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If you still can’t find the answer, feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help! 

(A) About


Q: What is is Singapore’s very own one-stop platform for kickstarting your Giving Journey, whether you are looking to help local charities by giving our TIME, by general volunteering; TALENT, by skills volunteering; or TREASURE, by donating.

Key Benefits of is a safe and secure integrated giving platform. It is hosted and maintained by NVPC, a charity with Institutions of a Public Character status in Singapore. NVPC has borne 100% of the development cost of, which included IT security, audit, and testing, and is committed to ensuring that the platform continues to be trusted by donors and charities alike. Charities receive donations which are electronically paid into their bank accounts, saving manpower costs associated with processing cheques and donation forms, as well as, time spent handling and securing cash. Since October 2017, has been refreshed with a new interface and improved functions to help individuals, interest groups and corporates better their giving journeys. provides enhanced user experience with a sleeker design, enhanced search and saving capabilities, smart filters and customised dashboards with insights to help users track their giving efforts. The introduced functions will make giving easier and more seamless.


Q: Do I need to create an account to take action (donate, volunteer or fundraise)?

Yes, you do need to sign up for an account with us at – then you can choose to donate, volunteer, fundraise and more!


Q: Are my transactions on safe and secure?

Yes, we have created a highly secure platform for our community. Your personal details, including credit card details, are kept safe and connection to the server is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Therefore, our website starts with “https” and not the more common and unsecured “http”.

Our Payment Gateway Providers are PCI Level 1 Compliant (the toughest level!) and are 3-D Secure supported. Transactions made through 3-D Secure scheme is designed to be an additional layer of security for online payments to prevent fraud. This may require you to provide a one-time password (OTP) or PIN to complete your transaction, which will be sent to your mobile phone number.


Q: What fees are charged by

Donors do not pay any fees. 100% of all donations go directly to the organisations to benefit the initiatives and causes they champion.

Charities pay a nominal total fee of 3%* of the donation amount, plus prevailing GST. This will cover bank charges, defray maintenance costs, and help us improve the site features and enhance’s user experience.

*As part of our continued effort to support charities, there will be no transaction fees from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.


Q: What is “TDR” and does it apply to me?

TDR refers to tax deduction receipts. If you see our TDR icon in a charity’s profile, it means donations to that charity are tax deductible. Do note that some charities specify a minimum donation amount for tax deduction.


Q: What does “I want to claim TDR (if available)” mean?

As the Charity IPC status is issued on a periodic basis, it may or may not be renewed after it expires. Charities have the discretion to adjust the minimum tax deductible amount from time to time to suit their operations requirement. If you have opted to claim for Tax Deduction on your monthly donation, do note that eligibility is dependable on the charity’s IPC status and minimum tax deduction amount at the point of billing. In the event of any dispute to the tax deduction eligibility, all decisions made by the Charities shall be final and conclusive.


Q: How do I claim tax deductions on my donations to IPCs?

When donating to an IPC (Institutions of a Public Character), ensure that the option to request for tax deduction is selected and provide the necessary details in order to receive tax deduction.

The donation details will be provided directly to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) by the approved IPC and the donation deductions will be included automatically in your individual tax assessment, or where applicable, your corporate tax assessment. There will be no physical receipt issued by or the charity. You may keep the email donation acknowledgment as reference for your donation.


Q: How do I set up a monthly donation for a Charity?

Sign up or Login to your account. Select your preferred charity under the “Donate Today” page, and enter the monthly amount you wish to donate under the MONTHLY option. Afterward, you will be prompted to enter your card and personal details. Upon successful donation you will be able to view the details in My Donation, Monthly Subscription. If you made the donation on 1st March 2018, this will be your subscription date. Your next billing date will be deducted from your default card on 1st April 2018.


Q: How do I check the list of charities which I have signed up for monthly donation?

Login to your account and switch to your Individual profile. Click on My Donations, then Monthly Subscription. You will be able to see the list of charities that you have signed up for monthly donations. This is where you can manage your monthly subscription settings such as modifying the donation amount and updating your default card.


Q: The expiry date for my default card used for monthly donation is ending soon; what do I need to do?

When your card is expiring soon, your bank will send a notification to us to update your card information so that your monthly donations can continue uninterrupted.
If the bank re-issues you a new card: there is no action needed from your end and the bank will update the payment gateway with the new card details.
Alternatively, you can add your new card details under your card information, and set this card as your default card for your monthly subscription to ensure your donations can continue uninterrupted.


Q: How do I change my default card for my existing monthly subscription?

You may update your payment details by logging into and switching to your Individual profile. Click on Account and go to the Saved Card section, click on “Add a new card”, enter the details accordingly and set it as your default card for all future deductions. If you made the donation on 1st March 2018, this will be your subscription date. Your next billing date will be deducted from your default card on 1st April 2018. Changes in the default card does not alter the next billing date cycle.


Q: Why is my monthly subscription cancelled? I did not cancel the subscription from my end.

If you made the donation on 1st March 2018, this will be your subscription date. Your next billing date will be deducted from your default card on 1st April 2018. If the deduction on 1st April is unsuccessful, you will receive an email notification to update your payment information. A total of 3 deduction attempts will be made (1 day, 3 days and 7 days after the previous attempt). Your subscription will be automatically cancelled if the third deduction attempt is unsuccessful. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we are here to help you.


Q: How do I know that my donation will reach the charity that I donated to?

Each charity listed on completes a Direct Credit Authorisation Form, and provides the charity’s bank account number. This bank account number is verified with the charity’s bank. receives this form, bearing the original signatures and stamps of the charity and the bank. All donations to the charity through our website are then paid electronically by into the verified bank account. Each charity can log onto at any time to view its bank account number and donations made and received.


Q: How do I know if my donation is successful? What do I do if it’s not?

After you’ve made your donation, you’ll receive an email notification of its status. A donation can be unsuccessful due to a number of reasons. In case of any error, please check if the below applies and do try again.


Availability of Funds:
For credit card transactions, please ensure that your credit card transaction is within any applicable credit card limit. In the case of internet banking (IB) transactions, please ensure that there are adequate funds in your bank account and that your IB transaction is within any applicable IB transaction limits.
You could also check your internet connection and try again. Technology messes up, sometimes. If the issue still persists, please contact us at [email protected].


Q: Can I cancel my donation?

All donations made through are not refundable. Donations made to a charity will be for that charity only and there shall be no substitution of donations between charities.


Q: What does it mean when I “connect” with an organisation?

When you connect with an organisation, you have access to any private volunteering activities or fundraising that they start. You can connect with organisations by clicking the “connect” button on their profile page! If you can’t find the connect button, it means the organisation has not allowed users to connect with them.


Q: Why can’t I see anything on my dashboard?

It might be because you haven’t taken that action yet. Help us build a #CityofGood by donating, volunteering or fundraising!


Q: Why can’t I sign up or log in to using my Facebook account?

It might be because there is a Facebook app permission setting that is restricting your access. Do check your Facebook privacy settings and allow permissions to


What are the supported browsers for

To have the best giving experience with us on your computers, a supported, up-to-date browser is recommended. This would ensure support for your browsers and improved security and performance.

The latest 2 versions of the below browsers are supported:


Browser Operating System
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Windows

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Windows
Apple Mac OS X

Google Chrome

Microsoft Windows
Apple Mac OS X

Google Android Chrome

Google Android 4 and later


Apple iOS Safari

Apple iOS




(B) For Charities


Q: Must I be a registered charity to sign up on Giving. sg?

Any non-profit organisation registered in Singapore can use our platform to recruit volunteers for events and activities they organise. However, only registered charities can raise funds and receive donations through the platform.

Do note that religious organisations, political organisations and their affiliates, as well as any organisations that are of a non-secular or non-moralistic nature are not eligible to join. If you fit the bill, come join our giving family!


Q: Will my charity get a breakdown of donations received?

You may log into your charity’s account on and access your donation reports. Only the Admin role has access to this. Please check with your account administrator for role access.


Q: How can I differentiate between one time and monthly donations in my donation report?

Login to your account and switch to your charity profile. Click on Our Donations and select the period you wish to retrieve. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the scrollbar to navigate to the last column of the table. You will see a new column added, “Donation Type” and the new labels ONE-TIME or MONTHLY will be added.


Q: Can my charity receive a report about our volunteering activities?

Yes! Depending on what role you’ve been assigned, you can extract donation and volunteering information for your charity. Only Admin, Volunteer Managers and Volunteer Leaders* are able to access this.

*Can only access for specific activities they have been assigned the role to.


Q: What if I have regular volunteer activities?

No problem! When setting up a volunteering activity, you can choose whether you’re looking for ad-hoc or regular volunteers.


Q: Can I turn down volunteers?

Yes, you can confirm or decline volunteers who sign up for your event.


Q: Can I customise thank you emails for my donors and volunteers?

Yes, you’ll be able to access all donor and volunteer information (based on their approvals given via their Giving. sg profiles), and contact them when you want. Separately, donors and volunteers will receive simple emails from which acknowledge their contributions.


Q: I no longer wish for my organisation to be listed on What should I do?

Simply let our team know, and we’ll remove your organisation from the platform.


Q: How can I change the bank account details of my organisation that were previously provided?

Please inform our team two weeks before your organisation’s bank account details will change.

We’ll send you a fresh Direct Credit Authorisation Form. Once you have completed the relevant information and submitted the Form to us, your organisation’s bank account details will be updated accordingly.


Q: A donor is disputing a donation transaction involving my organisation. What can I do?

Please contact the donor directly to resolve the matter. If a resolution cannot be reached, please then do contact us.


(C) For Organisations and Groups


Q: Who can join as an organisation or group?

Anyone can – from registered companies and societies to ground-up movements, or even if you’re just a group of friends wanting to do good together!

If you are a Singapore Registered Organisation (Corporate, Government Body, Educational Institution etc), you will be asked to submit a Letter of Authorisation during sign up. Once this has submitted, your account will be created.

If you are signing up as a group, you will be asked to complete a form after sign up. Once this has been submitted, your account will be created.

Do note that religious organisations, political organisations and their affiliates, as well as any organisations that are of a non-secular or non-moralistic nature are not eligible to join.


Q: What happens if I make my profile and activities private?

Setting your profile and activities (campaigns and volunteering activities) to private means that they can only be accessed by your members – people that you invite to connect on Giving. sg. Non-members will not be able to discover them through the search pages. Even if you make your profile public, you can still make your activities private!


Q: How do I change my organisation/group’s privacy settings?

You can change your group’s profile’s privacy settings on your profile page. You can choose to make your fundraising campaigns and volunteering activities public or private when you create them. If you change your mind after they have gone live – no worries! You can change this by editing your campaign or volunteering activity. Do note that if you’ve already received signups for the volunteering activity that you wish to make private, you will have to decline the signups first.


Q: How can I invite my network to join?

There are two ways you can invite your network to be a member:

  • Make sure you’re logged in as your organisation/group account, and head to your members page. You can invite your network by email, via the “Invite Members” button at the top of the page. Only Admin or Volunteer Managers can access this tab.
  • Send an email to everyone you wish to invite, with the link to your profile. After signing up for an account on, they will be able to request to connect with your organisation/group.


Q: What roles can I assign to members?


Roles What they can do

Sign up for private volunteering activities
Donate to private fundraising campaigns

Volunteer Leader

View all volunteering activities
View volunteer signups for selected activities
Mark volunteer attendance for selected activities*

Volunteer Manager

View all volunteering activities and volunteer sign ups
Start activities on your behalf*


Edit profile (this includes Wishlist function for Charity profiles)
View dashboard
View all volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns
Start campaigns on your behalf*

Finance Manager

View dashboard
View all donations, volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns
Export data* 


Edit profile (this includes Wishlist function for Charity profiles)
Invite members and assign roles
View dashboard
View all donations, volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns
Create/manage all volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns*
Export data*

*Only members with full access are able to have these permissions.


(D) For Donors


Q: I am concerned about the general risks related to donations made via the platform. Can you highlight some of the associated risks that I should be aware of?

While takes all necessary steps to ensure safe and secure giving, there are risks in the use of any online fund-raising platform. Some general risks identified are:


  1. Donation transaction errors
    • There is a possibility that the credit card holder may be charged twice for the transaction made due to clicking wrongly; other errors could result from downtime by the Internet Service Provider or 3rd party providers (e.g. payment gateway).
  2. Credit card fraud, identity theft and online security
    • There is the possibility that various threats could occur. Threats of malware, phishing, pharming and hacking attacks are some of the possible types of attacks.
    • Black-hat hackers could use the stolen credit card data from donors or exploit personal data to be used for identity theft, unsolicited marketing and spamming .


Please be assured that every care has been taken at our end to address potential risks. We subscribe to The Code of Practice for Charitable Online Fund-Raising Appeals issued by the Commissioner of Charities and liaise closely with the COC’s Office to ensure that our systems and processes are in accordance with the Code. If there are any concerns on the risks of use of the online fund-raising platform, please email us @ [email protected] or the respective charity directly.

Please refer to for what the Code of Practice for Charitable Online Fund-Raising Appeals advocates.  


Q: Why does my bank credit card or bank statement show Giving Dot SG name instead of the charity I donated to?

Your donation is first paid into the bank account of, so that the charity will not need to pay for having a separate merchant account. Essentially, it’s done to help the charity save some costs.


Q: What payment gateways are available if I want to make a donation? has partnered with Stripe, which provides a payment gateway for credit card payments. This currently supports all local and international VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit card transactions.

Want to make quicker transactions with your mobile apps? You can now make donations via NETS QR (desktop only), through supported mobile apps e.g. NETSPay, DBS PayLah!, OCBC’s Pay Anyone and UOB’s Mighty app.

We also support digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and GrabPay on both desktop and mobile.

For users making eNETS donations via your mobile site, do note that only NETSPay app is available for this payment gateway.


Q: Do you accept PayPal?

Sorry, we don’t support PayPal transactions.


Q: If I have an international credit card, can I make a donation?

Yes, any international VISA or MasterCard credit card can be used to donate.


Q: What currency are all donations in?

Donations will be made in Singapore dollars.


Q: I want to donate what I can; what’s the smallest and largest amount I can donate?

Every little bit counts! The smallest amount you can donate to a charity in one transaction is $10, and it goes up to $100,000. But there is no limit to the amount your Giving Basket can hold, meaning you can donate to as many charities as you like! (Eg. you can donate $100,000 to 5 different charities, bringing your Giving Basket to a total of $500,000). However, you can only checkout up to $999,999 each time, when using debit/credit card, due to payment gateway limitations. Remember, you can always donate multiple times a day, any time of the day. Just bear in mind that this depends on your credit card or internet banking limits applicable to the relevant banks.


Q: What is the difference between donations to a non-profit’s fundraising campaign and donations to an individual’s fundraising campaign, if they are both benefiting the same charity?

There is no major difference. A charity can create multiple fundraising campaigns for different causes, beneficiaries or events. As an individual, you can start fundraising campaigns linked either to a charity, or one of their specific campaigns.


Q: I’m not 18 years old yet! Can I still donate to the charity I wish to support?

If you are between 13 to 17 years old, you need to obtain parental consent to make a donation on If you are 18 years or older, you can donate freely!


Q: If I donate in the last week of Dec 2017 to an IPC and the donation amount meets the minimum tax deductible amount, will my donations be eligible for tax deduction for the Year of Assessment 2018?

Please check directly with the respective charities whether the donation will be allowed in your tax assessment for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2018 before proceeding to make a donation. In the event of any dispute to the tax deduction window period, all decisions made by the Charities shall be final and conclusive.


Q: How do I use NETS QR on desktop?


  1. On the checkout page, select “Credit/Debit Cards or Scanning NETS QR Code”. Choose the “Scanning NETS QR Code” option.

  2. A NETS QR code (see below) will appear on the screen. This QR Code is valid for 5 minutes.

  3. On your mobile phone, log in to one of the payment apps that support NETS QR such as NETSPay, DBS PayLah!, OCBC’s Pay Anyone and UOB’s Mighty app.

  4. Scan the NETS QR code, review the amount displayed on the app and proceed to make the donation. And you’re done! A donation confirmation notification will be sent to your designated email address once the transaction is completed.


Q: What are the payment apps that support NETS QR on desktop?

DBS PayLah!, OCBC’s Pay Anyone, UOB’s Mighty and NETSPay.  


Q: How do I use NETSPay on mobile?

  1. On the checkout page, select “New Payment Methods” and tap on NETSPay payment mode to make donation.
    Note: Please ensure NETSPay app is installed on your mobile devices. You may download the app from App Store (for IOS) or Play Store (for Android) if you have not done so.

  2. Upon tapping on Donate Today, NETSPay app will be activated on your device to complete the payment.
  3. Review the amount displayed on the app and proceed to make the donation. And you’re done! A donation confirmation notification will be sent to your designated email address once the transaction is completed.


Q: How do I use Apple Pay on mobile?

  1. Ensure that you have an Apple ID signed in to iCloud. A valid credit/debit card of your choice should be added under Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay.
  2. On the checkout page, select “New Payment Methods” and tap on Mastercard/Visa/American Express payment mode to make a donation.

  3. Upon clicking on Donate Today, you will be redirected to’s Stripe checkout page. If you have no saved cards in Giving. sg, the Apple Pay button will appear. If you have saved cards, tap on “change” on the payment field and the Apple Pay button will appear.

  4. Review the amount displayed and proceed to make the donation by clicking on “Pay with passcode” or other authentication methods. And you’re done! A donation confirmation notification will be sent to your designated email address once the transaction is completed.
    Do note that Apple Pay is only supported in Safari and available only within supported iOS devices.


Q: How do I use Google Pay on mobile?

  1. Ensure that the Google Pay app is installed on your device and a valid credit/debit card of your choice is added on the Google Pay app. You may download the app from App Store (for IOS) or Play Store (for Android) if you have not done so.
  2. Under Settings > Apps, tap the three-dot icon and select Default Apps. The Tap and Pay option should show Google Pay as your default payment service.
  3. On the checkout page, select “New Payment Methods” and tap on Mastercard/Visa/American Express payment mode to make a donation.

  4. Upon clicking on Donate Today, you will be redirected to’s Stripe checkout page. If you have no saved cards in, the GPay button will appear. If you have saved cards, tap on “change” on the payment field and the GPay button will appear.

  5. Review the amount displayed and proceed to make the donation by clicking “Pay”. And you’re done! A donation confirmation notification will be sent to your designated email address once the transaction is completed.
  6. Do note that Google Pay is only supported in Google Chrome and Safari


Q: How do I use GrabPay on mobile?

  1. Ensure that the Grab app is installed on your device and a valid credit/debit card of your choice is linked to the app. You may download the app from App Store (for IOS) or Play Store (for Android) if you have not done so.
  2. On the checkout page, select “New Payment Methods” and tap on GrabPay payment mode to make a donation.

  3. Upon clicking on Donate Today, you will be redirected to’s Stripe checkout page.
  4. Enter your email and tap on “Buy with GrabPay”. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number associated with your Grab account for authentication via SMS. Enter the 6-digit code sent to your mobile number.
  5. Review the transaction summary and proceed to make the donation by clicking “Confirm Payment”. And you’re done! A donation confirmation notification will be sent to your designated email address once the transaction is completed.


(E) For Fundraisers


Q: I want to raise funds for my charity! How do I get started?

If your chosen charity is already listed on (yay!), you can head here to start a campaign for them. Remember, you can add personal touches to the story behind your campaign through photos, videos and anything else you were inspired by! If your chosen charity isn’t part of our happy family, please get in touch with them and encourage them to join!


Q: I want to fundraise for a friend who needs help. Can I?

Currently, you can only start fundraising campaigns to support the charities listed on If you wish to raise funds for a friend or individual, you can put him/her in touch with a charity that can help. You can find a list of all charities in Singapore on the Charity Portal .


Q: Is there a minimum or maximum goal that I can set for my fundraising campaign?

You can set a minimum fundraising target of S$100, and up to a maximum of S$2,000,000.


Q: Can I extend the length of my campaign?

You can extend the length of campaigns that are ‘live’ (ie. not yet expired), as long as the entire campaign period does not exceed 365 days from the start date of the campaign.


Q: How can I make my fundraising campaign successful?

While the stories behind everyone’s fundraising campaigns may vary, we do have a few basic tips to offer you to make your fundraising a success!

  1. Get creative with your campaign! Some ideas include giving up a birthday gift in exchange for a donation, an online auction/sale, or giving up coffee for a week. You can also do something adventurous, like organising a dance marathon or climbing a mountain.
  2. Set a goal – start with a realistic fundraising target (eg. $1,000) so that it is less intimidating for donors. Run your campaign for a set period of time, say two months, to create some sense of excitement and urgency among potential donors.
  3. Tell a story – share what your campaign is about, and who or what it will impact. Focus on how your campaign, with support from donors, will benefit your beneficiary.
  4. Use visuals – add pictures to your campaign page because it always makes a story more appealing.
  5. Spread the word – use social media to promote your campaign, but don’t rely on it completely. Emails can be more personal and impactful. You can also send the campaign link to your contacts.


Q: What should be the dimensions and file sizes of photos that I upload to my fundraising campaign page?

The recommended image size that you can upload on Giving. sg should be 800px by 600px in dimension, up to 1 MB, with a resolution of 72 dpi. To optimize the image quality, it is recommended to use an image with sRGB colour space. These attributes can be set in most popular editing apps (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr, etc).


Q: Can I upload videos to my fundraising campaign page?

Yes, you can link to YouTube videos only.


Q: Do I need a license to fundraise through

No license is required for fundraising activities conducted on However, if you conduct any fundraising activities outside of and in public, a license is still required, even if the activities are linked to the campaign.


Q: Do I need a license to conduct activities outside of that are related to my online campaign? (eg fulfilling campaign promises in public following a completed donation campaign conducted on

If your activities are conducted in a public space you may still need to comply with regulations concerning public fundraising. Please check with NCSS or the Singapore Police Force.


Q: Can I create a campaign for foreign charitable purposes? Are they tax-deductible?

If you wish to conduct any fundraising appeals for foreign charitable purposes, you must apply for a permit from the office of the Commissioner of Charities. To apply for the permit, you must be an organisation (be it incorporated or unincorporated) in Singapore and submit the application at least 30 days before the commencement of the fundraising appeal. It is the joint responsibility of the campaign owner and the charity to get the necessary permits before any campaigns are submitted and approved on Please refer to the Charity Portal for more details. Donations to campaigns that are for foreign charitable purposes are not tax deductible.


Q: How do I get my campaign on your home page?

We use an algorithm to choose the “Trending Campaigns” displayed on our home page; this is based on the most amount of donations received in the shortest amount of time.


(F) For Volunteers


Q: I’m not 13 years old yet! Can I still volunteer?

13 is the minimum age required by But certain volunteer activities do specify a minimum age, that may be older than 13! If you are a parent who has signed up for a volunteer activity and wish to bring your children along, please consult the relevant Volunteer Leader or contact person of the activity on whether this arrangement will work.


Q: Can I withdraw my application to be a volunteer?

Yes, you do have the option to withdraw from a volunteer activity after you have signed up. However we do recommend that you avoid withdrawing your participation if you have already been confirmed for an activity. The charity may have already allocated resources and planned tasks based on your initial sign up. Do volunteer responsibly!


Q: Can I obtain proof of attendance or certification for my volunteer hours?

After the activity is over, the Volunteer Leader in charge of the activity will update the number of hours contributed by each volunteer. To view or retrieve your volunteer records, log into your individual account, go to your profile page, and then click on the “My Volunteer Activities” link to see the total hours you have contributed as a volunteer. If you need further endorsement, you may contact the charity directly, or the Volunteer Leader of a particular activity that you volunteered for.


Make a Charitable Donation | Singapore Children’s Society

Notice: We would like to encourage all who wish to visit our Corporate Office, to call or email us first to make an appointment. If you wish to make a donation, please consider using online platforms instead. You can reach us at 6273 2010 between 8.30am to 5.30pm from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays), or email us at [email protected]

Your donation to our charity will come a long way to build a better future for the children, youth and families in need. Every contribution you give, big or small, will make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries.

Singapore Children’s Society is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC). Please ensure your donation and details reach us by 31 December 2021 in order for the tax deduction to be allowed in your tax assessment for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2022.​ All donations are eligible for a 2.5 times tax deduction. Do write in to [email protected] if you wish to claim for tax deduction on your donation.

Please see below for the various donation modes. Online and credit card donations are preferred during this period of time. We seek your understanding that there will be some delay in the processing of donations and the issuance of receipts until we resume full operations.

Crowdfunding platforms


Check out the campaigns on our very own crowdfunding platform Give2Children

Alternatively, to make an online donation to our campaigns on, please click here.

To support the community, NVPC has announced that there will be no transaction fees on Giving. sg till 31 March 2022. Therefore, 100% of your donations will go towards our organisation.

Debit/Credit Card/GIRO/Cheque

To make a one-time or recurring donation using Debit/Credit card, please click here.

To make a one-time or monthly donation via GIRO or Debit/Credit Card, please fill in the donation form and mail it back to us:

Download GIRO / Credit Card donation form.

If you would still like to make a cheque donation, we ask that you consider dropping the cheque off at a UOB Bank cheque drop-off facility. Please indicate our UOB bank account number 116-309357-5 on the back of the cheque.

To claim tax deduction, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Full Name of Donor
  2. Date of Deposit
  3. Cheque No.
  4. Cheque Amount
  5. NRIC/FIN/Passport No

If you prefer to mail your cheque to us, please send it together with the completed cheque donation form (link above) to: 210 Middle Road #05-03 Singapore 188994

*All donations of $1,000 and above received will be channelled to our fundraising programme “1000 Enterprises for Children in Need / 1000 Philanthropists”

Digital Wallets and QR payment

Click here to donate via GrabPay!

To donate via PayNow, please scan this QR code using your online banking app or Google Pay:

Alternatively, key in our UEN number S62SS0057G via your online banking app.

Participating banks include Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered and UOB.

To request for tax deduction for your PayNow donation, please indicate your full name (as per your identification card) under “Bill Reference”. Thereafter email your full name, NRIC, FIN or Passport No., the donated amount and date of donation to [email protected]

*All donations received from 1 October 2021 to 31 October 2021 will be channelled to our fundraising project “Little Kindness Lots of Joy – Children’s Day”

DBS Internet Banking

Simply log on to DBS Internet Banking to select “Singapore Children’s Society” under the droplist as a billing organisation to pay to.

If you wish to claim for tax deduction on your donation, indicate “D” under “Bill Reference” for us to identify your transaction at our end. Thereafter, please email the following details to us at [email protected]:

  • Bill Reference submitted
  • Full Name
  • NRIC, FIN or Passport No.
  • Donated Amount (S$)
  • Date of Donation

For Anonymous Donations – indicate “Anonymous Donation”.

  • Anonymous Donation
  • D Peter
  • D Susan

*All donations of $1,000 and above received will be channelled to our fundraising programme “1000 Enterprises for Children in Need / 1000 Philanthropists”


Online and credit card donations are preferred during this period of time. However you may make a cash donation at:

210 Middle Road

Singapore 188994


We welcome donations-in-kind (“DIK”) items from the public. However, we can only accept items that support our mission and objectives. All DIK items will be accepted at the discretion of Singapore Children’s Society. Once accepted, the DIK items become the property of Singapore Children’s Society. We retain the right to use, distribute to our beneficiary, transfer to an external party or dispose of the items as we see fit, unless a specific arrangement has been made with the donor.

We regret that we can only accept items that are relevant to our current needs so that there is no unnecessary wastage of donated items. For perishable items, we might not be able to accept items that have a shelf life of less than six months. We thank you for your kind understanding.

All donors will receive an acknowledgement slip for the items that they donate.
If you would like to find out more about the items that we need, please contact us
at [email protected] or see our DIK needs on

Shop &amp Donate for Food Charity in Singapore | Food Donation Box Locations in Singapore

Thank you for your support! To maintain safe distancing measures, we invite donors to make online cash donations to us instead of in-kind food donation for families, the elderly and others in need in Singapore.

You can make the cash donation via, our website or by addressing your cheque to Food from the Heart and mailing it to 130 Joo Seng Road #03-01 Singapore 368357.  


Food Donation Wish Lists

Community Food Pack Wish List

  • Rice, 1kg or 2kg
  • Vermicelli/bee hoon
  • Biscuits, less sugar*
  • Malt drinks, less sugar, e.g. Milo*
  • Coffee or tea, less sugar*
  • Canned fish/meat*
  • Canned vegetables – especially beans, mushrooms, peas*
  • Canned mock meat
  • Canned soup
  • Canned fruit
  • Evaporated/condensed milk
  • Cooking oil, 500ml or 1L
  • Bread spread

*Priority items


Community Shop @ Mountbatten and Boon Lay Wish List

  • Coffee (no sugar)
  • Tea in sachets
  • Milo
  • Assorted canned pork products
  • Biscuits, tinned
  • Canned fruit
  • Canned fried dace
  • Rice, 2. 5kg
  • UHT milk, 1L

The below items are accepted but can only be donated during shop opening hours:

  • Packed fresh fruit
  • Soy bean milk, 1L (reduced sugar)
  • Orange juice, 1L (reduced sugar)
  • Apple juice, 1L (reduced sugar)


*Food from the Heart requires all food donations to be dated at least 3 months before expiry.


Donate Straight to Food from the Heart

Deliver your food donation for families straight to our warehouse and pass the items to our staff in charge, Kelvin. Should you be unable to deliver the items within during our operating hours, please leave them in our food donation box outside our door.

Address: 130 Joo Seng Road #03-01 Singapore 368357

Operating hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm

Contact no.: 6280 4483


Food Donation Drive Locations Islandwide

Food donations accepted at the following NTUC FairPrice locations during 1 – 31 October 2021  


FairPrice 140 Tech Whye Lane

FairPrice 180 Kitchener Road

FairPrice 476 Upper Serangoon View

FairPrice Blk 107 Tampines St 11

FairPrice Blk 152B Serangoon North Ave 1

FairPrice Blk 212 Bedok North Street 1

FairPrice Blk 215 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

FairPrice Blk 253 Serangoon Central Drive

FairPrice Blk 279 Bishan St 24

FairPrice Blk 29B Chai Chee Ave

FairPrice Blk 414 Yishun Ring Road

FairPrice Blk 475 Tampines St 44

FairPrice Blk 511 Canberra Road

FairPrice Blk 682 Hougang Ave 4

FairPrice Blk 71 Kallang Bahru

FairPrice Blk 80 Lorong Limau Road

FairPrice Blk 808 French Road

FairPrice Blk 849 Yishun Ring Road

FairPrice Blk 888 Woodlands Drive 50

FairPrice Boon Lay Shopping Complex

FairPrice Bukit Batok Central

FairPrice Bukit Batok Clubhouse

FairPrice Canberra Plaza

FairPrice Chinatown point

FairPrice Downtown East

FairPrice East Point

FairPrice Finest 100AM

FairPrice Finest Bedok Mall

FairPrice Finest Bukit Timah Plaza

FairPrice Finest Jewel Changi Airport

FairPrice Finest Marine Parade Central 

FairPrice Finest Paya Lebar Quarter

FairPrice Finest Scotts Square

FairPrice Finest Seletar Mall

FairPrice Finest Thomson Plaza

FairPrice Finest Tiong Bahru Plaza

FairPrice Finest Waterway Point

FairPrice Finest Zhong Shan Park

FairPrice Hillion Mall

FairPrice Joo Chiat Complex

FairPrice Kang Kar Mall

FairPrice Mapletree 18

FairPrice Northpoint City

FairPrice Orchard Grand Court

FairPrice Our Tampines Hub

FairPrice Pasir Ris West Plaza

FairPrice Punggol Plaza

FairPrice Rivervale mall

FairPrice Rivervale Plaza

FairPrice Senja Grand

FairPrice SingPost Centre

FairPrice Sun Plaza

FairPrice Tampines Mall

FairPrice Woodlands Civic Centre

FairPrice Xtra Ang Mo Kio Hub

FairPrice Xtra Changi Business Park

FairPrice Xtra Hougang One

FairPrice Xtra Nex Mall

FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade

FairPrice Xtra Stadium

FairPrice Yew Tee Point 

FairPrice Yishun MRT



Making an online food donation in Singapore 

We also welcome cash contributions from anyone who wants to be a part of our mission. Our dedicated team will put your online donation towards safe-to-eat food for our beneficiaries and critical operating costs, helping our staff and volunteers battle hunger in Singapore. Make a donation today and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. 


Toy Donation Wish List

(Currently not collecting DUE TO COVID-19)
  • Sports equipment
  • Scooter
  • Board games
  • DIY kits
  • Construction blocks

Collected toys will be distributed to children aged 6-12 years old. New toys are preferred and pre-loved toys in good condition are welcome. We politely request to not receive pre-loved stuffed toys and jigsaw puzzles.


Where to Donate Toys in Singapore

Deliver your toy donations straight to the Food from the Heart warehouse during operating hours.

Address: 130 Joo Seng Road #03-01 Singapore 368357
Operating hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm


For other types of in-kind donations, requests to organise a donation drive for Food from the Heart and further enquiries, please leave us a message here.

IRAS | Donations and Tax Deductions

Cash donations made to an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC) or the Singapore Government for causes that benefit the local community are deductible donations.

Not all registered charities are approved IPCs. Donations made to a charity without approved IPC status are not tax-deductible.

You can search if an organisation is an approved IPC at the Charity Portal.

Cash Donations with Benefits

Only outright cash donations that do not give material benefit to the donor are fully tax-deductible. When a donor receives a benefit in return for the donation made, tax deduction is granted only on the difference between the donation and the value of benefit. However, as a concession, certain donations made to IPCs on or after 1 May 2006 will be deemed as pure donations although there is benefit given in return for the donation. To qualify for the concessionary tax treatment, donations with benefits given in return will be treated as pure donations if the benefits are treated as having no commercial value.

Before 19 Mar 2021

Benefits are treated as having no commercial value if:

  1. the benefit is given in acknowledgement of the donation;
  2. the benefit has no resale value.

On or after 19 Mar 2021

IRAS has reviewed and updated the concessionary tax treatment after consultation with IPCs. To be treated as having no commercial value, the benefits must be:

  1. given out in connection with a fundraising activity; and
  2. fall within the list of benefits specified in paragraph 6.4 of our e-Tax Guide for Donations made on or after 19 March 2021.

New! For details on the concessionary tax treatment and a list of common benefits given in return for donations and their tax treatment, please refer to the IRAS e-Tax Guide “Tax Treatment on Donations with Benefits (Donations made before 19 March 2021)” (PDF, 83KB) and “Tax Treatment on Donations with Benefits (Donations made on or after 19 March 2021)” (PDF, 215KB).

This donation scheme applies to both corporate and individual donors.

Record $102m donated on in a year amid Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – More than $100 million was donated in a year online to about 600 charities amid the Covid-19 pandemic, surpassing previous annual records.

The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) said on Monday (April 5) that its online donation platform received $102 million in donations for the financial year from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021.

This is more than 2½ times the $39.5 million raised in the last financial year.

The increase is due to factors such as donations from the $600 Solidarity Payment given to each adult Singaporean in April last year, as well as the waiver of the 3 per cent transaction fee on the platform, meaning charities receive the full amount of the donations, said NVPC.

To continue supporting the non-profit sector and help the 600 charities on the platform in the upcoming year, is extending the transaction fee waiver till March 31, 2022, said the centre.

NVPC deputy chief executive officer Tony Soh said that charities had been working extremely hard throughout the pandemic to meet the increased needs of their beneficiaries and the communities at risk.

“Extending the 3 per cent transaction fee waiver for another year is NVPC’s contribution towards encouraging the public to continue giving generously, knowing that charities will receive 100 per cent of their donations,” he said.

“We hope that can be a unifying national giving platform as we recommit ourselves to supporting members of our community who are in need. In this unusual time, more than ever, we need to give our best for others.”

Mr Soh added that giving has always been part of Singapore’s DNA, but it really shone through the crisis last year when regular Singaporeans went above and beyond their call of duty to uplift those in need.

“Online giving platforms such as made it easier for anyone to contribute because of how safe, simple and trusted it is, and how it makes giving opportunities across 600 charities and 14 causes accessible to the public – we quite literally bring giving opportunities to your fingertips,” said Mr Soh.

The past year has seen several milestones in donations on

This includes the largest amount donated in a single day – $2.5 million on Dec 31, 2020.

In addition, $93.4 million was collected for the calendar year of 2020, which was more than double the $35.8 million collected in 2019.

14 Charity Organisations In Singapore

(Credit: Rawpixel Ltd / Flickr)

As we wrap up the year, take this moment to reflect on the impact you’ve made to your environment, community and those around you. If you think you’ve not made enough of a difference, it’s still not too late. End the year right by donating to the following charity organisations in Singapore to better someone’s life — however big or small.

1. Singapore Children’s Society

(Credit: Singapore Children’s Society)

Children are the future of our generation and often the apple of the eye to their parents. Unfortunately, there’s always a different side to everything in life. What about the children who are less fortunate or simply do not have a healthy environment growing up? Child abuse, youth delinquency and families facing financial hardships are some issues that are present in our society today.

Since 1952, Singapore Children’s Society protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions. The Society ensures that children receive the attention and love they need especially as they grow up. Today, the Society operates 12 service centres islandwide, offering 79 programmes and services. To ensure that the Singapore Children’s Society continues to reach out to children, youth and families in need, they will require the public’s support. Helping a child may not make much of a difference to you, but it makes all the difference to the child. Extend your support by volunteering at Singapore Children’s Society today!

Make a difference

2. Club Rainbow 10155546945459858/10155546965999858/?type=3&theater

Reach out to families whose children are fighting various chronic and life-threatening illnesses when you donate to Club Rainbow. These young warriors battle tirelessly with long-term medication and endless hospital visits which have caused great distress to their lives in one way or another.

Established in 1992, Club Rainbow is one of the few charity organisations in Singapore that help provides emotional, educational, informational, social and financial support to chronically-ill children. As an independent non-profit organisation, Club Rainbow has helped more than 1,000 children and their families. You can play a part in widening their reach to those in need either by donating or by participating in their fundraising activities!

Make A Difference:

3. Metta Welfare Association

If you’re looking to better the lives of children and elderly in need, Metta Welfare Association is a good place to start! As one of the charity organisations in Singapore founded in the late 90s, Metta Welfare Association has successfully expanded into nine welfare centres islandwide to better cater to those in need. It’s a holistic organisation that not only provides child care services, but also special education, medical and disability care services.

Kindness knows no boundaries, Metta Welfare Association transcends beyond racial and religious barriers to ensure help and support is available to the less fortunate. Your donations, whether in cash or in-kind, will greatly assist in sustaining the services provided by Metta Welfare Association! Alternatively, you can contribute as a volunteer or start a fundraising activity.

Make A Difference:

  • Donate to Metta Welfare Association in cheque:
    Metta Building, 32 Simei Street 1, S(529950)
  • Donate to Metta Welfare Association online, Giro,,, Simply Giving, AXS
  • Donations-in-kind: Groceries, electronics, clothing, motor car policy etc.

4. Hope Centre Singapore

End the year in an enriching manner by volunteering with Hope Centre Singapore, one of the non-profit charity organisations in Singapore. Since 1997, Hope Centre Singapore has actively serviced our community through meaningful programmes such as ‘Tuition With Love’. By providing dedicated mentoring for children from low-income families, Hope Centre Singapore aims to befriend our younger generation and uncover their potential.

Meanwhile, Hope Centre Singapore also reaches out to the elderly through the ‘Breakfast With Love’ programme, held on the first Saturday of every month. Not only will the elderly receive free breakfast, they also get to interact with the community through fun-filled activities and exercises! You can be part of these meaningful activities when you volunteer at Hope Centre Singapore! Alternatively, make a donation to help support their services for our community!

Make A Difference:

  • Donate to Hope Centre Singapore in cheque:
    466 Crawford Lane, #03-06, S(190466)
  • Donate to Hope Centre Singapore via and internet banking

5. Singapore Red Cross Society


Singapore Red Cross Society is no stranger to Singaporeans! Besides being the National Blood Donor Recruiter, the organisation also helps to provide emergency trainings and services for the disabled. Furthermore, the Singapore Red Cross Society is also actively involved in international services such as providing relief efforts for neighbouring countries!

If you’re unable to provide monetary resources but would still like to contribute to our community through one of the charity organisations in Singapore, you can do so at the Singapore Red Cross Society! Help patients survive through emergencies and medical conditions such as leukaemia by donating your blood. With more than 400 units of blood used a day, each blood donor plays a big part in sustaining the supply in our blood bank! Alternatively, you can take on the role of a volunteer blood ambassador to help raise awareness about blood donations, or help out at the Blood Collection Centres!

Make A Difference:


SPCA Singapore

When it comes to making a difference in our community, we mustn’t forget about our furry friends! While many charity organisations in Singapore reach out to underprivileged children or elderly, SPCA fills the overlooked gap of animal advocacy. As an animal welfare charity in Singapore, SPCA aims to prevent cruelty to animals by promoting kindness and animal consideration. The Society provides services in the forms of animal cruelty and welfare investigations, emergency animal rescue, animal shelter and many more.

Every month, the Society receives about 100 animals in need of help, care and a new home. This is a great challenge for a not-for-profit organisation that relies solely on public donations and fundraising exercises. Reach out to these adorable animals either by volunteering or donating to SPCA! Also, an overcrowded shelter does not provide the optimal environment for younger animals or animals with health issue. You can help save a life by becoming a foster parent, or by adopting a pet from them!

Make A Difference:

7. Blessings In A Bag

There’s talent in every individual — empower our youths and bring them to greater heights through Blessings In A Bag! As a volunteer-powered community, Blessings In A Bag extends its reach across Southeast Asia, delivering ‘blessings’ to underprivileged children. On top of that, Blessings In A Bag also host weekly programs (via Beyond Awesome) to help develop  literacy and social abilities among children.

Similar to other charity organisations in Singapore, there are many methods for you to play a part in helping the community. Aside from monetary donations and donations-in-kind, the best way to help would be by volunteering your time at Blessings In A Bag! You can volunteer for their events or provide skilled services in terms of education, legal support or graphics designing.

Make A Difference:

8. Breast Cancer Foundation

Show us the dainty pink ribbon pin and we’d be able to draw an immediate relation to one of our charity organisations in Singapore — the Breast Cancer Foundation. This non-profit organisation aims to increase awareness about breast cancer with the ultimate goal of eradicating the life-threatening disease. In addition, the organisation works toward promoting early detection and providing support to those affected by breast cancer. To achieve these goals and provide necessary support to the community, the Breast Cancer Foundation provides meaningful services such as wig loan programme, befriending programme and support groups.

A great way to contribute is by sharing accurate information and promoting awareness for breast cancer among our own social groups. Additionally, you can help the Breast Cancer Foundation financially by purchasing their beautiful merchandise. Alternatively, help to organise fundraising activities or donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation now!

Make A Difference:

9. Pass It On

Now is also the perfect time to declutter and make space for new beginnings! As the saying goes, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Don’t throw out your unwanted goods blindly, give them a new life by donating them to those in need instead! Do your part in speeding up the donation process by giving only products in good working condition to Pass It On.

If you have no idea where to begin, you can check out the Pass It On’s Grant A Wish list, which comprises a list of items needed by various Voluntary Welfare Organisations. Can’t find anything on the wish list that matches the product you want to donate? Why not snap a photo and list it down on Pass It On, where other welfare organisations can contact you directly when it matches their need!


Lions Home For The Elders (Credit: rawpixel / Unsplash)

Show compassion for the elders who have contributed their youth into building our nation by donating to charity organisations in Singapore that cater to the older generation! Established in 1980, the team behind Lions Home For The Elders have befriended numerous elderly and provided professional care and support. Thanks to the two nursing homes run by Lions Home For The Elders, seniors in need of support can seek professional help from nurses, doctors and therapists.

Similar to the other charity organisations in Singapore, you can help to better the lives of our older citizens either through monetary donations, donations-in-kind or by volunteering. Put a smile on the residents’ faces by paying the Home a visit! Simply offer your companionship or bring some entertainment to liven up the atmosphere — small acts like these really do make their day!

Make a difference

11. Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore


Cerebral palsy refers to disorder of movement, muscle tone or postures that are the results of damage caused by the underdevelopment of the brain. People with cerebral palsy experience impaired movements such as abnormal posture, involuntary movements and even eye muscle imbalance. This condition can even affect one’s intellectual capacity.

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) was established in 1957 to help better the lives of people with this unfortunate condition. Through early interventions, special education, trainings and even rehabilitation services, CPAS has successful helped numerous clients cope with their daily lives and realise their full potential. Catering to infants and even adults up to age 55 years old, CPAS extensive range of services are only sustainable with your help. Volunteer at CPAS today, or provide support for the organisation via donations!

Make a difference

  • Donate to Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore by cheque:
    Cerebral Palsy Centre, 65 Pasir Ris Drive 1, S(519529)
  • Donate to Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore via GIRO, Giving. sg,, Give.Asia

Whether you’re donating or contributing your time for some volunteering work, make your year a more fulfilling one by warming someone’s heart! Don’t forget to extend your kindness to those closest to you. Alternatively, find out how your preloved clothes can make a difference for the society!

12. Children’s Wishing Well


Play a part in breaking the poverty cycle of disadvantaged children and youth by supporting their educational and daily living needs. Founded in 2002, Children’s Wishing Well is a non-profit organisation which provides a broad range of services, such as Grant-A-Wish, Fresh Groceries For Every Student’s Home (FRESH), Children Enrichment Programme and many more. By equipping them with skills for their future, Children’s Wishing Well focuses on ensuring that these children will be able to successfully contribute as useful members of society.

Help build a better future for these disadvantaged children by volunteering at Children’s Wishing Well. You can contribute by participating as a volunteer at learning journeys, providing homework supervision or tuition for the kids. Additionally, you can play a part by making monetary donations and sponsoring items for the organisation’s events. Your small act of kindness will make a big impact on these children’s lives. Start by making a difference today!

Make a difference

  • Sign up as a volunteer at Children’s Wishing Well 
  • Donate to Children’s Wishing Well via
  • Sponsor tutoring fees and items for Children’s Wishing Well events such as Grant-A-Wish, Birthday Celebrations
  • Donations-in-kind: Groceries 

13. Food from the Heart


As a vast amount of food is being wasted every day, this organisation channels surplus food from bakeries to those in need. Food from the Heart is a non-profit organisation that feeds the needy through its efficient food distribution programme. Contribute by making a difference in the fight against hunger and food wastage! 

You can participate in Food from the Heart’s Bread Run by collecting bread from bakeries or hotels and deliver them to their beneficiaries! You can also volunteer by assisting in the sorting of Community Food Packs and distribution of toys through Toys from the Heart. Start playing a part in these meaningful programmes and spread love to those in need! 

Make a difference

  • Donate to Food from the Heart in cash or cheque:
    130 Joo Seng Road #03-01 Singapore 368357
  • Donate to Food from the Heart via Credit Card 

14. Habitat for Humanity


Help build decent homes and rehabilitate flats in Singapore for vulnerable families by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Many of these individuals have mobility issues and little financial support, which deters them from caring for themselves and their own homes.  Through Project HomeWorks, you can work with fellow volunteers to improve the health and well-being of our vulnerable elderly and families. Additionally, you can show your compassion by helping to clean up litter beyond the home!

You can do your part and help these families by volunteering and donating to Habitat for Humanity today! A small action of yours will transform many lives in Singapore. 

Make a difference:

  • Donate to Habitat for Humanity by Cash or Cheque: 56 Lorong 23 Geylang, Century Technology Building, #05-00, Singapore 388381
  • Donate to Habitat for Humanity via Give Asia,, GIRO

Whether you’re donating or contributing your time for some volunteering work, make your year a more fulfilling one by warming someone’s heart! Don’t forget to extend your kindness to those closest to you. Alternatively, find out how your preloved clothes can make a difference for the society!


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* TNC Applies. Valid for new users from 2 to 12 Dec only.

Donate – Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

Our motto is to help the visually impaired help themselves. There is always so much that the SAVH can do and much more needs to be done to serve the visually impaired community. Hence, we always appreciate the support from the members of the public and corporations. All donations will directly benefit our clients so that the visually handicapped can help themselves.

Direct Donation to SAVH

To support and make a direct donation to SAVH, you use the Online Donation Form. For cheque payment, you can make the cheque payable to ‘Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped’ or ‘SAVH’ and send your cheque to:

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped
47 Toa Payoh Rise, Singapore 298104

Alternatively, you can make the donation by credit card with the Online Donation Form.

You can also donate using PayNow/QR code.

Donations via direct bank transfer are also possible. Please contact us at 6251 4331 ext 401 or 403 for our bank details.

For regular donations using GIRO payment, please contact your bank directly for more information.

Donate Online

You can also donate to us via one of the two donation portals:

Official Receipt will be mailed accordingly to your address provided. All outright cash donations to an Institute of a Public Character (IPC) are tax-deductible. Hence, your donation is eligible for tax exemption. This will be automatically processed by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) with your NRIC or UEN number provided. The donated amount is eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction until 31 December 2023.

Note: For 2.5 times tax deduction to be made available in your tax assessment for the year 2022, we need to receive your donations by 31 December 2021.

You may visit IRAS website on Donations and Tax Deduction for further information.

For more details, please contact us at 6251 4331 ext 401 or 403 or email [email protected]

Donations Under Wills

We also welcome donations in the form of bequests contained in Wills whereby the donation will only be given to us after your lifetime. Many of our benefactors have found that this is a good way to make a significant contribution to the visually handicapped cause and yet not affect their own lifestyle during their lifetime. You may be pleased to know that donations in this form are also fully exempt from estate duty. Your lawyer will be able to advise you in this regard, although we will be most happy to liaise with you or your lawyers for this purpose.

For more details, please contact us at 6251 4331 ext 401 or 403 or email [email protected]

Donations With CPF Savings

Donations in the form of CPF savings are also welcome whereby a donor can nominate SAVH as a beneficiary of his/her CPF savings, the insured sum under Dependants’ Protection Scheme (if any), or shares in an approved corporation. The donation will only be given to us after the donor’s lifetime, hence it not affect his/her own lifestyle during their lifetime.

CPF nomination forms can be downloaded here or obtained from any of the CPF offices. Donor shall sign the nomination in the presence of two adult witnesses. A marriage makes any earlier nomination invalid and divorce will not automatically change the beneficiary.

For more details, please contact us at 6251 4331 ext 401 and 403 or email [email protected]

Donations With Insurance Policy

Donations in the form of an insurance policy are also welcome whereby a donor can nominate SAVH as a beneficiary of his/her insurance policies. The donation will only be given to us after the donor’s lifetime, hence it not affect his/her own lifestyle during their lifetime.

You can refer to the guidelines here for making a nomination. Alternatively, you can get in touch with your insurance agent to help you in the nomination process.

For more details, please contact us at 6251 4331 ext 401 or 403 email [email protected]


We welcome donations-in-kind items from the general public. However, we can only accept items that support our objectives and current needs at our discretion. Once accepted, the donations-in-kind items will become the property of SAVH. All donors will receive an acknowledgment letter for the items that they donate.

For more details, please contact us at 6251 4331 ext 401 or 403 email [email protected]

90,000 Establishment of a non-profit organization in Singapore. Part 1.

A non-profit organization (NPO) in Singapore is a legally constituted organization whose main purpose is to support or participate in activities carried out in the public or private interest, without generating any commercial or monetary gain. When an NPO receives “profit”, or rather, the excess of income over expenses, then this increase is retained by the organization for its subsequent activities and, unlike the profit of a commercial organization, is not distributed among its participants.

In Singapore, NPOs are commonly referred to as Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs) and may be incorporated under the law as Public Company Limited by Guarantee , Society or Charitable Trust.

Main characteristics

NGOs in Singapore:

  • is independently managed by a Board of Trustees or a Steering Committee (Governing Board) composed of persons who perform their functions, while being mainly in the position of a trustee;
  • exists independently of the government;
  • benefits others who are not primarily members of the organization;
  • is not focused on making a profit, i.e.e. it is prohibited from distributing the remaining funds among its members;
  • is eligible for full tax exemption only after obtaining charitable status.

Benefits of registration

Although it is not compulsory to register an NPO in Singapore, until you register your organization it will be difficult for you to take part in any serious and long-term activity. For example:

  • It is very important to keep in mind that only legal entities can enter into contracts and agreements (eg lease contracts, purchase contracts).If the organization is not a registered entity, the individuals associated with it may have to assume general and financial contractual obligations on their own behalf.
  • Without registering an organization, it will be almost impossible for you to raise funds from non-members of the organization.
  • Without registering an organization, you will not be able to claim the right to exemption from paying taxes on raised funds.
  • Registering your NPO fosters a sense of clarity and formality.Working on the basis of an established set of legally binding legal norms provides clarity to both those working in the organization and to stakeholders outside the organization.
  • In evaluating funding requests by funders, the highest priority is given to the organization’s registration. If an organization is registered, then it is accountable to the state, which inspires confidence.

Non-profit organizations registration options

When registering a non-profit organization in Singapore, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Public Company Limited Warranty
  • Society
  • Charitable Trust

The choice of options for a nonprofit organization depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of the organization, potential legal liability, planned method of fundraising, etc.e. To select a specific option for a non-profit organization in Singapore, you should consider each of them in detail, for which their characteristics are given below, and then choose the option that best suits your situation.

Incorporation as a public company limited by warranty

The formation of a public company with limited liability to create a non-profit organization has the distinct advantages of being a separate legal entity with limited liability for its members.Of all the choices available, this form of organization is the most progressive and desirable structure option. Limited liability companies typically engage in charitable, religious, scientific, or artistic activities.

What is a Limited Warranty Company?

1. A public company limited by the scope of a guarantee engages in non-profit activities based to some extent on the national and public interest; for example, promoting the development of the arts, charity, etc.d.

2. Such a company has no share capital.

3. The limited liability company consists of members, not shareholders; the members of the company promise (undertake) to contribute a predetermined amount as a financial obligation of the company, which is payable in the event of the liquidation of the company. The amount set aside as a guarantee can be as little as S $ 1.

4. A company incorporated in Singapore as a public company under limited warranty must contain the word “Limited” in its name.However, after registration, the company may ask the Singapore authorities to remove this word “Limited” from its name. One of the conditions for this removal is that the company will not distribute profits.

5. A company with a liability limited by the scope of a guarantee is a legal entity that exists in the eyes of the law independently, separately and independently of the parties involved. The company is a subject of law. The company can sue or be sued on its own behalf; can enter into contracts and own property entirely in its own name.

Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Benefit of an independent legal entity
  • Limited liability of company members
  • Has an ongoing obligation to publicly disclose information and is subject to ongoing monitoring as provided by law
  • Professional assistance is required to register a company and to comply with legal requirements on an ongoing basis
  • More complex annual reporting requirements that are not always suitable for small groups
Tax exemption

Associations of persons incorporated in Singapore as public companies with limited liability are exempt from income tax if the surplus is derived from contributions from members of the organization itself; or if more than 50% of gross income proceeds are received from members of the organization and are not excluded from their tax base.For full tax exemption, a company must obtain charity status after registration.

Brief Overview Key Facts

1. Must have at least 2 directors, 2 members and a qualified company secretary. One director and secretary must be regular residents of Singapore, i.e. citizens of Singapore, permanent residents of Singapore. A foreign national wishing to serve as a local director of a company must hold a Singapore work visa or a dependent visa.

2. It is obligatory to have a memorandum of association and charter, which establish the goals and internal regulations of the organization.

3. An annual audit of financial statements is mandatory.

4. Compulsory annual general meetings.

5. It is obligatory to submit a report on the main indicators of the organization’s activities to the Accounting and Corporate Regulation Authority (ACRA). Public companies with limited liability are registered with the Accountancy and Corporate Regulation Authority (ACRA) and governed by the Singapore Companies Act.If you would like to register a public company in Singapore with limited scope of warranty, you should seek professional help.

Registration as a company

A society is defined as a club, company, partnership or association of 10 or more individuals, whatever their nature or purpose, not yet registered under any other law. Community registration is suitable for groups based on membership or volunteering, especially rather small groups with strong ties to local communities and not heavily dependent on contributions and funding from outside.

Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Fast, easy and inexpensive way to establish an organization
  • Financiers prefer to deal with more highly structured structures such as a public company limited by guarantee
  • There is no status of an independent legal entity, therefore members of the society are faced with issues of personal responsibility
Tax exemption

Companies registered in the Register of Companies (ROS) are exempted from paying income tax if the surplus funds are generated from contributions of members of the company itself or if more than 50% of the gross income received from the members of the company and are not excluded from their taxable base.To be completely exempt from taxes, a society must obtain charitable status after registration.

Specified Requirements

1. A minimum of 10 persons are required to create a company.

2. Mandatory presence of 3 key officials, ie. the president, secretary and treasurer of the society, who must be citizens of Singapore or permanent residents of Singapore.

3. An annual audit of financial statements is mandatory.

4. Submission of a report on the main indicators of the company’s activities to the Register of Companies is obligatory.

5. It is obligatory to have a charter regulating the activities of the company. Societies are registered with the Register of Societies (ROS) and governed by the Singapore Societies Act. If you wish to register a company in Singapore, you should seek advice from professionals.

Incorporated as a charitable trust

Trust is a form of organization recorded in a written document (called the “act of establishing a trust”), in which the owner or founder of the trust transfers property and (or) financial resources to a group of persons (called “Beneficiaries”) in accordance with the stated purpose.

A charitable trust is a variant of a targeted trust in that it contributes to the achievement of a purpose and is largely not targeted at the benefit of specific individuals.

Who Should Register a Charitable Trust?

In Singapore, a charitable trust or foundation is a legal entity that can be established by anyone who chooses to donate some of their assets or income to charitable purposes and wishes to take a structured and systematic approach to realizing their donations.

Typically a charitable trust is used to administer grants or scholarships.

It is not advisable to choose this structure if the entity will be exposed to significant risk of liabilities arising from transactions and transactions; for example, if an entity intends to own or lease property (such as a sports facility), enter into a number of contractual relationships, etc.

The choice of this structure is advisable in cases where the trustees must, for the most part, keep and invest funds or other property and spend the income from the funds received.

Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Limited public disclosure – auditing of activities or financial statements by the auditor is not required unless this requirement is specified in the trust act
  • Costly option to create an organization, requires a lot of time and professional support
  • There is no status of an independent legal entity
  • Supervision is exercised by trustees – there is no need to be accountable to all participants in the trust
Specified Requirements

1.A Board of Trustees is required.

2. It is obligatory to have an act of establishment of the trust – the charter, which sets the framework for the activities of the trustees. Trusts are licensed to operate by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and are governed by the Singapore Trust Act. If you wish to register a charitable trust in Singapore, you should seek professional advice.

Applying for the status of a charitable organization

After registering a non-profit organization (company; limited liability company; trust) in Singapore and obtaining legal status by it, you can become a charitable organization.When considering an application for the status of a charitable organization, the charity commissioner checks the charitable nature of the goals of the organization. The status of a charitable organization is a matter of the company’s status, not its organizational structure.

This status gives certain advantages:

1. All registered charities in Singapore are automatically tax exempt.

2.This status provides the organization with a good reputation and credibility.

3. The status of a charitable organization has a beneficial effect on fundraising. Many grant-making trusts and foundations can only donate to recognized charities. “Charity” is a very emotional word and can easily convince the general public to donate their funds.

Charitable causes can be divided into 4 main categories:

1.Helping those in need

2. Support for education

3. Support for religion

4. Other goals in the interests of the community, including those directly recognized as charitable:

  • Health support;
  • Support for the development of civil society or local community;
  • Supporting arts, cultural traditions or science;
  • Support for activities to protect or improve the environment;
  • Providing assistance to those who need it due to youth, old age, poor health, disability, financial hardship or other difficulties, and
  • Support for the humane treatment of animals.All charities in Singapore are governed by the Singapore Charities Act and must register with a charity commissioner within 3 months of their formation. The application process takes about three months. According to the Charities Act, there is no fee to register as a charity.

After receiving the status of a charitable organization, you must meet the following requirements.All charities must:

  • Provide financial statements and an annual report detailing the organization’s activities and future plans
  • Ensure correct reporting and accounting of donations
  • to submit a report on the main indicators of the organization
  • Hold general meetings annually
  • Disclose online fundraising information
Tax exemption

All registered charities are now automatically tax-exempt in order to transform Singapore into a center for philanthropy.

Applying for Public Organization (IPC) Status

An approved public organization is an NGO with the status of a charitable organization, whose activities are carried out in the interests of the Singapore community as a whole and is not limited to group interests, i.e. interests due to race, beliefs, creed (religion). The status of a public organization is subject to approval by the charity commissioner in order for the organization to receive donations that are deductible from the donor tax base (i.e.(i.e. donors receive a tax deduction for the amount of donations made to these organizations).

Most of the public organizations are charitable, and the rest are sports associations. The process of considering applications for obtaining the status of a public organization takes about two months.

Who Can Apply for Community Organization Status?

1. Hospital operating for purposes other than profit;

2.A public or charitable organization acting for purposes other than making a profit;

3. An authority or a society acting for purposes other than making a profit, and participating in research or other activities related to the search for causes, the possibility of preventing or curing human diseases, in cases where the gift is intended for the conduct of this activity;

4. University or public foundation for the establishment, maintenance, expansion or development of the university;

5.An educational institution acting for purposes other than making a profit, or a public fund for the establishment, maintenance, expansion or development of this educational institution;

6. A public or private foundation for the provision, establishment or donation of grants, scholarships or awards at a university or educational institution for purposes other than profit;

7. State fund established and operating to support fellow citizens in distress;

8.A charitable institution, or a group of individuals, or a foundation created solely for charitable purposes; or

9. An organization acting principally for purposes other than making a profit, and engaged in the promotion of culture or the arts, or the development of sports, or related activities.


After receiving the status of a public organization, you must meet the following requirements. All public organizations must:

1.upon receipt of tax-deductible donations from donors, issue receipts for tax deductions

2. keep records of donations made

3.Publish financial and non-financial information on the Internet

4.Provide audited financial statements

5. submit an annual income statement from placed donations

6. submit an annual report detailing the use of donated funds and future plans by a group of independent trustees, i.e. independent control required

90,064 90,065 Donations deductible from the tax base of donors 90,067

Only donations to charitable organizations that have the status of public organizations are deducted from the tax base of donors (i.e. donors receive a tax deduction for the amount donated to these organizations). Not all registered charities have the status of community organizations.

Donations made to a non-public charity are NOT exempt from income tax.

The following types of donations generally qualify for tax deduction:

  • Cash donations
  • Share Donations
  • Computer donations
  • Artifact Donations
  • Art Tax Incentive Program in the Context of Urban Environment
  • Donations of land and buildings.If donations or gifts are for “overseas charitable purposes,” they will not be eligible for tax deductions, even if referred to a public organization (IPC).

Professional assistance

If you want to establish an NPO in Singapore, you should use the services of professional companies that provide assistance in registering an organization, as well as maintaining your organization’s compliance with the established requirements.

Part 2.After registration

The next difficulty that arises after the registration of an NPO in Singapore is fundraising, publicizing themselves and attracting volunteers. These factors will be critical to the success of your NGO. For more information on these, see Part 2. Establishing a Non-Profit Organization in Singapore.

90,000 Bigo Live hosted online charity quizzes raising funds to help veterans

Between April 16 and May 9, Bigo Live, a product of Singapore-based Bigo Technology, held a Victory Day themed charity event to raise funds to provide medical care to veterans.Leading video broadcasting applications participated in a series of charity streams with creative performances, competed in collecting thematic virtual gifts of the event, and also held a flash mob in the format of a series of quizzes about knowledge of the Great Patriotic War, joint broadcasts with grandparents, and on May 9, some presenters opened the air from the city center, joining the fund’s volunteers and broadcasting the celebrations live.

On April 16, 23, 30, as well as on May 7-9, themed broadcasts were held, the presenters showed concern for the veterans by participating in a series of charitable broadcasts, and the broadcasters supported the hosts with their activity.The presenters prepared creative performances such as performances of military songs and poems and dance numbers. As part of the activities, more than 1.65 million people got acquainted with the action “Red Carnation”.

Three participants helped the most in raising funds to provide medical assistance to veterans: A_Nyta_Z, play_with_me, Edgar_Tatyana.

Below are their short comments about the event:

1. Nyuta

Hello, my name is Nyuta. I would like to express my gratitude to the Bigo live platform for the opportunity to participate in the Red Carnation charity event.Even so, we, the hosts, can do our bit in support of the veterans.

I decided to start with the “Red Carnation” charity event and acquired a badge. This prompted me to further participate in the ranking of thematic gifts for Victory Day. I am very glad that I took first place in the rating, it is an honor for me.

I would like to express my gratitude to the team of my hosts, my “New life” family, my friends, for their support in this important event for me.


For me, the annual participation in the event “Memory of Generations” from Bigo Live is not only an opportunity to help veterans, but also a tribute to the memory of the Great Victory, as well as the desire to attract the attention of as many people as possible to charity

3. Duet Edgar and Tatiana

We, Edgar and Tatiana, are a family vocal duet from Moscow. We were very glad to participate in the Big Life events dedicated to such a wonderful holiday.It is customary in our family to celebrate Victory Day. We consider it the main holiday, because thanks to the Victory of our ancestors in the Second World War, we live on this earth! And it is very pleasant that the Bigo Life platform holds events aimed at preserving the memory of the Great Victory! And it was also very important that the gifts received in these events can support the veterans who need help. This prompted us to actively participate in the events! Thank you very much Bigo Life and BF MEMORY OF GENERATIONS.

The Bigo Live app with 400 million users in 150 countries is the leader in the streaming segment, where users communicate and follow the lives of their favorite hosts live, reveal their talents, find out the latest news, participate in online battles and exchange virtual gifts. More than ten thousand presenters have already joined him, who in April spent more than 250 thousand hours of broadcasts.

90,000 Singapore-based BIGO Technology will donate to the Memory of Generations Foundation – Press Releases

MOSCOW (MOSCOW), 12 May 2020./ PRNewswire / – In honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Singapore-based BIGO Technology (BIGO) has raised a donation to the Memory of Generations charity, which provides support and medical assistance to veterans who fought for freedom from Nazi invaders and made an invaluable contribution at the end of World War II.

For this noble mission, BIGO has drawn members from all of its communities on Bigo Live and Likee Live platforms, encouraging them to show their own patriotism.As part of the campaign, content creators competed with each other in the performance of revolutionary Russian songs, uniting millions of their fans with a common goal – to collect donations for the Memory of Generations Foundation in support of veterans, which is especially important during the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Popular influencers Bigo Live “play_with_me” and Likee “STIL’NYAKHA” were chosen as “ambassadors” for the Victory Day campaign: they will donate the collected funds to the mentioned fund on behalf of BIGO later this month.

BIGO strives to create a platform for spreading positive messages and maintaining social connections during the difficult times of the pandemic. In such a difficult period, the BIGO team called on members of their community to honor the memory of all people involved in this great victory by posting photos from their own family collections on their walls and to share memories for Victory Day. Thus, BIGO sought to give a new impetus to the discussion of the contribution of veterans in ending the bloodiest war in the history of mankind and to express to them the deepest gratitude from the descendants.

Over a million Russian viewers watched the 2-day campaign on May 8-9, during which application users showcased their many talents on the occasion of Victory Day.

“Participation in this memorable day, celebrated by every Russian family, is of great importance for BIGO. Our technology company is firmly committed to the principles of universal unity, and we hope that through this initiative we were able to provide the people of Russia with the opportunity to be together, while staying at a distance from each other. friend.We also hope that our endeavors will help alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness by giving users access to a wide variety of infotainment content, “commented Mike Ong, Vice President of BIGO Technology.

Executive Director of the Memory of Generations Fund Ekaterina Kruglova, in turn, noted: “Our organization provides veterans with medical care and strives to improve their quality of life in every possible way. our plans and cancel most holiday events.That is why we are extremely grateful to partners such as BIGO for their support during this difficult period. We are confident that such initiatives help to draw additional attention to our tasks, being an important step towards the digitalization of our events and communication processes. “

About BIGO Technology

BIGO Technology (BIGO) is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Singapore with 30 offices and 6 R&D centers around the globe.BIGO video products and services based on artificial intelligence technologies are widely popular with 400 million monthly active users in more than 150 countries. These products include Bigo Live (live streaming service), Likee (short video publishing service), and imo (instant messaging service).

BIGO strives to unite the whole world, giving each user the opportunity to share the brightest moments of their lives.By creating content platforms that inspire billions of people around the globe, BIGO is shaping an exciting new social language for a new generation of users to express their own personality, make new friends and stay connected with each other in a positive way. and a creative online environment.

About the charitable foundation “Memory of Generations”

Charitable Foundation “MEMORY OF GENERATIONS” is the only non-profit organization in Russia that provides high-tech medical care and comprehensive support to all military veterans of the country.

The Fund was established on June 22, 2015 and today its activities cover all regions of the Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

90,000 Should the state support philanthropists?

How effective is government regulation of charitable activities? Does government funding help or hinder charitable foundations to raise private funds? What does international experience show and how applicable is it in Russian conditions? This was discussed at a regular meeting of the scientific seminar of the Center for Civil Society Research and the Non-Profit Sector of the Higher School of Economics.

What do the numbers show?

Fresh data from international statistics on the size of the charitable sector and the results of a study of foreign experience of the state’s influence on charitable activities were presented at the seminar by senior researcher of the center Natalya Ivanova.

Today, the total amount of funds allocated to charity in Europe and the United States is about 54 billion euros. At the same time, there are approximately 100 thousand funds in the USA, while in European countries their number has exceeded 130 thousand.Among the American population, 95.4% of citizens make donations, which is a record figure.

According to experts, there are almost 30 charitable foundations for every 100 thousand inhabitants in Europe. Meanwhile, the distribution of funds is far from even, and the density of the network of charitable organizations depends on the socio-economic level of the country, the degree of development of the third sector and the rootedness of the traditions of charity. Among the main factors contributing to the development of philanthropy are cultural traditions, public trust, transparency, accountability and efficiency of NPO activities, legal regulation, tax incentives, the level of development of the third sector, political and economic stability, demographic indicators and the activities of international donors.

In the USA and Germany, philanthropists receive a tax deduction, in Canada – are not taxed on income

As the world statistics show, among the sources of replenishing the budget of NPOs, state aid funds account for 40%, while the main part is made up of receipts through payment for services. There are two theories about the impact of government funding on other sources. According to the first (the so-called crowding out), state support is crowding out private donations. The second (crowding in) notes the positive effects of government funding and finds that it helps attract private donations.Both theories, although partly in competition with each other, are not mutually exclusive. In different countries, state support can both stimulate and restrain charitable activities, depending on the specific conditions of intersectoral interaction and the instruments used by the government.

How do states influence charity?

The regulatory role of the state in the development of charity practices is implemented in several directions. First, through the legal regulation of the activities of charitable organizations.A number of requirements are imposed on the status of NPOs of public benefit: compliance with statutory goals and activities with legislatively enshrined national policy priorities, meeting the needs of a significant number of beneficiaries, and the presence of an additional supervisory governing body. Their implementation is monitored by special authorized bodies – tax, judicial, divisions within ministries or independent commissions. It is worth noting the discrepancies in Russian and European legislation in the field of regulation of charitable NPOs.In particular, Russian law does not specify the concept of “public benefit”, requirements for the categories of beneficiaries and instructions on the mandatory creation of a board of trustees to control the management bodies.

Secondly, the state provides preferential taxation for charitable organizations. Its forms vary from country to country. For example, in the United States and Germany, philanthropists receive a tax deduction, in Canada, they are not taxed on income. However, in modern conditions, the growth of donations is largely influenced by other factors – socio-cultural.

Third, alternative mechanisms of government contribution to strengthening the resource base of the sector are widespread. These include national lotteries, the deduction of part of the income tax in favor of charitable organizations, government co-financing of donations, and the creation of funds from funds from privatization transactions.

Natalya Ivanova gave for clarity several examples of partnerships between government agencies and charitable organizations. One of them is the Climate Improvement Action Plan, implemented in the United States by the City of Chicago and the Government of Illinois, together with the Clinton Climate Initiative, Lloyd A.Fry Foundation, Joyce Foundation, Grand Victoria Foundation, Legacy Fund, The Chicago Community Trust, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Surdna Foundation. We are talking about a phased action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020. The total funds provided by the foundations amounted to $ 1.5 million, in addition to multi-million dollar pro bono advisory services.

Finally, fourthly, an important aspect of the state’s activities is the development of culture and infrastructure of philanthropy.Both the value level (increasing public confidence in charitable organizations through information campaigns, competitions and acts of public recognition of donors) and the introduction of tools that simplify the donation process are important.

What charitable path will Russia choose?

Director of the Center for Civil Society and Non-Profit Sector Research, HSE First Vice-Rector Lev Yakobson called on the role of the state in the development of the third sector to take the position of decision makers, who, in conditions of a shortage of resources, face the need to meet the needs of the population in the field of healthcare, education and social protection.The difficult economic situation of the country, which is unlikely to noticeably improve in the coming years, makes the state understand that it cannot cope with the challenges alone. This explains the growing interest in charitable organizations, which, for their part, must learn to conduct a mutually beneficial dialogue with the authorities.

The task of the Russian third sector is to convince the state that supporting charity meets the state interests as well

Vyacheslav Bakhmin, a member of the expert council of the Development Fund of the Polytechnic Museum, has a similar opinion.Since the study of foreign experience is important primarily from the point of view of its applicability to Russia, the Russian third sector is faced with the task of taking into account the conditions and views of the government, as well as convincing the state that supporting charity is in the public interest as well.

Director of the autonomous non-profit organization “Evolution and Philanthropy” Olga Evdokimova noted that, along with government intervention, the third sector should solve the problem of self-regulation, which remains urgent today.In addition, she stressed that the state should pay attention to the needs and state of the charity sphere, so that relations with non-profit organizations are based on the principles of partnership, and not on attempts to involve them in providing services according to certain government standards.

Program Manager of the Donors Forum Irina Efremova-Gart, in turn, added that the third sector cannot be considered in isolation from other sectors and it is expected that it will exclude problems typical for the rest of society, business structures and government bodies.It is also necessary to remember the function of tax incentives – foreign experience demonstrates their role as a powerful stimulus for the development of charity. The percentage of the population that donates comes primarily through tax returns, filed by people who attach great importance to philanthropy and NGOs.

Oksana Oracheva, General Director of the V. Potanin Charitable Foundation, supplemented the discussion with information on the endowment capital. In foreign practice, two models have been formed: the first, rooted in the United States and subsequently borrowed by “new” countries such as Singapore and the Philippines, implies the direct participation of the state in the formation of the endowment of funds.The second model presupposes parity cooperation between private and state initiatives, and the support of endowments is considered by the authorities as the main instrument of financing the sphere of education and culture.

Oksana Oracheva also advised to correlate the activity of state support measures with specific historical periods, since the most radical methods, as a rule, act as a response to crisis situations. It would be wrong to present the same requirements to the private initiative behind the activities of the third sector, and to the state, which is obliged to transparently report to the population in its actions.

Galina Shlyakhova, Research Assistant at the Center for Civil Society and Non-Profit Sector Research, specially for the HSE portal

Remembering the first annual charity day at OSIsoft

“Injustice prevails where hopelessness reigns,” said the founder of Equal several years ago at a conference Justice Initiative Brian Stevenson. Among the audience, his words resonated with recruiting specialist Megan Sweeney.

She became a supporter of a program that seeks to end mass incarceration and racial injustice, and has put her heart and soul into her own social welfare projects.When Megan started at OSIsoft, she realized that she had found a company with the same values.

OSIsoft has donated funds to local and global communities for 40 years. We believe that our social responsibility also extends to empowering our employees to support their personal passions and goals. That is why OSIsoft employees receive an annual three-day paid vacation for volunteering, as well as an amount from a special fund equal to their charitable donation to double the effect of their charitable activities.

This year we decided to take charity to the next level. The COVID-19 pandemic brought many additional changes and challenges, and we realized that now, more than ever, non-profit organizations need our help. That is why this year we were pleased to announce the first Charity Day in the history of the company.

Philanthropy Day is a 24-hour initiative that sets a goal for employees to make charitable donations, and the company, for its part, donates an amount equal to the contributions of its employees.Employees could choose any charity (or several) and explain why it was important to them.

We were impressed with the enthusiasm, generosity (raised 22% more than our planned target of $ 70,000!) And the passion that the people showed. Here are just a few examples:

University of Pennsylvania Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

In the honor of being a Pennsylvania State University graduate, I have worked closely with two organizations dedicated to supporting LGBTQ students.I learned about the first organization, the University of Pennsylvania Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, while traveling 10 years ago to recruit staff for OSIsoft. The Center’s staff works to create and maintain an open, safe and inclusive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students at the University of Pennsylvania. In the 1980s, students from the LGBT community did not have a center or any other resources. Your only support could be provided only by reliable friends or another person who also hides his sexual orientation.My role at OSIsoft gives me the time and opportunity to prepare these students for job fairs by reviewing their resumes, preparing for interviews and advising on career issues. Another organization that I support is Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM). OSTEM’s mission is to empower LGBTQ + people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The first acquaintance with oSTEM took place in 2013, when I attended the 3rd national conference at the Google office in New York.I ran into one of the OSIsoft clients and his wife by accident and chatted with them for a while. They took their son to the convention, who was homeschooled for security reasons because he wanted him to have a sense of community. The presence of this family did not go unnoticed, especially by those students who did not receive such support at home.

– Barry James, Philadelphia Office

Equal Justice Initiative

This year, my birthday money from friends went to the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that provides legal representation to unlawfully convicted, wrongfully sentenced, or abused public jails and correctional institutions.Because the statistics on wrongful sentences are alarming. The profound systemic changes that our country needs to achieve justice and equality for all are ambitious and pervasive, and yet we must continue to do what is required of us to achieve this goal. Charitable donations to organizations like EJI are one way, in my opinion, to bring us closer to achieving this goal on a global scale. It was a great honor for me to hear Brian Stevenson speak at the conference many years ago – his words have always remained with me, and I continue to refer to them during my work.These were words of hope. He said, “Injustice prevails where hopelessness reigns.” We have to stand up every time and speak out publicly when we see injustice. Our society has a long road to equality, and we are all important along the way. I will do my part by continuing to learn, listen, speak up, speak out against the injustices I see around me, and support organizations like the Equal Justice Initiative that strive for justice and equality for all.

– Megan Sweeney, San Leandro Office

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

I learned about Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital from a friend who has been volunteering there since 2017. The purpose of the hospital is to provide medical services to those in need in the Singaporean community. Even today, they strive to make their services as affordable as possible, despite the rising operating costs in Singapore. They are entirely dependent on the generosity of philanthropists to continue to provide affordable health care to the poorest, because everyone deserves a better life.They need all kinds of support, and every cent counts when they take small steps to improve the lives of their patients.

– Chris Ng, Singapore Office

Give Directly

I donate money directly to Give Directly because I want my donation to be used in the most efficient way. In their international charitable work, charities often donate money to campaigns and initiatives that are not actually targeting the areas that local communities need.Give Directly is a completely different approach in which they simply give money to the people in the community without any strings attached. This contributes to economic growth in the local community as funds are invested or spent in local businesses or purchased goods or drugs that people desperately need.

– Training Manager, Perth Office


After the introduction of quarantine in Argentina due to COVID-19, starting in mid-March of this year, stories of various organizations in our small community began to flock to us, faced with economic problems due to the restriction of their activities or even the need to close due to pandemics.This was also the case for Taller Manos Magicas – APAD, a non-profit organization that helps people with Down syndrome develop and generate income by making mostly baked goods and selling them in our community. As they had to close, they were going through very difficult times and could not even pay their utility bills.

– David Lazcano, Argentina Office

In addition to the funds we made available to double our employee donations, we also made two large one-time donations to the two most popular charities that our employees voted for with their charitable contributions.As for the Equal Justice Initiative (described above) and Food for the Poor, which work to provide food, health care and shelter to low-income populations in Latin America and the Caribbean, both received additional funds from OSIsoft.

OSIsoft is proud to be active in the communities where we live and work, from our headquarters in San Leandro to offices around the world. In our imaginations, we see a world in which all people feel welcome, respected, supported and recognized, and we will continue to work to make this world real.

Charity | Trend Micro

Charity | Trend Micro

We contribute to community development, disaster relief
and families around the world

Housing Construction Program

The goal of the program is to help create a better future for disadvantaged families. Since 2008, employees from around the world have participated in the construction of homes in the Philippines on a 5-day volunteer trip sponsored by Trend Micro.

More than 650 Trend Micro employees from Europe, America and Asia have helped build 250 homes in 16 different communities, helping over 1,700 families and over 2,800 children.

Annual service project “Creating the Future”

Trend Micro has been investing heavily in its annual Create the Future service project since 2013. Each year, up to 700 Trend Micro employees come together for one day to volunteer to help schools in need.From assembling outdoor tables and bookshelves, to assisting students with reading, providing equipment for schools, or donating money, Trend Micro staff can provide a variety of assistance based on school needs.

Program “Allocate and Distribute”

Each year, employees choose the best non-profit charity for a commensurate donation in a 1: 1 ratio.

Organizations that can act as recipients of commensurate donations predominantly provide assistance to low-income communities and socially vulnerable people, paying special attention to differences in digital technology accessibility, educational level, and environment.

The Allocate and Distribute Program provides Trend Micro employees with the opportunity to show generosity and help through charitable donations in collaboration with colleagues around the world.

Disaster relief

Trend Micro employees may, in certain situations, initiate a Dedicate and Distribute project in the event of natural disasters and crises leading to serious consequences (eg earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires). Recent projects have included efforts to help flood victims in Taiwan, tackle the food crisis in East Africa, and the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Isolate and Distribute Program Results?

Since 2008 90,553 more than 13,000 90,552 Trend Micro employees have contributed $ 90,553 4,200,000 90,552 to 90,553 over 120 90,552 nonprofit charities and relief efforts 90,553 34 natural disasters 90,552 worldwide 90,553 9,0003

Product donation

Trend Micro in partnership with Techsoup in 2010-2011.granted 96 non-governmental organizations licenses to use premium products such as PC-cillin.

In partnership with the Taipei Social Security Administration, over the past five years, we have sponsored the purchase of products for low-income families. On occasions when our production was insufficient, we donated boxes of Chinese cake to the indigenous tribes of Taiwan to celebrate their Moon Festival.

Programming the world for children

This program empowers Taiwan’s vulnerable children in the future by providing them with a range of interesting and informative programming courses such as 3D printing, remote control cars and robotics.We also work with school teachers to teach them how to write and present teaching materials.

Since 2017, 80 teachers have been certified, and more than 300 students in 11 schools have been trained.

Working with universities

We partner with universities around the world to help students develop their skills.

Great Britain

We are collaborating with Westminster College, UK, to provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience, demonstrate their results and receive a scholarship and grant.


In Taiwan, Trend Micro has donated funds, equipment and servers to State Taiwan University and Fuzhen Catholic University to enhance the curriculum.


In the United States, we donated funds to the Missionary College Center for Innovation and Technology to improve cybersecurity curriculum.


90,000 A good start: is it possible to build a career in charity

We are used to thinking of charitable foundations as organizations that help those who are vulnerable: sick children, orphans, the elderly. It is assumed that almost all work in the foundations is done by volunteers. However, any volunteer group, when it has too many wards and too many tasks, ceases to cope with the work only through voluntary labor.Then the group registers a legal entity and starts hiring staff. And he becomes an employer.

Meanwhile, in the ratings of employers, and just in publications about work with personnel, you will not find references to charitable foundations. Job seekers rarely think about employment in funds. And the foundations themselves, in the overwhelming majority, are not yet aware of themselves in this role.

Our Podari Zhizn Foundation was probably one of the first to develop the potential of its employees.And we can tell you what is the specificity of working in the charitable sector in general and in our foundation in particular. We are talking about fundraising funds that exist on massive donations. We are not talking about corporate funds and private funds now.

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What is a position in a charitable foundation? Created on a wave of enthusiasm and a desire to help, funds often grow and develop without a well-thought-out plan, hiring more and more people for specific tasks, without clearly defined plans and job descriptions.Due to the fact that funds often have very few employees, the functionality of each position is often very broad and does not fit into the standards adopted in commercial organizations.

For example, an event manager of a fund can also perform the duties of a public relations manager, a lawyer can work at the same time as a GR-specialist, and each fund employee must also be a bit of a fundraiser and a bit of a psychologist.

The vagueness of job boundaries creates certain difficulties, but at the same time allows you to acquire new competencies.

“Working in a charitable foundation helps to grow professionally. The number of tasks is huge, self-organization and control are required, the ability to work in crisis situations, ”notes Evgeny Glagolev, employee of the Vera Foundation. However, as the organization develops, job descriptions become clearer and work more orderly.

Another peculiarity is that it is impossible to learn to work in a charitable foundation as a fundraiser, volunteer worker or hospital coordinator in any educational institution in the country.Until recently, there was nowhere in Western countries to get specialized education. But now fundraising, for example, can be studied in the United States. In Russia, this and other specialties can be mastered only by working in the non-profit sector. At Give Life, we understand that on-the-job training is not enough and therefore we find opportunities to send our employees to international conferences or to trainings within Russia that can help develop the necessary competencies. Foundations, as a rule, cannot spend money on personnel training, so they are constantly looking for partners who could provide places for their employees at educational events.

The main motivation that leads a job seeker to work in a fund is the desire to help, to do something good and useful. It is not always possible to maintain this motivation for many years.

For example, it is difficult for an accountant to feel his involvement in a noble cause, because at the workplace he often sees payments and transactions than those whom he helps. For those who work directly with mentees, the desire to help is sometimes overshadowed by the magnitude of the grief with which they have to work.In this situation, it is very important that colleagues and the manager help not to lose sight of the purpose of the work and the achievements that the foundation is striving for by common efforts. If this succeeds, then the feeling of belonging to the right and noble cause supports the staff. My colleague in the fund Elena Tseplik says: “You work for a specific goal, for a tangible, measurable and really needed result. It not only keeps, but inspires ”.

Another motivator is a challenge, a desire to try something new and solve those problems that no one else has solved before.

I myself came to charity because I wanted to solve the problem of a shortage of donor blood in one hospital. I managed. But work in the chosen field poses new and interesting challenges every day.

But, of course, the fund cannot retain an employee by focusing on results alone. I need a salary. Salaries in foundations are generally lower than in similar positions in commercial organizations. Foundations exist for charitable donations from a wide variety of people, often very poor people.And philanthropists usually want the maximum amount of money to reach the wards of the foundation. By law, foundations have the right to spend on administrative expenses, including staff salaries, up to 20% of all donations received. In practice, our fund spends significantly less than this share. We try to maintain a competitive level of salaries within the non-profit sector, but, of course, we lose to commercial organizations. For this reason, it is difficult for foundations to compete with businesses for specialists, but there are happy exceptions.In a number of cases, it is possible to find a benefactor who is ready to pay a high salary to a specific fund specialist (as a rule, a high-level manager).

In Western funds, staff salaries are also usually lower than in business. But in the USA and Europe, former top managers of companies who have retired from their careers, who have colossal experience and the opportunity to work no longer for money, but for an idea, often come to managerial positions in funds. Unfortunately, I am not aware of such cases in Russia.

We understand that low salaries can alienate many professionals from us.

Therefore, we attract philanthropists who help us provide our employees with a very good social package, which can compete with some government agencies. Also, the advantage of working in the fund is a huge number of contacts and connections in various spheres of business, art, sports, etc.

The amount of work that must be performed by an employee of any fund is large. You have to stay late at work in the evenings or work on weekends. However, employers are loyal to the human needs of employees: you can sometimes come to work with a child or take time off from work to solve domestic problems.

Collective relationships are usually almost family relationships. And very friendly. Of course, there are disagreements. But no one substitutes or pisses on anyone. There is no competition for bonuses or positions in funds. You can always get advice and support from colleagues.

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As a rule, there are career opportunities within growing funds. In Give Life, many of the current leaders of the areas have grown out of the fund’s volunteers, starting from ordinary positions.Work experience in a large professional fund allows you to become an expert in your field and ensures the specialist is in demand from other organizations within the sector.

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