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Why the Founders of Shortcut, In-Home Haircut App, Will Not Sell Company

The big idea, the one that would launch an app downloaded nearly 10,000 times and create a company worth millions of dollars, started with a shoeshine.

Will Newton, a social media manager, met up for dinner with his friends Irvin Slobodskaya, an account manager for a digital marketing company, and Jeff Umansky, a financial analyst at a mid-sized private equity group. Newton eagerly detailed the old-school treat and timeless thrill of getting his shoes shined. He particularly loved that it made him feel like Gordon Gecko for just $4. If only he didn’t have to pass through an airport terminal or train station to find that luxury.

Slobodskaya fired back with a suggestion: starting an app that offers in-home shoeshine service.

Then they looked into it and it turned out the profit margins were too small.

Then Slobodskaya came up with a better idea: Shortcut, a mobile barbershop, an app that allows anyone to request an in-home haircut.

Entering its sixth month of operation, Shortcut still limits service to men’s haircuts and trims in Manhattan. But that sample size has been enough to draw serious attention from strategic and financial investors who have given contemplated valuations for the company in the millions. As discussions continue, the founders are not inclined to sell a stake in their business at a discount. To them, their haircutting app is about to blow up, or rather, blow out.

The strength of the app is not its pricing—it is $75 for a haircut and $5 less per additional person that signs up for a group appointment, so grab a buddy—but its convenience. Like Uber for haircuts, open the app when you need a haircut, select the number of people in need of a service, and the appointment is set.

Shortcut solves problems on both the consumer and barber side. The service offers haircuts from 8 a.m. to midnight so you can avoid the scheduling conflict of a common 9-to-5 workday and the crowd that would typically flood a saloon after work. In terms of quality, the barbers are certified by the state and vetted by the company with a focus group, ensuring their abilities to perform cuts for various hairstyles, textures and lengths.

Slobodskaya likes that the app also improves the market for barbers. Typically, a barber rents out a seat at a shop or is approved after test cuts to earn his or her pick of shifts. “It doesn’t happen for a lot of these guys,” Slobodskaya says of the cutthroat business model. “There are a lot of barbers craving more work but don’t have the opportunity.”

“We’re seeing barbers who work and climb the ladder at a barbershop, but it’s more of a stool because there’s a certain threshold you reach, where a barber’s split with the shop is capped,” he says, suggesting a barber maxes out 5 years.

Shortcut employs “a couple dozen” barbers that vary in availability, according to Slobodskaya. Even traditional barbers benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit that encourages them to grow their own business.

Other brands have noticed Shortcut’s popularity and partnered up. Shortcut barbers carry Baxter of California pomade and the company has hosted events with Trunk Club and Barneys New York. “Being mentioned alongside them within the first year is not something I expected,” Slobodskaya said of appearing at Barneys last week.

With those pesky offer for millions of dollars out of the way, the company plans to expand the parameters of Shortcut to New York City’s outer boroughs and nearby New Jersey in the coming months.

“The goal for us isn’t really to sell,” Slobodskaya said. “We’re all mid-20s guys starting out on our career trajectory….We’re more excited to see the process of where we can take this.”

Slobodskaya expects a day when a traveling businessman can pull up the app while in an unfamiliar city and get a crisp cut in time for an important meeting. With that model in place, he suggested that haircutting may not even be the end game: “I don’t feel like we’ve touched on what we’re capable of.

Uber for Haircuts ‘Shortcut’ App Review

Flickr/Thomas Hawk Sometimes you need a haircut, but you just don’t have the time.

That’s the concept behind the startup “Shortcut,” a new app that will send a barber to your home, office, or hotel.

LoadingSomething is loading.

It’s basically “Uber for haircuts,” embracing an increasingly popular idea in the app ecosystem that is fast turning your smartphone into a service-requesting Swiss Army knife.

Interested and in need of a haircut, I agreed to try the service out at Business Insider’s office in New York City.

“Shortcut” prides itself on being available when other barber shops aren’t, so you can request an appointment any day of the week or weekend from 8 a.m. to midnight.

Once you give the app your details and location, “Shortcut” lets you choose whether you want just a haircut or a haircut and beard trim.

Beardless, I opted for the basic haircut.


Now “Shortcut” isn’t exactly a budget option for getting a haircut. You’re not only paying for a licensed barber, but you’re also paying for the convenience of getting your hair cut in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel, and that comes at a premium.

Haircuts start at $75, but first-time users get 20% off automatically just by creating a profile.

That’s still pretty expensive for a haircut, but “Shortcut” also has a built-in discount if you can persuade your roommates or coworkers to get a haircut while the barber is there. If you can find three other people, the haircut price drops to $50 each. Still expensive, but again, you’re essentially paying for a house call.

After requesting a haircut, the “Shortcut” team will dispatch a barber to your location, which takes 30 minutes or less.

The barber assigned to me was named Pedro, who also happened to be the director of operations at “Shortcut. ” Pedro arrived on time, dressed smartly, and with a small bag that held his supplies.

Pedro Rosario, barber and director of operations at “Shortcut.” Business Insider

I showed him to the small conference room that I had booked for the appointment, and he promptly began setting up, laying a clear plastic sheet down over the carpet and placing a small cloth over the table to hold his various clippers and scissors.

The setup time was quick, and in no time I was sitting down, facing a wall without a mirror, and getting my hair cut with my coworkers busy just outside the room.

Pedro mentioned that getting a haircut without a mirror in front of you can take some getting used to, but he had a hand mirror with him, and he said I was welcome to take it into the bathroom to get a look at the back of my neck if I wanted.

Business Insider

It’s an odd feeling, getting your hair cut in the place where you work, and I can imagine there would be a similar feeling at home. It’s not unpleasant, but haircuts are usually something I get done on weekends or after work, and blurring the lines between the two takes some getting used to.

Luckily, Pedro was easy to talk to, and he told me about how he’s in charge of vetting barbers hired by “Shortcut,” which involves more than just checking that they’re licensed and conducting a background check.

Pedro said “Shortcut” barbers were in a unique position. Customers are inviting the barbers into their personal space, and that requires a barber who is able to adapt to how talkative or quiet a customer is that day.

For example, Pedro said for some people, a haircut is an opportunity to relax and close their eyes, while some customers are paying to get their hair cut at the office so they can continue to work, with some even talking business over the phone during their appointment. “Shortcut” has seen it all, and its barbers are trained to adapt to whatever environment a customer prefers.

From start to finish, the haircut took about 30 minutes, and I was pleased with the result.

Payment is handled through a Square credit-card reader, which every “Shortcut” barber has on his smartphone.

Business Insider

Cleanup was quick. Pedro folded up the plastic sheet from the floor, stowing it away in his bag with his collection of buzzers, clippers, and scissors.

For now, “Shortcut” is available only in New York City, but its founder says the company is planning to expand in the future.

At the end of the day, I’m glad “Shortcut” exists. While $75 or even $50 is far too expensive for my budget, it’s a great option for those who are busy or in need of a last-minute haircut, and you can’t beat its convenience or quality.

You can download “Shortcut” over at the App Store. 

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How Shortcut is Changing The Haircutting Business

Daniel Restrepo/Thrillist

If the app goldrush has taught us anything, it’s that any dummy can come up with a pitch for an on-demand service. And while most of them are totally unnecessary (nobody asked for your “Uber but on skateboards” idea, sorry), every so often somebody comes up with something simple-yet-brilliant, and legitimately helpful. The most popular on-demand services are moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach and taking on personalized tasks that were once supplied by a local professional.

Enter Shortcut, a promising new app that will send a barber to your home or office at the push of a button. The goal is to provide custom styling and haircuts, without any mess, anywhere you need one. People are understandably skeptical about the goal of disrupting one of the oldest professions in the world, but co-founder and CEO of Shortcut, Irvin Slobodskaya, doesn’t see it that way.

Daniel Restrepo/Thrillist

In the classic app-genesis story, Slobodskaya and co-founder Will Newton came up with the idea for Shortcut after frustration with traditional barber shops. “When you’re working in a corporate environment and working 9 to 8, you don’t have time to leave and get a haircut,” says Slobodskaya. According to Slobodskaya, most barber shops don’t offer online booking platforms, and the ones that do still force you to come to them — so tech 1.0.

As Irv and Will are quick to point out, the profession of cutting hair hasn’t really changed since… well, ever. “Barbers aren’t well allocated at their shop,” says Slobodskaya. “For a 40 dollar haircut, your barber might only see 16 to 22 dollars of that.” At Shortcut, barbers are free to choose their own hours and keep 70% of the cost of the haircut. Plus, barbers have a profile on the app that shows reviews and examples of their work, so users know what they’re getting. These features present an opportunity both for users and for barbers, meaning everybody benefits. And it’s showing up in their numbers, too — although the app just launched in January of 2016, they’ve already reached 20,000 users. Will said that the majority of barbers who sign up with them love it, and retention rates are high on both sides (with 80% of barbers staying with the service and a 40% retention rate among clients.)

This browser does not support the video tag.

Being curious (and long overdue for a cut), I had to try Shortcut out for myself. I was able to schedule a cut in advance with Alex Kantor, a barber and writer whose work can be seen on her Instagram hurbyher. Conveniently, Shortcut allows you to contact your barber in advance, just in case you need to ask if they’re OK with being part of a photo shoot for an article about their job. Or you could find out if they’re allergic to cats, send them a door code, or request they wear a funny hat (probably don’t do this).

I met with Alex outside Thrillist’s offices and brought her up to the photo studio where she would cut my hair. After laying down a dropcloth to catch all my hair (they’re sticklers about cleanup — one motto is “no hair left behind”) we got to talking about what style I wanted and how I usually got my hair cut. The consultation was surprisingly extensive for an on-demand service, and Alex mentioned she usually spends an hour on her first appointments, since she likes to get to know clients and how they style their hair.

Daniel Restrepo/Thrillist

Throughout my cut, Alex was a thorough professional. She’s so dedicated to her craft that she even has a tattoo marking two inches on her finger, so she can give precise cuts to her clients. After returning my ‘do to pristine condition, she styled it with clay and cleaned our studio of any traces of hair. Post-cut, you can tip in-app and leave a review, similar to most on-demand delivery apps. (This also means not stressing about whether you have enough cash on you, an all-too-often occurrence with barber shops.)

The whole experience feels very luxe, even though haircuts only go for $50, which is pretty reasonable for New York. (Slobodskaya mentioned that future versions of the app will allow barbers to set their own costs, so they can cover a range of price points.) While I spent the whole time getting my haircut making silly faces at our cameras, I can see how you could use that time to, say, make important business decisions or tweet about foreign policy. Being able to get the cut at any time is also helpful — Alex mentioned that she’d given plenty of haircuts to guys who needed something last-minute, and Irv said they’d even heard of a barber cutting a best man’s hair right before the wedding. Who knows — maybe in the future we’ll all be getting our hair cut at 4AM.

Getting customers used to in-house haircuts might take time, but the changes could be dramatic. Cutting barbershops out of the equation reduces waiting time and removes real estate costs. Whether Shortcut will disrupt the one of the world’s oldest jobs remains to be seen, but the potential is there.

Shortcut Teams Up With Joe & Co. and The Lounge to Offer UK Home Haircut Services – BarberEVO Magazine

Shortcut announced on 1st September the launch of its in-home haircutting services in the UK through a partnership with London-based barbershop Joe & Co. and The Lounge. With this, Joe & Co can now deliver haircuts and services to clients in the comfort and safety of their homes by booking through the Shortcut app.

“Yes people have been desperate for haircuts, but no matter where you live, there’s trepidation when it comes to visiting a potentially crowded establishment,” said Shortcut Co-Founder and COO Will Newton. “Our platform allows haircare professionals and their customers to control the environments they interact in. By partnering with retailers like Joe & Co. , we aim to empower brick and mortar haircare providers and their staff to meet–and hopefully exceed–their pre-COVID revenue streams under a model that’s reflective of our new reality.”

“As an industry we need to be dynamic to survive. Similar to US hair pros, our men’s hairdressers have been especially impacted by COVID-19,” said Joe Mills, owner of Joe & Co. and The Lounge in Central London. “While we are trying to get back to a new normal, it’s key we respond to client demands and ensure they are getting a first-class, professional service, without affecting the classical salon structure to move the business forward. Shortcut gives our stylists the opportunity to connect with their regulars and meet new clients outside of the barbershop’s walls, while allowing owners to take control, maximise their income potential, and protect the business.”

Joe & Co. is a contemporary barbershop based in London Soho offering men’s barbering services. Established in 2010, Joe & Co. has been voted Best Men’s London Barber by Esquire, GQ, and Time Out.

Keep up to date with Joe & Co. on Instagram @joeandcosoho, and with Shortcut @shortcut.

The Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 2 – The Shortcut collectibles walkthrough

Polygon’s The Last of Us Part 2 Seattle Day 2 – The Shortcut collectibles walkthrough begins with Abby, Yara and Lev arriving at the aquarium. It ends with Abby and Lev falling through the pool room ceiling. There are 6 Artifacts, 2 Coins, 2 Workbenches, and 1 Safe to find in The Shortcut.

Amputation Supplies artifact
The Shortcut Artifact 1 of 6

As with the notes from Owen and Mel in The Park, Abby will begin The Shortcut with the Amputation Supplies Artifact, a handwritten list of medical supplies from Mel, in her Artifact inventory.

Amputation Supplies List ArtifactImage: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

Nevada Quarter Coin Location
The Shortcut Coin 1 of 2

Grid View

  • Nevada Coin location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • Nevada Coin location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • Nevada Coin location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

As Abby and Lev begin the journey to the sky bridge, keep an eye out on your right for Franklin’s Barber Shop. Once you find it, break a window to enter, then walk behind the counter on the left to find the Nevada Quarter.

Survivor Plea Artifact location
The Shortcut Artifact 2 of 6

Grid View

  • Survivor Plea Artifact location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • Survivor Plea Artifact location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

From the Nevada Quarter location, move to the other side of the river, to enter the brick building through the hole in the wall. Take the stairs up a level to find the Survivor Plea artifact, to the right of the second floor entrance.

Neighbor Exchange Artifact location
The Shortcut Artifact 3 of 6
Neighbor Exchange Artifact Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

Jump off the bridge to the balcony on the left, smash the glass to enter an apartment with a tabletop RPG left out on the table. Progress past the kitchen to find the Neighbor Exchange artifact on the table with the whiteboard. This will give you the clue to figure out the combination for the safe: 30-23-04.

Safe location
The Shortcut Safe 1 of 1

Grid View

  • The Shortcut Safe location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • The Shortcut Safe location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • The Shortcut Safe location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

From the Neighbor Exchange artifact, turn around and enter the closest room. The safe is against the wall. Enter the code 30-23-04 to grab some ammo and crafting supplies.

Scavenging List Artifact location
The Shortcut Artifact 4 of 6

Grid View

  • Scavenging List Artifact location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • Scavenging List Artifact location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

At the spot where Abby tells Lev to be careful because the water is “really picking up,” hop across the river to reach Interbay, a cell phone store. As you enter, look for the corpse in front of you. Find the Scavenging List artifact next to it.

Workbench location
The Shortcut Workbench 1 of 2
The Shortcut Workbench (1 of 2) locationImage: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

To the left of the Interbay entrance, you’ll find a workbench beneath a sign that reads “Interbay Wireless Electronic Support.”

Colorado Quarter Coin location
The Shortcut Coin 2 of 2

Grid View

  • Colorado Coin location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • Colorado Coin location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
  • Colorado Coin location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

Once inside Westport Optics, turn to your right, break the furthest window back on the right side, then drop onto the awning to find the Colorado Quarter.

Seraphite Truce Artifact location
The Shortcut Artifact 5 of 6
Seraphite Truce Artifact locationImage: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

Walk across the wooden bridge and into a crumbling office building. Climb some rubble to reach the next floor then turn to your left to find a room with computers. In the desk to your right, find the Seraphite Truce artifact.

Workbench location
The Shortcut Workbench 2 of 2
The Shortcut Workbench (2 of 2) locationImage: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

From the altar to the Prophet, turn right to enter a room with a ladder leading further up. To the right of the stairs, there’s a workbench next to a stack of barrels.

Seraphite Orders Artifact location
The Shortcut Artifact 6 of 6
Seraphite Orders Artifact locationImage: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

After getting off the elevator, walk past the chest with a lamp on it, to find a message, the Seraphite Orders artifact, taped to a door frame.

Arrow + Pedro Williams | Cuts & Shaves

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    Make sure to grab a spot before it’s too late! All shops will be closing at 4 pm on Christmas Eve (12/24), closed on Christmas day (12/25) as well as 12/26. We look forward to getting you looking sharp before Christmas arrives!

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    We’re thrilled to be opening our newest location, “North Raleigh,” on Wednesday, November 11th. This shop is located inside Colonnade Shopping Center, alongside Whole Foods and Panera off Six Forks Road. Online appointments are now available by selecting the “North Raleigh” shop.

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Cut Costs

$3 off discounts:
Students – Mondays & Tuesdays
Uniformed – Everyday

Beer .

. . . . . . free

Leave light-headed

Combs . . . . .


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Short Cut . . . .


Above or around the ears,
any age or gender

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One clipper length, all ’round

Beard Trim . . . .


Clippers, trimmers and shears

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Long Cut . . . . .


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any age or gender

Mid Cut . . . . . .


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Leave light-headed

Combs . . . . .


Keep it handy

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that’s over the top

We hire the best in the business. We’re great conversation and even better at cutting hair.


Good Feel Good

We believe hair cuts should be an affordable

luxury for everyone—Beards, bobs & buzzes—
We cut it all (plus, old school hot shaves).

Like a good head of hair We’re Growing

We’re always looking for talented, inspired people to join our team. If you’re skilled with the scissors we may have a barber’s chair for you. If you love making sure everyone feels right at home, maybe you’re a host. Either way, Tell us a little about yourself here.

Like a good head of hair We’re Growing

We’re Good Company

We passionately support local and regional artisans, merchants & non-profits.

We’re always looking for ways to help our community look good and feel good.

Why can’t women get a cheap cut at the barber? | Women’s hair

As Silvio Dante says in The Sopranos, two industries have always been recession-proof: show business and the mob. To which I will add a third: haircuts. They’re a racket. Hair will always grow, and it will always need to be cut.

I know hairdressing is competitive, hairdressers are skilled professionals and running a salon is expensive. To which I would reply, fine – but then how are barbers making money?

The Metro reports that Cloe Freeman, a 29-year-old civil servant, was turned away from a barber in Jersey because her presence would “put men off”. Freeman has close-cropped hair, and often visits barbers. “Women sometimes come in here looking for a haircut because it is cheaper than in salons,” said an employee of the barber in question who did not wish to be named.

The vast gulf between haircut pricing for men and women is unjust. I live on a London street with a number of hairdressers and barbers. My boyfriend can get a haircut at the Turkish barber for £12. The cheapest option for a woman’s haircut is £53, and they won’t even wash your hair for that. (Charging extra for a wash is an unforgivable hairdressing scam, as if dunking your hair in a basin of tepid water is worth £30.)

I will not pay more than £35 for a haircut. I simply refuse. Which means I tend to get my hair cut on holiday, where it’s cheaper. This has always worked out fine, although if you have a more complicated hairstyle I’d recommend bringing a phrase book. (I only ever get it cut in a straight line, no layers, so it’s nearly impossible to mess that up.)

As someone who sits behind a keyboard in my underwear and has “thoughts” for a living, I am loth to tell someone who does a job that is of use to society how to price their work. But charging women triple or even quadruple for a service that is basically the same as the one men get doesn’t sit right. A fairer system would be for hairdressers to price haircuts based on the length of time they take, regardless of gender. (This is the approach used by the hairdressing chain Chop Chop, which I have visited in the past, and I can confirm: the haircut was fine.) Also, barbers should have to accept women.

How to type Emoji Symbol Barber Pole? »WebNots

Hairdresser is a sign displayed in front of the hairdresser. You may be interested in learning about the connection between this red and white striped pole and the haircut that hairdressers do. However, in the past, hairdressers performed medical work such as blood tests. A red stripe on the pole indicates blood, and a white stripe indicates clothing. Although that changed, the barbershop still used this striped pillar as an identifier.

Also, you can see that some stores have different colors such as black and white as it doesn’t matter at the moment. Emoji symbols on Facebook, Twitter and other apps will also be colorful.

Barber Shop Symbol Label Brief

There are many easy ways to insert the barber pole symbol into Word and PowerPoint documents. Below is a summary of the shortcuts to insert the barber pole symbol into your documents.

Symbol name Barber
Category Emoji
Subcategory Places
Alternate Code Shortcut (Windows) Alternative 128136
Alt X keyboard shortcut (Word) 1F488 Alt X
Alternate Code Label (Mac) Paste from Symbol Viewer
HTML Entity Decimal & # 128136;
HTML Object Hex & # x1F488;
CSS Value 1F488
JavaScript Escape String u1F488
Decimal 128136
Hex 1F488
Unicode Point U + 1F488

Barber Pole Symbol Insert

This character is part of the Travel & Places category of Unicode emoticons. You can easily use decimal or hexadecimal codes to insert a character into your documents.

Insert into Windows documents

  • While holding the alt key, use the numeric keypad to enter 128136 to enter the pole character bar.
  • In Microsoft Word documents, enter 1F488 and press alt + X.
  • If the character code does not work, place the cursor where you want to insert the character and press “Win +;” keys. Enter “barber” and filter the character from the emoji keyboard.Finally click to insert into your document.
Barber Pole Symbol on Windows Keyboard Emoji

Paste in Mac Documents

  • In Pages and Keynote documents, press Control + Command + Spacebar to open the Character Viewer.
  • Search for “hairdresser” and find the symbol.
  • Double click to insert the symbol into your document.
Barber pole symbol in Mac Character Viewer

Paste in HTML documents

  • In HTML, use a decimal code like & # 128136; or a hexadecimal code like & # x 1F488;.
  • You can insert a character into CSS and JavaScript documents using hexadecimal codes such as 1F488 and u1F488 respectively.
  • Below is a sample code to use the barber’s pole symbol as a list tag in CSS.
  li: before {
content: '1F488';

Character display

Windows, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter display emoji characters in different colors. For example, on Facebook, a barber pole will have both top and bottom covers.However, in Google apps, it will only have an upper limit.

Variants of symbols in documents

The symbol looks colorful in the browser and in Apple documents. However, in Windows documents, it will be black and white like any other Unicode characters. You can easily apply color and change the font size just like other text content.

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Morning, hairdressing salon in Yekaterinburg – review and assessment – sovet

First, there will be a rhetorical question: “Where did a huge number of young ladies who barely graduate from school get the confidence that they can realize themselves in creative professions, such as an interior designer, decorator and, alas, a hairdresser?”If serious funds are needed to train the first two professions and, therefore, there are not so many of them. Something for learning …

Show in full

First, there will be a rhetorical question: “Where did a huge number of young ladies who barely graduate from school get the confidence that they can realize themselves in creative professions, such as an interior designer, decorator and, alas, a hairdresser?” If serious funds are needed to train the first two professions and, therefore, there are not so many of them.Then for training in hairdressing, at least the initial stage, at which 90% remains, little funds are needed. “At the very least, you can always earn money for a piece of bread ..”, probably, this is what mothers tell them, being moved by experiments on their heads.

These thoughts came to me after visiting this salon. When registering, she asked if they were doing a pixie haircut in the salon and, keeping in mind that the younger generation of “stylists” more often read VKontakte statuses than are interested in professional trends and news, asked to look at the photos on the Internet.The young lady swore that they were doing, and indeed any. But I nevertheless grabbed the tablet. Well, you never know ….

So, I’m in Olga Kudryavtseva’s chair, we discussed which side I wear bangs, how long (I showed it to the middle of the cheekbone) and she started. When Olga went to the bangs, I closed my eyes, when I opened them, I could hardly restrain myself so as not to scream in horror. Here is the same gnarled oblique bangs that older women from the outskirts of provincial cities like to wear, “drew” on my head.The final touch could be a burgundy head coloring, highlights and blue shadows. Perhaps this is how Olga sees women of my age. Further more – Olga began to texture her hair with thinning scissors, not only that this technique has nothing at all to do with a pixie haircut (scissors and a razor are used), Olga replied to my comment that each master cuts in his own way. Those. Olga is not just a hairdresser, she is *** a creator, an improviser ***, a designer, forgiven the Lord.Then I couldn’t hold back and asked loudly to explain what she was doing on my head …

– Well, I just didn’t put it right, I just didn’t finish here (this is after she had already tried to varnish my hair) , – Olga made excuses.

Okay, – I say, finish it, do it, make it a normal haircut.

– What don’t you like? – the “master” hit the ball in my direction. The second hairdresser came to the rescue – Well, you are not blond!

So that’s where the dog rummaged… and hundreds of hairdressers, who annually make tens of thousands of women pixie haircuts with different hair color, thickness, texture, do not even know about it.

In the photo, the beauty has slightly crumpled, because Olga still made me a square styling. And besides, when I came home, I found that Olga had cut the entire back of my head with a machine with a uniform hair length of 1 cm, generously leaving about 2.5 cm on the crown.

What else can I add … I would not trust this person even with a dog to shear a homeless person from tangles, not like people.Now I have to hide from people for two months in order to be able to correct this ugliness. And you, Olga, I will remember every day of these two with a very unkind word.

*** – obscene language.

P.S. And if after my review there are rave reviews from bots with one review in their luggage. I will write a complaint to the administration. I see that at this hairdresser they appear after every negative one, like mushrooms after a rain.

90,000 Hairdresser Edie Zinedinova: Crimean Tatars have gorgeous hair and an interesting appearance

If the makings of a future profession are laid from childhood, then a professional grows out of a child, for whom work is a pleasure.That is exactly what happened with the heroine of our today’s article, hairdresser-make-up artist Edia Zinedinova.

Edie recalls that from childhood she was attracted by beauty in everything.
“When I was little, I loved to do makeup secretly from my parents or cut off my bangs. In general, I could surprise them, ”she says.

Therefore, since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a guide on the path to beauty, that is, a hairdresser. Edie says that loved ones supported her choice in every possible way, and for seven years now she has been making people beautiful.In particular, she appreciates her profession for the fact that you never stop developing in it, you learn something new every day.

“Well, there’s always work, of course,” says the hairdresser-make-up artist.
At the same time, the girl is sure that talent is needed for her work, it is impossible to complete a three-month course and become a stylist from God, or, for example, watch some master class on the Internet and repeat it.
“The master must look, do and add something of his own,” assures Edie.

The girl has been using the services of her hairdresser for seven years. This is her teacher who helped, suggested, supported her in her endeavors. “When I come to her, I rest,” admits Edie. – I sit in a chair and say that I want something new and interesting, and she does, even though I am also a master. I don’t even worry. I am 100% sure of her “

First tip

It is no secret that, in addition to having basic professional skills, a hairdresser as a service industry representative must be able to communicate with clients.
“I respect all clients and love everyone. I always try to please everyone. After all, as they say, the client should always leave happy, ”the girl says.

And Edie still remembers his first client. It was a blonde with regrown roots, which she had to paint.
“I was so panicked, but everything went well. They even left me five hryvnias for tea, ”the girl recalls with a smile.

Edie says that at the beginning of his career, every hairdresser can come across dissatisfied clients, because not all masters are recognized immediately and not all of them notice the potential.
“But these are really little things, we all tend to make mistakes and misunderstand desire. The main thing is not to give up and go towards your goal, then everything will definitely work out, ”the master encourages newcomers.

Bride 2015 – fashion trends

She admits that the most difficult thing in the work of a make-up artist-hairdresser is preparing the bride, which takes a lot of time to create.
“Together with the bride, I find beautiful jewelry, choose a hairstyle, make-up.We always do test work, come to a common opinion, because the bride needs to feel comfortable on this day, ”Edie is sure.

Edie Zinetdinova

According to the hairdresser-make-up artist, the main trend this year is simplicity and naturalness. “Makeup and hair should look like no one even made an effort,” says Edie. – In hairstyles there is no longer a ton of varnish and a million hairpins, light careless curls, a small volume at the roots.
The girl notes that they also adhere to minimalism in the bride’s makeup.“An even radiant tone, gentle blush, delicate shadows and fluffy lashes,” says Edie. Today, brides pay more attention to accessories. “Now these are no longer small hairpins with invisibility, but one large accessory: a comb, a wreath, a hairpin or a headband,” the hairdresser notes.

How a make-up hairdresser lives in the virtual world

Edie says that most of her clients “found her” through word of mouth. She is sure that you can always find out about the master before you are going to visit him, in the end, see his work.“After all, the price does not always correspond to the quality,” says the hairdresser. Social networks also contribute to the search for a good master. Edie actively uses this opportunity. She maintains a page on the social network Vkontakte, where she posts the results of her work, conducts polls and promotions for her clients.

“Here I see what clients are interested in and what they need, what services, procedures. After all, I myself always like to try something new, ”the girl shares.

Beauty is …

For Edie, external beauty is a well-groomed, neat and healthy appearance.
Crimean Tatar women, in her opinion, are distinguished by their unusual appearance and gorgeous hair. However, their biggest mistake in self-care is that they try to be like others.
“We, Crimean Tatar girls, have a very beautiful, interesting appearance. For example, they even say to me at work: “What gorgeous hair the Tatar girls have.” Beauty needs to be emphasized, but not completely remodeled, ”she advises.

The Master gave our readers some useful advice.
“The first thing I can say is that your hair should always be clean and styled, now there are so many different masks, balms, hair oils. Hair should always be nourished and moisturized, as hair dryers and irons damage them a lot. And try to visit your master at least once a month. Then your hair will be very grateful to you, ”recommended the hairdresser.

Predatory Things of the Century-2 – kouzdra – LiveJournal

Predatory Things of the Century-2 [May.12th, 2013 | 05:29 pm ]


Finally, people intervened, hoping to solve what they do not understand by prohibiting something. We all know them. If a hairdresser slits a client’s throat because the bride danced with another or went to the donkey race, many will rebel against the institutions involved. It was necessary, they say, to prohibit hairdressers, or shaving, or girls, or dancing, or donkeys. But I’m afraid donkeys will never be banned
© G.K. Chesterton

Taki-no spreads a hysteria about a cute toy “neocub”, at the same time it burns with hellish flame:

From the comments it is clear that markings 14+, in any case, were not (people came across sets 3+ and 8+ ). Further, both hydrochloric and sulfuric acid have a visible poison label.

What’s the truth? I don’t remember.

And the vinegar essence does not have it, and the Mole agent – which in fact is a concentrated caustic soda (that is, there is a small print – but this does not seem to be what is meant.

Still, liberal-socialist values ​​- an explosive mixture – eat the brain and move it into the virtual world, with “poison labels”


I think this is a cat in the microwave. It turns out that metal balls can be swallowed by a small child and cause complications!

It’s not about metal, it’s about magnetism.
A child can even eat a piece of glass or a needle – and it will come out sooner, the intestines are adapted to this.
But two balls, drawn through the bowel loop, cause serious problems.
Much more serious than the usual “swallowed some little thing on the floor.”

(Deleted comment)

One of my acquaintances told a dramatic story about how he decided to play astronauts, weaved himself a helmet from aluminum wire, put it on his head, and tried to connect to an outlet. At that moment, his dad entered, and, instantly assessing the situation, threw him with a mighty pendal to the other end of the room 🙂

Our child is much more peaceful, she quickly realized that if dad promises trouble for trying to shove a paper clip dropped by her mother into the outlet, then dad’s opinion should be listened to 🙂 At first she cursed, of course, well, who is pleased when dad takes you by the scruff of your neck, takes away the coveted paper clip, and says: “But I warned you not to do that?”

From: kvqa
2013-05-12 02:22 pm (UTC)


Well, the thing is really quite unpleasant – it would seem that some balls, well, they swallowed, as it entered, it will come out – that the case may end with peritonitis is somehow not very obvious.In the American instruction it is written about this, in the Russian one it is not (the standard “it may be harmful to swallow them” is difficult to call an adequate warning). With any chemistry, it is somehow more obvious.

(Deleted comment)

fragments of cobalt-samarium magnets – one of the lovely childhood memories. For some reason, it didn’t occur to them.

God will still find how to turn on natural selection

From: aso
2013-05-12 03:47 pm (UTC)


Are you advertising?
But, in general, of course, the manufacturer is wrong to label the toy 3+, not 14+.
Parents, hike: however, those are still idiots – “we, of course, do not count the balls after the games.”

Well, everyone is good here – the toy is really dangerous in an unobvious way (although not horror-horror – at the level of matches and a “mole”), but very fun.

Some idiots do not warn about real danger, other idiots demand to ban the “killer toy”

From: (Anonymous)
2013-05-12 04:41 pm (UTC)


Well, what should I do?
From the point of view of advertising, it is not good to talk about “prohibiting something” on the territory of the Russian Federation, because evoking the spirit of Onishchenko is not a good thing.
From the point of view of doctors, I also understand that it’s also unpleasant to drive N0 hours of work and nerves (in abdominal surgery, oh, how they are spent) in eliminating stupidity — I wish it wouldn’t be so. In general, our anti-alcohol campaign began with a letter from surgeons, who were a little tired of operating people who had been run over by car trains in pianist form.
On the good – to force to put in a piece of paper, where it is clearly explained what and why, so, probably.
PS In Reakhimov’s “yunchemist” I don’t remember any inscriptions on salt and NaOH.
PS-2 Scene from the 80s. Friends at that time lived in two families in the same apartment. The guys come back from work around 11-30, they are met by someone from the better half of humanity with the news “the child today got to the drill and plugged it in.” The reaction is the same for wallpaper: “are the drills intact?”

In Reakhimov’s “yunchemist” I don’t remember any inscriptions on salt and NaOH.

I honestly don’t remember them on the bottles with these acids from the Soyuzreakhim store in October, where I used to stock it up at my senior school age.

Not to mention the tube receivers where 250v is the standard operating voltage, I soldered the class from the 6th

Edited at 2013-05-12 04:49 pm (UTC)

Hmm … At 9, in my opinion, I had a set “Young chemist”. Then his father stole it for his needs, because what was not there: dry potassium permanganate, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, magnesium, a burner with half a dozen tablets of dry alcohol … Moreover, in the descriptions of the experiments, it was suggested to mix, heat, set fire – and some -what even to drink (there was a recipe for some kind of fizzy).Safety measures were described in only half a dozen lines: they say, if acid was dropped on the hand, rinse with a solution of soda, sodium solution – wipe the burn with vinegar, do not overheat the test tubes and flask, do not sniff the contents directly from the bell. And – oddly enough, nothing happened, although sometimes I had fun alone.

For example, I never thought about the danger of “neokuba” (we do not have, but there is another strongly magnetic game, although the children have already grown from “that” age) And the idea of ​​two swallowed magnets does not automatically come to mind, metal balls are not considered such a great danger… So it’s worth paying attention all the same. Everyone knows about the dangerous vinegar essence and “Mole”, by the way, they began to sell vinegar essence in special bottles just so that they would not be confused (with vinegar, for example). risk reduction – you just need to explain what the danger is. And at what age to give, dad-mom will decide for themselves. And then the markings everywhere “age 3+ small details” are absolutely lifted up and have no relation to reality.

In fact, hysteria itself is useful because it brings this really unobvious fact to consciousness (the danger there is at the level of many other everyday life). But her transition to a prohibitive-control plane is, on the contrary, harmful.

They smashed the thermometer, tried to eat mercury with my brother,
, trying to find the taste of ascorbic acid, tried all the tablets from my mother,
undiluted cologne in a pioneer camp,
yes, there was a time.

> They broke the thermometer and tried to eat mercury with my brother,

By the way, it’s practically safe.Only inhalation of vapors is dangerous.

Not really, but in the subject:
Student from Saudi Arabia Talal al-Ruki, resident in Michigan, was interrogated by the FBI after neighbors saw him holding a pressure cooker.
Writes about this The Daily Mail.

Al-Ruki’s house was surrounded by armed agents. The officers went to a subject of the Middle Eastern kingdom who was experiencing “nervousness” and asked him several questions.Al-Ruki stated that he was asked about his major in college, as well as when he arrived in the United States and what he does in his free time.

The student showed them his pressure cooker and explained that he used it to cook his own rice lunch. In turn, the FBI officers advised him to move more carefully with such things in his hands.

The Tsarnaev brothers, who committed the terrorist attack at the Boston marathon in April, used pressure cookers to prepare explosive devices. The terrorists used metal balls and nails as striking elements.

According to the Saudi press, after the Boston terrorist attack in the United States, citizens of the country and visitors of Arab nationality are being closely monitored.

Original from Daily Mail: html? ito = feeds-newsxml
An FBI agent said: ‘You need to be more careful moving around with such things, Sir’

From: (Anonymous)
2013-05-12 06:22 pm (UTC)


A joke about a bomb in the ass – to life.
The next American pid detonators will need to make bonba in ordinary pots.

Anton, can you tell me the link to you had about Watts False Blindness. otherwise I only found inhuman aliens for discussion at Pervushin

Straight now I don’t remember – and in general – for 4 days of IPC I was absolutely fucked up and right now I want to lie down and not get up. If I forget – in a couple of days, remind

neither sulfuric nor hydrochloric acid is poisonous.They are corrosive and irritating substances, but by no means are poisons, unlike hydrocyanic acid, for example, or formic acid. Or oxalic. They can easily cause death when ingested, but, as we can see, even a chemically inert magnet can.

Here the question is what is considered a poison – if something that disrupts metabolism – then even phosgene is not a poison.

Well, on bourgeois sulfuric acid in laboratory packaging, there will probably be a standard bourgeois marking on the topic “explosive / toxic / corrosive”, with a note about corrosiveness, etc.This was done, of course, not for the parents, but for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who will extinguish the fire in the warehouse, so that they can see from the marking whether it will sound.

By the way, the bourgeois markings with pictograms annoy me terribly, because I don’t remember the pictograms and the color very well. But this is their user-friendly interface, as usual. Like someone decided that these icons and colors are understandable, and it became so, and the fact that they are incomprehensible to anyone does not give a fuck to anyone.

But takinet, as usual, somewhat idealizes reality (as one of my acquaintances politely used to say about a person with complete deafness: “When he sings, he smoothes the melody a little”), and, as usual, gets a little hysterical.The reality is somewhat different from his expectations. And in some places it is quite strong.

natural selection – should be.

Templates and samples. How to make a hairdresser’s business card with your own hands?

How is it possible to place and receive an order?

Choose a design layout. Constructor contains a large set of ready-made thematic layouts. On the basis of which it is possible to easily create own design layout of a business card without special artistic training and technical skills in working in specialized programs.

Add information. To change text fields, use the same methods that apply in any text editor: field for text input, choice of font type, point size, color or positioning. It is possible to add your own text fields. Moving text fields are carried out with the mouse.

Provide shipping address. We deliver products to all regions of the Russian Federation . Delivery time is 2 to 6 days depending on the region.

Select the form of payment. It is possible to pay for products using any Internet payments, such as Yandex money, webmoney, using ATMs or terminals. It is also possible to pay for the order by bank transfer.

How to design a business card correctly?

If a hairdresser works independently, then only individual personal data and contact numbers are indicated on the business card, and on the back side there is a list of services provided. Do not abuse the slogans: “The lowest prices!”, “I work quickly, but efficiently”, “Discounts for regular customers” – they look as if the hairdresser is ready to “sell” his work for free. Much better when the hairdresser’s business card is only informational text – name, surname, contact numbers and a list of services.

If a hairdresser works in a beauty salon, then the place of work, address and telephone number, and a list of salon services must be added to the contact numbers. This is especially beneficial if the hairdresser receives a percentage for each client. Such a hairdresser’s business card can be designed in accordance with the style of the salon, using its colors and logo, as well as the name of the institution, which can be inscribed on the top of the business card.

Naturally, a business card should be printed on good thick paper, on normal printing equipment, elegant and stylish, as befits a business card of a creative person.

90,000 Hair Now. Exhibition of French stylist Charlie Le Mandu. Exhibition. St. Petersburg 2015 – Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

Mad Hatter, Hairdresser or Stylist? There is no way to put a label on this unique hairdressing art. From a rural beauty salon for elderly ladies to her own salon on the fifth floor of the famous London Harrods – this is the path that the young prodigy Charlie Le Mindu took, taking pride of place among the outstanding hairdressers of our time.

At the age of 13, young Charlie learned to cut his hair while working as a janitor in a small beauty salon near Bordeaux. Infinite creative energy and youth were desperately striving for freedom and new horizons, so at fifteen he quit his job in the salon and began to look for alternative ways of creative development. At the age of 17, Charlie moved to Berlin, the European capital of alternative art. He spoke neither German nor English, but at the same time had a clearly formulated goal. The young hairdresser went to chic French restaurants, underground shops and gay clubs, offering his services.He invented the idea of ​​a pop-up salon where people paid whatever they saw fit. At the same time, Charlie met his first extravagant muse, the Canadian singer Peaches.

At 22, tired of the crazy nightlife in Berlin, Le Mandu went to London, the “city of opportunity.” Now the scope of work as a hairdresser became too tight, and the artist decided to create his first collection of Haute Coiffure. “For me, hair is the same fur. They can look gorgeous on clothes.Moreover, their use does not harm nature, ”says Charlie. At twenty-five, he becomes a star stylist, creating stage wigs for Lady Gaga, Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine), The B-52s and others. Charlie’s Beauty appears on the Online Channel Konbini. Charlie’s collections are shown at Paris Fashion Week, and his own showroom opens at the legendary London Harrods. Le Mundu’s sensational shows invariably overwhelm the audience and never leave them indifferent.“Whether you love me or hate me, it is equally pleasant for me!” Says Charlie.

Hair Now presents the latest haute couture collection by the extravagant French couturier.

90,000 Say hello to Rene | CITY WESTERN HOUSE

We love getting to know you better and we hope you enjoy getting to know us too. This interview will allow you to learn a little more about Renee Mackenzie-Lowe, our head of Community and External Relations.

Where did you grow up and how was it?

I grew up on the Central Coast, north of Sydney.In those days, the Central Coast was not overpopulated, so apart from beach walks, almost nothing happened. I grew up in a so-called “working class family” on the same income with 5 other siblings. Being from a big family has never been boring. However, we grew up with domestic violence as part of our daily life – it still affects me, even today.

Tell me a little about your career and how you got to City West.

If you have ever experienced domestic violence as a child, it prevents you from having a voice, which can destroy your soul as a child and have a permanent impact on all areas of your life for many years.So, after many (successful) years of working as a visual merchandiser, hairdresser and makeup artist for film, television, theater, etc., I took a huge leap forward and quit my job as I wanted to work in a field where I felt I was helping. people, especially helping young people to have a voice.

I started volunteering at a community center, and after several unsuccessful attempts to find work in the public sector, I was about to give up when the opportunity presented itself to work with homeless teenagers.

Funny story: When I was hired, I was told that I was not good for this type of job and that I just need to go back to people’s makeup and leave this “type” of work to the professionals. I listened? Definitely not.

I used every opportunity available to me to expand my knowledge and learn more about the sector, often volunteering just to get noticed and experience working with different demographic groups. Loved every minute!

Gradually I found myself working on larger projects over the years that involved the entire community, and yet my agenda has always been to make the voices of people and communities heard.

In 2013, I took another step of faith and sold everything I had (which was not much) and moved to Nairobi, Kenya for a year to volunteer at a small school in Kibera, located in the slums of Nairobi. What a life-changing experience!

When I returned in 2014, I wanted to develop further, and I was lucky enough to get a role in CWH, where I have been working for almost six years.

What hobbies or initiatives do you pursue outside of work?

As for hobbies, I have always loved traveling.To date, I have visited 44 countries! In terms of non-work initiatives, last year I was asked to be the director of a new charity to fight domestic violence. Equanimity project.

“Many of us take pride in our success throughout our careers and families, but many of us hide in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We hide the shame of domestic violence.

For me, participating in this project is not just “doing good”, but a valiant effort to correct the mistakes that many of us and those we know tacitly experience, including me.

I am a woman with a goal that wants to make a difference for women, and I am grateful to be part of an incredible team of creative, mobile and passionate volunteers dedicated to delivering an impressive customer experience. ”

What goal do you still want to achieve?

There is still so much I want to do.

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