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Shopping at Sydney Airport – Domestic Terminals

Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport is home to two domestic terminals – T2 (Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tiger Airways) as well as T3 (Qantas).

Must I say, Sydney Airport (domestic terminals) are also home to some hip, classy and trendy shops – fashion, stationery or otherwise.

T2 is where all the buzz is. Forget about the airline lounges when you can enjoy some pre (or post) flight shopping in the departures area of both domestic terminals. In T2, as soon as you leave the security screening area, you have a real shopping centre like food court on your right with many great places to eat – yet to your left there are a few trendy shops.

Near the entrance to Virgin Australia’s lounge, you will find a small, abundantly lovely toy shop called Kaboom. Plush toys and books (to name) of all time favourite kids characters can be found here. Have never seen anything like it before until recently. Then again, T2 is also home to a classic tapas bar called Movida – funky.

You’re welcomed into shopping paradise with shops such as Victoria’s Secret, Mimco, Witchery and Blue Illusion to name. The luxe has come back into airport terminals in that sense. T2 has received a small facelift post-Ansett.

Meanwhile at the Qantas Domestic Terminal (T3), you will also get the opportunity to enjoy shopping at Witchery and Victoria’s Secret again. T3 is also home to beautiful brands such as L’Occitane and kikki.K. There is a popular adults book store in this terminal as well.

Out of both domestic terminals, the Qantas Domestic Terminal (T3 – when it comes to shopping) is targeted towards the busy adult business and leisure traveller – keeping them abreast on the latest fashion and beauty products; while on the other hand T2 has a real fun, shopping centre vibe, and is definitely kid-friendly in comparison.

With a bit of prior planning, you can save a few shopping pennies for the airport, instead of sitting down in not so comfortable chairs waiting for your flight to depart to it’s interstate destination. Enjoy.

Rating: 8/10

Where: Sydney Airport

Why: Shopping at the domestic terminals. You’re given insights into the differences between shopping at T2 and T3.
Cost: Depends on you and your budget, and what you want to buy.
When: When in the need to travel. Most shops open at 6am. If you’re on an early morning flight, bear this in mind – the shop/s you want to shop at might not be open – especially on weekends.

Good for kids: Shopping at T2 is. Not so much at the Qantas Domestic Terminal.


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Surrounding Suburbs

Mascot | Alexandria | Beaconsfield | Rosebery | St Peters | Eastlakes | Tempe | Botany

A little about Sydney Domestic Airport

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Services at Airports in Sydney Area, NSW, Australia, AU

(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Sydney Airport (SYD) has many airport shops, including duty-free shopping, restaurants, and good facilities for the disabled within its three main terminal buildings, as you would expect from such a busy and highly regarded Australian airport.

There are a selection of duty-free outlets, selling a wide range of tax-free goods, together with more than 20 airport cafés, restaurants, snack bars and fast-food outlets. The terminal buildings serve many different airlines, travelling from New South Wales to a large number of different destinations.

There are also a wide range of airport services and amenities at Sydney Airport (SYD), including business services, currency exchange, a number of meeting rooms, excellent conference facilities for up to 1,000 people, airport information desks and ATM cashpoints, which are readily available in the terminal buildings.

Airport Information Desks

Tel: (02) 9667 6053
Sydney Airport’s Tourism NSW Information Desks are situated in the centre of the airport’s T1 International Terminal building and is open daily between 06:00 to 23:00. Manned by help staff known as the airport’s ‘Gold Ambassadors’, the airport’s Tourism NSW Information Desk offer a wide range of useful information about Sydney Airport (SYD), directions, travel to and from Sydney Airport (SYD), general tourist information about the city of Sydney, weather conditions and also the latest airline flight arrival and departure times.

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

Tel: (02) 9667 0926
Sydney Airport has superb shopping facilities located throughout the terminal buildings. With more than 100 shops at Sydney Airport (SYD), these include newsagents, gift shops selling a range of popular tourist souvenirs, beauty and hair salons, clothes stores, fashion boutiques, food shops, many speciality stores and also duty-free shops, selling a wide range of duty-free merchandise, such as wines, beers, cigarettes and perfume.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

There are an enormous number of places to eat at Sydney Airport (SYD), including a good selection of more than 20 airport cafés, restaurants, snack bars and fast-food outlets. Offering a varied choice of Australian and international cuisine, the restaurants and bars and located throughout the terminal buildings at Sydney Airport. There are also a number of convenient vending machines situated throughout the airport.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

There are many currency exchange and banking facilities available at Sydney Airport (SYD), including numerous ATM cashpoints situated on the arrivals and departures level of the airport’s International terminal Building. There is also a post office in the centre of the departures area on level two and several bureau de change outlets at Sydney Airport, providing a competitive rate of exchange.

Business and Conference Facilities

Tel: +1 (02) 9667 6534
Business and conference facilities are available at Sydney Airport (SYD) and there are a wide range of services provided by Sydney Airport, such as office equipment, work areas, computers, free access to the Internet, overhead projectors, white boards, telephones, photocopying, audiovisual equipment, mobile phone rental, meeting rooms and conference capabilities for up to 1,000 guests.
These business facilities at Sydney Airport are located in the business and conference venues in the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 buildings and are operated by Sydney Airport Executive Services. Further business facilities are available in the airline lounges at Sydney Airport (SYD).

Disabled Facilities

Sydney Airport (SYD) is fully physically-accessible for travellers with disabilities. These disabled facilities include ramps, good access for wheelchair users, lowered telephones, disabled toilets and showers, disabled parking spaces in Sydney Airport’s car parking areas and wheelchairs are also available at the airport if required. It is advisable for disabled travellers to inform the airport of any special requirements prior to arriving at Sydney Airport. The information desk at Sydney Airport (SYD) has further information about all of the airport’s disabled facilities.

Other Facilities

Other facilities at Sydney Airport (SYD) include a pharmacy and medical centre with first aid facilities in the airport’s International Terminal building, open between Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and between Saturday to Sunday from 08:00 to 15:00. There are also several children’s activity areas, a children’s cinema close to the immigration area, smoking areas, baby changing rooms, a left luggage service and numerous luggage trolleys.

Duty Free Sydney: Shopping Sydney Airport Duty Free

Where Else Can You Buy Duty Free Goods?

Buying duty-free goods is not limited to international airports. You can also see duty free shops in most international zones like seaports, train stations and border crossings where people often travel by car. You can even buy duty-free goods on board airplanes and passenger ships as long as they travel through different countries. Needless to say, duty-free conditions don’t apply to domestic airports and seaports.

Aside from a physical store, you can also do some duty free shopping online via Heinemann Duty Free. You can order wines, champagnes, spirits, perfumes, skin care products and other general goods at You also get the added convenience of ordering duty free goods up to 2 months before flying.

Sydney Airport’s duty free shopping


Duty Free Allowances and Limits

Duty free limits apply on items as long as you bought from them a duty free shop in the Sydney International Airport and boarding on a plane leaving Australia. But what about if you are just arriving into Australia? Duty free limits still apply on them as long as you comply with the following conditions:

Personal items

Personal items are free from duty and taxes, including grooming items, footwear, and clothing, as long as they are owned and used overseas for 12 month or more. Everything else inside your baggage, whether checked in or hand carried, can be brought in tax-free but may be subjected to some duty free allowances.


The duty free limit for alcoholic beverages is 2.25 litres per adult passenger (18 years and older). This limit covers liquor, wine, and champagne, and applies to all the alcohol in the accompanying baggage. For hand carried baggage, you will not be allowed to board your flight if you have a container o bottle of alcoholic beverage exceeding 100 ml.


Anyone over the age of 18 can bring in an unopened or opened packet of up 25 cigarettes which is equivalent to 25 grams of tobacco products. Anything exceeding 25 grams would have to be subjected to duty. Smokeless tobacco, on the other hand, has a duty-free limit of up to 1.5 kilograms.

General Goods

An adult traveller (anyone who is 18 years old and above) can bring in up to AU$900 worth of general goods without taxes or duty. For anyone below 18, the duty free limit is up to AU$450 worth of goods. General goods may include the following:

  • Gifts and souvenirs
  • Electronic equipment
  • Leather products
  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Perfumes
  • Sporting goods and equipment

Alcohol and tobacco are not classified as general goods which is why they have their own set of duty free allowances and limits.

Sydney Australia Airport ⋆

You arrive at last: Sydney Australia airport. First duty free, then customs and quarantine. Get Aussie dollars. Find your limo – or a train. What you need to know.

Looking across Botany Bay to Sydney Airport

Australia Duty Free

Drinks, tobacco, perfumes and makeup – all the usual suspects are available to buy duty free when you arrive on an international flight.

It’s significantly cheaper to buy your alcohol and tobacco here, rather than downtown. And the prices are very competitive with overseas duty free as well.

Best buys, Sydney Australia airport

So you don’t have to schlep your purchases across the world. Just buy them when you arrive.

If you’re 18 or over you can bring in, duty free:

  • 2.25 litres of alcohol and
  • 50g of cigars OR tobacco, OR 50 cigarettes.

Go here for the full customs rundown on what you can bring into Australia duty free.

You’ll find Australia duty free shops after customs, before you reach the baggage claim area.

While they also carry perfume, toiletries and sweet things. I wouldn’t bother with those, unless there’s something special you’ve been looking for. There are often better buys out of the airport.

Quarantine Laws

Australia has strict quarantine laws. You may not bring any fresh food, including any
food from the plane, into Sydney. Nor can you bring in seeds or plants. Many other
items must be declared and may need to be fumigated before you can bring them in.

And if you’ve spent time in certain countries, or on farms or in the wilderness, you’ll
probably have your boots and other items fumigated as well.

Strict quarantine  appliesFumigate these boots!Lantana: pretty but deadly

All this is necessary to protect Australia from imported pests and diseases. While you’re in Australia – in almost any part of it – look out for a plant with a pretty pink and yellow flower which grows wild nearly everywhere. This is lantana, also known as Paterson’s curse.

It was imported by early British settlers who used to grow it in their gardens at home.
Here it smothers native plants, depriving native animals of food and shelter. It is
unbelievably difficult to get rid of and endless volunteer bush conservation groups spend
hours and hours rooting it out.

So please be careful with what you bring in with you. More information on what you need to declare and official advice on what you can bring in to Australia.  (Opens in a new page).

Airport Money Exchange

Change money at Sydney  airport

There are several places to change money in the Arrivals Hall of the International terminal. If you’re departing then you’ll find money exchanges both before and after baggage screening stations.

ATMs are located in all domestic and international terminals.

Australian ATMs take cards from almost any country, even some countries that money exchanges don’t cover. We’ve been able to use them to get money from an Indian bank account, something that’s impossible from most other parts of the world.

Freshen Up With a Shower

If you’re waiting between flights, or just want to freshen up before you go on, there are free showers at Kingsford Smith International Airport. They’re on the first floor (departures).

Go towards the Observation Deck – between The ‘A’ and ‘B’ check-in counters. You’ll find them there. Men to the left, women’s’ to the right. They’re free but you’ll need to bring your own towels. Or stand around until you dry off! Some people use the hot air from the hands/hair dryers to speed the process.

There’s enough space in the shower cubicle to take your luggage in with you (and keep it dry).

Flying With Infants and Young Children

Air travel with children can be made easier.

Sydney Australia airport loves babies

On arrival at Kingsford Smith Airport you’ll find bathrooms, parents’ rooms and nursing facilities right near the baggage collection areas.

There are baby change rooms all through the airport. These have change tables, nursing areas and a microwave oven to heat food and baby formulas.

If you’re flying with young children and need to spend some time in the international terminal there are children’s play areas both before and after bag security checkpoints.

And all bag security screening points have a dedicated queue for families. Just let the screening staff know you’re flying with young children.

Sydney Australia Airport Help

Both the international and the domestic terminals have people to help you.

Volunteers donate up to twelve hours a week to greet visitors and answer their questions. You’ll see them walking around – they all wear bright gold (yellow) jackets. Just stop any one of them and you’ll get a helping hand.

The Gold Ambassador Volunteers can also be found at special help desks at these locations:

Terminal 1 (International) ARRIVALS:
Opposite Passenger Exits A & B

Terminal 1 (International) DEPARTURES:
Between check-in counters G & H, adjacent to the glass lifts
Opposite Check-in counter D near the front entrance

Terminal 2 (Domestic)
Opposite baggage carousel 2

Info Desk: Hotels, Tours, Transfers

You’ll find a travellers information and services desk at the arrivals level in each terminal.

Here you can get brochures, buy maps and make bookings for:
Get brochures at the airport

  • Sydney Australia hotels
  • tours
  • shuttle transfers
  • harbour cruises
  • Sydney shows
  • limousines and corporate cars

Traveler Safety

Australia’s a pretty safe place, so long as you don’t go doing stupid things that are asking for trouble – dealing drugs, people smuggling. There are very few no go areas if you behave sensibly and stay away from these netherworlds. As a woman alone I’ve not encountered problems at any time of the day or night, and I’ve often been on the streets alone at very late hours.

Kingsford Smith Airport has all the usual passenger and baggage screening machinery as well as walk through metal detectors and explosive trace detection systems.

Closed circuit television cameras and security patrols also cover all of Sydney Australia airport.

Sydney Airport Shuttle, Cabs, Buses and Trains

Go here for public transport to and from Sydney Airport

Car Rental Sydney Australia

As always, the best car rental deals are off-airport. But if you need a car immediately
on arrival these car rental companies are in all terminals at Sydney Australia airport.
Click on the link to go straight to each website, it’ll open in a new page.

Driving to Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney Australia

A GPS is handy to have available

If you don’t have a GPS system with you – whether in your phone or already in the car, you’ll find that most routes to Sydney Australia airport have the aeroplane symbol on road signs. At intersections they will point you to the most direct way to go. As you get closer to the airport the signs will start indicating domestic and international terminals.

A good road map or Australian GPS is essential for getting around easily. A GPS will also show all Sydney traffic cams – very handy.

Sydney is in the state of NSW and the airport is in the suburb of Mascot.

Sydney Airport provides rent waivers for retail and property tenants

Sydney Airport provided US$37. 9 million worth of rent waivers to retail and property tenants from April to June, or 62% of contracted rents by value in the period (71% in retail alone).

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Discussions with partners are continuing about the period after June, with any relief to be applied in retrospect.

The figures emerged as the company reported half-year results to 30th June, with retail revenue falling by -20.1% year-on-year to US$106 million. On an adjusted basis, retail revenue was down by -44% to US$74 million inclusive of rent abatements and provisions for doubtful debts, which the airport said was “reflective of fair and equitable sharing of the pain with our tenants”.

The airport company said that a Code of Conduct framework was applied to all negotiations, adopting the principle of proportionate relief. It said that financial transparency was required from tenants before relief was granted and there had been no structural changes to contracts. Instead, temporary relief to existing contracts has been applied.

On duty free, Sydney Airport said that relief had been provided to Heinemann “in line with its contract”, adding that a replanning of the mix was underway. It also highlighted a project to enhance the International Terminal luxury precinct, with deals struck with fashion brands Moncler and Saint Laurent.

Sydney Airport said it “has worked closely with all tenants to provide fair and equitable concessions to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each concession offered was assessed on a case-by-case basis and the level of relief offered was dependent upon each tenant’s individual circumstance. Sydney Airport believes that an equitable sharing of the pain with tenants at a time when they needed it the most will deliver the best long-term outcome for security holders.”

Some 30% of stores at the airport were trading in July, up from 12% in May. The occupancy rate was 97% as of 30 June.

The airport company posted total revenue of US$366 million in the half, a decrease of -35. 9% compared to a year earlier. This was driven by a -56.6% fall in passenger traffic to 9.4 million. The year-on-year decline was -18% in Q1 and -96.6% in Q2.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) was US$215.4 million, down by -35.4% on the previous year. Net loss (after income tax) was US$38.4 million compared to a profit of US$12.4 million a year ago.

Sydney Airport also revealed a plan to raise US$1.4 billion in equity to improve its liquidity amid the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. It is also targeting at least a -35% reduction in operating costs for the 12 months from 1 April. Capital project expenditure will be further reduced, with a target range of US$71.7 to US$89.6 million for the calendar year 2021, mainly relating to critical projects.

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On the outlook, the company said: “It remains unclear how long the domestic and international travel restrictions will continue for, however while they are in place, Sydney Airport’s operations are likely to remain adversely impacted. As a result, it is anticipated that Sydney Airport’s financial performance will continue to be affected.”


Sydney International Airport (SYD / YSSY) – Sydney, Australia (AU)

Sydney International Airport ( Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport ) is the busiest and longest airport in Australia. It is located in the suburbs of Sydney, in close proximity to the picturesque Botanical Bay of the Tasman Sea.

The area was originally used for the development of an aircraft company in 1919. But the former pastures were acquired by the government. And already in 1924, the first planes took off from this territory, carrying out regular flights.

Two gravel runways were laid during the 1960s. At the same time, work began on a new international terminal, which was completed in 1970 and inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II. Today airport has three terminals, each of which is impressive in size. The first is international (T1) mentioned above and two domestic (T2 and T3).

Since the airport was actively growing in the 80s and 90s , it became clear that two intersecting runways – greatly complicate the work of coordinating arriving and taking off liners.Therefore, a third runway was developed, commissioned in 1994.

But even three runways do not save the airport from congestion, and it has been unable to cope with its passenger traffic of 50 million for a long time . And his queues for immigration control are known even to those who have never been to Australia. And passengers have long been coming here not in the prescribed 2-3 hours before check-in, but 5-6 or more.

In addition, the airport is called the “airport of contrasts”. Centennial air gateway to Australia, the largest and busiest airport, where latest technologies are applied for face recognition and biometrics at every turn. But you have to pay for the railway transfer between the terminals, and at night almost all the establishments necessary for the traveler are closed.

How to get there?

Kingsford Smith Airport is located 8 km south of Sydney city center. It is not far away, so there will be no problems with transport.

Taxis – There are taxi ranks outside each terminal.The roadside service representatives will help you find the right one.

Bus – Buses to Bondi Junction and Burwood stop at arrivals levels T1 and T3.

Trains – Airport Link trains run into Sydney every 10 minutes, stopping at the International Terminal and Domestic Terminal (accessed from T2 and T3).

Car rental – car rentals are available in the arrivals halls.

Limousine – Limousines can pick up travelers at the airport only by prior arrangement.


There are parking lots near each terminal. But the cheapest parking is for domestic travelers only. It can be reached in 15 minutes by bus from T2 and T3. The express pick-up area for a 15 minute stop is a 5 minute walk from T1. After the free time expires, the parking price increases to $ 10 for every next fifteen minutes. If the minutes are few or you don’t want to rush, there is a regular paid waiting area for cars closer to the terminal.

Transfer between terminals

There are three options for such a transfer:

Free T-Bus from Sydney Airport, connecting T1 International to domestic terminals. It runs constantly, but only during the day: from 6:00 to 20:00. The journey takes about 10 minutes. There are bus stops at the Arrivals level outside the terminals.

Airport Link Train offers a $ 6. 70 one-way ticket (one way per person) for passengers traveling between T1 International and T2 / T3 domestic terminals.They run constantly, from 5 am to midnight. The duration of the trip by this type of transport is only 2 minutes.

Taxi will take you quickly – in 8-10 minutes. But the cost of such an individual trip is not cheap – $ 17-22 one way.


Free sleep at the airport

An important feature of the airport’s work is that at night there is little working here. And if you want to spend the night at the airport for free, you will have to go to the preliminary control area of ​​the international terminal.The zones of domestic terminals, as well as the “clean zone” T1, will be closed. However, there are few seats in this designated area, and those with armrests. So stock up on rugs, sleeping bags, and anything else to keep you warm on the cold floor.

Lounge zone

But there are many lounges to be found at the airport. And to relax in them and drink a couple of cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere – just pay the entrance. In this case, it does not matter which class ticket you have on hand.

Such democratic recreation areas in T1:

  • Air New Zealand Lounge
  • American Express Lounge in Partnership with Plaza Premium
  • The House

And in T2:

  • REX Lounge
  • Virgin Australia Lounge

Of course, if you are a passenger of such large companies as Emirates, Qantas or Singapore Airlines, you can use the services of branded lounges.But remember that in none of them will you find places to take a nap . Sleep – only in hotels. In addition, it is always noisy on the territory of the airport, and the walls of its premises will not be saved from it.


All hotels are either within walking distance of the airport or a little further. If you don’t want to stay in the city center, of course. But in any case, you will not find them directly at the Sydney airport itself.

Airport Mantra Hotel Sydney Airport – Located within walking distance of Domestic Terminals T2 (800m) and T3 (900m).

Rydges Sydney Airport – Located across the street from Terminal T1. Complimentary shuttle service to / from Domestic Terminal daily from 5:00 AM to 10:45 PM, either by Rydges Sydney Airport Shuttle or Sydney Airport TBus.

Ibis Budget Sydney Airport – Five minutes walk from Domestic Terminals. An airport shuttle runs every 30 minutes from 05:00 to 23:00. It costs AUD $ 7 one way per person.

And also many others where the traveler can sleep and rest.


Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere at the airport. To connect to it, look for a network named “-FREE SYD WiFi-” . If you do not have gadgets with you, there are Internet kiosks at the departure levels of all terminals. And in arrivals area T2, near baggage carousel # 1.

Flights from Moscow (DME) to Sydney (SYD)


Up to 9 passengers can be booked in one booking, including adults, children and babies.

Each adult passenger travels with one infant.

Children traveling alone or separately from their parents in a different class of service are considered unaccompanied and their flight is paid at the adult fare. To book this service, please contact us.

Up to 9 passengers can be booked in one booking, including adults, teenagers, children and infants.

Each adult passenger can take one infant with them.

Children traveling alone or separately from their parents in a different class of service are considered unaccompanied and their flight is paid at the adult fare. To book this service, please contact us.

  • Up to 9 passengers can be booked per booking, including adults, overseas Filipinos, children and infants.
  • Each adult and Filipino working overseas may bring one infant with them.
  • Every Filipino working overseas must have all the paperwork required for tax exemption.
  • Children traveling alone or separately from their parents in a different class are considered to be unaccompanied and are charged at the adult fare. To book this service, please contact us.
  • Up to 9 passengers can be booked per booking, including adults, overseas Filipinos, teens, children and infants.
  • Each adult and Filipino working overseas may bring one infant with them.
  • Every Filipino working overseas must have all the paperwork required for tax exemption.
  • Children traveling alone or separately from their parents in a different class are considered to be unaccompanied and are charged at the adult fare. To book this service, please contact us.
90,000 Shopping in Sydney.Let’s go shopping Emerging Designer Market remains one of the most popular shopping spots in Sydney. It covers an area of ​​over 100 sq. meters, in this market they sell clothes mainly of local production. Here you can find clothes for every taste, including classic and popular youth models. Affordable prices remain one of the main advantages of the market, so it is popular not only among tourists, but also among local residents. Sydney attracts foreign visitors not only with its unique attractions, but also with its friendly atmosphere.The locals are distinguished by a cordial and cheerful character, a peculiar … Open Fans of walking around the colorful markets should definitely drop by the market located in the Balmain area. This market is very multifaceted, selling popular products and souvenirs, as well as many interesting antiques. Some tourists go here as an exhibition to admire antiques and works of art. In Sydney, there is a picturesque Chinatown district, which is also not deprived of the attention of shoppers.There are hundreds of shops and stalls where you can buy a lot of interesting gizmos at affordable prices. You can go here in search of inexpensive clothes and shoes, but when choosing them, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the goods. Many tourists buy inexpensive plush toys here, as well as Asian-style jewelry and souvenirs. Chinatown also has a large selection of exotic restaurants, and local pastry shops sell liquorice sweets so popular in Asia. Copyright Sydney is one of the most impressive cities in the world and is ready to offer an interesting and rich cultural program to its guests. Even New York is inferior in size to Sydney. This … Open The most prestigious shopping center in Sydney is QVB, where expensive designer shops, luxury cosmetics and perfumery pavilions are concentrated. Opened in 1898, this shopping complex is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the city with incredible decoration.Not everyone can afford to shop in this shopping center; many tourists come here just to admire the luxurious atmosphere. It is especially interesting to visit the shopping center on Christmas Eve. Nearby is another popular shopping complex with more affordable prices – Galleries Victoria. Here you can buy inexpensive clothing and footwear from leading world brands, as well as cosmetics and perfumes. This shopping complex is known to many thanks to the Kinokunia bookstore located within its walls; it is one of the largest in the city.This shop sells excellent contemporary photography and fashion books, as well as many interesting souvenirs. Sydney is a popular resort with lively beaches and parks, an abundance of entertainment options and shops – a true paradise for fans of entertainment. The city attracts a huge number of … Open Strand Arcade is considered one of the most beautiful shopping complexes in Sydney. It also occupies an outstanding historical building, which was designed by the famous architect John Spencer.A significant part of the shops presented in this arcade are distinguished by high prices, but there are also shops of the middle price category. This prestigious shopping center offers unique designer clothes, accessories and perfumes, as well as several attractive restaurants and cafes. If it is too expensive to shop here, you can simply stroll through the beautiful building and enjoy the historic atmosphere. Opal crafts and jewelry remain some of the most popular souvenirs among Sydney guests.This stone has been actively mined on the continent for many years; it is considered a real national symbol. There is a specialty shop Opal Minded in the city, where you can buy a variety of accessories with beautiful stones. This store is the official representative office of the company of the same name, so all products here are distinguished not only by affordable prices, but also by the highest quality. 1. From the local airport you can easily get to the city center, the most expensive (about 30 USD) will be a taxi ride.A ticket for a high-speed train is half the price, which arrives … Open Travelers looking for quirky shopping should head to Crown Street. Here are concentrated very interesting shops that offer customers vintage-style items and antiques, as well as unique designer clothes and accessories. There are also several elite boutiques that world celebrities like to visit, as well as interesting shops selling exclusive home goods.Many of the shops presented here are more reminiscent of museums in their design. This article about shopping in Sydney is protected by the copyright law. Full reprinting is permitted only if the source is indicated with a direct link to 90,000 An airport will be built in Sydney by Zaha Hadid Architects :: Design :: RBC Real Estate

Terminal design will combine local landscape styles with Australian architecture

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

An airport will be built in western Sydney by Zaha Hadid Architects and Cox Architecture. This is reported by the international magazine Dezeen.

The airport will be named after the famous Australian pilot Nancy Bird Walton. It will be located in the new urban area of ​​Parkland City on a rural area with a total area of ​​1.7 thousand hectares, follows from the publication.

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

Terminal designs combine local landscape styles with Australian architecture. The facades will include a variety of glass elements that let in natural light, which will make the building as energy efficient as possible, the note says.

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

The construction of the first stage is planned to be completed in 2024. The airport will be able to serve up to 10 million people a year, the newspaper explains.

Airport designed by Zaha Hadid Architects was previously built in Beijing. The building was erected in the style of futurism. Here is the world’s largest one-story terminal, which will be able to accommodate 45 million people a year.


Vera Lunkova

Zhukovsky airport news

03. 03.2020

Heinemann Duty Free opens a duty-free shop in the arrivals area of ​​Zhukovsky airport

Travel Retail Domodedovo is a joint venture of the renowned global duty free operator Gebr. Heinemann and local partner Greenway – and Zhukovsky International Airport announce the opening of a new duty-free shop.

The new duty free point is located in the arrivals area of ​​the airport immediately after the passport control area. This will allow passengers to travel light and make the necessary purchases when they return home.This is a great opportunity to buy your favorite duty free goods, gifts for friends and family at the last moment! In 2019, similar stores have already been opened at the Koltsovo airports in Yekaterinburg and Kurumoch in Samara.

The store offers a wide range of imported alcoholic beverages, chocolate and perfumery. From March 1 to May 31, 2020, the store will have a special offer: having made any purchase upon departure, the passenger upon returning can receive an additional 10% discount on any purchase. To do this, you need to show the previous receipt to the store employee. In addition, passengers on arriving flights can take advantage of special offers:

  • Bestsellers – fragrances of famous brands in the categories for 20, 30 and 40 euros. We have agreed with suppliers on optimal conditions to make you an offer that is difficult to refuse! For example, Dolce Gabbana 3 L’Imperatrice Eau de Toilette, 100 ml. costs 40 euros.

  • Special offers – goods with red price tags with a discount of up to 25%.
  • Drinks in the price range from 7 to 15 euros – favorite drinks at competitive prices.

Zhukovsky International Airport (Moscow Region) – Russian international airport located in the south-east of the Moscow region, 23 km from the capital. The airport is located on the territory of the Ramenskoye airfield with the longest runway in Europe (5,500 m), which allows receiving passenger and cargo aircraft of any type. In 2019, 1.32 million passengers used the airport’s services, which is 14% more than a year earlier. According to the results of work in 2019, Zhukovsky became a nominee for the industry aviation award “Air Gates of Russia”, taking second place in the category “International Airport with a passenger traffic of up to 2 million people.”

Travel Retail Domodedovo LLC (hereinafter TRD) is a joint venture of the German duty free operator Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG and local partner Greenway.After the company was founded in 2007, TRD took part in tenders for opening stores in Russia. The first store was opened in 2009 at Moscow Domodedovo Airport and covered an area of ​​only 18 square meters. Today, Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value stores occupy more than 650 square meters of this second largest airport in Moscow. In 2017, TRD won the tender for the second terminal of Domodedovo International Airport and will be the largest duty-free operator in this terminal, the total area of ​​stores here will be more than 7,000 square meters. Currently, TRD operates stores at 6 Russian international airports (Domodedovo and Zhukovsky in Moscow, Koltsovo in Yekaterinburg, Kurumoch in Samara, Strigino in Nizhny Novgorod).

Gebr. Heinemann is one of the leading players in the international retail market and a leader in the European market. It is the only family-owned business among the global players in the travel retail industry. As a distributor, Gebr. Heinemann serves over 1000 customers in over 100 countries.In the retail sector, the company operates more than 340 Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value stores, licensed fashion boutiques and themed stores at 74 airports in 28 countries, as well as stores across borders and on cruise ships. The company has been developing Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value stores since 2008 in accordance with a clearly built brand concept. Today, the Heinemann Duty Free brand is represented at many airports around the world and operates the largest Airport Duty Free store in Sydney.

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90,000 Education abroad, study abroad, study abroad – Students International

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, the largest, cosmopolitan and famous city in Australia. It is also the largest city in the country, with a population of 4.3 million.

The city was founded at the end of the 18th century by Arthur Phillip, who arrived in Australia at the head of the so-called. “First Fleet”. The city was named by the colonists in honor of Lord Sydney, who was at that time the Minister of the Colonies of Great Britain.

Over time, urban developments completely covered Port Jackson Bay, which includes three bays – Sydney Harbor, Middle Harbor and North Harbor. Currently, Sydney has grown even more and includes the Botany Bay located to the south of the Tasman Sea, on the northern shore of which Sydney International Airport is located.

Sydney has a lot of things that are considered unique in the country: the subway, the best zoo in the country, the oldest botanical garden, the tallest Australian skyscraper, etc. The main attraction of the city is the famous bridge over Port Jackson Bay. It connects the southern and northern parts of the city. Sydney has another business card – the Sydney Opera House. It is a group of huge sails and many gigantic white sea shells nested within one another. The theater was built in 1973 and immediately became a symbol of the country. But there are other attractions – the TV tower with its revolving restaurant, the zoo, the Sydney aquarium. There are many all kinds of cafes and restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, shops, so you can find entertainment for every taste.The best beaches in the city are Bondai and Manly.

The bustling quarters of the city center coexist with quiet one-story suburbs where relatively cheap housing can be rented. It is also easier to find work here than anywhere else in Australia, but pay per hour can be slightly lower than in other cities.

Sydney has the largest number of immigrants. Several times Sydney was recognized as the “best city on planet Earth” according to the results of polls of world travel companies.

Kingsford Smith Airport and Sydney from the window of the plane

Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney is Australia’s largest air gate and the main base of the national airline Kantas.

The city is connected to the airport by the Airport Link, which is part of the CityRail city rail.

I flew to the airport from Muzeum Station in downtown Sydney. (1)

The station’s design features vintage advertising posters.This is Peters ice cream. (2)

There is an observation deck at Sydney Airport, although not as convenient as at Zurich Airport, which I recently wrote about. Nevertheless, I did not miss the opportunity to look at the planes and the airfield from her.

Kingsford Smith is the base airport of the Cantas company and naturally the Australian fleet dominates the airport’s airfield and walkways.

Airbus A380 (VH-OQF) Kantas, followed by Boeing 767 (VH-EFR). (3)

Boeing 747 (VH-OJJ). (4)

Freight Boeing 767 (VH-EFR) Kantas Freight. (5)

Boeing 737 (VH-VYH). (6)

Airbus A330 (VH-EBE) Australian Jetstar Airways against the backdrop of the silhouette of Sydney skyscrapers. Jetstar is the low-cost brainchild of Kantas. (7)

Boeing 747 of the American cargo carrier Atlas Air, followed by its fellow in the colors of Kantas. (8)

Airobus A340 (A6-EHJ) of Emirati Etihad Airways. (9)

Airbus A330 (PK-GPC and PK-GPH) of Garuda Indonesia.(10)

Airbus A330 (B-6126) China Eastern Airlines. (11)

Airbus A330 (B-18315) China Airlines. (12)

Boeing 737 Mamanuca Islands (DQ-FJM) of the Fijian Air Pacific is the same plane on which I flew from Sydney to Nadi. (13-14)

Airbus A380 (9V-SKE) Singapore Airlines. (15-16)

Saab 340B (VH-KRX) of the regional carrier REX Regional Express taking off. (17)

Airbus A340 (RP-C343I) Philippines Airlines. (18)

Airbus A340 (G-VRED) Virgin Atlantic. (19)

Liner Virgin Blue taking off. (20)

Boeing 747 (N181UA) United Airlines. (21)

Another 747 of the same airline, but in a different livery. (22)

Boeing 777 British Airways. (23)

Boeing 777 (ZK-OKN) Air New Zealand. (24)

Take off.Taxiways. On the left is the second terminal of the airport. (25)

Terminal 3 and hangars Kantas. (26)

The plane circled over Sydney before setting course towards Fiji.

Sydney Center – CBD (Central Business District). (27)

Anzac Bridge. (28)

Sydney Bridge, opera and views of North Sydney. (29)

Now we fly over the residential suburbs of Greater Sydney.The Paramatta River is an extension of the Gulf of Sydney. Foreground: Chiswick and Five Dock Bay. (30)

Paramatta is a little further. In the right corner is the Abbotsford area. On the other side of the Paramatta are Henley (right) and Gladesville (left). (31)

Putni District. Morrisons Coves (right) and Kissing Point (left). (32)

Paramatta. In the foreground is the Meadowbank area and the park of the same name. (33)

Port Jackson Bay.At the bottom of the frame is the Manly area and the yellow strip of Manly Beach. (34)

Port Jackson Bay. From left to right – Watsons Bay, Rose Bay (with a large green park) and Double Bay. Behind Rose Bay, on the ocean side, is the Bondai area and the famous Bondai Beach. (35)

Double Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Woolloomooloo and CBD skyscrapers. (36)



Other airports:
Zurich, Kloten
Jakarta, Sokarno Hatta

Australasia travel start:

Bangkok, Banglampu
Jakarta, Indonesia. Cat.
Jakarta, Indonesia. Sunda Kelapa and Glodok
Jakarta, Indonesia. Center
Jakarta from the top of the National Monument
Brunei. Bandar Seri Begawan. Part 1/2
Brunei. Bandar Seri Begawan. Part 2/2
Brunei. Water Village Kampung Iyer
City number two. Australia, Melbourne. Ch. 1/2
City number two. Australia, Melbourne. Ch. 2/2
Melbourne. Top view
Great Ocean Road. Part 1/3.Melbourne to Kenneth River
Great Ocean Road. Part 2/3. 12 Apostles and Other Natural Beauties
Great Ocean Road. Part 2/3. Warrnambul, Fairy Port, Camperdown
Best City on Earth. Sydney, Australia
Sydney Icons: Sydney Bridge and Opera
Sydney, Australia. Ferry ride on Port Jackson Bay
Sydney, Australia. The Rocks, Darlinghurst and Woolloomooloo
Sydney: aerial view

For those interested in Australia, I also recommend reading the story about a previous trip to the green continent “7000 kilometers in Australia” .

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