with too many pockets detract from all the high points of summer style.

Whether the focal point of your outfit is classic white sneakers or a slim printed shirt, you want style that’s on-point.

You should absolutely avoid those outfit-killers. And if you want your shorts to stand up to repeated wears and washes over the summer, avoid paying for shorts on the cheap – as we always discuss here at Effortless Gent.

It pays to invest in a quality pair of shorts. Retailers like Bonobos make consistently excellent and versatile chino shorts that are built to last. And companies like OLIVERS Apparel go the extra mile with tailored shorts made from performance-ready fabric.

Brands like Bonobos also offer a range of fit and fabric options (we particularly love the plethora of colors and fits available via the brand’s Washed Chino Shorts).

If that all sounds simple – pay for quality and look for a great fit – know that it takes time to get it just right.

Think Of It This Way:

  • Baggy shorts with excess fabric and too many pockets detract from your style.
  • Shoddy fabrics and construction should be avoided – reach for quality instead.
  • Look to brands that make shorts built to last through multiple wears and washes.

How Do I Style My Shorts?

Answering this question is a rather pressing matter as it gets warmer outside. There are a few ways to go, each of them simple and classic.

If you’re reaching for a pair of tailored cotton shorts for an easygoing Sunday brunch or a day at the park, the world is your oyster. Menswear staples like a slim polo shirt and classic white sneakers are your very best friends here. Crisp-yet-casual leather boat shoes also get the job done nicely.

You can also layer up with stylish outerwear if need be – a classic piece like a suede bomber jacket provides a nice top layer if it gets cool and breezy.

What about more casual shorts – like the technically minded, terry cotton Mack Weldon Ace Short? Match them with pieces like a simple broken-in pocket tee or a slim, rugged short-sleeve henley.

Once again, classic, understated sneakers are fair game – just leave the flip-flops at home.

The terrific thing is that once you nail how your shorts should fit (tailored shorts that fall above-the-knee, to start), the rest is easy. When you grab a neutral pair of navy chino shorts or a slim pair of khaki shorts, the styling potential is nearly limitless.

Think Of It This Way:

  • Slim shorts in a neutral color can be styled any which way – from a slim pocket tee to a crisp white polo.
  • Accentuate neutral-colored shorts with classic touches like leather boat shoes or clean white sneakers.
  • Pair shorts in more casual fabrics – like French terry cotton – with casual staples (like a short-sleeve henley), and style chino shorts with dressy-yet-casual staples like a cotton polo.

Clean, Slim, and Stylish

Once you’ve figured out what you want in a pair of shorts – be it casual versatility or laid back style – it’s easy to go from there. Dialing in how your shorts should fit (tailored yet not too tight, free of pesky cargo pockets, etc.) makes it easier.

Experiment with fabrics and colors — from cotton chino to soft French terry cotton — for more variety and styling potential. Reaching for well-made shorts from quality brands is always a smart decision.

What shorts length do you prefer? What’s your favorite way to style your summer shorts?

How to choose men’s shorts: five “yes” and three “never”

When buying shorts, keep these five rules in mind and you won’t go wrong.

1. Successful cut

The first is to decide on the correct, and most importantly, style suitable for your figure. Understand what you need – consider that half the job is done. Let’s clarify right away: we choose casual-style shorts for every day. They are not intended for sports and barbecue trips. In such shorts, they meet with friends, walk around the city with their beloved and go to work, if the dress code allows.

It’s simple: you only have to choose from two options. These will be either slightly tight chinos or loose bermuda shorts.

Now more about each style:

  • chinos model – slim fit, narrow, narrow shorts with side and back pockets. Can you imagine what chino pants look like? Mentally cut off half of the pant leg – this is how these versatile shorts turned out.
  • Bermuda model – straight, loose-fitting shorts, made of thick cotton or linen.They resemble classic men’s trousers (only without arrows), as historically these shorts were the civilian version of the traditional military uniform for employees in the Pacific Islands.

Both chinos and bermuda shorts go well with T-shirts, light short-sleeved shirts and most summer footwear.

By the way, there is a third option – cargo shorts. These are wide shorts with large patch pockets. Why don’t they fit into the urban image? Because they are associated with the uniform of loaders, and this is no coincidence, because in translation from Spanish cargo means “cargo, loading”.Cargoes are useful for outdoor recreation, but not for everyday trips. For every day – only chinos or bermuda shorts.

2. Lucky color

We highlight two win-win options: beige and blue. Although not necessarily limited to just these colors. Other muted shades look great: brick, khaki, white, gray, burgundy, dark purple, mustard.

Bright colors are also in vogue. If you want red or yellow shorts – please, just think in advance with what you are going to wear them.If you have a dozen white T-shirts with original prints in your wardrobe, then feel free to take shorts in a flashy shade. Moreover, when else to walk in bright, if not summer?

3. Successful length

The next item when choosing shorts is length. Buy too short – get hundreds of disapproving looks, too long – look like a short country boy.

Remember the rule: shorts reach exactly to the knee or do not reach it by 5-7 cm.Maximum – go down below the knee by 2-3 cm.

In addition, it is worth focusing on growth: for tall men, shorts up to the knee (with cuffs) or 3-4 cm higher are suitable; for short ones – models 5–7 cm above the knee, without cuffs.

4. Successful width

It is obvious that walking the streets in sexy tight shorts is the prerogative of the female half of humanity. And the average man is unlikely to wear something like that. Again, we reduce the choice to two options: tight-fitting, slightly tapering models – chinos; loose shorts with straight legs – bermuda.

When buying, be sure to consider the thickness of your legs:

  • If your legs are thin, it is not recommended to wear loose-fitting shorts, they will only emphasize thinness. Take chinos and you won’t go wrong.
  • If your legs are full, stop at the classic straight shorts.

5. Successful material

When choosing a material, you should not chase original solutions. Everything is boring: choose between cotton or denim. The main condition is that the skin must breathe, and not steam under a thick layer of fabric.

Cotton is a comfortable and lightweight material that does not require difficult maintenance. Denim is a great option, but for cooler days. If you buy denim shorts, let it be a model with cuffs, without sloppy fringes. In addition, for a hot summer, shorts made of linen and seersucker (wrinkled chintz originally from India) are suitable.

We’ve figured out what cool shorts are, next we look at what to avoid. Don’t even try on these models.

1. An abundance of decorative details

Ten pockets, rough scuffs, patches, chains are superfluous.Decorative details, when they are collected in one place, spoil the impression of the image, make it untidy. Be guided by the rule: “simpler is better”, and no one dares to accuse you of lack of taste.

2. Fancy print

I don’t want to say a categorical “no” to shorts with a print. For example, models with barely noticeable stripes or polka dots look interesting and do not require special knowledge in the field of fashion. They are easy to match with a classic tee and shirt.In a word, wear it to your health.

However, bright flowers, intricate geometric shapes, a classic check – all this instantly turns shorts into … family briefs or beach trunks. People around you will think that you forgot to wear trousers or are going swimming. What if there is no suitable reservoir in your city?

3. Breeches and capri pants

Breeches and capri pants are not shorts! They will not save you from the heat, because they are not much different from trousers and bare only ten centimeters in the ankle area.Capri pants end at calf level, and this length makes the legs visually shorter. Capri pants and breeches do not adorn a stylish man, so we advise you to leave them on the store shelf.

How to dress a man:

UNIQLO | 2015 LifeWear Chinos Shorts

Harris’s grandmother was a florist in Sacramento, and as he grew up he watched her work for hours as if enchanted. Harris later discovered his passion for flowers while doing window dressing – a dream job, he believed.

How did you go from window dressing to floral design?

I then became a kind of in-house florist. Once I was busy with flowers and in the process, arranging them, I caught myself humming and smiling … I thought: “My God, but this gives me a lot of pleasure! I really like doing it! ” Then it all started. Five or six months later, I quit my job and started thinking about what to do now. And then I asked myself – maybe it’s time to do flowers?

How would you describe your style of arrangement?

I am keenly interested in fashion and art, I love nature and everything natural.I really like bright, saturated colors, juiciness. And also a feeling of care and love, and simplicity and ease. Maximum naturalness, but without fanaticism. Nothing is perfect. I like it when flowers “do” what they want, live their own lives.

You have a lot of Instagram followers. Personally, I especially love that you name all your colors.

These names are like a part of me. And you can also see that I can do what I love – how I want, and I appreciate it.Therefore, Instagram is a way to make my craft available to more people, to interest them in what I believe should be a part of everyone’s life ..

Tell us about the last discovery you made about your work?

I never think I have reached the ideal. Maybe that’s why, as a professional, I’m pretty tough. And you know, clients hire me because they like this approach! It inspires, makes you expand your business, provide people with work.You can’t stop, but everything needs a measure. I do not want to inflate the brand to a global scale, because quality may suffer.

A question out of curiosity: Does the fact that your creations die right after the celebrations sadden you?

No, because I love ephemerality. When you go somewhere, you see something, it happens here and now. Better to enjoy the moment. Not everything around has to exist forever. A lot comes and goes, and that’s what is great.This position is very close to me!

90,000 shirts, shoes and jackets for classic, denim and summer shorts

Shorts are a versatile piece of clothing for the summer season. Many men like to wear them because they are comfortable and not hot, but it should be remembered that this piece of clothing is not appropriate everywhere. Men’s shorts should not be worn if you have business contacts in a formal setting: they are perfect for walking down the street, but you should not appear in them in the office.

It is also worth remembering that not all models of men’s shorts look good with a sports T-shirt or, conversely, a shirt, so in order to look strong and appropriate, you need to know some basics of combining things. In addition, when buying men’s shorts, it is very important to choose the right model and material of the product, so that later they can be easily combined with other things.

How to choose shorts?

When choosing men’s shorts, you should first take into account the characteristics of your figure.This wardrobe item quite noticeably increases the volume of the hips, so if, for example, a man’s legs are a little plump above the knees, and his calves, on the contrary, are thin, it is best to stay on the classic model of not a bright color. Wearing shorts with an eye-catching colorful print is not recommended in this case, as they visually increase the volume of the legs above the knees.

In addition, when buying men’s shorts, you should pay attention to their length. The correct classic length for this piece is slightly above the knees, meaning that when you are standing, the legs should only slightly cover the kneecap.However, you should not buy too short men’s shorts, even if you have straight legs. Such models are intended for sports or a beach walk, but they are not suitable for everyday wear. If the legs of the product go significantly below the knee, then these are no longer shorts, but another wardrobe item – breeches or cropped trousers.

With what to wear men’s shorts: denim shorts

Denim products have always been distinguished by their versatility and convenience. This material goes well with almost any clothing, so for those who do not like to pick up long shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts that match the style, denim shorts are an ideal option.

The most popular are men’s denim shorts in regular cut and standard colors. As a rule, these are models of black, gray and blue colors of various shades. Also quite popular are light blue and white options and models with a lot of scuffs and bruises, faded shades of fabric and with an aging effect.

This season, it is considered quite stylish to wear shorts to the knee in light shades with cuffs.

Denim shorts go very well with almost any clothing.Depending on what you wear with them and what accessories you add, you can create any look you need: in a sporty, casual and even evening style. Men’s denim shorts can be worn with regular tees, jerseys, polos and even shirts.

From footwear to men’s denim shorts, models of a sporty style are best suited. Sneakers, slip-ons and sneakers will look very good. Also, many men prefer to wear espadrilles and moccasins.It should be remembered that classic-style shoes are not suitable here, even if you are wearing a shirt, so leather shoes, loafers and oxfords should not be worn with denim products.

Chino shorts

Chinos are made of thick cotton and look more like cropped trousers, so this model is perfect for men who prefer a classic style of clothing. Chinos are very popular in metropolitan areas, as they are less like sportswear and you can wear a shirt with them, but at the same time, it is not hot in them in summer.This is due to their length and material, which allows the skin to breathe even in extreme heat.

These shorts are best in neutral colors. Models in blue, gray, mustard and olive colors look very good. Chinos in beige and olive shades are also a good option for a young man. White models are best for relaxing on the beach or resort.

Chino shorts go well with polos and regular T-shirts, as well as sporty shirts with rolled-up sleeves and short-sleeved models.Monochromatic chinos with a shirt in a small cage with a rolled-up short sleeves look very attractive.

Chinos can be worn with a blazer to add some style and a more formal look. This combination has been quite popular in recent years due to its versatility and convenience. You can wear a shirt, polo or even a T-shirt with a blazer, it is also worth remembering that this look requires a belt.

It is important to understand that an ordinary men’s classic jacket does not fit with shorts, these are wardrobe items of different styles, so it is highly undesirable to use them together.Even if you saw something like this at a fashion show or at a gala event, be aware that in this case it is a full-fledged suit that is made from the same fabric and which does not fit in all cases. Nevertheless, this option is well suited as a man’s suit for a summer wedding, which is held in extreme heat or outdoors.

Shoes like leather and suede loafers, lace-ups and moccasins made of cotton, leather or suede are perfect for chinos.Sports and casual shoes, such as espadrilles, slip-ons, moccasins and sandals, also look good with men’s shorts of this model.

Sports shorts

Men’s shorts of sports models are not suitable for everyday wear. This piece of clothing is great for men in fitness, athletics, tennis or other summer sports, as well as on the beach. At the same time, too short models should not be worn for walking around the city; wide, free knee-length options are more suitable for this.

Sporty shorts can be combined with T-shirts, T-shirts and polos. If you have a non-monochromatic product with a bright pattern, you should take into account that the top should only be of one color. From shoes, sneakers, sneakers or flip-flops will look best here.

Basic principles of combining men’s shorts with other wardrobe items:

  • It is highly undesirable to wear shorts with a shirt and tie. Such an accessory is quite difficult to choose the right one, besides, its use is possible only in rare cases in combination with a blazer;
  • Classic shirts are rarely used with shorts.If you put on a shirt with chinos, you need to tuck it in. Also, this combination requires the mandatory use of a belt;
  • Sports and denim shirts, polos and T-shirts preferably worn outside. Their length should be slightly lower than the belt, by 2-3 centimeters, but if the top is too long, it can be tucked in with one edge behind the belt;
  • Clothes with a print must be combined exclusively with plain clothes, the top can be in the color of one of the shades of the print.If, for example, you have a bright, colorful T-shirt or T-shirt, you need to match neutral shorts of the same color to it;
  • It is very important to remember that no socks should be worn with shorts. If it is difficult to wear shoes without socks, you can use small footprints that are not visible from under the shoes, or small short socks no longer than the bone, which are worn with sneakers or sneakers.

What accessories can be worn with men’s shorts?

  • Belt.This accessory fits almost any type of shorts, so the right belt will perfectly complement your look and highlight your style. Usually, narrow models made of leather of various colors with a small neat buckle are most suitable for shorts;
  • Hat. Choosing a hat should be very careful, because a certain model is suitable for each type of shorts. For example, a straw panama hat with short brim goes well with denim shorts in a casual style, and a light trilby can be worn with chinos.So that the hat does not seem like an unnecessary detail of your image, you should make sure that you are not wearing other too noticeable and eye-catching accessories.
  • You can also complement your look with glasses, a stylish watch and a good fashion bag.

Military boots also go well with shorts. It is a great choice for cooler weather and also allows for socks and shorts. With the right combination of clothes, such boots fit perfectly not only into the military style itself, but also fit for grunge and safari looks.

90,000 Men’s shorts: order bermuda shorts at bonprix

Men’s shorts: models in all colors and sizes

Comfortable trousers are essential for water sports, beach and other leisure activities. In our online store you will find a large selection of beach shorts in various styles. Meet the sultry summer with comfort! Beach shorts were originally used by surfers and were later redesigned to be worn with a neoprene wetsuit.They are made from excellent cotton of the finest processing, which perfectly protects against water and wind. Men’s shorts made of this fabric dry quickly. This model of shorts can be easily adjusted in the waist area with a drawcord and Velcro. There is also a handy pocket for change or keys. We offer a large assortment of different men’s shorts also for onshore activities. In this case, everything depends only on your preferences. If you are looking for simple, comfortable clothes for the summer, then lightweight sports shorts for men that look great in combination with linen sports shoes are for you.A fashionable T-shirt will harmoniously complement your look. We also offer extremely comfortable shorts made of thick cotton. Men’s shorts look very stylish in the form of cropped jeans or chinos with knee length.

A large selection of men’s shorts at

Various colors – from muted shades of blue, brown and black, to bold infrared or bright green colors – will add variety to your look. Bermuda cargo is a versatile piece of summer clothing for men, various variations of which you can order from us.We offer models in various lengths: shorts with short length and with 3/4 length. These practical shorts have a variety of pockets for convenient storage of whatever you need – your phone, wallet or keys. Combine shorts with a shirt or sweatshirt for a bold yet work-appropriate look. In our assortment, where a large number of models of different designs are presented, you can easily find shorts for hot summer days. Shorts are a great basic piece of clothing that will always look very stylish.

we select the right clothes, shoes, accessories

Despite their undeniable comfort, shorts are still gaining a place in the sun. In order to choose the right summer wardrobe, you need to know which varieties and styles of shorts are suitable for which style.

Various models of men’s shorts

There are many different styles of men’s shorts. Most popular:

Cargo Shorts . Mostly khaki, slightly below or above the knee, with several pockets (from four).It is the presence of a large number of pockets that is the distinctive feature of a short cargo.

Chino shorts . Chino trousers are very famous, which are produced from twill. However, shorts of this model are also popular among men.

Denim shorts . This model is worn by both men and women. Men prefer long and loose fit denim shorts.

Bermuda . These formal shorts are knee-deep and are designed for business meetings and cocktail parties in Bermuda.Usually have pockets and loops at the waist for a belt.

Running Shorts . These short shorts (up to the upper thigh) are designed for maximum freedom of movement during sporting events. Mostly made from nylon or spandex.

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How long should men’s shorts be

“Correct” shorts reveal or slightly cover the knees. Shorter options, reaching mid-thigh, are allowed only for athletes.They do not involve going to a restaurant or shop. Long products well below the knees are no longer considered shorts and are called capri pants.

Styles of men’s shorts

There are no clear rules here and it all depends on taste and style. Low or high waist, there is no difference, the main thing is that the shorts fit in size and emphasize the figure.

It is worth remembering that the shorts only add volume to the upper leg. The bottom remains bare and therefore looks thinner than the top.The baggy the shorts are, the larger the top of the leg appears.

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Materials from which the shorts are made

Cotton is great for hot weather. It is lightweight, breathable, washable and dry without much effort. The following cotton fabrics are used for the production of shorts:

  • Searsaker (Indian Wrinkled Cotton) is one of the finest cotton varieties. Great for summer shorts.
  • Madras (striped cotton fabric) is well ventilated, dries quickly, but is produced in few places.
  • Wire cloth is often associated with medical gauze, but in the old days it was used to make military uniforms for the tropics. Not a bad option for shorts, although the fabric doesn’t breathe as well as seersucker and madras.
  • Twill is a dense fabric that retains air and moisture. Due to its low cost, it is often used by commercial enterprises for tailoring.

Linen . Most often, trousers are made from this light fabric, but if you find shorts, you will definitely not be disappointed with their quality.Linen wrinkles quickly, but folds have become a distinctive part of the fabric and you don’t have to worry about constantly ironing them out.

Wool . In the tropics, woolen fabrics are used for sewing summer trousers because of the smoothness and softness of the fabric, but this is not essential for shorts. This is a very expensive fabric, which is better replaced with cotton or linen.

Synthetics . Sports shorts are usually made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon or spandex. This has its advantages – the loose fabric of the shorts keeps the artificial fabrics from sweat and heat.Also, modern synthetics are able to remove moisture from the skin and conduct air circulation even better than cotton.

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Colors and patterns

Classic colors for men’s shorts: khaki, white, blue, olive, beige. Plaid and striped patterns are also popular among fashionistas. Not everyone will dare to wear too bright colors and prints, but in the right combination with other things, it will be stylish and interesting.

With what to wear shorts

Shorts are casual wear, the rest of the outfit should be the same.Avoid shirts with long sleeves, buttons in the front and a collar. Even if you roll up the sleeves of a classic shirt, it will be inappropriate to look with shorts.

For those who want to look stylish and casual, a short sleeve shirt or polo is the best pair for shorts. Hawaiian, bright colors are perfect for parties where some quirkiness comes in handy.

The shirt can be worn outside or tucked in.

If you tuck your shirt into your shorts, do not forget to wear the belt.We will talk about belts below.

Jackets paired with shorts are considered antiquated. Only in some parts of the world (Bermuda, South Africa) is it a part of a business image, and local tailors will happily sew a suit with shorts instead of trousers. In other countries, such an outfit may seem ridiculous and inappropriate.

However, an exception can be made to this rule.

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What shoes are shorts worn with

Sandals .An excellent pair of shorts will be made by the now fashionable sandals. It is best to choose classic colors (brown and black). When choosing sandals, proceed from your parameters. Men with long legs can wear gladiator-style sandals; for those who want to visually lengthen short legs, sandals with straps or a jumper are suitable.

Trainers and trainers . Many people stay away from this combination, considering it tasteless. This is an erroneous opinion, because correctly selected sneakers will perfectly complement your everyday look.

Loafers and brogues . For a stylish outfit, fashionistas choose leather or suede loafers, oxfords, and brogues.


You can read more about what types of shoes are and how they differ in this article.

The main thing to remember is one important rule – do not wear long socks with shorts. This is forgivable for a retired vacationer or a Bermuda resident, but not for a young man. With any shoe, socks should remain out of sight.

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Accessories that go well with shorts

Many models of shorts provide for wearing a belt (cargo, chino, bermuda, etc.), so a beautifully selected belt will only decorate your look. Tight, leather belts with a thin buckle will work best.

At will, a man can add a stylish watch, glasses (“aviators” are perfect), as well as a sports-style bag to his outfit.

A hat for a casual look may seem superfluous, unless there are other too noticeable details in the image.For casual style, a small, straw hat with short brim is well suited.

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When to wear shorts

Shorts are part of the casual style. You can wear them at the appropriate time, for example, on vacation, and also if you do not plan to attend business meetings or important events. Holidays with family and friends are a good reason to choose shorts. Beaches, private parties, outdoor sports and other activities with loved ones allow a man to swap out his pants for more comfortable shorts.

It is also important to take into account the weather conditions: putting on shorts in cold weather, you are likely to cause confusion and condemnation from others. Shorts are only good in hot weather, although light trousers are best if possible. In the modern world, where we are surrounded by air conditioners everywhere, a man can safely walk in trousers, even in the heat.

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When not to wear shorts

Business, work events according to the dress code require trousers. Even if you are spending time with your boss in an informal setting, give preference to light trousers.During many family and social gatherings, it is best to avoid shorts as well. These are more formal events that involve meeting strangers: anniversaries, dinner parties, picnics, etc.

Never wear shorts for an event where a suit is expected. Even if this is a simple formality that gives the right to self-choice, shorts will become a sign of bad taste or a complete lack of it.

More details about men’s business style can be found here.

It is also not advised to wear shorts when traveling. Abroad, you will be instantly recognized as a tourist, which will attract unwanted attention from fraudsters.

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Common Male Mistakes

Unfortunately, men themselves, without realizing it, make gross mistakes regarding shorts that can be prevented.

  • Pockets. Just because your shorts have multiple pockets doesn’t mean you have to fill them in. It is not uncommon for a man to hold his small belongings (wallet, phone, car keys, etc.

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