Singapore wedding banquet: Singapore Wedding Banquet Price List (2021) & Tips to Save


Singapore Wedding Banquet Price List (2021) & Tips to Save

Weddings are big business in Singapore. Some people spend enough on their wedding dinner, photo shoot, gown and ring to buy a house in some Southeast Asian countries.

But the real killer is definitely the wedding banquet. And hotels know people are willing to pay big bucks to impress their relatives. So every so often, they dutifully hike up their prices, telling themselves these couples will make back that money when they receive their Baby Bonus.

So, we have gathered all the banquet prices of weddings at hotels and restaurants to show you how prices of banquets have increased over the years.

Wedding banquet price list (2021)


  1. Prices of wedding banquets at 5 star hotels 
  2. Prices of wedding banquets at 4 star hotels 
  3. Prices of wedding banquets at restaurants
  4. Prices of wedding banquets at other venues 
  5. More ways to save on your wedding banquet package

Disclaimer: Do note that all prices were adapted from, using the prices for Saturday night, which is the most popular option.

For those that have a range of prices depending on menu, ballroom, etc chosen, the lowest prices are indicated.

Wedding banquets at 5 star hotels

Hotel 2019 price per table ($) 2020 price per table ($) 2021 price per table ($) % increase from 2020
The St. Regis 2,458 2,458 2,213 -10%
The Ritz Carlton 2,210 2,488 2,448 -1.6% 
Capella Singapore 2,458 2,104 2,222 +5.6% 
Grand Hyatt 2,222 2,222 2,095 -5.7%
Shangri-La 2,222 2,222 2,222 0
Conrad Centennial 2,046 2,046 1,916 -6.4%
InterContinental Singapore 2,222 2,222 2,222 0
The Fullerton 1,987 1,987 2,104 +5.9%
Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa 1,987 1,987 1,987 0
Goodwood Park 1,904 1,904 1,963 +3.1%
Four Seasons 1,928 1,928 1,963 +1.8%
Pan Pacific Singapore 1,881 1,881  1,904 +1.2%
Marina Bay Sands 1,634 1,634 1,634 0
Hilton Singapore 1,469 1,669 1,669 0

Wedding banquets at 4 star hotels

Hotel 2019 price per table ($) 2020 price per table ($)  2021 price per table ($) % increase from 2020
Amara Singapore 1,563 1,563 1,610 +3.0%
Concorde Hotel 1,481 1,481 1,481 0
Jen Singapore Tanglin By Shangri-la 1,457 1,492 1,530 +2.5%
Ramada By Wyndham Singapore At Zhongshan Park 1,316 1,316 1,316 0
Furama City Centre 1,245 1,175 1,222 +4.0% 
Grand Copthorne Waterfront 1,139 1,575 1,516 -3.7%
Copthorne King’s 1,163 1,163 942 -19.0%
Furama Riverfront 1,398 1,175 1,222 +4.0%
Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy 1,045 1,092 1,104 +1.1%

Wedding banquets at restaurants

Restaurant 2019 price per table ($) 2020 price per table ($) 2021 price per table ($) % increase from 2020
Qian Xi Joy Garden 708 718 748 +4.18%
Ban Heng Pavilion 698 698 728 +4.30%
Tung Lok Seafood (Orchard Central) 629 629 629 0
Ah Yat Seafood 638 638 688 +7.84%
Lingzhi Vegetarian 501 533 586 +9.94%

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Wedding banquets at alternative wedding venues

Wedding venue 2019 price per table ($) 2020 price per table ($) 2021 price per table ($) % increase from 2020
CHIJMES Hall 1,928 1,928 1,928 0
ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove 1,339 1,398 1,516 +8.44%
Orchid Country Club 1,186 1,186 1,186 0
Serangoon Gardens Country Club 688 688 688 0

How do 2021 wedding banquet prices compare to 2020?

Perhaps it’s because of the slowing economy, but it would seem that most hotels and restaurants maintained their 2020 prices for 2021. With the exception of a few venues, most of the price changes were increases.

If you had to pick one in the 5-star hotel tier, consider The St. Regis: the per table rate had dropped from $2,458 in 2020 to $2,213 in 2021. That’s a 10% drop. It’s still on the pricy end of this tier, but it’s now cheaper than The Ritz Carlton, Capella Singapore and Shangri-La.

The 4-star hotel tier with the most dramatic drop is Copthorne King’s by a whopping 19%.  The cost per table has fallen from $1,163 last year to $942 now. On the flip side, Furama Riverfront reduced their rates by 16.0% to $1,175 per table.

Prices have increased for restaurants from about 4% to 10%. Prices for other venues mostly stayed the same.

Are the price hikes justified?

So even with slowing year-on-year price hikes, some venues are still increasing their charges disproportionately. Ain’t no mountain high enough when it comes to weddings, I guess.

For couples about to tie the knot (or guests attending their weddings, ang bao in hand), that means you should feel the pinch a little more this year. Or, consider alternatives!

For instance, you can go for weddings at other venues that are not hotels or restaurants. While the prices of wedding banquets at restaurants have also increased year on year, the cost of a wedding dinner at a restaurant is still more affordable than at most hotels.

More tips to save on your wedding banquet

Whether you think it’s justified or not, the fact remains that you’re going to be paying more to throw that dream wedding of yours.

Here are a few ways you can save on your banquet package.

Don’t have a wedding banquet on a Saturday night

It’s no secret that Saturday night is the most popular time of the week for wedding banquets. But because the demand is so high, the prices are also the highest.

If you don’t mind, almost every other time slot is cheaper. For weekends, Sunday lunch is usually the cheapest.

Customise your package to suit your needs

Most wedding banquet packages come with the following:

  • Food tasting
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding favours
  • Car park coupons
  • Wedding invitation card design and envelopes (excludes printing)
  • A holding room for your wedding coordinators
  • A bridal suite for the wedded couple

All these are bundled in for your convenience. But if you’re a bridezilla who’s already got your fancy wedding invitations and favours settled elsewhere, then you can definitely negotiate to have these taken out of the package.

You’re unlikely to get a direct discount for taking stuff out, but you may be able to swap them for other stuff that you need. Some of these include extra car park coupons or more free beer for your guests.

Negotiate for a payment schedule that works for you

Most hotels will tell you that they have a fixed payment schedule, but if you have any special requests, feel free to let them know. Usually there is about a 20% first deposit upon confirming your date.

Assuming your banquet costs $50,000, your downpayment will be about $10,000.

Use the right credit card to pay for the banquet

If you’re hoping to maximise your credit card’s cashback, you can be sure that even the $10,000 downpayment will burst all rebate caps.

So instead of swiping the whole downpayment like you’re supposed to, you can try requesting to stagger the payments so you can hit your monthly spend to get maximum cash back.

Then, depending on the agreed payment schedule, pick a suitable credit card to pay for it.

For example, if you have the UOB One card, you can ask to pay a $12,000 downpayment instead, splitting it into 30 X $400 payments. Each month, you can pay 5 X $400 = $2,000. Do that for 2 quarters and you’ll get a total of $600 cash back.

There’s no guarantee the hotel can accommodate, but let’s just say that it’s not impossible.

If you’re anticipating a red bomb sometime soon or next year, save this article for reference. Share this article with friends who have received a ‘red bomb’ too. 

Wedding Venue Packages | The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Set amidst a lush botanical oasis, the Garden Pavilion provides an elegant marquee wedding venue with plenty of natural daylight, creating a romantic garden wedding setting. The alfresco wooden deck provides the ideal venue should you wish to hold an outdoor solemnisation, or serves to welcome your guests for pre-event cocktails.

Garden Pavilion Wedding Luncheon

Our Wedding Lunch celebration package is based on a minimum of 150 persons and a maximum of 200 persons on weekdays and weekends, and includes:

  • A five-course Chinese individually plated menu
  • Complimentary aerated soft beverages for up to three hours throughout your reception and lunch
  • Fresh floral centrepiece on each table and a distinctive creation for the VIP table
  • Floral decorations at the reception area and in the celebration venue
  • Full length seat cover for all chairs
  • A three-tiered model wedding cake on stage for the cake cutting ceremony
  • One specially crafted wedding cake (500g) delivered to your room
  • One bottle of Champagne with glass fountain on stage for toasting
  • Complimentary self-parking for up to 30 percent of your guests in attendance
  • A memorable wedding celebration stay in a Premier Suite, including breakfast for two
  • Distinctive wedding celebration invitation cards for up to 60 percent of your guaranteed attendance (Printing excluded)
  • Choice of wedding gift from our curated selection for all your guaranteed guests in attendance
  • Use of projector for montages

A supplement of SGD 108 per table is applicable for auspicious dates.
Deluxe Kallang room (room only) can be arranged at SGD 420 per room per night, inclusive of internet access.
A rental charge of SGD 8,000 is applicable for use of the Garden Pavilion.

Prices are valid until 30 December 2020, and are subject to change after this date. Prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

Garden Pavilion Wedding Dinner

Our Wedding Dinner celebration package is based on a minimum of 150 persons and a maximum of 200 persons on weekdays and weekends, and includes:

  • Choice of a six-course Chinese individually plated menu
  • Complimentary aerated soft beverages for up to five hours throughout your reception and dinner
  • Fresh floral centrepiece on each table and a distinctive creation for the VIP table
  • Floral decorations at the reception area and in the celebration venue
  • Full length seat cover for all chairs
  • A three-tiered model wedding cake on stage for the cake cutting ceremony
  • One specially crafted wedding cake (500g) delivered to your room
  • One bottle of Champagne with glass fountain on stage for toasting
  • Complimentary self-parking for up to 30 percent of your guests in attendance
  • A memorable wedding celebration stay in a Premier Suite, including breakfast for two
  • Distinctive wedding celebration invitation cards for up to 60 percent of your guaranteed attendance (Printing excluded)
  • Choice of wedding gift from our curated selection for all your guaranteed guests in attendance
  • Use of projectors for montages

A supplement of SGD 108 per table is applicable for auspicious dates.
A rental charge of SGD 8,000 is applicable for use of the Garden Pavilion

Prices are valid till 30 December 2020, and are subject to change after this date. Prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

Guide to Wedding Banquet Planning A Reality Check

Set a list of priorities. While deciding how much you want to spend, you should identify what matters the most to you. Not only will this help you to prioritise what to splurge on and what you should save on, you can also take the chance to make authentic choices for your banquet that will speak volumes about who you are as a couple and as individuals. After all, wedding is an occasion for the couple to let their true selves shine.

Make a wish list for your dream wedding and rank them according to three different categories: need to have, good to have, and nice to have.

Which is more important to you – a well-photographed tableau of memories you can revisit later, or décor and ambience that will make a lasting impression? Should you splash out $1,763 per table (for a minimum number of 20 tables) and hold a grand ballroom banquet at Chijmes Hall (rates as of 2017)4? Or would you be more comfortable spending $155 per person for a cosier affair at an artisanal microbrewery?

According to Aileen and Derrick, that was the amount they settled for after some consideration. “We wanted to keep our wedding dinner a down-to-earth and intimate one to stay true to our personalities,” explains Aileen.

“We didn’t want to make a big fuss out of our wedding dinner. To us, it was simply a rare opportunity for us to gather all our loved ones together in one place. Because of this, we gave more consideration to ambience and service style – whether it was buffet-style catering, sharing platters, or individual courses.”

After emailing and visiting multiple venues, comparing various menus and prices, the couple went on to pay $155 per person for their outdoor garden-themed banquet. This includes sharing platters, basic venue decor, a complimentary live band, and enough beer towers and bottles of wine to go around.

To follow their example, look beyond the usual range of choices that couples tend to make:

  • Opt to hold your banquet on a weekday instead of a weekend. You’ll be surprised at the huge swing in costs.
  • Beyond hotels, restaurants, and country clubs, consider alternative venues. Hosting your festivities at the void deck or function hall is usually the cheaper option, starting from $60 per day5. Other creative options that won’t break the bank include beach clubs and farms ($52 to $135 per person)6
  • Spend only on necessary or significant traditions. Have an honest discussion with your parents to understand the value of wedding customs and manage their expectations on the type of customary you wish to include. The cultural traditions you choose to uphold in your banquet should be meaningful to you. For example, you don’t have to insist on splurging $8,000 to $10,000 on a ready-made dais that’s customarily designed for splendour; decorating the dais yourself in a simple but thoughtful set-up may only require you to spend $2,0007

Wedding banquets banned from May 17 to June 13; those on May 16 can continue with new conditions, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Ms Eunice Sim, 29, and her fiance Mr Wilson Foo, 31, had planned to get married in December last year.

But they pushed it back in the hopes that safe management measures would be more relaxed in phase three of Singapore’s reopening.

Now, after months of planning and replanning, they are just glad they can get the wedding dinner over and done with on Sunday (May 16).

Couples with plans to get married on May 16 are the sole exception to a new measure banning dining in at food and beverage (F&B) establishments, including hawker centres and food courts, from May 16 to June 13.

During a press conference on Friday, Education Minister Lawrence Wong said the rule will also apply to wedding banquets, as this is a dining activity.

Couples will still be able to hold their solemnisation ceremonies during this period with up to 100 attendees if they implement pre-event testing (PET), or 50 attendees if they do not. This includes the couple but not the solemniser or vendors.

Mr Wong, who co-chairs the multi-ministry task force on Covid-19, said exceptions will be made only for couples who have wedding plans for May 16, as it may be very hard for them to make last-minute changes.

Under the current measures, solemnisations and banquets are both allowed, with a cap of 250 attendees if PET is done, or 50 attendees without PET.

“If there are such couples who are impacted, we are prepared to consider grandfathering the arrangements just for the wedding couples who have already made plans for Sunday,” he said.

“They can proceed, but we will require them to put in place pre-event testing for all their guests.

“This is a special arrangement only for this Sunday, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the wedding couples. The changes are coming in very soon and it may be hard for them to change (their plans).”

Having to cancel or postpone their wedding again would have been a nightmare, said Ms Sim, a business manager at the cake shop chain Baker’s Brew.

“When we heard the news, we said to each other that we should just get it over and done with, because you never know when the next new measure will kick in,” said Mr Foo, a wedding photographer at Multifolds Photography.

The many changes in safe management measures in recent weeks have made planning the event stressful, said Ms Sim.

When the Government announced on May 4 that gatherings had to be cut from groups of eight to groups of five, the pair had to reorganise the seating arrangements for their 100 guests.

They also had to inform their guests that they would have to undergo PET, as the attendance limit for events to go on without PET was cut on the same day from 100 to 50.

Things are further complicated by the fact that their wedding is being held over two days, on Saturday and Sunday, so each set of guests would have to comply with different rules and standards.

As both Mr Foo and Ms Sim’s jobs are linked to the wedding industry, they have had to address the many questions not only from their guests, but also clients who had hired them.

Said Ms Sim: “During the circuit breaker last year, it was the same thing. People would come to us and ask, can I still go ahead with my celebrations? What if I need to cancel?

“We had faced all these typical questions, so we were able to keep ourselves composed and think about the steps to take for our own wedding.”

Mr Foo said some aspects of the Government’s communication of the new measures have been frustrating, which has led to uncertainty around whether their guests who have been fully vaccinated would still have to undergo PET, for example.

“If the Government wants to implement a new measure, I feel they should also have a discussion with the main parties involved like hotels and other vendors,” he said.

“That way, we would have a better answer to give our clients, because when people ask us now, we are just as clueless about what is going to happen.”

Meanwhile, other events like worship services and funerals can continue during the period from May 16 to June 13, but with lower caps on attendees.

Worship services can continue during the period from May 16 to June 13, but with lower caps on attendees. ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

Worship services will have reduced capacity of 100 attendees at any one time with PET implemented, or up to 50 attendees at any one time without PET.

This is down from the current cap of 250 with PET and 100 without PET.

To further mitigate the risk of spread through aerosol transmissions, religious workers and all other participants must wear their masks at all times during the service.

Wind instruments and live singing during services are banned.

Funerals, including burials and cremations, will have the attendance cap reduced from the current limit of 30 people at any point in time on all days to 20.

READ NEXT: What are the new Covid-19 rules in S’pore from May 16?

11 Gorgeous Hotel Venues in Singapore to Get Married At

Strut down the aisle in a gorgeous dress in a ballroom with glitzy chandeliers, or by a poolside in one of Singapore’s best hotels. Whether it’s glorious ballrooms you’re considering or an intimate wedding on a smaller scale, here are some of the best venues in Singapore… Read on for more details!

Regal Hotel Ballrooms

1) Amara Singapore, Tanjong Pagar

The Grand Ballroom features an 18m long aisle for you to make a dramatic entrance as husband and wife, with a decorative ceiling resembling the starry night sky overhead. It can seat up to 500 persons in an auditorium-style setting, or 42 tables in the usual banquet-style seating. We suggest a long table setup rather than the usual round tables, and we really love the gorgeous centerpieces that line each table in this wedding banquet hall.

CR: Amara Singapore

2) Rendezvous Singapore, Bras Basah

Choose from either the garden or modern theme, and see the Symphony ballroom transformed into a gorgeous space with lanterns, columns of flowers, and matching chair sashes and napkins. This wedding reception venue can host up to 240 guests in a banquet-style seating, and can also be partitioned into three smaller spaces according to the size of your choice. The experienced banquet and events team will also be able to handle any requests you might have, even if it includes amending the setup.

CR: Rendezvous Singapore

3) Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Havelock Road

One of the largest wedding reception venues in this list, the Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 65 tables, with impressively high ceilings of 6m. The award-winning hotel’s ballroom also features glass walls for natural lighting, while guests can view the gazebo and landscaped garden just outside. A tip for those with a sweet tooth: together with the hotel’s finest chefs, you can design your very own dessert table!

CR: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

4) Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

Want to add some fun and liveliness to your wedding instead of the regular hotel banquet decorations? Try the newest wedding concept from Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, ‘Merryme’, where guests can personalise their desired theme and have it more suited to their fun-loving nature, e.g., balloons and twine to decorate the ballroom. Of the wedding reception venues available, the largest is the Crystal Ballroom that can seat up to 380 guests.

If you’re looking for an even grander wedding banquet, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre can accommodate up to 650 guests and will arrange for a live feed so no one will miss out on the proceedings in the main ballroom.

CR: Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

5) Regent Singapore, Tanglin

Choose from four different wedding themes for your perfect day, namely, Elements of Emotion, Infinite Love, Love in Provence (which is what the below images feature) and Enchanting Whispers. The Love in Provence theme, which is one of the newest, is a collaboration with L’Occitane, featuring cascading floral willow arches and crystal baubles, complemented by roses, wisteria, hydrangeas, eucalyptus and baby’s breath to create a gorgeous setting. To heighten the French Provencal theme, guests will enjoy exclusive L’Occitane wedding favours and a French-inspired dessert cart.

The largest wedding reception space here is the Royal Pavilion Ballroom, which can comfortably accommodate 250 to 500 guests, with a spacious cocktail reception area where guests can mingle before heading in for the banquet.

CR: Regent Singapore

6) Village Hotel Katong

Fairy lights, gorgeous blooms and touches of elegant gold come together to make a beautiful backdrop for your special day. For a smaller wedding reception venue, try the ballroom at Village Hotel Katong, which can accommodate up to 150 guests. An adjoining outdoor lounge is perfect for solemnisations or to view the surrounding scenery of the lively Katong district.

CR: Village Hotel Katong

Outdoor Solemnisations

7) Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Aside from the ballroom, Amara Sanctuary also has a number of other great solemnisation venues, such as the Villa, the Glass Pavilion and Larkhill Terrace. Our favourite is the Glass Pavilion set amid the tropical gardens, paired with an antique chapel bell and a waterfall. The Glass Pavilion is furnished with transparent Louis Ghost chairs designed by Philippe Starck, and can seat up to 50 guests.

CR: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

8) Hotel Fort Canning, Dhoby Ghaut

Still one of our favourites, the Garden Terrace at Hotel Fort Canning is an amazing wedding solemnisation venue, with fairy lights strung overhead. Get married on the grassy venue with the hotel’s façade peeking out behind lush tropical trees, with silver Tiffany chairs adorned with chair sashes and flowers. The latest 2019 theme, aptly named ‘Bliss in Bloom’, will adorn the venue in fun hues of yellow, orange and gold.

CR: Hotel Fort Canning

9) Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

If you love planes–and one of your greatest thrills was watching planes take off–you’ll get a great view of the airport and the control tower, as well as seeing planes soar into the sky at this wedding solemnisation venue at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. The poolside venue on Level 3 of the hotel can accommodate 32 guests, and your solemnisation can be followed by a lunch or dinner buffet.

CR: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

10) Village Hotel Changi

Looking for a gorgeous poolside wedding venue for your solemnisations? Try the Creek at Village Hotel Changi, which can accommodate up to 180 guests, and which boasts a view of the lush greens of the Changi Golf Club. Have the solemnisation facing the pool, with the space decorated with a gorgeous floral arch and mason jars filled with fairy lights as well as an array of delicate blooms, followed by a cocktail reception or wedding lunch around the pool.

CR: Village Hotel Changi

11) Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore

This hotel, in the east of Singapore, is a 10-minute drive from the airport, and 15 minutes from downtown Singapore. It will have a boardroom, two meeting rooms, two large event lawns–great for outdoor weddings–and a large pillarless ballroom (with ceilings up to 6m) at level 3 that can accommodate up to 65 tables, while cocktails can be held at the pre-function area that offers panoramic views of the golf course. The ballroom can also be divided into smaller spaces if you’d prefer a more intimate wedding.

CR: Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore

For more wedding inspiration, read our story about How To Make Your Bridal Makeup Last Under Your Mask or 6 Pet-Friendly Wedding Venues in Singapore!

Looking for more venues? Click here to find out more!

Up to 250 people allowed at wedding receptions in S’pore from Apr. 24 with pre-event testing – Mothership.SG

Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates on Covid-19:

Following months of piloting pre-event Covid-19 testing, capacity limits for marriage solemnisations, wedding receptions, live performances, spectator sports events and funerals will be increased from Apr. 24, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Mar. 24 (Wed).

The following selected activities will be allowed to scale up further if they implement pre-event Covid-19 testing for their attendees.

Up to 250 attendees allowed for marriage solemnisation and wedding reception

Capacity limits for marriage solemnisations and wedding receptions will be increased from 100 to 250 in total, including the bride and groom, excluding the Licensed Solemniser and vendors, for the full event, in zones of up to 50 attendees each.

For solemnisation-only events involving more than 100 attendees, pre-event testing will be required for the wedding couple.

Due to the higher risk of receptions where people are unmasked while eating, and come into close and prolonged contact with each other, pre-event testing for all attendees will be required for wedding receptions involving more than 100 attendees, including the bride and groom.

Up to 750 attendees allowed for live performances

For live performance events that implement pre-event testing, up 750 attendees will be allowed at designated venues.

If pre-event testing is not implemented, up to 250 attendees will be allowed.

The National Arts Council (NAC) will release updated guidelines on audience management at live performances subsequently.

Pilot business-to-business events

Currently, business-to-business events being piloted and approved by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) may have up to 250 attendees, in zones of no more than 50 attendees each.

If pre-event testing is implemented, these events will be allowed to have up to 750 attendees, in zones of no more than 50 attendees each.

STB will release the updated Safe Business Events framework and application details subsequently.

Up to 750 attendees allowed for pilot spectator sports events

Currently, sport events being piloted and approved by SportSG have been allowed to take place.

Under this pilot, sport events will be allowed to have up to 750 spectators if they implement pre-event testing, or to have up to 250 spectators without testing.

SportSG will release further details on the pilot subsequently.

Up to 50 people allowed at funeral on day of burial or cremation at any one time

From Apr. 24, the cap for wakes and funerals on the day of the burial or cremation will be increased from 30 to 50 persons at any one time.

The cap for other days remain at 30 attendees at any one time.

As pre-event testing is not required and there could be a large number of persons visiting over the course of the wake and funeral to pay their last respects, attendees are reminded to maintain safe distancing and keep masks on at all times to reduce the risk of spread.

Fully-vaccinated individuals do not need to undergo pre-event testing

From Apr. 24, individuals who have completed the full vaccination regimen and have had time to develop sufficient protection will be able to enter events that implement pre-event testing without the need to undergo pre-event testing.

More information will be released by MOH to support the implementation of pre-event testing, which will be made available subsequently.

Safe management measures for each activity or sector, as well as the safe capacities for each venue will continue to apply.

Top image via Raffles Hotel, Esplanade

Singapore wedding banquet price list (2019), Singapore News

Weddings are big business in Singapore. Some people spend enough on their wedding dinner, photo shoot, gown and ring to buy a house in some Southeast Asian countries.

But the real killer is definitely the wedding banquet. And hotels know people are willing to pay big bucks to impress their relatives. So every so often, they dutifully hike up their prices, telling themselves these couples will make back that money when they receive their Baby Bonus.

So, we have gathered all the banquet prices of weddings at hotels and restaurants to show you how prices of banquets have increased over the years. The prices are based on Saturday night, which is the most popular option.

(All prices are obtained via Updated 14 Jan 2018)


Wedding banquets at 5 star hotels

Photo: MoneySmart

Wedding banquets at 4 star hotels

Photo: MoneySmart

Wedding banquets at restaurants

Photo: MoneySmart

Wedding banquets at alternative wedding venues

Photo: MoneySmart


Since June 2017, 78 per cent of the hotels, restaurants and venues we previously listed has increased their prices. The price hikes in 2018 were much more significant from 2017 than in 2019.

However, this could be because the price hike for 2019 has not kicked in yet for many hotels. It is not uncommon for wedding venues to hike up their prices more than once a year.

Surprisingly, Capella Hotel Singapore has decreased their prices from $2,222 (2018) to $2,104 (2019), after most dramatic price hike in 2018. 2018 prices were $2,222, 11.8 per cent more than 2017’s $1,987.

There seems to be growing popularity for couples to use alternative venues simply based on the increase of prices. Let’s take the ever popular CHIJMES for example: In January 2018, the price was $1,881, up 6.69 per cent from June 2017’s price of $1,763. Currently, it’s $1,916, which is almost another 2 per cent.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club dropped their prices from $888 to $688 (22.5 per cent) from 2017 to 2018 and has maintained that so far into 2019.


From November 2016 to 2017, average consumer prices in Singapore increased by 0.6 per cent.

MAS’s Core Inflation Measure for the same period was 1.5 per cent (core inflation excludes price changes in certain things such as accommodation and cars, so that we have a better idea of how consumer prices for day-to-day goods are changing).

So we can see that even with slowing year-on-year price hikes, venues are still increasing their charges disproportionately. It’s possible that renewed optimism about the economy in the coming year has caused them to still consider raising their fees in anticipation. Already, in 2016, it was reported that the price of wedding banquets have hit “new high”, but ain’t no mountain high enough when it comes to weddings, I guess.

For couples about to tie the knot (or guests attending their weddings, ang bao in hand), that means you should feel the pinch a little more this year. Or, consider alternatives!

For instance, you can go for weddings at restaurants instead. While the prices of wedding banquets at restaurants have also increased year on year, the cost of a wedding dinner at a restaurant is still averaging at $700 a table, which is almost half the price (or even a third) of most hotels.


Whether you think it’s justified or not, the fact remains that you’re going to be paying more to throw that dream wedding of yours.

Here are a few ways you can save on your banquet package.


It’s no secret that Saturday night is the most popular time of the week for wedding banquets. But because the demand is so high, the prices are also the highest.

If you don’t mind, almost every other time slot is cheaper. For weekends, Sunday lunch is usually the cheapest.


Most wedding banquet packages come with the following:

  • Food tasting
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding favours
  • Car park coupons
  • Wedding invitation card design and envelopes (excludes printing)
  • A holding room for your wedding coordinators
  • A bridal suite for the wedded couple

All these are bundled in for your convenience, but if you’re a bridezilla who’s already got your fancy wedding invitations and favours settled elsewhere, then you can definitely negotiate to have these taken out of the package.

You’re unlikely to get a direct discount for taking stuff out, but you may be able to swap them for other stuff that you need. Some of these include extra car park coupons or more free beer for your guests.


Most hotels will tell you that they have a fixed payment schedule, but if you have any special requests, feel free to let them know. Usually there is about a 20 per cent first deposit upon confirming your date.

Assuming your banquet costs $50,000, your downpayment will be about $10,000. If you’re hoping to maximise your credit card’s cashback, you can be sure that $10,000 will burst all the rebate caps.

Instead of swiping the whole downpayment like you’re supposed to, you can try requesting to stagger the payments so you can hit your monthly spend to get maximum cash back. There’s no guarantee the hotel can accommodate, but let’s just say that it’s not impossible.

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This article was first published in MoneySmart.

90,000 Wedding in Singapore, wedding ceremonies in Singapore

Organization of a wedding in Singapore

Every couple in love dreams of going on a romantic trip. And if during a trip to a distant unfamiliar country to hold a wedding ceremony, then it will become a beautiful start to family life. In the rays of the setting sun, under a magnificent flower arch, lovers, having exchanged wedding rings, will become one. Romantic walks in Singapore will be a beautiful continuation of your honeymoon trip.

A wedding in Singapore, in this modern fabulous civilization, will be an unforgettable bright holiday. A wedding ceremony on a picturesque coast with golden sand under the quiet whisper of sea waves will make you experience happy, exciting moments. Memories of which will fill the soul with trepidation and tenderness for a long time.

Symbolic wedding on Sentosa

Amazing, but harmonious neighborhood of skyscrapers reaching the clouds, fantastic buildings and colorful ethnic neighborhoods.With small houses, it seems to symbolize the impossibility of the existence of the present without the past. No wedding in Singapore goes without a breathtaking Ferris wheel flight. The world’s largest Ferris wheel offers a magnificent panorama of the city.

From such an unimaginable sky high, the chic hotels, the stately yachts and airplanes of Changi Airport entering the bay seem to be beautiful little toys. A visit to Singapore’s Mandai Zoo, the best in Southeast Asia, will give the newlyweds no less pleasure.In this corner of the green jungle, there are no trellises or cramped cages. Formidable white tigers, long-necked giraffes, clumsy hippos and rhinos, striped zebras, curious monkeys. Parrots of bright colors coexist in separate territories.

Ceremonies on Sentosa

The real highlight of the program is the “night safari” – a trip on a special tram through the night jungle and a variety of shows with the participation of animals. A symbolic wedding on Sentosa, a tropical Singapore island, will be a magnificent wedding celebration.Here, under the sound of gentle sea waves, you can endlessly admire the colorful landscapes with wonderful palm trees and enjoy life in the company of your soul mate.

A visit to local attractions, museums, parks against the backdrop of exotic nature will be a great addition to the wedding celebration. This will fill your romantic trip with wonderful experiences. Wedding ceremonies on Sentosa are unthinkable without a trip to Merlion, where the pride of Singapore is located – a huge statue of a mythical fish with a lion’s head.

Symbolic wedding in Singapore

Great pleasure will be given to the “Fountain Show” – a breathtaking laser show on water screens with fire salutes flying up into the sky. Fans of excitement and extreme sensations will be interested in visiting the karting attraction. There, real championship races take place in small cars. The romantic ceremony on Sentosa will end beautifully with a dinner with dishes of national cuisine. The menu of local establishments will amaze even the most demanding gourmets.After all, Singaporean cuisine has combined the dishes of many other nations.

Serves Chinese shrimp dumplings, delicious fried noodles with pork slices, Singapore duck with dark sauce. Thin Indian flatbreads, Malay kebabs on bamboo sticks and delicious desserts. On the open terrace of the restaurant, to the sound of sea waves in the company of a loved one, you can admire the splendor of the night city and make grandiose plans for the future. Undoubtedly, the symbolic wedding on Sentosa will become an unforgettable bright event, stories about which their children and grandchildren will listen with pleasure.

90,000 exceptional moments: weddings and banquets

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90,000 Wedding Banquet in the Sultanate of Johor: Amina and Dennis: ru_royalty – LiveJournal

Start here .

“On the evening of August 14, everyone in Malaysia who is something of himself is present at a banquet in the palace of Sultan Johor,” the news commentator said.A few details of the wedding banquet Princess Amina and Dennis , which today were legally married.

The entire royal palace is lavishly decorated with illumination in honor of the wedding of the only daughter of Sultan Ibrahim-Ismail and Queen Zarit-Sophia :

For 1200 guests, 12 large open skies were built. Here are the following:

And ordinary curious watched the celebrations on large screens installed on the embankment near the royal residence and on the main square of the city:

Among the guests were sultans and queens of Johor, Perak, Perhangalis, Pahangalis , Kelantana, Kedah, Negri Sembilan, Selangora and Trengganu – all 9 sultanates of Malaysia, Sultan of Brunei , the President of Singapore with his wife, ministers of the Government of Malaysia, representatives of the business elite, cultural and sports figures.They did not forget the servants invited by Princess Amina.

At the beginning of the banquet, the newlyweds ascended to the thrones in the Great Hall of the Royal Palace, where the ceremony of “accepting the blessing” took place.

The Sultan Pope uttered parting words to the young, with each wish he put a handful of sweets in the hands of his husband and wife. The one who, in the allotted time, manages to eat more sweets, will rule the family.
The Sultan (out of male solidarity) made Amina laugh, she burst out laughing, did not have time to eat all the sorbets.So now Dennis will be the head of the family …

Relatives and guests of honor take turns pouring a few drops of consecrated water into the hands of the newlyweds and wish them well-being. It is considered important here to choose the right words that will certainly come true. For example, instead of “more kids”, it is better to wish “as many children as you can feed and raise.” Mother Queen Zarit-Sofia wished first:

Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah flew to the wedding solo:

Those who were worried about the disinterestedness of Dennis’s thoughts can breathe a sigh of relief.The young husband does not claim titles or money: he signed a marriage contract, according to which he has no rights to his wife’s property. And Amina herself can only use the annual interest on the dowry, which, in the event of her death, will go to her children.

The newlyweds had no time to rest. They went to all the tents to thank the guests who shared the joy of this day with Amina and Dennis:

And a little more about Princess Amina’s tiara.

One of the readers expressed the hope that “there will be no three-story tiaras like in Brunei”. Indeed, Malaysian princesses love everything bright and catchy. Each has several sets of luxury jewelry.
For example, during the coronation of Sultan Ibrahim Ismail, Princess Amina and , the wife of Crown Prince Khalida had luxurious parures with rubies and emeralds:

However, Princess Amina chose an elegant tiara with a family history for the wedding.
[ Johor family tiara ]
In 1956, 21-year-old Englishwoman Josephine Trevorrow became the first wife of Sultan Iskander-Ismail :

alternately diamond rays and miniature palm branches. Moreover, the branches were removable, and they could be replaced with oval pearls. As Queen of Johor, Josephine preferred just this complete version – with palmettes and crescents.

The same magnificent tiara was worn at her wedding by Khalida, wife of Crown Prince Ismail , in 2014. Such a tiara suits a bright and large-bodied woman:

Amina’s mother, Princess Zarit-Sophia of Perak , for her wedding with Crown Prince Ibrahim-Ismail in 1983, instead of a massive tiara, her mother-in-law preferred her own – more compact, with five diamond rays and delicate floral elements:

Princess Amina chose the same tiara for her wedding:

All photos: Royal Johor

Best wedding venues – SmartTrip

Make the right choice of a place for a wedding celebration and family happiness will be surrounded by an aura of pleasant memories of a significant day in your life.

It is necessary to propose, to have a wedding or to spend a honeymoon in such a way that it would not be excruciatingly painful for the suddenly escaping “YES!”, The lost freedom and the money spent.

London Eye, UK

Marriages are made in heaven. You can see this for yourself by choosing the London Ferris Wheel for your wedding ceremony. The “business card of London” has a wedding capsule specially for such special occasions, which can comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests.The wedding ceremony is conducted by the Lambeth Registry Office. The newlyweds are declared husband and wife when the capsule is at the very top of the London Eye and the world is at their feet.
Cost : From Monday to Friday the wedding ceremony will cost £ 3500, on weekends the cost of a Celestial wedding is increased by £ 400.

Torre Palazzone, Italy

This romantic medieval village is the perfect solution for wedding celebrations. Located on the grounds of a nature reserve near Sienna, Torre Palazzone is the ideal place for a wedding.At the festive banquet, stylized as a medieval feast, you will be served excellent Italian cuisine. You will be entertained by troubadours, acrobats and fire-eaters. Similarly, several centuries ago, members of the royal families of Italy held celebrations. And outside the palazzo, you can climb up in a hot air balloon and explore the delightful Tuscan landscapes, go horseback riding in the surrounding area, take time to wine tastings or go shopping at an outlet. After an eventful day, relax in the pool, take a hot bath or get a massage – all at your service at Palazzo Tore.
Cost : Renting a palazzo by prior arrangement, hiring residents of the village to serve banquets and accommodation will cost you € 9,500. The possible number of guests for accommodation in the palazzo is 22 people.

Pimalai Resort & Spa, Thailand

A great place for both a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon trip. The hotel is located on 100 acres of rainforest and has 900 meters of its own white-sand beach.For the newlyweds, a Thai-style wedding ceremony is offered by the Buddhist monks of the Krabi Temple. And after the celebration, you can relax in one of the luxurious villas. For honeymooners and hotel guests, there are many activities from massage and elephant trekking to cooking classes. Near the resort are some of the best coral reefs in the Krabi region – a delightful place for contemplating the underwater world, diving and snorkeling.
Cost : A honeymoon package that includes a wedding ceremony, bridal bouquet, wedding dress, cake and champagne, and nine nights of hotel accommodation will cost you approximately $ 5,000.

Lizard Island, Australia

A wedding in the Great Barrier Reef on Australia’s most luxurious island, what could be more exotic? The ceremony takes place on one of the 24 beaches of the island, and then the newlyweds can continue the celebration in their own pavilion, where they are invited to spend a “honeymoon”. All honeymoon pavilions are sheltered from prying eyes, and guests can safely enjoy the magnificent apartments and the delightful private pool.
Cost : The basic cost of the wedding ceremony, which includes the services of a coordinator and an official marriage certificate, will cost the newlyweds $ 2,500

Mandai Orchid Garden, Singapore

A wedding on a picturesque hillside among a myriad of orchids will forever remain in the memory of a wonderful event in your life. Ceremonies take place in the Water Garden or the Old Garden against a breathtaking backdrop of over two hundred species of orchids. Also, newlyweds can choose from a simple buffet table with a wedding cake to an exquisite banquet among exotic flowers.
Cost : Prices may vary depending on the number of guests and the wishes of the newlyweds. The average cost of a ceremony is $ 150; when ordering a banquet, the cost increases by $ 40 per person.

Parrot Cay, Caribbean

Luxurious resort in the Caribbean, ideal for romantic couples and honeymooners. On an island that was not so long ago uninhabited, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got married, and they will tell you about it at the hotel itself. Parrot Cay has miles of beaches, crystal clear sea and magnificent coral reefs. On the territory of the hotel, which is only a small part of the island, you can meet flamingos and hummingbirds, which will come to your wedding without invitation, which will delight and delight guests. You can take a break from wedding celebrations not only in the exquisite rooms of the hotel, made in the colonial style. The resort has a Shambhala SPA center offering health programs based on oriental practices, yoga and Chinese massage.
Cost : Each wedding ceremony is calculated separately. On average, costs do not exceed $ 2,500 per person, including a 7-night stay on the island.

One & Only Palmilla, Mexico

Any hotel of the One & Only chain can claim the title of Paradise on Earth. But One & Only Palmilla is also popular due to its location on the peninsula Baja .Here Ernest Hemingway loved to enjoy the peace, watching gray whales that swim in coastal waters from December to March. For weddings, the hotel has its own church with a rich historical background, which further adds romance and charm to the wedding venue.
Cost : Weddings are calculated on an individual request.

Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong

At Intercontinental Hotel it is worth starting a life together and honeymoon trip in Southeast Asia.For newlyweds, the most luxurious presidential suite available in Southeast Asia. Five bedrooms, two living rooms, a delightful terrace with breathtaking views of the island and Victoria Harbor.
Cost : $ 30,000 includes one night in the presidential suite, a buffet for 60 people in the banquet hall, or dinner on the terrace for 36 guests.

Great Wall of China, China

A wedding at the foot of the Great Wall of China is a guarantee of the strength of relations between spouses for many years.Such a unique opportunity for newlyweds is provided by the Hotel Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski in the Shiguan Mountains. These are twelve villas built on private land by twelve Asian architects. In Commune, you can gather all your relatives, friends and people close to you. “Club House”, in which you will be offered to hold a wedding banquet, accommodates up to 500 guests and offers its guests any food they wish. For small companies, there are also halls where everyone will be cozy and comfortable.
Cost : the price of the wedding banquet and ceremony starts from $ 200 per person, hotel accommodation from $ 250 per night for two with breakfast.

Imperial Palace and Ferris Wheel, Austria

Another option for a wedding in heaven – on a giant Ferris wheel in the oldest amusement park in the world, in Vienna. Wheel was built in 1897 and to this day is one of the most significant sights of the city. The wedding ceremony begins after the wedding gondola begins its movement, the exchange of rings takes place at the very peak of the Ferris wheel.Weddings are held from Monday to Friday at 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm and Saturday at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.
And you can continue the wedding celebration at the Imperial Palace Schönbrunn . Built in the mid-17th century as a summer residence for the Austrian imperial family, the palace is one of Vienna’s most striking architectural and historical treasures. The celebrations take place in the private chambers of Empress Elizabeth.
Cost : for a newlywed couple, the ceremony on the Ferris wheel will cost $ 2000, the wedding ceremony in the palace is calculated individually, starting price from $ 3000.


90,000 Newlyweds from Singapore attended their wedding via video link due to coronavirus


The couple had just returned from China, so they did not endanger the guests.

The lovers, who live in Singapore, did not attend their wedding, as they had just returned from the Chinese province of Hunan (located near the city of Wuhan, where the first case of coronavirus was discovered – ed.). Reported by China Press.

– The guests were worried that there is a risk of contracting the Chinese virus, the incubation period of which is 14 days. The couple did not endure the celebration and arranged a teleconference. Mr. Yu and his wife were shown on the big screen in the hall of a restaurant at a hotel in Singapore, where guests gathered, – the newspaper writes.

The newlyweds saw guests on the laptop screen, called them to the stage, joked, laughed, listened to toasts and drank champagne. The impression was that the newly-made spouses really attended the banquet.

Despite the fact that on such an important day they could not be with their loved ones, they liked their wedding. According to them, it turned out to be unique – and unlike anything else.

In December 2019, they started talking about a strange pneumonia in China. Presumably, the virus was transmitted to humans from food, since most of the cases visited the seafood market in Wuhan.

The chairman of the government expert group of China, Zhong Nanshan, announced the confirmation of the facts of the transmission of the new coronavirus from person to person.According to the BBC, at least 15 doctors contracted the virus from patients. There is no specific treatment.

The first person to die from the coronavirus outside of China. The victim of the new infection was a 44-year-old man from the Philippines. He died on February 1 in hospital as a result of developing severe pneumonia. Currently, the number of cases exceeds 14 thousand.

受 新 冠 肺炎 影响 , 从 中国 返回 的 新人 , 自我 隔离 14 天 , 在 酒天 摆 婚宴 , 连线 直播 “招待” 宾客 , 举杯 畅饮 。https: //

– Shin Min Daily News (@shinmindaily) February 3, 2020


The Chinese virus has spread to 23 countries.

90,000 Wedding at Swissotel Krasnye Holmy

Swiss brands have a solid reputation for reliability and elitism. The Swissotel Hotels & Resorts five-star hotel chain is a Swiss company that unites 28 hotels in such metropolitan areas as Moscow, Singapore, Beijing, Chicago, Berlin and other major cities around the world.Each of the Swissotels stands in a special place: in Istanbul on the shores of the Bosphorus, in London by the Thames itself, in Berlin overlooking the legendary Kurfürstendamm boulevard, and in Moscow on the Red Hills.

Not every native Muscovite knows what kind of area Krasnye Holmy is. Although the name of the hotel is on everyone’s lips and the owners have chosen a place for a five-star hotel in the very center. According to legend, Moscow (like Rome) is a city that stands on seven hills. The main hill is Borovitsky. This is a high bank at the confluence of the Moskva River and its tributary: the Neglinnaya.It is on Borovitsky Hill that the Moscow Kremlin stands. There are other hills around, each of which has its own old name, or even two. Red Hill (aka Tagansky) is also located on the banks of the Moskva River, and on the other side is bounded by the Vodootvodny Canal. Geographically, such a piece of land can be considered a full-fledged island (Balchug Island), but locals often call this area simply “Red Hills”.

The Red Hills area received its modern look in the nineties, and is one of the most striking and characteristic examples of the “Luzhkov style” in architecture.Urbanists and local historians have been arguing for several years about how much such buildings fit into the historical context of the city, but the buildings on the Red Hills do not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, this business quarter is regularly included in the architectural ratings of both the most unusual and the most controversial buildings in the capital. Here rises the grandiose House of Music, the five-star Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, the Riverside Towers business center with A-class offices. From the outside, these buildings resemble a modern fortress with impregnable walls, high towers and quaint spiers.There is a whole town inside, where “white collars” work during the day, and in the evening Muscovites and guests of the capital spend their leisure time in concert halls and restaurants.

The House of Music is the architectural dominant of the quarter. The nine-storey circular building with four spacious halls, recording studios and the Allegro restaurant can be seen from afar and immediately attracts attention. According to the President of the Russian Federation, who participated in the opening of the Philharmonic Complex, the House of Music resembles a crystal goblet.Here is one of the largest musical organs in Russia, and a nine-meter treble clef by Zurab Tsereteli is installed on the roof of the concert hall. The sculpture weighing six tons shines in the sun, because it is covered with gold leaf. At the same time, a special mechanism allows the treble clef to turn like a weather vane.

Swissotel Krasnye Holmy

New architecture always finds its haters. Over time, some buildings are demolished and rebuilt, but many remain and even become symbols of their region, city, and even the whole country.It is difficult for us now to imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower, but many contemporaries greeted its appearance rather cool and even negatively. At the same time, the main enemy of the new building, Guy de Maupassant, could often be found in a restaurant located in the tower itself. When the writer was asked what he was doing there, he retorted: “The Eiffel Tower is the only place in Paris from where you can’t see it.”

Not everyone is happy that Swissotel Krasnye Holmy is so high that it can be seen from afar.If you stand on Red Square near the Historical Museum and look at St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Swissotel will look exactly in the middle between the church and the Kremlin. At the time of opening (summer 2005) Swissotel was the tallest hotel in the capital. The height of the 34-storey hotel is 165 meters. Therefore, the opponents of the hotel immediately started talking about its demolition, but despite this, the hotel immediately got into a number of prestigious ratings: “The best design hotel”, “The leading hotel in Russia”, “The best business hotel in Russia”, “The best luxury hotel in Russia”, “The hotel with the best panoramic view.”And these are far from all the titles that Swissotel has won in the ratings of Russian and international travel awards. Whatever critics say, Swissotel’s interiors and views are beyond praise.

The City Space-bar located in the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy on the 34th floor deserves separate awards every year. This is the “Best hotel bar” and the honorary title “The best bartender of Russia”, and even getting into the prestigious top “10 best bars in the world”. Thanks to the panoramic windows, when you sit in the City Space bar, all of Moscow is at your feet.The bar is located at an altitude of 140 meters, and a 360-degree view allows you to look at the capital from top to bottom.

The City Space bar is known not only for its grandiose view, but also for its signature exclusive drinks: Summer Symphony, Gene Loves Jasmine, Trans-Siberian Express, Prisoner of the Caucasus, Pirates of the Caribbean, Russian Rocket , “Kremlin strudel” … The bar’s wine list includes drinks from Russia, France, Italy, Spain and New World wines. Sushi, grilled dishes, soups and side dishes, salads, as well as specialties: burger “34”, baked quail, fried salmon or vegetable curry can be ordered as snacks or a full meal.In total, the menu contains more than 200 recipes for dishes and drinks for every taste.

Swissotel Moscow

The five-star Krasnye Holmy Hotel offers 234 stylish and modern rooms. The 28 suites boast panoramic city views, while VIPs enjoy an exclusive penthouse suite with a private rooftop terrace.

For weddings and other events “Swissotel Moscow” offers several banquet halls. If you are going to invite 50 or more guests to your holiday, Swissotel will give the bride and groom accommodation in a deluxe room! Another advantage: the hotel has its own park! Yes, not a parking lot, but a park.A cozy oasis of nature in the middle of a stone jungle, where you can hold a wedding ceremony or a welcoming party for guests.

Swissotel’s main restaurant, Acapella, is located on the second floor. It prepares dishes of Russian and European cuisine in the author’s interpretation from the chef Ivan Tishkin using organic, farm products. Many guests come here specially to taste “Raclette” – a Swiss dish made from melted cheese with the addition of meat or shrimp to choose from. Special attention is paid to seafood, which are supplied to the kitchen of “Acapella” from all over Russia: from Murmansk to Kamchatka.Meat lovers will appreciate the marbled beef and venison from the north. The restaurant has a fairly extensive wine list, but if you choose to host your wedding banquet at Swissotel with your own alcohol, you will have to pay a cork fee.

Swissotel offers several interesting locations for a wedding dinner. Hall “Zurich” (area 166 sq. M.) Is located on the first floor of the hotel. It can accommodate up to 60 guests in banquet style. Hall “Davos” (area 148 sq. M.) Is located on the 29th floor of the “Swissotel”.It is an impressive room with round walls and panoramic windows overlooking Moscow, from the Novospassky Monastery to the Kremlin. The banquet seating at Davos can accommodate 70 guests.

Summarizing what has been said, Swissotel is a platform in the center of Moscow where you can spend the bride’s morning in a modern room, an outdoor ceremony in the inner park, a spectacular photo session on the terrace of a skyscraper and a wedding dinner in a banquet hall of any capacity. In addition, here you can get a gift from the hotel: a suite and greet the morning with a champagne breakfast.The Swiss service of a five-star hotel is at the same unattainable level as the skyscraper itself in relation to the surrounding buildings, which means that the wedding will be held here at a height!




The Prime Minister of Singapore is confident that China will defeat the new virus

Singapore is confident that China and other countries will work together to win the fight against a new type of coronavirus, Prime Minister Li Hsien Loong said the other day.

Speaking at the Chinese New Year celebration in Tik-Gi, Li Hsien Loong noted that China is doing everything it can to contain the spread of the coronavirus, including imposing restrictions on domestic travel, canceling the departure of tourist groups and returning overseas residents of Hubei province most affected by the virus. “We are confident that China and other countries will work together to win this battle,” the prime minister added.

According to him, it is regrettable that in recent days, negative sentiments towards the Chinese people have begun to appear in many countries.These emotions “don’t help at all.”

“The spread of the virus may have started in China, but the virus does not distinguish between nationality and race. It does not check your passport before entering your body. Anyone can get infected, ”he said.

Li Hsien Loong stressed that the coronavirus situation should be viewed through a public health lens and not as a racial or international diplomatic issue.


Indonesia and Singapore agreed to develop interfaith dialogue

Indonesian Vice President Maruf Amin and Singapore President Halima Yakob have agreed to expand cooperation in interfaith dialogue to combat radicalism and terrorism, Antara reports.

“We want to continue interfaith dialogue to counter radicalism and terrorism, because this is a global problem,” the Indonesian vice president said after meeting with the head of Singapore.

According to him, Indonesia and Singapore have similar interests in preventing the spread of radicalism in society.

“We want to conduct a dialogue between religious leaders, build interfaith harmony so that religion does not become a source of conflict,” explained Maruf Amin.

As reported by IA REGNUM, President of Singapore Halima Yakob intends to meet with Sultan Khamengkubuvono X in Yogyakarta on February 5.


Kosachev: Senators are ready to participate in expanding cooperation between Russia and Singapore

Russian senators are ready to contribute to the activation and expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Russian Federation and Singapore. This was stated on Monday by the head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev at a meeting with the Ambassador of Singapore to the Russian Federation Premjit Sadasivan.

“Singapore is one of the most advanced economies in the world. We are sure that it would not be enough to build our relations only on the banal principles of trade.These relations should go in breadth and depth through the diversification of projects of mutual interest. We … as Russian parliamentarians are ready to participate in every possible way in such a diversification of our bilateral cooperation, including as the Chamber of Regions, involving the subjects of the Russian Federation in this cooperation, ”Kosachev said.

He stressed that Singapore is a very important trade, economic, scientific, technical and investment partner for Russia. According to the senator, Russian-Singaporean relations “have invariably been and continue to bear a constructive, friendly character.”

Kosachev also recalled that in 2019, a free trade agreement was signed between Singapore and the Eurasian Economic Union. “We are sincerely grateful to our Singaporean partners for their attention to this integration structure and for their readiness to bring our cooperation to a negotiated level. We hope that entering into such a contractual relationship will help overcome a certain decline in our trade and economic cooperation, which has been outlined in the last year or two, ”the parliamentarian said, adding that a number of bilateral agreements have yet to be signed.

Also, the head of the international committee of the Federation Council recalled that the last visit of the speaker of the Singapore parliament to the Russian Federation took place in 2013, and the chairman of the Federation Council was on a visit to Singapore in March 2016. “Quite a lot of time has passed too. But the priority is now in this part of Singapore. I would like to reaffirm the existing invitation to the Chairman of the Singapore Parliament to pay a visit to the Russian Federation. We are ready to discuss specific dates for such a visit, ”Kosachev said.

Source: https: // / politika / 7671783

Singapore enacted a law providing for the licensing of cryptocurrency companies

A new payments law came into force in Singapore today, which provides for the registration and licensing of all cryptocurrency companies in the country.

According to an announcement by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country’s financial regulator, the payment services law went into effect on Tuesday 28 January.

The law covers “digital payment services”, which covers all cryptocurrency companies and exchanges in the country. This means that they will have to comply with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing requirements.

MAS believes that cryptocurrencies carry “significant” money laundering risks due to their anonymous and global nature, therefore all crypto companies must be licensed. There are three classes of licenses – money transfer license, standard payment institution, and large payment institution.”Each provider can only have one of three licenses.”

“The Payment Services Act will foster growth and innovation while reducing risk and building confidence in our payment system,” said Lu Xue Yi, Assistant Managing Director of MAS.

MAS believes the new law will strengthen consumer protection and increase confidence in the use of electronic payments.

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid and British cryptocurrency service Luno, which operate in Singapore, are planning to apply for a license.



Heads of state corporations refused to go to Singapore for the air show

Russia will reduce participation in Singapore Airshow 2020 due to coronavirus. One of the largest aviation exhibitions in the world is due to take place from 11 to 16 February.

According to one of the sources of the Vedomosti newspaper, the management of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the Russian Helicopters holding, the Rosoboronexport company, the Roscosmos and Rostec state corporations refused to participate.

At the same time, one of the interlocutors notes that no messages have been received about the cancellation of the exhibition or its postponement.

Representatives of Rostec and UAC confirmed to the newspaper that the decisions to significantly reduce participation in the exhibition in Singapore were made due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Roscosmos reported that the participation of representatives of the state corporation in the exhibition is not provided “due to the tight schedule of events.” Rosoboronexport and Russian Helicopters declined to comment, Interfax notes.


Which countries have the fastest internet

SpeedTest provides two ratings – for the average speed of fixed broadband Internet and for the average speed of mobile Internet; two average speeds are indicated – download and upload.

The first place in the average speed of fixed broadband Internet was taken by Singapore – with about 200 megabits per second.Next comes Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the PRC), followed by Monaco, then Romania, and South Korea completes the top five (with an average speed of approximately 144.5 Mbps). Russia is in 46th place (with a speed of 61.71 Mbps), between the UK and Estonia; it is ahead of, for example, Italy (48th place) and Australia (68th place).

As for the rating in terms of the speed of mobile Internet, here the first place belongs to South Korea – with a speed of 103.18 Mbit / s.Next come the UAE, Qatar, Canada and China. In this rating, Russia occupies the 96th position – with an average speed of 20.58 Mbps.

As indicated by SpeedTest, from January 1, to be included in the rating (both in the “mobile” and in the rating for the speed of fixed broadband Internet), a country must have at least 300 unique user results. Prior to January 1, SpeedTest required at least 670 unique scores for mobile internet rankings, and 3333 scores for fixed broadband.


Aviation Management Meeting at Singapore Airshow 2020 will not be held due to coronavirus outbreak

A meeting of representatives of the leadership of the leading companies in the aviation industry at the largest international air show in Asia, Singapore Airshow 2020, has been canceled due to the spread of the 2019-nCoV virus. This was announced in a press release circulated on Tuesday.

“The Singapore Airshow 2020 (SAALS) Aviation Leadership Meeting, which is part of the air show program and includes 300 aviation executives, including representatives from governments, civil aviation authorities, air traffic controllers and airline administration, will be canceled this year,” the statement said. … “This will allow aviation leaders, who are heavily involved in developing methods to counter the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, to focus on the urgent matters related to the development of the situation [around the spread of pneumonia].”

At the same time, the organizers of the air show said that the event will take place as planned from 11 to 16 February 2020, however, due to the spread of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus, additional precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of all participants. However, at least 16 major companies have pulled out of the air show due to an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, Experia Events, which is organizing the event, said on Tuesday.

“Among those who refused to participate, 10 companies from China, including Ameco Beijing, which is the largest provider of aircraft maintenance services in the PRC, and COMAC (“ China State Aerospace Engineering Corporation ”), – the organizers specified.

In addition, the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier, the American Gulfstream, and Textron Aviation will not take part in the current air show. In addition, the demonstration flights were canceled by the aerobatic team of the Air Force of the Republic of Korea Black Eagles, which were also forced to miss the air show in 2018 due to technical problems.

“The organizers expect a significant decrease in the number of exhibitors and visitors, including due to the restrictions imposed [from February 1] on entry to Singapore,” the company said.

Over 55 thousand people from 150 countries and territories are expected to take part in Singapore Airshow 2020, at least 65 of the hundred largest defense and aerospace corporations in the world will be represented at the exhibition.

Several forums are planned during Singapore Airshow 2020, including those dedicated to aerospace innovation.Traditionally, on every day of the exhibition, demonstration flights of aerobatic teams from different countries will take place. So, in 2018, aerobatics were performed by pilots from the Air Forces of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the United States, and also Thailand.



A Singaporean couple were unable to attend their own wedding due to coronavirus. I had to arrange a teleconference

Situation: there is nothing left before the wedding banquet, and you have just returned from the Chinese province of Hunan, located near the city of Wuhan.Guests are worried, because there is a risk of contracting coronavirus, the incubation period of which is 14 days. And what to do: postpone the wedding, break the quarantine? A couple from Singapore came up with something better – to create the illusion of their presence by arranging a teleconference straight from the quarantine.

Mr. Yu and his wife were shown on the big screen in a restaurant at a hotel in Singapore, where guests were gathered. The newlyweds saw the guests on the laptop screen, called them to the stage, joked, laughed, listened to toasts and drank champagne, as if they were attending a banquet together with everyone.

The spouses liked the ceremony even though they had to abandon some wedding traditions. For example, for obvious reasons, they did not have a solemn appearance of the bride. But, as it seems to them, their wedding turned out to be unique – and unlike anything else.


First coronavirus patient discharged in Singapore

The first patient fully recovered from pneumonia caused by the 2019-nCoV coronavirus was discharged from the National Center for Infectious Diseases of Singapore.The Straits Times newspaper writes about this on Wednesday.

“A 35-year-old Chinese citizen, a resident of Wuhan, is completely healthy, over the past three days, his tests have not shown the presence of a virus,” said Kenneth Mac, Director of the Healthcare Department of the Ministry of Health. “We are fully confident that the man is no longer a carrier of the virus,” the official added.

According to him, “none of the 24 patients with a confirmed diagnosis is in the intensive care unit.”According to Tang Choh Chuan, Chief Researcher at the Ministry of Health, “some are treated with antiviral drugs, for example, Ritonavir, which are also intended during a treatment course for HIV-infected people.”



Australia, Japan and Singapore join US ban on flights from China

Australia, Japan and Singapore announced on Saturday tightening controls on foreigners who have recently visited China.This is due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus. Earlier, the United States announced similar restrictions and imposed a public health emergency.


Matsuev canceled a concert in Singapore

People’s Artist of Russia, pianist Denis Matsuev canceled his concert in Singapore, which was supposed to take place on 9 February.The reason was his poor health, the organizers of the event said.

Due to malaise, Matsuev did not arrive in the country, he is quoted by the TASS organizing committee as saying. The concert “Classics and Jazz”, in which the Russian pianist was supposed to perform, has also been canceled. The organizers did not explain if this is due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

On January 31, the Singapore authorities restricted the entry of residents of mainland China and everyone who has visited the PRC in the past two weeks.

An outbreak of a new type of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan on December 31.As of February 7, the number of people infected in China exceeded 31.1 thousand, 636 people died.


China sent its aerobatic group to Singapore Air Show

The event combines military and civil aviation equipment in one format.

Chinese pilots have already arrived in Singapore. They are piloting 7 Chinese-made J-10 fighters.They are also accompanied by two Il-76 transport aircraft.

“We arrived at the invitation of the host – the administration of the Singapore Air Show. Before that, we have already visited many events of this kind and are ready to demonstrate here and now the fighting spirit of our pilots.

The group has existed since 1962. For more than half a century of flights, the squadron managed to perform more than 600 times in 168 countries. Despite the threat of the coronavirus, the aviation exhibition will take place in Singapore on a regular basis.The air show in Singapore has been held every two years since 2008. It is the third air show in the world, second only to Le Bourget (France) and Farnborough (UK).


147 residents of Hubei province returned to their homeland from Singapore

A China Eastern Airlines charter flight, organized with the assistance of the Chinese government, took 147 residents of Hubei province to Wuhan from Singapore the day before.


Coronavirus detected in three out of more than 100 participants at a business forum in Singapore

Over a hundred people participated in a business forum in one of the hotels in Singapore, after which, upon returning home, the 2019-nCoV virus was detected in two citizens of the Republic of Korea and one Malaysian. Four more Singaporeans have been diagnosed with pneumonia, the causes of which have yet to be confirmed, CNA reported Thursday.

The event took place on January 20-22 at the five-star Grand Hyatt Singapore hotel, located on the central shopping street Orchard. The forum was attended by at least 94 foreigners who left the city-state upon its completion. “We informed our foreign colleagues about the current situation,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement released on Thursday.

Representatives of the hotel told reporters on Wednesday that the necessary sanitization was carried out in connection with the detection of the virus.Meanwhile, the hotel’s business continues as usual.

According to the latest data, the number of cases of virus infection in China exceeds 28 thousand, more than 560 people have died from the disease, more than 1.1 thousand have recovered.


Singapore prepares a second aircraft to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan

Singaporean authorities have agreed with Chinese authorities to organize a second flight to evacuate Singaporean citizens from Wuhan, where a new type of pneumonia outbreak is located, Reuters reported.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is continuing its dialogue with the Chinese authorities to organize another flight to bring our Singaporeans home as soon as possible,” the Singapore Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It is noted that 92 citizens of Singapore have already been evacuated from China on a January 30 flight. Air carriers had to leave a number of passengers in Wuhan, as they showed symptoms of infection with a new type of coronavirus.


New observation deck in Gardens by the Bay Park

Gardens by the Bay Park recently opened a new observation deck. Sitting on the tallest supertree, it rises 50 meters above the ground and offers incredible 360-degree panoramic views. Today it is the highest point in the park. Its capacity is 120 guests. The site consists of two levels – an open floor, which offers the best view of the city center, and a glazed lower level with floor-to-ceiling windows.It also houses digital media informing about the climate change of our planet. In addition, there is a small cafe with light snacks and cocktails.

Entrance fee to the site, tickets for adults – 14 SGD and children – 10 SGD, can be purchased at the ticket office of the park or online.



Armenian President appointed Ambassador to Singapore

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the country to Indonesia and Malaysia Dzyunik Aghajanyan concurrently as Ambassador to Singapore (residence in Jakarta).



Indonesian citizen contracted coronavirus in Singapore

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore has confirmed that a 44-year-old Indonesian citizen has contracted the coronavirus, Sindonews reports.

“An Indonesian citizen who has been confirmed to have a coronavirus is working in Singapore,” the Indonesian Embassy said in a statement.

The publication notes that the infected Indonesian citizen did not travel to China.

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore continues to coordinate with the relevant authorities.

On this occasion, the Indonesian Embassy also addressed the citizens of the country in Singapore.

“We urge all Indonesian citizens living in Singapore to remain vigilant, maintain health, and heed the call of the Singapore government,” the embassy said in a statement.

Recall that six cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in Singapore. The disease detected in an Indonesian citizen was the first local case of coronavirus transmission.


Russian manufacturer will supply ventilators to Malaysia for the treatment of patients with coronavirus

The Russian company Triton-Electronics is sending a batch of MV200 mechanical ventilation devices (IVL) to hospitals in Malaysia for the treatment of patients with pneumonia caused by the 2019-nCoV coronavirus.An agreement with Malaysian health officials was reached at Arab Health this week in Dubai.

An agreement was also reached on the supply of Triton-ElektronikS resuscitation equipment to Sudan. At the moment, ventilators are registered with the Ministry of Health of the Sudan, the terms and volumes of the first order are being discussed.

The Arab Health Exhibition and Conference, which was held in Dubai from January 27 to 30, is held annually and collects over 4 thousand people.exhibitors from over 60 countries. The Russian exposition, organized under the auspices of the Russian Export Center, brought together 21 companies. They presented electromedical, medical, surgical, laser, laboratory equipment, equipment for intensive care, physiotherapy, gynecology. Among the innovative developments of domestic production shown at the exhibition are a unique device for measuring volumetric hemodynamic parameters, the world’s first wireless portable receiver for digital mammography, as well as a laser device for cosmetological skin rejuvenation.

At the collective stand “Made in Russia”, organized with the support of the Russian Export Center, 262 business meetings in the Matchmaking format were held in four days. As a result of the negotiations, 18 agreements and contracts were signed.

Stand employees surveyed 80% of the participants in these business meetings. Three quarters (75%) said that the negotiations that took place are likely to lead to the signing of export contracts. 3% reported that agreements on agreements have already been reached.


Russia is interested in developing relations with Cambodia, Putin said

Russia is interested in developing relations with Cambodia in various directions; Singapore is also a promising partner in the Asia-Pacific region, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Relations with the Kingdom of Cambodia are friendly and partnership in nature.We are interested in them continuing to develop in various directions, including in the field of politics and security, trade and investment, educational and humanitarian exchanges, ”Putin said at the ceremony of presenting his credentials to foreign ambassadors.

He noted that Singapore is a very promising partner in the Asia-Pacific region. Russia appreciates the well-established political dialogue with this country, the president specified.

“The implementation of the agreement on free trade in goods between the Eurasian Economic Union and Singapore signed at the end of last year is intended to stimulate the growth of mutual investment flows.We expect to reach the conclusion of a Russian-Singaporean agreement on services and investments, ”Putin stressed.



Singapore: the index of business activity in the services sector was 51.4 points in January, the previous value of 51.0 points.

Singapore: the index of business activity in the industry in January was 50.3 points, as expected, the previous value of 50.1 points.

Singapore: business confidence index was -12 points in the fourth quarter, the previous value was -5 points.

As of 14:00 local time on February 5, four more cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus were confirmed, including a child aged six months, the total number of cases in Singapore reached 28 people.

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