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Top Modelling Agencies in Singapore

Singapore Modelling

If you’ve ever considered being a model, you’ve probably asked yourself “where do I begin?”

One of the first steps in the entire modelling process that will definitely benefit your career, in the long run, is looking for a modelling agency. 

Benefits of being under a modelling agency 

If you want to make a career and livelihood out of modelling, you need to have an agency. Some argue and say that it is indeed possible to be a freelance model, but they definitely have their pros and cons. 

Protection and security 

Being under a modelling agency hosts a variety of benefits and one of them is having protection and being safe. Agencies will be able to confirm that your working environment and conditions are safe even before working on a specific project. Freelance models rarely ask questions with regards to their security out of fear that they would offend the client, but modelling agencies or agents will do everything that they can to ensure the safety of their clients.

Having someone manage your bookings for you

Being a freelance model and handling all your bookings on your own can be an extremely stressful task. Not only are you organising your bookings, but you’ll also have to show up at various meetings and communicate with multiple clients all at the same time. One of the jobs of a modelling agent is to coordinate all the bookings of their models and all the model needs to do is simply show up for their fitting, shoot, or show. It’s as simple as that! 

More prestigious bookings 

Since most agencies would already have a well-established clientele, you can expect quality bookings as a model. Legitimate modelling agencies have a long-standing history with working for reputable fashion brands like Vogue, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Harper’s Bazaar, and so much more. If you want to be able to work for brands like these, be sure to look for a modelling agency that is already well-known and esteemed in the industry.  

Greater exposure and connections

One major advantage of being under an agency is being able to work for more than one agency, just as long as it is in a different market altogether. What this means is that you can work for one agency in a specific city like New York, but work for a completely different one in another city. This gives you more chances of exposure and opportunities to build connections around the world too. 

Career development 

When you work with an agency, your career as a model will certainly flourish as agencies would want to see their talents succeed. Agents do not just accept all projects that come their way for their models, but they pick out the right projects for them that they know will make a difference in their careers. 

Types of modelling in Singapore 

Commercial modelling

Since they are needed for a variety of reasons, commercial models can be of any size or age. The job of a commercial model is to sell a product that they’ve been hired to market, so this type of modelling is not exclusive to high fashion. The different types of commercial modelling include catalogue, makeup, print work, swimsuits, and many more. 

Editorial Modelling

Editorial models are the faces you see in high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Editorial modelling consists of storytelling through a series of pictures. An editorial in a magazine would usually consist of several pages, where you’d see models sporting different designer outfits that showcase the various fashion, beauty and style trends that are in season. The selection process for editorial models is also rather niche and can be quite difficult to get into. 

Runway modelling 

Known as one of the most popular types of modelling, models who walk the runway during fashion week are called runway or catwalk models. These models are hired by designers to showcase the clothes that they’ve created for their collection; and not the other way around. Since the clothes were made for the collection and not specifically for the model, the chosen runway models need to have very specific measurements. One of the strictest requirements needed to become a runway model anywhere in the world is height. So if you’re a little lacklustre in the height department, maybe runway modelling may not be for you. 

Event modelling

Also known as show girls, event models are hired for various corporate or entertainment events who do promotional work for brands and products. In some occasions, event models are required to interact with the invited guests as well, which is my socialising is a skill that is highly sought-after for most event models. You can find them commonly in automotive trade shows, media events and other gatherings. 

Body modelling

Ever seen a poster or advertisement of a watch being worn, or perhaps hand cream being applied and wondered if the body parts were real? The answer is yes — body part modelling is a real thing. Body part models are needed to model different things such as watches, hand creams, shoes or pantyhose and it also a lot of maintenance. Sometimes, body parts models who are high-demand even have the specific body part insured for a high price. The most commonly modelled body parts are feet, hands and legs. 

Kids Modelling 

Baby or child modelling is just like commercial modelling, except with kids! The process is generally similar, with having the kids sport different outfits for a specific brand or company. At a shoot, there would typically be more people at the set as young children often get distracted easily and they need certain things or people to grab their attention and keep them focused. 

If you think you’ve found a certain area in modelling that you’ll definitely grow in and excel in, don’t be afraid to give it a shot! The only failure is to never try. 

Modelling Agency 

Basic Models Management 


Founded in October 2012, Basic Models Management aims to be different from other modelling agencies in Singapore. Instead of just being a middleman and bringing in models from other countries, we focus on developing great models from Singapore and around the region.

With a comprehensive training program and a clear career path, Basic Models Management is the agency of choice for aspiring models who want to make modelling a career.


Singapore Model Agency


The Commerze @ Irving, 1 Irving Place #09-10


6910 1801


Modelling Agency 

Upfront Models and Production 


Upfront Models & Production began in 1997 as a broad-based company representing only the very best fashion and commercial models. Today, Upfront is one of the most successful model management companies in the Asia Pacific region representing male and female models from Singapore and all over the world.




No. 5 Upper Aljunied Link, #08-03, Quartz Industrial Building Singapore


6323 5345


Modelling Agency 

NOW Model Management 


Established in 2011, Singapore-based NOW Model Management is fast becoming the agency of choice for models and clients with its proven track record in professionalism and dedicated service. Representing male and female professional models and new faces from Singapore and all over the world, NOW Model Management is committed to discover, nurture, and build their modelling careers in the region and beyond. 


266B South Bridge Road 


6222 6518


Modelling Agency 

EliteModels & Talent Management 


Established since 2015, EliteModels And Talent Management take pride in being one of the professional, meticulous and goal-orientated modelling companies for clients to work with.

After all these years of striving in this glamour industry, we have developed a robust system of connecting hardworking and aspiring models to the right clients, proudly meeting the needs of all creative agencies, event coordinators and production companies.


218 Changi Road #03-01


9760 4771


Modelling Agency 

Shine Models Singapore 


Established in 1999, Shine Models & Talent Agency is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing Modeling Agency. It’s also the agency of choice for models and clients. Their proven track record of professionalism and dedicated service to our models confirms our reliability. Shine Models was founded by Ice Sherry Lee.



317 Outram Road, Concorde Shopping Centre #02-52


6659 4722


Modelling Agency 

Mint Singapore 


Mint is a commercial modelling agency representing Singapore-based models and talents from infants to seniors.

Mint was founded with our team’s 25 years of experience in the modelling industry. They have worked extensively in the region; focusing mainly on commercial print & video shoots and events. On top of representation and management, they also provide classes/courses in the areas of deportment, grooming, modelling and singing.




Modelling Agency 

Ave Management 


Founded in 2004 by photographer duo ChuanDo & Frey, AVE Management has been defining the fashion and modelling industry, becoming one of the most recognized modelling agencies in Singapore and around the world. 

They offering the highest quality representation to some of the top models worldwide.  



70 Shenton Way, #13-06 Eon Shenton 




Modelling Agency

Mannequin Studio 


Mannequin Studio was established in the year 1972 and is a modelling agency in Singapore. With an extensive range of models from Asian, Eurasian, and Caucasian men and women, they have become one of the modelling agencies in the country to look out for. 

Website sg/

372 River Valley Road #02-01


6224 8626 / 6624 7163


Modelling Agency

Phantom Model Agency 


Founded in 1993, Phantom is one of Singapore’s leading modelling agencies in talent discovery and model management, widely recognized for its diverse client roster. As an industry pioneer, Phantom Models continue to challenge the status quo with its clientele, and broad opportunities for all its talents.

Phantom specialises in representing men and women who have strong portfolios, with tear sheets from many of the leading industrial centres for fashion, editorials, advertising, and runways, experienced both in photographic shoots and shows.  



77C Duxton Road


9452 7899


Modelling Agency

VVIP Models Singapore 


VVIP Models is Singapore’s leading professional modelling agency with a combined team experience of over 20 years. They provide clients with the most sought after models and talents in Singapore for fashion shows, print ads, television, events and product launches. 

VVIP Models is an extension of Inside VVIP, an international events company that creates memorable events and luxury parties in over 30 cities worldwide under the management of Bajaj Entertainment Pte. Ltd.

Address 16 Coller Quay, Income at Raffles #18-00


9271 5859


Modelling Agency

Impact Models Studio 


Impact Models Studio is one of the pioneers in the modelling industry, as well as one of the leaders in the field of child modelling. Led by a dedicated team of professionals, we strive to share our expertise with all the parents and children who come through our doors.


Over the years, Impact Models Studio endeavour to consistently provide the highest quality representation for our models, as well as the best professional services and advice to our valued clients.

Address 201 Henderson Road,#04-28 [email protected]


6536 9668


Modelling Agency

Nu Models & Nu Management 


Nu Models and Nu Management is a Singapore based model and artist management agency, created with discovering and nurturing the hidden talents of our models in mind. Realising the need for the expansion of our models’ careers, we have established an organisation that plans the career paths of our models that goes beyond modelling.

The management team is made up of industry professionals with at least 10 years of working experience in the modelling and entertainment business.

Address 14 Penhas Road


6291 8010


Modelling Agency

The People Studio


The People Studio aims o be the one-stop solution for all your talent and casting needs, while providing the most competitive prices in the industry. They strive to do their best to cater to all your needs as our services are available 24/7 for any urgent projects and last-minute emergencies.

They manage models, actors and talents for various media projects and events. Their models and talents also appear on TV Commercials, corporate videos, print advertisements, magazine editorials, fashion shows, and more.  



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What are the Types of Modelling?

– Commercial modelling
– Editorial Modelling
– Runway modelling
– Event modelling
– Body modelling
– Kids Modelling

How to Become a Model in Singapore

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  1. Types of modelling
  2. Physical appearance
  3. How to start modelling
  4. What is a comp card?
  5. What is a modelling portfolio?
  6. How to get a modelling portfolio?
  7. How to present my modelling portfolio?
  8. Modelling trend in Singapore
  9. New to modelling
  10. Tips for aspiring models
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQ

#1: Types of modelling

First of all, you should ask yourself what kind of model you want to become. There are many types of model and the most common ones are commercial models, runway models, event models, blogshop models and photo models. Of course, there can be a combination of a few of them.

  1. Commercial models
    Commercial models help to market for certain brands and products. They get to do motion pictures like television advertisement and also appear in magazines and posters. This job is most competitive. I have personally heard of a model who has done many commercial shoots for free in order to gain exposure but it leads to nowhere.
  2. Runway models
    Runway models help to showcase clothes and of course they do catwalk on the runway. Ideally, you should be tall (1.7m and above) and slim, have collarbone and carry an aura. You should have broad and straight shoulders, ideally with hip measurement of 35″ to 35.5″.
  3. Event models
    Event models include showgirls and models who do promotional work on the street for brands or products. Their jobs may also include joining parties to mingle with guests. Obviously you need to have quite good socializing skill.
  4. Blogshop models
    Blogshop models are similar to photo models but they take still pictures for whatever the blogshops are selling – usually, clothes. Blogshop owners may pick girls-next-door to become their models. There are also cases where they need some less physically outstanding models to showcase their products, in order to open to wider range of consumers. Blogshop modelling is one of the most trendy jobs.
  5. Photo models
    Photos models do photoshoot. There are many “photographers” who will pay models to do different photoshoot themes for the sake of hobby or special agenda. Photo models may not need to be tall as long as their body proportions are good. The highest paying type of photoshoot is none other than nude. Lingerie and implied nude shoots can fetch high prices as well, followed by bikini. The most basic is sexy fashion shoot. For sexy shoots, many “photographers” have less expectation of the looks and figure of the models.
  6. Body parts models
    If you think certain parts of your body, such as hands or fingers, are nice, you can make use of them to earn money. Jewellery companies may need a beautiful hand to appear in motion or still pictures for advertisement. However, do note that this kind of job is very limited and thus chances of you depending on this job to feed yourself is near zero, especially in Singapore.

Basically, you should be looking at your interest and not simply aiming for whatever you think is more “high class”. If you do not have an impressive looks, height and figure, your chance of doing well may be low.

#2: Physical appearance

No matter how good or bad looking you are, there’re always chances for you to do modelling; however, if you don’t possess some good factors, you will be at a disadvantage.

  1. Age
    Most models start at young ages. Some reputable modelling agencies even have the entry requirement of age around 14 to 23. This is the reason why you can see that most of the girls who post photographs from their “photoshoot sessions” in social media are generally young. It’s a common sense that as human beings age, their complexion tend to worsen. Therefore, for people who complain about photographers shooting XMM (“xiao mei mei” aka “little girls”) are probably just being jealous.

    However, it doesn’t mean that if you’re older than the unofficial modelling age, you can’t do modelling. Some photoshoot concepts and commercial work do specifically require girls of an older age. For instance, if a client (hobbyist photographer) is looking for a sexy shoot, a 14-year-old model may give the viewers an impression of a child-porn. Whereas, for a commercial work that’s targeting older customers, they probably have to get a model who’s closer to the age group. There will still be photographers who will want to document down the aging skin.

    Thus, even if a lady is in her golden age, there will still be jobs available, except that the chance may be lower.

  2. Looks
    Most people go for good looks. Beautiful faces are pleasing to the eyes, no? Models with pretty faces certainly have a huge advantage in modelling.

    However, if a model has a unique face, she can become popular as well. If you’ve observed your local TV station, not all the artistes are pretty.

    For people who don’t have a pretty or unique face, there are still chances. Some modelling agencies do have two categories of freelancers under them, namely “models” and “talents”. Getting into the “talents” group can still have some opportunities, such as in acting. Personality can help.

    However, do note that complexion is important as well. If a girl has nice features on her face but has lots of pimples or acne scars, many photographers and makeup artists would avoid her. Although makeup may be able to conceal the flaws, they can still look obvious in photographs, especially with harsh and angled lighting. That means lots of post-production work is required and after fixing the flaws, the makeup work may look different.

  3. Height
    Tall people usually have the advantage as long legs are considered as beautiful. Given the same looks, if someone has to make a choice between a tall and a short model, he would likely choose the tall one. For modelling jobs such as runway, height is extremely important.

    However, height doesn’t mean everything as the body proportion is important as well. A tall girl may have a rather short pair of legs while a short girl may have a larger ratio of length of legs to her height. For jobs like photoshoots, a short girl with good proportion will likely give the impression that she’s tall. Using heels can help as well.

  4. Figure
    The majority of the jobs require models who are at least average or slim in size; this is the reality. For commercial products, the customers will tend to buy them if they look good on the models; good (slim) models would be able to give the illusion. It’s also much easier to make a slim model look nice in a photoshoot.

    There’s also a demand for plus size models, as there are photographers who specifically want to work with this type of model. However, it may just be a small fraction of the modelling market – I have no statistic but you can guess it. Nevertheless, plus size models, in general, do have bigger chest and thus it can be a plus factor.

    P.S: Being a plus size model can be beautiful or cute, but I will still encourage everyone to live a healthier life – both physically and mentally. Do note that there are times people will throw insults at models who are thicker than the usual models, and no matter how confident and strong the models are, they will somehow be affected mentally.

    Read: Fat girls can still look good in photographs

  5. Chest size
    Big chests usually attract more admiration from both genders. In a sexy shoot, a model with big chest would definitely make the photographs look sexier. Cleavage is hot. Hobbyist photographers would likely be more willing to pay for a freelance model with the big asset.

    However, there are two major disadvantages for models with big chests. Firstly, models with big boobs are difficult to become professional runway models. Secondly, models with big boobs may make art shoots more sexualised as viewers would be focusing on the boobs rather than appreciating the photograph as a whole.

In conclusion, regardless of the physical appearance, there will always be chances for a girl to become a model; it’s just the matter of how high or low the chance is. However, personality and character will help a lot as well. Be nice, be respectful and appreciative, and you can increase your chances.

#3: How to start modelling

To get started with modelling, you will likely need a portfolio or com card. Potential clients and companies will want to see how you appear in photographs before selecting you for the job/shoot. Unless, otherwise, the client doesn’t mind getting a newbie to do the work. Many hobbyist photographers would be interested in engaging fresh faces.

  1. Modelling Agency
    A modelling agency can help you to get started easier with whatever type of modelling job you are aiming for since they may have the client base. The catch is that the modelling agencies would need you to have a portfolio as well. Most of these agencies would make you pay a huge sum of money to shoot your portfolio. The problem is many modelling agencies are “empty shells” that have limited or no client, such that you may not be given many or any modelling job eventually.
  2. Competition
    There are a number of pageant competitions in Singapore, ranging from small to big scale. Although some of these competitions do require you to be wealthy in order to emerge as the champion because votes are casted by the guests who have to pay to attend, the exposure will help you to reach out to more people. Rich contestants will usually buy “tables” themselves and invite their friends to be the guests.
  3. Volunteering
    There are some events that require models, and the organisers may not have the budget to pay for the talents. For example, a fashion designer may organise a fashion show and you can volunteer your services. You will gain exposure during the entire event and in the organiser’s social media pages, such as Facebook page. No doubt, for such event that has big budget constraint, the photographers are likely to be hobbyists who may not be able to produce top grade photographs. However, most people will likely think you are already a professional model and thus you may get opportunities in future.

    You can also volunteer as a model to a professional photographer. Professional photographers may need to do some test shoots at times or just for fun; they may occasionally want to do their own shoots instead of entertaining clients.

  4. Social Media Advertising
    It is possible to do your own advertising in social media to get jobs for photoshoot – for example, you can post in Facebook groups. It’s free but you are going to get lots of new admirers (both decent and indecent) who may start pestering you!
  5. Blogging / Instagramming
    Pretty bloggers do get chances to do modelling as they are more exposed to the public. Apart from that, clients may like to ride on their popularity. Of course, if you are new to blogging, it will take you some time and effort to become popular. With the help of social media, it is, however, quite easy to gain popularity once you upload a few really good photographs of yourself.
  6. Networking
    Unfortunately (yes, I hate it and I don’t do it), networking is a requirement for all trades to increase anyone’s chance to become successful. You can make friends with photographers as they may have job opportunities for you.

    However, do make sure you know how to judge a photographer and not blindly mix with any. When you are new, there are probably many things about photography that you do not know about and boastful photographers can easily amaze you with their “knowledge”. When a photographer tells you that he can help you to become famous, do not be naive unless you are ready to show a lot of skin. Eventually, what you will get is likely negative impression from others. I have heard stories about a few photographers who basically produce very low quality images of girls with little or no clothes. With such portfolio, a female model will only attract rich clients who are mainly interested in her body, instead of real photographers who simply want to create good art work. Of course, it’s a way to make big bucks because such sleazy photoshoot can fetch a high price.

#4: What is a comp card?

A modelling comp card is the short form for “composite card”, otherwise, also known as business card. Unlike normal pocket-sized business cards, a comp card is usually in A5 size.

It should display a few photographs of your portfolio with at least a close-up and a full body shot. It should also include your age, height, weight, three sizes (bust, waist, hips), shoe size and contact information. These information will help clients to understand if you’re suitable for the projects, allow them to contact you and also to prepare the wardrobe if necessary.

With a limited space, the comp card should display only the best of your photographs that are good enough for your potential clients to judge your appearance and see if you are the kind of model they are looking for.

In the age of internet, comp card may be simply in the digital form but it will show your professionalism and enthusiasm if you have physical ones as well – that is if you want to impress those people you have met face to face.

#5: What is a modelling portfolio?

A portfolio is a sample work of yours. It helps your potential clients find out more about your physical appearance before meeting you up face to face. The portfolio may also help to identify your personality. Needless to say, having a pretty face and hourglass body are not enough, as you have to appear nice in photographs.

Portfolio is usually in the form of photographs but not restricted to videos, depending on what modelling industry you are targeting. Work that has appeared in commercial or printed publication will definitely lift your status up.

Whereas for common portfolio, it should include photographs of you in casual, smart casual, and formal wear. You also need photographs taken from different angles like front and sides, and also both close-ups and full body shots.

A portfolio should sum up your work and thus you should include only the best photograph from each photoshoot you have done. There is no point showing similar photographs as it may bore the person who is viewing your portfolio and also give him a bad impression of your mentality.

#6: How to get a modelling portfolio?

  1. Modelling Agencies
    The first option, as mentioned earlier, is to pay modelling agencies the fee and they will get their photographers to do a portfolio shoot for you. Depending on the modelling agencies, they may not provide hair and makeup artist and wardrobe. They are likely to do a few sets of shoots in different outfits (casual, smart formal and formal) to help you showcase a few sides of you, probably in both indoor and outdoor. The focus is likely to be indoor since their indoor equipment can be set up by a main photographer, such that it’s difficult for any amateur photographer to go wrong. The photographs may not be very outstanding since the agency is probably squeezing the “photographer” tightly. There’re a few reputable modelling agencies in Singapore but there’re also modelling agencies that are depending on selling aspiring models their photoshoot packages to sustain their businesses.
  2. Professional photographers / Studios
    Next, you can hire a professional photographer or a photography studio to create the modelling portfolio. I personally think it’s more worthwhile for aspiring models to engage professional photographers directly instead of modelling agencies or photography studios because there won’t be any commission involved. You’ll also get what you see from the photographer’s portfolio instead of pinning hope that the assigned photographer is experienced enough. Some photography studios, however, may have props and outfits ready for you – prices will be factored into the total fee.

    Eventually, if you’re not wealthy and also not super firm in your decision to model, you should think thrice because a professional modelling portfolio may cost you thousands of bucks.

  3. TFCD Photographers
    Doing TFCD photoshoot is one of the most common ways to start building up your portfolio by getting photographs for free. Although most TFCD photographers are mainly hobbyists, don’t be surprised that many professional photographers do TFCD photoshoot as well. Of course, you need to be realistic over your looks and figure, and the theme because it makes no sense that a professional photographer is going to collaborate with you while charging other clients for the same type of photography. Doing a TFCD photoshoot (usually just a theme/look) is likely not enough to build up a solid portfolio (you need different looks), although a few good photographs may be enough for you to secure certain modelling jobs. Do note that there are many weird “photographers” who do TFCD photoshoot and many are looking for dates or maybe more. You should read tips on doing TFCD shoot.
  4. Clients
    You can start charging hobbyist photographers to get your modelling portfolio – you get paid to get photographs. Eventually it’s up to individual photographers whether they want to give you the photographs since they have no obligation to do it when they’re paying you to create the images. Nevertheless, which guy doesn’t want to try to please pretty or hot girls to get into their good book? Sharing the photographs is also a form of marketing for themselves. However, most (not all) hobbyist photographers, like TFCD photographers, can never give you top quality photographs; otherwise, they won’t be paying you to do the photoshoot in the first place. Rich people with ill-intention are likely to target you and most of these “photographers” are mainly looking for sexy and sleazy themes.

Despite I’ve mentioned about ill-minded photographers and modelling agencies in the industry, you shouldn’t be scared off. I do have freelance model friends who have told me of the many good souls around. You just need to learn to do researches and also be more street-smart.

#7: How to present my modelling portfolio?

It’s the IT era and you are reading this because I have uploaded my writing here. So, obviously you should put your portfolio on a website too!

  1. Free Webhosts
    There are many free webhosts that can allow you to sign up for a free account. Nevertheless, some of these websites will place advertisement on your personal page. The domain names may not be the most ideal ones but depending on the webhost you choose, they can be pretty neat. Your page URL will likely include the webhost’s domain name and your personal alias, which may end up being lengthy. Examples of free webhost are Blogger, WordPress, Wix and Squarespace. Some of them generate income by allowing users to upgrade their free accounts in order to remove the advertisements or increase the web space.
  2. Personal Domain Name
    By paying domain name host to get a dot com (.com), dot sg (.sg) or dot com dot sg (, it’ll help to build up your status and show your commitment. There’s a yearly bill of course. You can pay for “.com” for less than SGD$20 per year while “.sg” and “” are insanely more expensive – at least double the price. You need to know which domain name host to choose in order to cut down on the cost.

    You can host your domain name on the free webhost. When visitors enter your personalised URL, it will load the actual contents from the webhost. In case something happens to the webhost, you can easily point your domain name to another webhost, such that your visitors will still be able to visit your portfolio website by remembering your actual domain name. That’s to say, you’ve to keep a copy of your contents (photographs and writing) as backup!

  3. Social Media Platforms
    Another alternative is to upload your portfolio into social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are currently the leading site, however, its control of the users’ newsfeeds may limit the exposure of your photographs sometimes especially if nobody is helping you to LIKE and share the new post. That means if you’ve a few thousands fans on your page, your new post any not reach even a 100 fans. Photos’ qualities are also automatically reduced when you upload them to Facebook and Instagram.

    You may need to consider the organization and privacy level of your albums, so that viewers are able to navigate around them easily. I’ve seen some freelance models who include their modelling portfolios into their personal Instagram accounts, such that their potential clients and co-workers would have problems scrolling through their accounts to find the professional work, which are mixed with casual photographs. Some freelance models may create a few albums in their personal Facebook accounts and viewers will have a hard time navigating around to find the exact albums. In some cases, the privacy level to the modelling albums are too high that the viewers aren’t able to view them. After all, you should try to look professional.

  4. Image host Sites
    Some people also use photo hosts like Flickr. Flickr’s basic account does have a limit to the number of photos you can upload every month. Other free image host sites may have bandwidth limitation and thus when the quota is hit, your visitors may need to wait for certain time before your modelling portfolio can be viewed. If you know of more good image host sites, do let me know so that I can update this section to help more people.
  5. Modelling Websites / Forums
    There are also some websites that are designed for networking among people in similar industries, like photographers, hair & makeup artists (HMUAs), models, fashion designers, retouchers… etc. One popular one is called ModelMayhem. The basic (free) account allows you to upload 50 photographs of yourself (it used to be 30, then 15 and it may be changed any time again). Of course, you can upgrade your account by paying a monthly subscription so that you can upload more photographs (it also has other premium features). However, having to present the best 5 photographs of yourself is a good start for beginners already. You may like to read tips for models using modelling website.

    I do know of a few blacklisted photographers who are constantly hitting up on models with new accounts. Do stay alert.

#8: Modelling trend in Singapore

Modelling is a very competitive industry, just like photography and makeup, because “everyone can also become a model”. In Singapore, many people own good camera phones while the majority of people also use phone (much smaller screen size than laptops) to browse the internet, such that the quality of photographs isn’t as important/obvious as in the past anymore. Therefore, it’s easier for young girls to present themselves as models in social media platforms and thus increasing the competition.

Unfortunately, not many Singapore models can make it big in the modelling industry. For some girls, it’s a stepping stone towards joining the showbiz like MediaCorp. A few of the celebrities actually began as models before they were poached by MediaCorp.

Generally, the market is more open to Caucasians due to their “exotic” features and open-mindedness. They are usually taller and have better body proportion while their open-mindedness brings them more natural expression. An obvious comparison is when going braless in a shoot, somehow Caucasian models will appear more stylish in the photographs; Asian models may end up with a negative effect. Of course, there are “lousy” Caucasian models and good Asian models as well.

Note: I have many model friends in my social media profiles. I observe that most of them are working mainly as event or photo models. This means the number of professional models doing commercial work is much lower.

#9: New to modelling

When you are new to the industry, it does not necessary mean that you cannot get modelling jobs. Some clients, especially photography hobbyists love fresh faces. However, you should understand that many scammers and predators are targeting aspiring models who are likely easier to be manipulated due to the lack of experience and knowledge. It’s partly due to the fact that aspiring models may not know the current modelling/ photography industry’s unspoken/common practice well.

To go far in the modelling industry, it takes more than your looks and luck. Your attitude can also determine how smooth your journey gets. You have to show others that you’re humble and willing to learn. Being late for jobs is one of the biggest taboos. Of course, some snobbish “models” can somehow continue to get modelling jobs due to their looks but do not assume every male client is thinking with his second head.

Cancelling a job with short notice may speak badly of you. There was, however, an incident of an aspiring model who had arranged a TFCD shoot with a blacklisted photographer and she was worried that she would be blacklisted by him if she were to call the shoot off. Luckily, she headed my advice that she shouldn’t be bothered with a blacklisted photographer.

Aspiring models should research for blacklisted photographers in Singapore to avoid working with those black sheep, and also understand the dangers of doing sexy photoshoot in order to take precaution. That’s to say, if you want to start earning quick money through doing sexy photoshoots, you should know that the photographs would eventually surface even if you were to sign an agreement with the “photographer”. The trick is to take only photographs that you do not mind others would see.

Perhaps, before you agree to do any photoshoot, do make sure that you know how to judge the photographer.

In actual terms, everyone holding onto a camera is a photographer while everyone standing in front of a camera can be called a model. Therefore, do clarify if when someone tries to brag.

#10: Tips for aspiring models

Fortunately and unfortunately, models and aspiring models have been approaching me every now and then to help them with their modelling portfolios. It’s good to be recognised and trusted, however, they do give me a lot of frustration as well. Many of them are half-hearted and just want to experience modelling. Knowing that they’ve very slim chance of doing well in the competitive trade, many of them will give up without even trying. Some of these aspiring models can be pretty and hot, and thus may become popular for a while since many photographers love new faces.

Eventually, I hope all aspiring models who are serious in modelling will benefit from some of my modelling tips:

  1. Don’t be over-conservative
    Many creative photography concepts/ themes require showing of some skin. Models who are open-minded are usually more natural in front of the camera. A freelance model doesn’t need to do nude or skimpy photoshoot nor allow anyone to take advantage of her.

    If the model has to wrap herself up for every photoshoot, she may not suit the modelling industry.

    Firstly, there will be limited modelling jobs for her due to her rejection of many creative concepts. Secondly, “sex sells” and lousy photographs of hot girls can usually attract more “likes” than professionally taken ones (of a well clothed girl) in social media, and thus “photographers” may consider hiring other more open-minded models instead. Thirdly, being over-conservative will likely affect the model’s performance since she may be spending too much time worrying over things during the photoshoot.

    Of course, some very conservative models may also “survive” in the modelling industry but let’s just be honest that the chance is much lower. For aspiring models who are very conservative and yet don’t possess angelic looks and figure, it’s very advisable for them to focus on other non-modelling jobs instead.

  2. Allocate time for discussion with the photographer
    Discussion is very necessary to produce good photographs that the concepts are desired by both the model and photographer for their individual portfolio. There should be discussion of outfit, location, timing, props, styling and other things.

    Life in Singapore is hectic and everyone is busy but that’s not an excuse for not allocating time for discussion for any photoshoot.

    Many aspiring models are too “busy” for discussion. Surprisingly, they can squeeze out the time to go for the actual shoot instead. Basically, they don’t see a point to discuss because they only want to go for Garden shoot. The mentality shows how far they will go in their modelling careers.

  3. Be prepared to wake up early
    Lighting is one of the keys to the success of photography to produce great photographs. Early morning are great for outdoor photoshoots because of the good natural/ ambient light and there will be fewer number of photo bombs (for most places). Even if the photographer owns professional lighting, good ambient light will aid a lot in producing good photographs. Be glad if the photographer is hardworking enough to volunteer to wake up early for the outdoor photoshoot. Unfortunately, many aspiring models will complain about waking up early or they end up oversleeping.
  4. Don’t insist in doing only themes that require smiling
    Models need to be versatile and it’s good to be unique. Good photographers are usually looking for models who are expressive.

    Most girls look much better when they smile. Of course, the model is supposed to look good in photographs and thus smiling is good. However, if the model can only smile in front of the camera, she is restricting herself from taking up more modelling jobs and also limiting the presentation of her talent.

  5. Learn to judge photographer and photography work
    Aspiring models need to know who are the good photographers to work with, so as to make a better modelling portfolio. Blindly following boastful photographers will only degrade their portfolios and learn the wrong things.

    Quality of work can differ gigantically between professional and amateur photographers. I started off without knowing how to judge the quality of work and thus I cannot fault anyone for the inability. However, a good model must know how to tell the differences. Fortunately, most people who approach me sing compliments of my work and unfortunately, some of them also express their admiration for other amateurish work at the same time.

  6. Learn to select good photographs
    Modelling portfolio is important and will speak the ability and experience of every model. Therefore, every model should know how to select the good photographs to be placed inside her portfolio. A bad work among an album of good work may speak badly of the model and waste her effort.

    Similar to judging photographers’ work, if the model cannot judge her portfolio to identify good and bad work, she may make big mistakes. The quality of a model’s portfolio can affect the quality of clients and photographers approaching them. Needless to say, if the model’s portfolio consists of work that look more like porn, “photographers” and clients with ill-intention may be more tempted to approach her. Whereas if the model’s portfolio look very professional, the black sheep may assume the model is very experienced and firm, and thus refrain from contacting her since there’s a lower chance that they can take advantage of her.

    I have seen quite a number of “models” who have continued to display some bad work in their portfolios even when they’ve already done quite a number of photoshoots, and this may affect how their potential clients would view them.

  7. Don’t be over-confident
    Being over-confident is a double-edged sword. Confidence enhances performance and can be shown on the photographs. However, being over-confident can also lead to poorer performance.

    I’ve encountered models who think they can do better makeup than professional makeup artists; I’ve also met models who have poor fashion sense and some who think they can model well even though they are lacking of the skill/talent/experience. Generally, it’s difficult to correct an over-confident person and thus difficult to work with her. I have seen many “models” with very lousy modelling portfolios and yet claiming that they’re very experienced. I’ve also encountered “models” without any modelling portfolio and yet asking professional photographers to pay them.

  8. Build up on low self-confidence
    Similar to being over-confident, low confident can reduce the quality of work. Confidence level can be seen in photographs. Being low confident can restrict many things and create other problems like being conservative and “die die have to smile” in front of camera. I often have to remind people that “you are better than what you think you are”.
  9. Build up on physical level
    Modelling requires stamina. Sometimes, a model may need to stand or walk a lot, or even climb hill to get to the actual venue. Tiredness can be shown on photographs. It’s also not pleasant for a photographer carrying tens of kilograms of equipment to hear grumbling from a model who’s simply carrying a bag that is very much lighter.
  10. Explore more to build up creativity
    Creativity helps to deliver interesting work, which generates more interest from viewers. Without creativity, the model cannot perform even if she has props on hand. A model can’t rely solely on the photographer to cue her since he has to focus on the camera as well.
  11. Don’t bring boyfriend to escort
    The word is “awkward”. Many aspiring models will claim that they won’t be awkward to shoot in front of their boyfriends but the fact is they will – judging from their performance. It may not only affect the model herself but also the photographer. It’s good to have an “escort” around if the model is new and is afraid that the “photographer” has ill-intention. Professional photographers may even welcome the “escort” because of the free assistant, however, having the presence of the model’s boyfriend or admirer is just too awkward. I have experienced it a few times and it really affects the quality of work.

    Read: Reasons why models shouldn’t bring their partners along for photoshoots

  12. Allocate time for the photoshoot
    The entire team spends the time and effort to prepare and get to the location. The photographer brings along bulky and heavy professional equipment, and set them up. Eventually, the model has to end the photoshoot early instead of trying out more ways to get better photographs. It’s a big waste. The worst case is when the model expects more than one good photograph out of the short duration.

Do read Good Models vs Bad Models to know more about the good and bad practices of models.

#11: Conclusion

Modelling, like air stewardess, is one of the dream jobs of many young girls. It is a symbolism or “certification” of beauty because not every girl can become a professional model or air stewardess. Most people think they are easy jobs, which is absolutely wrong.

A good model must know how to take care of her personal grooming and on a good diet to maintain body figure. Models must know how to present themselves elegantly and natural in front of the audience and camera. They must know how to hold their expression and postures, and also stand for long hours. Most of the professional models have to undergo training. Lastly, they must also know how to handle crooks and touchy “photographers”.

Young girls should find out more about modelling before deciding whether to go into it.

#12: FAQ



  1. What’s the most common mistake models make in their makeup?
    Eyebrows – lack of it or badly drawn. Some girls do up their face with thick makeup without trimming and drawing their eyebrows. The contrast is too obvious. Many girls don’t bother about their eyebrows. Others may just draw it wrongly.
    ↸ back to top
  2. Should I trust a portrait photographer as long as I can’t find his name being blacklisted online?
    Always try to find out more because some blacklisted photographers have been changing their names/nicks/aliases to avoid being recognised.
    ↸ back to top
  3. As a model, why do I need a good portfolio?
    The quality of photographers and clients who will approach you is likely linked to the quality of your portfolio. This means that if your portfolio is filled with lousy quality photos, your chance of being approached by others will be lower. If your photos look distasteful or sleazy, you are likely to attract more ‘pornographers’.

    Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to judge qualities of photos. If you are hot, most of your fans are likely to compliment you whenever you upload any new photo, such that your ego may have blinded your judgement.

    ↸ back to top

  4. How much will you pay me for a shoot?
    I have never ever paid any model in my entire life. Clients pay me to take their photos. You need to read this. Thanks but no thanks for insulting a professional photographer.
    ↸ back to top
  5. Can I wear a low-cut top if I don’t have big boobs?
    Yes, your confidence level matters the most.
    ↸ back to top
  6. I think my selfie photos look good after I have edited them using my phone app, don’t you think so?
    If you think by just blurring out your face will make a photo look nice, I have nothing more to say other than we have too different taste.
    ↸ back to top
  7. What is the best angle to do selfie?
    Not everyone looks good in the same angle. However, for most people, lifting the camera higher may help to ‘reduce’ weight on the chin.
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  8. Why do my face look fatter in selfie?
    Usually, camera phones’ lenses are nearer to the ‘wide’ angle range. Imagine you are using a fisheye (ultra wide angle) lens, your face will be enlarged or distorted. The phone camera lens you are using is probably between the standard and fisheye lens’ range. Try to keep your face in the middle of the photo to minimise distortion.
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  9. What are the main differences between doing a shoot in a studio and outdoor location?
    Outdoor shoot is usually more interesting and challenging while studio shoot is usually limited to the plain backdrop, unless you have the budget and time to doll up the studio to create special scenes. A studio is more comfortable and has more privacy, except some studios that have installed CCTV. For a studio shoot, there won’t be wind and thus lighting can be set up easier. Of course, there are many other pros and cons for both.
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  10. What kind of portrait photoshoot is most difficult?
    It’s probably the sexy themes. Even though I’m extremely open-minded, I’m quite shy with girls who don’t know me well. As a male photographer, it’s also more sensitive and thus more difficult to make the female model feel comfortable. When less body parts are hidden or covered, it means you have to really work on them to show that the model is elegant. If the subject doesn’t know or trust me enough, it can be awkward, which will affect the overall performance. Being tasteful and distasteful are also just a thin line apart.

    Besides, the more skin a model shows, the more editing work will need to be done.

    ↸ back to top

  11. I like your personal tagline ‘You don’t have to be pretty to appear in photos; you just need to appear pretty in photos’. Will you shoot for me for free?
    If you can benefit my photography, I will consider. If you love children, will you help me to give birth to a dozen of them for free?
    ↸ back to top
  12. Will I become famous after doing a shoot with you?
    Not really – only to a certain extent – unless you are daring enough and we work on some themes that can really attract attention. Some of my models are being recognised on the street. I’m skilled in internet marketing and you will be exposed to online platforms such as my Facebook, Instagram and website definitely, but web presence has its limit somehow. Obviously, I don’t want to over-promise anyone, although my social media profiles and website do have a certain number of daily traffic.
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If you think you have what it takes to become a model in Singapore, do contact me.

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Fashion Modeling In Asia – How To Model In Asia With The Top Modeling Agencies In Asia – How To Model In Tokyo, Hong Kong, And Singapore With The Best Modeling Agencies In Asia

Page Visitors Last 24 Hours:

Beautiful Fashion Models Amanda Murphy, Binx Walton, Lexi Boling, Suvi Koponen, And Vanessa Moody Modeling For The Cover Of Vogue Japan. How To Model In Tokyo Japan In Asia.

Above: Beautiful Fashion Models Amanda Murphy, Binx Walton, Lexi Boling, Suvi Koponen, And Vanessa Moody Modeling For The Cover Of Vogue Japan. How To Model In Tokyo Japan In Asia.

Modeling in Asia is perhaps one of the easiest ways for an aspiring fashion model to get started in the fashion modeling industry. Modeling in Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong China, Singapore, Seoul South Korea, Taipei Taiwan, and other Asian markets such as Bangkok Thailand, New Delhi India, and Jakarta Indonesia are considered important fashion markets for new fashion models that are starting their fashion modeling careers because these fashion markets will help beginning fashion models develop their modeling skills and build strong fashion modeling portfolios to better prepare them for modeling in the fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Paris, Milan) upon their return from modeling in Asia.

As many of you might know our modeling agency works with many of the world’s largest modeling agencies. This allows our fashion models to have additional global exposure because in addition to our modeling agency being mother agency to our beautiful fashion models we also like to secure (through skill and negotiation) representation for our fashion models from multiple modeling agencies located around the world. This allows our fashion modeling agency to efficiently cover certain fashion markets where we might not have a presence as strong as we would like compared to other fashion markets. Thus, many of our top fashion models have the advantage of not only being represented by our agency as mother agency but by agents from many of the world’s largest and most prestigious modeling agencies.

How To Model In Asia – The Secrets To Successfully Modeling In Asia

When modeling in Asia our partner agencies will advance many of your expenses (flight tickets, rent, etc.) and simply deduct the amounts from your modeling account once you start booking. Fashion modeling in certain Asian countries such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Taipei can be a lot less competitive for many American fashion models. The reason for this is because if you are only 5’8″ in height, you would rarely be considered for fashion runway shows with many of our top fashion clients in New York, but you would probably be considered tall in Singapore, Tokyo, and other Asian countries giving you a great competitive advantage (the height for female models in Asia can start at 5’6″ as opposed to the 5’9″ minimum height requirement which is common with many of the top modeling agencies for women in the United States and western Europe).

Modeling At The International Level – How To Become A Fashion Model In Tokyo Japan Asia And The Importance Of Having A Prestigious Mother Agency For Successfully Modeling In Asia

In order to be allowed to model in Asian countries such as Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong China, Singapore, Seoul South Korea, and Taipei Taiwan it will be necessary to obtain a working visa. The nice thing about modeling in Asia is that getting a working visa in most Asian countries is very easy (assuming that you are a top modeling agency) compared to getting a visa to work in the United States. In general (there are always exceptions), to get a work visa to model in a specific country in Asia, you either have to go to Asia as a full time student and model on the side, or you need to be signed to an agency in your home country and have a well developed portfolio for an Asian modeling agency to be able to sponsor your work visa for fashion modeling.

This is where having a world class mother agency can make all the difference in the world. The role of your mother agency (usually the first modeling agency that you sign with when starting your modeling career) is to represent you as best as possible around the world. The problem is that many small local agencies do not have the financial resources and/or expertise to successfully represent a fashion model in the most prestigious fashion markets such as New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo Japan (not a fashion capital of the world but still considered an important fashion market for new and experienced fashion models).

Modeling Overseas – A Guide To Modeling In Asia

Having a top mother agency that not only represents you in your home country but also around the world can make all the difference in the world between you actually making it as a successful fashion model and making millions upon millions of dollars through modeling or remembering your brief modeling career as a nice experience that unfortunately did not help you to pay all of your bills and living expenses (you would be surprised at how bad some modeling agencies can actually be at representing fashion models and how good they actually are at taking your hard earned money). The role of your mother agency would be to protect your interests by representing you as best as possible around the world and to guide you throughout your modeling career by developing short term and long term goals for you.

A top mother agency will develop business relationships with the top modeling agencies in Asia and after discussing with you your specific modeling career goals they will determine which foreign agency and in what Asian country to successfully place you for a brief short stay which is usually a few weeks at a time (12 weeks being very common in many Asian fashion markets). Your mother agency will be responsible for negotiating the contracts with the foreign agencies and in making sure you get all of the necessary paperwork (including your work visa), flight tickets, apartment in the country in Asia where you will be modeling, and anything else that they could think of in order to make sure that your modeling experience in Asia is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Do I Need Modeling Experience To Model In Tokyo Japan Asia And How Much Modeling Experience Do I Need To Successfully Model In Hong Kong China, Singapore, Seoul South Korea, And Other Countries Located In Asia?

It is not a requirement that you have previous modeling experience to model in Tokyo Japan Asia and other fashion markets in Asia such as Hong Kong China, Singapore, and Seoul South Korea. However, that said, it is important to know that every little bit of fashion modeling experience helps if you would like to return home having had a positive, memorable, and enjoyable fashion modeling experience in Asia. Thus, it is highly recommended that you have some basic modeling experience back home in areas such as runway and fashion editorials so that you have some basic knowledge about how to work with industry professionals such as top photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists (fashion stylists), and most importantly casting directors.

Knowing how to conduct yourself in front of modeling and acting industry professionals (in particular casting directors) is key for successfully getting booked for modeling jobs in Asia. Either your mother agency back home or your foreign agency will also try to familiarize you as much as possible with local norms in the particular Asian country where you will be modeling such as how to properly introduce yourself, say thank you in the foreign language, etc. While many top fashion companies in Asia will probably have people that speak English, knowing the basics of the foreign language such as Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese), or Korean can definitely help you to become more successful while modeling in Asia.

Fashion Modeling In Asia And How To Model In Asia With The Top Modeling Agencies In Asia – Who Pays For My Flight And Travel Expenses When Traveling To Model In Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong China, Singapore, And Other Asian Markets?

One of the beautiful things about fashion modeling in Asia is that modeling agencies that are located in Asia will advance many of your travel and living expenses such as your flight tickets (airline tickets), rent, utilities, and other necessary expenses for you to be able to arrive and have a safe stay in their home country. In addition, the local Asian modeling agency will also advance the cost of your composite cards and other necessary things that might be required to get you started modeling in Asia as quickly as possible. The local Asian modeling agency will also give you a weekly stipend (spending money) which you will be required to reimburse to them once you start booking modeling jobs in Asia.

Thus, it is important to remember that this is not free money and that these modeling agencies in Asia are willing to advance these travel and living expenses to help get you started, but that you will be required to pay the Asian modeling agency back once you start booking modeling jobs and start getting paid modeling work with Asian fashion companies. If for some unfortunate reason you do not earn enough money modeling In Asia to pay back the Asian modeling agency then the modeling agency in Asia will take the loss as the cost of doing business and you will not be required to pay them back with your own money. However, if that were to happen, you can probably forget about the Asian modeling agency asking you to come back for more modeling in Asia in the near future. After all, why invite an American, European, or Latin American model back to Asia that causes the Asian modeling agency to lose money and have a lot of red ink in their financial statements?

Modeling In Asia – How To Get Signed To A Top Modeling Agency In Asia

Modeling agencies in Asia such as the agencies located in Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong China, Singapore, and Seoul South Korea can also offer a model a “Model Guarantee” as an incentive for the model to take the risk of modeling in Asia instead of staying in her local fashion market. A “Model Guarantee” is a set amount of money that the model will be guaranteed to earn whether or not the model actually earns that amount through fashion modeling in the Asian country. Beautiful models with some experience and a good portfolio can get a guarantee above $30,000.00 United States Dollars for modeling for a few weeks in Asia (generally 8 to 12 weeks).

Top models that have modeling experience at the international level, have an excellent modeling portfolio (modeling book), have been featured in major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle, and that have modeled in the fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Paris, and Milan Italy) can receive modeling guarantees above a quarter of a million United States Dollars ($250,000.00) for modeling for 2 to 3 months in Asia, and these numbers are just starting dollar amounts for negotiating the modeling contracts (this negotiation is done between your mother agency and the modeling agency in Asia). We like to call them high powered modeling contract negotiations.

How To Model In Asia With The Top Modeling Agencies In Asia – What Is The Minimum Age To Model In Asia?

One of the nice things about modeling in Asia is that parents are generally welcome to travel with their daughter if she is traveling to Asia for the first time or if she is under 18 years of age (models under the age of 18 must generally travel with at least one parent or legal guardian). Modeling agencies in Asia located in fashion cities such as Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong China, Singapore, Seoul South Korea, Taipei Taiwan, Bangkok Thailand, New Delhi India, and Jakarta Indonesia are very used to this and having parents travel with their daughters is generally never a problem. However, it is important to keep in mind that parents will be expected to cover their own travel and living expenses and may choose to stay only a couple of weeks or for the entire duration of their daughter’s modeling contract.

How To Model In Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong China, Singapore, And Seoul South Korea With The Best Modeling Agencies In Asia – Fashion Modeling Contracts In Asia

How long a fashion model will stay for modeling in Asia will depend on several factors which will be negotiated between your mother agency and the modeling agency located in Asia. Most contracts are for either 2 months or 3 months but the exact length of your stay in Asia could also depend on how successful you are modeling with fashion clients in Asia during the first few weeks of your stay in the foreign country. It is also important to note that some fashion markets in other parts of the world are only good to travel to during a particular time of the year. However, the beauty of modeling in many Asian countries is that it can generally be very busy throughout the year. The summer months for American and European girls are usually the most competitive because so many high school students go during that time of the year (because it is their summer vacation), so if you can travel to Asia during the spring, fall, or winter months you may actually get more bookings and earn more money because there could be a lot less competition.

How To Model In Asia With The Top Modeling Agencies In Asia – How To Get Represented For Fashion Modeling In Asia By The Best Modeling Agencies In Asia In Order To Become A Money Girl

“Money Girls” are fashion models that are so famous and make so much money that they are known around the world for their incredible and intoxicating beauty. ZARZAR MODELING AGENCY best known around the world as ZARZAR MODELS does not recommend that you approach the modeling market in Asia before you have a prestigious mother agency representing you. It is always best to have a mother agency promoting you to the international modeling agencies simply because a good fashion modeling mother agent will not only know what the best fashion modeling agencies in Asia are for your particular look and personality, but they will also have the necessary knowledge and industry experience to properly plan and manage your fashion modeling career for the long term.

In addition, trying to model in Asia without modeling agency representation can be extremely dangerous as explained in our article The Danger Of Acting And Modeling Without Agency Representation. Furthermore, trying to do all of the legal paperwork by yourself such as reviewing your modeling contracts, securing your fashion modeling work visa, etc. can take all the fun out of your modeling experience in Asia, in addition to costing you serious money if you end up making major mistakes. Your mother agency and mother agent will help you to understand what everything means, guide you through the process, and most importantly do their best to protect you from those that might try to take advantage of you. A good, strong mother agency is extremely important when it comes to modeling (we can not stress this enough), specially at the international level, and we wish you nothing but success as you continue your quest in becoming a highly successful, and hopefully famous, fashion model.

Beautiful Fashion Models Modeling For The Cover Of Vogue Japan. How To Model In Tokyo Japan In Asia. Modeling In Asia. The Best Modeling Agencies In Tokyo Japan In Asia.

Above: Beautiful Fashion Models Amanda Murphy, Binx Walton, Chiharu Okunugi, Daria Strokous, Issa Lish, Jamie Bochert, Lexi Boling, Liu Wen, Maartje Verhoef, Malaika Firth, Natalie Westling, Ondria Hardin, Sam Rollinson, Suvi Koponen, And Vanessa Moody Modeling For The Cover Of Vogue Japan.

ZARZAR MODELS is one of the top modeling agencies for women in the United States representing models in print fashion editorials, high fashion runway, film, television commercials, and promotions. The agency represents top models in all of the major fashion cities and counties including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Orange County Southern California, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo and recruits and represents models throughout the world through its global fashion and modeling network.


ZARZAR MODELS is one of the top modeling agencies for women in the United States representing models in print fashion editorials, high fashion runway, film, television commercials, and promotions. The agency represents top models in all of the major fashion cities and counties including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Orange County Southern California, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo and recruits and represents models throughout the world through its global fashion and modeling network.


Shop the fashion modeling campaigns at:


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Modeling in Singapore: Doing Plus Size Modeling

Mention the world modeling and the image of a rail thin woman who eats a single blade of grass each day for food comes to mind. The problem with this image, of course, is few women have this body type. This has led to a new type of modeling for real women with plus sizes. There are many model agencies Singapore focusing on this now and plus size models are needed.

The modeling industry is a lot like the music industry. It seems glamorous and amazing from the outside. Once you get into it, the glamour and glory can be stripped away really quickly. The level of competition is really high and people can be petty and vicious. Make sure you know what you are doing at every step and definitely make sure you don’t sign something you will regret such as a model release in which you give away all your rights to your photos. Yes, this happens all the time.

If you are going to be a plus size model, you are going to need to become familiar with modeling agencies. They are the bottleneck for most of the modeling industry. This simply means that most companies in need of models come to the agencies. With this in mind, most models sign up with the agencies to generate work. Ah, the joys of being the middle man! So, who are some of the big agencies you should consider contacting?

Ford Models is an agency you’ve probably heard of already. They are best known for handling the thin supermodel types. They have expanded into the plus size model business, however, and are a prime modeling agency if you can get on with them because they are one of the dominant forces in the industry. As you can imagine, they are picky. You are off to a great start, however, if you can catch on with them.

Irene Marie Modeling Agency is a firm that carries a bevy of different models. Plus size is an area that the agency seems to emphasize. Catch on with the agency and you can pick up modeling projects in everything from television to magazines to commercial advertisements, all of which will extend your notoriety.

If going overseas sounds exciting, Agency Plus is the place to be. Based in the fabulous city of Paris, the agency focuses on plus size models as the name suggests. With this agency, you are not stuck in a niche of various model types, you are the total model package. This means more opportunities. Although located in France, the agency takes models from all nations and an ability to speak French is not required, but couldn’t hurt.

Modeling is not a field reserved for the waif like women. If you are plus size and interested in becoming a model, there is plenty of work for you. Learn as much as you can about the benefits and pitfalls of the industry and then go live your dream!

90,000 8 most beautiful models from Central Asia who glorify countries abroad – articles, stories, publications


Aya Shalkar, @aya_shalkar

Aya is a model, graphic designer, and founder of the Ash Wear clothing brand. She began her modeling career in Kazakhstan, now she lives in Vienna. The girl graced the cover of the French magazine ZUT !, and was nominated for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces competition.

Bibisara Sharipova, @bibisharipova

Bibisara has been the face of advertising campaigns for United colors of Benetton, Forever yours, the Japanese brand Uniqlo. She has appeared in Vogue, Grazia, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire magazines. She took part in the show of the new Etam lingerie collection. She took part in Paris Fashion week 2019, where she defiled in the collections of the leading designers of fashion houses.


Salidat Khamilova, @salidatttt

Salidat started her modeling career in Bishkek, now she lives in America.The girl participated in New York Fashion Week. LA Models agency model.

Begimai Karybekova, @begimai_karybekova

Begimai – Miss Kyrgyzstan 2017, worked with modeling agencies in Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, participated in beauty contests. The first girl from Kyrgyzstan who took part in the international beauty contest in Thailand “Miss Universe”.

In the fall of 2019, she became a model for the famous Italian brand Emporio Armani.Now he lives in Germany, collaborates with the country’s largest modeling agency Louisa Models.


Jasmine Davletova, @jasmindavletova

Jasmine is a model and founder of the popular model agency and school in Tashkent, Jmodels Agency. A girl from the age of 15 has been working as a model, participates in fashion shows, and has promoted in Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.In 2019 she took part in the international beauty contest Miss USSR.

Nigina Fakhriddinova, @niginafaxriddinova

Nigina is an Uzbek model with Tajik roots. Miss Intercontinental Uzbekistan, top model Friendship 2018. Participant of the international beauty contests “Top Model of the CIS 2018” and Miss Intercontinental 2019.


Safina Gaibova, @safinajon ___ 8

Safina represented Tajikistan at Miss Intercontinental 2019, which is one of the top 5 beauty contests in the world.Winner of titles of vice-miss “Top Model of the CIS 2018”, “Miss Grace 2017”, Miss Cosmoworld.

Fatima Makhmadalieva, @ fatim. 9595

Fatima is the official representative of Face of Central Asia. Winner of the Fashion House International 2017 international beauty contest, which was held in Almaty. The girl also received an invitation to beauty contests in Monaco and Moscow.

The first beauty of Buryatia appeared in the advertising project Dolce & Gabbana

Global Look Press

The first beauty of Buryatia appeared in the advertising project Dolce & Gabbana

Global Look Press

Publication in the official Instagram of the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, a photograph of an Asian beauty alarmed the Buryat media. The advertising project was attended by actress and model Maria Shantanova, holder of the title “the most beautiful Buryat”.

The comments on the photo list “simple and effective ways” to look irresistible – “shining” cream, eyeliner and classic red lipstick. At the same time, the photo looks like a selfie.

“Dolce & Gabbana offered me to take part in a special make-up project. A contract was signed for the release of D&G for the use of photos,” the girl explained on her page on the social network.

In less than a day, the photo got almost 20 thousand “likes” and dozens of comments. As “Baikal Daily” notes, Russian-speaking users made a serious dispute over the nationality of the model. Some suggested that Maria was Korean, others confidently called her a Kazakh. In the end, it turned out that we were talking about a Buryat woman.

Maria Shantanova was born in 1985 in Ulan-Ude. She graduated from the design department at Tsinghua University in Beijing, was engaged in logistics and supply of goods from China to Russia.She got into the modeling business by accident – representatives of the industry accidentally noticed her in a cafe. The result of their acquaintance was a contract with Nestle and Nescafe Gold in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Subsequently, she became interested in the Hong Kong branch of the international modeling agency Elite Model Management. In 2008, Maria signed a contract with Elite Hong Kong. During her work in Hong Kong, Maria took part in many large projects for famous photographers and video projects of companies, including: she was the face of the cosmetics line Watsons Stores worldwide, Creaser Medical Spa and Beauty Center Hong Kong.Popular magazines Marie Claire, Jessica, Milk Magazine, Face magazine posted her photos on their pages, her name also appeared on the cover of East & West, writes Asiarussia . Project Top-antropos , according to polls, named her the most beautiful Buryat woman in Russia.

Until 2011, the work of a photo model was more of a hobby for Maria, she paid more attention to the family business. However, five years ago, she signed a contact with one of the leading modeling agencies in Singapore – Diva Model Management.

A year later, the cover girl played her first film role – she was invited by the famous Russian director Solbon Lygdenov. Today, the site IMDb lists seven roles of Mary, including in English and Hong Kong projects. Currently, the native of Buryatia has moved to Los Angeles and focused on a career in cinema.

Note that this is not the first time that D&G has shown interest in Russian models of non-titular nationality. So, in the spring, Stefano Gabbana, who released, by the way, a collection of hijabs, published in Instagram a photo of the Chechen fashion model and designer Ilona Bisultanova.As Life noted, a real virtual war unfolded on Gabbana’s page, in which some were outraged by the appearance and courage of the model, while others defended the girl representing the beauty of Muslim women on the world stage.

90,000 Business model for dummies. Series 2.

So, here I wrote about how in a year in China I turned from a student into a model, and from a model into an agent.

At that time, I was working with freelance models that others knew – that is, my services were not exclusive.A breakthrough was needed: models that would only work for me. Where can I get them? I started to find out how it all works.

In this series – an educational program on the modeling business.

There is a beautiful girl somewhere … in the city of N. Either she goes to a model school herself, or a scout finds her and calls her to the local N agency. If her appearance is promising, the agency signs a contract with her and becomes her parent agency. As a rule, the parent agency teaches models the basics of posing, walking on the catwalk, and makes tests: the first few professional photos in the portfolio, as well as snaps: special photos without makeup and without facial expression in front, profile, 45 degrees. Sometimes they are also jokingly called “prison”.

Then these snaps and tests are sent to agencies abroad. From Paris and New York to Japan, Singapore and China. Depending on the type, height and experience of the model. For example, below 175 in Europe there is nothing to do – but for Asia, that’s it. There is a type of models with an interesting appearance, very “cool, fashion”, for high fashion, and there are girls who are more commercial: cute. Kawaii for Asia. In general, good scouts from parent agencies know where which type to sell to.

Models travel to other countries, as a rule, for three-month contracts. The inviting agency pays all expenses: tickets, visas. Upon arrival, the girls are accommodated in a model apartment, and every week they give out pocket money – money for food and transport. In some countries, the models themselves go to auditions by public transport, in China, where moving without a language is a quest, they have organized transport from the agency: a car with a driver for the whole day.

The money that the models earn is not immediately issued to them, but accumulates in the agency until the end of the contract.And at the end they are distributed as follows: 10% of the parent agency, 30-40% of the inviting agency, and only 50-60% of the model. From 50-60% of the model, before paying, the agency deducts all the costs for it: visas, tickets, pocket money, living in an apartment, a printout of a photo, a car and everything else that the agency can think of at inflated prices in order to keep more money for itself.

Models are always unhappy and complain about being ripped off by agencies, but let’s see the math:

The parent agency never loses anything at all and earns its 10% from the first job.Even if the inviting agency did not recoup its expenses, take out and put 10% of all the work of the model to the parent agency. In this sense, the parent agency has the least risk.

The model also does not pay for anything and does not lose anything, well, except that time. In the worst case, she does not take anything home, but at the same time she lives for three months a “paid for” life. By the way, it is very difficult to part with this life, and therefore sometimes you can watch a sad sight called “aging models”, so accustomed to driving everywhere “for beautiful eyes” that they have absolutely no idea how they can fit into ordinary life, get an education, go to the office.

The referral agency is the only one risking money, and for one model that works and makes money, there are two that do not pay for themselves. Therefore, the money for an apartment, car, etc. should cover the costs of two or three. If they are not overstated, the agency will not survive and earn.

Deciding to open an agency in a serious way, I went on my first scouting tour in my life – to get acquainted with parent agencies and do casting of models for contracts. First there was Vladivostok – my hometown, then Moscow and Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov.Looking ahead, subsequently I worked very little with Russian agencies and Russian-speaking models. A bit with Ukrainian and Eastern European: Czech, Polish, but mainly Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Chile. And everything is remote: I have never been to any of these countries. It’s just that the Chinese market at some point got fed up with the Slavic type, and everyone began to like dark Brazilian women and mixes.

But while I was getting to know the agencies, did the castings, and at the end of the tour I was ready to bring the first four models to the contract.The money for the tickets was set aside. A beautiful and comfortable apartment has been furnished for them. The office is filmed. The logo is drawn.

It was just a small matter: the four models that came to the contract were not enough to provide customers with a sufficient choice. I still worked with 7-8 girls as freelancers. At that time, we already became very close friends and were a real team. One day I gathered everyone in the office for a meeting and invited them to sign exclusive contracts with me.

It was a knight’s move.The point was only if everyone signed. But it was beneficial to everyone. I relieved them of the headache and all the risks of managing their bookings – that’s why all artists and stars have agents, so that everyone does their job and not be distracted by someone else’s. Plus it’s not easy: communicate directly with Chinese customers in broken English. They still earned about the same money through any agency, and even directly.
We had a couple of hours of heated dispute over the terms, at the end of which an agreement was reached, everyone was solemnly handed out a portfolio with the logo and the name of the agency.

We have successfully cooperated for many years. I must say that the ability to cooperate and negotiate is my strong point. I think it’s always better than being at war. A few years after this agreement with the models, I was also the person who for the first time gathered at one historic meeting the owners of all Guangzhou agencies, who had previously hated each other in every possible way and threw mud at each other, where we agreed on cooperation: minimum prices – so as not to dump each other and not to reduce prices in the industry, exchange information about unscrupulous clients and models and other useful things.

But this is after, but for now, almost unexpectedly for myself, after 1.5 years in the modeling business, I became the owner of a modeling agency with 12 models, a model apartment, an office with several employees, a car, a driver and all the attributes of an entrepreneur.

One of these attributes was the constantly ringing phone. On an average day, we had 5-8 castings approximately every hour in different parts of the city, plus one or more girls were filming. I went around casting, filming and showing in person, communicating with clients, translating.This personal approach is not very common in this business, so both clients and models liked it. For the clients, I was an attraction in itself: a foreigner fluent in Chinese, bringing with her a string of foreign women. For the models, I was “my own”, sincere, not some kind of evil aunt in a foreign country. I didn’t care: my model apartments were the most beautiful, the conditions were the best, finances were transparent, I didn’t rip off extra money. We were friends with the girls, worked together – walked together.We are still friends with many. I was recommended to friends. The parent agencies were happy. Strong models began to arrive. The customers were happy. In general, the business has gone.

The modeling business in the South of China is seasonal. During the season I had about 15 models, between seasons – 8-10. The season is winter and summer. Spring and autumn are off-season. Summer clothes are taken off in winter, winter clothes in summer. The work was not easy – especially shooting at locations. Because often in the summer at +38, you shoot in a down jacket and a hat, and in the winter at +10 in a swimsuit.

There was a lot of work. Sometimes TV advertisements, screenings, exhibitions and showrooms. TV advertising is the most coveted job. Basically, you sit and relax and wait for the lights and decorations to be adjusted. Time is ticking, and billing is hourly. Screenings, exhibitions, showrooms are not the highest paid jobs, they are booked if nothing else is available these days. It may be interesting for an agency if they take many models, or even all of them at once.

Clothing catalogs are the most coveted job in Asia, but there you really plow.This is not Europe, where three blouses will be removed all day. Chinese studios – Stakhanovites of photography. In two to three hours, of which the first hour is makeup and hair, at least 20 bows are removed. That is, you run straight – you change clothes – pose one, pose two, pose three – and again you run headlong.

I will never forget a shoot for a tracksuit factory. The woman, the owner of the factory, booked 6 models, and I was one of them. Then I was still filming myself.
Filming began early in the morning.

“How many clothes will there be?” I asked.
“How it goes!” Suits a la wild cross between Juicy Couture and Adidas: corduroy with stripes on the sides.
“Great,” we said, rubbing our hands together in anticipation. It was booked for 8 hours.

It all started fun. We briskly replaced each other, making funny poses so that the branded stripes were clearly visible.Clothes kept coming and going. We all filmed and filmed. All day. All evening. And all night … The first two models were blown away at about 12 or 1 am. Four remained. Someone intercepted an hour of sleep in the makeup artist’s chair. Someone charged up coffee. Two more surrendered in the morning. One of those who left at night came again. And so the three of us finished filming until the late evening of the second day. Pose one-two-three. Barely moving, with half-open eyes. The two of us, the strongest – and the most greedy – who never went anywhere, had 36 hours of filming.36 hours !!! Identical suits with stripes.

The owner of the factory was with us all this time, supervising, without closing her eyes. She was by sight about the eighth month of pregnancy, and smoked like a steam locomotive.

We never really understood the meaning of what happened. Then we saw this catalog – fat, like a store on the couch, half of the photos are tortured models in the same poses in the same suits. Why would she have to film all this? And even if it was necessary, why didn’t the shooting be divided into two or three days? There was a feeling of some kind of clouding of mind, as if she started shooting and could not stop, bringing more and more suits.Like in a casino. It is not for nothing that they say: the Chinese are gambling people.

At the end of this madness, I sat down with her with a calculator and we carefully counted all the hours. Without haggling or taking a cigarette from her teeth, she opened her gym bag and unloaded some bricks of cash for me. The largest bill in China – I think so far – is 100 yuan. It’s about $ 15. Bank packaging costs 10 thousand yuan, it’s such a plump pack. And ten packs are folded into a pretty red brick – 100 thousand yuan (about 15 thousand dollars).In a bank, they press it, and drag it across with pieces of paper. It is very pleasant to unload such bricks from the bag into the bank window. Eh, now in our age of electronic money this cannot be felt and understood.

In general, the business was going on, the bricks were coming. But there were a lot of headaches … More on that in the next episode.

90,000 Professional model Alina Isachenko spoke about life and work in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo

Alina Isachenko , a professional model from Belarus, a future journalist and just a smiling girl.

Alina has been in the modeling business since she was 14 years old. After graduation, the girl decided that she wanted to do the modeling business professionally. I applied to Moscow on my own and was accepted. True, before getting the first contract, the girl was asked to lose 10 kilograms, which she did in just 4 months. 5 years have passed since then. During this time, Alina Isachenko managed to visit 25 countries of the world and is ready to talk about her travels.

– Alina, your work is inextricably linked with travel, tell me, do you have enough time for excursions and walks around the city, given the busy filming schedule?

– There is a stereotype that if a model comes to work in the camp, then she does not look at anything and does not go anywhere.Alas, this is indeed the case. The model has a chance to visit Tokyo, New York, Milan, Paris. The girl arrives, but for some reason does not leave the apartment (maximum for shopping), that is, no one needs anything. In my life I have a different slogan: “Since you have already arrived, then investigate completely.”

– 25 countries in 5 years is impressive. Surely among them there is one who has sunk into the soul especially? Tell us about her, please.

– You know, I was particularly impressed by Asia.We, it turns out, do not know anything about this region. One of the most amazing countries I’ve been to is, oddly enough, South Korea – Seoul. It’s impressive how this country has developed over the past 20 years. The 10 millionth capital has a wild movement and rhythm, but at the same time they retain their identity. They have many museums and you can always try traditional food. If you want to immerse yourself in culture and technology at the same time, then go to Korea.


– How many times have you been to Seoul? What would you advise to see first?

– I was in Seoul twice for two months.I just got into the wonderful spring period, when the cherry begins to bloom. There are a lot of mountains in Korea, they are even in the capital. If you find yourself there, be sure to make a small ascent, you will not regret it. Be sure to try their barbecue, it’s something. They bring you green leaves and raw meat, and in the center of your table there is a stove with a grate and you cook for yourself, chat, drink. You know, they drink a lot. Korea is probably the only country where, returning home at 3-4 o’clock in the morning, you see Koreans sleeping in stacks on the street.And in ties, jackets and white shirts! And in the morning they got up, cheered up and went to work as if nothing had happened. For me, this is the most drinking nation. Russia generally rests in comparison with them!

– And what are they so drunk with?

National drink. Soju is a mixture of vodka and moonshine. And the bottle costs $ 0.5. Everyone drinks.

– As far as I know, you worked in Singapore for 2 months. This country is known for harsh laws and advanced technology.What are your impressions of the trip?

– I would call Singapore a high-tech Asian Manhattan. This is just an island, 45 kilometers long. Singapore has 5 national languages. Their president is somewhat like Steve Jobs. He loves to communicate with people, wears a pullover, jeans and always with some kind of gadget.

– Still, I can’t help but ask if it was hard to live in a country with such harsh laws? There are, after all, fines for literally everything. Thrown cigarette butt – $ 500, spit gum on the sidewalk – $ 300.Didn’t cross the zebra crossing or drank on the subway – again $ 500.

– These laws were created by the first Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew. In the country, for example, you cannot beg. If someone begs, then that person is subject to public punishment. Personally, I have never tried to chew or throw away gum. But I remember that you can’t drink there on the subway. You can carry a drink on an outstretched hand, but God forbid you drink. And once I was driving with coffee. I try to keep him away from me, and then a Singaporean comes up to me and says: “Look, don’t drink! Fine! We have cameras everywhere. “

– It turns out that the residents of Singapore comply with all these laws?

– Yes, they adhere to them unquestioningly. If you drive drunk, then the first time is a warning, and the second time the beatings are public.

– It turns out that the harsh legislation works …

– Yes, there is such a “healthy dictatorship” where everyone lives under control, but at the same time everyone is satisfied with such a regime. And the country is developing by leaps and bounds.

– Maybe you talked with someone from the local? How open are they making contact and are they satisfied with the state of affairs in the country?

– Yes, I talked a lot with Singaporeans. They are very happy with the way they live. In general, a lot of foreigners live there. First of all, the British and Australians, because Australia is located just under Singapore.

– You said that technologies are very developed in the country, but what about the culture there? Are there sights with history?

– To begin with, Singapore is a former British colony.Thomas Raffles stood at the origins of its creation; in the center of the city there is a monument to this Briton. The country has been a colony for a long time, and this left its mark. There are a couple of museums to be found in Singapore, but there is virtually no Singapore culture. You enter a museum, and there is a lonely TV set created in the 20th century, the anthem of Singapore is playing and that’s it. In fact, the country grew up at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Chinese came there with the Malaysians and decided: “Why don’t we live together.” Time passes faster there than in Europe.While we are only thinking here, a skyscraper is already being completed in Singapore.

– From your stories it appears that a trip to Singapore is a trip to the future.

– Yes, this is an opportunity to look into the future. Interestingly, there are no national conflicts in Singapore. They are everywhere. In Paris, you will enter the wrong area, you may not return alive. In New York, they can leave without a wallet. And there no one fights, everyone respects each other. I have never seen someone stole something there.People leave houses open, so safe. You can’t even steal a car there, because Singapore is an island. You just left, and you were caught at the next post.

I was also very surprised by the cleanliness. When I was in Singapore, for some reason I constantly compared the country with Belarus. We have the same cleanliness, decency and organization. We are somewhat similar, well, apart from some global differences.

– And how is the water? What are the beaches in Singapore?

– There are beaches, but Singapore is a port city.Cargo ships still pollute the water. When I swim there on the beach, the locals look at me like I’m crazy.

– And you can show your passport. What are the most unusual visas?

– This is a visa to Japan, by the way, it is made in Minsk free of charge. You just bring the necessary documents and you’re done.

And this is a visa to Indonesia, looks impressive

These two pages are my Hong Kong visa. I went there to work, a little later I’ll tell you about this trip

I recently went to the UK for training courses.You know, London is a fabulous city.


– In Asia, you also visited Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan. We have already talked about Singapore and South Korea, what other country or city could you mention?

– I can single out one more country, although it will probably be a little standard.Of course, this is some kind of cliché, but everyone likes Tokyo. So there is something to love him for! (laughs) I lived there for 2 months. And my last visit fell on cherry blossoms.

If there is a God in this universe, and he descends to earth, then he descends to Tokyo at the end of March, because I have not seen greater beauty in my life. It is so impressive that it is beyond words. You walk down a long, long pink tunnel of pink flowers. Japanese people walk around, drink rose with strawberries, couples sit under trees and have picnics.It feels like you’re in a fairy tale.

I was very surprised by one moment, we constantly hear that there was an earthquake in Tokyo. I lived there for two months, periodically read in the news that there were tremors in Tokyo, but I never felt anything like it. I sat and waited for that shock to come, but nothing happened. All the buildings there are hinged and you don’t feel the shaking.

– When I mention Tokyo, for some reason I immediately remember the film Lost in Translation.Have you ever had language problems?

– Yes, the Japanese do not speak English well, but they are so good-natured and hospitable that they will try to explain the way to you with their hands, feet or facial expressions. They will not say, “I have my own problems here, there is no time for you.” Any Japanese person will throw their laptop or briefcase and start helping you.

Nevertheless, I witnessed how the subway was stopped due to suicide. In Japan, this is not a fiction. It would seem that on the one hand, they are friendly, and on the other, they are prone to such actions.

– This is the contrast, but why does this happen?

– They are used to being joyful all their lives. It is not customary for them to share their problems. If you share something, then you are already weak and you can be fired. And then it all piles up …


– What sights would you recommend to visit?

– Where you should definitely go – this is the Tsukiji market.The market for the longest fish in the world. Seafood is delivered at 3 am. At the same time, tourists come, line up to eat fresh fish. And not only tourists come, but also the Japanese with children. They bring 3-year-old children at 4 am to eat fish. Marvelous.

In Tokyo, Buddhist temples deserve special attention. It’s very beautiful there. Again, it is interesting that in countries such as Japan and Korea, people are not particularly religious. Temples stand as a symbol, and residents rarely go there to pray.They have one religion – money. Worshiping money in your office. Although in the “Chinatown” of Singapore there are always fruits near the Buddha statue, candles are burning, so they attract wealth. Also, Asians usually grow nails on their little fingers. It is believed that the longer the nail, the richer the person. True, I saw long nails only on taxi drivers. I don’t know about their wealth, but there is such a tradition.

– I can’t help but ask about the food in Japan and Korea. These peoples have completely different taste preferences.What was it like eating there?

– After Tokyo, I have never eaten sushi. The most amazing thing in Japan is that there is the same quality food in the subway passage and in a 5-star hotel. A Japanese will never sell you something that is not fresh, it will be just an insult to his culture.

Korea has an incredibly spicy dish called kimchi. And in Korea, they eat half-dead octopuses. Some people like to swallow moving creatures. It used to be a tradition that a guy had to eat a live octopus to impress his beloved.Moreover, sometimes there were cases that such eating ended in death. But at the same time, Asians still love to eat live octopuses, worms, and more.

These suitcases survived a lot, but suffered the most at London airport

– Alina, you showed the Hong Kong visa. Was there for work or vacation?

– I flew to Hong Kong to work. This is a small skeleton, and their real estate is considered the most expensive in the world. Therefore, I immediately began to wonder where I would be accommodated.And I never know where I will live. You arrive, you have an address in your hands, and you go to look for it. The taxi driver brought me to the place, I looked, and on the first floor cars were being repaired, couples were walking, and on the second floor was my apartment. Moreover, it all looked frightening. I go up to the second floor, and there is a room half the size of a standard kitchen, while it is divided into 4 rooms. And in each such department there lived two girls. It was so crowded that we could not part. To leave the room, one had to lie on an iron bed, while the other came out or came in.And on the wall of our dwelling was written “Welcome to the madhouse.” And in Russian.

And in Hong Kong, this is a terrible problem. If you don’t have your own apartment, then you just huddle wherever you are. There, children do their homework in a cafe, because there is no room in the apartments. Hong Kong seemed like a small and dirty city to me. But the tourists with whom I spoke like it. It is super to be there for 3-4 days.

– And what might you like there, because the story is not yet very optimistic?

– The most impressive thing is the skyscrapers.Everything is very modern. It’s just that the roof is going. Interesting food. Such an Asian culture with a touch of business New York. There are double-decker trams, which are so narrow that if I stretch my legs, no one will pass, so I have to cuddle up.


– Let’s move from Asia to America? You worked in the USA, but maybe you were somewhere else?

– I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic.There are mostly Americans and very lazy people. From the point of view of nature – super. But if quality service is fundamental to you, then this place is not for you. There are no people who are ready to provide you with a service. They all grow on trees, so there is no point in making money. If a Dominican starts his day with papaya and pinacolada, then why should he work? Why would someone fix an air conditioner?

– Was there such a problem?

– Yes, you can wait 2 days for an air conditioner to be repaired.And the master is still going, now he will be.

– You have to travel a lot for work. All costs, as I understood, are covered by the agency. One gets the impression that the life of the model is easy and interesting. You are invited to better establishments, everything is free, and for this you just need to be beautiful. But I don’t think everything is as smooth as it is shown on TV. Tell us about the seamy side of this profession.

– Model life has two sides. Everything is beautiful on the screen. We publish the best photos from shows, makeup, parties.Everything looks great, but it is very difficult in terms of moving and organizing life. I talked about Hong Kong. You come to terrible conditions, and they tell you, live here for two months and no one cares whether you are comfortable or not. It’s hard, you must always keep yourself in shape and be a positive person. And in our time it is not enough to be just beautiful, you need to have a personality and be able to be at the right time in the right place.

This life is more like a ferris wheel, it is impossible to get out of it.It’s like a maze, if you get there, then you are so comfortable that you don’t want to get out. You begin to get used to the fact that everything is free for you, doors are open everywhere. I saw girls who have been in Japan since the age of 14. And I saw models of about 30 years old who still drive, they do not have a stable salary and they still do it. Although I read that this is a profession 23 is the maximum.

– Why 23 is the maximum?

– I believe that any person should decide what he wants in life.Modeling is like being a gymnast, you can’t do it all your life. The model has an expiration date. You cannot be a model until you are 28, otherwise you have a blockage of consciousness, and you do not know what to do in the future. I have met girls who say: “I will go for another year.” You meet them in three years, and they still drive. This life seems so easy that in the end you have neither interests nor aspirations, and you cannot get out of it. Appearance is also not eternal.

– What are your plans for the future? You are now studying by correspondence in Vilnius, right?

Plans – TV journalism.I have already worked so much for the camera, it is stupid to forget this skill. Yes, I study at the correspondence department and I am very glad, because this is the only opportunity to combine work and study. Again, this is difficult. When normal people sleep on a 10-hour flight Moscow-Hong Kong, and Alina studies all 10 hours. I write all these works like a zombie. This is the only way, because you have to find time for education.

90,000 Interesting antitrust procedures in Singapore

In flourishing Singapore, the competition authority is the Competition Commission (CCS), which was established on January 1, 2005.And the antimonopoly law itself was adopted in Singapore in 2004 (in Russia, let me remind you, in 1991).

But the most remarkable thing about antitrust procedures in Singapore is not the Commission’s activities, but the fact that its decisions are appealed to the Competition Appeals Board (CAB). It is an independent body whose members are appointed by the Minister of Trade and Industry of Singapore. This Appeals Board includes representatives from banks, corporations, college and university professors, academics, and law firm consultants.The chairman of the council is now a retired Supreme Court Justice of Singapore and a consultant to one of the international law firms, Mr. Thean Lip Ping. There are 20 people in the Council in total, but each appeal is considered not by everyone, but by several members of the Council.

That is, in fact, a non-state or parastatal body (taking into account the appointment as a minister) considers appeals against decisions of the antimonopoly body. It seems to me that this is a matter of principle and the need to consider appeals by fundamentally different people who are neither judges nor employees of the antimonopoly department.In my opinion, such a system can hardly be considered an additional guarantee of independence, since such additional guarantees are not needed in Singapore.

Only participants in the previous proceedings can appeal against decisions of the Competition Commission to the Board of Appeal. For example, not so long ago, several modeling agencies in Singapore appealed to the Appeals Board against the decision of the Competition Commission to establish the fact of collusion. The Council, by its decision, reduced the amount of fines for all those who filed complaints.In order to assess this antimonopoly procedure, it is important to note that the decision of the Board of Appeal on a complaint alone is set out on 57 pages. The Council can afford to study the case in detail, as it receives only a few appeals a year. It happens that not a single complaint is filed in a year (for example, in 2011). In 2010, 1 complaint was filed. In 2013 – so far not a single one. At the same time, the period for considering the case here is rather long. Appeals are considered for 1 – 1.5 years.

By the way, the Competition Commission itself is also not so prolific.For example, in 2012 (more precisely, for fiscal 2012), the department considered only 26 cases, of which 10 were under anticompetitive agreements and only 2 were for abuse of domination.

The appeal fee is S $ 500 (approximately $ 400).

Decisions of the Board of Appeal can be appealed further in the courts of two instances, however, such further judicial appeal is allowed only on points of law, interpretation of the law or the amount of the imposed fine.Consideration of questions of fact, evidence is carried out exclusively by the Council.

Well, the Board of Appeals is located in such a building of the Treasury on a quiet street not far from the Parliament.

In general, given the number of antitrust cases in our country, such procedures are, of course, impossible in our country. But in principle, a system with independent arbitrators (lawyers, economists, bankers, managers) seems to be quite interesting. Even in our country, they often talk about the need to involve this kind of specialists in antimonopoly proceedings, but so far this does not work at all.

More on this topic:
All foreign antitrust practices that are in my blog.

Working as a model in Asia | VEA MODELS

Model Agencies

It is best if you have signed a contract with one of the top agencies. Unfortunately, if a few years ago such agencies easily took on new faces for a contract, now, thanks to competition, they require excellent beech or impeccable parameters from the model.Of course, there is always a chance to get into such an agency, especially if you have a strong motherboard.

But even if you are not approved in any way in the top modeling agencies, do not be discouraged. Often, working in smaller agencies is no worse. If you have a good booker, then you will be sent to the same auditions as the models of top agencies, which means that you will have absolutely the same chances.

In fact, the booker determines the work of the agency, and if a booker works well in a not-too-strong modeling agency, then it may well become a top-ranked agency even during your contract.And having already established relations with this agency, you have every chance of getting the next contract in it, now at the top.

It also happens that a good booker leaves a modeling agency and opens his own. In this case, although it is not yet heard, an experienced manager of the parent agency will immediately understand that a contract with such a freshly baked agency is worth its weight in gold for a model.

Terms of model work

Contract term: standard contract 2-3 months.

The receiving agency pays for the round trip tickets (immediately).

The agency representatives meet the model at the airport and take her to the apartment.

The receiving modeling agency provides accommodation in model apartments. The cost of this home will subsequently be deducted from your earnings.

Pocket money is issued daily – money for pocket expenses. Do not rush to spend them all, this is also part of your earnings, which will be deducted from the total amount.

Almost everywhere (except for Singapore and Thailand) the model is transported to castings and works on the agency’s car.They bring back too.

Approximate costs of a modeling agency for you:
Flight – $ 1000
Apartments, driver with a car – $ 1700- $ 1800 for three months
Pockets – $ 600

Plus, composites will be printed for you and, possibly, tests will be done, it also costs some money.
So your minus is about $ 3500. This is the amount that will be deducted from your total earnings. If you didn’t manage to work out the agency’s expenses, you “went into a minus”. Don’t worry, nobody will demand to return this money.

About clients

We keep repeating: try to be open and friendly. If even one single good client likes you, you will be provided with a job to the eyeballs. You do not have to waste time on casting, you will only work and earn. If the clients liked the model at the beginning of their contract, she can be sure that she will return home with very good money.


Some countries may try to cheat you.Take China. The Chinese are not at all angry, but sometimes they do not mind arranging some kind of naive shenanigans. This is especially true for the work performed.

Try to write down all your work so that at the end it can be compared with the report provided by the agency.

If you see that you “forgot” to indicate some work, ask to add them to the list. There will be no problems with this, the Chinese will simply apologize to you for their “forgetfulness”.

Well, in order to get a good contract in Asia, try to get into the top parent agency in your home country.

We will talk about this and many other things in the classroom at VEA MODELS SCHOOL

“Fashion for faces changes as often as for clothes”

On the way from Singapore to Munich and New York, Kaliningrad model Maria Timonina shared in the “Look!” his professional observations and philosophical reflections on the work of the model.


My modeling history began four years ago.I accidentally went to the Red Cube store in Kaliningrad – I was looking for a gift for someone. There a girl stopped me – she turned out to be a make-up artist – and offered to take part in a photo session of a Kaliningrad photographer. I immediately agreed, although before that I had not been noticed in anything like this and generally led a very secluded life: “home-university-home”. This is how my first modeling shoot happened. As far as I remember, at that time I was rather enslaved, but in the end my photos got to Laura Lukina in the magazine “Shopping”, and later I made a cover for him.And after some time, Laura arranged for me a trip to the Moscow modeling agency StarDom. I immediately agreed to this proposal – I perceived it more as a journey than a career. The main memory from that trip is working with the famous photographer Lev Efimov, who taught me a lot even during my very first photo session. I did not stay in Moscow for long, and soon I went to Milan. To the Women agency.


I flew to Milan in September, in the midst of Fashion Week.I absolutely didn’t know English, didn’t know how to navigate the city. Somehow I got to the agency – they took my snaps (from the English “snapshots” – a snapshot) full-length, in a swimsuit and a portrait; issued a card, said something in English and sent to the model apartment.

The Residence of the Women agency consists of four floors of models. Such a peculiar pioneer camp … Immediately you get to know everyone: someone has been working for a long time, someone is new … There are always a lot of Russians among the models.In general, Russia and Brazil are the main “suppliers” of fashion models to the world fashion market. Although, I must say that Russian models are not very popular in other countries, because, as a rule, they are very often rude, evil, always have and show their character. And it’s hard to live in the same space with Brazilian women – they are quite sloppy and very loud.

The lifestyle of a model during Fashion Week is regulated by a long list of castings that she needs to go through. There are about 15 of them a day, and after each there is an absolute misunderstanding whether you liked you or not, whether you were chosen to participate in the show or shoot.Almost at all auditions, you need to show your gait (which no one taught me) – they give you shoes and ask you to walk. My problem is that I have size 36 shoes – this is almost a unique situation for models who usually have large feet. Therefore, when they give you size 40 sandals and ask you to walk …. Well, what kind of gait is there? How it turns out … And so 15 castings in a row.

In addition to the screenings, which begin a week before the opening of Fashion Week and last all seven days, the model can be invited for a fitting – when the designer measures and adjusts the outfit to you.Which, by the way, does not mean at all that it is you who will show it on the show. I know the story when the model was changed right before going to the catwalk, although she was already dressed and made up. The designer just didn’t like something.


You haven’t started working yet, and you already have a debt. The agency pays for the apartment, gives the model pocket money (70 euros per week), pays the team that works with her. And additionally a certain amount is “reserved” for the future – if the model arrives again… In general, you have just arrived, and already owe the agency about 1.5 thousand euros. And you work to earn this money.

They pay for impressions in completely different ways. Depending on the “star” statute, the fee can be up to 70,000 euros. But this is a unique case. New faces, that is, young and unknown models, are paid from 800 euros per show. And given the model’s all sorts of debts, that’s not much. And getting a job in Milan is quite problematic. In the modeling world, as in any other business, it is very difficult to break through.If the agency is very interested in you, then it will hire special model walk trainers for you, will lobby for your participation in Prada or Calvin Klein shows, or some important shootings. But in an agency as big as Women, which works with a huge number of models, you have to make your own way. And even if you do several shows per season, this does not mean at all that next year someone will choose you again – it depends on a variety of reasons: on your agent, your weight, your type… After all, fashion for faces changes as often as for clothes.


From Milan I flew to work in Tokyo. An insanely big city – no comparison with Moscow or Milan. Huge skyscrapers, two-tiered roads – you feel like a grain of sand in the Japanese sea. It is because of the scale of the city that models in Tokyo are given a driver to take them to auditions – otherwise it is impossible to be in time anywhere. And also, of course, because of the difficult Japanese language. Even if you decide to travel on foot, it is very difficult to learn something from passers-by on the street, especially from girls – they are very reluctant to answer and do not make contact.This is due to the peculiarity of Japanese culture: if a Japanese speaks English badly, he believes that it is impolite to demonstrate this in a conversation with a foreigner – it is better not to answer at all. And Tokyo also smells specifically – there is a distinct smell of fish and seaweed everywhere.

All models adore Japan, because the Japanese are very polite and cultured – both internally and externally. They are very caring about models – you almost feel like a supreme being, unlike Milan, and even more so New York.And there is also a lot of food – models are fed during breaks, after work … After Japan, everyone gets fat.

With regard to aesthetics, in Tokyo, of course, the cult of the “little girl” – on the streets everywhere, pink skirts and white tights. There is a great demand for European faces, long blond or red hair. And you have to be so … cute. And skinny. And in everything there is the Japanese “kawai” (“cute”) – one of the most popular concepts among the Japanese. So they yell at you at a photo shoot when the photographer likes the way you pose, or in general, when the Japanese are very happy.

And of course, the most extravagant castings I have had in Japan. For example, I auditioned for one ad where I had to walk on all fours and meow. For some reason I’m even glad that I wasn’t chosen for this job.


Paris is very beautiful and dirty. Here I attended a lot of famous castings – Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander. You come to such screenings and find yourself in the queue of some 259th in a row.And you immerse yourself in a special atmosphere. In general, if there is hell somewhere on Earth, these are the industrial cities of China. And women’s hell is going on at castings and backstages. Chaos, a crowd of half-naked bodies, a negative competitive atmosphere. And it is there that it becomes obvious that the model is just a service staff, a small cog, working for the world of haute couture. At the same time, he was brainwashed by his agents: “You must take the Prada show.” And when this does not happen, a catastrophe occurs – a shattered psyche and shattered dreams.Maybe this is an absolutely “girlish” view of the subject, but in fact, there are all girls. I went there with a completely student’s head and Proust’s books in a bag. And there you need to be clearly career-oriented. And work, work, work. Even if nothing works. You need to be open, firm and patient – this is the main quality for a model. Because a huge amount of her time, the model is just waiting – a designer, fitting, casting, invitations … Fashion Week is a very tough time when you practically do not sleep, do not eat, and it is generally unclear how we survive there…

After Paris, I sat at home for a year – I came to my senses and gained strength before returning to this work again …


I work as a model, but I don’t build a career – that’s the one big and stellar … My professional position is not to fly in the clouds and treat modeling as a profession, that is, as a way to make money. If you are not Sasha Pivovarova, then in Europe it is quite difficult to break through. You can participate in Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, etc. from season to season.but get nothing from this, except for some kind of moral satisfaction from involvement in high fashion. If you still choose this path, then you need to prepare for a lot of work, know English and, most importantly, have a good modeling agency that invests and promotes you. I know good agencies in Moscow – Avant models, Grace models, Rush models, Starsystem, IQ, Chérie Model Management. And “Noah models” – in St. Petersburg.

But there is also an alternative to a “stellar” modeling career – go to the commercial European market or work and earn money in Asia.

Modeling today is a great opportunity for me to see the world, make new friends and learn English. Or Spanish. Therefore, next year I am going to work in New York and Madrid.

Text – Anastasia Karpenko, photo – from the archive of Maria Timonina


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