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He was awarded the Senior Fellowship in Hand Surgery by the University of Louisville Hospitals in 1995 to 1996. Upon his return to Singapore he was appointed the Adjunct Assistant Professor to the Department of Surgery, University of Louisville in the United States.

Dr Lim served as a consultant Hand Surgeon at the Singapore General Hospital until June 2000 where he went on to become Chief of the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery at the National University Hospital.

While in NUH, he actively participated in the management of the hospital. He was Associate Chairman of the medical board in 2001 to 2002 and Vice Chairman of themedical board from 2003 to 2004. He holds the Associate Professor position in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, in NUS and heads the Hand Division in the department. He continues to be an Adjunct Associate Professor to the department until 2011.

He enjoys teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. He set up the Microsurgical Training Laboratory in NUH in 2001 and was Program Director for the laboratory and started joint training program in microsurgery with Aesculap Academy in 2003. The success of the microsurgical training laboratory propelled him to set up the STAR (Skills, Training and Research) Laboratory in NUH in 2003. The STAR lab was further expanded to include a digital medicine laboratory.

As the Chief of the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery, he started the department’s annual cadaveric symposium and workshop for GPs in 2000 and in 2001 the Foundations in Musculoskeletal Surgery for advanced trainees in hand, plastics and orthopaedic surgery.


His research interests include the Distal Radial Ulnar Joint, flexor tendon repairs and training and certification in microsurgery. His publications include some of his innovative surgical techniques which are recognized by the international hand surgery community.

Some of the techniques were cited in texts such as the Green’s Operative Hand Surgery, Atlas of Hand Clinics and Grabb’s Encyclopedia for Flap Surgery.


  • Director and Senior Consultant Hand Surgeon, Centre for Hand and Reconstructive MicroSurgery (CHARMS)
  • Chairman, Aptus Surgery Centre Pte Ltd
  • Chairman, Novaptus Surgery Centre Pte Ltd

Singapore dragon charms Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Luck carries a different meaning across the world, but all nations have a story to tell. Not walking under a ladder to avoiding the number 13, everyone has things they do to avoid bad luck.

Carrying lucky charms is one of the most popular and, although different from nation to nation, the meaning is ultimately the same.

Singapore Good Luck Charm

Being so closely linked to China and Chinese rituals, it is no surprise that Feng Shui is an art practiced in Singapore. Meaning “Wind Water”, it is a process of harnessing energy and turning it into good luck. Singaporeans follow the art, and also have dragons – the most revered good luck charm in China – among their lucky charms with good luck and wealth said to be provided by the creatures. Pineapples are also another left-field charm in Singapore with residents rolling one into a new home or work place to bring good fortune.

History of the charm dragons

Dragons signify power, dignity and wealth in both Singapore and China with the dragon dance a famous part of celebrations – particularly at New Year. Wearing a dragon charm is said to bring all of the powers to the individual as well as good luck too.

Why the dragons charms is bringing luck

As mentioned, the esteem that dragons are held in by Singaporeans means that they are a popular lucky charm. By wearing a dragon on a bracelet or necklace, that power, wealth and luck is said to with the wearer.

How to use the dragon charm

Dragon charms are very pretty in design and make an attractive accompaniment to a necklace chain or bracelet.

How the dragons charms are made

Dragon charms are traditionally made from mainly gold, although silver versions are also widely available, and produced with incredible design elements. From very small dragons to bigger ones with creative designs, both women and men wear these charms.

How to make a dragon charm at home

You will need to buy the actual charm itself, unless you have the capabilities to craft gold yourself. What you can do is design a nice necklace strap or create a bangle or charm bracelet to add it to and give it your own special touch.

Interesting and fun facts about the dragon charms

• Dragons are a symbol of power, wealth and luck in Singapore
• Dragon charms are a popular accompaniment on necklaces and bracelets

Pandora X Disney Frozen Charms Available In Singapore Will Make You A Snow Queen

Pandora charm bracelets may be a girl’s best friend, but things are going to get better once you merge these silver bracelets with a Disney princess who embodies female empowerment—Elsa.

Ahead of the second instalment of Frozen, Pandora has collaborated to bring you the Pandora X Disney Collection, a series of five charms that is certain to make any girl feel like a magical princess. These charms can be bought online, as well as at Pandora stores islandwide.

The first charm in this series is the Winter Crystal Charm (S$159), which is made of clear cubic zirconia and sky blue crystals on a sterling silver band. Characters from the series are engraved all around the charm, with icicle and snowflake motifs.

The next charms are based off the non-human characters in Frozen II, namely the magical horse, Nokk (S$129), and Olaf the snowman (S$99). Don’t worry, he is not going to melt on your wrist.

There are also a series of charms features words of strength from the main protagonists and are arguably their best traits. The first is the Anna Dangle Charm (S$129), which features cubic zirconia in honey, orange, red and purple hues, with the likeness of Anna carved into it. The words “Fearless by Nature” is engraved on the back of the charm.

Of course, there is one for the protagonist Elsa herself. The Elsa & Nokk Dangle Charm (S$129) is sculpted in the likeness of Elsa and Nokk, and features blue cubic zirconia, which are pavé-set in a wave-like pattern. The words “Inner Strength” are engraved on the back of the charm.

While these charms may not enable you to shoot ice from your fingertips, they are sure to make you elegant enough for the title of Snow Queen.  Enough reason for you to let it (your money) go.

Prices: S$99 – S$159

Disney X Pandora Frozen Charms: Website | Multiple Locations

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Opeth charms at intimate sold-out Singapore concert – gig report |

Opeth’s Singapore show wasn’t supposed to happen.

8th December was first marked out on their itinerary for Hong Kong, only to be scrapped just a month prior. “Logistical issues” was the reason given by the band, although it’s likely the ongoing protests in the country have unnerved concert promoters — annual festival Clockenflap, originally set for end-November, was cancelled just days before.

So it was the sheer luck of Singaporean fans that the band re-routed their journey to include a quick stop here, performing at the live music arm of brewery Crossroads Brewing Co., now known as Live At The Crossroads.

While an odd fit for a band whose tour dates usually strike mid-sized venues tallying up to the thousands (the Swedish band’s last show in Singapore was held at the suitably rustic and spacious Fort Canning Park), this date sweetened the deal for fans to catch the band in an uncharacteristically intimate affair — at 4pm!

On a Sunday!

Opeth have earned eminence over the frontline of modern metal for their evolving sound — at first an adventurous take on death metal deluged by acoustic interludes, mellotron plugins, and gothic melancholy, eventually dropping the “death metal” from the equation altogether — and it’s taken them around the world, from countless outdoor festivals to the Royal Albert Hall.

To catch them at the 400-pax Live At The Crossroads is not just a rare opportunity, but one we’ll likely never get to experience again. They’ve played in many places, according to frontman Mikael Akerfeldt: Anywhere from jazz clubs to Mexican restaurants and even “someone’s living room”, but not once in a brewery.

And yet, the band brought their signature energy and showmanship (and charming banter) to a Sunday afternoon crowd, all in a show that didn’t need the night sky to souse the impact of their folk-tinged prog metal.

Unlike their previous concert in 2012, which was a careful excursion through their discography, Mikael Akerfeldt and co. focused their sights on their latest album In Cauda Venenum, which was written in Swedish and recorded with an additional English version.

The band drew out songs from the album, performed in their native tongue, along with a thoughtful selection of past hits and deeper cuts that were delivered with an authorial self-assurance: “We’re gonna play a song we don’t think sucks, but you might, and you know what? Fuck you,” says Mikael before launching into the hushed folk tune ‘Nepenthe’.

The frontman’s stage banter is an attraction at an Opeth concert itself, delivering an endearing dry sense of humour behind an all-round cheekiness: allowing fans air time to scream song requests across the board, he replies with “I know right? So many classics!” Akerfeldt tells them they’ll never attempt a cover onstage, “except for Sweet Home Alabama”, a song he later admits the band doesn’t know how to play.

Any hesitation about this last-minute date is pacified: The band is having as much fun there as their fans. Either that, or they’re very convincing at making us believe that. And even if the sledgehammer impact of heavier songs like ‘

The Leper Affinity’ or ‘Sorceress’ was fairly hindered by a pedestrian soundsystem, it still excelled at projecting the sounds from a band whose dynamic musical conceits demand a versatile setup.

And to round off an afternoon that’s clearly a special one for everyone involved, the band switched up their usual encore antics to dust off a song they haven’t played in over a year: a fan favourite by the name of ‘Demon Of The Fall’. “We haven’t played this song in a while, and we haven’t rehearsed it,” said Mikael, in a modest plea to lower expectations. Too little, too late, as the fans opened up a moshpit once more.

15 delightful charms of Clarke Quay in Singapore | PENDOWN

Must tell you before I talk about Clarke Quay!! SINGAPORE has clinched the number one spot as Top Country to Visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet. Also it is celebrating  50th anniversary of its independence this year.


Clarke Quay in Singapore- A place that buzzes with life and activity.


The Party Never ends at Clarke Quay



First things first

  • In Singapore, I was in love with this place. This vibrant piece of the city appealed to me as an interesting array of entertainment, color, life, diversity and more.
  • Honestly, I did not know what a Quay looked like until Singapore made me curious because the Singapore river boasts of 3 different quays- Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.
  • Now, getting to the literal meaning of a Quay which I actually googled to interpret better. ‘A platform or structure on the shore of a harbour or on the bank of a river or canal where ships  dock to load and unload cargo or passengers is a Quay.’
  • The visit to Clarke Quay will always be memorable because I celebrated my third marriage anniversary there. I received all my calls from my folks in India. It was very easy to stay in touch with the family. Also my need for mobile data to navigate the streets and so on was also met. I used  TSIM’s South East Asia SIM card with free incoming and outgoing calls, and data. It helped me explored the places better. 


Clarke Quay is a must visit place whenever you are in Singapore. In the evening it makes a perfect place to stroll around hand in hand with anyone you love. In the night, its absolutely colorful as the water reflects all that it receives. The pictures below speak for themselves.



Clarke Quay in the evening- Delightful mix of modern and traditional.


The Colorful Night-Clarke Quay-Singapore


Now let me tell you 15 delightful things about it.


1.  150 years ago, it was a fishing village that became a busy seaport with the increase in trade between the East and the West. Soon it buzzed with fishermen, traders and workers from all over Asia adding to its vibrant community.  Founded in 1819, since then it has been an important spot for trade.


2.  It was named after the second Governor of Singapore- Sir Andrew Clarke.  There is a statue of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles at Clarke Quay because he is the one who deserves all credits for the making of modern Singapore. 


O! the reflection of lights made it look so beautiful! —- at  Clarke Quay


3. Initially this quay was all about “tongkangs” (bumboats) and “twakows” (lighters) but now this river water front has become an interesting place which reflects the heritage and charm of Singapore.

4.  I also learnt that its architecture is specially  done by British architect Will Alsop. There is a theme that seems influenced by boats that have always been associated with Clarke Quay. I quite liked the covered terraces that look like boats.


Pretty Eating Places All around


5. Its not a very big stretch but a complete walk-around. It stretches from the mouth of  Singapore River, from New Bridge Road to Clemanceau Avenue.


6. There is lots to do here- One can go for Reverse bungee, hop on a river cruise to take a bumboat ride, stroll along the waterfront, read a book, sit with friends and family and of course  click lots of photos.


7. The river taxi or the boat ride treads the following path- Riverside Point, Clarke Quay and Coleman Bridge, Boat Quay and the Financial District, Raffles’ Landing Site and the Asian Civilizations Museum, the Fullerton and Cavenaugh Bridge, the Merlion and the Esplanade.


Boat Rides that Take place at Clarke Quay


8. There is a road along side thats called Clarke Street and next to the bank stands a mall thats built just at the Promenade MRT station.


9.  Clarke quay- Nightlife is the word that defines this place. Today this place stands as a delightful mix of the modern and traditional heritage. The old harbor area has been converted into a beautiful and cultured district with cafés, shops, bars etc.


 10. More than exploring the cafes and dining places, I was absolutely in love with its vibrant and colorful look in the late evening. There was an exciting and carnival atmosphere which was pleasing to me as a foreign tourist in Singapore.


The shopping centre facade that stands by the Clarke Quay


11.  Plenty of eateries to chose from – Spanish, Italian, Asian, Mexican and then these all restaurants have an open look giving views of the Singapore River. Hooters Singapore is on everyone’s list. The Bar Rose by Attica is famous for the most indulgent ladies night in town.


12.  This buzzing downtown place is situated absolutely opposite to the Marina Bay Sands. In the night one can see the light show happening at the sky deck  there,  from here. See the picture below which we captured from a quite a far away distance.  (3 miles)


(Marina Bay Sands– the three tallest buildings in Singapore)


The laser light show happening at Marina Bay Sands skydeck


13.  I wouldn’t say its a great shopping place but definitely it offers a colorful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops. More the colorful Singapore River gives a respite from the high rise of Singapore.


14.  Singapore’s very first Reverse Bungy is here. (G-Max & GX5) Peddler’s Walk, don’t forget to walk along the pathway where peddlers took for their daily business routine. There is an Angel sky which features an entire spectrum of colors which is called the Central Fountain Square.


15. Last but not the least,  since 1 July 2007, smoking has been prohibited in entertainment outlets such as pubs, discos, lounges and nightclubs. Smoking is allowed only in designated rooms.  Absolutely a good thing that I learnt about it and thus I am writing about it.


Open restaurants overlooking the Singapore River


Interestingly decorated Eating Places



There is so much to do at Clarke Quay



I visited Clarke Quay on the second day of my trip to Singapore. I quite liked it and ensured to come back here again on the 6th day.

Did I tell you I won my flight tickets to Singapore from Skyscanner?  

Also while I was there in Singapore, YoursSingapore on twitter was very helpful.  They guided me all around the place.  


Happy Traveling!!!

[SINGAPORE] Girls’ Generation Tiffany charms with special appearance at Pandora’s AW16 Collection Showcase – The Seoul Story

In conjunction with jewellery brand PANDORA’s Autumn, Rose and Winter 2016 Collection Showcase, Girls’ Generation Tiffany made a trip to Singapore last month specially to attend this exclusive event.

Taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, the three collections celebrate the lustre of life this season by bringing to life crisp autumn morning views of glistening water droplets on leaves for the Autumn collection, and abstract wonders of a wintry landscape with starry constellations and dazzling winter frosts for the Winter collection. Radiant motifs of life and love are re-imagined in the PANDORA Rose collection, captured through a unique new metal blend. The PANDORA Rose jewellery collection was especially breathtaking and expected to be a hit once they officially go on sale in stores island-wide.


A Vision in White

Tiffany’s arrival to the event was highly anticipated by the media and others in attendance.  It was certainly a moment to remember for as soon as she arrived, she greeted everyone with bright smiles in a gorgeously elegant off-shoulder white dress, keeping true to the theme of the event.


(Eye) Smile for the Camera!

Tiffany was bubbly and friendly, giving off an approachable aura as she answered a few questions from the media. Also, not forgetting her signature ‘eye smile’ which kept everyone in a pleasant mood. Her delicate wrists were decorated with PANDORA charm bracelets that were layered beautifully with her matching outfit.

The showcase started after a brief photo op with Tiffany, as lithe and beautiful models strutted out to present PANDORA’s upcoming Autumn Rose and Winter collections. Tiffany was then ushered over to the gallery section where the jewelry pieces were on display, at the same time, striking several poses for those in attendance.

The simple yet splendid event was certainly a memorable one and we would like to thank PANDORA and Directions Group Inc. for giving us the opportunity to provide media coverage! 🙂

Do head over to our Facebook page to view the rest of the pictures.

PANDORA Store Locations:
Bugis Junction | ION Orchard | Junction 8 | Millenia Walk | Nex | One Raffles Place | Parkway Parade | Plaza Singapura | Raffles City Shopping Centre | Suntec City | Takashimaya Department Store | Tampines Mall | The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands | VivoCity | Westgate


Charm your way into the heart of your friends with these jewellery charms

SEE PHOTOS: If you are looking for the perfect present for your BFF or the other women in your life, you need to check out the new Charm Club Collection from Thomas Sabo … You will want to buy one of everything, we promise

Buying the perfect present for the people in your life can sometimes be harder than you really want it to be, right? One of the most popular gifts to buy for the women in your life is jewellery, but it’s only a perfect present if you know they’ll like it, of course.

This is why I love jewellery collections like the new Charm Club Collection from Thomas Sabo. There are so many different styles of charms that you’re sure to find something for everyone you know; bonus is that you can also snap up pieces for the guys in your life while you’re there too.

So, to help you make your choices, here are just some of the really beautiful charms that are featured in the collection. The collection came about when the brand actually asked their fans to share their favourite charms on social media, and will be updated every three months with new charms. There really will be something for everyone’s taste.

There are charms that can be worn on bracelets and necklaces, plus with the whole statement earring trend that still going strong, you can definitely add these charms to a pair of hoop earrings or two for a totally on-trend, uniquely personalised jewellery look.

Thomas Sabo’s most popular jewellery collections – Royalty, Vintage, Street Style and Travel Around the World – all have special charms in the Charm Club Collection. There are crosses, feathers, flowers, a Tree of Love, stone embellishments, hearts and crescent moons in silver and rose gold plating, that can all be added to simple chains or by using special spacers, can also be added to Thomas Sabo’s iconic bead bracelets too.

So, now you have an easy way to buy the perfect present for all your loved ones, all in one place, that you can be sure they’ll love. You’re welcome.

Thomas Sabo is located at ION Orchard, #B1-26, 2 Orchard Turn. tel: 6509 8829. To find a Thomas Sabo boutique in Singapore, go to

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90,000 11 Reasons to Believe in the Miracle of Singapore |

About Singapore it is tempting to say: the spool is small, but expensive. It is unclear how, in just half a century, skyscrapers have grown on the site of a third world country, “smart” gardens have blossomed, and the headquarters of world corporations have appeared. Maybe it’s all about wise politics and the strictest prohibitions, or maybe it’s a steep airport that you don’t want to fly from. Here are some tips on what to do in Singapore to solve the riddle of the Lion City.

Save the planet from bad robots

Every movie fan dreams of visiting Universal Studios amusement park on Sentosa Island.While you go around all 20 plus attractions, you will experience a range of emotions – from delight to horror. In “Transformers” you will be thrown right into the thick of things, where scary robots fight around, bullets whistle and skyscrapers explode. In the whirlpools in Jurassic Park, you can get wet to your panties. And so many kilowatts of sound are born on the swirling loops of a roller coaster!

Don’t be greedy on weekends and take the express ride to buy time in the queues. The best place to soothe your nerves is at the giant S.E.A Aquarium adjacent to the cinema amusement park. Here you can easily stick to a 36-meter wall-to-wall aquarium and hypnotize stingrays and mackerel flocks for half a day. One of the specialties of the aquarium is a transparent tunnel, where sharp-toothed sharks swim overhead.

Look Ahead

The future of science fiction films is coming in Singapore very soon. Before you have time to look back, spaceships begin to land at Changi airport, and robots will signal a free ticket office. Where the sea once raged, the steel baobabs of Gardens by the Bay now stretch upward.In the evening, the lights are turned on – and the magical garden begins to sparkle with colored lights, just like in Avatar.

All the delights of Singapore can be seen in an hour from the window of the amphibious bus. First, the cartoon armored car drives around the city center, and then flops into Marina Bay.

At a height of 22 meters, supertrees are connected by a sky bridge, from which one can see the domes of futuristic greenhouses. In one, under a glass roof, a man-made hill is green, on the misty top of which real mountain orchids bloom.And in another, straight from the tropics, you will find yourself on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with olive groves.

Relax on the beach

As the heat melts, Singaporeans escape from the stone jungle to the beaches of the tropical island of Sentos. During the day, you can swim at least on each – a free tram runs along the coast. Lovers of a relaxing holiday bask in hammocks under the palm trees of Tanjong Beach, athletes surf and play volleyball on Siloso Beach. With children, it is better to go to family Palawan: shallow and side by side slides of the Port of Lost Wonder water park.The local rope bridge leads to the supposedly southernmost point of continental Asia.

Ten minutes by boat – and you are among the mangroves of Pulau Ubin Island. In this Singaporean village, you can ride your bike through the rubber groves, gorge yourself on grilled shrimp and look out for rare birds from the wooden bridges.

When is the best time to go to Singapore

“It’s hot outside all year round, a little cooler only in the rainy season from November to January.True, you can’t take good pictures: the sky is overcast. In June-September, we suffer from smog due to plantation fires in our Indonesian neighbors. But all these are trifles: guests in Singapore are welcome at any time of the year! ”

Antoinette Tan, local

Upgrade your wardrobe

Singapore has ten boutiques per square meter – locals love to flaunt each other with brand new clothes. Flocks of fashionistas with Chanel and Louis Vuitton packages float from one showcase to another until they go into the negative on the card.Head to Orchard Road Boulevard, where the luxury shopping malls Paragon and Orchard Central glitter with signs on arrival.

Practical shopaholics count the days until the Singapore Summer Sale. During the discount rush, you can save up to 70% on branded items.

If you don’t have enough for a Prada purse, Bugis Street will gladly sell you the same one, only from Chinese masters. The bustling street market sells souvenirs and clothing at ridiculous prices for Singapore.Nearby is the local “Gorbushka” Sim Lim Square, where equipment is stocked up for almost a penny.

Shake the paw of a lemur

Singapore Zoo is one of the most advanced in the world. More than three hundred species of animals roam freely in a tropical forest the size of the Kremlin: lemurs jump overhead, flying foxes devour watermelons at arm’s length, and a tiny kanchil deer flutters at their feet.

Here you can have breakfast with orangutans, feed a giraffe or pygmy hippopotamus at lunchtime, and in the evening go to dinner with predators – fortunately, as a spectator.Observing the tricks of elephants in the company of funny meerkats, neither children nor adults can restrain the puppy’s delight. And one cannot look at the squabbles in the monkey “House-2” without laughing.

Take a picture at the edge of the abyss

Only the lazy have not seen pictures of the Marina Bay Sands hotel-ship on the Internet. Three 200-meter towers topped with a gondola fit perfectly into the landscape of Singapore’s Space Harbor. Many people come here for a selfie in the famous rooftop pool, where the water seems to overflow over the sides into the abyss.And what stunning views of the bay open from the rooms!

To visit a posh hotel in Marina Bay, you do not have to spend fabulous money for an overnight stay. The “bow of the ship” is reserved for an observation deck with bars and cafes. If you are a gambler, try to catch your luck at the giant underground casino. Finally, there is always a free top view of the main lobby from the suspension bridge leading to Gardens by the Bay.

Find a scarlet flower

The Botanical Garden blooms and smells all year round in the center of Singapore, bursting with heat.On an area the size of two Vaticans, 10,000 plants are planted – neither give nor take a living encyclopedia of botany. Walking through rose gardens, looking for art objects in cacti and having picnics on the shore of a pond with huge water lilies, the day will fly by so quickly that you will not have time to look back.

In the heart of the Singapore Botanical Garden, a colorful Orchid Garden is set up, where new varieties and colors are being experimented with. You can easily recognize the symbol of Singapore from a one-cent coin – Miss Joachim’s soft purple Wanda.But a carnivorous orchid or a mountain orchid, which is hidden from the heat under a glass cover, few have even seen in pictures. To perpetuate the fragile beauty, Singaporean jewelers cover the flower with gold and sell it for jewelry.

Taste the “star” noodles on the street

Singapore is like a boiling pot of soup, around which chefs from different countries are scurrying about. The Chinese give the broth the flavor, the Indians add spices, and the Malaysians throw in a bunch of herbs at the end.

Chinese rice with chunks of duck is fried in soy sauce on every corner of Chinatown, but for noodles with chicken from street food chef Jang Hong Meng you have to stand a kilometer line: his street tent was awarded a Michelin star.

Fans of spicy chili and steaming tortillas gather in the Indian quarter. And everyone wanted to sneeze at the standards of sleek and tidy Singapore: after the chicken curry at the Lagnaa restaurant, you will need a fire extinguisher, and at Komala Villas you will share the table with strangers in the old fashioned way. There was also a place for Malaysian dishes in Singapore’s national hodgepodge. Whichever neighborhood you find yourself in, you will find laksa coconut soup and spicy fried mi goreng noodles on the menu.

See Singapore from above

To see all of the banana-lemon Singapore at your feet, sit in the Ferris wheel booth.From the height of the 55-storey building, you can even discern the Indonesian islands on the horizon. When it gets dark and the city lights up with millions of lights, the Singapore Flyer makes you feel like a superhero on top of the world. Romantics should fork out for a private champagne booth and dinner for two.

In the evening, at eight and half past nine, laser shows will start under the Ferris wheel. While the fountains are dancing on the water, a searchlight on the roof of the hotel-ship “shoots” Martian rays to the music. The first session can be viewed next to the statue of the mermaid lion, Merlion, and the second, on the opposite side of the bay.

Find out why Singapore is so cool

The city-state of Singapore is only half a century old, but its people are insanely proud of their history. Before the island became known as the new Babylon, the Peranakan people ruled here. Judging by the altars, embroidery and crockery in the museum of Peranakan culture, this people clearly did not live in poverty. The wooden ship on which the first immigrants arrived is kept in the Museum of Asian Civilizations.

Singapore’s “economic miracle” came about thanks to the reformer Lee Kuan Yew.To get rid of corruption, he advised that the first thing to do is to imprison friends. To see how the fishing village became an Asian Tiger, visit the National Museum. Artifacts from which Singaporeans are ready to blow off dust particles are kept here: for example, an ancient stone with a mysterious inscription or the testament of a cult writer. At the same time, judging by the ambitious layouts in the City Gallery, Singapore’s plans for the future are above the roof.

Singaporeans are ruthless when it comes to rules of conduct.Think carefully before finishing your kebab on the subway – fines in Singapore are draconian.

  • Snack in the carriage or at the station – 500 Singodollars
  • Smoke at the bus stop – 200 Singodollars
  • Throw the butt past the urn – 300 Singodollars
  • Feed pigeons – 500 Singodollars
  • – 1000Plug – 1000 Singodollars

Sip a Singaporean sling

Being in Singapore and not getting your throat wet with the famous Singaporean sling is a crime.According to legend, a gin-based cocktail was invented a hundred years ago by a Chinese bartender from the iconic Long Bar. Now it is almost the only place in sterile Singapore where peanut husks are littered with impunity. For comparison, try a sling somewhere else – for example, at the panoramic bar 1-Altitude on the 63rd floor with a stunning panorama of the evening bay.

On Wednesdays, girls are admitted free of charge to most nightclubs and lounges in Singapore.

Hipster Blu Jaz hosts atmospheric jazz concerts, and The Library is not allowed without a secret password.Singapore’s nightlife is also in full swing on the three floors of the Zouk Club, which is regularly visited by world-famous electronic DJs.

Formula 1 in Singapore – magazine Behind the wheel

In search of the perfect Formula 1 Grand Prix, we visited Singapore.



Don’t expect me to describe the race. You have known its results for a long time: Hamilton is the first, our Daniil Kvyat is the fourteenth. And when the magazine reaches you, it will become a fact of the past and the first Russian stage of Formula-1 in world history.Actually, the race itself was not interesting to me from the very beginning. But when Singapore Airlines invites you to visit the most unusual stage of the Grand Prix, why not join the large group of people who consider this race the most striking spectacle of the season.

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Formula 1 for Singapore is more than just a race. In a city where a car is the number one enemy of society and where people, despite insane taxes (just a license to buy costs at least $ 80,000!), Still manage to buy and maintain cars and even create traffic jams, you better understand the real reason the struggle of countries and cities for the right to host the Formula-1 stage.For the countries that got it, this is not motorsport for a long time, but a great chance to kick the tourism industry forward.

The race itself is a bait. Bright, tasty – and insanely ruinous for the average viewer. In theory, he has no choice but to sit stupidly in the stands and engage in meaningless shopping in a few officially authorized places with a very meager and primitive assortment. But a person, all the more indifferent to racing, must first try to lure. Think of a fairy tale for him – and then he will rush to the farthest distances in order to drain his budget for Formula-1 and other entertainment.

Today the most successful example is Singapore. The first night race in the history of the Grand Prix with the most powerful lighting (its slogan is “Light as day”), a stunning entourage of ultra-modern skyscrapers of the coastal area of ​​Marina Bay, magnificent weather with year-round “plus 30”, unattainable for other countries level of safety, cleanliness and ubiquitous English proficiency. Tipping is not common here, and food in the fan zone of the race is no more expensive than in city eateries.


You can also watch the race from the window of a properly selected hotel.This view is available to Pan Pacific guests.

You can also watch the race from the window of a properly selected hotel. This view is available to Pan Pacific guests.

You can also watch the race from the window of a properly selected hotel. This view is available to Pan Pacific guests.

And our dear Sochi? What can he offer formula fans? Even the new airport has no direct connection with foreign countries. And I will not make assumptions about the price level, as well as about the level of English among the local population.

I do not think that Formula-1 will live in Russia longer than it will be necessary for state resources to solve certain problems. If the Russian stage was held in Moscow or, at worst, St. Petersburg, its chances of a long life would be higher. And so the stage of Formula-1 in Russia will sooner or later expire – along with the fall in oil prices and other troubles.


The venue of the Grand Prix stage, especially if it is not held in Europe, but in some distant country, must be near a major airport – with direct flights to other countries and continents.It is also obliged to offer a lot of entertainment in addition to the race and all the conditions for a normal rest. A person should not regret having spent his money and time and endured the agony of moving in space for the sake of indistinct vegetation in the stands of Formula-1 for several hours. It needs to be delivered warm and ready for further spending right on the spot. And Singapore embraces the viewer as soon as he steps on board a Singapore Airlines plane. Starting this year, the national airline is again the title sponsor of the home stage and is using its capabilities to the fullest.


Singapore Airlines, as the main sponsor of the stage, invites spectators to experience the delights of flying in first and business class on the ground.

Singapore Airlines, as the main sponsor of the stage, offers viewers on the ground to experience the delights of flying in first and business class.

Singapore Airlines, as the main sponsor of the stage, offers viewers on the ground to experience the delights of flying in first and business class.

In the logbook, the season of the Formula: who is who and what to expect from the Singapore stage is laid out on the shelves.Even an ordinary passenger who is so detailed about what he will get, going to Singapore for a racing weekend, might think: “Why not?” Moreover, for a sweet treat, he is offered a Jennifer Lopez concert immediately after the end of the stage and its cost is included in the ticket price for the race. Would you resist? I – yes, but only because I do not like J. Lo. However, no one will be left without entertainment. Don’t like Lopez? After qualifying Saturday you can stay for Robbie Williams’ performance – this is on the main stage of the race.And somewhere on other stages, scattered around the highway, they promise “Pet Shop Boys” and others, others, others …

Formula-1 is almost the main harvest for the tourism business of Singapore for the whole year. Everyone prepares for it – from pedicabs that are rare today to expensive boutiques and restaurants. For the sake of future profits, people are even ready to put up with the fact that the mass of streets pressed against Marina Bay begin to be blocked a week before the start of the race. Yes, this is terribly inconvenient. Especially when you don’t know where the various crossings are and start walking in circles, trying to find a loophole.On the other hand, until the race itself has begun, no one bothers you to wander directly next to the temporary fence of the track, especially since there is often simply no other way. And in the evenings, when the races are over, even go out to her. I can imagine what would have happened if such a street race were decided to be organized in Moscow: local residents would probably be advised to leave the city for the duration of the race.


In the same hotel, in honor of the racing weekend, all the staff donned the “racing” uniform.

In the same hotel, in honor of the racing weekend, all the staff put on a “racing” uniform.

In the same hotel, in honor of the racing weekend, all the staff donned a “racing” uniform.


Singaporeans do not make an episode of an anti-terrorist operation from the Formula-1 stage. At the entrance to the fan zone – only light inspection of backpacks. There are a lot of police, but they only help to regulate traffic in narrow places. And no one forbids a pedestrian to cut the path where it is not allowed to do it at normal times.

In general, the spectator of the race in Singapore is the most adored client. For his sake, the words “race”, “pit stop” and others are added to the restaurant menus. Do the same with posters for fashion shows and exhibitions. Some stores offer special discounts to Formula ticket holders – sometimes up to 40%. Moreover, there is no speculation in tickets, you can easily buy them at the box office at the entrance. Prices – from 70 to 2,300 local dollars (multiply by 30 to convert the amount in rubles).


Where else can you safely walk along the track the day before the start of the race? Unless only in Monaco.

Where else can you safely walk along the track the day before the start of the race? Unless only in Monaco.

Where else can you safely walk along the track the day before the start of the race? Unless only in Monaco.

There seems to be no organization or company left behind in the race. The city’s National (read: Local History) Museum is hosting the 100th Anniversary of Singapore Motorsport exhibition. The Museum of Fine Arts presents the exhibition “Speed ​​in Photography” dedicated to James Hunt.These events do not shine on a grand scale, but they can tell something curious to the visitor. Otherwise, how would I have learned that in the 1960s, Singapore already had its own Grand Prix (albeit very, very small-town). Actually, the point is not in scope, but in the fact that on the first day I almost believed that Formula 1 and Singapore were inseparable. This was suggested to me at every step.

I have not seen such a racing madness in any of the cities in the world that hosted the Grand Prix. The number of checkered flags on the streets is off scale, the silhouettes of fireballs are found in many, to the point and out of place.In the Ferrari boutique, the time counter counts down to the start of the race. At the Pan Pacific Hotel (it is located very close to the highway, just a couple of meters from the fence), on the occasion of the stage, all the staff were dressed in half-race uniforms, the girls at the reception even had a black-and-white checkered manicure.


Cycle rickshaws keep up with the general racing madness.

Cycle rickshaws keep up with the general racing madness.

Cycle rickshaws keep up with the general racing madness.

Those who settled in this hotel had an excellent view from the windows of the track, carefully left earplugs and motorsport magazines on the table, plus an invitation to the parties that end every day of the Grand Prix. They didn’t let you relax for a second, everywhere and everywhere they reminded you that they were waiting for you here and there – a race only once a year, how can you miss such an event?

Maybe that’s why the Singapore Grand Prix will remain on the Formula 1 calendar at least until 2017. Because the race and the city have found each other here.They need each other. And I did not regret in the least that I saw the race itself mainly on large screens, placed in front of the main stands. In addition to the racing struggle itself, there were also enough other impressions that were very successfully woven into the atmosphere of the racing weekend.

And what will those who have been to Sochi tell us?

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Personal experience National University of Singapore –

Marianna Scriabin

Age 28 years old
Place of study National University of Singapore, Institute of Public Administration.Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Direction Master in Public Policy (MPP)

Why Singapore

After five years at MGIMO, I took a break to think. There was no point in studying in Russia further, our master’s program actually repeats the bachelor’s program. For new knowledge it was necessary to go abroad. Where exactly? Of course, to Asia.

I have been studying Chinese since the age of 14, had an internship in Beijing and even managed to work there.Any country with a large Chinese population was fine for me. It was more important to choose a specialty. I was interested in training programs for future employees of international organizations such as the UN. There are many of them in the West. And in Asia, as it turned out, one. The one at the University of Singapore.

As soon as I decided on a goal, everything went like clockwork. I sent an application to Singapore, in April I received the joyful news that the application was accepted, and in July I set my foot on the hot equator.

How to Apply

The admission scheme is the same as in any Western university. You translate a diploma, write a motivation letter, collect 3 reviews, it doesn’t matter – from an employer or a supervisor. Attach a certificate of knowledge of English. A GMAT certificate is considered a plus, but I didn’t have one. You air the package to Singapore by January 15th and wait for an interview invitation. I was offered a conversation on Skype, but I felt that I had to go personally for the result, and therefore I went to an on-site interview in Beijing.

The interview consisted of three stages. First, I was handed a sheet with questions on the problems of public administration in China, which had to be answered in writing. Then I solved some algebra problems. Finally, I told about myself and personally explained to the vice-rector that without Lee Kwang Yew’s scholarship I would not be able to support myself in Singapore. Then he shook his head, said that he would think, but did not promise anything. In the year of my admission, the competition was 20 people per place.

Scholarship and Tuition Fee

There is a long list of scholarships on the Institute’s website.Three of them are available to us as Europeans: grants from Lee Kuan Yew, APEC and Chang Yung-fa. It is simple to apply for them: you need to decide on the scholarship (I chose the first one), fill out a separate form on the website, and mark the application in the main entrance form. But getting it is difficult, since priority is given to students from the poorest countries.

The cost of my program without a scholarship is about 6 thousand dollars per semester, which is 3.5 times cheaper than Western counterparts. The fact is that more than half of its real value is compensated by the Singapore state even to foreigners.In addition, the university provides an opportunity to earn money. Some students paid for the cost of their education already during their studies, earning extra money as assistant professors.

University ideology

Students are taught in every way how Singapore can achieve such impressive results. Every semester, meetings of the father of the “Singapore miracle” – the first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, are held with students.

However, there is a saying among liberal-minded Singaporeans: “Everything will change for the better when the old man dies.”

Some people cannot forgive Lee Kuan Yew for doing miracles with his authoritarian style of government.

At the same time, there is no imposition of state ideology and restrictions on freedom of speech at the institute. There are no forbidden topics, teachers actively criticize some of the government’s initiatives and teach us to think outside the box. We had a subject – political science. There, students without humanitarian training were explained on the fingers the difference between Marxism and capitalism.I was bored, not understanding why I was obliged to listen to this. That all changed when the teacher proposed to discuss the real problem of low-paid housekeepers in Singapore: should they give them one day off a month.

We split into two camps and almost quarreled: Asians versus European Democrats. At the beginning of the course, I thought that we all share common ideals – to change our lives and the lives of others for the better. After all, the program nurtures future UN staff to tackle hunger, poverty and development.It was not clear how these would-be missionaries could think that legalized slavery was natural and worthy of respect. However, by the end of the course, many had revised their stereotypes, although some remained unconvinced.

How We Were Taught

Study in Singapore is built on a completely different principle than in Russia. The semester is divided into two parts – in the middle of the semester there are exams (mid-terms), and they sometimes have the same meaning as the final exams.Moreover, there was no time for buildup: the first exam took place four weeks after the start. Four compulsory subjects are just nonsense at first glance. Each had to read 300 pages a week and complete assignments online. Classes were built on the principle of “lecture plus discussion”, so there was no point in coming without preparation.

Of the Russians, besides me, only one more person from MGIMO completed this program. That is, we almost do not know about the Singapore School of Management, but in vain.The training is built on the principle of the public administration program of the famous Harvard Kennedy School of Government, but at the same time it is adapted to the Asian region, most of the cases are taken from Asia. The courses were taught to us by the best specialists in the region, as well as professors from leading Western universities: the London School of Economics, Harvard, Columbia University. Instead of a lunch break – lectures by scientists and politicians of the international level, such as Kofi Annan. We listened to them as we ate lunch boxes.

Where to live

National University of Singapore is a city within a city.Most of the university dormitories are honeycomb and form part of the main futuristic campus. From the very beginning, I was assigned to another place, to the College Green residence, located in an elite colonial area between the two main attractions of the city: on the one hand, it rests on the cemetery of the first Chinese settlers, on the other, it adjoins the famous botanical garden.

I had no illusions about the comfort of housing in Singapore, as I knew about the delights of the Chinese way of life.Wake-ups at 7 am for exercises, curfews, unceremonious cleaning ladies and small rooms for two – all this was with me in Beijing. I didn’t expect Singapore to be any different. Upon arrival, I discovered that College Green is a complex of two-story cottages, four people in each, which, in terms of the quality of service and the degree of privacy, resembles a four-star hotel.

The management of the Singapore hostel actively mixed locals with newcomers. Foreigners dominated College Green only because there were, in principle, more of them: representatives of forty countries, fifty people out of sixty in my stream.In addition, we lived side by side with the senior executive shark program listeners, having the pleasant opportunity to become friends with those who had already made a career.

Tropical delights

Living in the tropics means sweating outside and freezing indoors, missing the changing weather and enjoying the rainy season. Go out for a run at 6 in the morning, because at 8 it’s already hot. And also get used to the idea that a large insect can fly into your room, and a lost python can look out of the toilet.And it’s not a joke.

Upon arrival in Singapore, I found a letter from the administration under the door asking not to catch snakes on my own.

It was explained to me that pythons love wet places and crawl into pipes, and then get out in all sorts of ways, including through the sewers. My Indian friend once said: “If lizards do not live in the house, then evil spirits live there.” There were two little geckos living with me. They did not interfere, except that they “sang” and ate sweets at night.

Singapore is the perfect fruit of social engineering.All manifestations of nature here are taken under control and therefore safe. There are risks in neighboring Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, where vaccination is important. In Singapore, the only health threat was the mosquito-borne dengue virus. In our hostel, prophylaxis was carried out once a week in the morning. Its essence boiled down to the fact that I closed the window from the passing smoke screen. The chemical was quite poisonous, but in my memory no one got dengue in our country.

Country features

Singapore is often portrayed as a super-modern financial center, but this is an imposed image.Yes, there are indeed many skyscrapers in the Marina Bay area, and most tourists do not go outside of it. In vain. Singapore has a huge colonial history worth seeing. It has retained much more traditional architecture than, say, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Shanghai. The city was built up according to the ethnic principle: initially it was assumed that the Chinese, Malays, Indians would live separately. In reality, everything is mixed up: in “Chinatown” there is the oldest Indian temple, in “Little India” – the most beautiful Chinese terraces with carvings, and the Malays live on “Arab Street”.

Singapore is known as the “city of fines”. They don’t steal here, as there are cameras everywhere. Here you cannot cross the road at a red light, drink and eat in public transport. You can’t spit out the gum, though it’s just not for sale in the city. However, for everything forbidden, you can take a bus to Malaysia, and in moderation can be safely imported into the country.


At one time, Lee Kuan Yew imposed the English language on the country. Singaporeans accepted it, killing grammar and enriching the result with their own slang and Chinese intonation.This is how the Singlish dialect appeared, so far from the original that dictionaries are sold using it in all stores of the country.

The most common Singlish word is kiasu, which in one of the South Chinese dialects means “to be afraid to lose,” and applied to Singapore it means the habit of competing everywhere and for everything with all the negative consequences – rude behavior, greed and selfishness. Singaporeans do their best to achieve success, often work is the main raison d’être.It is difficult for the population to get rid of the general fatigue, since the society lives according to the law “all privileges are for excellent students”. So you have to work hard to keep up with the train of success.

Boiler Cult

In Singapore, you cannot stay hungry even if you have very little money. There are food courts all over the place, made up of dozens of Asian food stalls. Each cooks something different according to a cleanliness rating – A, B, or C. The tents with the cleanest food are marked with the letter “A”, however, as a rule, the most delicious food is prepared where the cleanliness is less, at many popular counters there may also be a rating of “B”.Representatives of a wide variety of social groups hang out at food courts, which is easy to judge from the parking lots where Alfa Romeo side by side with bikes and taxis. The cost of the portions is about the same, and is equal to 3-7 dollars.

The most delicious Singaporean dish is laksa soup. This is the same tom yam, except with an egg and a lot of coconut milk and seafood. Add tea-like coffee kopi to the laksa and a slice of bread with jam (kaya toast) for a typical Singaporean breakfast.

Building of the Institute of Public Administration


Our Welcome Party after the first week of training


The path to the institute through the bamboo garden

My course

Botanical Garden, which houses the campus



View from the window of my room


Lack of space

Singaporeans are very friendly.On the one hand, they are proud of their economic miracle and will do everything to make you feel at home. On the other hand, they dream of limiting the influx of foreigners, including Europeans. The fear of overpopulation is understandable: the island-state has nowhere to grow. Singaporeans feel geographically squeezed by strained relations with their neighbors, otherwise they would not have imported apples from Germany. We, citizens of the Russian Federation, are loved and easily released to all countries of Southeast Asia. The city is very conveniently located for traveling around the region.From there, for $ 50-100, you can fly to Cambodia (2 hours) and Bali (3 hours). It took half an hour to get to Malaysia and buy cheap fruits, which we constantly did.

Once a train stopped in the Singapore subway for 15 minutes. This event shocked the nation and was widely discussed in the press. The newspapers drove me crazy, broadcasting citizens’ complaints like “my buying mood was ruined.” Perhaps that is why foreigners do not stay here for more than a couple of years. Here boredom gradually overcomes, too comfortable, and does not at all look like Asia.I also wanted to leave, but now I am very drawn back.

Advice for applicants

  1. The most popular elective courses do not go to everyone, but who enrolled first. Therefore, it is better to decide in advance what you want to study.
  2. Students have the opportunity for their second year to go to one of the partner universities in Europe, the USA, Japan or China and receive a double degree. True, then the second year will have to be paid almost completely in accordance with the cost of the partner university.To do this, you need to score a score higher than 4 on a five-point scale for the first semester. Also, students can go on an internship for one semester, I was lucky – I ended up in Georgetown in Washington.
  3. At the end of the program, we did projects, some of which worked for real clients – organizations and ministries. The final project is a good opportunity to get the job done ahead of time. Due to the lack of time during study, it makes sense to understand in advance who the project will be for and to choose an effective supervisor for it.
National University of Singapore was founded in 1905. One of the best Asian and main in Singapore. 25th in the QS World University Rankings 2012/2013. International in spirit: teaches according to international standards and instills a global vision of problems (in the context of world practice), but with a focus on Asian specifics.

Singapore Combo Tours

Singapore Combo Tours

Singapore is a very interesting country for excursion tourism, but many, going on such a long journey, want to combine their vacation with visiting other countries and resorts.In addition, a beach holiday in Singapore is possible only on Sentosa. This is why combination tours to Singapore are so popular with tourists.

Which countries can you visit on a combo tour with Singapore?

  1. Malaysia – the island of Langkawi is chosen most often because of a beach holiday. This is an amazingly beautiful tropical region with white beaches and clear sea. You can stay in Singapore for a visa-free 96 hours, see the main attractions and go to a quiet paradise place to enjoy the sea and the sun.
  2. Islands Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Bintan or Kalimantan) are also frequently visited as part of the combo tour with Singapore . Bali – this island of the Gods leaves few people indifferent, but if you want to get 2 in one – heavenly joys and the noise of a huge metropolis, then you will definitely like this tour!
  3. Philippines is a beautiful island country with excellent conditions for a quality beach holiday, enjoying the sun and sea.Choosing such a tour, you can see several cultures at once and relax your soul and body.
  4. Maldives, Vietnam and Brunei – also offer a good option to combine with Singapore. Many people dream of learning all the delights of the islands glorified by our stage and at the same time seeing the largest zoo and aquarium in Singapore. Vietnam has long been loved by our tourists for the optimal price-quality ratio. And Brunei is, although not the most popular, but actively growing country in terms of educational tourism.
  5. Australia, New Zealand and several other countries and cities in Asia are often only accessible via a connecting flight in Singapore. Don’t miss the chance to see this gem among the cities – Singapore is open to the public for 96 hours, there is a lot to see!

If you want an active and eventful vacation, thinking about which countries you can visit at the same time as Singapore, then feel free to contact our operators for help. They will not only tell you all the nuances of rest in a particular country, but also find a tour for you that is best suited for you.You just need to call or leave a request in the feedback form! Fabulous Asia and Singapore invite you on an amazing journey!

90,000 Where are Finnish and Singaporean education leaders going? | Shevkin.Ru

Are education leaders heading in opposite directions?

A colleague drew my attention to another source about education, in which it is useful to analyze and comment on some materials.

I open the news feed of the site BULLETIN OF EDUCATION

and through one piece of news I read messages about the movement of two educational “superpowers” in absolutely opposite directions. Singapore continues to improve subject learning by introducing a choice of learning level for students – this is understandable without details. But the Finnish colleagues were somewhat puzzled. It seems that they are too carried away by stories about the delights of “pointless” learning.

It’s funny that we in Russia have already experienced this in the 1920s, and now they are trying to plant these delights from the search for a Russian school a century ago. Then we were looking for our new face, leaving the tsarist gymnasium. Our hobbies were the brigade method, the project method, the colorton plan (organization of individual educational work with maximum consideration of the characteristics of each student, over-subject training. Now they are looking for a new face of the Russian school (now they are trying to take away from the Soviet school) and have been driving for more than 25 years. us along the already traversed paths of the same desert.

In the book “Russian Mathematical Education” (compiled and edited by A.P. Karp, B. Vogeli), kindly presented to me on March 25 by the dean of the Mathematical Faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Sergei Alekseevich Polikarpov, before my lecture for students, I find an interesting quote from the note “On schools Moscow “(1919):” Classroom in a chaotic state. [..] Icons hang in some classrooms and canteens. The labor principle does not apply at all. The subject system is still in practice ”(p. 42).

When it was necessary to build his own Soviet science, production and defense, I.V. Stalin most cruelly suppressed innovative searches in education. He returned gymnasium education to the country, but not for 5% of school-age children (there is such an estimate), but for all children.

The creator of a united Germany, Otto von Bismarck, once said: “Socialism can be built, of course, but for this you have to choose a country that you do not mind.”

I don’t want to be like the “Iron Chancellor” and talk about the Finns: let them try, and we’ll see. I feel sorry for them.

Such quirks in choosing the path of development of education can be observed in one separate country at different periods of its history and in different countries.

90,000 Jewel Experience at Singapore Airport

In April, a complex called Jewel opened near Singapore’s Changi Airport. For simplicity’s sake, it can be called a shopping and entertainment center, although Jewel has (and will, since some parts have not yet been opened) more interesting than in an ordinary district mall with a supermarket, food court and cinema.

Jewel caters to travelers connecting in Singapore as well as on local residents.Given some logistical nuances, it is likely that to a greater extent even for local residents than for transit countries. But about everything order.

A couple of days ago, while connecting between flights in Singapore, I spent a night and a half day at Jewel. Here are my fresh impressions.

Where is Jewel and how to get there

Jewel is located in close proximity to the terminals of Changi Airport and is connected to them by pedestrian bridges or shuttles.

First of all, it must be said that Jewel is not in the airport transit zone .If you wish to visit Jewel during your transfer, you will have to go through immigration control , enter Singapore and then leave again. Be aware of applicable visa requirements and allow time for passport control. Information signs at the airport recommend visiting Jewel only if your transfer time is at least 5 hours.

Here’s how to get to Jewel from the respective Changi terminals:

  • Terminal 1 is directly connected to Jewel at L1
  • Terminal 2 and 3 are connected to Jewel by footbridges at L3
  • From Terminal 4, you first need to get to Terminal 2 by shuttle, and from there, already walk to Jewel, as described above

For example, I flew to the second terminal and, having passed passport control and customs, I immediately saw signs to the left to Jewel (in the same direction as Crowne Plaza).I reached the entrance to the Crowne Plaza and turned slightly to the left, where the footbridge leading to Jewel begins. The journey took about 10 minutes.

If you are not transferring at the airport, but visiting Jewel, being already in Singapore itself, you can get by MRT to Changi station, and from there go to Jewel on foot along the footbridge.

One way or another, you won’t get lost. Signs to Jewel are everywhere.

Jewel is open 24 hours a day, but most shops and restaurants are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Attractions Jewel

Jewel has a circular layout, in the center of which is a mighty waterfall called HSBC Rain Vortex, which occupies the entire height of the complex. Even if you haven’t heard of Jewel, chances are you have seen the pictures of this stupid waterfall that are teeming with Instagram.

HSBC Rain Vortex is the world’s highest artificial waterfall. Its height is 40 meters. During the day, the waterfall just lives up to its name (well, water … falls …).

And in the evenings, every hour a light and sound show is arranged in it.

There are viewing platforms on different floors of Jewel, from which it is legally prescribed to take a selfie with a waterfall. Great views of the falls can also be obtained from the Skytrain window, which connects Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of the airport. So if you don’t have the time or desire to go through immigration, you can at least travel back and forth on the Skytrain in the “clean” area of ​​the airport. Recommend!

Jewel Levels, in addition to elevators and escalators, connect footpaths with stairs, positioned as hiking trails and leading through thickets of tropical plants.Manage expectations: Think of hiking trails not in the context of walks in the Alps, but in the context of the stairwell that compassionate neighbors in the high-rise building have planted with potted plants.

Shopping, gastronomy and entertainment in Jewel

You cannot lure people with shops and restaurants alone, so two entertainment experiences are planned in Jewel. They are not open yet, so I rely on their description from the official site.

Changi Experience Studio is a virtual expedition through Changi Airport, including its past, present and future and aspects hidden from the eyes of passengers.If I ever have more time in Singapore, like any airport fan, I would love to take a look at Experience Studio. It opens in May.

Canopy Park – something like an amusement park. We are promised slides, mirror mazes and spray. Part of the park will be the Canopy Bridge with a transparent floor at a height of 23 meters. All this will be located on the fifth floor and will open on June 10.

As for gastronomy and shops, Jewel is unlikely to be able to surprise someone.A standard set of fast food eateries, pastry shops and coffee shops, the ubiquitous Zara … The only thing we must pay tribute to the Singaporeans, their shopping and entertainment complexes look really attractive, and international the goodies are really great, albeit damn expensive.

Here are fabulous, for example, eclairs. Yum.

This is the line for the opening of the Shake Shack. The clock is 9:50 in the morning.

As a curious thing, I found a vending machine for ties and socks.

And jewelry.

Currency exchange machines – though not so exotic, but a handy thing.

There is a souvenir shop with Changi merchandise.

Services for passengers in Jewel

Since Jewel is at the airport, it is logical that it provided services for passengers – as for for those who make a transfer and for those who begin their journey to Singapore.

This is what this is about.

Early Registration Hall .It is intended for those who want to first check in for a flight, drop off their luggage, and then calmly explore Jewel. The service operates from 6:00 am to midnight and applies to selected airlines. A complete list of them is given here .

How early you can check-in depends on the particular airline. For example, you can check in for Singapore Airlines flights as early as 24 hours, and for Saudia flights no earlier than 6 hours before departure.

The service can also be used by transit passengers: for example, if you arrive and depart with different airlines, you can check in your luggage in advance and free your hands for a relaxing walk through the Jewel.

Luggage storage . The service is convenient if the early check-in service is not yet open or supported for your airline, or if you want to leave your hand luggage in the locker.

This is the cost of the service.

Changi Lounge . In fact, this is a typical airport lounge – with a business corner, drinks and snacks, showers and a place to relax.

It is open 24 hours a day, and so far it can only be used for money.38SGD for 3 hours per person? Oh.

I was told that there are future partnerships planned with Priority Pass and Loungebuddy. That is good!

Nearby – automatic return machines GST ( duty free ).

All of these services are at the L1 level.

Finally, the most unusual aspect of Jewel for fans of our hobby is the YotelAIR hotel at level L5 .

There is a shortage of hotels in the vicinity of the Singapore airport. The only hotel at the terminal is the expensive Crowne Plaza.Other options for spending the night are at a considerable distance and are also expensive.

I was terribly curious to see YotelAIR, which opened several weeks ago. The full review will be published very soon. Until I say only that I’m at a loss: a capsule with an area of ​​4 sq. m. without a window that stands only marginally cheaper than Crowne Plaza? Hmm.

The thing is, spending the night in the lounge won’t cost much cheaper than YotelAIR, and it is unclear if the lounge has full beds.

My opinion on Jewel

Fans of the air-conditioned world, consumerism and escapism will love Jewel.

Personally, I see neither sense nor beauty in Jewel.

Jewel not expands the terminal area and does not offer interesting views of the airfield. In fact, this is just a shopping complex with claims and a dubious hotel. All the same could be found anywhere else in the world. To be honest, I I was expecting something like that … Changovskiy … but there is nothing.

I also don’t see the beauty of an artificial waterfall. Okay, I’m not the kind of person who enjoys something on command; if everyone, like zombies, takes a selfie against the backdrop of a waterfall, I rather have a reverse reaction.I am a master of analysis and doubt, not dull pleasure. It seems to me that the waterfall is bullshit. In its place could just as well have been a statue of a giant camel or a poster for the New Zealand rugby team. Well, why not?

The only really useful thing I see is the YotelAIR hotel. But – damn it – why was it impossible to build an ordinary hotel with normal rooms, at least the same ibis, and not a capsule ugliness for monstrous money?

Moderate curiosity makes me virtual attraction Changi Experience.But I don’t think he will be able to cause more stronger emotions than a simple view of the Changi airfield from the panoramic terrace or the window of a room in the Crowne Plaza.

To summarize, I would hardly have deliberately set aside time for visiting Jewel. But if you still have time between flights, why not ? At least take a ride between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 on the Skytrain, which has a great view of the falls. But be original: don’t take selfies.

Has anyone already been to Jewel, or is going there in the near future?

90,000 Multinational corporations prefer Singapore for regional headquarters

According to the Hawksford report, Singapore maintains its position as the leading destination for the Asia-Pacific regional headquarters.

Singapore continues to be a popular hub for the Asia-Pacific region, with nearly half of the 7,000 multinationals based in the city-state choosing to locate their regional headquarters (RHQ) there, according to a new report from corporate services provider Hawksford.

In the first four months of 2019, Singapore continued to be the most in-demand RHQ destination in the Asia-Pacific region with 15 new HQ projects, according to investment monitoring at FDI Markets.Companies that set up Singapore headquarters in 2019 included British telecom giant BT and home furnishings maker Dyson, as well as US giant Uber and retailer Foot Locker.

Singapore ranked second as a destination city with headquarters in 2018, behind only London, which had 60 new investment projects linked to headquarters, according to fDi Markets.

For all types of new FDI projects, Singapore is the second largest destination city in the world with 546 projects registered in 2018, an increase of 7.5% over 2017, fDi Markets reported.Nearly 20% of these projects were in the information and communications technology and electronics sector, while financial services accounted for 17.3% of all projects as Singapore continues to be a hub for both financial services and technology-driven innovation.

This strong FDI performance is partly due to Singapore’s phased approach to the incentives it provides to foreign investors. “The beauty of Singapore is that they always have a personal touch.They are trying to understand the potential of the project, what the project will bring, and whether there are subsidiaries, regional headquarters elements or R&D elements. Then they bring them together to make an offer, ”said Dario Acconci, managing director for South East Asia at Hawksford.

Success in all areas

Singapore has consistently performed well in the fDi rankings as it has been honored with fDi’s Global City of the Future 2018/19, Smart Location of the Future 2019 and Biotechnology of the Future 2019.Singapore’s success is attributed to numerous factors, including ease of doing business – for which it was ranked second in the World Bank’s 2019 rankings – low levels of corruption, good rule of law and a crossroads of commercial routes.

Singapore also has strong relationships around the world, allowing it to trade with many countries relatively frictionless. At the regional level, it is part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which has strong ties with China.Globally in 2018, it signed a comprehensive and progressive trans-Pacific partnership with 10 countries and signed a trade agreement between the EU and Singapore.

“While there are many factors that help attract a wide range of investments, the most important factor is the government’s vision. Singapore has a government actively pursuing its vision with a long-term approach and action to become an attractive location for smart investments.He is not only reviewing and creating his own vision of the nation, but will continue to redirect, change and adjust it, ”said Mr Acconci.

fDi Markets


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